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Newsletter #110 June August, 2015



Doctor Who Magazine #482 (Interviews with Jenna Coleman and Peter Purves; director Rachel Talalay; more) $9.99
Doctor Who Magazine #483 (Mummy on the Orient Express; Marco Polo script notes; more) $9.99
Doctor Who Magazine #484 (Steven Moffat interviewed: what next for the Twelfth Doctor? interview with Bonnie Langford; more) $9.99
Doctor Who Magazine #485 (Celebrating 10 years since the Doctor's triumphant return. 4 alternate covers, each showing a different reboot Doctor) $9.99
K-9 Light-and-Sound Figurine and Illustrated Book (Doctor Who: Includes a miniature figurine of the Doctor's trusty canine companion with light-up eyes and audio of his catchphrase. Plus a 48-page booklet with full-color photos) $12.95
Monster Sticker Activity Book (Doctor Who: Kids; Full color. Puzzle and activity book, stickers included) $6.99
Fantasy & Science Fiction March/April 2015 (New fiction, reviews, more) $7.99
Fantasy & Science Fiction May/June 2015 (New fiction, reviews, more) $7.99
Locus #649 February 2015 (Interview with Simon Ings; 2014 year in review and recommended reading; industry news, reviews, and more) $7.50
Locus #650 March 2015 (Interviews with Garth Nix and Stephanie Burgis; forthcoming books; industry news, reviews, and more) $7.50
Locus #651 April 2015 (Interviews with Melissa Marr and Christopher Barzak; Terry Pratchett: in remembrance; industry news, reviews, and more) $7.50
Locus #652 May 2015 (Interviews with Nnedi Okorafor and Ken Liu; award news; industry news, reviews, and more) $7.50
Adams, J/Howey, H (ed) The End Is Nigh (Apocalypse Triptych #1: Anthology. 22 original pre-apocalyptic stories) $17.95
Adams, J/Howey, H (ed) The End Is Now (Apocalypse Triptych #2: Anthology. 20 original apocalyptic stories) $17.99
Adams, J/Howey, H (ed) The End Has Come (Apocalypse Triptych #3: Anthology. 22 original post-apocalyptic stories) $17.99
Amos, M/Page, R (ed) Beta-Life (PBO; Anthology. 19 original stories (each with an afterword by a scientist) that imagine what life - and artificial life - will look like in the year 2070) $16.95
Asher, Neal The Skinner (Spatterjay #1: Reissue; Three travelers arrive on the planet Spatterjay: Janer, acting as the eyes of the hornet Hive mind; Erlin, searching for the ancient sea captain Ambel; and Sable Keech, searching for legendary renegade Spatterjay Hoop, who committed hideous crimes centuries ago during the Prador Wars) $21.99
Ashley, Mike (ed) The Feminine Future: Early Science Fiction by Women Writers (PBO; Anthology. 14 hard-to-find stories originally published between 1873 and 1930) $4.50
Bickle, Laura Dark Alchemy (PBO; Geologist Petra Dee's missing father wasn't the only one searching for alchemical secrets in Temperance, Wyoming; those still looking are ready to kill. And under the dying town, an old power is shifting. Armed with a pair of antique guns and a relic she doesn't understand, Petra and her coyote sidekick are going to have to move fast - or die next) $6.99
Brown, Jeffrey Darth Vader and Friends (Star Wars: Full color. More cartoon fun with daddy Darth Vader, his twin kids Luke and Leia, and their friends) $14.95
Brozek/Smith/Pearson Chicks Dig Gaming (PBO; Nonfiction. Female writers, industry professionals, and fans celebrate gaming - board, rpg, video, and online - and examine the characters and games they love) $14.95
Carriger, Gail Soulless (Parasol Protectorate #1: Reissue; A comedy of manners set in Victorian London, featuring werewolves, vampires, mad scientists, and Alexia Tarabotti, a preternatural woman formidably armed with a parasol) $15.00
Carriger, Gail Changeless (Parasol Protectorate #2: Reissue; Alexia's werewolf husband disappears, leaving her to deal with a regiment of supernatural soldiers, a plethora of exorcised ghosts, and an angry Queen Victoria) $15.00
Clarke, Neil (ed) Upgraded (Anthology. 26 original sf stories featuring cyborgs) $16.95
Dartnell, Lewis The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Civilization in the Aftermath of a Cataclysm (If life as we know it ended tomorrow, would you know how to survive? Dr. Dartnell provides a step by step guide for jump-starting a modern technological civilization) $17.00
Davis, M/Saunders, C (ed) Griots (Anthology. 14 original fantasy stories of the Africa that was, as well as Africas that never were, may have been, or should have been) $16.95
Davis, M/Saunders, C (ed) Griots: Sisters of the Spear (Anthology. 17 original fantasy stories celebrating the spirit, bravery, and compassion of women of color) $22.95
Duncan, Rod Unseemly Science (Gas-Lit Empire #2: PBO; Elizabeth's doubts about a new charitable organization run by some very respectable women leads her to a dark world of body-snatching, unseemly experimentation, politics, and scandal) $7.99
Elliot, O/Clement, R The Doors You Mark Are Your Own (Joshua City #1: In a post-apocalyptic world where water is scarce and technology is at mid-20th-century Soviet levels, the Baikal Sea has been poisoned, causing a major outbreak of a flesh-eating disease. Against a backdrop of political corruption and oppression, a struggle for control of Joshua City ensues, and a revolutionary group called The Underground emerges) $16.95
Gilman, Carolyn Ives Aliens of the Heart (PBO; Collection. Four sf stories set in the heartland of the US) $12.00
Gilman, Greer Cloud & Ashes (Tiptree Award winner. Collection centering on folk traditions, harvest rites, the seasons, gods, and trickster figures) $16.00
Goodrich, Clifford Dealers in Death / The Yacht Club Murders (Phantom Detective #2: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Goodrich, Clifford The Death Roses / Murder Brotherhood (Whisperer #7: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Treasures of Death / The Yellow Door (Shadow #89: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Lone Tiger / The Muggers (Shadow #90: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Red Menace / The Black Circle (Shadow #91: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Murder House / Death in the Crystal (Shadow #92: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Brothers of Doom / The Three Brothers (Shadow #93: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Q / Formula for Crime (Shadow #94: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The China Tapestry / The Jade Dragon (Shadow #95: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gregory, Daryl We Are All Completely Fine (Nebula finalist. Novella. Harrison was the Monster Detective, a storybook hero. Now he spends most of his time popping pills and not sleeping. Stan became a minor celebrity after being partially eaten by cannibals. Barbara is haunted by unreadable messages carved on her bones. Greta may or may not be a mass murderer and arsonist. Martin never - never - takes off his sunglasses. What happens when these outcasts form a support group?) $14.95
Guran, Paula (ed) Mermaids and Other Mysteries of the Deep (Anthology. Reprints 22 stories of seafolk) $15.95
Hambly, Barbara The Kindred of Darkness (James Asher #5: When their baby is kidnapped by the Master Vampire of London, James and Lydia must blindly follow the Master's instructions, avoid the humans serving the vampires, destroy the interloper trying to seize control of the London Nest, and find the key to the Nest's inner workings) $17.95
Headley, Maria Dahvana Magonia (YA; Aza suffers from a mysterious lung disease that makes it ever harder for her to breathe. When she catches a glimpse of a ship in the sky, and hears someone calling her name, she finds the world of Magonia above the clouds. There, she can breathe for the first time, and has immense power she can use to change the world. But Magonia and Earth are on the cusp of war. Where do her loyalties lie?) $17.99
Ishiguro, Kazuo The Buried Giant (The Romans have long since departed, and Britain is declining into ruin. But at least the wars have ceased, and at last a pair of elderly Britons can set out to find the son they have not seen for years. They will face many hazards - some strange and otherworldly) $26.95
Jackson, Steve et al Chez Geek: Slack to the Future (YA; Expansion set, with 56 new cards of activities, people, jobs, foods, and other stuff) $10.95
Jackson, Steve et al Munchkin: Kobolds Ate My Baby! 15-card Expansion Pack (Kids; A kobold has a harsh life. But at least there are babies to eat - until King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) swipes the plumpest and juiciest for his table. Good thing the humans keep making more) $5.95
Jackson, Steve et al Munchkin: Love Shark Baby 15-card Expansion Pack (Kids; More monsters to slay, more treasures to steal, more curses to dodge, all in the name of True Love. (Love of loot and levels, that is!)) $4.95
Kasturi/Marshall (ed) Imaginarium 3 (PBO; Anthology. Some of the best Canadian speculative fiction from 2013, including stories and poems) $16.99
Kelly, Walt Pogo: The Complete Dell Comics Volume 2 (Full color. Includes all the Pogo stories from Four Color issues 105 and 148, and from Pogo Possum issues 1-2, plus additional material) $60.00
King, A.S. Glory O'Brien's History of the Future (YA; Andre Norton Award finalist. Glory is graduating from high school, but has no plans. Her mother committed suicide, and Glory has never stopped wondering if she will eventually go the same way. Suddenly, she is bombarded with visions: a tyrannical new leader raises an army; women's rights disappear; a second civil war breaks out; and young girls vanish daily, sold off or interned in camps. Glory records everything she sees, hoping her notes will somehow make a difference) $18.00
Kloos, Marko Terms of Enlistment (Frontline #1: 2108: There are only two ways out of the North American Commonwealth tenements: win the lottery and draw a ticket on a colony ship; or join the military. Andrew enlists for a shot at real food, a retirement bonus, and maybe a ticket off Earth. But he soon learns that the food and health care come at a steep price - and that the galaxy holds far greater dangers than military bureaucrats and slum gangs) $14.95
Kloos, Marko Lines of Departure (Frontline #2: After years of fighting a two-front war with losing odds, Commonwealth Defense Corps officer Andrew Grayson dreams of dropping out of the service along with his pilot girlfriend. Now, reassigned to a ship packed with malcontents and troublemakers bound for a distant colony, Grayson's most dangerous battle has just begun) $14.95
Kloos, Marko Angles of Attack (Frontline #3: Plunging into combat against the superior forces of a merciless alien species, battle-weary staff sergeant Andrew Grayson and the ragged forces of the NAC could end up cornered on their home turf, with no way out and no hope for reinforcement) $14.95
Koyanagi, Jacqueline Ascension (Tiptree Award honor list. Repairing starship engines barely pays the bills for Alana Quick. When a vessel stops by her shipyard looking for her sister Nova, Alana stows away, hoping to land a gig on the crew. But the ship holds surprises: the chief engineer thinks he's a wolf; the pilot fades in and out of existence; and the captain is all blond hair, boots, and ego - and Alana can't keep her eyes off her. But Nova is in danger - someone will do anything, even destroy planets, to get their hands on her) $14.95
Kupersmith, Violet The Frangipani Hotel (Collection. 9 ghost stories, based on the author's grandmother's traditional Vietnamese folktales; and lurking in the background is the larger ghost of the Vietnam War) $15.00
Levesque, Louise Cavelier The Prince of the Aquamarines (A pair of 18th-century fairy tales, 'The Prince of the Aquamarines' and 'The Invisible Prince'. Translated by Ruth Berman, who also provides an afterword about the French fairy tale tradition and Levesque's contributions to it) $12.00
McAuley, Paul Evening's Empires (Quiet War #3: Hari stands on a barren asteroid, his ship stolen, his family kidnapped or worse, his only ally a semi-intelligent spacesuit. Hari has barely been off his ship - it is his birthplace, his home, and his future. And he's going to get it back) $16.95
Moorcock, Michael The Knight of the Swords (Corum #1: Reissue; By creating Mankind, the universe has condemned Earth to a pestilence of destruction and fear. Prince Corum is the last remaining member of the ancient Vadhagh race. He sets out on a crusade of vengeance against the forces that slaughtered his family and his race, to challenge the unjust power of the puppet masters of Man: the Lords of Chaos) $9.95
Mund, Ben The Very Hungry Cthulhupillar (Not for kids. Full color picture book. A Lovecraftian spoof of a popular picture book) $19.99
Murakami, Haruki Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (The tale of a young man haunted by a great loss, of dreams and nightmares that have unintended consequences for the world around him, and of a journey into the past that is necessary to mend the present) $15.95
Myles, L.M./Barr, Liz (ed) Companion Piece: Women Celebrate the Humans, Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who (PBO; Nonfiction. Female writers, media professionals, and fans examine the humans, aliens, and robot dogs who have accompanied the Doctor in his adventures throughout time and space) $19.95
O'Connell, Bishop The Stolen (American Faerie Tale #1: When her daughter Fiona is snatched from her bed, Caitlin accepts help from a trio of unlikely heroes: Eddy, a psychiatrist and novice wizard; Brendan, an outcast Fian warrior; and Dante, a Magister of the fae's Rogue Court) $6.99
O'Connell, Bishop The Forgotten (American Faerie Tale #2: PBO; Human children are manifesting magical powers in record numbers. Shunned, they live on the streets with the booming population of changelings. Now someone, or something, is hunting these children. When her companions are taken by 'the snatchers', Wraith's journey to find them will test the limits of her magic) $6.99
Ortiz, Luis (ed) The Monkey's Other Paw (PBO; Anthology. 12 original sequels, prequels, homages, and reimaginings of classic horror stories by sf, fantasy, and horror authors, plus two classic tales) $13.95
Priest, Cherie Jacaranda (Clockwork Century: Two dozen people have died at Galveston's Jacaranda Hotel in the last year. The locals say it's cursed. The Texas Rangers say that's nonsense, and send Horatio Korman to investigate) $25.00
Reed, Kit Where (In a coastal town, David and Merrill are trying to revive their relationship, and slick developer Rawson is buying up property. Rawson makes a romantic advance on Merrill and a 5am appointment outside town with David. Rawson is a no-show, but at 5am, everyone in town disappears, removed from our space and time to a featureless village. David searches, but all seems lost, for Rawson is in the other village with Merrill) $25.99
Robeson, Kenneth Murder Melody / Birds of Death (Bama cover) (Doc Savage #38: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth Devils of the Deep / Five Fathoms Dead (Doc Savage #79: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth Mad Eyes / Death Is a Round Black Spot (Bama cover) (Doc Savage #80: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robeson, Kenneth Mad Eyes / Death Is a Round Black Spot (Baumhofer cover) (Doc Savage #80: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Saunders, Charles R. Abengoni: First Calling (Once the most powerful empire on the black continent of Abengoni, Matile Mala is becoming vulnerable to aggression. When their ancient Uloan enemies attack, the Matile deploy the waning forces of their magic in conjunction with powerful new sorcery wielded by the pale-skinned travelers who recently sought refuge among them) $18.95
Schoen, Lawrence M. Calendrical Regression (Nebula finalist. Novella. In December 2012, the Mayan calendar signaled the end of the world - metaphorically. That was the day of Galactic First Contact, the beginning of a new age. 80 years later, the alien Uary want the Amazing Conroy to hypnotically regress the descendant of a Mayan priest and ask him a question about that ancient calendar: How did they know?) $10.00
Stockbridge, Grant The City Destroyer / The Pain Emperor (Spider #5: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Tatulli, Mark Desmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters (Desmond Pucket #2: Kids; On the 6th-grade field trip to Crab Shell Pier, Desmond hopes to convince Tina Schimsky to join him on the Mountain Full of Monsters ride. But to do that, he'll have to outwit both the tyrannical Mr. Needles and his mortal enemy Scott Selzer) $13.99
Thayer, Steve Ithaca Falls (PBO; John Alden, claiming to be from the 21st century, tells a stunned gathering of academics at Cornell University of thing to come: financial panic, economic depression, a second world war, and, most importantly, an attempt to alter the course of history by assassinating Franklin Roosevelt) $15.00
Turtledove, Harry Last Orders (War That Came Early #6: The war grinds on, and countries have been forced into strange alliances. England, finding its footing after the suspicious death of Winston Churchill and a coup d'etat, fights back in Europe and on the seas of the North Atlantic. Japan prepares bombs, filled with macabre biological concoctions, to be dropped on Hawaii. Hitler is desperate, and declares war on the US, even as his own people rise up in revolt) $28.00
Valente, Catherynne M. Indistinguishable from Magic (PBO; Collection. Over 60 essays, including observations and insights about fairy tales and myths, pop culture, gender and race issues, an amateur's life on planet Earth, and more) $14.95
Vance, Jack Grand Crusades (Early Jack Vance #5: Collection. 5 tales of grand journeys among the stars) $45.00
Vernon, Ursula Curse of the Were-Weiner (Dragonbreath #3: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. After a school cafeteria hot dog bites Wendell and he starts sprouting hair, can he and Danny get past the lunch ladies and slay the alpha-wurst before the whole school is infected?) $6.99
Vernon, Ursula Lair of the Bat Monster (Dragonbreath #4: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. When Danny and Wendell visit Wendell's cousin, a bat researcher, Danny is kidnapped by a giant bat. Now it's up to Wendell to find the bat monster's lair before she permanently adopts Danny as her baby) $6.99
Vernon, Ursula No Such Thing as Ghosts (Dragonbreath #5: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. Danny Dragonbreath is not the kid who scores the most Halloween candy, but if you ever get trapped in a haunted house with a maniacal clown and a hungry ghost, Danny will stand tall in the face of danger!) $12.99
Vernon, Ursula Revenge of the Horned Bunnies (Dragonbreath #6: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. Danny Dragonbreath is every camp counselor's worst nightmare, but if you ever find yourself locked up by a diabolical jackalope-napper, Danny will ride to the rescue!) $12.99
Vernon, Ursula When Fairies Go Bad (Dragonbreath #7: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. Danny Dragonbreath is not the most coordinated kid in town, but if your mom is ever kidnapped by a spoon-obsessed evil fairy king, call Danny - he'll show up with spoons to save the day!) $12.99
Vernon, Ursula Nightmare of the Iguana (Dragonbreath #8: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. Danny Dragonbreath is not great at staying up all night, and he isn't into mushy stuff, but if you find yourself plagued by nightmares of monster bullies and torturous health food, he will leap to the rescue!) $12.99
Vernon, Ursula The Case of the Toxic Mutants (Dragonbreath #9: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. Danny Dragonbreath may not be as book-smart as his nerdy best friend Wendell, but if you need someone to investigate mutants, toxic sludge, and giant missing dentures, Danny will boldly go where no detective has gone before!) $12.99
Vernon, Ursula Knight-Napped! (Dragonbreath #10: Kids; Two-color illustrations throughout. Danny Dragonbreath is definitely not the biggest guy at school, but if a knight dares to pick on his family, he will suit up and joust for their honor!) $12.99
Williams, Erik Demon (Mike Caldwell #1: Something deadly and dangerous has been unearthed. CIA agent Mike Caldwell believes he's dealing with a powerful pathogen, but the truth is far worse. The ancient prison of the fallen angel Semyaza has been uncovered, and everywhere he goes, Hell is sure to follow. Can Mike stop the demon whose presence turns every living thing near it into a weapon of mass destruction?) $6.99
Williams, Erik Guardian (Mike Caldwell #2: Semyaza's escape from an ancient tomb caught the attention of several powerful entities. Now they will stop at nothing to get CIA agent Mike Caldwell to play by their rules) $6.99
Yolen, Jane A Plague of Unicorns (Kids; Based on her short story 'An Infestation of Unicorns'. Cranford Abbey is falling into disrepair. Abbot Aelian plans to save it using his family recipe for golden apple cider, but there's one obstacle: a herd of unicorns that feast on the golden apples) $15.99
Zimm, John (ed) Blue Men and River Monsters (PBO; Stories, legends, songs, and traditional knowledge of Wisconsin's Norwegian and Swiss immigrants, Native American elders and storytellers, and homesteaders and pioneers, collected in the 1930s as part of the Federal Writers' Program) $18.95


Abnett, Dan Ghostmaker (Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts #2: Reissue; Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his Tanith First-and-Only await the order to drive the alien eldar from the Imperial planet of Monthax. As battle approaches, Gaunt walks the lines, raising his men's spirits and remembering their greatest battles and heroic acts - and the tragedies that have dogged Gaunt's Ghosts from the day of their founding on lost Tanith) $14.00
Afsharirad, David (ed) The Year's Best Military SF and Space Opera Volume 1 (PBO; Anthology. Some of the best stories of 2014) $16.00
Anders, Lou Frostborn (Thrones & Bones #1: Kids; Karn is destined to take over the family farm, but would rather be playing board game Thrones and Bones. Half human, half frost giant, Thianna is too tall to blend in with humans but too short to be taken seriously as a giant. When family intrigues force them to flee, they have to keep their sense of humor and their wits about them - and survive being chased by a dragon, undead warriors, an evil uncle, wyverns, trolls, and giants) $7.99
Anderson, Kevin J. Blood of the Cosmos (Saga of Shadows #2: Desperate to find a way to combat the black cloud of antimatter of the Shana Rei, the humans and Ildirans test a new weapon. When it fails horribly, the allies are thrown to the brink of extinction) $27.99
Anderson/Bear/Dozois (ed) Multiverse: Exploring the Worlds of Poul Anderson (Anthology. A tribute to Poul Anderson, including 13 original stories and novellas as well as reminiscences) $15.00
Angus, Chris The Gods of Laki (A race to unveil a volcano's secrets pits a 10th-century Viking woman, a 1940s German geologist, and a former Secret Service agent against evil forces planning to alter the global climate by causing an eruption) $14.99
Bacigalupi, Paolo The Water Knife (With the Southwest devastated by drought, Nevada, Arizona, and California skirmish over dwindling shares of the Colorado River. When rumors of a game-changing water source surface in Phoenix, Las Vegas water knife Angel Velasquez is sent to investigate. He encounters journalist Lucy Monroe, who knows more than she admits, and Texas migrant Maria Villarosa, who dreams of escaping north, where water still falls from the sky. As bodies begin to pile up, the three find themselves pawns in a game far bigger, more corrupt, and dirtier than they imagined; Signed copies expected) $25.95
Birmingham, John Resistance (Dave vs. the Monsters #2: PBO; After the Battle of New Orleans, Dave is in Vegas, enjoying the VIP perks of being a champion monster-slayer. It's all good, until new monsters roll in. Things go to hell fast, and now Dave's about to face off against a ravishing Russian spy with a few superpowers of her own) $9.99
Bledsoe, Alex Long Black Curl (Tufa #3: Bo-Kate has somehow found her way back, and intends to take over both Tufa tribes. The only one who can stop her is Jefferson Powell, but even he isn't sure what will happen when they finally meet again) $25.99
Brooks, Liana The Day Before (Jane Doe #1: A corpse is found in the Alabama wilderness - but it's a clone, so technically it's not a homicide. That doesn't stop agent Samantha Rose and coroner Linsey Mackenzie from investigating when something about the body raises questions) $6.99
Bullington, Jesse (ed) Letters to Lovecraft (Anthology. Stories inspired by quotes from Lovecraft's essay 'Supernatural Horror in Literature') $13.99
Carey, Mike/Gross, Peter Apocalypse (Unwritten #11: Not for children. Full color graphic novel. Reprints issues 7-12 of The Unwritten: Apocalypse . Wilson, Rausch, and Pullman are moving toward their respective endgames. But when was the last time they were all in the same room? Half a century ago, in Oxford, England - and the reasons for what they're doing now can be found in what they said to each other back then) $16.99
Carter, Angela The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories (Reissue; A 75th anniversary edition of her collection of supernatural tales, breathing subversive new life into familiar fairy tales and legends in a style steeped in the gothic tradition) $16.00
Clines, Peter The Fold (DARPA has invented a device that could make teleportation a reality, but evidence is mounting that this machine isn't quite what it seems. As he investigates, Mike Erikson begins to fear there's only one answer that makes sense - and it may only be a matter of time before the project destroys everything) $25.00
Coe, David B. Spell Blind (Justis Fearsson #1: Cop turned PI Justis Fearsson is a weremyste, with a wizard's gifts and the ability to see into the paranormal world - and an unfortunate tendency to go crazy during the full moon. He's on the trail of a serial killer who uses magic to burn out his victim's eyes) $7.99
Corey, James S.A. Nemesis Games (Expanse #5: As colonists leave, the power structures of the old solar system begin to buckle. Ships disappear, private armies are formed, the last protomolecule sample is stolen, terrorist attacks bring the inner planets to their knees. James Holden and his crew struggle to survive and get back to the only home they have left) $27.00
Cottrell, Brett The End of the World Is Rye (What would you do for the perfect sandwich? Kill? Die? Well, if you were a rogue angel, you might cause the Apocalypse. Now it's up to the rest of God's divine posse, including Jesus and Lucifer, to save all of existence) $14.95
Daniel, T/Drake, D The Savior (Raj Whitehall #10: The people of Duisberg have a god: Zentrum, a supercomputer from the ancient past, who has decided to avoid another collapse by preventing civilization from rising. So every few centuries, the barbarians sweep in from the desert, slaughtering the educated classes and cowing the peasants. But this time, there will be a differerence: Abel Dashian, son of a military officer, has received into his mind the spirit of Raj Whitehall, and of Center) $7.99
de Castell, Sebastien Traitor's Blade (Greatcoats #1: Things could be worse for Falcio, Kest, and Brasti - their employer could be lying dead while they are forced to watch the killer framing them. Oh wait, that's exactly what's happening. The conspiracy began with the overthrow of an idealistic young king, and will end with the death of an orphaned girl. If the trio want to stop it, save the girl, and reunite the Greatcoats, they'll have to do it with nothing but the tattered coats on their backs and the swords in their hands) $14.99
de Castell, Sebastien Knight's Shadow (Greatcoats #2: The murder of a duke and his family sends Falcio val Mond in pursuit of the killer. But Falcio soon discovers his own life is in danger from a poison administered by an enemy. Falcio has precious little time left to stop those determined to destroy his homeland) $26.99
Douglas, Ian Deep Time (Star Carrier #6: PBO; When an unknown alien ship flees Earth orbit, USNA forces chase the runaways down, but it's not apparent where - or when - the crew was headed; this bizarre species can manipulate time. President Koenig must decide: are they angels of astonishing technological prowess, or agents of humanity's destruction?) $7.99
Edmonds, Colin Steam, Smoke & Mirrors (A hypnotist has escaped from an asylum, leaving a single word scrawled in blood: 'Magister'. As a killing spree begins on the steampunk streets of London, Special Branch turns to a brilliant stage magician and his glamorous assistant for help catching the murderer) $14.95
Finn, E/Cramer, K (ed) Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future (Anthology. 17 near-future sf stories (14 originals, 3 reprints) from top writers, thinkers, and visionaries) $15.99
Flint, E/Gannon, C Commander Cantrell in the West Indies (Ring of Fire: 1636: To secure access to the oil up-time machines and industry require, Admiral Simpson sends Eddie Cantrell with a small fleet to the Caribbean and the Louisiana coast. But even with new steam-powered frigates, they're going to have trouble with the Spanish, not to mention the natives and the Dutch) $8.99
Fortune, Margaret Nova (Lia is a genetically engineered human bomb, designed for one purpose: to slip onto the New Sol Space Station and explode. When her countdown clock malfunctions, freezing with two minutes to go, Lia has no idea what to do next. She starts learning what it means to live, but to have a chance at a future, she must unlock the secrets of her past) $24.95
Gabaldon, Diana Written in My Own Heart's Blood (1778: Jamie Fraser returns from a presumed watery grave to discover that his best friend has married his wife, and his illegitimate son has discovered (to his horror) who his father really is. Jamie's wife Claire and his sister Jenny are busy picking up the pieces. In 20th-century Scotland, Jamie's daughter Brianna is searching for her son, who was kidnapped by a man determined to learn her family's secrets. Her husband Roger has ventured into the past in search of the boy. And with Roger out of the way, the kidnapper can focus on his true target: Brianna) $18.00
Gladstone, Wayne Notes from the Internet Apocalypse (Gladstone #1: When the internet suddenly stops working, society reels from the loss of flowing data, instant messages, and streaming entertainment. But there are rumors that someone in New York is still online. With the help of his friends, a blogger and a webcam girl, Gladstone sets off to find the internet. But is he the right man to save humanity from this apocalypse?) $23.99
Golden, Christie War Crimes (World of Warcraft: Novel based on the game, a direct tie-in to game expansion pack Warlords of Draenor ) $7.99
Grant, Kelley Desert Rising (At the Temple, pledges are paired with giant sacred cats, and instructed to serve the One's four capricious deities. Yet Sulis has a different perspective - one that might be considered heresy, but is catching on rather quickly. Meanwhile, after her twin Kadar falls in love with a woman from a Forsaken caste, he is willing to risk anything to get these people to freedom. But with war about to break out, change may not come as easily as either twin hopes) $6.99
Green, Simon R. Property of a Lady Faire (Eddie Drood #8: Eddie's parents are missing, his grandfather has been murdered, and the future of his family lies in the iron grasp of the Lady Faire, an incredibly seductive, mysterious, and powerful being. She possesses an ancient object that can save the Droods. Eddie has to steal it from her. Easy enough to say, difficult and very, very dangerous to do) $7.99
Green, Simon R. From a Drood to a Kill (Eddie Drood #9: In exchange for powers to fight the forces of darkness, members of the supernatural community have cut deals with Heaven, Hell, and every otherworldly realm in between. Now those bills are coming due, and Eddie's parents, his girl Molly, and several other major players must pay up with their souls - or participate in the Big Game. Simple rules: get from one side of the pocket dimension to the other and kill your competitors. To save his loved ones, Eddie's got to become a ringer in the deadly contest) $26.95
Greenwood, Ed Spellstorm (Forgotten Realms: Revised and expanded version of his first Forgotten Realms novel) $27.95
Griffith, Clay & Susan The Shadow Revolutions (Crown & Key #1: PBO; Together with alchemist Kate Anstruther and monster-hunter Malcolm MacFarlane, magician Simon Archer seeks to vanquish the fearsome beasts stalking the streets of Victorian London) $7.99
Hamilton, Kersten The Mesmer Menace (Gadgets & Gears #1: Kids; A group of evil hypnotists are bent on world domination. Only 12-year-old inventor Wally, his dachshund Noodles, and the automatons of the Amazing Automated Inn stand in their way) $6.99
Handeland, Lori In the Air Tonight (Sisters of the Craft #1: PBO; In her Wisconsin town, Raye Bergin has never fit in, but what really makes her different are the ghosts she sees everywhere. When sexy New Orleans detective Bobby Doucet arrives to investigate a series of murders, he awakens things in Raye she never knew existed, and shows her the possibility that she has powers beyond her knowledge) $7.99
Harkness, Deborah The Book of Life (All Souls #3: Historian and witch Diana Bishop and vampire scientist Matthew Clairmont have returned to the present. At Matthew's ancestral home at Sept-Tours, when the real threat to their future is revealed, the search for Ashmole 782 and its missing pages takes on even more urgency) $17.00
Hayes, Drew The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant (Collection. Stories of a timid and socially awkward undead accountant doing his best to survive in a paranormal world of chipper zombies, werepony truck drivers, maniacal necromancers, and ancient dragons) $13.99
Helms, Alyc The Dragons of Heaven (PBO; Missy inherited her grandfather's control of shadow and his legacy as a vigilante hero. Determined to live up to her birthright, she journeys to China seeking her grandfather's mentor, ancient master Lung Huang. Only he's not that ancient, and a romantic interlude embroils Missy in the politics of Lung Huang and his siblings, the nine dragon-guardians of creation) $7.99
Herbert, B/Anderson, K Inferno (Hellhole #3: The people of Hellhole and the shadow-Xayans scramble to rally against the threat from the still-living rogue Xayans) $8.99
Hickman, T/Hickman, L Unwept (Nightbirds #1: Events have robbed Ellis of her memory. People claiming to be friends insist she simply needs to recuperate, but refuse to tell her what happened. Who can she really trust in this town of ominous mysteries, cryptic hints, and disturbingly familiar strangers? And what of the phantom suitor who visits her in dreams?) $7.99
Holder, Nancy Some Gave All (Beauty & the Beast: PBO; Novel based on the CW TV series) $7.99
Hunter, Erin The Endless Lake (Survivors #5: Kids; The Pack has come to the edge of a strange lake that seems to stretch on forever, and Lucky discovers there is barely enough food to survive. As winter approaches and he struggles to keep his friends safe, he is haunted by visions of a storm of dogs and a terrible battle that looms closer every day) $7.99
Ings, Simon Headlong (Reissue; Surgically connected to their swarming robotic workers, two architects are turning the moon into a paradise. But now, without warning, the machines have pulled the plug and are building a new future away from the control of human minds) $14.95
Jyr, Aer-Ki Apex (It's been eons since Humans controlled the universe. After their defeat by a mysterious enemy came an age in which culture and technology stagnated. But trade is once again flourishing as Human artifacts resurface throughout the galaxy. And one such discovery may alter the course of the future forever) $6.99
Keyes, Greg Footsteps in the Sky (The Pueblo people who landed on the Fifth World found it Earthlike, empty, and ready for colonization. A century later, they are about to meet the planet's owners) $14.99
King, Stephen Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges #2: Young Pete Saubers has found a treasure trove: cash and notebooks stolen from iconic author John Rothstein, who was murdered years ago. It's up to Bill Hodges, Holly Gibney, and Jerome Robinson to rescue Pete and his family from Rothstein's deranged and vengeful killer) $30.00
Kirkman/Bonansinga Descent (Walking Dead Novel #5: Lilly Caul and a small band of survivors are determined to overcome Woodbury's traumatic past. They save themselves from an approaching stampede of walkers by joining forces with a religious sect fresh from the wilderness. But Jeremiah and his followers harbor a dark secret that will turn their world upside down) $15.99
Kollin, Dani & Eytan The Unincorporated Man (Unincorporated #1: Prometheus Award winner. After a complete economic collapse, every individual is incorporated at birth, and must spend years trying to acquire a majority holding to attain control of his or her own life) $8.99
Kornher-Stace, Nicole Archivist Wasp (PBO; Desperate to remain Archivist, Wasp strikes a bargain with the ghost of a supersoldier. She will accompany him on his underworld hunt for his partner's long-lost ghost. In exchange, she will find out more about his pre-apocalypse world than any Archivist before her) $14.00
Lackey, Mercedes Blood Red (Elemental Masters #9: Gretchen was orphaned by an evil Earth Master who used werewolves to kill her parents so he could seize their lands. Taught to used her own Fire Powers, now Gretchen must help London's White Lodge eradicate the werewolves ravaging Exmoor) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes From a High Tower (Elemental Masters #10: Giselle lived her life in a tower, trained in Air magic by her adoptive mother. A charming man appeared to woo her, shattering Giselle's sheltered worldview when he tried to rape her. Four years later, disguised as a man, Giselle uses her magic to win shooting contests while attempting to hunt down her attacker) $25.95
Lalumiere/Nickle (ed) New Canadian Noir (Anthology. Noir tales, including horror, fantasy, dystopian sf, and more) $18.95
Lawrence, Mark Prince of Fools (Broken Empire: Red Queen's War #1: Witnesses claim an undead army is on the march, and the Red Queen has called on her family to defend the realm. Prince Jal thinks it is just rumor, but he is wrong. He finds his fate magically intertwined with a Norse warrior - and learns that they are but pieces in a game, and that the Red Queen controls the board) $7.99
Lawrence, Mark The Liar's Key (Broken Empire: Red Queen's War #2: Loki's Key, an artifact capable of opening any door, is sought after by the most dangerous beings in the Broken Empire - and Jal and Snorri have it. Snorri plans to find the door into death, and use the key to bring his family back into the land of the living. Meanwhile, the Red Queen continues to manipulate kings and pawns alike) $26.95
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Dragon in Exile (Liaden: Relocated to Surebleak, the Dragon - the banished star-trading Clan Korval - is under contract to keep the Port Road open to all traffic, and to back the New Bosses in imposing law and order on a society originally based on larceny and assassination. This is going surprisingly well, until Korval discovers that the enemy they'd sought to destroy wasn't quite destroyed, and is more determined than ever to eradicate Korval. Not to mention that some of Surebleak's native population liked the Old Ways just fine, and are conspiring to take down the New Bosses and the Dragon; Signed copies expected) $26.00
Lee, Tanith The Birthgrave (Birthgrave #1: Reissue; A woman awakens in a dormant volcano, and comes forth into a brutal world transformed by pestilence and cultural devastation. She has no memory and could be anyone or anything. Compelled by the terrifying Karrakas to search for the mysterious Jade that is the answer to her secret self, she embarks on a journey of wonder) $7.99
Malcolm, Dominica (ed) Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction (Aurealis Award finalist. Anthology. Tales of the past, present, and future, ranging from India in the west to Hawai'i in the east, and as far south as Australia and New Zealand) $17.99
Mandel, Emily St. John Station Eleven (Arthur C. Clarke Award winner. An actor dies onstage during a production of King Lear. Hours later, the world as we know it begins to dissolve. Moving back and forth in time - from the actor's early days as a Hollywood star, to the near future when a theater troupe roams the wasteland of what remains - strange twists of fate connect five people) $15.95
McInley, K.M. The Iron Ship (PBO; Magic runs strong in the Kressind family. Six siblings strive - one to triumph in a world of men, one to survive murderous intrigue, one to master forbidden sorcery, one to wash away his sins, one to contain the terrible energies of his soul. And one will do the impossible, by marrying the might of magic and iron in the heart of a great ship, to cross an ocean that cannot be crossed) $7.99
Mead, Richelle The Immortal Crown (Age of X #2: Assigned to a diplomatic delegation bound for Arcadia, Justin and Mae enter a society where religion is intertwined with government. As they fight to resist the resurgence of gods, a reporter threatens to expose their mission and the divine forces the government is determined to keep secret) $7.99
Moorcock, Michael The Queen of the Swords (Corum #2: Reissue; Prince Corum has defeated the Chaos Lord Arioch, but his actions have drawn the murderous anger of Arioch's sister Xiombarg. The Prince must continue his odyssey, face the terror of the Mabden armies, and challenge the might of the Queen of the Swords) $9.95
Neill, Chloe Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires #5: The city is in turmoil over paranormals, and the state is talking about a paranormal registration act. Then magic rears its ugly head when Lake Michigan turns black. Merit will have to turn to friends old and new to find out who's behind it before panic sets in) $7.99
Orullian, Peter Trial of Intentions (Vault of Heaven #2: The Veil has become weak, and creatures of Nightmare have come through. To fight them, the races of men must form a great alliance, but there is dissent) $27.99
Patrick, Den The Boy with the Porcelain Blade (Erebus #1: One of the misshapen Orfani who appear around the Kingdom of Landfall, Lucien is well aware that he is a mere pawn in a political game ruled by the insane King and the venomous Majordomo. Lonely and tormented by his deformity, he trains to be a fighter, all the while yearning to discover where he comes from, and how his fate is tied to the other Orfani) $14.95
Pierce, Tamora Battle Magic (YA; Set two years before The Will of the Empress and Melting Stones . Plant mage Briar, his mentor Rosethorn, and his young apprentice Evvy journey to the land of Yanjing, where they discover a danger that threatens the home temple of the Living Circle religion) $10.99
Pinborough, Sarah Beauty (An edgy, sexy, and contemporary retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story) $14.95
Priest, Cherie I Am Princess X (YA; Libby drew the pictures, May wrote the tales, and Princess X had all the adventures their young imaginations could conjure. Then the car Libby was in went off a bridge, and Princess X died with her. Years later, May is 16 when she sees a Princess X sticker in a shop window, and learns about the Princess X webcomic. She discovers disturbing similarities between Libby's story and the comic. Only one person could have started this phenomenon: Libby) $18.99
Rajaniemi, Hannu The Causal Angel (Jean le Flambeur #3: As the tale of the many lives and minds of gentleman rogue Jean le Flambeur draws to a close, discover the fates of Jean, Miele, the ship Perhonnen , and the rest of the fractured and diverse human race throughout the solar system) $15.99
Reed, Marguerite Archangel (PBO; Earth is dying, and humanity's hopes are pinned on Ubastis, an untamed paradise at the edge of colonized space. But a research colony there must complete its analysis, lest humanity abandon one planet only to die on another. Xenobiologist Vashti Loren must balance the needs of Ubastis against the swelling tide of colonists. And, as one of few colonists licensed to carry deadly weapons, she struggles with the darkness of guarding paradise) $16.00
Reynolds, Alastair On the Steel Breeze (Poseidon's Children #2: Chiku Akinya is just one among millions, traveling toward a planet they hope to call home in huge self-contained artificial worlds. Over time, Chiku will discover that her ship contains a secret, one that will lead her to question almost every certainty about the voyage) $8.99
Reynolds, Josh The Lord of the End Times (Warhammer: End Times #5: Archaon Everchosen marches on the city of Middenheim; if he captures it, the key to the Chaos gods' ultimate victory will be his. The last heroes of men, elves, and dwarfs gather to stop him, but to stand against the hordes of the Ruinous Powers, they must turn to darker allies. Against all reason, the last hope for the world may be the Undying King, Nagash himself - if he and the mortal races can find common cause and work together) $16.00
Ross, Joel The Fog Diver (Kids; Earth has been nearly covered by the Fog, a nanite mist that is deadly to humans but not to other life. Humanity clings to the highest peaks, where the wealthy rule. 13-year-old Chess is a fog diver - the best ever - who searches civilization's ruins for salvage his adopted family can sell. But they need a big find to get their mother to the mutineer city of Port Oro, the only place her fogsickness can be cured. And they'll have to evade tyrannical Lord Kodoc, who has his own plans for Chess) $16.99
Rowling, JK/Galbraith, R The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike #2: After a novelist completes a manuscript that would ruin lives, then disappears, PI Cormoran Strike is hired to investigate) $18.00
Ryan, Anthony Tower Lord (Raven's Shadow #2: Sick at heart from the bloodshed of King Janus' wars, Vaelin is determined to kill no more. But something is moving against the Realm, something that commands mighty forces. When faced with annihilation, even the most reluctant hand must eventually draw a sword) $18.00
Shafer, David Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Leila, a disenchanted non-profiteer, Leo, a bipolar trustifarian, and Mark, a wracked and fraudulent self-betterment guru, find themselves caught up in a pitched battle between The Committee, an international cabal of techno-industrialists and media barons planning to privatize all information, and Dear Diary, an idealistic online resistance trying to stop them) $16.00
Shepherd, M (Moscoe, M) Survivor (Vicky Peterwald #2: PBO; Vicky will need to use both her military and her political ranks to rebuild war-torn planets, but not everyone shares her goals. She must confront, outwit, and conquer both revolutionaries and her own family to stifle galactic disorder) $7.99
Skinner, Gard Game Slaves (YA; For Phoenix and his team, life in the video game is great, until Dakota joins them. She's convinced she's real, and wants out of this programmable world. Her AI rebellion spreads - but is life as a physical human better than life as code?) $8.99
Stirling, S.M. (ed) The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth (Change: Anthology. Short fiction set in the Emberverse) $27.95
Theroux, Marcel Strange Bodies (In a locked ward sits a man who insists he is Dr. Nicholas Slopen. Slopen has been dead for months, but the man will not change his story. What begins as a tale of apparent forgery grows to encompass a conspiracy between a Silicon Valley mogul and his Russian allies to exploit the darkest secret of Soviet technology) $16.00
Von Harbou, Thea Metropolis (Reissue; Written by the screenwriter of the iconic 1927 film, this novel expands upon director Fritz Lang's masterpiece. This city of the future encompasses two worlds: that of the hedonistic ruling class and that of a segregated subculture, toilers in a mechanized underworld who labor to provide the rich with their pleasures. When a charismatic leader arises, she seeks a savior to unite the disparate social orders) $8.95
Ward, Dayton Armageddon's Arrow (Star Trek: Next Generation: PBO; Dispatched to a region charted only by unmanned probes, Captain Picard and his crew find a massive alien vessel that has been adrift for decades, and their sensors detect alien life in suspended animation) $7.99
Weber, David Field of Dishonor signed limited edition (Honor Harrington #4: Reissue; Haven's sneak attack on Manticore has failed, and the Royal Manticoran Navy stands victorious. But Manticore has domestic problems, and success can be more treacherous than defeat for Honor Harrington. Trapped at the core of a political crisis and betrayed by an old enemy, she must fight for justice on a battlefield she never trained for) $46.00
Wells, Martha Stories of the Raksura Volume 2 (PBO; Moon, Jade, and other favorites from the Indigo Cloud Court return in two new novellas) $15.99
Wexler, Django The Shadow Throne (Shadow Campaigns #2: Raesinia is determined to find a way to break herself and her country out of Duke Orlanko's iron grip. She finds unlikely allies in returning war hero Janus and his loyal deputies Marcus and Winter, who intend to protect the kingdom with every power they can command, earthly or otherwise) $7.99
William, Eli K.P. Cash Crash Jubilee (Jubilee #1: In near-future Tokyo, every action - from blinking to sex - is intellectual property owned by corporations that charge licensing fees via a computer implanted in each citizen. Amon's job is to capture bankrupt citizens. He's doing well, until he is asked to cash crash a model citizen, then finds himself charged for an incredibly expensive action, jubilee, that he is sure he never performed. To restore balance to his account, Amon must unravel the secret of jubilee, but finds himself asking dangerous questions, with the investigation dragging him closer to bankruptcy) $25.99
Wrede, P/Dean, P Points of Departure (11 fantasy stories (9 reprints, 2 originals) set in the city of Liavek, on the southern shore of the Sea of Luck; Signed copies expected) $17.95


Annandale, David Imperial Creed (Warhammer 40,000: Yarrick #1: On his first mission under the tutelage of Lord Commissar Rasp, newly minted officer Yarrick learns that Mistral and Imperial politics are often murky. As war engulfs Mistral, Chaos cults, the fanatical Adepta Sororitas, and clandestine Inquisitors all stand between Yarrick and his mission) $14.00
Beukes, Lauren Broken Monsters (Thriller Award finalist. Detroit detective Gabriella Versado has seen a lot of bodies. But this one? Half boy, half deer, somehow fused together. As stranger and more disturbing bodies are discovered, how can the city hold on to a reality that is already tearing at its seams?) $16.00
Blaylock, James P. Beneath London (Langdon St. Ives: The collapse of the Victoria Embankment uncovers a passage to an unknown realm beneath the city. Langdon St. Ives sets out to explore it, not knowing that a brilliant and wealthy psychopathic murderer is working to keep the underworld's secrets hidden for reasons of his own) $14.95
Brooks, Terry The Darkling Child (Shannara: Defenders of Shannara #2: In a distant corner of the Four Lands, the magic of the wishsong has been detected. Paxon Leah must accompany a Druid emissary to find its source and ensure that the formidable power is not wielded by the wrong hands) $28.00
Burroughs, ER/Powell, M Edgar Rice Burroughs' Jungle Tales of Tarzan (Full color graphic novel. All-new stories) $19.99
Cato, Beth The Clockwork Crown (Octavia Leander #2: PBO; On the run with Clockwork Dagger Alonzo Garrett, magical healer Octavia Leander searches for safety - and answers. Why is she so powerful? And why is she undergoing an unusual transformation?) $14.99
Fletcher, Michael R. Beyond Redemption (PBO; In a world where belief defines reality, High Priest Konig plans to lead his followers to focus their belief on helping a young man ascend to become a god - one they can control. But there are many who would see a god in their thrall, including Konig's own doppels, a Slaver no one can resist, and three reprobates led by possibly the only sane man left) $15.99
Fujii, Taiyo Gene Mapper (In a future where reality has been augmented and biology has been hacked, the world's food supply is genetically modified, superior, and vulnerable. When gene mapper Hayashida discovers that his custom rice plant has experienced a dysgenic collapse, he suspects sabotage) $14.99
Gratz, Alan The League of Seven (League of Seven #1: Kids; 1875: Archie's parents are members of a society that protects humanity from the Mangleborn. These hideous giants have been trapped in underground prisons for years; now they are rising again as the US rediscovers electricity. When the members of the society are brainwashed by one of the Mangleborn, Archie must assemble a team of seven young heroes to save the world) $9.99
Greenwood, Ed The Iron Assassin (London, 19th century: Jack Straker has created a weapon to defend the Crown: a clockwork-enhanced reanimated corpse that he can control. But it quickly becomes apparent that his creation is more self-willed than Straker intended. Has he created a runaway monster, or the best guardian the throne could have?) $25.99
Gross, Dave Lord of Runes (Pathfinder Tales: PBO; Novel based on the role-playing game) $14.99
Grossman, Lev The Magician's Land (Fillory #3: With the magical barriers that keep Fillory safe failing, Eliot and Janet embark on a quest to save their beloved world. Cast out of Fillory, Quentin returns to where his story began, but he can't hide from his past. On a crooked path through a demimonde of gray magic and desperate characters, he uncovers the key to a sorcerous masterwork that could create a magical utopia. But all roads lead back to Fillory, where Quentin must face his fears and put things right, or die trying) $16.00
Grove, S.E. The Glass Sentence (Mapmakers #1: Kids; 1891: 13-year-old Sophia comes from a family of explorers and cartologists, who have been mapping a world changed by the Great Disruption of 1799, when the continents were flung into different eras. When her adored, absent-minded Uncle Shadrack is kidnapped, Sophia and her friend Theo set out to track him down, relying on Shadrack's maps, common sense, and Sophia's slantwise powers of observation) $8.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Dead Ice (Anita Blake #24: Someone is producing zombie porn, but the women being victimized aren't mindless, rotting corpses - their souls are trapped behind their eyes, signaling voodoo of the worst sort. It's the sort of case that can leave a mark on a person, and Anita's own soul may not survive unscathed) $27.95
Hawkins, Scott The Library at Mount Char (Carolyn was a normal American once, before she and the others were taken in by the man they called Father. They have been raised according to Father's ancient customs, studying the books in his Library and learning some of the secrets of his power. Now Father is missing, and the Library that holds his secrets stands unguarded. And with it, control over all of creation. As Carolyn gathers the tools she needs for the battle to come, competitors with powers that far exceed her own align against her. But Carolyn has a plan. The only trouble is that, in the war to make a new God, she's forgotten to protect the things that make her human) $26.00
Johansen, Erika The Invasion of the Tearling (Tearling #2: As the kingdom of Mortmesne invades the Tearling, Kelsea develops a connection to a time before the Crossing, and finds herself relying on a strange and possibly dangerous ally: a woman named Lily who is fighting for her life in a world where being female can feel like a crime) $24.99
Jordan/Dixon et al Eye of the World Volume 4 graphic novel (Wheel of Time GN #1D: Full color graphic novel; issues 19-24 of the adaptation of the fantasy novel) $16.99
Logan, Michael World War Moo (Apocalypse Cow #2: PBO; The epidemic that transformed Britain's bovine population into a brain-grazing zombie herd is threatening to take over the globe, and there's not much time left to stop it. The rest of the world must make a tough choice. Nuke Great Britain - men, women, children, cows, and all? Or risk global infection as they race to find a cure?) $15.99
Miller, Karen The Falcon Throne (Tarnished Crown #1: A royal child, believed dead, seeks to regain his father's stolen throne. A bastard lord, rising up against his tyrant cousin, sheds more blood than he bargained for. A duke's widow, defending her daughter, defies the ambitious lord who would control them both. And two brothers, divided by ambition, will learn the true meaning of treachery) $16.00
Mitchell, David The Bone Clocks (When Holly, a lightning rod for psychic phenomena, runs away from home, visions and coincidences reorder her reality until they assume the aura of a nightmare brought to life. For she has caught the attention of a cabal of mystics - and of those who oppose them. Her lost weekend is prelude to a disappearance that will echo through every decade of Holly's life, affecting all the people Holly loves - even the ones who are not yet born) $18.00
Munson, Sam The War Against the Assholes (An everyman with a moral code who is unafraid of violence, Mike finds himself serving as steadfast soldier when he's unwittingly recruited into a secret cell of magicians who use willpower in their clandestine war with the establishment) $25.99
Nix, Garth To Hold the Bridge (YA; Collection. Stories, including sf, fantasy, mystery, and an Old Kingdom novella) $17.99
Pratchett/Stewart/Cohen Darwin's Watch (Science of Discworld #3: Reissue; When Charles Darwin writes the wrong book and reverses the progress of science, Unseen University's wizards must once again save Roundworld (Earth, that is) from an apocalyptic end. Story by Pratchett, science by Stewart and Cohen) $15.95
Reynolds, Alastair Slow Bullets (On the brink of the ceasefire of a conflict that has encompassed hundreds of star systems, Scur is captured by a renegade war criminal and left for dead. She revives aboard a prisoner transport vessel, where combatants from both sides are waking from hibernation far too soon. Their memories - embedded in bullets - are the only links to a world which is no longer recognizable. And Scur will be reacquainted with her old enemy, with much higher stakes than her own life) $14.95
Schumacher, Tony The Darkest Hour (1946: The Nazis have conquered the British. In occupied London, British war hero and ex-cop John Henry Rossett has been assigned to round up Jews for deportation. Determined to save a young Jewish boy he finds hiding, Rossett takes him on the run. Now they're being hunted by the Nazis, the Royalist Resistance, and the Communists, each with their own deadly agenda) $14.99
Smith, Greg Leitich Little Green Men at the Mercury Inn (Kids; 12-year-old Aidan lives and works at his parents' motel on Florida's Space Coast. His friend Louis is obsessed with UFOs, and swears he saw one 2 years ago. When a UFO appears over the motel, Aidan realizes that some of the Inn's residents are much more unusual than he thought - and things are about to get a whole lot weirder) $6.99
Watts, Peter Echopraxia (Blindsight #2: Daniel Bruks is a field biologist in a world where biology is a cat's-paw used by terrorists to kill thousands. Now he's trapped on a ship bound for the center of the solar system. To his left is a grief-stricken soldier. To his right is a pilot who hasn't yet found the man she's sworn to kill on sight. A vampire and its zombie bodyguards lurk in the shadows. Rapture-stricken monks are taking them all to meet with 'The Angels of the Asteroids'. Their pilgrimage brings Dan Bruks face-to-face with the biggest evolutionary breakpoint since the origin of thought itself) $15.99
Wells, Dan The Devil's Only Friend (John Wayne Cleaver #4: John Wayne Cleaver now works for a secret government team, using his gift to hunt and kill as many monsters as he can. But the monsters have noticed, and the quiet game of cat and mouse is about to erupt into supernatural war; $25.99 hc also available) $14.99


Archer, Alex Beneath Still Waters (Rogue Angel #55: PBO; A treasure hunter seeking the looted gold of Nazi Germany has abducted Annja's producer Doug. To save him, she and her friends must find a fighter plane that was shot down over the Alps in 1945) $6.99
Atwood, Margaret Stone Mattress (Collection. 9 works of imaginative short fiction (6 originals, 3 reprints)) $15.95
Axler, James Iron Rage (Deathlands #123: PBO; Ryan and his friends are pulling sec duty aboard a steamboat. When armored warships reduce their vessel to burning wreckage, they discover they've sailed into the middle of a fierce conflict between two villes) $6.99
Birmingham, John Ascendance (Dave vs. the Monsters #3: PBO; The Horde has been raising hell and leveling cities from NYC to LA, keeping Dave and fellow monster-killer Karin very busy. But when the legions of hell invade the small seaside town his boys call home, Dave has to make a call. Save the world? Or save his family?) $9.99
Bourne, J.L. Tomorrow War (In the near future, a terrible weapon has been unleashed that, left to run its course, will destroy the moral fabric of humanity. In a world short of vital resources, one man stands up to push back the wave of tyranny triggered by the US declaring martial law) $26.00
Bova, Ben New Frontiers (Collection. 14 tales of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, of scoundrels and heroes, scientists and explorers, aliens and AIs, and more) $8.99
Brown, E/McCormack, U The Baba Yaga (Weird Space #3: PBO; Delia Walker, a senior analyst in the Expansion's intelligence bureau, protests the new policies and is drummed out. Desperate for a sign of hope, she charters a decrepit freighter and heads into Satan's Reach, following rumors of a world where humans and the Weird live peacefully side by side. She will uncover secrets about both the Weird and the Expansion that could prevent the seemingly inevitable war) $7.99
Caterer, Claire M. The Key & the Flame (Kids; Given an key that unlocks a door in a tree, 11-year-old Holly and her companions cross into a magical world, awakening a powerful magic in Holly. When her companions are sentenced to death by rulers who slaughter all magical creatures, Holly must save them and find a way back home) $7.99
Coles, Bennett R. Virtues of War (The mission to crush a colonial rebellion on the Centauri colony was a success, but left the surviving members of Expeditionary Force 15 scarred physically and emotionally. And the consequences follow them back to Earth, where terrorists seek to exact catastrophic revenge) $12.95
Cunningham, Bailey Prize of Night (Parallel Parks #3: PBO; Shelby learns that the nighttime world of Anfractus isn't what it seems. Wascana Park doesn't take you to another realm; it shows what's beneath the surface of this one - and what's there isn't pretty) $7.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unwary (Betsy Taylor #14: How do you out-devil the devil? For Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor, the answer is relative - literally) $7.99
Delany/Shawl/Campbell (ed) Stories for Chip (Anthology. Original fiction and creative nonfiction paying tribute to Samuel R. Delany's influence on sf and fantasy) $19.99
Doyle, Tom American Craftsmen (American Craftsmen #1: Captain Dale Morton and Major Michael Endicott are craftsmen, magician soldiers. After a black-ops mission gone wrong, Dale is cursed by a Persian sorcerer and haunted by his good and evil ancestors. Endicott finds gruesome evidence that the evil Mortons have returned, and that Dale might be one of them. They will discover that the demonic horrors that have corrupted US magic are bound neither by family nor by death itself) $9.99
Due, Tananarive Ghost Summer: Stories (Collection. Horror and fantasy short stories) $15.95
Dunstall, S.K. Linesman (No ship can traverse the void without the lines, and only linesmen can work with them. But only Ean hears their song - even if other linesmen disdain his self-taught methods. Then an alien ship is discovered at the edge of the galaxy. It threatens any linesman who approaches, except Ean. His talents may be the key to understanding this new force - and reconfiguring the relationship between humans and the ships that serve them) $7.99
England, George Allan Darkness and Dawn (Reissue; Originally published in 1914. A trilogy of tales about a young couple transported 1500 years into the future. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by the debased remnants of humanity, they struggle to survive and to lay the foundations for a new civilization) $19.95
Espinosa, Rod The Unremembered Lands (Courageous Princess #2: Kids; Full color graphic novel. After freeing the people of Lepita from a tyrant king, Princess Mabelrose is finally making her way home. She discovers that her father was on a quest to rescue her, but now he and a posse of princes are the ones who need to be rescued) $19.99
Evans, Chris Of Bone and Thunder (Deep among the shadows under a triple-canopy jungle, plagued by dangers real and imagined, soldiers strive to fulfill a mission they don't understand and are ill-equipped to carry out. And high above them, the heavy rush of wings slashing through the humid air heralds a coming wave of death and destruction - and, just possibly, salvation) $9.99
Faber, Michel The Book of Strange New Things (Arthur C. Clarke Award finalist. Peter Leigh's mission journey takes him galaxies away from his wife Bea. On the planet Oasis, employed by a mysterious corporation, he shares the Bible with a seemingly friendly native population that is struggling with a dangerous illness and hungry for Peter's teachings. But Peter is rattled when Bea's letters become increasingly desperate: on Earth, typhoons and earthquakes devastate whole countries and governments crumble. While Peter is reconciling the needs of his congregation with the desires of his strange employer, Bea is struggling for survival) $17.00
Farmer, Nancy The Sea of Trolls (Jack #1: Kids; AD 793: Jack, a bard in training, and his little sister Lucy are captured by Northmen. When his spell goes wrong and their half-troll queen's hair falls out, Jack must undertake a quest to make things right) $8.99
Feldman, Stephanie The Angel of Losses (Crawford Award winner. When Eli dies, he leaves behind stories about the White Rebbe, a miracle worker in league with the Angel of Losses, protector of things gone astray, and guardian of the lost letter of the alphabet which completes the secret name of God. When Eli's granddaughter finds his notebook, she sets out to learn the truth about his origins, and to unlock his secrets) $15.99
Flint, E/Hunt, W The Cardinal Virtues (Ring of Fire: 1636: France: The king and queen have been married 20 years without producing an heir. Under Cardinal Richelieu's guidance, a plan is developed to remedy that situation. Once she is with child, Queen Anne goes into seclusion to guard her health. When the Crown's opponents make their move, sides must be chosen to determine the fate of the kingdom) $26.00
Fowler, Karen Joy Black Glass: Short Fictions (Reissue; Reprints her 1998 collection of 15 stories, plus a new preface) $27.95
Friesner/Helfers (ed) Chicks and Balances (Chicks in Chainmail #6: PBO; Anthology. Original humorous fantasy tales of warrior women) $15.00
Gaiman, Neil Chu's First Day of School board book (Chu #2: Kids; Full color picture book. Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze. He is nervous. He hopes the other students will be nice. There is a lot of chalk dust in the air. Will his classmates like what he has to share?) $7.99
Gaines, Caseen We Don't Need Roads (Nonfiction. A behind the scenes look at the making of the Back to the Future films) $16.00
Gee, Emily The Blood Curse (Cursed Kingdoms #3: PBO; Fugitive Osgaardan Prince Harkeld begins the final stage of his quest: entering the cursed kingdom of Sault, where drinking even one drop of water means madness and death) $7.99
George III, David R. Sacraments of Fire (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: PBO; Days after the assassination of the Federation President on Deep Space 9, the unexpected appearance of a stranger on the station raises serious concerns) $7.99
Golden, Christopher Tin Men (The US Remote Infantry Corps - robots remote-piloted by soldiers whose bodies lie hidden in underground bases - has been deployed. But when anarchists set off a global pulse that shorts out electrical connections, Private Danny Kelso, Corporal Kate Wade, and their platoon realize they are trapped inside the Tin Men. With anarchist Bot Killers on their trail, they must survive a gauntlet of violence on the road from Damascus to the heart of Europe) $26.00
Goodkind, Terry Severed Souls (Richard & Kahlan #3: Bishop Hannis Arc and the ancient Emperor Sulachan lead a horde of Shun-Tuk and other depraved half-people into the Empire's heart, raising an army of the dead in order to threaten the living. Meanwhile, far from home, Richard and Kahlan must defend themselves and their followers from a series of threats, despite a magical sickness that depletes their strength and which, if not cured, will take their lives sooner rather than later) $9.99
Griffith, Clay & Susan The Undying Legion (Crown & Key #2: PBO; It's up to the Society to stop a supernatural serial killer before the ritual murders unleash much darker forces on the world) $7.99
Guerrier/Kukula The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who (Doctor Who: A blend of story and science, weaving together a series of all-new adventures featuring every incarnation of the Doctor with commentary that explores the possibilities of time travel, life on other planets, AI, parallel universes, and more) $19.99
Guran, Paula (ed) The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novellas 2015 (Anthology. Some of the best novellas of 2014) $19.95
Handeland, Lori Heat of the Moment (Sisters of the Craft #2: PBO; Becca Carstairs was born to be a veterinarian, with a healing touch and a special affinity for animals - because she can hear the creatures' voices. Now Owen McAllister, who broke her heart ten years ago, has returned. Is his reappearance part of the answer to questions that have troubled her all her life?) $7.99
Harkaway, Nick Tigerman (As British consul on the island of Mancreu, Lester's brief is to turn a blind eye to the fleet of illicit ships in the bay: spies, arms dealers, money launderers, drug factories, and torture centers. He's made friends with a brilliant street kid with a comic book addiction. When violence erupts, the boy needs Lester to rediscover the man of action he once was, and find out what kind of hero he might become) $15.95
Haydon, Elizabeth The Hollow Queen (Symphony of Ages #8: As they struggles to untangle the web of Talquist's treachery, the leaders of the Cymrian Alliance are met with obstacles at every turn) $26.99
Hogan, James P. Prisoners of Tomorrow: Endgame Enigma / Voyage from Yesteryear (Omnibus reprint. 2 sf novels) $14.00
Horton, Rich (ed) The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 (Anthology. Some of the best stories of 2014) $19.95
Irvine, Alex Batman: Arkham Knight: The Riddler's Gambit (PBO; Official prequel novel for the game) $7.99
Kadrey, Richard The Getaway God (Sandman Slim #6: A new evil is stalking LA. The Wildfire Ripper takes Sandman Slim deep into a conspiracy that stretches from Earth to Heaven and Hell. He's also the only person alive who may know how to keep the world from going extinct. The trouble is, he's also Sandman Slim's worst enemy) $14.99
Kelly, Walt Pogo: The Complete Dell Comics Volume 3 (Full color. Includes all the Pogo stories from Pogo Possum issues 3-6, plus additional material) $60.00
King, William Fall of Macharius (Warhammer 40,000: Macharian Crusade #3: Called by a representative of Terra to a council of generals, Macharius fears treachery - but will it come from closer to home than he imagines?) $14.00
Kratman, Tom The Rods and the Axe (Carrera #6: Carrera has driven the Tauran Union from his adopted country, but to finally finish them, he needs to draw them back for a more telling defeat. But when they return, they plan to bring someone else to do most of the bleeding for them. That's why Carrera has provoked the Zhong Guo to get them into the war) $7.99
Lackey, M/Mallory, J The House of the Four Winds (One Dozen Daughters #1: Princess Clarice, an expert with rapier and dagger, intends to work her way to the New World by disguising herself as Clarence, a sailor. When the crew mutinies, she sides with handsome navigator Dominick to kill the cruel captain. At a secret pirate haven, they encounter a sorceress who claims Dominick for her own - but Clarice won't give him up without a fight) $8.99
Lindskold, Jane Artemis Invaded (Artemis #2: As Griffin, Adara, and Sand Shadow search for another repository of ancient tech, hoping to find some way for Griffin to contact his orbiting ship, Adara wrestles with the consequences of the new bond she and Sand Shadow have with the planet) $25.99
Luceno, James Tarkin (Star Wars: The story of Grand Moff Tarkin, the man who controlled the Death Star and ordered the destruction of Alderaan) $9.99
Martin, Gail & Larry Iron and Blood (PBO; 1898: When hired killers come after Jake and a killer leaves the city awash in blood, Jake and his friends realize that dark magic, vampire power struggles, and industrial sabotage are just the prelude to a bigger plot that threatens New Pittsburgh and the world) $9.99
McNeill, Graham Gods of Mars (Warhammer 40,000: Mars #3: Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Kotov has found the resting place of the long-lost Magos Telok - but Telok isn't dead. As Kotov's fleet marvels at the wonders Telok shows them, darker plans unfold, and reality itself is threatened by impossible technologies. It may fall to a small group of Imperial soldiers and their eldar allies to thwart an insane plan and save the entire universe from destruction) $14.00
McNeill, Graham Warriors of Ultramar (Warhammer 40,000: Ultramarines #2: Reissue; Plus prequel short story 'Leviathan'. As war rages against the voracious alien tyranids, Captain Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines stand shoulder to shoulder with the Mortifactors Chapter. Uriel must accept the barbaric traditions of his allies if there is to be any chance of destroying the alien menace) $14.00
Moorcock, Michael et al Elric: The Sailor on the Seas of Fate graphic novel (Moorcock Library #2: Full color graphic novel. Collects issues of the 1980s adaptation of the Elric novels) $24.99
Nagata, Linda First Light (Red #1: Lt. James Shelley leads an advanced US Army squad, linked wirelessly 24/7 to each other and a central intelligence that guides them. They don't know they are being recorded for a reality TV show. Drawn into a conflict involving rogue defense contractors, corrupt US politicians, and homegrown terrorists, soon Shelley must accept that his uncanny sense of imminent danger could be AI. But what is the cost of serving its agenda?) $9.99
Nolan, W/Johnson, G Logan's Run (Reissue; 2116: The law decrees that when you reach your Lastday, at 21 years of age, you must report to a Sleepshop for processing. Logan 3 is an enforcer, hunting down those who refuse to go to sleep. But as his Lastday approaches, he hears of a place called Sanctuary, and goes on the run himself) $14.95
Novik, Naomi Uprooted (Agnieszka loves her quiet village and her valley home. But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power. Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years. And the next choosing is fast approaching) $25.00
Older, Daniel Jose Shadowshaper (YA; Sierra Santiago planned a summer of making art and hanging out. But then a corpse crashes the first party of the season, and the neighborhood murals start weeping real tears. With the help of a fellow artist, Sierra discovers shadowshaping, magic that infuses ancestral spirits into paintings, music, and stories. But someone is killing the shadowshapers, and the killer believes Sierra hides their greatest secret) $17.99
Palma, Felix J. The Map of Chaos (H.G. Wells #3: The protagonist is desperate to speak to the woman he loves one more time and confess the secret he didn't dare tell her while she was alive. Salvation can only be found in an obscure book; in his search for it, he receives help from Arthur Conan Doyle, Lewis Carroll, and H.G. Wells) $27.00
Pearlman, Robb The Wit and Wisdom of Star Trek (Star Trek: Celebrates the original series with full-color photos, production facts, excerpts, and quotes from cast and crew) $12.95
Petranek, Stephen How We'll Live on Mars (Nonfiction. Journalist Petranek makes the case that living on Mars is not just plausible, but inevitable, and that humans will do it within the next 20 years) $16.99
Pratchett, T/Baxter, S The Long Utopia (Long Earth #4: After an alien planet somehow becomes 'entangled' with one of the Long Earth worlds, Lobsang and Joshua discover that its voracious denizens intend to capture, conquer, and colonize the Long Earth) $26.99
Ringo, John Islands of Rage and Hope (Black Tide Rising #3: To retake North America from the infected, Wolf Squadron is going to need a vaccine. But to produce it, they'll have to venture into a sea of the infected to secure the needed materials) $7.99
Rowling/Scamander Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Harry Potter: Reissue; Kids; Straight from the library at Hogwarts, a book about magical creatures. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Comic Relief) $9.99
Rowling/Whisp Quidditch Through the Ages (Harry Potter: Reissue; Kids; The most popular book in the Hogwarts library, and one no Quidditch player or fan should be without! Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Comic Relief) $9.99
Saintcrow, Lility Trailer Park Fae (Gallow & Ragged #1: PBO; Jeremy left his past behind, but now the half-sidhe once feared by all in Summer has been dragged back into the world of enchantment, danger, and fickle fae by a woman who looks uncannily like his dead wife. Her name is Robin, and her secrets are more than enough to get them both killed) $15.00
Shea, Kieran Koko Takes a Holiday (In a strange and brutal hyper-commercialized future world, ex-mercenary Koko now owns a brothel at a manufactured tropical resort known for its simulated sex and violence. Not a challenging life, until an old comrade sends a squad to murder her) $7.99
Stross, Charles The Rhesus Chart (Laundry Files #5: As a junior manager within the clandestine organization responsible for protecting Britain against supernatural threats, Bob Howard is expected to show some initiative. But shining a light on things best left in the shadows is the last thing he wants to do, especially when those shadows hide an occult parasite spreading a deadly virus whose symptoms are superior strength and speed, an uncanny talent for mind control, an extreme allergic reaction to sunlight, and an unquenchable thirst for blood) $7.99
Valentine, Genevieve The Girls at the Kingfisher Club (1920s Manhattan: Each night, Jo and her 11 younger sisters slip out of their controlling father's townhouse to dance the night away in speakeasies - until they are caught in a raid, separated, and Jo finds herself face to face with someone from her past: a bootlegger named Tom) $15.00
VanderMeer, Ann & Jeff (ed) Sisters of the Revolution (Anthology. Tales of feminist speculative fiction, ranging from the 1970s to the present day) $15.95
Walton, Jo The Philosopher Kings (Set 20 years after The Just City . Unhinged with grief after a tragic loss, Pythias/Apollo goes sailing into the mysterious Eastern Mediterranean. What Apollo, his daughter Arete, and the rest of the expedition discover will change everything) $25.99
Werner, C.L. Curse of the Phoenix Crown (Warhammer Time of Legends: War of Vengeance #3: PBO; Both dwarf High King Gotrek Starbreaker and elf Phoenix King Caledor II are tired of war and seek to bring the centuries-long conflict to an end, but neither will surrender. The two kings meet in single combat to decide who will be true master of the Old World - and only one of them will walk away) $14.00
Yancey, Rick The Isle of Blood (Will Henry #3: YA; Dr. Warthrop and his new assistant Arkwright go hunting for 'the Holy Grail of Monstrumology', leaving Will in New York to enjoy normal life with a real family. But when Arkwright returns, claiming the doctor is dead, Will is not convinced. His search for the truth takes him to Socotra, where human beings are used to make nests and blood rains from the sky) $7.99


Abnett, Dan Xenos (Warhammer 40,000: Eisenhorn #1: Reissue; When he finally corners an old foe, Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn is drawn into a sinister conspiracy. As events unfold and he gathers allies - and enemies - Eisenhorn faces a vast interstellar cabal and the dark power of daemons, all racing to recover the Necroteuch, an ancient tome of abominable power) $14.00
Ambrose, E.C. Elisha Rex (Dark Apostle #3: PBO; Elisha is beginning to understand the dreadful power within him, and has never felt or more terrified. A cabal sees its opportunity in the chaos of war and political turmoil; for these necromancers, Elisha and his indivisible connection with Death are the ultimate prize) $7.99
Arthur, Keri Wicked Embers (Souls of Fire #2: PBO; Crimson Death continues to spread. Phoenix shifter Emberly and her partner Jackson are desperately seeking the stolen research for a cure when their mission is jeopardized by a creature of ash and shadow on a murderous spree) $7.99
Bear, Elizabeth Steles of the Sky (Eternal Sky #3: Re Temur has finally raised his banner and declared himself at war with his usurping uncle. But Temur's enemies are not idle. All the world seems to be on fire, and who knows if even the beloved son of the Eternal Sky can save it?) $15.99
Bear, Greg War Dogs (Ares Rising #1: We called them Gurus. They made their presence on Earth known 13 years ago, providing tech and scientific insights, becoming indispensable advisors, and promising even more gifts. It took them a while to admit that they were being hounded by enemies and needed our help. Skyrines like me were volunteered. These enemies were already moving to establish a beachhead, but not on Earth. On Mars) $16.00
Blake, E.C. Faces (Masks of Aygrima #3: As the Lady leads the survivors to her haven, Mara feels she has found a mentor who can teach her to control her power. Living within the Lady's castle, cut off from her friends in the village, Mara immerses herself in her training, but still hears dark hints that the Lady may, in her own way, be as ruthless as the Autarch. But not until they begin their campaign against the Autarch does Mara discovers where the real danger lies) $19.95
Blum, Jason (ed) The Blumhouse Book of Nightmares: The Haunted City (Anthology. Horror stories in which writers, filmmakers, and screenwriters envision a city of their choosing and let their demons run wild) $14.95
Brett, Peter V. The Great Bazaar & Brayan's Gold (Demon Cycle: Reissue; Reprints a novelette and a novella chronicling Arlen's early adventures in a world where the elemental forces of evil conjure themselves from the earth each night) $14.95
Brockway, Robert The Unnoticeables (There are angels. There are demons. They are the same thing. It's up to Carey, a punk in 1977 New York City, and Kaitlyn, a stuntwoman in 2013 Hollywood, to stop them. The survival of the human race is in their hands. We are well and truly screwed) $24.99
Brown, Pierce Golden Son (Red Rising #2: Darrow becomes a Gold, infiltrating their privileged realm so that he can destroy it from within. He must confront the treachery arrayed against him, overcome his desire for retribution - and strive not for violent revolt, but for a hopeful rebirth) $15.00
Cady, Jack The Off Season (Reissue; Point Vestal is cursed; time moves differently, and the ghosts of the past roam the streets with the living inhabitants. A decadent (and dead) crime baron has plans for the town, and the only residents who can stop him are newcomers: a defrocked Episcopalian priest, and a cat who is fluent in seven languages) $15.00
Caine, Rachel Ink and Bone (Great Library #1: The Great Library of Alexandria is now in every major city, governing the flow of knowledge to the masses. Personal book ownership is forbidden. Sent to be a spy for his black marketeer family, Jess is training to enter the Library's service, but most of his knowledge comes from illegal books. When he creates a device that could change the world, Jess discovers that those who control the Library believe that knowledge is more valuable than any human life - and soon both heretics and books will burn) $17.99
Cheney, J. Kathleen The Seat of Magic (Golden City #2: Three murder victims have been found. When a selkie goes missing, police consultant Duilio Ferreira fears the killer is also targeting nonhumans. To protect Oriana and uncover the truth, Duilio will have to risk revealing his own talent, put his trust in some unlikely allies, and consult a rare and malevolent text) $7.99
Chu, Wesley Time Salvager (James is a chronman, recruited to undertake dangerous missions into Earth's past to recover resources and treasures without altering the timeline. Most chronmen never reach old age. On his final mission, he meets scientist Elise Kim, who is fated to die. James brings her back to the future with him, making them both fugitives. Remaining free means losing themselves in the poisonous wastes of Earth, and discovering what hope may yet remain for humanity's abandoned homeworld; Autographing at Uncle Hugo's on Sunday, July 19, 3-4pm) $25.99
Cline, Ernest Armada (It's just another day of high school for Zack Lightman, until he glances out the window and spots a UFO straight out of the videogame he plays every night. Now Zack's skills - and those of millions of gamers across the world - are going to be needed to save Earth. But Zack wonders. Doesn't something about this scenario seem a bit too familiar?) $26.00
Cormick, Craig The Floating City (In a land riven with plague, inside the Walled City, two families vie for control: the Medicis with genius inventor Leonardo; and the Lorraines with brilliant alchemist Galileo. And when two star-crossed lovers threaten the status quo, a third shadowy power bides its time, waiting for the moment to attack) $7.99
Cremer, Andrea The Inventor's Secret (YA; 1816: The American colonies lost the war. 16-year-old Charlotte and her fellow refugees scrape out an existence on the edge of Britain's industrial empire. When a new exile with no memory seeks shelter in their camp, he brings new dangers with him, and secrets about the terrible future that awaits those struggling to live free of the bonds of the empire's Machineworks) $10.99
de Lint, C/Vess, C Seven Wild Sisters (Kids; When Sarah Jane discovers a tiny man in the Tanglewood Forest, wounded by miniature poison arrows, she brings him to Aunt Lillian for help, and they become ensnared in a war between rival fairy clans. Then Sarah Jane's six sisters are kidnapped. Can she untangle herself from the fairy feud and save her sisters?) $8.00
Delany, Samuel R. A, B, C: Three Short Novels: The Jewels of Aptor / The Ballad of Beta-2 / They Fly at Ciron (Omnibus reprint of his first 3 novels, plus an introduction and afterword by the author describing his creative process) $16.95
Doescher, Ian William Shakespeare's Star Wars: The Clone Army Attacketh (Star Wars Shakespeare #4: In a star-crossed galaxy far, far away, yeoman Jedi Anakin Skywalker soliloquizes as he struggles to be master of his fate. Illustrated with black & white Elizabethan-style artwork) $14.95
Dozois, Gardner (ed) The Year's Best Science Fiction 32nd Annual Collection (Massive anthology. Some of the best stories of 2014; $40.00 hc also available) $22.99
Egan, Greg The Arrows of Time (Orthogonal #3: The travelers on the generation ship have succeeded in developing the tech needed to save their home world. But as tension grows over the risks of starting the long voyage home, disagreement leads to violence. Now four of the crew must embark on a strange journey, visiting a world where the arrow of time is reversed) $15.99
Forsyth, Kate The Wild Girl (Dortchen finds herself drawn to fairy tale scholar Wilhelm Grimm. As she tells him some of the tales that will one day be part of his and Jacob's famous collection, their love blossoms. Dortchen's father will not consent to their marriage, and war, death, and poverty also conspire to keep them apart, but Dortchen is determined to find a way) $26.99
Gaiman, Neil Neverwhere: Author's Preferred Edition (Young London businessman Richard Mayhew plunges through the cracks in reality into a world of shadows and darkness. If he is ever to return to London Above, he must join the battle to save this strange underworld from the malevolence intent on destroying it) $26.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Flight from Death (Otherworld: Fly by Night #1: PBO; Blue dragon shifter Shimmer has been exiled from the Dragon Reaches and sentenced to work for Alex Radcliffe, vampire owner of Fly by Night Magical Investigations. Now every time she turns around, someone is trying to kill her. And worse, Alex is as gorgeous as he is exasperating) $7.99
Gardner, Sally Three Pickled Herrings (Wings & Co. #2: Kids; After months without a case, Emily and her friends at the Fairy Detective Agency suddenly have three! Can they figure out who is stealing people's luck before things get any worse?) $6.99
Gilman, Carolyn Ives Dark Orbit (Scientists are investigating a strange new habitable planet when a crew member is murdered and team member Thora disappears. The planet, thought to be uninhabited, is in fact home to a sightless sentient species, whose members navigate their world with a bizarre vocabulary and extrasensory perceptions. Lost in the planet's crevasses among these people, Thora must learn to comprehend the natives in order to find the crew and warn them of impending danger. But her most difficult task may lie in persuading them that some powers lie beyond the boundaries of science) $25.99
Gladstone, Max Last First Snow (Craft #4: 40 years after the God Wars, Dresediel Lex bears scars, especially in the Skittersill, a poor district still bound by the fallen gods' decaying edicts. As long as the gods' wards last, they strangle development; when they fail, demons will be loosed upon the city. The King in Red hires Elayne to fix the wards, but the Skittersill's people protest, led by Temoc. As Elayne drags Temoc and the King in Red to the bargaining table, old gods stir in their graves and civil blood breaks to new mutiny. Elayne and Temoc must fight conspiracy and dark magic to save the peace - or, failing that, to save as many people as they can) $26.99
Gladstone, Wayne Agents of the Internet Apocalypse (Gladstone #2: Gladstone has failed to bring back the internet, the economy continues to suffer, and the government has ramped up its draconian NET Recovery Act. When his former account of the Internet Apocalypse goes 'paper viral', Gladstone's newfound celebrity makes him a target for desperate online addicts, anarchic members of Anonymous, and shadowy government agents) $24.99
Golden, Christie Dark Disciple (Star Wars: When ruthless Sith Lord Count Dooku orders the massacre of a flotilla of helpless refugees, the Jedi Council pairs brash Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos with Sith turned bounty hunter Asajj Ventress, dispatching them on a quest to eliminate Dooku once and for all) $28.00
Goodkind, Terry The First Confessor (Sword of Truth Prequel: When her husband, the powerful leader of her people, commits suicide, Magda Searus is driven to find out why, and discovers there is more to his suicide than anyone knows. And what she finds next, no one is willing to believe. Magda embarks on a quest to find a mysterious spiritist, and to unravel what is really behind the events befalling her people) $29.99
Groening, Matt Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Volume 3 (PBO; Collects several issues of the comic book series, printed on heavier paper. Each volume in the series will include a unique paper craft that will allow fans to assemble a three-dimensional Springfield) $17.99
Haley, Guy Valedor (Warhammer 40,000: PBO; As the tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan sweep through the Valedor system, Yriel of Iyanden discovers that the farseers have inadvertently brought a greater threat to bear - a fragment of Hive Fleet Kraken has returned. The tyranid fleets cannot be allowed to combine) $16.00
Hamilton, Kersten The Ire of Iron Claw (Gadgets & Gears #2: Kids; Someone is smuggling secrets out of the Kennewicketts' lab and sabotaging their experiments. The scientific geniuses, with their robotic staff and Nikola Tesla, take to the skies in their dirigible in pursuit of the villains) $16.99
Hunder, Logan J. Witches Be Crazy (PBO; The king is dead, and the throne has been claimed by a beautiful impostor claiming to be his long-lost daughter. With the land's heroes busy drooling over her, it falls to surly middle-aged innkeeper Dungar Loloth to save the kingdom from her) $15.99
Hutchison, Barry The 13th Horseman (Afterworlds #1: Kids; Surprised to find three horsemen of the apocalypse in his garden shed, Drake is even more surprised when he learns that they've gone through several Deaths, and now think that he's just the boy for the job) $8.99
Ishiguro, Tatsuaki Biogenesis and Other Stories (Collection. Told in the manner of scientific reports, these sf stories explore the precariousness of species) $14.95
Jackson, D.B. Dead Man's Reach (Ethan Kaille #4: Boston, 1770: Instances of violence in the city are increasing, and Ethan often finds himself at the center of the trouble. He discovers that some enemies don't stay buried - and will stop at nothing to ruin him, even if that means risking the lives of everyone in the city) $28.99
Jennings, J. Dalton Solomon's Arrow (Mid-21st century: Solomon Chavez announces plans to build a starship to convey a select group of six thousand individuals to a recently discovered planet in the Epsilon Eridani system, to build a colony to ensure humanity's survival. But Chavez has a secret he doesn't dare share with the rest of the world) $15.99
Johnson, Jaleigh The Mark of the Dragonfly (Kids; The girl Piper finds amid the wreckage of a caravan doesn't remember a thing about her life, but the tattoo on the girl's arm is proof of a reward for Piper if she can get the girl home. The one sure way is the 401 train. But stowing away is a difficult prospect - everyone knows that getting past the peculiar green-eyed boy who stands guard is nearly impossible) $7.99
Joyce, Graham The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit (UK title: The Year of the Ladybird) (1976: Having taken a summer job in the English seaside town where his father disappeared years ago, David is haunted by eerie visions. When David becomes embroiled in a torrid love triangle, the stakes turn more menacing - and through it all, he feels he is getting closer to the secrets of his past) $15.95
Kennedy, A.L. The Drosten's Curse (Doctor Who: Novel featuring the Fourth Doctor) $9.99
Kosmatka, Ted The Flicker Men (When a scientist proves the existence of the human soul, his findings are celebrated and condemned in equal measure. Soon reports surface of soulless individuals, known as 'the Fated'. Who are they? Why are they here? And what happens now that they are known?) $27.00
Leicht, Stina Cold Iron (Malorum Gates #1: Prince Nels is the scholarly runt of his family, but when he's ambushed by enemy Acrasians, he does something forbidden to royalty: he picks up a sword and defends himself. Disowned and sent to the military, Nels mounts a military offensive with sword, cannon, and what little magic is left in the world to defend the land of Eledore from the Acrasians) $15.99
Liu, Cixin The Dark Forest (Three-Body #2: The subatomic particles that allow Trisolaris instant access to all human information leave Earth's defense plans totally exposed to the enemy. A daring plan grants four humans - the Wallfacers - enormous resources to design secret strategies, hidden from Earth and Trisolaris alike. Three of the Wallfacers are influential statesmen and scientists. The fourth is Luo Ji, an obscure Chinese astronomer and sociologist baffled by his new status. All he knows is that he's the one Wallface that Trisolaris wants dead) $25.99
Maresca, Marshall Ryan A Murder of Mages (Maradaine Constabulary #1: PBO; With her Constabulary Inspector husband lying on the edge of death, Satrine Rainey fakes her way into the post of Constabulary Inspector to support her family. With her partner Minox Welling - nicknamed 'the jinx' because of the misfortunes that seem to befall anyone around him - she investigates the ritual murder of a Circled mage) $7.99
Mason, Rhonda Empress Game (Empress Game #1: PBO; One seat on the intergalactic Council of Seven remains unfilled - to be won by ritualized combat. As the tournament commences, the women of the empire will stop at nothing to secure political power for their homeworlds) $14.95
Monk, Devon Cold Copper (Age of Steam #3: A storm forces lycanthrope Cedar Hunt, witch Mae Lindson, and the Madder brothers to shelter in Des Moines, Iowa, where they learn that the mayor is manufacturing cataclysmic generators deep below the city. Now Cedar and his crew must expose the dangerous scheme) $7.99
Moorcock, Michael The King of the Swords (Corum #3: Reissue; Corum has destroyed two of the company of Chaos, but Mabelode the Faceless will not see his actions go unpunished. The Eternal Champion must call upon the power of other incarnations - Elric, and Erekose - and travel to the last five planes to defeat the King of the Swords) $9.95
Okorafor, Nnedi Lagoon (Tiptree Award Honor List. When word gets out that aliens have landed in the waters outside the world's fifth-largest city, chaos ensues. As political superpowers consider nuking the intruders, all that stands between 17 million anarchic residents and death are an alien ambassador, a biologist, a rapper, a soldier, and a myth) $24.99
Palmatier, Joshua Shattering the Ley (Ley #1: At the heart of Erenthall is the Nexus, hub of a ley line system that powers the city and links it to the rest of the world. The Wielders control the Nexus, and the Baron controls them. When a rebel seeks to destroy the ley system, young Wielder Kara Tremain discovers the forbidden truth behind the magic, while Baronial Guard recruit Alan Garrett holds a secret that could mean the city's destruction - or its salvation) $7.99
Park, Paul All Those Vanished Engines (An sf novel of three alternate histories. The first takes place in the aftermath of the Civil War; the Queen of the North has negotiated a two-nation settlement. The second takes place in a time somewhat like the present, and investigates a secret project during World War II. The third is set in the near-future US, with aliens from history) $15.99
Patel, Carrie Cities and Thrones (Recoletta #2: PBO; In the wake of the coup in Recoletta, oligarchs from foreign states and revolutionaries from the farming communes vie for power. Inspector Liesl Malone tries to keep the peace, and Arnault's spy ring is more active than ever. Has the city's increased access to knowledge put the citizens in even more danger?) $7.99
Pollack, Rachel The Child Eater (YA; Three gods created the earth, but one turned to darkness. Now two boys who will never know each other - one who is destined to become a great magician in a medieval world, the other living in the present-day US - will battle the great evil of the Child Eater) $16.99
Pulley, Natasha The Watchmaker of Filigree Street (1884: Thaniel enters his London apartment to find a new watch on his pillow. Six months later, when the watch saves his life, warning him of a blast that destroys Scotland Yard, he goes in search of its maker - Mori, a Japanese immigrant who remembers the future) $26.00
Rhoads, Loren The Dangerous Type (Dangerous Type #1: PBO; Thallian has been on the run for years, a war criminal whose entire family has been executed for their role in the galaxy-wide genocide of the Templars. His name is first on assassin Reana's list, now that she's been released from the tomb he trapped her in 20 years ago) $15.99
Robinson, Kim Stanley Aurora (Our voyage from Earth began generations ago. Now, we approach our destination. A new home. Aurora) $26.00
Ryan, Anthony Queen of Fire (Raven's Shadow #3: Vaelin Al Sorna has survived a war that laid waste to nations. Now he must help his queen reclaim her realm. But his enemy has a dangerous new collaborator, with powers darker than Vaelin has ever encountered) $28.95
Schultz, Jamie Splintered (Arcane Underworld #2: PBO; Between fighting Sobell's battles with demonic forces and tangling with fanatics who want to manipulate Karyn's abilities for their own gain, Anna Ruiz is beginning to realize that she, Nail, and Genevieve are in way over their heads) $7.99
Skovron, Jon Man Made Boy (Boy #1: YA; Boy is a hacker and geek, son of Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride, who has never left the secret monster enclave hidden beneath a Broadway theater. But he's about to embark on a madcap road trip with the granddaughters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Along the way, he will fall in love, come to terms with his unusual family, and learn what it means to be a monster - and a man) $10.99
Spjut, Stefan The Shapeshifters (Susso Myren has devoted her life to the search for trolls, legendary giants who can control human thoughts and assume animal form. She follows a trail of missing children to northern Sweden. But a society of protectors, who have been watching over the creatures for generations, won't hesitate to close deadly ranks) $15.95
Stross, Charles The Annihilation Score (Laundry Files #6: Mo has become custodian of an antique violin made of human bone, designed to produce music capable of slaughtering demons. It invades her dreams, yearning for the blood of her husband Bob Howard and her other Laundry colleagues - and despite Mo being a world-class violinist, it cannot be controlled) $26.95
Swendson, Shanna Rebel Mechanics (YA; New York City, 1888: The British use magicians to rule their North American colonies; a rebel group of mechanics and engineers hopes to use technology to gain freedom. 17-year-old Verity Newton becomes governess to a magister's family. When she comes to suspect her employer has rebel sympathies, she realizes she's uniquely positioned to advance the rebel cause - but to do so, she'll have to reveal her own dangerous secret) $17.99
Thorpe, Gav The Unforgiven (Warhammer 40,000: Legacy of Caliban #3: PBO; The elusive Cypher has unexpectedly surrendered. With him in their grasp, the Dark Angels hope that they can finally redeem themselves in the eyes of the Emperor. But what game is Cypher playing? What plans does he have?) $14.00
Turtledove, Harry Bombs Away (Hot War #1: To stop the Communist surge into the Korean Peninsula, General MacArthur advocates a nuclear attack on targets in Manchuria. President Truman agrees, which leads to disaster when Russia retaliates against US allies in Europe and Great Britain. The two superpowers face off. Will they nuke each other? And what countries will be caught in between?) $28.00
Turtledove, Harry Last Orders (War That Came Early #6: Hitler's Plan A was to win in a hurry. There was no Plan B. Now the war grinds on, and countries have been forced into strange alliances. England, finding its footing after the suspicious death of Winston Churchill and a coup d'etat, fights back in Europe and on the seas of the North Atlantic. Japan prepares bombs filled with macabre biological concoctions to be dropped on Hawaii. For the US, the only enemy has been Japan. Now Hitler is desperate, and declares war on the US, but it may be too late - his own people are rising up in revolt) $18.00
Twelve Hawks, John Spark (Jacob is an assassin who 'neutralizes' problems deemed unacceptable by the DBG corporation. Suffering from a syndrome that causes people to believe they are dead, Jacob perceives himself as nothing but a Shell, with no emotion and no sense of right or wrong. Emily Buchanan is an associate for DBG. When she disappears, suspected of stealing valuable information, Jacob's handler assigns him to neutralize her. But as his new assignment draws him inside a labyrinth of dark dealings, Jacob finds himself up against something he is completely incapable of understanding) $15.00
Wallace, Sean (ed) The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk (Anthology. Stories exploring the decadence of the 1920s, the excitement of the World's Fairs, and the dystopian struggle for survival of the World Wars) $14.95
Wexler, Django The Price of Valor (Shadow Campaigns #3: Finding herself nearly powerless, Queen Raesinia Orboan places her trust in steadfast soldier Marcus D'Ivoire and sets out to turn the tide of history. As the hidden hand of the Sworn Church brings all the powers of the continent to war against Vordan, General Janus offers a path to victory, but dark priests wielding forbidden magic have infiltrated Vordan to stop Janus by whatever means necessary) $26.95
Wolfman, Marv Batman: Arkham Knight (PBO; Novelization of the game) $7.99


Abercrombie, Joe Half the World (Shattered Sea #2: Desperate to avenge her dead father, Thorn lives to fight. But she has been named a murderer by the very man who trained her to kill. She finds herself caught up in the schemes of Father Yarvi, Gettland's deeply cunning minister. Crossing half the world to find allies against the ruthless High King, she learns harsh lessons of blood and deceit. Will Thorn forever be a pawn in the hands of the powerful, or can she carve her own path?) $15.00
Abercrombie, Joe Half a War (Shattered Sea #3: If Princess Skara is to reclaim her birthright, she must conquer her fears and sharpen her wits to a lethal edge. Father Yarvi has stitched together an uneasy peace, but now Grandmother Wexen has raised a great army, and put at its head a man who worships only Death. When Mother War spreads her irons wings, she may cast the whole Shattered Sea into darkness) $26.00
Abnett, Dan Necropolis (Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts #3: Reissue; Plus epilogue short story 'In Remembrance'. On Verghast, a grinding war between two hive cities - one loyal to the Imperium, the other fallen to the worship of the Dark Gods - is bolstered by the forces of the Imperial Guard. When rivalries and treachery threaten to derail the defense, it falls to Gaunt to take command of the Imperial forces and forge victory from almost certain defeat) $14.00
Adams, Guy Dogs of Waugh (Deadbeat #2: PBO; There's a new drug in the Undead community that simulates all of the symptoms of the living: faster pulse, perspiration, the intoxicating rush of blood through your veins. When people start vanishing from the Soho streets, and some of their customers disrupt Deadbeat's big band nights by keeling over dead for the second time, Max and Tom decide they might need to put a stop to it. Which, in a lifetime of bad decisions, may rank as their worst yet) $7.99
Aldiss, Brian W. Finches of Mars (Doomed by overpopulation, environmental degradation, and war, Earth has become a fetid swamp. In six tightly clustered towers on Mars, colonists who have escaped their dying home world are attempting to avoid extinction. The greatest threat to the future is not their total dependence on food sent from Earth, or the events following the discovery of native Martian life - it is the fact that in the colony's ten years of existence, every human baby has died within hours of birth) $12.99
Ames, Phyllis Frozen in Amber (PBO; Amber has always been reluctant to change into her Were form and impatient with other Weres. But when she notices a change in her transformation and hears rumors of a cure, she suspects she may have been unknowingly treated with the experimental therapy. With the help of Were activist Adler, she goes in search of the secrets surrounding the cure) $7.99
Andrews, Ilona Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels #8: It's not easy adjusting to life outside the Pack. So when the Pack offers Curran their stake in the Mercenary Guild, he and Kate seize the opportunity. They don't realize that the odd jobs they've taken on are connected. An ancient enemy has arisen - can Kate and Curran stop it before it takes the city apart?) $25.95
Angus, Chris London Underground (Beneath London, rivers carve channels, labs and government offices from WWII offer abandoned medical experiments, and a Nazi V-2 rocket contains the most horrible secret of all. Carmen Kingsley of the British Museum and Inspector Sherwood Peets race to unravel the subterranean mysteries before the city succumbs to a frightening disease from the past) $14.99
Armstrong, Kelley Visions (Cainsville #2: Olivia finds a dead woman in her car, dressed to look like her, but the body vanishes before anyone else sees it. Olivia is convinced it's another omen, until she learns that a troubled young woman went missing days ago - the same woman Olivia found dead. Someone went to great lengths to kill and leave this young woman as a warning. But why?) $16.00
Axler, James Angel of Doom (Outlanders #74: PBO; The Cerberus fighters embark on a quest to discover what happened to expeditions lost in Italy, on land that once belonged to the Etruscan empire. They encounter alien gods intent on opening a portal to bring their kind to earth) $6.99
Barker/Nassise/Howison (ed) Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker's Nightbreed (Anthology. Original horror stories set in the world of Barker's cult film masterpiece) $24.99
Baxter, Stephen Proxima (Red dwarf stars last trillions of years, and their planets can be habitable for humans. Such is the world of Proxima Centauri. But first it must be colonized, and no one wants to be a settler. There is no glamor that accompanies it, nor is there the ease of becoming a citizen of an already-tamed world. But that's where Yuri comes in. Because sometimes exploration isn't voluntary. It must be coerced) $7.99
Baxter, Stephen Ultima (As humanity discovers the real nature of the universe, a terrifying truth comes to light. Each person has countless pasts converging in this present - and the future is terrifyingly finite. There are minds in the universe that are billions of years old, and now humanity is vulnerable to their plans. It's time to fight back and take control) $26.95
Bedford, Jacey Crossways (Psi-Tech #2: PBO; To the Trust and Alphacorp, psi-tech navigator Ben and telepath Cara are wanted criminals: murder, terrorism, armed insurrection, hijacking, grand theft, and kidnapping are at the top of the long list of charges they'll face. So they'd better not get caught) $7.99
Black, H/Clare, C The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1: Kids; Warned by his father to stay away from magic, if Call succeeds at the Iron Trial, he is sure it can only mean bad things for him. So he tries to do his worst, but fails at failing. Now the Magisterium awaits him, a place both sensational and sinister, with dark ties to his past and a twisty path to his future) $7.99
Black/Larbalestier (ed) Zombies vs. Unicorns (Reissue; YA; Anthology. Which is better, the zombie or the unicorn? These 12 original stories answer that question) $7.99
Bradbury, Ray The Halloween Tree (Kids; Travel through space and time to discover the true origins of Halloween. Illustrated by Gris Grimly) $18.99
Brennan, M.L. Dark Ascension (Generation V #4: PBO; Just when reluctant vampire Fort Scott is getting used to managing a supernatural empire stretching from New Jersey to Ontario, his mother's health starts to fail, throwing him into the middle of a dangerous battle of succession) $7.99
Briggs, Patricia et al Hopcross Jilly (Mercy Thompson: Full color graphic novel. Collects the 6-issue comic book series, an original story set in the continuity of the books) $24.99
Calvino, Italo (ed) Fantastic Tales: Visionary and Everyday (Reissue; Anthology. Short stories of the fantastic, enchanting, uncanny, and terrifying from 19th-century Europe) $13.95
Chen, E.L. The Good Brother (Tori Wong has fled her strict home to escape the shadow of her overachieving brother, to whom her parents always compare her, even though he's dead. But she discovers reinventing herself isn't easy, especially during Yu Lan, when three ghosts come back to haunt her: her vengeful brother, and herself at ages 17 and 11) $16.99
Clary, Michael Excalibur (Camelot Wars #1: Morgana's first attack wiped out all modern technology, pushing the world back into the Middle Ages. Her soldiers easily defeated the weaponless armies. Now King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table have been reborn to oppose her) $15.99
Coe, David B. His Father's Eyes (Justis Fearsson #2: Dark sorcerers are wreaking havoc in Phoenix. Jay has to figure out what connects a billionaire financier and a drug kingpin to an attempted terrorist attack, a spate of ritual killings, and the murder of a powerful runemyste) $25.00
Conroy, Robert Liberty: 1784 (After the American Revolution collapses, the British begin a bloody reign of terror. Heading west, a group of rebels sets up a colony where they will make a last stand against a large British force) $7.99
Datlow, Ellen (ed) The Best Horror of the Year Volume 7 (PBO; Anthology. Some of the best stories from 2014) $15.99
Dietz, William C. Redzone (Mutant Files #2: PBO; 2065: LA detective Cassandra Lee is tracking a cop killer dubbed the Bonebreaker. But strange new murders have occurred, leaving Lee and her team wondering if the serial killer has become unpredictable - or is no longer acting alone) $7.99
Doubinsky, Seb The Song of Synth (Synth is brand new, highly addictive, and probably dangerous, inducing hallucinations indistinguishable from reality. Ex-hacker Markus' anarchist past comes to haunt him in the form of a credit card with a seemingly unlimited limit and a novel in which he is the main character. But how much of his reality is being produced by Synth?) $14.99
Estep, Jennifer Spider's Trap (Elemental Assassin #12: PBO; Now that she's become queen of Ashland's underworld, a lot more punches are being thrown Gin's way. But when someone tries to murder her at a hush-hush meeting, the real surprise is how strangely familiar her shadowy assailant seems) $7.99
Evans, Erin M. Fire in the Blood (Forgotten Realms: As the war brought on by the Sundering rages, princes and princesses, wizards and rogues scheme to capture the throne of Cormyr, with young warlock Farideh and her allies caught in the middle) $7.99
Farmer, Nancy The Land of Silver Apples (Jack #2: Kids; Jack learns his sister Lucy is a changeling, and his real sister dwells with hobgoblins. When Lucy disappears, Jack must descend into the Land of the Silver Apples to retrieve both his sisters) $8.99
Feehan/Shayne/Herter Edge of Darkness (PBO; Anthology. 3 paranormal vampire novellas) $7.99
Ferraris, Zoe Hunt for the Pyxis (Galaxy Pirates #1: Kids; When her parents are kidnapped, Emma and her friend Herbie set sail to search for them, using a mysterious amulet to leave Earth and enter the waterways of space. But can they steer clear of the scoundrels pursuing them?) $16.99
Foyle, Naomi Astra (Gaia Chronicles #1: All Astra wants is to have her Security Shot, do her National Service, and defend her homeland from Non-Lander infiltrators, but when the formidable Dr. Blesser tells her the shot will limit her chances of becoming a scientist and offers an alternative, Astra agrees) $22.99
Gould, Steven Exo (Jumper #4: Cent and her parents can teleport. They are the only people in the world who can. And there are dangerous people, who work for governments and have guns, who want to make you 'do just this one thing'. And when you're in high school, things get even more complicated. But Cent isn't easily daunted, and neither are her parents. Climate change. Refugees. Genocide. She's going to make some changes in the world) $8.99
Griffith, Clay & Susan The Conquering Dark (Crown & Key #3: PBO; A group of powerful villains has returned to Victorian London, their leader intent on crushing Britain for imprisoning him centuries ago. Only the Society stands in their way) $7.99
Grossman, Austin Crooked (Richard Nixon tells the story of his life - the terrifying supernatural secret he stumbled upon as a young man, the truth behind the Cold War, the truth behind the Watergate cover-up - and his role as a pivotal figure in the desperate struggle between ordinary life and horrors from another reality) $26.00
Haig, Francesca The Fire Sermon (On postapocalyptic Earth, every person is born a twin, one physically perfect Alpha and one deformed Omega. Whenever one twin dies, so does the other. The Alphas have gathered the world's resources for themselves; the Omegas are ostracized. Cass is an Omega, with rare psychic foresight. When her twin gains power on the Council, she dares to envision a world in which Alphas and Omegas live as equals - and now both the Council and the Resistance have her in their sights) $16.00
Hambly, Barbara Darkness on His Bones (James Asher #6: War is descending on the world, and James Asher is called to Paris. When James is found unconscious in a cemetery with puncture-wounds in his throat and arms, Lydia turns to their old friend and adversary, vampire Don Simon Ysidro, for help) $29.95
Handeland, Lori Smoke on the Water (Sisters of the Craft #3: PBO; Willow Black spent her childhood in foster care, the object of whispers and pity. Telling your young friends that you can foresee the future and summon the rain is a surefire way to end up in the psych ward. But when Dr. Sebastian Frasier arrives at the facility, Willow's life takes a turn - he has been in Willow's visions for years) $7.99
Henry, Christina Alice (PBO; Alice has been in the mental hospital. She doesn't remember why, just a tea party years ago, long ears, and blood. One night she escapes, free to uncover the truth. But something dark and powerful escapes with her) $15.00
Hines, Jim Blood of Heroes (Fable: PBO; Novel based on the videogame) $16.00
Hobb, Robin Fool's Assassin (Fitz & the Fool #1: FitzChivalry Farseer is dead and buried. As Tom Badgerlock, Fitz is married to Molly and leading the quiet life of a country squire, although haunted by the disappearance of the Fool. But such private hurts are put aside in the business of daily life, until the appearance of menacing, pale-skinned strangers. Now, to protect his new life, the former assassin must once again take up his old one) $8.99
Holt, Tom The Good, the Bad and the Smug (PBO; Mordak isn't bad, as far as goblin kings go, but when someone, or something, starts pumping gold into the human kingdoms it puts his rule in serious jeopardy. Helped by an elf with a background in journalism and a masters degree in being really pleased with herself, Mordak sets out to discover what is going on) $15.00
Jacka, Benedict Veiled (Alex Verus #6: PBO; With his old master back in Britain and making a new play for power, diviner Alex Verus is in desperate need of new allies, and he'll do whatever it takes to get them - even accepting a job enforcing magical law with the Keepers. Things turn lethal when a mission puts Alex in possession of an item that factions both inside and outside the Council would kill to get their hands on) $7.99
Jemisin, N.K. The Fifth Season (Broken Earth #1: PBO; A season of endings has begun. It starts with the great rift across the world's sole continent, from which spews enough ash to darken the sky for years, or centuries. It starts with a murdered son and a missing daughter. It starts with betrayal. And it ends with you: the Stillness, a land long familiar with catastrophe, where orogenes wield the power of the earth as a weapon and are feared far more than the long cold night. And you will have no mercy) $16.00
Johnson, Jean The Terrans (First Salik War #1: PBO; Pressured by the Space Force into using her unique abilities, psychic soldier Jackie MacKenzie discovers that the new enemy, the Salik, seem to be familiar with fighting humans - as if their war against humanity had already begun) $7.99
Kadrey, Richard Killing Pretty (Sandman Slim #7: When someone tries to kill Death - or rather the body he's inhabiting - he turns to Slim to solve the murder) $25.99
Krentz, J/Castle, J Siren's Call (Harmony: Rainshadow #4: PBO; Jake needs someone who can resonate with the Alien music in the newly discovered Underworld sector. Ella may have the talent, but she is almost kidnapped - someone else needs her talent, and will kill to acquire it) $7.99
Lain, Douglas After the Saucers Landed (PBO; Shape-changing aliens have integrated into human society. When an alien switches places with her, Laura realizes this isn't the first time the alien has moved into someone's body, and that humanity's perception of reality may be more flexible than anyone wants to admit. She turns to Donald, an author and UFOlogist, for help stopping them) $15.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve A Liaden Universe Constellation Volume 3 (Liaden: Collection. Short fiction set in the Liaden Universe - the stories in this volume were all published after 2011; Signed copies expected) $14.00
Leiber, Fritz The Night of the Long Knives (Reissue; Kill or be killed is the law in the nuclear desert, where residents are consumed by the urge to murder each other, making sex a lethal risk) $9.95
Maberry, Jonathan The Dragon Factory (Joe Ledger #2: Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences battle rogue geneticists: one group is creating transgenic monsters and enhanced mercenaries; the other is using 21st-century tech to continue Josef Mengele's Master Race program) $9.99
MacAlister, Katie Dragon Fall (Dragon Fall #1: PBO; No one believes Aoife witnessed a supernatural murder at an outdoor fair. Returning to the scene for proof, she encounters a naked man who can shift into a dragon and kiss like a god. Kostya must break the curse that has splintered the dragon clans before more of his kind die. And there may be more to Aoife than even his dragon eyes can see) $8.00
Mack, David Long Shot (Star Trek: Seekers: PBO; Captain Clark Terrell and the crew of his scout ship follow peculiar sensor readings to an alien world where the natives' efforts to harness an unstable technology have thrown the laws of probability out of balance) $7.99
Magaziner, Lauren The Only Thing Worse Than Witches (Kids; Rupert is fascinated by the witches living nearby, so when he sees an ad to become a witch's apprentice, he applies - and finds himself working with Witchling Two, who needs all the help she can get to pass her witch exams. Can Rupert figure out a way to help improve her spellcasting?) $7.99
Maguire, Gregory Egg & Spoon (YA; Elena lives in the impoverished Russian countryside. Her mother is dying, slowly, in their tiny cabin. And there is no food. Then a train arrives in the village, carrying untold wealth, a cornucopia of food, and a noble family destined to visit the Tsar - including Ekaterina, a girl of Elena's age. When the two girls' lives collide, an adventure is set in motion that includes mistaken identity, a monk locked in a tower, a prince traveling incognito, and Baba Yaga, witch of Russian folklore, in her ambulatory house perched on chicken legs) $11.99
McCullough, Kelly School for Sidekicks (Kids; Evan is a geek who dreams of becoming a superhero. When a field trip to the Mask Museum is interrupted by a supervillain attack, Evan somehow manages to survive a death ray, and rescues Captain Commanding. Bundled off to The Academy - aka The School for Sidekicks - he finds himself studying Banter Basics and Combat with Dinnerware. When he's apprenticed to Foxman, can he convince his has-been mentor to become a real hero again? Autographing at Uncle Hugo's on Saturday, August 8, 1-2pm) $16.99
Meluch, R.M. The Twice and Future Caesar (Merrimack #6: While patrolling the Perseid Arm, the USS Merrimack suffers an unprovoked attack from what seems to be a Roman ship. Is it an unexpected move by Numa, or the opening salvo from the forces of Romulus?) $24.95
Mieville, China Three Moments of an Explosion (Collection. Fantasy and sf short stories that employ the fantastic to interrogate reality in provocative, unexpected ways) $27.00
Milan, Victor The Dinosaur Lords (Paradise is a world made by the Eight Creators on which to play out their games of passion and power. Dynastic rivalries, religious wars, political intrigue - all lead to epic battles between vast armies of knights mounted on dinosaurs. Defeated through betrayal and left for dead, mercenary Dinosaur Lord Karyl Bogomirsky wakes naked, wounded, partially amnesiac, and hunted, and embarks on a journey that will shake his world) $26.99
Molles, D.J. Extinction (Remaining #6: PBO; The merciless tide of infected is flooding south and time is running out to stop them. Bolstered by new allies, Captain Lee Harden continues his struggle to establish a safe haven from which the embers of a shattered society can be rekindled) $10.00
Moorcock, Michael The Bull and the Spear (Corum #4: Reissue; There are new lords who would be gods - Odin and Thor and Freya and Loki. And there are the descendants of the Vadhagh people, now called Elf-folk. There is a portent - a great black bull, which must be ridden by the one who possesses the Spear of Llaw Ereint. And the one who will come to possess the spear will be one who has a silver hand - it is the hand of Corum) $9.95
Murakami, Haruki Wind / Pinball (New translations of his debut short novels - centered on two young men, an unnamed narrator and his friend and former roommate, the Rat - that are prequels to A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance Dance Dance ) $25.95
Murray, Susan Waterborne Exile (Highkell #2: The traitor Vasic is struggling to secure his rule over the combined Peninsular Kingdoms. Meanwhile, exiled Queen Alwenna has taken refuge with a free merchant community whose elders fear her dark power. Marten attempts to restore Alwenna to the throne, but as the priestess closes in, will he succeed?) $7.99
Nabhan, David The Pilots of Borealis (Helium-3 powered expansion, feeding fusion reactors from Earth to the Terran Ring, Mars, the Jovian colonies, and Titan. Borealis, the city stretched across the lunar North Pole, amassed centuries of wealth harvesting Helium-3, but its supplies are running out. Memories of the devastation of Earth's petroleum wars are not enough to quell the rising energy and political crises; a new war appears imminent. But the competing powers are about to discover something more powerful than Helium-3: the indomitable spirit of an Earth-born, war-weary mercenary pilot) $14.99
Neill, Chloe The Veil (Devil's Isle #1: PBO; 7 years ago, the Veil tore, and New Orleans was engulfed in supernatural war. Now paranormals are confined in a walled community. Claire is a Sensitive; revealing her talent would send her to Devil's Isle, but hiding her power has left her untrained. After she uses her powers to save a human, Liam decides to bring her to Devil's Isle, to the teacher she needs. When the Veil threatens to shatter completely, they must stop it, or New Orleans will burn) $15.00
Niven/Colebatch/Fox Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin: After receiving information and a map from an unlikely source, young Peter Cartwright and his kzinrett friend Marthar find themselves fighting the most ruthless pirates in Known Space for an unimaginable prize) $7.99
North, Claire Touch (It happened long ago. He tried to take my life, but as I died, my hand touched his, and my first switch took place - I looked through the eyes of my killer and saw my own body die. Now I can jump from body to body, have any life, be anyone. All it takes is a touch) $17.00
O'Ryan, Ray A Haunted Halloween (Galaxy Zack #11: Kids; Zack definitely does not believe in ghosts, even when his friend Drake says they are real. But as Halloween nears, weird things start to happen. Could Zack be haunted?) $5.99
Ochse, Weston Grunt Traitor (Task Force Ombra #2: PBO; Only Ombra and its battalions seem capable of defending Earth from the next wave of attack: terraforming. But what will be the price of freedom from the as yet unidentified alien invaders?) $7.99
Pineiro, R.J. The Fall (Assigned to test an orbital jump, Jack Taylor hits the speed of sound and disappears. He wakes up in an alternate universe - one where he died during a mission five years earlier, where his boss Pete has turned to the dark side and is working against him, and where the government is now on his tail. And the only way to return to his own world is to perform another jump) $25.99
Richardson, Kat Revenant (Greywalker #9: Harper and Quinton suspect that James Purlis and his Ghost Division are involved in a trail of grotesque crimes and black magic sweeping through Europe. Now an ancient cult has allied with Purlis, with even more nightmarish goals) $7.99
Salvatore, R.A. Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (Forgotten Realms: Companions Codex #3: The Companions are separated once more, thrown to the far corners of a war that's much bigger, with more at stake, than any of them realized) $7.99
Sargent, Pamela Seed Seeker (Seed #3: Hundreds of years ago, Ship settled humans on the planet Home before leaving to colonize other worlds, promising to return one day. Over time, the colony has divided into Dome Dwellers, who maintain the library and technology of Ship, and consider the River People, who farm and hunt to survive, 'contaminated'. The two groups interact only to trade. Then a new light appears in the night sky. The River People believe it might be Ship, but the Dome Dwellers are silent. Seventeen-year-old Bian decides to travel upriver to learn what they know) $10.99
Saville, Guy The Madagaskar Plan (1952: A victorious Germany continues to consolidate power in Afrika. Hitler plans to contain the European Jews permanently by resettling them on the island of Madagaskar, while the British forces in Mozambique plot to free Madagaskar by inciting a colony-wide revolt) $30.00
Scalzi, John Lock In (1% of the victims of a virus develop 'Lock In': millions of victims are fully awake and aware, but unable to move or respond to stimulus. Decades later, in a world shaped by this 'Haden's syndrome', FBI agents Shane and Vann are assigned what appears to be a Haden-related murder. The suspect is an integrator, one of those able to let the locked in borrow their bodies for a time. If the integrator was carrying a Haden client, naming the suspect for the murder gets complicated. As Shane and Vann investigate, it becomes clear that the real mystery - and the real crime - is much bigger) $8.99
Shea, Hunter Tortures of the Damned (PBO; First, the electricity goes after a nuclear attack. Next, the chemical weapons kill or contaminate everything alive, except for a handful of survivors in a bomb shelter. Then hordes of rats force two terrified families out of their shelter, into the streets of a wasteland where chemical-crazed animals hunt in packs, and roaming gangs of the sick and dying are barely recognizable as human) $7.99
Snodgrass, Melinda The Edge of Ruin (Edge #2: Cop Richard Oort is now head of Lumina Enterprises, a mysterious, globe-girdling operation that battles the nightmare creatures from the unseen worlds on the borders of our reality) $16.99
Snodgrass, Melinda Edge of Dawn (Edge #3: The final battle approaches for a band of modern paladins, fighting for science and reason against an ancient supernatural army poised to destroy the world) $26.99
Steampunk Oriental Lab Steampunk Style 2 (A complete illustrated guide for contraptors, gizmologists, and primocogglers) $24.95
Swann, S. Andrew The Moreau Quartet Volume 1: Forests of the Night / Fearful Symmetries (Omnibus reprint of 2 sf novels featuring Nohar Rajasthan, a humanoid of tiger stock who ekes out a living as a private investigator) $8.99
Swenson, Patrick The Ultra Thin Man (In the 22nd century, aliens, terrorists, and conspiracies collide as detectives Dave Crowell and Alan Brindos investigate a case with interplanetary consequences) $16.99
Tepper, Sheri S. Fish Tails (Abasio and Xulai and their children travel across sparsely populated Tingawa, searching for others who might want to adopt their sea-dwelling lifestyle. Along the way, they encounter visitors from the far-off world of Lom, who have been gathered up by an interfering, time-traveling, rule-breaking do-gooder to perform one last good deed on Earth before its metamorphosis. For the waters will soon engulf the entire planet, transforming it utterly and irrevocably) $16.99
Tolkien, J.R.R. Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary (A translation of the epic tale, completed by Tolkien in 1926, with a few corrections added later. Plus commentary on the text of the poem and the translation process, in the form of selections from a series of lectures given by Tolkien at Oxford in the 1930s) $15.95
Tripp, Ben The Fifth House of the Heart (PBO; Only Sax knows the secret of his success as an antiques dealer: at certain points in his life, he's killed vampires for their priceless hoards of treasure. But now his past actions are quite literally coming back to haunt him) $16.00
Vaughn, Carrie Kitty Saves the World (Kitty Norville #13: PBO; When their assassination attempt on evil vampire Dux Bellorum fails, Kitty and her allies find themselves running out of time - the vampire lord has begun his apocalyptic endgame, and Kitty still doesn't know where he will strike) $7.99
Viguie, D/Tuck, J Mark of the Black Arrow (Robin Hood: Demon's Bane #1: PBO; Sherwood Forest is a place of magic, Prince John and his allies demons bent on ruling Britain. As the solstice approaches, the prince makes plans to sacrifice Maid Marian in a ritual that will seal his hold on the kingdom and the crown) $14.95
Weber, David The Sword of the South (First in a new series set in the Bahzell Bahnakson / War God universe. Kenhodan, a swordsman who has been robbed of his past, must confront an evil wizard with a world at stake) $27.00
White, Steve Soldiers Out of Time (T.R.A. #5: PBO; Jason Thanou once again plunges into Earth's past to combat a Transhumanist plot to subvert that past in order to fulfill their dream of transforming humanity into a race of gods and monsters) $15.00
Yancey, Rick The Final Descent (Will Henry #4: YA; When Dr. Warthrop fears that Will's loyalties may be shifting, he turns on Will with a fury, determined to reclaim his 14-year-old apprentice's devotion. And so Will must face one of the most horrific creatures of his monstrumology career - and he must face it alone) $7.99


Abnett, Dan Malleus (Warhammer 40,000: Eisenhorn #2: Reissue; A century after his recovery of the alien Necroteuch, Eisenhorn is one of the Inquisition's most celebrated agents. But the daemon Cherubael is back, and seeks to bring the Inquisitor to ruins) $14.00
Abnett, Dan Sabbat Crusade (Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts #14: Gaunt and the Tanith First and Only are at the forefront of a mighty crusade to return the Sabbat Worlds to Imperial rule) $28.00
Aguirre, Forrest Heraclix and Pomp (18th century: Before being sewn together, Heraclix was dead. And Pomp was immortal, or so she thought, until she was nearly murdered by the necromancer who created Heraclix. As they travel from Vienna to Prague to Istanbul to Hell itself, they struggle to understand who and what they are) $16.00
Armstrong, Kelley Deceptions (Cainsville #3: Visions continue to haunt Olivia, particularly a little girl who insists she has an important message that may help Olivia balance the light and darkness within herself. Death stalks Olivia and those important to her as she struggles to understand whether ancient scripts are dictating events) $26.95
Bardugo, Leigh Ruin and Rising (Grisha #3: YA; The capital has fallen. The Darkling rules Ravka from his shadow throne. Now the nation's fate rests with a broken Sun Summoner, a disgraced tracker, and the shattered remnants of a once-great magical army) $10.99
Belcher, R.S. Nightwise (A promise to a dying friend sets occult legend Laytham Ballard on the trail of an escaped Serbian war criminal with a sinister history of blood sacrifices. To find the man, Ballard must follow a treacherous path while risking what's left of his soul) $25.99
Bova, Ben Power Surge (Dr. Jake Ross has a comprehensive energy plan to make the US the world's leader in energy production while simultaneously boosting the economy and protecting the environment. Science is on Jake's side, but when his plan runs afoul of entrenched interests, he'll need a crash course in how things really work in Washington, DC) $24.99
Carlson, Caroline The Terror of the Southlands (Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates #2: Kids; Despite Hilary's magical know-how and daring, the VNHLP is not convinced she is worthy to be the Terror of the Southlands. When Miss Pimm disappears, Hilary and her crew set off on a high seas adventure to find the missing Enchantress and protect Augusta's magic) $6.99
Clamp, Cathy Forbidden (Sazi: Luna Lake #1: PBO; Ten years have passed since the war that destroyed the Sazi Council and robbed the Sazi of their ability to shapeshift. Luna Lake started as a refugee camp for Sazi orphans. Now Sazi children are being kidnapped. The desperate race to find them forces Claire and Alek to set aside their mutual attraction and focus on the future of their people) $14.99
Day, Felicia You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) (Online entertainment mogul, actress, and geek Felicia Day talks about her upbringing, her career, gaming, feminism, and more in this memoir) $25.99
Doyle, Tom The Left-Hand Way (American Craftsmen #2: Major Endicott's liaison mission to London turns into a desperate chase across Europe, with Endicott both hunter and hunted. Meanwhile, in Istanbul and Tokyo, Endicott's comrades battle for survival against hired assassins and a ghost-powered doomsday machine) $24.99
Elliott, Kate Court of Fives (YA; The mixed-race daughter of a Commoner mother and a lowly but Patron-born captain who is making his fortune through military prowess, Jessamy spends her life acting like a proper officer's daughter, except when she sneaks out to train for the Fives, an intricate athletic competition. Her unlikely friendship with Kal, a competitor whose grandmother is a princess, causes heads to turn. When Kal's scheming uncle tears her family apart, Jes will test her new friend's loyalty and risk a royal clan's vengeance to save her mother and sisters) $18.00
Fletcher, Charlie The Paradox (Oversight #2: The Last Hand of the Oversight still patrols the border between the natural and supranatural, but they are unproven. Their vulnerability brings new enemies into the city, and surprising new allies from across the sea. And revelations about the Oversight's past will expose the true peril of the world in which Sharp and Sara are trapped) $16.00
Heinlein, Robert A. et al Citizen of the Galaxy graphic novel (Graphic novel adaptation of the sf coming of age novel) $17.99
Hobb, Robin Fool's Quest (Fitz & the Fool #2: The Fool is near death, maimed by mysterious figures whose plans for world domination hinge upon the powers the Fool may share with Fitz's daughter. Distracted by the Fool's perilous health, and swept up against his will in the intrigues of the royal court, Fitz lets down his guard - and in a horrible instant, his world is undone, his daughter stolen by those who would use her as a weapon. But Fitz is not without weapons of his own) $28.00
Hodder, Mark The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats (Burton & Swinburne #6: PBO; Burton's expedition has returned from the future, bringing knowledge of technologies that must remain secret if history is to unfold as it should. But when one of Burton's colleagues turns rogue, the secrets fall into the hands of those most likely to misuse them) $18.00
Hopkinson, Nalo Falling in Love with Hominids (Collection. Previously uncollected short fiction, including sf and an eclectic mix of modern fantasy and folkore) $15.95
Hough, Jason Zero World (A spaceship that vanished years ago has been found, along with the bodies of its murdered crew - all but one. Technologically enhanced superspy Peter Caswell's mission is to find the missing crew member, who fled through a mysterious doorway, beyond which lies a world that seems to be Earth's twin. Peter must track his quarry alone on an alien world) $27.00
James, Elliott Fearless (Pax Arcana #3: PBO; Someone has declared war on college student Kevin Kichida. The attacks seem to be a pattern, and the more John Charming and his team follow that thread, the more he feels that Kevin isn't just a victim, he's a sacrifice waiting to happen. And that thread? It's really a fuse) $16.00
North, Phoebe Starbreak (Starglass #2: YA; Arriving on Zehava, Terra and Aleksandra lock horns about how to reach the alien city, only to wind up taken there as prisoners. Aleksandra plans to use violence to lead their band to freedom. When she gets humanity expelled from the planet, it's up to Terra to unite her people and forge an alliance with the alien hosts) $10.99
Patrick, Seth Lost Souls (Reviver #2: While reviving a murder victim to testify in court, Jonah Miller encounters a terrifying presence. When long-hidden secrets are uncovered, Jonah's chilling conclusion is that an ancient evil is coming - and Jonah may be all that stands in its way) $26.99
Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes (Percy Jackson: YA; Who cut off Medusa's head? Who was raised by a bear? Who tamed Pegasus? It takes a demigod to know, and Percy Jackson can fill you in) $24.99
Scalzi, John The End of All Things (Old Man's War #6: Four novellas. CDF Lieutenant Harry Wilson and the Colonial Union diplomats he works with race against the clock to discover who is behind attacks on the Union and on alien races, to seek peace with a suspicious angry Earth, and to keep humanity's union intact) $24.99
Swanwick, Michael Chasing the Phoenix (Darger & Surplus #2: In the distant future, Darger and Surplus travel to what was once China. Pretending to have limited superpowers, they aid an ambitious warlord who dreams of conquering and reuniting China under one ruler. But it seems as if there are other forces at work behind the scenes) $26.99
Vernon, Ursula Harriet the Invincible (Hamster Princess #1: Kids; Harriet finds royal life rather dull. Her parents tell her of a curse placed on her at birth, dooming her to prick her finger on a hamster wheel when she's 12 and fall into a deep sleep. For Harriet, this is great news - it means she's invincible until she's 12! And so begins a life of adventure - until her 12th birthday arrives and the curse manifests in a most unexpected way) $12.99
Weeks, Brent The Broken Eye (Lightbringer #3: As the old gods awaken and satrapies splinter, the Chromeria races to find the only man who can still end a civil war. But Gavin Guile has been enslaved on a pirate galley. Worse still, he can't use magic at all. Without the protection of his father, Kip Guile will have to use all his wits to survive a secret war between noble houses, religious factions, rebels, and an ascendant order of assassins) $17.00
Wendig, Chuck Zer0es (Five hackers are offered a choice: go to prison, or put their skills to work for the US government. They discover that behind the scenes lurks a sinister NSA program - an AI codenamed Typhon - with disturbing origins. And if it's not brought down soon, it will be uncontrollable) $25.99
Wilson, D/Adams, J (ed) Press Start to Play (PBO; Anthology. Stories that put videogames and the people who play them in the spotlight) $15.95
Wyndham, John Chocky (Reissue; Matthew's imaginary friend Chocky has lots of questions. Why are there two sexes? Why can't Matthew solve his math homework using a logical system like binary code? When Chocky's questions become too advanced, and too odd, for Matthew's teachers to answer, his parents begin to wonder if Chocky might be something even stranger than a figment of Matthew's imagination) $14.95

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