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Newsletter #44 December, 1998 - February, 1999

RECENTLY RECEIVED AND FORTHCOMING MYSTERIES Alcorn, Alfred Murder in the Museum of Man ("hilarious satire of academic life & contemporary social issues, a stew of murder cannibalism, political posturing & high camp") $13.00
Amos, Beth Second Sight (when blinded journalist Marlie Kaplan starts to recover partial vision, her new ability leads to murder, deception & nightmare;PBO) $6.50
Ashley, Mike_ed The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (anthology of short Holmesian pastiches by Baxter, Greenwood, Keating, Moorcock, Myers, Tremayne, Wilson, more) $10.95
Banks, Russell Affliction (in NH mill town, ex_high school football star/well_digger/cop is driven to sudden criminal acts during deer season) $13.00
Barnes, Alan/Hearn, Marcus Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! The Unofficial James Bond Companion (media reference; detailed history of Bond on screen, behind_the_scenes look & rare info on unofficial spin_offs, Bond_influenced show,more) $23.95
Bound, Mensun Lost Ships (non_fiction; subtitled "The Discovery & Exploration of the Ocean's Sunken Treasures") $35.00
Brown, Janice The Seven Deadly Sins in the Work of Dorothy L Sayers (criticism; exploration of major works, use of popular genres to examine sin/redemption, social applications, parallels between personal/chrctr attitds) $35.00
Cose, Ellis The Best Defense (defense lawyer Felicia Fontaine takes case of businessman accused of killing Hispanic rival in affirmative action dispute but prosecutor is ex_flame) $24.00
Dinallo, Greg Touched by Fire (arson investigator Dan Merrick has hands full in S Ca fire season, but now someone's mailing firebombs to genetic biologist Lila Graham__why?; PBO) $5.99
Fassbender, Tom/Pascoe, Jim By the Balls, by Dashiell Loveless (noir_reminiscent, mapback bowling mystery, with illustrations) $5.95
Frisbie, Thomas/Garrett, Randy Victims of Justice (non_fiction; 1983 murder of Jeanine Nicario sparked wavage war between prosecutors & attorney over Election Year conviction of innocent men; PBO) $6.99
Grafton, Sue/Penzler, Otto_eds The Best American Mystery Stories 1998 (anthology includes MH Clark, Mosley, Block, McInerney, Westlake, more; hc avail $25) $13.00
Greenberg, Alvin How the Dead Live (collection of tales of people who use tactics from humor to hallucination to fight mortality; PBO) $14.00
Guterson, David Snow Falling on Cedars (movie tie_in reprint) $13.00
Harr, Jonathan A Civil Action (movie tie_in reprint) $14.00
Heggan, Christiane Deception (daughter of controversial architect believes his death was murder, teams up with ex_homicide detective & ex_husband to prove it; PBO) $5.99
Hemlin, Tim Catered Christmas (grad student/chef Neil Marshall 4, enjoys grandpa's Christmas until finding out he's wanted for murder__meantime, Neil must cater 4 parties; PBO) $5.99
Katz, Jamie Dead Low Tide (resort town lawyer Dan Kardon insists on digging deeper into college kid's shooting death, putting him at head of killer's list; PBO) $5.99
Kaye, Marilyn Replica 1: Amy, Number Seven (young adult; young Amy starts to realize her abilities are anything but normal & the people around her behaving strangely__who is she, really?; PBO) $0.99
Kaye, Marilyn Replica 2: Pursuing Amy (young adult; after encounters with mom's boyfriend & Dr Jaelski, Amy decides she must find the others like her before it's too late; PBO) $3.99
Lawson, Philip Would it Kill You to Smile? (Will Keats follows ventriloquist father's wishes to bury him with dummy, but is haunted by dummy & disinterment reveals it's missing & mystery is afoot) $22.00
Leppart, Jerry Headwaters (CIA analyst Phil Soran enlists Native American St Paul cop to stop Iraqi surgeon/terrorist from leaking Prairie Island nuclr waste int Mississippi; signed; PBO) $14.95
Leppek, Christopher The Surrogate Assassin (Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson head for the US to uncover the truth behind Pres Lincoln's assassination 16 years later; signed) $24.95
MacLeod, Ian R The Great Wheel (in near future, English priest who's lost his faith but still tends north Africa city's poor investigates their deaths, confronts politics, poverty) $24.00
McKinney, Meagan In the Dark (when Alyn learns her wealthy aunt's disappeared days before they were to meet, she delves into menacing surroundings to discover her fate) $23.00
Mezrich, Ben Reaper (virologist Samantha Craig/paramedic Nick Barnes track deadly terrorist_ developed virus that travels from computer to computer to user) $6.99
Mitcheltree, Tom Dataman (information specialist Tom "Dataman" Walkinshas asked to help solve murders of spray_painting teens, finds leads to another computer wizard) $22.95
O'Kane, Leslie Play Dead (dog psychologist Allie Babcock's first client leads to investigation of owner's apparent suicide, bringing her to killer's attention; PBO) $5.99
O'Reilly, Bill Those Who Trespass (NY Det Tommy O'Malley & tabloid reporter Ashley Van Buren compete to crack murders of series of high_level TV executives & correspondents) $24.00
Ouaknin, Marc_Alain Mysteries of the Alphabet (non_fiction/reference; journey through recorded history, tracing evolution of alphabet & its precursors) $27.95
Partnoy, Alicia The Little School: Tales of Disappearance & Survival (memoir of Argentine student activist abducted & taken to concentration camp of torture, murder; 2nd Ed) $14.95
Pence, Joanne Cooks Overboard (food writer Angie Amalfi/detective Paavo Smith take romantic, getaway sail to Acapulco, but then suspicious events lead to murder; PBO) $5.99
Picknett, Lynn/Prince, Clive The Templar Revelation (religion/occult; investigation of ancient, secret religion that challenges orthodox beliefs of Christ's identity, ties with Eastern mysticism) $15.00
Rapp, Adam The Buffalo Tree (13_year_old detention center inmate is determined to get out with body & spirit intact__if he can) $10.00
Sayers, Dorothy L Two Plays About God & Man (associational; omnibus edition of two plays by Sayers, a Faustian drama & a Nativity play) $14.95
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Strange Brew (Atlanta PI/cleaning lady Callahan Garrity's attempts to clear neighborhood character of yuppie microbrew owner's murder lead to even deadlier developments) $5.99
Vrettos, Theodore The Elgin Affair ("The Abduction of Antiquity's Greatest Treaures and the Passions it Aroused", non-fiction) $13.95
Walsh, John/Lerman, Philip No Mercy (non_fiction; host of TV's "America's Most Wanted" details most astonishing manhunts__both catches & misses__of his career; PBO) $24.00
Weeks, Kent The Lost Tomb (archaeology; archaeologist tells tale of discovering tomb of Ramesses II's sons built at time of Israelite exodus from Egypt) $27.50
Wesson, Marianne Render Up the Body (ex_prosecutor/rape crisis center director Cinda Hayes is assigned to rape/murder convict's death row appeal & reluctantly realizes he may be innocent) $6.99
Wilson, John The Disappearance of Lyndsey Barratt (adversaries journalist Julie Adams & Insp Frank Illiffe investigate deaths of gang members who 7 years earlier attacked woman who then disappeared) $6.50
Woods, Stuart Swimming to Catalina (Stone Barrington gets desperate call from ex_girlfriend's fiance & agrees to help search for her, but soon realizes nothing & no one can be trusted) $6.99


Adler, Elizabeth Sooner or Later (heiress & ex_NY cop/vineyard owner find each other, but desperate stranger is out to destroy them) $6.99
Allard, Kent The Mad Chopper (non_fiction; man who raped teen & cut off her arms is released to kill again; PBO) $5.99
Allen, Irene Quaker Indictment (Clerk of Quaker Meeting Elizabeth Elliot 4, visits Seattle friend, but friend's disappearance leads her into morass of murder, government radiation coverup) $5.99
Allen, Steve Die Laughing (Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows discover murdered comedy king during aged ex_vaudeville star's funeral, realize one of assembled star comics must be culprit) $5.99
Allen, Steve Murder in Hawaii (when Steve & Jayne guest star on new hit detective show in Hawaii, it seems like vacation__until the stalking & murders begin) $22.00
Bernhardt, William Extreme Justice (attorney Ben Kincaid 7, quits law for jazz combo, but when once_famous singer's murdered at club's anniversary gala, he must return to practice) $6.99
Berry, Carole Death of a Downsizer (office temp Bonnie Indermill was hoping latest job would turn permanent, but then the dreaded CEO turns up murdered & evidence points to Bonnie; PBO) $5.99
Birmingham, Ruth Fulton County Blues (Atlanta PI Sunny Childs 2, investigates death of late father's Vietnam vet friend, but starts to realize the truth may ruin father's memory; PBO) $5.99
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Done Wrong (black Det Marti MacAlister returns to Chicago to uncover truth behind undercover_cop/husband's murder after his name keeps cropping up in new murders) $5.99
Bland, Eleanor Taylor See No Evil (black Det Marti MacAlister 6, finds investigation of girl's murder, risk to homeless man almost make her miss threat to family from killer from past) $5.99
Cercone, Karen Rose Coal Bones (1906 Pittsburgh Det Milo Kachigan/reporter Helen Sorby 3 probe mining death that has big business, organized labor & immigrant workers t deadly odds; PBO) $5.99
Cobb, James H Sea Strike (Navy Commander Amanda Garrett 2, must take her stealth destroyer into heart of Communist China to stop nuclear holocaust) $6.99
Cooper, Susan Rogers A Crooked Little House (Texas romance writer EJ Pugh faces down husband's family in defence of sister_in_law accused of murder, but truth could destroy her life; PBO) $5.99
Coughlin, William J The Judgment (lawyer Charley Sloan juggles cases of framed deputy police chief & children's bodies laid out in snow outside Detroit) $6.99
Crombie, Deborah Dreaming of the Bones (biographer asks Supt Duncan Kincaid & Sgt Gemma Jones to help prove poet's suicide was murder & despite their skepticism, new evidence points to truth; Edgar Nominee) $5.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Kindred (small_town Washington newspaper publisher Emma Lord 11, probes treasure_linked family feud that erupts into arson & murder; PBO) $5.99
Davis, Rankin Hung Jury (jury's about to convict Dr Jennifer Fox of murder when the Prime Minister's warned terrorists hold his brother & only Fox's acquittal will save hm;PBO) $6.99
Davis, Val Flight of the Serpent (archaeologist Nicolette Scott 2, finds reporter's plane wreck & joins his grandfather to probe gov't deception, illegal expermnts, WWII B_24 Lbrtr;PBO) $5.50
DeLoach, Nora Mama Rocks the Empty Cradle (black SC social worker Grace Covington (4) & daughter Simone investigate buried infant, missing baby & mother's murder, & dig up dangerous secrets) $21.95
Douglass, Keith (CA Mobley wrote) Carrier 12: Chain of Command (military adventure; Adm Wayne & USS Jefferson plan counterattack against N Vietnam while Adm Magruder sets off into jungle to find father; PBO) $5.99
Du Brul, Jack B Vulcan's Forge (geologist/ex_commando Philip Mercer's in hotseat as friend's daughter's kidnaping leads to deadly secrets behind nuke_built volcano, social/ political unrest) $6.99
Elm, Joanna Delusion (true_crime writer Kate McCusker & Det Mike Travis investigate murder of media mogul's wife; must unravel unexpectedly dangerous web of intrigue) $6.99
Englade, Ken Everybody's Best Friend (non_fiction; Main Line wife/mother murdered by husband; PBO) $6.50
Gorman, EJ Senatorial Privilege (DA Amy McGuire struggles with loyalty to revered senator when she realizes he's behind push to convict her brother of murder__why?) $6.99
Haney, Lauren A Face Turned Backward (in ancient Egypt, Lt Bak's 2 assigned to search Nile river traffic for contraband elephant tusks but the secrets he finds threaten him with doom;PBO) $5.99
Herman, Richard Force of Eagles (thriller reprint) $6.99
Hogan, Chuck The Blood Artists (rival scientists who allied to contain virulent virus with extreme methods face its stronger, mutated reemergence & 1 survivor's blood may be only answer) $6.99
Hynd, Noel The Prodigy (horror; virtuoso pianist's tortured by mentor's vengeful spirit that insists he pay for talent by murdering woman he loves) $5.99
Jackson, Hialeah The Alligator's Farewell (hearing_impaired Yale prof Annabelle Hardy inherits dad's Miami PI agency, winds up investigating radioactive corpse with bizarre partner; PBO) $5.99
James, PD A Certain Justice (Scotland Yard Cmdr Adam Dalgliesh & team must solve locked_room murder of celebrated barrister after murder suspect's acquittal) $7.99
Johnstone, William W Survival in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic adventure reprint) $5.99
Kaye, Marilyn Replica 3: Another Amy (young adult; Amy meets her double, but they're dangerously opposite; PBO) $3.99
Koontz, Dean Fear Nothing (genre crossing; young man is forever united with the night; perhaps the author's best book) $7.99
Lira, Gonzalo Counterparts (FBI agent Margaret Chisolm, known for savage rage when pushed too far, is teamed with low_level CIA agent to find international assassin) $6.99
Lordon, Randye Say Uncle (lesbian PI Sydney Sloane 5, agrees to help cousins clear her estranged uncle of arson & murder, but finds he's withholding truth; PBO) $5.99
Lovejoy, William H Flash Factor (handful of Americans counterattack when motherlode of oil off Brunei is seized by rebels; PBO) $5.99
Magnuson, Mike The Right Man for the Job (black man & white farm boy working as inner city repo men meet challenge of resistant customer with ever more devious & brutal methods) $13.00
Malmont, Valerie S Death, Lies & Apple Pies (Tori Miracle & cats 2, set off to judge Amish country Apple Butter Festival with police chief Garnet Gochenaueer, but murders intervene; recipe included) $5.99
McGovern, Jimmy/Holliday, Liz Cracker: One Day a Lemming Will Fly (TV tie_in; troubled police psychiatrist Edward Fitzgerald 3, probes for truth in boy's murder, teacher's apparent guilt, but it's murkier than expcted) $5.99
Monfredo, Miriam Grace The Stalking Horse (librarian Glynis Tryon heads south to help Pinkerton Detective_niece whose 1st assignment lands her in midst of plot against government on eve of Civil War) $5.99
Parkinson, Dan The Fox & the Fury (historical naval adventure reprint) $4.99
Peters, Ralph The Devil's Garden (relief worker/senator's daughter vanishes in lawless, oil_rich nation & Lt Col Evan Burton must find her despite gangsters, zealots, spies, warlords) $6.99
Piccirilli, Tom The Dead Past (upstate NY town Felicity Grove seems quiet, but Jonathan Kendrick's eccentric grandma Anna finds plenty of trouble__this time a dead body in her trash) $5.99
Reich, Christopher Numbered Account (Nicholas Neumann's search for father's killer leads to work in Swiss bank where money & deals tighten noose with same criminality that killed father) $7.99
Reynolds, Father Brad, SJ Cruel Sanctuary (Father Mark Townsend 3, caught up in assault & murder of teen runaway, must find real killer while suspected by police & parish; PBO) $5.99
Ryan, Charles Track of the Bengal (ex_Special Forces officer on freighter carrying mercury_ based nuke realizes terrorists objective as soldiers, spies, strategists struggle to find them;PBO) $6.50
Seeley, Mabel The Beckoning Door ('50 reprint; mid-Minnesota resort setting) $22.00
Seeley, Mabel The Chuckling Fingers ('42 reprint; North Shore of Lake Superior setting) $22.00
Skinner, Robert Cat_Eyed Trouble (1938 New Orleans nightclub owner Wesley Farrell 2, grapples with murder & deception; "moody mystery rich with...allure & threat") $5.99
Skinner, Robert Daddy's Gone A_Hunting (New Orleans nightclub owner Wesley Farrell 3, confronted with series of murders that arouse deceptions of past & turn friends into enemies) $22.00
Uhnak, Dorothy Codes of Betrayal (half_Irish, half_Italian cop, Nick O'Hara's inability to bring child's killer to justice send him into downward spiral of vengeance) $6.99
Veith, George J Code_Name Bright Light (Vietnam/POW rescues/non_fiction) $6.50
Warner, Penny Right to Remain Silent (deaf reporter Connor Westphal 3, must race clock to clear deaf man charged with murder & still get paper out on time; PBO) $5.50
Woods, Stuart Orchid Beach (ex_Army Maj Holly Barker takes deputy police chief post in small FL town with Doberman Daisy & investigates spate of murders of friends, co_workers) $25.00


Aird, Catherine Stiff News (Insp CD Sloane believes letter received posthumously by old woman's son indicates she was murdered in nursing home catering to ex_WWII regiment members) $21.95
Anders, Donna Another Life (woman convinced abusive husband's planning her murder escapes, changes ID, still gets death threats) $6.99
Andrews, Donna Murder With Peacocks (Meg returns to hometown for summer to help arrange 3 family weddings, coping with zany relatives, bizarre demands, but unpopular guest's murder is topper) $24.95
Anthony, Michael David Midnight Come (lay Church of England official Richard Harrison investigates murdered body found in locked room, as village mounts production of Marlowe's"Dr Faustus") $22.95
Ashford, Jeffrey Loyal Disloyalty (Richard Adeane begins so suspect his brother_in_law of woman's rape, but hesitate's to betray ex_wife's confidence) $20.95
Axler, James Deathlands 44: Crucible of Time (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Babson, Marian The Company of Cats (gossip maven Annabel Hinchby_Smythe's lured to computer billionaire's flat, but finds him murdered & joins with his cat & her family to find truth) $20.95
Brown, Sandra Sweet Anger (newscaster Kari Wynne searches for truth behind husband's death, connection to DA Hunter McKee, who destroyed husband's reputation but arouses her desire) $6.50
Charyn, Jerome Citizen Sidel (NY Mayor Isaac Sidel's on VP short list, but immediate worries are police captains' feud, dead cop on prowl, ex_mayor in madhouse, gang on killing spree) $23.00
Dixon, Franklin W Hardy Boys Casefiles: Collector's Edition (young adult; omnibus edition of #55, 58 & 59; PBO) $4.99
Dixon, Franklin W Hardy Boys are the Clues Brothers 10 (young reader) $3.99
Dubowski, Cathy & Mark Nickelodeon: Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 10: High Wire ( young reader; suspicious accident at circus draws Shelby's attention; PBO) $3.99
Dunnigan, James F/Nofi, Albert A Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War (non_fiction/military history; subtitled "Military Information You're Not Supposed to Know", from origin of C4 to Top Gun school to Montagnard Mercenaries) $27.50
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Singe Your Old Flame ("queen_sized" PI Desiree Shapiro 6, agrees to investigate death of ex_lover's bride, but drug_smuggling suspicions conflicts with cops' suspicions of client;PBO) $5.99
Faherty, Terence The Ordained (ex_seminarian Owen Keane 5, probes vanishing of 3 sect members, suspecting paroled killer despite sect's belief in 2nd Coming fulfilled) $4.99
Gordon, Alan R Thirteenth Night (set years after Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", Fool's Guild jester Feste must again match wits with nemesis Malvolio, this time over Duke of Orsino's murder) $23.95
Grace, Tom Spyder Web (ex_SEAL/computer expert Nolan Kilkenny gets caught up in CIA & FBI hunt for info pirates who've stolen CIA's secret intel_gathering project) $25.00
Gregory, Sarah The Best Defense (Dallas lawyer Sharon Hays 3, meets old friend now Hollywood star, who turns hires Sharon to defend her when dead body's found in her room; PBO) $6.99
Hall, Patricia Perils of the Night (Yorkshire reporter Laura Ackroyd/CI Michael Thackeray find her undercover prostitution investigation & his prostitute_murder case converging) $22.95
Heffernan, William The Dinosaur Club (downsized executive joins cohorts determined to strike back; "funny, sad, clever") $6.99
Hill, Reginald Killing the Lawyers (black British PI Joe Sixsmith 3, must disprove suspicions he killed lawyers while protecting threatened track star) $4.99
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks 28 (young reader) $3.99
Kehret, Peg The Blizzard Disaster (young reader; time_travellers Warren & Betsy set out for 1940 MN blizzard for report, but find way home is frozen; PBO) $3.99
Klempner, Joseph Flat Lake in Winter (criminal defense lawyer Matthew Fielder tries dropping out, but death_penalty murder case against "slow_witted orphan" youth brings him back to fray) $24.95
Lauria, Frank Zorro: Skull & Crossbones (media tie_in; Zorro takes on raiders, discovers pirate & plot to assassinate Gen Santa Anna; PBO) $4.50
Lawrence, Martha C Aquarius Descending (psychic PI Elizabeth Chase 3, goes undercover in cult to investigates boyfriend's ex_fiance's disappearance, but may have met her match) $23.95
Leib, Franklin Allen The House of Paine (desperate parents hire millionaire ex_Vietnam tunnel rat to retrieve kidnapped daughter, but legal system must still cope with aftermath of his tactics) $23.95
Maron, Margaret Killer Market (Judge Deborah Knott 6, subs for NC judge during huge home decor show, but when ex_classmate's dead son_in_law appears on display, she takes on murderer) $6.50
McBain, Ed The Last Best Hope (attorney Matthew Hope's search for client's missing husband leads to world of kinky sex, games, high_class theft, turns to 87th Pct's Carella for help) $7.50
Michaud, Stephen G/Hazelwood, Roy The Evil That Men Do (non_fiction; FBI profiler Hazelwood relates his exploration of sexual criminals' minds in his most famous cases) $25.00
Miller, John A Causes of Action (lawyer Claude McCutcheon agrees to help Vietnam pal uncover truth of computer company's misdeeds but friend's on run & son's left with Claude as company gets deadly) $23.00
Morgan, Mary Willful Neglect (lawyer Noah Richards takes on case of black child's death during operation, uncovers indifference & racism leading to arson & murder) $4.99
Mrazek, Robert J Stonewall's Gold (young man discovers long_guarded secret & sends him on limit_testing adventure in final months of Civil War) $22.95
Olden, Marc Fear's Justice (racist, sexist NYPD Det Fear Meaher bends rules & morals, but must turn to enemy when lover, another cop's wife, is killed) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Executioner 241: Evil Reborn (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 38: Enemy Within (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Pike, Christopher Master of Murder (young adult horror; fan letter claiming to know teen's ID as bestselling author is only the start; PBO) $4.50
Pool, James Hitler & His Secret Partners: Contributions, Loot (& Rewards (non_fiction; expose of banks & people who funded 3rd Reich) $14.00
Poyer, David Thunder on the Mountain (in 1936 Pennsylvania, strikers led by WT Halvorsen & CIO organizer clash with oil company & strikebreaker during terrible winter on forest's edge) $25.95
Prado, Benjamin Never Shake Hands With a Left_Handed Gunman (remaining young people of Barcelona group recount character, nature of their vanished leader, their efforts to find him; punchy, noir_like dialogue") $19.95
Randisi, RobertJ/Matthews, Christin Murder is the Deal of the Day (used bookseller Gil & home_ shopping show host Clair Hunt are just settling into happy 2nd marriage when murders tied to Claire's show threaten all) $21.95
Rule, Ann The End of the Dream (non_fiction; bond between 4 'golden boys' shattered by one's greed, twisted desire; PBO) $7.50
Scott, Willard/Crider, Bill Murder Under Blue Skies (renowned weatherman looks forward to retiring to run B&B, but poisoning at his opening gala puts a damper on plans) $6.99
Tucker, James Abra Cadaver (amateur magician Dr Jake Merlin discovers missing roommate in anatomy lab & hunts for truth despite deception, greed, Pittsburgh underworld; PBO) $6.99
Walker, Dale L Legends & Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West (non_fiction; examination of myths & mysteries incl Meriweather Lewis' unexplained death, Davy Crockett's fate, killing of Crazy Horse, more) $14.95
White, Stephen Critical Conditions (psychologist Dr Alan Gregory 6, looks into teen girl's suicide motives, learns ill stepsister's may die w/o denied treatment, then HMO exec's murdered) $7.50
Wilson, Ian Shakespeare: The Evidence (non_fiction; literary investigation/biography of greatest Shakespearean debates: play authorship, sexuality, grave's curse, more) $19.95
Wood, Barbara Perfect Harmony (when killer uses Charlotte's herbal remedy company's product to kill, then demands she confess, she tracks killer & uncovers her secret past) $6.99
Zumbro, Ralph Tank Sergeant (military non_fiction/Vietnam) $6.99


Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Saw Stars (Quill & cats look into rumors of extraterrestrial kidnapping of stray backpacker; audio avail $17.95) $22.95
Bull, Bartle Cafe on the Nile (in 1935 Cairo, Mussolini's armies, hunters, adventurers converge on one cafe & change history) $26.00
Connelly, Michael Angels Flight (Det Harry Bosch must investigate murder of black lawyer hated by LAPD for racism & brutality lawsuits, on eve of high_profile trial, as wife disapears; audio $24) $25.00
Halligan, Kathleen_ed Women of Mystery III (anthology from EQMM & AHMM incl Rendell, Hess, Muller, Maron, Paretsky, Cross, more) $24.00
Holden, Craig Four Corners of Night (Police Officers Bank Arbaugh/Mack Steiner investigate case of missing girl that begins to tie to unsolved disappearance of Arbaugh's daughtr 7 yrs ago) $23.95
Holden, Craig The River Sorrow; The Last Sanctuary (trade paperback reprints) $11.95
James, Bill Halo Parade (DCS Colin Harpur 3, puts cop undercover in drug gang, setting stage for murder & revenge; "crackling dialogue & seamy people") $10.00
James, Russell Count Me Out (participant in armored van robbery disappears, pursued by his bosses who try to get to him through his brother & daughter) $10.00
Kanon, Joseph The Prodigal Spy (when Nick Kotlar decides to visit ailing father in 1969 Prague, 19 years after fleeing McCarthy inquiries, he learns truth of past events,ongoing conspiracy) $25.00
Kellogg, Marne Davis Nothing But Gossip (Wyoming Marshal Lilly Bennett 4, prepares for her wedding, but must investigate murders among the rich & philandering at the same time) $21.95
Kerr, Philip The Second Angel (in plague_ridden world of moon_walk centennial, untainted blood is currency with federal reserve on moon, set for destruction by the man who designed it) $25.00
Koontz, Dean Seize the Night (suspense; when children disappear from Moonlight Bay, Christopher Snow sets out to find them despite disorder that restricts to night movement; follow up to Fear Nothing ) $26.95
Leonard, Elmore Elmore Leonard's Western Roundup 3 (associational; omnibus reprint of Westerns "Valdez is Coming" & "Hombre") $12.95
McKay, Gardner Toyer (neurologist Maude Garance finds caring for victims of manipulative, diabolical psychopath is not enough & decides she must stop him, whatever the cost) $24.00
Plimpton, George_ed The Writer's Chapbook (reference; "compendium of writers' opinion, wit & advice", includes Roth, Parker, Faulkner, Capote, White, Angelou, Borges, Williams, Doctorow, Hemingway,) $18.95
Robertson Booth (illustrated novel based on historical record follows coming_of_age of John Surratt, manipulated into helping John Wilkes Booth assassinat Pres Lincoln) $12
Siler, Jenny Easy Money (Allie Kerry agrees to pick up computer disk at Seattle bar, but finds contact's body, winds up on run from setup for CIA agent's & drugrunner's murders) $24.00
Whitehead, Colson The Intuitionist (black elevator inspector Lila Mae Watson, one of faction detecting faults w/intuition, goes underground to investigate crash, find writings of founder) $19.95


Adams, T/Brooks_Mueller, M/Shaw, S Eye of the Beast (non_fiction; story of serial killer James Wood) $6.50
Barron, Stephanie Jane & the Genius of the Place (Jane Austen 4, sets off for Canterbury Races but attention turns from racing to murder of beautiful equestrienne) $22.95
Belsky, RG Playing Dead (journalist Joe Dougherty 2, learns convicted serial killer's dying secret__kills were orchestrated by wealthy college friends who still play game;PBO) $6.50
Block, Barbara The Scent of Murder (pet shop owner Robin Light 4, searches for late husband's illegitimate daughter who's suspected of murder) $5.99
Block, Lawrence Hit Man (Keller makes a living killing people but wants a life_will his attempts work out?;"odd & appealing combination of the hard_boiled, the surreal & the whimsical") $6.99
Braidhill, Kathy Chop Shop (reprint/non_fiction; story of funeral home heir's greed, mutilated corpses & sold body parts) $5.99
Burton, Robert A Cellmates (sf crossover; Artie Singleton learns he's one of 10 clones & one of them is killer determined to be rid of brothers so he can be unique) $6.50
Carter, Paula Leading an Elegant Death (domestic "artiste" Hillary Scarborough teams up with undomestic ex_law student Jane Ferguson to solve crimes & decorating disasters; includes recipe; PBO) $5.99
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenick, Steve_cr Tom Clancy's Net Force: Deadliest Game; Virtual Vandals (young adult; in 2010, team of troubleshooting teens are recruited by security agency w/in FBI to control the world's new superpowers__computers; PBO) $4.99
Conant, Susan The Barker Street Regulars (dog writer Holly Winter & malamutes befriend aged Holmes fan & gather clues to truth when her relatives start falling victim to murder & scams) $5.99
Cook, Robin Toxin (when Dr Kim Reggis' daughter falls ill from contaminated burger, he launches investigation into USDA complicity with slaughterhouse industry) $7.99
Cross, Amanda The Puzzled Heart (when husband's kidnapped, English prof Kate Fansler (12) & Det Harriet Furst struggle to appear compliant with demands while tracking culprits & reasons) $5.99
Dams, Jeanne M Holy Terror in the Hebrides (Dorothy Martin 3, finds Hebrides vacation turning into busman's holiday when priest's fall from cliff turns out to be murder) $5.99
Davis, Patrick A The General (Lt Col Charlie Jensen learns that Air Force general's murder in Vietcong style is linked to crimes reaching into top ranks of government) $6.99
DePoy, Phillip Easy as One, Two, Three (Georgia Det Flap Tucker 3, searches wild Appalachians & old tragedys for missing young girl; PBO) $5.99
Dockery, Kevin/Fawcett, Bill_eds The Teams: An Oral History of the US Navy SEALS (military non_fiction) $6.50
Douglass, Keith Seal Team Seven 7: Deathrace (military adventure; Murdock & SEAL platoon must team with warhead expert Katherine Garnet to stop Iran from building nuclear devices; PBO) $5.99
Doyle, Robert C A Prisoner's Duty: Great Escapes in US Military History (military history) $6.50
Ellroy, James Clandestine (reprint; young cop on rise in '50s LA, Fred Underhill's ambition's fueled by serial murder case leading to corruption, betrayal & murder) $12.00
Ford, GM Slow Burn (Seattle PI Leo Waterman 4, hired as security for restaurant convention but assignment monitoring steakhouse competitors & food critic lands him in the soup) $5.99
Grisham, John The Street Lawyer (Michael's encounter with homeless man leads to realization the law firm he's struggling to rise in has deadly secrets that change his life) $7.99
Harrod_Eagles, Cynthia Killing Time (Insp Bill Slider (6) asked for help by cross_gender, erotic male dancer, but when dancer's killed he probes for link to popular constable's attacks) $5.99
Hartzmark, Gini Rough Trade (lawyer Kate Millholland 5, struggles to control chaos when Milwaukee football team's debt_ridden owner's found murdered & son aims to move team; PBO) $6.50
Heller, Jane Crystal Clear (Arizona's New Age mecca turns out to harbor murder; "blends romance, mystery & wit") $5.99
Hess, J/Gorman, E/Greenberg, MH_eds Crime After Crime (anthology; the best short mysteries of the year, by Perry, Paretsky, McBain, Rendell, Muller, Pickard, more) $5.99
Hoyt, Richard Tyger! Tyger! (ex_CIA agent James Burlane's hunt for tiger poachers & underworld tiger_parts traffickers leads to killer of women who has a tiger fetish) $5.99
Jance, JA Breach of Duty (Seattle Det JP Beaumont 14, gets new partner Sue Danielson, but their investigation of old woman's murder is shattered by terrifying series of events) $23.00
Johnstone, William W Hatred in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic adventure, #27) $5.99
Kelleher, Michael & CL Murder Most Rare: The Female Serial Killer (non_fiction; profiles of female serial killers__overlooked by standard annals, harder to apprehend, motivated by more complex issues) $5.99
King, Laurie R The Moor (Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes 4, are summoned to the moor where he'd exposed the Baskerville Hound & spectral sightings are recurring) $5.99
Knief, Charles Sand Dollars (retired Navy officer/PI John Caine 2, hired to investigate software mogul's death & embezzling at firm, lands in hotbed of sex, Mexican_border politcs) $5.99
Krich, Rochelle Blood Money (LA homicide Det Jessica Drake realizes elderly man's death is tied to his concentration camp tattoo, Swiss banks & her own past) $23.00
Leonard, Elmore Cuba Libre (high adventure, history, romance in Cuba during Spanish_American War) $7.50
Lewis, Sherry No Place for Memories (senior sleuth Fred Vickery 6, reluctantly attends high school reunion, only to find himself suspected of hated boyhood rival's murder; PBO) $5.99
Lovett, Sarah A Desperate Silence (forensic psychiatrist Dr Sylvia Strange 3, shelters mute Chicano girl after suspicious car crash, but learns drug lord's hitman is after them both) $5.99
MacDougal, Bonnie Angle of Impact (corporate lawyer Dana Svenssen's photos of amusement park disaster where daughters were threatened prove air crash was no accident) $6.99
Marr, John S, MD/Baldwin, John H The Eleventh Plague (Dr Jack Bryne realizes someone's recreating the ten biblical plagues, but when the killer frames him as culprit, he must foil both authorities & killer) $6.99
Medawar, Mardi Oakley Witch of the Palo Duro (1866 Kiowa leader Tay_bodal 2, must uncover truth behind missing healer & dead horses before fear of witchcraft destroys the Band) $5.99
Meier, Leslie Valentine Murder (small_town mom Lucy Stone 5, attends first library board meeting only to find librarian murdered & further probing turns up shocking, deadly secrets) $20.00
Mezrich, Ben Fertile Ground (when fertility doctor & ER resident/wife tie number of infertile men to rash of Ebola_like deaths, they uncover deadly, high_tech cabal) $24.00
Nava, Michael The Burning Plain (gay Hispanic defense attorney Henry Rios 5, delves into serial murders involving courthouse, movie studios, mayor's office & may implicate him) $5.99
Pade, Victoria Divorce Can be Murder (divorced mom Jimi Plain volunteers for divorce support group, but group members start dying, she must find killer before she's next; PBO) $5.99
Palmer, Michael Miracle Cure (Dr Brian Holbrook's excitement at joining miracle drug trials team sours when patient death, vanished records indicate something's very wrong) $7.50
Philpin, John/Sierra, Patricia Tunnel of Night (forensic scientist Dr Lucas & daughter/NYPD Det Lane Frank 2, pursue serial killer cross country & back to FBI Behavioral Studies Unit; PBO) $6.50
Pieczenik, Steve State of Emergency (Secretary of State Barbara Reynolds faces seccession threat from mountain states, but learns the web of deceit & betrayal feuling the threat is worse) $6.99
Rankin, Ian Black & Blue (Det John Rebus 9, pursues copycat serial killer through Edinburgh's toughest districts to Aberdeen oil rigs, only to realize own family's in danger; Gold Dagger Winner, Edgar Nominee) $5.99
Ripley, Ann The Garden Tour Affair (horticulturist Louise Eldridge 4, film of garden tour in historic Connecticut lands her in middle of warring lovers, botanic scams & academic scandal) $22.95
Roe, Caroline (aka Medora Sale) Cure for a Charlatan (medieval Spain; blind Jewish physician Isaac of Girona 2, probes deaths of young men marked by sleepwalking & delusions rousing anti_witch hysteria;PBO) $5.99
Scott, Manda Hen's Teeth (when Glasgow vet Kellen Stewart learns ex_lover Bridget's died, she & pathologist friend visit Bridget's farm, find suspicious events, bio_medical marvels;US PBO) $5.50
Seranella, Barbara No Human Involved (Venice CA car mechanic Miranda "Munch" Mancini finds cleaning up life complicated when she's wanted for murder & it's up to her alone to set things right) $6.99
Seranella, Barbara No Offense Intended (when auto mechanic Miranda "Munch" Mancini (2)is drawn into case of ex_lover's drive_by shooting, she resurrects dangerous past associates to learn truth) $24.00
Seymour, Gerald Killing Ground (DEA agent Axel Moen's assignment to bring in mafia Don turns inside out when he uses nanny for trap & bureacracy, betrayal threaten to snap it) $6.99
Shannon, John The Cracked Earth (John Liffey 2, agrees to look for aging actress' daughter, but finds "the seedy violence of the old City of Angels"; PBO) $5.99
Stokes, Naomi M The Listening Ones (tribal sheriff/shaman Jordan Tidewater 2, probes her people's past for clues to seeming_ritual murder of young boy) $6.99
Walker, Blair S Up Jumped the Devil (black Baltimore journalist Darryl Billups ignores message warning of white supremacist plots, but when bombs go off he's on the trail of killer) $5.99
Wilson, Charles Embryo (desperation & high stakes in high_tech reproduction leads to young lawyer's discovery of unethical experiment's fatal flaw; PBO) $6.99
Wood, William P Quicksand (tension between narcotics/organized crime task force head & his superior/wife US Atty worsens when she releases dealer & then her secret op goes wrong) $5.99


Adamson, Lydia A Cat on Stage Left (actress alice Nestleton 16, paid big bucks for catsitting job, but when catowner is murdered in front of her, decides she must investigate; PBO) $5.99
Anaya, Rudolfo Shaman Winter (Albuquerque PI Sonny Baca 3, haunted by dreams of death, disappearance, as nemesis Raven aims to kill him in dreams while kidnapping girls in reality) $24.00
Axler, James Deathlands Collector's Edition (post_apocalyptic adventure; prequel to series plus original writer's premise, character profiles, Outlander_Deathlands series connection, more; PBO) $5.99
Bean, CN With Evil Intent (Wisconsin CID Capt Rita Trible 2, copes with case of missing children, medical conspiracy & fellow officer's suicide; PBO) $6.99
Bernhardt, William Dark Justice (attorney Ben Kincaid 8, can't relax on vacation to Pacific NW town where conservationist accused of murder by ruthless prosecutor asks for help) $22.50
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Tell No Tales (suburban Chicago police detective Marti MacAlister 7, juggles seemingly unrelated but brutal murders, while home problems strain partnership) $22.95
Blum, Howard The Gold of Exodus:The Discovery of the True Mt Sina (non_fiction; 2 men infiltrate secret Saudi military base to find location of Mt Sinai) $6.99
Borthwick, JS My Body Lies Over the Ocean (Sarah Deane/Dr Alex McKenzie 9, join Aunt Julia on extravagant British ocean liner, but must spend trip solving series of murders) $22.95
Cage, Elizabeth Spy Girls 3: Nobody Does it Better (young adult; Caylin, Josefina & Theresa's adventures in Seattle get them on the FBI's Most Wanted List; PBO) $4.50
Carter, Charlotte Coq au Vin (desperate telegram sends Black American Princess Nanette Hayes to Paris in search for Aunt Viv through jazz clubs, murder & eccentric characters) $22
Carter, Charlotte Rhode Island Red (jazz club sax player Nanette Hayes finds undercover cop dead in her apartment, must juggle police suspicion, amorous mobster, eager boyfrind to find killer) $5.99
Cotler, Gordon Artist's Proof (ex_cop/artist Sid Shale must return to investigative mode when he's suspected of model's murder) $4.99
Crais, Robert Devil's Cantina (PIs Elvis Cole & Joe Pike investigate murder of Joe's ex_lover that leads through LAPD's elite Robbery_Homicide Div & threatens their friendship) $22.95
Davidson, Grania/Lupoff, Richard_ed The Investigations of Avram Davidson (collection of "devious & erudite" mysteries by short_story master) $23.95
Davis, Gibbs White House Ghostbusters 4: Roosevelt's Revenge (young reader; Molly's mom, the US president, tries to hold state dinner for new space program, but ghosts Teddy & Alice Roosevelt invite themselvs;PBO) $3.99
DiMercurio, Michael Piranha Firing Point (Red China navy commander captures Japanese subs in plan to destroy Free China & only US Vice_Admiral, w/Pacific fleet & secret sub, can stop him;PBO) $6.99
Dixon, Franklin W Hardy Boys 154 (young adult) $3.99
Dold, Gaylord The Devil to Pay (attorney Jack Darwin finds life sliding out of control & turns to new friend to defend him on rape/murder charge, but becomes suspicious of his motive) $24.95
Glass, Leslie Judging Time (NYPD Det April Woo 4, investigates double murder of ex_pro football star's wife & best friend, amid media circus & racial tension) $6.99
Gresh, Lois H/Weinberg, Robert The Termination Node (Internet security expert Judy Carmody tracks thieves behind cyber_heist of major bank's entire assets, who're eliminating all possible hacker_trackers) $24.00
Hamill, Denis 3 Quarters (NY cop framed for wife's murder struggles to clear name, expose secrets) $6.99
Hess, Joan Misery Loves Maggody (Sheriff Arly Hanks #11, rushes to mom's bedside when she's hospitalized during Memphis trip & is drawn into murder that occurred during an Elvis tour) $22.00
Holton, Hugh The Left Hand of God (Chicago Police Chief Larry Cole 5, juggles investigation of assassination plot against newscaster & teen son's discovery of Olympic game_fix plot) $24.95
Holtzer, Susan The Silly Season (Ann Arbor reporter Zoe Kaplan sees apparent UFO & media stampede ensues, but when UFOlogist/professor turns up dead, Lt Karl Genesko must find truth) $22.95
Huggins, James Byron Hunter (Hunter, the world's best tracker, pursues genetically engineered super_human monster) $23.00
Joseph, Mark Deadline Y2K (computer malfunctions begin spreading disaster at int'l dateline on Jan 1, 2000, but cypberpunk group with solution is up against enemy venture capitalst) $24.95
Kay, Terry The Kidnapping of Aaron Greene (young man working in bank's mailroom kidnapped & ransom demand insists $10 mil come from bank rather than parents, but bank refuses & questions start) $25.00
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew 147 (young adult) $3.99
Kenney, Charles The Son of John Devlin (Det Jack Devlin's in middle, assigned to Justice Dept's war on Boston police corruption, opening wounds of dad's 20_year old suicide from cop scandal) $22.95
Lee, Wendi Missing Eden (ex_Marine military/PI Angela Matelli 2, agrees to search for Marine mentor's missing daughter but learns she's mixed up in murder) $4.99
Maracotta, Lindsay Playing Dead (when animator Lucy Freers' nanny's murdered, she investigates, finding video of another killing involving child;"killer eye for show_business ephemera") $24.00
Marcinko, Richard/Weisman, John Rogue Warrior: Option Delta (the Warrior & his SEALs invade Germany to search for lost US nukes; PBO; audio tape avail $18) $24.00
Marcinko, Richard/Weisman, John Rogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha (the Rogue Warrior teams up with SEAL Force Alpha to scuttle China's plans for US) $6.99
Marston, Edward Domesday Books VI: The Stallions of Woodstock (Wm the Conqueror's men Ralph Delchard/Gervase Bret are in Oxford to settle land dispute, but must first solve villager's death in high_stakes horse race) $22.95
Martin, Allana Death of a Saint Maker (trading post owner Texana & vet Clay Jones 2, investigate murder of itinerant wood carver, uncover drugs, smuggling, poaching, death) $4.99
McBain, Ed The Big Bad City (87th Precinct detectives investigate the murder of a beautiful young nun & uncover her past as a rock singer) $25.00
Mills, Deanie Francis Tight Rope (FBI gets electronic surveillance expert paroled if she infiltrates suspect group, but with cover blown, family in danger, she takes on both co, FBI;PBO) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Gone Fishin' (trade paper reprint) $14.00
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 114: Failing Marks (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Nadelson, Reggie Hop Poppies (ex_cop Artie Cohen 2, is drawn into NY Chinatown murder tied to diamond district, irradiated heroin & Hong Kong_based plot) $22.95
Patrick, Vincent Smoke Screen (renegade doctor smuggles deadly virus out of jungle, pursued by spy chief Linwood Cutshaw using ex_cop/jewel thief team, but plan goes way wrong) $24.00
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 65: Four Horsemen Trilogy 1: Initiation (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Prescott, Michael Comes the Dark (woman has 24 hours to find killer who invokes childhood nightmare, then returns for kill; PBO) $6.99
Roberts, Gareth/McGovern, Jimmy Cracker: To be a Somebody (TV tie_in;"surly, enigmatic" police psychologist Dr Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald takes on case of Manchester skinhead accused of Asian shopkeeper's murder) $22.95
Rosenberg, Robert An Accidental Murder (retired Jerusalem detective Avram Cohen 4, publishes memoirs that trigger attacks, protege's murder & must confront past before he can stop psychopath) $22.00
Schechter, Harold Nevermore (scathing critic Poe savages Colonel/congressman's autobio, but winds up teaming on quest for killer) $23.00
Silver, Jim Kill Zone (son of murdered Vietnam vet embarks on a vengeful murder spree) $23.00
Sloan, Susan R An Isolated Incident (teen's murder turns Seward Island, Washington, inside out as police & residents confront their prejudices, fears & evil) $6.99
Sultan, Faye Help Line (forensic psychologist Portia McTeague 2, takes leave from crime, volunteers for counselling hotline, but multiple murder case draws her back in) $22.95
Sussman, Susan/Avidon, Sarajane Audition for Murder (actress Morgan Taylor's relieved enough to get 1st role in months that she ignores play's rumored curse__until the deaths begin) $23.95
Tremayne, Peter Suffer Little Children (Celtic nun Sr Fidelma 3, asked to solve 844 murder of Church scholar, friend to 1 Irish kingdom's ruler during visit to another, but must look deeper) $5.99
Van Adler, TC St Agatha's Breast (when dying abbey's paintings are stolen, one left seems famed artist's work, archivist Rev Brocard Curtis tries to find provenance but foes resort to murder) $22.95
Wilhelm, Kate Defense for the Devil (attorney Barbara Holloway returns to take case of woman whose unwelcome husband returns & is murdered, but case could lead her straight to the Devil) $24.95
Zandri, Vincent As Catch Can (grieving wife's death & disillusioned by job, warden Jack Marconi must put whatever's left of life on the line when convicted cop_killer escapes) $22.95


Cornwell, Patricia Southern Cross (NIJ grant sends Police Chief Judy Hammer & aides to Richmond to clean up force, but face uphill battle from cops, city manager & mayor; tape $24.95) $25.95
Goodis, David The Moon in the Gutter ('53 noir reprint; stevedore meets & marries slumming socialite he meets in Philadelphis back street; intro by Adrian Wootton) $11.99
Gorman, E/Greenberg, MH/Segriff, L_ed. Cat Crimes Through Time (anthology of cat_centered historical mysteries from Douglas, Allyn, Breen, Dawson, Crider, Crowther, more) $22.95
Gorman, Ed The Day the Music Died (in 1959 Iowa Judge Eleanor Whitney's investigating lawyer, Sam McCain attempts to prove the Judge's nephew innocent of wife's murder) $22.95
Johnson, Guy Standing at the Scratch Line (when 17_yo LeRoi Tremain kills 2 whites in raid on family's smuggling, he's sent away, joins army, becomes avenger from WWI France to NY to OK) $24.95
Kellerman, Jonathan Billy Straight (LAPD Det Petra Connor must find 12_yo street child who witnessed murder of TV star's ex_wife ran for life before killer gets him; Alex Delaware cameo) $25.95
Landesman, Peter Blood Acre (lawyer who's slowly succumbed to corruption becomes prime suspect in secretary/lover's murder & must face truth of his life) $23.95
Montalbano, William D Basilica (ex_cop/Brother Paul assigned to investigate priest's death in Vatican Basilica, uncovers politics, revenge, violence threatening him & new young pope) $23.95
Orlean, Susan The Orchid Thief (non_fiction; story of plant thief John Laroche, rare orchids in S Florida swamp, obsessed collectors & Seminole tribe's war with US) $25.00
Perry, Mark Conceived in Liberty (non_fiction/military history; dual biography of opposing commanders of Little Round Top conflict at Battle of Gettysburg,) $15.95
Schiller, Lawrence Bear No Witness: The Death of JonBenet Ramsey (non_fiction; the story of the investigation, in words of witnesses, investigators, prosecutors, lawyers) $26.00
Scott, Willard/Crider, Bill Murder in the Mist (retired weatherman/B&B owner Stanley Waters 2, decides to help with Civil War reenactment, but real gunfire, injuries & murder start him investigating) $23.95
Tapon, Philippe The Mistress (in WWII Paris, doctor & nurse/mistress treat occupiers as his family plots for treasure, but when he's arrested in Nazi's death, she outwits his famly) $23.95
Weinstein, Allen/Vassiliev, Alexand The Haunted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America (non_fiction; reconstruction of Stalin_era Soviet espionage reconstructed from Moscow's message files, personal tales of love, business,defections,murder) $30.00
White, Stephen Manner of Death (Dr Alan Gregory learns colleague's death may have been murder, then learns of others & teams w/ex_flame to dig for truth, but killer may get him first) $23.95
Whiting, Robert Tokyo Underworld (non_fiction; subtitled "The Fast Times & Hard Life of an American Gangster in Japan", follows Nick Zappetti from arrival in 1945 through 80s) $27.50
Woods, Paula L Inner City Blues (black LAPD homicide det Charlotte Justice faces down beating & murder during LA riots, putting her at odds w/the LAPD hierarchy, city politics) $23.95


Angell, Judie Shirley Holmes 1: TCOT Burning Building; TCOT Ruby Ring (young reader; two cases are solved by Sherlock Holmes' descendent Shirley) $3.99
Angell, Judie Shirley Holmes 2: TCOT Blazing Star;TCOT King of Hearts (young reader) $3.99
Atkins, Leo Deadbeat ("gentle giant" PI Connor Gibbs hired by 9_year_old boy to find long_lost dad, but why is the dad so determined to stay lost?; PBO) $5.99
Beaton, MC Agatha Raisin & the Wellspring of Death (feisty village sleuth Agatha Raisin finds Council chairman dead at natural spring & lands in murky stew of scheming politicians, corprations,ex_fiance) $5.99
Bergantino, David Zorro & the Dragon Riders (media tie_in; 4 assassins from Japan are hired by Hidalgo of Cazador to kill Zorro, but poison may be his undoing; PBO) $5.99
Bowen, Peter Thunder Horse (Gabriel Du Pre 5?, finds Montana in midst of upheaval when earthquake strikes, developer threatens, dinosaur & burial ground discoveries lead to murder) $5.99
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Qwilleran & cats Koko & YumYum find spring a great time to practice birdcalling, but murder intrudes) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae/Sneaky Pie Murder on the Prowl (postmistress Harry Harristeen/feline & canine sleuths 6, probe run of false obituaries in local paper that leads to triple murder) $6.99
Clancy, Tom Carrier (non_fiction; illustrated behind_scenes look at floating cities that're military strategy linchpins_take_offs & landings, range/power/weapons, more;PBO) $16.00
Dunlap, Susan No Immunity (ex_pathologist/PI Kiernan O'Shaughnessy agrees to help ex_colleague with Ebola research & is framed for murder while houseman Brad takes his own case) $5.99
Estleman, Loren D The Hider (associational/Western; teen meets legendary old buffalo hunter & dreams of adventure, but helping Indian framed for murder makes them the hunted; PBO) $5.99
Ferris, Monica (aka Mary Monica Pulver) Crewel World (Betsy Devonshire's sister's killed in her needlecraft store & Betsy takes over shop, investigation to find killer's pattern;includes embroidery pattrn;PBO) $5.99
Finder, Joseph High Crimes (law prof/atty Clair Chapman finds her husband once had different face & name, now is framed for crime, she must defend him in top secret court martial) $6.99
Fitzwater, Judy Dying to Get Even (aspiring mystery writer Jennifer Marsh 2, & writers' support group in solving crime among authors, agents, publishers;"suspenseful,mordantly funny"PBO) $5.99
Ford, GM Last Ditch (when Seattle PI Leo Waterman (5) & "the Boys" clean up Leo's inherited mansion, they find skelton implicating his vanished, ultra_conservative father) $22.00
Fuhrman, Mark Murder in Greenwich (non_fiction; reexamines unsolved, 25_year_old murder of wealthy teen friend of Kennedy cousins, includes epilogue w/new developments) $6.99
Garcia_Aguilera, Carolina Bloody Secrets (Cuban_American PI Lupe Solano 3, finds search for the killer stalking Cuban refugee getting personal) $6.50
Glass, Joseph Eyes (psychic/psychiatrist/criminal profiler Dr Susan Shader helps police catch serial killer, but when he strikes again, she can stop at nothing to find truth) $6.99
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, MH_eds Speaking of Murder, Volume II (non_fiction; compendium of interviews with genre masters include Parker, Mosley, Block, Buchanan, Westlake, Maron, Rathbone, King, Barr, Crais, Estleman, more; PBO) $12.95
Grippando, James Found Money (Ryan's discovery of cash in dead father's attic arouses dangerous questions & enemies on path to truth) $25.00
Grippando, James The Abduction (presidential race between Atty General Allison Leahy & black general Lincoln Howe ripped apart when she must lead investigation of his daughter's kidnaping) $6.99
Grisham, John The Testament (eccentric billionaire wanting to die, burnt_out lawyer & woman living with Brazil tribes collide) $27.95
Harper, Karen The Poyson Garden (in 1558, Princess Elizabeth Tudor awaits fate as half_sister Mary's bloody rule wanes, investigates murders at risk of falling victim to master poisoner) $21.95
Hart, Carolyn Death in Paradise (retired journalist Henrie O 4, returns to site of husband's fatal accident in Hawaii on suspicion that he was actually murdered) $6.50
Henry, April Circles of Confusion (DMV worker Claire Montrose heads to NY for inherited painting appraisal, but too_helpful "assistants" & painting's secrets put her life on the line) $23.00
Holub, Josef The Robber & Me (young adult; orphan boy left in forest is rescued by mysterious man, but when he learns of local robberies, wonders about his benefactor) $4.50
Isenberg, Jane The "M" Word (community college prof Bel Barrett steps in to find truth when one of her students is accused of murdering the college president; PBO) $5.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Motion to Dismiss (San Francisco defense attorney Kali O'Brien (3) faces realization that client may be lying about rape case when victim dies__or is killed) $22.00
Jacobs, Jonnie Murder Among Us (single mom/suburban sleuth Kate Austen (3)copes with both killer & meddlesome mother_in_law) $5.99
James, Donald Monstrum (2015 Russia: police Insp Constantin Vadim is sent to lead serial murder investigation in Moscow, but gov't intrigue, conspiracies, past jeopardize all) $6.99
Johnstone, William W Blood Land (reprint; ex_mercenary Key Lessard returns to Nebraska hometown only to find he must take on neo_Nazi corps in his back yard) $5.99
Johnstone, William W Fury in the Ashes (reprint; post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Jones, Charlotte Foltz Fingerprints & Talking Bones (non_fiction/young adult; exploration of how real_life crimes are solved, including famous recent & historic cases) $4.99
Kienzle, William X The Greatest Evil (Father Koesler 20, "peel[s] back the layers of a puzzle to plumb the tortured depths of the human soul & elegantly solve a mystery") $6.99
King, Laurie R A Darker Place (non_series; since personal tragedy, teacher Anne Waverly has infiltrated cults for FBI, now finds lines blurring, her heart & will dangerously at odds) $23.95
Krich, Rochelle Fertile Ground (fertility clinic donor's murdered & founder goes missing, his fiance/colleague Dr Lisa Brockman searches for him & finds greed, deceit, conspiracy) $6.99
Land, Jon Dead Simple (Blaine McCracken searches for missing mentor & must team up with mentor's daughter to find him, stop terrorist who's using NY hostage with new explosive) $6.99
Lankford, Terrill Angry Moon (legendary hit man Ry Caulder intends to quit, but when his targets start turning up alive, he realized he is now the hunted) $5.99
Leonard, Elmore Be Cool (filmmaker tries to recover career when dud follows hit leads to lunch with old "associate" that becomes mob hit, allies with LAPD detective huntng Russian mob; sequel to Get Shorty ) $24.95
Lipinski, Thomas Steel City Confessions (Pittsburgh PI Carroll Dorsey 3, hired by parish priest accused of killing lover's husband, making Dorsey target of DA's vendetta; PBO) $5.99
Logue, John On a Par with Murder (golf writer John Morris/Julia Sullivan 5, probe death of young, new golf star & his enemies; PBO) $5.99
McCarthy, Gary Gunsmoke 2: Dead Man's Witness (TV tie_in; Sheriff Matt Dillon must must stop rancher's disinherited son before all his father's friends are killed off; PBO) $5.99
McCoy, Max Indiana Jones & the Secret of the Sphinx (Indy must beat mad spymaster to location of legendary book of occult lore & prevent him from rewriting history; PBO) $5.50
Meyers, Maan The Lucifer Contract (Tonneman family saga 6: as Civil War rocks New York, reporter Pete Tonneman gets hot lead from barmaid & they join forces to save the Union) $6.50
Michaels, Barbara Other Worlds (cozy club turns thrilling when crime specialists discuss poltergeists & murder) $23.00
Minucci, Frank/Hoffman, William Brother Frank (non_fiction; autobiographical account of Minucci's journey from mobster to minister) $5.99
Myers, Tamar Baroque & Desperate (antiques dealer Abigail Timberlake 5, finds job assessing wealthy family's antique puts her in midst of family tension turned to murder; PBO) $5.99
Neville, Katherine The Magic Circle (toxic materials expert inherits manuscript cache when cousin's killed that Emperor Tiberius tried to decipher & holds world_controlling millennial power) $7.99
Nykanen, Mark Hush (art therapist's work with mute boy uncovers horrifying abuse & makes them both target of sadistic killer) $6.99
Paige, Robin Death at Rottingdean (Victorians Sir Charles & Kathryn Ardleigh 6, take seaside holiday but join Rudyard Kipling in tieing dead body to town's return to smuggling past;PBO) $5.99
Parry, Richard The Wolf's Cub (historcl;Nathan Blaylock & mentor/gunslinger Jim Riley 2, search for Nathan's son is blocked by conflict over Alaska_Panama gun smuggling, spies, more) $6.99
Pears, Iain An Instance of the Fingerpost (servant girl confesses to murder in 1663 Oxford, but each witness__med student, traitor's son, cryptographer & archivist__fingers different culprit) $7.99
Perry, Anne Brunswick Gardens (Victorian London Cmdr Thomas & wife Charlotte Pitt 20, investigate death of feminist, Darwinist, pregnant assistant to respected clergyman) $6.99
Peters, Dr Bill First Force Recon Company: Sunrise at Midnight (Vietnam/non_fiction; PBO) $6.99
Pulitzer, Lisa A Woman Scorned (non_fiction; story of heiress & murdered, polo_playing lover; PBO) $6.50
Rogers, Chris Rage Factor (bounty hunter Dixie Flannigan 2, steps in when revenge & vigilante justice seem to be behind kidnapping, attack on man acquitted of attacks on women) $23.95
Sayers, Dorothy L/Walsh, Jill Paton Thrones, Dominations (Sayers' last mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane, completed by Walsh) $6.50
Simmons, Dan The Crook Factory (FBI agent Joe Lucas sent by Hoover to 1942 Cuba to infiltrate Ernest Hemingway's amateur spy ring, but is unprepared for results when game trns deadly) $24.00
Stabenow, Dana Killing Grounds (Alaska PI Kate Shugak helps out on fishing boat during salmon run but lands murdered body of hated fisherman) $5.99
Steinberg, Richard Gemini Man (psychiatrist assigned to learn secrets of man conditioned to kill whose mission against Soviets landed him in gulag, learns he's more than expected) $6.50
West, Christopher Death on Black Dragon River (Beijing Det Wang Anzhuang (2) visits rural birthplace, finds party loyalty shaken by investigation of murder that's haunted area for decades; PBO) $5.99
White, Stephen Privileged Information (reprint; psychologist Alan Gregory 1) $5.99
Wright, Sally Publish & Perish (ex_intelligence agent/Prof Ben Reese must draw on old skills to navigate intrigue when colleague is murdered after claiming treacherous discovery) $5.99


Arnold, Catherine Wrongful Death (defense atty Karen Perry_Mondori 3, probes Senator/brother's supposed suicide but his twin sons take matters into own hands & land in murder; PBO) $6.99
Atwood, Russell East of A (PI Payton Sherwood stumbles onto murder, follows trail through Manhattan's Alphabet City & its dusk_to_dawn nightmare of hustlers, cons, addicts, worse) $22.00
Axler, James Outlanders 8: Lost Earth Saga 1: Hellbound Fury (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Bannister, Jo Broken Lines (Castlemere (5) police officer trio race against time to find true killer when DS Donovan's suspected of murder) $22.95
Beck, KK The Revenge of Kali_Ra (bored Hollywood star Nadia Wentworth decides to film "gloriously bad pulp" novel, only to be beset by author's questionable family & fans, mayhem, murder) $22.00
Black, Ethan The Broken Hearts Club (NY Det Conrad Voort investigates when one of men in 'broken hearts' support group turns to rage & murder, then continues to kill) $24.00
Block, Lawrence The Canceled Czech ('66 reprint; sleepless adventurer Evan Tanner heads for Czechoslovakia to liberate dying man, but Nazi connection turns mission deadly) $5.99
Brewer, Steve Dirty Pool (Albuquerque PI Bubba Mabry returns in case of PI competition over millionaire's missing teen while long_missing father reappears to complicate matters) $23.95
Cooper, George Poison Widows (non_fiction; examination of 1930s case of charlatan, flimflammer & thug who persuaded immigrant wives to take out insurance on husbands & killed them) $23.95
Darden, Christopher/Lochte, Dick The Trials of Nikki Hill (black ADA Nikki Hill's assigned prosecution of black man for female TV celeb's murder, but case starts to unravel in secrets, gangs & power brokers) $25.00
Davis, Lindsey A Dying Light in Corduba (ancient Roman PI Marcus Didius Falco 8, attempts to start new business career, but when murder intrudes, he must return to investigating) $6.99
Dubois, Brendan The Shattered Shell (Lewis Cole 3, investigates arson in NH seacoast resort hotels with mob_connected "security consultant" while tracking friend's rapist) $24.95
Elkins, Aaron Loot (ex_curator Ben Revere finds famous painting from lost truck of Nazi_stolen art & sets out to find rest, but trail is full of hatred, greed & vengeance) $24.00
Greenleaf, Stephen Strawberry Sunday (PI John Marshall Tanner 13, recovering from near_fatal wound, learns fellow patient's murder's tied to broader Salinas Valley labor_landowner struggle) $23.00
Harrison, Jamie Blue Deer Thaw (MT Sheriff Jules Clement's (4) latest frustrations include berserk bachelor party, frozen drunk, inheritance fight over art collection & friends' wedding) $22.95
Henderson, Bruce Trace Evidence: The Search for the I_5 Strangler (non_fiction; how new homicide detective Kate Maulsby built the case against Roger Kibbe as serial strangler; PBO) $6.99
Hetzer, Michael The Forbidden Zone (when US scientist informs her Soviet lover/colleague that his twin brother's alive in psychiatric gulag, he takes on deadly Communist apparatus) $25.00
Land, Jon The Pillars of Solomon (Ben Kamal returns to investigating when West Bank children disappear, but search converges with Danielle Barnea's investigation of seemingly random murder) $24.95
Lee, Barbara Final Closing (MD real estate agent Eve Elliot 2, starts digging after obscene calls to agents & 2 agents murders, but can she find truth before killer stops her?) $4.99
Lee, Wendi Deadbeat (Boston PI Angela Matelli 3, finds culprit who used client's identity for fraudulent charges, but when crook turns up murdered, her client's the suspect) $22.95
Martin, Allana Death of an Evangelista (trading post owner Texana Jones 3, finds dead man in taxi, narrowly escapes murder charge, but another death involves her in respected family's secrets) $22.95
McCrery, Nigel The Spider's Web (Dr Samantha Ryan, asked to do 2nd postmortem on teen killed in joy_ride crash, finds murder evidence, ties to Internet but isn't believd,despite 2nd death) $22.95
McEwan, Ian Amsterdam (dead woman's ex_lovers composer, news editor & rising politico, make pact with unseen consequences, disastrous moral decisions & devasting personal impact; Booker Prize Winner) $21.00
Medawar, Mardi Oakley Murder at Medicine Lodge (1867 Kiowa healer Tay_bodal must find Army bugler's killer & clear principal chief's name to save peace treaty & prevent war) $23.95
Meltzer, Brad Dead Even (Manhattan DA lawyer Sara Tate must take case defended by attorney husband, but each gets threat that if they lose the other will die) $7.50
Mickelbury, Penny Where to Choose (lawyer Carol Ann Gibson 2, still recovering from husband's murder, is called back to LA by mother to investigate siege of crime in quiet neighborhood) $22.00
Peak, John Mortal Judgment (med school grad/malpractice lawyer Vicki Shea takes on defense of surgeon in wealthy businesswoman's death, but someone is willing to murder t stop her) $23.95
Pedrazas, Allan Angel's Cove (Florida beachside pub owner/PI Harry Rice (2) steps in to help bartender find father's killer despite local hostility and turns up deadly dealing) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 242? (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 39: Breach of Trust (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Racina, Thom Hidden Agenda (new anchorwoman finds assignments landing her too consistently in hottest stories & as they get more tragic she suspects deadly global conspiracy; PBO) $6.99
Ridpath, Michael The Market Maker (rookie British stockbroker's wildly successful 1st transaction draws him into fast lane, but accident series leads him to probe raider's deadly deals) $6.99
Rogan, Barbara Suspicion (novelist Emma Roth is forced to confront malevolent characters in computer game who're tormenting her) $24.00
Scott, Holden Skeptic (when researcher Dr Mike Ballantine's friend is assassinated, he begins to ask questions leading to ghosts, CIA agent & race against time) $24.95
Sprague, Gretchen Death in Good Company (retired lawyer Martha Patterson's pro bono cases bring more chaos & human reality than expected, but when client's murdered she uncovers even more) $4.99
Stuart, Anne Shadow Lover (woman coping with dying stepmom & greedy relatives faces supposed long lost stepbrother who's hiding dangerous secrets; PBO) $6.99
Swindle, Howard Jitter Joint (alcoholic Dallas Det Jeb Quinlin agrees to enter rehab, but killer stalking the clinic may make staying sober the least of his worries) $21.95
Tan, Maureen Run Jane Run (British MI5 agent Jane Nichols 2, called back for mission to rescue MP's kidnapped grandson, only to find ties to parents' murders 30 years before) $22.00
Thomas, Gordon Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad (non_fiction; covers history & development of Israeli intelligence service, role in famous cases, myth & mystery of organization) $25.95
Tishy, Cecelia Jealous Heart (investigative reporter Kate Banning moves to Nashville with daughter for new life, but being pulled into music scene murder wasn't what she had in mind;PBO) $5.99


Adamson, Lydia A Cat of One's Own (Alice Nestleton 17, helps friend choose rogue cat from shelter, but when cat_napping & rescue turn fatal, she must step in to find answers) $19.95
Amis, Martin Night Train (Det Mike Hoolihan investigates apparent suicide of commanding officer's daughter, who seemed to have everything Mike doesn't) $11.00
Cook, Robin Vector (Drs Jack Stapleton/Laurie Montgomery look into unusual deaths while disgruntled ex_Soviet bioweapon tech/US cab driver decides to lash out) $24.95
Ellroy, James Crime Wave:Reportage & Fiction from the Underside of LA (fiction/non_fiction; reopens true crimes from 50s scandal sheets to today, plus novella; PBO) $12.00
Glass, Leslie Stealing Time (NYPD Det Sgt April Woo 5, realizes wealthy parents are implicated in child's disappearance in Chinatown, as pressure & secrets collide) $24.95
Harris, Robert Archangel (dissipated historian's visit from ex_NKVD officer claiming knowledge of Stalin's death & secret papers turns into murderous quest across Russia, Siberia; audio tape $25.95) $24.95
Haut, Woody Neon Noir (reference; explores "Hardboiled Films & Fiction from the 1960s to the Present", incl Ellroy, Leonard, Pelecanos, Paretsky, Hendricks, more; PBO) $16.99
Himes, Chester Yesterday Will Make You Cry (restored classic; 1st complete & unexpurgated edition of prison life classic, originally published in 1952 as "Cast the First Stone") $13.00
Magnuson, James Windfall (when professor's search for family cat leads him to money cache, life becomes great, until strangers come to town looking for the money) $22.95
Mortimer, John The Sound of Trumpets (associational; Leslie Titmuss MP (3) has fallen from political grace as "new centrist" Flitton rises; "biting, mischievous social comedy") $23.95
Stone, Michael Token of Remorse (Denver PI Streeter 3, hired to fetch waterbed king's nephew from Mexico, but the sex_shop tycoon robbed of weekly take doesn't want him found__ever) $5.99
Stone, Michael Totally Dead (Denver PI Streeter 4, takes on restaurateur/small_time mobster as client, leading to run_ins with new set of lowlifes; "action_packed & darkly humorous") $21.95
Wilkes, Roger_ed The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crime (non_fiction; leading authors & journalists reopen most baffling unsolve crimes of century) $10.95

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