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Newsletter #105 March May, 2014

Mystery Reviews
by Gerri Balter

        Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright goes to Edinburgh, Scotland, to attend the book fair and teach a couple of classes in If Books Could Kill by Kate Carlisle ($7.99). Her trip begins happily enough. She meets some old friends, including Kyle McVee, an old boyfriend. He's hoping she can authenticate a book, unknown poems by Robert Burns with a scandalous connection to the British royal family. He believes someone is trying to kill him because of the book. When he turns up murdered, Brooklyn is the prime suspect and tries to prove her innocence.

        When Lucie Montgomery goes home for her father’s funeral in The Merlot Murders by Ellen Crosby ($7.99), due to the luck of the dice, her vote determines what happens to her family's Virginia winery. Her brother, who wants to sell it, is fighting her for control. Luckily for Lucie, the person who helps run the winery is willing to work with her. Her godfather wants her to believe that her father has been murdered. When he is murdered as well, Lucie is determined to find out the truth.

        Breakdown by Sara Paretsky ($9.99) begins when V.I. Warshawski receives a phone call from her cousin Petra. The kids in one of Petra’s book groups are in trouble. V.I. finds them in a cemetery, carrying out a ceremony found in a popular vampire series they have been reading. While she tries to round them up to send them home, she finds a man impaled with a stake. Two of the girls are members of important Chicago families, who don’t want their girls involved in the murder investigation that follows. V.I. makes no promises. Her cousin is being harassed by the press, and V.I. will do whatever is necessary to help her.

        Cloaked in Malice by Annette Blair ($7.99) is filled with kidnapping and murder. A young woman named Paisley Skye comes to Maddie Cutler's vintage clothing shop with a dress and a strange story: she has spent the first twenty-six years of her life on an island, cut off from the world. The only reason she was able to leave is that those who raised her died. Paisley resembles Maddie’s friend Dolly, and when Dolly sees Paisley, she tells Maddie to watch over her and leaves for France. When she touches the dress Paisley shows her, Maddie has visions that don’t make sense. Nick, Maddie’s FBI agent boyfriend, offers to take them to the island where Paisley was raised to see what they can find out. They find coffins filled with money, and dead bodies dressed as clowns. When their boat is stolen, other members of the FBI rescue them, but they have more questions. Paisley has no answers for them, but each time Maddie touches any of the clothing on the island, she sees more visions filled with danger. All Maddie wants is to find out what connects Paisley and Dolly.

        In Black Thunder by Aimee & David Thurlo ($14.99), Navajo Police special investigator Ella Clah and her team have a case involving bodies found buried on both sides of the border of the Navajo Reservation. That means she has to work with both the FBI and the New Mexico police. The case is made harder because there was little to tell who the victims were - some have been buried for years. They have to look into all missing persons who disappeared around the time the killings took place.

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