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Newsletter #37 March - May, 1997


Three in Time ( The Year of the Quiet Sun by Wilson Tucker, The Winds of Time by Chad Oliver, There Will Be Time by Poul Anderson) $14.99
Anderson, Kevin J X Files: Ruins (TV tie-in) $5.99
Bakis, Kirsten Lives of the Monster Dogs (a group of intelligent dogs show up in New York in 2008, the result of German experiments of over 100 years earlier, have difficulty adjusting to the modern world) $23.00
Bassett, James C Living Real ("a novel of virtual reality and beyond") $5.50
Behr, Ira Steven/Wolf, Robert Hewit Star Trek: DS9: Legends of the Ferengi (70 tales of brave, greedy Ferengi illustrate Rules of Acquisition) $12.00
Bova, Ben/Lewis, Anthony Space Travel (a writer's guide to the science of interplanetary and interstellar travel) $16.99
Bowker, David The Death Prayer ("a haunting thriller of paranormal proportions") $11.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Exile's Song (Lew Alton's daughter Margaret returns to Darkover, begins to uncover mysterious heritage & terrifying destiny) $6.99
Brownworth, Victoria--ed Night Bites (vampire stories by women) $12.95
Cavelos, Jeanne Babylon 5 #7: The Shadow Within (TV tie_in; Captain Sheridan, Cmdr Ivanova, Chief Garibaldi & array of aliens embark on another adventure) $5.50
Charrette, Robert N Wizard of Bones (3rd Chronicle of Aelwyn, fantasy) $5.50
Ciencin, Scott The Elven Ways 2: Ancient Games (magician Tom Keeper travels to darkest heart of Realm of Shadows, must open door into Abyss to save friend) $5.99
Cochran, Molly/Murphy, Warren World Without End (modern man runs afoul of conspiracy to keep Atlantis secret, is transported to past as pawn in Zeus & Hades' power struggle, finds true secret of power) $6.99
Cochran, Joseph The Babylon Project (roleplaying game book based on TV show) $25.00
Coleman, Loren Battletech 31: Double_Blind (game tie_in) $5.99
Doyle, Debra/Macdonald James D Groogleman (young adult) $15.00
Duane, Diane Star Trek: Next Gen 45: Intellivore (as ships & colonies disappear into Great Rift, Picard & 2 other captains realize only way to trap menacing entity is using Enterprise as bait) $5.99
Easton, Thomas A Silicon Karma (people scanned into virtual reality to live forever, but some have dark and greedy plans for their virtual afterlife) $11.99
Ende, Michael The Neverending Story (novel upon which the movie was based) $4.99
Feist, Raymond E The Serpentwar Saga 3: Rage of a Demon King (soldier Erik, thief/merchant Rupert caught in magical Midkemia's 2nd Riftwar, while Pug, Miranda & sorceror Macros journey to demon world to stop it) $24.00
Foy, George The Shift (writer for virtual reality TV series creates 1850s New York world on side, with Bowery serial killer & detective-then the killer escapes to real world) $5.99
Gaiman, Neil/Kramer, Edward E_eds The Sandman: Book of Dreams (collection of stories based on world of adult comic book includes Barker, Williams, Hambly, Wolfe, Collins, Amos, Brust, more) $12.00
Garcia y Robertson, R Atlantis Found (Jake Bento 2, finds "lost" time_travel expeditioners have set themselves up as enslaving & pillaging gods in Atlantis; he must overthrow them & return) $5.99
Greenberg, Martin H_ed Elf Fantastic (anthology of tales of elves) $5.99
Grimson, Todd Stainless ("True love never dies. It kills."--vampires and rock music) $5.99
Hickman, Tracy The Immortals (AIDS mutation ravages 2010 US & government sets up isolated intern camps with secret, shocking intentions) $6.99
Hobb, Robin The Farseer 3: Assassin's Quest (bastard assassin FitzChivalry reclaimed from grave by Burrich & Chade into ravaged kingdom, must pit talents against man who took throne, corrupted all) $22.95
Hogan, James P Bug Park (teens with a lab create new entertainment-action adventure in micro_mechanical scale-but real challenge is whoever wants to squash their project & them) $22.00
Hubbard, L. Ron Final Blackout (reprint of 1940 thriller about a future war in Europe) $6.99
Keyes, J Gregory The Waterborn (River God's power over all lands, including princess Hezhi is threatened by advent of young hero) $5.99
Kramer, Edward E--ed Pawn of Chaos (all new stories based on Moorcock's Eternal Champion, by various authors) $14.99
Kress, Nancy Oaths & Miracles (murdered scientist's widow & unstable FBI agent follow leads to biotech company, mafia, paramilitary splinter group, religious commune & deadly secret) $6.99
Le Guin, Ursula K The Lathe of Heaven (reprint; man discovers his dreams change reality, but constant dreaming, even for good, threatens the world) $12.00
Le Guin, Ursula K Unlocking the Air & Other Stories (18 stories from the 1980s and 1990s) $12.00
Lee, Adam Dominions of Irth: The Dark Shore (plague descends on magical world Irth & dark lord Húdre Vra invades in vengeance, as wizardude Lord Drev scrambles for defense; hc avail $24) $13.00
Llywelyn, Morgan Strongbow: The Story of Richard & Aoife (retelling of 12th century Norman knight & the Irish princess who took up sword beside him to defend her people) $4.99
Marston, Ann Broken Blade (3rd of Rune Blade Trilogy, fantasy) $5.50
Matthews, Susan R An Exchange of Hostages (surgeon Andrej Koscuisko follows duty to deep_space military training station, joins elite "Inquisitors", learns truth of self, fellows & federation) $5.99
Moorcock, Michael Corum: The Coming of Chaos ( Knight, Queen, and King of Swords 3-in-1 hardcover) $21.99
Moore, Ward Lot & Lot's Daughter (2 short stories from 1950s, with intro by Michael Swanwick) $10.00
Nahin, Paul J Time Travel (a writer's guide to the real science of plausible time travel) $16.99
Notkin, Debbie/Stewart, R--ed The Outer Limits Vol. 1 (short stories of Outer Limits episodes) $12
Patton, Fiona The Stone Prince (Crown Prince Demnor faces rebel forces & traitors at court, but they pale beside challenge of mastering deadly family power of Flame) $6.99
Perry, Steve Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (media tie_in, set between movies Empire & Return; a new villain takes on Darth Vader, but threatens Rebel Alliance as well) $5.99
Pratchett, Terry Interesting Times: A Novel of Discworld (Counterweight Continent issues Urgent Request for Great Wizard & Rincewind is volunteered for mission to defend or destroy Forbidden City-unclear which) $22.00
Price, Robert M--ed Hastur Cycle 2nd Edition (Cthulu Cycle Book #1, with 1 extra Joseph Payne Brennan short story compared to 1st Edition of 4 years ago) $10.95
Price, Robert M--ed The Xothic Legend Cycle (Complete Mythos Fiction of Lin Carter, Cthulu Cycle Book #13) $10.95
Reimann, Katya Tielmaran Chronicles 1: Wind from a Foreign Sky (hedge witch Gaultry's peaceful life shattered when prophecy names her & twin sister as nation's salvation or destruction) $6.99
Resnick, Mike_ed Alternate Tyrants (anthology proposing "differing destinies for [real_life] deviant despots" includes McHugh, Robinson, Rusch, Koja & Malzberg, Haldeman, Lupoff, more) $11.99
Rigelsford, Adrian The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel (Dr. Who coffee table book, includes 26 season episode guide, lots of photos) $29.95
Robinson, Spider Lifehouse (June & Paul discover someone's capable of editing memories, along with other tricks, sending them on the run & desperate-but enemies are more so) $5.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn The Fey 3: The Rival (despite Blue Isle's protective holy water & human_fey royal marriage, Fey King will do anything for total domination) $5.99
Shatner, William Star Trek: The Return (a miraculously resurrected Kirk, with Pickard, Riker, Spock, Data, McCoy & rest, is caught up in cosmic saga testing loyalties) $5.99
Shayne, Maggie Forever Enchanted (Brindin sells trinkets in mall, finally meets deposed usurper of her magical kingdom of Rush, only person who can help her get home) $5.99
Sheffield, Charles Convergence (artifacts found among stars pose quandry for humans & aliens, especially when new one appears & others change activities) $5.99
Sheffield, Charles/Pournelle, Jerry Higher Education (asteroid mining is 2nd chance & new life for Rick Luban, but competition & realities of space are harsh teachers & sabotage & murder even more so) $5.99
Shepherd, Mark Spiritride (elfin warriors & human mage_in_training battle for Avalon, with a kid & biker ghost smack in the middle) $5.99
Shirley, John Silicon Embrace (merger of cyberpunk technology and ancient spiritual secrets, with consiracies and alien forces) $29.95
Simak, Clifford Over the River & Through the Woods (short story collection) $25.00
Spencer, John R Icequake (2097 AD, in the grip of a "final Ice Age", a world-governing religion outlaws technology) $5.99
Stewart, Mary The Prince & the Pilgrim (young Alexander sets off for Camelot to seek justice from Arthur for father's murder) $6.50
Telep, Peter Space Above and Beyond: Demolition Winter (TV tie-in) $5.50
Thornley, Diann Saga of the Unified Worlds 2: Echoes of Issel (son of Unified Forces Chief Commander is called to action on moon where he & mother were held captive for years by father's enemies as war rages on) $5.99
Tiptree, James, Jr. Neat Sheets: The Poetry of James Tiptree, Jr. (chapbook, 26 pages of poems, plus intro) $6.50
Weinbaum, Stanley G The Black Flame (1939 classic, with 18,000 words restored) $26.00
Weiss, Bobbi JG & David Cody Star Trek Next Gen: Starfleet Academy: Breakaway (cadet Deanna Troi faces her hardest test) $3.99
White, James The White Papers (some short stories, some fan writings, some Sector General reference material) $25.00
Williams, Michael Arcady (as unstable void absorbs more & more people & land, failed seminarian must resurrect faith in holy Text to save family) $6.50
Wingrove, David Chung Kuo VI: White Moon, Red Dragon (T'ang Dynasy mega_cities crumble in 2215 war as rebel DeVor & exiles return from Mars & Pluto for last battle for Earth & souls) $6.50
Yolen, Jane The Wild Hunt (young adult fantasy, dedicated to Boiled in Lead) $3.99
Yolen, Jane Merlin (Young Merlin trilogy #3) $15.00
Young, Janine Ellen Cinderblock (young man with electrical talent & mysterious rebel targeted for control by tyrannical 21c virtual world on battlefield of underground LA, virtual mind) $5.99
Zettel, Sarah Fool's War (information freight company owner accused of smuggling artificial intelligence in deep space, discovers conspiracies & looming war) $5.99
Zubrin, Robert The Case for Mars ("The plan to settle the red planet and why we must"--non- fiction) $25.00


Anthony, Patricia God's Fires (spaceship lands in Portugal during Inquisition & Jesuits who capture the aliens face quandry) $22.95
Cochran, Molly/Murphy, Warren The Broken Sword ( The Forever King sequel; teen returns Holy Grail to reincarnation of King Arthur, initiating perilous quest in modern world) $24.95
Crompton, Anne Eliot Gawain & Lady Green (strange knight challenges Arthur's court to take his head, leading Gawain, Merlin, Arthur, Niviene through hypocrisy, betrayal, love, female power, clashing cultures) $20.95
Dalkey, Kara Blood of the Goddess 2: Bijapur (16th century apothecary's apprentice searches through India for truth of tales of living goddess in hidden city) $22.95
Flynn, Michael The Forest of Time & Other Stories (collection of stories of hard science, nanotechnology, & medicine; 1 new, others from Analog & The Nanotech Chronicles ) $23.95
Fuller, Kimberly Home (young adult; teen & her friends investigate meteor strike, find space travler who fled extermination, now seems to've returned home, implying humans were The Destroyers) $16.95
Goldman, Jane The X_Files Book of the Unexplained, Vol II (TV tie_in; more real_life happenings & the episodes they inspired) $29.95
Lisle, Janet Taylor A Message from the Match Girl (young reader; 9_year-old Walter believes voice of dead mother leads him to sad statue, finds mysterious items from infancy-is she magical?) $3.99
Nevins, Linda Renaissance Moon (woman dedicated to Artemis as baby brings ever more pagan interpretation to Renaissance Christian art study, builds US goddess cult, including hunt for Acteon) $22.95
Park, Paul Celestis (captured by alien rebels, human diplomat falls in love with captive, altered alien native who's cut off from meds & begins to return to innate needs, desires) $13.95
Perry, Steve Leonard Nimoy's Primortals: First Contact (comic book tie_in; ancient alien race returns eons after salvaging specimens of Earth species before ecological cataclysm) $22.00
Pringle, David_ed The Best of Interzone (anthology from cutting_edge British zine includes Aldiss, Ballard, Baxter, Calder, Disch, Egan, Gentle, Griffith, Hamilton, Kilworth, Newman, Park, Ryman, Stableford) $24.95
Roessner, Michaela The Stars Dispose (in Renaissance Florence, fate & his mother's magic bind Catherine de Medici's destiny to the Medici astrologer's food magic) $23.95
Sheffield, Charles The Billion Dollar Boy: A Jupiter Novel (wealthy young man's mistake strands him on mining ship light years from Earth, where he must learn survival in space, discover his destiny) $22.95
Stith, John Reckoning Infinity (after humanity colonizes throughout solar system, a moon_sized entity enters human space, raising many questions) $23.95
Walker, Sage Whiteout (PR firm making legislation_influencing, virtual_reality propaganda takes Antarctic treaty renegotiation assignment, from Japanese food conglomerate, that turns dangerous) $13.95
Wells, HG Alien Voices Presents: The Time Machine (fully dramatized audio tape features Leonard Nimoy, John de Lancie & all_star cast; CD avail $20) $18.00
Yolen, Jane The Books of Great Alta ( Sister Light, Sister Dark / White Jenna 2_in_1 ed; orphan raised among warrior women learns to call shadow_self, prepares for imporant role in prophesied events) $16.95
tba The X_Files 5 (TV tie_in novel) $22.00


Barker, Clive_intro/Jones, Stephen_compiler Clive Barker's A_Z of Horror (reference; "collection of stories, history & facts behind pop culture's icons of horror") $29.95
de Maupassant, Guy/Campbell, R_fwd The Dark Side: Tales of Terror & the Supernatural (collection of short horror stories by France's great writer) $10.95
Moser, Edward P The Politically Correct Guide to the Bible (humor; retelling of familiar stories, with a PC twist) $12.00
O'Nan, Stewart The Names of the Dead (Vietnam vet Larry Markham must relive the past in order to confront a new "deadly threat") $11.95


X_Files Postcard Book: Monsters & Mutants (TV tie_in, photos) $8.99
Archer, Nathan Predator: Cold War (media tie_in; NYPD Dets Shaefer & Rasche sent to claim Predator ship crashed in Russian taiga despite Russian government) $4.99
Barnes, John Timeline Wars 2: Washington's Dirigible (Crux Op agent Mark Strang's assignment is to track missing time agent in alternate colonial America where Washington is Duke, King George III is imposter) $5.99
Chevat, Richie You Are Spider_man 2: Spider_Man Vs The Incredible Hulk (young adult) $4.99
Clarke, Arthur C/McQuay, Mike Richter 10 (seismologist Lewis Crane predicts "the big one" & knows how to stop it, but getting people to listen in time is problem) $6.99
Cole, Allan The Warrior Returns (legendary warrior & sorceress entombed in ice is called forth by goddess for 1 last quest) $6.99
Cole, Allan Timura 1: Wizard of the Winds (young exiled prince and sorceror friend seek dominion and wealth) $12.95
Cox, Greg Star Trek: Voyager 13: The Black Shore (oasis planet Ryolanov hides serpent & Kes must use her psychic powers to discover its secret) $5.99
David, P/Greenberger, R/Friedman, M Star Trek: DS_9 20: Wrath of the Prophets (as fatal disease threatens to wipe out Bajoran people, Sisko turns to ex_Starfleet/Maquis rebel Ro Laren, but it's Dax's past that may hold key) $5.99
Donoghue, Emma Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins (young adult; intricate patters & oral rhythms of traditional tales retold with twist of power, transformation & choice) $14.95
Elvira/Paragon, John Elvira: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (Elvira must protect friend who becomes werewolf) $4.99
Evans, David Time Station 2: Paris (death of Goering in 1943 Paris results in disastrous alternate history & Time Wardens send raw recruit back to save him) $5.99
Foy, George Contraband (in decayed, near_future Manhattan, smuggler & team forced to deal in dangerous contraband-freedom) $12.95
Gannett, Lewis Magazine Beach (Toby Swett falls in love as nukes under polar ice threaten to flood coastal cities & World Wide Web is rewired into doomsday clock) $12.00
Garland, Mark A Sword of the Prophets (despite being able to see souls of swords, Yourdon wants to be a hero & joins the legion-then he's forced to learn from his own soul) $5.99
Garton, Ray Shackled (horror; seemingly unrelated abductions lead washed_up investigative journalist to conspiracy using high_tech communications) $5.99
Gates, R Patrick Jumpers (horror; girl's near_death experience takes her to place where she & others can leap to alternate reality where dead prepare for battle) $5.99
Golden, Christie King's Man & Thief (healer_nobleman Fox must save magical seaside city from curse of madness brought on by king's enemies) $5.99
Golden, Christopher X_Men: Mutant Empire 3: Salvation (media tie_in) $5.99
Hambly, Barbara Star Wars: Planet of Twilight ( Children of Jedi sequel; Leia's kidnapped by warlord, Luke searches for Callista, & ancient lifeform wakes, threatening Republic, Empire & galaxy) $22.95
Hamilton, Peter F Mindstar Rising (freelance telepathic operative Greg Mandel takes on saboteur, corporate intrigue & scientific breakthroughs, with the future at stake) $6.99
Heller, Carol Shunlar Chronicles 1: Gates of Vensunor (in magic city controlled by evil merchant wizards, mercenary Shunlar ordered to find mysterious stranger & discovers dark secret threatening city) $5.99
Hobbs, Will Kokopelli's Flute (young reader; Teppary Jones scares off robbers he finds looting Anasazi ruins, but when he blows in flute they left behind he wakes power beyond control) $4.50
Hyland, Greg The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice! (media tie_in; bio of goofy cartoon superhero) $12.00
James, Cary King & Raven (peasant Micah swears vengeance for sister's death & becomes hero Raven at heart of the intrigues of Arthur's court) $6.99
Keith, William H Jr Keith Laumer's Bolo Brigade (Officer Donal Ragnor's habit of backtalk gets him assigned to backwaters, but when aliens come hunting, he's back on the front lines) $5.99
Lackey, Mercedes The Free Bards (omnibus reprint of Lark & Wren , Robin & Kestrel , Eagle & Nightingale ) $15.00
Lisle, Holly/Nolan, Ted Devil's Point 3: Hell on High (Devil's Pt Amusement Park offers almost everything one could want ... for the rest, there's Desire Point & a very special fee) $5.99
McDevitt, Jack Eternity Road (story of disaster_survivors' journey to build new world out of dying remnants) $22.00
McKillip, Patricia A Winter Rose (free_spirited Rois Melior becomes obsessed with man who's returned to Lynn Hall to rebuild estate after grandad's murder) $5.99
Niven, Larry The Ringworld Throne (strange & deadly events on artificial world hint at possibly_apocalyptic trouble) $6.99
Nix, Garth X_Files 1: The Calusari (young adult) $4.50
Perry, SD Xena: Warrior Princess: Prophecy of Darkness (media tie_in) $5.99
Perry, Steve The Digital Effect (mid_level citizen of wheelworld believes friend's boyfriend's death was murder despite corrupt Corporation's version) $5.99
Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass (Lyra & her daemon, with gyptians, witch clans & armored bears, sets out to save kidnapped children & their familiars from experiments & more) $5.99
Routley, Jane Mage Heart (provincial, naive mage Dion called on to protect Duke's mistress from necromancer, demon's desire finds all her power may not be enough) $5.99
Rucker, Rudy Freeware (setting of Wetware & Software ; only "loonies" on moon can save humanity from itself; "delightfully irreverent"; hc avail $23) $13.00
Rucker, Rudy Wetware; Software (reprints; "exploits of geriatric hippie Cobb Anderson & his rebellious creations-the bopper robots") $5.99 each
Salvatore, RA The Demon Awakens (mad magic monk, haunted woman, elf_trained ranger, and ancient centaur must defeat an undefeatable demon) $24.00
Sarrantonio, Al Babylon 5 #8: Personal Agendas (TV tie_in) $5.50
Shatner, William Star Trek: Avenger (Kirk's investigation of mystery virus & Spock's investigation of father's death merge & they must confront a Picard with orders to stop them; audio tape $18.00) $23.00
Shinn, Sharon Jovah's Angel (sequel to Archangel ; Jovah's sucessor must depend on non_believing mortal scientist to help save the world; "angels & mortals, music & mystery, science & faith") $13.95
Solow, Herbert F/Fern, Yvonne F Star Trek Sketchbook: The Original Series (media tie_in/art; original designs for costumes, sets, props, makeup; also budgetary challenges & more) $20.00
Stackpole, Michael A A Hero Born (warrior Locke is in City of Sorcerer to see Ward Walls that border Chaos, aiming to follow father's steps as Chaos Rider & find out if father's alive) $5.99
Stackpole, Michael A Talion: Revenant (when Nolan ra Sinjaria's family is murdered by invading king, he joins warrior_judges to pursue revenge, but is assigned to protect the new king) $5.99
Stasheff, Christopher Rogue Wizard 4: A Wizard in Peace (Magnus D'Armand may've found a tyrant even he can't overthrow, until would_be aristocrats unwittingly provide spark of rebellion) $5.99
Steiber, Ellen X_Files 4: Squeeze (young adult/audo tape of TV episode novelization) $14.95
Steiber, Ellen X_Files 2: Eve (young adult) $4.50
Swanwick, Michael Vacuum Flowers (reprint; "a dance of ideas & action at the razor edge of technology") $5.99
Tepper, Sheri S The Family Tree (mystery crossover; Officer Dora Henry investigates 3 murders as city is overcome by bizarre vegetation) $23.00
Timpone, Anthony_ed Fangoria: Masters of the Dark (collection of interviews with Stephen King & Clive Barker) $5.99
Tine, Robert Warriors of Virtue: The Novel (media tie_in; creatures representing 5 virtues embark on quest to save paradise Tao from evil warlord) $5.99
Weber, David/White, Steve In Death Ground (humans & Orion allies go to war against arachnid enemies, aiming for extermination; 1st of 2 parts) $6.99
White, James Galactic Gourmet (galaxy's greatest chef decides to become Chief Dietitian at Sector General for the ultimate challenge-making hospital food palatable) $5.99
Whyte, Jack Camulod Chronicles 2: The Singing Sword (Publius Varrus & Caius Britannicus stay behind when Rome abandons Britain, forge new people & a sword their great_grandson Arthur will wield) $6.99
Winter, Douglas E_ed Millennium (horror anthology includes Barker, Lansdale, Morrell, Wilson, Brit, Faust, Grant, Strieber, Massie, Matheson, Schow, & novella by Barker) $24.00


Aldrin, Buzz/Barnes, John Encounter With Tiber (astronaut's family pursues his mission of recovering extinct beings' records in race to avoid same doom) $6.50
Anderson, Poul All One Universe (collection of fact & fiction by SF master; "he probably does more different things extremely well than anyone else in the field") $9.99
Anthony, Piers Geodyssy Saga 3: Hope of Earth (explores origins of humanity via family reborn repeatedly from prehistoric African Great Rift Valley through notable historical persons to 21c Andes) $24.95
Ballard, JG A User's Guide to the Millennium (essays & reviews gathered from whole career; "brainy & accessible, fierce & funny") $14.00
Coe, David B LonTobyn Chronicle 1: The Children of Amarid (invaders with fantastic tech threaten the land aided by traitor within ancient order of protective sorcerors as young man with potential joins order) $25.95
Cornwell, Bernard The Winter King (retelling of Arthur's tale; "conjured within the human heart...wonderful & haunting") $14.95
Dietz, William C Star Wars, Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire ("graphic story album" based on CD_Rom game, Dark Forces, tells story of Kyle Katam) $24.95
Forrest, Elizabeth Bright Shadow (web of deceit & madness traps federal agent, the evangelist dealing in death he's determined to stop, innocent man & "angelic" child he rescues) $6.99
Hatfield, James/Burt, George "Doc" Ultimate Unauthorized Star Wars Trilogy Trivia Challenge (non_fiction/reference, media tie_in; covers 3 movies, includes special editions, heroes & villains, robots & weaponry, quotes, bloopers, more) $14.00
Holder, Nancy Highlander 4: Measure of a Man (media tie_in) $5.99
Holdstock, Robert Ancient Echoes (Jack's visions of parallel world turn all too real when man escapes into his reality, threatens family & Jack must return with him to defeat ancient evil) $6.99
Huff, Tanya Victoria Nelson 5: Blood Debt (vampire/romance writer Henry asks PI/new vampire Vicki & Toronto cop Mike for help with ghosts who demand he find their killer & avenge them) $5.99
Kushner, E/Sherman, D/Keller, D_eds The Horns of Elfland (anthology of music & magic) $5.99
Lapine, Warren/Pagel, Stephen_eds Absolute Magnitude (anthology; best stories from magazine includes Bisson, Bunch, Cherryh, Clement, Foster, Kagan, Longyear, Steele, more) $23.95
McHugh, Maureen F China Mountain Zhang (reprint; gay coming_of_age novel set in future dominated by expansionist China) $13.95
Ore, Rebecca Gaia's Toys (eco_terrorists aim to stop government from taking last scrap of fredom in "wicked, distopic American wonderland") $9.99
Pollota, Nicholas Shadowrun 25: Shadowboxer (gaming tie_in) $5.99
Resnick, Mike/Greenberg, MH_eds Return of the Dinosaurs (anthology of dinosaur stories by Rawn, Roberson, Rusch, Wolfe, more) $5.99
Sawyer, Robert J Frameshift (thriller; human genome project researcher targeted for death by seemingly profit_mad medical insurance co with covert connection to WWII Nazi eugenics) $23.95
Simpson, George Gaylord The Dechronization of Sam Magruder (researcher is thrown back in time to Jurrassic Era; records his struggles to survive in a stone_slab diary) $9.95
Stover, Matthew Woodring Iron Dawn (10 yrs after Troy falls, necromancer threatens Tyre, opposed by axe_wielding mercenary & her partners who realize their lives as well as city's at stake) $12.95
White, James Final Diagnosis (medical sf; Sector General copes with the first infection to pass from species to species) $22.95
Wilson, Robin_ed Paragons (Bear, Cadigan, Fowler, Haldeman and others reveal how aspects of their stories are crafted) $14.95


Grant, Alan Batman & Robin (young adult novelization/movie tie_in) $3.50
Grant, Alan Robin (young adult movie tie_in focuses on younger character) $3.50
Keyes, J Gregory The Blackgod ( Waterborn sequel; River turns might & cunning to find daughter Hezhi, who's fled to world of gods & ghosts, turns to Blackgod for help) $24.00
Moench, Doug Batgirl (young adult movie tie_in focuses on younger character) $3.50
Raven, James Sub_Zero: The Adventures of Batman & Robin (young adult novelization of this summer's animated video movie) $3.50


Adams, Scott The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century (business/humor; skewering the way "greed, stupidity & horniness will shape the future" with comic strips throughout) $25.00
Adams, Scott The Dilbert Principle (business/humor; "a cubicle_eye view of bosses, meetings, management fads & other workplace afflictions") $13.00
Anderson, Kevin J War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches (anthology of tales of alien invasion as if witnessed by historical notables, written by SF greats, includes Benford, Brin, Willis, Resnick, Effinger, Waldrop) $6.50
Atack, Chris Project Maldon (in near future, AI Helen is hoped_for cure for religious fanaticism & chaos, but whose side is she on?) $5.99
Attanasio, AA The Dragon & the Unicorn ("electron glow of heaven" at dawn of time launches epic quest for immortality with creature of Fire, Unicorn of Light, Queen with gift & King with world to save) $6.50
Attanasio, AA The Eagle & the Sword ( Dragon & Unicorn sequel; Merlin seeks to turn Arthor from senseless battling to majesty with sword from star_stone) $14.00
Benson, Ann The Plague Tales (21st c medical archaeologist Janie Crowe unearths medieval artifact that looses plague on world, while 14c doctor serves Edward III as Plague Doctor) $23.95
Bradbury, Ray The Illustrated Man (reprint of classic short_story collection) $15.00
Bujold, Lois McMaster Young Miles (omnibus reprint of Warrior's Apprentice , Mountains of Mourning & Vor Game ; hc avail $22) $15.00
Cole, Allan Timura 1: Wizard of the Winds (orphaned prince in exile dreams of conquest as young sorcerer sees both his & prince's rise plus the death, intrigue & betrayal of their path) $12.95
Cramer, John Einstein's Bridge (superconductor experiments result in contact with alien race that warns Earth of hostile alien "hive" race bent on destruction of intelligent life; hc $23) $13.00
Cramer, John Twistor (reprint; physicist's accidental discovery opens doors to alternate universes puts him in jeopardy from industrial spies, corporate killers) $5.99
Crispin, AC Star Wars: The Paradise Snare (media tie_in; 1st in trilogy covering Han Solo's late teens & development into swashbuckling pilot) $5.99
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds Black Swan, White Raven (anthology of fairy_tale retellings by Crowley, Oates, Murphy, Kress, Yolen, more) $23.00
Dozois, Gardner/Williams, Sheila_ed Isaac Asimov's Moons (lunar anthology includes Bisson, Landis, Daniel, Reed, Robinson, Steele, Garcia y Robertson) $5.99
Drennan, Kathrynn Babylon 5 #9 (TV tie_in) $5.50
Due, Tananarive My Soul to Keep (woman finds husband is 400_year-old member of Ethiopian sect who traded souls for immortality & intends she, daughter join them, opposed by fellow immortals) $24.00
Duncan, Jody The Making of The Lost World (media tie_in; behind the scenes of Spielberg's movie of Crichton's Jurassic Park sequel) $18.00
Egan, Greg Distress (wired journalist in near future fragmented by technology, bio_engineering covers breakthrough announcement at academic conference that turns into nightmare) $21.00
Esrac, William Dance to the Sun (isolated young man with ability to create fire, heal & manipulate genetics is discovered & takes notice of the world, changing it) $5.99
Fabi, Mark Wyrm (computer_virus hunter suspects that new virus is self aware and is counting down to apocalypse) $13.95
Fitch, Marina The Seventh Heart (contemporary fantasy; woman searches for missing friend in quake_ravaged San Francisco & faces anger of the Earth) $5.99
Garner, Alan Strandloper (man chosen as 1790s village fertility figure is deported to Australia, becomes Aboriginal hero, returns to penal colony as new entity, Strandloper) $24
Grant, Charles The World of Darkness: Werewolf:Watcher (gaming tie_in) $5.50
Haldeman, Joe 1968 (Spider struggles to survive insanity of Vietnam while girlfriend Beverly's drawn to counterculture offering freedom) $5.99
Hamilton, Laurell K The Killing Dance (vampire hunter Anita Blake 6, turns to werewolf & vampire friends for help from hired killers) $6.50
Hartwell, David G_ed Year's Best SF 2 (anthology of 1996's best, includes Benford, Bisson, Brin, Knight, Russ, Sterling, more) $5.99
Hogan, James P Mind Matters: Exploring the World of Artificial Intelligence (non_fiction; "provacative, witty & insightful chronicle of the progress toward a scientific breakthrough") $24.00
Kenyon, Kay Seeds of Time (Clio Finn & colleagues on 2019 gov't mission to collect alien plants to restore dying Earth, find paradox between alternate, devastating futures) $5.99
Kurtz, Katherine Two Crowns for America (alternate American Revolution shaped by mystical forces, including Freemasonry, as unseen Master watches) $6.50
Lindskold, Jane When the Gods are Silent (farmer discovers late father's journal of wizardry & realizes he must restore Magic to world to save dying wife) $5.99
Lobdell, Scott/Maggin, Elliot Generation X (comic book tie_in; ghosts of Emme Frost's former mutant students are apparently causing trouble) $5.99
Park, Severna Speaking Dreams (enslaved breeder sold to Emirate diplomat Mira has visions with key to defeating Faraqui slavers & interstellar war as the 2 women fall in love) $5.99
Pedersen, Ted Star Trek: DS_9 #10: Space Camp (young reader; Jake & Nog lead expedition into catacombs under Starfleet base to defuse bomb) $3.99
Richardson, M/Arcudi, J/Willis/Story Aliens: Genocide (4th in graphic novel series based on movie trilogy) $16.95
Royce, Easton X_Files 3: Bad Sign (young adult) $4.50
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn_compiler Star Wars Diplomatic Corps Entrance Exam (media tie_in; trivia quiz on Star Wars saga) $12.00
Sammon, Paul M The Making of Starship Troopers (media tie_in; behind the scenes look at "filmmaking at its most daring"-set, cast/crew interviews, art, weapons, f/x for movie of Heinlein''s classic) $15.00
Sarti, Ron The Chronicles of Scar 2: Legacy of the Ancients (bastard prince "Scar" sent on trip across post_holocaust US to enemy with weapon that could devastate humanity again) $5.99
Shatner, William Man O'War (maverick career diplomat Benton Hawkes is sent to a near_revolt Martian mining colony) $6.99
Solow, Herbert F/Justman, Robert Inside Star Trek: The Real Story (media tie_in; behind_the_ scenes look at making Star Trek ) $18.00
Taylor, Jeri Star Trek: Voyager: Mosaic (Janeway relives crucial challenges of life during desparate battle on alien planet) $5.99
Verne, Jules Alien Voices Presents:Journey to the Center of the Earth (fully dramatized audio tape features Leonard Nimoy, John de Lancie & all_star cast; CD avail $20) $18.00
Vornholt, John Star Trek: Mind Meld (when Spock's niece Teska discovers assassin's identity through unplanned mind meld, she & Spock are targeted by Regelian crime network) $5.99
Weber, David Honor Harrington 7: Honor Among Enemies (Captain Harrington's handed jury_rigged squadron of misfits & sent to stop pirates by enemies who aim to come out ahead whether she succeeds or fails) $6.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy_eds Treasures of Fantasy (anthology of treasured tales by McCaffrey, Lackey, Bradbury, Zelazny, Card, Bradley, Ellison, Sturgeon, LeGuin, more) $14.00
Wood, N Lee Faraday's Orphans (one man discovers freedom outside domed cities in post_holocaust America; "compellingly believable...extrapolation & murderously fast pace") $12.00
Wrench, Sarah J The Duke of Sumava (Duke Ottokar will do anything to save his country from the 30_Years_War, but the Black Hunstman's price is his soul) $5.99


Antieau, Kim The Gaia Websters (woman with healing powers quests across post_apocalyptic world to save friends without will to live) $12.95
Antieau, Kim The Jigsaw Woman (being created from 3 women's bodies sets out to find true self & earth's truths, with goddess' help) $5.99
Bachman, Richard (aka Stephen King) The Regulators (terror in suburbia) $7.99
Coleman, Loren Battletech 32: Binding Force (gaming tie_in) $5.99
Dozois Gardner_ed The Year's Best Science Fiction 14th Edition (stories from Benford, Daniel, Kessel, Kress, McHugh, Park, Reed, Silverberg, Sterling and more) $17.95
Friedman, Michael Jan Batman & Robin (movie novelization; the Dark Knight & partner battle Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy & contend with Batgirl) $5.99
Grant, Charles L_ed Gallery of Horror (anthology features King, Bloch, Lustbader, Campbell, Morrell, Nolan, Donaldson, Sturgeon, Lee, Klein, Etchison, Bishop, Yarbor, more) $6.99
Kerr, Peg Emerald House Rising (jemcutter's daughter Jena's live changes when mysterious Lord Morgan discovers her magic talent & they team to prevent war among noble families; local author) $5.99
Radford, Irene Dragon Nimbus History 1: The Dragon's Touchstone ( Glass Dragon prequel; dragons intervene when wild_running magic & self_serving magic have Kingdom of Coronnan at war with itself, but are they enough?) $5.99
Roberson, Jennifer_ed Highwaymen: Robbers & Rogues (anthology inspired by Alfred Noyes poem includes Stackpole, McKiernan, Crispin, Rawn, Wurts, more) $5.99


Bradley, Marion Zimmer Lady of Avalon ( Mists of Avalon prequel; spans creation of Avalon & foreshadows Arthur's birth, through lives of 3 priestesses, including Lady of the Lake) $24.95
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