November 24


Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore
Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore

2864 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Uncle Hugo's
The oldest independent science fiction bookstore in America. Founded in 1974.
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Store Hours
New hours as of January 2016:
10am-7pm   Monday-Friday
10am-6pm   Saturday
Noon-5pm    Sunday

Uncle Edgar's
The biggest assortment of mystery books in the Twin Cities. Founded in 1980.
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Fax: 612-827-6394


Website shopping cart

Due to revised industry standards being implemented to improve security regarding credit card information, the shopping cart system we were using on our website is no longer available. (Our provider had mentioned that they would be making a change, but at no point mentioned that the service they had been providing us would no longer be available, so this came as a complete surprise to us.)

Also, any orders placed after September 6 did not reach us.

Putting in a new shopping cart system will involve a substantial overhaul of our website, and we don't have a timeframe yet for when that will be completed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, you can use our website to look up books to order, but will need to place your order via phone, snail mail, or email (you can send the list of books via email, then call with your credit card information).

An order form you can print out to fill in is available on our site: [Order Form]
Thursday, November 24
Closed for Thanksgiving

Free parking is available Monday-Thursday from 5-8pm, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the dental office lot next door.

Metered parking (25 cents for 20 minutes) is available in front of the store. Meters are enforced 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday (except for federal holidays). Note the number on the pole you park by, and pay at the box located between the dental office driveway and Popeyes driveway. The box accepts quarters, dollar coins, and credit cards, and prints a receipt that shows the expiration time. Meter parking for vehicles with Disability License Plates or a Disability Certificate is free. (Rates and hours shown are subject to change without notice - the meters are run by the city, not by us.)

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