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Newsletter #103 September November, 2013



Mystery Scene #130 (Articles about Qiu Xiaolong, Susan Elia MacNeal, private eye parodies; interviews with Peter Lovesey and Elaine Viets; reviews, more) $7.50
Aaronovitch, Ben Midnight Riot audiobook (UK title: Rivers of London) (Peter Grant #1: Unabridged) $39.99
Aaronovitch, Ben Moon Over Soho audiobook (Peter Grant #2: Unabridged) $39.99
Aaronovitch, Ben Whispers Under Ground audiobook (Peter Grant #3: Unabridged) $39.99
Allen, E.A. When Beggars Die (1903: The killing at a Montmartre cabaret is no ordinary murder. Standing over Marie Collot's lifeless body is King Edward VII of England. Gerard de Montclaire must navigate a complex web of greed, hatred, jealousy, and intrigue to find a ruthless master spy who will stop at nothing to prevent a historic treaty between England and France) $17.95
Angleberger, Tom Fake Mustache (Kids; Edgar Award finalist. Lenny's evil-genius best friend Casper has bought a very convincing fake mustache. With it, he's able rob banks, amass a vast fortune, and run for president. Will Lenny be able to stop Casper from taking over the world?) $7.95
Ashton, David Shadow of the Serpent (McLevy #1: Edinburgh, 1880: While the rich and educated argue about politics, near the docks it's a struggle just to stay alive. The murder of a prostitute draws Inspector James McLevy into a murky world of politics, perversion, and deception) $14.95
Ashton, David Fall from Grace (McLevy #2: Edinburgh, 1880: Inspector McLevy investigates a break-in and murder at the home of Tay Bridge builder Sir Thomas Bouch. With the help of brothel owner Jean Brash, McLevy finds the killer, but more trouble unfolds: murder, arson, sexual obsession, and suicide) $11.95
Ashton, David A Trick of the Light (McLevy #3: Edinburgh, 1881: When a murder is committed with what looks like supernatural strength, McLevy investigates, accompanied by recent medical school graduate Arthur Conan Doyle, who is eager to learn from the renowned inspector. The clues point to American spiritualist Sophia Adler, who is causing a furor in Edinburgh society with her seances) $15.95
Barton-Wright, E.W. The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence (This slim illustrated guide explains how to defend yourself with an overcoat, cane, or umbrella, or even to wield your bicycle against an attacker, using a style of martial arts that was all the rage in Victorian London (and that Arthur Conan Doyle had Holmes use)) $12.00
Bass, Jefferson Carved in Bone (Body Farm #1: Reissue; Forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton founded Tennessee's Body Farm, where corpses are left to decay, providing important forensic information. When the mummified corpse of a young woman, dead for 30 years, is discovered in a cave, Brockton's investigation threatens to open old wounds in the remote mountain community) $9.99
Bass, Jefferson Flesh and Bone (Body Farm #2: Reissue; Dr. Bill Brockton is called in by a medical examiner to help unravel a murderous puzzle. But after they re-create the death scene at the Body Farm, a second, unexplained corpse appears in the grisly setting. Accused of the horrific crime, Brockton will need all his forensic skills to prove his innocence) $9.99
Befeler, Mike Cruising in Your Eighties Is Murder (Paul Jacobson #4: On a honeymoon cruise to Alaska, octogenarian Paul Jacobson has to deal with mayhem, missing people, and murder, as well as short-term memory loss. He must use all his geezer resources to solve a case of international intrigue) $25.95
Befeler, Mike Care Homes Are Murder (Paul Jacobson #5: Returning to Honolulu for a family vacation, octogenarian Paul Jacobson finds a dead body in the yacht harbor, and must deal with a murder in the care home where his friends reside) $25.95
Boucher, A/Green, D The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume 1 (12 classic radio dramas starring Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson) $14.99
Boucher, A/Green, D The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume 2 (12 classic radio dramas starring Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson) $14.99
Bradley, Alan The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie audiobook (Flavia de Luce #1: Unabridged. In the summer of 1950, murder comes to 11-year-old Flavia's English home. It's tied to a death 30 years before, and the investigation will lead Flavia all the way to the King of England) $19.99
Bradshaw, Mel Death in the Age of Steam (1856: Toronto is industrializing with little time for scruple or sentiment. When a Reform politician dies suddenly and his daughter Theresa vanishes, only bank cashier Isaac Harris, a former suitor of Theresa's, persists in asking questions) $22.95
Buckley, Michael The Villain Virus (NERDS #4: Kids; A virus infects the hometown of NERD HQ, turning victims into criminal masterminds. Soon nearly everyone, including some of the NERDS team, is plotting to take over the world. It's up to Flinch, the hyperactive superspy with a sweet tooth, to stop the person behind the virus) $7.95
Clare, Alys The Song of the Nightingale (Hawkenlye #14: 1211: Sir Josse D'Acquin is called to examine the bodies of three men, one of whom has a symbol carved into his chest that signifies vengeance. Meanwhile, far from home, Sir Josse's son Ninian has become involved in the cause of the doomed Cathar people) $15.95
Corris, Peter The Dying Trade (Cliff Hardy #1: Reissue; Meet Cliff Hardy. Smoker, drinker, ex-boxer. And private investigator working in the seamier parts of Sydney, Australia) $14.95
Corris, Peter Comeback (Cliff Hardy: Once again licensed, PI Cliff Hardy takes a case: actor Bobby Forrest is being stalked. When Bobby is murdered, Cliff's only lead is the most common car around. Then he uncovers a surprising connection with his own past) $15.95
Cussler, Clive The Mediterranean Caper (40th Anniversary Edition) (Dirk Pitt #1: Reissue; When a US air base on a quiet Greek island is attacked by a WWI fighter plane, Dirk Pitt and the NUMA team must root out the truth behind the incident, and how it's connected with sabotage, smuggling, and a beauty with some dangerous secrets) $25.00
Daly, Elizabeth The Wrong Way Down (alternate title: Shroud for a Lady) (Henry Gamadge #11: Reissue; After a visit by professional medium Iris Vance, an etching in the Ashbury mansion has suddenly acquired an inscription dated 1793. Are the dead sending messages? And will Henry Gamadge, who is pretty certain the answer does not lie in the supernatural realm, solve the mystery before a murder occurs?) $14.95
Dams, Jeanne M. The Corpse of St. James's (Dorothy Martin #12: Dorothy, her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, and a friend, retired Chief Inspector Jonathan Quinn, stumble across the body of a young girl hidden in St James's Park. Dorothy can't help but get involved in the case when Jonathan calls the next day and admits he knew who the victim was) $15.95
Dunlap, Susan No Footprints (Darcy Lott #5: While scouting a location on the Golden Gate Bridge, stunt double Darcy Lott sees a woman about to jump. The woman fights, but Darcy manages to pull her back. Before disappearing, the woman tells Darcy that by Thanksgiving she'll be dead. Darcy has four days to find her and keep her from killing herself) $14.95
Ellis, Kate Watching the Ghosts (Joe Plantagenet #4: Boothgate House was once an insane asylum; in 1978, a serial killer was sent there, and died mysteriously. Solicitor Melanie Hawkes is investigating the suspicious events when her daughter is kidnapped. Meanwhile, a Boothgate House resident is burgled, and a paranormal researcher is fascinated with the building's basement. DI Joe Plantagenet investigates) $15.95
Evanovich, Janet Explosive Eighteen audiobook (Stephanie Plum #18: Stephanie's flying home solo from Hawaii. Now her seatmate, who never returned to the plane after the LA stopover, has been found dead. And a collection of thugs and psychos, and the FBI, are looking for a photo he was carrying. Only one other person has seen the photo - Stephanie) $14.99
Fantoni, Barry Harry Lipkin, Private Eye (Harry Lipkin may not be the best PI in Miami, but at 87, he's certainly the oldest. His latest client has a problem: someone in her household - someone she employs, trusts, and treats like family - is stealing trinkets and the occasional priceless jewel. Harry must figure out who before the thief strikes again) $15.95
Ferris, Gordon Bitter Water (Douglas Brodie #2: 1940s: A Glasgow heat wave leaves cop turned reporter Douglas Brodie with no shortage of material for his crime column, but even he balks at his latest subject, a rapist who was tarred and feathered. He discovers the crime is linked to a series of brutal beatings) $12.95
Finder, Joseph Paranoia (Reissue; Steel Dagger Award finalist. Movie tie-in cover) $9.99
Fowler, Christopher Plastic (PBO; Acting as caretaker for a luxurious London penthouse sounds great to June, but when a terrified girl breaks into the flat and June makes the mistake of asking the neighbors for help, she finds herself embroiled in an escalating nightmare, trying to prove that a murderer exists) $7.99
Gentile/Hancock (ed) Extreme Prejudice (Spider: Anthology; 12 original stories featuring the ruthless crime-fighter) $18.95
Gutteridge, Don Turncoat (Marc Edwards #1: Toronto, 1836: Ensign Edwards is given his first assignment, to investigate the mysterious death of a Crown secret agent. Marc goes undercover in a small town, wading into rumors of sedition and secret societies; his investigative skills and loyalty to the Crown are put to the test) $15.50
Gutteridge, Don Solemn Vows (Marc Edwards #2: June, 1836: A politician has been assassinated. In their haste to catch the killer, Marc and his troops are responsible for the death of an innocent local man. To track down the real assassin, Marc joins forces with Constable Cobb of the newly created Toronto police force) $15.99
Gutteridge, Don Vital Secrets (Marc Edwards #3: Toronto, 1837: With the local population seething under the repressive new government, Lt. Marc Edwards expects to see action soon. The arrival of a theatrical company promises a diversion, especially when Marc's friend Rick falls for a young actress. When a rival for the woman's affections is murdered, and Rick is found standing over the body, Marc joins forces with Constable Cobb to get to the bottom of things) $16.99
Gutteridge, Don Dubious Allegiance (Marc Edwards #4: Autumn, 1837: After helping subdue French rebels, Marc is returning to Toronto with a group of civilians. But mysterious death threats and an attempt on Marc's life make it clear that not all of the travelers are who they appear to be. When a member of the group is murdered, Marc realizes he may have more than one killer to worry about) $16.99
Gutteridge, Don Bloody Relations (Marc Edwards #5: July, 1838: An uneasy peace hangs over Upper and Lower Canada, and Lord Durham has been dispatched from England to reconcile the disputing factions. Then his nephew is discovered in bed beside a dead woman, the murder weapon in his hand. The investigation takes Marc and Constable Cobb through the political backrooms and seedy barrooms of Toronto) $16.99
Harrison, Cora Laws in Conflict (Mara #8: 1512: Mara, judge and lawgiver, has been invited to the city-state of Galway, which is ruled by English laws and a royal charter. Mara wonders whether she can save the life of a man from the Burren who has been caught stealing a meat pie, but events soon take an even more dramatic turn when the mayor's son is charged with a heinous crime) $15.95
Hobbs, Roger Ghostman (Only a few dozen people know that 'Jack' exists, and none know his true identity. Those are closely guarded secrets for this consummate professional. But when he's called in to clean up the mess left by a bungled casino robbery, he becomes increasingly visible as he's pursued by the FBI - and other interested parties) $14.95
Housewright, David Finders Keepers (YA; 13-year-old James has problems: his parents just divorced; his grades are plummeting; bullies are menacing him; the coach is threatening to kick him off the basketball team; and his 'girlfriend' thinks he's gone insane. Then he finds a suitcase filled with cash - and thinks all his problems are over; Signed copies) $11.95
Hume, Fergus The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (Reissue; First published in 1886, this devilishly tricky tale of murder and intrigue set in gold-rich Melbourne was a blockbuster, selling hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide) $14.95
Jakubowski, Maxim (ed) The Mammoth Book of the World's Best Crime Stories (Anthology (published in 2009, we missed it somehow); 36 stories by international crime writers (mainly Europeans, mainly men)) $13.95
Janes, J. Robert The Hunting Ground (1945: When WWII started, Lily de St-Germain went to Paris, hoping to convince her husband to leave his work there and help get their children to England. Instead she found him in her sister's arms, a betrayal that pushed her into the Resistance. As far as the French government is concerned, Lily de St-Germain died in a Nazi concentration camp. But after a narrow escape, she is ready to take revenge) $14.99
Kava, Alex Stranded (Maggie O'Dell #11: FBI special agent Maggie O'Dell and her partner Tully embark on a frantic cross-country effort to stop a serial killer who is targeting truckers and travelers at rest stops) $24.95
Knight, Bernard Dead in the Dog (1954: Newly-qualified pathologist Tom Howden of Her Majesty's Far East Land Forces discovers that his new Malaysian posting is a hotbed of scandal and intrigue. When an English planter is attacked, local bandits are blamed, but it soon becomes clear that the situation is more complicated - and deadly - than it first appeared) $15.95
Lassman, D/James, T The Regency Detective (Jack Swann #1: Haunted by his father's murder years ago, Jack Swann has turned his back on his privileged upbringing to become a detective. In Bath for his mother's funeral, Swann stays on to do battle with the local criminal boss, who plans to have Swann murdered) $15.95
Lawrence, David The Dead Sit Round in a Ring (Stella Mooney #1: Detective Stella Mooney has a vicious vodka habit and a case that's driving her crazy: four cult-members who committed ritual suicide, and the thug who apparently went along for the ride) $14.95
Lescroart, John The Ophelia Cut (Dismas Hardy #17: When Brittany is raped by a possessive ex-boyfriend, the man turns up dead within 24 hours. When her father Moses McGuire is arrested for the crime, Dismas Hardy is hired to defend his brother-in-law) $26.99
Logue, Mary Blood Country (Claire Watkins #1: Reissue; Pepin Country deputy sheriff Claire Watkins investigates the death of an elderly neighbor; the trail leads to an unsavory property development group) $16.95
Logue, Mary Dark Coulee (Claire Watkins #2: Reissue; When Pepin Country deputy sheriff Claire Watkins attends a dance in a nearby town, a popular farmer is stabbed to death. Claire's investigation uncovers long-hidden town secrets) $16.95
Logue, Mary Glare Ice (Claire Watkins #3: Reissue; Pepin Country deputy sheriff Claire Watkins can't get a battered local woman to talk - even after the woman's new boyfriend winds up tied in his car and left to sink and drown on the treacherous ice of Lake Pepin. After the woman tries to leave town, she barely survives the next beating) $16.95
Madormo, John V. The Camp Phoenix Caper (Charlie Collier #2: Kids; When his friend Sherman's brother goes missing, and masked teenagers are involved in a series of robberies, Charlie has to get himself in a heap of trouble - like getting thrown in juvie - to figure out what's going on) $7.99
Magson, Adrian Death on the Pont Noir (Lucas Rocco #3: 1963: Inspector Lucas Rocco is sure that several suspicious events in Picardie are connected to recent attempts on the President's life, and that the next attempt will be in the Pont Noir. When his superiors don't agree, Rocco decides to investigate on his own) $16.95
Maloney, Shane Stiff (Murray Whelan #1: Reissue; There's a corpse in the freezer at a suburban Melbourne meatworks. Trust Murray Whelan - minder, fixer, and general dogsbody for the Minister for Industry - to sort this mess out) $14.95
Margolis, Leslie Girl's Best Friend (Maggie Brooklyn #1: Kids; Dogs are disappearing in her neighborhood, and 12-year-old dog walker Maggie knows all about it. She may have a lot of leads, but she never suspected her crush Milo could be involved) $6.99
Mayle, Peter The Marseille Caper (Sam Levitt #2: When Francis Reboul offers Sam a job, Sam and Elena return to Marseille, where Sam finds himself representing Reboul in the middle of an intrigue-ridden and dangerous real estate grab. Will Sam survive to enjoy another bowl of bouillabaisse?) $14.95
McDowell, Michael Jack & Susan in 1913 (Jack & Susan #1: Reissue; Jack and Susan live just across the river from Fort Lee, NJ, home of the exciting new film industry. When the movies head west, Jack and Susan (and their dog Tripod) decide to move with them, only to discover that not all of the bad guys are on the silver screen) $14.95
McDowell, Michael Jack & Susan in 1933 (Jack & Susan #2: Reissue; Jack and Susan are both married to the Wrong People. Not so Wrong that they'd bump them off, but when one of them turns up dead, Susan becomes the cops' favorite suspect. Luckily Jack (and the intrepid Scotty and Zelda) are on hand to prevent a terrible miscarriage of justice) $14.95
McDowell, Michael Jack & Susan in 1953 (Jack & Susan #3: Reissue; Jack is engaged to a margarine heiress, Susan has a mysterious suitor, and NYC is at its glamorous best. But when someone tries to poison Susan's uncle, she and Jack (and Woolf the dog) head for Havana to rescue Uncle James, catch the bad guys, and maybe visit a few casinos on the side) $14.95
McGilloway, Brian The Rising (Benedict Devlin #4: When a drug dealer is burned to death in a barn, it's no accident, and suspicion falls on a local vigilante group. When another dealer is killed, Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin realizes there's more involved) $12.95
Murgatroyd, Tim Taming Poison Dragons (Yun Clan #1: Western China, 1196: Yun Cai, an acclaimed poet in his youth, is now a tired old man, exiled to his family estates. When his village is threatened by a vicious civil war, he struggles to free an old friend, the rebels' most valuable hostage, from a hellish prison, and must summon all his wit and courage to confront the warlord General An-Shu and his cruel consort) $13.95
Nesbo, Jo The Bat (Harry Hole #1: When a Norwegian celebrity is murdered in Sydney, Inspector Harry Hole of the Oslo Crime Squad is dispatched to assist with the case - with firm instructions to stay out of trouble. The death is only the latest in a string of unsolved murders, as a psychopath works his way across Australia) $14.95
Nisbet, Jim Prelude to a Scream (Reissue; After meeting a woman in a San Francisco bar, Stanley Ahearn wakes three days later to find himself with one kidney missing and the other fatally damaged. If he wants revenge, he has to find the woman. If he wants to live, he has to find himself a new kidney) $16.95
Nisbet, Jim Snitch World (Klinger hangs out at a San Francisco dive. All he really wants is to make it through the day and find a safe place to sleep, things that can be accomplished by the next easy grift. Little does he know that the rules of the game have changed. Plus a recent interview with Nisbet) $14.95
Orczy, Baroness Lady Molly of Scotland Yard (Reissue; 1900s: In these 12 stories, Lady Molly, the very capable head of Scotland Yard's Female Department, becomes the police chief's secret weapon for dealing with seemingly unsolvable crimes) $14.95
Perdue, Virginia Alarums & Excursions (Classic reprint; a chilling tale of the struggle to control the formula for a cheap synthetic fuel that could determine the outcome of WWII) $14.95
Peters, Elizabeth The Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody #1: Reissue; 1884: 32-year-old spinster Amelia Peabody sets out to visit the great sites of antiquity, armed with keen intelligence, unshakable self-confidence, and a sturdy parasol. A trip up the Nile to the Emerson brothers' archaeological dig leads to strange visitations, suspicious accidents, and a kidnapping attempt that convinces Amelia there is a plot afoot to harm her companion Evelyn) $10.00
Peters, Elizabeth The Curse of the Pharaohs (Amelia Peabody #2: Reissue; 1892: Amelia and Emerson return to Egypt to help a widow in distress. Sir Henry Baskerville died after uncovering what may be a royal tomb in Luxor, causing rumors of a curse. Emerson is determined to continue with the excavation - and Amelia is determined to get to the bottom of the strange goings on at the site) $10.00
Peters, Elizabeth The Last Camel Died at Noon (Amelia Peabody #6: Reissue; 1897: Amelia and Emerson agree to search for an English aristocrat and his wife, who disappeared years ago. Armed with a map and a cryptic note, they mount an expedition into the Egyptian desert on a quest that will lead them to a hidden city and change their lives forever) $10.00
Peters, Elizabeth The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog (Amelia Peabody #7: Reissue; Agatha Award finalist. 1898: With Nefret and Ramses in England pursuing their studies, Amelia and Emerson return to Amarna for a dig that promises to be just like old times - more so than they planned. When Emerson is kidnapped, Amelia and Abdullah manage to rescue him, but he has lost his memory. Tantalizingly close to discovering a tomb that may have been Nefertiti's, Amelia must turn her attention to restoring Emerson's memory) $10.00
Peters, Elizabeth The Hippopotamus Pool (Amelia Peabody #8: Reissue; 1900: Amelia and Emerson are intrigued when a masked stranger offers to lead them to an Egyptian queen's lost tomb. When the guide disappears before revealing his secret, they follow his trail to Thebes, and soon find themselves risking their lives to foil murderers, kidnappers, grave robbers, and ancient curses) $10.00
Peters, Elizabeth Seeing a Large Cat (Amelia Peabody #9: Reissue; Agatha Award finalist. 1903: The Emersons are set to dig in the Valley of the Kings. Amelia is intrigued when they receive an ominous message to stay away from tomb Twenty-A, which turns out to contain a mummy - one that's less than ten years old, and wearing silk unmentionables) $10.00
Redmann, J.M. Ill Will (Micky Knight #7: PBO; Lambda Award winner. With New Orleans slowly rebuilding after Katrina, one of the most devastated areas is health care. PI Micky Knight investigates when she discovers that the gaps in service are wide enough for the snake oil salesmen to crawl through) $16.95
Savage, Angela The Half-Child (Jayne Keeney #2: PBO; Hired to investigate the apparent suicide of a young Australian in a seedy Thai coastal town, Jayne discovers something far more sinister while working undercover at the orphanage where the dead woman volunteered) $15.95
Seymour, Gerald Timebomb (After being fired from a secret nuclear facility, a top KGB man buried a nuclear suitcase. 16 years later, he has found a buyer for it. Traveling with the buyer is an undercover policeman working for MI6. But it becomes clear that their man may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and that the whole operation may be in jeopardy) $15.95
Slaughter, Karin A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County #3: Reissue; An apparent suicide brings medical examiner Sara Linton and her police chief ex-husband to a local college campus. But the mutilated corpse yields few answers - and a subsequent rash of apparent suicides suggests that a killer is stalking the small Georgia town) $9.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds (Isabel Dalhousie #9: Isabel is asked to help a wealthy Scottish landowner recover a stolen painting) $14.95
Starr, Melvin R. The Tainted Coin (Hugh de Singleton #5: PBO; 1367: When a traveling merchant is found badly beaten and dying, Master Hugh and his assistant Arthur must hunt for murderous thieves, as well as the origin of an ancient, corroded coin found in the victim's mouth) $14.99
Sutton, William Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square (original title: The Worms of Euston Square) (Campbell Lawless #1: Reissue; London, 1859: Novice constable Campbell Lawless (formerly a clockmaker's apprentice) is drawn into a world of sabotage and royal scandal as an elusive revolutionary convulses the city with devilish acts of terror. Aided by a gang of street urchins and a vivacious librarian, Lawless sets out to capture this underworld nemesis) $7.99
Temple, Peter An Iron Rose (Reissue; When his best friend is found hanged, the assumption is suicide, but Mac Faraday, an Aussie cop turned blacksmith, is far from convinced) $14.95
Todd, Charles A False Mirror (Ian Rutledge #9: Reissue; 1920: One of Inspector Ian Rutledge's former trenchmates, accused of beating the husband of the woman who jilted him, takes the woman hostage to escape arrest, and demands that Rutledge take charge of the investigation) $14.99
Wier, G/Burton, M Long Fall from Heaven (PBO; Two ex-cops stumble into the path of a serial killer, who leads them into the dark history of Galveston - but the FBI and old Galveston families don't want the crimes solved. And there's an connection to another serial killer, who stalked the city during WWII) $15.95
Woolrich, Cornell Dark Melody of Madness (Collection; 4 supernatural novellas) $18.00
Woolrich, Cornell Deadline at Dawn (Reissue; Classic thriller in which two characters in a soulless city set out for redemption and a chance at a new life) $18.00
Woolrich, Cornell I Married a Dead Man (Reissue; Classic thriller of identity, second chances, and a past that refuses to go away) $18.00
Woolrich, Cornell Phantom Lady (Reissue; Classic 'wrong man' thriller complete with shadowy femmes fatales) $18.00
Woolrich, Cornell Speak to Me of Death (Selected Short Fiction Volume 1: Collection; 15 stories of suspense, terror, and crime by a master of noir and the macabre) $22.00


Abbott, Megan Dare Me (Beth calls the shots and Addy carries them out. They rule the cheer squad - until the new coach arrives. She draws Addy and the other girls into her life. Beth remains outside, waging a vicious campaign to regain her position as top girl. A suicide leads to an investigation of coach and squad. Addy searches for the truth behind the death - and learns that the boundary between loyalty and love can be dangerous terrain) $15.00
Abbott, Tony The Ha-Ha-Haunting of Hyde House (Goofballs #5: Kids; When the Goofballs hear about a house that might be haunted, where someone disappeared years before, it sounds like the perfect case for them to solve on Halloween. But they'll need their best sleuthing skills and the help of the Goofdog as they face their silliest - and scariest - mystery yet) $4.99
Alan, Isabella Murder, Plain and Simple (Amish Quilt Shop #1: PBO; When she finds an ornery Amish woodworker's body in her quilt shop's storeroom, Angie sets out to find the killer, and realizes that nothing in the small community is as plain as it seems) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose (Darling Dahlias #3: 1930s: The ladies of the garden club have their hands full with three mysteries: a member suspected of stealing county funds; a secret code embroidered on a family heirloom; and a local resident's very strange behavior) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star (Darling Dahlias #4: 1930s Alabama: Miss Lily Dare is bringing her Dare Devils Flying Circus - and a whole lot of trouble - to town. The bold flier has made plenty of enemies, and may be involved with one of the town's married men. As she barnstorms into town, Liz Lacy and Verna Tidwell offer to help bring down a saboteur who may be looking for revenge) $25.95
Allan, Barbara Antiques Maul (Trash 'n' Treasures #2: Reissue; Brandy hopes opening a booth at the Serenity antiques mall will help keep her mom out of trouble. When a corpse turns up, the police blame the victim's dog, but Brandy and Mother are determined to unmask the real murderer) $7.99
Ashton, David Nor Will He Sleep (McLevy #4: Edinburgh, 1887: In the streets, two gangs of students try to outdo each other in wild exploits. After a pitched battle, an old woman is found battered to death in Leith Harbour. Inspector McLevy investigates) $15.00
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Domestic Malice (Murder, She Wrote #38: The battered wife of a respected Cabot Cove businessman refuses to stay at a shelter, press charges, or even report the abuse. When she turns up dead, Jessica discovers that the woman's family had secrets and lies that go beyond domestic violence - and that the real killer may not be the obvious suspect) $7.99
Baldacci, David The Forgotten (John Puller #2: When his aunt is found drowned in her pool, the police rule the death an accident, but a letter she sent just before she died makes John Puller suspect otherwise) $10.00
Barry, Dave Insane City (Headed to Florida for his wedding, Seth and his friends find themselves embroiled with rioters, Russian gangsters, angry strippers, a pimp the size of the Death Star, a Haitian refugee on the run with her kids from some very bad men, and an albino python named Blossom) $16.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Gossip (Hamish Macbeth #1: Reissue; When sharp-tongued society widow and gossip columnist Lady Jane Winters is strangled and dumped in the river, Lochdubh constable Hamish Macbeth investigates with the help of the lovely Priscilla Halburton-Smythe) $8.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Hussy (Hamish Macbeth #5: Reissue; When wealthy Maggie Baird's car catches fire with Maggie in it, Lochdubh constable Hamish Macbeth discovers five likely suspects right on the premises of her luxurious Highlands cottage) $8.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Snob (Hamish Macbeth #6: Reissue; The owner of a health farm on a Scottish island thinks someone is trying to kill her, so she asks constable Hamish Macbeth to spend Christmas there. When another guest meets an untimely end, Hamish investigates) $8.00
Benn, James R. A Blind Goddess (Billy Boyle #8: March, 1944: Billy is back in England, where a friend from an all-Negro battalion asks for help: a gunner has been arrested for a crime he almost certainly didn't commit. And British intelligence agent Major Cosgrove asks him to investigate the murder of a British accountant, but won't share background on the victim, or allow Billy to interrogate key witnesses) $26.95
Berenson, Laurien Gone with the Woof (Melanie Travis #16: Melanie's aunt volunteers her to help one of dogdom's elder statesmen write his memoirs; the man turns out to be a manipulative philanderer who winds up prime suspect when his adult son is killed in a hit-and-run. Drawn into the investigation, Melanie uncovers family discord and two generations of disgruntled ex-lovers) $24.00
Black, Tony The Storm Without (Doug Michie #1: Disgraced cop Doug Michie returns to his hometown on the west coast of Scotland. When his old flame's son is accused of murdering a girl, Doug investigates, and becomes embroiled in a complicated web of corrupt politicians, frightened journalists, and a bent police force) $12.95
Boneham, Sheila W. The Money Bird (Animals in Focus #2: First her boyfriend's Labrador finds a bloodstained bag of cash and an unusual feather at Twisted Lake. Days later, one of Janet's friends turns up dead on a nearby private island. Janet is determined to find out what is hiding in the marsh) $14.99
Bowen, Gail The Gifted (Joanne Kilbourn #14: A high-profile fund-raising auction that includes two of their daughter Taylor's paintings brings to light an ugly web of infidelity, addiction, and manipulation. Jo and Zack are doing their best to keep their family safe, but when one of the principal players in the drama is murdered, events spiral out of control) $27.95
Brady, Jacklyn The Cakes of Wrath (Piece of Cake #4: PBO; When Rita finds a dead woman clutching her stolen pill bottle, it adds another layer to the mysterious death. Finding the killer will be anything but a cake walk) $7.99
Buckley, Michael Attack of the Bullies (NERDS #5: Kids; Pufferfish leads the NERDS in their latest case: finding the US President's kidnapped daughter. Only she hasn't been kidnapped - she's been recruited by a rival organization that plans to go back in time to make sure that the NERDS never exist) $15.95
Burke, James Lee Creole Belle (Robicheaux #19: Dave is in a recovery unit in New Orleans, where a Creole girl visits him, leaving him an iPod with the song 'Creole Belle' on it. When she disappears, Dave becomes obsessed with the song and the memory of the girl. He goes in search of her sister, who later turns up inside a block of ice floating in the Gulf. Meanwhile, an oil well blowout in the Gulf threatens the bayous) $9.99
Bush, Nancy Nowhere Safe (PBO; A serial killer is targeting suspected sexual predators; when her stepbrother Stefan is attacked, but survives, Detective September Rafferty is sure he knows more than he's saying) $7.99
Cain, Paul Fast One (Reissue; 1930s: East Coast crime bosses are vying for control of LA. Caught in the middle is Gerry Kells, a former New York enforcer now living a life of ease on the West coast) $15.95
Carlotto, Massimo The Colombian Mule (When the police catch him trying to carry a shipment of his aunt's cocaine into Italy, Arias Cuevas sets in motion a chain of bloody events) $15.00
Chandler/Williams, T A Mysterious Something in the Light (A biography of the hardboiled crime writer, drawing on new interviews and previously unpublished letters and archival material) $29.95
Child, Lee Never Go Back (Jack Reacher #17: Returning to Virginia, Reacher finds himself drafted back into the Army, facing a case that digs deep into his past; signed copies expected) $28.00
Cleave, Paul Joe Victim (Christchurch Carver #2: Joe Middleton, aka the Christchurch Carver, has been in jail for the last year, trying to convince the shrinks that he's not to blame for what he did. But that's the least of his worries - there's no shortage of people who want him dead, and some of them are on the inside with him) $16.00
Coel, Margaret Buffalo Bill's Dead Now (Wind River #16: A chief's regalia from the Wild West Show is being returned to the Arapaho museum; Vicki and Father Trevor investigate when the cartons arrive empty. Their suspicions that a local collector knows more than he's telling are confirmed when the man is found murdered) $7.99
Coel, Margaret Killing Custer (Wind River #17: A parade features an appearance by a Custer impersonator with a troop of men acting as the ill-fated Seventh Cavalry. A group of Arapaho riders decides to encircle them to remind them who won the Battle of the Little Bighorn. But when the ride is over, the impersonator is dead in the street with a bullet hole in his chest. The Arapaho are blamed, but Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden disagree, and are determined to get to the truth) $26.95
Collins, Michael Act of Fear (Dan Fortune #1: Reissue; When a beat cop is mugged in broad daylight, the only witness disappears the next day. Unsure if he's looking for a witness or a perp, Manhattan PI Dan Fortune hunts for the kid, unearthing ugly secrets in a neighborhood he thought he knew well) $13.95
Cooper, John The Queen's Agent: Francis Walsingham at the Court of Elizabeth I (Nonfiction; Walsingham ran a network of agents across England and Europe, and advised the queen, prepared to do whatever it took to protect his queen from assassination and his country from invasion) $16.95
Cornwell, Bernard 1356 (A severely outnumbered English army faces off against the French at Poitiers - and what looks to be certain defeat becomes the most decisive English victory of the Hundred Years' War) $15.99
Cornwell, Patricia The Bone Bed (Scarpetta #20: When an eminent paleontologist disappears from a dinosaur dig site in Alberta, Kay Scarpetta receives a grisly communication that makes her suspect this may become her next case) $9.99
Cullen, K/Murphy, S Whitey Bulger (Based on exclusive access and previously undisclosed documents, the story of the astonishing career of and epic manhunt for South Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger, by two award-winning Boston journalists) $16.95
Cussler, C/Perry, T The Mayan Secrets (Fargo #5: Sam and Remi find a Mayan book with astonishing information about the Mayans, their cities, and humanity itself. The secrets are so powerful that some people would do anything to possess them) $28.95
Davidson, Diane Mott The Whole Enchilada (Goldy Schulz #17: When a close friend keeled over from a heart attack at a party Goldy catered, what looked like natural causes turned out to be murder. And now it looks like Goldy is the next course on the killer's menu) $26.99
Davies, David Stuart Brothers in Blood (Paul Snow #1: Three young men meet once a year to carry out an untraceable, motiveless murder - for fun. Eventually, they must murder to protect one of them - and that killing is investigated by DI Paul Snow, a man with a secret of his own that links him to the murder) $15.95
DeSmet, Christine First-Degree Fudge (Fudge Shop #1: PBO; Ava heads home to Door County, Wisconsin, to open a shop specializing in fairy tale-themed fudge. When a former film star chokes to death on a stolen diamond hidden in a piece of fudge, Ava is the prime suspect) $7.99
Douglas, Jackson Hero of Rome (Verrens #1: Rome's grip on Britain is weakening: cruelty and exploitation have angered their subjects, and the Druids are on the rise, spreading rebellion. Roman Tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens leads the veteran legions, vastly outnumbered, in a last stand against the rebel army led by the warrior queen Boudicca) $9.99
Douglas, Jackson Defender of Rome (Verrens #2: Returning to Rome from a successful campaign against Boudicca in Britain, Gaius Valerius Verrens is tasked by the increasingly paranoid Emperor Nero with seeking out a heretical and seditious new religious sect, the followers of Christus, and capturing their leader Petrus) $9.99
Douglas, Jackson Avenger of Rome (Verrens #3: Gaius Valerius Verrens is ordered to Antioch with the power of life and death over Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo, general of the imperial legions in the east, whom Emperor Nero suspects is preparing to march on Rome. But Corbulo's eyes are on the Parthian king's army. The legions must make a stand in the barren wastes beyond the Tigris in a battle that will decide the fate of the empire) $13.95
Elkins, Charlotte & Aaron A Cruise to Die For (Alix London #2: Hired to give art lectures aboard a yacht, Alix is working undercover for the FBI Art Crime Team, who hope she can get the goods on the yacht's wealthy owner, Panos Papadakis. Moguls, murders, a forged Manet, and the Albanian mob send the cruise into murderously dangerous waters) $14.95
Evanovich, J/Kelly, D The Husband List (NYC, 1894: While her brother Eddie and his friend Jack Culhane are off seeing the world, Caroline is stuck at home, trying to frighten off prospective suitors. She longs for adventure - and for Jack Culhane. But her mother doesn't approve of an Irish-American suitor with new money and no title) $8.99
Ferguson, Will 419 (When Laura Curtis discovers her father has died because of a Nigerian internet swindle, she sets out to track down the killer. The stakes are higher than she can imagine) $16.00
Fforde, Jasper The Song of the Quarkbeast (Kazam #2: Kids; Magic is finally on the rise in the Ununited Kingdoms, but boneheaded King Snodd IV's plotting puts the future of magic at risk. Of course, sensible 16-year-old Jennifer Strange and the unpredictable magic practitioners of Kazam won't give up without a fight) $16.99
Folger, Joni Grapes of Death (Tangled Vines #1: Uncle Edmond, the family's spendthrift black sheep, shows up to bully Elise Beckett's mom into turning ownership of the family vineyard over to him. When that doesn't work, he storms off, then turns up dead by the river. Elise teams up with deputy Jackson Landry to investigate) $14.99
Forshaw, Barry Nordic Noir: The Pocket Essential Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction, Film & TV (A guide to Scandinavian crime fiction, including books, films, and TV adaptations) $14.95
Forsyth, Frederick The Kill List (A terrorist is radicalizing young Muslims to carry out assassinations. Unfortunately for him, one of the victims is a retired US Marine general, whose son is a top black-ops assassin) $27.95
Fowler, Christopher The Memory of Blood (Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit #9: A seemingly impossible locked-room murder at a theatrical cast party sends the PCU delving into the history of the London theater and the disturbing origins of Punch and Judy, as the detectives race to find a maniacal killer before he reaches his even deadlier final act) $15.00
Francis, Felix Refusal (Sid Halley #5: When the chairman of the racing authority asks retired PI Sid Halley to look into suspected race-fixing, then turns up dead, Sid gets back into the game) $26.95
Freydont, Shelley Silent Knife (Celebration Bay #2: PBO; Liv's first Christmas in town turns disastrous when a Christmas shop Santa is murdered) $7.99
Fury, Dalton Tier One Wild (Delta Force #2: Major Raynor and his Delta Force team must take down a group of al Qaeda operatives planning to infiltrate the US) $9.99
Grant, Ellie Plum Deadly (PBO; Falsely accused of embezzlement, Maggie Grady retreats to her aunt's North Carolina pie shop. When her ex-boss turns up dead on the shop doorstep, Maggie and her aunt are suspects. With the help of a hunky journalist, Maggie sets out to clear her name) $15.00
Gregory, Susanna Murder by the Book (Matthew Bartholomew #18: 1358: The University at Cambridge is in turmoil over the opening of a new Common Library, and a body is found in the library's garden on the eve of its opening. Meanwhile, there are rumors of a group of dangerous smugglers lurking in the Fens. Aided by their friend Sheriff Tulyet, Bartholomew and Michael must protect the town from these invaders) $13.95
Gregory, Susanna The Lost Abbot (Matthew Bartholomew #19: 1358: Matthew is one of a group sent to find out what has become of Peterborough's abbot, who went riding one day and hasn't been seen since. The poor of the town are being incited to rise up against their overlords, the abbey is at war with an army of mercenaries, and before long the woman in charge of a saint's tomb is murdered) $29.95
Grisham, John The Racketeer (I did not know Federal Judge Fogletree, but I know who killed him, and why. I am a lawyer, and I am in prison. It's a long story) $9.99
Haddam, Jane Hearts of Sand (Demarkian #28: 30 years ago, wealthy debutante Chapin Waring was revealed to be a bank robber and a murderer, and disappeared from her Connecticut beach town. When she's spotted in town, then turns up stabbed to death a day later, retired FBI profiler Gregor Demarkian is brought in to solve the decades of mysteries surrounding her) $25.99
Hamilton, B (Hambly) Sup with the Devil (Abigail Adams #3: Abigail's nephew Horace, hired by a mysterious woman to translate some Arabic, survives an attempt to kill him, and returns with a tale of pirate treasure. The Sons of Liberty want the rumored gold, but Abigail heads to Harvard to investigate the attempt on Horace's life, and the subsequent murder of a student loyal to the King) $7.99
Hamilton, Victoria Bran New Death (Merry Muffin #1: PBO; Merry is starting a baking business in the small-town mansion she inherited from her uncle. Unfortunately, some of the townsfolk didn't like him, and Merry has inherited the enmity. When one of the locals turns up dead in her yard, she'll need to prove she's no killer) $7.99
Harper, Karen Return to Grace (Home Valley Amish #2: Hannah fled her community and threw herself into a singing career. When she brings friends to the Amish graveyard near her family's home for a Halloween party, one is shot and killed. To assist the investigation, she works closely with a handsome FBI agent, and with her former betrothed, now a widower with a young daughter) $7.99
Haynes, Elizabeth Human Remains (A police analyst discovers her neighbor's decomposing body, and is appalled to think that no one noticed the woman's absence. She finds data showing that such cases are frighteningly common in her home town) $15.99
Haynes, Elizabeth Into the Darkest Corner (Four years after she escaped from the violent, controlling man in her life, Catherine is starting to believe she might be safe from harm. Until one phone call changes everything) $7.99
Hermanson, Marie The Devil's Sanctuary (When Daniel arrives at a private Swiss psychiatric facility to visit his bi-polar twin brother Max, he agrees to swap places with him for a couple of days so Max can take care of some business. But Daniel soon realizes that Max isn't coming back, and that the clinic is far from a place of healing - it's a living nightmare) $15.00
Holding, Elisabeth S. The Unfinished Crime / The Girl Who Had to Die (Omnibus; 2 suspense novels) $19.95
Huber, Anna Lee Mortal Arts (Lady Kiera #2: PBO; 1830: Back in Edinburgh so that her pregnant sister Alana can be close to proper medical care, Kiera learns her old friend Michael is getting married. His brother Will, Kiera's childhood art tutor, is in town, after spending years in an insane asylum. Kiera is sympathetic to her mentor's plight, especially when rumors swirl about a missing girl. Can she and gentleman inquiry agent Sebastian Gage prove her family friend innocent?) $16.00
Indridason, Arnaldur Outrage (Reykjavik #7: Detective Erlendur takes a leave of absence, putting his female assistant Elinborg in charge. A serial rapist is on the loose; the police race to catch him before he strikes again) $15.00
Janes, J. Robert Tapestry (St. Cyr & Kohler #14: 1943: A series of interlocking crimes send French inspector Jean-Louis St-Cyr and Hermann Kohler of the Gestapo into the heart of the Parisian underworld) $14.99
Jardine, Quintin Pray for the Dying (Bob Skinner #23: The killing was an expert hit at a public event. The shooters are dead, too, killed at the scene. It's up to Edinburgh Chief Constable Bob Skinner to figure out who sent them) $26.95
Jecks, Michael Templar's Acre (Knights Templar Prequel: The Holy Land, 1291: After decades of war, the Muslims have pushed back the Crusader forces until only one city remains under Crusader control. Acre must be defended at all costs. Baldwin de Furnshill has just arrived, a frightened boy on the run from a dark past. He has never seen battle, but he has no choice but to stay and fight) $23.95
Kaplan, Andrew Carrie's Run (Homeland: PBO; In this prequel to the TV series, a 2006 CIA mission in Beirut radically transforms the course of Carrie Mathison's career and life) $14.99
Kardos, Michael The Three-Day Affair (Will, Jeffrey, and Nolan are childhood friends who have gone their separate ways as adults - until Jeffrey attempts to rob a convenience store, drags a young woman into Will's car, and tells him to drive. Shaken and confused, Will obeys, and the men find themselves holding a hostage, without the slightest idea of what to do next) $14.00
Keller, Julia Bitter River (Bell Elkins #2: County attorney Bell Elkins' latest case is a bad one: 16-year-old Lucinda Trimble's pregnant body has been found at the bottom of the river - and she was dead before she hit the water) $25.99
Kellough, Janet 47 Sorrows (Thaddeus Lewis #3: 1847: Irish emigrants fleeing starvation are flooding into Canada. A corpse on the shore of Lake Ontario and another dead of ship fever near the Kingston port are connected only by the green ribbons found on both bodies. Intrigued by the coincidence, Thaddeus and his son Luke uncover a tale of enmity that began back in Ireland) $11.99
Kent, Christobel The Dead Season (Sandro Cellini #3: With Florence in the grips of a fierce August heat wave, cop turned PI Sandro Cellini searches for a man who seems to have vanished into thin air) $14.95
King, Laurie R. Garment of Shadows (Mary Russell #12: Mary Russell wakes up not knowing where or who she is. Is she a guest, or a prisoner? She discovers she is in Morocco, where tensions are bubbling over. Holmes is working the back channels, trying to stop the conflict before it starts, but he'll need more than the aid of T.E. Lawrence. He'll need Russell with her memory restored) $16.00
Kiuchi, Kazuhiro A Dog in Water (A cop turned PI gets a strange request from a young Tokyo bar maid: she wants him to murder someone. This isn't a service he provides, but given her circumstances and the troubling world he becomes embroiled in once he takes her case, he may have no choice) $14.95
Klise, Kate Grounded (Kids; 12-year-old Daralynn's work begins when a crematorium comes to town, and someone has to save a dying business, solve a burning mystery, and resuscitate the broken hearts in Digginsville, Missouri, population 402) $6.99
Lambert, Linda The Cairo Codex (When an earthquake nearly buries anthropologist Justine Jenner in an ancient crypt, she finds what appears to be an ancient codex, written by a woman whose secrets threaten the foundations of both Christian and Islamic beliefs) $15.95
Lancet, Barry Japantown (When an entire family is gunned down in Japantown, the San Francisco Police Department asks antiques dealer Jim Brodie, who was raised in Japan, for help with the case) $25.00
Lawton, John Then We Take Berlin (1946: Cockney cat burglar Joe finds himself drafted, and ends up in occupied Berlin working for MI6. He also teams up with Frank, a US Army captain, to raise the black market scam to a new level. 1963: Joe is scraping by as a gumshoe. Frank is a Madison Avenue bigshot, planning one last Berlin scam. He needs Joe's help, only this time they're smuggling people instead of coffee) $26.00
Lehr, D/O'Neill, G Whitey: The Life of America's Most Notorious Mob Boss (Biography that digs deep into the mind of South Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger, by two award-winning Boston journalists) $15.00
Leon, Donna Blood from a Stone (Brunetti #14: Reissue; A Senegalese man who sells counterfeit fashion accessories is killed. What was the penniless foreigner doing with a fortune in diamonds? And why does Commissario Brunetti's boss want him off the case?) $14.00
Levine, Laura Death of a Neighborhood Witch (Jaine Austen #11: When Jaine's cantankerous neighbor is murdered on Halloween, Jaine becomes prime suspect. Can she find the real killer, and win the affections of the neighborhood's new hottie?) $7.99
Lovegrove, James The Stuff of Nightmares (Sherlock Holmes: 1890: Although a spate of bombings in London has fueled speculation about anarchists, anti-monarchists, and Fenians, Holmes suspects Moriarty of orchestrating a campaign of terror. But to what end? And is a masked London vigilante with sophisticated weapons and armor truly the force for good that he seems?) $14.95
Lustbader, Eric Van Father Night (Jack McClure #4: A tidal wave of reform is sweeping across the Middle East. Political power is up for grabs, and at the center of it all are two giants of the vast criminal underworld. But hiding in the shadows is a man history might have forsaken, but whose evil is still very much alive) $9.99
Lyons, C.J. Hollow Bones (Caitlyn Tierney #3: PBO; The search for a scientist's missing daughter takes FBI agents Caitlyn Tierney and Jake Carver into the jungles of Guatemala) $7.99
Macomber, Robert N. Honors Rendered (Peter Wake #11: 1889: With Germany trying to add Samoa to its Pacific empire, German and US naval forces are poised for confrontation. The president orders Naval Intelligence Commander Peter Wake to Samoa to clandestinely accomplish one of two things: prevent war from breaking out, or win it decisively at the outset) $21.95
Maitland, Barry Babel (Brock & Kolla #6: Reissue; Professor Max Springer has been murdered. He was notorious for his stand against Islamic extremism, but was that the motive? While DS Kolla and DCI Brock start looking for answers in London's Arab community, rivalries within the university point in another direction) $14.95
Maitland, Barry The Verge Practice (Brock & Kolla #7: Reissue; A prominent architect vanishes, leaving behind his firm, his beloved pregnant daughter, and his young and very dead wife. When months of searching produce no results, DCI David Brock and DS Kathy Kolla are called in) $14.95
Maloney, Leo J. Silent Assassin (Dan Morgan #2: PBO; Former CIA agent Dan Morgan is called in when every other option has failed. His mission: find a KGB officer turned arms dealer, locate his weapons of mass destruction, and terminate with extreme prejudice) $9.99
Maltin, Leonard Leonard Maltin's 2014 Movie Guide (PBO; Revised and updated guide with thousands of capsule movie reviews, DVD and video listings, mail-order and online resources for buying and renting DVDs and videos, and more) $10.99
Mara, Wil The Gemini Virus (It starts with a sneeze. It kills in four days. There is no cure. As panic spreads, the CDC races to identify the superbug) $7.99
Massey, Sujata The Sleeping Dictionary (This portrait of late Raj India is both a saga and a passionate love story. Kamala, born a peasant in West Bengal, makes her way to Calcutta in the 1930s. Haunted by a forbidden love, she is caught between the raging independence movement and the British colonial society she inhabits. ('Sleeping dictionary' was the colonial term coined for young Indian women who slept with British men and educated them in the ways of India)) $16.00
McCleary, Carol The Formula for Murder (Nellie Bly #3: 1890s: Reporter Nellie Bly travels to the moors of England to investigate another reporter's mysterious death) $7.99
McDermid, Val The Vanishing Point (The child of a dead reality TV star is snatched from an airport security checkpoint. Has he been taken by his mother's troubled family, or one of her stalkers? Or kidnapped by his guardian's obsessed ex-lover? Or is it kidnapping for ransom?) $15.00
MacInnes, Helen While Still We Live (alternate title: The Unconquerable) (Reissue; 1939: Sheila Matthews' holiday to Poland becomes a nightmare when the German army invades. Working for the Polish underground as a double agent, she falls under suspicion, and finds herself on the run in the forest, hunted by a ruthless German officer) $9.95
McRae, K.C. (Cricket) Shotgun Moon (Merry McCoy is back at her family's ranch in Montana, having served her sentence for killing the man who raped her. When her cousin is accused of killing a cheating boyfriend, Merry sets out to prove her innocence) $14.99
Meltzer, Brad The Fifth Assassin (Culper Ring #2: Over the years, four men, four lone wolves, have been successful in assassinating US presidents. Beecher White is about to discover the truth: they were working to a plan. But to what purpose, and who is behind it? Beecher's about to find out - and come face-to-face with the fifth assassin) $15.00
Meyer, Deon Seven Days (Benny Griessel #3: Alleging a cover-up, a man shoots two Cape Town police officers, and threatens more violence unless a cold case - the stabbing death of an ambitious lawyer - is solved. Can homicide detective Benny Griessel crack a case with no apparent motive and no leads?) $14.00
Milton, Nina In the Moors (Sabbie Dare #1: When the police suggest Cliff, her newest client, is connected to the body of a young boy found buried on the moor, shamanistic counselor Sabbie Dare helps Cliff uncover repressed memories harkening back to a decades-old string of abductions and murders. When another boy disappears, only Sabbie can prove Cliff's innocence and find the real culprit) $14.99
Muir, T. Frank Hand for a Hand (Andy Gilchrist #2: A dismembered hand turns up on a golf course in St. Andrews, Scotland, clutching a note addressed to DCI Andy Gilchrist. Its one-word message: Murder) $14.95
Murphy, Shirley R Cat Bearing Gifts (Joe Grey #18: A car crash, a missing treasure, a dead thief, and a suspicious blond divorcee have feline PI Joe Grey and his four-legged cohorts clawing for justice) $7.99
Nevala-Lee, Alec Eternal Empire (PBO; Maddy Blume is asked to go undercover as an art consultant to a Russian oil baron suspected of channeling profits to military intelligence. She discovers his ambitions are grander: he is out to shape the future of Russia, using the secret of the legendary kingdom of Shambhala) $9.99
Oates, Joyce Carol Evil Eye (Collection; 4 chilling novellas of love gone horribly wrong) $23.00
Palmer, Al Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street (Reissue; Gisele leaves her family's farm for the lights of Montreal, where her dreams turn to nightmares as she finds herself surrounded by drug dealers, nightclub owners, and chorus girls) $13.95
Patterson, Richard North Fall from Grace (After discovering that his father has disinherited family in favor of his mistress, Adam begins to wonder if his father's death was murder. While fighting to undo the will, he uses his CIA training to obscure evidence suggesting a family member may be a killer, and unearths disturbing family secrets that cause him to doubt everyone around him) $9.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Viral Siege (Executioner #418: PBO; An attack in Seattle scrambles Bolan's memory as he works to prevent a deadly virus from being handed over to the North Koreans) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Illicit Supply (SuperBolan #160: PBO; Bolan heads to Colombia on the trail of a counterfeiting ring that's plotting to destabilize the world's major currencies) $6.99
Penny, Louise How the Light Gets In (Gamache #9: When he receives word from Myrna Landers that her friend has failed to arrive for a Christmas visit, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache heads to Three Pines to investigate, and soon discovers that the missing woman was once one of the most famous people in the world, now unrecognized by virtually everyone. As the investigation draws him deeper into the world of Three Pines, he realizes he is also seeking a safe place for himself and his loyal colleagues; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Perenyi, Ken Caveat Emptor: The Secret Life of an American Art Forger (Nonfiction; an infamous art forger tells how he pulled it off, and reveals the inner workings of the art world) $16.95
Perry, Anne A Sunless Sea (William Monk #18: 1864: Monk's investigation into the murder of a high-end prostitute on the docks of Victorian London leads to secrets that have been buried since the Opium Wars) $16.00
Perry, Anne Blind Justice (William Monk #19: Victorian London: When Oliver Rathbone tampers with a case in the name of justice, Police Superintendent William Monk must find a way to make things right without betraying his friend) $26.00
Perry, Leigh A Skeleton in the Family (PBO; Georgia has moved back into her parents' house with her teenage daughter. Now she has to deal with Sid, the family skeleton. Sid has lived in the house as long as Georgia can remember, but now he wants her help to find out how he died) $7.99
Phelps, M. William Bad Girls (PBO; Nonfiction; Bob Dow was found shot in his own bed, with a cache of homemade porn starring underage girls from his Texas hometown. The accused killers? Two teen girls) $7.99
Potzsch, Oliver The Ludwig Conspiracy (Rare book dealer Steve Lukas acquires an encoded diary, written by a confidant of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who died under suspicious circumstances. Lukas teams up with art detective Sara Lengfeld to investigate Ludwig's fantastical castles, looking for clues to crack the code) $26.00
Price, Cate Going Through the Notions (Deadly Notions #1: PBO; Daisy, a retired schoolteacher, has opened a shop selling sewing bits and bobs, antiques, and jewelry. Her bidding at a local auction is interrupted when her friend and mentor Angus is arrested for murder) $7.99
Ramsland, Katherine The Devil's Dozen (Nonfiction; looks at 12 of the most notorious serial killers of the last century, and the forensics that brought them down) $9.99
Reichs, Kathy Bones of the Lost (Temperance Brennan #16: Tempe's examination of a teenage girl killed in a hit-and-run triggers an investigation into an international human trafficking ring) $26.99
Rich, David Caravan of Thieves (Rollie Waters #1: A lot of government money has gone missing, and officials think that Lieutenant Rollie Waters' con-artist father has it. To find Dan Waters, Rollie will have to trace the bits of truth scattered among his childhood memories) $9.99
Ritt, Brian Paperback Confidential (132 profiles of the men and women - some famous, some obscure - who wrote the books that became the backbone of the pulp and paperback era from the 1930s to through the 1960s) $19.95
Robinson, Gina License to Love (Agent Ex #4: PBO; A terrorist group is planning to steal top-secret tech from Area 51. To stop them, the CIA needs help from Vegas illusionist Rock Powers. To get it, they'll have to reappear Rock's wife and assistant Lani, who disappeared two years ago in the middle of Rock's act) $7.99
Rollins, J/Cantrell,R The Blood Gospel (Order of the Sanguines #1: An earthquake at Masada, Israel, reveals a tomb. A military forensic expert, a Vatican priest, and an archaeologist are sent to explore it, but an attack at the site sends the three racing to recover a tome rumored to have been written by Christ's own hand, said to hold the secrets to His divinity, and telling of a time when Christ made a miraculous offer - a pact of salvation for those who had been damned for eternity) $9.99
Rosenheim, Andrew Fear Itself (Jimmy Nessheim #1: 1930s: Going undercover to infiltrate an ardently pro-Nazi German-American organization that is conspiring to sabotage American efforts against Hitler, young FBI special agent Jimmy Nessheim uncovers a lethal plot that seems to lead directly to the White House) $15.95
Ross, Barbara Clammed Up (Maine Clambake #1: PBO; Julia Snowden returned to her Maine hometown to rescue her family's struggling clambake business, not to solve crimes. But that was before a catering job turned into a reception for murder) $7.99
Rumbelow, Donald The Complete Jack the Ripper (Fully revised and updated edition, laying out facts, theories, and nonsense written about the Whitechapel killings, and scrutinizing each theory, including those that have emerged in recent years) $17.95
Rutherford, Anne The Scottish Play Murder (Restoration #2: PBO; When Diarmid Ramsey asks to perform the role of Macbeth, Suzanne plans to play Lady Macbeth opposite the handsome stranger. But the curse on the Scottish Play takes effect when rumors arise, implicating Ramsey in a sailor's death and a plot against the king. Suzanne must determine if the man is a gifted actor, or a real-life villain) $15.00
Sandler, Karen Clean Burn (Janelle Watkins #1: Cop turned PI Janelle Watkins swore off investigating child abductions, but when two clients beg for help, she can't say no. The case takes her back to her hometown - where more children are disappearing) $14.99
Schweizer, Mark The Cantor Wore Crinolines (Liturgical Mystery #12: Hayden Konig is a wannabe mystery writer, a church organist, and Chief of Police of a small town in North Carolina. Groundhog Day isn't usually a liturgical holiday, but when the new Anglo-Catholic priest decides that a Candlemas Evensong on February 2nd is in order, what can the choir do but comply? As 'St. Groundlemas' approaches, three dead bodies turn up, and the clues point to a trashy murder mystery being read by the Blue Hill Bookworms.; Signed copies expected) $12.95
Scott, A.D. North Sea Requiem (Highland Gazette #4: PBO; 1950s: After a local nurse discovers a severed leg, things take a sinister turn when she is brutally attacked. Even stranger, she had received letters warning her to keep her nose out of someone's business - and both the staff of the Highland Gazette and an American visiting the Highlands to search for her missing husband's colleagues also received those letters) $16.00
Sears, Michael Black Fridays (Edgar finalist, best first novel. An investment firm asks Jason Stafford, a former Wall Street hotshot, to look into possible problems left by a junior trader who recently died in an accident. Jason discovers there are definitely problems - the kind that get you killed) $9.99
Sharp, Deborah Mama Gets Trashed (Mace Bauer #5: When a young librarian turns up dead at the dump, in a leather outfit that screams fetish, the town is scandalized. As Mace secretly investigates her brother-in-law's cheating, she uncovers information about a group of bondage enthusiasts) $14.99
Shoham, Liad Lineup (A rape in a quiet Tel Aviv neighborhood has no witnesses, suspects, or clues, until the victim's father supplies overwhelming evidence pointing to Ziv Nevo. Nevo has nothing to say - because he works for the mob, and telling the truth about why he was near the crime scene could get him killed) $25.99
Siger, Jeffrey Mykonos After Midnight (Andreas Kaldis #5: The bludgeoning death of a nightclub owner looks like a robbery gone wrong, but when the man's death puts politically explosive secrets into play, Chief Inspector Kaldis is sure there is far more behind the killing than simple thugs) $14.95
Stabenow, Dana Bad Blood (Kate Shugak #20: Sergeant Jim Chopin and investigator Kate Shugak find themselves entangled in a murderous tribal rivalry when the body of a young ne'er-do-well is found wedged in a fish wheel and the prime suspect disappears) $7.99
Stewart, David O. The Lincoln Deception (PBO; 1900: The death of the man who prosecuted eight members of the John Wilkes Booth conspiracy puts a physician and a college-educated colored man on the trail of a secret dating back to 1865 - one that is so explosive it could destroy the republic) $15.00
Stratmann, Linda A Case of Doubtful Death (Frances Doughty #3: A doctor has set up a waiting mortuary, where corpses decompose briefly to reassure clients that no one is being buried alive. He dies, apparently of natural causes, but on the same night his most reliable employee goes missing. Hired to find the missing man, Frances finds indications of blackmail, fraud, and murder) $14.95
Sullivan, Mark Rogue (Robin Monarch #1: Two years ago, top CIA operative Robin Monarch walked away in the middle of an mission, and became a thief, stealing from the super-rich. He's about to walk into a trap designed to force him to complete the mission he abandoned) $9.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Stacked Librarian (Scumble River #16: PBO; Skye's wedding is less than a week away, but the groom may be too busy to attend: he's investigating the murder of the town librarian, and suspects are piling up) $7.99
Thor, Brad Black List (Scot Harvath #11: Deep inside the US government is a list. The president has final say over it. And once your name is on the list, it doesn't come off until you're dead. Someone has just added Harvath's name to the list) $9.99
Todd, Charles A Question of Honor (Bess Crawford #5: 1918: Ten years ago in India, an officer in Colonel Crawford's regiment was discovered to have killed five people, but was never brought to trial, and reportedly died in the Khyber Pass. Bess investigates when she learns that the supposed murderer is serving at the Front) $25.99
Wagner, David Cold Tuscan Stone (Rick Montoya #1: The Italian Art Squad sends US expat Rick Montoya undercover in Tuscany, posing as a buyer for a Santa Fe gallery to flush out a smuggling operation. But when a gallery employee he talks to dies a few minutes later, Rick winds up a murder suspect) $14.95
Webb, Debra Ruthless (Faces of Evil #6: PBO; The discovery of a child's remains raises a chilling question. Is the Man in the Moon making a comeback after all these years? Or is this just another move in the Player's game?) $6.00
Weinman, Sarah (ed) Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives (PBO; Anthology; stories of domestic suspense from the 1940s through the mid-1970s written by the women who pioneered the genre) $16.00
White, Randy Wayne Deceived (Hannah Smith #2: A private museum, devoted to Florida's earliest settlers, has been announced, and Hannah's friends and neighbors are being asked for donations. It's a scam - a front for a real estate power play that would wipe out the village, and the developers don't plan to let anything stand in their way) $26.95
Woodrell, Daniel The Maid's Version (Alma works as the maid for a prominent Missouri family. When a fire at the local dance hall kills dozens, including Alma's sister, who is to blame? Alma thinks she knows the answer, and that its roots lie in a dangerous love affair) $25.00
Woods, Stuart Collateral Damage (Stone Barrington #25: An unexpected visit from Holly Barker draws Stone into a dangerous game of murder and vengeance, against an enemy with plans bigger than they could ever imagine) $9.99


Ackroyd, Peter Foundation: The History of England from Its Earliest Beginning to the Tudors (Nonfiction; the 1st of 6 volumes) $16.99
Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the Millionaire Mystery (Cam Jansen #32: Kids; At a charity function to raise money for local firefighters, Cam and her friend Eric investigate when the host's pearl necklace goes missing) $3.99
Baccalario, Pierdomenico Dragon of Seas (Century #4: Kids; As the equinox approaches, Sheng, Elettra, Harvey, and Mistral meet in Shanghai. Armed with a map, a top that seems to be broken, a collection of old coins, and a tile with four knives painted on it, they search for an ancient stone that they're sure is the last piece of the puzzle) $7.99
Bailey, Frankie Y. The Red Queen Dies (2019: A drug used to treat soldiers for PTSD has hit the streets; swallowing it erases traumatic memories. But what happens to a criminal trial when the star witness takes a pill and can't remember the crime?) $24.99
Baldacci, David The Hit (Will Robie #2: When a government assassin turns rogue and begins hunting down members of his unit, Will Robie is called in to stop him) $15.00
Beaton, M.C. Something Borrowed, Someone Dead (Agatha Raisin #24: Agatha is hired to find out who poisoned a widow with a nasty habit of borrowing things and not giving them back) $24.99
Bell Jr., Albert A. Death in the Ashes (Pliny the Younger #4: His friend Aurelia asks Pliny to help her husband, who has been accused of murder in Naples. He and his wisecracking sidekick Tacitus uncover a plot involving more murders, and babies switched at birth) $15.95
Busby, Sian A Commonplace Killing (1946: DI Jim Cooper's investigation of a strangling murder in an abandoned London churchyard uncovers the double life of a seemingly proper middle-class woman) $16.00
Carofiglio, Gianrico The Silence of the Wave (Roberto's past as a spy has left him devastated, but now his psychiatrist's words, his hypnotic strolls through Rome, and a chance meeting with a woman named Emma - who, like Roberto, is ravaged by guilt - begin to revive him. When 11-year-old Giacomo asks Roberto to help him conquer his nightmares, Roberto at last achieves a true rebirth) $24.95
Castle, Richard Deadly Heat (Nikki Heat #5: Determined to find justice for her mother's death, NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat and journalist Jameson Rook continue their pursuit of the CIA chief who ordered the killing) $26.99
Christie, Agatha The Grand Tour: Around the World with the Queen of Mystery (Nonfiction; an account of her 1922 trip around the British Empire, told in never before published letters and photos from Christie's archives) $19.99
Christie, Agatha Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories (The Belgian detective uses his little grey cells to solve murders, poisonings, kidnappings, and thefts) $19.99
Coben, Harlan Seconds Away (Mickey Bolitar #2: YA; As the mystery surrounding the death of Mickey's dad unfolds, Mickey and his new friends Ema and Spoon may be in more danger than they imagine) $9.99
Dawson, Janet Death Rides the Zephyr (1952: The California Zephyr is stopped cold by a rockslide in a Colorado Canyon. There's a murderer on board, who will kill again unless stopped. Can Zephyrette Jill McLeod crack the case in time?) $15.95
Faye, Lyndsay Seven for a Secret (Timothy Wilde #2: Lucy Adams, a colored woman, comes to New York policeman Timothy Wilde for help. Her sister and nephew have been kidnapped, presumably by catchers, who snatch free colored people from the North, say they are captured slaves, and sell them in the South. As Timothy races to find Lucy's family, he finds a network of complicit judges and corrupt police) $26.95
Gavin, Rick Beluga (Nick & Desmond #2: Nick and Desmond liberated some money from a nasty meth dealer, and now that they need to launder it, all kinds of 'investment opportunities' are coming out of the woodwork. One of them has trouble written all over it. Ninja school girl assassin and Delta gangsters? Forget about recouping their investment - they'll settle for staying alive) $14.99
Grafton, Sue W Is For Wasted (Kinsey Millhone #23: Kinsey uncovers a connection between two murders: a shady PI gunned down near the beach, and a man, probably homeless, found dead on the beach with Kinsey's name and phone number in his pocket) $28.95
Hicks, Deron R. Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave (Colophon #1: Kids; When a malicious relative threatens to seize control of the family publishing business, 12-year-old Colophon Letterford must discover the link between her family's literary legacy and Shakespeare's tomb before it's too late) $5.99
Indridason, Arnaldur Black Skies (Reykjavik #8: A school reunion leaves Sigurdur Oli unhappy with life in the police force. When a favor to a friend goes wrong and a woman dies before his eyes, Oli has a murder investigation on his hands) $25.99
Jance, J.A. Second Watch (J.P. Beaumont #21: After having surgery, a series of dreams takes Beau back to his early days as a Seattle cop, and then to his days in Vietnam. Are they drug-induced hallucinations? He isn't so sure. And when tugging on those threads from long ago leads to present-day murders, his suspicions are confirmed) $26.99
Johansen, Iris Taking Eve (Eve Duncan #15: Jim Doane's adult son is missing, but he has only skull fragments as evidence. He can't go to the police without risking his own secrets and hidden agendas. He needs Eve Duncan's help, and he'll do anything to get it) $7.99
King, Laurie R. The Bones of Paris (Harris Stuyvesant #2: Summer 1929: PI Harris Stuyvesant joins the American expat community in Paris, searching for a missing girl whose disappearance may be one of many - and possibly linked to a string of murders; Signed copies expected) $26.00
Lane, Andrew Black Ice (Young Sherlock #3: YA; Sherlock and his American tutor head to London to have lunch with Sherlock's brother Mycroft. Instead they find a locked room, a dead body, and Mycroft holding a knife. It's up to Sherlock to save Mycroft from the gallows) $9.99
Lansdale, Joe R. The Thicket (1900s: When his sister Lula is kidnapped, young Jack teams up with a bounty hunter and the son of an ex-slave, and sets off the rescue her from the corrupt men who control most of East Texas) $26.00
Leonard, Niall Crusher (YA; Thriller Award finalist. When his father is bludgeoned to death, Finn is the prime suspect. To clear his name, he will have to scour the sordid London underworld for answers, exposing dark family secrets and facing danger at every turn) $9.99
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter's Final Cut (Dexter #6: TV's hottest star arrives at the Miami Police Department to research a role and decides he needs to shadow blood spatter analyst Dexter's every move) $25.95
Locke, Attica The Cutting Season (When a young woman is found in a shallow grave on a Louisiana plantation, the police start compiling suspects, but estate manager Caren Gray has suspicions of her own. The search for answers plunges her into a centuries-old mystery involving the plantation's slave quarters) $15.99
Malliet, G.M. A Fatal Winter (Max Tudor #2: Anglican priest and former MI5 agent Max Tudor investigates two deaths at Chedrow Castle. The case is complicated by the presence of a group of greedy relatives, any of whom has a motive for murder) $14.99
Marklund, Liza Lifetime (Annika Bengtzon #7: A police officer is found naked on his bed, bullets through his head and stomach. His wife is traumatized, rambling about a woman entering the house, killing him, and running off with their son. The evidence implicates the wife, but reporter Annika Bengtzon is determined to clear the wife's name and find the missing boy) $15.00
Mayor, Archer Paradise City (Joe Gunther #23: Burglaries in Vermont turn out to be connected to an burglary in Boston where an elderly woman ended up murdered. Joe Gunther's team, the Boston police, and the dead woman's vengeful niece are all eager to find the culprits) $14.99
Miley, Mary The Impersonator (1924: Heiress Jessie Carr has been missing since 1917; her uncle approaches out-of-work vaudeville actress Leah Randall, wanting her to impersonate Jessie, claim the fortune, and split it with him. Leah agrees, but promises herself she'll try to find out what happened to Jessie. But there's one problem: Leah's act won't fool the one person who knows the truth about Jessie's fate) $24.99
Moss, Alan The Victorian Detective (Nonfiction; an overview of crime-solving in the Victorian era) $12.95
Neville, Stuart Ratlines (Albert Ryan #1: 1963: When a German national is murdered at an Irish guesthouse, Lt. Albert Ryan of the Directorate of Intelligence is ordered to investigate. The killers are targeting Nazis granted asylum by the Irish government after WWII. As Ryan closes in on the killers, he is torn. Why must he now protect the very people he fought against?) $15.95
Norton, Carla The Edge of Normal (10 years ago, Reeve was kidnapped and held captive. After a lucky escape, she's spent the last 6 years trying to rebuild her life. When her therapist asks her to help a girl rescued from a similar situation, she soon realizes she may need to do more than mentor - she may be the only one who can protect the girl from a predator who is still out there) $25.99
Parker, R/Brandman, M Damned If You Do (Jesse Stone #12: When an unidentified young woman is found murdered in a seedy beachfront motel, Paradise police chief Jesse Stone starts digging, and finds himself in the middle of a turf war between two pimps) $26.95
Patterson, J/Pearson, M Private London (Private #2: In central London, young women are being abducted and mutilated. Dan Carter, head of Private London, puts the agency's full resources into action in a desperate race against time) $10.00
Quinn, Spencer The Sound and the Furry (Chet & Bernie #6: Frenchie Boutet, an old criminal friend, turns to canine narrator Chet and his human PI Bernie Little for help finding his missing brother. At first it appears another bayou family might be responsible, but Chet digs up a clue that points to Big Oil) $25.00
Robb, J.D. Thankless in Death (Eve Dallas #38: Lt. Eve Dallas investigates the brutal slayings of a couple; the evidence points to their adult son. Now, with the money he's stolen and a long list of grievances, he's planning to make his mark on the world) $27.95
Rowland, Laura Joh The Shogun's Daughter (Sano Ichiro #17: Japan, 1704: The shogun's daughter has died from smallpox; when Sano Ichiro learns the death may have been murder, he sets off on a dangerous investigation) $25.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi The Wrong Girl (Jane Ryland #2: A tip from an woman searching for her birth mother and an empty cradle at a crime scene send reporter Jane Ryland and homicide detective Jake Brogan down a twisting trail that leads to the heart of a foster care system in crisis, and threatens to blow the lid off an adoption agency scandal) $24.99
Sallis, James Others of My Kind (In a politically turbulent near future, Jenny is asked to help a young woman who, like her, was abducted as a child. Buried memories are revived, setting in motion an unexpected interchange with the president herself) $24.00
Sayers, Dorothy L. The Complete Stories (Reissue; All her short mystery fiction) $19.99
Selfors, Suzanne Smells Like Pirates (Homer Pudding #3: Kids; Homer and Dog face an impossible decision. Will they work with Homer's sworn enemy Lorelei to find the missing pirate treasure, or abandon the quest?) $7.00
Simmons, Dan Darwin's Blade (Reissue; Darwin Minor is investigating a series of high-speed fatal car wrecks that seem like they might have been staged. The deeper he digs, the more enemies he seems to make, and the wider the conspiracy seems to grow) $16.00
Tallis, F.R. (Frank) The Sleep Room (Hired by Dr. Maitland to manage a controversial therapy in which extremely disturbed patients are kept asleep for months, young psychiatrist James Richardson soon senses something uncanny. Why is Maitland unwilling to discuss the patients' past lives? Why is the nurse so on edge? What does it mean when the sleepers all start dreaming at once?) $25.95
Voight, Cynthia The Book of Lost Things (Mister Max #1: Kids; Max's actor parents are unpredictable, but sailing away and leaving him with only a cryptic note? Have they been kidnapped? Until he can figure out what's going on, Max plans to keep a low profile. But finding a job is tricky, no matter what costume he dons, until he discovers a talent for finding things - a runaway child, a stray dog, a missing heirloom, a lost love - and becomes Mister Max, Solutioneer. Now if he could just find a solution to his own problems) $16.99
Wein, Elizabeth Rose Under Fire (YA; Pilot and poet Rose Justice was captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp. She finds hope through the loyalty, bravery, and friendship of her fellow prisoners. But will that be enough, with the fate that's in store for her?) $17.99
Yu, Ovidia Aunty Lee's Delights (When a body is found in a Singapore tourist haven and one of her guests fails to show at a dinner party, restaurant owner Aunty Lee knows that the two events are likely connected. The police quickly discover that Aunty Lee's sharp nose for intrigue can sniff out clues that elude law enforcers) $14.99


Adams, Ellery Poisoned Prose (Books by the Bay #5: PBO; Oyster Bay's patrons of the arts sponsor a retreat for famous storytellers. When one of them has a very unhappy ending, Olivia must track down a killer) $7.99
Arjouni, Jakob Brother Kemal (Kemal Kayankaya #5: Kayankaya is summoned to Frankfurt's diplomatic quarter, and hired to locate a missing teenage girl, presumed to have run off with an older man who was posing as an artist. And a major publisher needs protection during the Frankfurt Book Fair for an author who has offended Islamist groups) $14.95
Avi Sophia's War (Kids; 1776: Recruited as a spy, young Sophia becomes a maid in the British commander's home. When she discovers that someone in the US Army might be switching sides, the identity of the would-be traitor is so shocking that no one believes her, so she sets out to stop the treacherous plot on her own) $6.99
Barnett, Mac Danger Goes Beserk (Brixton Brothers #4: Kids; 12-year-old Steve Brixton goes undercover to retrieve a stolen surfboard. When the case goes wrong, he finds himself caught up in mysteries involving wild surfers, pirate smugglers, goons, and a boy who can't find his gym shorts) $6.99
Barney, James The Joshua Stone (PBO; A series of strange events in West Virginia bring government agents to investigate. What they find will shake the foundations of science and religion, and put them in the crosshairs of a global conspiracy) $14.99
Bass, Jefferson The Devil's Bones (Body Farm #3: Reissue; Forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton investigates a victim's remains that were found in a burned car; his psychotic nemesis Garland Hamilton escapes from custody) $9.99
Bass, Jefferson Bones of Betrayal (Body Farm #4: Reissue; Bill Brockton and Miranda Lovelady investigate when an elderly physicist dies from a searing dose of radiation in the town that was the key site for the Manhattan Project during WWII) $9.99
Bass, Jefferson The Bone Thief (Body Farm #5: Reissue; Dr. Bill Brockton uncovers a flourishing black market in body parts headed by an unscrupulous funeral director) $9.99
Bass, Jefferson The Bone Yard (Body Farm #6: Reissue; Unidentified remains found in rural Florida lead Dr. Brockton's team to a series of shallow graves at a defunct reform school - and to skeletons in some very prominent closets) $9.99
Bell, David Never Come Back (PBO; When her mother dies, Elizabeth prepares to be her troubled brother's new caregiver; then police discover her mother was murdered - possibly by her brother) $15.00
Belle, Josie Buried in Bargains (Good Buy Girls #3: PBO; Murder ruins the holiday spirit for the discount divas when they find a town newcomer strangled with her own apron strings) $7.99
Bingham, Harry Talking to the Dead (Fiona Griffiths #1: A gruesome double murder in a squalid apartment seems like a simple drug case, but why was a dead millionaire's credit card found at the scene? Rookie DC Fiona Griffiths investigates) $15.00
Block, Lawrence Catch and Release (Collection; previously uncollected tales of murder and desire) $30.00
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Sallies Forth: Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage / Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer / Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art (Mrs. Jeffries #10 / #11 / #12: Omnibus reprint; 3 Victorian mysteries) $16.00
Burton, Jeffrey The Chessman (Hidden forces are willing to kill any and all who stand in the way of untold billions. To toss the authorities off track, they borrow the MO of a serial killer who stalked Washington, DC, years ago. A brilliant ruse except for one minor detail: the real killer is not pleased. Former FBI agent Drew Cady finds himself sucked back into the case that almost took his life) $14.95
Butler, Robert Olen The Hot Country (Kit Cobb #1: Mexico, 1914: War correspondent Kit Cobb witnesses a shooting, but the bullet rebounds from the cross around the priest's neck and leaves him unharmed. Cobb employs a young pickpocket to help him learn the identity of the sniper, and to find out why important German officials are coming into the city in the middle of the night) $15.00
Butler, Robert Olen The Star of Istanbul (Kit Cobb #2: With the Great War in full swing, war correspondent and US spy Kit Cobb follows a possible SS agent aboard the Lusitania. Aboard ship, he is smitten with a famous actress who turns out to harbor secrets that could fan the flames of the raging conflict) $25.00
Camilleri, Andrea Treasure Hunt (Montalbano #16: Hailed as a hero after news cameras film him scaling a building, gun in hand, to capture a pair of unlikely snipers, Inspector Montalbano begins receiving cryptic messages in verse challenging him to a treasure hunt. Treating them as amusing riddles, he accepts, but the messages begin to take a dangerous turn) $15.00
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Moose Motive (Chocoholic #12: Town gossip has it that Sissy, the new hire at the chocolate shop, killed her husband. When Sissy finds a dead body, Lee knows she needs to solve this mystery - or start looking for a new employee) $7.99
Carmack, Amanda Murder at Hatfield House (Kate Haywood #1: PBO; 1558: England's greatest hope lies in the young Princess Elizabeth, under house arrest at Hatfield House. When an envoy of the queen, sent to sniff out heretics in the household, turns up dead on the Hatfield grounds, musician Kate Haywood searches for the killer) $7.99
Charbonneau, Joelle Skating Under the Wire (Rebecca Robbins #4: Rebecca has to track down an elusive home invasion ring, find the killer responsible for the murder at her best friend's bridal shower, fulfill her maid of honor duties, and cook Thanksgiving dinner for an ever-expanding guest list - without getting herself killed) $25.99
Childs, L/Orgain, D Gilt Trip (Scrapbooking #11: A white-collar criminal has been released after serving only a fraction of his sentence. Carmela and Ava are invited to his welcome home party. When the guest of honor winds up murdered and stuffed in a clothes dryer, Carmela will need to air the man's dirty laundry to find out which of his enemies was angry enough to kill) $25.95
Childs, Laura Postcards from the Dead (Scrapbooking #10: Someone is leaving strange postcards at Carmela's shop, signed by a murdered TV reporter. Carmela and Ava must find out who's posing as a ghost and expose a killer) $7.99
Christopher, Paul Lost City of the Templars (John Holliday #8: Holliday and his crew discover a centuries-old society descended from the Templar Knights. Hidden in the Amazon basin, they have one purpose: to conceal and protect the Ark of the Covenant) $9.99
Collins, Max Allan Target Lancer (Nate Heller #16: 1963: Heller had been involved with the Kennedys, the Mafia, and the CIA in the early stages of a plan to assassinate Fidel Castro. Now he realizes that only he knows all the players, so he may be the one person who can stop the web of conspirators targeting JFK) $7.99
Connolly, Sheila Golden Malicious (Orchard #7: PBO; A mysterious insect infestation is threatening the local woodlands. When Meg stumbles across a murder victim, she must discover who's behind the sudden swarm of trouble) $7.99
Crockett, Jessie Drizzled with Death (Sugar Grove #1: PBO; When her New Hampshire family's maple syrup is suspected of killing a contestant in a pancake-eating contest, Dani is determined to pull her loved ones out of a sticky situation) $7.99
Curtis, Waverly The Big Chihuahua (Barking Detective #3: PBO; The search for a hapless husband's wayward wife takes PI Geri Sullivan and her talking Chihuahua Pepe to the rural retreat of a cult of dog worshippers, where the discovery of a dead body makes it clear that a killer is on the prowl) $7.99
Deaver, Jeffery The October List (Gabriela waits desperately for news of her daughter. At last, the door opens. But it's the kidnapper, and he has a gun. How did it come to this? Two days ago, Gabriela was told that her daughter had been taken, and was given an ultimatum: pay half a million dollars and find a mysterious document within 30 hours, or never see her child again) $26.00
Dunn, Carola A Colourful Death (Cornish #2: When her artist friend Nick Gresham is arrested for the murder of a rival artist, Eleanor Trewynn does a little investigating, and learns that Nick is far from the only one with a compelling motive) $14.99
Erdrich, Louise The Round House (Winner, 2012 National Book Award. 1988: Geraldine Coutts, an Ojibwe woman living on a North Dakota reservation, is brutally attacked, but refuses to share the details of what happened with the police, or with her husband Bazil, the tribal judge. Bazil searches for clues to the attacker's identity and motives. Meanwhile, their 13-year-old son Joe sets out with three friends to find the truth) $15.99
Ernst, Kathleen Heritage of Darkness (Chloe Ellefson #4: Chloe head to Decorah, Iowa, with her mom and her cop boyfriend for classes in rosemaling - decorative Norwegian folk painting - and finds an instructor's dead body crammed into an antique trunk) $14.99
Fairlie, Emily The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck (Kids; Two sixth graders solve the 80-year-old mystery of their school in a clue-filled scavenger hunt that leads them to unexpected treasure) $6.99
Ferris, Gordon Truth Dare Kill (Danny McRae #1: 1946: The war is over, leaving Danny McRae with amnesia and blackouts, not good for a PI with a client on the hook for murder. When news of a killer stalking London's red light district stirs grisly memories, Danny is terrified of what he might discover if he delves deeper into his fractured mind) $12.95
Fforde, Jasper The Woman Who Died a Lot (Thursday Next #7: After an assassination attempt, Thursday returns to Swindon to recuperate. But there are problems at home: Friday's career struggles in the Chronoguard; Tuesday's trouble perfecting the Anti-Smote shield in time to prevent an angry Deity from wiping Swindon off the face of the earth; and the issue of Thursday's third child Jenny, who exists only as a confusing and disturbing memory. With Goliath attempting to replace Thursday with synthetic Thursdays, and a call from Bookworld to hunt down Pagerunners who have jumped into the Realworld, Thursday's convalescence is going to be anything but restful) $16.00
Fleming/Boyd, William Solo (James Bond: 1969: A veteran secret agent. A single mission. A license to kill) $26.99
Fleming/Lycett, Andrew Ian Fleming (Biography of the creator of James Bond, who served in British Naval Intelligence during WWII, then worked as a journalist, and wrote his first Bond novel in 1953) $29.99
Fluke, Joanne Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook (Hannah Swensen: Nonfiction; all the recipes from the first ten books in the series, plus new recipes, interspersed with stories and anecdotes about some of the town's beloved characters) $7.99
Franklin, T/Fennelly, B The Tilted World (A story of murder and moonshine, sandbagging and saboteurs, dynamite and deluge, and a man and a woman who unexpectedly find love, set against the backdrop of the 1927 Mississippi flood) $25.99
Genova, Rosie Murder and Marinara (Italian Kitchen #1: PBO; Mystery writer Victoria Rienzi moves back to the Jersey Shore to work in her family's restaurant. The town is up in arms about a new reality TV series. When Victoria serves the show's pushy producer his last meal, the restaurant staff finds itself embroiled in a murder investigation) $7.99
Gibbins, David Pharaoh (Jack Howard #7: A cache of Egyptian mummies provides DNA that reveals staggering information about the lineage of the Sun Gods, leading Jack Howard and his team to one of the greatest - and most dangerous - secrets in history) $9.99
Grant, M.C. Devil with a Gun (Dixie Flynn #2: A story about a missing father turns deadly serious for San Francisco reporter Dixie Flynn when she discovers a link to a dangerous Russian mobster. She turns to ex-hitman Pinch for help with a dangerous rescue mission) $14.99
Hale, Rebecca M. Afoot on St. Croix (Islands #2: PBO; Charlie is returning to St. Croix, lured back by his ex-wife Mira's promise of a reunion with his children. He's about to discover just how crazy Mira is. And with a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows who could be the source of the terrifying Goat Foot Woman legend, he will also learn what dark fate the island has in store for him) $7.99
Hall, Tarquin The Case of the Love Commandos (Vish Puri #4: When Tulsi, a high-caste young woman, falls in love with Ram, an Untouchable, her father locks her up and threatens to kill her boyfriend. Volunteers dedicated to helping mixed-caste couples manage to free Tulsi, but Ram is missing. The task of finding him falls to PI Vish Puri) $24.99
Hamilton, Donald The Ambushers (Matt Helm #6: Reissue; A shapely foreign agent talks Matt into a mysterious trek in northern Mexico. Meanwhile, a Cuban missile falls into the hands of a fanatic) $7.99
Hammett, Dashiell Return of the Thin Man (Two novellas, written for the movies that became After the Thin Man and Another Thin Man , and never before published in their entirety) $15.00
Hannibal, James R. Shadow Catcher (Triple Seven Chase #1: PBO; Years ago, Air Force Major Nick Baron was part of a failed mission that left a stealth bomber at the bottom of the Persian Gulf. Now he and his team must find and dispose of it) $16.00
Harper, Karen Finding Mercy (Home Valley Amish #3: A Wall Street whistle-blower under witness protection brings a world of trouble to the Lantz's doorstep, and changes quiet Ella Lantz's life forever when she falls in love with him) $7.99
Hart, Carolyn Ghost Gone Wild (Bailey Ruth #4: Good-hearted ghost Bailey Ruth finds herself in her Oklahoma hometown, where she saves Nick Magruder from taking a bullet. After she materializes to reassure him, she can't vanish - his aunt's ghost has tricked her into coming to his rescue, and now she's trapped unless she can help catch the person who wants Nick dead) $25.95
Hart, Carolyn What the Cat Saw (Nela Farley #1: Nela understands the thoughts of cats when she looks in their eyes. While staying at her sister's place, she encounters a previous tenant's cat - and what the cat saw suggests that the woman's death was no accident. When Nela's sister becomes a suspect and a second murder occurs, Nela must figure out what's going on) $7.99
Hart, Ellen Taken by the Wind (Jane Lawless #21: When their teenage son and his cousin disappear, Eric and Andrew think the boys have run away, and turn to PI Jane Lawless for help. But Jane's first impression of the case isn't good - she fears the boys may have been abducted, or worse) $25.99
Havill, Steven F. Night Zone (Posadas County #18: When New Mexico rancher Miles Waddell inherits a fortune, he decides to build an astronomy theme park, complete with hotel, restaurant, and narrow gauge steam locomotive. But the controversial project attracts trouble, and retired Posadas County sheriff Bill Gastner soon finds himself right in the middle of it) $14.95
Hayes, S/Whitehead, D Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts (Fearing for his friend's health after a prolonged cocaine binge, Dr. Watson arranges to take Holmes to a friend's home to convalesce. En route to Paris, they become embroiled in a perilous case) $29.95
Hillerman, Anne Spider Woman's Daughter (When the Legendary Lieutenant is shot, Bernie Manuelito is the only eyewitness. While Leaphorn fights for his life, Jim Chee leads the search for the shooter. As a witness, Bernie is officially banned from the investigation, but as she tries to track down Leaphorn's family and get in touch with his mysteriously absent partner Louisa, suspicious events draw her back into the case) $25.99
Hirahara, Naomi Blood Hina (Mas Arai #4: When an ancient Japanese doll display belonging to his best friend Haruo's fiancee goes missing, the wedding is called off with fingers pointed at Haruo; Mas must clear his friend's name) $15.00
James, Peter Not Dead Yet (Roy Grace #8: DS Grace is charged with protecting a Hollywood superstar while she's on location in Brighton; a clever maniac is determined to kill her) $15.99
Jansson, Anna Strange Bird (Maria Wern #7: Panic about the bird flu pandemic spreads on Gotland Island, leading to a hunt for scapegoats by extremists and anti-immigrant groups. When a nurse at a clinic makes a discovery that costs her life, DI Maria Wern must solve the murder) $14.95
Jonasson, Jonas The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (Just before his 100th birthday, Allan Karlsson climbs out the window of his Swedish nursing home and embarks on an entirely spontaneous journey. As he travels, he encounters a suitcase stuffed with cash, a hospitable thief, some decidedly unpleasant criminals, a friendly hot-dog stand operator, a red-headed woman, and an elephant) $9.00
Jones, J. Sydney Ruin Value (1945: As the Allies prepare for the war criminal trials in the devastated city of Nuremberg, a serial murderer is targeting the occupying forces. Nathan Morgan spent the war in Army Intelligence, but now it's time for him to turn back into a homicide detective) $14.99
Kadare, Ismail Agamemnon's Daughter (Collection; a novella and 2 stories) $14.95
Kadare, Ismail The Concert (China is somehow involved with the increasingly desperate situation in Albania, but no one knows the extent. Skender Bermema heads to China on a fact-finding mission. At a mysterious gala concert, the foreign invitees expect to be able to decipher from the colors, figures, and gestures of the Chinese actors a message about China's intentions; the message is shocking beyond their wildest imaginings) $14.95
Kadare, Ismail The Three-Arched Bridge (A Balkan legend declares that a castle under construction could not be finished until a mason's wife was walled up alive. Myth becomes perverse reality when a mason is plastered into a bridge over a strategically important river; and he will not be the last human sacrifice) $14.95
Kelly, Diane Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream (Tara Holloway #6: PBO; After firing a few too many shots from her weapon, Tara finds herself fired by the IRS and facing a lawsuit. Tara's former boss Lu has a plan to stick her in auditing. She can't possibly get in trouble there, can she?) $7.99
Kelly, Sofie Final Catcall (Magical Cats #5: PBO; A local theater festival has relocated to the library. When the director is found murdered, Kathleen plays detective with the help of her extraordinary cats) $7.99
Kerrigan, Gene Dark Times in the City (Ex-con Danny Callaghan prevents a shootout in a pub, simultaneously saving the intended victim and insulting a Dublin crime kingpin. Once the police decide to investigate, Danny has to decide between lying and being an honest witness. Either way, he's caught between bent cops and ruthless gang culture) $17.00
Kornetsky, L.A. Fixed (Gin & Tonic #2: PBO; When funds go missing from the local animal shelter, Ginny asks her friend Teddy to help her investigate. They discover that something is disturbing the shelter animals at night - and then a dead body shows up. With a little help from shar-pei Georgie and tabby cat Penny, can they figure out what's going on before the shelter loses everything?) $15.00
Lane, Andrew Fire Storm (Young Sherlock #4: YA; When a friend and her father disappear, their house looks as though no one has ever lived in it, and the neighbors claim never to have heard of them. A clue points to Scotland, and a mystery that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers, and a man who claims he can raise the dead) $17.99
Lavene, Joyce & Jim A Finder's Fee (Missing Pieces #5: PBO; Two weeks before the mayoral election, Dae gets sidetracked by a spirit in need of rescuing. That leads her to an even bigger mystery: a 40-year-old murder connected to Dae's mayoral opponent) $7.99
Lehrer, Jim Top Down (Van Walters, the Secret Service agent who made the call to take the bubbletop off President Kennedy's convertible, is being destroyed by guilt. His daughter asks Jack Gilmore, a young reporter who covered the president's motorcade, to help prove once and for all what would have happened if the bubbletop stayed on) $26.00
Leon, Donna The Jewels of Paradise (Baroque opera expert Caterina Pellegrini returns to her native Venice, hired to examine the papers found in two trunks belonging to a Baroque composer who was well-connected in religious and political circles. When her research takes her in unexpected directions and a silent man follows her through the streets, she begins to wonder just what secrets the trunks might hold) $14.00
Liesche, Margit Triptych (Budapest, 1956: 11-year-old Evike and her mother sneak into battle zones in support of the freedom fighters. Interrogated by the secret police, Evike spins a story to deflect attention from her mother's revolutionary activities - a story that will alter a number of lives and reach, in 1986, into the life of Ildiko Palmay. Mystified by her mother's death, American-born Ildiko is drawn back to her family's roots. In Budapest she uncovers a trail of secrets and betrayals reaching back to the Revolution, and discovers the shocking truth about her mother's death) $14.95
Limon, Martin Nightmare Range (Suneo & Bascom: Collection of short fiction featuring Army Intelligence investigators Sergeant George Sueno and Sergeant Ernie Bascom in 1960s-1970s Korea) $26.95
Loan-Wilsey, Anna Anything But Civil (Hattie Davish #2: PBO; 1890s: Research for a biography of a general takes secretary Hattie Davish and her employer to Galena, IL, where time has done little to heal Civil War wounds. When the general's pompous son turns up dead, Hattie discovers there's no shortage of suspects) $15.00
Logan, Kylie Chili con Carnage (Chili Cook-Off #1: PBO; Maxie's dad, the king of the chili cook-off circuit, is missing, so she takes his place at the Taos Chili Showdown. When her ex-boyfriend turns up murdered in the chef's trailer, the police pepper her with questions) $7.99
Lutz, John Twist (Frank Quinn #8: PBO; Frank goes after a serial killer who is stalking his niece) $9.99
MacInnes, Helen The Double Image (Reissue; John Craig is surprised when he runs into one of his college professors in Paris. Sussman is in shock, having seen and been seen by SS Colonel Berg, who tortured him at Auschwitz - and who supposedly died ten years ago. Then Sussman is found dead. As various international organizations are drawn into the hunt for Sussman's killer, Craig realizes that Berg is far more than just a wanted war criminal) $9.95
Magno, Alessandro M. Bound in Venice: The Serene Republic and the Dawn of the Book (Nonfiction; in 15th-century Venice, the first publishing houses open, leading to an explosion of the written word and an unprecedented dissemination of human knowledge) $16.00
Malliet, G.M. Pagan Spring (Max Tudor #3: Spy turned vicar Max Tudor is looking forward to a dinner party that includes village newcomers. When a dinner guest is found dead in the pre-dawn hours, connections to long-ago crimes, some sparked by the paintings of a famous local artist, help Max unravel the clues. But can he restore peace to Nether Monkslip in time to finish his Easter sermon?) $24.99
Marcinko/DeFelice Blood Lies (Rogue Warrior #17: When a retired Navy SEAL's daughter is held for ransom in Mexico, Marcinko and his band of Red Cell International warriors head south of the border to rescue her) $9.99
Mason, J/Stephens, S Cry Woof (A Dog & His Girl #3: PBO; Kids; Something's up with the vitamins some people in town are taking, and something doesn't seem right about an eccentric neighbor's mysterious fall. Former K-9 cop Dodge and his girl Cassie will leave no ladder unclimbed or rosebush uninvestigated to get to the bottom of things) $5.99
Mathews, John Letters from a Murderer (Jameson & Argenti #1: NYC, 1891: A prostitute's brutal murder brings fear. Has the Ripper come to the city, or is this a copycat? English pathologist Finley Jameson, who worked on the Whitechapel killings, is teamed up with police detective Joseph Argenti) $14.99
McCrumb, Sharyn King's Mountain (Ballad #10: 1780: When British Army Major Patrick Ferguson orders Patriot settlers in the Appalachians to lay down their arms, and threatens to burn farms if they refuse, John Sevier organizes the Carolina Overmountain Men to resist the Crown troops) $25.99
McDermid, Val Cross and Burn (Hill & Jordan #8: Guilt and grief have driven a wedge between psychologist Tony Hill and ex-DCI Carol Jordan. Now someone is killing women who look like Jordan. When the evidence points in a disturbing direction, Tony and Carol are forced to fight for themselves and each other as never before) $25.00
McIntosh, D.J. The Witch of Babylon (Babylon #1: Caught between his brother's obsession with saving a priceless relic and a deadly game of revenge staged by a childhood friend, Turkish-American art dealer John Madison must decipher a biblical prophecy that leads to the dark history behind alchemy) $8.99
McSkimming, Geoffrey Phyllis Wong and the Forgotten Secrets of Mr. Okyto (Kids; Before his mysterious disappearance, Phyllis Wong's great-grandfather was one of the world's most successful magicians. When the city is plagued by a series of incomprehensible robberies, her friend Chief Inspector Inglis may be baffled, but Phyllis realizes there is more to the crimes than meets the eye) $9.99
Meier, Leslie Christmas Carol Murder (Lucy Stone #20: After a greedy mortgage broker is murdered, Lucy Stone uncovers plenty of suspects. Then the man's business partner starts receiving death threats. Can Lucy solve the case before the killer strikes again?) $25.00
Menzies, G/Hudson, I Who Discovered America? (Nonfiction; a radical rethinking of the accepted historical record of how the American continents were settled) $28.99
Muller, Marcia Looking for Yesterday (Sharon McCone #29: Three years ago, Caro Warrick was acquitted of murder, but everyone around her has lingering doubts. Sharon is sure she can get to the truth, but when Caro is attacked on Sharon's doorstep, the investigation takes a whole new course) $9.00
Munday, Evan Dial M for Morna (Dead Kid Detective Agency #2: Kids; Against a backdrop of Yuletide pandemonium, October and her dead friends discover dark supernatural forces at work, and sleuth their way through a mystery involving a blizzard of suffragettes, ice-skating disasters, anti-Asian sentiment, and the Titanic ) $11.95
Murgatroyd, Tim Breaking Bamboo (Yun Clan #2: Central China, 1264: When Mongol armies storm into the Middle Kingdom, the descendants of Yun Cai are trapped in a desperate siege that will determine the fate of the empire. As enemies close in, conflicts threatens to tear apart twin brothers Guang, a heroic soldier, and Shih, a humble doctor) $13.95
Nabb, Magdalen The Monster of Florence (Guarnaccia #10: When Marshal Guarnaccia is assigned to work with the police, tracking down a serial killer who targets unmarried couples, he feels out of his league) $26.95
Nethercott, Michael The Seance Society (1956: When PI Lee Plunkett and scholarly sleuth Mr. O'Nelligan are drawn into the murder of a wealthy inventor, they find themselves knee-deep in suspects, including a surly medium, a former speakeasy queen, the dead man's mysterious Spanish widow, and a houseful of eccentric servants) $24.99
Nisbet, Jim Octopus on My Head (Reissue; Resigning himself to middle age, the only thing Curly Watkins has left of his life as a punk rocker is a guitar and a tattoo of an octopus on his head. But his quiet new life evaporates when old vices come back to haunt him) $15.95
O'Brien, Timothy L. The Lincoln Conspiracy (1865: As Washington mourns the death of Abraham Lincoln, detective Temple McFadden witnesses a murder at the train station. In the slain man's pocket he finds diaries of Mary Todd Lincoln and James Wilkes Booth that reveal the true depth of the conspiracy behind the assassination) $15.00
O'Connor, Jane Almost True Confessions (Rannie Bookman #2: PBO; What could be more fun for freelance copy editor Rannie Bookman than a juicy tell-all about a Manhattan society doyenne? When she arrives at the author's apartment, she finds the manuscript - and the author tied to her bed and strangled) $14.99
O'Donohue, Clare The Double Wedding Ring (Someday Quilts #4: Nell's relationship with police chief Jesse DeWalt is heating up, she's thinking of starting her own business, and Grandma Eleanor is about to get hitched. Just when the future seems sewn up, Jesse's former partner from the NYPD turns up - dead) $15.00
Palahniuk, Chuck Doomed (Madison Spencer #2: Snarky dead girl Madison Spencer wanders Earth as a ghostly spirit, seeking her do-gooder celebrity parents and fighting the malign influence of Satan. She winds up on the new, totally plastic continent in the Pacific called Madlantis) $24.95
Parker, R/Brandman, M Fool Me Twice (Jesse Stone #11: A Hollywood movie company has come to Paradise; when star Marisol Hinton receives a death threat, the police department goes on high alert. And Jesse's arrest of a dangerously distracted teen driver brings him into conflict with some very important citizens) $9.99
Patterson/Ledwidge Gone (Michael Bennett #6: Sworn to kill Bennett and everyone dear to him, crime lord Manuel Perrine embarks on a brazen series of killings, until the FBI has no choice but to ask Bennett to come out of hiding to stop Perrine) $28.00
Pelecanos, George The Double (Spero Lucas #2: Grace Kinkaid's ex-boyfriend stole a valuable painting from her. Lucas is hired to retrieve it, but Grace wants more. She wants Lucas to find the man who humiliated her, a violent career criminal with brutal thugs at his beck and call) $26.00
Pendleton, Don (creator) Sleeping Dragons (Executioner #419: PBO; The death of a CIA operative in Hong Kong puts Bolan on the trail of a lethal nerve gas and the Libyan terrorist who plans to use it) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Prodigy Effect (Stony Man #127: PBO; Stony Man must help a Chinese scientist defect, and track down the source of an unmanned spy drone) $6.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Explosive Demand (SuperBolan #161: PBO; The search for the mastermind behind a counterfeiting ring puts Bolan on the trail of a Russian power broker planning to bring the Soviet Union back as a superpower) $6.99
Perry, Marta Search the Dark (Amish #5: PBO; Meredith King is bored caring for her ailing mother in her Amish hometown. When a friend asks her to help clear the name of an Amish boy whose death is still a mystery, she welcomes the distraction. But when a bad boy from her own past reappears, there is suddenly a lot more at stake) $7.99
Plame, V/Lovett, S Blowback (Vanessa Pierson #1: CIA undercover agent Vanessa Pierson tries to pinpoint just who is building a nuke in Iran, and how this shadowy figure has discovered her sources' identities and had them killed) $26.95
Rendell, Ruth (Vine) The Child's Child (Siblings Grace and Andrew share a London house, an ideal arrangement - until Andrew brings home a new boyfriend, James, whose strident comments about Grace's doctoral thesis disturb the idyllic atmosphere. When he and Andrew witness a friend's murder outside a nightclub, James begins to unravel. Grace escapes into reading a 1951 manuscript - never published because of its frank depictions of an unwed mother and a homosexual relationship - whose characters mirror Andrew and Grace. Acts of violence and sex will reverberate through their stories) $16.00
Robb, J.D. et al Mirror, Mirror (PBO; Anthology; 5 paranormal authors put their own twist on classic fairy tales in these original tales) $7.99
Rosett, Sara Milkshakes, Mermaids, and Murder (Ellie Avery #8: PBO; Ellie plans a Florida beach vacation, with a side trip to visit the eBay vendor who sent her the wrong handbag, but finds the woman dead in her pool) $7.99
Sala, Sharon Going Once (Forces of Nature #1: PBO; When a serial killer who preys on disaster victims arrives in her flooded Louisiana hometown, Nola sees him at work. But no one believes her - except the three FBI agents who arrive on the scene, one of whom Nola knows very well indeed) $7.99
Sandford, John Mad River (Virgil Flowers #6: Virgil joins a growing army of cops trying to stop three teenagers whose crime spree is cutting a murderous swath through rural Minnesota) $9.99
Sandford, John Storm Front (Virgil Flowers #7: Virgil gets a visit from an Isreali cop. She is tailing a smuggler who has taken an incredible Biblical relic, and some very dangerous people are after it) $27.95
Santlofer, J (ed) Inherit the Dead (A serial novel, each chapter written by a different top author. Asked to locate a young woman who is about to become a very wealthy heiress, PI Perry Christo follows a twisting trail down NYC's mean streets and around the beaches and back roads of the Hamptons) $25.99
Smith, Alexander McCall Bertie Plays the Blues (44 Scotland Street #7: Matthew and Elspeth are wrestling with multiple parenthood; newly engaged Angus and Domenica are negotiating the complex merger of their households; and in the Pollock family, there's a shift in power as Stuart begins standing up to Irene - and Bertie, feeling neglected, puts himself up for adoption on eBay) $15.00
Staub, Wendy Corsi The Good Sister (PBO; Jen's daughter Carly is being relentlessly bullied in school. When one of Carly's friends commits suicide, the fear-stricken Jen turns to internet message boards for help, finding a kindred spirit in 'Angel'. But is Jen confiding in a friend, or risking her life at the hands of a madman?) $7.99
Steinhauer, Olen An American Spy (Milo Weaver #3: Weaver is unwillingly drawn into his CIA bosses' plans for revenge against a Chinese mole who orchestrated the death of 33 CIA-trained assassins) $9.99
Stockwin, Julian Betrayal (Thomas Kydd #13: 1806: Rumors of a hoard of Spanish silver spur Commodore Popham to assemble a makeshift fleet and attack the capital of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate in Buenos Aires) $16.00
Temple, Peter Bad Debts (Jack Irish #1: Reissue; A phone message from ex-client Danny McKillop doesn't ring any bells for former criminal lawyer Jack Irish. When Danny turns up dead, Jack is forced to take a walk back into the dark and dangerous past) $14.95
Trent, Gayle Battered to Death (Daphne Martin #4: PBO; Daphne attends a class given by an ornery celebrity chef, who winds up beaten to death with a cake stand. Daphne and her nosy friend Myra set out to find the killer) $7.99
Wade, Stephen Conan Doyle and the Crimes Club (Nonfiction; the Crimes Club, which first met in 1903, was a group of gentleman sleuths, fascinated with crime and criminals, led by Arthur Conan Doyle) $29.95
Wald, Elissa The Secret Lives of Married Women (Two identical twin sisters - a sexually repressed defense attorney and a libertine turned respectable suburbanite - are about to have their deepest secrets revealed, to the men in their lives and to themselves) $9.95
Webb, Peggy Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse (Southern Cousins #5: Uncle Charlie has been pressed into service as Santa at a weekend charity event. After someone tries to kill him, Callie, Lovie, and basset hound Elvis set out to discover who is trying to deck the mall with corpses) $7.99
Whitechapel Society Jack the Ripper: The Terrible Legacy (A slim guide to the murdered women that also examines the collateral damage to the royal family, the government, the London police, and the London poor) $16.95
Wilson, F. Paul Cold City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #1: A few months after his arrival in NYC, Jack runs afoul of some Dominicans, winds up at the East Side Marriott the night Meir Kahane is shot, gets on the bad side of some Arabs, starts a hot affair, and disrupts the smuggling of preteen sex slaves) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Doing Hard Time (Stone Barrington #27: Longtime fugitive Teddy Fay's new life in New Mexico is going just fine, until Stone's son rolls into town. And when Stone and Dino Bachetti make their own trip west, the situation might just become explosive) $26.95


Alexander, Tasha Behind the Shattered Glass (Lady Emily #8: Victorian England: The stately calm of life at Colin Hargreave's ancestral home is shattered when a neighbor bursts through the French doors and falls down dead. But who murdered the young aristocrat? One family's hidden past and a forbidden passion are the clues to a puzzle only Lady Emily can solve) $24.99
Andrews, Donna Duck the Halls (Meg Langslow #16: First a cage full of skunks in the Baptist church forces them to move their concert to Trinity Episcopal. Next her grandfather's missing boa constrictor reappears at the concert. Before Meg can track down the pranksters, a fire breaks out at Trinity, and a vestryman is found dead. Meg searches for answers as she rushes to finish her Christmas preparations) $24.99
Beil, Michael D. The Secret Cellar (Red Blazer Girls #4: Kids; A secret message in an antique fountain pen leads the Red Blazer Girls to a house full of puzzles designed to protect a hidden treasure) $7.99
Bradley, F.T. Double Vision (Kids; A secret government agency has a proposition for 12-year-old Linc. Turns out Linc looks exactly like Ben, one of their top kid agents, who vanished during a mission in Paris. They want Linc to find a highly valuable copy of the Mona Lisa, and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Too bad Linc isn't more like Ben - a black belt math genius who can run a 4-minute mile - because he'll need those skills to make it out alive) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae The Litter of the Law (Mrs. Murphy #21: When the scarecrow in a cornfield turns out to be a murdered accountant, rooting out the treacherous center of a lucrative conspiracy will talk all of Harry's wisdom, as well as the quick wits and keen senses of her protective menagerie) $26.00
Brown, Rita Mae Fox Tracks (Sister Jane Arnold #8: As a string of bizarre murders sweeps the East Coast, Sister Jane Arnold, with the help of her four-legged friends, must smoke out a devious killer who may be closer than they realize) $15.00
Bullard, Lisa Turn Left at the Cow (Kids; 13-year-old Trav heads for his grandmother's house in rural Minnesota, hoping to learn about his dad. It turns out his dad was involved in a bank robbery right before he disappeared, and the loot was never recovered. Trav embarks on a search for the cash, but someone dangerous is also looking for the money) $16.99
Byrd, Max The Paris Deadline (Paris, 1926: American reporter Toby Keats comes into possession of a somewhat scandalous 18th-century mechanical duck, rumored to hold the key to opening a new frontier in weapons technology for the German army. Haunted by his memories of the Great War, Toby pursues the truth behind the duck) $16.95
Collins, Max Allan Ask Not (Nate Heller #17: 1964: A Texas newspaper columnist asks PI Nate Heller to look into a suspicious outbreak of suicides, accidental deaths, and murders of witnesses to JFK's assassination) $25.99
Connelly, Michael The Black Box (Harry Bosch #18: Bosch links a bullet from a recent crime to the 1992 killing of a female photographer during the LA riots, a case he originally investigated before it was handed over to the Riot Crimes Task Force and never solved. The ballistics match means her death wasn't random violence. Now he'll need to find the evidence to pull the case together) $10.00
Connolly, John The Creeps (Samuel Johnson #3: Samuel Johnson is dating the wrong girl, demons are occupying his spare room, and the town in which he lives appears to be cursed. And somewhere in Biddlecombe a rotten black heart is beating a rhythm of revenge. A trap has been set. The Earth is doomed. The last hope for humanity lies with one young boy and the girl who's secretly in love with him. Oh, and a dog, two demons, four dwarfs, and a very polite monster) $22.00
Easton, Don Corporate Asset (Jack Taggart #7: RCMP undercover operative Jack Taggart is trying to crack a scam that is costing insurance companies millions of dollars, involving murders that look like accidental deaths. In exchange for his freedom, a drug dealer is willing to expose one of the murderers. But the dealer is also a serial rapist. Taggart must race against time to catch the killer before the rapist strikes again) $11.99
Estleman, Loren D. The Perils of Sherlock Holmes (Collection; authorized by the Doyle estate. 8 stories (1 original to this volume), plus expanded versions of 3 previously published essays) $15.99
Fredericks, Mariah The Girl in the Park (YA; When her friend's body is found in Central Park, Rain struggles to separate the friend she knew from the tangle of gossip and headlines, and becomes determined to discover the truth about the murder) $8.99
George, Elizabeth Just One Evil Act (Lynley #18: Lynley and Havers investigate the disappearance of a little girl. The case turns out to be far more complex than a kidnapping, revealing secrets about the girl's mother and her new lover, and about the girl's father - secrets Havers may not be willing to accept about her friend; Signed copies expected) $29.95
Gonzalez, Christina D. A Thunderous Whisper (Kids; Spain, 1937: While her father is away fighting in the civil war, 12-year old Ani meets 14-year-old Mathias, whose father is part of a spy network. Wanting to make a difference in the world, Ani soon finds herself helping deliver messages to members of the underground) $7.99
Grisham, John Sycamore Row (Jake Brigance returns to the courtroom in a dramatic showdown as Ford County again confronts its tortured history) $28.95
Hempel, Sandra The Inheritor's Powder (Nonfiction; in the early 19th century, arsenic was so frequently used by potential beneficiaries of wills that it was nicknamed 'the inheritor's powder.' But it was difficult to prove that a victim had been poisoned, let alone identify the contaminated food or drink. Then a suspicious death in 1833 led James Marsh, the brilliant chemist assigned to the case, to attempt to create a test that could pinpoint the presence of arsenic) $26.95
Johnson, Craig The Spirit of Steamboat (Walt Longmire: Novella; on Christmas Eve, a young woman with a scar on her forehead arrives with questions about former sheriff Lucian Connally. Walt takes her to see Connally, and she tells them a tale of Christmas Eve, 1988, when 3 people died in a terrible crash and a young girl had the slimmest chance of survival, when there was a record-breaking blizzard, when a whiskey-soaked WWII vet was ready to fly a decommissioned plane and risk everything to save a life) $20.00
Jones, Nigel Tower: An Epic History of the Tower of London (Nonfiction; sets the Tower's long history in the context of national and international events, and draws on primary sources to depict the Tower through its many and varied functions) $19.99
La Plante, Lydia Backlash (Anna Travis #8: 5 years ago, a girl disappeared in broad daylight on a busy London street; the case was never closed. Now there's a confession to this murder, and to yet another. Too good to be true? DCI Anna Travis isn't so sure they have the right man . . . and then the suspect changes his story) $14.99
Littell, Robert Young Philby (Novel based on the early years of notorious double agent Kim Philby, seen through the eyes of his friends, lovers, and Soviet handlers) $14.99
Nesbo, Jo Police (Harry Hole #10: Oslo police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated but failed to solve. The police need Harry Hole, but with those he loves most facing terrible danger, Harry is not in a position to protect anyone . . . least of all himself) $25.95
O'Mara, Tim Crooked Numbers (Ray Donne #2: When one of Ray's former students is found stabbed to death under the Williamsburg bridge and the police write it off as gang-related, the boy's mother asks Ray to look into it) $25.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries (PBO; Anthology; reprints holiday whodunits from the biggest names of the past 100 years of crime fiction) $25.00
Quinn, Anthony Border Angels (Celcius Daly #2: A car explodes near the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic; the next morning there is nothing left but a charred body, and a woman's footprints in the snow. Where did the woman come from, and where did she go? The question leads Inspector Daly to a human trafficking ring) $14.99
Rankin, Ian Standing in Another Man's Grave (John Rebus #18: John Rebus is back on the force, as a retired civilian reviewing cold case files. 10 years ago, Nina Hazlitt's daughter disappeared; with no body and no suspect, the investigation stalled. But two other women have vanished along the same stretch of road, and, unlike his skeptical colleagues, Rebus sees a connection. Pursuing it will put him in the crosshairs) $15.00
Scottoline, Lisa (ed) The Best American Mystery Stories 2013 (PBO; Anthology; some of the best stories published in 2012) $14.95
Shields, Kieran A Study in Revenge (Lean & Grey #2: 1893: After a thief is killed while delivering a stolen artifact, he is buried, but his body turns up again, badly scorched and surrounded by occult symbols. The investigation leads police detective Archie Lean and ex-Pinkerton agent Perceval Gray on a chase for a relic that takes them from Portland, Maine, to the drawing rooms of Brahmin Boston) $15.00
Simmons, Dan The Abominable (1926: Three climbers accept funding from a mother whose son fell to his death on Mount Everest two years earlier. She doesn't believe he's dead, and wants them to bring him back alive. As they set off, they encounter others seeking the boy's body. What valuable item could he have been carrying? What is the truth behind the many disappearances on the mountain?) $29.00
Smith, Alexander McCall The Mystery of Meerkat Hill (Young Precious Ramotswe #2: Kids; Precious has made new friends at school, and offers to help find their family's cow, who has wandered off. She gets some help from the family's pet meerkat) $6.99
Snicket, Lemony When Did You See Her Last? (All the Wrong Questions #2: Kids; Young apprentice Lemony Snicket has a new case to solve when he and his chaperone are hired to find a missing girl. Is the girl a runaway? Or was she kidnapped? Is it really any of your business?) $16.00
Sundstol, Vidar The Land of Dreams (Minnesota #1: US Forest Service officer Lance Hansen comes upon a Norwegian tourist murdered near a stone cross on the shore of Lake Superior. Another Norwegian man is in shock nearby, covered in blood and staring out across the lake. An FBI agent is assigned to the case, along with a detective from Oslo. As the investigation progresses, Lance discovers that an Ojibwe man was murdered at the same site more than 100 years ago) $24.95
Thomas, Donald The Lost Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes: The Execution of Sherlock Holmes / Sherlock Holmes and the King's Evil / Sherlock Holmes and the Ghosts of Bly (Omnibus reprint of three collections) $16.95
Todd, Charles The Walnut Tree (Short novel. 1914: A social visit to Paris turns into a life-changing experience for a titled young English woman when she is caught up in the events surrounding the German conquest of Belgium and invasion of France) $9.99
Turow, Scott Identical (Kindle County #9: Paul Giannis is running for Mayor. Cass, his identical twin has just been released from prison, 25 years after pleading guilty to killing Athena Kronon. When a former FBI agent and a PI open a new investigation into Athena's death, they uncover a complex web of murder, sex, and betrayal) $28.00
Warner, Penny The Haunted Lighthouse (Code Busters Club #2: Kids; A cryptic message sends the Code Busters to Alcatraz Island. If they can solve a decades-old mystery involving the Alcatraz lighthouse, jewel thief Diamond Dave, and the missing haul from his biggest theft, they could be in for a fortune) $6.99
Warner, Peter The Mole: The Cold War Memoir of Winston Bates (Fictitious memoir of an unlikely foreign spy, with no talent or training, who is planted in Washington, DC, in the years after WWII. How much damage can be done by the wrong person in the right place at the right time?) $26.99
Westerson, Jeri Shadow of the Alchemist (Crispin Guest #6: 1380s: A ransom note promises the safe return of alchemist Nicholas Flamel's wife in exchange for the Philosopher's Stone, reputed to turn lead into gold and create the elixir of life. And the kidnappers aren't the only ones after it. Guest must rescue the missing wife and find the stone before it falls into unworthy hands) $25.99
Wilson, F. Paul Dark City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #2: 1992: With his favorite bar about to be sold out from under his friend Julio, Jack sets out to see that the biters get bit) $25.99
Zusak, Markus The Book Thief movie tie-in (Reissue; YA; Germany, 1939: While scratching out a meager existence for herself by stealing, Liesel encounters something she can't resist: books. With the help of her foster father, she learns to read, and shares her stolen books with her neighbors - and with the Jewish man hidden in her basement) $12.99


Naked Came the Post-Postmodernist (Mystery novel and parody of campus life collectively written by a writing class at Sarah Lawrence College, about a series of crimes at a small, elite liberal arts college) $22.95
Alexander, Antonia The Fifth Victim (Nonfiction; a direct descendant of Jack the Ripper's last victim tells her ancestor's story) $19.95
Anderson, B. Kent Silver Cross (Journey & Tolman #2: Federal agent Meg Tolman uncovers a vast conspiracy hinging on a letter from Napoleon III pledging aid to the Confederate Army in return for the 'Silver Cross'. She and history professor Nick Journey follow a treasure map into the Texas desert, with competitors hot on their trail) $9.99
Blake, Heather A Potion to Die For (Magic Potion #1: PBO; After Carly finds a dead man clutching one of her bottles in her magic potion shop, she winds up the object of a witch hunt. She'll need to brew up some serious sleuthing skills to prove her potions aren't literally to die for) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Royal Spyness #6: Georgie is hired as assistant to the hostess of a large Christmas house party in a charming English village, but as soon as she arrives, dead bodies start cropping up. Includes Christmas recipes and traditions) $7.99
Brandon, Ali Words with Fiends (Black Cat Bookshop #3: PBO; When her karate teacher is murdered, bookstore owner Darla and her black cat Hamlet are on the case) $7.99
Brennan, Allison Cold Snap (Lucy Kincaid #7: PBO; After someone takes a shot at him, PI Patrick Kincaid winds up on the run with attorney Elle Santana. A blizzard grounds Lucy and Sean in Denver, where they find a dead body at their hotel. Meanwhile, Colonel Kincaid is in the hospital, in danger from a man with a vendetta who is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen (Mrs. Jeffries #32: A stockbroker has been using Victorian London's infatuation with foreign mining ventures to make a fortune, so when he's found murdered, the question is who had the most to gain - or lose) $23.95
Bruen, Ken Purgatory (Jack Taylor #10: Ex-cop Jack Taylor finds his fragile peace threatened by a vigilante killer, who is targeting the scum of Galway - and sending Jack letters trying to goad him into joining the murderous spree) $24.00
Burton, Mary No Escape (PBO; A psychologist agrees to hear a serial killer's dying confession, and is horrified to learn that the man has an 'apprentice' who is continuing his grisly work) $7.99
Cabasson, Armand The Officer's Prey (Quentin Margont #1: 1812: Bonaparte is beginning his invasion of Russia, leading the largest army Europe has ever seen. When a Polish woman is stabbed, Captain Quentin Margont faces the greatest challenge of his military career as he tries to unmask a murderous officer) $15.95
Cates, Bailey Charms and Chocolate Chips (Magical Bakery #3: PBO; Between brewing magically spiced treats at the bakery and volunteering with a local conservation group, Katie barely has time to delve into her destiny as a witch, especially after she once again finds herself mixed up in murder) $7.99
Cavender, Chris Killer Crust (Pizza Lovers #5: Contestants Eleanor and Maddie become suspects when the frozen pizza dough baron sponsoring a pizza-making contest is murdered with a poisoned slice) $7.99
Coben, Harlan Darkest Fear (Myron Bolitar #7: Reissue; An ex-girlfriend tells Myron that he has a teenage son, and that the boy needs a bone marrow transplant. When the donor vanishes without a trace, Myron is determined to find him) $9.99
CoCo, Nancy All Fudged Up (Candy-Coated #1: PBO; Allie is busy renovating her family's Mackinac Island hotel and fudge shop. She didn't expect to find a corpse in a closet, or to wind up a suspect) $7.99
Coonts, Stephen The Sea Witch (Collection; 3 novellas of military action) $7.99
Copperman, E.J. The Thrill of the Haunt (Haunted Guesthouse #5: PBO; Alison's haunted guesthouse business is thriving, but when two deaths land on her doorstep, she'll have to think fast before anyone else checks out for good) $7.99
Corriveau, Art 13 Hangmen (Kids; Tony catches a murderer, solves a mystery, and finds a treasure, all in the first few days after he moves to 13 Hangmen's Court in Boston. The fact that he also turns 13 at the same time is not a coincidence. So begins the story of five 13-year-old boys, who live in the same house in the same attic bedroom at different times in history) $6.95
Cryer, Barry & Bob Mrs. Hudson's Diaries (The unflappable Mrs. Hudson humorously describes life with the Great Detective and his faithful companion Dr. Watson: mysterious visitors, disappearances, shouts, and gun shots) $16.99
Cussler, C/Cussler, D Poseidon's Arrow (Dirk Pitt #22: A key element of a prototype attack submarine is missing, and the man who developed it is dead. At the same time, ships have started vanishing mid-ocean. It's up to NUMA director Dirk Pitt and his team to find out what's going on) $9.99
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J Mirage (Oregon Files #9: There is talk of a new weapon to be auctioned, and rumors link it to inventor Nikola Tesla, who was working with the Navy when he died in 1943. Are his notes in enemy hands? Juan Cabrillo and his crew race to find the truth) $28.95
D'Amato/Dams/Zubro Foolproof (A clandestine division of a software security firm, devoted to tracking down terrorists, uncovers a plot to rig voting machines and topple democracies worldwide) $7.99
de Giovanni, Maurizio Everyone in Their Place (Commissario Ricciardi #3: Naples, 1931: Ricciardi has a supernatural gift for seeing the final seconds in the lives of victims of violent deaths. Together with his colleague Brigadier Maione, he is investigating the death of the Duchess of Camparino. The victim's connections to high society and the local fascist elite make the case a powder keg waiting to blow) $16.00
Disher, Garry Whispering Death (Hal Challis #6: A rapist in a police uniform is stalking the Peninsula; a serial armed robber is headed that direction; and a mysterious female cat burglar may or may not be planning something on Inspector Challis' patch) $14.95
Doetsch, Richard The Thieves of Legend (Michael St. Pierre #4: A US Army colonel blackmails Michael and his ex KC into searching for two pieces of an ancient puzzle, a diary and a compass. The quest takes them to opposite ends of China) $7.99
Duncan, Elizabeth J. Never Laugh as a Hearse Goes By (Penny Brannigan #5: Penny attends a clerical conference at Gladstone's Library in North Wales, where her boyfriend, DCI Gareth Davies, is giving a talk on theft prevention. In this respectable Victorian building, Penny encounters deception, marital and financial infidelity, a sham marriage scam, blackmail for beginners, and someone bent on murder) $24.99
Ellis, Kate The Shadow Collector (Wesley Peterson #17: 18 years ago, Lilith and her mother were rumored to be witches; when they killed two girls and fed their bodies to the pigs, they were swiftly brought to justice. When a young woman is found murdered at a neighboring farm, just as Lilith returns to her old home, DI Wesley Peterson is called in to investigate) $12.95
Emery, Anne Death at Christy Burke's (Monty Collins #6: Monty Collins, Father Brennan Burke, and Father Michael O'Flaherty investigate when a dead body is found in Christy Burke's pub, and begin to uncover dark secrets in the lives of the pub regulars) $14.95
Evanovich, J/Hughes, C Full Speed (Jamie Swift #3: Reissue; Newspaper owner Jamie Swift is after the story of a lifetime - to get it, she'll have to track down Max Holt and force him to take her on as a partner) $8.99
Evans, Mary Anna Rituals (Faye Longchamp #8: While excavating in a rural New York town founded by Spiritualists, Faye and her assistant are invited by the town's leading Spiritualist to commune with the dead. When the woman is murdered, the very strange circumstances surrounding the death draw Faye into the investigation) $14.95
Ewan, Chris Safe House (When Rob Hale wakes up in a hospital after a motorcycle crash, his first thought is for the blonde woman who was on the back of his bike. When the doctors and police insist he was alone, he teams up with PI Rebecca Lewis to get some answers) $15.99
Gardner, Lisa Touch & Go (An entire family has vanished without a trace. Investigator Tessa Leoni must untangle their innermost dealings to find out who would want to kidnap such a perfect little family) $9.99
Gazan, S.J. The Dinosaur Feather (When the despised Dr. Helland is found dead in his Copenhagen office, with a copy of PhD hopeful Anna Bella Nor's thesis in his lap, the autopsy shows he was murdered in a fiendishly ingenious way. Police Superintendent Soren Marhauge must unravel the intrigues among the scientists at the university) $24.95
Greenfield, Jeff If Kennedy Lived (Nonfiction; an alternate history of John F. Kennedy's first and second terms) $26.95
Greenwood, Kerry Cassandra (Delphic Women #2: Cassandra, a princess cursed with the gift of prophecy, and Diomenes, an Achaean with healing hands, become puppets in a wager between Aphrodite and Apollo. Doomed Troy is the stage, Cassandra and Diomenes the players in the city's fall. Will they find each other in the light of the burning city? And, if they do, can their love survive the machinations of the gods?) $14.95
Groundwater, Beth A Basket of Trouble (Claire Hanover #3: When a stable hand is found dead in a stall at her brother's new riding stable, Claire must track down the killer) $14.99
Halliday, Stephen From 221B Baker Street to the Old Curiosity Shop: A Guide to London's Literary Landmarks (London's fictional clubs, pubs, restaurants, houses, and streets, listed geographically and alphabetically, each entry providing a description of the location, its place in literature, and its inspiration) $17.95
Hamilton, Victoria Freezer I'll Shoot (Vintage Kitchen #3: PBO; In an icehouse, Jaymie finds a dead man with an ice pick through his heart. She has to sharpen her sleuthing skills to chip away at the mystery) $7.99
Hammett, Dashiell The Hunter and Other Stories (Collection; new stories gleaned from the author's personal archives, along with screen treatments from film-industry files) $25.00
Hart, Carolyn Death by Surprise (Reissue; When her cousin Kenneth is accused of killing the blackmailer that was targeting their wealthy family, K.C. is determined to prove his innocence) $13.95
Hart, Ellen The Mirror and the Mask (Jane Lawless #17: Jane has decided to train as a PI. Her first job seems simple: find Annie Andrews' father. She succeeds, but begins to feel that there's a lot more to this story) $14.95
Hechtman, Betty If Hooks Could Kill (Crochet #7: The Tarzana Hookers' newest member has been shot to death in her home, but no one heard a thing. Molly decides to conduct her own investigation) $7.99
Hechtman, Betty For Better or Worsted (Crochet #8: At a society wedding, the groom ends up dead, with the bride's mother holding the murder weapon. As the newest addition to a reality TV show, she's happy to fuel the media frenzy. When the distraught bride becomes prime suspect, Molly and the Hookers must identify the killer among the high-profile suspects) $25.95
Henry, Sara J. A Cold and Lonely Place (Troy Chance #2: While photographing the Saranac Lake ice palace, Troy discovers her roommate's boyfriend encased in the ice. How did this happen to a rich kid from Connecticut?) $15.00
Hill, Susan A Question of Identity (Simon Serrailler #7: CI Simon Serrailler investigates a series of murders with a distinctive calling card, and discovers that a man was tried for similar murders in the northwest, but acquitted due to insufficient evidence. Has a killer changed locales?) $15.95
Hilton, Matt Dead Men's Harvest (Joe Hunter #6: An old enemy has escaped from military prison and begun a new killing spree, targeting those responsible for his defeat and imprisonment. And he's saving Joe Hunter for last) $9.99
Hinger, Charlotte Hidden Heritage (Lottie Albright #3: After a murder at a local feedlot, believing the sheriff is turning a blind eye to illegal activities there, the KBI sends Undersheriff Lottie Albright undercover. As a cover, Lottie collects family histories from Mexican-Americanss whose ancestors colonized Kansas) $14.95
Hunter, Stephen The Third Bullet (Bob Lee Swagger #8: Decades after the event, sniper Bob Lee Swagger turns his forensic skills toward the most baffling rifle crime of all time: What happened on November 22, 1963? With the help of a new clue, Swagger tracks through old records, intelligence archives, and buildings, back to the sniper's nest) $9.99
Jungstedt, Mari Killer's Art (Anders Knutas #4: When the death of an art dealer in the port town of Visby turns out to be connected to an art theft in Stockholm, Superintendent Anders Knutas faces one of the toughest investigations of his career) $14.95
Kingsbury, Kate The Clue Is in the Pudding (Pennyfoot Hotel #20 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #8: When a famous actor staying at the hotel drops dead after being served some plum pudding, everyone assumes the temporary housekeeper is to blame, but as Cecily investigates, the list of suspects grows) $7.99
Kingsbury, Kate Mulled Murder (Pennyfoot Hotel #21 / Pennyfoot Hotel Christmas #9: Cecily scrambles to hire and train new staff in time for the holidays, but one of her guests is beyond assistance, stabbed to death on the beach. The dead man turns out to be a London investigator looking into dark doings involving the hotel. Who among staff and guests was he after, and what secret led to murder?) $15.00
Kirwin, Mary (Logue) Death Overdue (Karen Nash #2: PBO; Karen is back in London, planning to open a bookstore with her beau Caldwell Perkins. When Caldwell's ex Sally winds up crushed by a bookcase in the B&B's library, the police suspect Caldwell of murder. To clear his name, Karen must figure out what Sally was looking for in the library) $15.00
MacInnes, Helen Neither Five nor Three (Reissue; Paul Haydn is home at last - New York and civilian life - but he cannot forget the people of Berlin. When he discovers that some of his former colleagues in the US have dangerous political sympathies, and someone is trying to discredit the woman he once loved, the pattern seems familiar, and he begins to realize why there was such interest in his counter-propaganda skills) $9.95
Madison, Ada The Quotient of Murder (Sophie Knowles #4: PBO; The campus is buzzing over the reopening of the bell tower, shuttered for 25 years after a student leapt to her death. But Sophie is troubled by the secrecy surrounding the case. After some quick calculations, she's left with a nagging question. Was it suicide? Or murder?) $7.99
Mankell, Henning The Shadow Girls (Jesper Humlin, a poet whose editor insists he must write a crime novel to survive, travels to Gothenburg to give a reading, and ends up with three immigrant women as his unlikely pupils in impromptu writing workshops. Though he had imagined their stories as fodder for his own book, soon their intertwining lives require him to play a much different role) $15.95
Mann, George The Will of the Dead (Sherlock Holmes: His uncle is dead and the will has disappeared, leaving Peter Maugram afraid that he will be left penniless. Holmes and Watson must dig deep into the murky past of this complicated family) $12.95
Mann/Pezzullo Seal Team Six: Hunt the Scorpion (Thomas Crocker #3: The team must recover a nuclear device from a terrorist group) $8.00
McGrath, M.J. The Boy in the Snow (Edie Kiglatuk #2: When Arctic guide Edie Kiglatuk finds a dead infant covered in mysterious ceremonial markings, the search for answers leads her into a murky world of corrupt politicians, greed, and human trafficking) $15.00
McKinlay, Jenn Read It and Weep (Library Lover's #4: PBO; Former Broadway actress Violet La Rue is holding auditions for A Midsummer Night's Dream and everyone is trying out for parts. When one of the cast is poisoned, library director Lindsey Norris and her crafternooners take center stage to unmask the culprit) $7.99
Merrick, Leonard Mr. Bazalgette's Agent (Reissue; Victorian England: Having fallen on hard times, the determined and resourceful Miriam Lea answers an advertisement calling for private agents, and soon finds herself traveling through Europe in pursuit of an audacious fraudster) $12.00
Monroe, Caleb et al The Secret History of Space (Steed & Mrs. Peel #2: Full color graphic novel. John and Emma attend a sinister masquerade ball, uncover secrets in the British space program, and thwart a conspiracy in a small town) $14.99
O'Donnell, P/Romero, E The Young Mistress: The Young Mistress / Ivory Dancer / Our Friend Maude (Modesty Blaise: Reprints classic black & white comic strips featuring three adventures of detective Modesty Blaise and her trusty henchman Willie Garvin) $19.95
Oak, B.B. Thoreau at Devil's Perch (Thoreau #1: PBO; 1846: After Henry David Thoreau finds a colored man's body at the bottom of a cliff, the coroner's jury declares the death accidental even though evidence indicates murder. Angered by the injustice, Thoreau sets out to find the killer) $15.00
Palliser, Charles Rustication (1863: Opium addict Richard Shenstone has been sent down from Cambridge under a cloud of suspicion. Soon after, graphic and threatening letters begin to circulate among his neighbors, and Richard finds himself suspected of crimes ranging from vivisection to murder) $25.95
Paretsky, Sara Critical Mass (V.I. Warshawski #16: A favor for a friend leads V.I. to a nest of lies, secrets, and silence dating back to the competition between America, Germany, Japan, and England to develop the first atomic bomb) $26.95
Parker, R/Brann, H Silent Night (Spenser #42: A holiday story, unfinished at the time of Parker's death, completed by his longtime agent. Spenser and Hawk go after a drug kingpin who is threatening an organization that shelters and finds jobs for homeless boys) $24.95
Parot, Jean-Francoise The Chatelet Apprentice (Nicolas Le Floch #1: Paris, 1761: While searching for a missing police officer, an unidentified body comes to light, and young recruit Nicolas Le Floch finds himself with a murder investigation on his hands. He will need all his skill, courage, and integrity to unravel a mystery that threatens to implicate King Louis XV and his mistress Madame de Pompadour) $15.95
Patterson, J/Paetro, M #1 Suspect (Private #3: When Jack Morgan's former lover is found murdered in his bed, he is the number one suspect. While Jack is under police investigation, one of his most trusted colleagues threatens to leave Private, and Jack realizes he is facing clever and powerful enemies) $10.00
Pendleton, Don (creator) Rebel Blast (Executioner #420: PBO; Bolan and a makeshift team of mercenaries must extract a group of American scientists from a rebel-held Chechnyan town before the Russian military flattens the place) $5.99
Raichev, R.T. The Riddle of Sphinx Island (Darcy & Payne #8: Asked to travel to Devon in order to prevent a murder, mystery writer Antonia Darcy and her husband suspect a joke, especially when they learn that another crime writer is invited to the house party. But when they receive a sinister letter, they become curious - could it be true?) $14.95
Rendell, Ruth No Man's Nightingale (Wexford #24: The Wexford's gossipy cleaning woman discovers the body of Sarah Hussein, who has been strangled in her vicarage. She was a woman working in a male-dominated profession, a single mother, of mixed race, and working to modernize the Church. Intrigued, the retired inspector leaps at the chance to tag along with the investigators) $26.00
Rock, Judith The Whispering of Bones (Charles du Luc #4: PBO; Paris, 1687: Someone is killing Jesuits, and even an ex-soldier like Charles du Luc may not be able to escape) $15.00
Rosenfelt, David Airtight (When an Appeals Court judge is shot, a tip leads FBI agent Bryan Robbins to Kevin Franklin, but during the arrest, Bryan kills Kevin in self-defense. When Bryan's brother disappears, a note makes it clear that the only way Bryan can save him is by clearing Kevin's name) $7.99
Rowe, Rosemary Dark Omens (Libertus #14: At an important feast, the sacrifice is spoiled when an aged priest lets go of the sacrificial ram. When news arrives that the Emperor is dead, it seems that dark omens are being realized. The subsequent discovery of two mutilated corpses makes matters worse. Libertus attempts to solve the mysteries against a backdrop of superstitious fear and rioting) $28.95
Sandford, John Secret Prey (Lucas Davenport #9: Reissue; When a wealthy banker is shot dead during a hunting trip, there's no shortage of suspects. As Lucas Davenport investigates, he finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with a killer who won't hesitate to take the fight to Lucas and those he loves) $9.99
Schwegel, Theresa The Good Boy (After witnessing a shooting, 11-year-old Joel Murphy goes on the run with his father's police dog, navigating the Chicago streets as they try to stay one step ahead of bad guys who may have a very personal interest in getting some payback on Officer Pete Murphy) $25.99
Scott, Robert Kill the Ones You Love (PBO; Nonfiction; after killing his mother and her boyfriend, former deputy sheriff Gabriel Morris goes on a cross-country crime spree with his wife and 4-year-old daughter in tow) $7.99
Scottoline, Lisa Accused (Rosato & Associates #12: Six years ago, Fiona Gardner was murdered, and, in what seemed like an open-and-shut case, Lonnie Stall pled guilty. But 13-year-old Allegra Gardner believes Lonnie is innocent, and wants the firm to prove it) $26.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #14: The salon has suffered some unfortunate events, including face cream that burns the skin, and turns to Mma Ramotswe for help. Could someone be trying to put the salon out of business?) $24.95
Soderberg, Alexander The Andalucian Friend (Sophie Brinkmann likes Hector Guzman's quiet charm and easy smile, and the way he welcomes her into his family. She quickly learns, though, that his smooth facade masks something sinister. Guzman is head of an international crime ring smuggling drugs and weapons, and involved in a deadly turf war) $15.00
Spencer-Fleming, Julia Through the Evil Days (Fergusson & Van Alstyne #8: Russ is struggling with the prospect of impending fatherhood, and the vestry of St. Alban's Church has called for the bishop to investigate Clare's 'unpriestly' pregnancy. Then, on a frigid January night, they are called to the scene of a raging fire that develops into a case of double homicide and kidnapping; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Springer, Nancy Drawn Into Darkness (PBO; At an isolated cottage in the Florida panhandle, when Liana decides to introduce herself to her only neighbors, she finds herself at the mercy of a man who has abducted a teenage boy) $14.00
Stockwin, Julian Caribbee (Thomas Kydd #14: 1800s: Working out of the Leeward Islands station, Kydd and the others make the most of running down prizes and sending off fat convoys of sugar to England. But Bonaparte finds a way to take revenge for Trafalgar, and Kydd is shocked out of his complacency when he is accused of murder) $24.00
Sussman, Paul The Labyrinth of Osiris (Yusuf Khalifa #3: When a well-known Israeli journalist is murdered in a cathedral, Jerusalem police detective Arieh Ben Roi checks the stories she was working on. He asks Luxor police inspector Yusuf Khalifa to look into a story she was researching, about the mysterious 1930s death of an Egyptologist purported to have uncovered a giant gold mine written about by Herodotus. But how could this be connected to the journalist's murder?) $15.00
Thomas, Paul Death on Demand (Ihaka #4: Maori cop Tito Ihaka is no good at department politics, but he's a stubborn investigator with an uncanny instinct for the truth. Following up on a strange twist in an unsolved case, he finds himself on the trail of a hitman, and on a quest to find out whether police corruption was behind the shooting of an undercover cop) $14.95
Truman, M/Bain, D Experiment in Murder (Capital Crimes #26: When a Washington, DC, psychiatrist is found dead, Mackenzie Smith is called in to defend a patient who has become a suspect; information emerges that links the slain doctor to a rogue CIA mind control project that has created a programmed assassin) $7.99
Viets, Elaine Fixing to Die (Josie Marcus #9: PBO; When Josie and her husband find a dead body in their yard, they must solve the mystery before the killer strikes even closer to home) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. Wedding Cake Killer (Fresh-Baked #7: When her best friend Eve's new husband is found dead at a local bed & breakfast, Phyllis must find out who iced him before Eve ends up behind bars) $7.99
Washburn, Livia J. The Fatal Funnel Cake (Fresh-Baked #8: PBO; Her funnel cakes has been chosen as one of the top entries at the Texas State Fair, to be sampled live on TV by a celebrity chef, but Phyllis has her moment in the spotlight spoiled when the chef drops dead after a single bite) $14.00
Wilde, James The Time of the Wolfe (1062: In England, as King Edward's advisors squabble, hopes of resisting a Norman invasion come to rest on just one man: Hereward. But his enemies at court have made him an outlaw. To stay alive, and free, he must carve a bloody swath through the frozen lands outside the court) $14.95
Wood, Tom The Game (Victor #3: Contract killer Victor is hired by the CIA for an assignment that will take him to the blood-stained streets of Rome - and straight into hell) $9.99
Zettel, Sarah Palace of Spies (YA; 16-year-old orphan Peggy Fitzroy has been coerced into posing as a lady in waiting at the court of King George I. Which is grand, until she starts to suspect that the woman she's impersonating might have been murdered - and that she might face the same fate herself) $16.99


Baldacci, David King and Maxwell (King & Maxwell #6: Teenager Tyler Wingo asks Sean and Michelle to investigate his soldier father's death. He was reported killed in Afghanistan, but Tyler received a communication from him after his supposed death. The deeper they dig, the more questions they uncover) $28.00
Benway, Robin Also Known As (YA; 16-year-old spy Maggie Silver's first solo mission takes her to previously unknown territory - high school) $9.99
Burley, John The Absence of Mercy (PBO; In a peaceful Ohio town, medical examiner Dr. Ben Stevenson is shaken when a teenage boy's death is just the first in a series of increasingly animalistic attacks) $14.99
Carrisi, Donato The Lost Girls of Rome (After her journalist husband's death is ruled an accident, Sandra Vega - a forensic analyst for the Roman police - begins working the case she believes led to her husband's murder, looking into a series of disappearances. Her inquiries bring her ever closer to a centuries-old secret society that will do anything to stay hidden) $26.00
Cornwell, Patricia Dust (Scarpetta #21: Physical evidence links a bizarre murder at MIT to a series of weird homicides in Washington, DC) $28.95
Dorsey, Tim The Riptide Ultra-Glide (Serge Storms #16: A freshly unemployed Wisconsin couple plan to treat themselves to a modest vacation in Florida. When everything goes wrong, they need someone to rescue them, and who better than chipper Floridaphile tour guide - and bighearted psychopath - Serge Storms?) $14.99
Estleman, Loren (ed) Sons of Moriarty and More Stories of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology authorized by the Doyle estate; tales of the Great Detective (all reprints)) $24.99
Evanovich, Janet Takedown Twenty (Stephanie Plum #20: When mobster Uncle Sunny goes on the lam, it's up to Stephanie to find him, but nobody wants to turn him in. Meanwhile, Ranger needs Stephanie's help to solve the death of a client's mother, who played bingo with Stephanie's Grandma Mazur) $28.00
Finch, Charles An Old Betrayal (Charles Lenox #7: London, 1875: When a cryptic encounter with an old protege's client seems to lead, days later, to the murder of an innocuous country squire, Charles is drawn back into his old profession. He soon realizes that the dead man is only the first step in a cruel plot) $25.99
Gavin, Rick Nowhere Nice (Nick & Desmond #3: Psychopathic meth dealer Boudrot has escaped from prison, and it's a sure bet he's out for revenge on everyone involved in last year's escapade. Nick and Desmond immediately set out to warn the innocent - relatively speaking, anyway - and round them up for the showdown, Mississippi Delta style) $24.99
Gray, J/Swift, A Guinea Pigs Online (Kids; Coco the guinea pig doesn't understand her hutch-mate Fuzzy's fascination with computers, but when he goes missing, she gets online for answers. On Micespace she learns that he could be in terrible danger, and assembles a team of guinea pig commandos: Terry, a technology whiz; Banoffee, a mother of fourteen with formidable organizational skills; and Eduardo, a heroic Peruvian freedom fighter. Can they find a way to rescue Fuzzy and get back home alive?) $12.95
Helms, E. Michael Deadly Catch (Mac McClellan #1: When ex-Marine Mac McClellan hooks a decomposed body while fishing in the Florida panhandle, and a bag of weed is found stashed in his rental boat, he realizes someone has set him up to take a fall, and sets out to clear his name) $15.95
Littell, Robert A Nasty Piece of Work (New Mexico PI Lemuel Gunn been hired to trace Emilio Gava, a bail jumper, but there are no photographs of Gava, and once Gunn begins his search, it becomes unclear whether Gava existed in the first place) $24.99
Maitland, Barry Raven's Eye (Brock & Kolla #12: Vicky Hawks apparently succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning due to a flaw in her narrowboat's heating system, but something about the death bothers DI Kathy Kolla. She and DCI David Brock find themselves trying to find out who the dead woman really was, and how her death might be related to an earlier accidental death) $25.99
McPherson, Catriona Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses (Dandy Gilver #7: Scotland, 1920s: Aristocratic sleuth Dandy Gilver travels to a girls' school to investigate the disappearance of a childhood friend who taught there, and discovers that teachers have been disappearing at an alarming rate) $25.99
Mills, Mark House of the Hunted (French Riviera, 1935: Former British intelligence operative Tom Nash lives quietly, seeking only peace. When an unknown hit man tries to kill him in his sleep, Tom is sure that somebody knows his secrets. He suspects everyone of double-dealing, and as he plunges further into his haunted past, he feels himself turning into the person he used to be - a dangerous man, capable of anything) $15.00
Muir, T. Frank Tooth for a Tooth (Andy Gilchrist #3: When a woman's remains are found in a shallow grave, DCI Gilchrist is tasked with finding the killer. But dental records from an extracted tooth seem to indicate she was killed by Andy's long-dead brother) $26.95
Muller, M/Pronzini, B The Bughouse Affair (Quincannon #3: While Sabrina Carpenter searches for a female dip who is working the amusement park, John Quincannon investigates a series of break-ins at the homes of Great Western policy holders. The housebreaker escapes when someone gets in John's way: a man who claims to be Sherlock Holmes) $14.99
Riffenburgh, Beau Pinkerton's Great Detective (Nonfiction; the story of top agent James McParland, whose cases were so thrilling that Arthur Conan Doyle included the cunning real-life detective in a Sherlock Holmes story) $32.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Three Stations Audiobook (Arkady Renko #7: Unabridged) $14.99
Smith, Martin Cruz Tatiana (Arkady Renko #8: The same week that a murdered mob boss is shot and buried with the trappings due an aristocrat, fearless reporter Tatiana Petrovna falls to her death in Moscow. No one makes the connection, but Arkady is transfixed by the tapes he discovers of Tatiana's voice, even as she describes horrific crimes hidden by official versions. His investigation leads to a Cold War secret city) $25.99
Stevenson, Steve The Heist at Niagara Falls (Agatha: Girl of Mystery #4: PBO; Kids; Agatha and her cousin Dash are called to Niagara Falls when priceless jewels go missing from a famous opera singer's hotel room) $5.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Ghost Medicine (Ella Clah #18: A Navajo cop turned PI was tracking down stolen county property. When he's murdered, Ella and county detective Dan Nez investigate, and discover that Navajo artifacts - from an illegal dig somewhere on the Reservation - are being offered for sale) $24.99

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