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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #71 September - November, 2005



Adams, Scott The Fluorescent Light Glistens Off Your Head (Dilbert) $10.95
Amend, Bill Orlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything (FoxTrot collection) $8.95
Byng, Georgia Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism (Molly Moon and her pug embark on an incredible journey as she uses her unusual talent; young adult) $6.99
Byng, Georgia Molly Moon Stops the World (Molly Moon takes on Hollywood, facing celebrities, danger, and a power_hungry madman, discovering a talent she never knew she had; young adult) $6.99
Campbell, Ramsey Alone with the Horrors (Career_spanning collection of Ramsey's best horror stories from 1961_1991) $15.95
Conley, Darby "Say Cheesy" (Get Fuzzy cartoon collection) $10.95
Davidson, MaryJanice/Alongi, Anthony Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (Young adult; modern MN girl discovers that puberty means turning into a were-dragon) $8.99
Ende, Michael The Neverending Story (Reissue of the classic tale of a book that comes to life) $7.99
Fairclough, Robert-ed. The Prisoner: The Original Scripts Vol. 1 (Scripts of the first 8 episodes, with margin notes of how the filmed version differed from the scripts, plus stills, other interesting material; British import hc) $29.95
Flanagan, John Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan (15_year old Will is chosen as an apprentice to the Rangers, protectors of the kingdom, as the dark forces of Morgarath gather for an attack) $15.99
Gaiman, Neil The Wolves in the Walls (Lucy is sure there are wolves in the walls of her house, but her family doesn't believe her, until one day the wolves come out, beginning a strange adventure for Lucy; reprint, illustrated young adult story) $6.99
Gardner, Sally I, Coriander (At the mercy of a cruel stepmother, Coriander discovers a way to transport herself to a land of fairies, where she discovers the truth about her mother and her past) $16.99
Herbert/Herbert/Anderson The Road to Dune (Contains previously unpublished chapters from Dune and Dune Messiah , as well as letters between Frank Herbert and his editor John W. Campbell, and other Dune goodies) $25.95
Hightman, Jason The Saint of Dragons (Simon St. George joins his father, whom he's just met, on a hunt to find and kill the last of the dragons before it is too late) $6.99
Holt, Thomas (aka Tom Holt) Meadowland (Historical novel; in 1036, a middle-aged civil servant from Constantinople is accompanying the army payroll to Sicily, and learns from the elite Scandinavian guard the story of Leif Eirikson's new colony; British import) $14.00
Holt, Tom Earth, Air, Fire and Custard (British comic fantasy continues the adventures of Paul Carpenter; some signed copies available) $23.00
Hunter, Erin Warriors, The New Prophecy #2: Moonrise (The six questing cats encounter a mysterious tribe of wild cats with a prophecy of their own) $15.99
Lumley, Brian The House of Cthulhu (First in a new series exploring the Primal Land, an island surrounded by oceans teeming with terrible creatures, and cities where anything can be found) $23.95
Nicholson, Scott The Home (A young boy in a home for troubled children is subjected to experiments that unleash something evil inside him that should have stayed buried) $6.99
Rabe, Jean The Finest Choice (Creatures of moral perfection in the guise of horses come to aid the Fallen and one helps the sister of a boy_king fallen under the spell of evil counselors) $24.95
Reed, Kit Dogs of Truth (17 new short stories by the author of Thinner Than Thou) $14.95
Rowlands, Mark Sci_Phi (A look at philosophy using Hollywood movies to help the reader grasp the concepts) $13.95
Salvatore, R.A. Paths of Darkness (Collector's Edition of four Salvatore novels: The Silent Blade , The Spine of the World , Servant of the Shard , and Sea of Swords , continuing the tales of Drizzt Do'Urden) $19.95
Schreiber, Ellen Vampire Kisses (Raven _ a vampire_crazed goth girl _ lives in a town she calls Dullsville, until a strange family moves into the haunted mansion and she meets a boy who may be a vampire) $5.99
Scott, Jerry/Borgman, Jim Thrashed (Zits cartoon collection) $10.95
Tessier, Thomas Finishing Touches (Erotic horror novel) $6.99
Trudeau, G. B. The Long Road Home (Doonesbury cartoon collection) $9.95
Ward, James M. Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe becomes a Midshipwizard on a vessel which harnesses living dragons with seafaring technology, and has adventures while rising in the ranks) $24.95


Alan/Alexander/Chamberlin Sex and the Single Witch (Three stories about witches who are looking for Mr. Right) $12.95
Asaro, Catherine Schism (Young Sauscony has a rift with her father that may tear the Skolian Empire asunder) $6.99
Ash, Sarah Prisoner of the Iron Tower (Tears of Artamon Series Book 2: Gavril Nagarian fights the madness within while dangers outside him continue to grow) $7.50
Ashley, Amanda Shades of Gray (Grigori, a vampire, falls in love with Marisa, and strives to protect her from other vampires who have caught the seductive scent of her blood) $6.99
Bakker, R. Scott The Warrior Prophet (The Prince of Nothing Series Book 2: Logician_monk Anasurimbor Kellhus finds himself ever_closer to meeting his father as the apocalyptic Holy War continues) $15.95
Bassingthwaite, Don The Binding Stone (The Dragon Below Book 1: A chance rescue brings bitter rivals together and the two warriors embark on a mission of vengeance to the Shadow Marches) $6.99
Berg, Carol Daughters of the Ancients (Bridge of D'Aranth Book 4: Gerick investigates the ancient king D'Arnath's daughter, held captive by the Lords of Ahev'Na, and discovers the dreadful truth of his own destiny) $7.99
Berman, Judith Bear Daughter (A 12_year old bear wakes one morning as a human, embarks on a journey of discovery through mortal & immortal worlds to mend her past) $15.00
Besson, Luc Arthur and the Forbidden City (Arthur, Princess Selenia, and Prince Betameche must find a way into the heart of the Forbidden City to stop the evil wizard Maltazard) $15.99
Biswell, John/Skenazy, Lenore The Dysfunctional Family Christmas Songbook (Collection of humorous Christmas songs) $9.95
Blaine, Chris Twisted Branch (First in a new horror series that revolves around a haunted inn on a quiet street in the town of Cape May, New Jersey) $6.99
Braunbeck, Gary A. Keepers (After being warned by a dying old man that the Keepers were coming, Gil Stewart notices strange things that indicate horror is on the way) $6.99
Brooks, Terry High Druid of Shannara: Straken (Conclusion to the trilogy: A young boy must attempt a mission from which he may never return as an entire world braces against the arrival of a demonic entity; abridged CDs $29.95) $26.95
Brooks, Terry High Druid of Shannara: Tanequil (High Druid of Shannara trilogy book 2: The fate of Grianne lies in the hands of her nephew, who must obtain magic from an ancient tree to save her) $13.95
Buckner, M.M. War Surf (In the 23rd century, Nasir Deepra finds fun by dropping into minor wars, but his high_tech gear cannot protect him from a woman named Sheeba and her lust for danger) $7.99
Buettner, Robert Orphan's Destiny (After General Wander defeats an alien attack, the government downsizes the military, and when the aliens attack again, only Wander and a guerilla force remain to stop them) $6.99
Byers, Richard Lee Queen of the Depths: The Priests (A valiant shalarin priestess tries to save her home and avenge her mother's death) $6.99
Byng, Georgia Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure (Molly Moon heads to India to learn more about her talent and runs into her arch nemesis, and through time travel, into younger versions of herself; young adult) $16.99
Catmel, Andrew Nikolai Dante #2: Imperial Black (Nikolai Dante fights to foil an evil plot to get the world addicted to doctored vodka) $6.99
Corder, Zizou Lionboy: The Chase (With the help of a new ally, Charlie Ashanti continues on his journey to find his parents and uncover the truth behind a sinister scheme) $6.99
Corder, Zizou Lionboy: The Truth (Catspeaker Charlie Ashanto is captured and must outwit his captors to topple the Corporacy's wicked enterprise) $16.99
Cruciger, Cindy Revenge Gifts (Tara's business is to provide revenge for the wronged in the form of voodoo, but the voodoo starts to back fire on her) $6.99
Czerneda, Julie E. Species Imperative #2: Migration (Mac (2) returns to Earth, hoping to pick up her life, but enemies are moving) $23.95
Dalmas, John The Second Coming (As chaos sweeps the world, a charismatic speaker who works miracles arises and government attempts to assassinate him fail, while he predicts cosmic disaster) $7.99
Dann,Jack/Dozois, Gardner-ed. Robots (Twelve short stories about man_made men) $6.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Really Unusual Bad Boys (Three stories of women who are spirited to other worlds by men who love them) $14.00
Delaney, Joseph The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch (Tom Ward is a 12_year old apprentice to the local Spook, whose job is to keep the county clear of evil beings, and stay alive at the same time) $14.99
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Runes of the Earth (Ten years after Thomas Covenant's death, his companion Linden Avery is forced back to the Land to confront Covenant's son, who is doing Lord Foul's bidding, to stop a new evil) $16.00
Douglass, Sara The Wounded Hawk (The Crucible Series Book 2: In the Middle Ages, warrior priest Thomas Neville discovers the plague is caused by demons, and must uncover them so the Church can stop them) $7.99
Drake, Emily The Gate of Bones (The Magickers #4: The forces of the Dark Hand are about to release a maelstrom of evil energy which could destroy the Magickers and all of Haven) $6.99
Due, Tananarive Joplin's Ghost (Daughter of a jazz club owner, Phoenix Small's life goes haywire after she discovers an old rotting piano in the back room and is haunted by the ghost of Scott Joplin) $24.00
Due, Tananarive The Between (A middle_class African_American family's very existence is threatened by inner and outer demons) $6.99
Duncan, Dave The Jaguar Knights (Sir Wolf, the King's Killer, must rescue a damsel in distress from enemies armed with formidable skills) $7.99
Eddings, David The Malloreon Volume One (The first three books in the Malloreon series in one omnibus volume) $18.95
Eddings, David The Malloreon Volume Two (The last two books of the Malloreon series in one omnibus volume) $17.95
Elrod, P.N. A Song in the Dark (Vampire Jack Fleming is under the gun when the New York Mafia wants his hide and the love of his life is wanted for murder) $24.95
Fisher, Catherine Snow_Walker (Jenna and Thorkil have been banished to the North, where they encounter the son of the evil sorceress who rules their people, and will find if he can stop her) $7.99
Forbeck, Matt Blood Bowl (Humans, elves, goblins and ogres work out their aggressions not on the battlefield, but on a football field) $7.99
Frankowski, Leo/Grossman, Dave Kren of the Mitchegai (The Mitchegai are an inherently evil species who eat their own young, and they now threaten Human Soace with only the mercenary colonists of New Kashubia standing in their way) $7.99
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek: The Next Generation Death in Winter (Continues after Nemesis, the Kavrata, a once proud people now strangled under Romulan domination are threatened by a biogenetic disease. Beverly Crusher is sent to assist) $24.95
Gabaldon, Diana The Fiery Cross (In 1771, Jamie Fraser's wife has the gift of prophecy, and her knowledge of the future may save the family in the war to come, or doom them) $7.99
Gaiman, Neil Anansi Boys (When Charlie Nancy's father died while singing karaoke, he left his son the legacy of a terrible nickname and a brother he never knew who takes him on a fantastic journey; unabridged CDs $39.95) $26.95
Gaiman, Neil Smoke and Mirrors (Collection of short fiction by Gaiman) $7.99
Gascoigne, Marc/Dunn, Christian Bringers of Death (Warhammer 40,000 anthology) $6.99
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael-ed. Crimes of Passion (Reprint; erotic horror) $5.99
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael-ed. Fear the Fever (Reprint; erotic horror) $5.99
Gemmell, David The Hawk Eternal (Sequel to Ironhand's Daughter : As the merciless Aenir wreak havoc through his land, Caswallon enlists the help of Sigarni, the Hawk Queen, to overcome the danger) $7.50
Golden, Christie In Stone's Clasp (Final Dance Series Book 2: Kevla seeks the Stone Dancer in the icy land to the north and tries to convince a reluctant Jareth to join her on her quest) $13.95
Green, Simon R. Paths Not Taken (John Taylor discovers that his long_gone mother intends to destroy the Nightside, and to save his home he must travel to a distant and deadly past) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin H/Pack, Janet-ed. Magic Tails (14 fantasy stories with cats as the focus) $7.50
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay Effendi (Sequel to Pashazade : In the midst of chaos caused by a pulse bomb, El Isk's new Chief of Detectives investigates a charge of mass murder against his potential father_in_law) $12.00
Hart, J.V. Capt. Hook (James Matthew, with curly black locks and a shady family tree, tries to fit in at Eton, and becomes the most notorious student ever to curse its halls) $15.99
Havens, Candace Charmed and Dangerous (Bronwyn is a witch who works for the British Prime Minister to stop evil, but being a witch gets in the way of her love life) $14.00
Hearn, Lian Tales of the Otori: Fujiwara's Treasures (Kenji Takeo is abducted by his teacher and forced to work as an assassin, but is determined to carry on the name of the Otori) $6.50
Hearn, Lian Tales of the Otori: The Way Through the Snow (Takeo works to escape the Tribe, and Kaede moves forward aided by a precarious alliance, as both long to be with each other) $6.50
Herbert, Brian/Anderson, Kevin J. Dune: The Battle of Corrin (In a desperate plan to destroy humanity, the machines send a virulent virus through the universe, and there will be one final battle on Arrakis involving the Fremen of Dune) $7.99
Herndon, Cory J. Ravinica (After giving Agrus Kos a partner to train, the partner dies and Kos is suspicious of the guilds of Ravinica) $6.99
Hobb, Robin Shaman's Crossing (Soldier Son Trilogy Book 1: Nevare Burvelle, the wealthy son of one of Gernia's new noble families, joins the King's Cavalry, and discovers magic has taken hold of him; signed copies expected) $25.95
Hodge, Brian On Earth As It Is In Hell (Hellboy and Abe Sapian investigate a group of seraphim wiping out an entire floor at the Vatican) $6.99
Howell, Hannah/Sands, Linsay The Eternal Highlander (Two men sworn to conquer the hunger that pounds in their blood can only be saved by marriage to someone outside the clan, and they find two women who will save them) $6.50
Howell/Basso/Raleigh Highland Vampire (Three stories of vampires who fall in love) $12.00
Ibbotson, Eva The Haunting of Granite Falls (Millionaire Hiram Hopgood buys a castle for his daughter and as it is being assembled in Texas, ghosts are discovered) $5.99
Izzo, Anthony Cruel Winter (Young Jack Harding reaches out to the new kid in town, and the closer he gets, the more terrible things happen, including grisly murders and a horrific winter) $6.99
Jackson, Melanie The Master (Hobgoblin Qasim has become a master of evil and only an ER doctor unaware of his own magical blood and an enchanting beauty with dark secrets can stop him) $6.99
Jacques, Brian Rakkety Tam (Rakkety Tam Mac Burl and the brave squirrel Wild Doogy Plum embark on a quest to save two maidens from Gulo the Savage) $7.99
Jaques, Brian High Rhulain (Young Tiria, an ottermaid at Redwall Abbey, longs for the chance to become a warrior and rescue the otters enslaved to the Wildcat Riggu Felis, and her chance comes) $23.99
Jubert, Herve Dance of the Assassins (The Devil's Dances Trilogy Volume 1: Witch Roberta Morgenstern and her assistant discover someone is bringing history's most notorious villains back to life) $16.99
Kakalios, James Physics of Superheroes (An exploration of the ways in which comic_book super-heroes are sometimes ahead of science in explaining possible physics futures) $26.00
Keith, William H. Jr. Retief's Peace (The Krll infiltrate the Peace Movement to get Terrans to give up their planet, and it is up to Retief to thwart the would_be conquerors) $25.00
Lawrence, Michael Small Eternities (Alaric and Naia shift from one parallel universe to another, trying to outsmart death and make a difference in their world) $15.99
Laws, Robin D. Liar's Peak (Battlefield looter Angelika Fleischer encounters a village of embittered halflings and goes on the run into an all_out war) $7.99
Lebow, Jess Master of Chains (A former warrior is beaten and sold into slavery, and only has his special fighting talents to try and escape) $6.99
Love, Kathy Fangs for the Memories (Sebastion Young's brother is a vampire who has fallen in love with a mortal, and Sebastion will do anything to save him after he breaks all the rules) $14.00
MacKeever, Maggie Waltz With a Vampire (Emily Dinwiddie recruits the help of a beautiful vampire to solve the mystery of her father's murder) $4.99
Marco, John The Sword of Angels (Book 3 of the trilogy: Lukien guards the mountain fortress of Grimhold, which is threatened by a murderous magical secret) $25.95
Martin, Michael A./ Mangels, Andy Star Trek Titan 2: The Red King (Captain William Riker and the crew of the Titan investigate an eighty_year_old mystery involving a strange offshoot of humanity, the Neyel) $6.99
Masterton, Graham Manitou Blood (A bizarre epidemic sweeps New York, as people have an irresistible need to drink human blood, and doctors search for an answer seeking help from both the living and the dead) $6.99
Mieville, China Looking for Jake (Short story collection featuring 10 previously published works and 5 brand_new stories) $14.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Scepters (Corean Chronicles #3: Despite his desire to live a simple life, Alucius is called back to fight an alien evil that wants to enslave the whole world) $7.99
Moon, Elizabeth Marque and Reprisal (Sequel to Trading in Danger : An unknown adversary has murdered most of Ky Vatta's family and she teams up with her black_sheep cousin to seek revenge) $6.99
Moredun, P.R. The Dragon Conspiracy (The World of Eldaterra Book One: A policeman in 1895 and a boy in 1910 are tied by history and fate to the search for dragons hidden in our world) $16.99
Norton, Andre Masks of the Outcasts (Omnibus of Catseye & Night of Masks : 2 shunned outcasts of society face dangers on other worlds in a desperate race for survival) $24.00
Pelan, John-ed. Lost on the Darkside (Collection of 15 horror stories) $7.99
Pike, Christopher Alosha (Ali Warner learns that she is the Queen of the Fairies and must face seven challenges to claim her power, while armies of elves and dwarves prepare to invade Earth) $5.99
Putney, Mary Jo A Kiss of Fate (Duncan Macrae, Laird of an ancient Scottish clan, must use mystical abilities to control nature's forces he possesses to save his country and win the woman he loves) $6.99
Rabe, Jean The Finest Creation (Magical beings resembling horses bind with humans to set them on the right path, but one is separated from its charge and the whole of history may be changed as a result) $6.99
Reichert, Mickey Zucker The Return of Nightfall (A befuddled but deadly hero has adventures on land and sea in the new novel in the Nightfall series) $7.99
Roth, Philip The Plot Against America (Alternate history where Lindbergh is elected president and a seven_year old Jewish boy faces the anti_Semitism that threatens his family and his life) $14.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Two Swords (Drizzt Do'Urden has fought alone for many years, but now needs allies to help save his world from the evil in the land) $7.99
Shan, Darren Cirque du Freak #7: Hunters of the Dusk (As part of an elite force, Darren Shan searches the world for the Vampaneze Lord, and the road is lined with the bodies of the damned) $5.99
Shayne/Davidson, MaryJanice/Knight/Ford Kick Ass (Four stories of women who take no prisoners in a fight or in love) $12.95
Sherman, Josepha/Shwartz, Susan Star Trek: Vulcan's Soul: Exodus (Ambassador Spock, his wife, and the remaining members of the Enterprise crew must intervene to save the Romulans from an alien menace waging bloody war) $7.99
Stephenson, Neal The System of the World (The Baroque Cycle Volume 3: Final volume in the cycle featuring philosopher Daniel Waterhouse, counterfeiter Jack the Coiner, and royal confidant Eliza) $15.95
Stine, R.L. Rotten School #3: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Slimy (Bernie wants to go to the school dance with April_May, and she tells him to go with her he has to be something he has never been _ good.) $6.99
Stirling, S.M. Dies the Fire (A terrible global catastrophe occurs when the Change renders all electronic devices and fossil fuels inoperative, and creates a terrible Dark Age) $7.99
Stirling, S.M. The Protector's War (Sequel to Dies the Fire : Ten years after the Change, armies of a totalitarian society prepare to wage war with two thriving communities over precious farmland) $24.95
Tamakoshi, Hiroyuki Gacha, Gacha #1 (Manga) $10.95
Taylor, G. P. Wormwood (Sequel to Shadowmancer : In London 1756, panic fills the streets as a comet called Wormwood heads for the city) $7.99
Thurlo, Aimee and David Blood Retribution (New Mexico police officer and vampire Lee Nez discovers smugglers who are also werewolves and is also being stalked by vampire killers as he tries to do his job) $6.99
Toyoda, Minoru Love Roma #1 (Manga; humorous look at teenage love at first sight) $10.95
Turtledove, Harry A World of Difference (Reprint: Joint U.S._Soviet space mission lands in the thick of an alien war & find themselves on opposite sides of the life_or_death conflict) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry The Time of Troubles II (Omnibus of The Thousand Cities and Videssos Besieged : fantasy epic of the battle between the magical empires of Videsos and Makuran continues) $26.00
Vonnegut, Kurt Man Without a Country (Collection of speeches, poems, essays and artwork by Vonnegut) $21.00
Walker, Kev/Rennie, Gordon et. al. Daemonifuge: Heretic Saint (A pious young warrior is possessed by an ancient power, turning her into a living weapon) $9.99
Ward, J.R. Dark Lover (Wrath, the only purebred vampire left on Earth, has a score to settle with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, who killed his parents 400 years ago) $6.99
Weber, David Old Soldiers (Continuation of the Saga of the Bolos: Captain Trevor is the sole human survivor of the 39th Battalion, is teamed up with a new Bolo, and together they must stop a new threat) $26.00
Westerfeld, Scott Peeps (Cal is a carrier of a horrible virus, and all his girlfriends have become vampires, and Cal must hunt them down before they create more of their kind) $16.99
Yatate/Tomino GUNDAM SEED: Mobile Suit (Manga; final volume of Gundam SEED) $10.95
Zicree, Marc Scott/Wilson, Robert C. Magic Time: Ghostlands (Conclusion to the series: A small band of outcast heroes must face themselves in order to fight an evil that has descended on their world) $7.99


Butler, Octavia E. Bloodchild (Reissue of the only collection of her short stories, with 2 more stories added) $14.00
Butler, Octavia E. Fledgling (A young, amnesiac girl discovers she is actually a genetically altered 53_year old vampire, and tries to recapture her stolen life; signing at Uncle Hugo's Saturday, September 24, 1-2 pm) $24.95
Douglass, Sara Pilgrim (The Wayfarer Redemption Series Book 5: Caelim SunSoar seeks the way to stop the TimeKeeper Demons in the mountain Star Finger, and Faraday grows bitter as her losses mount) $27.95
Herbert, James Nobody True (James True returns from an out_of_body experience to find his body has been murdered, and must find a way to stop a serial killer without the use of a body) $25.95
Lubar, David Invasion of the Road Weenies (Collection of 35 offbeat, silly, and sometimes horrifying tales for middle_grade teens) $16.95
Lumley, Brian Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes (Three new stories featuring Lumley's best_loved heroes, Harry Keogh, David Hero, & Titus Crow) $14.95
Marsden, John Out of Time (Young James discovers a time machine and has adventures when he learns to master the machine) $16.95
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy The Annotated Legends ( Annotated version of Time of the Twins , War of the Twins , and Test of the Twins , containing extensive notes by the authors) $24.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn States of Grace (The vampire Santo_Germano wishes to save two women, one threatened by the Inquisition and one who has lost her home to an unscrupulous spymaster, and is in peril for his life) $25.95


Abe, Shana The Smoke Thief (In 18th century England, a tribe has the ability to change into dragons, and as one steals jewels in London, another sets a trap to stop her before their secret is revealed) $15.00
Abrahams, Marc The Ig Nobel Prizes 2 (A compendium of all_new, unbelievable_but_true accomplishments in science, the arts, and humanities) $18.95
Addams, Charles The Chas Addams Half_Baked Cookbook (Collection of macabre gastronomic drawings, published for the first time) $20.00
Akamatsu, Ken Negima! #7: Master Negi Magi (Manga) $10.95
Anderson, Douglas-ed. H.P. Lovecraft's Favorite Weird Tales (Collection of Lovecraft's favorite horror tales compiled from a list he made in 1929) $14.00
Anno, Moyoco Sugar Sugar Rune (Two witch_girls vie to become Queen of the Magic World, and whoever attracts the most human boys wins) $10.95
Anthony, Piers Currant Events (Clio, the Muse of History, asks Good Magician Humfrey for help with a vexing problem, and he requires her to save the dragons of Xanth before he will give the answer she seeks) $6.99
Ash, Sarah Children of the Serpent Gate (The Tears of Artamon Book 3: One man tries to rebuild an ancient empire by releasing the dragon_demons known as the Drakhouls, but a rival nation seeks destroy him) $23.00
Baird, Alison The Empire of the Stars (The Dragon Throne Book 2: Kalazar has entered into an alliance with the Dragon Prince Mandrake, and to save the Empire Princess Ailia must embark on a perilous journey) $6.99
Barker, Clive Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War (Abarat Book 2: The henchmen of the evil Christopher Carrion are in close pursuit of Candy Quackenbush with murder on their minds) $11.99
Barker, Clive Clive Barker: Visions of Heaven and Hell (Collection of the paintings and drawings of best_selling author Clive Barker) $50.00
Barron, T.A. Child of the Dark Prophecy (Great Tree of Avalon series #1: The enchanted land of Avalon is in peril, and its fate lies in the hands of three people, one who can save it and two who can destroy it) $7.99
Barron, T.A. The Great Tree of Avalon: Shadows on the Stars (Avalon Epic Book 2: When young Tamwyn sees a vision of evil streaking toward the Great Tree, he journeys to the highest branches to confront the powers of darkness) $19.99
Blaine, Chris Dark Whispers (Sequel to Twisted Branch : The Abbadon Inn once housed a gangster who died in the 1950's and whose spirit is reaching out to the Abbadon's new owner) $6.99
Brennan, Caitlin Song of Unmaking (Valeria turns to Kerrec to save her from the darkness within her from her reach for too much power, and they must gather their wounded magic to help save the kingdom) $13.95
Burns, Laura J/Metz, Melinda Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Colony (A motivational speaker comes to Sunnydale, but is really an ant_like demon queen recruiting teens for her hive) $6.99
Ciencin, Scott The Legend of Zorro (Movie tie_in: The legendary Zorro returns, along with the love of his life and introducing his dashing son) $6.99
Clegg, Douglas The Priest of Blood (First in the Vampyricon Trilogy: Falconer, the bastard son of a whore, became a warrior for the royal court, but finds his true destiny as a vampire) $19.95
Coleman, Loren L. Mechwarrior Dark Age #18: Fortress Republic (Ex_Knight and Senator Connor Rhys_Monroe leads the fight to destroy the Republic from within and is opposed by Countess Tara Campbell, leader of the Highlanders) $6.99
Denning, Troy Star Wars: The Unseen Queen (The Skywalkers and Solos travel back to the Unknown Regions to help the insectoid Killiks and discover what secrets they are holding) $6.99
Dietz, William C. For Those Who Fell (Legion of the Damned Book 6: To ensure the survival of the Confederacy, the Legion must seize a technology from alien forces before it can be used against them) $7.99
Dietz, William C. Runner (In a crumbling future society, Jack Rebo is a Runner _ an interstellar courier _ whose present job is to deliver a religious leader to his people while avoiding assassination) $24.95
Durbin, Frederic S. Dragonfly (A young girl is drawn into the strange, spooky underworld in the basement of her uncle's funeral parlor) $6.99
Fields, Alicia Fatal Attraction (The Goddesses # 2: Aphrodite's Tale: Novel of the story of the goddess Aphrodite who loves so many and causes so much trouble) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Pip & Flinx: Sliding Scales (Flinx is hunted by a sect of doomsday fanatics and factions in and outside the Commonwealth, and when he tries to hide on a far flung planet his trouble really begin) $6.99
Gabaldon, Diana A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander Saga Book 6: In 1772, Jamie Fraser knows through his time_traveling wife that soon the Revolution will occur, and must choose sides hoping to survive) $28.00
Gaiman, Neil MirrorMask (A girl from a family of circus performers finds herself in a strange world populated by mysterious creatures _ special illustrated edition featuring art from the movie) $16.99
Garcia y Robertson, R. White Rose (Robyn, betrothed to the future King of England, must use all her wits to keep their love alive while the Tudors prepare for rebellion and the French prepare to invade) $6.99
Gemmell, David Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow (Book one of a trilogy: Aeneas, Lord of the Silver Bow, faces Argurios, warrior of Agamemnon in an epic battle) $24.95
Greenberg, Martin H-ed. All Hell Breaking Loose (16 original stories offer imaginative glimpses of Hell) $7.50
Groening, Matt The Simpsons: One Step Beyond Forever (Guide to the 13th and 14th season of the Simpsons) $14.95
Haber, Melissa Glenn Beyond the Dragon Portal (Sadie's little sister Phoebe has been taken through the dragon portal to another world, and Sadie must follow to save her) $16.99
Hailstock/Walker/Anderson/Lewis Where There's a Will (Stories; When their P.I. father's will is read, four sisters discover they're each inheriting their own cases to solve) $6.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Incubus Dreams (Anita is pushed to her limits both personally and professionally when she is called in on a case involving a vampire serial killer preying on strippers) $7.99
Harry, Lou Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (Book adaptation of the movie, includes a DVD of the movie, a cult classic known as one of the worst movies ever made) $18.95
Hawking, Stephen A Briefer History of Time (A special version of the classic bestseller, explaining the most important concepts of the original in a clearer, less dense manner) $25.00
Hayakawa, Tomoko The Wallflower: Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (Manga) $10.95
Hodge, Brian On Earth as It Is in Hell (Hellboy and Abe Sapien investigate when a group of seraphim attacks the Vatican, wiping out an entire floor of its archives, and the answer puts them in the path of demons) $6.99
Holder, Nancy/Kilpatrick, Nancy-ed. Outsiders (22 all_new horror short stories) $14.95
Holly, Emma Courting Midnight (World's oldest vampire assumes a mortal identity, experiences blazing passion for a woman that brings his tired heart back to life) $7.99
Hughes, Matthew Black Brillion (On a future Earth, a conman is posing as a priest and swindling those who suffer from a new disease, and a security officer and another conman band together to try and stop him) $6.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour (The time has come for Firestar to face his destiny in a climactic battle for the future of the forest) $5.99
Huston, Charlie Already Dead (The daughter of a prominent New York family is missing and her fascination with Vampyres makes Joe Pitt, an undead P.I., the man for this most dangerous job) $12.95
Ikezawa, Satomi Othello (Manga) $10.95
Inada, Shiho Ghost Hunt (A group of young students gather in an empty school to trade ghost stories and investigate real eerie occurrences) $10.95
Irvine, Alexander C. The Narrows (A Detroit man works in a top_secret Henry Ford factory making golems for the war effort and what he finds at home is more sinister than anything he could possibly imagine) $13.95
Isaak, Elaine The Singer's Crown (When his uncle murders his family to take over the kingdom, Prince Kattanan duRhys is stripped of his rightful place, until others try to help him regain his birthright) $14.95
Jacons, Alan The Narnian (Exploration of the mind and life of C.S. Lewis) $25.95
James, M.R. Count Magnus & Other Ghost Stories (Collection) $16.00
King, Stephen The Colorado Kid (In Maine, a man is found dead and a pair of local newspaper men and a grad student in forensics investigate the crime) $5.99
Lackey, Mercedes Phoenix and Ashes (Elemental Masters Series #3: Retelling of the CInderella story set in WWI England) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes The Wizard of London (Elemental Masters Series #4: Tells the story of the youth and coming of age of Lord Alderscroft, the most powerful Fire Master ever to lead the Council) $25.95
Lee, Edward The Backwoods (Something from the darkest heart of night is stalking Patricia when she returns to the small town where she grew up) $6.99
Ligotti, Thomas The Shadow at the Bottom of the World (Collection of the author's favorites among his own tales new and old) $13.00
Lindskold, Jane Wolf Captured (Firekeeper and her wolf companion Blind Seer are kidnapped and forced to maneuver for their lives in an unfamiliar and dangerous society that worships animals) $7.99
Little, Bentley Dispatch (Jason Handford has a knack for writing letters that get results, & is offered a job that turns sinister as his letters consume his time, his mind, & his soul) $7.99
Luceno, James Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil (Obi_Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker travel to Neimoidia to capture a treacherous ally of the Sith, and discover information of the wereabouts of Darth Sidious) $7.50
Lynn, Elizabeth A. Dragon's Theme (Sequel to Dragon's Winter : A fearsome dragon lord struggles between ruling with might and ruling with justice) $6.99
Maguire, Gregory Son of a Witch (Sequel to Wicked : Ten years after Dorothy does away with the Witch of the West, the young man Liir who hid in the Witch's castle is found and tended by Candle) $26.95
Mariotte, Jeff Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: The Attitude of Silence (The Andromeda stops at Festival, a world with a party reputation, discover Festival's ruling elite want to rule the Commonwealth, and must fight to thwart them) $6.99
McKinley, Robin The Outlaws of Sherwood (Retelling of the Robin Hood story in which Marian takes a pivital role as one of his best archers, and female outlaws are welcome in her camp) $13.95
Morgan, Richard K. Woken Furies (Takeshi Kovacs comes home to Harlan's World, where he sets out on a journey of implacable retribution for a lost love) $24.95
Musk, Justine Blood Angel (Across the country fans of a wildly charismatic singer are finding one another as her voice breaks down all barriers, including the ones between heaven and hell; PBO) $6.99
Nassise, Joseph Heretic (A modern_day Knights Templar group tracks an elusive gang of grave robbers who threaten to destroy what they have sworn to protect) $6.99
Niles, Steve/Mariotte, Jeff 30 Days of Night: Rumors of the Undead (FBI Agent Andy Gray is confronted with his former partner, now turned into a terrifying vampire, and goes deep into the underworld to find some answers) $7.99
Niven, Larry/Barnes, Steven Saturn's Race (In the near future, Xanadu is an island of hidden wonders and dark secrets, and when a student learns grisly secrets, she must go on the run) $7.99
O'Shea, Patti Through a Crimson Veil (In a hellish Los Angeles, now known as the Crimson City, teeming with creatures of the night and evil, one woman has arrived looking for a killer who can mean her freedom) $6.99
Powers, Tim Last Call (Reprint: A one_time professional gambler has to take a seat in a bizarre poker game on Lake Mead to save his soul) $7.99
Prachett, Terry Going Postal (Arch_swindler and con_man Moist Van Lipwig never believed his crimes were hanging offenses, until he finds himself dropping through a trapdoor into a government job) $7.99
Prachett, Terry Going Postal (Stage adaptation) $14.95
Prachett, Terry Thud! (Commander Sam Vimes of the City Watch deals with a murder, an impending war, a new recruit and a government inspector asking the wrong questions; unabridged CDs $39.95) $24.95
Prachett, Terry Where's My Cow? (Illustrated tie_in to Prachett's new novel Thud! : The book that Commander Sam Vines goes home to read to his son every evening) $16.95
Robertson, M. P. The Dragon Snatcher (The dragons ask young George for his help to save them from a wizard who is stealing dragon eggs and keeping them in a frozen castle) $16.99
Russell, Sean The Shadow Roads (Swan's War Book 3: The deadly feud between the Renne and the Wills has awakened the ancient sorcerers whose cataclysmic war created the land itself long ago) $7.99
Sarrantonio, Al Sebastian of Mars (Haydn of Mars Book 2: After the assassination of his mother, Sebastian now rules Mars, but a revolt by Haydn's old enemy forces him to make a stand) $6.99
Sleator, William The Green Futures of Tycho (Reprint; a young boy discovers a small time travel device, and uses it to make small changes in his past, until he realizes that those changes have created terrible futures) $5.99
Snicket, Lemony A Series of Unfortunate Events Book the Twelfth (Things continue to get worse in the alarming phenomenon) $11.99
Snyder, Maria V. Poison Study (About to be executed for murder, Yelena is offered the reprieve of becoming the Commander's taster, develops magical powers she can't control) $19.95
Sosnowski, David Vamped (In a world where vampires rule& humans are almost extinct, vampire Martin Kowalski finds a human child by the side of the road and she steals his heart) $13.00
Squires, Susan The Hunger (In 1811, the vampire Beatrix Lisse falls in love with a mortal, and can't bring herself to reveal her true nature, while her lover turns out to be a spy with his own secrets) $6.99
Stevermer, Caroline River Rats (Reprint; The River Rats, a group of orphans who survived a nuclear holocaust, cruise the Mississippi playing rock and roll, until they rescue a stranger and their lives change) $6.96
Swann, S. Andrew The Dwarves of Whiskey Island (Kline Maxwell is in a struggle against a power that is destroying all he holds dear, and does not know if the Dwarves are his allies or enemies; PBO) $6.99
Tarr, Judith King's Blood (Red William, son of William the Conqueror, decides to leave magic out of his rule, the land withers, and the fate of England lies in the hands of two highly gifted in magic) $16.00
Tarr, Judith Rite of Conquest (Alternate history where William the Conqueror has imperfectly controlled magical abilities and must seek the help of a French noblewoman to achieve his destiny as King) $7.99
The Onion The Onion Ad Nauseam _ Embedded in America (16th volume of articles from the satiric humor newspaper The Onion ) $17.95
Vandermeer, Jeff Veniss Underground (Tales of the fantastic city of Veniss, told in several voices as a failed artist seeks to escape his demons and his sister searches for him through the city) $14.00
Viehl, Lynn Private Demon (Sequel to If Angels Burn : Jema Shaw's dreams have become a haven for Thierry Durand, but his visits have placed her between the Brethren and the Darkyn) $6.99
Weis, Margaret The Dragon's Son (Dragonvarld Trilogy Book 2: Hope has been placed on the twin offspring of a high priestess and a dragon to contain the anarchy that is disrupting the order Parlament created) $7.99
Welch, Michelle M. Chasing Fire (Sequel to The Bright and the Dark : 15 years later, plague is decimating the population, and four people from different worlds must come together to fight an ancient conspiracy) $6.50
Wells, H.G. The First Men in the Moon (Reissue) $8.00
Wells, H.G. The Invisible Man (Reissue) $6.00
Williams, Walter Jon Conventions of War: Dread Empire's Fall (Two troubled warriors working on opposite sides of the galaxy fight to save their empire from the vicious, alien enemy) $7.99
Wrede, Patricia C. Book of Enchantments (Reprint; collection of ten short fantasies set in the Enchanted Forest where eerie and fun things occur) $5.95
Wyke_Smith, E.A. The Marvelous Land of Snergs (1927 tale of the Snergs, a race of little people no higher than tables, and two children who enter their world and have wonderful adventures) $13.00
Yolen, Jane The Pit Dragon Chronicles Volumes 1 _ 3 (Boxed Set: The adventures of young dragon master Jakkin Stewart from his apprenticeship to a harrowing discovery) $20.85
York, J. Steven Scion of the Serpent (Young warrior Anok Wati seeks to avenge his father's death by joining the sinister cult of the snake_god Set and destroying it from within) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy The Green and the Gray (The truce between two alien groups in New York requires the sacrifice of a young girl, and when she is rescued at the last minute, aliens and humans fight over her) $7.99


Anthony, Piers Pet Peeve (An unstoppable invasion of robots threatens to conquer the magic of Xanth and a mild_mannered Goblin is all that stands between the robots and destruction) $24.95
Asaro, Catherine The Final Key (Sequel to Schism : A young woman barely out of her teens is the only hope for the Skolian Empire in the battle against the Euban Concord) $25.95
Astin, Sean There and Back Again (A memoir of the making of the Lord of the Rings movies by the actor who played Sam Gamgee) $14.95
Baker, Kage The Children of the Company (The Company Series Book 6: Executive Facilitator General Labienus plans a takeover of the world by wooing the Facilitator Victor and disposing of a ghost from his own past) $24.95
Carroll, Jonathan Glass Soup (Vincent Ettrich and his lover Isabelle, have had a child that may restore reality in a world gone mad, unless the agents of Chaos can lure her to the land of the Dead) $24.95
D&D Special Edition Dungeon Master's Guide (Special release of the Dungeon Master's Guide featuring an embossed, leatherbound cover & gilt edged pages) $74.95
Devito, Joe/Strickland, Brad Merian C. Cooper's King Kong (Authorized novel of the Great Ape based on the classic original novel) $12.95
Gear, W. Michael & Kathleen O'Neal People of the Moon (Young Ripple had no desire to become a dreamer, but the goddess of winter sends him on a perilous quest to destroy the Chacoans) $25.95
Grimsley, Jim The Ordinary (Two different cultures are connected by the Twill Gate, one an advanced cyber_culture, and one a land of magic and wizards, and they head towards war) $14.95
Jordan, Robert Knife of Dreams (The Wheel of Time Book 11: Rand al'Thor prepares to fight the Final Battle with the Dark One, but dares not fight until he has all the seals on the Dark One's prison; leatherbound limited edition $250.00) $29.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. The Eternity Artifact (5000 years in the future, a strange sunless planet is discovered, and one planet's government wants to explore it, while other planets will risk interstellar war to stop them) $25.95
Palwick, Susan The Necessary Paper (A family is cast out of an idyllic realm and must learn to live in our troubled world) $24.95
Pike, Christopher The Shaktra (Sequel to Alosha : Ali Warner must travel to the elemental world to search for her missing mother and reclaim more of her spectacular powers in order to defeat the Shaktra) $17.95
Priest, Cherie Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Eden Moore is protected by three dead women who watch over her, and she must decipher the ghostly trio before a terrible enemy destroys what is left of her family) $13.95
Salvatore, R.A. Promise of the Witch_King (The Sellswords, Book 2: Continues the saga of a human assassin and a drow mercenary) $27.95
Wolfe, Gene The Wizard (The Wizard Knight Book 2: After 20 years, Sir Able returns to Mythgarthr, and battles giants and a sorceress while trying to see his beloved Aelf queen again) $14.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Dark of the Sun (After Krakatoa erupts, the vampire Saint_Germain is unwilling to feed on the starving victims, and he faces dangers as he tries to return to Transylvania for sanctuary) $15.95
Zahn, Timothy Night Train to Rigel (200 years from now, Frank Compton is enlisted by the Spiders, who run the intergalactic transportation system, to discover who is trying to destroy it and create chaos) $24.95


Adams, Richard Watership Down (Reissue of the classic fantasy featuring a society of rabbits struggling to find a new home as their world changes) $14.00
Anthony, Piers Fractal Mode (Reprint: Mode Series Book 2: Colene and her multi_dimensional allies must help fulfill a prophecy in Niona's male_dominated universe) $6.99
Asprin, Robert Another Fine Myth (Reprint of first in the series; Skeeve and a purple_tongued demon named Aahz seek revenge for the death of Skeeve's master) $6.99
Athans, Philip Whisper of Waves (Watercourse Trilogy Book 1: Three men, a wizard, a senator, & a master builder, seek power in their own ways; Forgotten Realms novel) $6.99
Baker, Kage The Life of the World to Come (Mendoza has been stranded 150,000 years in the past for breaking the rules of the Company, and pines away until a timefaring renegade arrives and things unravel for everyone) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Exultant (Sequel to Coalescent : Prius returns from the future into a time before he left, inhabited by his younger self, who returns to Earth and discovers shattering truths) $7.50
Benson, Amber/Golden, Christopher Ghosts of Albion: Accursed (A plague of hideous creatures is loosed upon London, and William and Tamara Swift, Britain's protectors against the supernatural, must stop the deadly invasion) $12.95
Beyer, Kirsten Star Trek: Voyager: Fusion (String Theory Book 2: Setting in motion a chain of events bridging Voyager's past with its future, Captain Janeway and the crew face terrible repercussions) $7.99
Birmingham, John Designated Targets (Sequel to Weapons of Choice : Alternate history where a massively armed naval task force from 2021 is hurled back in time to the battlegrounds of WWII) $14.95
Blaine, Chris Drowned Night (In Cape May, New Jersey, two chilling disappearances have residents, including the proprietors of the Abbadon Inn (3) fearing that a bloodthirsty creature has been aroused) $6.99
Caine, Rachel Windfall (Weather Warden Book 4: When the truce between the Wardens & the Djinn fails, Joanne finds herself torn between saving her lover and saving humanity) $7.99
Cerasini, Marc Wolverine: Weapon X (A violent drifter is lured to a Canadian lab and is painfully transformed into Weapon X, a bringer of mayhem with retractable steel claws and the ability to heal himself) $7.99
Clamp Tsubasa, Volume 7 (Manga) $10.95
Clamp xxxHOLIC Volume 6 (Manga) $10.95
Colbert, David The Magical Worlds of Narnia (An exploration of C.S. Lewis's popular fantasy series) $14.00
Costello, Matt Skull Island (Prequel to King Kong : Filmaker Carl Denham discovers a map of Skull Island, a mysterious land that may hold the key to the fame & fortune he seeks) $7.99
Cross, Janine Touched by Venom (Dragon Temple Saga book 1: An outcast dragon develops a taste for highly addictive venom and glimpses possibilities for revenge and social revolution) $14.00
Davidson, Mary Janice The Royal Pain (Sequel to The Royal Treatment : In an alternate world where Alaska is an independent nation, marine biologist Shel Rivers escorts a princess around his lab and falls in love) $14.00
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unreturnable (At Christmas, vampire queen Betsy Taylor deals with a half_sister who's the Devil, an evil stepmother, a fiend in the basement, and killers running amok; signing at Uncle Hugo's Saturday November 12, 1-2 pm) $21.95
de Larrabeti, Michael The Borribles Go For Broke (The Borribles discover their friend Sam the horse is in danger they attempt to rescue him, leading them into another adventure) $6.99
Fawcett, Bill-ed. We Three Dragons (A trio of dragon tales for the Holiday Season) $5.99
Feehan, Christine Night Game (Gator Fontenot of the Special Forces paranormal squad must stop a person with unimaginable destructive powers bent on revenge in the sultry bayous of New Orleans) $9.99
Foster, Alan Dean Running from the Deity (Pip and Flinx must face a Great Darkness that threatens to overtake the entire universe) $24.95
Friedman, C.S. Crown of Shadows (Coldfire Trilogy #3: Damien and Tarrant ally to fight the demon Calesta, who has declared war on mankind) $15.00
Golden, Christopher King Kong (Novelization of the new remake of the classic) $7.99
Haber, Karen-ed. Kong Unbound (Collection of essays that focus on the cinematic and societal impact of the original Kong film) $14.00
Hamilton, Laurell K. Bloody Bones (Anita Blake travels to Branson, Missouri, to investigate a wave of paranormal deaths in the town; hc reprint) $22.95
Harrison, M, John Virconium (Collection of stories long out_of_print set in Harrison's dystopian landscape) $16.00
Hetley, James A. Dragon's Eye (Two magical families at odds with each other live in Stonefort, Maine, and must overcome their differences when a drug lord and an evil sorcerer invade the town) $14.00
Hetley, James A. The Winter Oak (After embracing her magical heritage, Maureen Pierce must face the sorceress she believed was vanquished forever) $6.99
Holly/Leigh/Walker/Brook Hot Spell (All_new paranormal romance anthology) $14.00
Ikezawa, Satomi Guru Guru Pon_Chan Volume 2 (Manga) $10.95
Jewel, Carolyn A Darker Crimson (Long ago Los Angels, now Crimson City, was ridded of demons, but they have returned, and kidnapped the daughter of a CCPD officer, who must go to the demon world to save her) $6.99
Jones, Tamara Siler Threads of Malice (Head of security at Castle Faldorrah must stop a vicious stalker from murdering young boys in the outer reaches of the kingdom) $6.99
Kemp, Paul S. Midnight's Mask (The Erevis Cale Trilogy Book 3: When he is chosen by the god Mask, Erevis Cale is so far along the path away from humanity he may never walk as a man again) $6.99
Kenso, Stephen Shadowrun: Born to Run (In 2063, long_dormant magical forces have been inleashed on Earth, and Kellan Colt has come to Seattle to stop them) $6.99
Keyes, Greg The Charnel Prince (Sequel to The Briar King : As spies in the service of the powerful Churchmen embark upon a mission to destroy the Briar King, he strives to avoid them and save the land) $7.50
King, Stephen The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Final volume of the epic series) $18.95
Kirk, E.J. Narnia: Beyond the Wardrobe (Official guide to the Narnia Chronicles, with full color photographs from the upcoming movie) $19.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Lee, Tanith/Murphy C. E. Winter Moon (Three original fantasy novellas) $13.95
Larke, Glenda Gilfeather (Sequel to The Aware : Gilfeather joins a warrior and a sorceress on a quest to overcome a ruthless dunmagicker whose lust for power has placed the Glory Isles in danger) $7.99
Laymon, Richard The Lake (Horror; 18 years after her mother is victimized while on a lakeside vacation, her 18_year old daughter looks for fun in the same place and meets a shadowy figure out for blood) $7.99
Little, Denise-ed. Time After Time (16 all_new tales of time travel and alternate history) $7.50
Lovecraft, H.P. Shadows of Death (Collection of classic horror tales by the master of the genre) $6.99
Lusterbader, Eric Van Mistress of the Pearl (The Pearl Book 3: While the evil Sauromicians seek to use banestones to bind a dragon, Krystren and many others try to stop them from threatening the world) $7.99
Marillier, Juliet Foxmask (Children of the Light Isles #2: When the secret surrounding one man's paternity comes to light, the best and brightest of the land embark on a journey to discover the truth) $7.99
Martin, George R. R. A Feast of Crows (The next in the series; this is the fourth time it's been scheduled, but it looks like it will actually be here on November 8) $28.00
McDevitt, Jack Polaris (Antiquities dealer Alex Benedict is thrust into the far future where he will learn the truth about the abandoned space yacht called Polaris) $7.99
McDevitt, Jack Seeker (Antiquities dealer Alex Benedict and his assistant Chase investigate the provenance of a cup that seems to come from a starship that disappeared thousands of years ago) $24.95
McKillip, Patricia A. Harrowing the Dragon (Collection of her previously unpublished fantasy short stories) $23.95
Mitchell, Mary Ann In the Name of the Vampire (The Marquis de Sade lives on as a vampire, and takes his bloodlust back to his beloved Paris, where he tracks a rogue vampire) $6.99
Moore, Christopher The Stupidest Angel (In Pine Grove CA, a little boy sees Santa murdered and prays to bring him back, and the prayer is answered by the stupidest angel) $14.95
Moore, Perry The Chronicles of Narnia: Illustrated Movie Companion (Visual companion and keepsake to the making of the film The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) $19.95
Norton, Andre/McConchie, Lyn The Duke's Ballad (A young witch must stop her brother and the evil Duke of Kars from using murderous sorcery to rule the people of Witch World) $6.99
Patton, Fiona The Silver Lake (Two street orphans in a world where to survive one must be pledged to a god, find their destiny during the three nights of the mystical Havo's dance) $23.95
Pierce, Meredith Ann Waters Luminous and Deep (Collection of 8 short works by Pierce) $6.99
Pohl, Frederik The Boy Who Would Live Forever (The galactic core is threatened by a human whose hatred of the Heechee drives him to plot destruction on a scale so vast it threatens the entire galaxy) $7.99
Radford, Irene The Dragon's Revenge (The Stargods #3: Three brothers take shelter on a pretechnological world, when off_world forces they fled track them down and they must fight to save their new home) $6.99
Rinzler, J.W. The Art of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Collection of examples of the art work developed for Star Wars III, including the official screenplay in print for the first time) $19.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley Fifty Degrees Below (Sequel to Forty Signs of Rain : The crisis of global warming is ignored by world leaders, but a few brave souls see the ornic twist that it could cause a new Ice Age) $25.00
Sands, Linsay A Quick Bite (Lissianna Argeneau, a vampire who hates the sight of blood, is feeling a different kind of hunger for a tasty psychologist, whom her helpful mother has tied to her bed) $6.99
Shepherd, Mike Kris Longknife: Defiant (When an alien enemy launches an invasion, Kris Longknife defies both government and military authority to lead a rag_tag band against the invaders) $7.99
Shimoku, Kio Genshiken Volume 3 (Manga) $10.95
Shinn, Sharon The Safe_Keeper's Secret (Damiana, Safe_Keeper to the village of Tambleham, raises the child of a mysterious stranger alongside her own, and as they come of age they come to terms with what they are) $6.99
Simpson, Patricia The Dark Horse (Jack Hughes, a cowboy who turns into a black stallion when under stress, agrees to help Claire search for the Fountain of Youth, and weird things start to happen to them) $6.99
Sinclair, Linnea Gabriel's Ghost (Captain Chasidah Bergren, trapped on a remote prison planet for a crime she didn't commit, runs into old nemesis Gabriel Sullivan, who offers to help her for a price) $6.99
Springer, Nancy Wild Boy: A Tale of Rowan Hood (Ever since the Sheriff of Nottingham killed his father, Rook has run wild in Sherwood Forest, and now vengeance is possible as he has captured the evil man's son) $5.99
Stover, Matthew Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Tie_in with the film, chronicles Anakin Skywalker's rebirth as Darth Vader) $7.50
Thompson, Ronda The Dark One (Born into the cursed Wulf family, Armond has little hope for happiness until he meets Lady Rosalind Rutherford, who awakens both his heart and the werewolf curse) $6.99
Traviss, Karen The World Before (On Bezeries, a planet of fragile ecology where any misstep can spell disaster, two species battle for expansion across the universe) $7.50
Turtledove, Harry Days of Infamy (Alternative history where the Japanese follow up their attack on Pearl Harbor with an invasion of Hawaii, from where they plan an assault on the west coast of America) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry End of the Beginning (Alternate history where the Japanese follow up Pearl Harbor with a successful invasion of Hawaii and America must marshall its forces to reclaim the islands) $25.95
Vaughn, Carrie Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty, a late night DJ in Denver and werewolf in the closet, starts an advice show for her kind, and winds up with a werewolf hunter on her trail) $6.99
Wake, Jenny The Making of King Kong (Takes the reader onto the set with Peter Jackson and the crew for a behind_the_scenes look at the making of the new King Kong film) $19.95
Wallace, Daniel Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology (All_new, full_color updated and revised edition comprehensive history of the Star Wars Universe) $24.95
Wallace, Edgar/Cooper, Merian C. King Kong (Officially commissioned 1932 book version of the cinematic classic reissued in time for the motion picture remake) $5.95
Wells, Martha The Gate of Gods (The Fall of Ile_Rien Book 3: Amid turmoil and danger, only the discovery of a secret portal by Tremaine holds any hope of saving the Ile_Rein from the army of sorcerers) $24.95
Wells, Martha The Ships of Air (The Fall of Ile_rien Book 2: Armed with a sorcerer's sphere, a brave band of heroes make an epic journey across magical seas to save their world from a relentless enemy) $7.99
Weta Workshop The World of King Kong (An in_depth, full_color tour of the art created for the blockbuster motion picture) $35.00
Whyte, Jack The Lance Thrower (Camulod Chronicles Book 6: Clothar, a young man of promise, is sent by his mentor to aid Arthur Pendragon and together they try to build a dream to replace barbarism with law) $7.99
Wilks, Eileen Mortal Danger (Lily Yu, an agent in the FBI's Magical Crimes Division, hunts down a charismatic cult leader bent on bringing an ancient evil back onto the world) $6.99
Williams, Tad Shadowmarch (During a time when the Shadowline, a boundary between men and the magical Northern Lands, is blurring dangerously, the human King Olin is being held captive and must be saved) $15.95
Wilson, F. Paul Midnight Mass (Father Dan's superior has betrayed the church and become a vampire, and together with his niece, he plans resistance to the vampires who are taking over the world) $6.99
York, J. Steven Heretic of Set (Seeking his father's murderer, the warrior Anok embarks on a perilous journey across the desert to a city of outlaw sorcerers) $6.99


Bell/Pyykkonen/Washington Inside The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (An interactive guide for young readers to help them understand the classic work) $9.95
Collins, Paul The Skyborn (Sequel to The Earthborn : The Family discovers that the Colony have plans to destroy the Earthborn forever, and Welkin, now a trusted member of the Family, must stop them) $17.95
Effinger, George Alec When Gravity Fails (Reissue: In a decadent world of cheap pleasures and easy death, Marid Audrian has been enlisted by the godfather of the Budayeen's underworld to kill a madman) $13.95
Erikson, Steven Memories of Ice (Book 3 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen: The undead clan has risen and Onearm's army and Whiskeyjack's Bridgeburners stand in their way; $27.95 hc also available) $14.95
MacLeod, Ken Learning the World (An ancient colony ship ends its journey after 400 years at a promising planet, but does not realize that it is inhabited) $24.95
Marusek, David Counting Heads (In 2134, a ragtag band of unlikely heroes try to rescue the cryogenically frozen head of the only woman who can save the world from domination by the selfish, immortal rich) $24.95
McGarry, Terry Triad (Sequel to The Binder's Road : The magic_steeped realm of Eiden Myr has come under attack, and it will take a harrowing passage to the realms beyond death to save it) $27.95
Salvatore, R.A. The Halfling's Gem (The Legend of Drizzt Book VI: Premiere hardcover edition of Salvatore's classic dark elf tale) $25.95
Sawyer, Robert J. Frameshift (Scientist Pierre Tardivel fights a deadly disease and a plot to make himself and his wife the victims of a bizarre genetic experiment) $14.95
Smith, Sherwood Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: Paradise Shift (Andromeda Book 6: The Andromeda Ascendant's crew lands on the recreational asteroid Paradise Shift, and in the midst of fantasy, several crew members encounter problems) $24.95
Weis, Margaret Master of Dragons (The Dragonworld Trilogy #3: Two renegade dragons have hatched a plan to enslave all of mankind, and it is up to two brothers and Draconas to stop them) $24.95

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