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Newsletter #90 June August, 2010



Locus #592 May 2010 (Interview with Brian Evenson; roundtable discussion on Poe and the fantastic; 2010 Hugo and Campbell Award nominees; industry news, reviews, more) $6.95
Oriental Stories Vol. 1 No. 1 (October - November 1930) (Facsimile reprint of pulp magazine) $19.95
Oriental Stories Vol. 1 No. 4 (Spring 1931) (Facsimile reprint of pulp magazine) $19.95
Oriental Stories Vol. 1 No. 5 (Summer 1931) (Facsimile reprint of pulp magazine) $19.95
Oriental Stories Vol. 2 No. 1 (Winter 1932) (Facsimile reprint of pulp magazine) $19.99
Oriental Stories Vol. 2 No. 2 (Spring 1932) (Facsimile reprint of pulp magazine) $19.99
Oriental Stories Vol. 2 No. 3 (Summer 1932) (Facsimile reprint of pulp magazine) $19.99
Vice: A Crime Sourcebook (Shadowrun 4th Edition: PBO; A detailed look at all levels of organized crime, from the major syndicates to the smallest street gangs. History, personality, and membership of these groups are provided - the crimes they commit, the metahumans they recruit, the law enforcement they oppose, and the shadowruns they sponsor - along with suggestions on how best to use them as key players) $29.99
Tales of the Unanticipated #30 (PBO; Original speculative fiction and poetry) $14.95
Aira, Cesar The Literary Conference (Cesar is a translator, an author, and a mad scientist. He attends a literary conference to be near Mexican author Carlos Fuentes - the man whose clone he plans to use to lead his army to world domination) $9.95
Alcott, L/Grand, P Little Women and Werewolves (PBO; The previously unknown original version of the classic, before Alcott's editor demanded that she remove all the parts involving werewolves) $14.00
Austen, J/Hockensmith, Dawn of the Dreadfuls (PBO; Prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies . Witness the genesis of the zombie plague in early 19th-century England , and watch as Elizabeth Bennet evolves from a naive young teenager into a savage slayer of the undead) $12.95
Bacigalupi, Paolo The Windup Girl (What happens when calories become currency? When bio-terrorism becomes a tool for corporate profits, and genetic drift forces mankind to the cusp of post-human evolution?) $14.95
Beagle, Peter S. Mirror Kingdoms: The Best of Peter S. Beagle (Collection; 18 short works of fantasy) $40.00
Bear, Elizabeth Bone and Jewel Creatures (Novella; Kaulas the Necromancer is unleashing a reeking half-death on the people of Messaline, and only Bijou the Artificer and her creatures wrought of bone and jewels can save them) $20.00
Brett, Peter V. The Great Bazaar and Other Stories (A novelette set in the world of The Warded Man , as well as deleted scenes from the novel, a glossary, and a grimoire of wards) $20.00
Brockmeier, Kevin (ed) Real Unreal: Best American Fantasy 3 (PBO; Anthology; 20 works of short fiction from 2008) $14.95
Bronte, Charlotte / Erwin, Sherri Browning Jane Slayre (PBO; A timeless tale of love, devotion . . . and the undead) $15.00
Card, O/Writer's Digest The Writer's Digest Guide to Science Fiction & Fantasy: How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy / The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference (Omnibus reprint of two writing guides, with a lay-flat spiral binding) $24.99
Chadbourn, Mark The Devil in Green (Dark Age #1: In the wake of the Age of Misrule, cities lie devastated and anarchy rages. The last remnant of Christianity calls for a new Knights Templar to guard priests as they try to win souls. But as everything falls apart, the Knights realize their only hope is to call on the pagan gods for help) $16.00
Datlow, Ellen (ed) Digital Domains: A Decade of Science Fiction & Fantasy (PBO; Anthology; 15 stories originally published online) $14.95
Davies, R/Cook, B The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter (Doctor Who: A candid and entertaining look at Davies' creative process as head writer and executive producer, via his email correspondence with journalist Cook from early 2007 to mid 2009) $24.95
de Lint, Charles Eyes Like Leaves (Magic is fading in the Green Isles, but myths still walk the world. The children of the ancient gods are engaged in one final confrontation, but when legendary creatures wage war, it's the ordinary people who suffer the consequences; Signed copies) $35.00
de Vries, Jetse (editor) Shine (PBO; Anthology; 16 stories (15 original, 1 reprint) of optimistic near-future sf) $7.99
Duchamp, L. Timmel (ed) Narrative Power: Encounters, Celebrations, Struggles (PBO;Essays from new and established sf and fantasy authors as well as several scholars consider the politics of narrative manifested in fiction, history, and science) $19.00
Grant, Maxwell The Blackmail Ring / Murder for Sale (Shadow #34: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell The Condor / Chicago Crime (Shadow #35: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell Crime Rides the Sea / River of Death (Shadow #36: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Halpern/Kujawinski Dormia (Kids; Alfonso is destined to save the hidden land of Dormia from destruction, but first he must harness the power of his sleep) $7.99
Harvey, Colin Displacement (Collection; 5 sf stories) $10.99
Howard, L/Jones, L Blood Born (PBO; Luca, an agent for the vampire Council, hunts for a vampiric assassin, and falls for one of the assassin's targets - Chloe, a human who can channel spirit warriors into the physical world) $7.99
Hubbard, L. Ron Danger in the Dark (Reprints 3 fantasy tales from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron Dead Men Kill (Reprints a mystery/horror novella from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron Golden Hell (Collection; 2 adventure stories from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron The Great Secret (Reprints 4 sf tales from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron Hostage to Death (Reprints an adventure novella from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron If I Were You (Reprints 2 fantasy tales from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron The Professor Was a Thief (Reprints 3 sf tales from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron Spy Killer (Reprints an adventure novella from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron Under the Black Ensign (Reprints a historical adventure novella from the pulps) $9.95
Hubbard, L. Ron Yukon Madness (Collection; 3 adventure stories from the pulps) $9.95
Hughes, Matthew The Commons (PBO; For 100,000 years, Old Earth's Institute for Historical Inquiry has mapped the collective unconscious of the human race. And now young Guth Bandar suspects the collective unconscious has become aware of itself. Worse, it has an agenda. And worst of all, it can force Bandar to go deep into the darkest forests of the mind, where the only escape from madness is death) $17.95
Jackson, S/Kovalic, J Chez Cthulhu (110 cards plus instructions; 2-5 players, game time about 1 hour. Prepare for an encounter with the most sanity-blasting entities in all the dimensions . . . your roommates. A stand-alone game that can be combined with the classic Chez Geek : as long as you use 'cigarette' and 'tentacles' interchangeably, you'll be fine ) $19.99
Jessup, Paul Open Your Eyes (Her lover was a supernova who took worlds with him when he died, and as a new world grows within Ekhi, savage lives rage and love on a small ship in the outer reaches of space. A ship with an agenda of its own) $13.95
Kellaghan, Fiona (ed) The Savage Humanists (PBO; Anthology; reprints 9 sf stories that comment satirically on the human condition) $15.95
Kibuishi, Kazu Copper (PBO; Kids; Full color collection of the popular webcomic. Copper and his dog Fred set off on a series of adventures through marvelous worlds) $12.99
Lamb, Harold Swords from the Sea (Collects all his historical seafaring stories, featuring Vikings, pirates, heroes, rogues and explorers) $24.95
Lamberson, Gregory The Frenzy Way (PBO; NYPD homicide captain Anthony Mace investigates a series of murders. His only clue: a sword with a broken silver blade, bearing the likeness of a pious Inquisitor and an angry wolf) $15.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Unchained and Unhinged (Collection; 6 essays and 10 stories (mostly very short); Signed copies) $40.00
Lasky, Kathryn The Siege (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #4: Kids; The Pure Ones launch an attack upon the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. The noble owls who live there must fight fiercely to protect their resources and defend their honor. Meanwhile, Soren is called upon by the elders to lead a mission. He and his crew will have to enter St. Aggie's as spies, then leave unnoticed once their work is done) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The Shattering (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #5: Kids; Soren's sister Eglantine is falling under the spell of a strange nightly dream. Then, just as Soren notices her trancelike state, Eglantine disappears, and the dreams become a deadly waking nightmare that puts the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole in terrible danger. Soren must lead the Chaw of Chaws to rescue his sister) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The Burning (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #6: Kids; A great battle is drawing near. In preparation, Soren and his band must fly to the Northern Kingdoms to find allies and study the grim art of war. Meanwhile, St. Aggie's has fallen to the Pure Ones. If they are not stopped, they will launch another, deadlier attack against the great tree. And without allies from the north, Ga'Hoole will surely fall) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The Hatchling (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #7: Kids; A hatchling is born: Nyroc, son of Kludd, fallen leader of the Pure Ones, and his evil mate Nyra. Born from evil, trained to evil, Nyroc is destined to fulfill his father's terrible plan. But doubt grows in Nyroc's heart, fed by forbidden legends of a great tree where noble owls live in peace. And a light dawns in Nyroc's gizzard, nourished by friendship. A day is nearing when Nyroc must choose to fulfill his destiny - or to defy it) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The Outcast (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #8: Kids; Haunted by his past, hunted by the Pure Ones, Nyroc flies alone. He yearns to go to the great tree, where good and learned owls do noble deeds, but he cannot. But Nyroc has glimpsed hope - and a new destiny - in the flame over his father's bones. In search of that destiny, he trains his gaze and beats his wings toward a barren landscape where fire splits the sky - The Beyond the Beyond) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The First Collier (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #9: Legends #1: Kids; An ancient malevolence has been loosed from the past to threaten the great tree. With his dying breath, Ezylryb tells Soren and Coryn to read the legends hidden in his library, in which a young king and queen struggle to keep peace while Grank, their most loyal friend and supporter, studies embers and flames in a distant land. Then a desperate plea comes from the king, and Grank rushes to the aid of his friends) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The Coming of Hoole (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #10: Legends #2: Kids; A tale of chaos, betrayal, and nachtmagen unfolds in the second of three ancient legends. A grizzled collier will tend a young prince in exile. An owl who would be a monk will don battle claws. A mother who is also a queen will raise an army. And under the shower of embers in the shadow of the Sacred Volcanoes, a king will be born - or die) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn To Be A King (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #11: Legends #3: Kids; Nachtmagen rages as hagfiends and traitorous lords conspire to defeat the new king. With Grank and Theo at his side, Hoole must forge an army of free owls strong enough to defeat the forces of darkness. The power of the one Ember fires the young king's gizzard, and he grows great. But for young Hoole there is a danger much closer, for magic - even good magic - brings great peril to those who wield it) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The Golden Tree (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #12: Kids; Soren and the Band are back. Coryn has retrieved the ember and it seems a golden age is dawning at the great tree. But the young king, haunted by the suspicion that haggish blood flows in his veins, hunts for the truth. Meanwhile, back at the tree, the influence of the ember is strong - and strange. The tree changes, as do the guardians left to govern in the king's absence. Otulissa objects to the strange new ways, and her outspokenness puts her in grave danger. Someone must get word to Soren and the Band. But who?) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The River of Wind (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #13: Kids; Coryn, Soren, and the Chaw of Chaws ride a river of wind to discover a realm of endless wonders where dwells a society of owls, the like of which they've never seen. Meanwhile, journeying in the known kingdoms, Primrose and Eglantine stumble upon a plot by Nyra to kill the young king and his companions in a distant land. Too late to get help from the tree, the young guardians must find their way to the strange new realmto warn Coryn and the others) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn Exile (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #14: Kids; Slowly, inexorably, the Striga, a mysterious blue owl from the Middle Kingdom, gains control over Coryn's mind. The Band is banished from the great tree, and the Striga institutes a harsh new regime that will not stop until learning itself - the very foundation of the tree - becomes suspect and books are consigned to flame. Somehow the Band must open Coryn's eyes to the Striga's malign influence. But how, when they are exiled?) $5.99
Lasky, Kathryn The War of the Ember (Guardians of Ga'Hoole #15: PBO; Kids; The Striga and Nyra join forces to conjure a malignant power. When news of their alliance reaches the great tree, the guardians call to good creatures everywhere: gadfeathers, kraals, polar bears, green-owls, puffins, seagulls, and dire wolves. An army of free creatures marches, swims, and flies to the Hot Gates of the Beyond, where the fate of the six owl kingdoms will be decided once and for all) $5.99
Leiber, Fritz Selected Stories (Collection; 17 tales of sf, fantasy and horror) $24.95
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest Search for the Silver Key Asylum Pack (Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game: Fourth pack in the Dreamlands expansion, with 20 different never-before-seen cards. The search for Twila Katherine Price leads to an ancient artifact that can open the way to the Dreamlands) $9.95
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest Sleep of the Dead Asylum Pack (Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game: Fifth pack in the Dreamlands expansion, with 20 different never-before-seen cards. Dreams within dreams and nightmares within nightmares, the descent of the lost dreamers continues) $9.95
Lovegrove, James The Age of Zeus (Age of #2: PBO; After a decade of oppression under the Olympians, living incarnations of the Greek gods, a band of guerrillas armed with high-tech weapons and battlesuits dub themselves the Titans, begin a war of attrition) $7.99
Mamatas/Wallace (eds) Realms 2: The Second Year of Clarkesworld Magazine (PBO; Anthology; 25 sf and fantasy stories originally published online) $14.95
Mana, Alessandro et al Strange Aeons II: Nine Forays into Unusual Times & Places (Call of Cthulhu: PBO; Game manual; 9 stand-alone scenarios running the gambit from prehistoric times to the distant future, including 6 pre-generated characters for each adventure) $34.95
Milford, Kate The Boneshaker (Kids; 1913: When a traveling medicine show arrives in town, 13-year-old Natalie's half-built automaton suddenly moves. Wondering why, she investigates, and uncovers a grim situation she must set right) $17.00
Riordan, Rick The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles #1: Kids; Sadie and Carter Kane discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them - Set - has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs) $17.99
Robeson, Kenneth The Frosted Death / The Glass Mountain (Avenger #3: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth Quest of Qui / The Devil's Playground (Bama cover) (Doc Savage #33: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth Quest of Qui / The Devil's Playground (Baumhofer cover) (Doc Savage #33: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Man Who Shook the Earth / The Three Devils (Doc Savage #34: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth Meteor Menace / The Ten Ton Snakes (Doc Savage #35: Pulp reprints) $12.95
Rosin, James The Invaders: A Quinn Martin TV Series (A look at the 1960s TV series in which a California architect attempts to convince a disbelieving world of an alien invasion. Includes episode guides and cast bios. Black & white photos) $17.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Legend of Drizzt Collectors Edition #2: The Crystal Shard / Streams of Silver / The Halfling's Gem (Forgotten Realms: Drizzt # 4 /5 / 6: Omnibus reprint) $19.95
Schulz, Charles M. The Complete Peanuts 1975-1976 (Black & white collection of comic strips) $28.99
Sedia, Ekaterina (ed) Running with the Pack (PBO; Anthology; 22 urban fantasy stories (13 original, 9 reprints) featuring werewolves) $14.95
Shepard, Lucius The Taborin Scale: A Novella of the Dragon Griaule (George Taborin travels to the Carbonales Valley, where he acquires a tiny dragon's scale with unexpected properties, and finds himself thrust into a primal world of violence and cruelty; Signed copies) $35.00
Swallow, James Air (Stargate Universe: PBO; Novelization of the TV episode) $7.95
Tchaikovsky, Adrian Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt #1: The city-states of the Lowlands have lived in peace for decades. Now, it falls to Stenwold Maker, spymaster, artificer, and statesman, to awaken them to the threat of the Wasp Empire) $16.00
Tchaikovsky, Adrian Blood of the Mantis (Shadows of the Apt #3: In the town of Jerez, lake creatures, secret police, and renegade magicians compete to seize the Shadow Box. Stenwold and his followers must seek what allies they can before the Wasp armies march in the spring) $16.00
Wellman, Manly Wade Who Fears the Devil?: The Complete Tales of Silver John (Collection; balladeer Silver John takes on supernatural beasts, unholy curses, and locals with occult powers. Includes 2 previously uncollected stories) $15.99
Whates, Ian The Noise Within (PBO; On the brink of perfecting the human/AI interface, Philip Kaufman finds himself pursued by assassins when dangerous information falls into his hands. Leyton, a black ops agent ordered to hunt down an elusive pirate vessel, wonders why this particular freebooter is so important) $7.99
Williamson, Jack With Folded Hands and Searching Mind (Collected Stories #7: Collection; 15 sf tales originally published between 1941 and 1958) $40.00
Yoshinaga, Fumi Ooku: The Inner Chambers #1 (Manga graphic novel. Edo Period Japan: A strange new disease, the Redface Pox, kills 75% of the male population within 80 years. Women take on all the roles traditionally reserved for men, including that of shogun. The men, precious providers of life, are carefully protected. And the most beautiful of the men are sent to serve in the shogun's Inner Chamber. Winner of the 2009 Tiptree Award) $12.99
Yoshinaga, Fumi Ooku: The Inner Chambers #2 (Manga graphic novel. Curious about why female lords must take on male names, the shogun Yoshimune seeks out the ancient scribe Murase. From his archives of the last 80 years of the Inner Chambers, Yoshimune learns about the coming of the Redface Pox, the death of the last male shogun, and the birth of the new Japan. Winner of the 2009 Tiptree Award) $12.99
Yoshinaga, Fumi Ooku: The Inner Chambers #3 (Manga graphic novel. The young female shogun Iemitsu tries desperately to conceive a male heir. But her lover Arikoto seems unable to give her a child, and they must betray their hearts to save their country. Meanwhile, the Redface Pox continues its ruthless progress through Japan, leaving famine, despair, and the threat of anarchy in its wake) $12.99


Abe, Shana The Time Weaver (Drakon #5: Honor Carlisle learns she is a Time Weaver, and finds herself drawn to Alexandru, a prince from a rival tribe. Will their union restore order to the drakon universe, or destroy it?) $24.00
Abercrombie, Joe Best Served Cold (Standalone novel set in the First Law universe. Springtime in Styria. And that means war. Armies march, heads roll, and cities burn, while behind the scenes bankers, priests and older, darker powers play a deadly game to choose who will be king. Betrayed by Duke Orso and left for dead, mercenary Monza Murcatto has a broken body and a burning hunger for vengeance. Whatever the cost, seven men must die) $7.99
Anderson, Taylor Distant Thunder (Destroyermen #4: The arrival of a ship captained by Commodore Jenks of the New Britain Imperial Navy raises questions for Lt. Commander Reddy, who is uncertain where Jenks' loyalties lie. As tension mounts between Allies and Imperials, Reddy comes to realize that a greater danger than the Grik is closer than he suspected) $24.95
Andrews, Ilona Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels #4: PBO; Paranormal problem-solver Kate Daniels faces a new foe, who may be too much for her and her shapeshifter allies to handle. Because this enemy is family) $7.99
Arthur, Keri Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson #9: PBO; Werewolf/vampire Riley Jenson has begun questioning her job at the Directorate, but reluctantly agrees to investigate a series of ritual slayings; a vicious enemy from her past is determined to strip her of everything that gives her life meaning) $7.99
Bassingthwaite, Don The Tyranny of Ghosts (Eberron: Legacy of Dhakaan #3: PBO; The battle for the kingdom of the goblins reaches its peak) $6.99
Battis, Jes Inhuman Resources (OSI #3: PBO; When a powerful necromancer is killed, Tess Corday must handle the occult community politics as carefully as the scant evidence) $7.99
Becker, Robin Brains: A Zombie Memoir (PBO; After the zombie apocalypse, can zombies and humans live together in peace and harmony? College professor/zombie Jack Barnes is determined to try) $13.99
Black, Jenna Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker #1: PBO; YA; Tired of keeping an eye on her alcoholic mother, Dana decides to visit her powerful Fae father in Avalon, and finds herself a pawn in magical politics) $9.99
Bourque, Marie-Claude Ancient Whispers (PBO; Over two centuries after the tragic loss of his fiancee, a cursed sorcerer at last finds the reincarnation of his soul mate) $6.99
Bradbury, Ray A Pleasure to Burn (Collection; 16 vintage stories, including 'The Fireman', the immediate precursor to Fahrenheit 451 ) $35.00
Breen, M.E. Darkwood (Kids; 13-year-old Annie escapes from her cruel home; her journey takes her deep into the forest of Howland - where fearsome creatures lurk - and into the glittering halls of a palace) $7.99
Burns, Monica Assassin's Honor (Order of the Sicari #1: PBO; Archaeologist Emma Zale sees the past when she touches relics. Now someone wants her dead, and her only hope of survival is an assassin who is every bit as dangerous to her body as he is to her heart) $15.00
Carey, Jacqueline Naamah's Kiss (Kushiel #7: After Moirin undergoes the rites of adulthood, she finds divine acceptance - on the condition that she fulfill an unknown destiny that lies somewhere beyond the ocean) $7.99
Cook, Glen Angry Lead Skies (Garrett PI #10: Reissue; Garrett gets roped into being bodyguard for an obnoxious kid who is being threatened by creatures that can't quite be described. Then the kid is abducted, and the chase begins) $7.99
Cook, Glen Starfishers (Starfishers #2: Reissue; Confederation agents Mouse Storm and Moyshe BenRabi infiltrate a Starfisher harvestship hoping to gain control of the ambergris produced by huge, intelligent creatures of fusion energy) $14.95
Coville, Bruce The Last Hunt (Unicorn Chronicles #4: Kids; As the Hunters invade Luster, bent on the extermination of the unicorns, the unicorns rally to defend themselves. And Cara must confront Beloved to prevent all of Luster from collapse) $18.99
Dakin, Glenn The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance (Candle Man #1: Kids; Theo can instantly melt criminals with a touch. Forced to wear gloves, live indoors, and receive daily treatments, he longs for the day when he can live outside in the unfamiliar world he rarely sees) $6.99
de Pierres, Marianne Chaos Space (Sentients of Orion #2: Mira Fedor travels to the nearest Orion League planet seeking aid for Araldis, but the authorities seem more interested in stealing her bio-ship. Meanwhile, Araldis burns. Why is the initiate Tekton taking such extreme measures just to acquire a mineral alloy? Why do so many of the protagonists have links to the Stain Wars? And what part does the Sole Entity - literally, God - have to play?) $9.99
Devereux, David Eagle Rising (Jack #2: Jack is a government operative, and a magician who talks to the dead; he must stop a neo-Nazi magical sect intent on giving the world back to a terror from the darkest days of the 20th century) $8.99
Douglass, Sara The Infinity Gate (DarkGlass Mountain #3: Tencendor is no more, but a few SunSoars still remain. When unexpected treachery threatens, they and their allies face a darkness greater than any they have known before) $26.99
Duncan, Dave Speak to the Devil (The king's chief minister offers Anton, a hussar in the army, an earldom and more if he will take command of a strategic fortress where the previous holder and his son were slain by treason and witchcraft) $27.99
Estep, Jennifer Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin #2: PBO; When an old acquaintance of her beloved mentor asks for help, Gin can't say no, even though it puts her back on the radar of her sworn enemy) $7.99
Farnsworth, Christopher Blood Oath (White House staffer Zach Barrows is partnered with Nathaniel Cade, the president's vampire. As they try to stop Cade's old nemesis from creating an army of monster soldiers, they uncover a deeper conspiracy) $24.95
Flewelling, Lynn The White Road (Nightrunner #5: PBO; With the help of old friends and Seregil's clan, Seregil and Alec set out to discover the truth about Sebrahn, the prophesied 'child of no woman') $7.99
Flint, Eric/Spoor, Ryk E. Threshold (Sequel to Boundary . The next 'gold rush' is on - for alien technology hidden in lost bases around the system. And there are people who will go to any lengths - even interplanetary war - to get it) $25.00
Francis, Diana P. The Hollow Crown (Crosspointe #4: PBO; The Lord Chancellor has seized the throne of Crosspointe and enslaved most of the royal family. The king's heirs must rally their allies to overthrow the usurper - before the Jutras invade) $7.99
Frost, P.R. Faery Moon (Tess Noncoire #3: Tess takes a trip to a writers' conference in Las Vegas, where she and her demon sidekick Scrap must free a group of faeries who are being held captive in a casino) $7.99
Gear, W.M. & Kathleen Children of the Dawnland (Twig sometimes has Spirit dreams that come true. When she begins to have nightmares of destruction, can she persuade her people to leave their home and travel to the mysterious Duskland?) $5.99
Gever/Halpern, M (eds) Is Anybody Out There? (PBO; Anthology; original stories about the quest to find intelligent life in the universe) $7.99
Gideon, Nancy Masked by Moonlight (Charlotte Caissie #1: PBO; Cee Cee, a New Orleans homicide detective, finds herself falling for Max, a mobster's shapeshifting second-in-command, who saved her life years ago) $7.99
Gingrich/Forstchen Days of Infamy (Admiral Yamamoto decides to launch a fateful 'third-wave attack' on the island of Oahu, and then keeps his fleet in the area to hunt down the surviving American aircraft carriers) $7.99
Golden, Christie Omen (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #2: Jedi Knights are going insane, and their powerful Force talents are out of control, threatening everyone around them) $7.99
Golden, Christie Allies (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #5: An uneasy and unprecedented coalition of Sith and Jedi enter the treacherous area of space known as the Maw to search out the strange being that has been reaching out to Luke Skywalker) $27.00
Graham, Jo Stealing Fire (Numinous World #3: In the wake of Alexander the Great's death, his soldier Lydias Miletus throws in his lot with General Ptolemy, who has laid claim to Egypt. The gods of Egypt choose to aid the pair in an audacious plan to steal Alexander's body and bring it to Egypt to be an eternal bulwark against invasion) $14.99
Green, Simon R. The Spy Who Haunted Me (Eddie Drood #3: The legendary Independent Agent is dying. Eddie and five other great spies must solve the six greatest mysteries. The winner will inherit the IA's hoard of information and secrets) $7.99
Green, Simon R. From Hell with Love (Eddie Drood #4: The Drood Matriarch is dead, and it's up to acting head of the family Eddie to figure out who did it. Unpopular opinion is divided: it was either Eddie's best girl Molly. Or Eddie himself. And Eddie knows he didn't do it) $24.95
Hamilton, Laurell K. Skin Trade (Anita Blake #17: A vampire serial killer sends Anita a grisly souvenir from Las Vegas; she heads to Vegas, where she's joined by three other federal marshals, including the ruthless Edward) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Bullet (Anita Blake #19: Master vampire Jean Claude is consolidating power in himself and those loyal to him. Of course, there are those who oppose his plans. Assassins are coming to St. Louis. Anita knows they're coming, but being forewarned doesn't necessarily mean you can win; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Harlow, Karin Enemy Lover (PBO; Assigned to gain the trust of an assassin, black ops femme fatale Jax falls for him - and discovers he's a vampire who is quickly rising to the top of a dark empire) $7.99
Harrison, Kim Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison #2: YA; 17-year-old Madison grapples with the terrifying new skills that come with being a dark timekeeper, in charge of angels who follow the murky guidelines of fate) $16.99
Hartwell/Cramer (eds) Year's Best SF 15 (PBO; Anthology; the best stories published in 2009) $7.99
Howard, Jonathan L. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Johannes Cabal #1: Satan proposes a wager: Johannes has one year to persuade 100 people to sign over their souls or he will lose his forever. Satan throws in a traveling carnival to help Johannes collect on the bargain) $15.00
Huff, Tanya The Enchantment Emporium (Alysha's family can change the world with the charms they cast. When she inherits a junk shop in Calgary, she finds so much trouble brewing there that even calling in her family may not be enough to save the day) $7.99
Hunt, Stephen The Kingdom Beyond the Waves (Jackelian World #2: Professor Amelia Harsh's quest for the lost civilization of Camlantis, which legend claims was a perfect pacifist society, may bring her own world to the brink of destruction) $7.99
Hunter, Erin Bluestar's Prophecy (Warriors Prequel: Kids; ThunderClan must assert its strength or risk falling prey to its power-hungry neighbors, but secrets from the past threaten to destroy the Clan - and Bluestar) $7.99
Hunter, Erin Battles of the Clans (Warriors: Kids; Reveals the stories behind the most legendary battles in Warriors history, as well as each Clan's top-secret battle techniques) $16.99
Jones, Shane Light Boxes (No flying, not even hot-air balloons, or kites. That's what the sky spirit February tells the town, as it punishes them with endless winter. Children go missing, adults become catatonic, but some find the strength to fight back, waging war on February) $14.00
Joy, Dara Knight of a Trillion Stars (Matrix of Destiny #1: Reissue; Deana arrives home from work to find a sexy alien in her living room) $4.99
Joy, Dara Rejar (Matrix of Destiny #2: Reissue; Lilac never guessed that bringing a stray cat into her home would soon have her stroking the most desired man in 1811 London) $4.99
Joy, Dara Mine to Take (Matrix of Destiny #3: Reissue; The stunning captive chained to her wall was exactly what Jenise needed. And he was hers to take - or so she believed. But she had never heard how dangerous it was to lie down with the cat) $4.99
Kane, Stacia Unholy Ghosts (Downside #1: PBO; Ghost banisher Chess Putnam owes a lot of money to a drug lord; to repay the debt, she agrees to dispatch a very nasty species of undead from an old airport) $7.99
Kemp, Paul S. The Erevis Cale Trilogy: Twilight Falling / Dawn of Night / Midnight's Mask (Forgotten Realms; omnibus reprint) $15.95
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Infinity (Dark-Hunters: Chronicles of Nick #1: YA; 14-year-old Nick Gautier learns that the captain of the football team is a werewolf and the girl he has a crush on stakes the undead at night. And now his fellow students are turning into flesh-eating zombies) $17.99
Ketchum, Jack Joyride (includes Weed Species) (Carole and her lover Lee thought they'd managed the perfect crime when they killed her husband. But a stranger saw what they did - and now he wants to take them on a killing spree. Plus bonus novella 'Weed Species') $7.99
Kilworth, Garry D. Angel (Reissue; Two police detectives try to stop an angel, who is setting San Francisco afire to destroy fallen angels hiding on Earth - no matter how many innocents have to die) $7.99
Kittredge, Caitlin Daemon's Mark (Nocturne City #5: PBO; Werewolf homicide detective Luna Wilder works with sexy federal agent Will Fagin on a series of fatal fires at the homes of the city's most infamous non-humans) $7.99
Knight, Deidre Red Demon (Gods of Midnight #3: PBO; Immortal Spartan Ari is reunited with his long-dead love Julianna, but her debt to the djinn demon who gave her physical form must be paid in souls and spirits) $7.99
Lamb, Harold Swords from the East (Collects all of Lamb's Mongolian stories, restoring the Mongols to their place in history, not mindless barbarians but men of honor and bravery who laid down their lives for their leader and their lands) $24.95
Langrish, Katherine The Shadow Hunt (Kids; Wolf is on the run from his past, and from the ghosts and demons that haunt the moors of Devil's Edge. Facing a sinister enemy, he and his friend Nest must determine the difference between lies and reality - and who they can trust) $16.99
Laurey, Rosemary Love Me Forever (Reissue; A single mother finds herself eternally bound to an immortal vampire) $6.99
Lebbon, Tim Fear of the Dark (30 Days of Night: PBO; For five years, a protector has saved Marty whenever he's been in danger. From a single glimpse one night, he thinks it's his older sister Rose, beautiful, intelligent - and dead) $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve The Dragon Variation: Local Custom / Scout's Progress / Conflict of Honors (Liaden: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $12.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Mouse & Dragon (Liaden: After enduring much, Aelliana Caylon appears to have won all: a spaceship, comrades, friends. Her lover is arguably the most powerful person on Liad, and he's agreed to sit as her co-pilot and her partner in a courier business. But there are a few snags. Her home clan isn't as agreeable to letting her go as it first seemed. Someone is stealing pilots in the Low Port. The man she loves isn't entirely the man she thought he was. And she discovers that the lift from Liad she so fervently desires is part of a larger plan that requires her to be someone she never thought she was, or could be) $22.00
Long, Nathan Bloodborn (Warhammer: Ulrika the Vampire #1: PBO; When a fellow vampire is killed in Nuln, new vampire Ulrika and her mentor Gabriella are sent to investigate; they must solve a mystery that threatens their very existence) $8.99
Lord, Karen Redemption in Indigo (When Paama leaves her foolish, gluttonous husband, the undying ones - the djombi - present her with the Chaos Stick, which allows her to manipulate the subtle forces of the world. But a wrathful djombi with indigo skin believes this power should be his alone) $16.00
Lowder, James (ed) The Best of All Flesh (Anthology; reprints the best zombie stories from the All Flesh Must Be Eaten series of anthologies) $14.95
Maynard, L.H./Sims, M.P.N Night Souls (Department 18 #2: Robert Carter and Department 18 are caught in the middle of a war between two factions of Breathers, vampire-like creatures who feed on human souls) $7.99
McCray, Cheyenne No Werewolves Allowed (Night Tracker #2: PBO; When several of NYC's werewolves go missing, the trail leads half-human/half-drow PI Nyx and sexy Detective Adam Boyd out of the big city) $7.99
McCullough, Kelly SpellCrash (Ravirn #5: PBO; When the magical computer system controlling the multi-verse needs a massive reboot, Ravirn will need all his skills as a mage and a hacker to prevent complete chaos; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday June 5) $7.99
McKenna, Juliet E. Banners in the Wind (Lescari Revolution #3: PBO; In the struggle to overthrow the warring dukes, necessity forces uneasy compromise as well as perilous defiance. Wreaking havoc is swift and easy. Building a lasting peace may yet prove impossible) $7.99
McNeill, Graham Courage and Honour (Warhammer 40,000: Ultramarines #5: Captain Uriel Ventris must redeem himself in the eyes of his battle-brothers, who fear he may have been tainted by Chaos) $8.99
McNeill, Graham The Chapter's Due (Warhammer 40,000: Ultramarines #6: Captain Uriel Ventris does battle against the nemesis of the Ultramarines - the Iron Warriors, lead by renegade Warsmith Honsou) $24.99
Meyer, Stephenie The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (YA; Novella; Bree and the newborn vampire army prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens) $13.99
Meyer, Stephenie Eclipse (Twilight #3: As Seattle is ravaged by mysterious killings and a vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella must choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob) $7.99
Miller, Karen The Prodigal Mage (Fisherman's Children #1: Rafel has inherited his father Asher's talents, but is forbidden to use them. But when his countrymen face devastation and a rift in the very fabric of their land, Rafel's powers will not be denied) $7.99
Mitchell, Molly David Tennant (Nonfiction; biography of the actor) $12.95
Murphy, C.E. Demon Hunts (Walker Papers #5: PBO; Seattle police detective Joanne Walker tracks a demon turned serial killer to the Lower World, a shamanistic plane of magic and spirits) $14.95
Neumeier, Rachel The Land of Burning Sands (Griffin Mage #2: PBO; The king of Casmantium tried - and failed - to use griffins to win territory. The griffins are not inclined to forgive. Gereint Enseichen finds himself caught up in a desperate struggle between the griffins and the last Casmantian mage) $7.99
Norton, Andre The Game of Stars and Comets (Reissue; 4 short novels of interstellar adventure, set in the same universe) $7.99
Okorafor, Nnedi Who Fears Death (In far future Africa, a girl is born whose destiny is to end the genocide of her people. The journey to fulfill that destiny will force her to grapple with nature, tradition, history, true love, the spiritual mysteries of her culture - and eventually death itself) $24.95
Oppel, Kenneth Starclimber (Matt Cruse #3: YA; Matt and Kate are invited aboard the Starclimber; soon the ship is surrounded by strange, unsettling life-forms, and the crew must battle devastating mechanical failure) $6.99
Pettersson, Vicki Cheat the Grave (Zodiac #5: PBO; Joanna Archer gave up her otherworldly powers to save a child - and a city. Now that she's mortal, her former allies are her enemies. To survive, she'll have to gather an army of onetime foes, and destroy everything she once believed in) $7.99
Pierce, Tamora Bloodhound (Tortall: Beka Cooper #2: Finally a full-fledged member of the Guard, Beka Cooper investigates when counterfeit coins start turning up in Tortall's capital) $10.99
Pinkwater, Daniel Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl (Kids; Big Audrey, a girl with cat's whiskers and sort of cat's eyes, hits the road (and the inter-plane-of-existence) to solve the mystery of her cat-whiskered doppelganger) $16.00
Prineas, Sarah Found (Magic Thief #3: Kids; Determined to protect Wellmet and its magic, Conn, a young thief turned apprentice wizard, sets off to stop an evil predator that intends to destroy the city) $16.99
Reynolds, Alastair House of Suns (Six million years ago, Abigail Gentian fractured herself into a thousand clones. Periodically they gather to exchange news and memories. But now someone is eliminating the Gentian line) $8.99
Reynolds, Alastair Terminal World (An enforcement agent named Quillon has been living incognito in the last human city of Spearpoint, working as a morgue pathologist. Then a near-dead angel, a winged posthuman, drops onto his dissecting table. To save the angel's life, Quillon will have to travel into the cold and hostile lands beyond the city) $26.95
Rhodes, Natasha Circus of Sins (Kayla Steele #3: Master vampire Harlequin has made a deal with the devil, and plans to trigger the Third War in Heaven by killing an angel. Kayla must join forces with the werewolves to stave off Armageddon) $7.99
Ringo, John Eye of the Storm (Posleen War #11: With new invaders threatening the Federation capital, the Darhel must reinstate the one man human soldiers trust: Michael O'Neal) $7.99
Roberts, Adam Yellow Blue Tibia (In 1946, convinced that the defeat of America is imminent - and that the Soviet Union needs a massive external threat to hold it together - Stalin orders several top Soviet sf writers to compose a detailed, plausible story about an alien race poised to invade Earth. The writers spend months working, until Moscow abruptly brings the project to a halt. Years later, in the aftermath of Chernobyl, the surviving writers gather - because the story they invented in 1946 is starting to come true) $16.95
Rosenberg, Jonathan Showcase Showdown (Goats #3: PBO; Full color. Collects the popular webcomic. Two geeky bar patrons and their strange pets stumble through an increasingly bizarre universe) $15.00
Shan, Darren Procession of the Dead (City #1: Capac Raimi comes to the City - a place of exotic dangers, blind Incan priests, and friends who mysteriously disappear - and crosses paths with the Cardinal, the City's absolute ruler) $19.99
Showalter, Gena The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld #5: PBO; With an enemy hot on his trail, immortal warrior Aeron is torn between duty and his consuming desire for fallen angel Olivia) $7.99
Sinclair, Alison Lightborn (PBO; Sequel to Darkborn . The Darkborn aristocracy rejects magic, viewing science as the only worthy goal. Lady Telmaine Hearne has kept her powers secret - until her husband draws her into a plan to protect the archduke and his brother from a magical enemy) $15.00
Slade, Jessa Forged of Shadows (Marked Souls #2: PBO; Possessed by a demon in search of redemption, Liam heads the Chicago league of talyan in their fight against evil, and tries to guide Jilly, half-taken by a demon, into her full power) $7.99
Stead, Rebecca When You Reach Me (Kids; Winner of the 2009 Newbery Medal. NYC, 1978: After receiving mysterious notes, Miranda realizes whoever is leaving them knows all about her - including things that haven't happened yet) $15.99
Stevermer, Caroline Magic Below Stairs (Kids; A spin-off from the Kate & Cecy series. Plucked from a Victorian orphanage to be a footboy for the wizard Lord Schofield, Frederick wonders if his uncanny ability to tie perfect knots and render boots spotless is a sign of his own magical talent, or the work of brownie Billy Bly, who has watched over him since he was little. No matter, for the wizard has banished all magical creatures from his holdings. But Billy Bly isn't going anywhere. When he discovers a curse upon the manor house, he and Frederick must keep the lord's new baby safe and rid the Schofield family of the curse; Signing at Uncle Hugo’s July 10) $16.99
Stover, Matthew God of War (PBO; Based on the videogame. Kratos, a great warrior, seeks revenge on Ares, the god of war, for the deaths of his wife and child) $15.00
Thurman, Rob Chimera (PBO; Ten years ago, Stefan's younger brother Lukas was kidnapped. Now Stefan has finally found him - transformed into a genetically-altered trained killer. Those who created him want him back. It seems that saving Lukas may be easier than surviving him) $7.99
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Children of Hurin (Long before the One Ring was forged, Hurin dared to defy Morgoth, the first and greatest of the dark lords, earning the enmity of a merciless foe that would shape the destiny of all the ages to come) $7.99
Van Name, Mark L. Overthrowing Heaven (Jon & Lobo #3: Jon and Lobo face private armies, covert ops teams, a courtesan who's always a step ahead, rival superpowers, and a brilliant scientist who thinks humans are just lab animals) $7.99
Viehl, Lynn Dreamveil (Kyndred #2: PBO; Rowan is determined to conceal her identity as a Kyndred, but dark secrets from her past threaten her new life and love with a world-class chef) $7.99
Vincent, Rachel My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers #3: PBO; YA; Banshee Kaylee Cavanaugh and her boyfriend Nash must cut off the source of a super-addictive netherworld substance that has made its way to the human world) $9.99
Warrington, Freda Elfland (Trapped in the human realm, Rose Fox and Sam Wilder are drawn to the lands beyond, even as their Aetherial families feud over the Gatekeeper's refusal to open the gates) $7.99
Weldon, Phaedra Phantasm (Zoe Martinique #3: Unless Zoe can figure out how to go Wraith again, she won't be able to rescue her mother, whose soul is trapped on the Abysmal plane) $7.99
Weldon, Phaedra Revenant (Zoe Martinique #4: PBO; Bodies are showing up all over Atlanta, drained of blood. They're Revenants, beings from another astral plane - and they're being stalked by Zoe's old enemy, the Phantasm) $15.00
Whedon, Joss Firefly: Still Flying (PBO; A celebration of the acclaimed TV series, with unseen photos, costume designs, behind-the-scenes secrets, and much more) $19.95
Williams, Alayna Dark Oracle (PBO; Ex-profiler Tara Sheridan swore off divination years ago. But now an ancient society of oracles wants her to find a missing scientist who has discovered the secrets of dark energy) $7.99
Williams, David J. The Machinery of Light (Claire Haskell #3: PBO; The world has exploded into violence, and it looks like the moon is the next target, unless hacker Claire Haskell can put her team back together for one final push against the Autumn Rain terrorists) $16.00
Wilson, Robert Charles Julian Comstock (President Deklan Comstock's rule is threatened by the popularity of Captain Commongold, who turns out to be his nephew Julian, son of the falsely accused and executed Bryce) $8.99
Wyatt, James Player's Strategy Guide (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Provides tips and tricks for optimizing characters) $29.95


Adams, Cat Blood Song (Celia Graves #1: PBO; Bodyguard Celia Graves wakes to find herself transformed into something that should not exist, neither human nor vampire - and now both humans and supernaturals want her dead) $14.99
Allred, Katherine Close Contact (Alien Affairs #2: PBO; With her newly discovered psi abilities, it's up to party girl Echo Adams to help rescue an alien life form that has mysteriously disappeared) $7.99
Baker, Kage The Anvil of the World (Reissue; Smith, a successful assassin, is trying to retire, hoping to live an honest life in obscurity in spite of all those who seek to kill him. But when he agrees to be the master of a caravan traveling from the inland city of Troon to Salesh by the sea, trouble follows) $14.99
Black/Castellucci (eds) Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd (YA; Anthology; 15 original stories about all things geek - from Star Trek to Star Wars to fan fiction, theater geeks, and cosplayers) $8.99
Carey, Jacqueline Naamah's Curse (Kushiel #8: Moirin succeeds in finding Bao, but he is entangled in a complication that leads to their betrayal, and Moirin finds herself cast in chains that bind her magic, in the custody of the fanatic Patriarch of Riva) $26.99
Carman, Patrick The Dark Planet (Atherton #3: Kids; Edgar journeys to Earth - the dark Dying Planet - and finds the site where the mad maker of Atherton was raised. To save the sick planet, Edgar must unlock Dr. Harding's secrets) $6.99
Davys, Tim Lanceheim (Mollisan Town #2: Unlike the other stuffed animals, Maximillian did not arrive by green delivery truck. He has no seams, and grows in size. When he begins to preach strange parables, he attracts followers - and his growing influence threatens the power of the dark forces ruling Mollisan Town) $21.99
Farmer, Philip Jose The Dark Design (Riverworld #3: Reissue; Milton Firebrass, now Mark Twain's number-one helper, plans to build a giant airship to fly to the North Pole, where a mysterious tower may contain the beings that created Riverworld) $17.99
Handeland, Lori Shakespeare Undead (PBO; Why are there so many zombies strolling around London? Vampire and necromancer William Shakespeare investigates with the help of Katherine Dymond, the Dark Lady of his sonnets) $13.99
Hoffman, Paul The Left Hand of God (16-year-old Thomas Cale has grown up imprisoned in the fortress of a sect of warrior monks, training for a holy war, with no idea there's a world outside the walls. And then, he opens a door. A daring escape and an unlikely alliance lead to the discovery that he is destined to save the world - or destroy it) $25.95
Holt, Tom Blonde Bombshell (2017: Lucy Pavlov has it all - wealth, intelligence, beauty. One thing, however, is not quite right in her life. She doesn't realize it yet, but she is in fact a bomb. A very big, very smart bomb, and her mission is to blow up the Earth) $13.99
Jonell, Lynne Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls (Emmy #2: Kids; The evil Miss Barmy has been turned into a rat, but she's still causing trouble - her former charges are 4-inch-high prisoners in her parents' shoe store. Emmy and her friends set out to rescue them) $6.99
Jones, J/Bennett, D Dragonsoul (Volstov & Ke-Han #3: Rook the dragon-rider and his brother Thom search the detritus of battle for the missing pieces of the dragon Havemercy - including her soul) $26.00
King, Stephen et al The Gunslinger Born (Dark Tower: Full color, collects issues 1-7 of the comic. Roland's past is revealed in this prequel to the Dark Tower novels) $19.99
Koontz, Dean Lost Souls (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein #4: Victor plans to engender a race of superhumans using stem cells, 'organic' silicon circuitry, and nanotech. Detectives O'Connor & Maddison, Erika 5 & Jocko, & Deucalion are determined to stop him) $27.00
Link, Kelly Pretty Monsters: Stories (YA; 9 stories, 1 original to this collection, containing aliens, unhelpful wizards, possibly carnivorous sofas, dueling librarians, pirates, an undead babysitter, and more) $9.99
Mearls, Mike Monster Manual 3 (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Over 200 new monsters for DMs to use) $34.95
Moody, David Dog Blood (Haters #2: Danny McCoyne's journey into the heart of human territory to find his daughter leads him to question everything he believes about the new order - and the dynamic of the Hate itself) $23.99
O'Neal, James The Double Human (Tom Wilner #2: Undercover in the worst part of the Miami Quarantine Zone, cop Tom Wilner uncovers a serial killer known as 'The Vampire'. This killer isn't human - and neither are his victims) $24.99 Parrish, Leslie Cold Sight (Extrasensory Agents #1: PBO; Reporter Lexie Nolan believes a serial killer is targeting teen girls around Savannah. When no one believes her, she turns to sexy psychic investigator Aidan McConnell for help) $7.99
Rowley, Christopher The Bloodstained Man (Netherworld #2: PBO; A shadowy group is trying to capture Plesur. What secrets have been implanted in her head, and why are they worth killing for?) $14.99
Rucker, Rudy Hylozoic (Singularity #2: Aliens begin to arrive on Earth. Some of them are real estate developers, some are slavers, and some just want to help. But how to tell the difference?) $15.99
Scalzi, John (ed) METAtropolis (Shared-world anthology set in an urban future) $24.99
West, Jacqueline The Shadows (Books of Elsewhere #1: Kids; In a crumbling mansion, 11-year-old Olive finds a pair of spectacles that let her travel through the house's paintings to the land of Elsewhere, where she encounters a power that wants to be rid of her by any means necessary) $16.99
Wrede, Patricia C. A Matter of Magic: Mairelon the Magician / The Magician's Ward (Reissue; YA; Omnibus reprint) $15.99


Abnett, Dan The Last Voyage audiobook (Doctor Who: Original adventure read by David Tennant) $24.95
Adair/Showalter/O'Clare The Bodyguard (PBO; Anthology; 3 novellas of paranormal suspense) $7.99
Adams, D/Colfer, E And Another Thing . . . (Hitchhiker's Guide #6: Arthur Dent has traveled the length and breadth of known, and unknown, space. He has stumbled forward and backward through time. He has been blown up, reassembled, cruelly imprisoned, horribly released, and colorfully insulted more than is strictly necessary. And now that he has finally made it home to Earth, he finds out that it is about to be blown up - again) $14.99
Anderson, Kevin J. The Map of All Things (Terra Incognita #2: PBO; Uraban leader Omra discovers an ancient map to the Key of Creation, and sends his son on a quest to find it. Meanwhile, Tierran Captain Vora sets out to find Terravitae, home of the legendary Holy Joron) $14.99
Arnason, Eleanor Tomb of the Fathers (PBO; Short novel; Lydia Duluth joins a crew of intergalactic travelers to explore the long-lost homeworld of the Atch, where they see firsthand what can happen when childcare becomes the dominant issue for a species) $15.00
Asaro, Catherine Diamond Star (Skolian Empire #13: Del is a rock singer. He's also the renegade son of the Ruby Dynasty, with his life entangled in the politics of three interstellar civilizations - which might have much more effect than his music on people's lives) $7.99
Ashwood, Sharon Unchained (Dark Forgotten #3: PBO; After centuries guarding a supernatural prison, the gorgeous Captain Reynard has only weeks to live, unless monster-killer (and single mom) Ashe Carver can find the thief who took his soul) $7.99
Bangs, Nina An Original Sin (Reissue; A devilish matchmaker transports a beautiful scientist from a manless future back in time and into the arms of a Scottish warrior) $7.99
Barron, Laird Occultation (Collection; 8 tales of cosmic horror, 2 original to this volume) $24.95
Birmingham, John Without Warning (Without Warning #1: When an energy wave wipes out 99% of the US population, the survivors struggle to meet unimaginable challenges) $7.99
Bledsoe, Alex The Girls with Games of Blood (Rudolfo Zginski #2: PBO; Memphis, 1975: Zginski's fascination with an enticing undead chanteuse and her equally seductive sister threatens not only his own immortal existence, but that of his vampire coven) $14.99
Bradbury, R/Weller, S Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews (Interviews with one of our most famous writers, covering his life, faith, friends, politics, and visions of the future) $18.95
Brook, Meljean Demon Blood (Guardian #6: PBO; In his thirst for revenge, the vampire Deacon has betrayed the demon-fighting Guardians. But Rosalia is in love with him and willing to fight by his side - even if she must stand against her fellow Guardians to save him) $7.99
Butcher, Jim Blood Rites (Dresden Files #06: 1st HC edition of PBO. Chicago wizard Harry Dresden goes undercover on the set of an adult film. The film's producer believes he's the target of a curse, but it's the women around him who are dying) $25.95
Campbell, Alan God of Clocks (Deepgate #3: Rachel Hael has rejoined the blood-magician Mina Greene and her devious little dog on one last desperate mission to save the world from the grip of Hell) $7.99
Cassidy, Dakota My Way to Hell (PBO; After defying Lucifer to save her best friend Delaney, ex-demon Marcella has been banished. To get in touch with Delaney, she needs a medium - like Delaney's scorching hot brother Kellen) $15.00
Chadbourn, Mark The Queen of Sinister (Dark Age #2: The plague came without warning, and neither medicine nor prayer could stop it. Dr. Caitlin Shepherd crosses the veil into the Celtic Otherworld in search of a cure) $16.00
Collins, Suzanne The Hunger Games (YA; In the ruins of North America, the Capitol keeps its outlying districts in line by forcing them to send 1 boy and 1 girl each year to fight to the death at the Hunger Games on live TV. 16-year-old Katniss is resolved to outwit the creators of the games, but to do that, she'll have to be the last person standing) $8.99
Cox, Greg Final Crisis novel (DC Universe: PBO; Darkseid now possesses the ability to eradicate all free will from humanity, and end the age of super heroes. The remnants of the Justice League are humanity's only hope) $15.00
Cox, Greg Infinite Crisis novel (DC Universe: With the Justice League divided and a super-villain coalition openly targeting the heroes, ordinary civilians find themselves caught in the crossfire) $7.99
Czerneda, Julie E. Rift in the Sky (Stratification #3: To prevent the disruption of the Agreement, the M'hiray agree to leave Cersi and try to establish their own haven within the Trade Pact worlds - only to learn that not everybody wants peace) $7.99
Daniells, Rowena Cory King Rolen's Bastard Son (King Rolen's Kin #1: New Affinity Seeps, sources of raw magic, plague the land of Rolencia. All those afflicted by Affinity face death unless they serve the Abbey. So the king's youngest son Fyn is sent to the Abbey to become a warrior monk; elsewhere, others tainted with Affinity must fight to survive) $7.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unfinished (Betsy Taylor #9: Betsy is having a tough time getting through The Book of the Dead - until the Devil offers her a chance to get through the cursed thing, and finally discover all its mysteries. There's just one catch - Betsy and her half-sister Laura have to go to Hell long enough for Laura to embrace her dark heritage and make nice with her mother; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday July 17) $24.95
Del Toro, G/Hogan, C The Strain (An epic battle for survival begins between man and vampire) $9.99
DeMatteis, J.M. Imaginalis (Kids; When the author cancels 12-year-old Mehera's favorite series, the books' characters need her to save them from fading away. Can she find a way to destroy the evil Pralaya, rescue Prince Imagos and his companions, and convince the author to continue their story?) $16.99
Denning, Troy Abyss (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #3: Han and Leia help Jedi Knights afflicted with insanity; Luke and Ben arrive at the Maw, where they find a lost Sith tribe determined to kill Luke, and Ben meets the Force ghost of his dead mother) $7.99
Dodd, Christina Chains of Ice (Chosen Ones #3: PBO; Betrayed by his gift and tormented by his memories, Chosen One John Powell sees Genny Valente as his one chance for redemption. He will stalk her, kidnap her, and love her as only a savage can) $7.99
Doyle, Larry Go, Mutants! (What if the movies that glowed from drive-in screens in the 1950s and 1960s really happened? A world populated with the monsters, aliens, and mutants of B-movie legend, with all the beach parties, dances, and hotrod races of teen dramas. Romance! Danger! Intergalactic Conspiracy! Molting!) $23.99
Dozois, Gardner (ed) The Year's Best Science Fiction 27th Annual Collection (PBO; Massive anthology; $40 hardcover also available) $21.99
Drake, Emily Magickers Chronicles Volume 1: The Magickers / The Curse of Arkady (Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $8.99
Drake, Jocelynn Pray for Dawn (Dark Days #4: PBO; Mira and Danaus - vampire and vampire slayer - must unite to prevent the annihilation of their races. But Danaus must also fight the bori who covets his soul. And Mira, whose power is the Earth's last hope, is rapidly going insane) $7.99
Fallon, Jennifer The Palace of Impossible Dreams (Tide Lords #3: Branded and sold into slavery, fearing all she knows and loves is lost, Arkady turns to her new owner for help, but learning the truth about him may cost them both their lives. And Jaxyn's plan to kill Stellan hits a snag when he realizes that Stellan has sought asylum in Caelum, where the Empress of the Five Realms and Tide Lords Tryan & Elyssa seem to be on his side) $27.99
Farrer, Matthew Enforcer: Crossfire / Legacy / Blind (Warhammer 40,000: Shira Calpurnia #1 / #2 / #3: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $15.00
Foster, Alan Dean Flinx Transcendent (Pip & Flinx #14: In this final Pip & Flinx novel, Foster answers all the questions that fans have been asking about their favorite hero over the years - and saves the universe) $7.99
Funke, Cornelia Inkdeath (Inkheart #3: Kids; The Book of Immortality is unraveling. To bring the renegade Bluejay back to repair the book, the Adderhead kidnaps all the children in the kingdom) $12.99
Gabaldon, Diana An Echo in the Bone (Outlander #7: 1777: Jamie Fraser would rather die than face his bastard son in battle; Claire is determined that the price of an American victory won't include Jamie's life or happiness) $17.00
Gagliani, W.D. Wolf's Bluff (Nick Lupo #3: PBO; Werewolf cop Nick Lupo sets up surveillance on the werewolf he suspects is behind a series of savage attacks. But someone else is watching them both - someone with a deadly plan) $7.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Night Myst (Indigo Court #1: PBO; The Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court is planning to start a supernatural war. Witch Cicely Waters may be the only one who can stop her - and save her beloved Fae prince from the Queen's enslavement) $7.99
Gideon, Nancy Chased by Moonlight (Charlotte Caissie #2: PBO; Cee Cee is lead investigator in the rape/murder of a politician's daughter - and her shapeshifter lover Max is at the top of the suspect list) $7.99
Green, Chris Marie A Drop of Red (Vampire Babylon #4: When a new Vampire Underground is found in England, Dawn and a vampire-fighting team are dispatched to carry the fight to the enemy in London) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell et al Laughing Corpse Vol. 3 (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #02: Full color graphic novel, collects issues 1-5 of the comic. Anita's battle with the deadly voodoo priestess continues) $19.99
Hartley, A.J. Act of Will (Will Hawthorne #1: Medieval actor and playwright Will Hawthorne finds himself bound to a group of high-minded adventurers on a mission to defeat a ruthless army of mystical horsemen) $7.99
Hatfield, Meagan Shadow of the Vampire (PBO; Ordered to torture and kill dragon lord Declan, vampire princess Alexia instead finds herself consumed by his fiery passion) $7.99
Hauge, Lesley Nomansland (YA; In a post-apocalyptic future, on an island populated solely with women, a group of teens are tasked with protecting their shores from men. The discovery of a partially burned home from the past introduces them to a world they have never known, and raises questions about their strict society) $16.99
Hickman, Tracy & Laura Song of the Dragon (Annals of Drakis #1: Once humans had magic and an alliance with dragons. Now they are enslaved by elves, unable to remember how the world used to be. But a slave warrior and a determined dwarf are about to change all that) $24.95
Hines, Jim C. Red Hood's Revenge (Princess #3: PBO; A red cape. A wolf. A hunter. Her mother told Roudette she would be safe, so long as she kept to the path. But sometimes the path leads to dark places. Roudette is now the assassin known as The Lady of the Red Hood. And in the country of Arathea, at the heart of the conflict between humans and fairies, stands the woman she has been hired to kill - the princess known as Sleeping Beauty) $7.99
Holland, Cecelia Kings of the North (Raef Corbanson #2: Raef's old friend and shipmate Sweyn Forkbeard is now King of Denmark - soon to overthrow King Ethelred II of England. Raef is thrown into the middle of the struggle between Sweyn, Ethelred, and Ethelred's son Edward) $27.99
Holmes, Jeannie Blood Law (When really dead vamps start turning up, vampire Alex Sabian investigates; the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigations sends her ex-lover Varik Baudelaire to assist) $7.99
Holmes, Julia Meeks (Back from war, Ben finds that his mother is dead and his family home has been reassigned by the state. He must now find a wife, or he'll be given a permanent spot in one of the city's oppressive factories. Meanwhile, Meeks, a foreigner, is hunted by the overzealous Brothers of Mercy. Can his peculiar friendship with a police captain prevent his execution at the annual Independence Day celebration?) $16.00
Hull, Elizabeth (ed) Gateways (Anthology; original stories inspired by sf great Fredrik Pohl) $25.99
Hunt, Gabriel Among the Killers of Men (Hunt #5: PBO; The warlord's men came to New York to preserve a terrible secret, and left a dead body in their wake. Hunt trails them to Shanghai, and a showdown with a madman out to resurrect a deadly figure from China's past) $6.99
Jackson, Melanie The Ghost and Miss Demure (PBO; After she's hired to restore a plantation house in Virginia, a lightning strike leaves Karo able to see spirits - and the ghost of the plantation's 18th-century owner thinks she should get together with her new boss) $7.99
Johnson, Jaleigh Unbroken Chain (Forgotten Realms: PBO; Ashok, a shadar-kai of the Shadowfell, struggles to find balance for himself in Ikemmu, a haven of shardar-kai who have learned to use their fierce need for danger to better their city and civilization) $7.99
Kane, Stacia Unholy Magic (Downside #2: PBO; Someone's taking out the hookers of Downside in the most gruesome way, and Chess is sure the rumors that it's the work of a ghost are way off base. But proving herself right means walking in the path of a maniac) $7.99
Kelley, Karen Double Dating with the Dead (Skeptical writer Trent Sanders challenges psychic Selena James to a wager - prove that ghosts exist, or spend a night in his bed) $6.99
Kellison, Erin Shadow Bound (Shadow #1: PBO; When a demon breaches the barrier between life and death, the fate of the world depends on the passion between a beautiful banshee and a man intent on avenging his family) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn In Other Worlds (PBO; Reprints 3 paranormal novellas) $7.99
Kessler, J/Kittredge, C Shades of Gray (Jet and Iridium #2: PBO; With New Chicago burning, and a new villain calling himself Doctor Hypnotic on the rise, Jet and Iridium will once again have to decide if they can set aside their differences) $16.00
Kiernan, Celine The Crowded Shadows (Moorehawke #2: Wynter travels the forests, searching for the rebel Prince Alberon. But it seems that every tyrant and zealot who has ever threatened the Kingdom is sending emissaries to Alberon, and she begins to doubt his intentions) $14.99
Knight, E.E. Winter Duty (Vampire Earth #8: The Kurian overlords have determined that the Appalachian region isn't worth the effort of another conquest. Their order: extermination) $7.99
Krentz, Jayne Ann Crystal Flame (Reissue; Last survivor of a proud line, Kalena sets out to destroy her family's enemy. The soldier known as the Fire Whip is commanded to apprehend her - instead he sets out to melt her icy heart) $7.99
Lackey, M/Edghill, R Legacies (Shadow Grail #1: PBO; YA; At Oakhurst orphanage, all the students have magical powers, although Spirit White's haven't manifested yet. She and her friends must find out what's happening when students start disappearing) $9.99
Lackey, Mercedes The Sleeping Beauty (Five Hundred Kingdoms #5: When invasion threatens her kingdom, Rosa must choose between a host of eligible princes and a handsome outsider, and learn the difference between being a princess and ruling as a queen) $24.95
Lamplighter, L. Jagi Prospero Lost (When the great wizard Prospero is abducted, his daughter Miranda and her brothers must rescue him and stop the Three Shadowed Ones from wreaking havoc on the world) $7.99
Laurey, Rosemary Be Mine Forever (Reissue; A woman is rescued by a clan of vampires, and falls in love - for eternity) $6.99
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Word for World Is Forest (Hainish: Reissue; Conquered and forced into servitude, in desperation the Athsheans abandon their strictures against violence. But by fighting back, they endanger the very foundations of their society. Every blow against the invaders is a blow to the Athsheans' humanity, and once the killing starts, there is no turning back) $11.99
MacAlister/Thompson/Brockway Cupid Cats (PBO; Original romantic stories featuring the mysterious,mischievous, and magical matchmaking felines of the Cupid Cats Animal Shelter) $7.99
MacKenzie, Kasey Red Hot Fury (Shades of Fury #1: PBO; Marissa Holloway is a Fury, and Boston's chief magical examiner, until she's inexplicably suspended from her job while investigating the death of a sister Fury) $7.99
Mieville, China Kraken (The disappearance of a Kraken's body an exhibit at the British Museum begins a chase leading to an underground London inhabited by magical criminals and mythical cults, all clamoring to get their hands on the Kraken) $26.00
Miller, Karen Siege (Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit #2: PBO; Obi-Wan and Anakin are on the run on the Separatist-controlled planet Lanteeb) $16.00
Mills, K.E. Wizard Squared (Rogue Agent #3: At a crucial moment in time, Gerald Dunwoody turned left - but the Gerald in the parallel reality next door turned right, and now the parallel world is facing a thaumaturgical war that threatens to spill across dimensions. It'll take a rogue wizard to stop a rogue wizard gone mad) $7.99
Neill, Chloe Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #3: PBO; Master vampire Ethan offers a visiting alpha werewolf a special bodyguard: Merit. She'll need all the help she can get to track down a would-be assassin) $15.00
Newton, Mark Charan Nights of Villjamur (Legends of the Red Sun #1: In the ancient city of Villjamur, where thousands are seeking sanctuary from an ice age, a senior investigator hunts for a politician's murderer, and a handsome womanizer with a hidden agenda maneuvers his way into the imperial palace) $26.00
Niffenegger, Audrey Her Fearful Symmetry (After two American girls inherit a London flat near Highgate Cemetery from their aunt, they become embroiled in their neighbor's odd lives, and discover that much is still alive at Highgate, including, perhaps, their aunt, who can't seem to leave her old life behind) $15.00
O'Neal, James The Human Disguise (Tom Wilner #1: Investigating a violent incident, a cop in post-apocalyptic Miami ends up on the trail of two ancient races who have been manipulating power on Earth for centuries) $7.99
Palmer, Pamela Rapture Untamed (Feral Warriors #4: PBO; Jag finally meets his match in Olivia, a tough, attractive Therian Guard. Olivia is drawn to the surly warrior against her will, for Jag is the last male on Earth she could ever trust with her dark secrets. Or her heart) $7.99
Peeler, Nicole Tracking the Tempest (Jane True #2: PBO; Ryu's Valentine plans go amiss, and Jane winds up embroiled in the investigation of a series of killings committed by a being of tremendous power - who happens to be another halfling) $7.99
Phoenix, Adrian Black Dust Mambo (Kallie Riviere #1: PBO; When the conjurer she picked up the night before ends up dead in her bed, voodoo priestess Kallie Riviere will need all her bayou-bred mojo to find the killer and clear her name) $7.99
Pournelle, Jerry Fires of Freedom: Birth of Fire / King David's Spaceship (Reissue; The struggle for independence on two colony worlds, Mars in the not too distant future, & a far-off world in the far future (in the same universe as The Mote in God's Eye ) $7.99
Reeve, Laura E. Pathfinder (Ariane Kedros #3: PBO; The alien Minoans need a pilot like Ariane for an expedition. They'll have to implant their tech in her body, and it might not be removable, but she's willing. She begins the perilous journey, not knowing that an old enemy is hiding in the exploration team) $7.99
Robertson, Linda Fatal Circle (Persephone Alcmedi #3: PBO; The murder of a royal fairy may lead to war between the witches and the fey; Persephone must find out who is leaking information to the fairies) $7.99
Saberhagen, Fred The Holmes-Dracula File (Vlad Tepes #2: Reissue; As a ring of criminals threatens to loose the Black Death on the streets of London, and a lone killer leaves a trail of corpses drained of blood, Sherlock Holmes and Dracula come to the peculiar realization that they may be each other's only hope) $6.99
Salvatore, R.A. The Dame (Corona #3: Bransen's road becomes a quest for the truth, a quest to put right over wrong. But there are those who seek to use the Highwayman's skills and popularity for their own ends) $7.99
Salvatore, R.A. The Ghost King (Forgotten Realms: Transitions #3: Seeking help from the priest Cadderly, Drizzt finds himself facing the demonic Crystal Shard he believed had been destroyed years ago) $7.99
Schroeder, Karl Cities of the Air: Sun of Suns / Queen of Candesce (Virga #1 / #2: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $17.99
Serling, Carol (ed) More Stories from the Twilight Zone (PBO; Anthology; original stories celebrating the landmark TV series) $17.99
Shail, A/Stoate, R Back to the Future (A look at the 1985 time-travel comedy. Color photos) $15.00
Shetterly, Will The Gospel of the Knife (Nix Family #2: A mysterious patron wants to send 14-year-old Chris Nix to an exclusive school. Chris will have to accept and understand the Powers that surround his family, and learn to use his own magical gifts, if he is to survive) $15.99
Showalter, Gena The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6: PBO; Gideon, keeper of the Demon of Lies, fights to uncover the truth about Scarlet, keeper of Nightmares, who claims to be his long-lost wife) $7.99
Sims, Michael (ed) Dracula's Guest and Other Victorian Vampire Stories (Anthology; vampire tales from England, America, France, Germany, Transylvania, and Japan) $17.00
Singh, Nalini Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling #8: PBO; A murderer is targeting a Psy Councilor's closest advisors; the case brings Max, a New York cop with an inborn shield against Psy mental invasions, into tantalizing contact with Psy-Justice Sophia) $7.99
Smith, Bryan The Killing Kind (The isolated beach house seems like the perfect setting for spring break fun - until unhinged killers crash the party) $7.99
Somers, Jeff The Eternal Prison (Avery Cates #3: Famous gunner Cates must defeat some new personal demons, forge some unlikely alliances, and figure out why the people he's killed lately just won't stay dead) $7.99
Sprunk, Jon Shadow's Son (Caim, a freelance assassin, is pitted against crooked lawmen, rival killers, and sorcery from the Other Side as he tries to unmask a conspiracy at the heart of the empire) $16.00
Stewart, K.A. A Devil in the Details (Jesse James Dawson #1: When his brother made a bargain with a demon, Jesse learned there was only one way to save him: put up his own soul as collateral, and fight the demon to the death) $7.99
Strahan/Anders (eds) Swords & Dark Magic: The New Sword and Sorcery (Anthology; original stories, including a new Elric tale by Michael Moorcock, a new Black Company tale by Glen Cook, and much more) $15.99
Stross, Charles The Fuller Memorandum (Laundry Files #3: A top-secret dossier has disappeared - along with Bob's boss. Determined to discover what the dossier contained, Bob runs afoul of Russian agents, ancient demons, and the apostles of a hideous faith, who plan to raise an undead entity known as the Eater of Souls) $24.95
Stross, Charles Wireless (9 short works of speculative fiction) $7.99
Stroud, Jonathan Heroes of the Valley (When young Halli Sveinsson takes one of his practical jokes too far, he is forced to go on a hero's quest where he encounters robbers, monsters, and a girl who may be as fearless as he is) $8.99
Sturges, Matthew The Office of Shadow (Empress Mab has developed a devastating weapon. With no defense against it, the Seelie must rely on their covert operatives to do whatever they can to prevent open war) $16.00
Testa, Dom The Web of Titan (Galahad #2: PBO; YA; Galahad's teen crew faces another crisis: crew members falling into a comatose state, only to awaken with strangely glowing eyes. Then Galahad's systems begin to fail) $8.99
Theroux, Marcel Far North (In a world ravaged by climate change and war, Makepeace Hatfield is the last person in her city. When a plane crashes at the edge of town, she resolves to search other settlements. She finds violent stockaded villages, irradiated cities, and work camps laboring to harness the technologies of a vanished civilization) $15.00
Thorpe, Gav Path of the Warrior (Warhammer 40,000: Eldar #1: PBO; The further Korlandril travels down the Path of the Warrior, the closer he gets to losing his identity and becoming an avatar of war) $8.99
Turtledove, Harry Hitler's War (War That Came Early #1: How the war in Europe would have ended had British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain refused to allow Hitler's annexation of the Sudetenland) $16.00
Twelve Hawks, John The Golden City (Fourth Realm #3: On the verge of finding his Traveler father, Gabriel faces a new threat. Michael, now firmly allied with the enemy, strives to wrest power from the calculating leaders of the Brethren. And Maya is forced into a situation that will change her life forever) $14.95
Tyler, Alison (ed) Alison's Wonderland (PBO; Anthology; erotic tales based on fable and fairy tale, myth and legend) $13.95
Van Name, Mark L. Jump Gate Twist: One Jump Ahead / Slanted Jack (Jon & Lobo #1 / #2: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $12.00
Vaughn, Carrie Discord's Apple (Behind a door in her father's house is a storeroom where magical treasures from myth and legend are kept safe until needed. Evie Walker has just inherited the job of keeping them safe) $23.99
Vaughn, Carrie Kitty Goes to War (Kitty #8: PBO; Werewolf radio host Kitty Norville tries to help three soldiers whose PTSD leaves them unable to control their shape-shifting, and faces a lawsuit from a CEO whose convenience stores have a reputation for attracting supernatural unpleasantness) $7.99
Verne, Jules The Castle in Transylvania (In a tiny village, apparitions of vampires and zombies terrorize the townsfolk, and they believe the Devil occupies the nearby castle. A young visitor pits his reason against the forces of evil and superstition, but in the depths of the castle, he sees his long-dead love) $14.95
Weis, M/Hickman, T Dragons of Autumn Twilight / Dragons of Winter Night / Dragons of Spring Dawning (Dragonlance: Chronicles #1 / #2 / #3: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $15.95
Williamson, Michael Z. Contact with Chaos (Discovering a planet with intelligent lifeforms, corporations on Freehold are anxious to sell high-tech toys to them. But the alien Ithkuil are not as primitive as they seem) $7.99
Wraight, Chris Sword of Justice (Warhammer: Heroes #1: PBO; Beset by greenskins, and hampered by the ambitions of rival magnates, Emperor's Champion Ludwig Scharzhelm fights to keep the fractious province of Averland together) $8.99


Anders, Lou (ed) With Great Power . . . (PBO; Anthology; original superhero fiction by sf, fantasy, and comic book writers) $15.00
Archer, Alex Tribal Ways (Rogue Angel #25: PBO; Murderous violence at a Native American dig puts Annja Creed on the trail of a skinwalker) $6.99
Baker, Kage The Bird of the River (Eliss, an orphaned teenage girl, becomes a sharp-eyed spotter of obstacles for a huge river barge, and, more than that, one who perceives deeply. Krelan, a boy her age trained as an assassin, comes aboard seeking the head of a dead nobleman for proper burial. But the head proves elusive, as does the real explanation behind the looting of cities along the river. And then there is the barge's massive Captain, who can perform supernatural tricks, but prefers to stay in his cabin to drink) $25.99
Bilsland, Greg Vor Rukoth: An Ancient Ruins Adventure Site (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: PBO; A fully detailed fortress ruin, including statistics, ready-to-play encounters, and a double-sided battle map) $14.95
de Lint, Charles The Very Best of Charles de Lint (PBO; Collection; reprints retold fairy tales and modern myths) $15.95
DeHart, Terry The Unit (After America is devastated by a nuclear attack, ex-Marine Jerry Sharpe and his family take up arms to survive) $13.99
Easton/Klein-Dial (eds) Visions of Tomorrow: Science Fiction Predictions That Came True (Anthology; stories whose predictions and inventions are now reality) $12.95
Elrod, P.N. (ed) Dark Stormy Knights (PBO; Anthology; 9 urban fantasy tales, by Jim Butcher, Ilona Andrews, Carrie Vaughn, Rachel Caine, and more) $14.99
Evenson, B.K. Martyr (Dead Space: PBO; Based on the video game) $14.99
Gear, W.M. & Kathleen People of the Longhouse (First North Americans #17: A war chief and his deputy track their children, who have been stolen not by an enemy war party, but by an old witch-woman who captures children for her own purposes) $25.99
Greenberg, Martin (ed) The End of the World: Stories of the Apocalypse (Anthology; reprints sf stories of alien invasions, devastating meteors, doomsday scenarios, and more) $12.95
Holkins/Krahulik The Halls Below (Penny Arcade: PBO; Full color. Collects the popular webcomic starring geeky heroes Gabe and Tycho) $15.00
Howard, Jonathan L. Johannes Cabal the Detective (Johannes Cabal #2: On the run from the local government, Cabal steals the identity of a minor bureaucrat, and looks forward to a clean escape by aeroship, until he comes face to face with Leonie Barrow, an enemy from the old days who could blow his cover. But after a suspicious death onboard, he and Leonie reluctantly team up to find a murderer) $25.95
Itoh, Project Harmony (When a crisis threatens the harmony of the new utopian order, two survivors of a failed suicide pact work together to help save the planet . . . from itself) $14.99
Lavers, Chris The Natural History of Unicorns (A look at the legend of the unicorn, and the real people, places, and animals that have influenced its story) $13.99
Lumley, Brian Harry and the Pirates and Other Tales from the Lost Years (Necroscope: 3 tales about Harry Keogh's supernatural adventures) $14.99
Mearls, Mike Demonomicon (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Details on demons, demon lords, and new horrors from the Abyss) $29.95
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Imager's Intrigue (Imager Portfolio #3: Rhenn now has a wife and child, and a solid career. But he made enemies during his journey from apprentice painter to master imager, and even his great powers won't allow him to escape his past) $27.99
Nojiri, Housuke Rocket Girls (Petite teenage girls are recruited to become the world's lightest astronauts - the perfect crew, once they complete rigorous and sometimes dangerous training) $13.99
Novik, Naomi Tongues of Serpents (Temeraire #6: Convicted of treason, Temeraire and Laurence are exiled to a prison colony in Australia, where they find a fresh batch of political complications. Their surveying mission to find a route into Australia's interior leads to a shocking discovery and a dangerous new obstacle in the war with Napoleon) $25.00
Nylund, Eric All That Lives Must Die (Eliot & Fiona Post #2: PBO; As the custody war between their immortal mother and infernal father continues, the twins face high school, where immortals, warriors, and sorcerers learn to harness their powers. Only the toughest graduate - and if you flunk, you die) $15.99
Shulman, Polly The Grimm Legacy (Kids; Elizabeth has an after-school job at an unusual library - in the basement, the librarians lock away items straight out of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. When the magical objects start to disappear, Elizabeth sets out to catch the thief) $16.99
Thompson, Emma Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (Kids; In wartime England, Mrs. Green and her children are fighting another war altogether - against scheming relatives intent on taking away their farm. Nanny McPhee must use her magic to teach her mischievous charges five new lessons) $7.99
VanderMeer, Jeff The Third Bear (PBO; Collection; fantasy stories, including 2 original to this volume) $14.95
Williams, Sean The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance (Star Wars: Prequel to the upcoming video game. A smuggler has stumbled across a treasure that attracts the interest of the Republic, the Empire, the Sith, and the Jedi High Council) $27.00


Adair, Cherry Black Magic (PBO; Called into service by the Wizard Council to investigate a strange disease, Jack and Sara find that both the answer and the problem may lie along the same leyline) $7.99
Alexander, R.G. Possess Me (PBO; Collection; 3 original erotic novellas about a sexual voodoo spirit who can fulfill women's darkest fantasies) $15.00
Armstrong, Kelley Frostbitten (Women of the Otherworld #10: Werewolf Elena Michaels and her husband Clay check out reports of a series of humans apparently killed by wolves near Anchorage, Alaska) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley Waking the Witch (Women of the Otherworld #11: With Paige and Lucas away, 21-one-year-old Savannah, orphaned daughter of a dark witch and a cutthroat sorcerer, investigates murders that point to darker forces) $25.95
Atwood, Margaret The Year of the Flood (In a world where gene-spliced life-forms proliferate, a natural disaster obliterates most human life; two women survivors wonder who else may have survived, and ponder their next moves) $15.00
Barry, C.J. Body Master (PBO; When her partner is killed, a government agent finds herself teamed up with a shapeshifter; they discover a growing army of dangerous shifters gathering beneath New York City) $14.00
Baum, F/Loncraine, R The Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baum (Nonfiction; a celebration of Baum's life, exploring the eventful times in which he lived, as well as his interest in moving pictures, women's rights, and the occult) $18.00
Bentley, C.F. Enigma (Harmonic Empire #2: The diplomatic relations Sissy and Jake have been trying to establish are threatened when an alien ship crashes into the Harmony Diplomatic Wing of Labyrinthe VII) $7.99
Blair, Annette Bedeviled Angel (Works Like Magick #2: PBO; The Works Like Magick temp agency sends sexy guardian angel Chance to look after Keisha and her twin daughters) $7.99
Bova, Ben Voyagers (Voyagers #1: Reissue; A signal from space is headed straight for Earth. Astronaut turned physicist Keith Stoner will do anything to be the first one to go out and confront the enigma) $4.99
Bova, Ben The Alien Within (Voyagers #2: Reissue; Vanguard Industries, headed by Jo Camerata, has recovered the alien ship - and Keith Stoner, who stayed behind on the ship eighteen years ago and fell into suspended animation. But when Stoner wakes, so does the alien presence that kept him alive all these years. And it intends to explore Earth) $4.99
Bova, Ben Star Brothers (Voyagers #3: Reissue; Keith Stoner knows of many races who destroyed themselves through war, famine, runaway population, and ill-planned technological breakthroughs - and he'll do everything in his extensive, alien-enhanced power to preserve humanity's future) $4.99
Bova, Ben The Return (Voyagers #4: After more than a century of exploring the stars, Keith Stoner returns to find that the world he has come back to does not match the one he left) $7.99
Brooks, Terry A Princess of Landover (Magic Kingdom #6: Assigned to reopen Libris, the long-abandoned royal library, 15-year-old Mistaya uncovers a magical plot that could spell the end of all Landover) $7.99
Butcher, Jim et al The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game Volume 1: Your Story (All the rules you need to build characters and tell your own stories in the Dresdenverse) $49.99
Butcher, Jim et al The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game Volume 2: Our World (Details on factions, creatures, foes, and allies, with all the info you'll need to bring them into your game. Plus an original short story by Jim Butcher) $39.99
Caine, Rachel Total Eclipse (Weather Warden #9: PBO; Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin, her husband, the djinn David, and the Earth herself have been poisoned with a substance that is destabilizing the entire balance of magical power) $7.99
Carey, Mike Dead Men's Boots (Felix Castor #3: A friend's widow needs help to stop a lawyer from stealing her husband's corpse; a murder bears the hallmarks of a long-dead serial killer) $7.99
Carroll, Lee Black Swan Rising (New York City shopkeeper John Dee offers jeweler Garet James a generous sum of money to open a vintage silver box. The symbol of the swan on the box matches a ring Garet's mother gave her, and when she opens the box, otherworldly things start happening) $14.99
Chadbourn, Mark The Hounds of Avalon (Dark Age #3: Hunter is a warrior, a rake, an assassin. His friend Hal is a government records clerk. They must pierce a mystery to find the dreaming hero who will ride out of the mists of legend to save the world) $16.00
Colfer, Eoin The Atlantis Complex (Artemis Fowl #7: Kids; An army of fairy space probes have returned to Earth. Problem is, they've been reprogrammed to destroy Atlantis. Artemis Fowl must race to save the subaquatic city) $17.99
Cooke, Deborah Whisper Kiss (Dragonfire #5: PBO; Rox, an unconventional tattoo artist who follows her heart in matters of passion, makes the perfect mate for a firestorm with shape-shifting dragon warrior Niall) $7.99
Crilley, Paul Taint of the Black Brigade (Eberron: Abraxis Wren: PBO; Abraxis Wren must unravel the mystery of an elite squad from the Last War, whose members are being murdered one by one. The trail of blood leads to untold treasure - if Wren can reach it before the killer does) $6.99
Daniells, Rowena Cory The Uncrowned King (King Rolen's Kin #2: Merofynia marches on King Rolen's castle. Poisoned whispers urge the King to doubt his son Bryen. Determined to prove his loyalty, Bryen goes to ask the Abbott to send warrior monks to defend the castle) $7.99
Datlow/Windling (eds) Troll's Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales (Kids; 15 original stories, with traditional fairy tales retold from the villain's viewpoint) $7.99
Davidson, MJ/Alongi, A Rise of the Poison Moon (Jennifer Scales #5: PBO; Jennifer's ex-boyfriend, werachnid Skip Wilson, is out of control. His powers have grown as strong as his hunger for revenge. Can she confront him without giving in to her own dark side?) $7.99
de Lint, Charles Spiritwalk (Reissue; Sequel to Moonheart . Built at a point where the leylines meet, upon land that was once a sacred site, Ottawa's Tamson House is the gateway to a spirit world, where Celtic and Native American magicks mingle and leak into the mortal world) $14.99
Del Franco, Mark Face Off (Laura Blackstone #2: PBO; Laura does PR for the Fey Guild and spies for the International Security Agency. She'll have to decide where her loyalties lie when a political war breaks out between humans and fey) $7.99
Delaney, Joseph Clash of the Demons (UK title: The Spook's Sacrifice) (Last Apprentice #6: Kids; Tom's mother has mustered a powerful army to confront Ordeen. If Tom joins them, the Spook will refuse to take Tom back as his apprentice. What sacrifices will be made in the battle against the dark?) $7.99
Doyle, D/Macdonald, J Lincoln's Sword (PBO; An alternate history of the American Civil War - and the magic that will determine the destiny of a nation) $7.99
Drake, David In the Stormy Red Sky (RCN #7: From palace to jungle, from gunfights in grimy hangars to the flagship's bridge during a sprawling space battle, Leary and Mundy are in the thick of it again) $7.99
Drake, Jocelynn Wait for Dusk (Dark Days #5: PBO; Mira must confront the terrible truth of her past and protect her fragile sanity in the face of betrayal by her ally, her enemy, her lover - the vampire slayer, Danaus) $7.99
Duane, Diane Omnitopia Dawn (Omnitopia #1: For millions of people, online game Omnitopia has become almost a way of life. But Dev Logan, the game's creator, has a secret: the game has become sentient - alive. And it's Dev's job to keep it that way) $24.95
Everson, John Siren (Evan is entranced by the alluring song of the naked woman he sees in the surf. She is a legendary creature who preys on unsuspecting men. And she is claiming Evan as her next lover) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Water Bound (Sea Haven #1: PBO; Off the shores of Sea Haven, a beautiful diver rescues a drowning man who has no memory of who he is, or why he has the violent instincts of a trained killer) $7.99
Fingerman, Bob Pariah (PBO; Surrounded by millions of zombies, the residents of a New York City apartment building find themselves at each others' throats. When they spot a lone teenage girl walking unattacked among the hordes, their world opens up) $14.99
Flint, Eric (ed) Grantville Gazette IV (Ring of Fire Series: Anthology; stories and essays in the 1632 universe) $7.99
Forbeck, Matt Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon (PBO; To save her people, human Queen Jennah must broker a peace with the hated Charr; they demand the return of their most prized possession, but the undead king of Ascalon won't give it up easily) $7.99
Frost, Jeaniene Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World #2: PBO; Chicago PI Kira Graceling braved death to save Master Vampire Mencheres; he must choose between his craving for this woman, or embracing the darkest magic to defeat an enemy bent on his destruction) $7.99
Gaiman, Neil/Grimly, G The Dangerous Alphabet (Kids; Full color picture book; 2 children, treasure map in hand, venture into a world beneath the city, where monsters and pirates roam) $6.99
Gibson, Ian Stuff of Legends (Jordan the Red has had enough of battling the world. But an annoying young man named Elliott wants an adventure, and is about to force the legendary hero out of retirement. Jordan just hopes he can force his way back in when this is over) $7.99
Gideon, Nancy Captured by Moonlight (Charlotte Caissie #3: PBO; Loving Max hasn't been easy, but Cee Cee discovers that holding onto him could be deadly) $7.99
Glass, Seressia Shadow Chase (Shadowchaser #2: PBO; When Shadow forces attempt to free Ammit, the Devourer of Souls, Kira and Khefar must once again put their lives and souls on the line) $7.99
Golden, C/Lebbon, T The Chamber of Ten (Hidden Cities #3: While working to salvage Venice's past from the encroaching Adriatic, Geena and Nico discover the fabled Chamber of Ten. When they enter the Chamber, they are thrust into the midst of an ancient battle of black magic that threatens to poison the city's future with the evils of its past) $7.99
Grant, Susan Sureblood (Borderlands #3) $7.99
Greene, Kris The Demon Hunt (Dark Storm #2: PBO; When two of his college buddies wind up dead, Gabriel finds that the demons aren't the only ones who want a piece of his hide. The cops want him too - for murder) $7.99
Greenwood, Ed Elminster Must Die! (Forgotten Realms: Sage of Shadowdale #1: Elminster is now a tired old man, powerful but mortal. To keep his lover, the Simbul, sane, he must feed powerful magic items to her. But collecting them is increasingly risky - and leads his enemies right to him) $25.95
Hallaway, Tate Almost to Die For (Vampire Princess of St. Paul #1: PBO; YA; On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasija learns that her deadbeat dad is actually a vampire king, who wants Ana to assume her rightful position at his side, despite her witch's blood from her mother's side. But witches and vampires are mortal enemies. With her parents at each other's throats, it's up to Ana to make the choice; Signed copies expected) $9.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Divine Misdemeanors (Meredith Gentry #8: Merry, pregnant with twins, refuses the throne of faerie and retreats to LA with her bodyguards in an attempt to protect the new life within her) $7.99
Harris/Kelner (eds) Death's Excellent Vacation (Anthology; original stories, including a new Sookie Stackhouse story by Charlaine Harris) $24.95
Harrison, Harry The Stainless Steel Rat Returns (Stainless Steel Rat #12: A long-lost cousin and a shipful of swine arrive to drain retired interstellar criminal Slippery Jim's bank account. With a cocktail in his hand, a smile on his lips, and larceny in his heart, the Stainless Steel Rat and his lovely wife Angelina head for the stars, in search of adventure, gravitons, and a way to get rid of the pigs) $24.99
Heinlein, Robert A. The Puppet Masters (Reissue; First came the news that a flying saucer had landed in Iowa. Then came the announcement that it was a hoax. Sam Cavanaugh was one of the agents who discovered the truth. Unfortunately, that was just before he was taken over by an alien slug and began working for the invaders, with no will of his own) $7.99
Herbert, B/Anderson, K The Winds of Dune (Direct sequel to Dune Messiah ) $9.99
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Thresholds (Kids; When her family moves, Maya is nervous about making friends, until a fairy flies into her room, and it turns out that the kids next door do magic, and their basement is full of portals to other worlds) $15.99
Hunter, Erin SkyClan's Destiny (Warriors Super Edition: Kids; LeafStar struggles to rebuild SkyClan in a territory far removed from the other warrior clans, but new and unexpected threats continue to plague her Clanmates) $17.99
Hunter, Erin The Heart of the Warrior (Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path #3: PBO; Kids; Graphic novel; to defeat the rogue cats who forced him out of his home, Ravenpaw teams up with Firestar and the ThunderClan warriors) $6.99
Jamieson, Trent Death Most Definite (Steven DeSelby #1: Steven de Selby's job is to guide the restless dead to the underworld. But when Mr. D goes missing, the dead start to rise, the living are hunted, and the city teeters on the brink of a regional apocalypse - unless Steven can shake his hangover, not fall for a dead girl, and find out what happened to his boss) $7.99
Jordan, Robert Conan the Victorious (Reissue; In the fabled, mysterious land of Vendhya, Conan seeks an antidote to the unknown poison that threatens his life) $7.99
Kagawa, Julie The Iron Daughter (PBO; YA; As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows the real danger comes from the Iron fey, but no one believes her) $9.99
Kane, Stacia City of Ghosts (Downside #3: PBO; A sinister street vendor appears to have information Chess needs regarding some mangled human corpses. Only he's not telling what he knows, or what it all has to do with the vast underground City of Eternity) $7.99
Karpyshyn, Drew Retribution (Mass Effect: PBO; Ascension project director Kahlee Sanders and Alliance war hero Captain David Anderson set out to find the secret Cerberus facility where former Cerberus operative Paul Grayson is being held) $7.99
Kearney, Paul Hawkwood and the Kings: Hawkwood's Voyage / The Heretic Kings / The Iron Wars (Monarchies of God Omnibus #1: Reissue; Omnibus reprint) $7.99
Keene, Brian A Gathering of Crows (As night falls, five demonic figures descend on Brinkley Springs to feed, as they have for centuries, in a feast of carnage and murder) $7.99 Kellison, Erin Shadow Fall (Shadow #2: PBO; After sacrificing himself for his best friend, Custo Santovari has earned himself a place in heaven. But he risks it all to rescue a woman from soul-sucking wraiths) $7.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn No Mercy (Dark-Hunter #19: Samia, an Amazon warrior turned Dark-Hunter, faces old enemies and new in New Orleans, with the help of shapeshifter Dev Peltier) $24.99
Knight/Singh/Kantra/Brook Burning Up (PBO; 4 original paranormal novellas) $7.99
Kowal, Mary Robinette Shades of Milk and Honey (In a world where the manipulation of glamour is considered an essential skill for a lady of quality, Jane and her sister Melody vie for the attentions of eligible men. When Jane realizes one of her sister's suitors is just after her dowry, she pushes her glamour skills to the limit of what her body can withstand in order to set things right) $24.99
Kyme, Nick Grimblades (Warhammer 40,000: Empire Army #4: PBO; Amidst desperate war across the Empire and a plot to kill Prince Wilhelm, can the Grimblades survive the ork invasion and emerge victorious?) $8.99
Lackey, M/Mallory, J The Phoenix Transformed (Enduring Flame #3: Bisochim joins forces with Harrier and Tiercel; the three mages search desperately for a way to destroy Ahairan as she sends her magical forces against them and the desert nomads) $8.99
Larke, Glenda Stormlord Rising (Stormlord #2: The Redrunners have taken Breccia, and put every rainlord they could find to the sword, but Shale still lives. Now he must decide if he'll work with those who have plotted against him, or let thousands of the waterless die) $7.99
Laumer, Keith (creator) The Best of the Bolos: Their Finest Hour (PBO; Anthology; reprints military sf stories about the Bolos, gigantic robot tanks with AI, designed to serve and protect humanity throughout the galaxy) $12.00
Lerner, Edward M. Small Miracles (Nanotech-enhanced protective suits and autonomous first-aid nanobots saved Brent Cleary from a pipeline explosion. But when Brent's personality changes, his best friend wonders what's gotten into him) $7.99
Liu, Marjorie M. A Wild Light (Hunter Kiss #3: PBO; When she finds herself covered in blood, crouched beside her grandfather's dead body with no memory of what happened, Maxine Kiss fears that the darkness inside her has finally consumed her) $7.99
Lundbergh, H (translator) Swedish Fairytales (Kids; 29 tales of wicked magicians, angry trolls, mysterious elves, nimble gnomes, knights, princesses, and fairies) $19.95
Maltin, Leonard Leonard Maltin's 2011 Movie Guide (PBO; Revised and updated) $9.99
Mann, George The Osiris Ritual (Newbury & Hobbes Investigations #2: Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes must deal with Newbury's villainous predecessor Knox (who is hellbent on achieving immortality), and a secret agent who isn't quite what he seems) $24.99
Masello, Robert Blood and Ice (Scientists at a South Pole research station discover the bodies of two young people with a deadly curse in their blood that allows them to rise from their tomb to live again) $7.99
McCaffrey, Todd Dragongirl (Pern: Sequel to Dragonheart . After three years in the past, Fiona is older and wiser, but has yet to solve the mystery of the dragon-killing illness that threatens Pern's survival) $26.00
McConchie, Lyn The Questing Road (A group of farmers, searching for a stolen foal, and the lord and lady of the nearby keep, searching for the sire of the lady's empathic cat, unwitting cross into a different world, and learn that, somehow, the cat and the foal are the keys to saving that world from a grave danger) $25.99
McDonald, Ian The Dervish House (Seven days, six characters, and three interconnected story strands with a common core - the dervish house, a character in itself - set in 2027 Istanbul) $26.00
Mead, Richelle Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid #1: Something wicked is at work in Seattle's demon underground, and succubus Georgina Kincaid's about to discover there are some creatures out there that both heaven and hell want to deny) $7.99
Meding, Kelly As Lie the Dead (Dreg City #2: PBO; Amid weres, Halfies, gremlins, vamps, and humans, a war for supremacy is brewing. Monster hunter Evy Stone discovers a horrifying conspiracy, and she may be the only one who can stop it) $7.99
Meyer, Stephenie Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4: YA; Will the frayed strands of Bella's life heal and knit together? Or will they be destroyed - forever?) $14.99
Miller, Karen The Reluctant Mage (Fisherman's Children #2: Nine months after Rafel disappeared, Deenie starts dreaming about him. She comes to believe that he is not dead, but in need of help, and sets out with her friend Charis to find him) $25.99
Moody, Rick The Four Fingers of Death (A down-on-his-luck writer is hired to write the novelization of the 2025 remake of horror movie The Crawling Hand . The tale: Of the nine astronauts sent to Mars, only a lone human arm (missing its middle finger) returns to earth. Does it hold the secret to reanimation, or is it simply an infectious killing machine?) $25.99
Moorcock, Michael The Sword of the Dawn (Hawkmoon #3: Reissue; Dorian Hawkwood time-travels to a far future New Orleans, where he must battle the Pirate Lords who possess the Great Sword of the Dawn, which can end the Dark Empire once and for all) $14.99
Moore, Moira Heroes Return (Lee & Shintaro #5: PBO; Chosen by the Emperor to protect the duchy of Westsea, Lee and Taro must deal with deadly earthquakes that resist their magic, and political unrest that is stoked by their arrival) $7.99
Morgan, Alexis Dark Warrior Untamed (Talion #3: PBO; Greyhill, the new Talion chief, must smooth things over with the new Grand Dame, but he can't seem to keep his eyes off her beautiful new assistant) $7.99
Myklusch, Matt Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation (Kids; All Jack knows is his dreary life at the orphanage, until he meets an emissary from the Imagine Nation, where all the fantastic and unbelievable things in the world originate. Including Jack, who has an amazing ability that could make him the savior of Imagine Nation - or the biggest threat they've ever faced) $16.99
Naughton, Elisabeth Entwined (Eternal Guardians #2: PBO; Zander, the most feared of the Eternal Guardians, can't stop thinking about the bewitching physician he once regarded as his soul mate) $7.99
Norman, Lisanne Shades of Gray (Sholan Alliance #8: PBO; Determined to retake the Valtegan planet that is the seat of the empire, a new alliance of Sholans, humans, and Primes seeks to reinstate the rightful heir and restore peace in the galaxy) $7.99
North, Pearl Libyrinth (In a forgotten colony of Earth, technology masquerades as magic, and wars are fought over books. Haly must mend the rift between two groups before the war destroys them all) $9.99 Owens, Robin D. Heart Journey (Celta #9: PBO; A cartographer who is exploring Celta meets her actor HeartMate. Though passions ignite, their lifestyles clash. Can they overcome the obstacles on their journey to love?) $15.00
Pearce, Kate Kiss of the Rose (Tudor Vampire Chronicles #1: Bloodless corpses in King Henry VIII's bedchamber lead vampire hunter Rosalind Llewellyn into an uneasy alliance with Druid slayer Sir Christopher Ellis - who may be her soulmate) $6.99
Penzler, Otto (editor) Bloodsuckers (Vampire Archives #1: Anthology) $7.99
Pierce, Tamora Melting Stones (Circle Reforged #2: YA; On the Battle Islands, the plants and animals are dying; 14-year-old Evvy works with Luvo, the living stone heart of a mountain, to save them) $8.99
Priest, Cherie Clementine (A government transport dirigible with a top secret load of military essentials is being violently pursued. The Union Army suspects Captain Hainey, an escaped slave wanted for felonies on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, and sends Confederate spy turned Pinkerton agent Maria Boyd in pursuit) $25.00
Quinn, Devyn Siren's Call (Dark Tides #1: A lighthouse keeper guards her mermaid identity, and savors her solitude - until she rescues a drowning man who is determined not to let her slip away) $7.99
Reed, Kit Enclave (In a near-future world beset by war, plague, and ecological collapse, 100 overindulged children of wealthy parents seek safety at Clothos Academy, but a stranger arrives, bringing death) $16.99
Reeves-Stevens, J & G The Search (A power-hungry man, seeking the origins of human civilization, sets out to penetrate the secrets of the McClary family, who are guardians of an ancient revelation) $25.99
Resnick, Laura Unsympathetic Magic (Esther Diamond #3: PBO; Struggling actress Esther Diamond is outraged when her hooker role on a controversial TV show is jeopardized by zombies, angry spirits, and a voodoo curse) $7.99
Richardson, Kat Vanished (Greywalker #4: Harper discovers that her present troubles in England are entangled with her dark past back in Seattle - and her ultimate destiny as a Greywalker) $7.99
Richardson, Kat Labyrinth (Greywalker #5: Harper has to watch her step while searching for the ghost of her 'killer', who could be a valuable clue in the puzzle of Harper's past and her father's death, as well as the key to learning who is trying to manipulate her new powers) $24.95
Sagara, Michelle Cast in Chaos (Elantra #6: PBO; Something is coming, breaking through the barriers between the worlds. But is it a threat that Kaylin needs to defend her city against?) $14.95 Silver, Eve Sins of the Heart (Otherkin #1) $7.99
Slavicsek, Bill The Mark of Nerath (Dungeons & Dragons: PBO; A deal with a demon prince gives an ancient king a year and a day to re-establish his ancient kingdom - and to accomplish a series of terrible tasks for the demon) $7.99
Smith-Ready, Jeri Bring on the Night (WVMP Radio #3: PBO; When corpses rise from their graves to spread a fatal virus, Ciara is forced to face truths that put her faith - and her life - in the hands of magic) $7.99
Smith, Jeff/Sniegoski Tale Tales (alternate title: Stupid Stupid Rat-Tails) (Bone: Kids; Full color graphic novel. Stories of Boneville's origin and its tough founder - wild antics complete with rat creatures, dragons, and a snarky little monkey) $10.99
Somers, Jeff The Terminal State (Avery Cates #4: When a corrupt colonel sells the controls for Avery's army augments, the highest bidder is Avery's old enemy Canny Orel. Canny wants Cates to do one last job - and Avery just needs one chance to get back at the old gunner) $7.99
St. Crow, Lili Jealousy (Strange Angels #3: PBO; YA; It's a good thing Dru Anderson is fast, because the sucker chasing her isn't slowing down, and he won't rest until he has tasted her blood and silenced her heart) $9.99
Swallow, James Nemesis (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy: PBO; Powerful figures plan to send assassins to execute the arch-traitor Horus and end the war. But an assassin is already abroad, with his sights set on the Emperor) $8.99
Swann, S.A. Wolf's Cross (Wolfbreed #2: PBO; As Maria cares for a wounded Teutonic Knight, their feelings for each other grow. But she is a wolfbreed, so it's a question of loyalty: his to his order, her to her true nature, or both to each other) $15.00
TenNapel, Doug Ghostopolis (PBO; Kids; Full color graphic novel; accidentally zapped to the spirit world, Garth has powers that ghosts don't - and the realm's evil ruler has plans for those abilities) $12.99
Turtledove, Harry West and East (War That Came Early #2: As armies clash, and sides are chosen, new weapons are added to already deadly arsenals and new strategies are plotted to break a growing stalemate. But what will it take to bring America into this war?) $27.00
Twain, M/Borchert, D The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead (PBO; Tom and his friends face a Zombie epidemic) $13.99
Van Name, Mark L. Children No More (Jon & Lobo #4: A mission to rescue a group of children conscripted by rebels hurtles Jon and Lobo into confrontations with the horrors the children have experienced, and with a dark chapter from Jon's past) $22.00
Viehl, S.L. Dream Called Time (Stardoc #10: PBO; On an unidentified ship that has emerged from a mysterious rift in space, Cherijo finds tech more advanced than any she's seen before. Then her own ship is sucked into the rift and transported through time. Can she find a way to reopen the rift and get back?) $7.99
Weber, David Mission of Honor (Honor Harrington #12: Honor will risk anything to end the Havenite Wars and stop the Solarian League - and she has a plan to do just that. But there are things she doesn't know about: forces in play, hidden enemies in motion, all converging on Manticore to crush the life out of it) $27.00
Whyte, Jack Order in Chaos (Templar #3: Sir William St. Clair flees France with the Temple's legendary treasure and several hundred knights; eventually, they seek the fabled western land of Merica) $9.99
Williams, Walter Jon The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories (Collection; 9 works of short fiction plus in-depth story notes) $24.95
Williamson, Michael Z. Do Unto Others (Inside the mines of Govannon, Caron Prescot has only six bodyguards to face a competitor's army. Plus two advantages: the miners are on her side; and the local psychotic demolition expert has a nuke) $22.00
Yep, Laurence City of Fire (When an evil dragon and the mysterious Mr. Roland steal a treasure, 12-year-old Scirye and her friends set out in pursuit) $5.99
Yolen, J/Adams, S Lost Boy: The Story of the Man Who Created Peter Pan (Kids; Full color picture book; the story of the author and the boys who changed his life) $17.99
Zahn, Timothy Trial by Fire (Terminator Salvation: PBO; Searching for the remains of a slain comrade in the destroyed VLA lab, Barnes and Williams uncover a data transmission line that leads to a mountain village suspiciously untouched by Judgment Day and its aftermath) $7.99


Baker, R/Cordell, B Dark Sun Creature Catalog (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: PBO; The most iconic and dangerous monsters, as well as other hazards of the desert wastelands and dungeon tombs of Athas) $19.95
Baker, R/Schwalb, R Dark Sun Campaign Setting (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition: Everything needed to create a character or run a campaign on the savage desert world of Athas) $39.95
Beagle, Peter S. (ed) The Secret History of Fantasy (PBO; Anthology; stories that highlight the new path fantasy literature has taken in the last 30 years) $15.95
Bemis, John Claude The Nine Pound Hammer (Clockwork Dark #1: Kids; 12-year-old Ray falls in with a band of sideshow performers whose talents seem almost magical. Stories he thought were tall tales turn out to be true, and Ray himself may have a part to play in stories only now being written) $7.99
Birmingham, John After America (Without Warning #2: President James Kipper leads the battle to rebuild America in the face of predation by pirates and freebooters, as well as a challenge from the rogue governor of Texas) $26.00
Heinlein/Patterson, W Robert A. Heinlein Volume 1: Learning Curve (1907-1949) (Biography of the great sf writer, covering Heinlein's life up to the end of the 1940s and the mid-life crisis that changed him forever) $29.99
Huso, Anthony The Last Page (Caliph, a reluctant High King, inherits a court full of dirty secrets, as well as a brewing civil war. He's relieved when his old lover Sena reappears, not realizing she has been sent to spy on him - or that she secretly plots to unlock an arcane text whose pages contain the power to destroy worlds) $25.99
Kramer, Peter 2001: A Space Odyssey (An exploration of the origins and impact of Stanley Kubrick's science fiction masterpiece. Color photos) $15.00
Lamplighter, L. Jagi Prospero in Hell (Prospero's Daughter #2: Miranda discovers that Prospero has been imprisoned in Hell, and hundreds of years of their family's magic may not be enough to free him from the curse that could destroy them - and the world) $25.99
Lyons, Jayne 100% Wolf (Kids; The youngest of a noble line of werewolves, Freddy is utterly disgraced when the full moon turns him into a poodle. Thrown out of the pack, he ends up at the dog pound, where he discovers that a great werewolf hunter is planning to destroy the pack. It's up to Freddy to stop him) $6.99
Niven, Larry Stars and Gods (Collection; fact, fiction, and wit from the award-winning sf author) $25.99
Rubens, Michael The Sheriff of Yrnameer (Meet Cole, hapless space rogue. The luxury space yacht he just hijacked turns out to be filled with interstellar do-gooders, one especially loathsome stowaway, and a cargo of freeze-dried orphans. Reluctantly compelled to deliver these children to safety, Cole gathers a misfit crew for a journey to the very last planet that doesn't have corporate sponsors, by way of a corporate training satellite that has been overrun by middle-management zombies) $14.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Bear (Corona #4: The reign of self-appointed King Yeslnik is already the bloodiest in Honce history. Allies and battle lines become tangled as old friends become enemies and old enemies become allies) $27.99
Sanderson, Brandon The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive #1: In the world of Roshar, Dalinar, the assassinated king's brother and uncle of the new one, is an old soldier who is weary of fighting. He is plagued by dreams of ancient times and legendary wars, visions that may force him into a new role. Kaladin, a highborn young man, has been brought low, to the most miserable level of military slavery. He must suffer and struggle to survive and rise again. Shallan, a naive but brave and brilliant young woman, will do anything to save her impoverished noble house from ruin) $27.99
Schachner, Judy Class Act (Skippyjon #6: Full color picture book. After his mama tells him that obedience school is only for dogs, the kitty boy who imagines he's a Chihuahua knows that's the place for him - even though a bully there is sending shiver-itos down the spines of his Chimichango buddies) $16.99

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