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Newsletter #41 March - May, 1998

RECENTLY RECEIVED AND FORTHCOMING MYSTERIES Axler, James Deathlands: Nightmare Passage $5.50
Balan, Bruce Cyber.Kdz 6: When the Chips are Down (young adult; PBO) $3.99
Barrett, Margaret/Dennis, Charles Given the Crime (single mom lawyer in NY DA's office suddenly stalked by the mob and many others) $22.00
Block, Lawrence The Topless Tulip Caper (reprint; Chip Harrison's latest client wants him to help fellow stripper/roommate who's targeted for murder & killed right in front of them) $5.99
Bowen, Peter Notches (MT sheriff's deputy Gabriel Du Pre' 4, searches for killer depositing young women's corpses by highway; lover's missing daughter makes him desperate) $5.99
Brett, Simon Sicken and So Die (Charles Paris, funny British theater mystery) $5.50
Buchan, John Supernatural Tales (collection of 15 short stories; import) $17.95
Buckley, William E.,Jr Mongoose, R.I.P. ; Tucker's Last Stand; A Very Private Plot (3 reprints of CIA master spy Blackford Oakes novels) $12.95 for Mongoose , $10.95 each for others
Burke, Jan Hocus (reporter Irene Kelly 5, searches for missing police detective_husband as indications point to terrorist group fond of computer fraud & murder) $6.99
Capstick, Peter Hathaway Warrior (biography of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen, serving the British Empire from the turn of the century through WWII) $23.95
Carey, Peter Jack Maggs (foundling thief deported to Australia returns to 1830s London, becomes entangled with author interested in mesmerism & fascinated with criminal mind) $24.00
Case, John The Genesis Code (thriller pursues cutting_edge technology & assassinations to discovery of unholy agenda) $6.99
Cauffiel, Lowell Marker (ex_cons looking for big score blackmail alcoholic Detroit judge, but the judge has sobered up & refuses to give in) $6.50
Chamberlain, Diane The Escape Artist (Susanna Miller thought she & baby would be safe from her past & ex_husband's custody attempts, but cryptic files in used computer lead into danger) $6.50
Chamoiseau, Patrick Solibo Magnificent (when teller of tales falls dead during Martinique carnival, police must delve not only into means & motives, but the universe of Masters of the Word) $23.00
Christofferson, April Edgewater (law student Bailey Coleman's efforts to save condo from foreclosure lands her in deadly conflict with militia group w/its own plans for property, power; PBO) $5.99
Christopher, Nicholas Somewhere in the Night: Film Noir & the American City (non_fiction; examines intersection of classic films, cultural archetypes, artistic influences, modern psyche) $13.95
Clason, Clyde B. The Man From Tibet (reprint of classic 1938 locked room mystery) $14.00
Clement, Peter Lethal Practice (Buffalo hospital's chief administrator is killed with procedure known only to a few & ER Dr Earl Garnet races to find murderer before becoming suspect; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan US Marshals (movie tie_in; in sequel to The Fugitive , Marshal Sam Gerard & the CIA track an ex_agent taking revenge for their belief he's a killer; PBO) $5.99
Cook, Thomas H Evidence of Blood (true_crime writer Jackson Kinley returns home to dark Georgia woods to investigate decades_old unsolved murder of teen girl) $5.99
Cornwell, Patricia Hornet's Nest (set in Charlotte, NC, not Dr. Scarpetta) $7.50
Cramer, Cahroul Twisted (San Francisco police procedural) $9.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Journey (10th in cozy series about small_town Alpine newspaper publisher & reporter Emma Lord; PBO) $5.99
Dams, Jeanne M. Trouble in the Town Hall (American Dorothy Martin 2, finds body in historic Sherebury's old town hall & realizes feud over historic preservation, development has turned deadly) $5.99
Day, Dianne The Bohemian Murders (Fremont Jones 3, takes job tending Monterey Bay lighthouse in 1905, but when woman's body washes ashore, she extends job scope to investigating murder) $5.50
Deaver, Jeffery The Bone Collector (quadriplegic ex_NYPD forensic head matches wits with serial killer obsessed with old New York) $6.99
Dexter, Colin Death is Now My Neighbor (Oxford Insp morse; "the most prickly, conceited, & genuinely brilliant detective since Hercule Poirot") $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Flamingo Fedora (tomcat sleuth Midnight Louie & his human, Temple Barr, take Las Vegas vacation, but murder of famous comic puts a damper on things) $6.99
Edwards, Grace F If I Should Die (black ex_cop/grad student Mali Anderson investigates murder of friend in Harlem; "gripping, raw & suspenseful introduction to resourceful heroine") $5.99
Ellroy, James The Black Dahlia (reprint; 1947 LA Warrants Squad cops Bleichert & Blanchard become obsessed with mutilated victim dubbed Black Dahlia, pursue her killer in the area of madness) $12.99
Forbes, Edith Nowle's Passing (Vermont man found shot dead, urban daughter returns home to learn if it was suicide or murder) $12.00
Foxwell,E/Greenberg,M--ed Murder, They Wrote II (16 all-new stories, contemporary and historical, "in the tradition of the TV show Murder, She Wrote") $6.99
French, Linda Talking Rain (history prof Teodora Morelli finds sister's roommate dead, agrees to help victim's sister rescue treasure in exchange for truth; PBO) $5.99
Gallagher, Diana G Nickelodeon:The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 5:Cut & Run (young adult; PBO) $3.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley TCOT Stuttering Bishop (Perry Mason reprint) $4.99
Geller, Shari P. Fatal Convictions (somebody is killing child molesters; lead detective in investigation falls for leading suspect) $6.50
Grant, Linda Vampire Bytes (PI Catherine Sayler 6, teams with teen role_playing gamers to find stolen computer code & developer's killer & missing girl as minister drives witchhunt) $22.00
Green, Terence M. Blue Limbo (renegade cop Mitch Helwig is out on the street for revenge, & if his high_tech weaponry doesn't do it, he'll go beyond death) $5.99
Hager, Jean The Spirit Caller (Molly Bearpaw 4, investigates murder of woman after night of communicating with dead Cherokee's soul, but trail leads to hard truths about own family) $5.99
Harmetz, Aljean Off the Face of the Earth (when boy runs away, police want to charge homeless man with murder, but his mother's convinced he's alive, discovers his trail, gets maverick cop to help) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Death in Lovers' Lane (retired reporter Henrie O 3, feels responsible when her journalism student investigating old unsolved crimes for class project is murdered) $6.50
Hautman, Pete Mr. Was (young adult, Edgar nominee last year) $3.99
Healy, Jeremiah The Only Good Lawyer (PI John Francis Cuddy 12, agrees to favor for friend & looks into case of racial misogynist accused of killing wife's black divorce attorney) $23.00
Herron, Don Willeford (critical appreciation of the life & writing of Charles Willeford) $30
Hess, Joan Maggody Militia (Police Chief Arly Hanks copes with town flooded with "patriots" on maneuvers, burglars, missing mayor & murdered survivalist) $5.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Evidence of Guilt (attorney Kali O'Brien 2, defends an uncooperative client in gruesome double murder case) $5.99
Jacobs, Jonnie Murder Among Us (Kate Austen 3, single mom and suburban sleuth versus both a cunning killer and a meddlesome mother-in-law) $20.00
Johnstone, William W. From the Ashes: America Reborn (guide to the Ashes series) $5.99
Johnstone, William W Smoke From the Ashes (post_apocalyptic reprint; #4 in series) $5.99
Jones, Aphrodite Della's Web (non_fiction; suburban femme fatale on trial for the murder of her 5th husband; PBO) $6.99
King, Peter Spiced to Death (Gourmet Detective 2, called to NY to authenticate shipment of rare, valuable spice, but when theft & murder intervene, he sets out to find culprit) $5.99
Lambert, Mercedes Soultown (Whitney Logan 2) $5.95
Largent, R. Karl Red Wind (techno-thriller) $5.99
Lathen, Emma Brewing Up A Storm (banker John Putnam Thatcher investigates when leader of group protesting popularity of client's non_alcoholic beer turns up dead) $5.99
Lorden, Randye Mother May I (lesbian PI Sydney Sloan 4, is trying to prove doctor's innocence in cartoonist wife's murder when he disappears & she must discover family secrets; PBO) $5.99
Lutz, John/ August, David Final Seconds (former NYPD Bomb Squad member tries to track down mail- bomber who killed his former Bomb Squad partner) $23.00
Marcinko, Richard Rogue Warrior: Designation Gold (Russian Mafia's political/military assassination sends the Rogue Warrior to war at the heart of black_market dealing in terrorism & murder) $6.99
Marcinko, Richard/Weisman, John Rogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha (Rogue Warrior discovers Chinese plans he disapproves of, teams w/SEAL Force Alpha to stop the plot) $24.00
Matthews, Anne McLean The Cave (psychologist Helen Myrer takes much_needed vacation, but she's targeted as killer's next victim & must draw on all her skill, experience to outwit him) $6.50
McBain, Ed 87th Precinct: Nocturne (pre_dawn hours bring Carella & Hawkes the murder of old woman, long_vanished concert pianist, while Weeks tracks prep school boys in hooker murder) $6.99
McGaughey, Neil A Corpse by Any Other Name (author Kyle Malachi 4, kills off pseudonymous alter_ego Stokes Moran in fake obit, but becomes suspect when corpse turns up with same name) $22.00
McGrath, Patrick Asylum (psychological thriller in maximum-security mental hospital ) $12.00
McKay, Claudia Twist of Lime (Lynn Evans 2; drug running, murder, & a Mayan archaelogical dig in Belize) $10.95
Medland, Maurice Point of Honor (drug cartel tries to recapture freighter with 30 tons of cocaine from US navy with typhoon approaching) $5.99
Michaels, Barbara The Dancing Floor (American Heather Tradescant's tour of historic English gardens leads her to manor w/impenetrable maze, eccentric & wealthy owner, sorcery & murder) $6.99
Moore, Brian The Magician's Wife (Napoleon III sends magician to North Africa to impress the Bedouins with French power to complete conquest of Algeria) $23.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenberg, Martin--ed August Is a Good Time For Killing & Other Blood- Curdling Stories of Murder in the East $9.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenberg, Martin--ed Blowout in Little Man Flats & Other Spine-Tingling Stories of Murder in the West $9.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenberg, Martin--ed Death in Dixie: Bone-Chilling Murder Mysteries From the South $9.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenberg, Martin--ed The Fifth Grave & Other Terrifying Tales of Homicide in the Heartland $9.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenberg, Martin--ed Never Shake a Family Tree & Other Murderous Tales From New England $9.95
Noah, Robert The Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa (fictional account of colorful characters behind theft of famous painting in 1911 Paris) $22.95
Nunn, Kem The Dogs of Winter (photographer taking pictures of "dangerous, premier mysto surf spot" off Pacific NW runs into trouble when Indian boy drowns, relatives want revenge) $14.00
Palmer, Michael Miracle Cure (ex_cardiology chief recovering from addiction gets job on heart_drug research team that may be cover for sanctioned murder) $23.95
Parrish, Richard Defending the Truth (1950s attorney Joshua Rabb 5, takes case of Tucson professor accused of treasonous activity; PBO) $6.50
Penzler, Otto_ed Murder for Revenge (anthology w/revenge theme features Block, MHClark, Cook, Hendricks, Hess, Kelman, Lustbader, Margolin, Morrell, Oates, Silverstein, Straub) $21.95
Perry, Anne Ashworth Hall (Victorian England's Thomas & Charlotte Pitt, Scottish Highlands setting) $6.99
Pugh, Dianne Fast Friends (investment counselor Iris Thorne 3, finds efforts to hide blue_collar roots futile when former neighbor dies) $6.50
Reed, Barry The Deception (attorney Dan Sheridan's hired to sue hospital & Boston Archdiocese after tennis pro treated for depression with experimental drug jumps to death) $7.50
Ridpath, Michael Trading Reality (London bond trader Mark Fairfax struggles to run murdered brother's Virtual Reality company, but killer's using financial ruin to prevent VR breakthrough) $6.99
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Album (reprint; the 5 families of exclusive Crescent Place are stalked by murderer & Louisa Hall realizes she must discover truth) $5.99
Ripley, Ann Death of a Political Plant (gardener Louise Eldridge 3, digs into death of old flame on mystery assignment for DC paper while coping with Plant Society convention guests) $22.95
Robinson, Patrick Nimitz Class (when nuclear_powered carrier blows up, Navy Intelligence Lt Cmdr Bill Baldridge investigates, discovers rogue sub with nukes__but who commands & runs it?) $6.99
Roosevelt, Elliott Murder at Midnight (wealthy judge's murder in White House brings suspicion on black housekeeper, but Eleanor Roosevelt's inclined to believe her protests of innocence) $5.99
Sanders, Lawrence Guilty Pleasures (family publishing empire threatened by their forbidden lusts, corruption & the trusted friend manipulating all) $24.95
Sasser, Charles W. Shoot to Kill (non_fiction reprint; the stories of "Cops Who Have Used Deadly Force") $6.99
Sawyer, Corinne Holt Murder Ole'! (senior sleuths Angela Benbow & Caledonia Wingate 8; "inventive, enthusiastic, & outspoken protagonists"; PBO) $5.99
Silva, Daniel The Mark of the Assassin (CIA agent after a world-class assassin, and he has a personal obsession to get him) $25.00
Simper, Paul The Saint: From Big Screen to Small Screen and Back Again (TV and movie reference/picture book) $24.95
Spizer, Joyce The Cop Was White As Snow (apparent cop suicide after being accused of skimming cocaine from police impound--but his daughter convinced he was not a dirty cop) $10.95
Steven, Daniel Clinical Trials (black attorney Dylan Ice wins parents guardianship of unfit daughter, but when she disappears, his questioning uncovers corruption, conspiracy; PBO) $6.99
Stryker, Dev End Game (NYPD Det Paul Regal is up against killer who's playing chess with bodies, but his expert consultant may be the killer) $5.99
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II Guevara Also Known as Che (biography by well-respected Mexican mystery novelist) $35.00
Walters, Minette The Echo (when destitute man is found dead on wealthy socialite's property, she & the investigating reporter are caught in deadly web of deception) $6.99
Watson, Peter Sotheby's: The Inside Story (investigative report on how items of questionable background were auctioned by Sotheby's) $25.00
Wishart, David Germanicus (thriller; amateur detective wisecracks his way through ancient Rome) $16.95
Willocks, Tim Blood-Stained Kings (New Orleans setting; lawman gathered evidence that would imprison corrupt politicians in 5 states, but is murdered before he can use it, leaving the evidence in the possession of two unlucky beneficiaries) $23.00
Wolzien, Valerie Weddings are Murder (suburban housewife Susan Henshaw already had enough on her hands planning daughter's wedding, but then corpse arrives in wedding dress box.....; PBO) $5.99
Woodman, Richard Brig of War (1798_1800, Nathaniel Drinkwater 3, hunts old enemy bringing French Squadron against India while fighting to take half-armed ship to Cape) $5.99


Barnes, Linda Cold Case (Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle 7, hired to investigate appearances of new manuscript apparently by literary sensations who disappeared 24 years ago) $5.99
Birmingham, Ruth Atlanta Graves (Peachtree Investigations' lead detctve, PI Sunny Childs's job is retrieving stolen painting, but dead body & almost_bankrupt employer create new urgency; PBO) $5.99
Block, Lawrence Eight Million Ways to Die (reprint; PI Matthew Scudder) $6.50
Brown, Dale Fatal Terrain (Masters & McLanahan & their EB_52 Megafortress flying battleship must stop China's attack on Taiwan) $7.50
Coleman, Michael Internet Detectives 5: System Crash (young adult; Josh, Tamsyn & Rob investigate blackmail threat posted on the Net, but it's more dangerous than they'd expected) $3.99
Emerson, Earl The Dead Horse Paint Company (Fire Chief Mac Fontana 5, is chief suspect in death of ex_deputy chief who bungled fire at paint company 3 years before that killed 9 firefighters) $5.99
Fiedler, Jacqueline Tiger's Palette (wildlife artist Caroline Canfield investigates, first refuses to finish mentor's mural at new zoo, but gets suspicious when his assistant dies too; PBO) $5.99
Gallison, Kate Hasty Retreat (Episcopalian Mother Lavinia Grey 4, visits upstate NY monastery & soon suspects something less than sacred's going on) $5.99
Garrison, Paul Fire & Ice (floating doctors Michael & Sarah Stone answer distress call of huge liquid gas carrier that's where it's not supposed to be & kidnaps Sarah & daughter) $15.95
Girdner, Jaqueline A Cry for Self_Help (Kate Jasper 8, wants to know who killed self_help guru, putting an end to his human potential; "off_beat, tongue_in_cheek, & endlessly appealing") $5.99
Girdner, Jaqueline Death Hits the Fan (Kate Jasper 9, investigates when one of 3 authors featured at bookstore reading keels over dead) $21.95
Guiver, Patricia Delilah Doolittle & the Motley Mutts (Pet Detective 2, Delilah's concerned when developers battle eco_warriors over wetlands, especially when people start dying & her dog digs up clues; PBO) $5.99
Hart, Carolyn Death in Paradise (retired journalist Henrie O 4, returns to site of husband's fatal accident in Hawaii on suspicion that he was actually murdered) $20.00
Henrick, Richard P Attack on the Queen (when Chinese leader joins G_7 Summit on QE2, it attracts mad bomber, nationalists with nukes & hijackers as Vince & Thomas Kellogg work to protect charges) $23.00
Herndon, Nancy C.O.P. Out (Det Elena Jarvis 6, copes with both political sharks and murder when mayoral candidate's Citizen's Patrol wife is killed while w/rookie cop on patrol; PBO) $5.99
Hightower, Lynn S No Good Deed (Cincinnati Homicide Det Sonora Blair 3, investigates disappearance of young girl from riding stable as seconds tick by) $22.95
Kerr, Philip Esau (preserved skull found on Himalayan mountaintop starts exploration into evolution's missing link; "high_altitude, high_stakes search for the yeti") $6.99
Lane, Christopher Elements of a Kill (Inupiat Eskimo Police Det Ray Attla called into Alaska wilderness to investigate oil rig death that looks like ritual murder by one of the People; PBO) $5.99
Leonard, Elmore Maximum Bob; Riding the Rap (trade paperback reprints) $11.95
MacDougal, Bonnie Angle of Impact (when lawyer Dana Svenssen's client dies in copter crash w/plane over amusement park & she finds is wasn't accident, she'll stop at nothing to find truth) $24.00
Margolis, Seth Perfect Angel (Julia Mallet realizes neighbor's killer is one of 6 closest friends who played birthday party game of hypnosis with her) $6.99
Matthews, Christine/Randisi,Rbt_eds Lethal Ladies II (anthology of mysteries by women includes Paretsky, Pickard, Muller, Singer, Collins, Grape, Rozan, Dain, Murray, Furie, O'Callaghan, more; PBO) $6.99
Page, Katherine Hall Christy & Company 2: Down East (young adult; classmates Christie, Maggie & Vicky spend summer at Maggie's parents' Maine inn, aim to catch the saboteur threatening the inn's business) $3.99
Perry, Anne Brunswick Gardens (Victorian London Cmdr Thomas & wife Charlotte Pitt 20, investigate death of feminist, Darwinist, pregnant assistant to respected clergyman; audio tape $18.00) $25.00
Pugh, Dianne Foolproof (investment counselor Iris Thorne 4, plunges into investigation when long_time friend is murdered & her husband is prime suspect) $23.00
Robinson, Leah Ruth First Cut (Dr Evelyn Sutcliffe survives psychopathic serial killer's attack, but terror follows to Manhattan U Hospital ER & evidence points to colleague as killer) $6.99
Sasser, Charles At Large: Life & Crimes of Randolph Franklin Dial (non_fiction; examination of mind & double life of artist/hit man who confessed to murder, but escaped with deputy warden's wife, is still at large; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Joan Murder Comes to Mind (Regency romance crossover; the Berkeley Brigade swings into action when murder strikes at Reginald Prince's estate & his aunt is prime suspect; PBO) $4.99
Stabenow, Dana Breakup (spring thaw in Alaska brings PI Kate Shugak nothing but mayhem: dead body, bear attack, plane parts falling from sky, Outsider relatives, murder and more) $5.99
Steinberg, Richard The Gemini Man (man honed as commando weapon aimed at Russia, captured, imprisoned, tortured, returns to US, may've become psychopath or Nietzschean Uber man-or both) $22.95
Swanson, Jean/James, Dean Killer Books: The Pop Culture Guide to Mysteries (reference; reflects current trends in film, TV, fiction, cross_referenced to mysteries, with descriptions, profiles, awards, index, more) $13.00
Sykes, Shelley For Mike (young adult; when 17_year_old Jeff's best friend Mike disappears, he doubts everyone around him, but dreams tell him he must find Mike & the truth) $15.95
Watson, Larry In a Dark Time (debut novel; high school teacher finds himself disturbingly fascinated with murders of female students) $14.00
Watson, Larry White Crosses (Sheriff Jack Nevelson struggles to save his hometown's innocence in wake of mysterious car accident) $14.00


Allman, Kevin Hot Shot (hip, wise_cracking Hollywood reporter gets task of writing OD'd TV star's sleazy instant bio & realizes he has a murder to investigate) $21.95
Balling, L Christian Revelation (only clue to John Reese' daughter's coma is mummified scrap from her lab, but it leads to megalomaniac evangelist & his cloning scheme) $23.95
Bannister, Jo The Primrose Convention (Birmingham advice columnist Rosie Holland turns sleuth in new series start) $22.95
Bowen, Peter Thunder Horse (MT cattle_brand inspector Gabriel Du Pre' 5, investigates shooting death of snowmobiler with T. Rex fossil on person) $22.95
Clark, Mary Higgins You Belong to Me (talk radio psychologist Susan Clarke focuses show on missing women, gets interested in 1 case & draws murderous, psychopathic anger) $25.00
Cohen, Rich Tough Jews: Fathers, Sons & Gangster Dreams (non_fiction; history of underworld controlling early 20c NY working_class neighborhoods, machinery of organizations from gangster's view, more) $25.00
Cox, Bill G Shop of Horrors (non_fiction; sociopathic cop goes on crime spree of robbery, sexual assault & murder; PBO) $5.99
Crider, Bill Death by Accident (Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes doesn't usually need to investigate such bizarre deaths, so 2 in succession must be related, right?) $22.95
Dornstein, Ken Accidentally, on Purpose (non_fiction; "former claims investigator chronicles the dark underworld of faked personal injuries") $17.95
Dunnigan, James Digital Soldiers (non_fiction; subtitled "The Evolution of High_Tech Weaponry & Tomorrow's Brave New Battlefield") $15.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down Upon an Herbal (Elizabethan herbalist Susanna, Lady Appleton, must find truth before she's convicted when man's found dead with face on her book of poisons) $21.95
Estleman, Loren D Journey of the Dead (Spanish alchemist searching for philosopher's stone in New Mexico & poker_buddy killer Pat Garrett each tell stories of their quests for meaning; associational) $21.95
Goulart, Ron Groucho Marx, Master Detective (needing a project between movies, Groucho joins radio serial, but when starlet's found dead before 1st broadcast, he decides to investigate) $22.95
Havill, Steven F Prolonged Exposure (recuperating Undersheriff Bill Gastner 6, returns to New Mexico when friend's burgled, elderly man buries dead wife in yard, but lands in murder investigation) $21.95
Hayter, Sparkle The Last Manly Man (tabloid TV reporter Robin Hudson 4, finds sudden success, but series of strange encounters lead to men's secret world & mysterious chemical, more) $22.00
Hogan, Chuck The Blood Artists (doctors encounter deadly virus in Congo jungle think they've sealed it off but it reappears-by intent?-as they battle it & each other & a killer) $24.00
Kerby, Phil/Garvin, Glenn With Honor & Purpose (non_fiction; subtitled "A Leading FBI Investigator Reports From the Frontlines of Crime") $24.95
Kimball, Stephen Death Duty (State Dept death officer dreams of career takeoff when she's promoted, but gets dangerously curious when she's told to turn over 2 unsolved cases; PBO) $5.99
King, Peter Dying on the Vine (The Gourmet Detective 3, goes undercover as a journalist to investigate murder at vineyard in Provence, France) $22.95
Knief, Charles Sand Dollars (ex_SEAL/PI John Caine's job finding wealthy San Diego woman's disappeared husband & his money takes all his skills) $23.95
Kurland, Michael The Girls in the High_Heeled Shoes (1935 NY columnist & radio personality Alexander Brass is asked to look into Broadway character's disappearance, but it's more dangerous than expected) $22.95
Land, Jon Dead Simple (Blaine McCracken joins forces w/kidnapped mentor's daughter to find terrorist who threatens every bridge & tunnel leading to Manhattan) $23.95
Lee, Wendi Deadbeat (Boston ex_Marine/PI Angela Matelli 3, hired to find out who's stolen & is destroying woman's identity, but then suspect's found dead & client's now suspect) $22.95
Linscott, Gillian Dance on Blood (London suffragette Nell Bray is blackmailed into plot to keep stolen documents held by Greek exotic dancer from German hands) $22.95
MacDonald, Ann_Marie Fall on Your Knees (Canadian family saga from WWI battlefields to NY jazz scene through lives & guilty secrest of 4 sisters) $13.00
Marston, Edward Domesday Books V: The Serpents of Harbledown (commissioners Ralph Delchard & Gervase Bret must look beyond the obvious clues when leper hospital volunteer_girl's found dead with snakebites on neck) $22.95
McColley, Kevin Praying to a Laughing God (MN town in tizzy when true_crime writer digs into 1958 beating death with 70+ man as prime suspect who can be cleared only if friend betrays trust) $23.00
Nessen, Ron/Neuman, Johanna Death With Honors (right_wing talk host Jerry Knight & leftist reporter Jane Day 3, investigate activist movie star's murder at Kennedy Center Honor Awards) $22.95
Nykanen, Mark Hush (art therapist is threatened by stepfather of boy whose drawings suggest abuse) $23.95
Pairo, Preston A III The Angel's Crime (ex_cop Jimmy Griffin called from retirement to track teen who killed family & posted video on Internet to provoke on_line preacher;PBO) $6.50
Poyer, David Tomahawk (while developing new nuclear missile, Dan Lenson questions his ethics while career is threatened & new love is murdered) $24.95
Roosevelt, Elliot Murder in the Map Room (Eleanor Roosevelt investigates murder of Chinese shoe salesman during 1943 visit from Madame Chiang Kai_Shek) $21.95
Rotenberg, David The Shanghai Murders (Shanghai homicide detective Zhong Fong is assigned to series of murders, while suspicions grow about wife's interest in Shakespearean play & director) $22.95
Ruryk, Jean Next Week Will be Better (restorer/antique dealer Cat Wilde agrees to run friend's flea market stall for summer, but when stall neighbor's murdered, she puts business on hold) $21.95
Russell, Alan Shame (serial killer's son trying to live down family when new murders with familiar marks cast suspicion that only sole survivor of dad's attacks disbelieves) $22.00
Sayers, Dorothy/Reynolds, Barbara_ed The Letters of Dorothy L Sayers, Volume II: 1937_1943: Drama Incarnate (reference; covers transition from popular author to Christian playwright & scholar) $27.95
Thomas_Graham, Pamela A Darker Shade of Crimson (black Harvard econ prof Nikki Chase finds opinionated dean's body, finds herself in midst of investigation leading in shocking direction) $23.00
Thornburg, Newton Eve's Men (when Brian goes on destruction bender over movie of his past & cops start manhunt, brother Charlie attempts to save Brian's wife, but may doom them all) $22.95
Yeager, Dorian Libation by Death (actress Victoria Bowering 4, takes temp job as day bartender but soon realizes finding reason last bartender died may be her only way to stay alive) $21.95


Barr, Nevada Blind Descent (Ranger Anna Pigeon 6, fights claustrophobia, sabotage, more when co_ranger's injury sends her into unmapped Lechuguilla Cavern of NM's Carlsbad Cavern) $22.95
Brier, Dr Bob The Murder of Tutankhamen (non_fiction; Egyptologist examines archaeological & medical evidence in 3000_year_old suspicious death) $24.95
Carr, John Dickson Papa L'a_Bas (reprint; British consul Dick Macrae finds himself dangerously fascinated with enigmatic Creole beauty in ante_bellum New Orleans) $4.95
Dooling, Richard Brain Storm (tyrannical judge assigns video_game copyright expert to defend hate_crime murder suspect) $25.00
Dumas, Tim Greentown: Murder & Mystery in Greenwich (non_fiction; examination of young teen's murder on Halloween 1975 in exclusive community that's never been solved) $24.95
Gruenfeld, Lee The Expert (attorney Rebecca Verona tries to defend computer genius on treason charge for selling computer chip, but can't get straight answers or examine evidence) $24.95
Hayter, Sparkle Revenge of the Cootie Girls (producer Robin Hudson 3, tracks missing intern through Halloween chaos w/"her smart mouth, her wild hair & her motley collection of insane girlfriends") $5.95
Karpin, Michael/Friedman, Ina Murder in the Name of God:The Plot to Kill Yitzak Rabin (non_fiction; investigation of Israeli Prime Minister's assassination, incl interview with assassin) $24.95
Neely, Barbara Blanche Cleans Up (Blanche White 3, finds cook_housekeeper job for Boston Brahmin politician gives her inside handle on scandal connected to her own Roxbury community) $22.95
Nicol, Mike The Ibis Tapestry (South African thriller writer attempts to discover truth behind arms trader's death in remote town, mysterious laptop, cryptic e_mail & Marlowe novel) $23.00
Parker, Robert B Sudden Mischief (Boston PI Spenser agrees to look into sex harassment charges against Susan's long_ex_husband but realizes worse is going on as Susan grows "difficult") $22.95
Perez_Reverte, Arturo The Club Dumas (rare_book hunter Lucas Corso, hired to authenticate "3 Musketeers" chapter manuscript & runs afoul of sinister, deadly characters seemingly from novel) $13.00
Pears, Iain An Instance of the Fingerpost (in 1660s Oxford, 4 prominent witnesses give evidence in suspicious death of New College fellow, but only one reveals the truth) $27.00
Shuo, Wang Playing for Thrills (anti_hero searches Beijing's seamy underside for truth of mysterious murder; banned in China for "pandering to low tastes") $12.95
Silva, Daniel The Society (US president is targeted for destruction by cabal of business executives; "all_too_plausible & frightening tale") $25.00
Stabenow, Dana Killing Grounds (AK PI Kate Shugak 8, helps Old Sam on fishing tender & hauls in body whose murder's celebrated, while her aunties' fish camp dealings rouse suspicion) $22.95
Vachss, Andrew Flood (reprint; renegade PI Burke 1, hired by woman to find monster so she can kill him; "forceful as a hollow_point bullet") $13.00
Vachss, Andrew Safe House (ex_con/abuse avenger Burke untangles deadly web of secretive safe house, stalker & stalker's protector) $24.00


Anastasia, George The Goodfella Tapes (non_fiction; inside story of how FBI taped a Philadelphia mob war; PBO) $5.99
Ashbaugh, Regan C Downtick (Wall Street trader David Johnson's impressed with his power in the financial world, but someone out for revenge & murder changes the rules; PBO) $6.99
Babson, Marian Paws for Alarm ("cat mystery"; rent_free summer in Great Britain for the Harper family seems too good to be true, and it is-someone's trying to murder father; AKA Death Swap ) $5.99
Barr, Nevada Endangered Species (park ranger Anna Pigeon 5, investigates sabatoged plane crash that killed Cumberland Island, GA's only full_time law enforcement ranger) $6.99
Bogart, Stephen Humphrey The Remake: As Time Goes By (PI RJ Brooks 2, finds a remake of his parents' classic unthinkable, but apparently someone is offended enough to try anything to stop it) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Murder on the Prowl (false obits in Crozet's paper for posh girls' school teachers not funny when real deaths follow & it's up to Mrs Murphy (6) to lead her human to truth) $23.95
Buchanan, Edna Pulse (Miami CPA Frank Douglas gets curious about the apparent suicide that made his heart transplant possible, but finds only deadly, corrupt secrets) $23.00
Cannell, Dorothy God Save the Queen! (granddaughter of Gossinger Hall's butler must investigate his murder & interpret his last words; "takes lunacy to the limit with this inspired whodunit") $5.99
Child, Lee Killing Floor (ex_MP Jack Reacher is arrested for murder almost immediately on arriving in Georgia, but he hasn't killed anyone-recently) $6.99
Clark, Mary Higgins Pretend You Don't See Her (Manhattan real estate agent may be next victim if she doesn't discover who's behind the previous 2 murders) $7.99
Collins, Max Allan/Rayner, Richard Graphic Mystery: Road to Perdition (Depression_era hit man learns his son's witnessing of gangland murder makes him a target for execution; PBO) $14.00
Corwin, Miles The Killing Season: A Summer Inside an LAPD Homicide Division (non_fiction; chronicle of South Central LA cops, crimes; "great journalism, social commentary & writing...fascinating, gripping & at times heartwrenching") $6.99
Dunlap, Susan No Immunity (ex_medical examiner/PI Kiernan O'Shaughnessy copes with frame_up in deadly fever death while helping old "friend", while houseman Brad takes case of own) $21.95
Edwards, Grace F A Toast Before Dying (Miss Bert asks Harlem sleuth Mali Anderson (2) to help get her brother off hook for shooting death of his actress_girlfriend in Harlem bar) $21.95
Eftimiades, Maria Secrets from the Grave (non_fiction; 20 years after supposed hunting accident, victim's parents win battle for exhumation & new autopsy & murderer is brought to justice; PBO) $6.50
Estleman, Loren D Billy Gashade (associational; musician wandering the West in late 1800s encounters Calamity Jane, Billy the Kid, Chief Crazy Horse, Oscar Wilde, and more) $5.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Sympathy for the Devil (LA caterer Madeline Bean finds her new career on the line when latest client's poisoned at party & her partner's accused of the murder; PBO) $5.99
Fowler, Earlene Dove in the Window (ex_cowgirl/quilter Benni Harper 5, pieces together patchwork of motives & clues that point to someone close to her as suspect in photographer's murder) $21.95
Goldberg, Ed Dead Air (NY PI Lenny Schneider 2, moves to Portland where his buddy hosts a controversial radio show which soon turns to murder; PBO) $5.99
Gotti, Victoria The Senator's Daughter (attorney Taylor Brooke's assigned to defend black teen accused of killing union strongman) $6.99
Gross, Martin L Man of Destiny (when popular, honest Ohio congressman runs for president, his establishment enemies use every weapon to destroy him, including murder) $6.99
Heron, Echo Pulse (medical thriller featuring nurse_turned_sleuth; PBO) $5.99
Hill, Reginald Asking for the Moon (collection of 4 novellas featuring Yorkshire detectives Dalziel & Pascoe, including their first case) $5.99
Hoag, Tami A Thin Dark Line (Louisiana policewoman learns how thin the line is between law & justice, love & murder; local author) $6.99
Hunter, Stephen The Second Saladin (reprint; ex_CIA Paul Chardy & Kurdish freedom fighter Ulu Beg face off when Washington DC elite start dropping dead, but realize nothing what it seems) $6.99
Jaffe, Jody In Colt Blood (journalist Natalie Gold 2?, assigned to interview horse whisperer with claimed psychic powers, but gets suspicious when subject disappears just after murder) $22.00
Jones, Bruce Sprinter (Solobomber is killing key players behind powerful PC, controls govt databases & insists on failed ATF agent Jeni Starbuck as negotiator) $23.95
Katzenbach, John State of Mind (psychologist teams up w/FBI to stop serial killer preying on otherwise crime_free community) $6.99
Land, Jon The Walls of Jericho (Detroit Det Ben Kamal's happy to help fledgling West Bank Palestinian police force, wasn't expecting to team w/Israelis to find serial killer) $6.99
Leuci, Robert The Snitch (15 years after disastrous raid mounted on basis of snitch's tip, NYPD Dt Nick Manaris decides he must confront victim's widow, corrupt fellow officers) $6.50
Levine, Paul Flesh & Bones (atty Jake Lassiter 7, hired to defend woman he witnessed kill her father in bar & abuse, corruption, greed & love are part of the deal) $5.99
Limon, Martin Slicky Boys (US Army cops stationed in Korea take on the country's deadliest gang; "bleak humor, edged in pain", "combination of classic noir thriller & police procedural") $5.99
Marano, Lydia C Nickelodeon:The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 6: House Fever (young adult/TV tie_in; PBO) $3.99
Margolin, Phillip The Undertaker's Widow (as Judge Richard Quinn presides over trial of tough, ex_cop/state congresswoman accused of her mortician husband's murder he begins to smell a set_up) $24.95
May, Jesse Shut Up & Deal (young poker player goes from teen games in basements to pro circuit, but good & evil become blurred & spot he lands in could jeopardize everything) $12.95
Meade, Glenn Brandenburg (elite European security agent Joseph Volkman realizes murder series & death of journalist investigating them is resurgent Fourth Reich) $6.99
Meyer, David N A Girl & a Gun: The Complete Guide to Film Noir on Video (non_fiction/media reference; incl classic, modern, foreign, domestic films, reviews, plots, credits, analyses of psychological subtext, anecdotes, etc) $14.00
Moore, Miriam Ann Stayin' Alive (Vegas writer Marti Hirsh/musician Jerry Barlow 2, learns his partner's arrested for casino owner's murder, then Marti digs up more suspects & danger; PBO) $5.99
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenberg, MH_eds Death in Dixie (anthology of Southern mysteries by Smith, Hess, Lutz, McCrumb, more) $5.99
Nixon, Joan Lowery Search for the Shadowman (young reader; Andy Bonner's class assignment to explore family history turns up supposed Texas outlaw & he finds it's not too late for justice) $4.50
O'Kane, Leslie The Cold Hard Fax (cartoonist Molly Masters 3) $5.99
O'Nan, Stewart The Speed Queen ("average American girl" hours from execution dictates her memoirs of drugs, robbery & murder spree with husband & lover, for money paid to son) $12.00
Preisler, Jerome Homicide: White Butterflies (TV tie_in; even w/no shortage of witnesses to woman's murder, Baltimore Det's Pembleton, Bayliss & Munch don't trust the obvious; PBO) $5.99
Querry, Ron Bad Medicine (part_Choctaw Dr Push Foster discovers difference between facts & truth when hantavirus strikes Navajos, who know more than virus is at work) $23.95
Rankin, Ian Strip Jack (Insp Rebus 7, gets the case of the British MP caught in Edinburgh brothel & the murder of his wife-is he being set up or is he the bad boy?) $5.99
Ray, Robert J/Remick, Jack The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery (reference; 52 practical sessions of exercises, examples from genre writers guide through assembling elements, character, scene, plot, draft, edit, mkt) $11.95
Rey, Rainer Day of the Dove (new thriller from author of Replicator Run ; PBO) $5.99
Roe, Caroline Remedy for Treason (in 1353, Bishop of Girona, Spain, asks physician Isaac to solve mystery of queen's attendant dead in public baths disguised as nun during plague; PBO) $5.99
Rust, Megan Mallory Dead Stick (Alaskan pilot Taylor Morgan investigates when woman she approved to pilot the Air Ambulance crashes w/no explanation, but danger is what she finds; PBO) $5.99
Salter, Anna Fault Lines (forensic psychologist Michael Stone 2, realizes her recorded sessions with sadistic molester unexpectedly let out of jail are all that prevent his freedom) $22.00
Salter, Anna Shiny Water (forensic psychologist Michael Stone's custody case turns deadly when the father suspected of molestation is awarded custody & the children are murdered) $6.50
Shaber, Sarah R Simon Said (history prof Simon Shaw's called in when body's found under college building, but real question is who killed the presumed_missing heiress 72 yrs ago; winner St. Martin's Best First Traditional Mystery) $5.99
Smith_Levin, Judith The Hoodoo Man (black homicide detective Lt Starletta Duvall 2, gets case of voodoo_style double homicide; PBO) $5.99
Spring, Michelle Standing in the Shadows (British PI Laura Principal 3, reopens Daryll Flatt's admission of guilt in murder of elderly woman by 11_year_old foster child) $23.00
Tesler, Nancy Sharks, Jellyfish & Other Deadly Things (biofeedback expert Carrie Carlin 2, heads to Florida Keys to help friend, but may be in too deep when friend's husband goes missing, presumed dead; PBO) $5.99
Wagner, John/Grant, Alan/Smith, R Graphic Mystery: The Bogie Man (escaped Glasgow mental patient calling himself Bogie pounds the pavement to solve the case & find the treasure; PBO) $14.00
Walker, Mary Willis All the Dead Lie Down (true_crime reporter Molly Cates 3, new info on father's "suicide" yields devastating answers while plot to slaughter TX Legislature comes to head) $22.95
White, Randy Wayne North of Havana (Doc Ford 7, heads to Cuba to help friend held by gov't but suspicions of past involvement in anti_Castro plot lands him in murder, revenge, assassination) $5.99
Winslow, Don The Death & Life of Bobby Z (petty crook impersonating drug kingpin on the run w/cops & killers in hot pursuit) $6.99
Woodworth, Deborah A Deadly Shaker Spring (Depression_era Kentucky Shaker Sister Rose Callahan 2, looks into 25_year_old scandal to find answers to current assault on her community & murder; PBO) $5.99


Adamson, Lydia A Cat on a Beach Blanket (actor/catsitter Alice Nestleton 14, finds cushy job housesitting in Hamptons turn uncomfortable when she's suspected in poet's murder) $5.99
Barnard, Robert No Place of Safety (CI Mike Oddie/DC Charlie Peace investigate troubled teens' disappearance, and murder of homeless_youth shelter owner who bent his rules for them) $22.00
Bean, CN Dust to Dust (FBI Agent Kathryn Stone investigates girl's abduction from military installation, finds conspiracy developing banned, genetically_engineered virus; PBO) $6.99
Bean, Gregory Grave Victory (Wyoming police chief Harry Starbranch 4, aims to clear friend's son of grad student's murder, but wilderness of academia may be more deadly challenge) $23.95
Bowman, Elizabeth Atkins White Chocolate (3 years after biracial TV journalist Taylor James' undercover operation sent white supremacists to jail, they're out & out to get her) $23.95
Brown, Molly Invitation to a Funeral (1676 ex_spy/playwright Aphra Behn casts Earl's mistress for wager proceeds, but deaths connected to secret document & threat of war become more urgent) $22.95
Buchanan, Edna Margin of Error (Miami journalist Britt Montero struggles with hurricane aftermath, post_traumatic stress, Hollywood star's obsessed fan, apparent sabotage of film production) $5.99
Burke, Jan Liar (journalist Irene Kelly must confront long_buried secrets to investigate murder while killer keeps her in sights; signing at Uncle Edgar's May 8, 6:30 pm) $23.00
Chafets, Zev The Project (Speaker of House Dewey Goldberg's sworn in as President after accidents, but discovers Israeli Prime Minister has secret plan to back fundamentalist) $6.50
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve Tom Clancy's Op_Center 5: Balance of Power (military adventure) $7.50
Collins, Stephen Double Exposure (TV critic Joe McBride finds his personal life in turmoil, incl new neighbor who's dangerously more than just alluring) $24.00
Coonts, Stephen Fortunes of War (when fanatic nationalists take over Japan, Col Jack Cassidy & fighter pilot squadron're sent on secret mission to stop takeover of Russia, Siberia oil) $24.95
DeMille, Nelson Plum Island (convalescent NYPD Dt John Corey helps out with biologist couple's murder at secret research site, but possible deadly virus theft has worldwide implications) $7.99
Eccles, Marjorie A Death of Distinction (DS Gil Mayo/Abigail Moon investigate murder of town's leading citizen, uncover plenty of secrets & more murder on the way) $20.95
Eidson, Bill Adrenaline (when young VP's passed over for promotion, he decides revenge is in order, embarks on killing rampage, kidnaps rival's wife-& only rival can stop him) $23.95
Ellroy, James The Big Nowhere (reprint; in 1950s Hollywood, 3 men are caught in web of ambition, perversion, deceit as red scare offers opportunity for advancement, money, nightmare) $12.99
Estleman, Loren D Never Street (Detroit PI Amos Walker takes case of video entrepreneur who goes missing after watching noir potboiler that may hold clues, but reality is even darker) $6.99
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Murder in Moscow (publishing tour to Moscow to help with democracy development turns into murder investigation leads Jessica to international intrigue; PBO) $5.99
Goldstone, Lawrence Offline (in future, computers decide on guilt & independent thinking's suspect, but veteran cop Phil Gagliardi follows hunch in computer exec's murder, finds tampering, worse) $22.95
Goldstone, Lawrence & Nancy Used & Rare: Travels in the Book World (non_fiction; chronicle of couple's journey through world of book collecting & the cast of eccentrics they encounter) $11.95
Green, Christine Deadly Partners (nurse/medical investogator Kate Kinsella 4, takes case of missing Isle of Wight hotel owner, but lands in midst of bizarre murder as chief suspect) $4.99
Hathaway, Robin The Doctor Digs a Grave (Dr Fenimore helps teen bury pet in ground set aside for Lenni Lenape & finds recent burial of woman sitting up, facing east; St Martin's 1997 Best 1st Traditional Mystery winner) $22.95
Hunter, Fred Government Gay (strangers who accost Alex Reynolds in neighborhood bar are just a peculiarity, but then dead man's found outside bar & CIA shows up at his door) $11.95
Johnstone, William W Danger in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic adventure #9 reprint) $5.99
Kennett, Shirley Fire Cracker (forensic computer expert/psychologist PJ Grey 2, teams again with veteran homicide det Leo Schultz to stop hacker using St Louis hospital computers to kill) $5.99
Leonard, Elmore LaBrava; Glitz; Freaky Deaky (reprints; "a funny writer-and an incisive, unsparing one") $12.00 each
Maloney, Mack Wingman 15: Return of Sky Ghost (post_apocalyptic military adventure) $4.99
Martin, J Wallis A Likeness in Stone (woman's body's found in home under British reservoir & original investigator of disappearance revisits suspicions of her friends as killer strikes again) $22.95
Matera, Lia Havana Twist (attorney Willa Jansson determined to find mom who disappeared on trip to Cuba with "brigandistas" but politics, police don't help & killer has her on run) $22.00
Maxwell, Robin The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn (young Queen Elizabeth I learns truth about lascivious, despotic father from mother's diary of lust, betrayal, love, murder) $11.00
Mills, Deanie Francis Ordeal (past comes back to haunt happily married woman when survivalist kidnaps her & her son & attempts to indoctrinate them) $6.99
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 111: Prophet of Doom (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Myers, Helen R Come Sundown (Ben Rader returns to Parish, Mississippi as chief of police to investigate friend's death & decides matriarch Eve Maitland is key to town; PBO) $5.99
Offutt, Chris The Good Brother (when hell_raising older brother's killed & everyone knows by whom, Virgil must choose between unwritten code of KY hills & own sense of right, wrong) $12.00
Olsen, Jack Hastened to the Grave (non_fiction; examination of series of alleged murders in underworld of California Gypsy culture) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 233 (paramilitary adventure) $3.75
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 34: Reprisal (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Phillips, Clyde Fall from Grace (San Francisco Homidice Insp Jane Candiotti investigates socialite's murder, encountering her estranged husband & pursues a ruthless villain) $24.00
Roberts, Les A Shoot in Cleveland (PI Milan Jacovich 9, hired to baby_sit wild star of movie filming in Cleveland, quits in disgust, but star's found dead next day & everyone's out to get him) $23.95
Rogers, Dave Complete Avengers (movie tie_in/reference/reprint; complete history of classic TV show, incl interviews, episode guide, memorabilia guide, photos, more) $14.95
Rogow, Roberta The Problem of the Missing Miss (Rev. Charles Dodgson [Lewis Carroll] & Conan Doyle investigate 1885 disappearance of MP's daughter kidnapped by political enemies) $21.95
Rusch, Kris Hitler's Angel (American criminologist's 1972 interview with famous German detective leads them to reopen 1931 death of Hitler's niece/mistress) $20.95
Russell, Jay S Burning Bright (ex_teen idol Marty Burns 2, finds life & career back on track after stopping Hollywood demon, but London tour brings "Ultima Thule" encounter; supernatural/hardboiled crossover) $22.95
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Gamble (7th and last in series from late Sanders) $7.50
Sipherd, Ray The Audubon Quartet (bird artist Jonathan Wilder 2, must sort out collector/friend's claim to own 4 previously unknown Audubons & critic's denunciation & murder) $22.95
Soos, Troy Hunting a Detroit Tiger (Mickey Rawlings 4, gets his chance w/1920 Tigers, but old_time player's killed, Mickey's accused as union tries to organize) $5.99
Soos, Troy The Cincinnati Red Stalkings (1921 Reds infielder Mickey Rawlings 5, volunteers to help with exhibit honoring 1869 team, but inclusion of clues to 50_yo mystery sparks new killings) $20.00
Westfall, Patricia Tichenor Fowl Play (ex_Chicagoan Molly West investigates strange doings in Appalachian Ohio, including murder & kidnapping of prize rooster) $4.99
Westlake, Donald The Ax (downsized Burke wants his life back & will do anything to get it; "satirical, savage") $6.99
Whitney, Polly Until It Hurts (ex_spouses Ike & Abby 3, cover shotgunning of basketball superstar during game at Madison Square Garden) $4.99


Grafton, Sue N is for Noose (PI Kinsey Milhone 14) $25.00
Adamson, Lydia A Cat on Stage Left (actress/catsitter Alice Nestleton witnesses murder of latest client on her doorstep by client's chauffeur-& the cat she was supposed to sit is a toy) $19.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson Three Complete Novels (omnibus reprints of The Cat Who Moved a Mountain , TCW Blew the Whistle , TCW Said Cheese ) $12.98
Brewer, James D No Escape (Masey Baldridge/Luke Williamson 5, try to investigate murder while one's quarantined aboard ship, the other on land by 1873 Memphis yellow fever outbreak) $22.95
Cannell, Dorothy (signed) The Spring Cleaning Murders (Ellie Haskell's gripped by spring cleaning fever, but when local Charwomen's Assn members drop dead, Ellie, Mrs Malloy & Jonas Phipps must uncover truth) $21.95
Coulter, Catherine The Target (man escaping notoriety, mute girl & her mother flee killers while FBI agents Savich & Sherlock return to discover motives & true target) $19.95
Echenoz, Jean Big Blondes (famed singer tries to diappear from public life, but is hunted by TV producer across world; transl fr French) $12.95
Edwards, Louis N (black journalist running alternative New Orleans paper, Aimee DuBois investigates when she answers a 3am phone call only to hear a murder) $12.95
Fishel, Edwin C The Secret War for the Union (non_fiction; history of military intelligence during the Civil War) $16.00
Fraser, George MacDonald Black Ajax (Harry Flashman's father brings freed New Orleans slave to Regency England as bare_knuckle boxer to take on undefeated champ & upset establishment) $23.00
Froshcer, Jonathan The Woodstock Murders (or Happiness is a Naked Policeman) (gay NY State Sr Investigator Thomas Jamison Wilder juggles new love with finding whoever's knocking off all of Woodstock's devious Driver clan) $23.95
Jorgensen, Christine T Death of a Dustbunny (Stella the Stargazer 4, investigates 5_year-old boy's claim that nanny was taken by a vampire & discovers sorting truth from perception can be deadly) $22.95
King, Dean/Hattendorf, John B_eds Every Man Will Do His Duty (non_fiction; antholgy of 1st_hand naval accounts from the Age of Nelson, 1793_1815) $15.95
Maloney, Shane The Brush_Off (Australian political advisor to minister of culture finds already shaky job involves solving murder of young artist found in ornamental gallery moat) $23.95
Martini, Steve Critical Mass (burnt_out PD Jocelyn Cole tries for quiet life, but new client's blown up after grand jury summons, his firm gets nukes & terrorism is next on agenda) $24.95
Maso, Carole Defiance (journal of genius physics professor Bernadette O'Brien, sentenced to death for male students' murders; "matrix of sexuality, violence & class difference") $23.95
McCrumb, Sharyn The Ballad of Frankie Silver (TN Sheriff Arrowood aims to find truth behind 1833 hanging of young woman for husband's murder as he's called to witness man's execution for killing hikers) $23.95
Perez_Reverte, Arturo The Seville Communion (Vatican sends Father Quart to find hacker who sent urgent plea to save ancient Seville church after 2 other defenders die) $24.00
Powers, Charles T In the Memory of the Forest (distillery worker's murdered in Polish forest & boyhood friend searches for truth through country, city, bureacrats, Church, foundation stones, history) $12.95
Ridgway, Keith The Long Falling (after husband returns from jail, abused woman takes final action against him & escapes to find gay son in Dublin) $22.00
Stein, Triss Diggin Up Death (NY reporter Kay Engles investigates murdered body discovered 300 years beneath Manhattan, but own origins & identity are more dangerous mystery) $22.95
Kellerman, Faye Serpent's Tooth (LA Det Pete Decker/Rina Lazarus investigate evidence of 2nd shooter at restaurant massacre, in a case that threatens his reputation, career & peace) $6.99


Ablow, Keith Denial (forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger pursues serial killer as he fights his own demons) $6.99
Adcock, Thomas Grief Street (Det Neil Hockaday/wife Ruby 6, drawn into killer's plot blocks from home, must battle very essence of evil) $6.50
Armistead, John Cruel as the Grave (Sheriff Bramlett 3, investigates murder of salesman in sleepy Southern town that seems to involve 3_year-old unsolved case, race, passion & hatred) $5.99
Barre, Richard The Ghosts of Morning (PI Wil Hardesty 2, must face secrets of his deep, dark past to resolve collision of friendship & murder) $21.95
Bickham, Jack M Murder at Oklahoma (no sooner does Flip Ryan arrive at the University of Oklahoma than she finds she's the only one who can solve the English Dept's star prof's murder; PBO) $5.99
Black, TC The Trader's Wife (Federal agents tell Sara Klein her Wall St trader husband has vanished w/clients' money, accuse her of helping & she sets out to find the truth; PBO) $5.99
Brady, James Further Lane (lifestyle guru's washed ashore w/hedge stake through her heart, journalist Beecher Stowe teams w/British book editor to sift through innumerable suspects) $5.99
Brown, Dale The Tin Man (Patrick McLanahan takes on the lethal Aryan Brigade in the streets of his own city) $24.95
Cannell, Stephen J King Con (grifter scams Mafia don, leading to beating, murder & revenge-in the form of the ultimate swindle) $6.99
Coben, Harlan One False Move (sports agent Myron Bolitar 5, must keep an eye on star of new women's basketball league after threats to her life) $21.95
Craig, Philip R A Deadly Vineyard Holiday (Martha's Vineyard ex_cop JW Jackson 8, meets vacationing president's daughter and must stand between her, national security breach & killer) $5.99
Douglass, Keith Seal Team Seven: Battleground (military adventure; Lt Murdock & the SEALs are sent to deal w/those who attacked US frigate just outside Kenya; PBO) $5.99
Eidson, Bill The Guardian (Ross Stearns, uncle & guardian of girl kidnapped from robbery scene where her parents were killed, searches for her & finds nothing is as it seems) $5.99
Fielding, Joy Missing Piece (family therapist Kate Sinclair's carefully constructed family life crumbles when half_sister decides to marry man on trial for multiple murders) $6.99
Flynn, Vince Term Limits (group disgruntled with America's course start killing senators, congressmen & promise to kill more if their course isn't followed; local author; audio tape $24) $23.00
Frieder, Patricia Signature Murder (Santa Fe lawyer Matty Donahue feels responsible when client's murdered & suspect was hired on her recommendation, but clues lead decades into past; PBO) $5.50
George, Anne Murder Gets a Life (Southern sisters Patricia Anne & Mary Alice 5, go visiting Patricia's prospective daughter_in_law, find trailer park full of relatives & a dead body) $20.00
George, Anne Murder Makes Waves (Southern sisters Patricia Anne & Mary Alice 4, head for beach vacation, but wind up upstaging local cops to catch killer) $5.99
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, MH_eds Once Upon a Crime (mysteries based on fairy tales by Allyn, Brett, Breen, Crider, Crowther, Dawson, DeAndrea, DuBois, Engstrom, Haddam, Hess, Hoch, Lutz, McCrumb, Peterson, Roberts, Wingate) $21.95
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, MH_eds Speaking of Murder (interviews w/genre masters incl King, Cornwell, Clark, Grafton, Spillane, Perry, Hillerman, Rendell, McCrumb, Hess, McBain, Brett, George, Lovesey, Muller, Hart, Rankin, Peters, Pronzini, Walters) $12.00
Harrington, William Columbo: The Glitter Murder (Lt Columbo investigate murder of famous movie director during robbery) $5.99
Honan, William H Treasure Hunt (non_fiction; chronicle of author's pursuit of art treasures stolen from Nazi Germany by American GI) $12.95
Kijewski, Karen Kat Scratch Fever (PI Kat Colorado 8, investigates Sacramento attorney's murder & uncovers he'd been blackmailed & payments went to organization for handicapped kids) $6.99
Lehane, Dennis Sacred (PIs Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro 3, hired to find billionaire's missing daughter after 1st PI disappears, but neither trail nor people can be trusted) $6.99
Leonard, Elmore Pronto; Rum Punch (trade paperback reprints) $9.95
Limon, Martin Buddha's Money (US Army cops in Korea (3) investigate deadly conspiracy that somehow involves a map to treasure & Genghis Khan's skull) $22.95
MacPherson, Rett Family Skeletons (Missouri genealogist Torie O'Shea agrees to help shopowner trace family, but when client's murdered, has to look deeper) $5.99
Manson, Cynthia/Halligan, Kathleen_ed Murder to Music (musically themed anthology sure to strike a chord, by Christie, Hoch, Lutz, Underwood, more) $5.99
Matera, Lia Star Witness (lawyer Willa Jansson 6, winds up spending vacation helping Santa Cruz friend solve vehicular manslaugher case full of dangerous secrets) $6.50
Mathews, Francine (aka Stephanie Barron) Death in a Mood Indigo (Nantucket police detective Merry Folger 3, navigates the FBI & media swarm to find truth behind discovery of woman's skeleton) $5.99
McGarrity, Michael Mexican Hat (retired Santa Fe cop Kevin Kerney 2, seasonal forest ranger job involves Mexican tourist's murder, disoriented man in wild, 60_year_old sibling rivalry) $6.50
McGarrity, Michael Serpent Gate (audio tape $23) $23.00
Mcdonald, R Robin Secrets Never Lie (non_fiction; Atlanta wife of politically_connected judge's killed to stop her exposing his drug_money laundering, but she'd taken precautions; PBO) $6.99
Montanari, Richard The Violet Hour (20 years after woman died at college Halloween party, those who were present are being killed, but one target_- an aspiring author/suburban mom_-fights back; PBO) $15.95
Myers, Tamar So Faux, So Good (antiques dealer Abby Timberlake 4, rare silver tea service cup turns dangerous when copy turns up, auctioneer collapses, murder's tied to Abby; PBO) $5.99
Olsen, Gregg Confessions of an American Black Widow (non_fiction; account of woman who convinced lover to kill 2 of her 3 husbands for their insurance) $6.50
Outland, Orland Death Wore a Fabulous New Fragrance (San Francisco drag queen Doan McChandler 2 & best friend Binky Van Kamp solve murder with inimitable style; "comedy of manners with a murder plot"; PBO) $5.99
Paretsky, Sara Ghost Country (non_series; wall where homeless woman sees Virgin Mary draws disparate people, including 1 woman who appears during thunderstorm & changes lives) $24.95
Peel, John/Rogers, Dave The Avengers: Too Many Targets (reprint; media tie_in; British superspies John Steed & Emma Peel return to ferret out murderous double agent who seems to be Steed himself) $5.99
Price, Richard Darktown (black Det Lorenzo Council & journalist Jesse Haus begin to suspect woman claiming black carjacker took her child is lying as city's racial tensions explode) $25.00
Quittner, Joshua/Slatalla, Michelle Flame War (renegade's counter_code to proposed government encryption program ignites war for the Internet, conspiracy & murder) $12.00
Reichs, Kathy Deja Dead (Montreal forensic anthropologist Dr Temerance Brennan's sure corpse is work of serial killer, but problem's proving it to cops before killer catches on) $6.99
Riordan, Rick The Widower's Two_Step (Texas detective Tres Nevarre 2, tracks a killer through the world of country music; "sly, funny, gritty") $5.99
Robb, JD Holiday in Death (NY Lt Eve Dallas 7, trails ritualistic serial killer to elite dating service; PBO) $6.99
Roberts, Les Pepper Pike (reprint; Cleveland PI Milan Jacovich's latest client, ad exec from exclusive suburb,has gone missing & it seems someone wants Milan gone, too) $5.99
Smith, Cynthia Silver & Guilt (high_society "resolver" Emma Rhodes, 4; "fast, clever, charming"; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Martin J Shadow Image (psychologist Jim Christensen returns; "plumbs the depths of dark family secrets"; PBO) $5.99
Speart, Jessica Tortoise Soup (Fish & Wildlife Agent Rachel Porter 2, investigates endangered tortoise theft in Nevada desert & finds eco_nuts, ranchers, developers, murder, bombs; PBO) $5.99
Vaughan, Robert The Wild, Wild West (media tie_in; 1st in new series based on cult classic show from late 60s & new movie) $5.99
Viets, Elaine Rubout (St Louis columnist Francesca Vierling 2, digs into murder of Rich Urban Biker_socialite at biker ball where gritty South Side,high society collide;PBO) $5.99
Westermann, John Ladies of the Night (when Nassau Cty GOP aide Elizabeth Lucindo vanishes during cutthroat campaign, media frenzy results & cops realize she's not the first or last) $23.00
Wheat, Carolyn Troubled Waters (Brooklyn atty Cass Jameson 5, must defend her brother on murder charge from years ago; "bitter story of youthful commitment, folly & corruption") $5.99
White, Ellen Emerson All Emergencies, Ring Super (ex_actor/Upper West Side superintendent Dana Coakley pursues tutoring student's assertion low_income housing fire was arson, but finds more questions) $5.99


Atkins, Charles The Portrait (manic_depressive Soho artist Chad Green finds life shattered, but while he struggles with psychiatrist's murder & police pursuit, his art sells like crazy) $22.95
Axler, James Outlanders 5: Parallax Red (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Bernhardt, William_ed Legal Briefs (anthology of legal thriller tales by Bernhardt, Brandon, Friedman, Grisham, Healy, Kahn, Margolin, Marini, Patterson, Scottoline, Stockley) $22.95
Billheimer, John The Contrary Blues (WV transportation inspector Owen Allison looks into bus_centered scam in small coal_mining town that turns into murder case) $21.95
Block, Lawrence The Burglar in the Library (burglar/bookseller Bernie Rhodenbarr 8, follows ex_girlfriend to New England inn to acquire signed 1st edition, but dead body & blizzard upset plans) $6.99
Brady, James Gin Lane (Beecher Stowe/Lady Alix Dunraven 2, investigate hit_&_run death of controversial radio star who infuriated his wealthy Southampton neighbors) $22.95
Brynner, Rock The Doomsday Report (publication of scientist's manuscript detailing inevitable, imminent mass extinction sparks firestorm of decadence, violence & terrorism) $23.00
Burke, James Lee Cimarron Rose (ex_Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland must confront past & make enemies when illegitimate son elists his aid in defense on murder charges) $7.99
Butler, Gwendoline A Double Coffin (Cmdr John Coffin must look into ex_PM's claims of helping serial killer father bury victims as child when journalist's murder may connect to claims) $21.95
Campbell, Ramsey The Last Voice They Hear (happily married investigative journalist Geoff gets call from long_missing brother & realizes he may be one killing series of happily married couples) $24.95
Corcoran, Tom The Mango Opera (Key West photographer Alex Rutledge finds himself in midst of attempted kidnapping, car bomb, murders when ex_girlfriend's look_alike roommate's killed) $22.95
Craft, Michael Eye Contact (gay reporter Mark Manning 2, & ass't David Bosch find routine assignment on astrophysicist's claims of 10th planet discovery turning into murder investigation) $21.95
Craft, Michael Flight Dreams (gay Chicago reporter Mark Manning 1, investigates socialite's disappearance on verge of fortune's turnover to Archdiocese) $10.95
Fedderson, Connie Dead in the Driver's Seat (Amanda Hazard finds big trouble when her new truck's stolen, then found w/dead thief, but fiance Police Chief Nick Thorn is accused of murder; PBO) $5.99
Freedman, David H/Mann, Charles At Large:The Strange Case of t World's Biggest Internet Invasion (non_fiction; chronicle of the manhunt for hacker who broke into high_security bank, university, federal agency & weapons_research systems)) $13.00
Gentry, Anita Night Summons (Athena Dawes fills in for friend as psych prof at small California university, discovers fatally competitive factions in hallowed halls) $4.99
Gleiter, Jan A House by the Side of the Road (woman moves to old rural house looking for peace, but old woman's death, neighbor kid's suspicions & mystery of ex_tenant won't let her rest) $22.95
Hunter, Fred Federal Fag (while on LA vacation Alex Reynolds & partner Peter 2, look for killer of Alex's old college flame & recent porn star, whose murder has CIA interested) $22.95
Hunter, Stephen Time to Hunt (master sniper "Bob the Nailer" must face deadly enemy resurrected from VietNam past to threaten his & family's lives) $23.95
Huston, James W Balance of Power (merchant ship hijacking to provoke international incident sparks US Constitutional crisis when Speaker aims to take military action without presidential approval) $25.00
Iakovou, Takis & Judy So Dear to Wicked Men (Georgia cafe owners Nick & Julia Lambros must discover who killed one of their regulars before they lose their business & their lives) $4.99
Jackman, Tom/Cole, Troy Rites of Burial (non_fiction; investigation of Kansas City serial killer Robert Berdella; PBO) $5.99
Johnstone, William W War of the Mountain Man (Western crossover reprint) $4.99
Kahn, Michael A Sheer Gall (St Louis lawyer Rachel Gold 4, isn't convinced client was killed by husband, but doesn't expect the number or fury of people who wanted her dead) $5.99
Kelly, John/Wearne, Phillip Tainting Evidence:Behind the Scandals at t FBI Crime Lab (non_fiction; examines charges by ex_FBI chemist of lost, contaminated & destroyed evidence, overstated results, altered reports & misleading testimony) $25.00
Kerr, Philip A Five Year Plan (audio tape) $24.00
Lefkowitz, Bernard Our Guys (non-fiction; group of high school athletes lure a retarded girl into a basement and rape her) $15.00
Lewis, Heather The Second Suspect (NYPD Caroline Rees's determined to keep wealthy man from framing his intimidated wife in death of prostitue they'd hired, risking career, perspective) $22.95
Lyons, Daniel Dog Days (young software developer wants revenge when prized car's totalled after parking in Mafia kingpin's spot, with friends abducts kingpin's prized greyhound) $22.00
MacGregor, TJ The Hanged Man (Florida detective Sheppard realizes bookstore owner Mira Morales is key to criminologist's murder & government psychokinesis project spun out of control) $23.00
Mayle, Peter Chasing Cézanne ("a delectable novel of glamour, amour, fine art, haute cuisine, felony, and farce") $12.00
McCrery, Nigel Silent Witness (A&E Mystery Movie tie_in; Northwick forensic pathologist Samantha Ryan investigates mutilated body found in graveyard, connection to local crime years ago) $23.95
McGarrity, Michael Serpent Gate (ex_cop Kevin Kerney 3, asked to investigate art theft from New Mexico capitol, faces cut_throat art world & old enemy connected to Mexican government) $22.00
McKevett, GA Killer Calories (Savannah Reid 3, isn't satisfied when actress/health spa owner's death is ruled accidental; PBO) $5.99
Meltzer, Brad The Tenth Justice (Supreme Court clerk inadvertently reveals upcoming decision to wrong person, soon must trap blackmailer) $7.99
Muller, Marcia Both Ends of the Night (PI Sharon McCone investigates death of flight instructor in "accidental" crash which leads to Witness Protection Program & terror in the wilderness) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 234 (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 60: Ultimate Game (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Roberts, Gillian Time & Trouble (50ish PI Emma Howe & new asst Billie search for missing girl whose mother claims was seduced by cult, but whose luck charm connects with murders) $24.95
Rodin, Robert L Articles of Faith (Danny Maguire gets call from father dead 25 years, pulling him into battle to suppress history of OSS fight against Nazis in US decades ago) $22.95
Simons, Paullina Eleven Hours (young woman 9 months pregnant is kidnapped, must spend 11_hour drive across Texas trying to outwit captors while husband, FBI seek her & answers) $23.95
Simonson, Sheila Malarkey (Lark Dodge 5, returns to Ireland to visit convalescing father, but discovery of body on estate grounds leads to exploding tensions & another murder) $4.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K Irresistible Impulse (NY DA Homicide Bureau chief Butch Karp/PI Marlene Ciampi 9, find their individual cases exploding in collision) $6.99
Tremayne, Peter The Subtle Serpent (7c Sister Fidelma 4, sent to investigate headless woman holding pagan & Christian symbols in SW Ireland well but also must find Gaul ship's missing crew) $23.95
Victor, Cynthia The Secret (when ad executive/pseudonymous spy novel author disappears, his wife takes on the series with greater success, inspiring his revenge) $6.99
Walsh, Michael Exchange Alley (NYPD Det Francis X Byrne investigates mutilation death of Danish diplomat that leads from steamy sex clubs to revelations of Lee Harvey Oswald) $6.99
Wessel, John Pretty Ballerina (ex_con PI Harding 2, investigates stalking of woman whose family was murdered 20 years ago, 2 years after brother disappeared) $23.00
Westfall, Patricia Tichenor Mother of the Bride (Appalachia activist Molly West's daughter wants a Civil War reenactment wedding, but when bridesmaid finds basement skeleton, she really has work to do) $20.95
Williams, Nicola Without Prejudice (black female barrister Lee Mitchell lands dream client, but defending financier on fraud charges turns up enemies too close to home-maybe in own firm) $21.95
Wilson, Tom In a Child's Eye (young teacher who witnessed parents murders 15 years ago realizes face of one student is nightmarishly familiar) $21.95
Zubro, Mark Richard The Truth Can Get You Killed (gay Chicago Det Paul Turner 4, assigned to case of conservative, judge found dead outside gay club & leads point to unlikeliest places) $11.95


Auerbach, Ann Hagedorn Ransom: The Untold Story of International Kidnapping (non_fiction; investigation of high_stakes, international kidnapping, incl negotiators, FBI role, government controversies, individual heroics) $25.00
Barnart, Robert as Bernard Bastable A Mansion & Its Murder (respectable, late 19_mid 20 c banking family daughter's drawn to rebellious uncle but when he marries disastrously, faces family disintegration, murder) $22.00
Barnes, Alan/Hearn, Marcus Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: The Secret History of James Bond (media tie_in/reference; covers entire movie history, incl plots, locations, gadgets, girls, villains, fights, etc, gossip, spin_offs, influences, more) $23.95
Dobyns, Stephen The Church of the Dead Girls (when 3 girls vanish 1 by 1, small, upstate NY town turns on itself with suspicion, vengeance, rumor reveal secret history) $12.00
Franklin, W Bruce_ed Prison Writing in 20th Century America (anthology of memoirs, stories, novels, poems by J London, N Algren, C Himes, A Shakur, I Slim, K Wozencraft, Malcom X, M Abdul_Jamal, more; PBO) $13.95
Glassman, Maxine Love Among the Orientals (oriental carpets of Back Bay boutique bespell workers into sexual obsession while theft of carpets from store's clients threatens store & their lives) $23.95
Goddard, Robert Beyond Recall (when old friend appears after 30 years only to kill himself, Chris Napier investigates his conviction that his father did not kill Chris' great_uncle) $25.00
Goddard, Robert Out of the Sun (Harry Barnett embarks on conspiracy & intrigue when finds mathemetician son he's never met is in coma, notebooks are missing, other scientists are dead) $13.00
Greenberg, Martin H_ed A Treasury of Cat Mysteries (anthology incl Braun, Rendell, Gorman, Howard, Douglas, many more) $13.95
Hall, James Norman Doctor Dogbody's Leg (reprint/historical naval adventure; Bounty trilogy co_author writes tales spun by old salt more interested in good story than truth; Dean King intro, hc avail $25) $13.00
Harvey, John Cutting Edge; Off Minor (Charlie Resnick reprints; slasher preys large urban hospital & missing girls' only connection is geography) $11.00 each
Higgins, Jack Flight of Eagles (brothers Max & Harry Kelso, separated as boys, find themselves on opposite sides early in WWII, drawn into intrigue with outcome of war in balance) $24.95
Jackson, Mick The Underground Man (eccentric Victorian duke researches all manner of knowledge, but when he turns to investigate mind & memory, slips into madness) $12.95
Kerr, Philip A Five_Year Plan (ex_con embarks on plan for big money hijacking money_laundering Black Sea yacht as FBI agent Kate Fury pursues coke shipment right into his way) $23.00
Langton, Jane (signed) The Face on the Wall (Homer Kelly 13, comes to illustrator_niece's rescue when wall she's painting in dream house shows mystery face & tenant's son is found dead beneath) $21.95
Leuci, Bob Captain Butterfly (reprint; policewoman Marjorie Butera investigates Brooklyn precinct ruled by police terror & personal vendettas) $10.95
Levy, Harry Chain of Custody (cardiologist/lawyer Dr Michael Malone finds the enemies he's made in medical malpractice career come home to roost when estranged wife is murdered) $23.00
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia News of a Kidnapping (non_fiction; chronicle of manhunt for Colombian Medellin cartel head Pablo Escobar & cartel's kidnappings used as bargaining chips against US) $13.95
Marryat, Frederick Peter Simple (reprint/historical naval adventure; signature work tells story of young naif in Nelson's navy; intro by Louis J Parascandola; hc avail $30) $15.00
Matthews, Greg Come to Dust (1940s screenwriter Keith Moody 2, encounters someone reading his 1st book-but he's a madman with a gun) $22.95
Murr, Naeem The Boy (boy with a different identity for every situation seems to be key to disintegration of foster father's family & dead body in derelict brewery basement) $22.00
O'Donnell, Lillian Blue Death (NYPD Lt Norah Mulcahaney finds controversial case behind 4 officers' suicides & when mentor Chief Felix is almost #5, must prove they're murders) $22.95
Peck, Dale Now It's Time to Say Goodbye (poor, rural Kansas town torn by violence & prejudice that touches gay couple, white matriarch, black preacher, hustler, artist, academic, teen, more) $25.00
Pope, Dudley The Black Ship (reprint/historical naval adventure; non_fiction story of mutiny aboard HMS Hermione, ship's recapture by Royal Navy, w/Christopher McKee intro; hc $30) $15.00
Relling, William Jr Sweet Poison (ex_Tresury agent/PI Jack Donne 2, hired to protect overbearing food critic in California wine country, finds the threats are more real than he thought) $22.95
Rose, Joel Kill Kill Faster Faster (criminal writes hit prison drama, producer stakes rep on more of same, but con falls for producer's wife & trouble's on the way) $11.95
Sandford, John Secret Prey (Mpls Det Lucas Davenport 9, digs into company chair's murder on hunting trip with fellow execs & comes up w/evil far beyond single murder; audio $24.95) $24.95
Seward, Desmond Richard III: England's Black Legend (history/biography; modern scholarship applied to contemporary accounts of controversial ruler, possible murderer) $14.95
Starr, Jason Cold Caller (down & out telemarketer snaps & kills supervisor in a "white_collar noir"; "reminiscent of...Highsmith's Ripley novels") $12.00
Stone, Robert Damascus Gate (lapsed Catholic/half Jewish/expatriate American reporter investigating syndrome of sanity surrendered to fanaticism is drawn into depravity, duplicity) $26.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K Reckless Endangerment (attorney_spouses Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi 10, are on opposite sides of case of Jewish couple's murder, confrontation with Arab community, runaway Arab girl) $23.95
Unsworth, Barry After Hannibal (literary; clashes of outsiders moving into Italian countryside where Hannibal had once defeated Rome) $13.00

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