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About Us: Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore opened for business on March 2, 1974. Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore opened for business in a nearby location on December 1, 1980. Both stores moved to our current shared location in September, 1984. Customers from all over the world tell us that we have the best selection of new and used science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books anywhere on the planet. We are located 1.5 miles south of downtown Minneapolis, MN, near the intersection of Lake Street and Chicago. (Click here for map of our location on our Facebook page)

Parking: Metered parking (25 cents for 20 minutes) is available in front of the store. Meters are enforced 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday (except for federal holidays). Note the number on the pole you park by, and pay at the box located between the dental office driveway and Popeyes driveway. The box accepts quarters, dollar coins, and credit cards, and prints a receipt that shows the expiration time. Meter parking for vehicles with Disability License Plates or a Disability Certificate is free. (Rates and hours shown are subject to change without notice - the meters are run by the city, not by us.) Free parking is also available in the dental office lot from 5pm-8pm Monday through Thursday, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Public Transit: We are 1/2 block from the Midtown Transit Station, bus routes 5, 21, 53. Route 5 goes through downtown Minneapolis; Route 21 connects with the Blue Line (Hiawatha) light rail (which runs between downtown Minneapolis and the Mall of America); Route 53 is a limited-stop rush hour version of Route 21. (Bus schedule and route information on the Metro Transit website)

Discount Card: We offer a discount card that costs $4.00 and gives you a 10% discount on in-store purchases for 90 days from the date of purchase. The discount card does not apply to mail orders.

Mailing List: We do not sell our mailing list to anybody. We use it for mailing our quarterly newsletter. We also send out occasional short announcements of interest to either mystery readers or science fiction readers--such as an author appearance scheduled on such short notice that it didn't get into the newsletter. (We once got 24-hour notice of a signing by David Brin, and we've sometimes received 2-week notices of other author appearances.) Click here for more details.

Used Books: We buy and sell used books. Most of our used books are reading copies (cheap) rather than rare collectibles (expensive). About 99% of our used paperbacks and magazines are priced at half the original cover price, with a minimum price of $3.00. The other 1% are in plastic bags and priced higher, most in the $4.00-$6.00 range. Used hardcovers have prices penciled inside, starting at $4.00 for common bookclub or ex-library editions, and going up from there.

When we buy used books, we first check title by title to see if we already have enough copies. After we've determined which books we need, we calculate how much credit they are worth. You can then use the credit immediately, store the credit for future use, convert the credit to cash (but the cash value is 1/2 the credit value), or some combination of the three options. For example, if we tell you that your books are worth $100 in credit, you could used $25 immediately, store $35 in credit for future use, and convert the remaining $40 credit into $20 cash.

Want Lists: We are willing to accept want lists, either by mail or e-mail, and we'll let you know what we can provide and what the prices would be. We're not likely to have signed first editions by authors who died decades ago, or British first editions from a century ago, but we do have a huge selection of reading copies.

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