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Newsletter #80 December, 2007 February, 2008

[PBO means Paperback Original]


Baantjer DeKok & Murder on Blood Mountain (Belgium Insp. Dekok 23) $14.00
Bajoria, Paul The God of Mischief (YA: sinister things start to happen when Mog and Nick are sent to live with their nearest living relative, an eccentric widower) $6.99
Bennett, Alan The Uncommon Reader (Funny novella about the Queen of England and the subversive power of reading) $15.00
Beres, Michael Final Stroke (When a stroke victim related to a high-profile mobster dies mysteriously at a Chicago rehab facility, a fellow patient and former detective launches his own investigation) $24.95
Biggins, John A Sailor of Austria (Somewhat hapless hero Lt. Otto Prohaska, captain of an Austrian U-boat in the World War from 1914-1918, first in 4 book series) $16.95
Biggins, John The Emperor’s Coloured Coat (Further adventures of Lt. Prohaska) $16.95
Biggins, John The Two-Headed Eagle (Lt. Otto Prohaska #3) $16.95
Block, Lawrence The Canceled Czech (Evan Tanner reprint) $7.99
Bosch, Pseudonymous The Name of This Book is Secret (Young adult) $16.99
Brewer, Gil A Devil for O'Shaugnessy/The Three-Way Split (Reprint of two novels featuring men driven to crime by sexy sirens) $14.95
Cain, Chelsea Confessions of a Teen Sleuth (Parody of Nancy Drew novels) $10.95
Castillo, Linda Overkill (Female Chicago cop moves to small town Texas police force, but big trouble follows her and the single-father chief tries to help without endangering his daughter) $7.99
Cavendish, Grace (aka Patricia Finney & P. F. Chisholm) Feud (Sixth of series of young adult historical mysteries during reign of Queen Elizabeth 1) $7.95
Diamond, Sarah The Spider’s House (Struggling novelist and her husband move to small Dorset village; she finds that their cottage was previous home to notorious child murderess, and now she’s in danger) $13.95
Donachie, David By the Mast Divided (Napoleonic era nautical adventure) $9.95
(Doyle) Lellenberg, J/Stashower, D/Foley, C-ed. Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters (Annotated collection of previously unpublished correspondence, 706 pp.) $37.95
Dumas, Alexander The Last Cavalier (First English appearance of newly discovered swashbuckling adventure) $32.00
Englert, J. F. A Dog About Town (Plump, poetry-loving Lab uses his nose to solve crimes; PBO) $6.99
Ford, Clyde W. The Long Mile (Framed for murder, NYPD officer John Shannon served 2 years in a federal penitentiary before his conviction is overturned; now his fellow cops don’t trust him, his wife is considering divorce, and his 13-year-old son has disappeared) $13.95
Francis, Dick and Felix Dead Heat (Max Moreton is catering an exclusive luncheon at Britain's famed Two Thousand Guineas Stakes when a bomb blast kills several guests and he vows to find the killer) $25.95
Freeman, Michael Killer Bodies (Non-fiction; two models and bodybuilders who allegedly murdered their personal assistant to end an extra-marital affair $6.99
Gorey, Edward Amphigorey Again (Cartoon collection, now in trade paperback) $22.00
Gorman, Ed Fools Rush In (Sam McCain (7) investigates murder of a black college student and a white photographer in 1963 small town Iowa) $25.00
Harvey, Michael The Chicago Way (A former Chicago cop turned P.I. is hired by his former partner to investigate a “cold case” the partner had been ordered to close years before; shortly thereafter the former partner turns up dead on Navy Pier, and the investigation turns personal) $23.95
Hiaasen, Carl Flush (Wacky young adult mystery) $8.99
Hogan, Chuck Prince of Thieves (Reprint in trade paperback) $14.00
Holms, Joyce Payment Deferred (Edinburgh solicitor Tam Buchanan has a new assistant, who is good at getting people to talk, including a man who was convicted of molesting his daughter but claims he was framed) $13.95
Horvitz, Leslie The Dying (Body of a man frozen in the Alaskan wilderness for 80 years releases a plague, and a scientist tries to solve the medical mystery) $7.99
Jacobs, W.W. The Monkey’s Paw and Other Tales of Mystery and the Macabre (Collection of stories by Jacobs, compiled by Gary Hoppenstand) $16.95
Joensuu, Matti The Priest of Evil (Helsinki police procedural, trans. from Finnish) $24.95
Kirton, Bill Material Evidence (Man in troubled marriage returns from the track to find wife violently murdered; Scottish DCI Carston sees him as the obvious suspect, but something doesn’t seem right) $13.95
Kozak, Harley Jane Dead Ex (Wollie Shelley (3) in a funny murder mystery set in the world of TV soap operas) $21.95
Larson, Erik Thunderstruck (During the greatest criminal chase of all time, the stories of Hawley Crippen, doctor and unlikely murderer, and Marconi, inventor of the wireless, converge) $14.95
Lavene, Joyce & Jim Swapping Paint (NASCAR mystery) $12.95
Lawson, Guy/Oldham, William The Brotherhood (Non-fiction; 2 cops who murdered for the Mafia) $7.99
Leonard, Elmore 10 Rules of Writing (Short, illustrated list of writing rules) $14.95
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter in the Dark (Vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan (3) works as a crime scene investigator for the Miami Police, but he investigates a scene that even bothers him) $23.95
Maleeny, Tim Beating the Babushka (San Francisco PI Cape Weathers (2) and his Triad-trained assassin companion Sally investigate when a movie producer hurtles to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge, taking on the Russian mob, a major movie studio, and a recalcitrant police department, with a sniper on his trail) $14.95
Masters, Priscilla Slipknot (Coroner Martha Gunn (2) investigates when young man is arrested for killing a classmate and is found dead in his cell 2 days later; British import) $25.95
Mertz, Barbara (aka Elizabeth Peters) Temples, Tombs, and Hieroglyphs (A popular history of ancient Egypt, newly revised and updated) $26.95
Moses, Sam At All Costs (Non-fiction; account of a crippled ship and two American merchant marines who saved the island of Malta during WWII) $15.95
Muller, Marcia The Ever-Running Man (San Francisco P.I. Sharon McCone is hired by her husband’s security firm to find the person who has been leaving explosive devices at their various offices) $24.99
Murphy, Julie/Stempinski, Sally Abney The Cat Who ... Reunion Cookbook (Over 200 recipes inspired by the mystery series) $23.95
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Deck the Halls (Feline P.I. Joe Grey and friends investigate when a man is murdered under a Christmas tree and the only witness is a traumatized little girl found clinging to him) $24.95
Nabb, Magdalen Death of a Dutchman (Reprint: Marshal Guarnaccia investigates the death of a Dutch jeweler) $12.00
Pattison, Eliot Prayer of the Dragon (Shan, formerly an investigator in Beijing (5) is summoned to a lanasary in Tibet to investigate two murders and discovers the suspect is a Navajo) $24.00
Pawson, Stuart Shooting Elvis (Acting DCI Charlie Priest investigates a murder that seems extreme for covering up a low-tech industrial espionage case; Brit import) $9.95
Ripley, W. L. Springer’s Gambit (Aspen real estate speculator has been laundering money for the mob for decades; when his doctor tells him he has cancer, he figures being bumped off fast is better than dying slowly; when his doctor tells him he’s not dying, can ex-Secret Service agent Cole Springer stop the hit & gain some mob cash?) $7.99
Sandford, John Dark of the Moon (Virgil Flowers is working for Lucas Davenport at the Minnesota BCA, and investigates the murders of a doctor, his wife, and a man everyone in the town of Bluestem despises; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Scott, Justin McMansion (Ben Abbott investigates when a greedy developer who has been building gaudy mansions in Newbury is found underneath his bulldozer) $14.95
Smith, Robert Barr Blood Eagle (Two modern American agents investigate the death of Hitler's niece in 1931, and race against the KGB and a well-financed Neo-Nazi group for answers) $24.95
Stewart, Mary The Ivy Tree (Reprint; Mary Grey journeys from Canada to Northumberland, where a young man thinks she is his long-dead cousin, heiress to a fortune he wants for himself) $12.95
Stewart, Mary Nine Coaches Waiting (Classic ‘58 reprint; foreword by Sandra Brown) $14.95
Stone, Eric Grave Imports (Ray Sharp (2) investigates smuggling of Cambodian temple relics) $14.95
Strange, Marc Sucker Punch (Ex-heavyweight boxer Joe Grundy is now chief of security for a Las Vegas hotel; an ex-hippie inherits half a billion dollars and comes to the hotel to give away the money, but is murdered first; Joe investigates) $11.99
Swain, James Midnight Rambler (While seeking evidence against a killer who is about to be released from prison early, ex-cop Jack Carpenter uncovers a group of men who kidnap and kill young women) $24.95
Trow, M. J. Maxwell’s Point (Peter “Mad Max” Maxwell (12) again turns amateur sleuth when his newly hired au pair goes missing & a body is dug up; Brit. import) $25.95
Van Draanen, Wendelin Sammy Keyes and the Dead Giveaway , Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen (Young adult mysteries) $5.99 each
White, Dave When One Man Dies (New Jersey cop turned P.I. Jackson Donne reluctantly investigates the hit and run death of a friend, and he must dig deep into his past to find the killer) $13.95
Williams, Ben Ames Leave Her to Heaven (Noir classic about a striking beauty driven by obsessive love to unimaginable extremes) $14.95
Wilson, Elizabeth The Twilight Hour (Surrealist artist is murdered in 1947 London, and young socialite tries to discover who killed him when one of her friends is arrested) $14.95
Wright, Nina Whiskey Straight Up (33-year-old Magnet Springs, Michigan realtor Whiskey Mattimoe turns sleuth with her purse-snatching Afghan hound when the mayor is found dead at an annual ice fishing contest) $13.95
Wright, Nine Whiskey and Tonic (Whiskey Mattimoe (2) investigates the curse of the Miss Blossom pageant when her Afghan steals the tiara, one Miss Blossom ends up in the hospital, and a former Miss Blossom ends up dead) $13.95
Zusak, Markus The Book Thief (YA set in 1939 Germany) $11.99


Adams, Alina Skate Crime (“Bex” Levy is filming a veteran coach & skater when the skater takes a bad fall and dies, and she discovers the skates have been tampered with; PBO) $6.99
Alt, Madelyn Hex Marks the Spot (Maggie (3) investigates when an Amish craftsman selling furniture at a bazaar turns up dead with a hex symbol near his corpse; PBO) $6.99
Arruda, Suzanne Stalking Ivory (Jade del Cameron (2) investigates after discovering the mutilated remains of four elephants and one man in the territory of Mount Marsabit in 1920 British East Africa) $14.00
Ashford, Lindsay Jayne Strange Blood (Forensic psychologist Megan Rhys is called in to help the police investigate when a series of women are murdered and left with pentagrams carved on their faces) $23.95
Axler, James Death Lands #80: Sunspot (Postapocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Barbieri, Maggie Murder 101 (When English professor Alison Bergeron's stolen car turns up with the body of one of her students in the trunk, she is forced to do some sleuthing to clear her name) $6.99
Barton, Beverly A Time to Die (Black-Ops commando Deke Bronson is assigned to protect a woman who was paralyzed 10 years before by a bullet from Deke's own gun, and he has a second chance to get it right; PBO) $6.99
Berry, Steve The Alexandria Link (Cotton Malone's teenage son has been kidnapped, and the ransom is the knowledge of the whereabouts of the legendary lost Library of Alexandria) $9.99
Bliss, Miranda Dead Men Don't Get the Munchies (D.C.’s Annie and Eve (3) are helping teach a bar food cooking class when one of the students turns up dead and Eve is the prime suspect; PBO) $6.99
Block, Brett Ellen The Lightning Rule (In 1967 Newark, New Jersey, Detective Martin Emmett discovers that a dead boy is just one victim in a string of sadistic murders as riots bring the police force to its knees) $13.95
Bonansinga, Jay Shattered (FBI profiler Ulysses Grove is sure he's close to trapping a serial killer, but the killer is planning a gruesome surprise that will hit close to home) $6.99
Bond, Larry/DeFelice, Jim Larry Bond's First Team: Fires of War (The Team goes to North Korea when Kim Jong II agrees to surrender his nuclear weapons, but when hidden weapons are found the Team must stop a nuclear attack) $7.99
Cabot, Meg Big Boned (Things are going great for Heather Wells (3) until she finds her third boss in a year facedown in his morning latte) $13.95
Carter, Sammi Peppermint Twisted (Candy shop owner Abby Shaw (3) must clear her name when wealthy Felicity Asbury is murdered shortly after naming herself director of the local arts festival; PBO) $6.99
Churchill, Jill The Accidental Florist (Jane Jeffry (16) is finally getting married and though there are many distractions, all is well until another dead body is found) $7.99
Clarke, Richard A. Breakpoint (Bombs explode over an intricate network that binds the world's technologies and infrastructure; and an agent, a NYPD detective, and a computer hacker race to hold civilization together) $9.99
Cohen, Nancy Killer Knots (Marla Shore (9) and her fiance board a cruise ship, and when an artist is killed, she is convinced his murder has to do with art fraud, and everyone on the ship is a suspect) $22.00
Colley, Barbara Scrub-a-Dub-Dead (While cleaning rooms at a New Orleans hotel, maid for a day Charlotte LaRue finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery, and must scour clues before a killer escapes; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Kate A Rose From the Dead (Abby Knight (6) is attending the Midwestern Funeral Directors Association's convention when the association's intensely disliked chairperson is found dead and she investigates) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan Deadly Beloved (While investigating the case of a desperate housewife manipulated into murdering her husband, P.I. Ms. Tree discovers the truth about her own husband’s murder years earlier; PBO) $6.99
Craig, Philip R/Tapply, William G Third Strike (Brady Coyne and J.W. Jackson team up again on Martha's Vineyard and this time the crime they need to crack could have global consequences) $24.00
Deaver, Jeffrey More Twisted (Collection of Deaver's short stories) $7.99
Eidson, Thomas Souls of Angels (In 1882 Los Angeles, a young woman tries to get to the bottom of the murder of a prostitute her domineering father stands accused of) $25.95
Emerson, Earl Firetrap (Seattle firefighter Trey Brown, a man tormented by race and politics, enters the politically charged investigation of the burning of an illegal nightclub) $7.99
Ferris, Monica Knitting Bones (Betsy, confined to her apartment after breaking her leg, enlists Godwin's help in investigating the embezzlement of $20,000 the Embroiderers Guild (11) raised for charity) $23.95
Follett, Ken Hornet Flight (Reprint; trade pb) $14.95
Gabaldon, Diana Lord John and the Hand of Devils (Collection of three of Lord John Grey's adventures) $25.00
Grafton, Sue T is for Trespass (Kinsey Millhone is going through the day-to-day motions of a private eye when suddenly she is faced with a chilling sociopath working in private caregiving jobs; unabridged CDs $44.95) $26.95
Graves, Sarah Trap Door (A wiseguy who took “Jake” Tiptree (10) under his wing calls in his marker when the feared hitman who’s after him just happens to live in her hometown of Eastport, Maine) $6.99
Grippando, James When Darkness Falls (Miami attorney Jack Swyteck gets more than he bargained for when he takes on a homeless man as a client) $7.99
Grisham, John The Innocent Man (First work of non-fiction is a mesmerizing exploration of small town justice gone awry) $7.99
Harper, Karen The Hooded Hawke (Elizabeth I (11) and her court leave London for a summer journey, when someone's idea of sport is to shoot crossbows at the queen and her entourage. and the bodies are piling up) $6.99
Harris, Charlaine Real Murders (Reprint: Aurora Teagarden investigates when the members of a club that analyzes famous murders begin turning up dead, killed in the same way as the next murder on their list) $7.99
Harvey, John Off Minor (Reprint; Charles Resnick (4)) $13.95
Helm, Sarah A Life in Secrets (Non-fiction; Vera Atkins, WWII head of the French section of the British Special Operations, and the agents she trained and ran) $16.00
Himes, Chester All Shot Up (Classic 1960 reprint; Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones, Harlem's toughest detective duo, investigate murder in an absurd world of racism and class warfare) $13.95
Isleib, Robert Preaching to the Corpse (When advice columnist Dr. Butterman's (2) minister is charged with murder, she uncovers cutthroat church politics while trying to clear his name; PBO) $6.99
Jones, Merry The River Killings (Zoe Hayes goes sculling with her best friend, when the boat flips and they find themselves in deep water with a throng of floating corpses) $6.99
Kaminsky, Stuart Always Say Goodbye (Four years after his wife's death, Lew Fonesca (5) returns to Chicago to finally find her killer and lay to rest the demons that have plagued him) $13.95
Kelly, Jim The Water Clock (A small-town British journalist thinks he's caught his big break when a frozen corpse is found in the trunk of a car, but when another body turns up he sees how dangerous the case is) $7.99
Koontz, Dean Forever Odd (Trade reprint) $14.00
Koontz, Dean The Darkest Evening of the Year (Amy Redwing rescues a golden retriever and suddenly something assaults everything she and her family hold dear and they are pressed to the limit of their endurance) $27.00
Lippman, Laura Charm City )The search to uncover a hacker who planted a lethal story about a Baltimore business tycoon leads P.I. Tess Monaghan into a labyrinth of dark secrets and murder; first hardcover edition of 1997 PBO, second in series; author appearance signing March 29) $19.95
Littell, Robert Vicious Circle (In the near-future, an Arab-Israeli settlement is brokered by a female US President, but the moment is shattered when a well-known rabbi is taken hostage by a Palestinian) $14.00
Loughlin/FLora Finding Amy (Non-fiction; by a dedicated policeman and a former assistant attorney general of the murder of a woman and the investigation that changed a town in Maine) $7.99
MacDonald, Ross The Barbarous Coast (Reprint; Lew Archer is hired by a rummy to find a missing blonde beauty in Malibu) $12.95
MacDonald, Ross The Doomsters (Reprint; a strung-out addict hires Lew Archer to find out who killed his father) $12.95
Martin, P.D. Body Count (FBI profiler Sophie Anderson has psychic visions, and when her friend is kidnapped she must learn to trust them to save her) $6.99
Martin, P.D. The Murderer's Club (FBI profiler Sophie Anderson and Detective Darren Carter search for the president of an elite group of serial killers who picks his victims by telling them they are going to be on a reality TV show) $24.95
McCullough, Colleen On, Off (In 1965, a serial killer is loose in a Connecticut neurological institute and Lt. Carmine Delmonico must sift through several suspects as the murders get more bloodthirsty) $7.99
McMurray, Kevin F. A Family Cursed (Non-fiction; story of a family whose two brothers are murdered in separate scenarios, one of which remains unsolved; PBO) $6.99
McNab, Claire The Platypus Ploy (When her paramour disappears, Kylie Kendall disguises herself as a volunteer at a home for aging movie stars and finds herself on the trail of the culprit) $13.95
Meier, Leslie Bake Sale Murder (When Lucy Stone's (12) neighbor is found murdered on her kitchen floor, the small-town homemaker and part-time reporter is determined to find the killer) $6.99
Moreston, Casey Hit and Run (Reprint: A gruesome crime committed by a rich kid gets pinned on his friend, a working class boy from Oklahoma, and the boy's father tries to clear him) $7.99
Neggers, Carla The Widow (Homicide cop Abigail Browning receives an anonymous tip concerning the murder 7 years ago of her husband, and she returns to the Maine island to hunt down the killer) $7.99
Nesbo, Jo The Redbreast (Norwegian alcoholic cop Harry Mole is drawn into an investigation of a legendary hero who died for freedom, and ends up in the crosshairs of a modern killer) $24.95
O'Hehir, Diana Dark Aura (When 15-year old Tamina, an indigo child of special powers, falls to her death, part-time deputy Sheriff Carla Day investigates) $23.95
Palmer, Michael The Fifth Vial (Three seemingly unconnected lives become irrevocablely connected by their blood samples which are stolen to be used for evil purposes) $9.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #92: Capitol Offensive (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #349: Firestorm (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Phelps, M. William Because You Love Me (Non-fiction; teenager Nicole Dominico and her boyfriend Billy Sullivan, who brutally slayed Nicole's mother for trying to keep them apart) $6.99
Powers, Tim Three Days to Never (One man finds the discovery that Einstein tried to keep hidden with terrifying results) $7.99
Rankin, Ian Watchman (Reprint: Unlucky spy Miles Flint thinks something is wrong at the agency and his investigation gives him a last chance at redemption) $24.99
Raybourn, Deanna Silent in the Grave (Julia Grey hires Victorian private enquiry agent Nicholas Brisbane & works with his to find the killer of her husband Sir Edward Grey) $6.99
Reynders, Cindy Keen The Saucy Lucy Murders (Lexie and her teenage daughter return to their hometown in Wyoming, and when every man she dates ends up dead, she decides to investigate) $7.95
Roberts, Wendy The Remains of the Dead (A medium who can see ghosts of victims, Sadie Novak is at the scene of a murder-suicide and discovers facts that don't jive with the police explanation) $6.99
Ryan, P.B. A Bucket of Ashes (Gilded Age governess Nell (6) may be pregnant; then she learns that the body of her only remaining brother has been found, and that he was suspected of murder; PBO) $7.99
Sakey, Marcus The Blade Itself (Former Chicago conman Danny Carter has gone straight, until his old partner pressures him into a kidnapping scheme, and he could lose everything he has gained) $6.99
Simmons, Dan   The Terror (Novel based on the true story of two ice ships that disappeared in the Artic Circle during an 1845 expedition) $14.99
Siverling, Michael The Sterling Inheritance (Jason Wilder is a P.I. in an agency run by his tough-as-nails mother, and his latest assignment to locate a missing businessman expands into grisly murder and intrigue; contest winner Best 1st P.I. Novel) $7.99
Spring, Michelle The Night Lawyer (Young attorney Ellie Porter is menaced by a mysterious stalker on the streets of London) $7.99
Stashower, Daniel The Beautiful Cigar Girl (Non-fiction; how Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Mystery of Marie Roget, based on a true crime in 1841 that New York City police could not solve) $15.00
Sturman, Jennifer The Hunt (Rachel Benjamin is at her engagment party when her best friend goes missing and she must find her) $13.95
Terral, Jack SEALs: Combat Alley (The SEAL team (6) is dropped into Afghanistan to make allies of the Pashtun natives, interfering with the plans of Russians intent on taking over the opium trade; PBO) $7.99
Tope, Rebecca A Cotswold Mystery (Thea is housesitting and taking care of the client's mother, when her daughter, policewoman trainee Jessica, arrives and a body is discovered, and the pair investigates) $25.96
Twining, James The Black Sun (Former art thief Tom Kirk (2) connects three puzzling crimes and follows an elaborate series of clues laid by a deadly manipulator leading to the Hungarian Gold Train fill with Nazi plunder) $7.99
Walker, Robert W. City of the Absent (In the final days of the Chicago World's Fair of 1893, Inspector Alastair Ransom returns to hunt down a murderer responsible for killing two of the Inspector's friends; PBO) $7.99
Zakour, John The Blue-Haired Bombshell (A medium who can see ghosts of victims, Sadie Novak is at the scene of a murder-suicide and discovers facts that don't jive with the police explanation) $7.99


Braun, Lillian Jackson The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers (Jim Qwilleran and Koko (29) investigate when a mysterious death from a bee sting leaves everyone in a state of confusion) $7.99
Curzon, Clare The Edge (When a family is murdered and the 16-year old son is missing, Superintendent Mike Yeadings must decide if he is guilty of the crime or narrowly escaped a hideous end) $23.95
Druett, Joan Deadly Shoals (When a New England whaler shows up frantically looking for his stolen schooner, Wiki Coffin (4) looks for the missing ship in the very rough area known as the Rio Negro) $24.95
DuBois, Brendan Twilight (Months after a crippling terrorist attack on the U.S., Samuel Simpson volunteers to search for evidence of war crimes, and he begins to suspect there is a traitor on his team) $23.95
Evans, Mary Anna Effigies (Archaeologist Faye Longchamp and her friend Joe Wolf Mantooth are suspected of murder when a farmer tries to destroy an artifact is killed, and they must find the killer) $14.95
George, Kathleen Afterimage (New Pittsburg Homicide detective Colleen Greer, eager to please her new boss, plunges in to find the killer of two lonely women) $24.95
Griffin, W.E.B. The Hunters (Two brutal murders and millions of missing dollars lead Presidential Agent Charley Castillo and his team (3) to Uruguay where the man they seek is murdered before their eyes) $9.99
Harper, Tom Siege of Heaven (The apocalyptic ending of the First Crusade Trilogy: When a routine diplomatic mission leads to a deadly ambush, Demetrios Askiates is snared in a vast power struggle) $24.95
Hart, Ellen Mortal Groove (Jane Lawless's (15) father runs for governor and reporters reveal the secrets of the men running his campaign including the decades-old death of a young woman) $25.95
Hart, Ellen Night Vision (An old friend of Jane Lawless (14), now a famous Hollywood star, asks for her help dealing with a dangerous stalker) $14.95
Hills, Kathleen The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies (St. Adele Township Constable John McIntire (4) investigates the murder of newcomer Reuben Hofer, and discovers he had a shady past and his daughter holds the key to the murder) $24.95
Hills, Kathleen Witch Cradle (In 1951, St. Adele, Michigan Constable John McIntire is investigating an old murder and brings the scrutiny of a Red-baiting agent down upon himself and his neighbors) $14.95
Jance, J.A. Hand of Evil (Ali Reynolds investigates when a shady real estate tycoon is dragged to his death on a peaceful mountain path near Sedona, Arizona; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Jones, Merry The Deadly Neighbors (The neighbors are shocked when a woman's body is found in Zoe Hayes' (3) father's kitchen, but as Zoe investigates, she finds the neighbors are up to some shocking shenanigans) $24.95
Kisor, Henry Cache of Corpses (In a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Deputy Steve Martinez (3) investigates when several headless corpses turn up and he tries to catch a sociopath) $24.95
Korte, Barbara, ed. The Penguin Book of First World War Stories $16.00
Lakeman, Thomas Chillwater Cove (FBI agent Peggy Weaver (2) investigates when her lifelong friend Samantha disappears and pornographic pictures of her at ten years old turn up in one of Weaver's case files) $24.95
Poyer, David Korea Strait (Commander Dan Lenson (10) is running a naval exercise when North Korea attacks South Korea and he must act quickly to stop WWIII) $24.95
Randisi, Robert J. Luck Be a Lady, Don't Die (The Rat Pack hires Las Vegas PI Eddie G (2) to look for a girl Frank wants to see, but people start dying and Eddie has to wonder if the girl is a victim or a killer) $23.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR XI: Under Vesuvius (When a priest's daughter is murdered in a town near Vesuvius, Decius must find her killer and keep the mob off the young boy who is the prime suspect) $23.95
Schwegel, Theresa Person of Interest (A cop's wife in a failing marriage tries to protect her daughter from a bad boyfriend and ends up in the middle of her husband's most dangerous case) $24.95
Scott, Justin Mausoleum (In Newbury Connecticut, a newcomer builds a gaudy mausoleum in the 300-year old cemetery, and when the newcomer is murdered, Ben Abbott investigates) $24.95
Simenon, Georges Inspector Cadaver (Reissue; aka Maigret’s Rival ) $13.00
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the Man on the Boulevard (Reissue; aka Maigret and the Man on the Bench ) $13.00
Simenon, Georges My Friend Maigret (Reissue; aka The Methods of Maigret ) $13.00
Simon, Clea Cattery Row (Someone is stealing showcats, and Theda Krakow is investigating when a murder hits close to home and she must shift gears to find a killer) $14.95
Simon, Clea Cries and Whiskers (When an animal rights activist is killed in a hit-and-run accident, reporter Theda Krakow (3) suspects foul play) $24.95
Sobin, Roger M. The Essential Mystery Lists (Includes lists of the major mystery awards throughout the world) $19.95
West, Eugenia Lovett Without Warning (A woman's search for her husband's killer plunges her into the high-stakes world of illegal weapons and global threats) $24.95
Xiaolong, Qiu Red Mandarin Dress (Chief Inspector Chan Cao of the Shanghai Police pursues a serial killer when women's bodies are found in red mandarin dresses) $24.95


Alexander, Tasha A Poisoned Season (The owner of a pilfered treasure is found murdered and the thief develops an obsession with Victorian Lady Emily Ashton (2), who must use her wit and perseverance to unmask a murderer) $13.95
Alpert, Stanley N. The Birthday Party (Non-fiction; the kidnapping of federal prosecutor Stanley N. Alpert and how he survived) $15.00
Alvtegen, Karin Missing (Sybilla, street person by choice, is the prime suspect in the murders of two businessmen & may be forced into an action which will take her home again) $24.00
Anthony, Michael David The Becket Factor (Richard Harrison's quiet retirement is disturbed when a media circus ensues after workmen uncover the possible tomb of Thomas a Becket and a mysterious murder occurs) $14.95
Archer, Jeffrey Cat O' Nine Tales (Collection of 12 short stories; illus. Ronald Searle) $9.99
Arruda, Suzanne The Serpent's Daughter (Jade del Cameron (3) is in Tangier when one of a group of European tourists goes missing and she is shocked to find she is the prime suspect) $23.95
Ash, Maureen Death of a Squire (Late 12th c.; when a squire's body is found hanging from a tree, Templar Bascot de Martins (2) is given the task of unearthing the truth before a meeting of kings at Lincoln Castle; PBO) $6.99
August, Thom Nine Fingers (Members of a Chicago jazz band are being murdered by a mysterious hitman known as the Cleaner, and it may have to do with a romance between a Mafia princess and a band member) $7.99
Auster, Paul Travels in the Scriptorium (An old man awakens in an unfamiliar chamber with no knowledge of who he is or what has happened and has an obscure tormentor) $12.00
Bachman, Richard (aka Stephen King) Blaze (Mentally challenged Blaze escapes from an abusive detention center for boys and hooks up with George in a life of petty crime leading to the kidnapping of a baby heir for millions, until George dies and his life changes) $7.99
Banks, Ray Saturday's Child (Cal Innes, fresh out of jail and working as an unlicensed P.I., is forced by a local gang lord to track down a rogue casino dealer and he has to work hard to stay alive) $25.00
Bass, Jefferson Flesh and Bone (Dr. Bill Brockton, head of the Body Farm, has to clear his own name when a body at a recreation of a murder scene is replaced with a new corpse and he is accused of murder) $7.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Maid (Mrs. Gillespie, famous for being the best charwoman in Sutherland and a nasty gossip, is found dead; Hamish Macbeth investigates) $6.99
Becka, Elizabeth Trace Evidence (Cleveland forensic trace evidence expert Evelyn James investigates the murders of two women and the case becomes personal when she suspects her own daughter is next) $7.99
Bernhardt, William Capitol Threat (Ben Kincaid (15) is filling out the term of a disgraced US senator, and is advising the next Supreme Court nominee when a body is found in the nominee's back yard) $7.99
Block, Lawrence Eight Million Ways to Die (Hardcover reissue of fifth Matthew Scudder; Shamus Award and Edgar nominee Best Novel ‘82) $19.95
Block, Lawrence A Diet of Treacle (Drug deals lead to murder when a beautiful college student gets involved with a stoner and his sociopathic roommate in 1960's Greenwich Village) $6.99
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution (Monsieur Pamplemousse is asked by the Director of Le Guide to stop a smear campaign targeting its credibility) $25.95
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplmousse and the Militant Midwives (Just after delivering a eulogy for a colleague, Monsieur Pamplmousse is disturbed when the coffin bursts into flames and he decides to get to the bottom of it) $9.95
Brandreth, Gyles Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance (A young artist's model has been murdered and Oscar Wilde enlists his friends Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Sherard to investigate) $14.00
Chandra, Vikram Sacred Games (In the Indian city of Mumbai, Sikh detective Sartaj Singh is pitted against Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster in India, in the epic story of a modern city and its dark side) $16.95
Child, Lincoln Deep Storm (Dr. Peter Crane is sent to discover the cause of a disturbing illness spreading through the crew of an oil rig, and he suspects something far more sinister is going on) $7.99
Clinch, Jon Finn (The story of Huck Finn's father, one of the darkest characters in all of American literature) $13.95
Coffey, Jan The Deadliest Strain (Cases of sudden death marked by rapid decomposition are cropping up across the US, and Homeland Security works with an imprisoned Iraqi terrorist to find the source; PBO) $6.99
Connelly, Michael The Overlook (Harry Bosch investigates the murder of a doctor who had access to radioactive cesium, and discovers that a large amount disappeared before the doctor's death) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard Lords of the North (An encounter with a vicious slave trader introduces Uhtred (3) to Guthred, the self-proclaimed King of Northumbria, and he follows him North to an incredible twist of fate) $13.95
Cornwell, Bernard Sword Song (Saxon Alfred of Wessex teams with the warrior Uhtred to stop the Viking invasions of early England; some signed copies expected) $25.95
Crawford, Isis A Catered Valentine's Day (Caterers Bernadette and Libby Simmons have partnered up with a chocolate store for a Valentine's Day fundraiser when a murderer strikes and they investigate) $6.99
Crombie, Deborah Water Like a Stone (A Christmas visit by Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James to Kincaid’s family home in Cheshire is marred by family tensions and a chilling mystery that bridges past and present; some signed first printing hardcovers still available $24.95) $7.99
Cullen, Robert Dispatch from a Cold Country (Journalist Colin Burke is sent to St. Petersburg to investigate a colleague's death, and discovers someone is planning to steal priceless art from the Hermitage) $14.95
Cutler, Judith The Chinese Takeout (During a service at a quiet English village church, a Chinese boy demands sanctuary, causing controversy when the priest decides to grant it to him, eventually bringing fatal results) $9.95
Daly, Elizabeth Nothing Can Rescue Me (Reprint; in 1943, Henry Gamadge (6) is enlisted to help an old school friend whose crazy aunt has moved to New York and seems to be receiving threatening messages from Another World) $14.95
Davis, Carol Anne Sob Story (Amy has been a pen pal to prisoner Jeff, and is about to find out he is not the gentle misunderstood young man she thinks he is; trade PBO) $14.95
Dietrich, William Napoleon's Pyramids (Coerced into accompanying Emperor Napoleon’s conquering army to Egypt, American adventurer Ethan Gage solves a 5,000-year old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion) $7.99
Dirmann, Tina Vanished at Sea (Non-fiction; a couple who were tossed overboard from their own yacht and the former child actor who plotted to kill them; PBO) $6.99
Dorsey, Tim Hurricane Punch (The outrageous Serge A. Storms faces obstacles on his return to his beloved Florida, including hurricanes, two brutal serial killers on the loose, and the criminal profiler obsessed with Serge who has just been released from a mental hospital) $7.99
Dumas, Margaret Speak Now (Charley Van Leeuwen marries a seemingly mild-mannered meteorologist but when a dead body turns up in her bathtub she begins to suspect there is more to him than she realized) $14.95
Durant, Michael J/Hartov, Stephen The Night Stalkers (Non-fiction; top secret missions of the U.S. Army's Special Operations Aviation Regiment) $15.00
Emley, Dianne The First Cut (A female homicide cop tracks a husband-and-wife team of serial killers) $6.99
Evanovich, Janet Plum Lovin' (Diesel appears with a task for Stephanie -- help him capture Annie Hart, matchmaker and armed robber) $6.99
Evans, Jimmie Ruth Bring Your Own Poison (Waitress Wanda Nell Culpepper (4) works a bachelor party at the Kountry Kitchen and witnesses a murder; PBO) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Reprint; first in series; when her beloved deliveryman is murdered, Hanna Swensen investigates) $4.99
Folsom, Allan The Machiavelli Covenant (Rogue detective Nicholas Marten, a beautiful but enigmatic photojournalist, and the US President join forces to stand against an order of powerful men seeking world domination) $9.99
Franklin, Ariana The Serpent's Tale (Adekia Aguilar (2) is summoned by Henry III to find the murderer of mistress Rosamund Clifford, and she is taken captive by Queen Eleanor who is planning to retake the throne) $25.95
Frazer, Margaret The Apostate's Tale (The long-vanished Sister Cecely returns to St. Frideswide's priory and brings all kinds of trouble to Dame Frevisse including a baby and a murder) $24.95
Frazer, Margaret The Traitor's Tale (Dame Frevisse and Simon Joliffe (16) investigate the deaths of several noblemen who conspired with the French against England, and her cousin may be the next victim) $7.99
Fulmer, Daivd The Dying Crapshooter's Blues (In 1920's Atlanta, a drunken white cop shoots a black gambler and Joe Rose, gambler and professional thief, finds himself caught in a puzzle involving the cop and a pimp) $14.00
Fulmer, David The Blue Door (Philadelphia boxer Eddie Cero works part time helping a P.I., and in the course of his work, stumbles onto a cold case involving a missing soul singer) $25.00
Gage, Leighton Blood of the Wicked (A bishop is assassinated in a remote town in Brazil’s interior and a federal chief inspector is dispatched and under extreme pressure to find the killer) $24.00
Glauser, Fredrich The Chinaman (Swiss Sergeant Studer (4) investigates when a man is murdered by a single pistol shot to the chest that did not pierce his clothing, while standing at the grave of a poisoned woman) $14.95
Glynn, Jonny The Seven Days of Peter Crumb (Peter Crumb discovers in a week he will cease to exist, and this knowledge frees him to do whatever his sinister desires demands, and he records his killing frenzy in a diary) $13.95
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants (TV tie-in: Monk (4) must clear former assistant Sharona's husband of murder charges) $6.99
Graves, Sarah The Book of Old Houses (When the murder of an antiquarian bookseller is tied to a book in the cellar of Jake Tiptree's 1823 fixer-upper, Jake is drawn into a strange investigation) $22.00
Grippando, James Last Call (Miami defense attorney Jack Swyteck helps his best friend Theo try to find the murderer of Theo's mom, who is a member of Miami's elite and will kill to keep his secret) $24.95
Grisham, John The Appeal (First legal thriller since The Broker ; focusing on the election of Mississippi State Supreme Court judges) $27.95
Haiblum, Isadore Murder in Gotham (The wife of a missing man asked Yiddish detective Morris Weiss (2) for help; PBO) $6.99
Hamilton, Lyn The Chinese Alchemist (When a box from the Tang Dynasty etched with an alchemical formula for immortality is stolen in Beijing, antiques dealer Lara McClintock risks all to recover the masterpiece) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead Until Dark (Reprint of the first Sookie Stackhouse novel in hardcover for the first time) $23.95
Higgins, Jack The Killing Grounds (Intelligence operative Sean Dillon agrees to help Casper Rashid, a man born in England but with ties to a Bedouin tribe, get his kidnapped daughter back from the tribe) $25.95
Hillerman, Tony The Shapeshifter (Joe Leaphorn comes out of retirement to work on his last unsolved case involving a missing Navajo rug and a missing murderer) $9.99
Hogan, Chuck The Killing Moon (A brutal murder shatters the isolation of the small town of Black Falls MA, and local cop Don Maddox finds himself ensnared in a widespread conspiracy that threatens his life)) $14.00
Holme, Timothy The Neapolitan Streak (Reprint; in Verona, a wealthy general is kidnapped and it looks like the work of the Red Brigade, but police detective Achille Peroni suspects a more sinister perpetrator) $14.95
Holms, Joyce Foreign Body (Fizz Fitzgerald enlists the help of Tam Buchanan (2) when the police laugh off her idea that two cases are connected) $13.95
Holms, Joyce Missing Link (Fizz and Buchanan are intrigued when an elderly woman asks them to prove her guilty of murder) $9.95
Holt, Anne What Is Mine (In Norway, children are disappearing, and police commissioner Adam Stubo enlists the help of FBI-profiler Johanna Vik to solve the mystery) $12.99
Hyzy, Julie State of the Onion (White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras tries to earn her dream job of Executive Chef, but her nemesis is vying for it too, while an assassin is on the loose; PBO; includes recipes) $7.99
Jacobs, David 24 Declassified: Storm Force (Tie-in with 2008 Season of 24; PBO) $6.99
Johansen, Iris Stalemate (Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is forced to help a killer identify a skull he has found, and he has promised her the key to her past in return) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Out of the Ashes (Reprint: After a nuclear holocaust, Ben Raines, mercenary and patriot, leads a revolutionary army dedicated to rebuilding America) $5.99
Jordan, R.T. Remains to be Scene (When a murderer strikes at a Hollywood audition, it's up to TV legend Polly Pepper to catch a killer) $6.99
Julavits, Heidi The Uses of Enchantment (Girl who disappears and turns up three weeks later with no memory of what happened, and her quest 15 years later to find the truth) $13.95
Kaplan, Janice Looks to Die For (When her plastic surgeon husband is accused of murdering an aspiring actress, Lacy Fields, decorator to the stars, searches for the real killer) $14.00
Kelman, Judith The First Stone (Emma Colton has rented her upstairs to a world-renowned cardiac surgeon and his family; must decide whether to report the violence she has heard) $7.99
King, Laurie R. Touchstone (Bennett Grey was left after WWI with an excrutiating ability to sense lies and deception, and a decade later he is asked by the British government to find a terrorist) $24.00
Klein, Matthew Con Ed (A middle-aged con man needs to swindle a billionaire venture capitalist in order to save his son's life by paying his gambling debt to the Russian mob) $7.99
Knightly, Robert-ed. Queens Noir (Collection of hard-boiled stories taking place in Queens) $15.95
Kostin, Sergei Paris Weekend (KGB operative Paco Araya is on a secret mission in Paris when he discovers that a man he has wanted to kill for years is in easy reach and he must decide what to do) $15.00
Lakin, Rita Getting Old is to Die For (Florida's self-proclaimed oldest living PI, Glady Gold (4), and her friends head north to the Big Apple to solve the murder of her first husband; PBO) $6.99
Lambdin, Dewey A King's Commander (Trade reprint; Alan Lewrie (6), now commander of HMS Jester, is ordered to draw his arch enemy, French Commander Choundas, into battle and kill him personally) $17.95
Landay, William The Strangler (Lives of three brothers - a cop, a prosecutor, and a master thief - are changed forever when the infamous Boston Strangler ignites the city) $7.50
Larsson, Asa The Blood Spilt (During midsummer in Sweden, the brutal murder of a female priest sends shockwaves through the community, and attorney Rebecka Martinsson gets involved in the investigation) $12.00
Lescroart, John The Suspect (When his wife is murdered, Stuart Gorman cooperates with the cops and becomes the prime suspect, and he reluctantly hires lawyer Gina Roake to prove his innocence) $9.99
Lescroat, John Betrayal (Defense attorney Dismas Hardy and his buddy, detective Abe Glitsky work to appeal the murder conviction of National Guard reservist Evan Scholler) $26.95
Martin, Andrew The Lost Luggage Porter (In 1906, Jim Stringer has been promoted to official railway detective, infiltrates a gang of thieves, and must respond when threats are made against his wife) $14.00
Martinez, Michele Cover-Up (Determined Federal Prosecutor Melanie Vargas (3) investigates the murder of a scandal-mongering TV reporter and gets beneath the skin of the plastic surgery industry) $7.99
McGarrity, Michael Death Song (Police Chief Kevin Kerney (11) investigates the bushwhack killing of a deputy sheriff in Lincoln County and brutal murder of his wife in Santa Fe) $24.95
McKinty, Adrian The Bloomsday Dead (Conclusion to the Dead trilogy: Michael Forsythe receives a call from an old flame whose daughter has been kidnapped, and she threatens to kill him if he doesn't find her) $7.99
Meier, Leslie St. Patrick's Day Murder (Lucy Stone (13) investigates the murder of Dan Malone, owner of a derelict Main Street bar in Tinker's Cove, Maine) $22.00
Morgan, Kaye Murder by Numbers (Sudoku puzzle master Liza Kelly (2) is publicist on the production of a film; when one of the major players is found dead, she investigates; PBO) $6.99
Morris, Bob Bermuda Schwartz (Zach Chasteen arrives in Bermuda, discovers his millions have disappeared from his offshore accounts, and falls in with Teddy Schwartz to help him find his money) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Killing Johnny Fry (Novel; when Cordell Carmel catches his girlfriend with another man, it sends him on a sexual odyssey in search of a new way of life as a way of getting revenge) $14.95
Murphy, Shirley Rosseau Cat Pay the Devil (A no-good ex-con has descended upon Molena Point, and it is up to Joe Grey and his feline pals (12) to keep him in check) $6.99
Myers, Tamar Hell Hath No Curry (Cornelious Weaver suffers a massive heart attack while in a woman's bed not his fiance's, and when the autopsy reveals foul play, Magdalena Yoder investigates) $6.99
O'Brien, Kevin One Last Scream (Amelia Faraday is a beautiful woman who suffers from blackouts, and as a series of brutal murders unfolds, she wonders if she could be the killer and tracks down the answer) $6.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #118: The Killing Rule (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Executioner #350: Volatile Agent (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Penzler, Otto-ed. The Vicious Circle (Mystery and crime stories by the members of the Algonquin Round Table) $23.95
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Painter of Battles (A famous war photographer seeks solitude on the coast of Spain until a man arrives threatening to kill him and they engage in a verbal battle over the nature of love and war) $24.95
Pfarrer, Chuck Killing Che (In 1967, CIA agent Paul Hoyle is sent to Bolivia to locate the bodies of two revolutionaries; it leads him to a guerrilla band led by Che Guevara himself) $14.95
Pickens, Cathy Hog Wild (South Carolina attorney Avery Andrews (3) investigates when a dead body is found crammed into an old mine shaft, and several other murders occur) $6.99
Read, Cornelia The Crazy School (Madeline Dare suspects the dean of a school for emotionally disturbed teenagers when a chilling event confirms her fears and she works to expose the abuse) $23.99
Reilly, Matthew Six Sacred Stones (Sequel to Seven Deadly Wonders : A dark cabal has worked a deadly ceremony to undo all that Jack West Jr. and his team risked their lives to protect and they must act again) $25.00
Robinson, Peter Friend of the Devil (Detective Inspector Annie Cabbot and Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks are investigating two crimes in two cities, and are stumped until they realize there is a connection; some signed copies expected) $24.95
Rozan, S.J. In This Rain (Joe Cole, an innocent man sent to prison for a child's death, now lives a broken life, until another death and an apparent suicide of a young man rip open old wounds) $12.00
Rule, Ann Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder (Collection of non-fiction tales about a variety of deceptive killers who commit murder by sleight of hand) $7.99
Ryder, Cliff The Powers That Be (Room 59 #1: A double agent in Cuba goes rogue, and a Room 59 agency's top spymaster has a blood tie to the agent, leaving him an agonizing choice; PBO) $6.99
Sansom, C.J. Winter in Madrid (In 1940s Spain, Harry Brett, recently traumatized by his experiences in Dunkirk, is now a spy for British Intelligence investigating an old friend) $25.95
Schlink, Bernhard Homecoming (A child of World War II, Peter Debauer, now an adult, embarks on a search for the truth about his missing father and his search takes him to Columbia University) $24.00
Scott, Robin Driven to Murder (Non-fiction; horrific murder of a family by an abused 14-year old boy that occurred on ABC news journalist Sam Donaldson's ranch) $6.99
Springer, Nancy The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (YA: Dr Watson goes missing and when a bizarre bouquet shows up at the Watson residence, Enola Holmes (3) dons her most discerning disguise to find the sender) $14.99
Stabenow, Dana A Deeper Sleep (Anchorage P. I. Kate Shugak (15) returns and must bring justice to a man who has gotten away with murder) $6.99
Stella, Charlie Mafiya (When her best friend is murdered, ex-hooker Agnes Lynn declares war on the Mafiya, only to find herself enmeshed in grim plots with Russian mavericks on both sides of the law) $25.00
Stuckart, Diane A.S. The Queen's Gambit (In 1483 Milan, Court Engineer Leonardo da Vinci devises a human chess game which goes sour when one of the "pieces", the Duke’s ambassador to France, is murdered and he investigates) $23.95
Sweeney, Leann Pushing Up Bluebonnets (Abby Rose (5) is asked to identify a woman who clings to life after a murder attempt, and discovers a connection between the girl and a prominent Houston family; PBO) $6.99
Tallis, Frank Vienna Blood (In 1902 Vienna, a madman is murdering prostitutes, reuniting Detective Oscar Rheinhardt and Dr. Max Liebermann (2) who use new investigative techniques to track the killer) $13.95
Telep, Peter Special Forces Afghanistan: Direct Action (Captain James Pharoah and the men of ODA-555 are the first unit to hit Afghanistan after 9/11, and must confront an al-Qaeda-backed militia and save the president's life; PBO) $7.99
Todd, Charles A False Mirror (A love triangle turned deadly sends Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge (9) to a small coastal village simmering with secrets; signed hardcover first printings still available $23.95) $6.99
Todd, Charles A Pale Horse (1920 Yorkshire; a body found in the ruins of an ancient abbey sends Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge after a brutal killer; some signed copies expected) $23.95
Torres, Steven Message in the Flames (Luis Gonzalo, sheriff of Angustias, Puerto Rico, is celebrating 25 years in office, when deadly arson disrupts the party, and he is sure the fire is a message intended for him) $7.99
Walters, Minette The Chameleon's Shadow (British soldier Charles Acland returns from Iraq with serious head injuries leading to an outburst of murderous rage that causes London police to suspect him of murder) $24.95
Way, Camilla The Dead of Summer (7 years after the murders of three schoolchildren in London, Anita, the sole witness, tells the story to a police psychologist one chilling detail at a time) $23.00
Weisberg, Joseph An Ordinary Spy (A former CIA operative's novel about two embattled spies who go to extraordinary lengths to keep their informants out of harm's way) $23.95
Yancey, Richard The Highly Effective Detective (Teddy Ruzak is an oversized P.I. whose first case begins with the hit-and-run killing of a gaggle of goslings) $6.99


Bernhardt, William Capitol Conspiracy (After an assassination attempt on the President which kills the First Lady, Senator Ben Kincaid's new wife starts an investigation, believing the attack was planned to prompt new restrictive legislation) $25.95
Box, C.J. Blue Heaven (Two young children go on the run in northern Idaho, pursued by four men they have just watched commit murder and they don't know who they can trust to help them; some signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Bunker, Edward Stark (Ernie Stark is a grifter with a heroin addiction trying to kill his way through a maze of lowlifes in this explosive posthumous novel) $23.95
Cannell, Stephen Three Shirt Deal (LAPD Detective Shane Scully fights to save a man railroaded for murder, and the investigation spins dangerously out of control, implicating the frontrunner in the mayoral race and a violent Hispanic gang) $24.95
Child Lee-ed. Killer Year (Anthology of 13 short stories by debut suspense authors having novels published in 2007, plus added stories and essays by bestselling veterans) $23.95
Clement, Blaize Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues (Florida pet-sitter Dixie Hemingway (3) discovers a body but leaves the scene of the crime and someone sees her there, making her the prime suspect, and she must clear herself) $23.95
Estleman, Loren D. Gas City (In a blue-collar metropolis dominated by an oil company, a grisly serial killer is on the loose and a power struggle between a police chief, the Mafia, and the media ensues) $24.95
Evanovich, Janet Plum Lucky (Diesel makes an appearance just after Valentine's Day to turn Stephanie's world upside down; unabridged CDs $19.95) $17.95
Freeman, Castle Jr. Go With Me (In the Vermont hill country, Lillian refuses to back down in the face of threats from a local villain, and with friends she searches for his back woods hideout to confront him) $21.95
Givens, David Ph.D. Crime Signals (Non-fiction; one of the nation's foremost experts in non-verbal communication helps the reader recognize criminal body language before they become a victim) $24.95
Greenwood, Kerry Death Before Wicket (Phyrne Fisher must put off her vacation to Sydney when her sister disappears and she must trawl the nightclubs of Darlinghurst to find her) $24.95
Hockensmith, Steve On the Wrong Track (In 1893, cowboy brothers Big Red and Old Red (2), whose hero is Sherlock Holmes, sign on to guard the Pacific Express Railroad and come up against a vicious killer hidden among the colorful passengers) $12.95
Kelly, Jim The Skeleton Man (Reporter Philip Dryden travels to isolated Jude's Ferry in England where he discovers a hidden cellar beneath an old pub where a skeleton hangs with a noose around its neck) $24.95
Lambdin, Dewey A King's Trade (In 1799, Captain Alan Lewrie (13) is sent south with a crew of dubious recruits and literally runs into a circus ship, and after repairs encounters his fiercest fight yet) $15.95
Lambdin, Dewey Troubled Waters (1800; Royal Navy Captain Alan Lewrie (14) is tried in absentia for a crime he didn't commit, and his only option is to escape to sea, where he commands an attack on the French coast) $24.95
Mosley, Walter Diablerie (Novel; former drunk Ben Dibbuk has pulled himself together and created a good life, until a woman with a secret from his past shows up propelling him to new knowledge of himself) $23.95
Paretsky, Sara Bleeding Kansas (Set in the Kaw River Valley of Kansas, the story of two families, linked by their Midwestern pioneer pasts, and the dark family secrets that threaten to tear them apart) $25.95
Parker, Robert B. Stranger in Paradise (Crow Cormartie asks Jesse Stone to help him find Amber Francisco and return her to her father, but Amber has gotten mixed up with a Latino gang, complicating the job; unabridged CDs $29.95 due Feb 5) $25.95
Preston, Douglas Blasphemy (CIA operative Wyman Ford is tapped to wrest the secret of the Big Bang from scientists who have built the world's biggest supercollider to discover that secret; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Richards, Linda L. Death Was the Other Woman (Deep in the Depression, P.I. Kitty Panghorn helps her boss trail one of L.A.'s most corrupt businessmen and things get complicated when they discover a corpse) $23.95
Sakey, Marcus At the City's Edge (Sequel to The Blade Itself : When his brother is brutally murdered, Jason Palmer is all that stands between his nephew and a pair of ruthless Chicago killers with a mysterious agenda) $24.95
Smith, Susan The Timer Game (A vindictive kidnapper leads a San Diego crime scene tech on a frightening scavenger hunt in order to rescue her daughter) $23.95
Stewart, Christopher S. Hunting the Tiger (The fast life and violent death of Zeljko Raznatovic, the Balkan's most dangerous man) $24.95
Thompson,. Richard Fiddle Game (Bookie turned bail bondsman Herman Jackson is given a priceless violin as security by Amy Cox for her brother's bail bond, and when Cox is murdered he is the prime suspect) $24.95
Ure, Louise The Fault Tree (Blind Arizona auto mechanic Cadence Moran is the only witness to the murder of her elderly neighbor, the killer believes she has seen the getaway car, and he comes after her) $23.95
Vincent, E. Duke Black Widow (Sequel to Mafia Summer : Vinny Vesta is a Navy pilot, when an affair with his co-pilot's widow, who is also daughter of a Mafia don, draws him back into the family business $23.95
Woods, Stuart Beverly Hills Dead (Set in the 1940's, studio exec Rick Barron is worried when his friends are subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee, leading to betrayal and murder) $25.95


Aaron, Relentless Triple Threat (A rollercoaster ride through the lives of three women - a police officer, a writer, and a woman on a man-only killing rampage) $6.99
Andrews, Russell Hades (Police Chief Justin Westwood is escaping his past in East End Harbor, Long Island, until a Wall Street shark is murdered and Westwood is in bed with the victim's wife at the time) $7.99
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity, Vampire Hunter (When Lori Shephard's twins return from school with a tale of a vampire lurking near the playground, she consults her late (but not entirely departed) Aunt Dimity for help) $22.95
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Goes West (Lori Shepard and her family take a vacation in Colorado, and with ghostly Aunt Dimity's (12) help, sets out to solve a hundred-year-old mystery) $7.99
Ault, Sandi Wild Indigo (Bureau of Land Management Agent Jamaica Wild is accused of starting the buffalo stampede that caused the death of a Tanoah Pueblo man and with her wolf Mountain is determined to solve the mystery) $6.99
Ault, Sandi Wild Inferno (Bureau of Land Management agent Jamaica Wild is deployed to a wildfire where a plea by a burning man points to a mystery more menacing than murder) $23.95
Axler, James Outlanders #44: Grailstone Gambit (Postapocalyptic adventure) $6.99
Barclay, Alex Darkhouse (An NYPD detective and his family move to Ireland after a tragedy and are pulled into a nightmare even more terrifying than the one they left behind) $6.99
Barnes, Jonanthan The Somnambulist (In Victorian London, stage magician and detective Edward Moon and his silent sidekick the Somnambulist investigate a devilish plot to bring the British Empire crashing down) $24.95
Barton, Beverly The Murder Game (A man calling himself the Hunter gives his Prey a chance to escape, but eventually he catches them & the horror really begins; PBO) $6.99
Bass, Jefferson The Devil's Bones (Forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton (3) investigates a difficult case of a charred body found inside an incinerated car, which could be accidental or murder) $24.95
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Gentle Lady (Hamish MacBeth investigates the murder of Mrs. Gentle, a woman who may not have been as sweet as she appeared) $23.99
Becka, Elizabeth Unknown Means (Cleveland forensic specialist Evelyn James (2) tracks a serial killer who is able to penetrate high security penthouses, leaving locked room mysteries; some signed copies expected) $22.95
Berenson, Alex The Faithful Spy (John Wells, the only CIA agent to infiltrate al Qaeda, has become a Muslim, convinced of the decadence and shallowness of the US, and now he is returning home; Edgar Award Best 1st) $9.99
Booth, Claire The False Prophet (Non-fiction; Taylor Halzer, who was convinced that he was chosen to usher in the second coming of Christ, using murder as his tool; PBO) $7.99
Born, James O. Field of Fire (ATF agent Alex Duarte's (4) life kicks into overdrive when a gunrunner's car explodes & he starts a high-profile hunt for a serial bomber) $7.99
Britton, Andrew The Assassin (Maverick CIA agent Ryan Kelly sees a threat to the country, but Washington won't listen and he must take matters into his own hands) $6.99
Brock, Pope Charlatan (Criminal biography; in 1932, John Brinkley claims to have pioneered a method to restore male virility, and Chicago intellectual Morris Fishbein tries to expose him and bring him down) $24.95
Brown, Rita Mae Puss 'N Cahoots (“Harry” Haristeen and her beloved animal friends (15) are in a race to catch a killer at a Kentucky horse show) $7.50
Brown, Rita Mae The Purrfect Murder (“Harry” & her cats must investigate to clear a friend's name when she is found standing over the body of a difficult client at a fundraiser) $25.00
Buick, Jeff Delicate Chaos (Leona Hewitt, a successful Washington banker, is hired by a company set to lose millions if she doesn't approve a transaction, and they hire a killer to make sure of her; PBO) $7.99
Cain, Tom The Accident Man (Samuel Carver arranges accidents for money, and when he is sent to carry out a job in a Paris tunnel that goes horribly wrong, he goes on the run from those who hired him) $24.95
Carmon, Haggai Triple Identity (Dan Gordan, a former Mossad operative now working for the US Department of Justice, must track down 90 million stolen dollars and uncovers a Byzantine plot and deadly international conspiracy) $7.99
Chance, Jackie Hold ‘Em Hostage (A sinister stranger has kidnapped Texas Hold ‘Em champ Belinda Cooley's (3) goddaughter and threatens to kill her if Bee doesn't win the tournament and hand over the pot; PBO) $6.99
Colley, Barbara Wash and Die (Charlotte LaRue (7), New Orleans proprietor of Maid-for-a-Day, has an unexpected guest who brings murder into her home) $22.00
Connor, Beverly Dead Hunt (When Clymene O'Riley, in prison for murdering her husband, escapes, forensic investigator Diane Fallon (5), who put her away, is in the path of a killer who wants her dead; PBO) $7.99
Crais, Robert The Watchman (Joe Pike protects a self-centered spoiled rich girl who is a witness in a federal case against the mob, and tries to disappear into the anonymous underbelly of L.A.) $7.99
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Scandal (Newspaper editor Emma Lord (19) investigates when Alpiner Elmer Nystrom is found dead in his henhouse, and the twist is that his obituary was sent to her paper before he died) $6.99
Dorsey, Tim Atomic Lobster (Serge A. Storms and his sidekick Coleman set sail on the SS Serendipity whose passenger list includes a fugitive murderer named Tex; some signed copies expected) $24.95
Dugoni, Robert Damage Control (Faced with a frightening medical diagnosis, Seattle lawyer Dana Hill teams with detective Michael Logan to find the brutal murderer of her twin brother and the clues take them from Seattle to Maui) $7.99
Emerson, Earl Primal Threat (Zak Polansky is on a cycling trip when a jealous boyfriend tracks him down intent on terrorizing him, and Zak's only goal is to get off the mountain alive) $24.95
Emley, Dianne Cut to the Quick (As Detective Nan Vining (2) investigates the savage murders of a wealthy billboard tycoon and his lady friend, she comes close to the path of a vengeful psycho killer) $23.95
Estleman, Loren D. Port Hazard (Western; hired assassins are being sent to Montana Territory to kill Page Murdock, and he travels to San Francisco's Barbary Coast to find out who is behind it) $6.99
Faust, Christa Money Shot (To clear her name of a murder charge, former porn star Angel Dare must locate a briefcase full of money and go up against an international sex slavery ring; PBO) $6.99
Fergusin, Alane The Angel of Death (YA: Cammie Mahoney investigates the death of her English teacher as assistant to her father, the Colorado County coroner) $6.99
Fergusin, Alane The Christopher Killer (YA: Cammie Mahoney works as an assistant to her father, a Colorado coroner, and her second case is someone she knows, and the latest victim of a serial killer) $6.99
Ferrigno, Robert Sins of the Assassin (Sequel to Prayers of the Assassin : Rakkim Epps is sent to infiltrate the Bible Belt and destroy a super weapon the Colonel plans to use against the Islamic republic in the west) $24.95
Fleming/Lawrence/Horak/North James Bond: Shark Bait (Three classic graphic Bond adventures never-before collected: Shark Bait, Doomcrack, and The Xanadu Connection) $19.95
Fluke, Joanne Key Lime Pie Murder (In Lake Eden, MN, bakery owner Hannah Swenson finds herself hot on the trail of a murderer at the Tri-County Fair) $6.99
Ford, G.M. Nameless Night (Paul Hardy, with amnesia and a maimed face, has spent 7 years speechless in an institution, until a car wreck changes him and as he looks for his past, he discovers he is at the center of a famous conspiracy) $23.95
Franklin, Ariana Mistress of the Art of Death (In medieval Cambridge, England, Adelia, a female forensics investigator, is summoned by King Henry II to investigate a series of murders wrongly blamed on the Jewish community) $14.00
Glatt, John Forgive Me, Father (Non-fiction; a priest who brutally murdered a nun in order to fulfill Satanic cult worship) $6.99
Goldstone, Lawrence The Anatomy of Deception (In late 19th century Philadelphia, a young doctor uses early forensic science to investigate the murder of a beautiful young woman and is plunged into a maze of murder, secrets, and unimaginable crimes) $24.00
Gottlieb, Eli Now You See Him (When writer Rob Castor murders his girlfriend and kills himself, it causes his friend Nick to reevaluate his life, and he discovers his town has a deadly secret) $23.95
Grace, Margaret Murder in Miniature (Geraldine Porter, chairman of the local Dollhouse and Miniatures Fair, investigates when a fellow miniatures afficionado is accused of murder; PBO) $6.99
Gregory, Jill/Tintori, Karen The Book of Names (A fast-paced thriller that explores ancient history, Jewish mysticism, and the Kabbalah) $6.99
Grimes, Martha Dakota (Sequel to Biting the Moon : Amnesiac Andi Oliver uncovers the truth about a slaughterhouse she is working for, and is chased by two men, one a gunman sent to kill her; unabridged CDs $39.95) $25.95
Gross, Andrew The Blue Zone (A young woman searches for her father who has gone missing from the Witness Protection Program) $7.99
Hall, James W. Magic City (In Miami, when a photo of the 1964 Clay-Liston fight that holds the key to a politically motivated crime falls into Thorn's hands, he and everyone he loves become the target of madmen trained killers) $6.99
Hammesfahr, Petra The Sinner (After Cora Bender kills a man in cold blood, the police have an open and shut case, but Police Commissioner Rudolf Grovian begins his own investigation, uncovering secrets; “Germany’s Patricia Highsmith”) $14.95
Harris, Charlaine A Bone to Pick (Reprint: Aurora "Roe" Teagarden becomes heir to a substantial estate including a skull hidden in a house, and is determined to identify the victim and solve the crime) $7.99
Harvey, John Gone to Ground (Police detective Will Grayson and his partner Helen Walker investigate the death of a gay academic, and they discover family secrets) $25.00
Hess, Charlie/Seay, Davin Hello Charlie (Non-fiction; Charlie Hess, a retired FBI agent who managed to coax a confession of 49 murders out of cold-blooded killer Robert C. Browne) $25.00
Hill, Reginald Death Comes for the Fat Man (With his friend and fellow Yorkshire cop Andy Dalziel on life support, Peter Pascoe follows the trail to the Templars, who fight terrorists and don't care who else gets hurt) $7.99
Hirahara, Naomi Summer of the Big Bachi (Mass market reprint; 69-year old L.A. gardener and Hiroshima survivor Mas Arai must reluctantly confront his past when long-buried secrets and vengeance resurface) $6.99
Holt, Anne What Never Happens (Police commissioner Adam Stubo and Former FBI profiler Johanna Vik (2) investigate when a serial killer in Oslo strikes at celebrities) $24.99
Hunter, Chris Eight Lives Down (Non-fiction; a counter terrorist bomb disposal operator's tour in Iraq) $25.00
Hunter, Gwen Sleep Softly (A serial killer is loose in rural South Carolina; the case becomes personal for a forensic nurse when a child's body is found on her property; PBO) $6.99
Hyland, Adrian Moonlight Downs (Half aborigine, Emily Tempest returns from abroad to Central Australia and turns sleuth when within hours of her arrival an old friend is murdered and mutilated) $24.00
Jennings, Phillip Goodbye Mexico (Humor; apparently back from the dead, Gearhardt has wild plot to take over Mexico by good Cubans but needs temporary Mexico City CIA station chief Jack’s help) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Fire in the Ashes (Reprint: Ben Raines and his army face a new, indestructible breed of post-apocalyptic enemies who threaten to take over the world) $5.99
Jordan, R.T. Final Curtain (Polly Pepper (2), television legend and part-time sleuth tries to save a star from a murder rap) $22.00
King, Danny School for Scumbags (Teenage delinquent Wayne Banstead is sent to reform school, where the teachers seem intent on instructing the boys in how to get away with things) $14.95
Kolb, Larry J. America at Night (Non-fiction; two rogue CIA agents who planned to steal the 2004 election, written by the agent who foiled the plan) $15.00
Krist, Gary The White Cascade (Non-fiction; the 1910 avalanche that swept away two Northern Railway trains) $15.00
Langley-Hawthorne, Clare Consequences of Sin (Edwardian heiress Ursula Marlowe investigates when a fellow suffragette and friend is accused of murder) $14.00
Leoni, Giulio The Mosaic Crimes (In 1300 Florence, newly appointed prior Dante Aligheri investigates when an artist is found murdered next to the mosaic he had almost completed) $14.00
Liang, Diane Wei The Eye of Jade (Mei Wang's search for a missing artifact leads her to discover the dishonorable secrets of China's culture and her family's past) $24.00
Littell, Robert October Circle (Reprint ‘77; Seven of Bulgaria's intellectual elite & one American drifter stage a dangerous protest that sets off a wave of repression) $14.00
Marberg, Peg Decorated to Death (Decorator Jean Hastings (2) investigates when a wealthy new client is murdered; PBO) $6.99
McBride, Susan Too Pretty to Die (Ex-debutante Andy Kendrick (5) reveals more than just the beauty secrets of Dallas high society; PBO) $6.99
McCarry, Charles The Last Supper (Reprint ‘83; on a rainy night in Paris, Paul Christopher's lover Molly falls victim to vehicular homicide, and Christopher's past explains the seemingly senseless murder) $13.95
McIntyre, Hope How to Marry a Ghost (Lee Bartholomew (2) travels to Long Island to ghost write rock star Shotgun Marriot's memoir, when Shotgun's estranged son turns up murdered and she investigates) $7.50
McNamara, Mary Oscar Season (When a leading comic actor is found dead in a Hollywood hotel swimming pool, the hotel's PR director, Juliette Grayson, finds the mystery involves big industry names) $24.00
Meyer, Deon Dead Before Dying (Cape Town cop Captain Mat Joubert investigates a series of murders committed with a century old German handgun with ancient bullets that tear through flesh and bone) $7.99
Mezrich, Ben 21: Bringing Down the House (Non-fiction; six M.I.T. students who took Vegas for millions) $7.99
Michaels, David Tom Clancy's EndWar (New series that takes readers onto the battlefields of World War III with technical savvy and explosive action; PBO) $9.99
Mina, Denise Slip of the Knife (Paddy Meehan investigates when her ex-boyfriend and fellow reporter is murdered and leaves her a suitcase full of notes) $24.99
Mina, Denise The Dead Hour (Journalist Paddy Meehan investigates the torture and death of a woman after accepting money from the perpetrator, and must solve the murder before the bribe is found out) $13.99
Myers, Tamar As the World Churns (When someone clobbers the originator of the annual Hernia Holstein Competition, Magdalena Yoder (16) vows to track down the clues until the cows come home) $21.95
Palmer, Michael The First Patient (Dr. Gabe Singleton, the President's physician and old friend, sees strong evidence that the President is going insane and it may not be from natural causes) $25.95
Parker, T. Jefferson L.A. Outlaws (While LA is gripped in the celebrity of Allison Murietta, a modern-day Jesse James, rookie deputy Charlie Hood investigates while having an affair with a witness; some signed copies expected) $25.95
Parker, T. Jefferson Storm Runners (Matt’s wife and son were killed in an explosion meant for him; now recovered, and the man behind bars, he takes a first assignment for a California security firm protecting a TV personality from a stalker, but the case leads to the killer of his family and prison is no safeguard against revenge) $7.99
Patterson, James 7th Heaven (The Women's Murder Club helps San Francisco Detective Lindsay Boxer chase a killer with a taste for fire; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #93: Deadly Payload (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.99
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #351: Hell Night (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Penny, Louise A Fatal Grace (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (2) investigates the murder of a woman electrocuted in the middle of a frozen lake in front of an entire village, yet no one saw anything) $6.99
Picoult, Jody Nineteen Minutes (In the aftermath of a shocking act of violence, the small New Hampshire town of Sterling's residents must seek justice and come to terms with the role they played) $15.00
Pike, Christopher Falling (Matt Connor, deeply hurt when his girlfriend leaves him, kidnaps her son, and FBI agent Kelly Feinman, seen by her colleagues as a loose cannon, hunts him down) $7.99
Pollero, Rhonda Knock Off (West Palm Beach; Finely Anderson Tanner is both a paralegal and a shopaholic and on the trail of a murderer) $6.99
Rees, Matt Beynon A Grave in Gaza (As he tries to save the lives of two men, Omar Yussef is confronted with the corruption and violence of Gaza's warring government factions and criminal gangs) $24.00
Rizollo, S.K. Blood for Blood (In 1912, lady's companion Penelope Wolfe and Bow Street Runner John Chase become entangled in a web of family secrets when a footman turns up dead with a knife to the heart) $14.95
Robb, J.D. Three in Death (Reprint: Three short stories featuring Lt. Eve Dallas) $7.99
Robb, J.D. (Nora Roberts) Strangers in Death (In 2060 New York City, Eve Dallas investigates the death of a prominent businessman found in his apartment tied to the bed and strangled with black velvet cords) $25.95
Robbins, David L. The Betrayal Game (In 1961, Professor Mikhal Lammeck, specialist in the history and weaponry of assassins, becomes caught up in the crossfire of a failed attempt on Castro's life) $25.00
Santofler, Jonathan Anatomy of Fear (An NYPD sketch artist hunts a crafty and vicious killer who makes portraits of his victims before he murders them with the cat and mouse game having deadly consequences) $7.99
Saums, Mary Thistle and Twigg (Two small town southern widows become unlikely but fast friends after stumbling on a dead body in the woods) $6.99
Scott, Michele Tacked to Death (The celebration surrounding the opening of her tack shop and a gala fashion show is ruined for horse trainer Michaela Bancroft (3) when a polo player is murdered; PBO) $6.99
Scottoline, Lisa Daddy's Girl (When a prison riot breaks out while she is teaching a class there, law professor Natalie Greco hears a guard's dying words that causes ruthless killers to come after her) $7.99
Scottoline, Lisa Lady Killer (When her high school rival vanishes, Mary DiNunzio investigates, and when a dead body turns up she is plunged into a nightmare threatening everything she holds dear) $25.95
Sewell, Kitty Ice Trap (A British surgeon's life is blown apart by the shocking news that he fathered twins 15 years ago in the frozen wilds of Canada, and he returns there to confront his demons) $24.95
Seymour, Gerald Rat Run (A disgraced former intelligence officer becomes an isolated loner in a drug-infested London neighborhood, until the mugging of an elderly woman brings him back to himself) $14.95
Shenon, Philip The Commission (Uncensored history of the 9/11 investigation) $27.00
Simms, Chris Pecking Order (Rubble works on a chicken farm killing sick chickens, until a mysterious visitor sees his ability to kill without compunction, and soon Rubble is in his employ) $13.95
Smith, April Judas Horse (Maverick FBI Special Agent Ana Grey (2) goes undercover to infiltrate a group of anarchists operating behind the facade of FAN (Free Animals Now) who murdered a fellow agent) $23.95
Smith, Wilbur The Quest (Ancient Egypt; something catastrophic is happening in the unexplored depths of Africa, and the Pharoah sends Taita (4) to find the cause) $9.99
Sprinkle, Patricia What Are You Wearing to Die? (Georgia magistrate MacLaren Yarbrough (8) investigates when women turn up murdered in uncharacteristic clothing; PBO) $6.99
Starling, Boris Visibility (Scotland Yard detective Herbert Smith investigates the murder of a biochemist who claimed to know a secret that the CIA, the KGB, and the last of the Third Reich all want) $7.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Malice (NY DA Butch Karp (19), recovering from an assassination attempt, takes on a shadowy cartel that uses terrorists to further their criminal empire) $9.99
Uzan, Bernard The Shattered Sky (A down and out young man in Paris works as a secret agent for the French government) $15.00
Wainscott, Tina What Lies In Shadow (Jonna thought her chat room secrets were safe, until a ruthless stalker uncovers her true identity and infiltrates her life) $6.99
Webb, Debra Nameless (Former FBI agent Ryan McBride teams up with rookie Vivian Grace in a desperate search to track down a ruthless child kidnapper) $6.99
Wells, Melinda Killer Mousse (Della Carmichael is owner of a cooking school in Santa Monica, host of a new TV cooking show, and suspect in a murder; PBO) $7.99
Wesley, Valerie Wilson Of Blood and Sorrow (Things are going well for Tamara Hayle (7) until old acquaintances arrive seeking help, and her son witnesses a murder, becoming the prime suspect) $23.95
Willig, Lauren The Seduction of the Crimson Rose (Mary Alsworthy (4) accepts a secret assignment from Lord Vaughn to infiltrate the ranks of the dreaded spy the Black Tulip) $24.95
Wilson, Gayle Victim (Racked with grief over her son's brutal murder, Sarah Patterson teams up with New Orleans detective Mac Donovan to track down a serial child-killer; PBO) $6.99


Abbott, Megan The Song is You (Novel of the events surrounding the 1949 murder of 27-year old actress Jean Spangler) $14.00
Akunin, Boris Special Assignments (Two new adventures for Russian sleuth Erast Fandorin, "The Jack of Spades" and "The Decorator"; trade PBO) $13.95
Berenson, Alex The Ghost War (CIA agent John Wells (2) returns to Afghanistan and discovers dangerous situations in China, Iraq, and North Korea, and a mole in the CIA about to set things off; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Berry, Steve The Venetian Betrayal (International thriller that sends Cotton Malone on a perilous quest for the truth about the mysterious death and unknown burial site of Alexander the Great; unabridged CDs $49.95) $25.95
Black, Benjamin Christine Falls (Hard-drinking pathologist Quirke uncovers a conspiracy that begins with his brother-in-law and reaches deep into Dublin's Catholic Church) $14.00
Bodman, Karna Small Gambit (U.S. planes are being shot down with a new stealth technology, and Dr. Cammy Talbot is called to find a solution, putting her in the path of assassins) $25.95
Bohjalian, Chris The Double Bind (A woman working in a homeless shelter discovers a box of photographs taken by a resident who died mysteriously, and the photos reveal a deeply hidden secret) $14.95
Born, James O. Burn Zone (ATF Alex Duarte (2) is in New Orleans to stop a mysterious Panamanian who runs guns and drugs, but he finds himself in a situation more dangerous than he expected) $25.95
Boyne, John Next of Kin (In 1936 London, an aristocrat with gambling debts finds he has been cut out of his rich uncle's will, and looks for other, illegal ways to get the money he needs) $24.95
Bruen, Ken Priest (Jack Taylor, devastated by a recent personal loss, investigates when Father Joyce is decapitated in a Galway confessional) $13.95
Chupack, Edward Silver (The "memoirs' of Long John Silver, a pirate and charming, unapologetic murderer) $23.95
Clark, Carol Higgins Laced (While on their honeymoon in Ireland, PI Regan Reilly and her husband Jack (3) encounter the ghost of a lacemaker who wasn't paid for her work) $7.99
Crider, Bill Of All Sad Words (Sheriff Dan Rhodes investigates when a mobile home explodes and when a dead man is found nearby it appears a regular crime wave has hit sleepy Blacklin County, Texas) $23.95
Doherty, P.C. The Poisoner of Ptah (Judge Amerotke investigates when three scribes are violently poisoned at a treaty signing between Egypt and Libya during the reign of Pharoah Hatusu) $24.95
Freeman, Brian Stalked (Duluth police Lieutenant Jonathan Stride investigates when his partner Maggie Bei reports the disappearance of a young woman who leaves behind a cryptic message) $24.95
Hall, James W. Hell's Bay (Thorn is leading a fishing expedition in Hell's Bay when the son and granddaughter of a murdered Florida aristocrat arrive and claim to be kin, asking him to solve the murder) $24.95
Harris, Rosemary Pushing Up Daisies (Paula Holliday leaves New York City to run a gardening business in Connecticut, and finds a mummified body at her first job and her best friend is accused of murder) $23.95
Hensley, Joe L. Snowbird's Blood (Cannert searches Florida for his missing wife, who disappeared during his latest round of chemotherapy for terminal cancer) $24.95
Hockensmith, Steve The Black Dove (In 1893, brothers Old Red and Big Red (3) travel to San Francisco where an old acquaintance takes a shot at them in Chinatown, and as they search for a murderer and a beautiful prostitute they must face members of a hatchet-wielding Chinese tong; some signed copies expected) $23.95
Kirino, Natsuo Grotesque (Two girls who attended Tokyo's prestigious Q High School for Girls have both become prostitutes and been brutally murdered) $14.00
Kuhlken, Ken The Do-Re-Me (In 1972, the Hickey family becomes embroiled in a duel with the law when Alvaro is accused of murdering a sheriff's nephew and brother Clifford is arrested in his place) $14.95
Kuhlken, Ken Vagabond Virgins (In 1979, San Diego P.I. Alvaro Hickey gets involved with a woman who stole a fortune from her father and is being hunted by her brother, aide to the Mexican president) $24.95
Lavender, Will Obedience (Students in Winchester University's Logic class receive the startling assignment to use logic to find a hypothetical missing girl, and reality and the assignment collide) $24.00
MacPherson, Rett The Blood Ballad (Genealogist Torie O’Shea (10) is birding when a gunshot sends her stumbling through the woods and over a dead body with ties to her family) $23.95
Moody, Bill Shades of Blue (Evan Horne is launched into a mystery and a journey of self-discovery when his mentor dies and leaves him all his possessions including a cryptic note and photo) $24.95
Nelson, Rick Bound By Blood (New Orleans homicide detective Jack Brenner investigates the cold case murder of his cousin back in 1972 when he was one of two civil rights workers murdered in Louisiana) $24.95
Newman, Sharan The Shanghai Tunnel (In 1868 Horace Stratton, one of Portland, Oregon's wealthiest heirs, dies suddenly and his partners want his wife and teenage son to disappear as she knows his schemes did not die with him) $24.95
Pickens, Cathy Hush My Mouth (Small-town attorney Avery Andres gets her first paying case when Fran French arrives from Atlanta looking for her adopted sister) $23.95
Sheers, Owen Resistance (Alternate history where Germany attacks and occupies British soil and the women of a Welsh border town must cope when all their husbands disappear and the Germans reach their village) $23.95
Spiegelman, Peter Red Cat (Brooding P.I. John March (3) descends into the dark world of internet pornography when the mysterious Wren starts stalking and threatening his brother, but then she’s murdered) $12.95
Stabenow, Dana Prepared for Rage (FBI agent Patrick Chisholm and US Coast Guard Captain Cal Schyler try to stop a renegade terrorist who has targeted the Space Shuttle for destruction; some signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Webb, Betty Desert Cut (While scouting locations for a documentary film, P.I. Lena Jones and director Warren Quinn discover the mutilated body of a young girl and Lena investigates) $24.95
Webb, Betty Desert Run (Scottsdale P.I. Lena Jones is doing security for Warren Quinn, director of a documentary about a German POW camp when a surviving inmate is murdered and she investigates) $14.95

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