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Newsletter #39 September - November, 1997

RECENTLY RECEIVED AND FORTHCOMING MYSTERIES Andrews, Sarah Mother Nature (geologist Emily "Em" Hansen 3; goes undercover in her own profession to find a young woman's killer) $23.95
Bacon, Kenneth D. Red River Prosecutor (True Cases of Oklahoma Crime) $19.95
Bean, Gregory A Death in Victory (Wyoming Sheriff Starbranch 3) $23.95
Bell, Nancy Biggie and the Mangled Mortician (Texas grannie Biggie Weatherford 2; comic sleuthing adventure) $20.95
Brown, Ray "Tex" 18 Wheels of Justice (true crime;trucker was undercover agent for Feds) $5.99
Bury, Stephen The Cobweb (small_town Iowa sheriff's deputy investigates death of foreign exchange student during Gulf War, finds terrorist plot, chemical warfare) $6.50
Canton, Rolf J. The Moriarty Principle (a short story about Holmes & Watson in Minneapolis, a radio drama/stage play script, plus a lot of essays about Holmes) $19.95
Chapman, Sally Cyberkiss (Silicon Valley P.I.s investigate computer-oriented crimes) $4.99
Clancy, Tom Executive Orders (sequel to Debt of Honor , Jack Ryan is president after a terrorist attack kills much of the U.S. government) $7.99
Cooper, Natasha Rotten Apples (Willow King probes death of art historian being investigated by the tax authorities) $4.99
Cornwell, Patricia Cause of Death (ME Kay Scarpetta 7; what secrets are held by ships under river ice that draws murder, radioactive material from supremacists? $7.50
Delacorte, Peter Time On My Hands (time machine is used to go back to pre-WW II to keep Reagan from becoming president) $23.00
Dibdin, Michael Cosi Fan Tutti (Italian policeman Aurelio Zen goes to Naples, tries to help wealthy widow persuade her daughter not to marry Mafia-associated fiances, "seriously comic") $23.00
Easterman, Daniel The Final Judgement (Yosef Abuhatseria's search for his nephew's kidnappers reveals this only beginning of conspiracy to restart Final Solution) $6.50
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Murder in a Cathedral (Robert Amiss 7, "clever, satirical) $20.95
Evers, Forrest Family Values (ghetto gang holds suburban wife & kids for ransom; computer exec husband decides that rather than go to police or try to raise cash, he's going in after them) $6.99
Flynn, Vince Term Limits (political thriller, local author, new local publisher) $24.00
James, Donald Monstrum (police procedural/political thriller set in Russia of 2015) $24.95
Jeffries, Roderic An Artistic Way to Go (Insp. Enriqu Alverex 20) $20.95
Jones, Rennie Behind the Scenes (love, greed, revenge, and murder at a home-shopping network) $23.00
Kellerman, Faye Serpent's Tooth (LA Police Lt. Peter Decker/ Rina Lazarus; lone gunman commits mass murder in a trendy restaurant) $24.50
Koontz, Dean Demon Seed (reprint of 1973 novel of woman held hostage in her own mansion by her computerized security system turned evil artificial intelligence) $7.50
Lansdale, Joe R. The Drive-In: A Double Feature Omninbus (reprint of 2 novels from 1988 and 1989) $5.95
Malcolm, John Into the Vortex (Tim Simpson 12, murder and the arts, British) $21.95
Maron, Margaret Shoveling Smoke (short story collection) $16.00
Marston, Edward Fair Maid of Bohemia (Nicholas Bracewll 9; murder at court of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II) $21.95
Massey, Sujata The Salaryman's Wife (witty suspense novel set in modern Japan) $5.99
Meade, Glenn Brandenberg (riveting thriller) $24.95
Meehan, Christopher Murder on the Grand (Reverend Truman Turkstra helps police when female seminary students start being murdered) $14.95
Meek, M.R.D. Postscript to Murder (lawyer Lenox Kemp, British cozy) $20.95
Miles, John Murder in Retirement ("murder mystery weekend" at retirement home turns deadly, resident troubleshooter Laura Michaels investigates) $4.99
Mills, Kyle Rising Phoenix (thriller; somebody has poisoned the narcotics supply, addicts are dropping like flies, FBI investigates) $24.00
Murphy, Warren/Sapir, Richard Destroyer #108: Bamboo Dragon $5.50
Pike, Christopher The Last Act (young adult; murder at a high school play) $3.99
Raphael, Lev The Edith Wharton Murders (academic conference on Edith Wharton turns to murder) $20.95
Scottoline, Lisa Legal Tender (renegade civil-rights lawyer Renedetta Rosato fights back when she's framed for the murder of her lover/law partner) $6.99
Simons, Paullina Red Leaves (suspense and murder at Dartmouth College) $6.99
Stockley, Grif Blind Judgment (title change;announced last issue as Self Incrimination) $22 White, Ellen Emerson All Emergencies, Ring Super (1st of series, Dana Oakley, aspiring actress, amateur sleuth) $21.95


Abercrombie, Rep Neil/Hoyt, Richard Blood of Patriots (when terrorists massacre the House of Representatives, ex_CIA agent James Burlane sets out to find out who & why) $6.99
Alexander, Bruce Watery Grave (18c blind magistrate Sir John Fielding & aide Jeremy Proctor 3, investigate grisly murder on one of His Majesty's frigates) $5.99
Balan, Bruce Cyber.kdz 4: Blackout in the Amazon (young reader) $3.99
Baldwin, Sherman Ironclaw (non_fiction; rookie Navy pilot recounts experiences in Gulf War) $5.99
Carillo, Charles My Ride with Gus (when Jimmy Gambar finds himself in a car w/estranged brother & body in the trunk, he wonders how thick blood really is; "slapstick.. surreal..absurd") $5.99
Coel, Margaret The Dream Stalker (Father John O'Malley/Arapaho lawyer Vicky Holden 3, track killer whose dreams lead to victims' nightmares) $21.95
Coleman, Michael Internet Detectives 1: Net Bandits (young adult; computer message leads friends thousands of miles apart to try to find boy in danger) $3.99
Coleman, Michael Internet Detectives 2: Escape Key (young adult) $3.99
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Tiger (series prequel; Sharpe & Light Company of George III's army battle India's Tipoo Sultan) $5.99
Crane, Hamilton Bonjour, Miss Seeton (retired art teacher Miss S takes day trip to France & is drawn into case involving famous artist, explosives & murder) $21.95
Crowley, Kieran Sleep My Little Dead (non_fiction; true story of the Zodiac Killer, by the reporter who helped crack the killer's code; PBO) $5.99
Davidson, Diane Mott The Grilling Season (caterer Goldy Schulz agrees to help ex_husband, who's accused of murdering his girlfriend) $22.95
Dawson, Janet Witness to Evil (PI Jeri Howard 7, brings home teen who ran away to meet family who hid Jewish grandmother from Nazis, but becomes target of today's Nazis back home) $21.95
Dobson, Joanne Quieter Than Sleep (English prof/Emily Dickinson expert Karen Pelletier must solve strangling death of fellow prof & clear her name) $21.95
Emerson, Earl Nervous Laughter (reprint; Seattle PI Thomas Black 3, shadows alleged philanderer only to find bodies instead of lovers' tryst) $5.99
Estleman, Loren D Murdock's Law (reprint '82; US Deputy Page Murdock western crossover) $4.99
Evans, Penelope The Last Girl (lonely man in London boarding house fixates on fellow lodger; when her lover spends weekends with her, he decides to make sure she's his alone) $5.99
Flynn, Joseph Digger (Vietnam tunnel rat John Fortunato recreates deadly passages under Elk River IL, & when adversary threatens town, he goes to war) $22.95
Forsyth, Frederick Icon (lone agent infiltrates Russia to stop Hitler_like tyrant) $6.99
Furutani, Dale Death in Little Tokyo (Ken Tanaka sets up as fake PI for club's mock mystery, but gets actual case that leads to corpse in Little Tokyo hotel, Japanese Mafia, international smuggling) $5.99
Gill, Bartholomew Death of an Irish Sea Wolf (Dublin Supt Peter McGarr 12, with wife Noreen & Murder Squad, investigates murders/disappearance of reclusive benefactor) $5.50
Girardi, Robert Vaporetto 13 (in Venice, man is drawn to ethereal woman he encounters on midnight walks & must uncover her secrets though he will lose her) $19.95
Gray, Muriel Furnace (after witnessing baby's death in small VA town, truck driver leaves with hitchhiker, only to be haunted by "demons" & waking nightmares) $23.95
Guiver, Patricia Delilah Doolittle & the Purloined Pooch (in S Ca, British pet detective Delilah Doolittle & her doberman find murdered man on search for missing German Shepherd; PBO) $5.99
Handberg, Ron Malice Intended (popular Minneapolis anchorwoman/single mother receives packages of her darkest secrets from past, soon someone's trying to kill her; local author, PBO) $6.50
Harris, Thomas Red Dragon (trade paperback reprint) $11.95
Harrison, Colin Manhattan Nocturne (NY tabloid columnist Porter Wren smells story when film director's widow hints a "little problem", plunges on "white_knuckle ride" into darkest secret) $6.99
Hautman, Pete The Mortal Nuts (73_yr_old ex_poker player Axel Speeter contends with crooks who want his stash of cash at Motel 6; local author, MN State Fair setting) $5.99
Healy, Jeremiah Invasion of Privacy (PI John Cuddy 11, does routine background check; when he's attacked, finding the truth becomes matter of survival) $5.99
Heck, Peter J A Connecticut Yankee in Criminal Court (Mark Twain 2, investigates case of New Orleans black man wrongly accused of murder) $5.99
Hemlin, Tim People in Glass Houses (part_time chef Neil Marshall 3, hired to cater congressional fund_raiser, but then Mob_tied guard's stabbed, apparently by Neil's assistant; PBO) $5.50
Jaffe, Jody Chestnut Mare, Beware (Natalie Gold 2, beauty queen's mother insists her trampling death was murder & not her chestnut mare's fault) $5.99
Kelman, Judith Fly Away Home (years after baby is kidnapped, a teacher on Rand's Island discovers the child at her school & discovers price of digging up the past) $5.99
Keppel PhD, Robert D Signature Killers (non_fiction; subtitled "Interpreting the Calling Cards of the Serial Murderer") $6.50
Lawrence, Margaret (aka MKLorens) Hearts & Bones (post_Revolutionary War midwife Hannah Trevor is drawn into investigation of rape & murder; Edgar, Agatha nominee) $5.99
Lipinski, Thomas The Fall_Down Artist (Pittsburgh insurance fraud investigator Carroll Dorsey copes with phony_injury epidemic that may involve VIPs who want him off their backs permanently) $5.50
Lippman, Laura Charm City (Baltimore PI Tess Monaghan hired by newspaper to find hacker who sneaked muckraking story on tycoon onto front page & possibly triggered suicide; PBO) $5.99
Lynds, Gayle Masquerade ("engrossing story of international intrigue with...a female heroine who can hold her own") $6.99
Manson, Cynthia_ed Canine Crimes II (anthology; PBO) $5.99
Moloney, Susie A Dry Spell (drifter/rainmaker Tom Keatley appears in ND town suffering from drought & suspicious crimes; "reminiscent of early Stephen King") $23.95
Nixon, Joan Lowery Don't Scream (young adult; Jess struggles to discover her real enemy when the 2 new guys in school each have secrets connected to the other) $4.50
Patterson, Richard North Silent Witness (attorney Tony Lord 2, returns to hometown & girlfriend's long_ago, unsolved murder to defend boyhood friend on homicide charge) $7.99
Perry, Anne The Silent Cry (William Monk/Hester Latterly 8, investigate beatings of solicitor & son in Victorian London slums, possibly tied to attacks on prostitutes) $24.95
Perry, Anne Weighed in the Balance (William Monk/Hester Latterly 7, suspect Countess Zorah despite her insistence that German prince was killed by his wife; Victorian England) $6.99
Poe, Robert Return to the House of Usher (VA reporter John Poe receives casket of Poe men's papers from Edgar on, & sworn to secrecy, but call from friend Roderick Usher may justify breaking oath) $6.99
Pool, James Hitler & His Secret Partners (non_fiction; expose' on secret funding of Third Reich subtitled "Contributions, Loot & Rewards, 1933_1945") $24.00
Pool, James Who Financed Hitler (non_fiction; delves into secret financial web that bankrolled his rise to power, 1919_1933) $14.00
Robb, JD Vengence in Death (Eve Dallas 6, follows cryptic riddles left for her by serial killer__victims have links to her new husband; PBO) $6.50
Rovin, Jeff The Game (movie tie_in; wealthy man enrolled with mysterious recreation company find his "Game" involves attempts on life & fortune; PBO) $5.99
Ryan, Charles Code Black (ex_SEAL finds mysterious metallic sphere in wreckage of his exploded boat with murdered couple aboard that's key to conspiracy; PBO) $5.99
See, Lisa The Flower Net (US ambassador's son dead in Beijing linked to "Red Prince" death on immigrant_smuggling freighter but US DA David Stark & Liu Hulan must find out what happened) $24.00
Shelton, Gene Manhunter: The Life & Times of Frank Hamer ("novelized biography" of lawman who took down Bonnie & Clyde; PBO) $5.99
Simon, David/Burns, Edward The Corner:A Year in the Life of an Inner_City Neighborhood (non_fiction; crime reporter & detective tell story of one of Baltimore's most notorious corners & the life of one broken family, and more) $27.50
Sinclair, Carla Signal to Noise (when 'zine drudge Kat blows ultra_cool magazine editor Jim's money in virtual blackjack, real thugs come after them; "biting satire of wired culture") $22.50
Steinberg, Janice The Dead Man & the Sea (public radio reporter Margo Simon 4, discovers that drowned sailor was really murdered; PBO) $5.99
Stroud, Carsten Deadly Force (non_fiction; subtitled "In the Streets with the US Marshals", follows Marshal Luke Zitto as he hunts a killer & a rapist, one protected by US gov't) $6.50
Strunk, Frank C Throwback (loner Kentucky mountain man must hunt down sociopath who's kidnapped his granddaughter at gunpoint) $6.50
Temple, Lou Jane A Stiff Risotto (KC restaurateur Heaven Lee 3, attends gossipy Aspen Food Festival, but when Best Chef competitors start dying, she realizes the real risks;PBO) $5.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Death Walker (ex_FBI agent/Navajo Res special investigator Ella Clah 2, must find out who's killing tribal elders/"living treasures", but signs point to witches) $6.99
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Strange Brew (Atlanta cleaning lady/PI Callahan Garrity 6, digs into death of entrepreneur behind microbrewery takeover of beloved local firm with "help" of ornery mom) $22.50
Ventura, Michael The Death of Frank Sinatra (Vegas PI Mike Rose confronts demons in family history when his brother unwittingly reveals secret that may link them to Vegas mob & JFK assassination) $5.99
Viets, Elaine Back Stab (columnist Francesca Vierling's sources are turning up dead & tracking their killer leads through St Louis' underworld & into a bloody past; PBO) $5.99
Walker, Blair S Up Jumped the Devil (African_American police reporter Darryl Billups wants nothing to do with anonymous warning of white supremacist violence, but then the bombing starts)... $22.00
Walsh, John/Schindehette, Susan Tears of Rage (non_fiction; father of kidnapped & murdered boy tells story of investigation, legal roadblocks, recently revealed info on boy's killer) $24
White, Michael C A Brother's Blood (man looking for truth of brother's death while German POW in Maine 50 yrs ago triggers memories in store owner Libby, who realizes family involvement; Edgar Best 1st Novel Nominee) $12.50
Wilson, John Morgan Simple Justice (burned_out gay crime reporter Benjamin Justice (1) reluctantly investigates murder; solution may cost him chance at peace; Edgar Best 1st) $5.99
Zigal, Thomas Hardrock Stiff (Aspen Sheriff Kurt Muller 2, investigates death of old_school miner who was in middle of fight between developers & militant "greenies") $5.99


Anscombe, Roderick Shank (man convicted of killing wife escapes with prison nurse & tries to convince world he didn't mean any of it...) $6.99
Bannister, Jo Charisma (Insp Liz Graham 2, investigates murders in Castlelmere's canal community that someone's decided needs to be rid of all that's "evil") $4.99
Bean, Fred Black Gold (in 1930s, Texas Ranger Lee Garrett sent to investigate death of wildcatter, discovers Mafia, corruption, & more) $23.95
Beaton, MC Agatha Raisin & the Terrible Tourist (left at the altar, Agatha (6) follows ex_fiance to Cyprus, where they witness & investigate tourist's murder) $19.95
Briody, Thomas Gately Rogue's Wager (in Rhode Island sea town, rogue reporter Michael Carolina (3) investigates murder of lowly clamdigger whose dynamiting injured a diver) $19.95
Chase, Jack Mortality Rate (student notices lots of terminally ill patients dying similarly, but draws attacks on his credibility & maybe his life; PBO) $5.99
Coburn, Andrew Birthright (novel imagines kidnapped Lindbergh baby's substitued for kidnapper's dead child & grows to adulthood unaware of true identity) $23.00
Cole, Jameson A Killing in Quail County (teen looks for bootlegger's still in Oklahoma town in 1957 to impress deputy sheriff_brother, gets more than bargained for) $4.99
Cotler, Gordon The Artist's Proof (retired NYPD cop/artist Sid Shale becomes prime suspect when girl who'd modeled for him is murdered in Long Island village) $21.95
Crombie, Deborah Dreaming of the Bones (ex_wife asks Spt Duncan Kincaid (5) to investigate poet's supposed suicide, but she's murdered before he & lover/partner Gemma James can start; signed) $22.00
Daley, Robert Nowhere to Run (NY ex_cop seeking refuge in France meets French ex_cop & they realize the corruption that got them fired won't let them go) $6.99
Donaldson, DJ Sleeping with the Crawfish (forensic pathologist Andy Broussard/criminal psychologist Kit Franklyn investigate corpse ID'd as convict apparently still in Louisiana prison) $21.95
Elm, Joanna Delusion (true crime writer Kate McCusker investigates media mogul accused of killing his wife, but isn't ready for the intrigue she uncovers) $23.95
Fawcett, Quinn Against the Brotherhood (Mycroft Holmes & his secretary, Guthrie, take on assassins, spymasters, burglary, sabotage & more) $23.95
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Murder on the QE2 ( lecture stint on ocean liner lands Jessica in midst of murder when fellow speaker's killed; PBO) $5.99
Flora, Kate An Educated Death (Thea Kozak 4 becomes suspicious when she learns drowned girl at private high school was pregnant) $23.95
Furutani, Dale The Toyotomi Blades (Japanese_American Ken Tanaka (2), on trip to Japan, finds himself in middle of turmoil as his katana becomes key to centuries_old mystery) $20.95
Gerritsen, Tess Presumed Guilty (when Miranda's ex_lover's found murdered in her bed with her knife, what really shocks her is the anonymous bail someone posts__to trap her?;PBO) $5.50
Gorman, EJ Senatorial Privilege (only DA Amy McGuire stands in the way when revered Senator sets out to make sure local youth is convicted for teen girl's death) $23.95
Hall, Robert Lee London Blood (Ben Franklin 7, investigates killings of London women that lead to milieu of spoiled aristocracy) $20.95
Hautman, Pete Ring Game (Axel Speeter hires Joe Crow to investigate his "stepdaughter"'s fake Evian salesman/ex_cult leader fiance; "wild mix of larceny..weird religion..murder"; author signing) $22.00
Heber, RW Murder at Wittenham Park (during Agatha Christie murder weekend at large manor, one guest is murdered & retired claims insp & his crime reporter_daughter must solve the case) $22.95
Holtzer, Susan Black Diamon (discovery of body in U of Michigan dorm prompts Anneke Haagen to dig through the state's 19c lumber history for clues) $21.95
Huggins, David The Big Kiss (Swinging London includes failing marriage, imploding friend & partner, business takeover, hallucinations & Mr Denton__rapist, murderer) $21.95
Jennings, Maureen Except the Dying (Det William Murdoch investigates servant girl's death in wintery 1895 Toronto) $22.95
Johnstone, William W Judgment in the Ashes (paramilitary adventure #24; PBO) $5.99
Kiely, David The Angel Tapes (Dublin cop Blade Macken leads investigators to stop bomber called Angel threatening city) $22.95
Lankford, Terrill Angry Moon (burnt_out hit man Ry Caulder hired to kill his mentor, but after two sure_thing hits, the man is still alive) $22.95
Lasseter, Don Dead of Night (non_fiction; story of Oregon sex killer; PBO) $5.99
Lasseter, Don Going Postal (non_fiction;massacres by disgruntled postal workers;PBO) $5.99
Lovejoy, William H Back\Slash (FBI agent Luanne Russell turns to renegade computer genius to stop terrorist with stranglehold on country's computer infrastructure) $5.99
Lovelace, Merline Duty & Dishonor (Air Force colonel awaits her impending promotion; suddenly relieved of duty on suspicion of murder & must unearth truth from past;PBO) $5.99
Lupoff, Richard A The Radio Redd Killer (Marvia Plum investigates murder of radio personality at station full of odd characters) $21.95
MacDonald, Marianne Death's Autograph (London antiquarian bookseller Dido Hoare is run off the road soon after shady ex_husband returns__exactly who's after her?) $22.95
Maracotta, Lindsay Dead Celeb (animator Lucy Freers 2, stumbles onto corpse of hot young director, propelled into "satirically observed world of sex, lies & utter ruthlessness") $24.00
McInerny, Ralph On This Rockne (new series; the Knight brothers, PI Philip & Prof Roger, investigate murder of Notre Dame trustee) $20.95
Meier, Leslie Back to School Murder (Lucy Stone 4, decides to get to the bottom of case against popular Tinker's Cove teacher for bombing of elementary school) $18.95
Meier, Leslie Trick or Treat Murder (Lucy Stone 3, digs into rash of arsons that culminate in murder amid Halloween festival preparations) $5.99
Miles, John A Most Deadly Retirement (Laura Michaels 3, investigates mysterious figure with something to hide in the woods, threatens retirement center residents) $4.99
Morson, Ian A Psalm for Falconer (in 13c Oxford, Regen Master Falconer must uncover truth behind 15_yo murder of then_new abbot w/current abbot as prime suspect) $21.95
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 109: American Obsession (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Myers, Tamar Just Plain Pickled to Death (Pennsylvania_Dutch innkeeper Magdalena Yoder 4, finds wedding plans disrupted when groom's cousin reappears after 20 years__dead in saurkraut barrel;PBO) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 226 (paramilitary adventure) $3.75
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 56: Terror Spin (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Peters, Ellis An Excellent Mystery (Brother Cadfael 11/reprint; 2 monks arrive from destroyed Winchester abbey, & Cadfael begins to suspect there's more going on then there seems) $5.99
Pozzessere, Heather Graham A Perilous Eden (Amber Larkspur hoped for passion on luxury cruise, but when terrorists seize the ship, she realizes her lover has a deadly past; PBO) $5.50
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Red Lamp (reprint) $5.99
Slung, Michelle_ed Murder & Other Acts of Literature (anthology) $24.95
Stark, Richard (aka DWestlake) Comeback (reviewed this issue) $18.00
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II Guevara, Also Known as Che (non_fiction/biography; bio of late 20c Latin_American revolutionary, gunned down in 1967 in Bolivia) $35.00
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II Return to the Same City (Mexico City PI Hector Belascoaran Shayne agrees to "take care" of dancer who killed woman's sister, but finds CIA agents & stolen artifacts) $5.99
Tan, Maureen AKA Jane (burnt-out British M15 operative Jane Nichols moves to Georgia to write PI novels, but enemy from past won't let her retire) $22.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K Falsely Accused (NY attorney Butch Karp's case for medical examiner & wife Marlene's detective agency specializing in domestic violence protection converge in murder) $6.99
Vincent, Isabel Blood Money (non_fiction; subtitled "How the Swiss Banks Financed the Nazis", from perspective of family history from prewar Vienna to Holocaust_survivor present) $25.00
Westlake, Donald E What's the Worst That Could Happen? (Dortmunder & gang take revenge on billionaire who showed up in midst of burglary & took his lucky ring, but what kind of luck is it?) $6.50
Wilson, F Paul/Lyon, Steve Nightkill (hit man Jake Nacht wants out, but when his last job leaves him paralyzed, takes doctor's offer of dangerous new technique to walk again & get revenge) $23.95


Adamson, Lydia A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock (actor/cat_sitter Alice Nestleton agrees to find anonymous benefactor for friend's charity__he turns up dead & she becomes target) $19.95
Aldyne, Nathan Vermilion (reprint; gay bar owner Daniel Valentine & best friend Clarisse Lovelace team up to find young hustler's killer) $9.95
Alexander, Bruce (aka Bruce Cook) Person or Persons Unknown (blind 18c London judge Sir John Fielding 4, investigates prostitute murders around Covent Garden) $22.95
Benjamin, Carol Lea The Dog Who Knew Too Much (Greenwich Village PI Rachel Alexander 2 & pit bull Dash hired to look into woman's suicide, but finds maze of riddles; "gritty & edgy") $21.95
Breslin, Jimmy The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight (reprint; "hilarious novel of bungling Brooklyn mobsters") $12.95
Buckley, William F Jr High Jinx (espionage/Blackford Oakes reprint) $10.95
Crider, Bill Murder Takes a Break (Galveston PI Truman Smith searches for missing college student, but finds there's another missing__& dead) $21.95
Francis, Dick 10 Lb Penalty (ex_amateur jockey is targeted in increasingly violent efforts to discredit his politician_father who seeks prime ministership; audio $17.95) $24.95
Gadol, Peter The Long Rain (while rebuilding life & family vineyards in N CA, lawyer covers up his involvement in teen's hit_&_run death, soon must defend man accused of the crime) $23.00
Grossman, David The Zig Zag Kid (detective's son Nonny Feuerberg finds himself on train with magnetic outlaw who hijacks train & whisks him off on quest) $24.00
Harvey, John Still Waters (British Det Charlie Resnick 9, reluctantly steps in when latest body found in canal was lover's friend & had jealous & abusive husband) $23.00
Ignatius, David Agents of Innocence (reprint; idealistic CIA agent Tom Rogers ordered to infiltrate PLO, learns high price of innocence) $11.00
MacDonald, John D Dress Her in Indigo ; The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper ; The Long Lavender Look (audio tapes) $18.00 each
MacGregor, Roy The Screech Owls 1_5 (young adult; young hockey players solve mysteries ) $4.99 each
Maltin, Leonard 1998 Movie & Video Guide (reference) $19.95
Manguel, Alberto A History of Reading (non_fiction; explores 4000_year history of written word) $14.95
McFarlane, Leslie The Ghost of the Hardy Boys (non_fiction; autobiography of 1st ghostwriter of Hardy Boys series) $12.95
Mikulski, Barbara/Oates, Mary Louis Capitol Venture (Sen Norie Gorzack 2, discovers that protest at her campaign rally was staged to keep her from speaking with Rep who was then killed) $23.95
O'Brien, Patrick The Yellow Admiral (18th in historical naval saga; Maturin interrupts Aubrey's troubles with news of Chilean naval needs, in turn interrupted by Napoleon's escape from Elba) $12.95
Ousby, Ian Guilty Parties: A Mystery Lover's Companion (reference) $24.95
Parker, Robert B Night Passage (new series; fired alcoholic cop Jesse Stone recruited as police chief of Paradise MA, where chance to start over's threatened by local corruption, death) $21.95
Perry, Anne The Silent Cry (audio tape) $18.00
Preston, Richard Cobra's Eye (fictional story inspired by real events, situations, agent of destruction, story of government agency preparing for threat to civilian populations) $25.95
Thompson, Jim Bad Boy; The Nothing Man (noir reprints; autobiographical novel & tale of psychological suspense) $10.00 each
Van de Wetering, Janwillem Hard Rain; The Rattle_Rat (reprints) $12.00 each
Van de Wetering, Janwillem The Perfidious Parrot (Amsterdam Cops 14; Grijpstra, de Gier & the commissaris are blackmailed into investigating supertanker cargo hijacking in Caribbean-_only to be framed?) $22.00
Wesley, Valerie Wilson No Hiding Place (black Newark PI Tamara Hayle 4, reluctantly investigates murder of criminal with ties to her late brother) $21.95
Wright, Eric Death of a Sunday Writer (librarian Lucy Brenner inherits Toronto detective agency, finds previous owner's death was no accident, answers lie in horse racing & owner's journals) $21.00


Aczel, Amir D Fermat's Last Theorem (non_fiction; "philosophy & hard science combine with investigative journalism for real_life detective story of the intellect") $9.95
Albert, Susan Wittig Love Lies Bleeding (TX herbalist China Bayles investigates the shooting of the Mike McQuaid on the day she expected him to propose) $21.95
Antonia Fraser Faith & Treason: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot (non_fiction/history; untangles web of religion, politics & personalities in plot by English Catholics to blow up Parliament & King James I) $14.95
Atwood, Margaret Alias Grace (doctor in new mental illness field encounters enigmatic woman in Toronto asylum who was convicted of notorious murders of employer & mistress years before) $12.00
Banks, Lynne Reid Melusine (young adult; teen attempts to unravel the unhappy mystery of the French chateau where his family is staying) $4.50
Benson, Raymond James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies (movie tie_in; 007 must stop wealthy media mogul from starting war between Britain & China; PBO) $5.99
Berry, Carole Death of a Dimpled Darling (Bonnie Indermill #6, investigates murder of bridesmaid of wealthy NY debutante; PBO) $5.99
Brandon, Jay Defiance County (prosecutor Kelsey Thatch must penetrate secret behind double murder & kidnapping in small_town Texas & risk destroying the town) $6.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs Jeffries Questions the Answer (Mrs J & Insp Witherspoon investigate murder of much_disliked woman by apparent burglar; PBO) $5.99
Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Murder, She Meowed (murder of steeplechase jockey stumps small, Southern town postmistress "Harry" Harriston, but her cat Mrs Murphy (5) aims to find the answers) $6.50
Chase, Linda/St George, Joyce Perfect Cover (Tina Paris, 1st woman in NY's Special Prosecutor's Office, aims to nail Ofcr Eddie Calvert for murder, but serial rapist is stalking the city & her) $6.50
Christmas, Joyce Downsized to Death (secretary Betty Trenka 3, asked by son of beloved, incapacitated boss to clean out his files, but interest in her mundane task is unusually high; PBO) $5.99
Churchill, Jil Fear of Frying (Jane Jeffry 9, discovers corpse at rustic Wisconsin camp, but after police are informed it vanishes & later the man reappears, alive & well; author signing) $22.00
Churchill, Jil War & Peas (suburban single mom Jane Jeffry 8, investigates death of museum director wh's shot during Civil War re_enactment) $5.99
Clancy, Tom Airborne (non_fiction; "guided tour of an Airborne Task Force") $16.00
Clark, Mary Higgins My Gal Sunday (ex_president Henry Britland & congresswoman_wife Sunday investigate when former secretary of state is accused of murder they're sure he didn't commit) $6.50
Clark, Mary Higgins_presented by The Plot Thickens (anthology of stories featuring thick fog, thick book & thick steak, proceeds to Literacy Partners; includes Block, Evanovich, Mosley, Pickard, Westlake,more) $5.99
Cobb, James H Choosers of the Slain (lone British outpost in Antarctica taken over by Argentinians, & USS Cunningham & its untested female commander is 1st to arrive) $6.99
Cook, Thomas H The Chatham School Affair (betrayal, passion & death that destroys 5 lives delved through a woman, a school & a town, where passionate violence is unavoidable; '96 Edgar winner) $5.99
Crichton, Michael Airframe (lethal midair disaster on commercial airliner leads to pressured, frantic investigation) $7.99
Cullen, Robert Heirs of the Fire (journalist Colin Burke runs story exposing lie in government denials of missile sale to Saudi Arabia & "ignites the tinderbox of Saudi politics") $23.00
Davis, Don Hush Little Babies (non_fiction; mother convicted of killing sons) $5.99
Dawkins, Cecil Turtle Truths (moviemaker hosts glitzy party at Santa Fe home, but guest of honor Dame Charlotte is killed & his caretaker's found w/her jewels; PBO) $5.99
Dawson, Janet A Credible Threat (PI Jeri Howard 6, believes escalating violence against 5 women is more than simple hostility) $5.99
Deighton, Len Charity ( Faith & Hope conclusion; spy Bernard Samson continues to investigate sister_in_law's murder in Berlin, w/only childhood friend Werner Volkman to help) $6.99
Diehl, William Reign in Hell (attorney Martin Vail 3, faces down psycho killer Aaron Stampler again, this time on battleground of white supremacist movement) $25.00
Donaldson, DJ Louisiana Fever (New Orleans pathologist Andy Broussard/psychologist Kit Franklyn 5, investigate deaths from Ebola_like virus, source of which maybe killer stalking Kit) $5.99
Douglas, Carole, Nelson Cat With an Emerald Eye (Midnight Louis 6, scoffs at his human's invite to seance, but when psychic debunker of false phenomena drops dead at event, they get interested) $6.99
Dunbar, Tony Trick Question (New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet 3, thrust into case of man found holding murder victim's head in restricted area [we all know he's innocent]) $5.99
Emerson, Earl Black Hearts & Slow Dancing (reprint; Fire Chief Mac Fontana 1, as fill_in Deputy Sheriff of small WA town must investigate torture_slaying of lone_wolf Seattle firefighter) $5.99
Emerson, Earl Deception Pass (PI Thomas Black 10, hired by philanthropist w/psycho boyfriend & massacre in her teen past to find her blackmailer, but doesn't know all her agenda) $22.00
Emerson, Earl The Million_Dollar Tattoo (Seattle PI Thomas Black 9, steps in when fellow PI wakes up to dead woman he's convinced is from outer space) $5.99
English, Brenda Corruption of Faith (journalist Sutton McPhee investigates her church_secretary sister's murder & its ties to her congregation; PBO) $5.99
Firstman, Richard/Talan, Jamie The Death of Innocents (non_fiction; subtitled "A Real_Life Medical Detective Story"__SIDS deaths 20+ years ago proved to be murder) $24.95
Gilman, Dorothy Mrs Pollifax, Innocent Tourist (Mrs P must smuggle manuscript out of Jordan that documents truth of Saddam Hussein's reign) $5.99
Grant, Linda Lethal Genes (PI Catherine Sayler 5, investigates disappearance of genetic material from UC Berkeley's plant genetics lab when staffer disappears, too__murdered?) $5.99
Greenberg, MH/Lellenberg, J/Waugh,C Holmes for the Holidays (reprint; Holmes stories featuring Christmas/Christmas stories featuring Holmes__includes Perry, Wheat, Douglas, Hill, more) $21.95
Griffin, WEB Blood & Honor (Nazi plot threatens to overthrow the Argentinian government & change WW2 course__only 3 Americans can stop it) $7.50
Hackler, Micah S The Dark Canyon (Sheriff Lansing 4, realizes great_grandfather's journal hints on amulet found by archaeologists may be key to string of murders; PBO) $5.99
Haney, Lauren The Right Hand of Amon (in 1464BC Egypt, Lt Bak of the Medjay police investigates murder of soldier during journey of golden idol up the Nile) $5.99
Hightower, Lynn S Eyeshot (Cincinnati Det Sonora Blair 2, discovers that body parts found on I_75 belong to woman who witnessed murder 8 years ago that wasn't believed or solved) $6.50
Hooper, Kay Finding Laura (struggling artist must clear her name when implicated in death of wealthy man by infiltrating his family__will she be next victim?) $22.95
Hyde, Christopher A Gathering of Saints (Scotland Yard pursues serial killer who knows Allies' secrets while the Luftwaffe bombs London) $6.50
Jordan, BB Principal Investigation (one man holds cure to deadly Eke virus & holds world hostage__only Dr Celeste Braun can find cure & save day; PBO) $5.99
Kaufelt, David A The Ruthless Realtor Murders (Wyn Lewis 3, realizes it's up to her to investigate deaths of 3 fellow realtors & clear herself in turmoil over Wagg's Neck Harbor developments) $22.00
Kellerman, Jonathan The Clinic (psychologist Alex Delaware/LAPD Det Milo Sturgis investigate murder of psych professor famous for male_bashing bestseller) $6.99
Kenney, Charles Code of Vengeance (Boston reporter Frank Cronin assigned to murder of beloved politician, but finds greed & corruption behind saintly persona; hc title Hammurabi's Code) $5.99
Kimball, Michael Undone (main man is set up by best friend & his wife to be blamed for murder in a $2 million scheme; "erotically charged thriller") $5.99
Lashner, William Veritas (Philadelphia lawyer Victor Carl is hired to wrap up affairs of heiress whose apparent suicide was really murder) $6.50
Lawrence, Margaret (aka MK Lorens) Blood Red Roses (colonial ME midwife Hannah Trevor 2, suspected of murders while courts threaten to judge her unfit, sell her 8_yo daughter as indentured servant) $23.00
Levy, Harlan And the Blood Cried Out (non_fiction; NY homicide prosecutor examines 14 prominent cases' use of DNA evidence, including OJ trial) $5.99
Ludlum, Robert The Matarese Countdown ("suspense, deception, serpentine plot twists & explosive revelations") $27.50
MacGregor, Gregory Michael Deadspin (fatally defective airplane sparks attorney Christopher Lang's case against powerful man, but he doesn't know how far the opposition will go) $22.95
Marano, Lydia/Weiss, David Cody The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 4:Rock 'n Roll Robbery (young adult/media tie_in; when rock star's costume is stolen Shelby & friends set out to find out who__& why; PBO) $3.99
Martini, Steve The List (thriller writer trapped by pseudonym and deadly stand-in) $7.50
McCulley, Johnston The Mark of Zorro (republication of 1919 classic about masked hero defending oppressed in Old California, who's frivolous caballero in disguise; media tie_in) $4.99
McDermid, Val The Mermaids Singing (Dr Tony Hill & Insp Carol Jordan investigate serial killer deaths of young men in Bradfield, UK; Gold Dagger winner) $6.50
Montecino, Marcel Sacred Heart (wise guy disguised as priest goes to cover w/pious Jesuit brother in Mexico, & both face destiny_sealing choices) $23.00
Montecino, Marcel The Crosskiller ; Big Time (reprints) $6.99 each
Morson, Ian Falconer & the Face of God (medieval Oxford Regent Master Falconer 3, witnesses murder during morality play rehearsal while helping Bacon research alchemy in back alleys) $5.99
Myers, Tamar The Ming & I (antiques dealer Abby Timberlake 3, investigates murder of woman who'd tried to sell her an old vase, soon finds old plantation & family secrets) $5.50
Mystery Scene Staff_eds Mystery's Most Wanted (fiction anthology of "The Year's Finest Crime & Mystery Stories" includes Block, Douglas, Harvey, McCrumb, Paretsky, Perry, Rankin, more) $5.99
Nance, John J Medusa's Child (Captain Scot McKay learns his Boeing 727 is carrying bomb that'll wipe out every computer chip on continent when it goes off & the clock's ticking...) $6.99
Olgin MD, Howard The Eternity Cure (innovative surgeon Laura Antonelli meets Dr Colonel Neil Reynolds' dark side, part of conspiracy using microtech to kill & wants to test it on her;PBO) $5.99
Page, Katherine Hall Christie & Company 3: In the Year of the Dragon (young adult) $14.00
Parker, James E Jr Covert Ops: The CIA's Secret War in Laos (military non_fiction; cadre of daredevil CIA agents directs Thai mercenaries & Hmong tribespeople in fighting N Vietnamese;hc title "Codename Mule") $5.99
Piesman, Marissa Survival Instincts (NY lawyer Nina Fischman 4?, goes undercover for The New Yorker to investigate research scientist's murder & clear her brother_in_law as suspect) $5.99
Poyer, David As the Wolf Loves Winter (ex_con wants to live quietly in Pennsylvania woods, but he & 12_year-old girl are caught in ecologist/industrialist crossfire over re_introduction of wolves) $6.99
Preisler, Jerome Homicide: Violent Delights (TV tie_in; Dts Kellerman & Lewis' roadside corpse ID'd as psych prison guard & escapee is smartest, most vicious hit_men in Baltimore's history; PBO) $5.99
Rule, Ann Rose for Her Grave; You Belong to Me; Fever in the Heart (omnibus reprint of 3 non_fiction titles) $14.00
Sharmat, Marjorie & Craig Nate the Great & the Crunchy Christmas (young reader; Nate agrees to try to find Fang's mysteriously missing Christmas mail) $3.99
Sibley, Celestine Spider in the Sink (Atlanta journalist Kate Mulcay's Christmas prep interrupted when eccentric Miss Iris Moon is killed & homeless friends she'd taken in are suspects) $22.50
Stacey, Susannah Dead Serious (Supt Bone 7, investigates serial killer in the reputedly haunted village of Biddinghurst; PBO) $5.99
Wessel, John This Far, No Further (ex_PI/ex_con Harding takes off_the_books domestic case that turns to murder & investigating dead doctor's depraved life forces collision with violent past) $6.99
White, Vicki Mason Deadly Demise (the Sinclairs' nanny, Amanda Fairchild, is stunned by Mrs Sinclair's violence but convinced that handsome Mr Sinclair is innocent of her murder; PBO) $5.99
Wilson, John Morgan Revision of Justice (gay crime reporter Benjamin Justice 2, investigates death of hated Hollywood deal_maker, as well as his own demons) $21.95
Zimmerman, RD Closet ; Tribe (trade paperback reprints of 1st & 2nd Todd Mills mysteries; local author & setting; Lambda winner & Edgar nominee) $10.95
Zimmerman, RD Hostage (gay Mpls TV journalist Todd Mills 3, covers story of 3 unlikely terrorists__in final stages of AIDS__who kidnap a politician & threaten to infect him) $21.95


Adamson, Lydia A Cat Under the Mistletoe (Alice Nestleton's sitting cat w/personality disorder, but when therapist is killed, must find culprit before becoming suspect herself) $5.99
Anaya, Rudolfo Rio Grande Fall (Albuquerque Det Sonny Baca 2, encounters the latest victim of his unnatural nemesis Raven at hot air balloon festival) $6.99
Apostolou, Anna A Murder in Macedon (in 336 BC Greece, young Alexander the Great investigates father Philip of Macedon's assassination amid chaotic court; 1st in series) $21.95
Axler, James Deathlands 39: Watersleep (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.50
Beck, KK We Interrupt This Broadcast (newly_divorced Alice Jordan wangles job at Seattle classical music radio station only to find her predecessor's corpse & a wealth of suspects) $20.00
Berenson, Laurien Dog Eat Dog (Melanie Travis 3, already has enough on her plate, but then murder at exclusive kennel club points to forged pedigrees & illegal show practices) $5.99
Berenson, Laurien Hair of the Dog (Melanie Travis 4, thought attending Aunt Peg's July 4 barbecue with elite kennel club members would be fun__until star poodle handler is murdered) $18.95
Bishop, Paul Tequila Mockingbird (Det Fey Croaker 3, investigates public murder of LAPD det by pregnant wife & body count climbs as seemingly open_&_shut case leads to international terrorist) $22.00
Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling (reprint; bookseller/ex_burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr can't resist job to lift rare edition, but then contact's killed & cops come after him) $6.99
Buckley, Fiona To Shield the Queen (widow Ursula Blanchard copes with intrigue & danger at Queen Elizabeth I's court when her charge, Robert Dudley's wife, is murdered) $21.00
Burke, James Lee The Lost Get Back Boogie (Louisiana blues musician on parole heads for Montana & finds work on friend's father's ranch, but lands in war between ranch & local pulp mill) $5.99
Caplan, Thomas Grace & Favor (aristocratic US expatriate in London overhears conversation that reveals intrigues & secrets that threaten family & future) $24.95
Cauffiel, Lowell House of Secrets (non_fiction; story of Eddie Lee Sexton, who ordered his children to kill) $23.00
Coram, Robert Atlanta Heat (rookie Atlanta detective working double homicide relies on inside info from famous crime reporter, not suspecting he's the killer; PBO) $5.99
Curtis, Sandra Zorro Unmasked (movie tie_in/reference; explores origins of masked avenger, characterizations & productions over 80 years, making of latest movie) $14.95
Curzon, Clare Past Mischief (DS Mike Yeadings & team tries to untangle attempted murder of business woman & the stranger found dead in her office) $4.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Golden Garland (feline sleuth Midnight Louie & publicist Temple Barr are in NY at Christmas for ad deal, but murder of Santa Claus puts damper on season) $23.95
Elkins, Aaron Twenty Blue Devils (anthropologist Gideon Oliver investigates suspicious death of Tahiti coffee plantation owner, but gets more questions than answers) $5.99
Elkins, Charlotte & Aaron Nasty Breaks (pro golfer Lee Ofsted 3, substitute_teaches at island golf school, but has to contend with kidnapping, ransom & murder, too) $22.00
Elton, Ben Popcorn (2 demented killers hijack Hollywood's hottest young director on Oscar night; "viciously funny satire"; '96 Gold Dagger winner) $22.95
Forest, Stephen Iron Lady (female assassin plots to kill PM Thatcher using kidnapped Chicago boy__Scotland Yard special agent Stanford & boy's mother must stop her) $25.95
Goddard, Ken Double Blind (Fish & Wildlife Agent Henry Lightstone 3, caught between industrial power in collusion with corrupt Congressman & dangerous right_wing militia) $24.95
Gordon, Dan Just Play Dead (woman hires boyfriend to eliminate her ruthless millionaire husband, who in turn hires him for other plans; soon to be movie) $22.95
Gregory, Susanna A Bone of Contention (in 14c Cambridge, Dr Matthew Bartholomew investigates student's death & girl's disappearance) $22.95
Holland, Cecelia Railroad Schemes (when Lily Viner's bank_robber father's killed in stagecoach robbery, she's left on run with outlaw King Callahan, who's on a mission against the railroad) $23.95
Hollingsworth, Gerelyn Murder at St Adelaide's (KC PI Frances Finn returns to alma mater when dying Mother Superior claims 30_year-old death of nun was murder, but it's soon clear the case is still alive) $4.99
Johnstone, William W Alone in the Ashes (reprint of #5; post_apocalyptic paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Kemprecos, Paul Bluefin Blues (Cape Cod fisherman/PI "Soc" Socarides investigates harpooning death of japanese fisherman in stolen boat) $20.95
Lathen, Emma A Shark Out of Water (Wall St banker/sleuth John Putnam Thatcher heads to Poland to investigate potential investment, soon uncovers murder) $22.95
Lee, Rachel Caught (serial killer's next target Kate Devane, police photographer Connor Quinn develop on_line romance, not knowing they work together, killer's watching; PBO) $5.99
Maloney, Mack Wingman 14: The Sky Ghost (paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Marlowe, Toby Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (criminal attorney Keri Adams' defense of star athlete charged w/sex killing may necessitate drawing the real killer to her; PBO) $5.99
McDonald, Gregory The Brave (desperate to save destitute family, Raphael agrees to "star" in snuff film for $30,000; movie upcoming) $11.00
Medawar, Mardi Oakley Witch of the Palo Duro (in 1867, The Rattle Band returns to the Kiowa's winter camp & soon tragedies occur that only Tay_bodal can solve) $21.95
O'Callaghan, Maxine Down for the Count (PI Delilah West 6, gets caught in intrigue following gunfire at the mall) $20.95
O'Kane, Leslie Just the Fax, Ma'am (cartoonist Molly Masters 2, is livid when rival's husband steals her 1 risque drawing, wins porn mag contest__now she's getting hate mail & he's murdered) $4.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Fjord (Faith Fairchild 8, & Pix head to Norway to investigate friend's disappearance, only to be drawn into sinister world of stolen antiques, secret history) $22.00
Parry, Richard The Wolf's Cub (Nathan Blaylock, son of Wyatt Earp, returns searching for his own son across Alaska, despite being hunted for Capt Barnette's revenge) $23.95
Patterson, James Jack & Jill (DC Det Alex Cross 3, must find connection between Senator's murder & girl's beating, & keep the President safe) $7.50
Pedrazas, Allan Angel's Cove (beach bar_owner Harry Rice 2, investigates unusual death of bartender's dad in Texas) $21.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 227 (paramilitary adventure) $3.75
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 31: Night of the Jaguar (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Peters, Ellis The Raven in the Foregate ; The Rose Rent (reprints/Brother Cadfael 12 & 13) $5.99 each
Poe, Robert The Black Cat (John Charles Poe 2, turns to his ancestor's secret cache of papers when woman claiming to be witch turns up in town in eerie resemblance to story) $23.95
Roberts, John Maddox Desperate Highways (Gabe Treloar assigned to find boss' missing daughter, who may've been led into a life of crime) $22.95
Roberts, Les Cleveland Local (PI Milan Jacovich 8, investigates attorney's murder in Caribbean, involving Interpol cop, knifing marauders, bizarre tourists, local mob bosses, labor leaders) $22.95
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Abuse of Power (California police officer reports corruption & becomes enemy of the powerful, must fight for her life & safety of loved ones, trusting no one) $6.99
Sandstrom, Eve K The Violence Beat (small_town police reporter Nell Matthews investigates suspicious death of hostage_taker that may bring down whole police force; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Barbara Burnett Mistletoe from Purple Sage (small_town Texas mystery writer Jolie Wyatt investigates murder during Christmas trip to big city) $21.95
Smith, Tom Easy Target (non_fiction/Vietnam; "Riveting True Story of a Scout Pilot in Vietnam") $5.99
Sofer, Barbara The Thirteenth Hour (2 American women living in Jerusalem & Jericho are recruited for secret mission, find themselves unlikely allies in midst of web of violence) $5.99
Sprague, Gretchen Death in Good Company (Brooklyn lawyer Martha Patterson comes out of retirement to join poverty_law office, but quickly discovers murdered client's body) $20.95
Stark, Richard Comeback (audio tape) $17.00
Stevenson, Richard Chain of Fools (gay Albany PI Donald Strachey 6, hired to investigate murder of man, attempted murder of his sister & feud over sale of family newspaper) $11.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David Bad Medicine (Navajo investigator Ella Clah 3, copes with death of powerful senator's daughter, rising tensions between miners & attempts on tribal ME's life) $23.95
Uhnak, Dorothy Codes of Betrayal (when NY cop's child is killed in mob violence, he must confront family's Mafia connections; "what happens when honor meets revenge?") $23.95


Adams, Harold The Ice Pick Artist (Carl Wilcox returns to Corden, SD, hometown in 1930s, only to discover dead woman in family hotel, leading to powerful clan's family secrets) $21.95
Connor, Beverly Questionable Remains (anthropologists Lindsay Chamberlain realizes photo of rock slide contains skeleton & something's wrong, then is kidnapped & another "accident" prepared) $20.95
Dams, Jeanne M Holy Terror in the Hebrides (Dorothy Martin 3, finds Iona, Scotland, stormier than expected, what w/gales, tourists falling to deaths, being trapped with murder suspect & whatnot) $21.95
Davies, Barry Royal Blood (American ex_special forces officer tracks down rogue SAS troopers hired to assassinate the Princess of Wales) $23.95
Diehl, William A Reign in Hell (audio tape) $24.00
Dixon, Franklin W Hardy Boys: The Shore Road Mystery (reprint of original 1928 version) $12.95
Fyfield, Frances Without Consent (London prosecutor Helen West investigates string of rapes that leads to her lover's best friend & eventually murder) $21.95
Greenberg, MH/Gorman, E/Segriff, L_ Cat Crimes for the Holidays (latest cat anthology includes Pickard, Paul, Lutz, Collins, Crider, Healy, Knight, more) $21.95
Grimes, Martha The Case Has Altered (Richard Jury investigates double murder in Lincolnshire fens, but when main suspect is woman he's long loved, he turns to Melrose Plant) $24.00
Hess, Joan A Holly, Jolly Murder (AK bookseller Claire Malloy 12, suspects that teen accused of killing Druid group's wealthy benefactor is really innocent) $21.95
Hiaasen, Carl Lucky You (Florida lottery winner JoLayne Lucks enlists journalist Tom Krome in chase when Bodean Gazzer & sidekick steal her ticket for the White Clarion Aryans; audio tape $18.00) $24.00
Hunter, Evan (aka Ed McBain) Me and Hitch (film/memoir; daily conversations that developed the film The Birds) $12.95
Janes, J Robert Stonekiller (in 1942 Dordogne, Jean_Louis St_Cyr of Surete & Herman Kohler of Gestapo assigned to investigate murder of woman who found prehistoric art caves) $12.00
Kaufman, Natalie Havener/Kay, Carol "G" is for Grafton: The World of Kinsey Milhone (non_fiction/biography; companion to series answers nagging queries, explores background, work habits, views; includes maps, diagrams, pix) $25.00
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew: The Password to Larkspur Lane (reprint of original 1932 version) $12.95
Kotzwinkle, William The Bear Went Over the Mountain (black bear steals manuscript in woods, dons coat & tie, heads to city to make his fortune in NY & Hollywood; 'wickedly funny, satiric") $13.00
LaPlante, Lynda Cold Blood (ex_cop/recovering alcoholic/PI Lorraine Page gets high_profile case when starlet's daughter disappears, but search turns to desperate hunt for killer, control) $23.00
Langton, Jan Dead as a Dodo (Homer Kelly's working as visiting lecturer in Oxford while trying to solve questions of life & death of priest who left cryptic note) $6.95
Matthiessen, Peter Lost Man's River (story of man's obsession w/learning the truth about his father__cold_blooded killer or unjustly murdered victim?__set in lawless Everglades wilderness) $29.95
Melo, Patricia The Killer (young Brazilian used car salesman stunned when he's lauded as hero after killing man in bar brawl, & finds himself asked to kill by others) $21.00
Mortimer, John Felix in the Underworld (UK bestselling author Felix Morson is accused of murder after being threatened with paternity suit; "parodies the book trade") $22.95
Mosley, Walter Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned (story of aging ex_con Socrates Fortlow's determination "to challenge & understand the violence & anarchy in his world__& in himself"; HBO movie coming) $23.00
Nava, Michael The Burning Plain (gay, Hispanic LA lawyer Henry Rios 5, investigates murder of client he'd just successfully defended against burglary charges) $22.95
Nicholson, Geoff Footsucker (foot fetishist meets woman w/feet of his dreams who leads him on murderous caper; "wickedly funny") $12.95
North, Suzanne Seeing is Deceiving (filmmaker Phoebe Fairfax 2, investigates when exhibitor at Psychics Fair she's filming drops dead from poison) $6.99
Patterson, James Cat & Mouse (DC Det Alex Cross 4, tracks killer on spree up E Coast to Paris with help serial_killer specialist doctor, while escaped Gary Soneji tracks him for revenge) $24.95
Pieczenik, Steve State of Emergency (civil war looms as 4 Western states threaten to secede, their governors hold 1000s hostage, black Sec'y of State Barbara Reynolds sends Dr Carter to deal) $23.95
Sallis, James Eye of the Cricket (New Orleans PI Lew Griffin 4, searches for his son & for man masquerading as himself;"as distinctive, as fluid, as thoughtful as jazz") $21.95
Soares, J^o A Samba for Sherlock (Holmes is summoned to Rio in 1886 to solve theft of Stradivarius the Emperor of Brazil gave his lady, but case escalates to murder by the time he arrives) $23.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis III Torchlight (2 ex_Navy SEALs infiltrate arms dealer's diving operation to intercept gold treasure & save young woman's life) $23.95
Tanenbaum, Robert K Irresistible Impulse (at career turning points, DA Butch Carp prosecutes alleged serial killer as wife Marlene Ciampi starts det agency, ends up at center of media firestorm) $23.95
Vachss, Andrew False Allegations (NY ex_con/mercenary/predator on predators Burke 9, hired by crusader who debunks "false allegations" of child abuse to find truth of particular case) $12.00
Van de Wetering, Janwillem Sandman (St_Cyr & Kohler must investigate murders of schoolgirls, incl orphan heiress & her companion in Paris, winter 1943) $22.00
Waterhouse, Jane Shadow Walk (crime writer Garner Quinn 3, investigates death of journalist who claimed to have seen fugitive who killed his entire family in 1970) $23.95


Adler, Elizabeth Now or Never (Boston Det Harry Jordan investigates murders of college women, gets nowhere & desperately enlists elegant investigative TV reporter Mallory Malone) $6.99
Amos, Beth Dark Night Dreams (police psychiatrist investigates woman's disappearance that's witnessed by her mute son as others begin to disappear; PBO) $6.50
Barre, Richard The Innocents (PI Wil Hardesty investigates remains of 7 children exposed by flash flood, but has more personal stake than anyone knows; Shamus Best 1st Novel '95) $5.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane & the Man of the Cloth (Jane Austen 2, finds refuge at Mr Sidmouth's manor when carriage breaks down on trip to seacoast, but finds smuggling & murder are also resident) $6.50
Bishop, Claudia Death Dines Out (Inn at Hemlock Falls 5: the Quilliam sisters go to Palm Beach to help wealthy socialite, but her battle w/ex_husband threatens to become deadly; PBO) $5.99
Brookes, Emma Face Off (psychic/police consultant Suzanne Richards is tracked to KC by teen whose emerging psychic abilities tell her missing sister is alive but not for long) $5.99
Coleman, Michael Internet Detectives 3: Speed Surf (young adult) $3.99
DeLoach, Nora Mama Stalks the Past ("African_American Miss Marple" Mama Covington inherits murdered neighbor's estate, but gossip flies & another's killed before she can find out why) $21.95
DePoy, Phillip Easy (Atlanta blues_club co_owner/PI Flap Tucker specialty is finding missing persons w/Zen meditation, but latest case involves more crimes than usual; PBO) $5.99
Douglass, Keith Seal Team Seven 5: Firestorm (Lt Murdock's team accomplishes mission retrieving info from CIA informant, but didn't count on nature of info__Chinese plans to invade Taiwan; PBO) $5.99
Faust, Ron Death Fires (reprint; movie set on desolate Mexican Coast brews conflict, hate, fear & death) $5.99
Freemantle, Brian In the Name of a Killer (Moscow serial killer is enough trouble for Col Dimitri Danilov, but latest victim brings FBI agent Bill Cowley, international politics to brew; hc T Button Man) $6.99
Glass, Leslie Loving Time (NY Det April Woo/Dr Jason Frank 3, investigate whatever is twisting love to sinister, deadly obsession at prestigious psychiatric center) $5.99
Hager, Jean The Last Noel (Ozark's Iris House B&B 4: hiring out_of_towner to direct church Christmas pageant wasn't popular decision, but unpopular enough to murder the man? PBO) $5.50
Harrison, Payne Forbidden Summit (intelligence officer Frank Hannon investigates on own when gov't ignores unidentified aircraft descending over Cheyenne Mountain; PBO) $6.99
Harrod_Eagles, Cynthia Blood Lines (DI Bill Slider 5, investigates music critic's death at BBC TV studios just before appearance, but suspects murder rather than suicide) $5.50
Heck, Peter J The Prince & the Prosecutor (Mark Twain 3, take luxury cruise with high_society types, including a murderer) $21.95
Higgins, Jack Night Judgement at Sinos (reprint; deep_sea diver/ex_Royal Marine Commando Jack Savage) $6.99
Johansen, Iris Long After Midnight (Kate Denby's scientific breakthrough rouses violent threats & she must trust stranger & finish project to save lives, incl those closest to her) $6.99
Johnson, Dolores Hung Up to Die (dry cleaner Mandy Dyer 2, finds competition tough, but when rival's found dead in her front window, she has to find real killer to save self&store;PBO) $5.99
Kaewert, Julie Unbound (Alex Plumtree must protect star author & family's prestigious publishing house to release book exposing coded, treasonous passages in famous novel;PBO) $5.99
Kashner, Sam/Schoenberger, Nancy Hollywood Kryptonite (non_fiction; exploration of George Reeves' 1959 death, officially suicide, but with evidence of jealousy, passion, tragedy & murder) $6.50
Kellerman, Jonathan Survival of the Fittest (Dr Alex Delaware & LAPD Det Milo Sturgis join forces w/Israeli Insp Daniel Sharavi (Butcher's Theater) to solve murders of young people with disabilities) $24.95
Lake, MD Midsummer Malice (U campus cop Peggy O'Neill 9, asked to help woman who sold baby as teen find the grown child, but the trail leads to old scandal, murder; local author, PBO) $5.99
Lewis, Sherry No Place for Sin (senior sleuth Fred Vickery 5, doesn't like gambling proposal for Cutler CO, but not enough to kill__but someone does, possibly his own son_in_law;PBO) $5.99
Linedecker, Clifford Smooth Operator (non_fiction; story of accused serial killer who apparently charmed women into seduction, then killed them) $5.99
Mahoney, Dan Hyde (NYPD Det Brian McKenna 3, tracks killer of homeless men with HIV from Manhattan through Europe to Costa Rica; incl contest for NY trip with NYPD tour) $6.99
Newman, Christopher Hit & Run (NY Det Joe Dante's latest case takes him into money, sex, ambition, fraud & murder at heart of billion_dollar stock market deal; PBO) $5.99
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Death of an Angel (Sr Mary Helen 7, is trying to help troubled librarian when friend becomes serial rape_murder victim, but investigations take her, Sr Eileen into web of evil) $5.99
Phillips, TJ Woman in the Dark (writer Joe Wilder 2, investigates threats against woman whose mother was killed in notorious 16_year_old NY case, finds deception, passion still alive) $5.99
Preisler, Jerome Zorro & the Jaguar Warriors (media tie_in; masked hero of Old California helps woman search for missing father & brother, & finds missionary aiming to revive savage Aztec glory) $4.99
Rankin, Ian Hide & Seek (Edinburgh Det John Rebus unravels bruised junkie's death & Satanic worship signs, following bad_tempered young woman from dark side to upper crust) $5.99
Roberts, Les Collision Bend (Cleveland PI Milan Jacovich #7, digs into scandal, intrigue & coded computer disk to clear ex_girlfriend's lover of local TV reporter's murder) $5.99
Robinson, Peter Blood at the Root (DCI Alan Banks #7, looks beyond the obvious & finds more than he bargained for when neo_Nazi youth is stomped to death) $22.00
Smith, Cynthia Misleading Ladies (private "resolver" Emma Rhodes 3, latest case is to reunite divorcing couple torn by jealousy, but the case soon turns to one of murder; PBO) $5.99
Stone, Eric In a Heartbeat (veteran homicide cop John Carnes encounters murder of worst brutality he's ever seen, & wants someone to pay) $6.99
Strong, Tony The Poison Tree (when woman moves to Oxford to pursue doctorate, she uncovers dark secrets beneath cozy academic facade, as vicious killer walks streets) $21.95
Thompson, Carlene The Way You Look Tonight (woman's missing husband leads her to delve into secrets of his past & sadistic killer of women who's now watching her; orig '93 Brit pb) $5.99
Todd, Catherine Staying Cool (LA widow Ellen Laws 2, discovers victim of the matchmaker she helped convict may not've been as virtuous as seemed & now teen's life is at stake; PBO) $5.99
Wallace, Marilyn_ed The Best of Sisters in Crime (anthology of best of the anthology series, includes Cannell, Dunlap, Grafton, Hornsby, Muller, Maron, Paretsky, Shankman, Wheat, more) $21.95
Willett, Sabin The Deal (multi_million_dollar leveraged buyout deal includes one small error that will cost the firm millions & one partner his life) $6.99


Allman, Kevin Hot Shot (Hollywood reporter Keiran O'Connor 2, investigates overdose death of TV star) $21.95
Allyn, Doug A Dance in Deep Water (diver "Mitch" Mitchell attempts to repair relationship with young son that leads her to disturbing truths about mother's death) $21.95
Axler, James Outlanders 3: Savage Sun (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.50
Baldacci, David Total Control (Sidney Archer's perfect life crashes with husband's plane crash, but FBI believes he caused crash & still lives__but truth is even worse) $7.50
Bannister, Jo A Taste for Burning (when Castlemere CI Frank Shapiro is suspended over his arson investigation, it's up to Insp Liz Graham & Sgt Cal Donovan must find & stop the fire bug) $4.99
Baxt, George The Clark Gable & Carole Lombard Murder Case (star couple investigate kidnapper targeting star babies amid 1939 premier of GWTW) $20.95
Beechey, Alan An Embarrassment of Corpses (children's author finds friend floating in Trafalgar Square fountain, soon others turn up dead in unusual fashion) $21.95
Bowen, J Rhys Evans Above (Evan Evans has just become constable of Llanfair, Wales, but already has murder of 2 hikers on his hands, besides plenty of eccentric citizens) $21.95
Buderi, Robert The Invention That Changed the World (non_fiction; subtitled "How a small group of radar pioneers won the 2nd WW & launched a technological revolution") $16.00
Cohen, Steven Martin Becker's Ring (NY Det Brent Kramer must stop serial mutilator who's disturbing agenda is attacking paroled murderers & dishing out fate worse than death) $6.50
Faherty, Terence The Ordained (Owen Keane 6, returns to Rapture IN to investigate disappearances of descendants of adventist sect that founded town) $21.95
Gilbert, Adrian Stalk & Kill: The Sniper Experience (non_fiction/military history; "the skills, the experiences, & the stories of combat snipers in their own words") $24.95
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Champion (Arkansas cleaning woman Lily Bard 2, reluctantly looks into murder of fellow fitness devotee found dead at gym) $20.95
Hunter, Fred Ransom for a Holiday (Chicago detectives Jeremy Ransom & Emily Charters 4, retreat to Michigan guest house, only to be embroiled in 2_year_old murder) $20.95
Marlowe, Stephen The Death & Life of Miguel de Cervantes ("Cervantes' life as it was, might have been, & should have been") $14.95
Mathes, Charles The Girl Who Remembered Snow (when her grandfather & then a friend are killed, magician Emma Passant sets out to find answers, but finds a family past of deception & shocking truth) $4.99
Mayor, Archer Bellows Falls (VT Det Joe Gunther 8, takes Internal Affairs investigation for nearby town, shocked at big_city rumors of corruption, abuse, murder & finds facts worse) $22.00
Mayor, Archer The Ragman's Memory (Brattleboro Det Joe Gunther searches for truth of human remains found by child, & key is in mind of troubled WWII vet) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Executioner 228 (paramilitary adventure) $3.75
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 57: Judgment in Stone (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Rankin, Ian Black & Blue (Insp Rebus' latest case is murder in Edinburgh suburb that leads back to media circus surrounding 1960s serial killer back home in Glasgow) $22.95
Schultz, Duane Quantrill's War: The Life & Times of... (military history/biography; study of career criminal used Civil War as cover for what he loved: theft, destruction, murder, & became Confederate hero) $14.95
Sheckley, Robert The Alternative Detective (PI Hob Draconian gets his first case from his nephew, but didn't expect to search for missing surfboards to lead to real criminals with guns) $13.95
St Edmunds, Anne Red Right Returning (artist/widower Mick Merisi returns to Dutchman's Island to make peace with past, but sees mysterious woman emerge from sea who's killed soon after) $4.99
Taylor, Andrew The Four Last Things (1st in trilogy; daughter of policeman & Anglican cleric is kidnapped & nightmare begins) $22.95
Walker, Dale L Legends & Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West (non_fiction; presents dozen enigmatic deaths, incl Meriwether Lewis, Sacajawea, Davy Crockett, Crazy Horse, Black Bart, more) $22.95
Woodman, Richard A King's Cutter (18c Royal Navy Lt Nathaniel Drinkwater 2, faces turmoil of spies, refugees fleeing French Revolution, skirmishes with French Navy & Battle for Camperdown) $5.99


Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza (reprint; burglar/bookseller Bernie Rhodenbarr finds nickel worth half_a_mil, competing burglars & philosophy_reading fence a dangerous combination) $23.95
Claus, Hugo Desire (2 men's boozing & gambling hobbies lead them from their Belgian home to Vegas, while those left behind contend with turmoil) $22.95
Cook, Robin 3 Complete Novels:Acceptable Risk, Fatal Cure, Terminal omnibus reprint $12.98
Ellin, Stanley Stronghold; House of Cards (reprints; suspense novels of Quaker family held hostage & of international intrigue ranging from Paris to Venice & Rome to self_discovery) $11.00 each
Epstein, Carole Perilous Relations (Barbara Simons 2, searches for boss' killer among dangerous relatives from Old Montreal jazz clubs to powerful WASP enclave) $22.95
Francis, Dick 3 Complete Novels: Come to Grief, Decider, Wild Horses (omnibus reprint) $12.98
Grossman, Anne Chotzinoff/Thomas, L Lobscouse & Spotted Dog (cookbook/reference; "Gastronomic Companion to [Patrick O'Brien's] Aubrey/Maturin Novels"; recipes linked with quotes, historical notes, preparation instructions) $29.95
Hill, Reginald Asking for the Moon (reprint; 4 stories featuring British police detectives Dalziel & Pascoe) $21.00
Hillerman, Tony/Herbert, Rosemary_ed The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories (anthology includes Gardner, Chandler, Stout, Macdonald, Queen, McBain, Grafton, Hillerman, more) $14.95
Holt, Hazel Mrs Malory & the Only Good Lawyer (British widow Sheila Malory 8, comes to realize that late husband's dreadful friend, staying at her home, is blackmailing 3 associates__why?) $22.95
Housewright, David Practice to Deceive (St Paul PI Holland Taylor 2, finds embezzlement of elderly woman's savings by businessman only tip of nasty, dangerous iceberg; local author) $22.00
James, PD A Certain Justice (Cmdr Adam Dalgliesh & team must solve murder of criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge in midst of her case defending young man accused of mother's murder; unabridged audio tape $44.95) $25.00
Maurensig, Paolo The Luneburg Variation (when Viennese businessman's corpse is discovered in elegant garden, a mortal duel develops between chess player_opposites) $20.00
Millhiser, Marlys It's Murder Going Home (literary agent Charlie Greene comes home to Boulder to find self torn between wayward daughter & mother, when neighbor's killed & mom is prime suspect) $6.95
Muller, Marcia/Pronzini, Bill_eds Detective Duos (non_fiction/reference; "The Best Adventures of 25 crime_Solving Twosomes" from Holmes & Watson to present day, books & media, all styles) $25.00
Sanders, Lawrence 3 Complete Novels: McNally's Secret, Luck, Risk (omnibus reprint) $12.98
Shapiro, Fred/Garry, Jane_ed Trial & Error: Oxford Anthology of Legal Stories (anthology includes Dickens, Stevenson, Gordimer, Oates, Melville, Roth, more) $30.00
Takagi, Akimitsu The Tattoo Murder Case (reprint; daughter of tattoo artist found dead & dismembered in 1947 Tokyo in case hinging on conflicting attitudes towards tattoos; trans from Japanese) $22.00

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