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Newsletter #85 March May, 2009


Selected Shorts: Whodunit? (3 CDs, 3 hours. Six short stories performed by acclaimed actors) $28.00
Aird, Catherine A Late Phoenix (Detective Inspector Sloan #4: Reissue; When it turns out that a skeleton found at a WWII bomb site was actually killed by a bullet, DI Sloan and DC Crosby investigate) $14.95
Alcorn, Alfred Murder in the Museum of Man (Norman de Ratour #1: Reissue; When the man sent to investigate the finances of the Museum of Man is found murdered and prepared for dinner, Norman de Ratour sets out to uncover a bubbling cauldron of clues) $14.95
Alcorn, Alfred The Love Potion Murders in the Museum of Man (Norman de Ratour #2: PBO; Norman de Ratour is up against a criminal who is using an experimental aphrodisiac as a murder weapon) $14.95
Alvtegen, Karin Betrayal (Eva and Jonas are two separate pots of poison; when the two of them come together, that destructive potential is magnified to a terrifying extent) $14.95
Armstrong, Lorelei In the Face (Two LAPD detectives investigate when an actor whose physical perfection has made him a superstar turns up dead on his plastic surgeon's patio) $23.95
Baer, Will Christopher Hell's Half Acre (Phineas Poe #3: Phineas Poe finds Jude in San Francisco, involved with a sociopath who is aiding her revenge fantasies in exchange for her complicity in an unspeakable crime) $12.50
Banks, Ray Saturday's Child (Cal Innes #1: Working as an unlicensed PI after getting out of prison, Cal Innes is hired by a local gang lord to track down a rogue casino dealer who has absconded with a fortune) $13.95
Banks, Ray Sucker Punch (Cal Innes #2: Cal Innes accompanies an amateur boxer to his first major tournament; the job is complicated by rumors of a rigged bout, the boxer's temper, and a codeine habit ) $25.00
Benedict, Laura Isabella Moon (As Sheriff Bill Delaney investigates Isabella Moon's disappearance, he uncovers a morass of lies and murder, drugs and destruction, behind the town's genteel facade) $14.00
Bernhardt, William Nemesis: The Final Case of Eliot Ness (Hired to battle crime and corruption in Cleveland, famed lawman Eliot Ness finds his new job complicated by the discovery of a series of dismembered corpses. Signed copies) $26.00
Birmingham, John Without Warning (When an energy wave wipes out 99%of the US population, the survivors struggle to meet unimaginable challenges) $26.00
Brightwell, Gerri The Dark Lantern (The dark secrets of two women turn the 19th-century London household of the Bentley family upside down) $14.95
Brock, Pope Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam (Biography of con man John Brinkley, who despite no medical training became a famed surgeon) $14.95
Burke, Jan The Messenger (Tyler hears the final thoughts of the dying and conveys those messages to their loved ones; he can only relinquish his powers by passing them on to the woman he loves) $24.95
Burke, Timothy M. The Paradiso Files: On the Trail of Boston's Unknown Serial Killer (Former homicide prosecutor Burke makes his case against Leonard Paradiso; convicted of assaulting a woman, Burke believes that he was really a serial killer) $16.95
Carr, John Dickson Speak of the Devil (The script of an 8-part BBC Radio show written in 1941: a woman asks Captain Hugh Austen for help and vanishes; he learns that she was executed a year earlier) $15.00
Carr, John Dickson/Gielgud, Val 13 to the Gallows (PBO; First publication of four plays written in the early 1940s, two by Carr and two collaborations by Carr and Val Gielgud) $20.00
Clare, Alys The Enchanter's Forest (Hawkenlye #10: 1195: A ruthless man makes a discovery that dramatically changes his fortunes - until his lifeless body is found. Which of his enemies loathed him enough to murder him?) $9.95
Clare, Alys The Joys of My Life (Hawkenlye #12: Queen Eleanor and Abbess Helewise are discussing building a chapel; Sir Josse d'Acquin is on the trail of a group of knights rumored to be devil worshippers) $27.95
Coleman, Reed Farrel (writing as Spinosa, Tony) The Fourth Victim (Joe Serpe #2: PBO; Serpe and Healy undertake an unofficial investigation of several robbery/murders, leading them back onto the streets they protected as cops; hardcover also available at $24.95) $14.95
Coles, Manning Green Hazard (Tommy Hambledon #5: Reissue; Tommy Hambledon ends up back in Berlin when the Nazis kidnap him, mistaking him for the man who promised them a new explosive) $14.95
Del Ponte, Carla/Sudetic, Chuck Madame Prosecutor (The UN's chief prosecutor of the Int'l Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda tells the true story of her struggle to bring the war criminals to justice) $25.95
Dobyns, Jay/Johnson-Shelton, Nils No Angel (Non-fiction; federal agent Dobyns infiltrates the Hells Angels) $25.95
Downie, Leonard Jr. The Rules of the Game (Sarah Page uncovers the secrets of a powerful lobbying firm; her discoveries mean President Susan Cameron must choose between her political future and the nation's well-being) $26.95
Dunlap, Susan A Single Eye (Darcy Lott #1: Stuntwoman Darcy Lott confronts a phobia at a remote Zen monastery in California's redwood forest; she is drawn into a mystery involving a missing student and the monastery leader's inexplicable resignation) $12.95
Ellson, Hal Raw Rumbles: Duke/Tomboy/The Knife (Reprints 3 classic novels exploring urban youth violence, gang psychology, and the environmental factors that promote gang activity) $19.95
Fairstein, Linda Lethal Legacy (Alex Cooper #11: Investigating a possible assault, ADA Alex Cooper finds an uncooperative victim; when murder complicates the case, Alex follows the trail to a wealthy family) $26.00
Farris, John You Don't Scare Me (For 10 years, Chase has believed in another dimension, where the dead can inflict their will on the living, and her evil stepfather is in control; now she's ready to try to defeat him) $6.99
Fulmer, David The Blue Door (Boxer Eddie Cero has his life turned upside down when a P.I. offers him a job that leads Eddie into the middle of a cold case involving a missing soul singer) $13.95
Fulmer, David Lost River (Valentin St. Cyr #4: The local madam enlists the aid of Creole detective Valentin St. Cyr when a man is found dead in a Storyville brothel) $25.00
Gates, Frieda Sawney Beane: The Abduction of Elspeth Cumming (PBO; Historical thriller based on an old Scottish legend; Elspeth Cumming struggles to survive when she is abducted by Sawney Beane's murderous and vicious clan) $14.95
Gregory, Susanna The Butcher of Smithfield (Thomas Chaloner #3: Thomas Chaloner investigates the suspiciously similar deaths of his musician friend Maylord and a shady solicitor who was one of L'Estrange's lackeys) $13.95
Grisham, John The Associate (Kyle becomes an associate at the largest law firm in the world, where he is expected to lie, steal, and take part in a dangerous illegal scheme) $27.95
Hand, Elizabeth Generation Loss (Cass Neary goes to interview a famous reclusive photographer in Maine, where she stumbles across a decades-old mystery that is still claiming victims) $14.00
Harris, Rosemary Pushing Up Daisies (Dirty Business #1: When landscaper Paula Holliday finds a mummified corpse at a local estate and a friend is accused of impaling someone with a garden tool, Paula must dig for the truth) $6.99
Harwood, John The Seance (A haunting tale of apparitions, a cursed manor house, and two generations of women determined to discover the truth) $25.00
Henderson, Lauren Kiss Me Kill Me (YA; 16-year-old Scarlett Wakefield attends a posh party, and gets her first kiss from Dan McAndrew, who then dies in her arms; she must find out what killed him to clear her name) $8.99
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay The Old Battle-Ax/Dark Power (Reprints two novels of psychological suspense, plus a short story) $19.95
Huston, Charlie The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death (After cleaning a suicide scene in Malibu, Webster gets a call from the dead man's daughter; she and her thug half-brother have another mess that needs cleaning on the QT. Signed copies) $25.00
Huston, Charlie The Shotgun Rule (Seeking revenge for the theft of a bicycle, four teenage friends set out to retrieve it, stumbling upon a meth lab and more trouble than they'd expected in the process) $14.00
Joss, Morag The Night Following (Moments after discovering that her husband is unfaithful, a woman fails to see a bicyclist, hits her fatally, and drives away; horrified by what she has done, she begins to unravel) $13.00
Kaye, Sharon M. Black Market Truth (Aristotle Quest #1: PBO; Dr. Dana McCarter is obsessed with tracking down the source of a black-market scroll; Vatican Inspector Conti follows a trail to Dana and the two form an unlikely team) $14.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Savage Season (Hap & Leonard #1: Reissue; When an old flame shows up with a scam to dredge the river for long-lost hold-up money, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine must deal with washed-up radicals and bloody mayhem) $13.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Mucho Mojo (Hap & Leonard #2: Reissue; When Leonard's uncle dies, Hap and Leonard go to clean up his house, and find a small skeleton buried in a trunk) $13.95
Lavender, Will Obedience (A class is assigned to follow clues to find a hypothetical missing girl, who will otherwise be murdered; the students find the line between classroom and real world is blurred) $13.95
Lawson, Mike House Rules (Joe DeMarco #3: The Speaker of the House sends Joe DeMarco to uncover the truth about a narrowly avoided terrorist bombing and a plane aimed at the White House) $23.00
Lawton, John Second Violin (Inspector Troy #6: Inspector Troy is put in charge of rounding up a list of German and Italian enemy aliens, but finds himself investigating a series of murdered rabbis) $24.00
Leon, Donna Death and Judgment (A Venetian Reckoning) (Guido Brunetti #4: Reissue; A truck crashes and spills a dangerous cargo; a prominent international lawyer is found dead on a train; Commissario Guido Brunetti connects both tragedies to a crime network) $14.00
Leon, Donna Acqua Alta (Guido Brunetti #5: Reissue; Commissario Guido Brunetti learns that an old friend has been savagely beaten at diva Flavia Petrelli's palazzo. Then, as the flood waters rise, a corpse is discovered) $14.00
Leon, Donna Death in a Strange Country (Guido Brunetti #2: Reissue; Commissario Guido Brunetti finds himself knee-deep in a toxic waste cover-up with political ties) $14.00
Leon, Donna Dressed for Death (The Anonymous Venetian) (Guido Brunetti #3: Reissue; Commissario Guido Brunetti uncovers a connection between a murdered transvestite prostitute, the city's most renowned institutions, and the underworld) $14.00
Loehfelm, Bill Fresh Kills (At first, John feels no grief over his father's murder; then his anger at his father for a lifetime of abuse is matched only by his need to seek vengeance for the man's death) $24.95
Logue, Mary Point No Point (Claire Watkins #7: Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins investigates an unidentified man found floating naked in Lake Pepin, and a woman found shot to death in her bed) $15.00
Lucas, Michael A. Devil Born Without Horns (PBO; James Pichaske takes a job delivering furniture, and discovers that his employers are involved in an underworld of crime and drugs) $10.95
Macomber, Doc Snip (Jack Vu #3: PBO; Air Force Special Investigator Jack Vu must tread carefully through tainted jockeys, bantering musicians, and a quirky Elvis impersonator to investigate an apparent suicide) $14.00
Martin, Andrew Murder at Deviation Junction (Jim Stringer #4: Edwardian railway detective Jim Stringer is plunged into a perilous case when a train becomes snarled in a snow drift and a body is discovered while clearing the line) $13.95
McNally, Brendan Germania (During the last days of the Nazi rule, four Jewish brothers are reunited, and must employ all their talents to rescue themselves from their entanglements with the regime) $26.00
McRae, Cricket Spin a Wicked Web (Home Crafting #3: PBO; Sophie Mae is enjoying spinning, until her first skein of yarn is used to strangle Ariel, a sexy young woman with a fondness for married men. Can Sophie Mae unravel the truth?) $13.95
Medieval Murderers/Jecks, Michael/Gregory, Susanna/Knight, Bernard/Morson, Ian/Gooden, Philip House of Shadows (Five interlinked medieval mysteries set within the walls of a cursed priory) $9.95
Meier, Leslie Tippy Toe Murder (Lucy Stone #2: Reissue; Tinker's Cove is in a tizzy when a retired dance teacher disappears and a cantankerous shopkeeper is slain; a very pregnant Lucy Stone investigates) $6.99
Merullo, Roland Fidel's Last Days (Former CIA agent Carolina Perez and Carlos Gutierrez, the disillusioned Cuban Minister of Health, become caught up in a conspiracy to assassinate Fidel Castro) $23.00
Millhauser, Steven Dangerous Laughter: 13 Stories (Collection grouped into three sections: Vanishing Acts, Impossible Architectures, and Heretical Histories) $14.95
Moore, Christopher G. Spirit House (Vincent Calvino #1: A disbarred American lawyer working as a P.I. in Bangkok takes on the case of a young paint-thinner addict who confessed to murdering a British expatriate) $13.00
Mortimer, John Rumpole Misbehaves (Rumpole #16: Horace Rumpole defends a youth who has been targeted for playing on a posh street, but his efforts are complicated by Rumpole's jokester colleagues) $14.00
Mosley, Walter This Year You Write Your Novel (Tips, wisdom, and practical guidance providing the tools you need to turn out a first draft in three months and then revise it into something finer) $9.99
Norman, Diana (aka Franklin, Ariana) A Catch of Consequence (Reissue; Staunch patriot Makepeace Burke comes to the aid of an English aristocrat who has been thrown in Boston Harbor, and is forced to flee to England) $15.00
O'Brien, Kevin Watch Them Die (Reissue; Different victims. Different methods. Same madman. In the city of Seattle, no single woman is safe) $4.99
Peace, David Nineteen Seventy-Four (Red Riding #1: Reissue; Crime correspondent Eddie Dunford finds a connection between a young girl's murder and those of other girls a few years earlier) $13.95
Pendleton, Don Final Resort (Executioner #361: PBO; paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pentecost, Hugh The Battles of Jericho (PBO; Lost Classics Volume 26. Collection of 15 stories featuring artist/sleuth John Jericho) $19.00
Perry, Thomas Runner (Jane Whitefield #6: Native American guide Jane Whitefield comes out of retirement to help a young pregnant woman who is being pursued by a gang of hired killers) $26.00
Poe, Edgar Allan - of interest: Ackroyd, Peter Poe: A Life Cut Short (A brief biography of American writer Edgar Allan Poe) $21.95
Poe, Edgar Allan - of interest: Silverman, Kenneth Edgar A. Poe: Mournful and Never-Ending Remembrance (Reissue; Biography of the writer) $18.99
Ramirez, Misa Living the Vida Lola (Lola Cruz #1: Lola Cruz is delighted when her P.I. boss assigns her to a big case, but her probe is complicated by her meddling family, a reunion with her high-school crush, and murder) $24.95
Rees, Matt Beynon A Grave in Gaza (Omar Yussef #2: During a trip to the Gaza Strip, Omar Yussef, principal of a UN school near Bethlehem, becomes entangled in a web of murder, kidnapping, corruption, and violence) $13.95 Rennison, Nick The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (PBO; 15 stories published between 1890 and 1914 in British magazines, featuring The Thinking Machine, Carnacki the Ghost Finder, Father Brown, and other detectives who rivaled the master) $16.95
Rodriguez, Abraham South by South Bronx (PBO; a drug dealer agreed to launder money for terrorists, then ran off with it; the FBI and CIA come to Detective Sanchez, who isn't sure he wants to help the feds; then the drug dealer turns up dead) $15.95
Saylor, Steven The Venus Throw (Roma Sub Rosa #4: Reissue; Gordianus the Finder investigates the brutal assassinations of several Egyptian envoys) $14.95
Schlink, Bernhard Homecoming (Peter Debauer follows a trail that takes him across Europe, to the US, and back in search of his missing father, a man who continuously reinvents himself to stay alive) $14.95
Sewell, Kitty Ice Trap (A British surgeon's marriage is blown apart when a woman claims he is the father of her 13-year-old twins, which he knows can't be true) $15.00
Sigler, Scott Contagious (Infected #2: Agents Clarence Otto and Dew Phillips find that a mysterious disease sweeping America has become contagious, and must stop it) $24.95
Sjowall, Maj/Wahloo, Per The Man on the Balcony (Martin Beck #3: Reissue; Superintendent Beck investigates a string of child murders) $13.95
Sjowall, Maj/Wahloo, Per The Laughing Policeman (Martin Beck #4: Reissue; Superintendent Beck heads a major manhunt in pursuit of a mass murderer) $13.95
Skipper, Roger Alan The Baptism of Billy Bean (PBO; Vietnam vet Lane Hollar and his grandson witness a drug-related murder. When the death is ruled accidental and the witnesses' names are revealed, Lane must to fight for his life) $15.95
Smith, April North of Montana (Ana Grey #1: Reissue; FBI agent Ana Grey is assigned a high-profile case involving a beloved Hollywood star and an illegal supply of prescription drugs) $13.95
Smith, April Judas Horse (Ana Grey #3: When a fellow FBI agent is killed, Ana goes undercover as an animal rights activist, and finds a group of anarchists; their leader's secret past could blow the Bureau sky-high) $13.95
Stanley, J. B. The Battered Body (Supper Club #5: PBO; A rude celebrity chef is in town to make her sister's wedding cake; when she turns up dead, James and the other supper club members are up to their elbows in suspects) $13.95
Summerscale, Kate The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher (Non-fiction; the story of Inspector Jonathan Whicher and his investigation of the 1860 murder of a young child) $16.00
Unsworth, Barry Land of Marvels (In 1914, a British archaeologist finds his excavation of an Assyrian palace threatened by construction of a new railroad to Baghdad) $26.00
Viel, Tanguy Beyond Suspicion (A lavish wedding reception in the south of France: two pairs of siblings have become one big happy family. Or have they?) $19.95
Wolfe, Liz If It's Not One Thing, It's a Murder (PBO; With her best friend to help her, Skye Donovan is starting life over - until corpses start turning up and her best friend is the prime suspect) $7.95
Wolfe, Major James B. Against All Enemies (Reissue; Washington sends Special Forces and Navy SEALS to the South American country of San Selva to regain the upper hand in an unexpected war) $7.99
Wright, Sally Watches of the Night (Ben Reese #5: Kate Lindsay receives a package containing her husband's eyeball, retrieved from the front line and posted 20 years later; Ben Reese suspects a war comrade) $28.95


Child, Lincoln Terminal Freeze (When an expedition finds a giant frozen animal in Alaska, the sponsors plan to thaw out the creature on live TV, unaware that it is an ancient killing machine that may not be dead) $24.95
David Grann The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon (True story of explorer Percy Fawcett, who vanished during a 1925 Amazon expedition, and the author's quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding that journey) $27.50
Doherty, P.C. A Haunt of Murder (Canterbury Tales #6: Chaucer's weary pilgrims find themselves in a Kent copse, rumored to be haunted, and persuade the Clerk of Oxford to tell a ghostly tale of love and death) $24.95
Gatiss, Mark Black Butterfly (Lucifer Box investigates a series of bizarre accidents that claimed the lives of members of the Widows' Circle, and finds himself on the trail of boy assassin Kingdom Come) $14.00
Gores, Joe Spade & Archer: The Prequel to The Maltese Falcon (Sam Spade opens his agency in San Francisco, brings in Archer as a partner, tangles with a villain who never loses his desire for revenge, and falls in love - although that won't turn out well) $24.00
Hiaasen, Carl Scat (YA; Young Nick and Marta investigate the disappearance of Mrs. Bunny Starch, the most feared biology teacher ever) $16.99
Lippman, Laura What the Dead Know (Reissue; A woman claims to be the younger of a pair of sisters who were abducted 30 years earlier, but won't say what happened to her older sister) $14.99
Matsumoto, Seicho Pro Bono (Although her brother confessed to murder, Kiriko believes he is innocent, and sets out to clear his name) $14.95
Moody, David Hater (People are becoming suddenly violent, killing all who cross their paths. Danny McCoyne wants to protect his family, but when he bolts the doors, is he shutting the danger out, or locking it in?) $21.95
Taylor, Andrew The Office of the Dead (Roth Trilogy #3: 1958: Wendy is staying with her friend Janet, who leads an idyllic life in the Cathedral Close. But the shadow of death seeps through the Close, with a double mystery reaching back to a doomed poet-priest) $15.99


Alexander, Robert (aka Zimmerman, R.D) The Romanov Bride (When a peaceful demonstration becomes a bloodbath, the fires of revolution link the Grand Duchess Elisavyeta's destiny to that of Pavel, a young Bolshevik) $15.00
Anderson, Louise Perception of Death (PBO; One of Glasgow's top litigation lawyers, Erin Paterson might lose everything - her reputation, her family's law firm, and her life - when she ends up on a serial killer's short list) $6.99
Ash, Maureen A Plague of Poison (Templar Knight #3: PBO; When a cake kills a squire, the castle governor enlists the help of Templar Bascot de Marins; as murder spreads beyond the castle walls, he suspects a lethal master of poisons) $7.99
Ault, Sandi Wild Inferno (Wild #2: Jamaica is sent in to assist at a wildfire on the Southern Ute reservation; the last words of a burn victim send her on a quest to unravel a mystery more dangerous than mere murder) $7.99
Ault, Sandi Wild Sorrow (Wild #3: Jamaica searches for a wounded mountain lion & her cubs; winter temperatures threaten the lions - & Jamaica herself, as she's stalked by a killer) $24.95
Bain, Donald (writing as Fletcher, Jessica) Murder on Parade (Murder She Wrote #29: Fourth of July festivities in Cabot Cove are thrown into turmoil when the town's newest resident turns up dead; Jessica Fletcher must find out which of her neighbors is a murderer) $6.99
Baldacci, David The Whole Truth (One man needs a war to keep his company's profits up; another travels the globe to keep it at peace; they're both on a collision course with a journalist desperate to get back to the top) $9.99
Becker, James The First Apostle (Chris Bronson enlists the help of his ex-wife to decipher a strange Latin inscription on a stone in Italy; clues lead them across Europe to a truth that could destroy the foundations of the Christian faith) $7.99
Benson, Raymond Dark Side of the Morgue (Spike Berenger #2: Chicago rock musicians are being murdered and people claim that the killer is a woman who's been presumed dead for over 30 years; Spike and Suzanne investigate) $7.99
Boser, Ulrich The Gardner Heist (Non-fiction; the 1990 theft at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston; a dozen masterpieces were stolen in the largest art heist in history) $25.99
Bowen, Rhys Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Molly Murphy #7: 1902: Molly Murphy and police captain Daniel Sullivan investigate the identity of a young woman found unconscious in Central Park) $6.99
Brand, Max Destry Rides Again (Harry Destry was a fighter who never lost a battle. But after six years in jail for a robbery he didn't commit, he's a changed man) $6.99
Branson, Mary K. & Jack Murder in Mayberry (Non-fiction; a vicious murder in a sleepy town in Kentucky and the FBI's search for the killer) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time (Mrs. Jeffries #25: PBO; Train enthusiast Francis Humphreys took his last breath while relatives and neighbors visited downstairs. But if everyone was downstairs, who killed him?) $6.99
Brown, Dale Shadow Command (Patrick McLanahan #14: McLanahan ignores the antagonistic new president's directives to stand down, and orders the new Aerospace Battle Force to attack secret Russian bases in Iran) $9.99
Cain, Tom No Survivors (Samuel Carver #2: Carver uncovers a messianic Texas billionaire's plot to reactivate stolen Soviet suitcase nukes and set off a global holy war that will bring about the final Rapture) $25.95
Camilleri, Andrea August Heat (Inspector Montalbano #9: When a boy disappears into a narrow shaft under his family's beach rental, Inspector Montalbano rescues him - and discovers something sinister in the process) $14.00
Cannell, Dorothy Goodbye, Ms. Chips (Ellie Haskell #12: Ellie Haskell returns to her old boarding school to solve a case of robbery and finds herself tracking a murderer) $6.99
Chabon, Michael Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands (A series of linked essays in praise of reading and writing, with subjects running from ghost stories to comic books, Sherlock Holmes to Cormac McCarthy) $14.99
Childs, Laura Oolong Dead (Tea Shop #10: Theodosia Browning is reunited with an old flame when his sister is found murdered during a Lowcountry horse race) $24.95
Childs, Laura The Silver Needle Murder (Tea Shop #9: Theodosia Browning and her staff are catering the opening night gala at the Charleston Film Festival; the festivities are interrupted when a famous director is shot on his way to the podium) $7.99
Coben, Harlan Hold Tight (Adam Baye has become withdrawn since his friend's suicide; the spyware that his parents put on his computer draws them into a maze of mayhem and violence) $9.99
Conroy, Robert 1942 (PBO; After Pearl Harbor, Japan invades and occupies the Hawaiian islands) $15.00
Coughlin, Jack/Davis, Donald A. Dead Shot (Sniper #2: Former Marine sniper Kyle Swanson faces a legendary enemy sniper working with a fringe Islamic organization that has created a new weapon of mass destruction) $24.95
Crais, Robert Chasing Darkness (Elvis Cole #11: Elvis Cole and Joe Pike find themselves on trial when a man they cleared of a murder charge is found dead holding photos of the victim he had been accused of killing) $9.99
Cussler, Clive/Du Brul, Jack Plague Ship (Oregon Files #5: Captain Juan Cabrillo and his crew find a cruise ship adrift, filled with hundreds of dead passengers; the trail leads to a cult with devastating plans for the human race) $9.99
Cussler, Clive/Du Brul, Jack Corsair (Oregon Files #6: When the US Secretary of State's plane crashes en route to a meeting in Libya, the CIA hires Juan Cabrillo and his crew to search for her) $27.95
Davys, Tim Amberville (Eric Bear has it all, but a while back, his life revolved around drugs, gambling, and a gang of stuffed-animal thugs. Now a crime boss is on the Death List, and wants Eric to save him - otherwise Eric's beloved wife, Emma Rabbit, will be torn limb from limb) $19.99
Dennison, Hannah Scoop! (Vicky Hill #2: PBO; Obit writer Vicky Hill suspects foul play when a champion hedge cutter is electrocuted after accidentally slicing through a power cable) $6.99
Depp, Daniel Loser's Town (PI David Spandau, an ex-stuntman, is hired to protect a brash young actor from a gangster with dreams of becoming a Hollywood producer) $25.00
Doolittle, Sean Safer (When Paul Callaway and his wife move to small-town Iowa, he lends books to a 12-year-old bibliophile, who then accuses him of an unthinkable crime) $24.00
Downie, Ruth Terra Incognita (Ruso #2: At the northern border of Roman-controlled Britannia, army doctor Ruso is unwillingly pulled into a murder investigation, and finds his slave Tilla is spending time with the suspect) $15.00
Emerson, Earl Cape Disappointment (Thomas Black #12: A plane crash claims the life of an incumbent senator, Kathy Birchfield vanishes, and Thomas investigates a political conspiracy that has been rigging elections for years) $25.00
Emley, Dianne The Deepest Cut (Nan Vining #3: Investigating the ugly gang murder of a low-level snitch, Pasadena police detective Nan Vining finds clues that link the case to her own brutal assault two years earlier) $24.00
Estleman, Loren D. Gas City (A power struggle between a police chief who looked the other way for too long, a Mafia boss, and reporters looking for a story turns a minor dispute into a desperate struggle for survival) $13.95
Fitzsimmons, Thomas City of Fire (PBO; When he lands a walk-on role on a TV show, veteran cop Michael Beckett dreams of a new life in front of the camera, but a string of arsons in the south Bronx bring him back to police work) $7.99
Fluke, Joanne Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen #11: Hannah discovers fitness instructor Ronni Ward's body floating in the Jacuzzi and helps Detective Mike Kingston investigate) $24.00
Freeman, Castle Jr. All That I Have (Vermont Sheriff Lucian Wing responds to a variety of challenges with patience, tact, and humor) $13.95
French, Nicci Losing You (Nina worries when her daughter Charlie doesn't return from a sleepover, and no one - the police, Charlie's friends, even Charlie's father - takes the disappearance seriously) $7.99
Gautreaux, Tim The Missing (After WWI, Sam returns to New Orleans to work as a floorwalker; when a little girl disappears from the store on his shift, he embarks on a journey to piece together what happened to her) $25.95
Glatt, John Secrets in the Cellar (PBO; Non-fiction; Josef Fritzl, a 73-year old retired engineer in Austria who allegedly imprisoned his daughter in his basement for 24 years) $6.99
Goddard, Robert Beyond Recall (Reissue; The suicide of the black sheep of the family at a wedding party in Cornwall drives Chris Napier into his clan's dark past, where he discovers more than one skeleton) $12.00
Goldstone, Lawrence The Anatomy of Deception (19th-century Philadelphia physician Ephraim Carroll draws on the new techniques of forensic medicine to investigate the murder of a beautiful young woman) $14.00
Goodwin, Jason The Bellini Card (Yashim the Eunuch #3: The new sultan puts Yashim on the trail of a vanished Bellini portrait of Mehmed the Conqueror; Yashim sends his friend Palewski to Venice, where it may have resurfaced) $25.00
Gross, Andrew Don't Look Twice (When a drive-by shooting rocks posh Greenwich, CT, leaving an innocent bystander dead, detective Ty Hauck follows the trail to an upstate casino then back to Greenwich's wealthy) $25.99
Gruber, Michael The Forgery of Venus (Talented artist Chaz Wilmot restores an antique fresco in a Venetian palazzo; his unique abilities attract the attention of an art dealer with a dark past and a shadier present) $14.99
Gruley, Bryan Starvation Lake (PBO; When pieces from a fatal snowmobile accident are discovered a decade later five miles from the scene, small-town newspaper editor Gus Carpenter takes on the case; signing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, March 14th) $14.00
Hall, James W. Hell's Bay (Thorn PI #10: Thorn becomes embroiled with a family he never knew he had as he attempts to solve the murder of the matriarch of a powerful and wealthy family) $7.99
Hewson, David The Garden of Evil (Nic Costa #6: When two corpses are found next to an unknown Caravaggio, Detective Nic Costa sets out to uncover the truth about a modern-day crime and a centuries-old secret concealed in the painting) $6.99
Iggulden, Conn Genghis: Lords of the Bow (Genghis #2: Under Genghis Khan, the Mongol tribes have united as one nation, setting their sights on a common enemy: the empire of the Chin) $7.99
Jackson, Joe The Thief at the End of the World (Non-fiction; in a daring act of biopiracy, Henry Wickham smuggled 70,000 rubber tree seeds out of Brazil for scientists in Victorian England) $16.00
Jackson, Lisa Lost Souls (True crime writer Kristi Bentz hunts a serial killer who has been preying on troubled girls from All Saints College) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Terror in the Ashes (Ashes #15: Reissue; To free the British Isles, Ben Raines and his army must face a warlord's mercenary army - and the bubonic plague) $5.99
Kane, Ben The Forgotten Legion (Romulus, Brennus and Tarquinius fight against the Parthians and overwhelming odds in one of the most legendary battles in Roman military history) $25.95
Kellerman, Jonathan Bones (Alex Delaware #23: Psychologist Alex Delaware and police detective Milo Sturgis pursue the skeletal trail of a serial killer) $9.99
Laurie, Victoria Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Ghost Hunter #3: PBO; The haunted hotel where ghost hunter and medium M.J. Holliday is staying is being terrorized by a demon, and it's up to M.J. to give it an early checkout) $6.99
Ledbetter, Suzann Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (PBO; P.I. Jack McPhee's contract to nab the Calendar Burglar forces him to team up with a hyperactive Maltese) $6.99
Leon, Donna Quietly in Their Sleep (The Death of Faith) (Guido Brunetti #6: The nun who once took care of his mother turns up at the Commissario's door, having left her convent following the suspicious deaths of five patients; Brunetti investigates) $14.00
Leon, Donna A Noble Radiance (Guido Brunetti #7: The discovery of a badly decomposed corpse reopens an infamous kidnapping case involving one of Venice's most important families) $14.00
Leonard, Peter Quiver (After her husband dies in a tragic accident, Kate McCall becomes caught up in a dangerous confrontation with a gang of killers that includes an old flame) $7.99
Levien, David City of the Sun (Frank Behr #1: Indianapolis PI Frank Behr agrees to take the case of a boy who has been missing for over a year; North American Hammett Prize nominee) $7.99
Lippman, Laura Another Thing to Fall (Tess Monaghan #10: PI Tess Monaghan is hired to investigate disturbing incidents on the set of a TV series that's filming in Baltimore, which in turn leads to a murder investigation; signed 1st editions available) $7.99
Marberg, Peg Fatal Flip (Interior Design #3: PBO; Everyone is looking forward to interior designer Jean Hastings' restoration of a Victorian mansion, but the open house becomes a crime scene when a body is discovered) $7.99
Martinez, Michele Notorious (Melanie Vargas #4: Federal prosecutor Melanie Vargas investigates the death of the most famous criminal lawyer in the US) $7.99
McCoy, Judi Hounding the Pavement (Dog Walker #1: PBO; Dog-walker Ellie can hear what dogs are thinking; when a dog's owner turns up dead, she must perk up her ears to find the killer. (All royalties go to the Best Friends Animal Society)) $6.99
McInerny, Ralph The Third Revelation (Rosary Chronicles #1: PBO; When the Vatican's Secretary of State is murdered, retired CIA operative Vincent Traeger must navigate a treacherous maze through history, faith, and his own past to discover the truth) $7.99
Meier, Leslie St. Patrick's Day Murder (Lucy Stone #14: The body of barkeep Old Dan Malone is found floating in Tinker's Cove's icy harbor; Lucy Stone must solve the murder before the St. Patrick's Day celebrations begin) $6.99
Mosse, Kate Sepulchre (Meredith Martin arrives at a French hotel built on the site of an estate that burned in 1896; there, a pack of Tarot cards and a piece of 19th-century music hold the key to her fate) $16.00
Narlock, Joel Target Acquired (Reissue; A spy gets hold of a prototype US weapon, an unmanned drone weighing less than two pounds, perfect for assassinations. And Washington is filled with potential targets . . ) $7.99
Neggers, Carla Betrayals (Rebecca Blackburn has secretly carried the priceless Jupiter Stones for years; when she's photographed with them, a man begins a relentless quest to reclaim the treasure) $7.99
Olsen, Gregg Heart of Ice (PBO; Three bodies, three different towns, leaving no clues. He craves the seconds when the light fades from his victim's eyes, but the rush never lasts, and the killing won't stop) $6.99
Peters, Elizabeth (writing as Mertz, Barbara) Red Land, Black Land (Revised and updated; a classic work on the human side of ancient Egypt offers insight into what everyday life was like for Egyptians at various class levels) $15.99
Peters, Elizabeth (writing as Mertz, Barbara) Temples, Tombs, and Hieroglyphs (Revised and updated. An introduction to the history, culture, and civilization of ancient Egypt. Includes explanations of archaeological methods and discoveries) $15.99
Piccirilli, Tom The Coldest Mile (PBO; Chase searches for his grandfather Jonah, the stone-cold killer/con man who raised him, hoping to save Jonah's infant daughter from the life of crime that Chase himself can't escape) $6.99
Porter, Anna Kasztner's Train (Non-fiction; Rezso Kasztner, a Hungarian who rescued thousands of Jews during WWII, only to be accused of collaboration and assassinated in Israel 12 years after the war) $19.00
Price, Richard Lush Life (When a cocky young hipster is shot to death by a street kid from the 'other' Lower East Side, the crime ripples through every stratum of New York City) $15.00
Raybourn, Deanna Silent on the Moor (Julia Grey #3: PBO; Lady Julia arrives in Yorkshire, where she uncovers a Gypsy witch, a dark rider, and a long-buried legacy of malevolence) $13.95
Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Garfield The White Island (A 9000-year old conspiracy; three families; one secret) $25.95
Robinson, Peter All the Colors of Darkness (Inspector Ban ks #18: It looked like Mark Hardcastle committed suicide, but when his older, wealthier lover is found bludgeoned to death, DI Annie Cabbot thinks differently, and calls in Chief Inspector Banks; signed copies expected) $25.99
Rosen, Fred Needle Work (Reissue; Non-fiction; a cheating wife and her lover commit double homicide by injecting lethal doses of heroin) $6.99
Rosett, Sara Getting Away is Deadly (Mom Zone #3: In Washington DC while her husband attends military training, a very pregnant Ellie Avery finds mystery when an acquaintance is murdered on his way to see her) $6.99
Rotenberg, Robert Old City Hall (Canadian radio show host Kevin Brace admits he killed his wife and then refuses to speak, but the evidence complicates what should be an open and shut case) $26.00
Rother, Caitlin Body Parts (PBO; Non-fiction; Wayne Ford's brutal crimes) $6.99
Rowland, Laura Joh The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte (Falsely accused of plagiarism, Charlotte Bronte sets out for London to clear her name and stumbles on a murder scene; she and her sisters follow a trail of clues to solve the crime) $13.95
Rusch, Sheldon Separated at Death (Elizabeth Hewitt #3: Special Agent Elizabeth Hewitt investigates a series of grisly murders in which estranged couples are found beheaded) $7.99
Sakey, Marcus At the City's Edge (A discharged soldier returns from Iraq to find a different kind of war raging in his Chicago neighborhood) $7.99
Schechter, Peter Pipeline (When the US needs energy from an increasingly hostile Russia, a handful of people must prevent ruthless Moscow oligarchs from ensnaring the US in ever-deeper energy dependence) $24.99
Scott, Manda The Crystal Skull (Two people separated by centuries, a modern-day academic and an Elizabethan physician, race to forestall global catastrophe by solving the mystery of 13 life-size crystal skulls) $7.50
Smith, Susan Arnout Out at Night (Grace Descanso #2: Grace investigates when a professor is brutally murdered in a field of genetically modified soy just before the world's largest agriculture conference begins) $25.95
Snicket, Lemony/Ellis, Carson (illustrator) The Composer Is Dead (Kids; CD included. There's dreadful news from the symphony hall - the composer is dead! Join the Inspector as he interrogates all the unusual suspects. Then listen to the audio recording, and hear for yourself exactly what took place) $17.99
Stahl, Jerry Pain Killers (Manny Rubert #2: Manny Rupert goes undercover to find out if a California convict is actually Josef Mengele, and ends up in the middle of a conspiracy involving genocide, drugs, eugenics, and human experiments) $24.99
Steinhauer, Olen The Tourist (Milo Weaver's retired from the field to a CIA desk job, but an investigation into one of his oldest colleagues sends Milo back undercover to find out who's holding the strings; signed copies expected) $24.95
Stevens, Amanda The Whispering Room (PBO; New Orleans homicide detective Evangeline Theroux throws herself into a high-profile murder case, which may be the work of a lunatic vigilante) $6.99
Stewart, Mariah Mercy Street (Mercy Street #1: Detective Mallory Russo joins a law enforcement team specializing in cold cases) $6.99
Stout, Rex The Rubber Band/The Red Box (Nero Wolfe: A young woman hires Nero Wolfe to find the connection between a Wild West lynching and a respected English nobleman; a beautiful woman is poisoned after indulging in a box of candy) $15.00
Sweetingham, Lisa Chemical Cowboys (Non-fiction; the DEA's mission to hunt down notorious ecstasy kingpin Oded Tuito) $26.00
Tallis, Frank Fatal Lies (Liebermann Papers #3: Dr. Liebermann and Inspector Rheinhardt investigate the death of a tormented student at a military academy in Vienna) $15.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Escape (Butch Karp #20: New York DA Butch Karp works to convict a professor for the murders of her children; meanwhile, a terrorist plans a spectacular attack on Manhattan) $9.99
Taylor, Andrew Bleeding Heart Square (Lydia Langstone tries to make a new life for herself in her father's 1934 London cul-de-sac, where she discovers unsettling truths about a spinster who vanished four years earlier) $25.99
Thomas, Gordon Secret Wars: One Hundred Years of British Intelligence Inside MI5 and MI6 (Non-fiction; a complete and up-to-date history covering a century of triumphs and deceptions) $27.95
Thompson, Carlene You Can Run . . . (PBO; When her friend Penny's dark past comes to light, Diana is determined to find the truth and protect Penny's daughter; someone is willing to kill to keep Penny's secrets buried) $6.99
Tremblay, Paul The Little Sleep (South Boston PI Mark Genevich awakens from a narcoleptic hallucination to find scandalous photos of the DA's daughter on his desk. Are they real? Is he hunting a blackmailer, or worse?) $14.00
Wall, Elissa Stolen Innocence (Non-fiction; memoir by the former member of the FLDS polygamist sect whose testimony helped convict sect leader Warren Jeffs in 2007) $7.99
Walters, Michael The Adversary (Inspector Nergui #2: When a criminal prosecution in Ulan Bataar collapses, Nergui and Doropalam must find out who in the justice system has succumbed to the lure of the crime lord's power) $15.00
Westlake, Donald The Cutie (The Mercenaries) (Reissue; A rich man's mistress is now a corpse, but the punk accused of killer her is innocent; a crime boss' right-hand man must find the real killer) $6.99
White, Kate Lethally Blond (Bailey Weggins #5: Celebrity journalist Bailey Weggins investigates when one of the stars of the new TV show Morgue goes missing) $7.99
White, Randy Wayne Black Widow (Doc Ford #15: When his goddaughter wants to pay off a blackmailer, Doc Ford reluctantly agrees, then finds himself in danger when the extortionist releases the compromising videotape anyway) $9.99
Wilson, F. Paul Black Wind (Reissue; Novel of four people torn between love and honor during WWII) $7.99
Wiprud, Brian Feelers (In the industry of estate liquidation, Morty's job is to find hidden stashes of cash. When he finds $800,000, he must act quickly to safeguard his booty, and his life) $24.95
Xiaolong, Qiu The Mao Case (Inspector Chen #6: A woman who may be Mao's granddaughter, moves into a luxury apartment with no visible means of support; Chen is to make sure she doesn't have anything of Mao's that will embarrass the party) $24.95


Adams, Will The Alexander Cipher (Archaeologist Daniel Knox discovers that a dig site in Alexandria may hold clues to the burial site of Alexander the Great. Now the race is on to find Alexander) $24.99
Bascomb, Neal Hunting Eichmann (Non-fiction; how a band of Holocaust survivors and Mossad agents tracked down the notorious Nazi) $26.00
Berry, Hannah Britten and Brulightly (Full color graphic novel; PI Fernandez Britten and his unconventional partner investigate the death of Berni Kudos, revealing blackmail, revenge, murder, and family secrets) $20.00
Bowen, Rhys In a Gilded Cage (Molly Murphy #8: A woman wants Molly to find proof of her husband's philandering. When the husband claims his wife has become a victim of the influenza epidemic, Molly doesn't believe him) $24.95
Burke, James Lee The Convict and Other Stories (Reissue; Collection of stories set against the backdrop of the Louisiana Gulf Coast; Burke was named MWA Grand Master in 2009) $15.00
Burnside, John The Glister (Schoolboys are vanishing after venturing into the poisoned woods around the old chemical plant; only young Leonard and his friends are willing to confront the evil there) $22.95
Dahler, Don A Tight Lie (When a high-profile baseball player is accused of murder, he asks his friend Huck Doyle to to fly under the radar and find out things that the police can't - or won't) $24.95
Dunn, Carola Manna from Hades (Cornish Mystery #1: Eleanor Trewynn finds a dead body in the charity shop, then discovers that some donated jewelry is from a violent robbery in London) $24.95
Eisler, Barry Fault Line (When an inventor client is murdered and he himself is attacked, attorney Alex Treven turns for help to his estranged older brother Ben, an undercover agent in the War on Terror) $25.00
Fesperman, Dan Amateur Spy (Freeman Lockhart gets in over his head when he is blackmailed into spying on a Palestinian friend in Jordan; Aliyah Rahim is worried about her husband, who blames the US for their daughter's death) $14.95
Franklin, Ariana Grave Goods (Adelia Aguilar #3: King Henry hopes to put down a rebellion in Wales by proving that the Once and Future King is truly dead; he sends Adelia to examine bones discovered at Glastonbury Abbey; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
French, Nicci Until It's Over (When a woman is connected to two dead bodies in less than a week, her roommates - unsure if there's a killer in their midst - must guard against becoming the next victim) $25.95
Gaynor, Tim Midnight on the Line: The Secret Life of the US-Mexico Border (Non-fiction; a Reuters reporter looks at illegal immigration) $25.95
Green, Toby Inquisition: The Reign of Fear (Non-fiction; the lives of individuals from all walks of life and every section of society who were affected by the Inquisition) $32.95
Guinn, Jeff Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde (Non-fiction; two kids from a filthy Dallas slum fell in love and then willingly traded their lives for a brief interlude of excitement and fame) $27.00
Hagberg, David The Expediter (Kirk McGarvey #13: A Chinese general is assassinated in Pyongyang by two shooters dressed as North Korean police officers; Korean intelligence asks McGarvey to prove they didn't authorize the hit) $24.95
Higson, Charlie Double or Die (Young Bond #3: Kids; A professor is kidnapped, and a cryptic letter arrives at Eton. Once the code is cracked, James Bond has just 48 hours to save the professor) $7.99
Kerr, Philip A Quiet Flame (Bernie Gunther #5: Bernie relocates to Buenos Aires; the local police pressure him into investigating a murder and a disappearance, which seem to connect to an unsolved case he worked in Berlin in 1932) $26.95
Kozak, Harley Jane A Date You Can't Refuse (Wollie Shelley #4: PBO; Wollie Shelley goes undercover at an LA media company suspected of video piracy, but two mysterious deaths take the assignment way beyond stolen DVDs; signing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, April 18th) $11.95
Lakeman, Thomas Broken Wing (Mike Yeager #2: In the wake of Katrina, a couple was kidnapped. The husband - a spy - was killed, and now the wife is in danger. FBI agent Mike Yeager must infiltrate the group responsible) $25.95
Lippman, Laura Life Sentences (A stand-alone suspense novel; unabridged CDs $39.99) $24.99
Lutz, Lisa Revenge of the Spellmans (Spellmans #3: Izzy pursues therapy while trailing her newest client's errant wife, Rae faces skyrocketing expectations in light of her high SAT score, and Henry disrupts the family with a new love interest) $25.00
Patterson, James Max (Maximum Ride #5: Kids; Fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii, and someone - or something - is destroying ships. The government enlists the Flock to help them get to the bottom of the disaster) $19.99
Pearl, Matthew The Last Dickens (1870: US publisher James Osgood sets out to retrieve the manuscript of Charles Dickens' final novel; danger and intrigue abound on the journey) $25.00
Pendleton, Don Hostile Odds (Executioner #364: PBO; paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Hard Passage (Mack Bolan SuperBolan #125: PBO; paramilitary adventure) $6.99
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Painter of Battles (War photographer Faulques exorcises his demons by painting murals of human conflict; a man whose life was altered by one of Faulques' images plans to kill the photographer) $14.00
Rendell, Ruth (writing as Vine, Barbara) The Birthday Present (When a mock kidnapping intended to enact his lover's favorite fantasy goes wrong and results in murder, a young MP is trapped in a dangerous game of his own making) $25.00
Robotham, Michael Shatter (Having devoted his career to repairing damaged minds, psychologist Joe O'Loughlin must now confront an adversary who tears them apart) $24.95
Roman, A.E. Chinatown Angel (PI Chico Santana is hired by film star Kirk Atlas to track down his cousin. Something feels off, and when Kirk's lover takes a fatal fall, Chico feels compelled to get to the truth) $24.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Miracle at Speedy Motors (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #9: Mma Ramotswe heads to a Botswana game preserve to investigate the death of an elderly American tourist; her husband suddenly decides to mortgage the garage) $13.95
Strauss, Barry The Spartacus War (Non-fiction; a portrait of the iconic gladiator, from slavery to the gladiatorial school rebellion in 73 BC to his army's frequent clashes with the Roman military) $26.00
Sundstrand, David Shadows of Death (Desert Sky #2: Seth Parker kills people who abuse animals; when he kills two poachers in the Mojave, he falls into Frank Flynn's orbit - but Flynn finds he sympathizes with Parker more than he should) $25.95
Ure, Louise The Fault Tree (A blind mechanic can pinpoint engine problems by sound. When her neighbor is murdered and the getaway car nearly runs her down, she must fight to catch a killer she can't see) $14.95
Walters, Minette The Chameleon's Shadow (A traumatized veteran's vicious anger brings him to the attention of the local police, who are investigating three recent murders; he must confront his issues, but it may be too late) $14.95
White, Randy Wayne Dead Silence (Doc Ford #16: Doc Ford has become more than friendly with an attractive US senator; when she's kidnapped right in front of him, he goes on the hunt; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Wilson, F. Paul Aftershock & Others: 19 Oddities (Collection of short fiction displaying Wilson's stylistic diversity and versatility) $25.95


Abrahams, Peter Delusion (20 years ago Nell witnessed a murder. Her testimony put a man behind bars. Years later, when new evidence exonerates him, Nell is filled with guilt - and questions) $7.99
Abrahams, Peter Into the Dark (Echo Falls #3: Kids; 13-year-old super sleuth Ingrid Levin-Hill stumbles on a body lying in the snow, sending the town of Echo Falls into a tailspin as long-hidden secrets are revealed) $6.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Nightshade (China Bayles #16: China and McQuaid find that her half-brother Miles' investigation into the circumstances of their father's death may be hiding more secrets than he's uncovered) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Wormwood (China Bayles #17: A Kentucky Shaker village is plagued with misfortune and strife; while assisting with some herbal workshops, China and her friend Martha hope to get to the bottom of it) $24.95
Andrews, Patrick The Unit: Lock and Load (PBO; A Palestinian defector becomes a pawn in a stand-off between the Unit and Mossad) $7.99
Argula, Anne Krapp's Last Cassette (Quinn #2: PBO; A screenwriter is adapting the memoir of a child who has suffered unspeakable abuse; when a report suggests the story is a fraud, he hires Quinn to prove that the boy exists) $15.00
Atkins, Ace Devil's Garden (1921 San Francisco: A party features girls, jazz, bootleg hooch - and a dead actress. The DA accuses actor Fatty Arbuckle; his defense team hires a Pinkerton agent named Dashiell Hammett to investigate) $24.95
Bailey, F. Lee/Rabe, Jean When the Husband Is the Suspect (Non-fiction; several of the most famous homicidal husband cases of recent years) $7.99
Bain, Donald (writing as Fletcher, Jessica) Madison Avenue Shoot (Murder She Wrote #31: Jessica travels to NYC to star in a commercial as a favor to her nephew Grady; when a major star is found murdered on the set, there's a long list of suspects) $22..95
Barr, Nevada Winter Study (Anna Pigeon #14: Anna Pigeon joins the Isle Royale wolf study team, who find DNA evidence suggesting a dangerous giant wolf hybrid has been introduced) $9.99
Barr, Nevada Borderline (Anna Pigeon #15: Paul and Anna take a rafting trip on the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas, and find a pregnant woman in the river, more dead than alive) $25.95
Baxter, Cynthia Too Rich and Too Dead (Murder Packs a Suitcase #2: PBO; Travel writer Mallory Marlowe goes up against a killer on the slopes of Aspen) $6.99
Benioff, David City of Thieves (During the Nazis' brutal siege of Leningrad, a looter and a deserter can avoid execution if they find a dozen eggs for a Soviet colonel to use in his daughter's wedding cake) $15.00
Bond, Larry/DeFelice, Jim Soul of the Assassin (First Team #4: Learning that one of the CIA's most-wanted figures is going to be in Italy, Ferg and the Team set out to apprehend him at any cost, and discover a much bigger plot) $7.99
Bond, Stephanie 4 Bodies and a Funeral (Body Movers #4: PBO; Carlotta Wren receives an unexpected visit from her father, who is on the run from the law; he becomes the number one suspect in a series of killings) $6.99
Braver, Gary Skin Deep (Boston homicide detective Steve Abbot investigates a series of murdered plastic surgery patients, each found with a black silk stocking around her neck) $7.99
Brennan, Allison Sudden Death (FBI #1: PBO; When a homeless veteran is found dead, FBI special agent Megan Elliott and a soldier-for-hire form a tense alliance to stop a nationwide spree of torture and murder) $7.99
Bush, Nancy Unseen (PBO; A woman who can't remember pieces of her past finds herself in deadly danger) $6.99
Byrnes, Michael The Sacred Blood (Charlotte Hennessy #2: DNA from the sacred bones cures Charlotte's cancer; but someone needs those bones - and Charlotte - to fulfill a prophecy that could lead to Armageddon) $24.99
Cannell, Dorothy She Shoots to Conquer (Ellie Haskell #14: Mrs. Malloy competes on a TV reality show at a Yorkshire estate; when a contestant is shot during an archery contest, Ellie investigates) $24.95
Caputo, Philip Means of Escape (Reissue; Non-fiction; the war correspondent's experiences in some of the world's most punishing war zones, from Beirut to Saigon to Afghanistan) $16.00
Carmon, Haggai The Chameleon Conspiracy (Dan Gordon #3: PBO; US Dept. of Justice agent Dan Gordon searches for the elusive Chameleon, a master criminal and sleeper agent) $7.99
Casablanca, Rayo Very Mercenary (PBO; Novel of celebrity, kidnapping, and murder among the hip 20-something set) $15.00
Child, Lee Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher #12: Jack Reacher goes up against a whole town, hunting the rich man at its core and cracking open his terrifying agenda) $9.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Cursed (Regan Reilly #12: Receiving a frantic call from an eccentric former neighbor, Regan traces the activities of the woman's ex-boyfriend, a con man with suspicious ties on both sides of the law) $25.00
Clark, Mary Higgins Just Take My Heart (Emily's friend Alice needs a heart transplant; Emily recommends that she receive a heart from Natalie, who is on life support after a terrible accident - that wasn't an accident at all) $25.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Where Are You Now? (Driven to solve the mystery of her older brother's disappearance ten years earlier, young lawyer Carolyn MacKenzie investigates a bizarre community of people who choose to disappear) $7.99
Coben, Harlan Long Lost (Myron Bolitar #9: Terese Collilns is suspected of murdering her ex-husband; Myron finds a piece of evidence that lays bare Terese's family secrets - and suggests the daughter she thought was dead is still alive) $26.95
Coelho, Paulo The Winner Stands Alone (At the Cannes Film Festival, a successful, driven Russian entrepreneur goes to the darkest lengths to reclaim a lost love) $25.99
Cohen, Jeffrey A Night at the Operation (Double Feature #3: PBO; All-comedy movie theater owner Elliot Freed's ex-wife is missing and accused of murdering a patient; he embarks on a frantic search, because murder is no laughing matter) $7.99
Connelly, Michael The Narrows (Harry Bosch #10: Reissue; FBI agent Rachel Walling gets the call: the Poet has resurfaced. LAPD detective Harry Bosch, looking into a death that may be related to the Poet, is drawn into the hunt for the serial killer) $13.99
Connelly, Michael The Poet (Jack McEvoy #1: Reissue; When his detective brother suddenly kills himself, crime reporter Jack McEvoy looks into police suicides, only to uncover a pattern that leads to The Poet, a serial cop killer) $14.95
Craig, Daniel Edward Murder at Graverly Manor (Five Star #3: PBO; Trevor Lambert hopes to buy a B&B, but the owner won't sell to him until he's worked there for 3 months; screams in the night and a maid's disappearance have him looking over his shoulder) $15.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Traitor (Emma Lord #20: Alpine's newspaper narrowly avoids a hostile takeover, and Emma Lord tops the suspect list when the person behind the bid turns up dead) $6.99
Dahl, K.O. The Man in the Window (Frank Frolich #2: When an Oslo antique dealer is found murdered, sitting naked in an armchair in his display window, the only clues are a number written on the body and a few missing war objects) $24.95
Dahlquist, Gordon The Dark Volume (Sequel to The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters . Miss Temple, Chang, and the Doctor oppose a conspiracy intent on creating a world where once free-roaming minds are wiped clean) $26.00
Davidson, Diane Mott Fatally Flaky (Goldy Schulz #15: When a suspicious death is connected to a nearby spa, Goldy goes undercover while catering a wedding there; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.99
Dietrich, William The Dakota Cipher (Ethan Gage #3: 1801: Thomas Jefferson convinces Ethan Gage and Magnus Bloodhammer to go on a scouting expedition; the pair have their own motive - to search for the mythical hammer of Thor) $26.99
Dugoni, Robert Wrongful Death (David Sloane #2: Attorney and former marine David Sloane reluctantly aids a military widow who is suing the government for the wrongful death of her husband in Iraq) $25.00
Epperson, Tom The Kind One (In 1930s LA, all Danny knows is something has erased his memory. His gangster boss says it was a lead pipe. But how can Danny be a gangster when he doesn't feel like one?) $15.00
Fielding, Joy Charley's Web (Controversial Florida columnist Charley Webb finds her emotional brick wall crumbling when she pens the story of a young woman on death row who may be innocent) $7.99
Fielding, Joy Still Life (Lying in her hospital bed, Casey Marshall realizes that although she can't see or speak, she can hear everything - and that her accident might not have been an accident at all) $25.00
Fraser, George Macdonald The Reavers (Lady Godiva Dacre and her companion Mistress Kylie, along with the dashing Bonny Gilderoy and enigmatic Archie Noble, face a Spanish plot to overthrow the Scottish king (among other things)) $14.95
Freeman, Brian In the Dark (Jonathan Stride #5: A cold-blooded murder from 30 years ago spills violently over into the present when the victim's best friend returns to Duluth to write a book about the death) $24.95
George, Elizabeth Deception on His Mind (Inspector Lynley #9: Reissue; The sleepy seaside town of Balford-le-Nez ignites when a member of the small but growing Asian community is found dead; DI Lynley and DS Havers investigate) $14.00
George, Elizabeth In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (Inspector Lynley #10: Reissue; DI Lynley and DS Havers investigate the murder of two people whose bodies were discovered in the dark circle of Nine Sisters Henge in Derbyshire) $14.00
George, Elizabeth A Traitor to Memory (Inspector Lynley #11: Reissue; DI Lynley risks his career when he discovers that a recent murder victim had been tied to an old homicide investigation that could involve Superintendent Malcolm Webberly) $14.00
George, Elizabeth A Place of Hiding (Inspector Lynley #12: Reissue; Forensic scientist Simon St. James and his wife Deborah discover that a murder on the island of Guernsey may be tied to the German occupation of the island during WWII) $14.00
Glenny, Misha McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld (Non-fiction; veteran reporter Glenny speaks with police, victims, politicians, and criminals about the worldwide rise in organized crime) $16.95
Goldenbaum, Sally Death by Cashmere (Seaside Knitter #1: Izzy rents the apartment above her shop to Angie Archer, who is unpopular with many locals. But could any of them have wanted her dead? Angie's body is discovered drowned in the harbor) $14.00
Goldman, Joel The Dead Man (Jack Davis #2: PBO; When the subjects of a dream study begin dying exactly the way they dreamed they would, FBI agent Jack Davis finds a serial killer lurking at the research facility) $6.99
Greiman, Lois One Hot Mess (Chrissy McMullen #5: PBO; Jack Rivera's womanizing father asks Chrissy to investigate a death that might haunt his next campaign; she finds a trail of bodies littering Senator Rivera's distinguished career) $6.99
Haddam, Jane Cheating at Solitaire (Gregor Demarkian #25: Former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian is asked to investigate the murder of the latest boy toy of aging teen idol Arrow Normand) $7.99
Harding, Georgina The Spy Game (In 1961, Anna's mother disappears; obsessed with the Cold War and WWII, her brother Peter thinks perhaps their refugee mother was a spy working undercover, and may still be alive) $24.00
Harris, Paul The Secret Keeper (When his ex-lover is murdered, British journalist Danny Kellerman returns to Sierra Leone and uncovers secrets that shed a shocking light on her - and could destroy those in power) $25.95
Hart, Carolyn Death Walked In (Death on Demand #18: Annie and Max Darling investigate a woman's murder and a fortune in missing rare Double Eagle gold coins) $7.99
Hart, Carolyn Dare to Die (Death on Demand #19: Annie and Max Darling invite a mysterious young woman to their party - where Death makes an uninvited appearance) $24.99
Hays, Tony The Killing Way (When a young woman is brutally murdered, former warrior Malgwyn ap Cuneglas, now a one-armed scribe, must clear Merlin's name and protect Arthur's reputation) $24.95
Henry, Sue Degrees of Separation (Jessie Arnold #12: After a devastating knee injury, champion musher Jessie Arnold is getting back into shape for the Iditarod when she stumbles upon a corpse during a practice run) $6.99
Henry, Sue The End of the Road (Maxie & Stretch #4: Maxie McNabb and her miniature dachshund Stretch have to find the killer when a murder shatters the quiet in their home town of Homer, Alaska) $23.95
Hewson, David Dante's Numbers (Nic Costa #7: A film premiere in Rome descends into chaos, with a man dead, the film's star missing, and a priceless relic vanished; Nic Costa and his fellow detectives investigate) $24.00
Higson, Charlie Hurricane Gold (Young Bond #4: Kids; James Bond's holiday at Jack Stone's home in Mexico is cut short when a hurricane hits and thieves kidnap Jack's children) $16.99
Hunt, E. Howard House Dick (Reissue; A detective in a Washington DC hotel gets entangled in a complex web of lies and murder after a gorgeous, mysterious woman checks in) $6.99
Hunt, Elizabeth Singer Secret Agent Jack Stalwart #09: The Deadly Race to Space (Kids; Jack's dad is the designer of a Mars-bound spacecraft; when he's abducted, Jack vows to find him) $4.99
Iggulden, Conn Genghis: Bones of the Hills (Genghis #2: Genghis Khan must seal his legacy and name his successor as his armies push to the west, facing fierce Arab warriors) $25.00
Jackson, Lisa Malice (12 years later, detective Rick Bentz takes another look at his first wife's death; then the murders begin, each victim a part of her past, each corpse pointing to Bentz as suspect) $24.00
Jinks, Catherine Genius Squad (YA; 15-year-old Cadell Piggot is stuck in foster care with police surveillance to protect him from the evil Prosper English, until he gets an offer to join the mysterious Genius Squad) $7.99
Johnston, Linda O. Never Say Sty (Kendra Ballantye #7: PBO; Kendra is the mastermind behind Animal Auditions, a new reality show; things get messy when her hot new producer is suspected of murder) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Vengeance in the Ashes (Ashes #16: Reissue; Ben Raines and his rebel army face off against an army of terrorist-trained Death's Head battalions) $5.99
Karp, Marshall Flipping Out (Lomax & Biggs #3: Nora Bannister buys a house, has her partners fix it up, and makes it a murder scene in her next mystery, leading to a bidding frenzy for the house. When one of her partners is murdered, LAPD detectives Lomax and Biggs investigate) $24.95
Kellerman, Faye The Quality of Mercy (In Elizabethan England, the Queen's court physician, a Spanish Jew posing as an Anglican, is smuggling Jews out of Spain, while his daughter Rebecca is being romanced by Will Shakespeare) $12.99
Kellerman, Jesse The Genius (Ethan Muller finds himself targeted after illegally selling paintings that turn out to contain clues about the missing artist's role in a 40-year-old murder) $9.99
Kellerman, Jonathan True Detectives (Fox & Reed #1: When PI Aaron Fox is hired to find a missing 20-year-old, he discovers that his estranged half-brother, cop Moses Reed, is also on the case) $27.00
Kent, Rebecca (aka Kingsbury, Kate) Finished Off (Bellehaven House #2: PBO; A little girl ghost wants to be reunited with her parents; Headmistress Meredith Llewellyn investigates their deaths) $6.99
Kilborn, Jack (aka Konrath, J.A) Afraid (A helicopter has crashed and unleashed something horrifying. Safe Haven's only chance for survival will rest with an aging county sheriff, a firefighter, and a single mom) $6.99
King, Gary C. Butcher (Non-fiction; the crimes of serial killer Robert 'Uncle Willy' Pickton) $6.99
Leake, John Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial Killer (Non-fiction; a California serial killer who was also a journalist reporting on his own crimes) $7.99
Leon, Donna The Girl of His Dreams (Guido Brunetti #17: A 10-year-old gypsy girl is found dead; Brunetti uncovers a world of prejudice and malefaction surrounding the immigrant gypsy communities) $14.00
Leonard, Elmore LaBrava (Reissue; Joe LaBrava is ensnared in a scheme involving a redneck former policeman, a Cuban hit man moonlighting as a go-go dancer, and a onetime movie queen who lives in a dangerous fantasy world) $14.99
Leonard, Elmore Out of Sight (Reissue; A prison break in South Florida brings together federal marshal Karen Sisco and bank robber Jack Foley. Jack could fall for her in a big way, if she weren't a dedicated representative of the law that he breaks for a living) $14.99
Leonard, Elmore Swag (Reissue; There aren't any textbooks on armed robbery, so small-time crooks Frank and Stick plan to learn by doing, embarking on a crime spree in 1970s Detroit) $14.99
Leonard, Peter Trust Me (Karen Delaney entrusts $300,000 to her boyfriend; when they break up, he won't return it. When thieves break into her house, she proposes a scheme to steal her boyfriend's safe) $24.95
Levine, Laura Killing Bridezilla (Jaine Austen #7: Jaine's been hired to write wedding vows for her high school nemesis; when the bride falls to her death, Jaine must find the killer) $6.99
Levine, Paul Illegal (Brash lawyer Jimmy Payne helps a Mexican teen search for his mother, missing after crossing the border with a 'coyote', and uncovers a dark current of human trafficking) $22.00
Liang, Diane Wei The Eye of Jade (Mei Wang #1: Mei Wang is Beijing's first successful female PI. A family friend hires her to find a Han dynasty jade; the case will force her to delve into China's brutal history and her family's secrets) $15.00
Logan, Chuck South of Shiloh (Photographer John Rane and Mississippi cop Kenny Beeman team up to stop a sniper who's targeting participants in a Civil War reenactment) $7.99
Longrigg, Clare Boss of Bosses: A Journey Into the Heart of the Sicilian Underworld (Non-fiction; Bernardo Provenzano, head of the Sicilian Mafia, who was finally arrested after evading the law for over 43 years) $25.95
Lowell, Elizabeth Blue Smoke and Murder (St. Kilda #4: Guide Jill Breck discovers that the perils of river-running are nothing compared to the hidden dangers in the high-stakes game of art collecting) $7.99
Ludlum, Robert The Sigma Protocol (Reissue; An investment banker and a beautiful government agent team up to investigate the sudden deaths of eleven men) $9.99
Malliet, G.M. Death and the Lit Chick (St. Just #2: PBO; Dalmorton Castle is hosting a crime writer's conference; when a bestselling author turns up dead, DCI St. Just and Portia are hot on the trail) $14.95
Mankell, Henning The Eye of the Leopard (A wealthy man arrives in Zambia not long after independence, taking over a small farm. Fearful of an underground army of revolutionaries, he ponders the traumatic events that drove him from Sweden) $14.95
Manning, John All the Pretty Dead Girls (PBO; After several of her Wilbourne College classmates vanish, Sue Barlow senses she's being watched, and realizes that a twisted psychopath is after her) $6.99
Marsella, Celeste Perfectly Criminal (PBO; Assistant prosecutor Shannon Lynch falls for an ambitious politician whose idea of foreplay involves flirtation, caresses, and a confession of murder) $6.99
Martini, Steve Shadow of Power (Paul Madriani #9: Defense attorney Paul Madriani investigates the murder of a legal scholar whose latest book contains shocking information about the Constitution and Thomas Jefferson) $7.99
McCarry, Charles Second Sight (Paul Christopher #7: Reissue; Paul Christopher is called out of retirement when US agents around the world are kidnapped and injected with a drug that drains them of vital secrets) $14.95
McCarry, Charles Shelley's Heart (The first presidential election of the 21st century is stolen through computer fraud; shown proof, the winner refuses to step aside, which may destroy him, his party, and the Constitution) $25.95
McMurray, Kevin F. Desire Turned Deadly (PBO; Non-fiction; Kara Beth Borden, a home-schooled teenager from a Christian family, whose boyfriend killed her parents) $6.99
Meier, Leslie Mother's Day Murder (Lucy Stone #15: Part-time reporter and mother of four Lucy Stone investigates another murder in Tinker's Cove, Maine) $22.00
Meier, Leslie Wedding Day Murder (Lucy Stone #8: Reissue; While helping plan a wedding, Lucy Stone is confronted with murder when the groom is found floating next to his yacht) $6.99
Moerk, Christian Darling Jim (Jim is a captivating itinerant storyteller. The Irish townspeople think it's sad coincidence that horrific murders follow Jim, and don't notice that the young female victims bear a frightening similarity to victims in his stories) $25.00
Mosley, Walter The Long Fall (Leonid McGill #1: Old-school PI Leonid McGill finds his commitment to living a straight-and-narrow life repeatedly tested when he attempts to obtain information for a high-paying client; unabridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Nelson, Anne Red Orchestra (Non-fiction; a circle of ordinary Berliners who tried to bring down the Nazis) $27.00
Neme, Laurel Animal Investigators (Non-fiction; how the world's first wildlife forensics lab is catching poachers, solving crimes, and saving endangered species) $25.00
O'Connell, Catherine Well Read and Dead (When her best friend goes missing, socialite Pauline Cook suspects that her friend's husband may be responsible; she follows clues first to an unusual book and then to Thailand) $13.99
O'Donnell, Peter/Colvin, Neville Modesty Blaise: The Lady Killers: Dossier on Pluto/The Lady Killers/Garvin's Travels (Graphic novel collecting three classic stories) $19.95
Pelecanos, George The Turnaround (In 1972, three teenagers drove into an unfamiliar neighborhood and six lives were altered forever. 35 years later, one survivor reaches out to another, opening a door that could lead to salvation. But another survivor is now out of prison . . ) $14.99
Perry, Anne Buckingham Palace Gardens (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt #23: When a female guest turns up dead following the Prince of Wales' party, Thomas Pitt's discreet investigation is complicated by Victorian politics, hidden rivalries, and high-stakes financial rewards) $7.99
Perry, Anne Execution Dock (William Monk #16: William Monk and his team pursue a child pornographer running a sex ring from inside an old ship; a boy's murder makes the case more urgent) $26.00
Persons, Terri Blind Rage (Bernadette Saint Clare #2: FBI agent Bernadette Saint Clare suspects that a series of suicides were really murders and uses her second sight to probe a psychiatrist who treated one of the victims) $7.99
Price, Suzanne Notoriously Neat (Grime Solvers #3: PBO; Professional cleaner Sky Taylor must uncover the link between two murder victims, a veterinarian and a singer) $6.99
Pronzini, Bill Schemers (Nameless Detective #34: Nameless investigates the theft of eight rare books - all crime fiction - from a locked library, while Jake hunts the person who dug up a dead man's ashes and poured acid on them) $24.95
Rabb, Jonathan Shadow and Light (Nikolai Hoffner #2: Chief Inspector Nikolai Hoffner investigates a film studio executive's death with the help of director Fritz Lang and crime lord Alby Pimm) $26.00
Ramsland, Katherine, Ph.D The Devil's Dozen (PBO; Non-fiction; the case histories of 12 of the most notorious serial killers of the last 100 years) $15.00
Robards, Karen Guilty (16 years after participating in a robbery that left a police officer dead, prosecutor Kate White faces exposure when she is supposed to try one of her co-conspirators) $7.99
Robbins, David Doomsday (Endworld Prequel: PBO; After a nuclear holocaust, Ken Carpenter and his companions think they're the only ones left, but they're wrong - and their battle to survive is just beginning) $6.99
Robbins, David L. The Betrayal Game (Mikhal Lammeck #2: Havana, 1961: Assassination expert Mikhal Lammeck unravels a plot to kill Fidel Castro while trying to discover what stake the U.S. government has in the game) $7.50
Rollins, David A Knife Edge (Vin Cooper #2: When a scientist falls from a military research ship and meets a grisly end, Vin Cooper follows a trail of bodies to a shadow government within our government, sworn to kill all who oppose them) $25.00
Rosett, Sara Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder (Mom Zone #4: Ellie Avery's idyllic new suburban home becomes a hotbed of criminal investigation) $22.00
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Paints the Town (Miss Julia #9: The mayor plans to replace the old courthouse with condos, and several of the town's husbands are missing.. Miss Julia will save the day, even if she has to expose a few of the town's secrets) $15.00
Scotti, R.A. Vanished Smile: The Mysterious Theft of the Mona Lisa (Non-fiction; the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa, and the investigation of the crime) $24.95
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa Last Rituals (Thora Gudmundsdottir #1: Attorney Thora Gudmundsdottir and her partner Matthew Reich find a connection between a German student's murder and his interest in Iceland's history of torture, execution, and witch hunts) $13.99
Sims, Elizabeth The Actress (Rita Farmer #1: Hired by a defense attorney to teach his client to appear more likable on the stand, struggling actress Rita Farmer soon finds her own life in danger) $6.99
Sims, Michael-ed. The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime: Con Artists, Burglars, Rogues, and Scoundrels from the Time of Sherlock Holmes (PBO; Anthology featuring all the legendary thieves, burgling London and Paris, conning New York and Ostend, and laughing all the way to the bank) $15.00
Smith, Tom Rob Child 44 (Leo Demidov #1: In Stalin's Soviet Union, it's a crime against the State to suggest that a serial killer is in their midst; Leo Demidov must find and stop a criminal that the State won't admit exists) $7.99
Stanley, Michael A Carrion Death (Detective Kubu #1: When Kalahari game rangers find a human corpse the hyenas haven't quite finished, Detective Kubu sorts through a mountain of lies and superstition to uncover a chain of crimes that lead to the most powerful figures in Botswana) $14.99
Stone, David The Orpheus Deception (Micah Dalton #2: While challenging a Serbian warlord, CIA agent Micah Dalton uncovers a conspiracy linking an act of piracy, a missing agent, and a hospital ship's covert agenda) $9.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Royal Pain (Scumble River #11: PBO; At a Halloween fundraiser, school psychologist Skye Denison stumbles over a dead body that's wearing the same witch costume as Skye; which witch was the intended victim?) $6.99
Teller, Joseph Bronx Justice (Jaywalker #2: PBO; In the late 1970s, criminal defense attorney Harrison J. Walker defends a black man accused of raping 5 white women in the Bronx) $7.99
Thayer, Terri Ocean Waves (Quilting #3: PBO; Something is clearly amiss at a sewing conference when an attendee disappears and the director is found dead; Dewey Pellicano must piece together the clues) $14.95
Thomas, Steven M. Criminal Paradise (A disturbing photo of a young girl, eyes full of fear as naked as she is, propels Robert Rivers into a lethal landscape of sex slaves and sadistic psychopaths) $7.99
Uruburu, Paula American Eve (Non-fiction; the story of 'It Girl' Evelyn Nesbit, who set the standard for female beauty in the early 1900s, and the murder of her lover by her millionaire husband) $17.00
Walker, Martin Bruno, Chief of Police (When an elderly French soldier is found murdered with a swastika carved into his chest, Bruno looks at WWII, when the French government turned on its own citizens to help the Germans) $24.95
White, Randy Wayne (writing as Striker, Randy) Grand Cayman Slam (Dusky MacMorgan #7: Dusky MacMorgan helps an old buddy who has been set up for a murder rap by a gang of kidnappers) $6.99
Wires, Richard The Cicero Spy Affair (Non-fiction; the colorful story of the valet of the British ambassador to Turkey during WWII, who appropriated top-secret material from his boss and sold it to the Nazis) $19.00


Baldacci, David First Family (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell #4: A daring kidnapping turns a children's birthday party at Camp David into a national security nightmare; the First Lady enlists the services of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to bring the child back safely; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.99
Barcomb, Wayne The Hunted (Frank Russo #1: A murderer is convicted due to a child's testimony; paroled 18 years later, he sets out to track down the witness; homicide detective Frank Russo must unravel the case) $24.95
Bova, Ben The Immortality Factor (Suddenly, stem-cell research creates the possibility of immortality. Two brothers, both doctors, are on opposite sides of the controversy, and must somehow bridge the gap) $25.95
Buhrmester, Jason Black Dogs (PBO; Petty criminal and die-hard Black Sabbath fan Patrick Sullivan and his friends head to the final show of the 1973 Led Zeppelin tour to retrieve a missing guitar, and decide to rip off the band) $13.95
Cleland, Jane K. Killer Keepsakes (Josie Prescott Antiques #4: When a dead body is found in her assistant Gretchen's house, with Gretchen the prime suspect, Josie and a team of antique appraisers set out to find the real killer) $24.95
Clio, Enrique The Far-Away War (Novel about the life of Henry Reeve, a Brooklyn boy who fought for the liberation of Cuba from Spanish colonialism, and ended up a brigadier general in the Liberation Army) $24.95
Eglin, Anthony The Trail of the Wild Rose (English Garden #4: A plant-hunting expedition haunted by tragedy leads to a perilous trail of greed, larceny, and deceit; retired botany professor and reluctant sleuth Dr. Lawrence Kingston investigates) $24.95
Fairstein, Linda-ed. The Prosecution Rests (Mystery Writers of America Presents) (PBO; Anthology of new stories about courtrooms, criminals, and the law) $15.99
Gregorio, Michael A Visible Darkness (Hanno Stiffeniis #3: Having overrun Prussia, Napoleon hopes to use their amber to finance his wars; Hanno Stiffeniis is called in to investigate when the girls who collect it begin to turn up dead) $25.95
Haddam, Jane Living Witness (Gregor Demarkian #24: When a controversial school board member is found clubbed unconscious, the Snow Hill, PA, police chief brings in former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian to investigate) $25.95
Hall, Parnell Dead Man's Puzzle (Puzzle Lady #10: Chief Harper asks Cora Felton to solve a crossword puzzle found on a body; trouble is, her niece Sherry writes the puzzle column for her, and Sherry is off on her honeymoon) $24.95
Johansen, Iris Dark Summer (Working with a search-and-rescue operation, veterinarian Devon Brady is thrust into a violent cat-and-mouse game involving a wounded Labrador's mysterious pack) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Deadlock (The CIA sends John Garrett to rescue archaeologist Emily Hudson, who is being held captive by a ruthless villain, but there may be more to the job than they let him know) $26.95
LeVine, Steve Putin's Labyrinth: Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia (Non-fiction; the transformation of 21st-century Russia into a state that is authoritarian, corrupt, despotic, and increasingly dangerous) $16.00
Lindsay, Frederic My Life as a Man (When Mr. Morton fires him, Harry Glass impulsively drives off with Morton's car - and Morton's wife. As the pair are pursued from city to city, Mrs. Morton forms a peculiar bond with Harry) $24.95
Lowe, Tom A False Dawn (Ex-cop Sean O'Brien finds a young woman beaten and raped in the Florida woods and is plunged into the world of human trafficking) $24.95
Mazur, Robert The Infiltrator: My Secret Life inside the Dirty Banks behind Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel (Non-fiction; global money laundering, an international drug empire, and justice served) $25.95
Nesser, Hakan Woman with a Birthmark (Inspector Van Veeteren #4: Van Veeteren is bewildered by the murder of a man shot twice in the heart and twice below the belt; the only clue is an obscure pop song, which provides a link to an identical murder) $23.95
Pearson, Ridley Steel Trapp: The Challenge (Kids; Trying to be a good Samaritan on the train, 14-year-old Steven 'Steel' Trapp becomes embroiled in a kidnapping and bribery plot that may have links to terrorists) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Collision Course (Executioner #365: PBO; Bolan digs into the global trade in prohibited weapons and uncovers an American traitor) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Hostile Dawn (Stony Man #100: PBO; paramilitary adventure) $6.99
Quick, Amanda (aka Krentz, Jayne Ann) The Perfect Poison (Arcane Society #6: When a lord is poisoned, botanical poison expert Lucinda Bromley and psychic investigator Caleb Jones investigate. As desire blooms between them, they are drawn into a deadly conspiracy) $24.95
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Delivers the Goods (Miss Julia #10: Hazel Marie is pregnant by PI J.D. Pickens, who has left town. When there's a heist in town, Miss Julia knows J.D. is the man to solve the case, but can she set thing right between him and Hazel Marie?) $24.95
Ryder, Cliff Black Widow (Room 59 #6: PBO; Ajza Manaev goes undercover for Room 59, infiltrating a group of women, widows of Chechnya's battle dead, who have become suicide bombers) $6.99
Sasaki, Joh Zero Over Berlin (When Hitler decides to build Japanese Zero fighter planes, Japanese navy officials, with mixed feelings about the alliance, have to get two Zeros from Japan to Germany) $15.95
Scottoline, Lisa Look Again (When she sees her adopted son's face on a missing-child flyer, reportor Ellen Gleeson looks for the truth; what she uncovers theatens her life - and her son's) $26.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Tea Time for the Traditionally Built (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency #10: Mma Ramotswe searches for her tiny white van, which her husband had replaced with another vehicle, and attempts to find an explanation for the local football team's dreadful losing streak) $23.95
Stone, David The Venetian Judgment (Micah Dalton #3: In a globe-trotting search for a possible mole in the upper echelons of the CIA, cleaner Micah Dalton collides with a group of spies plotting to paralyze American intelligence operations) $25.95
Sullivan, Mark T. Triple Cross (The Jefferson Club is a resort for the rich; when terrorists break in and take hostages, including security chief Mickey Hennessey's kids, he'll do all he can to ensure his kids' safety - or die trying) $24.95
Ure, Louise Liars Anonymous (A roadside assistance operator thinks she hears a man being killed while she's on the phone with him; she takes the recording to share with the man's wife, who insists he's still alive) $25.95
Woods, Stuart Loitering with Intent (Stone Barrington #16: Stone and Dino head to Key West to locate a wealthy man's missing son, then realize that the young man may have very good reasons for not wanting to be found) $25.95


Abbott, Tony The Postcard (Kids; A creepy phone call. An old postcard. A bizarre magazine story. And a strange group of funeral-goers who seem to follow their every move - all contain clues that will lead Jason and Dia to uncover extraordinary family secrets; Edgar Award nominee for Best Juvenile Mystery) $5.99
Barnard, Robert The Killings at Jubilee Terrace (Inspector Charlie Peace investigates the suspicious death of a soap opera actor; given the animosity and jealousy that pervade the set, more deaths may follow) $24.00
Blair, J.M.C. The Lancelot Murders (Merlin Investigation #2: PBO; When Lancelot is accused of murdering Queen Guenevere's father, she begs Merlin to prove his innocence) $7.99
Blauner, Peter Casino Moon (Reissue; A mobster's son wants to escape a life of crime, but his plan hinges on a washed-up boxer's comeback bid and winning the help of a sexy round card girl) $7.99
Blunt, Giles No Such Creature (Every summer, Owen and his Uncle Max take a road trip across the US, pulling off elaborate heists; their success brings them to the attention of a vicious gang that steals from thieves) $25.00
Bodman, Karna Small Final Finesse (White House Deputy Director for Homeland Security Samantha Reid teams up with gas company VP Tripp Adams to investigate a series of natural-gas pipeline explosions) $26.95
Bond, Stephanie 5 Bodies to Die For (Body Movers #5: PBO; The Charmed Killer is on the loose in Atlanta, and Carlotta's body-moving business brings her dangerously close to the action) $7.99
Booth, Stephen Scared to Live (Cooper & Fry #7: British detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry investigate a house fire that kills a woman and her two children; the trail takes them to the other side of Europe) $7.50
Bourne, Sam The Last Testament (A conspiracy involving international politics, stolen antiquities, and an unsolved riddle of the Bible threatens to derail an Israeli/Palestinian peace accord) $26.99
Box, C.J. Blood Trail (Joe Pickett #8: A hunter is found dead, a spent cartridge and a poker chip next to his body; Joe Pickett is put on the case as more bodies and poker chips turn up) $7.99
Bradley, Alan The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (In the summer of 1950, murder comes to 11-year-old Flavia's English home. It's tied to a death 30 years before, and the investigation will lead Flavia all the way to the King of England) $23.00
Cameron, Kenneth The Frightened Man (1900 London: Approached by a man who claims to be pursued by the long-gone Jack the Ripper, Denton dismisses the story, until the mutilated body of a teenaged prostitute is found) $24.95
Carlo, Philip The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer (Reissue; Non-fiction; a seemingly ordinary husband and father who was also a cold-blooded killer for hire) $7.99
Challinor, C.S. Murder in the Raw (Rex Graves #2: PBO; Scottish barrister Rex Graves flies to St. Martin to investigate the disappearance of French actress Sabine Durand, and links a wealthy developer with unsolved serial killings) $13.95
Chase, F.J. Darkness Under Heaven (PBO; Two Americans get caught up in a war between China and Taiwan; their only chance for survival is to work together to get to the Mongolian border) $7.99
Connolly, John The Reapers (Charlie Parker #7: As a small boy, Louis witnessed a murder. Now an assassin is hunting him. He and his partner Angel decide to strike back; when they disappear, their friends, led by PI Charlie Parker, band together to find them) $9.99
Coyle, Harold/Tillman, Barrett Prometheus's Child (Strategic Solutions #2: Paramilitary group Strategic Solutions, Inc., is sent to Chad to stop a shipment of fuel for nuclear weapons) $7.99
Dades, Tommy/Vecchione, Mike/Fisher, David Friends of the Family: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case (Non-fiction; two highly decorated New York detectives provided information to the Lucchese crime family, resulting in at least eight murders, two of which they committed themselves) $26.99
de Jonge, Peter Shadows Still Remain (When a woman goes missing, detective Darlene O'Hara catches the case; when the woman then turns up as a high-profile homicide, a legendary detective gets the case - but O'Hara refuses to let go) $25.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Broken Window (Lincoln Rhyme #8: Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs reluctantly team up to chase down a serial killer who leaves behind evidence implicating innocent people) $9.99
Deutermann, P.T. The Moonpool (Cam Richter #3: Cam Richter, head of a PI agency, is looking into the murder of one of his PIs when he discovers dangerous security problems at a nuclear power plant) $7.99
Dittrich, Stacy Mary Jane's Grave (CeeCee Gallagher #2: PBO; Locals insist a teenage girl was murdered by a vengeful ghost, but Detective CeeCee Gallagher is determined to find the real - human - killer) $7.99
Drake, John Flint & Silver: Treasure Island: The Prequel (A tale of bloody battles, mutinous crews, sexual rivalry, and women as treacherous as the storms at sea, set in the Caribbean and South Atlantic during the mid-1700s) $25.00
Duncan, Elizabeth J. The Cold Light of Mourning (Meg Thompson disappears on her wedding day, and turns up dead. Penny Brannigan notices something is not quite right at her best friend's funeral, investigates, and discovers a secret that will shake the small Welsh town. Winner of the Minotaur Books/Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel contest) $24.95
Estleman, Loren D. The Branch and the Scaffold (Judge Parker inherited a corrupt court and a lawless territory the size of Great Britain. For the next two decades, his implacable justice brought law and order to the West - and made him plenty of enemies) $24.95
Ewan, Chris The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam (Charlie Howard #1: Charlie Howard writes thrillers about a burglar and moonlights as a thief. He finds himself caught up in a caper involving safe-deposit boxes, menacing characters, and a beautiful damsel in distress) $13.95
Faye, Lyndsay Dust and Shadow (Dr. Watson relates the harrowing story of Sherlock Holmes' attempt to hunt down Jack the Ripper on the gritty streets of late 19th-century London) $25.00
Ferraris, Zoe Finding Nouf (A missing girl is found dead in the desert; when the coroner determines she died of drowning, desert guide Nayir takes it upon himself to find out what really happened) $13.95
Flynn, Gillian Dark Places (When Libby Day investigates the long-ago murders of her mother and two sisters, unimaginable truth emerges, and Libby finds herself fighting for her life) $24.00
Fowler, Karen Joy Wit's End (What happens when readers steal your characters? Rima is about to find out when she visits her godmother, a successful mystery writer, and discovers the truth behind the novels) $15.00
Freveletti, Jamie Running from the Devil (The DoD sends a team to rescue hijacking victims from a band of guerrillas, not realizing that one of the survivors is carrying a biological weapon destined for auction to the highest bidder) $24.99
Frost, Mark The Second Objective (Germany, 1944: Otto Skorzeny plans to disguise 2000 English-speaking soldiers as GIs and send them behind Allied lines; 20 of the best will attempt an even more sinister mission) $7.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Legend of the Jade Dragon (Chintz 'n China #2: Reissue; When a client gives seer Emerald O'Brien a statue of a jade dragon as payment, bad luck follows. To thwart its evil spell, she'll have to follow a trail of heartache to China's Ming Dynasty) $7.99
George, Elizabeth Careless in Red (Inspector Lynley #14: Lynley, recovering in lonely Cornwall from the murder of his wife, discovers a body and becomes witness, suspect, and investigator of an almost-perfect crime) $7.99
Gilman, Keith Father's Day (The search for a woman's missing daughter leads PI Louis Kline to Philadelphia and a Chinese drug operation. Winner of the Minotaur/PWA Best First Private Eye Novel contest) $24.95
Goldberg, Tod The End Game (Burn Notice: PBO; Paolo Fornelli's family has been taken hostage. The ransom: Paolo must throw the Hurricane Cup yacht race. Ex-covert op Michael Westen must find the kidnappers) $6.99
Goldenbaum, Sally Patterns in the Sand (Seaside Knitter #2: The idyllic summer in Sea Harbor turns somber when the body of a popular gallery owner is found; as his secrets surface, the residents realize they didn't know him at all) $23.95
Golding, Julia The Diamond of Drury Lane (Kids; Winner of the 2006 Smarties Prize. In 1790s London, orphan Cat Royal has grown up in the Theater Royal. Asked to guard a treasure hidden there, she finds herself in danger) $7.99
Goldstein, Paul A Patent Lie (Michael Seeley #2: Litigator Michael Seeley is asked to represent a small pharmaceutical company against a giant biotech firm; the former lead lawyer's apparant suicide may in fact have been murder) $14.95
Golemon, David Lynn Ancients (Event Group #3: The great weapon of the Ancients, which destroyed Atlantis, is in the hands of men who want to unleash hell on Earth once again; the Event Group must stop them) $7.99
Greenlaw, Linda Fisherman's Bend (Jane Bunker #2: Maine marine investigator Jane Bunker deals with a young mariner dead of a heroin overdose, the real agenda of an Indian leader, a missing bait iron, and a corpse painted red) $7.99
Grippando, James Intent to Kill (Three years after a hit-and-run killed Ryan's wife Chelsea, the prosecutor receives a tip that it wasn't an accident; when Chelsea's brother disappears, Ryan and the prosecutor race to save his life) $25.99
Gruber, Michael Valley of Bones (Jimmy Paz #2: Reissue; Jimmy Paz interviews an unlikely murder suspect who claims to commune with saints, placing her sanity in question and testing the belief systems of police psychologist Lorna Wise) $14.99
Guillou, Jan The Road to Jerusalem (Crusades #1: Born in 1150 to a noble family, Arn comes of age in a monastery; keenly intelligent and talented with sword and bow, his mentor sends him into the world to fulfill his destiny) $25.99
Harmon, Sandra Mafia Son: The Scarpa Mob Family, the FBI, and a Story of Betrayal (Non-fiction; Mafia boss Greg Scarpa Sr. spent decades as an FBI informant; faced with arrest in the late 1980s, he asked his son to take the fall for him) $25.95
Harris, Charlaine Last Scene Alive (Aurora Teagarden #7: Reissue; A film is being made in Lawrenceton based on a book by Roe's one-time boyfriend Robin. When the lead actress is killed, Robin and Roe join forces again to thwart the killer) $7.99
Harwood, Seth Jack Wakes Up (When he unknowingly plays tour guide to a pack of KGB agents turned coke dealers, Jack Palms ends up with gunmen after him. But what scares him is that he's starting to have fun) $13.95
Hess, Joan Busy Bodies (Claire Malloy #10: Reissue; When an artist's house goes up in smoke and a dead body is found, bookseller Claire Malloy starts snooping around to find the killer) $6.99
Hiaasen, Carl The Downhill Lie: A Hacker's Return to a Ruinous Sport (Non-fiction; a humorous golf memoir recounting the mystery writer's return to the fairways after more than 30 years) $13.95
Huddy, John Storming Las Vegas: How a Cuban-born, Soviet-trained Commando Took Down the Strip to the Tune of Five World-class Hotels, Three Armored Cars, and Millions of Dollars (Non-fiction; a Cuban immigrant spearheads a ruthless series of high-profile casino and armored car robberies; a 23-year veteran cop brings him down) $15.00
Hunter, Chris Eight Lives Down (Non-fiction; British major and bomb-disposal team leader Chris Hunter's first-person account of bomb-defusing missions in Iraq) $6.99
Jacobs, David 24 Declassified: Head Shot (Jack Bauer #10: PBO; Novel tying in to the 2009 season finale) $7.99
Johnson, Denis Nobody Move (An assortment of lowlifes in Bakersfield, CA, play a cat-and-mouse game over $2.3 million; unabridged CDs $29.95) $22.00
Johnston, Paul The Soul Collector (Matt Wells #2: True-crime writer Matt Wells must use all his resources to stop a psychopath who's killing mystery writers) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Battle in the Ashes (Ashes #17: Reissue; Ben Raines and his troops must stop a neo-Nazi army marching up from South America) $5.99
Jordan, R.T. Final Curtain (Polly Pepper #2: Golden-age TV star Polly Pepper is back on the case when she lands a role and the director turns up dead on the second day of rehearsals) $6.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M. People Who Walk in Darkness (Inspector Rostnikov #15: Investigating a murder at a Siberian diamond mine, Rostnikov uncovers a diamond-smuggling operation involving kidnapped workers and an international conspiracy) $13.95
Kelner, Toni L.P. Curse of the Kissing Cousins (Where Are They Now? #1: PBO; When the actress who played Tilda Harper's favorite character on Kissing Cousins vanishes, Tilda must find her before a killer cancels her contract) $6.99
King, Laurie R. O Jerusalem (Mary Russell #5: Reissue; Russell and Holmes go undercover in British-occupied Palestine to stop an adversary who plans to reduce Jerusalem's most sacred place to rubble and ignite a war) $14.00
King, Laurie R. Justice Hall (Mary Russell #6: Reissue; A missing diary, a purloined bundle of letters, and a trail of ominous clues lead Russell and Holmes from an English hamlet to the city of Paris to the wild prairies of the New World) $14.00
King, Laurie R. The Language of Bees (Mary Russell #9: When Holmes' son Damian Adler arrives unexpectedly and then disappears, Holmes and Russell follow the trail from bohemian London to Scotland, where a horrifying ceremony must be stopped) $25.00
Koontz, Dean Odd Hours (Odd Thomas #4: Haunted by dreams of a powerful red tide, Odd Thomas and his two otherworldly sidekicks are drawn to a small coastal town) $9.99
Lansdale, Joe R. Two Bear Mambo (Hap & Leonard #3: Reissue; Hap and Leonard head to East Texas to investigate the disappearance of Leonard's lawyer, and end up tangling with redneck racists and a voodoo graveyard) $13.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Bad Chili (Hap & Leonard #4: Reissue; Leonard gets fingered for murder when both the man who stole his boyfriend and his ex turn up dead; Hap vows to clear Leonard's name) $13.95
Lavene, Joyce & Jim A Corpse for Yew (Peggy Lee Garden #5: PBO; Peggy Lee joins her mother on a bone harvest for the local historical society; another volunteer becomes a corpse with curiously red lips. Includes gardening tips) $7.99
Liang, Diane Wei Paper Butterfly (Mei Wang #2: When a beloved Chinese pop star disappears in Beijing, PI Mei Wang must unravel a mystery filled with family secrets and the shadowy truth behind China's labor camps) $24.00
Loomis, Jon Mating Season (Frank Coffin #2: Detective Frank Coffin and his partner officer Lola Winters investigate the murder of a Provincetown heiress with a very active love life) $24.95
Lowry, Elizabeth The Bellini Madonna (Disgraced art historian Thomas Lynch is pursuing a lost Bellini Madonna; the trail leads to a crumbling English manor house, where a Victorian diary might provide the key) $25.00
Ludlum, Robert/Lustbader, Eric Van Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Sanction (As he takes on a group of Muslim extremists who plan to attack the US, Jason Bourne must confront a nightmare version of himself - an amoral, heartless killer) $9.99
Luttrell, Marcus/Robinson, Patrick Lone Survivor (Non-fiction; eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of SEAL Team 10) $8.99
Maffini, Mary Jane Death Loves a Messy Desk (Charlotte Adams #3: PBO; Charlotte has been hired to organize a hopelessly cluttered workplace desk; when the desk's owner goes missing, Charlotte investigates) $6.99
Margolin, Phillip Executive Privilege (PI Dana Cutler is forced to flee for her life when the student she's tailing is murdered; lawyer Brad Miller discovers similarities between Dana's case and a killing with ties to the president) $9.99
Marshall, Michael Bad Things (On a summer afternoon, 4-year-old Scott walked onto a jetty over a lake and never came back; three years later his father receives an email from a stranger claiming to know the truth) $24.99
McCullough, Jonathan J. A Tale of Two Subs (Non-fiction; the story of two US WWII submarines, and of John Phillip Cromwell, who died to ensure that he wouldn't reveal under torture that the US had cracked Japanese codes) $14.99
McKinty, Adrian Fifty Grand (Detective Mercado, a Cuban cop whose father was a celebrated defector to the US, goes undercover in a Colorado town to find out who killed her father, and why he was hiding there) $25.00
Montville, Leigh The Mysterious Montague (Non-fiction; a camera-shy 1930s golf legend who was also a fugitive wanted for armed robbery) $14.95
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Gallery (Faith Fairchild #17: Faith's friend Patsy discovers that a piece of art she lent to the local museum has been switched with a fake, and wants Faith to snoop around to find the culprit) $7.99
Palahniuk, Chuck Pygmy (Pygmy is one of a handful of young adults from a totalitarian state sent to the US disguised as exchange students; he and his fellow operatives are cooking up something big) $24.95
Parker, Robert B. Resolution (Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch #2: Western; when a greedy mine owner threatens local ranchers and starts buying up businesses, Hitch and Cole find themselves in the middle of a makeshift war) $9.99
Patterson, James/Paetro, Maxine 7th Heaven (Women's Murder Club #7: Detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner search for the missing son of a former governor, and hunt an arsonist who burns beautiful homes, leaving their owners to perish in the flames) $14.99
Patterson, James/Paetro, Maxine The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club #8: Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the murders of the city's most glamorous couple, and a preacher who wasn't as saintly as everyone thought) $27.99
Patterson, James/Roughan, Howard Sail (Anne Dunne's plans for a family sailing vacation are complicated first by her children's problems and then by a catastrophic accident) $9.99
Pears, Iain Stone's Fall (Financier and arms dealer John Stone falls out a window at his London home; the novel traces the reasons for his death back through time, from 1909 London to 1890 Paris to 1867 Vienna) $27.95
Pintoff, Stefanie In the Shadow of Gotham (In turn-of-the-century New York City, detective Simon Ziele and Columbia University criminologist Alistair Sinclair investigate the murder of math student Sarah Wingate. Winner of the Minotaur Books/MWA Best First Crime Novel contest) $24.95
Puit, Glenn Father of the Year (PBO; Non-fiction; a Las Vegas Father of the Year who was also a con man, thief, and killer) $7.99
Riggs, Cynthia Death and Honesty (Martha's Vineyard #8: 92-year old poet/sleuth Victoria Trumbull and her friends tie together the threads to solve three murders related to the town assessors' money-skimming scheme) $23.95
Roncagliolo, Santiago Red April (Felix is an unambitious prosecutor living in Lima who has just been put in charge of an investigation into a bizarre murder that may be linked to the infamous Shining Path terrorist group) $24.95
Rucka, Greg Walking Dead (Atticus Kodiak #7: His neighbors are brutally murdered; to rescue the surviving daughter, Atticus enters a web that takes him from Russia to Istanbul, and stretches from Dubai to Las Vegas) $25.00
Sandford, John Phantom Prey (Lucas Davenport #18: College-age students are being slashed to death; it looks like a modern-day Jack the Ripper, but Lucas Davenport suspects something else is involved) $9.99
Sandom, J.G. The God Machine (PBO; The coded journal of Benjamin Franklin, a hidden map, and a legendary gospel are the first pieces to an ancient puzzle that could destroy the foundation of Christianity) $7.50
Saylor, Steven A Murder on the Appian Way (Roma Sub Rosa #5: Gordianus the Finder investigates the killing of populist politician Publius Clodius) $14.95
Schneider, Paul Bonnie and Clyde: The Lives Behind the Legend (Non-fiction; based on extensive archival research, declassified FBI documents, and interviews) $27.50
Scott, Robert Lust to Kill (Non-fiction; Pacific Northwest serial killer/rapist Sebastian Shaw) $6.99
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa My Soul to Take (Thora Gudmundsdottir #2: When a young woman's body is found at a new age health resort in a possibly haunted farmhouse, the resort's new owner hires Thora to investigate) $24.99
Smith, Carlton The Prom Night Murders (PBO; Non-fiction; a teenage son who murdered his pastor father, mother, and two siblings in Lakeville, IN) $6.99
Spencer-Fleming, Julia I Shall Not Want (Fergusson & Van Alstyne #6: Episcopal priest Clare Fergusson and police chief Russ van Alstyne investigate a trio of execution-style murders targeting the migrant community of a rural Adirondack town) $7.99
Stanton, Doug Horse Soldiers (Non-fiction; immediately after 9/11, a band of Special Forces soldiers entered Afghanistan on horseback to capture a strategic city, thereby effectively defeating the Taliban in the rest of the country) $28.00
Staub, Wendy Corsi Dead Before Dark (PBO; A renowned psychic becomes the target of a serial killer) $6.99
Stewart, Mariah Cry Mercy (Mercy Street #2: PBO; A brilliant crime scene investigator and a fiery forensic psychologist take on the hunt for a vanished coed) $6.99
Stewart, Trenton Lee The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey (Mysterious Benedict Society #2: Kids; After reuniting for a celebratory scavenger hunt, the Society members are forced to go on an unexpected search - for Mr. Benedict, who has been trapped by his evil twin Mr. Curtain) $6.99
Stout, Rex Too Many Cooks/Champagne for One (Nero Wolfe: A killer plans to serve Nero Wolfe his last supper; a woman dies from a lethal champagne cocktail) $15.00
Sutton, Randy True Blue: To Protect and Serve (Non-fiction; stories and memories that offer a look at the many facets of police life, as told by the cops who lived them) $7.99
Sweeney, Leann The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse (Cats in Trouble #1: PBO; When the search for missing purebred cats leads her to a murdered body, all paws point to Jill; she must find the felines and clear her name) $6.99
Tafoya, Dennis Dope Thief (Ray and Manny disguise themselves as DEA agents and rip off small-time drug dealers; eventually, they choose the wrong mark, and wind up with a heavy hitter on their trail) $24.95
Terrell, Heather The Map Thief (Mara Coyne #2: A Republican kingmaker hires Mara Coyne to track down a centuries-old map that was stolen from a dig he was sponsoring in China) $7.99
Unger, Lisa Black Out (Annie Powers' idyllic life in a Florida suburb begins to unravel when the demons of her past - which she can't recall because of an intense dissociative state - return to haunt her; also available as $14.95 trade pb) $7.99
Viets, Elaine Clubbed to Death (Dead-End Job #7: Helen Hawthorne's deadbeat ex-husband arrives back in her life aboard the yacht of his new lady; when he vanishes, Helen finds herself charged with murder ) $6.99
Viets, Elaine Killer Cuts (Dead-End Job #8: When a gossip blogger and TV show host is murdered at his own wedding, his high-end hairstylist is the chief suspect; Helen is determined to clear him to save her job at his salon) $22.95
Wall, Carolyn Sweeping Up Glass (Raised in the Kentucky Mountains, Olivia Harker Cross begins to realize how little of her bitter history she understands; facing real and dangerous enemies, men steeped in bigotry and hatred, she ignites a conflict that will embroil the entire community) $13.00
Wall, Kathryn R. Covenant Hall (Bay Tanner #9: PI Bay Tanner is hired to locate the estranged family of a woman whose daughter needs a bone-marrow transplant) $24.95
Wignall, Kevin People Die (Reissue; JJ is the best hitman money can buy, but now there's a contract out on him. He must stay one step ahead of his enemies as he fights to expose a conspiracy - and live to kill another day) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Hot Mahogany (Stone Barrington #15: Stone Barrington is hired to protect a former agent with a bad case of amnesia - and what he's forgotten, some will kill for) $9.99


Axler, James Shadow Box (Outlanders #49: PBO; The souls of rogue Igigi seek hosts for their physical rebirth; the Cerberus rebels must stop them from reclaiming the planet) $6.99
Beckett, Simon Whispers of the Dead (David Hunter #3: David Hunter is visiting the Body Farm when a decomposed body is found in a cabin in the hills. Despite misgivings, he agrees to help an old colleague with the investigation) $24.00
Bond, Larry Cold Choices (Jerry Mitchell #2: When a Russian sub collides with the USS Seawolf, Mitchell and his shipmates must keep their damaged sub afloat and try to keep the trapped Russians alive until rescue arrives) $26.95
Bruen, Ken Sanctuary (Jack Taylor #7: When PI Jack Taylor receives a letter containing a list of victims, he ignores it, until a child dies and he determines to stop the killer at any cost) $24.95
Cantrell, Rebecca A Trace of Smoke (In 1931 Berlin, crime reporter Hannah Vogel seeks the murderer of her cross-dressing lounge singer brother and uncovers intrigue and sex scandals in the rising Nazi party) $24.95
Child, Lee Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher #13: When Jack witnesses a suicide on a Manhattan subway, he knows there's more than meets the eye, and sets out to detonate a secret that both the feds and Al-Qaeda will kill to keep quiet; unabridged CDs $44.95) $27.00
Clements, Rory Martyr (John Shakespeare #1: John Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth's chief intelligencer, is ordered to protect Francis Drake from an assassination plot, and must also investigate the murder of a high-born young woman) $24.00
Davis, Lindsey Alexandria (Marcus Didius Falco #19: When Falco and Helena Justina vacation in Alexandria, Egypt, he ends up investigating the suspicious death of the Librarian of the great library) $24.95
Davis, Lindsey The Course of Honour (Reissue; The story of the forbidden romance between Vespasian, a soldier who is destined to be Emperor of Rome, and Antonia Caenis, a slave girl at the imperial palace) $14.95
Defoe, Gideon The Pirates! In an Adventure with Napoleon (Pirates #4: The Pirate Captain does not do well at the Pirate of the Year Awards and retreats to St. Helena; his plans for a quiet life of beekeeping are interrupted by the arrival of Bonaparte) $16.95
Depoy, Philip The King James Conspiracy (1605: A group of scholars is brought together in Cambridge to create a definitive English translation of the Bible; ancient secrets are revealed that threaten the most basic beliefs of Christianity) $25.95
Egan, K.J. Where It Lies (Assistant pro Jenny Chase finds the body of a greenskeeper hanging in the golf cart barn; the police rule the death a suicide but Jenny has her doubts) $24.95
Evans, Bill/Jameson, Marianna Frozen Fire (Eco-terrorists release poisonous methane into the water and atmosphere; security chief Victoria Clark and Dr. Sam Briscoe must find a way to seal the break and nullify the methane) $24.95
Faulks, Sebastian (writing as Fleming, Ian) Devil May Care (James Bond 007: 007 is recalled from his sabbatical in Rome to shadow a powerful pharmaceuticals magnate who has taken an interest in illegal opiates) $13.95
Gerber, Linda Death by Denim (Death By #3: YA; When her mom's contact in Paris is found floating in the Seine with a deadly message stuffed in his mouth, Aphra Connolly sneaks away to track down the criminal mastermind in Italy) $7.99
Grant, Andrew Even (Royal Navy intelligence operative David Trevellyan is framed for a murder in NYC; with no idea who's a friend and who's a foe, he penetrates a huge international conspiracy) $24.95
Hart, John The Last Child (His twin sister has been missing for a year, but Johnny is determined to find her. His hunt leads him to a forgotten place with a history of violence going back more than a hundred years; signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Hockensmith, Steve The Black Dove (Holmes on the Range #3: The Amlingmeyers set out to land jobs as detectives in 1893 San Francisco, and put themselves on a collision course with shady cops, Barbary Coast hoodlums, and Chinatown tongs, as all sides race to find the enigmatic and exotic 'Black Dove') $13.95
Hunt, Elizabeth Singer The Quest for Aztec Gold (Secret Agent Jack Stalwart #10: Kids; Jack heads to Mexico to save Montezuma's legendary gold from a murderous band of thieves) $5.99
Huston, James W. Marine One (Marine reserve helicopter pilot/attorney Mike Nolan must find out why the president's helicopter crashed, and why the president was rushing to a meeting no one seems to know about) $24.95
Khoury, Raymond The Sign (During a live news feed from Antarctica, a massive sphere of light suddenly appears in the sky, then disappears - in front of a world audience. Has God finally revealed himself, or is something more sinister at hand?) $26.95
Kroger, John Convictions: A Prosecutor's Battles Against Mafia Killers, Drug Kingpins, and Enron Thieves (Non-fiction; a former federal prosecutor traces his contributions to high-profile cases involving organized crime leaders, drug kingpins, & other dangerous criminals) $15.00
Krueger, William Kent Red Knife (Cork O'Connor #8: Cork is caught in the middle of a gang dispute between the Aurora Anglos and the Ojibwe Reservation Red Boyz; the Red Boyz leader and his wife are found murdered) $15.00
Land, Jon Strong Enough to Die (Caitlin Strong #1: Former Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong investigates the bloody desert firefight that ended her career 5 years ago, a quest that leads her to Washington, Bahrain, and Mexico) $24.95
Leonard, Elmore Road Dogs (Mystery featuring Cundo Rey (last seen in LaBrava ) and Jack Foley (last seen in Out of Sight ); unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.99
Littell, Robert The Stalin Epigram (Fictional account of the life of Osip Mandelstam, Russian poet and outspoken critic of the Stalin regime, who died in a Siberian transit camp in 1938) $26.00
Peace, David Nineteen Seventy-Seven (Red Riding #2: Reissue; Yorkshire prostitutes are being murdered; detective Bob Fraser and reporter Jack Whitehead suspect there may be more than one killer at work) $14.95
Pelecanos, George The Way Home (A decade after Chris served time in juvie, Thomas Flynn's rocky relationship with his son is finally moving away from distrust and scorn when a burglary breaks their uneasy detente. Signed copies expected) $24.99
Pendleton, Don Pele's Fire (Executioner #366: PBO; Bolan must protect an informant and stop a terrorist attack in the Hawaiian Islands) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Interception (Mack Bolan SuperBolan #16: PBO; Bolan hunts down a criminal consortium in Croatia) $6.99
Perry, Anne Callander Square (Thomas Pitt #2: Reissue; When the bodies of two infants are discovered in the gardens of a quiet, elegant square in London, Thomas Pitt's wife Charlotte and her sister Emily conduct an unorthodox inquiry) $14.00
Perry, Anne A Dangerous Mourning (William Monk #2: Reissue; Inspector William Monk has his hands full when an aristocrat's daughter is stabbed to death in her own bed) $14.00
Peters, Gretchen Seeds of Terror: How Heroin Is Bankrolling the Taliban and al Qaeda (Non-fiction; the booming Afghan opium trade and its financing of terrorism) $25.95
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Cemetery Dance (Agent Pendergast #9: When a Manhattan couple are attacked by their neighbor - a man who died weeks earlier - Pendergast and D'Agosta's investigation leads to an Obeah cult; signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $44.98) $26.99
Runholt, Susan The Mystery of the Third Lucretia (YA; Two teen girls see a man copying a Rembrandt, first in the US, then in the UK. When a never-before-seen Rembrandt shows up in Amsterdam, they set out to bring the forger to justice) $6.99
Sandford, John Wicked Prey (Lucas Davenport #19: Davenport faces a psycho who's gunning for his daughter, a crew of professional stickup men taking advantage of the GOP convention, and a right-wing crazy with a sniper rifle) $26.95
Schechter, Harold The Whole Death Catalogue: A Guide to All Things Mortuary (PBO; Facts, anecdotes, and practical information about all facets of death) $18.00
Smith, Tom Rob The Secret Speech (Leo Demidov #2: 1956: Stalin is dead. Leo Demidov is establishing a homicide department in Moscow; the legacy of his past career puts him and his family in danger from someone with a grudge; unabridged CDs $39.98) $24.99
Smith, Wilbur Assegai (Third Courtney Series #5: On the eve of WWI, Leon Courtney is recruited to gather information on a German industrialist; he uncovers a plot that could wipe out the British forces in Africa) $27.95
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (Enola Holmes #3: Kids; When Dr. Watson goes missing and a bizarre bouquet of flowers symbolizing death arrives at his residence, 14-year-old Enola must act quickly to find out where he's been taken) $6.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline (Enola Holmes #5: Kids; Enola comes home to find her landlady Mrs. Tupper has been kidnapped. Who would take her, and why? And what does Florence Nightingale have to do with it?) $14.99
von Boeselager, Philipp F./Fehrenbach, Florence/Fehrenback, Jerome Valkyrie (Non-fiction; firsthand account of the failed German military plot to kill Hitler, told by one of the key conspirators) $25.00
Wolfe, Inger Ash The Calling (61-year-old Ontario D.I. Hazel Micallef tracks a serial killer who targets terminally ill victims) $13.95

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