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Newsletter #91 September November, 2010



Doctor Who Magazine #420 (Meet the new Doctor; Meet Amy Pond; all-new previews and photos of the new series; more. (Available with Matt Smith cover or Karen Gillan cover)) $8.40
Doctor Who Magazine #421 (All hail the new Daleks; who is River Song?; the making of Amelia Pond; the Doctor and Amy come face to face with the vampires of Venice; more) $8.40
Doctor Who Magazine #422 (Meet the Doctor's flatmate; exclusive preview and new photos from season finale; the Silurians want their planet back; more) $8.40
Doctor Who Magazine #423 (More previews and new photos from the season finale; Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards talks about the various models of the universe's most malevolent monsters; more. Includes a giant double-sided poster) $8.40
Doctor Who Magazine #424 (A Hitch in Time: Meet Mr. and Mrs. Pond; more) $8.40
Doctor Who Magazine Special #25: The Doctor Who Companion - The Specials (A special collector's edition guide to all five Special episodes that aired between Christmas Day 2008 and New Year's Day 2010) $13.99
Fantasy & Science Fiction July / August 2010 (New fiction, reviews, more) $7.00
Locus #594 July 2010 (Interviews with Laurence Yep and Jedediah Berry; 2010 Locus Awards winners and poll results; Nebula Awards Weekend report; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Locus #595 August 2010 (Interviews with Patrick Rothfuss and N.K. Jemisin; Sturgeon, Campbell, Mythopoeic, and Shirley Jackson awards info; SF Hall of Fame/Locus Awards weekend; Readercon report; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Adams, Scott 14 Years of Loyal Service in a Fabric-Covered Box (Dilbert: PBO; Full color collection of comic strips) $12.99
Adani/Reynolds (ed) Destination: Future (21 sf stories (17 originals, 4 reprints)) $15.95
Addams, Charles The Addams Family: An Evilution (Traces the history of the Addams Family using over 200 of Addams' cartoons and sketches, including some previously unpublished ones. Color and black & white, oversize format) $39.95
Anderson, Poul The Saturn Game (Collected Short Works #3: 18 stories, including several award winners, plus 7 limericks and 2 songs) $29.00
Andrews, Scott Children's Crusade (Afterblight Chronicles: PBO; The orphaned children of post-Cull Britain have always been easy prey, but now organized teams are spiriting children away in the night. To rescue them, Jane Crowther will have to confront the woman she used to be - and the man who killed her) $9.99
Appelbaum, Susannah The Hollow Bettle (Poisons of Caux #1: Kids; In the kingdom of Caux, the evil King Nightshade rules, and the law of the land is poison or be poisoned. 11-year-old Ivy, joined by a young taster named Rowan, sets out to find her missing uncle, a famous healer. But the children are not alone. What do their pursuers want? Is it Ivy's red bettle, which appears - impossibly - to be hollow? Is it the elixir with mysterious healing powers she concocted? Or could it be Ivy herself?) $7.99
Ashley, Mike (ed) The Mammoth Book of the End of the World (Anthology; 24 sf stories (6 originals, 18 reprints)) $13.95
Ashley, Mike (ed) Steampunk Prime: A Vintage Steampunk Reader (PBO; Anthology; stories written by Victorian and Edwardian authors, before rocket ships, atomic power, digital computers, or readily available electricity became reality) $15.95
Beamer, Amelia The Loving Dead (PBO; Twenty-something housemates Kate and Michael are thoroughly screwed when people start turning into zombies at their house party in the Oakland hills) $14.95
Bell, Hilari Forging the Sword (Farsala #3: YA; Sorya, Kavi, and Jiann have most of the peasantry, a small, untrained army, and the Suud helping them, but there is still one important piece missing: a sword that is able to withstand the Hrum's watersteel. Without it, Farsala will fall) $6.99
Bourne, J.L. Beyond Exile (Day by Day Armageddon #2: PBO; Armies of undead have risen up across the US and around the globe, hungering for human flesh. In Texas, a small band of survivors attempt to stave off the millions closing in around them) $15.00
Brashares, Ann My Name is Memory (Daniel has spent centuries falling in love with the same girl. Life after life, crossing continents and dynasties, they have been drawn together. And then torn painfully, fatally, apart. They must come to understand what stands in the way of their love if they are ever to spend a lifetime together) $25.95
Brom The Child Thief ((Not for children) On a gray and ravished island that was once a lush, enchanted paradise, Peter and his savage tribe of lost and stolen children struggle to to kill the dreaded Captain and stop his murderous crew of 'Flesh-eaters' before they blight every trace of magic left in this dying land. Black & white illustrations throughout, with a center section in color) $19.99
Carey, Mike Thicker Than Water (Felix Castor #4: Freelance exorcist Felix Castor gets a late-night call out to a South London housing estate, where he sees his name painted in blood at a crime scene. The estate is in the grip of an epidemic of violence, and it doesn't take Castor's sixth sense to realize that something very wrong is happening. The Anathemata, excommunicated militant arm of the Catholic Church, is on the case too, but its brutal solution may only make things worse) $8.99
Carey, Mike The Naming of the Beasts (Felix Castor #5: The inevitable moment of crisis has arrived and it's left Castor with blood on his hands. Well, not his hands; it's always someone else who pays the bill. An innocent woman lies dead and her daughter comatose, his few remaining friends fear for their lives, and there's a demon loose on the streets. But not just any demon - this one rides shotgun on his best friend's soul and can't be expelled without killing him. But expel the demon he must, or all Hell will break loose - literally) $8.99
Charnas, Suzy McKee Dorothea Dreams (Reissue; Artist Dorothea Howard is being held captive by the magical power of one of her own creations that she refuses to let go of, and haunted by the ghost of a judge in post-Revolution France. All she wants is to be left alone. But then three Chicano teens on the run from the police and a gaggle of summer-school students violently enter Dorothea's life, and she's confronted with all the messy stuff (like politics) she's always sought to avoid) $16.00
Conley, Darby Dumbheart (Get Fuzzy: PBO; Black & white daily strips, color Sunday strips) $12.99
Conyers, David (ed) Cthulhu's Dark Cults (PBO; Anthology; 10 original stories of dark and secretive orders that worship Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones) $14.95
Cook, Glen An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat (Collection; 10 stories, 2 original to this volume) $14.95
Cronin, Justin The Passage (A security breach at a secret facility unleashes the monstrous product of a military experiment. As civilization breaks down to predators and prey, FBI agent Brad Wolgast flees with 6-year-old Amy, a refugee from the project, whose odyssey will lead her towards the time and place where she must finish what should never have begun) $27.00
Crumb R. The Book of Mr. Natural (Reissue; Adults only. Black & white collection of the classic underground comic) $19.99
Davis, Chandler It Walks in Beauty: Selected Prose of Chandler Davis (PBO; Collection; 5 sf stories, dealing with social and political issues such as nuclear escalation, gender roles, and eugenics, plus several essays, a speech, and an interview) $21.00
Delany, Samuel R. Conversations with Samuel R. Delany (PBO; Collects interviews with the writer from 1980 to 2007) $22.00
Dick, Philip K. et al Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Vol. 1 (Graphic novel; 1st of 6 volumes; full color panels mixed with the actual text of the classic sf novel) $24.99
Dick, Philip K. et al Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Vol. 2 (Graphic novel; 2nd of 6 volumes; full color panels mixed with the actual text of the classic sf novel) $24.99
Etchells, Tim The Broken World (Writing an online walk-through to a computer game of Borgesian complexity can take up a lot of time. Our narrator's attention is focused on the Broken World - an engrossing, possibly addictive, adventure that takes him from town to town in a struggle with zombies, agents, puzzles, and mysteries. He must work out solutions to problems involving life, love, and happiness, not just in the Broken World, but in the real one too) $15.95
Foglio, Phil & Kaja Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm (Girl Genius #9: PBO; YA; Full color graphic novel. Finalist for the 2010 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. Deep within the halls of the broken mechanical fortress that is her family's castle, Agatha is looking for a way to repair the castle defenses and save her friends before the inevitable attack comes from, well, everybody) $22.95
Francis, Diana P. The Hollow Crown (Crosspointe #4: PBO; The Lord Chancellor has seized the throne of Crosspointe and enslaved most of the royal family. The king's heirs must rally their allies to overthrow the usurper - before the Jutras invade) $7.99
French, Vivian The Bag of Bones (Five Kingdoms #2: Kids; Gracie Gillypot and her companions must stop green-tongued witch Truda Hangnail from stealing the throne from Queen Bluebell) $5.99
French, Vivian The Heart of Glass (Five Kingdoms #3: Kids; Gracie Gillypott and Prince Marcus set off to do some dwarf watching, trailed by Princess Marigold. Rushing to produce extra gold for a royal wedding, the dwarves have sent for some trolls to help, but the trolls have their own agenda: find a princess for their lonely king) $14.99
Friesner, Esther Nobody's Prize (YA; Disguised as a boy, and accompanied by her friend Milo, young Helen of Sparta joins the crew of heroes aboard the Argo as they set off to find the Golden Fleece) $8.99
Gartner, Zsuzsi (ed) Darwin's Bastards: Astounding Tales from Tomorrow (PBO; Canadian anthology; 23 original stories of future times and parallel universes, ranging from social satire to fabulist tales to dystopian visions) $16.95
Gaughan, Jack/Ortiz, L Outermost: The Art & Life of Jack Gaughan (A look at the life and fantastic art of the prolific and popular artist, best known for his genre book and magazine covers from the 1960s through the 1980s. Full color and black & white illustrations throughout) $39.95
Gevers, Nick (ed) The Book of Dreams (Anthology; 5 original stories about dreams, by Robert Silverberg, Lucius Shepard, Jay Lake, Kage Baker, and Jeffrey Ford) $20.00
Golden, Christopher Of Saints and Shadows (Peter Octavian #1: Reissue; For 2000 years, a secret Catholic sect has been using the magic in The Gospel of Shadows to enslave and destroy supernatural beings - except for vampires. Now a Vatican sorcerer plans to eliminate the vampires forever. It's up to vampire PI Peter Octavian to stop him) $7.99
Goodrich, Clifford Murder Queens / Kill Them First! (Whisperer #3: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Goscinny & Uderzo Asterix & Obelix's Birthday: The Golden Book (Full color graphic novel; celebrates 50 years of Asterix and Obelix with new comics) $14.95
Goss, James Bad Blood (Being Human: PBO; One of Annie's oldest friends has come looking for her - and, amazingly, has found her. Party girl Denise is determined to bring Annie out of her shell. But why have Bristol's vampires started hanging around wherever they go?) $13.95
Grant, Maxwell The Third Skull / Realm of Doom (Shadow #37: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell Dead Men Live / Dictator of Crime (Shadow #38: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Face of Doom / The Crime Ray (Shadow #39: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Griffin, Adele V Is for . . . Vampire (Vampire Island #3: Kids; Lexie might very well be the first vampire ever to run for ninth-grade class president. but she's determined to make Dylan notice her. Things are going pretty well, too, until some annoying pixies show up) $6.99
Guerrier, Simon The Road (Being Human: Annie's new friend Gemma died 10 years ago, and doesn't know why she came back through that door. It might have something to do with a secret from Gemma's past hidden in a derelict house that is scheduled for demolition) $13.95
Hamilton, Laurell et al The Laughing Corpse Vol. 2: Necromancer (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #02: Full color graphic novel; reprints issues 1-5 of the comic book. Anita's enemies want her out of the picture for good) $16.99
Hanley, Victoria Violet Wings (Kids; Earthstruck, the fairy Zaria wants to understand and experience everything about humans. But when she's seen by a crowd of humans, her exposure puts all of Feyland at risk) $6.99
Henry, Liz (editor) The Wiscon Chronicles Vol. 3: Carnival of Feminist SF (PBO; Explores some of the issues of interest at WisCon 2008 - the politics of the intelligibility of stories, feminist fandom, & internet drama - through essays and analysis, dialogues, comments, arguments, meditations, and appeals to reason, collected from participants) $18.00
Higgins, F.E. The Black Book of Secrets (Tales from the Sinister City #1: Kids; Young Ludlow Fitch is hired as apprentice to mysterious pawnbroker Joe Zabbidou, who trades cash for dark secrets. Ludlow's job is to transcribe the confessions. But Ludlow may have the most troubling secret of all) $7.99
Holt, Tom May Contain Traces of Magic (Chris Popham wasn't paying enough attention when he talked to his SatNav. The real trouble started when 'Take the next right' turned into 'Excuse me'. Because sometimes a GPS isn't a GPS - sometimes it's an imprisoned soul, trapped in a metal box, that will do anything to get free) $12.95
Horton, Rich (ed) The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2010 (PBO; Anthology; 30 of the best stories of the year) $19.95
Jackson, Steve Cthulhu Dice (Kids; 2 or more players, game time 10-20 minutes. Includes a custom 12-sided die, 18 Sanity marbles, and instructions. Roll the die to destroy your opponents' sanity. Better yet, steal it. Lose all your marbles and you're mad. The last sane cultist wins - unless everyone goes mad together. Then Cthulhu wins!) $4.99
Jackson, Steve Zombie Dice (Kids; 2 or more players, game time 10-20 minutes. Includes 13 custom dice, a custom dice cup, and instructions. You are a zombie. You want braaains. More brains than any of your zombie buddies. Eat brains. Don't get shotgunned) $13.13
Jackson/Kovalic Munchkin: Waiting for Santa 15-card Expansion Pack (15 new cards (packs are identical - same cards in each) including Santa Claus, his scary friends, and some special holiday treasures) $3.99
James, Syrie Dracula, My Love: The Secret Journals of Mina Harker (PBO; Mina struggles to hang on to the deep love she's found within her marriage, even as she is inexorably drawn to Dracula, the vampire that everyone she knows is determined to destroy) $14.99
Kelleher, Pat Black Hand Gang (No Man's World #1: PBO; In 1916, 900 men of the Pennine Fusiliers vanished from the battlefield, only to find themselves stranded on an alien planet. There they face a threat from within their ranks, and a confrontation with an alien race) $9.99
Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural #1: Kids; Kat has discovered she can see spirits. She's the only one capable of helping a spirit at her new school cross over successfully. The question is, can she do it without needing to switch schools herself?) $5.99
King, Stephen Under the Dome (A Maine town and its inhabitants are suddenly sealed off from the world when an invisible force field surrounds the town) $19.99
Klise, Kate Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Kids; Author Ignatious B. Grumply moves into 43 Old Cemetery Road, hoping some peace and quiet will crack his writer's block. But the Victorian mansion is already occupied - by an 11-year-old boy named Seymour, his cat Shadow, and an irritable ghost named Olive. Can a grumpy old ghost inspire this grumpy old man?) $5.99
Kowal, Mary Robinette (ed) The Hugo Award Showcase 2010 (PBO; Anthology; 2 winners and 7 finalists for the 2009 Hugo Awards for Best Novella, Best Novelette, and Best Short Story) $14.95
Lackey, Mercedes The Fairy Godmother (Five Hundred Kingdoms #1: Reissue; When her destined role as Cinderella goes badly wrong, Elena sets out to get a new job, and winds up as apprentice Fairy Godmother for the land) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes One Good Knight (Five Hundred Kingdoms #2: Reissue; Princess Andromeda reluctantly agrees to be the virgin sacrifice to soothe a marauding dragon. Her request for a sword is ignored, so she faces the dragon alone, until Sir George arrives. He doesn't quite defeat the dragon, but as Andromeda finishes rescuing herself, she discovers that a further tale lies beneath his well-meaning though inexperienced heroics) $7.99
LaFevers, R.L. Flight of the Phoenix (Nathan Fludd, Beastologist #1: Kids; On an expedition to Arabia, where the world's only phoenix prepares to lay its new egg, when trouble strikes, Nate finds himself all alone. Will he be able to see the phoenix safely hatched, keep his accidental pet gremlin out of trouble, and rescue his guardian from the Bedouin?) $5.99
Lansdale, Joe R. The Complete Drive-In (PBO; Three novels of anarchy, aliens, and the popcorn king, each set during a Friday night at the Orbit Drive-In. Plus a center section of full-color concept art from the unmade movie) $16.95
Law, Ingrid Scumble (Kids; Ledge's savvy - making little things fall apart - turns out to be more powerful than anyone thought. Unfortunately, his savvy disaster is witnessed by wannabe reporter Sarah Cabot. Ledge must stop her from turning family secrets into headlines) $16.99
Lebbon, Tim The Thief of Broken Toys (PBO; When a father loses his son, he wanders the cliffs, carrying broken things that he always promised his son he would fix, but never did. And then he meets the thief of broken toys, and everything begins to change) $10.95
Leisner, William etc Out of the Cocoon (Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: Anthology; a compilation of stories from the bestselling ebook series) $16.00
Levene, Rebecca Cold Warriors (Infernal Game #1: PBO; At the height of the Cold War, the British secret services formed the Hermetic Division, an agency charged with using supernatural means to defend the nation. Now two of the division's most powerful agents are on the trail of a corrupt Russian who may possess the mysterious Ragnarok artifacts, which are said to have the power to end the world) $9.99
Levene, Rebecca Ghost Dance (Infernal Game #2: PBO; Sent on a mission to investigate the murder of the world's foremost expert on alchemist John Dee, Morgan pursues Dee's greatest treasure to the US - and the dangerous young man who plans to use it to achieve immortality) $9.99
Lisle, Holly The Silver Door (Moon & Sun #2: Kids; Genna is the chosen Sunrider, and, under nightling protection, she must learn the ancient magics so she may bring an end to the war between slaves and masters, and harness her new powers to save her people) $8.99
Livingston, Lesley Wondrous Strange (Kelley Winslow #1: YA; 17-year-old Kelley meets Sonny, who guards the gate connecting the mortal realm with the Otherworld, and learns of her Faerie heritage. Now Kelley must face deadly Faerie treachery - and her feelings for Sonny) $8.99
Llewellyn, David Night of the Humans (Doctor Who: 250,000 years' worth of junk floating in deep space, home to the shipwrecked Sittuun, the carnivorous Sollogs, and - worst of all - the Humans. The Doctor and Amy arrive in the middle of an all-out frontier war between Sittuun and Humans. There's a comet in the sky, and it's on a collision course with the Gyre. When the Doctor is kidnapped, it's up to Amy and 'galaxy-famous swashbuckler' Dirk Slipstream to save the day. But who is Slipstream, exactly? And what is he really doing here?) $11.99
Lore, Pittacus I Am Number Four (YA; We may be walking past you right now. We are watching as you read this. We may be in your town. We are living anonymously, waiting for the day when we will find each other and make our last stand together against those who destroyed our world. If we win, we are saved - and you are saved as well) $17.99
Lowder, James (ed) Curse of the Full Moon (PBO; Anthology; 19 werewolf tales (2 original, 17 reprints)) $14.95
Mayo, Stephordy New Moan: The First Book in the Twishite Saga (A Parody) (Parody of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga ) $9.99
McDonald, Sandra Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories (In these 15 fantasy stories (10 original and 5 reprints), you will meet macho firefighters, a gay cowboy, tiny fairies, collapsible musicians, lady devils, vengeful sea witches, and more) $15.00
Michalowski, Mark Chasers (Being Human: PBO; Kaz and her partner Gail would like George to be the father of their child; George is wary - what if his condition is genetic? Meanwhile, a patient at the hospital seems a little too interested in Mitchell's history - and has a surprising request for him) $13.95
Minchin, Brian The Forgotten Army (Doctor Who: Terror arrives in 21st-century New York City as Ice Age creatures come back to life, and the Doctor and Amy meet a new enemy. The Vykoid are only three inches high, but they're armed to the teeth and determined to enslave the human race) $11.99
Nesbit, E. Five Children and It (Psammead #1: Reissue; Kids; When five children discover a grumpy magical creature with the ability to grant wishes, it isn't long before they learn that getting what you wish for can land you in a whole heap of trouble!) $9.99
Ness, Patrick The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #2: YA; In New Prentisstown, Todd faces impossible choices when forced to join the mayor's oppressive regime; Viola is swept into the activities of the Answer, aimed at overthrowing the tyrannical government) $9.99
Nylund, Eric The Fall of Reach (Halo: Reissue; Novelization of the video game) $14.99
Pi/Levine/Cheney Alembical 2 (3 original novellas, featuring a shapeshifting antiquities thief in modern London, a far-future astronaut clone, and the fair folk in 1905 Saratoga Springs) $16.00
Pinto, Ricardo The Third God (Stone Dance of the Chameleon #3: Carnelian has no choice but to stand with Osidian in defiance of the invincible power of the Masters. In his struggle, Carnelian will unleash apocalyptic forces that will bring his world to a reckoning none could have foreseen) $16.95
Polansky, Steven The Bradbury Report (2071: In the US, the only nation where human cloning is legal, Ray gets a call from a woman he has not heard from since their student days. Now a member of an underground group, she asks Ray's help in hiding an escaped clone. Ray is unwilling, until he learns the clone is his) $24.95
Prelinger, Megan Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race 1957-1962 (PBO; A look at the ads the aerospace industry used in the late 1950s and early 1960s, aimed at luring young engineers into its workforce to help make space travel real. Full color illustrations throughout) $29.95
Pringle, David The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy (Full color illustrations and photos throughout. A look at fantasy in films, television, games, and literature) $27.95
Richards, Justin Apollo 23 (Doctor Who: A sinister plan to take over every human being on earth centers on a secret military base on the moon. That's where Amy and the TARDIS are. The Doctor is on Earth - how can he get to the moon to save Amy and defeat the aliens?) $11.99
Robb, Brian J. Timeless Adventures: How Doctor Who Conquered TV (PBO; A history of the show, from its creation in the early 1960s to its regeneration in the twenty-first century) $18.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Phantom City / No Light to Die By (Bama cover) (Doc Savage #36: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Phantom City / No Light to Die By (Baumhofer cover) (Doc Savage #36: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Mystery on the Snow / Peril in the North (Doc Savage #37: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth Murder Melody / Birds of Death (Doc Savage #38: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson (22 sf stories) $27.95
Rothfuss, Patrick The Adventure of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed (NOT for kids. Really. A darkly humorous, twisted take on a classic children's picture book. Black & white illustrations throughout) $25.00
Rucker, Rudy The Ware Tetralogy: Software / Wetware / Freeware / Realware (Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 4 cyberpunk novels) $24.95
Sacchetto, Rob Zombiewood: The Celebrity Dead Exposed (PBO; Parody news of zombie celebrities. Full color illustrations) $14.95
Sandercombe, W. Fraser Masters of SF: The Science Fiction Hall of Fame (PBO; Biographical and bibliographic information about the sixty-one people inducted into the Hall of Fame between 1996 and 2010) $31.95
Shanower, Eric The Forgotten Forest of Oz / The Secret Island of Oz / The Blue Witch of Oz (Little Adventures in Oz #2: Reissue; Kids; Full color graphic novel; reprints 3 tales of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and their friends) $9.99
Stewart, Jon et al America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction (Teacher's Edition) (Stewart and his team from The Daily Show provide a witty, irreverent guide to our nation - with the text corrected by the most reputable college professor the writers could afford) $15.99
Strahan, Jonathan (ed) Wings of Fire (PBO; The best stories about dragons, 26 tales (2 original, the rest reprints) of fire-breathing lizards, wise serpentine sages, writhing wyrms, and snakelike devourers of heroes) $15.95
Stromberg, Fredrik Comic Art Propaganda (Nonfiction; a history of comics used for political purposes. Full color illustrations throughout) $19.99
Tatulli, Mark Happiness Is a Squishy Cephalopod (Lio #1: PBO; Black & white daily strips, color Sunday strips) $12.95
Tatulli, Mark Silent But Deadly (Lio #2: Black & white daily strips, color Sunday strips) $12.99
Tatulli, Mark There's Corpses Everywhere (Lio #3: PBO; Black & white daily strips, color Sunday strips) $12.99
Tatulli, Mark Lio's Astonishing Tales From the Haunted Crypt of Unknown Horrors (PBO; Black & white daily strips, color Sunday strips. Oversized edition with commentary by the artist. Includes many of the strips from the first 2 collections) $16.99
Thieme, Richard Mind Games (Collection; 19 sf stories; Signed copies) $20.00
Thomas, L/O'Shea, T (ed) Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It (PBO; Nonfiction; a celebration of Doctor Who , with essays by women writers, academics, and actresses) $14.95
Thompson, Kate The New Policeman (JJ Liddy #1: YA; When JJ's mother says time is what she really wants for her birthday, he decides to find her some. A neighbor reveals that there's a place where time stands still. Can JJ find the leak between the two worlds?) $8.99
Tolstoy/Winters, Ben Android Karenina (PBO; 19th-century Russia is a world humming with high-powered groznium engines, and robots are the faithful companions of everyone who's anyone. Restless to forge her own destiny, Anna and her enigmatic Android Karenina abandon a loveless marriage to seize passion with Count Vronsky, but their scandalous affair gets mixed up with dangerous futuristic villainy) $12.95
Tribe, Steve The Tardis Handbook (Doctor Who: Nonfiction; the official guide to the best ship in the universe. Full color photos throughout) $19.99
Vance, Jack Hard Luck Diggings: The Early Jack Vance (Collection; 14 sf stories) $40.00
Watson, I/Whates, I (ed) The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories (Anthology; 25 stories (3 original, 22 reprints) of worlds that might have been) $13.95
Westerfeld, Scott (writer)/ Thompson, Keith (illustrator) Leviathan (Leviathan #1: YA; On the cusp of WWI, the European powers are arming themselves for combat. The Austro-Hungarians and Germans have their big steam-powered clankers. Inspired by Darwin, the British have fabricated animals into warships. Prince Aleksander, would-be heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, is on the run) $9.99
Wilcott, Becca Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion (PBO; A look at the TV series: episode guide to seasons 1 and 2; cast interviews and bios; a look at some of the underlying themes; the fan community; and more. Black & white photos with a center section in color) $17.95
Wilkins, Connie (ed) Time Well Bent: Queer Alternative Histories (14 alternate histories (13 originals, 1 reprint), ranging from ancient times to the Renaissance to the modern era, featuring queer protagonists) $15.00
Wilks, Mike Mirrorscape (Mirrorscape #1: YA; Apprenticed to a master painter, Mel and his friends find themselves caught in a power struggle between the master and the sinister, scarlet-robed Fifth Mystery, who controls the rights to have color in your life) $6.99
Willingham, Bill et al Legends in Exile (Fables #1: NOT for kids. Full color graphic novel; collects issues 1-5 of the comic, plus an original Fables short story. In Fabletown, where fairy tale legends live alongside regular New Yorkers, the Big Bad Wolf must find out who killed Rose Red before the Fabletown community comes apart at the seams) $9.99
Willingham, Bill et al Animal Farm (Fables #2: NOT for kids. Full color graphic novel; collects issues 6-10 of the comic, plus a special sketchbook section. Driven from their Homelands by the Adversary, for hundreds of years the non-human Fables have been living on the Farm, a vast property in upstate New York. When Snow White and Rose Red stumble upon plans for liberating the Homelands, the commissars of the Farm are ready to silence them by any means necessary) $12.99
Willingham, Bill et al Storybook Love (Fables #3: NOT for kids. Full color graphic novel; collects issues 11-18 of the comic. Love may be blooming between two of the most hard-bitten Fables. But are they destined for happiness, or quick and untimely deaths?) $14.99
Wooding, Chris Malice (YA; There are stories of a secret comic about a strange world full of tricks and traps, overseen by the sinister Tall Jake. Luke, Seth, and Kady have fallen into a trap, leaving our world and entering the comic book. Can they make it out alive?) $9.99
Yancey, Rick The Monstrumologist (YA; A 2010 Printz Honor Book. Will Henry is an orphan, and assistant to a doctor with a most unusual specialty: monster hunting. They must face a growing number of Anthropophagi, headless monsters that feed through mouths on their stomachs) $9.99
Yoshinaga, Fumi Ooku: The Inner Chambers #4 (Graphic novel; there is no male heir to take over the shogunate. As the Redface Pox continues to ravage the country, Japan's continued existence relies on overturning the centuries of custom that define it) $12.99


Aguirre, Ann Killbox (Sirantha Jax #4: PBO; Sirantha Jax forms an army to defend colonists stationed on the outskirts of space from a legion of flesh-eating aliens) $7.99
Aiken, G.A. Last Dragon Standing (Dragon Kin #4: PBO; Forced to risk life, limb, and scales by going back into Southland territory to find out why the Immortal Ones have joined forces with his enemies, Ragnar the Cunning discovers that he'll also have to deal with pain-in-his-tail dragon princess Keita the Virtuous again) $6.99
Archer, Zoe Warrior (Blades of the Rose #1: PBO; Hoping to recover a magical artifact, Thalia Burgess hires Capt. Gabriel Huntley, recently of Queen Victoria's army, to assist her; his muscles prove as much of a distraction as they are a protection) $6.99
Bakker, R. Scott Neuropath (Tom's best friend Neil was working for the NSA, cracking suspected terrorists. Now Neil himself has cracked and gone AWOL - to kidnap and mutilate the brains of people with a connection to Tom) $7.99
Banks, Dakota Sacrifice (Mortal Path #2: PBO; To destroy a cabal in possession of a weapon of unspeakable power - and survive the assassins who are after her blood - Maliha must revert to the old ways and surrender once more to the darkness) $7.99
Barron, T.A. Doomraga's Revenge (Merlin's Dragon #2: Kids; Basil the dragon teams up with Merlin to battle the mysterious shadows that threaten the new Avalon) $7.99
Bear, Elizabeth By the Mountain Bound (Edda of Burdens Prequel: One day a woman is washed up from the sea, a Lady who is neither mortal nor valkyrie. Thus begins the breaking of the Children of the Light, the tarnishing of their power, & the death of Valdyrgard) $7.99
Beck, Greig Beneath the Dark Ice (Alex Hunter #1: In newly-discovered Antarctic caves, Captain Alex Hunter and his team signs of a lost civilization - and an ancient danger. Hunter must rely on his mysterious abilities to save his team) $7.99
Beck, J.K. When Blood Calls (Shadow Keepers #1: PBO; Attorney Sara Constantine is thrilled with her promotion - until she finds out that she must now prosecute vampires and werewolves. The first defendant she'll be trying to put away? Lucius Dragos, the sexy stranger with whom she recently shared an explosive night of ecstasy) $7.99
Bennett, Robert Jackson Mr. Shivers (The scarred man murdered Connelly's daughter. And countless others have lost someone to the scarred man. As they band together to track him, Connelly begins to suspect that the man is more than human) $7.99
Bickle, Laura Sparks (Anya Kalinczyk #2: PBO; A psychic, who has built an empire on the desperate dreams of Detroit's poor, has been trapping wandering spirits; Anya and her ghost hunter allies must find a way to free them) $7.99
Bow, Erin Plain Kate (YA; Kate's wooden charms are so fine that some even call her 'witch-blade', a dangerous nickname in a town where witches are burned - especially now that the townspeople are looking for someone to blame for the mysterious fog that is ruining the crops. Enter a stranger with an offer: In exchange for her shadow, he'll give Kate the means to escape the town, and grant her heart's wish. But Kate soon realizes that she can't live shadowless forever - and that the stranger's designs are darker than she imagined) $17.99
Bradley, Darin Noise (After the collapse of civilization, on the battlefields of campuses, malls, and gated communities, Hiram and Levi, former Scouts and veterans of countless D&D campaigns, find themselves leading a ragtag band of hackers and misfits to an all-but-mythical place called Amaranth, where a fragile future waits to be born) $15.00
Brennan, Marie A Star Shall Fall (Onyx Court #3: The Royal Society of London has revolutionized philosophy and scientific knowledge. Magic is losing its place in the world, and science threatens to expose the fae, living in a secret city below London, to hostile eyes. Sir Edmond Halley has calculated a comet's return in 1759. Soon the banished Dragon's gaze will fall upon London, and it will return to the city it ravaged once before. It will take both magic and science to save London - but reconciling the two carries its own danger) $15.99
Brooks, Terry Bearers of the Black Staff (Legends of Shannara #1: The magic that has kept the survivors of the Great Wars safe is wearing down, and frightening creatures are wreaking havoc on the valley. It is time for the four peoples to stand together and create the new world of Shannara) $27.00
Bujold/Carl/Helfers The Vorkosigan Companion (Includes an all-new interview with Bujold, as well as essays by her on crafting the Vorkosigan universe. Plus articles by a variety of authors on the biology, technology, and sociology of Barrayar, appreciations of the individual novels, maps, a complete timeline of the series, and more; Signed copies expected) $7.99
Cach, Lisa The Changeling Bride (Reissue; When the heartfelt wish of an English earl sweeps a modern-day woman back in time, fairy magic and true love lead to happily ever after) $7.99
Carey, Mike/Gross, P Inside Man (Unwritten #2: Graphic novel; Tom Taylor arrives at Donostia prison in southern France, and falls into the orbit of The Song of Roland, which, unfortunately for Tom, ends with a massacre) $12.99
Carriger, Gail Blameless (Parasol Protectorate #3: PBO; Back home with her horrible family, Lady Maccon has become the scandal of the London season. Dismissed from the Shadow Council, with London's vampires seeking her death, Alexia flees to Italy in search of the mysterious Templars. Only they know enough about the preternatural to explain her increasingly inconvenient condition, but they may be worse than vampires - and they're armed with pesto) $7.99
Cast/Armstrong/Mead/etc Kisses from Hell (YA; Anthology; vampire romance stories) $9.99
Cole, Kresley Demon from the Dark (PBO; A demon who lives only to kill must protect a pleasure-loving witch from a sinister enemy) $7.99
Collins, Suzanne Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3: YA; Against all odds, Katniss has survived the Hunger Games twice. But the Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And it's clear that her family, friends, and the people of District 12 aren't safe either) $17.99
Connolly, Harry Game of Cages (Twenty Palaces #2: PBO; As a wealthy few gather to bid on a predator capable of destroying all life on earth, the sorcerers of the Twenty Palace Society mobilize to stop them) $7.99
Cooper, Susan The Dark Is Rising Series: Over Sea, Under Stone / The Dark Is Rising / Greenwitch / The Grey King / Silver on the Tree (Reissue; YA; Omnibus reprint; 5 classic fantasy novels. As Darkness threatens to take over, four children must do their part to fight for the victory of Light, or all good will be lost forever) $14.99
Crusie, Jennifer Maybe This Time (Andie agrees to do a favor for her ex: take care of his late cousin's kids, who have already driven out three nannies. But it seems their house is haunted, and soon she's dealing with a self-doubting parapsychologist, an annoyed medium, her Tarot-card reading mother, an avenging ex-mother-in-law, her own jealous fiance - and her ex-husband, who shows up on the doorstep and makes her wonder if maybe this time things could be different between them) $24.99
Daniells, Rowena Cory The Usurper (King Rolen's Kin #3: PBO; The people of Rolencia are fleeing vicious invaders. How can Byren, now the uncrowned king, hope to win when half his warriors are women and children, and the other half are untrained boys and old men?) $7.99
Davis, Jim Potbelly of Gold (Garfield #50: Collection of comic strips) $15.00
Dessertine, R/Reed, D War of the Sons (Supernatural: PBO; On the hunt for Lucifer, the boys find themselves in a South Dakota town, where they meet Don, an angel who sends them on a mission to uncover the secret Satan never wanted them to find out) $7.99
Douglas, Kate Hellfire (DemonSlayers #2: PBO; The innocent souls of animals are being invaded by a powerful demon; a human woman and a Lemurian warrior join forces to stop it, but their passion may betray them) $6.99
Dunn, Christian (ed) Fear the Alien (Warhammer 40,000: PBO; Anthology; stories of the dangerous races determined to destroy humanity, and the Space Marines battling to eradicate these xenos threats) $8.99
Durham, David Anthony The Other Lands (Acacia #2: In the Other Lands, Daniel discovers an alliance of tribes that poses a grave danger to the stability of the Known World. Is Queen Corinn strong enough to face this new challenge?) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Dark Peril (Carpathian #18: On a desperate mission in the heart of enemy territory, Dominic of the Dragonseeker Carpathians meets Solange, a jaguar shifter who has been fighting to save shifter women from the man who slaughtered everyone she loved - her own father) $25.95
Flint, E/DeMarce, V 1635: The Dreeson Incident (Ring of Fire: As the Thirty Years War continues to devastate 17th-century Europe, the power of the United States of Europe flourishes under the leadership of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden. But a French spy and a vengeful assassin could destroy everything) $7.99
Forrest, V.K. Undying (Clare Point #2: While helping investigate the notorious Buried Alive Killer, vampire Arlan Kahill falls for a beautiful human woman who is one of the key informants in the case) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Star Trek movie novelization (Novelization of the 2009 film) $7.99
Fowler, Karen Joy What I Didn't See (Collection; stories with the sinister and the magical lurking just below the surface) $24.00
Frank/Douglas/etc Nocturnal (Anthology; 4 paranormal romance novellas) $6.99
Friesner, Esther Sphinx's Princess (YA; Queen Tiye plans to use her niece Nefertiti as a pawn in her desire for control. Thrust into courtly intrigue, Nefertiti is forced to make choices and stand up for her beliefs in ways she never imagined) $8.99
Gay, Kelly The Darkest Edge of Dawn (Charlie Madigan #2: PBO; Atlanta detective Charlie Madigan and her partner work to apprehend a serial killer with powers far beyond those seen by mortals) $7.99
Gear, WM & Kathleen Coming of the Storm (Contact: The Battle for America #1: Hernando de Soto's 1539 invasion of America and subsequent defeat by Native Americans, told through the eyes of a Chickasaw trader) $7.99
Gill, David Macinnis Black Hole Sun (YA; On a terraformed Mars, Durango and his crew of teenage mercenaries will take on any mission, as long as it pays enough) $16.99
Gill, David Macinnnis Soul Enchilada (YA; When Mr. Beals appears to repossess 18-year-old Bug's car, she learns that her grandfather sold his soul for the car, and offered Bug's soul as collateral. But Bug isn't about to give it up, and she's got Pesto - her longtime crush and a supernatural secret agent - for backup) $8.99
Goodkind, Terry The Law of Nines (Someone is after Alexander Rahl - and he can't figure out who or why. Something about his name, his family, his birthday has made him a target, and his ordinary life is gone forever) $9.99
Goodman, Alison Eon (Dragoneye #1: YA; For years, Eon has been studying sword-work and magic, hoping to be chosen as an apprentice to one of the energy dragons. Females are forbidden to use Dragon Magic, but Eon is actually a 16-year-old girl disguised as a boy. She must find the strength and inner power to battle those who would take her magic and her life) $9.99
Green, Simon R. Ghost of a Chance (Ghost Finders #1: PBO; The Carnacki Institute exists to deal with ghosts. Agents JC Chance, Melody Chambers, and Happy Jack Palmer will either lay them to rest, send them packing, or kick their nasty ectoplasmic arses with extreme prejudice) $7.99
Haley, Cameron Mob Rules (Underworld Cycle #1: LA mob boss Shanar Rashan is a powerful sorcerer, and Domino Riley is his enforcer. When a fellow gangster is ritually executed, she needs find out which of Rashan's enemies was behind it - and why) $14.95
Hamilton, Peter F. The Evolutionary Void (Void #3: Araminta, the Second Dreamer, has become the target of a galaxy-wide search by those determined to prevent - or facilitate - the pilgrimage of the Living Dream cult into the heart of the Void. Meanwhile, the parallel story of Edeard, the Waterwalker - as told through a series of addictive dreams communicated via Inigo, the First Dreamer - continues to unfold, but his tale takes a darker and more troubling turn. With time running out, Inigo must decide whether to release Edeard's final dream, whose message is scarcely less dangerous than the pilgrimage promises to be) $28.00
Hardy, Janice The Shifter (Healing Wars #1: Kids; Nya can shift pain from person to person, a dangerous skill she must conceal. Then her secret is discovered by a pain merchant eager to use her ability for sinister purposes. At first she refuses, but when her sister disappears, Nya must decide how far she's willing to go to save her) $7.99
Hobson, M.K. The Native Star (PBO; 1876: Town witch Emily Edwards is being run out of business by an influx of mail-order patent magics, and attempting to solve her problem with a love spell only makes things worse. When an enchanted artifact falls into her possession, Emily must flee for her life, pursued by evil warlocks who want the object for themselves) $7.99
Hodder, Mark The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack (Burton & Swinburne: London, 1861: Lord Palmerston commissions Sir Richard Francis Burton to investigate assaults on young women committed by a weird apparition known as Spring Heeled Jack, and to find out why werewolves are terrorizing the East End) $16.00
Hodgell, P.C. Seeker's Bane: Seeker's Mask / To Ride a Rathorn (Kencyr #3 / #4: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $7.99
Howell/Dahl/Grothaus Highland Beast (Anthology; 3 paranormal romance novellas featuring vampires) $6.99
Howell/Ivy/O'Riley Yours for Eternity (Anthology; 3 vampire romance novellas) $15.00
Inclan, Jessica Being with Him (Being #1: Mila and Garrick can both shift time. The moment they touch, they know they are partners in power. But who are they? And are there others like them?) $6.99
Ione, Larissa Sin Undone (Demonica #5: PBO; Half-vampire, half-werewolf, Conall has chosen to live as werewolf, but still craves to feed like a vampire. His attraction to female demon Sin may put both their lives at risk, for there's no way of controlling which aspect of his nature will dominate) $6.99
Jablonsky, William The Clockwork Man (When his love for his creator's daughter was abruptly cut short, Ernst, the first clockwork man, allowed himself to wind down. Now, more than a hundred years later, he awakens to a new world and a new mentor) $14.95
Jansson, Tove Moominland Midwinter (Moomins #5: Reissue; Kids; Everyone knows that Moomins sleep through the winter. But this year, Moomintroll wakes up early and, determined to discover the truth about this mysterious season, goes where no Moomin has gone before) $6.99
Jansson, Tove Tales from Moominvalley (Moomins #6: Reissue; Kids; 9 stories about the citizens of Moominvalley, from Ninny's bout with invisibility to the Moomin family's first Christmas out of hibernation) $6.99
Kent, Jasper Twelve: Russia, 1812 (Desperate to keep Napoleon's army from taking Moscow, Captain Danilov enlists the help of the Oprichniki, a group of twelve mercenaries who claim they can turn the tide of war; only later does he come to understand the horrific nature of these twelve strangers) $17.00
Kenyon, Kay Prince of Storms (Entire and the Rose #4: Titus Quinn has styled himself Regent of the Entire, but his command is fragile, and he faces opposition on many fronts, especially from a dark navitar who can alter future events) $16.00
Kessler, Jackie Hotter Than Hell (Hell on Earth #3: Pan, the King of Lust, offers to make Daunuan his right-hand incubus - if he can entice a soul destined for heaven into a damnable act of lust. But Daun wasn't expecting to fall in love with his target) $6.99
Kibuishi, Kazu The Cloud Searchers (Amulet #3: Kids; Graphic novel; Emily, Navin, and their crew charter an airship and set off in search of the city of Cielis, accompanied by the Elf King's son Trellis. But is he ally or enemy? And will Emily ever be able to trust the voice of the Amulet?) $10.99
Kizer, Amber Meridian (YA; 16-year-old Meridian, the half-angel, half-human link between the living and the dead, and her sworn protector Tens face great danger from the Aternocti, who capture vulnerable souls on the brink of death) $9.99
Kohler, Sharie My Soul to Keep (Moon Chasers #4: PBO; After years apart, two half-breed lycans unite to battle the world's most powerful demon witch - and resume the passion both had thought lost forever) $7.99
Krentz, Jayne Anne Midnight Crystal (Dreamlight #3: PBO; Ghost hunter Adam Winters & dreamlight reader Marlowe Jones must break the centuries-old Winters family curse, save Harmony's entire underworld - and fight a passion that could destroy them both) $7.99
Kuttner, H/Moore, CL Detour to Otherness (24 sf stories; reprints collections Bypass to Otherness and Return to Otherness plus 8 additional stories) $40.00
Lang, Michele Lady Lazarus (A beautiful young witch and the angel she loves fight Hitler's demonic minions on the eve of World War II) $14.99
Laurenston/Eden/Quinn Belong to the Night (Anthology; 3 paranormal romance novellas featuring witches and shapeshifters) $6.99
Laymon, Richard Funland (Reissue; Fun-seekers at an amusement park are being intimidated by a pack of vicious punks, and locals blame them for a series of missing persons. But what's really behind the disappearances is waiting in the funhouse) $7.99
Lethem, Jonathan Chronic City (Chase Insteadman, former child star, is now a permanent guest on Manhattan's Upper East Side dinner party circuit, where he is consigned to talk about his astronaut fiancee, who is trapped on a circling Space Station. After a chance meeting with pop culture guru Perkus Tooth, they find they have a lot in common and, together and separately, begin a search for the elusive: truth and authenticity in a city where everything has a price) $15.95
Lloyd, Tom The Ragged Man (Twilight Reign #4: Lord Isak is dead, his armies and entire tribe in disarray. Now, before the conquering eye of the Menin turns in his direction, King Emin must take the initiative) $16.00
Lubar, David The Big Stink (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie #4: Kids; Could Rodney the bully's older and meaner brother Ridley be the reason for the putrid smell that's following Nathan around? It's up to Nathan, Abigail, and Mookie to solve the mystery before the big stink pollutes the whole town) $5.99
Marrone, Amanda The Multiplying Menace (Magic Repair Shop #1: Kids; 12-year-old Maggie apprentices with the owner of a magic repair shop. She learns how to repair cauldrons, break hexes, and mend magic hats, but finds more trouble than she bargained for when an evil magician comes to town with a deadly magic act) $5.99
Marsh, Anne Bond with Me (PBO; Sexy fallen angel Brends Duranov hunts for the one woman whose bond with him can restore his lost wings) $7.99
McCarthy/D'Arc/Lyon The Beast Within (Anthology; 3 paranormal romance novellas) $14.00
Meyer, Nicholas The View from the Bridge: Memories of Star Trek and a Life in Hollywood (Nonfiction; his insider account of directing the troubled second Star Trek film, and his career in Hollywood) $16.00
Moers, Walter The Alchemaster's Apprentice (Zamonia #4: Echo the Crat is compelled to sign a contract with Ghoolion the Alchemaster, giving Goolion the right to kill Echo at the next full moon and render his fat for use in an immortality potion. But Ghoolion has not reckoned with Echo's talent for survival and ability to make friends) $16.95
Monajem, Barbara Tastes of Love & Evil (Bayou Gavotte #2: PBO; The town of Bayou Gavotte has many mysteries, including the perfect love match for vampire-on-the-run Rose Fairburn) $7.99
Murphy, C.E. Truthseeker (Boston seamstress Lara Taylor thinks she's nobody special - until the day a gorgeous prince of Faerie begs for her help solving his brother's murder) $15.00
Neff, Henry H. The Second Siege (Tapestry #2: Kids; Max McDaniels and David Menlo embark on a quest to protect the Book of Thoth, whose pages hold the key to creating - or unraveling - existence, from the demon Astaroth) $7.99
Osborne, Terri etc What's Past (Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: Anthology; a compilation of stories from the bestselling ebook series) $16.99
Penzler, Otto (editor) Fangs (Vampire Archives #2: Anthology; reprints vampire stories) $7.99
Peterfreund, Diane Rampant (YA; Astrid always scoffed at her eccentric mother's stories about killer unicorns. But when one attacks her boyfriend - ruining any chance of him taking her to prom - Astrid heads to Rome to become a unicorn hunter) $8.99
Petersen, Jesse Married with Zombies (Sarah and David find their marriage counselor ripping out her previous client's throat. Now they're fighting for survival in the middle of the zombie apocalypse - but that doesn't mean their other problems have disappeared) $7.99
Ramsay, Cris Substitution Method (Eureka: PBO; Sheriff Jack Carter uses his common sense to keep a lid on things in Eureka, a town full of geniuses. Just now he needs to figure out why Eureka's people, cars, and buildings are being swapped with those from other places) $7.99
Reeve, Philip No Such Thing as Dragons (Kids; Ansel's master is a dragon-slayer, with shining armor, and scars that prove his heroic stories. But Ansel suspects there are no such things as dragons. So what is the man-eating monster that haunts the mountain crags?) $16.99
Rice, Anne Angel Time (Toby O'Dare, a contract killer offered a chance to save lives rather than destroy them, is transported to 13th-century England to begin his quest for salvation) $7.99
Rochelle, Warren The Called (Sequel to Harvest of Changelings . The defeated Formorii have been influencing human religious and governmental anti-magical groups. The four changelings return from Faerie to help Earth's fae cross over, and prepare themselves for a battle to control the gateway between the universes) $24.95
Rollo, Gord Valley of the Scarecrow (70 years ago, the folks of Miller's Grove lashed their devil-worshipping minister to a cross and left him to die, like a macabre human scarecrow. Now the scarecrow has returned to life, hungry for revenge) $7.99
Sanderson, Brandon The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive #1: In the world of Roshar, Dalinar, the assassinated king's brother and uncle of the new one, is an old soldier who is weary of fighting. He is plagued by dreams of ancient times and legendary wars, visions that may force him into a new role. Kaladin, a highborn young man, has been brought low, to the most miserable level of military slavery. He must suffer and struggle to survive and rise again. Shallan, a naive but brave and brilliant young woman, will do anything to save her impoverished noble house from ruin) $27.99
Scarrow, Alex TimeRiders (YA; Maddy should have died in a plane crash. Liam should have died when the Titanic sank. Sal should have died in a fire. But a mysterious man whisked them away to safety - to join an agency created to stop time travel from destroying the world) $16.99
Scholes, Ken Canticle (Psalms of Isaak #2: A feast in honor of General Rudolfo's first-born child is interrupted when invisible assassins slay most of the guests; on the Keeper's Gate, a strange figure appears, with a message for the Hidden Pope) $7.99
Schwalb, Robert J. Psionic Power (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Role-playing game supplement exploring the psionic power source in more detail) $29.95
Shakespeare, W/Gabel, C Romeo & Juliet & Vampires (YA; When Juliet, a vampire-to-be, and Romeo, a vampire hunter, fall desperately in love, they don't realize how deadly, or undeadly, their love will turn out to be) $8.99
Silver, Eve Sins of the Soul (Otherkin #2: PBO; Reluctant Underworld enforcer Naphre trusts no one, especially not seductive soul reaper Alastor) $7.99
Sizemore, Susan Primal Instincts (Primes #8: PBO; When the heiress of a vampire clan meets the leader of the Dark Angels, the chemistry between them is fierce. She wants nothing to do with him, but after witnessing their attraction, her mother has other plans) $7.99
Slade, Arthur The Hunchback Assignments (Hunchback Assignments #1: Kids; In Victorian London, a mad scientist is turning orphans into automatons to further the goals of the Clockwork Guild, which is plotting to overthrow the British government) $8.99
Snyder, Maria V. Spy Glass (Glass #3: Opal Cowan has lost her powers, and can no longer create glass magic. She's now an outsider looking in - until suddenly spying through the glass becomes her new power) $13.95
Stanton, Steve Reconciliation (An alien virus that prolongs life has infected a couple, but not their son - the father searches desperately for an active sample to inoculate his son against mortality) $14.95
Stein, Jeanne C. Chosen (Anna Strong #6: PBO; Anna's primitive vampire instincts are getting harder to control, and a new enemy plans to take advantage of that fact) $7.99
Stirling, S.M. The Sword of the Lady (Change #6: Rudi Mackenzie finally arrives in Nantucket, an island inhabited by two hundred people who claim to have been transported there from out of time. In an odd stone house, he finds a sword waiting for him - once he takes it up, nothing will ever be the same; Signed copies expected) $9.99
Stirling, S.M. The High King of Montival (Change #7: Rudi returns to Montival, where he will face the legions of the Prophet. He must assemble a coalition of those who had been his enemies a few months before, and forge them into an army to rescue his homeland. Only then will he be able to come to terms with how the sword has changed him - and the world - and assume his place as High King Artos; Signed copies expected) $25.95
Stroud, Jonathan The Demon King (Seven Realms #1: Han Alister confiscates an evil wizard's amulet from the High Wizard's son; Princess Raisa doesn't approve of the suitor her mother chooses for her; when Han and Raisa's lives collide, the Seven Realms will tremble) $9.99
Sykes, Sam Tome of the Undergates (Aeon's Gate #1: Lenk, an errant young man with a sword and a decidedly unpleasant voice in his head, and his vile band are hired to track down a book. It's been stolen by a foulness from the ocean depths that will use it to raise its abyssal matron from her hell-bound prison) $17.00
Sylvan, Dianne Queen of Shadows (PBO; Miranda Grey is overwhelmed by her uncanny ability to manipulate people's emotions through her music. Believing he can help her bring her magic under control, vampire lord David Solomon discovers that her powers may affect the vampire world as well) $7.99
Tchaikovsky, Adrian Salute the Dark (Shadows of the Apt #4: Vampiric sorcerer Uctebri finally has the Shadow Box - and his own plans for both the Wasp Emperor and the Empire; spymaster Stenwold must see which of his allies will stand now that the Wasp armies are on the march) $16.00
Tepper, Sheri S. The Waters Rising (The people of Norland live in small kingdoms, unaware that a hideous evil from ages past has been revived. Powers are being used, curses are being laid - and the waters rise like never before. A princess fights death, awaiting the one who can save, not her, but perhaps humanity) $26.99
Thompson, Kate The Last of the High Kings (JJ Liddy #2: YA; The ghost of a young boy has been guarding a stone beacon in the Irish countryside against a terrifying and ancient enemy for thousands of years. Jenny, JJ Liddy's young daughter, has talked to the ghost. She has also talked to the puka, the shape-shifting goat who seems to have an agenda that no one can quite figure out - except, perhaps, the last of the high kings of Ireland. But who, exactly, is that?) $8.99
Traviss, Karen Anvil Gate (Gears of War: Based on the videogame. The remnants of humanity fight each other for survival as their world faces new and unseen threats - including the possible return of the Locust) $16.00
Wardell, Brad Destiny's Embers (Elemental: Xander, an orphaned messenger, must find a legendary artifact in hopes of stopping the Fallen hordes from destroying the entire kingdom) $16.00
Weeks, Brent The Black Prism (Black Prism #1: Gavin Guile is the Prism, high priest and emperor, whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. When he discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear apart his world) $25.99
Werner, C.L. Temple of the Serpent (Warhammer: Thanquol & Boneripper #2: PBO; Offered a chance to redeem himself by killing the Prophet of Sotek, Thanquol must use all of his cunning and magic if he is to come out alive) $8.99
Wilson, Robert Charles Mysterium (Reissue; A small Michigan town, home to a government lab investigating a mysterious object, is suddenly thrust into another world governed by a rigid theocracy. A young ethnologist is sent to analyze the arrivals; what she finds will challenge her society's philosophy, and lead to a struggle for power centered on the mysterious object) $15.99
York/Laurey/Thomas-Sundstrom Immortal Bad Boys (Anthology; 3 vampire romance novellas) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy The Domino Pattern (Quadrail #4: Passengers are being murdered on the Quadrail, and a plot is brewing that even the Modhri fears. Frank and Bayta may be the only ones who can stop it) $7.99


Ackroyd, Peter The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein (Two 19th-century Oxford students - researcher Victor Frankenstein and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley - form an unlikely friendship; Frankenstein becomes obsessed with Shelley's atheistic notions of creation and life) $15.95
Anderson, Poul The High Crusade (Reissue; After defeating an invading alien force, a 14th-century English army expects the surviving alien pilot to fly them to the aid of their king in France. Instead, they're taken to the alien home world, where the pilot believes they'll have no choice but to surrender. That's not what the English plan to do) $12.00
Archer, Alex The Dragon's Mark (Rogue Angel #26: PBO; Archaeologist Anja Creed and her sword may be outmatched by an assassin known as the Dragon who wields a bloodthirsty sword) $6.99
Banks, Iain M. Transition (The Philosopher is a torturer, and proud of it. AC is a dealer who became a hedge fund manager. Madame d'Ortolan seems to control nearly everything, while Mrs. Mulverhill hopes to frustrate her. Mr. Oh is a reluctant assassin, among other things. The person in the hospital bed is not entirely sure who he is, or where, or even when) $14.99
Bardsley, Michele Cross Your Heart (Broken Heart #7: PBO; Elizabeth Bretton returns to her family's estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, where she finds a murderous ghost, a 150-year-old mystery, and a hot were-jaguar trying to get into her boudoir) $7.99
Bast, Anya Cruel Enchantment (Dark Magick #2: PBO; Emmaline must retrieve an object of fae power from an ancient box. Only Aeric has the forging skills to create a key. But will their tumultuous history stand in the way?) $7.99
Burns, Monica Assassin's Heart (Order of the Sicari #2: Lysander, a half-angel, half-demon assassin, and Phaedra, a gifted healer, both dream of ancient Rome, and of a destined love) $15.00
Cordell, Bruce R. Key of Stars (Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignity #3: PBO; Raidon, the warlock Japheth, and Anusha, a young woman whose dreams are made real, must find Key of Stars before it is used to open the Far Manifold, and all reality drowns in a tide of horrific insanity) $7.99
Dann, J/Dozois, G (ed) The Dragon Book (Anthology; 19 original tales of dragons) $16.00
Datlow/Mamatas (ed) Haunted Legends (Anthology; original ghost stories based on legends from around the world, by modern masters of horror) $27.99
Desrochers, Lisa Personal Demons (Frannie Cavanaugh #1: To claim high school senior Frannie Cavanaugh's soul, and secure her unique skill set for Hell, all Luc has to do is get her to sin. Heaven has other plans, and sends Gabe to make sure Luc doesn't get what he came for. But if Luc fails, there will be hell to pay - for all of them) $9.99
Dodd, Christina Chains of Fire (Chosen Ones #4: PBO; When danger threatens, a gifted healer has no choice but to place her trust in the power of the one man she could never forgive - or forget) $7.99
Drake, David What Distant Deeps (RCN #8: With peace declared, Captain Daniel Leary and spy Adele Mundy have both been sent to the fringes of human space to relax. But the barbarians of the outer reaches are planning to bring down both Cinnabar and the Alliance - unless Daniel, Adele, and their unlikely allies can stop them) $25.00
Elliott, Kate Cold Magic (Spiritwalker #1: Young women at college at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Cat and her cousin Bee are learning of the science that will shape their future, while ignorant of the magics that rule their families. But all of that will change when the Cold Mages come for Cat) $14.99
Epstein, A/Jacobson, A The Familiars (Kids; When a group of young wizards are captured by an evil queen, it's up to their familiars to save them. Streetwise alley cat Aldwyn, know-it-all blue jay Skylar, and friendly tree frog Gilbert face dangerous foes, unearth a centuries-old secret, and discover a destiny that changes them all forever) $16.99
Fox, Addison Warrior Avenged (Sons of the Zodiac #2: PBO; Immortal warrior Kane Montague is an MI6 assassin and a gun for hire. When he's double-crossed on a mission, he know who to blame - sexy secret agent Ilsa) $7.99
Funke, Cornelia Reckless (Kids; For years Jacob has been secretly disappearing into the world behind the mirror. One day his younger brother Will follows him, with disastrous consequences - the brothers must race to find the cure for a curse that is turning Will to stone) $19.99
Geillor, Harrison The Zombies of Lake Woebegotton (Lake Woebegotten, Minnesota, is a small town, filled with ordinary (yet above average) people, leading ordinary lives - until the dead start coming back to life) $14.99
George, Jessica Day Dragon Spear (Kids; Creel and Luka rush to help when dragon queen Velika is kidnapped by a band of rogue dragons, and discover that Luka's father has plans to take back the Far Islands from the dragons) $7.99
Gibson, William Zero History (A Department of Defense contract for combat wear turns out to be the gateway drug for arms dealers so shadowy that even global marketing magnate Hubertus Bigend, whose subtlety and power in the private sector would be hard to overstate, finds himself outmaneuvered and adrift in a seriously dangerous world) $26.95
Harris, Lewis A Taste for Red (Kids; Svetlana Grimm's recent discovery that's she's a vampire is not making her transition to sixth grade at Sunny Hill any easier - especially after she learns that her science teacher might be her immortal enemy) $5.99
Harris/Singh/et al Must Love Hellhounds (Anthology; 4 tales of devilish dogs) $7.99
Hartley, A.J. Will Power (Will Hawthorne #2: On the run from Empire guards, Will Hawthorne and his band of thieves are transported to a mysterious land, right into the middle of a battle between goblins and humans. The humans seem all too perfect - but are they right to wage war on the goblins?) $25.99
Hearn, Marcus The Avengers: A Celebration (Nonfiction; a 50th anniversary look at the TV show, lavishly illustrated with many unpublished stills and behind the scenes photos. Color and black & white throughout) $29.95
Hoare, Andy Hunt for Voldorius (Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines: Kor'sarro Khan of the White Scars Chapter is commanded to hunt down and destroy Kernax Voldorius, daemon prince and warlord of the Alpha Legion) $11.99
Huff, Tanya The Truth of Valor (Confederation #5: Torin Kerr is attempting to adjust to civilian life with space salvage operator Craig Ryder. When they're attacked by pirates, Craig is captured and Torin left for dead. When she finds out why they needed Craig, she calls in the Marines to get him back - and stop the pirates from changing the balance of power in known space) $24.95
Jinks, Catherine The Reformed Vampire Support Group (YA; After a member of the Reformed Vampire Support Group is murdered with a silver bullet, the misfit vampires team up to find the killer) $8.99
Kantra, Virginia Immortal Sea (Children of the Sea #4: PBO; On the island of World's End, Morgan of the finfolk is reunited with a woman he met years ago - a woman with a startling secret) $7.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel Sailing to Sarantium (Sarantine Mosaic #1: Reissue; Crispin is a master mosaicist. Summoned to Sarantium by imperial request, he bears a Queen's secret mission, and a talisman from an alchemist. Once in the fabled city, he must find his own source of power in order to survive - and unexpectedly discovers it high on the scaffolding of his own greatest creation) $16.00
Kenyon, Sherrilyn No Mercy (Dark-Hunter #19: Samia, an Amazon warrior turned Dark-Hunter, faces old enemies and new in New Orleans, with the help of shapeshifter Dev Peltier) $24.99
Kiernan, Caitlin R. The Red Tree (Sarah Crowe discovers an unfinished manuscript, and risks her health and her sanity to unearth a revelation planted centuries ago) $7.99
Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody Scaredy Kat (Suddenly Supernatural #2: Kids; Having an entourage of dead people can be overwhelming. So when it looks like the house next door may be haunted, medium-in-training Kat Roberts isn't sure she wants to get to the bottom of the mystery) $5.99
Langan, John House of Windows (A beautiful widow tells a young writer a tale: of her missing husband; of her lost stepson; and of phantasmal visions, a family curse, and Belvedere House) $14.95
Little, Bentley The Disappearance (PBO; When Gary's girlfriend vanishes, so does all evidence that she ever existed. The one clue he finds leads to an isolated cult - but now Gary may be the next to disappear) $7.99
MacGregor, Trish J. Esperanza (Tess and Ian aren't sure why they are waiting for a bus to Esperanza. But together they hold the key to a mystical war between the kind spirit guardians and the hungry ghosts. Tess and Ian will find a love that can transcend time, and a cause that not even death will overcome) $24.99
Malan, Violette Path of the Sun (Dhulyn & Parno #4: Dhulyn and Parno are escorting the Princess of Arderon to her wedding with the new Tarkin of Menoin, but the Mercenary Brotherhood also has a secret mission for them: find out what happened to the two Brothers who vanished on assignment in Menoin a year ago) $15.00
Malan, Violette The Storm Witch (Dhulyn & Parno #3: Mercenaries Dhulyn and Parno go to the rescue of old friends who have been taken hostage by the Long Ocean Nomads) $7.99
Matheson, R/Conlon (ed) He Is Legend (Anthology; original stories in honor of master of horror and suspense Richard Matheson; $25.99 hc also available) $15.99
McGuire, Seanan An Artificial Night (October Daye #3: PBO; Someone is stealing children both fae and mortal, and all signs point to Blind Michael. Toby must track the villain to his realm, home of the Wild Hunt. If she can't escape with the children, she will fall prey to the Hunt and Blind Michael's power) $7.99
McKinley, R/Dickinson, P Fire: Tales of Elemental Spirits (YA; 5 fantasy tales incorporating the element of fire) $15.00
Mearls/Slavicsek/Wyatt Fantasy Roleplaying Game (Dungeons & Dragons Essentials 4th Edition: Boxed game for 1-5 players, with everything needed to start playing) $19.99
Pratt, Tim (ed) Sympathy for the Devil (Anthology; reprints 36 stories about His Grand Infernal Majesty) $15.95
Reichert, Mickey Zucker Flight of the Renshai (Renshai #7: Shunned by Westerners and hunted by Northmen, the Renshai will face many trials before rallying together against a common enemy determined to destroy them once and for all) $7.99
Scholes, Ken Antiphon (Psalms of Isaak #3: The hand of the Wizard Kings still reaches out to challenge the Androfrancine Order. Nebios now runs the vast deserts of the world, and is being hunted by strange women warriors. Jin Li Tam guards her son against the usurper queen and her evangelists. And the remnants of the Androfrancine Order formulate their response to the song pouring out of a silver crescent that was found in the wastes) $25.99
Slade, Arthur The Dark Deeps (Hunchback Assignments #2: YA; 14-year-old Modo and his fellow secret agent Olivia must uncover the underwater mystery of something called the Ictineo. As they travel across the North Atlantic, Modo discovers an astounding secret: human life in the dark deeps) $16.99
Smith, Sherwood Coronets and Steel (California girl Kim Murray is unsatisfied with grad school, and finds modern times unromantic. When she travels to Europe to find her family's roots there, she is swept up in an adventure of fantastic deceptions and passionate intrigue - and makes a shocking discovery about her bloodline) $24.95
Thurman, Rob The Grimrose Path (Trickster #2: PBO; Something has slaughtered almost one thousand demons in six months, and the killing isn't going to stop unless Trixa and her friends step into the fight) $7.99
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun (The epic Norse tales of Sigurd the Volsung and The Fall of the Niflungs, retold in English narrative verse) $16.95
Treanor, Marie Blood on Silk (Awakened by Blood #1: While researching historical superstitions, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk awakens a legendary Romanian vampire prince) $14.00
Turner, Joan Frances Dust (Nine years ago, Jessie died. Now she's part of a zombie gang. They fight, hunt, and dance together. But when an illness threatens both zombies and humans, Jessie must choose between looking away, or staring down the madness - and hanging onto everything she now knows as life) $24.95
Vanner, Patrick A. Ragnarok (Humanity is locked in a war with the alien Xan-Sskarn. And as the battles take on an eerily familiar pattern of no-win scenarios, Captain Alexandra McLaughlin realizes that humanity has a traitor) $14.00
Vonnegut, Kurt Look at the Birdie (Collection; 14 works of previously unpublished short fiction) $15.00
Walker, Shiloh Veil of Shadows (PBO; A rebel army is fighting to win the land back from demons; Captain Laisyn Caar is attracted to mysterious new soldier Xan - but is he a friend of her people, or one of the dreaded enemy?) $7.99
Weekly World News (ed) Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed! (The definitive and faux-tastic story of Bat Boy, from his hardscrabble origins in the caves of West Virginia to his global influence in the 21st century) $15.00
Wellington, David Overwinter (Chey prowls the Arctic Circle on the trail of an ancient secret that could remove her lycanthropic curse; a centuries-old werewolf arrives, bent on sabotaging the quest and stealing the one thing that's still important to Chey) $14.00
Willis, Connie Blackout (Three time-travelers from the future, stranded in the past during World War II, must locate each other and figure out how to return to their own time) $16.00
Wolfe, Gene Pirate Freedom (Before Chris was a priest, he was a boy living in a monastery the day after tomorrow. One day he realized that he was not meant for the monastery, and left. But the streets of Havana were oddly lacking in modern conveniences. Offered work on a ship, he took it, and thus began his life as a pirate, in a world where the Spanish, French, and English were battling for supremacy) $15.99
Wong, David John Dies at the End (A street drug promises an out-of-body experience, letting users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. A silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead are a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can they save humanity? No, they can't) $14.99
Yu, Charles How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (Every day in Universe 31, people get into time machines and try to change the past. That's where time travel technician Charles Yu steps in. He helps save people from themselves. Literally. When he's not taking client calls, he searches for his father, who invented time travel and then vanished) $24.00


Aaron, Rachel The Spirit Thief (Eli Monpress #1: Eli Monpress is talented, charming, a wizard - and the greatest thief of the age, out to prove just how good he is. His first step is to increase the bounty on his head, so he'll need to steal some big things. Starting with something that no one will miss, at least for a while: a king) $7.99
Abnett, Dan Ciaphas Cain Vol. 2: Defender of the Imperium: Death or Glory / Duty Calls / Cain's Last Stand (Warhammer 40,000: Omnibus reprint; 3 novels plus 2 short stories) $15.00
Abnett, Dan Blood Pact (Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts: An enemy prisoner is brought in for interrogation. What does he know that makes him so valuable? The fate of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade rests upon the answers) $8.99
Acosta, Marta Haunted Honeymoon (Casa Dracula #4: Despite her torrid affair with Vampire Council member Ian, Milagro wishes she could have another chance with her ex-fiancé) $15.00
Adams, Cat Siren Song (Celia Graves #2: Celia is summoned to the Sirens' island to justify her existence - and possibly fight for her life - in front of the Siren Queen, but she's not sure she'll survive to make the trip - the demon she defeated left her suffering from a powerful curse) $14.99
Anderson, Kevin (ed) Blood Lite II: Overbite (Anthology; humorous horror stories) $16.00
Anderson, Kevin J. Enemies & Allies (During the Cold War, Batman and Superman team up for the first time to battle Lex Luthor, who is leveraging international tensions to build a military-industrial empire) $7.99
Andrews, Ilona Bayou Moon (Edge #2: Two nations of the Weird are waging a cold war fought by feint and espionage, and their conflict is about to spill over into the Edge - and Cerise Mar's life) $7.99
Anthony, Piers Jumper Cable (Xanth #33: A stalwart spider leads a bevy of bewitching beauties on a desperate quest to rescue the magical land of Xanth) $6.99
Anvil, Christopher The Power of Illusion (Includes the novel The Day the Machines Stopped , his stories of Richard Verner, who is called in to solve apparently insoluble problems, and more) $12.00
Archer, Zoe Scoundrel (Blades of the Rose #2: PBO; Bennett Day finds himself losing his heart to London Harcourt, even as he dodges lethal attacks to protect the powers of the ancients from her father, who is bent on subjugating the world's magic to British rule) $6.99
Ashley, Amanda Everlasting Desire (PBO; The Master of the West Coast vampires falls for the owner of an LA boutique) $6.99
Asimov, Isaac The Currents of Space (Empire #3: Reissue; The Sark depend on the labor of the Florinians for their wealth; when Rik brings the message that the planet is doomed and should be evacuated, they may prefer to kill the messenger) $14.99
Asprin, Robert Myth-Interpretations (Collection; all the Myth short fiction, plus other short works and several previously unpublished stories) $14.00
Austin, John So Now You're A Zombie: A Handbook for the Newly Undead (An illustrated orientation manual covering all aspects of the zombie lifestyle) $14.95
Baker, Keith The Fading Dream (Eberron: Thorn of Breland #2: PBO; Thorn must protect the prince of Cyre, whose country was destroyed by the Mourning. But in that same cataclysm, seven cities of the Feywild were trapped on the plain of Eberron - and the eladrin insist that was no coincidence) $6.99
Balogh/Krinard/etc Bespelling Jane Austen (Anthology; 4 paranormal romance novellas) $14.95
Banks, L.A. Left for Undead (Crimson Moon #6: PBO; Sasha Trudeau's team looks for the culprits behind a rash of vampire slayings, and discover they're facing ancient creatures from the depths of Hell itself) $7.99
Beck, J.K. When Pleasure Rules (Shadow Keepers #2: PBO; Lissa Monroe, a ravishing succubus, is assigned to infiltrate the mind of werewolf leader Vincent Rand, a ferociously alluring enemy who exerts a powerful hold over her) $7.99
Beckett, Galen The House on Durrow Street (Mrs. Quent #2: Ivy Quent discovers that, amidst the balls and insipid small talk, dark powers are once again gathering. She must decide if her place is that of a woman of station - or of a magician's wife) $16.00
Bernheimer, Kate (ed) My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me (Anthology; 40 original stories inspired by fairy tales from around the world) $17.00
Betts, Heidi The Bite Before Christmas (Collection; 3 novellas involving a top-secret vampire dating agency) $14.00
Black, H/Naifeh, T Kith (Good Neighbors #2: YA; Graphic novel; the faerie realm is venturing into the human world, and taking its toll on those Rue loves. When her grandfather's plans threaten Rue's city, she realizes she's the only one who can stop him) $12.99
Black/Larbalestier (ed) Zombies vs. Unicorns (YA; Anthology; which is better, the zombie or the unicorn? These stories answer that question) $16.99
Bray, Libba Going Bovine (YA; Winner of the 2010 Printz Award. When 16-year-old Cameron learns he's sick and going to die, hope arrives in the form of Dulcie, a loopy punk angel (or possibly a hallucination). She tells Cam there is a cure, if he's willing to go in search of it - which he does, accompanied by a death-obsessed, video-gaming dwarf, and a yard gnome who just might be the Viking god Balder) $9.99
Briggs, Patricia Masques (Aralorn #1: Revised and updated from the 1993 edition. Aralorn fled her noble birthright to become a mercenary spy. Her latest mission involves spying on powerful sorcerer Geoffrey ae'Magi. But in a war against an enemy armed with the powers of illusion, how do you know who the true enemy is - or where he will strike next?) $7.99
Brook, Meljean The Iron Duke (Iron Seas #1: The Iron Duke has built a merchant empire on the power - and fear - of his name. When a dead body is dropped from an airship onto his doorstep, bringing DI Mina Wentworth into his world, he intends to make her his next possession) $15.00
Brown, Eric Engineman (Reissue; Although faster than light travel has been replaced by interfaces that bring distant planets a simple step away, a former FTL engineman is asked to push a ship to an undisclosed destination - and finds a mystery awaiting him on the distant colony world) $7.99
Chiang, Ted Stories of Your Life and Others (Reissue; Collection; the author's first 8 published sf stories, plus story notes) $16.00
Chima, Cinda Williams Exiled Queen (Seven Realms #2: YA; Han journeys south to begin his schooling in Oden's Ford, where he meets a mysterious wizard who agrees to tutor him in dark sorcery - but the bargain they make is one Han may regret. Princess Raisa, running from a forced marriage, heads for the military academy at Oden's Ford, seeking the education she needs to succeed as the next queen. Everything changes when Han and Raisa's paths cross) $17.99
Connolly, John The Gates (The Abernathys don't mean any harm by their flirtation with the Underworld, but they create a gap in the universe, through which the gates to Hell are visible. Can young Samuel harness the power of science, faith, and love to save the world as we know it?) $15.00
Correia, Larry Vendetta (Monster Hunter #2: PBO; A death cult lead by a necromancer wants to capture Owen Pitt to gain the favor of the great Old Ones. The government wants to capture the necromancer, and plans to use Owen as bait. Fortunately, this bait is armed and very dangerous) $7.99
Crane, Carolyn Double Cross (Justine Jones #2: PBO; Serial killers with unheard-of skills are terrorizing the most powerful beings in Midcity. Justine faces a crisis of conscience as she tests the limits of her new powers and faces an impossible choice between two flawed but brilliant men) $7.99
Crawford, Jeremy Rules Compendium (Dungeons & Dragons Essentials 4th Edition: A handy rules reference and guide) $19.95
David, Peter The Balverine Order (Fable: PBO; Based on the video game. Two friends set out in search of a legendary beast, but their desire for adventure may be their undoing - because their quarry has just found them) $9.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Me, Myself, & Why? (A serial killer who likes to kill in threes, leaving behind inexplicable newspaper clippings and no forensic evidence, starts leaving messages that seem to be directed at FBI agent Cadence Jones and her two sisters. Could the killer know about Cadence's special 'talent'?) $24.99
Del Toro, G/Hogan, C The Fall (Strain #2: As the vampiric virus spreads across the country, Eph Goodweather leads a CDC team out to stop the bloodthirsty monsters. But it may be too late) $26.99
Destefano, Merrie Afterlife (Resurrection Chronicles #1: Chaz helps integrate the recently deceased into their new and improved lives. But nine lives are all a person gets, and now a powerful group of Nine-Timers will stop at nothing to possess the key to true immortality) $7.99
Devlin, Delilah Darkness Captured (A princess discovers the secret to her passion when a demon lord forces her to submit to his will) $13.99
Dietz, William C. The Flood (Halo: Reissue; Novelization of the Halo: Combat Evolved game) $14.99
Dietz, William C. At Empire's Edge (Jak Cato #1: Xeno-cop Jak Cato is returning a violent shapeshifter to a prison planet. When things go horribly wrong, he must figure out who betrayed him, and bring in the alien at any cost) $7.99
Dietz, William C. Bones of Empire (Jak Cato #2: The Uman Empire's reign is now fragile, as alien subjects and enemies conspire against it. Cop Jak Cato gets a glimpse of the Emperor, and realizes he's looking at a shapeshifter he thought was dead - his mortal enemy is still alive, and the fate of the Empire , as well as Cato's honor, are at stake) $24.95
DiTerlizzi, Tony The Search for WondLa (WondLa #1: Kids; When the marauder Besteel destroys the sanctuary where she was raised by the robot Muthr, 12-year-old Eva Nine flees aboveground, where she befriends a curmudgeonly wanderer, and goes in search of other humans - pursued by Besteel, who wants to capture her) $17.99
Drake, Emily The Magickers Chronicles Vol. 2: The Dragon Guard / The Gate of Bones (Magickers #3 / #4: Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 2 fantasy novels) $8.99
Dunn, Christian (ed) Sabbat Worlds (Warhammer 40,000: Anthology; stories of the bitter conflict being fought across the Sabbat Worlds, which can only end in victory or annihilation) $24.99
Enge, James The Wolf Age (Morlock Ambrosius #3: In Wuruyaaria, city of werewolves, an outcast faction is determined to change the balance of power in a bloody election year. But their schemes will be shattered - by the clash between a monster from the north on a mission to poison the world, and a stranger from the south named Morlock Ambrosius) $16.00
Estep, Jennifer Venom (Elemental Assassin #3: PBO; Gin comes face to face with the baby sister she thought she lost years ago, and exacts revenge on the woman responsible for turning her world upside down) $7.99
Ewing, Al The Gods of Manhattan (Pax Britannia: PBO; In New York, USSA, mad science colludes with the monstrous plans of the Meccha-Fuhrer. It's up to The Blood Spider, Doc Thunder, and El Sombra to save the steam-powered city of tomorrow) $9.99
Flanagan, John Halt's Peril (Ranger's Apprentice #9: Kids; Rangers Halt and Will, along with the young warrior Horace, pursue a renegade outlaw group that has divided the kingdom into factions and is looking to take over Araluen) $17.99
Fleming, Thomas The Secret Trial of Robert E. Lee (1865: A cabal of powerful men led by Charles A. Dana plot to break the spirit of the South once and for all - by convicting General Robert E. Lee of treason and hanging him like a common criminal) $7.99
Fletcher, Susan Ancient, Strange, and Lovely (Dragon Chronicles #4: Kids; When 14-year-old Bryn watches an ancient egg hatch, and realizes that the hatchling is a baby dragon, she must flee to protect him from poachers and others who wish him harm. But will she be able to keep him safe?) $16.99
Flint, Eric 1635: The Eastern Front (Ring of Fire: No longer Prime Minister of the USE, Mike Stearns will now be one of the commanders carrying the war to Brandenburg and Saxony. But rebellion begins to unfold in the Germanies as the new Prime Minister attempts to roll back Stearns' reforms, and Gustavus Adolphus' ambitions in the east threaten to bring Poland and Austria into the war) $25.00
Friesner, Esther (ed) Fangs for the Mammaries (PBO; Anthology; vampire stories set in the suburbs) $7.99
Gabaldon, D/Nguyen, H The Exile (Outlander: Graphic novel; a retelling of the novel Outlander from Jamie Fraser's point of view, revealing events not seen in the original) $25.00
Gaiman, N/Russell, PC The Dream Hunters (Sandman: Graphic novel; a shape-changing fox falls in love with a humble young monk, and must save his life when a group of demons plot to kill him) $19.99
Gaiman, Neil The Graveyard Book (Kids; Black & white illustrations by Dave McKean. Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor the world of the dead. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy - an ancient Indigo Man beneath the hill, a gateway to a desert leading to an abandoned city of ghouls, the strange and terrible menace of the Sleer. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack - who has already killed Bod's family) $7.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Flesh and Fire (Vineart War #1: The Vinearts hold the secret of making spellwines. When a master Vineart uncovers a plot to destroy the Vine, only his apprentice has the power to stop it) $9.99
Golden, Christopher Angel Souls and Devil Hearts (Peter Octavian #2: Reissue; The vampires have been exposed. The entire world knows their secrets, their powers, their weaknesses. Everything they have fought to hold is in danger, for human prejudice can be the most powerful demon of all) $7.99
Golden, Christopher When Rose Wakes (16-year-old Rose Perrault awakens from a coma, and is greeted by her two aunts, who seem able to do impossible things. As her aunts become more and more fearful, Rose has nightmares of fairy tales gone horribly wrong, and a dark, mysterious woman begins to follow her) $11.00
Groening, Matt Chief Wiggum's Book of Crime and Punishment (Simpsons Library of Wisdom: Check out the seized property auction catalog, learn the secret language of police codes, line up with the usual suspects, and get the skinny on Springfield's most wanted criminal: El Barto) $9.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Nightshade (Star Trek: TNG: Reissue; Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise are sent to the war-devastated planet of Oriana to help two warring factions negotiate a peace settlement) $7.99
Hayes, Erica Poison Kissed (Shadowfae #3: PBO; A banshee whose greatest power lies in her siren song is secretly attracted to her boss, a snake-shifter who once saved her life and now employs her as a gang enforcer) $7.99
Hendee, Barb Hunting Memories (Vampire Memories #2: Having learned a way to draw blood from her victims without killing them, Eleisha wants to share this knowledge with like-minded vampires - and forge a united front against a vampire who has been hunting down and destroying his own kind) $7.99
Hendee, Barb Memories of Envy (Vampire Memories #3: Vampire Simone Stratford enjoys playing elaborate games with mortals, stoking their passion for her before draining their blood. Eleisha and her protector Philip find themselves caught up in one of Simone's games, which turns into a battle for Eleisha's life and Philip's soul) $15.00
Holland, Cecelia Varanger (Raef Corbanson #1: Corban's son Conn, a strong and clever leader of men, and his god-touched cousin and best friend Raef join a fur trading ship to Russia, where they take service with the leader of the Rus, traveling south to Kiev, and then on a raid into the northern reaches of the Byzantine Empire) $16.99
Holly, Emma Demon's Fire (Demon World #3: The desert is a perfect place for adventurers, especially when it comes to exploring forbidden appetites, like Charles' shameful desire for a demon) $7.99
Jemisin, N.K. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritance #1: When her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, Yeine Darr is summoned to the city of Sky. There, to her shock, she is named an heiress to the king. But the throne is not easily won, and Yeine is thrust into a power struggle with cousins she never knew she had. As she fights for her life, she draws ever closer to the secrets of her mother's death and her family's bloody history) $7.99
Jones, Frewin Destiny's Path (Branwen #2: YA; After an epic battle leaves her home in flames and her father dead, Branwen knows it is time to follow her Warrior Princess destiny. But she soon learns that those she trusts most are capable of the greatest betrayals) $8.99
Jordan, R/Sanderson, B The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time #12: Rand struggles to unite a network of kingdoms and alliances in preparation for the Last Battle, while his allies work to forestall the shadow that seems to be growing within the heart of the Dragon Reborn himself. Egwene works to hold together the disparate factions of Aes Sedai in the face of increasing uncertainty. Her fight will prove the mettle of the Aes Sedai, and her conflict will decide the future of the White Tower - and therefore of the world itself) $9.99
Kadrey, Richard Kill the Dead (Sandman Slim #2: In town as an advisor on a biopic of his life, Lucifer needs protection, and wants Stark as his bodyguard. Not a bad gig - until a zombie plague complicates matters) $22.99
Karpyshyn, Drew Dynasty of Evil (Star Wars: Darth Bane #3: Darth Bane heads out in search of an ancient Sith artifact that might hold the secret of immortality; his apprentice Zannah decides the time is ripe to take him on) $7.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel Lord of Emperors (Sarantine Mosaic #2: Reissue; In Sarantium, Crispin seeks to fulfill his artistic ambitions and his destiny high upon the dome intended to be the emperor's enduring sanctuary and legacy. But the emperor plans to conquer Crispin's homeland, and with his fate entwined with that of his royal benefactor, Crispin's loyalties come with a very high price) $16.00
King/Snyder/etc American Vampire #1 (Full color graphic novel; introducing a new strain of vampire, born of the American West, with an original story written by Stephen King) $24.99
Klasky, Mindy To Wish or Not to Wish (Erin's been dumped by her boyfriend and fired by her employer, and it doesn't seen like her dream of making it on Broadway will come true either - until she's given a lantern, complete with genie) $13.95
Knapp, James The Silent Army (Nico Wachalowski #2: PBO; Samuel Fawkes must be stopped from awakening a private army of zombies, even if it means Nico must kill the woman he loves - now resurrected as a Revivor - permanently) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit (Gwenhwyfar gives up the path of the Blessing to choose the path of the Warrior, but when called to another purpose by the Ladies of the Well, she bows to circumstances to become Arthur's queen) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes Intrigues (Valdemar: Collegium #2: When he's recognized by foreign operatives, Mags comes under suspicion. Who are Magpie's parents - who is he really? Can he solve the riddle of his parentage and prove his loyalty before he's banished as a traitor?) $25.95
Lackey/Sagara/Haley Harvest Moon (Anthology; 3 original tales - a Five Hundred Kingdoms novella by Mercedes Lackey, an Elantra novella by P.C. Cast, and a Domino Riley novella by Cameron Haley) $14.95
Lamberson, Gregory Desperate Souls (Jake Helman #2: Cop turned PI Jake Helman discovers that a drug lord plans to use voodoo to seize control of the streets of New York City) $14.95
Leiber, Fritz Our Lady of Darkness (Reissue; Peering at his San Francisco apartment, middle-aged horror writer Franz Westen sees a pale brown thing lean out his window and wave. He begins a quest through ancient books and modern streets, looking for the dark forces and entities that thrive in the city. Meanwhile, they are also looking for him) $15.99
Leigh, Lora Styx's Storm (Breeds #9: PBO; To save innocent Storme Montague from Breed slave traders, Wolf Breed Styx is forced to claim her for himself) $7.99
Lewis, J.F. ReVamped (Void City #2: Eric challenges a powerful demon to rescue Marilyn's soul; his task is complicated by the need to reform his disintegrated body and the foibles of his newly vampiric car) $7.99
Lindqvist, John Ajvide Handling the Undead (Across Stockholm the power grid has gone crazy. In the morgue and cemeteries, the recently deceased are waking up. A grandfather is alight with hope that his grandson will be returned to him, but a husband is aghast at what his adored wife has become) $24.99
Lo, Malinda Ash (YA; When Ash is pushed into servitude to pay off her dead father's debts, her only hope is that someday a fairy might steal her away - until she meets Kaisa, the Royal Huntress, who reawakens her desire to live, and to love) $8.99
Long, Nathan Zombieslayer (Warhammer: Gotrek & Felix #12: PBO; Pursued by the zombie hordes of necromancer Heinrich Kemmler, Gotrek and Felix arrive at Castle Reikgard. Can they unite the forces there against the undead until help arrives?) $8.99
Lowe, Helen The Heir of Night (Wall of Night #1: The Nine Houses of the Derai have fought them across worlds and time. Now the Darkswarm is rising again, and Malian's destiny as Heir of the House of Night is bound both to ancient legend and to any future the Derai may have) $7.99
Lynch, Chris Cyberia (Kids; Zane lives in a completely wired world. He's happy that every pet has a microchip that allows the pet to talk - until the day he smuggles a contraband wild animal into his apartment, and learns that the pets aren't actually saying what the chip is translating. In fact, they aren't happy that all animals have been domesticated, and enlist Zane to help them fight for their freedom) $5.99
Maguire, Gregory Matchless: A Christmas Story (Short story; a new twist on Hans Christian Anderson's classic story 'The Little Match Girl', first broadcast on NPR on Christmas Day 2008, in an illustrated gift edition) $12.99
Maguire, Gregory The Next Queen of Heaven (When Mrs. Leontina Scales begins speaking in tongues, her children scheme to save her, or surrender her to Jesus - whichever comes first. Meanwhile, choir director Jeremy Carr, caught between lust and ambition, fumbles his way toward Y2K) $14.99
Maguire, Gregory A Lion Among Men (Wicked Years #3: While civil war looms in Oz, an oracle named Yackle prepares for death. When Brrr, the Cowardly Lion, arrives searching for information about Elphaba, Yackle demands Brrr's story as payment) $7.99
Marillier, Juliet Heart's Blood (Young scribe Caitrin must unravel a web of sorcery to free Anluan from the family curse that has crippled him since childhood) $7.99
Mariotte, Jeff City Under the Sand (Dark Sun: PBO; Aric, a half-elf, would rather keep his head down and live a simple life. But nothing is simple in the city of Nibenay, with its reclusive ruler. And in a world where metal is rare, Aric's 'way' with metal is an even rarer talent) $7.99
McDonald, Sandra The Stars Blue Yonder (Scott & Myell #3: Seven months pregnant and trying to come to peace with her husband's death, Jodenny Scott's not sure what to believe when Myell reappears with tales of time travel) $7.99
McKinney, Joe Dead City (Reissue; Battered by five hurricanes in three weeks, Texas is reeling from the devastation, with thousands dead or dying. Then a virus breaks out, returning the dead to life - with an insatiable hunger for human flesh) $6.99
Mearls, M/Slavicsek, B Heroes of the Fallen Lands (Dungeons & Dragons Essentials 4th Edition: Role-playing game supplement with exciting new builds for the cleric, the fighter, the ranger, the rogue, and the wizard) $19.95
Meydan, Lena Twilight Forever Rising (Darel is a rarity, an empath strong enough to occasionally read thought as well as emotion. For centuries, his power has given his vampire clan an advantage. Now the long peace among the vampire families is threatened by a violent and dangerous vampire whose plan to plunge the families into all-out war is centered on Darel and the human woman who loves him) $15.99
Meyer, Kai Dark Reflections: The Water Mirror / The Stone Light / The Glass Word (Reissue; YA; Omnibus reprint; 3 fantasy novels. 14-year-old Merle lives in enchanted Venice. But each of the city's wonders has a dark and dangerous secret, and the corruption lies deep. Can Merle and her friends save the city?) $9.99
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Imager's Challenge (Imager Portfolio #2: As Rhenn to take up his new duties as imager liaison to the Civic Patrol, he discovers that the Civic Patrol doesn't want a liaison, and learns that one of the High Holders intends to destroy Rhenn and his family) $7.99
Mullany, Janet Jane and the Damned (1797: When aspiring novelist Jane Austen becomes one of the Damned, her family sends her to Bath to take the waters as a cure. But then the vampires thwart a French invasion, and Jane decides to reject the cure, embracing freedom, love, and adventure as a vampire) $13.99
Nesbit, E. The Phoenix and the Carpet (Psammead #2: Reissue; Kids; Robert, Jane, Cyril, Anthea, and The Lamb discover a clever phoenix and a magic carpet that can take them anywhere they wish) $10.99
Ness, Patrick Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking #3: YA; The indigenous Spackle have mobilized to avenge their murdered people. Ruthless human leaders prepare to defend their factions at all costs. And as the Noise lays all thoughts bare, the projected will of the few threatens to overwhelm the desperate desire of the many. Becoming adults amid the turmoil, Todd and Viola question all they have known) $18.99
O'Keefe, Susan Heyboer Frankenstein's Monster (A continuation of Shelley's classic tale. On a quest to discover his humanity, Frankenstein's monster struggles to elude the ship captain who heard Victor's dying words and vowed to destroy Victor's creation) $15.00
Otsuichi Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse / Black Fairy Tale (Two short horror novels; a murdered girl tells of her killers' attempts to hide her body; when a young girl receives an eye transplant, what she sees out of the new eye is the experiences and memories of its deceased owner) $14.99
Paffenroth, Kim Dying to Live (Reissue; A group of survivors reestablishes an island of order and humanity in the zombie-infested world, only to clash with other survivors who remind them that the undead are not the only horror they must face) $15.00
Partridge, Norman Dark Harvest (Reissue; The October Boy rises from the cornfields every Halloween, a butcher knife in hand, and makes his way toward town, where teenage boys eagerly await their chance to confront the legendary nightmare) $6.99
Perkins, Lori (ed) Hungry for Your Love (Anthology; original tales in which horror fans can finally get their fill of zombie-on-zombie action, zombie-human love, and zombie smut) $14.99
Pratchett, Terry Unseen Academicals (Discworld #32: Known for sagacity, magic, and their love of teatime, the wizards of Unseen University are in something of a quandary when Lord Vetinari asks them to field a football team) $7.99
Pratchett, Terry I Shall Wear Midnight (Discworld YA #5: YA; Young witch Tiffany Aching faces an insidious new foe who whispers threats of violence and quietly unleashes havoc. Along with her allies, the Nac Mac Feegle, Tiffany may know evil when she sees it, but where does evil start, and where - and how - does it end?) $16.99
Price, Kalayna Grave Witch (Alex Craft #1: PBO; Alex Craft can speak to the dead, but someone really doesn't want her to hear what they have to say about the high-profile murder case she's consulting on. She'll have to work with mysterious homicide detective Falin Andrews to find out why) $6.99
Priest, Cherie Dreadnought (To reach her injured father in Seattle, nurse Mercy Lynch undertakes a harrowing journey from Virginia by dirigible and rail through war-torn border states to St. Louis, where she boards a train pulled by a terrifying Union-operated steam engine. The train is attacked first by bushwhackers, then by Rebel soldiers. Are they after the mysterious cargo secreted elsewhere on the train? Mercy will have to survive both Union intrigue and Confederate opposition to make it off the train alive) $15.99
Resnick, Mike Blasphemy (Collection; two novellas and five stories that deal with religious themes) $24.95
Rowen, Michelle Something Wicked (Living in Eden #2: PBO; Darrak, the demon inside Eden Riley, is able to take physical shape during the day. And Eden wouldn't mind getting close to that shape - if it wasn't a threat to her immortal soul) $7.99
Russo, John Undead: Night of the Living Dead / Return of the Living Dead (Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 2 zombie novels based on the film) $14.95
Saberhagen, Fred Of Berserkers, Swords & Vampires (PBO; Collection; stories from his most popular series and more) $7.99
Salmon, Dena K. Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension (Kids; At his new school, Lance feels weird and out of place, but in the online game Discordia, his level 19 zombie sorcerer is doing great. Lance wishes he could spend all his time in the game - until he and his friend MrsKeller (level 23 hobgoblin brigand) are transported to the real Discordia, a perilous world in the eleventh dimension, where they must complete a high-level quest that may determine Discordia's survival - and Lance's, too) $6.99
Salvatore, R.A. Gauntlgrym (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter #1: Drizzt joins Bruenor on his quest for the fabled dwarven kingdom of Gauntlgrym. But Jarlaxle and Anthrogate stumble across it first, and inadvertently set in motion events that could spell catastrophe for the people of Neverwinter. To stop it, they'll need the help of Drizzt and Bruenor) $27.95
Sass/Pearson/Hattikudur The Mental Floss History of the United States (An accurate and humorous exploration of little-known truths and widely believed falsehoods, delivered in trademark smart-aleck style) $24.99
Shayne, Maggie Twilight Hunger (Reissue; The ancient leather diaries she uncovered in the attic of an old house sweep Morgan DeSilva into a vampire's seductive world) $7.99
Shinn, Sharon Quatrain (Collection; 4 original fantasy novellas) $7.99
Shinn, Sharon Troubled Waters (Unwilling to be the king's fifth wife, Zoe hides on the river shore, where she realizes she is a coru prime, ruled by the elemental sign of water. She returns to the palace as a woman of power, and must decide how to use her power to rise above the intrigues of the court) $24.95
Silver, Eve Sins of the Flesh (Otherkin #3: PBO; The soul reapers' savage attack against her family haunts Calliope, but when she allies with reaper Malthus to hunt traitors in both their groups, passion ignites) $7.99
Smith, Sherwood Treason's Shore (Inda #4: Inda takes his place as the King's Shield. But the Venn are far from defeated, and Inda must inspire the squabbling kingdoms to unite to protect the strait and repel the enemy) $7.99
Sparks, Kerrelyn Eat Prey Love (PBO; When shapeshifter Carlos Panterra spies the beautiful Caitlyn Whelan, he knows he's found the perfect woman. Except she's mortal. And her father is head of a CIA group bent on hunting paranormals) $7.99
Stephens, John R (ed) The Book of the Living Dead (Anthology; corpses rise in a variety of frightening ways in these classic stories) $15.00
Stewart, Jon et al Earth (The Book) (Stewart and his team from The Daily Show provide a witty, irreverent guide to our species) $27.99
Stoker, D/Holt, I Dracula the Un-Dead (1912: One by one, the band of heroes that defeated Dracula twenty-five years ago is being hunted down) $15.00
Stover, Matthew Test of Metal (Magic the Gathering: Planeswalker: PBO; Left for dead by Jace Beleren, Tezzeret has lost control of the Infinite Consortium. Now he must turn to former enemy Nicol Boas for help getting back on his feet) $7.99
Stratford, Sarah Jane The Midnight Guardian (Millenials #1: Ancient and beautiful vampires knows as millennials attempt to infiltrate and destroy the Nazi Party on the eve of WWII) $14.99
Sturgeon, Theodore Case and the Dreamer (Complete Stories #13: Collection; final volume in the series) $35.00
Sutter, James (ed) Before They Were Giants: First Works from Science Fiction Greats (Anthology; the first published stories of 15 major science fiction and fantasy authors, who also provide brand-new critiques and interviews) $15.99
Turner, Max End of Days (Night Runner #2: YA; While Charlie struggles with his vampirism, he, Zack, and their friends are pulled into a conflict with the mysterious Mr. Hyde, a creature who hunts vampires) $9.99
Vandermeer, Ann & Jeff (ed) Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded (Anthology; original fiction, nonfiction, and illustrations) $14.95
Vincent, Rachel Alpha (Shifters #6: PBO; Werecat Faythe Sanders is heading for a final showdown that will change everything forever) $7.99
Ward, J.R. Crave (Fallen Angels #2: PBO; Fallen angel Isaac Rothe's hot attraction to his gorgeous lawyer can only lead to trouble - and that's before Jim Heron tells him his soul is in danger) $7.99
Weber, David Out of the Dark (The Shongairi have conquered Earth. Cities are radioactive ruins, and over half the population is dead. Master Sergeant Stephen Buchevsky finds himself in the back country of the Balkans, dodging alien patrols, and trying to organize the scattered survivors. And unexpected allies present themselves to the ragtag human resistance, as Earth's vampires emerge from the mountains and forests of Eastern Europe) $25.99
Westerfeld, Scott Behemoth (Leviathan #2: YA; Aboard a mighty airship, heading toward Constantinople to deliver a secret package, Alek and Deryn's secrets are jeopardized when their mission goes awry) $18.99
Whedon, Joss et al Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The Book (Companion volume to the Hugo award-winning musical comedy, with exclusive new material, including photos, sheet music, and more) $19.95
White, Skyler In Dreams Begin (When an amateur occultist in Victorian Ireland captures modern-day graphic artist Laura Armstrong, and channels her into the body of freedom-fighter Maud Gonne, Laura falls in love with young poet W.B. Yeats) $15.00
Williams, Sean The Force Unleashed II (Star Wars: Novelization of the video game) $27.00
Wright, Laura Eternal Hunger (Mark of the Vampire #1: PBO; When Sara's world collides with that of Alexander, a vampire, her only chance of survival is to surrender to the most unimaginable desire of her life) $7.99


Anthony, Piers Knot Gneiss (Xanth #34: Wenda Woodwife seeks a cure for her mood swings from the Good Magician Humphrey, only to discover that he also has a problem, and that only Wenda can help him. But she'll need Companions) $25.99
Baker, R/Cordell, Bruce R D&D Gamma World Roleplaying Game (Boxed game; standalone RPG using the 4th edition system. Survivors of an apocalyptic disaster must contend with radioactive waste, ravaged cities, and rampant lawlessness) $39.99
Beddor, Frank ArchEnemy (Looking Glass Wars #4: YA; Will Redd Heart and Queen Alyss team up to reclaim Wonderland from King Arch?) $9.99
Bell, Hilari The Goblin Gate (Goblin #2: YA; To save his brother from certain death in the Otherworld, 15-year-old Jeriah must find the spell that opens the magical gate between the realms - and to do that he'll need the help of creatures he's been taught to hate: the mischievous goblins) $16.99
Bell, Hilari Crown of Earth (Shield, Sword & Crown #3: Kids; When Weasel is kidnapped in Prince Edoran's place, Edoran sets out to find him) $5.99
Bernobich, Beth Passion Play (Fleeing marriage to a man even crueler and more deadly than her father, Ilse finds her way to Raul Kosenmark, master of a notorious pleasure house - and a puppetmaster of a different sort altogether, in a world where there are more levels of magic and intrigue than she had ever imagined) $24.99
Church, T.S. Betrayal at Falador (Runescape: A young woman's sudden arrival launches a chain of events that endangers the very fabric of magic. Unless the Knights of Falador can solve the riddle of Kara-Meir, everything may be lost) $7.99
Dick, PK/Dick, Anne Search for Philip K. Dick, 1928-1982 (Nonfiction; revised edition of the author's biography, written by his third wife) $14.95
Doctorow, Cory Makers (Perry and Lester invent things. Also new economic systems, like the New Work. When it goes bust, Perry and Lester build a network of interactive rides commemorating its glory days. As the rides gain in popularity, a rogue Disney executive grows jealous, and convinces the police that Perry and Lester's 3D printers are being used to run off AK-47s. Hordes of goths descend on the shantytown built by the New Workers, joining the cult. Lawsuits multiply as venture capitalists take on a new investment strategy: backing litigation against companies like Disney. And then things start to get interesting) $14.99
Donaldson, Stephen R. Against All Things Ending (Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant #3: The thunderclap of power that restored Thomas Covenant to his mortal body has also awakened the Worm of the World's End, and all of them, and the Land itself, are forfeit to its devouring. Any chance of saving the Land will come from unlikely sources, including Linden's adopted son Jeremiah, whose secrets are just beginning to come to light) $29.95
Durst, Sarah Beth Enchanted Ivy (YA; 16-year-old Lily is delighted when a group of powerful Princeton alumni, the Old Boys, guarantee her admission if she finds the Princeton Key. In her search she learns of a magical alternate Princeton, and discovers that the Key, which opens the door between the two worlds, is a person - her. Now she's caught in a power struggle between the Old Boys and the leaders of the magical realm) $16.99
Durst, Sarah Beth Ice (YA; When Cassie was little, she thought her mother had been taken prisoner by trolls because of deal she'd made with the Polar Bear King. On her 18th birthday, when the King arrives to take Cassie for his bride, she realizes she has the power to save her mother by making her own deal with the King, and traveling across the Arctic to the land east of the sun and west of the moon) $8.99
Freeman, John Sci-Fi Art Now (A full-color showcase of science fiction art and illustration) $29.99
Gilman, Felix The Half-Made World (What exists of the world has been carved out amidst a war between the Line, paving the world with industry and claiming its residents as slaves, and the Gun, a cult of terror and violence. The Red Republic once battled them both, and almost won, but now they're just a myth of hope. At a mental institution, a psychologist finds an old general of the Red Republic, whose shattered mind may hold the secret to stopping the Gun and the Line. And either side will do anything to understand how) $25.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Weight of Stone (Vineart War #2: Vineart student Jerzy and his companions must find the source of the magic taint plaguing the Lands Vin) $24.99
Green, Jonathan Blood Royal (Pax Britannia: PBO; The streets are awash with rumors of a dark new religion created from the destruction surrounding St. Paul's Cathedral. In Europe, the specter of a war fought by unnatural beings rears its ugly head. And in the center of the chaos, Ulysses Quicksilver fights to protect civilization) $9.99
Kenyon, S/Love, D Blood Trinity (Belador #1: PBO; Atlanta has become the battlefield between human and demon. All her life, Evalle has walked the line between the two. When a demon claims a young woman and there's no one else to blame, Evalle comes under suspicion. She must prove her innocence or pay the ultimate price) $7.99
Kiernan, Celine The Rebel Prince (Moorehawke #3: With the kingdom falling apart, Wynter Moorehawke must make her final stand) $14.99
Knaak, Richard A. Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol. 2: Shadow Steed / The Shrouded Realm / Children of the Drake (Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 3 fantasy novels plus an original novella) $18.99
Muller, Robin The Nightwood (Kids; Picture book; Elaine is enticed into the nearby wood by Elfin music, and meets Tamlynne, an enchanted young knight in the court of the Elfin Queen. They fall in love, but can they escape the power of the Elfin Queen?) $18.95
Myron, V/Witter, B Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World (Nonfiction; stuffed into the book return slot of the Spencer, Iowa, public library as a kitten, Dewey Readmore Books spent the next 19 years charming people, becoming the mascot of a farming community fighting the greatest crisis in its long history) $13.99
Newman, Kim Mysteries of the Diogenes Club (From the 1860s to the present day, these are the accounts of the Diogenes Club, whose agents solve crimes too strange for Britain's police, protecting the realm - and this entire plane of existence - from occult menaces, threats born in other dimensions, magical perfidy, and the Deep Dark Deadly Ones) $15.95
Niven, L/Lerner, E Betrayer of Worlds (Ringworld Prequel #4: Fresh disaster looms for the cowardly Puppeteers of the Fleet of Worlds, as though past crises have returned and converged. Who can possibly save the Fleet this time?) $25.99
Rabin, Nathan/A.V. Club My Year of Flops (Nonfiction; the head writer of The Onion's entertainment section provides a revisionist look at the history of cinematic failures) $15.00
Riordan, R/Venditti, R The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson & the Olympians GN #1: Kids; Graphic novel adaptation of the novel) $9.99
Riordan, Rick Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus #1: Kids; Percy and his friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where a new group of demigods must prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own. But to survive the quest they've inherited, they'll need some help) $18.99
Teasdale, Jean The Onion Presents: A Book of Jean's Own (All-new wit, wisdom, and wackiness from The Onion's humor columnist) $14.99
Willis, Connie All Clear (Sequel to Blackout . Small discrepancies in the historical record seem to indicate that one or all of the time travelers have somehow affected the past, changing the outcome of the war. The belief that the past can be observed but never altered, a core belief of time-travel theory, suddenly seems to be horribly, tragically wrong. Meanwhile, in 2060 Oxford, Mr. Dunworthy and 17-year-old Colin Templer are engaged in a seemingly impossible struggle of their own - to find three missing needles in the haystack of history) $26.00
Wyatt, J/Crawford, J Dungeon Master's Kit (Dungeons & Dragons Essentials 4th Edition: Boxed game; everything a DM needs to create a campaign) $39.99


Aaron, Rachel The Spirit Rebellion (Eli Monpress #2: Eli's next target is the Duke of Gaol's famous thief-proof citadel. Of course it's a trap, but what's life without challenges? Except the Duke is a wealthy, powerful wizard with only one hobby: Eli) $7.99
Ahern, Jerry & Sharon Written in Time (PBO; When freelance writer Jack Naile learns that a photo from 19th-century Nevada shows him, his wife, their grown son, and their teenage daughter, they decide to travel to the Nevada town to investigate further. But if they're going to travel back in time, they're going to be prepared - and well-armed) $7.99
Andersen, Jessica Blood Spells (Nightkeepers #5: PBO; When magic wielders Patience White-Eagle and her husband team up as a mated warrior pair, they face a deadly threat that will test their powers - and their love) $7.99
Archer, Zoe Rebel (Blades of the Rose #3: PBO; Nathan Lesperance, the first Native attorney in Vancouver, has always felt a powerful wildness inside him, too dangerous to set free. But it could get him killed - unless frontierswoman Astrid Bramfield can help him through harsh terrain and the harsher unknowns of his true abilities) $6.99
Asimov, Isaac Foundation / Foundation and Empire / Second Foundation (Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 3 classic sf novels) $30.00
Baker, Richard Avenger (Forgotten Realms: Blades of the Moonsea #3: Geran violates his exile to stalk the streets of his former home, hunting down the one who hurt his family and rallying the oppressed people of Hulburg) $7.99
Ballantine, Philippa Geist (Book of the Order #1: Called to a small settlement to take care of a malevolent haunting, Sorcha discovers geist activity and more - a conspiracy of evil that reaches back to her own abbey) $7.99
Banks, Iain M. Surface Detail (Culture: Heavens are the network of uploaded consciousnesses - cyber life after death. But where there are Heavens, Hells soon follow. Wars between these realms had been formal digital affairs, but now there are rumors of secret factories building warships, and all signs point to the factions of the long-dead and digitized. One man holds the key to making this war manifest in the Real. And a young woman wants her revenge on him) $25.99
Beck, J.K. When Wicked Craves (Shadow Keepers #3: PBO; Petra Lang is cursed never to love. One touch of her skin unleashes the vilest demons. Vampire advocate Nicholas Montegue risked his own life to save Petra, yet he knows he can never give in to the explosive attraction he feels for her) $7.99
Black, Shayla Entice Me at Twilight (Doomsday Brethren #4: PBO; As a new member of the Doomsday Brethren, the Duke of Hurstgrove must conceal his magical ability from his family - and from the woman he wants as his mate) $7.99
Boyett, Steven R. Elegy Beach (Book of the Change #2: Fred Garey and his friend Yan were both born after the change. Yan thinks he's found a way to reverse the Change. But Fred fears the repercussions of such a drastic, irreversible step) $7.99
Bradley, MZ/Paxson, D Sword of Avalon (A boy, raised in secret after traitors killed his parents, returns to Avalon. There he must prove his worth and lead his followers to victory, wielding the newly-forged Excalibur) $16.00
Bretton, Barbara Spun by Sorcery (Sugar Maple #3: Just when Chloe was about to settle down with her soul-mate Luke, her Fae enemy Isadora struck, and Sugar Maple vanished off the map. Chloe has to go back to Salem to prepare for the fight of her life) $15.00
Briggs, Patricia Wolfsbane (Aralorn #2: PBO; Shapeshifting mercenary Aralorn returns home when her noble father dies, only to discover that he's not dead, but ensorcelled by the ae'Magi, who are using him as a conduit to destroy Aralorn and her companion Wolf) $7.99
Brown, John Servant of a Dark God (Dark Gods #1: A being of awesome power, whose diet consists of the days of man, has arisen again. Her Mothers once ranched human subjects like cattle. She has emerged to take back what is rightfully hers. Trapped in a web of lies and ancient secrets, young Talen must struggle to identify his true enemy before the Mother finds the one whom she will transform into the lord of the human harvest) $7.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Cryoburn (Vorkosigan #13: Kibou-daini is a planet obsessed with cheating death. When one of their cryocorps - a company whose job it is to shepherd its frozen patrons into an unknown future - attempts to expand into the Barrayaran Empire, the emperor sends Miles Vorkosigan to check things out; Signed copies expected) $25.00
Burnard, Marcella Enemy Within (After a stint in an alien prison, Ari Rose has been stripped of her command and banished to her father's scientific expedition - only to have the ship captured by pirates. Their leader Cullin, who suspects she's a spy for the aliens, resists the passion between them) $15.00
Burney, Claudia Mair Exorsistah (Exorsistah #1: God has his plan, and it seems he wants Emme Vaughn to join a group of demon-fighters led by an aging exorcist) $7.99
Butcher, Jim Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files (Dresden Files: All the Dresden short fiction, including a new novella set after the cliffhanger ending of Changes ) $25.95
Butcher, Shannon K. Living Nightmare (Sentinel Wars #4: PBO; The Sentinel Nika has one goal - to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive - and time is running out. But the one man who can unlock the power inside her may be the greatest danger to her) $7.99
Byers, Richard Lee Whisper of Venom (Forgotten Realms: Brotherhood of the Griffon #2: PBO; Tchazzar's erratic actions make Aoth suspect that the Brotherhood may be just a pawn in a cutthroat draconic game that puts whole kingdoms at risk) $7.99
Bynum, Laura Veracity (In the wake of disaster, a new government took over, using draconian measures to suppress free speech; an underground resistance group is bent on revolution) $15.00
Caine, Rachel Ghost Town (Morganville Vampires #9: YA; When Claire discovers a way to amplify vampire powers, she's able to reestablish the town's defenses against outsiders. But the new upgrades make the town's humans and vampires begin to forget who they are. Now Claire has to figure out a way to pull the plug on her experiment; Signed copies expected) $17.99
Cook, Glen Gilded Latten Bones (Garrett PI #13: PBO; Garrett's attempt at domestic bliss with the fiery Tinnie Tate is sidetracked when he waylays a pair of intruders and learns they've been paid to kidnap Tinnie. As Garrett rushes to find out who's behind the plot, his best friend is attacked. Now Garrett has to track down both malefactors - unless they're really one and the same, in which case Garrett might be next!) $7.99
Dellamonica, A.M. Indigo Springs (Beneath her family home, Astrid discovers a magic stream. When she uses it to enchant everyday things, the results seem innocent enough. But when her volatile friend uses it, Astrid worries what the consequences might be) $7.99
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron The First Heretic (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy #14: PBO; During the Great Crusade, the Emperor castigates the Word Bearers for their worship. Distraught at this judgment, Primarch Lorgar and his Legion seek another path while venting their fury on the battlefield - but their quest contains the very roots of heresy) $8.99
Drake, David The Complete Hammer's Slammers Vol. 3: The Sharp End / Paying the Piper / The Darkness (novelette) (Omnibus reprint; military sf) $12.00
Evans, Chris The Light of Burning Shadows (Iron Elves #2: Having found the legendary falling Star, Konowa and the Iron Elves trek through the blazing desert on a quest to defeat the Shadow Monarch once and for all) $9.99
Frost/Black/Kohler Haunted by Your Touch (PBO; 3 paranormal romance novellas) $7.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Harvest Hunting (Otherworld #8: PBO; Although there are perks to working in the Otherworld Intelligence Agency, the perils are becoming more intense - especially when a grudge-carrying demon puts a price on the D'Artigo sisters' heads) $7.99
Handeland, Lori Marked by the Moon (Nightcreature #09: PBO; When Alexandra Trevalyn kills his wife, Julian Barlow's vengeance is devious - he turns the rogue werewolf hunter into a member of his pack, where she soon falls under his spell) $7.99
Harmon, Ken The Fat Man: A Tale of North Pole Noir (A hardboiled elf is framed for murder in a North Pole world that plays reindeer games for keeps) $19.95
Harris, Charlaine Grave Secret (Harper Connelly #4: On a trip to Texas, Tolliver learns that his father is out of jail and trying to reestablish contact, and Harper finally learns what happened to her missing sister Cameron) $7.99
Harris/Kelner (ed) Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (Anthology; 15 original hair-raising holiday tales featuring shapeshifters) $15.00
Hearn, Marcus The Art of Hammer (Collects the best movie posters produced for the Hammer film studio. Full color throughout) $29.95
Henderson, C.J. Brooklyn Knight (An inscribed stone may unlock an otherworldly Armageddon that certain dark powers are all too eager to bring about - and only Professor Piers Knight of the Brooklyn Museum stands in their way) $7.99
Hinks, Darius Warrior Priest (Warhammer: Empire Army #5: PBO; Warrior Priest Jakob Wolff sets out to track down his brother, whose soul has been tainted by the Ruinous Powers) $8.99
Holly, Emma Devil at Midnight (PBO; A vampire queen sets her immortal sights on mercenary captain Christian Durand, who must choose between his darker urges and a powerful love that spans centuries) $7.99
Hoyt, Sarah Darkship Thieves (When Athena woke up, knowing there was a stranger in her cabin, she took out the stranger, and set out in the spaceship's lifeboat to get help. Instead she got the adventure of a lifetime - she just didn't know how long that lifetime would be) $7.99
James, Allyson Firewalker (Janet Begay #2: PBO; When a mysterious corpse is found near the Crossroads Hotel, Stormwalker Janet Begay becomes the main suspect. She and her dragonshifter boyfriend Nick must uncover what really happened) $7.99
Jansson, Tove Moominpappa at Sea (Moomins #7: Reissue; Kids; For a change of scenery, the Moomin family is off to live in a lighthouse on a tiny island. As they discover their new home, facing wind, wave, and weather of all sorts, they also discover surprising things about themselves) $6.99
Jansson, Tove Moominvalley in November (Moomins #8: Reissue; Kids; Snufkin, Fillyjonk, the Hemulen, Grandpa-Grumble, and little Toft come to the Moomins' house for a visit during a gloomy November - but the Moomins are nowhere to be found) $6.99
Jasper, Elle Afterlight (Dark Ink #1: PBO; When her younger brother is taken by a sinister vampire cult, Riley Poe's only ally is vampire Eli Dupre, who is attracted to Riley's beauty and rare blood type) $6.99
Jemisin, N.K. The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance #2: In the city of Shadow, godlings live hidden among mortalkind. Blind artist Oree takes in a homeless man who glows like a living sun to her strange sight, an act of kindness that engulfs her in a conspiracy. Someone, somehow, is murdering godlings and leaving their desecrated bodies around the city. Oree's peculiar guest puts her in mortal danger - but do the killers want him, or Oree? And is the power of the Arameri king the ultimate goal, or have they set their sights on the Lord of Night himself?) $13.99
Jerome, Celia Trolls in the Hamptons (When graphic novelist Willow Tate decides to write about a ten-foot-tall troll who's a superhero, one suddenly appears, causing mayhem in Manhattan. When no one else can see it, she figures she's gone crazy - until she meets Agent Grant from the Department of Unexplained Events) $7.99
Jordan, R/Sanderson, B Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time #13: The sun has begun to set upon the Third Age. Perrin Aybara, hunted by specters from his past, must seek answers, and find a way at long last to master the wolf within him, or lose himself to it forever. And the time is coming when Matrim Cauthon will again have to dance with the Snakes and the Foxes, playing a game that cannot be won. The Tower of Ghenjei awaits, and its secrets will reveal the fate of a friend long lost; $250.00 limited edition hc also ordered) $29.99
Kearney, Paul Corvus (Macht #2: 23 years after a Macht army fought its way home from the Asurian Empire, mercenary captain Rictus wants to retire. But young warleader Corvus is taking city after city in the Macht heartlands. He means to make himself absolute ruler, and he wants Rictus to help him) $7.99
Kenner, Julie Demon Ex Machina (Kate Connor #5: Kate has to find a way to release the demon possessing her first husband without destroying the man) $7.99
Kent, Steven L. The Clone Empire (Clone #6: PBO; The UA intends to use the clone soldiers as targets for training exercises. But the clones the soldiers created and trained to fight have founded their own empire. Now Lt. Harris will take on the UA Fleet, leading an army with everything to fight for) $7.99
Kerr, Katharine The Silver Mage (Deverry: Silver Wyrm #4: The Dwrgi folk and the dragons come to Dar's aid, tipping the balance in their favor and offering Dar's people a chance to defeat the Horsekin once and for all) $7.99
Knight, E.E. Dragon Champion (After his siblings are killed, Auron, a rare, defenseless gray dragon, might be the last of his breed. Determined to survive, he sets off in search of his kind. But to find other dragons - or at least find out who's killing them off - he'll have to search a dangerous world of mercenary elves and vicious humans) $7.99
Krinard, Susan Luck of the Wolf (PBO; Werewolf Cort Renier comes to San Francisco seeking fortune - and revenge. But in a whiskey-soaked gambling den, what he finds is a mysterious beauty named Aria) $7.99
Kyme, Nick Firedrake (Warhammer 40,000: Tome of Fire #2: PBO; When Chaplain Elysius of the Salamanders is taken captive by dark eldar, the Firedrakes of 1st Company attempt a daring rescue) $8.99
Lackey, Mercedes Trio of Sorcery (Collection; 3 short works of urban fantasy, featuring witch Diana Tregarde, shaman PI Jenny Talldeer, and techno-shaman Ellen McBride) $24.99
Lebbon, Tim Echo City (PBO; Surrounded by a vast, poisonous desert, most of Echo City's inhabitants believe that their city and its subterranean Echoes are the whole of the world. Then a stranger arrives from out of the wastes. Frail and amnesiac, he holds the key to a new beginning for Echo City. But he is not the only new arrival - something ancient and deadly is rising from the depths) $7.99
Lee, Sharon Carousel Tides (When her grandmother deeds her a carousel, an old house on the coast of Maine, and the Land (meaning much more than property) and then vanishes, Kate Archer must return from self-exile and take up the powers and responsibilities she has renounced, and try to discover why her grandmother didn't return when expected) $14.00
Lima, Maria Blood Heat (Blood Lines #4: PBO; Back at the Wild Moon Ranch, Keira and her vampire lover Adam help a nearby werewolf pack look for some missing members) $7.99
Livingston, Lesley Darklight (Kelley Winslow #2: YA; A terrifying encounter sends 17-year-old Kelley tumbling into the Otherworld, where her joyful reunion with Sonny is cut short when they're plunged into a game of Faerie deception and wavering allegiances) $8.99
MacAlister, Katie In the Company of Vampires (Dark Ones #9: PBO; Francesca arrives at GothFaire to save her mother from the trickster god Loki, and finds that her immortal ex Benedikt is there - with a new girlfriend) $7.99
Mack, David Zero Sum Game (Star Trek: Typhon Pack: PBO; When a spy for the Typhon Pact - a new political rival of the Federation - steals the plans for Starfleet's new slipstream drive, Dr. Julian Bashir and Sarina Douglas are sent to find and destroy them) $7.99
Mahy, Margaret The Magician of Hoad (YA; Heriot learns that the fits, headaches, dreams, and nightmares that plague him are visions - a powerful and valuable gift. How he chooses to use his magic will change lives, and determine his fate) $8.99
McDevitt, Jack Echo (Alex Benedict #5: Antiquities dealer Alex Benedict sets out to discover the secrets of a stone tablet inscribed with cryptic symbols. It used to belong to an eccentric obsessed with finding alien life, and might prove that he found what he was looking for. The journey leads Benedict and his assistant into the path of an assassin who doesn't want those secrets revealed) $24.95
McDevitt, Jack Time Travelers Never Die (When a physicist vanishes, his son discovers a time-travel machine. Fearing his father is trapped in time, he enlists the aid of a linguist to accompany him on the rescue mission) $7.99
McKinley, Robin Pegasus (YA; Humans and pegasi coexist peacefully, relying on specially trained magicians for communication. But Princess Sylvi and her pegasus Ebon can understand each other. They quickly grow so close that their bond threatens the status quo - and possibly the future safety of their two nations) $18.99
McKinney, Joe Apocalypse of the Dead (PBO; Two years after the hurricanes came and the dead rose, bands of survivors converge upon a single outpost in the North Dakota grasslands to fight in the final battle against the zombies) $6.99
Moning, Karen Marie Dreamfever (Fever #4: It will take the intervention of Jerricho Barrons to free Mac from her captivity among the shades, while she finds an invitation from the Lord Master to be tempting - in more ways than one) $7.99
Monk, Devon Magic at the Gate (Allie Beckstrom #5: PBO; Allie's lover Zayvon lies in a coma, his soul trapped in death's realm. When Allie discovers the only way to save him is to sacrifice her own magical essence, she makes a decision that may have grave consequences for the entire world) $7.99
Moody, David Autumn (The online zombie sensation is finally available as a novel, including brand new material) $13.99
Navarro, Yvonne Highborn (PBO; Bryanna, a fallen angel seeking to gain redemption, must save the life of a teenage girl who was fathered by an angel) $7.99
Niven, L/Lerner, E Destroyer of Worlds (Ringworld Prequel #3: An armada of ramscoops is headed for the Fleet of Worlds, having left a host of desolated worlds in their wake. Only the Puppeteers have the resources to confront this threat - but they will need sepoys to investigate the situation and take action for them. The source of the sepoys? The newly independent New Terra) $7.99
Northcutt, Wendy Countdown to Extinction (Darwin Awards #6: All-new stories chronicling human misadventures, including nine no's with power tools, eight ways to incinerate yourself, seven safety warnings you should not ignore, and much more) $19.95
Oliver, Jonathan (ed) The End of the Line: An Anthology of Underground Horror (Anthology; horror stories set on and around the Underground, the Metro, and other places deep below) $7.99
Palmer, Philip Version 43 (Your odds of surviving quantum teleportation are 50/50. The only ones who try it are desperate, insane, or sentenced to exile for their crimes. Home to the survivors of the 50/50, Belladonna is a planet run by criminals. When a horrific murder there catches the attention of the Galactic Police, cyborg cop Version 43 is sent to investigate) $14.99
Pelegrimas, Marcus Vampire Uprising (Skinners #4: PBO; Skinners, partners, lovers, Cole Warnecki and Paige Strobel are well armed with the tools provided by a late, legendary Skinner - but that may not be enough when they face the self-proclaimed King of the Full Bloods) $7.99
Petrucha, Stefan Blood Prophecy (For 150 years, soldier of fortune Jeremiah Fall has been fighting his own war - to destroy the monster who transformed him forever) $7.99
Pineiro, Caridad Stronger than Sin (PBO; As she works to find a cure for the patients of Wardwell Laboratories, Liliana feels a growing attraction for Jesse, who has superhuman powers - and whose sister is still a captive of Wardwell) $7.99
Rabe/Greenberg (ed) Steampunk'd (PBO; Anthology; original steampunk stories) $7.99
Rardin, Jennifer Bitten in Two (Jaz Parks #7: Jaz and the gang must take down their most treacherous enemy yet) $13.99
Ringo, John Live Free or Die (Troy Rising #1: At first trade came through the gate to other worlds. Then the Horvath came through and annihilated three cities to demonstrate that they were taking over. Earth's governments have accepted the fact. Tyler Vernon hasn't, and he has bigger plans than just getting rid of the Horvath) $7.99
Saintcrow, Lilith Heaven's Spite (Jill Kismet #5: PBO; A new hellbreed comes to town with plans for Jill Kismet, but she doesn't plan on playing nice) $7.99
Schreiber, Joe Death Troopers (Star Wars: A boarding party sent to a derelict Star Destroyer returns with a horrific disease that kills nearly everyone within hours. And death is only the beginning. (Yes, it's zombies in space)) $7.99
Shayne, Maggie Edge of Twilight (Reissue; Half human, half vampire Amber Lily is looking for vampire hunter Frank Stiles - she needs to keep him alive. Edge is the sole survivor of a band of Immortals killed by Stiles, and he wants Stiles dead. Despite herself, passion draws Amber into Edge's hunt) $7.99
Shepherd, Mike Redoubtable (Kris Longknife #8: PBO; Kris has been ordered to destroy pirates, slavers, and drug lords operating beyond the rim of human space - without interfering in Peterwald family affairs. But her mission becomes personal when pirates kidnap a 12-year-old girl. If destroying the pirate compound flattens some Peterwald interests - well, to hell with politics) $7.99
Sherman, D/Cragg, D Double Jeopardy (Starfist #14: The search is on for the Skinks' homeworld; when a suspicious report comes in from the remote world of IshTar, you can bet the front of the line will be the Thirty-Fourth FIST) $7.99
Showalter, Gena Ecstasy in Darkness (Alien Huntress #7: PBO; A half-blood vampire warrior who can manipulate time falls for the human Alien Investigation and Removal agent sent to capture him) $7.99
Singh, Nalini Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling #9: PBO; Drew Kincaid, Tracker for the SnowDancer pack, must wage a battle to win the heart of a woman who threatens to enslave his wolf half) $7.99
Snyder, Lucy A. Shotgun Sorceress (Jessie Shimmer #2: PBO; Jessie has become an outlaw from mundane society as well as an accidental revolutionary in the magic realm. Encountering portals stitched into thin air and a fiercely sexy soul harvester, she rushes headlong among enemies, horrors, wonders, and lovers) $7.99
Stroud, J/Donkin, A The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimeus GN #1: Kids; Graphic novel adaptation of the novel) $9.99
Stroud, Jonathan The Ring of Solomon (Bartimeus #4: Kids; Bartimaeus has served hundreds of magicians during his 5,010 year career. In this adventure, at the court of King Solomon in Jerusalem, Bartimaeus contends with an unpleasant master and his sinister servant, and runs into a spot of trouble with King Solomon's magic ring) $17.99
Testa, Dom The Cassini Code (Galahad #3: PBO; YA; Though shaken by the power of the alien Cassini, Triana and her Council are determined to continue Galahad's mission. But some of the crew are lobbying for a return to Earth) $8.99
Tripp, Ben Rise Again (As the world around them becomes a wasteland, and the dead walk again, in the small California town of Forest Peak, a group of survivors unite in a desperate battle against the zombie invasion) $15.00
Turtledove, Harry The Golden Shrine (Gap #3: Perhaps Hamnet and his allies can save their lands from the invading Rulers. But first they must seek out the legendary Golden Shrine) $7.99
Warren, Christine Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here (Others #3: Revised and expanded version of Faer Fetched . The search for a founding partner's granddaughter leads lawyer Danice Carter to oh-so-tempting half-human, half-fae PI Mac Callahan) $7.99
Williams, Tad Shadowrise (Shadowmarch #3: Barrick and Briony must find a way to reclaim their kingdom and rescue their home from traitors, tyrants, a god-king, and even the angry gods themselves) $16.00
Williams, Tad Shadowheart (Shadowmarch #4: Something powerful and terrible, that hasn't been seen for thousands of years, is awakening under Southmarch Castle. Can Barrick and Briony and their allies prevent the rise of a terrible new age of unending darkness?) $27.95
Wilson, C.L. Crown of Crystal Flame (Tairen Soul #5: PBO; As Ellysetta and Rain fight for each other, side by side, will they find a way to complete their truemate bond and defeat the evil High Mage of Eld before it's too late?) $7.99


Archer, Alex Phantom Prospect (Rogue Angel #27: PBO; Treasure hunters believe they have discovered the wreck of a legendary warship. Annja must brave cold, deep waters - and the menacing shark known as the megaladon - to help with the research) $6.99
Beck, Ian Pastworld (Kids; What if Victorian London were an amusement park where the inhabitants are actors hired to entertain visitors from the 21st century? And Jack the Ripper was a planned attraction - gone horribly wrong) $8.99
Brennan, C (Tarr, J) House of the Star (Kids; Sent to Earth, to the Arizona ranch where the magical horses used to travel the Faerie worldroads are bred, Princess Elen must face her worst enemy to end the war that has been tearing apart the worldroads) $17.99
Buckley-Archer, Linda The Time Quake (Gideon #3: Kids; The consequences of time travel are catastrophic. As time quakes begin to sweep through history, the fates of Peter, Kate, Gideon, and the universe lie in the hands of the Tar Man) $8.99
de Lint, Charles Muse and Reverie (Newford: Collection; 13 urban fantasy stories set in Newford) $15.99
de Lint, Charles The Painted Boy (YA; Jay Li should be in Chicago, finishing high school. Instead, born part human, part dragon, like his grandmother, he's on a quest that takes him to an Arizona desert town overrun by gangs and haunted by members of other animal clans. He must faces challenges both otherworldly and human to become the man, and dragon, he is meant to be) $18.99
Dick, PK/Parker, T Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Vol. 3 (Graphic novel; 3rd of 6 volumes; full color panels mixed with the actual text of the classic sf novel) $24.99
Farmer, Philip Jose The Magic Labyrinth (Riverworld #4: Reissue; A religion has grown up along the River, and its adherents are determined to destroy the riverboats. But even if Samuel Clemens and Sir Richard Francis Burton survive, how can they penetrate the alien tower, and what can humans do against a race capable of creating a world and resurrecting the entire human race on it?) $17.99
Green, Jonathan The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus Vol. 1: Unnatural History / Leviathan Rising / Human Nature (Pax Britannia: Reissue; Omnibus reprint; 3 steampunk novels) $12.99
Hayashi, Jyouji The Ouroboros Wave (When a satellite detects a nearby black hole, humanity embarks on a generations-long project to tap its energy, and establishes colonies on planets across the solar system) $14.99
King, Stephen Full Dark, No Stars: Stories (Collection; four original horror tales) $27.95
Martin, G/Dozois, G (ed) Songs of Love and Death: Tales of Star-Crossed Love (Anthology; original stories that explore the borders of sf, fantasy, and romance) $26.00
Mearls, M/Thompson, R Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms (Dungeons & Dragons Essentials 4th Edition: Role-playing game supplement with exciting new builds for the cleric, the druid, the paladin, the ranger, and the warlock) $19.95
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Empress of Eternity (In the far future, an indestructible canal spans the mid-continent of Earth. Scientists from three different civilizations, separated in time by hundreds of millennia, are investigating the canal. In one of them, religious rebellion is brewing, plotting to overthrow the world government using a weapon that can destroy anything - except the canal - and which might literally unravel the universe. The lives and fates of the three civilizations become intertwined as the forces behind the canal react to the threat) $25.99
North, Pearl The Boy from Ilysies (Libyrinth #2: YA; Po has had trouble adjusting to life at the libyrinth. Tricked into a crime that causes him to be cast out, he may only return if he retrieves a legendary artifact that may be the answer to all of the libyrinth's problems - or could turn the world into a barren ruin) $17.99
Ogiwara, Noriko Dragon Sword and Wind Child (Tales of Magatama #1: 15-year-old Aya discovers that she is the reincarnation of the Water Maiden and a princess of the Dark. She must come to terms with her heritage even as she is drawn into the generations-long conflict between the armies of Light and Dark) $13.99
Rowley, Christopher Money Shot (Netherworld #3: To survive and have a life together, Rook and Plesur must find the hidden location of the coordinates that were planted in the pleasure mod's head) $14.99
Sargent, Pamela Seed Seeker (Seed #3: Hundreds of years ago, Ship settled humans on the planet Home before leaving to colonize other worlds, promising to return one day. Over time, the colony has divided into Dome Dwellers, who maintain the library and technology of Ship, and consider the River People, who farm and hunt to survive, 'contaminated'. The two groups interact only to trade. Then a new light appears in the night sky. The River People believe it might be Ship, but the Dome Dwellers are silent. Seventeen-year-old Bian decides to travel upriver to learn what they know) $25.99
Schroeder, Karl Pirate Sun (Virga #3: Admiral Chaison Fanning has been rescued, and is headed to his home city to confront the ruler who betrayed him. Perhaps he will also regain his subversive wife Venera - he hasn't seen her since she fled with the key to Virga's artificial sun) $15.99
Smith, James Robert The Flock (A Florida swamp has been targeted for theme-park development, and the inhabitants, a colony of intelligent, predatory, dinosaur-like birds, are none too happy. The developers want to exterminate them, a rogue environmentalist has his own plans for them, and a Fish and Wildlife officer caught in the middle may find out that man is the most dangerous predator of all) $15.99
Thompson/Bonner/Sernett Monster Vault (Dungeons & Dragons Essentials 4th Edition: Boxed game; collects the most iconic monsters with all-new variants) $29.99
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