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Newsletter #68 December, 2004 - February, 2005

[PBO means paperback original]

Baantjer DeKok and the Geese of Death (First U.S. edition of another of the many novels about Amsterdam Police Inspector DeKok) $13.00
Bannister, Jo The Depths of Solitude (Brodie Farrell, owner of Looking for Something?, searches for missing friend Daniel, but mysterious events leave her fearing for both their safety) $23.95
Bartholomew, Nancy Stella, Get Your Gun (Former police office tries to find her uncle's killer while dealing with lots of personal problems) $5.50
Beevor, Antony The Mystery of Olga Chekhova (Nonfiction, history. In 1920, the niece of Anton Chekov flees Moscow for Berlin with a stolen diamond ring) $24.95
Bland, Eleanor Taylor A Cold and Silent Dying (Suburban Chicago homicide detective Mari MacAlister (12) and partner investigate the death of a homeless woman) $23.95
Borg, Todd Tahoe Killshot (PI Owen McKenna (4) must figure out why a sick killer with a robotic voice is killing so many people in such exotic ways) $16.95
Bowen, Gail Early Investigations of Joanne Kilborn (The first three Joanne Kilbourn mysteries collected in a single volume) $16.95
Bowen, Gail The Last Good Day (Joanne Kilbourn (9), Canada's favorite amateur sleuth, investigates the suicide of a lawyer friend, and finds startling facts and fatal consequences) $22.95
Case, John The Murder Artist (TV news correspondent has seen danger all over the world, but when his young son is kidnapped at a Renaissance Fair by a twisted killer, he learns about real fear) $25.95
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None (5 CDs unabridged) $27.95
Cole, David Shadow Play (Computer hacker and PI Laura Winslow investigates an apparent murder-suicide, follows clues back to a gambling palace) $6.99
Cook, Robin Seizure (Senator against stem cell research & scientist who created a new procedure square off when the senator becomes ill & only treatment is the one he abhors) $7.99
Cooper, Natasha Keep Me Alive (Barrister Trish Maguire (6) helps group confront a ruthless supermarket chain, but two deaths and client with dubious motives has her fearing for her safety) $24.95
Cordy, Michael The Messiah Code (Reprint of The Miracle Strain ; Dr. Tom Carter tries to unlock the mystery of ancient healing) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Christmas (2 stories from The Sharpe Appreciation Society, from'94 & '95; 97 page British trade pb) $13.50
Coughlin, William J. Death Penalty (Reprint of 1992 legal thriller) $6.99
Cox, Simon Cracking the DaVinci Code (Unauthorized guide to the facts behind Dan Brown's bestselling novel) $9.95
Crane, Francis The Turquoise Shop (In 1941 Taos, NM, Mona Brandon's artist husband disappears, and then murder strikes at an artists' community and Mona is the suspect and gets help from Paul and Jean Abbott) $14.95
Cresswell, Jasmine Full Pursuit (Operative Melody Beecham is ordered to infiltrate an brigade of militant white supremacists in rural Idaho, while her partner is ordered to win the trust of a senator's wife to uncover government corruption) $6.50
Cullen, John T. The Generals of October (Near future constitutional crisis sparks a coup of U.S. renegade military officers) $7.99
Dees, Cindy Killer Instinct (Covert operative Amanda McClintock is ordered to dismantle a diamond smuggling ring) $5.50
DeMille, Nelson-ed. Best American Mystery Stories 2004 (hc @ $27.50 or tp @) $14.00
Doherty, Paul The Death of Alexander the Great (Non-fiction: "What-Or Who-Really Killed the Young Conqueror of the Known World") $25.00
Doherty, P. C. The Hangman's Hymn ((5) The Carpenter's Tale of Mystery and Murder on a Pilgrimage from London to Canterbury) $22.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Spider Dance (Irene Adler and her faithful chronicler travel to America to uncover the forgotten past, and reporter Nellie Bly and Sherlock Holmes are both drawn into the search) $24.95
Dumas, Margaret Speak Now (Charley Van Leeuwen is about to find out _ by way of kidnappings, murders, and nasty relatives, just how much work marriage is) $24.95
Dunbar, Natalie Private Agenda (CIA agent Reese Whittaker's brother was killed in an embassy bombing; she goes undercover to bring down paramilitary group responsible) $5.50
Edwards, Martin The Coffin Trail (Oxford historian Daniel Kind and his lover Miranda buy a cottage where a murder took place and when a DCI launches a cold case review their idyllic home is its center) $24.95
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Murder in a Cathedral (Robert Amiss investigates a body found in Westonbury Cathedral with a backdrop of strife between factions of gay priests and an evangelical dean) $14.95
Elgin, Anthony The Blue Rose (An English Garden Mystery; couple move into perfect country home with two-acre walled garden; but impossibly beautiful discovery means greed, threats, murder and a seductive secret) $23.95
Farrer, Katharine The Cretan Counterfeit (First published in 1954: Ringwood investigates an attack on a woman who defended a deceased archaeologist in a passionate letter to the London Times; 1st U.S. edition) $14.95
Farrer, Katharine The Missing Link (First published in 1952: The infant daughter of two Oxford intellectuals is snatched from her pram, and Scotland Yard calls upon young Richard Ringwood to sort things out) $14.95
Fletcher, Meredith Double-Cross (CIA operative Samantha St. John goes after the legendary killer who she thinks is responsible for the death of a fellow agent) $5.50
Flowers, R. Barrie Persuasive Evidence (Widowed Asst. DA Jordan La Fontaine finds her son on trial for murder) $6.99
Fullerton, Alexander Storm Force to Narvik (Nicholas Everard World War II naval saga #1) $13.95
Gabladon, Diana Lord John and the Private Matter (In 1757, Lord John Grey pursues two investigations; ties in with a series of historical romances) $10.00
Greer, Robert The Devil's Hatband (Reprint:African_American bail bondsman CJ Floyd) $13.95
Greis, Martin A. Comeuppance (First of a new series of police procedurals set in the Twin Cities by a local author; signed copies) $14.50
Hammond, Gerald Saving Grace (Physiotherapist returns home to the Scottish Highlands to nurse accident victim whose amnesia hides dark and threatening secrets; import) $25.95
Hart, Ellen Stage Fright (Reissue: Jane Lawless (3)) $13.95
Hasburgh, Patrick Aspen Pulp (In off-season Aspen, CO, a former TV writer turned PI, with help from a crew of misfits, searches for a runaway cheerleader, but finds a complex crime ring) $23.95
Hayes, J.M. Plains Crazy (In Benteen County, Kansas, a member of a reality TV show is murdered with an arrow and the sheriff's crazy brother is the prime suspect) $24.95
Herren, Greg Murder in the Rue St. Ann (Gay PI investigates the financial shenanigans of a club promoter, discovers links to the New Orleans judiciary and to his current lover; trade PBO) $13.95
Kaminsky, Stuart The Last Dark Place (Chicago detective Abe Lieberman (8) travels to Arizona to pick up an extradited killer; in his absence, Hanrahan is partnered with a racist sexist cop to investigate a rape case) $23.95
Karp, Larry First, Do No Harm (Martin Firestone is told by his father about the secrets of his grandfather and the past comes up to bite him when he digs too deep into his family's past; signed copies) $24.95
Keating, H. R. F. Dreaming Detective (New Chief Constable given 1960s cold murder case, but new DNA results don't tally with her growing suspicions) $23.95
Kelly, Jim The Fire Baby (Small-town UK journalist Philip Dryden (2) in grave danger and as wife slowly comes out of coma she hears confession that could blow open murder story he's covering) $24.95
Kent, Gordon Hostile Contact (Suspense thriller between China and the US) $6.99
Lamb, Robert Atlanta Blues (Newspaper reporter tries to solve a brutal serial murder case of young people, that the cops seem powerless to stop) $24.95
Leonard, Elmore The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard (Collection of the western stories of Leonard; unabridged CDs $29.95) $27.95
Lethem, Jonathan The Fortress of Solitude (Dylan Ebdus grows up white and motherless in a mostly black neighborhood in Brooklyn in the 1970's) $14.95
Longworth, Gay Unquiet Dead (Young, tough DCI Jessie Driver (2) takes on preserved corpse in long-abandoned gym pool, elderly exorcist, and a harsh new woman superintendent) $24.95
Lovell, Ron Dead Whales Tell No Tales (1987, Prof. teaching at marine center on Oregon coast investigates when marine biologist dies under bizarre circumstances; find clues pointing to Japanese plot to alter whale population statistics) $18.95
Ludwig, Jerry Getting Garbo (Hollywood 1950s; fiction and reality blur when young autograph collector's ominous obsession turns to murder; trade PBO) $15.00
Maddison, Lauren The Eleventh Hour (In England, healer Sister Sonia dabbles in spiritual phenomena and could bring about the end of the world if lesbian investigator Connor Hawthorne (5) can't stop her; trade PBO) $14.95
McGilligan, Patricia Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light (Biography) $17.95
McMahon, Vanessa Murder in Shakespeare's England (History; fascinating stories of murders, investigations, and punishments in 17th & 18th c. England) $29.95
Moody, Skye Kathleen Medusa (U. S. Fish and Wildlife agent Venus Diamond tries to clear her 12-year-old stepbrother of murder charges, but at first even she has trouble believing his version of what happened) $5.99
Mortimer, John The First Rumpole Omnibus (Classic reprint; Rumpole of the Bailey, The Trials of Rumpole, Rumpole's Return ) $18.00
O'Connell, Carol Winter House (Mallory (9) deals with extraordinary characters and murder in a case that seems simple at first; a few signed copies) $24.95
O'Donnell, Peter Modesty Blaise: Dragon's Claw (Modesty Blaise and Willie face art intrigue, murder and kidnapping) $14.95
O'Donnell, Peter Modesty Blaise: I, Lucifer (Modesty and partner Willie fight evil plot to use disturbed young man with premonitions) $14.95
Olson, Lynne/Cloud, Stanley A Question of Honor (Non-fiction; the Kosciuszko Squadron, refugee Polish pilots join RAF during WWII to free homeland) $15.00
Oney, Steve And The Dead Shall Rise (Non-fiction; 1913 crime in Georgia sheds light on revival of KKK and Anti_Defamation League.) $18.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner #311: Night of the Knives (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #73: Cold Objective (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Phillips, Jonathan The Fourth Crusade And The Sack Of Constantinople (In 1202 C.E., crusaders descended upon the city, and wrecked devastation. Nonfiction account taken from contemporaneous sources) $25.95
Phillips, Max Fade to Blonde (Hollywood, the Mob, and a beautiful young girl with a purse full of cash. Who needs protection?) $6.99
Piper, Evelyn Bunny Lake is Missing (Reprint of '57 thriller, made into '65 cult film) $12.95
Pronzini, Bill Burgade's Crossing (Western; 8 stories featuring Quincannon, Secret Service agent turned PI) $4.99
Rendell, Ruth The Babes in The Wood (Chief Inspector Wexford has his hands full with seduction, murder and religious fanaticism in his own town) $13.00
Robb, J.D. (aka Roberts, Nora) Glory in Death (N.Y. Lt. Eve Dallas (2), hardcover reprint of paperback original) $19.95
Rueff, Bob End Game (Serial killer in Bloomington, MN is killing each victim in a different creative way, always using products advertised by a local advertising agency; local author, signed copies available) $26.95
Russell, Kirk Shell Games (Former DEA agent, now head of the special operations unit of the California Dept. of Fish and Game, investigates when two dead divers are found among thousands of empty abalone shells) $12.95
Ryan, Kevin After the Sunset (Movie novelization) $6.99
Sanderson, Douglas Pure Sweet Hell/Catch a Fallen Starlet (Vintage '57 '60 hard-boiled PBO reprints with preface and intro; "The plots read like a shotgun marriage between Jim Thompson and Mickey Spillane on speed.") $19.95
Scheen, Kjersti Final Curtain (Former actress now a PI in Oslo, with help from her punk daughter; translated from the Norwegian) $17.00
Schutz, Benjamin M. The Mongol Reply (Child psychologist Dr. Morgan Reece tries to help a wife, locked out of their home by her ex-football player husband with a paper-thin temper, to regain custody of their children; finds himself opposed by a law firm that will do anything to win its case and a husband one step away from becoming a cold-blooded killer) $25.95
Scott, Phillip Mardi Gras Murders (Australia's funniest, most inept gay amateur sleuths return for a fourth adventure) $13.95
Scottoline, Lisa The First Two Novels (Hardcover omnibus reprint of Everywhere That Mary Went and Final Appeal ) $19.95
Sims, Elizabeth Lucky Stiff (Lesbian Lillian Byrd (3) tries unraveling a mystery that reaches back to her childhood, but truth and family secrets are well-hidden; trade PBO) $14.95
Staalesen, Gunnar The Writing on the Wall (A gritty, gripping murder mystery set in wintry Norway, trans. from the Norwegian, winner of the Gold Pistol Award) $17.00
Straub, Peter In The Night Room (Novel of terror; children's author Willy Patrick suffers accident and psychic events) $21.95
Tapply, William G. Bitch Creek (Amnesiac Stoney Calhoun in process of self-discovery as Maine fishing guide until friend is murdered and Stoney suspects he was the target) $22.95
Vermillion, Mary Death by Discount (Lesbian Mara Gilgannon home in small-town Iowa following clues to murder of aunt's long-time partner, a vocal opponent to the opening of a local Wal-Mart; trade PBO) $14.95
Waller, Douglas A Question of Loyalty (Non-fiction; General Billy Mitchell, architect of the modern Air Force, and his trial over patriotism and treason) $26.95
Wilson, John Morgan Blind Eye (Disgraced journalist Benjamin Justice (5) involved in complex case with decades-old child murder, hit-and-run, his dark past; Lambda Award Winner) $14.95
Wishart, David Parthian Shot (Roman empire mystery; British import, signed) $24.95
Wood, William P. Pressure Point (Prosecuting attorney Dennis Cooper of the DA's Office has never seen a case like this.) $6.99


Anders, Donna Afraid of the Dark (Single mother Jessie Kline and her son move to a remote village on the Strait of Juan de Fuca to become assistant police chief, and her past catches up with her; PBO) $6.99
Andrews, Donna Access Denied (After learning that a notorious criminal is back on the loose, Turing Hopper, Artificial Intelligence Personality (3), aids her human friends in trying to find him) $23.95
Babson, Marian The Cat Who Wasn't A Dog (Cozy British feline mystery involves taxidermy and murder) $6.50
Best, David Amnesia (Psychiatrist Marti Segerson travels to an isolated Tennessee asylum to meet the madman who killed her sister and discovers something sinister is happening that blurs lines of reality; PBO) $6.99
Bishop, Claudia Buried by Breakfast (Meg and Quill investigate the murder of the leader of a group protesting the relocation of the Hemlock Falls Civil War cemetery; PBO) $6.50
Borden, Kate Death of a Trickster (Cobb's Landing's mayor Peggy Turner (2) investigates when the police chief's teenage son is found dead during the annual Halloween pumpkin float; PBO) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys For The Love Of Mike (Turn_of_the_century NY det. Molly Murphy (3) fights crime and her times) $6.99
Buckley, Fiona The Fugitive Queen (In 1568, Queen Elizabeth's spy Ursula Blanchard (7) must take a message to imprisoned Mary, Queen of Scots, and encounters many dangers in the Yorkshire Moors) $13.00
Buckley, Fiona The Siren Queen (In 1568, Ursula Blanchard discovers that the Duke of Norfolk may be involved in a plot to overthrow Elizabeth and finds a dreadful truth that involves her personally) $24.00
Buff, Joe Straits of Power (Commander Jeffrey Fuller (5) recovers a German defector who claims that only by helping him infiltrate a trusted allied nation can Armageddon be prevented) $24.95
Carl, JoAnna Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (Lee McKinney (4) finds a dead body after a suspicious movie mogul and his chocolate lab come to her Michigan resort town; PBO) $5.99
Chabon, Michael The Final Solution (An 89_year old former detective meets a young boy escaped from Nazi Germany with his parrot who spews out numbers, and the old man investigates what those numbers may mean) $16.95
Clark, Mary & Carol Higgins O Christmas Tree, My Christmas Tree (Alvirah Meehan and Regan Reilly join forces to look for a missing Christmas tree bound for Rockefeller Center, not knowing the tree contains a fortune in jewels) $21.00
Cohen, Nancy J. Died Blonde (Hairstylist Marla Shore (6) is up to her elbows in hot water when her rival salon_owner turns up dead, and her significant other Detective Dalton Vail asks for her help) $22.00
Collins, Max Allan Road to Purgatory (In 1942, Michael O'Sullivan has grown to manhood and reaches a crossroads while working as a trusted aide to Frank Nitti himself) $24.95
Coonts, S./DeFelice, J. Deep Black: Dark Zone (Dean and DeFrancesca (3), secret operatives against terrorists planning to blow up Chunnel. Military thriller) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard Scoundrel (Paul Shanahan must outwit the IRA, CIA, a Palestinian terrorist and the ghost of his lost love to hold on to $5 million in gold and stop a rogue state from launching a war; first U.S. edition) $7.99
Crawford, Isis A Catered Wedding (Caterer's Bernadette and Libby Simmons (2) investigate when their bride_to_be client takes an arrow to the chest just hours before scheduled to walk down the aisle) $22.00
Cussler, Clive Black Wind (Two Japanese subs loaded with a biological virus have disappeared and Dirk Pitt and NUMA must find them before an evil enemy does) $27.95
Cussler, Clive Trojan Odyssey (Hero and head of NUMA Dirk Pitt (19) gets help from his grown fraternal twin children investigating ancient artifact, facing a deadly storm and a very human evil) $7.99
Davies, Martin Mrs. Hudson and the Spirits' Curse (When a man seeks Sherlock Holmes' help after nearly being killed, Holmes' housekeeper Mrs. Hudson takes it upon herself to aid in the investigation) $13.00
DeWeese, Gene Murder In The Blood (Sheriff Frank Decker seeks missing schoolteacher) $5.99
Deutermann, P.T. Firefly (Secret Service Agt. Swamp Morgan is last hope to protect President) $7.50
DiMercurio, Michael Emergency Deep (A terrorist cabal has acquired a Soviet sub and a payload of nuclear weapons, and only one man can prevent a holocaust; PBO) $6.99
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Man Who Risked His Partner (PI Max Axbruder (2) & wounded partner Ginny have client whose story doesn't add up; revised/expanded from '86 pub) $6.99
Dunant, Sarah Fatlands (Reissue: Hannah Wolf is chaperoning a teenager around London and when the child's father receives death threats, Hannah investigates) $12.00
Dunant, Sarah Under My Skin (Reissue: Hannah Wolfe goes undercover at a health spa to investigate suspected sabotage) $12.00
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Carnage on the Committee (Someone is killing the judges of a literary contest and Robert Amiss (10) investigates) $24.95
Ephron, G.H. Obsessed (Forensic neuropsychiatrist Peter Zak (4) helps co_worker who is target by stalker) $6.99
Erickson, Lynn Husband and Lover (When Deputy DA Julia Innes' husband is arrested for the murder of his first wife 12 years before, she teams up with a homicide detective to try and exonerate him; PBO) $6.99
Farris, David Lie Still (A surgery resident must discover whether a young patient in a coma is the victim of a former lover's terrible retribution) $7.50
Follett, Ken On the Wings of Eagles (Non-fiction reprint) $14.95
Frazer, Margaret The Hunter's Tale (When the vicious Sir Ralph Woderove is found murdered, Dame Frevisse (13) finds that the evil men do sometimes does live after them) $6.99
Gardner, Ashley The Glass House (In Regency England, murdered club member has Capt. Lacey (3) demanding justice-finds vice, jealousy and murder; PBO) $5.99
Garrison, Paul The Ripple Effect (White collar criminal fakes his death; one word and his daughter knows he's alive and goes on a South Seas search, facing hostile waters and a deadly conspiracy) $7.99
Glass, Leslie Over His Dead Body (Black comedy; revenge on cheating husband leads to deadly complications) $6.99
Goff, Christine L. Death Takes a Gander (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agent Angela Dimato (4) is suspicious when her partner's death is ruled a suicide and hundreds of geese are found dead or dying near a resort hotel; PBO) $5.99
Gorman, Ed Runner in the Dark (In an attempt to stop the execution of his brother, David Gerard takes over a TV broadcast with 2 callous killers, & holds a city hostage) $6.99
Grace, Alexander M. Holy War (In Santo Domingo, a group of Hispanic revolutionaries have been trained by Islamic terrorists and are led by a priest who has renounced his vows; PBO) $6.99
Granger, Pip Trouble in Paradise (The end of WWII in London sets off a chain of events that brings strife and crime to the residents of Paradise Gardens and Zelda Fluck) $24.95
Gur, Batya Bethlehem Road Murder (Chief Superintendent Michael Ohayon (5) investigates the murder of a young woman in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem, where an old love and an unfinished romance await him) $24.95
Hamill, Denis Sins of Two Fathers (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Hank Tobin investigates the firebombing of a mosque and connects it to an arson case he solved years ago and finds eerie similarities) $14.00
Harriman, John Delta Force (Delta Force officer Connor Tyler and his team put into action an anti_terrorism plan so radical that the Pentagon buried it until 9/11; PBO) $6.99
Higgins, Jack Brought in Dead (When a young woman commits suicide, Det. Sgt. Nick Miller follows a hazardous trail to find the powerful man responsible for the girl's fate; first U.S. edition of '67 U.K. title) $7.99
Highsmith, Patricia Slowly, Slowly in the Wind (Reissue: Collection of stories from the hypocracies of the Catholic Church to Poe_like horror) $13.95
Highsmith, Patricia The Black House (Reissue: Stories of suburban dwellers who seem normal until their lives unravel and become macabre) $13.95
Hillerman, Tony Skeleton Man (Joe Leaphorn gets sucked into investigating the robbery of a trading post which is connected to a fortune in missing diamonds with lots of bad guys looking for missing gems; some signed copies expected; unabridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Horner, Mark September Sacrifice (Non-fiction; the investigation into the disappearance of Albuquerque, NM Bank teller Girly Chew in 1999) $6.50
Janson, Hank Accused (Reissue of the 50_year old classic tale of sadistic cruelty and illicit passion once banned in the U. K.) $9.95
Judd, Alan Legacy (Charles Thoroughgood, newly assigned to MI6, navigates a troubling web of betrayal and espionage in 1970's London.) $14.00
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Midnight Pass (Sarasota, FL. part_time process_server Lew Fonseca (3) wants a simple life but people keep showing up dead) $6.99
Kellerman, Jonathan The Conspiracy Club (Young psychologist is devastated by lover's murder, and when other bodies turn up with same m.o. suspicion intensifies around him) $7.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Twisted (With a young intern, LA homicide detective Petra Connor investigates a serial killer, undetected for years, who will kill again soon, and battles her own skepticism and departmental brass) $26.95
Kelley, Lee Charles To Collar a Killer (Dog trainer/sleuth Jack Field (3) is framed for a murder and must solve the killing, though everyone from a powerful tycoon to a passel of pro assassins wants Jack dead; PBO) $6.99
Kemelman, Harry Someday the Rabbi Will Leave (Reprint) $6.99
Kingsbury, Kate Fire When Ready (WWII Manor House; Lady Compton (7) investigates when Sitting Marsh's munitions factory is sabotaged and the owner is killed; PBO) $5.99
Land, Jon The Last Prophecy (UN Palestinian_American det. Ben Kamal (7) and Israeli partner struggle with cryptic clues and a predicted cataclysm) $7.99
Larsen, Jodie Darkest Night (Kaycee Miller (2) investigates a series of disappearances from National Parks & the only clue is a strange book left at each crime scene; PBO) $6.99
Lawton, John Bluffing Mr. Churchill (Set in 1941 London, American spy Stahl flees Germany with secret of Russian invasion) $7.99
Liss, David A Spectacle of Corruption (Benjamin Weaver (2) in sequel to Conspiracy of Paper , which won Edgar Award) $14.95
Lowell, Elizabeth Death Is Forever (Revised, this thriller was published as The Diamond Tiger by "Ann Maxwell". Does inherited Australian diamond mine exist?) $7.99
Maloney, Mack Superhawks: Strike Force Charlie (Series (3) US black op team escapes confinement at Gitmo to hunt terrorists by any means necessary) $6.99
McKevett, G.A. Cereal Killer (When two full_figured models meet untimely deaths, plus_size P.I. Savannah Reid (9) decides it's time to weigh the facts and search for suspects before a killer strikes again) $6.50
Michaels, David Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Novel based on the new video game) $7.99
Moore, Robin Hunting Down Saddam (Non-fiction; "The Inside Story of the Search and Capture") $7.99
Mortimer, John Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders (His very first case, looking back half a century, this is the trial that shapes familiar character) $24.95
Mortimer, John Rumpole and the Primrose Path (Six new stories: Rumpole is back on the job, despite near_death) $14.00
Myers, Tim Snuffed Out (Candle shop owner Harrison Black (2) suspects it is not an accident when his tenant is electrocuted and investigates to catch the killer; PBO) $5.99
Neggers, Carla The Rapids (U.S. diplomatic agent Maggie Spencer is working on an international investigation, and finds body) $6.99
Pearce, Michael The Face in the Cemetery (In Egypt 1914, the Mamur Zapt (14) investigates the remains of a human left in a cat cemetery while also rounding up enemy aliens and dubious gun_toting ghaffirs) $24.95
Pence, Joanne Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi (12) is a cook, a bride_to_be, and an incurable sleuth; PBO) $6.99
Penman, Sharon Kay Dragon's Lair (Justin deQuincey traces a lost payment to the Crown of Eleanor of Acquitaine) $13.95
Perona, Tony Second Advent (First novel. Nick Bertetto takes closer look at apparent suicide of reporter) $5.99
Preston, M.K. Song Of The Bones (Chantalaene Morrell (2) and Drew Sanders find missing_persons case turns murderous) $5.99
Rand, Naomi Stealing For A Living (Emma Price (2) is an investigator for the NYC Capital Defender's Office and a single mother juggling career, crime and children) $6.99
Randisi, Robert J. Blood Of Angels (Chicago, St. Louis murders have common points. Federal agent Joe Keough and partner Harriet think it is a serial killer) $6.99
Rayfield, Donald Stalin and His Hangmen: Tyrant and Those Who Kill (Nonfiction; history about politician and thugs who killed 20M Soviets) $29.95
Roberts, Gillian Till The End Of Tom (Schoolteacher Amanda Pepper finds dead men, and drugs in her tea) $22.95
Roy, Ron The White Wolf (Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose investigate when a family of white wolves near their cabin in Maine disappear) $3.99
Royal, Priscilla Tyrant of the Mind (In 1271, Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal responds to her father's call for help when his grandson falls ill, and investigates the murder of an important guest at the Welsh castle) $24.95
Rule, Ann Kiss Me, Kill Me (Non-fiction; collection of cases portraying lovers who kill and their unwitting victims; PBO) $7.99
Sasgen, Peter War Plan Red (While investigating the death of a friend, Commander Jake Acott uncovers a terrorist plot and must take command of a Russian nuclear sub to prevent a catastrophe; PBO) $7.99
Scherf, Margaret The Gun in Daniel Webster's Bust (Reissue of 1949 classic: Murder ruins the Christmas holiday festivities at Emily's Lentenment Decorating shop and Emily turns detective) $14.95
Seranella. Barbara Unpaid Dues (Much Mancini's (3) past comes calling, and she must stop a killer who is raking up her checkered history while juggling motherhood and work) $6.99
Silvis, Randall Doubly Dead (Edgar Allan Poe in 1847 comes to Pittsburgh to escape grief and gets involved in missing persons case) $6.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Girl Who Married a Lion and other tales from Africa (Collection of African tales by author of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency ) $20.00
Smith, April Good Morning, Killer (FBI Special Agent Ana Grey (2) rescues a 15_year old from a sadistic sexual predator and realizes that to stop a killer poised to strike she must step outside the rules) $6.99
Smith, Carlton Cold_Blooded: True Lies, Greed, and Murder (Nonfiction; California PI attorney found dead in field, wife flees and commits suicide in Florida) $6.99
Smith, Taylor Liar's Market (Carrie MacNeil is the widow of CIA Director and their son is kidnapped. Who is the traitor?) $6.99
Standiford, Les Presidential Deal (Reprint; terrorists kidnap Deal (5) and the First Lady during a Miami ceremony awarding him the Presidential Medal of Valor) $14.95
Stewart, Mary Airs Above the Ground ; Madam, Will You Talk? ; The Moonspinners ; This Rough Magic ; Thunder on the Right ; Wildfire At Midnight (Repackaged reissues of classic tales of romantic suspense) $7.99 each
Sturman, Jennifer The Pact (Cozy mystery; Emma's fiance shows up dead on the day of the wedding) $12.95
Tigerman, Gary The Orion Protocol (The government goes to extremes to keep secrets of unexplained phenomena) $7.50
Tinniswood, Adrian By Permission of Heaven (Account of the Great Fire of London in 1666) $15
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Every Crooked Nanny (Reprint: Cleaner/sleuth Callahan Garrity (1)) $6.99
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Homemade Sin (Reprint: Callahan Garrity (3)) $6.99
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan To Live and Die in Dixie (Reprint: Callahan Garrity (2)) $6.99
Walters, Minette Disordered Minds (A local councillor and an anthropologist re_investigate the controversial murder conviction of a mentally retarded 20_year old and disturbing facts come to light; trade PBO) $10.00
Wilson, Steven Voyage of the Gray Wolves (In WWII, Germany's most skillful U_Boat captain takes a radical new sub to the shores of England and attempts to unleash a nightmare unlike anything in the annals of war) $6.99


Dams, Jeanne M. Winter of Discontent (In the weeks before Christmas, Dorothy Martin investigates the death of her friend's gentleman caller with only a map of Indiana and an old letter as clues) $24.95
Follett, Ken Whiteout (Scottish medical Security Director Toni Gallo is missing a canister of deadly virus during a Christmas Eve blizzard) $26.95
Grisham, John The Last Juror (Young Mississippi journalist is caught up in savage trial of killer) $7.99
Koontz, Dean Life Expectancy (Suspense novel) $27.00
Lambdin, Dewey Havoc's Sword (Captain Alan Lewrie (11) must uphold a friend's honor in a duel, and hope for a showdown with his nemesis, Guillaume Choundas, bloody executioner of the French Revolution) $14.95
Newman, Sharan The Witch in the Well (12th c. France; while helping her grandfather, whose well has gone dry, and bodies begin turning up, Catherine LeVendeur (11) must uncover the secrets of the witch in the well) $24.95
Ross, Ron Bummy Davis vs. Murder Inc. (Non-fiction; story of the intersection between the Jewish mob and the boxing world in the 20s and 30s) $14.95
Thurlo, A & D Thief in Retreat (Closed monastery now private retreat facility has reported ghost, thefts over 20 years, and Sister Agatha (2) decides to uncover the truth) $23.95


Ambler, Eric The Light of Day (This comic thriller is the basis for the movie Topkapi , as it follows the petty con man and a gang of thieves) $12.00
Bonfiglioli, Kyril After You With the Pistol (Reprint: Charlie Mortdecai's new wife Joanna tries to convince Charlie to kill the Queen; he realizes that she is not what she seems) $13.95
Braun, Lillian Jackson The Cat Who Went Bananas (The Theatre Club's new play only lasts one night when a cast member is killed in a car accident; CDs unabridged $25.95, cassettes unabridged $25.95) $23.95
McDonald, Gregory Fletch and the Man Who (Reprint; Fletcher is off the crime beat and working overtime in election politics when murder enters the picture.) $12.00


Albert, Susan Wittig Thyme of Death (Reissue of first China Bayles mystery at a special price) $1.99
Alexander, Bruce Rules of Engagement (Final installment in series with London's Georgian Judge Sir John Fielding (11) by late author Bruce Cook) $24.95
Andrews, Russell Aphrodite (Having taken a position with the Long Island Police Dept, Justin Westwood has been drowning his sorrows in booze, until a female journalist is murdered and he investigates) $7.50
Andrews, Sarah Earth Colors (Forensic geologist Em Hansen (9) is hired to prove a Remington painting is a fake, and the trail takes her from Wyoming to Washington, and puts her on the trail of a murderer) $6.99
Balling, L. Christian The Revelation (Reissue: The disappearance of a mummified sample of human remains is the clue to an attack on John Reese's daughter and when police are stymies he vows to find her attackers) $7.99
Barenblatt, Daniel A Plague upon Humanity (Non-fiction; hidden history of Japan's 1932-45 biological warfare program) $14.95
Barnes, Linda Deep Pockets (Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle (10) tracks down the vicious blackmailer of a Harvard professor whose adulterous affair with a freshman ended just weeks before she wound up dead) $6.99
Batt, Melissa N. Ready for the People (Non-fiction; account of a prosecutor's three most challenging and terrifying cases) $13.95
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Poison Pen (Hamish MacBeth investigates the death of Lochdubh's postmistress after many in the town have received poison pen letters) $6.99
Beinhart, Larry Wag the Dog (Reissue (originally published as American Hero ) of the political satire of a president who uses a Hollywood director to stage a phony war) $15.95
Black, J. Carson Darkness on the Edge of Town (Laura Cardinal, a detective for the Az. Dept. of Public Safety, is called to the scene of a brutal sex murder which is similar to the murder of her schoolmate 18 years ago; PBO) $6.99
Bland, Eleanor Taylor_ed. Shades of Black (22 stories by African American mystery writers) $14.00
Bonanno, Bill/Pistone, Joe The Good Guys (Gritty thriller written by a former mob chief and former undercover FBI agent) $24.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Talked Turkey (A man's body is discovered on James Qwilleran's property while the town readies for its bicentennial celebration, and Qwill, Koko, and Yum are on the case) $6.99
Brown, Dale Plan of Attack (Devastating sneak attack decimates America's strategic air forces; America's last hope rests with disgraced former commander of Air Battle Force) $7.99
Bull, Bartle Shanghai Station (In 1918, Russian Alexander Karlov arrives in Shanghai to avenge the death of his mother and must enter into alliances with frightening people to complete his revenge) $14.95
Burke, Jan Bloodlines (Reporter Irene Kelly and husband detective Frank Harriman open an old case involving the kidnapping of the heir to a wealthy family and a man who claims to be that heir) $24.00
Carey, Peter My Life as a Fake (In 1972 Kuala Lumpur, the editor of a London poetry journal meets a literary hoaxer with a manuscript of genius and is drawn into a fantastic story of murder, kidnapping and exile) $13.95
Charles, Nora (aka Noreen Wald) Who Killed Swami Schwartz? (Senior sleuth Kate Kennedy (2) investigates when the yoga institute swami is murdered at a benefit for the foundation; PBO) $6.50
Clement, Peter Mortal Remains (St. Paul's Hospital, Buffalo, NY; when the bones of a missing medical student are found, Dr. Earl Garnet is the prime suspect and mounts his own search for the truth discovering shocking revelations) $6.99
Clement, Peter The Inquisitor (When cancer patients complain that they are having out_of_body experiences, VP medical examiner Earl Garnett investigates and discovers dark secrets and murder) $24.95
Cohen, David People Who Have Stolen from Me (Brothers-in-law Harry and Jack run a Johannesburg furniture business that is being robbed repeatedly and the investigation hits close to home) $14.00
Colley, Barbara Polished Off (In Charlotte LaRue's latest adventure (3), a simple housekeeping job for the New Orleans proprietor of Maid_for_a_Day ends in a grim discovery and things get dirty real fast) $6.50
Collins, Max Allan Neon Mirage (Reprint; in Chicago 1946, Nate Heller (4) witnesses the murder of a mob boss he was hired to protect, and must travel to Las Vegas for answers) $6.99
Conant, Susan Bride and Groom (Dog trainer Holly Winter (16) has her wedding plans spoiled by female dog lovers being murdered, and she must find the killer before she becomes the next victim) $6.99
Coonts, Stephen-ed. On Glorious Wings (Best Flying Stories of the Century; 23 stories) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Last Kingdom (Story of the pagan assault by Danish Vikings on Christian England and King Alfred the Great in 9th and 10th c.; some signed copies expected; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Court TV The Official Forensic Files Casebook 2 (Collection of true case studies of crimes solved through the use of forensics) $14.95
Craig, Philip/Tapply, William Second Sight (Brady Coyne and J.W. Jackson discover something sinister and murderous on Martha's Vineyard when a charismatic religious leader holds a benefit concert on the Island) $24.00
Crouch, Blake Desert Places (A psychotic killer takes hostages to an isolated cabin in the desert and blackmails a famous novelist with a dead body planted on his property) $6.99
Darden, Christopher/Lochte, Dick Lawless (A rising star at an African_American law firm defends an L.A. cop who killed his lover, and the case becomes more mysterious when two more cops kill their spouses) $7.99
Dickinson, David Death of a Chancellor (In 1901 England, Lord Francis Powerscourt (3) is called in to investigate the murder of the chancellor of Compton Cathedral and suspects a terrible secret is hidden there) $25.00
Dorsey, Tim Cadillac Beach (In Miami, Serge A. Storms is out to solve a 40_year-old mystery involving the "Murph the Surf" gem heist and the death of his grandfather) $7.50
Douglas, Carole Nelson Goodnight, Mr. Holmes (Reissue: Opera singer Irene Adler is forced into a duel of wits with Sherlock Holmes when she falls in love with an English barrister with a compelling secret) $7.99
Drummond, Laurie Lynn Anything You Say Can and Will be Used Against You (Fictional stories of the lives of five different female police officers, taken from the author's own experiences) $12.95
English, T.J. Paddy Whacked (History of Irish_American gangsterism from the 19th century to the present) $27.95
Fairstein, Linda Entombed (Alexandra Cooper, Manhattan's top sex crimes prosecutor investigates a rapist whose crimes have escalated to murder, while also looking into a body found in a brownstone; abridged CDs $29.95) $26.00
Fairstein, Linda The Kills (Manhattan Sex Crimes Prosecutor Alexandra Cooper investigates a date rape case and discovers the victim has something to hide) $7.99
Feole, Glenn, M.D./Lasseter, Don The Complete Patricia Cornwell Companion (Definitive guide to the author of the Kay Scarpetta books and the life and work of Cornwell) $14.00
Fielding, Joy Puppet (The life of a beautiful defense attorney is thrown into turmoil when her mother is charged with murder) $24.95
Finder, Joseph Paranoia (A young man is caught up in a deadly game of corporate espionage and everyone is out to get him) $6.99
Frazer, Margaret The Widow's Tale (Dame Frevisse is drawn into intrigue when a widow with a deadly secret is brought to St. Frideswide, a secret which could bring down lords nearest the King) $22.95
Frost, Scott Run the Risk (LA homicide detective Alex Delillo investigates the death of a shopkeeper, an explosion in a bungalow, and the disappearance of her daughter, and discovers connections; formerly local author) $19.95
Gaiter, Leonce Bourbon Street (In 1958, gambler Deke Watley goes to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and runs into trouble with a racketeer bent on vengeance) $24.00
Galenorn, Yasmine Murder Under a Mystic Moon (Medium Emerald O'Brien (3) senses that the police are wrong to blame a death on a cougar attack and tries to find the human killer; PBO) $5.99
Garcia_Roza, Luiz Alfredo Southwesterly Wind (Rio de Janeiro Inspector Espinosa (3) investigates two brutal murders and the only connection is a psychic who predicted a young man would commit them) $13.00
Gilmore, Jim Dead Rite (Nearing retirement, Det. Hicks is going through the motions of a murder investigation; all hell breaks loose when he discovers killer is impersonating him) $9
Goldman, Joel Deadlocked (Kansas City attorney Lou Mason (4) is hired to sue a murderer who got off, and discovers that the jurors from the case are being murdered and someone will kill to stop him; PBO) $6.99
Grange, Jean_Christophe The Empire of the Wolves (Paris police investigate the murder of two Turks, and a woman struggles to recover her memory, and their paths all cross in a bloody nexus of terror in Istanbul and Paris) $24.95
Graves, Sarah Tool & Die (Jake Tiptree's (8) summer of house repair is threatened when her housekeeper becomes the object of death threats and she investigates) $22.00
Greenwood, Kerry Away with the Fairies (In the 1920's, Phryne Fisher investigates the death of a famous author of fairy stories by taking a job at the women's magazine where the victim worked) $24.95
Griffin, W.E.B. By Order Of The President (New series; Major Castillo, Army Intel. officer goes undercover in Africa to fight political intrigue) $26.95
Gruber, Michael Valley of Bones (Miami Detective Jimmy Paz (2) investigates the death of a wealthy oilman who plunged to his death from a hotel balcony, and his suspect is a strange woman who claims to commune with the saints) $24.95
Hague, Graeme Missing Pieces (A serial killer taunts police by leaving pieces of his victims in elevators) $6.99
Hall, Oakley Ambrose Bierce and the Trey of Pearls (Three advocates for woman's suffrage known as the "Trey of Pearls" come to San Francisco in 1892, and when one of them is murdered Ambrose Bierce (4) and Redmond investigate) $13.00
Hardwick, Gary The Executioner's Game (A government assassin is assigned to kill his own mentor who has gone rogue, and the closer he gets to finding his prey, puzzling questions confound him) $24.95
Harrison, Janis Reap a Wicked Harvest (Florist Bretta Soloman (5) must track down a murderer when one of her greenhouse employees is discovered lying in a pool of blood near a beautiful garden) $6.99
Hawke, Michael Night Stalkers (The Black Hawk pilots of the 160th Special ops must locate and destroy weapons of mass destruction smuggled into Lebanon) $6.99
Healey, Judith Koll The Canterbury Papers (Eleanor of Aquitaine sends her ward Alais (2) to retrieve a cache of damaging letters from Canterbury Cathedral, and she is abducted, setting troubling events in motion; local author; signed hc available $24.95) $13.95
Hess, Joan Muletrain to Maggody (When a musket ball kills a Civil War reenactor, Arly Hanks investigates and discovers rumors of gold in a saddlebag and a ghost who is a murderer) $6.99
Hewson, David A Season for the Dead (Detective Nic Costa investigates several murders in the Vatican and nearby churches, and meets a woman with terrible secrets who knew all the victims) $6.99
Howard, Linda To Die For (Blair Mallory, owner of an upscale fitness center, is stalked by a member of the club and when the stalker is murdered Blair is determined to probe the girl's life; PBO) 7.99 Johnson, Craig The Cold Dish (In Wyoming, Sheriff Walt Longmire investigates a death near the Northern Cheyenne Reservation that may be a revenge killing of a boy convicted of raping an Indian girl) $23.95
Johnston, Linda O. Sit, Stay, Slay (Ex_lawyer Kendra Ballantyne now works as a pet-sitter, and investigates when her customers are murdered one by one; PBO) $5.99
Katz, Samuel Jihad in Brooklyn (Non-fiction; NYPD raid that stopped two suicide bombers in 1997) $13.95
Kelly, Nora Hot Pursuit (Gillian Adams, now living in London with her lover Edward, helps the daughter of a friend, an actress fleeing from a disturbed fan/stalker) $6.99
Kent, David The Mesa Conspiracy (A government conspiracy is revealed when Eric Anthony goes searching for his identity and finds a trail straight to the shadowy Department Thirty; PBO) $6.99
Kilian, Michael The Shiloh Sisters (Harrison Raines (5) investigates the murder of the wife of a congressman and her twin sister after the battle of Shiloh) $6.99
Kirino, Natsuo Out (A young mother in the Tokyo suburbs murders her deadbeat husband and seeks the help of her coworkers to dispose of the body and cover up her crime) $12.95
Kozak, Harley Jane Dating Dead Men (Looking for love and dating 40 men in 60 days, greeting card artist stumbles into murder and since beloved schizo brother may be involved, she decides to solve it herself) $6.99
Lansdale, Joe R. Sunset and Sawdust (Depression era E. Texas; after shooting her husband when he tries to rape her, Sunset Jones becomes constable of Camp Rapture and investigates a brutal double murder) $13.00
Leon, Donna Death in a Strange Country (Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates the death of a young American fished out of a fetid Venetian canal and discovers a high_level conspiracy) $7.99
Lescroart, John The Second Chair (San Francisco atty. Dismas Hardy takes second chair defending a privileged youth on trial for murder as the entire city is on the brink of panic) $7.99
Lescroart, John The Motive (Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky are thrust into the controversial investigation of the murder of two high_profile San Francisco victims and step on toes, believing the prime suspect innocent) $25.95
Lupica, Mike Too Far (Winning N.J. basketball team loses manager to murder, but young newsie won't let go of story) $24.95
McBain, Ed Alice in Jeopardy (A young single mother races to rescue her children from a kidnapper who has asked for a ransom exactly the same as the insurance policy will pay for the death of her husband) $25.00
McKevett, G.A. Murder a la Mode (Savannah Reid (10) tracks down a diabolical killer on the set of a reality TV show where she is competing for the affections of a hunky model) $22
McKinty, Adrian Hidden River (A young Irish ex_cop travels half a world away to investigate the murder of a beautiful girl he once loved) $24.00
McMahon, Neil Revolution No. 9 (Dr. Carroll Monks (4) is abducted by the leader of a paramilitary cult whose son is deathly ill, and fashions a daring escape which brings the wrath of the madman down on him and the boy) $23.95
Meredith, D.R. Murder by Reference (Reprint: Attorney John Lloyd Branson (4) investigates the murder of the curator of the Texas_Panhandle Plains Historical Museum) $6.99
Monteleone, Thomas F. The Reckoning (Peter Carenza is a Vatican_sponsored experiment, his DNA from the Shroud of Turin; sequel to Blood Of The Lamb ) $7.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Across Their Graves (Tomcat sleuth Joe Grey investigates the murder of '40s film star Patty Rose, with the help of his tabby friend Dulcie and Patty's tortoiseshell who heard the shots) $24.95
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Fear No Evil (When the strange disappearance of antiques leads to murder, Joe Grey and Dulcy detect the scent of their fiendish feline adversary Azrael) $6.99
Murphy, Warren No Contest: The Destroyer #138 (While on strike during contract renegotiations, Remo uses his Sinanju abilities to seduce unattainable beautiful women of a reality TV show) $6.50
Myers, Tamar Thou Shalt Not Grill (Innkeeper Magdalena Yoder (12) investigates murder of her guest at the Hernia, Pennsylvania bicentennial celebration, includes recipes) $6.50
Nance, John J. Fire Flight (As wildfire threatens to engulf Yellowstone and Grand Teton, veteran pilot Clark Maxwell investigates a coverup that could be the cause of a rash of horrific air crashes) $7.99
Newman, Sharan The Real History Behind the Da Vinci Code (Comprehensive, encyclopedic look at the real story behind the Da Vinci Code, by an acclaimed medievalist) $14.00
Novak, Karen The Wilderness (Ohio P.I. Leslie Stone (3) is intrigued by the death of an elderly man on the grounds of an abandoned petting zoo, and amidst voices and apparitions, investigates the riddle he left behind) $14.95
Patterson, James 3rd Degree (Detective Lindsay Boxer and Asst DA Jill Bernhardt investigate a series of terrorist bombings in SF and the Women's Murder Club must get to the bottom of the violence) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Devil's Bargain-Super Bolan #100 (paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #314 _ Lethal Payload (paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Penzler, Otto-ed. Dangerous Women (17 original stories by distinguished authors) $24.95
Perry, Steve/Segriff, Larry Tom Clancy's Net Force: Springboard (#9) $7.99
Prescott, Michael Dangerous Games (FBI agent Tess McCallum and Personal Security Consultant Abby Sinclair work together to find a serial killer who uses storm drains to dispose of the bodies; PBO) $7.50
Rankin, Ian A Question of Blood (Glasgow Inspector Rebus investigates shooting at a private school which becomes personal when he learns one of the victims was his cousin) $6.99
Rimington, Stella At Risk (MI5 Intelligence Officer Liz Carlyle faces discrimination in the traditionally all_male world of British Intelligence as she tracks down a terrorist threat) $24.95
Riordan, Rick Southtown (English prof turned P.I. Tres Navarre (5) tracks vengeful stone-cold killer and prison escapee and his gang climaxing in San Antonio) $6.99
Robb, J.D. (aka Roberts, Nora) Survivor in Death (2059; Lt. Eve Dallas (20) with help from partner and husband is chasing shadows and protecting a 9-year-old eyewitness after pro killers massacre an ordinary family) $23.95
Roos, Kelley The Frightened Stiff (First published in 1942: When a nude body is found in the garden of their Greenwich Village apartment newlyweds Jeff and Haila Troy launch an investigation) $14.95
Rovin, Jeff Dead Rising (Stealth War Unit (2); PBO) $7.99
Sasser, Charles W. Detachment Delta: Operation Aces Wild (#4; PBO) $6.99
Schecter, Harold Deranged (Reprint: True account of fiendish murderer Albert Fish in 1928) $7.99
Scott, Robert Monster Slayer (Non-fiction: Robert Fry, a savage psychopath who went on a four_year killing spree in Shiprock, New Mexico; 16 pp. photos; PBO) $6.50
Sheedy, E.C. Killing Bliss (In Seattle, 3 street kids scatter when their prostitute foster mother is murdered, and vow never to reveal what they know, as a twisted killer returns for revenge; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Alexander McCall At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances ; Portuguese Irregular Verbs ; The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs (Comic novellas featuring Dr. Morita_Maria von Igelfeld with some crime) $9.95 each
Smith, Alexander McCall The Full Cupboard of Life (Precious Ramotswe and the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (5) investigates several suitors of a wealthy lady to see if their intentions are honorable) $11.95
Smith, Barbara Burnett Bead on Trouble (When a young beader is killed at a beading retreat, Kitzi Camden is faced with many suspects. Includes beading tips and patterns; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Peter Moore Los Angeles (Angel leads a hermit_like existence until he falls for his beautiful neighbor; when she disappears Angel has no choice but to try and find her) $24.95
Spencer, Suzy The Fortune Hunter (Non-fiction: the Celeste Beard case, a beautiful young heiress who murdered her 70_year old husband for his fortune) $6.99
Stern, David The Interpreter (A UN interpreter overhears the details of a political assassination plot, and must convince the FBI that something bad is going down; PBO) $6.99
Stewart, Mike A Perfect Life (A handsome Harvard grad with a promising career is framed for murder and fights to clear his name) $6.50
Sweeney, Leann A Wedding to Die For (Houston P.I. Abby Rose is called to investigate the murder of a wedding guest killed by being hit on the head with a gift; PBO) $6.50
Tabucchi, Antonio Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro (Literary thriller of heroin rings and headless bodies uncovering social ills and corruption in modern_day Portugal) $14.95
Trento, Joseph The Secret History of the CIA (History of the flawed and often destructive Central Intelligence Agency) $16.95
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Happy Never After (Reprint '95; Callahan Garrity (4)) $6.99
Vance, Steve Identity (A private clinic is used by the government to give new identities to those in the witness protection program, until the trail of a serial killer leads there) $6.99
Wilson, Laura Telling Lies to Alice (7 years after his suicide, Alice Conway learns the truth about her fiance's death and discovers a secret that puts her in mortal danger) $6.99
Wilson, Robert The Company of Strangers (In the clandestine world of 1944 Lisbon, a man and woman share a secret so dangerous that it could save or destroy them both) $7.99
Woodworth, Stephen With Red Hands (Corrupt testimony frees killer who goes after paranormal "Violet" Natlie Lindstrom; PBO) $6.99
Wynne, Marcus Brothers in Arms (At the Center for Torture Rehabilitation in Mpls, Dale Miller and Charley Payne are recruited by the CIA to protect a patient with a deadly secret) $6.99


Connelly, Michael-ed. Murder in Vegas (22 original mystery short stories set in Las Vegas) $24.95
DeBrosse, J./Burke, C. The Secret in Building 26 (Non-fiction; account of how America broke the final U_Boat Enigma Code during WWII) $14.95
Doyle, James True Witness (Non-fiction; accounts of cases of misidentification by honest but mistaken eye witnesses, and discussion of possibilities for improving justice) $24.95
Eccles, Marjorie Killing a Unicorn (British Inspector Dave Crouch digs into an eccentric and talented family's secrets when a mother is murdered, her child kidnapped, and a man disappears) $22.95
Ephron, G.H. Guilt (Forensic investigator Dr. Peter Zak (5) tries to help police track down a Cambridge bomber before he can strike again) $23.95
Garcia_Roza, Luiz Alfredo A Window in Copacabana (Inspector Espinosa (4) investigates the assassinations of three mediocre policemen in Rio de Janeiro) $23.00
Gardner, Lisa Alone (Sniper with the Massachusetts SWAT team shoots the son of a prominent Boston judge in the line of duty; launches his own investigation when he is suspended) $24.00
Granger, Ann That Way Murder Lies (Meredith Mithchell and her fiance Detective Superintendent Alan Markby (15) investigate a poison pen campaign in a cozy English village which turns into a murder investigation) $23.95
Grisham, John The Broker (A pardoned Washington powerbroker has serious enemies from his past and the question is not whether he will be killed, but who will kill him first; abridged CDs $27.95) $27.95
Hall, James W. Forests of the Night (A stranger turns up at the door of cop Charlotte Monroe with a note that says "You're next" and she is led to the middle of a 150_year old blood feud in the Great Smoky Mountains) $24.95
Irby, Lee 7,000 Clams (In the Roaring 20's, a small_time bootlegger travels from the seedy shores of NJ to the Florida coast on a quest to collect an IOU from Babe Ruth) $23.95
Joens, Michael Blood Reins (LA Det. Sandra Cameron (2) was the last to see horse trainer Chet Gundry alive, & her boyfriend Detective Thomas Rigby is the lead investigator) $23.95
Jones, Terry (& 4 others) Who Murdered Chaucer? (Historical whodunit about the mysterious death of England's greatest medieval poet and scholar) $29.95
Kent, Bill Street Fighter (Obituary writer Shep Ladderback and cub reporter Andrea Cosicki (3) try to find the gang who murdered Andrea's friend Lucia's mother and investigate a real estate scam) $23.95
Mallon, Thomas Bandbox (Set in the Roaring 20's, a magazine is plunged into a do_or_die publishing war when the publisher's ambitious protege defects to start his own magazine) $13.00
Michod, Alec The White City (In 1893 the Chicago World's Fair is stalked by a killer and the city is paralyzed with fear when the son of a prominent architect disappears) $12.95
Reppetto, Thomas American Mafia (A history of the rise to power of the Mafia in America) $15.00
Rhoades, J.D. The Devil's Right Hand (Gulf War vet and NC bounty hunter begins a simple bail_jumping case and winds up entangled in murder and revenge that escalates towards a fiery showdown) $21.95
Riggs, David The World of Christopher Marlowe (Biography of Marlowe and account of the world he lived in) $30.00
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR IX: The Princess and the Pirates (Decius Caecilius Metellus is sent to the coast to rid it of pirates and must humor Princess Cleopatra while deciphering clues hinting at a conspiracy) $22.95
Sullivan, Eugene The Majority Rules (Judge Tim Quinn finds himself in the middle of the investigation of a string of six murders that cover up a conspiracy to fix cases on the US Court of Appeals) $24.95
Terrenoire, David Beneath a Panamanian Moon (Reluctant spy and pianist John Harper takes a job in Panama playing the piano and soon finds himself hip_deep in American mercenaries and Columbians) $23.95
Thomas, Ross Chinaman's Chance (Reissue) $14.95
Wilson, Robert The Vanished Hands (Javier Falcon investigates three suspicious suicides including a fellow officer in the Sex Crimes Unit) $25.00


Bernhardt, William Dark Eye (Working for the Las Vegas PD, psychologist Susan Pulaski helps investigate the brutal murder of a young woman and gets help from the autistic son of the police chief) $25.95
Brown, Rita Mae Cat's Eyewitness (When a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary cries tears of real blood, terrible events occur in Crozet and Harry (13) and her cats are caught up in the events which follow) $25.00
Brown, Rita Mae Whisker of Evil (Harry Haristeen (12) and her sleuthing pets are in for a turbulent summer when the clues to an old unsolved murder are suddenly unearthed) $7.50
Carroll, James Secret Father (Cold War Berlin 1961; 3 innocent American teenagers are arrested by the E. German secret police, and two parents with WWII secrets set out to rescue them) $14.00
Coleman, Reed Farrel The James Deans (In 1983, NYC PI Moe Prager is hired to clear the name of a senator whose career was stalled when his intern went missing two years before) $12
Crais, Robert Sunset Express (Reprint: P.I. Elvis Cole) $7.99
Edwards, Martin Take My Breath Away (Lawyer-turned-writer investigates when friend is murdered at Parliament reception; cryptic comments lead to young woman lawyer with a secret; import) $9.95
Harris, Lee Murder in Alphabet City (NYPD Detective Jane Bauer (2) reopens an 8_year old case of suicide and when another grisly suicide occurs, she realizes the two may be connected, perhaps not suicide at all; PBO) $6.99
Hewson, David The Villa of Mysteries (Detective Nic Costa (2) of Rome investigates the disappearance of a young girl in a case eerily similar to another case he is working on involving the mummified corpse of a girl) $22.00
Keene, Brian Terminal (One self_professed loser's bungled plan to leave his family a fortune leads him to an amazing discovery that will either get him what he wants or leave him totally hopeless) $6.99
Klavan, Lawrence The Cutting Room (Spurred into a frantic hunt for the long_lost print of Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons , movie buff Roy Milano is plunged into a game of intrigue, duplicity, and murder) $6.99
Kozak, Harley Jane Dating is Murder (While appearing on a reality show, Wollie Shelley searches for her best friend who has disappeared and lands in the middle of an FBI investigation of a drug cartel) $19.95
McGown, Jill Unlucky for Some (Detective Chief Inspectors Lloyd and Hill (13) investigate a series of seemingly random killings with no motive while they cope with the complications of marriage, a live-in mother-in-law, and a 2-year-old child) $22.95
Nicholson, William The Society of Others (A surreal fable; a young man on an aimless journey crosses a border into a world of unexplained threats and terrifying violence) $23.95
Patterson, Richard North Conviction (3 lawyers take on the case of a death_row inmate convicted of murder 15 years before, convinced that he didn't get a fair trial & may be innocent) $25.95
Staincliffe, Cath Blue Murder (Manchester's first woman DCI's first murder enquiry involves suspect on the run, and elderly dying man and 7-year-old as witnesses; import) $9.95
Todd, Charles A Cold Treachery (England Lake Dist., Dec. 1919, Inspector Rutledge (7) investi-gates the brutal murder of a family and the disappearance of the youngest son) $25.00


Akunin, Boris Murder on the Leviathan (In the 1879's, Erast Fandorin (2) boards a luxury liner bound for Calcutta to search for a man who murdered a British antiquarian and his household staff and stole a priceless artifact) $12.95
Andrews, Donna We'll Always Have Parrots (Star of tacky tropical television show is murdered; Meg Langslow (5) must find killer to save her fiance from the slammer) $6.99
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin (Phantom Aunt Dimity (10) and Lori Shepard investigate the death of a woman at Radcliffe Infirmary who has a flat full of priceless antiques and many more secrets than they first expected) $22.95
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity: Snowbound (The blizzard of the century forces Lori Shepherd to take shelter in Ladythorne Abbey, where she and Aunt Dimity unravel the mystery of a hidden jewel her fellow guests seek) $7.99
Axler, James Evil Abyss: Outlanders #32 (Postapocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Barr, Nevada High Country (Anna Pigeon goes undercover at a Yosemite Park restaurant to investigate the disappearance of 4 young seasonal park employees) $7.99
Barry, John M. The Great Influenza (Non-fiction account of the influenza epidemic of 1918 in which 100 million people died worldwide) $16.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Bore (Highlands Constable Hamish Macbeth (21) investigates the murder of a boring writer and discovers deeper meaning in the writer's stories that indicate something more sinister behind the killing) $23.95
Bebris, Carrie Pride and Prescience (The hero and heroine of Pride and Prejudice are embroiled in a mystery involving one of their wedding guests and only Mr. & Mrs. Darcy recognize the danger of sinister forces) $6.99
Bernhardt, William Hate Crime (Attorney Ben Kincaid defends a vicious criminal in Chicago who beat a gay man and left him to die, facing a firestorm surrounding the trial) $6.99
Blake, James Carlos Handsome Harry (Handsome Harry meets John Dillinger in prison, and together they make headlines with daring bank robberies, until John is jailed and Harry risks all to break him out) $13.95
Block, Lawrence The Burglar on the Prowl (Helping a friend with some vengeful larceny lands Bernie Rhodenbarr (10) in a pile of trouble, including a killer on his trail; signed 1st edition hcs $24.95) $7.50
Booth, Martin A Very Private Gentleman (To his neighbors and his girlfriend, Signoe Farfalla seems a discreet man who paints butterflies, but his real life of crime is starting to catch up with him) $13.00
Borthwick, J.S. Intensive Scare Unit (In hospital after a heart attack, stubborn old Julia Clancy is nearly strangled to death and enlists English professor and amateur sleuth Sarah Deane (12) to solve the crime) $6.99
Buick, Jeff Bloodline (A drug lord goes into hiding and his enemies want access code to his Swiss bank account, kidnapping his cousin's family and threatening to kill them; PBO) $6.99
Burke, James Lee In the Moon of Red Ponies (Billy Bob Holland moves to Montana, the remorseless killer is freed on technicality and he and his family are menaced) $7.99
Camilleri, Andrea Excursion to Tindari (Inspector Montalbano (5) investigates two seemingly unrelated crimes and stumbles onto Sicily's ghastly "new age" of brutally anonymous criminality; trade PBO) $12.00
Carver, Caroline Dead Heat (After surviving a plane crash, Georgia Parish returns to Queensland to track down the saboteur of the plane and find out who he was trying to kill) $6.99
Christie, Agatha Poirot in the Orient (Omnibus; Murder in Mesopotamia, Death on the Nile, Appointment With Death ) $14.00
Colley, Barbara Wiped Out (Maid for a Day Owner Charlotee LaRue (3) investigates the murder of the president of the feuding New Orleans Horticultural Heritage Society) $22.00
Collins, Max Allan CSI: Crime Scene Investigation-Serial (TV tie-in; Las Vegas, graphic novel) $6.99
Compton, Jodi The 37th Hour (Seasoned missing_persons investigator Minneapolis detective Sarah Pribek investigates a very personal case when her husband and fellow cop goes missing, and discovers shocking secrets in his past) $6.99
Connelly, John Nocturnes (Tales of dark suspense, incl. Charlie Parker novella; trade PBO) $12.95
Cook, Thomas H. Peril (Sara Labriola escapes a violent past by reinventing herself, but six dangerous men are on her trail and she is in deadly peril) $6.99
Coplin, Keith Crofton's Fire (Green Lt. Crofton escapes Little Big Horn and travels around the world, fighting in wars and rebellions from Kansas to Africa, enduring hardship and betrayal) $13.00
Cray, David (aka Stephen Solomita) Dead is Forever (NYC PI Phillip Becket takes on the case of a high society family member who has run up a huge gambling debt, and investigates when he winds up dead and Philip is the suspect) $25.00
Deaver, Jeffrey Garden of Beasts (1936 Berlin; captured German-American hit-man will be pardoned and given means to go legit if he poses as Olympian and kills Hitler's Rudolph Heinrich) $7.99
Dexter, Pete Train (In 1953, young Train is a black golf prodigy, and despite prejudice is taken under the wing of a violent gambler; LA Times Book Prize) $13.00
Dibdin, Michael Medusa (Inspector Zen investigates a dead body found in a military tunnel in Italy and uncovers a lethal cabal within the Ministry of Defense named Medusa) $12.95
Dobbs, Michael Saboteurs (Non-fiction account of the 1942 Nazi plan to invade America) $14.00
Dorsey, Tim Torpedo Juice (After a long time on the run, serial killer Serge Storms decides to find a bride and on the way hooks up with an array of scoundrels, schemers, and hoodlums) $24.95
Dunant, Sarah Birth Marks (When a pregnant ballet dancer is found in the Thames, police rule it suicide, but London_based P.I. Hannah Wolfe thinks differently and investigates on her own) $12.00
Dunning, John The Bookman's Promise (Denver PI/bookman Cliff Janeway (3) buys signed 1st of legendary explorer Richard Burton, but provenance is cast in doubt, and fabulous lost library of Burton material leads him on a quest of murder and peril) $7.99
Durham, Laura Better Off Wed (When socialite drops dead at reception, Wash. DC wedding planner must unveil killer to keep her partner out of prison; PBO) $6.99
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Mess Up Your Mascara (Plus_size PI Desiree Shapiro (12) investigates the murder of man she was just hired to protect and failed; PBO) $6.50
Elkins, Aaron Good Blood (On an Italian vacation, forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver and his wife (11) search for their hosts' missing only child as nearby construction workers unearth human bones) $6.99
Evanovich, Janet Four to Score (abridged CDs @ $19.95 or abridged cassettes @) $17.95
Evanovich, Janet Love Overboard (Reissue; "romance and comic mayhem") $7.50
Eversz, Robert Burning Garbo (LA ex-con paparazza Nina Zero (2) is accused of arson when the house of a star she was trying to photograph burns to the ground, and she must find the real firebug before she is found guilty) $12.00
Eversz, Robert Digging James Dean (Who's digging up the bodies of America's dead celebrities? Nina Zero (3) tracks down the story while dealing with the death of her mother and the return of her dysfunctional family) $22.00
Fanning, Diane Written in Blood (Non-fiction account of Michael Peterson, accused of murdering his wife in a way eerily similar to the death of a girlfriend 10 years earlier; PBO) $6.99
Farmer, Jerrilyn Perfect Sax (Thievery, chicanery, and murder turn Hollywood event planner Madeline Bean's (6) glittering society "Jazz Ball" from triumph to disaster and set her on the lethal trail of a priceless sax and a killer) $6.99
Fasman, Jon The Geographer's Library (Young CT reporter investigates suspicious death of professor and finds international trail of alchemical tools and talismans of transmutation and eternal life lost for 900 years) $24.95
Fawer, Adam Improbable (A compulsive gambler plagued by epileptic seizures agrees to try an experimental drug which has side effects of strange visions of the past, present, and future) $24.95
Fluke, Joanne Fudge Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swenson, amateur sleuth and bakery owner, investigates the murder of the sheriff in Lake Eden, MN as the deputy is accused and the killer remains on the loose) $6.99
Geagley, Brad Year of the Hyenas (In ancient Egypt, Semerket, Clerk of Investigations, is called upon to investigate the murder of a minor Theban priestess, and gets more than he bargained for) $23.00
George, Nelson The Accidental Hunter (Black Manhattan security specialist D. Hunter descends into noir world of violence, kidnapping, corruption, and hip-hop; trade PBO) $13.00
Gischler, Victor Pistol Poets (A drug_dealer turned English student lands in an outrageous mix_up of murder and metaphors) $6.99
Gleeson, Janet The Serpent in the Garden (In 1763, a renowned London portrait painter accepts a commission from a wealthy family, and is suspected when a man is found murdered and an emerald necklace disappears; trade PBO) $14.00
Gold, Alan True Crime (Lou Tedesco, food and film critic for the Stumptown Weekly in Oregon, stumbles on a double murder that police don't want him snooping into; PBO) $5.99
Goldberg, Lee Diagnosis Murder #4: The Waking Nightmare (Dr. Mark Sloan saves a would_be suicide victim and becomes obsessed with learning why she jumped, thrusting him into the path of a killer; PBO) $6.99
Goldring, Kat The Eye That Is Divine (Willi Gallagher (4) arrives at a Buddhist retreat and encounters thievery and murder with no cell phones or ways to contact the outside world; PBO) $6.99
Greenberg/Lellenberg/Stashower-ed. The Ghosts of Baker Street (Collection of new Sherlock Holmes tales by contemporary writers; trade PBO) $13.95
Grimes, Martha Help the Poor Struggler (Reissue: Richard Jury (6)) $7.99
Haig, Brian The President's Assassin (When the White House Chief of Staff is found murdered with a note saying that more will come including the President, JAG attorney Sean Drummond (5), posted to CIA Special Projects, investigates) $25.95
Haines, Carolyn Hallowed Bones (Controversial case of an accused baby killer sends Mississippi belle turned PI Sarah Booth Delaney (5) into the heart of New Orleans) $6.50
Hammett, Dashiell Vintage Hammett (Collection of excerpts and Continental Op short stories, including material not available for 50 years) $9.95
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Counselor (Small-town Arkansas cleaning lady Lily Bard (5) has joined a therapy group and is determined to face her past, when one of the group members is murdered and she must find the killer before he strikes again) $5.99
Harrison, Colin The Havana Room (A NYC real estate attorney who has lost everything in a tragic accident agrees to a shady million dollar real estate deal and is pulled into a nightmarish murder mystery) $6.99
Hecht, Daniel Land of Echoes (Parapsychologist Cree Black (2) investigates a boy who is having nightly convulsions and tries to tell if he is possessed or if something more sinister is going on) $13.95
Holden, Craig The Narcissist's Daughter (Simple if risky affair leads from obsession through rage to a revenge plot that will transform the lives of everyone involved) $24.00
Horne, Jed Desire Street (Non-fiction; New Orleans murder trial of Curtis Kyles) $25.00
Hoyt, Richard The Weatherman's Daughters (Two daughters of a Portland weatherman have been murdered, and John Denson and Willie Prettybird are called in to help find the killer) $6.99
Iggulden, Conn Emperor: The Death of Kings (Sequel to Emperor: The Gates of Rome : Caesar exacts revenge and builds a legend far from Rome, as he and Brutus are united against Spartacus) $6.99
Iles, Greg Blood Memory (New Orleans forensic expert Cat Ferry returns home to Natchez and reopens the case of her father who was murdered years ago) $24.95
Jackson, Shirley The Lottery and Other Stories (Collection of 24 stories) $14.00
Johnson, Stan Lethal Agent (CIA consultant Aaron Korda wages a war against a faction of terrorists who plan to poison the world's pharmaceutical supplies; PBO) $7.50
Kalla, Daniel Pandemic (When a deadly new flu ravages London, Vancouver and Chicago, a team of scientists realizes that the outbreaks are not random, and seek to stop a group of infected terrorists) $6.99
Knight, Bernard Crowner's Quest (Sir John de Wolf (3) investigates an apparent suicide and uncovers a treason plot in 12th century England) $7.99
Knight, H.R. What Rough Beast (In London 1903, Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle team up to debunk an infamous occultist, and while interrupting a dark ritual, unloose unspeakable evil; PBO) $6.99
Koff, Clea The Bone Woman (Non-fiction account of a forensic anthropologist's search for truth in the mass graves of Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo) $13.95
Koontz, Dean/Anderson, Kevin Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (In present_day New Orleans two detectives track a serial killer who is more, and less, than human; and Deucalion arrives to confront his maker Dr. Frankenstein; 1st in series; PBO) $7.99
Lefcourt, Peter The Manhattan Beach Project (Washed up TV producer Charlie Burns (2) stages a comeback with an extreme_reality show & inadvertently starts a war) $23.00
Leonard, Elmore Be Cool (6 CDs, unabridged) $29.95
Little, Constance and Gwenyth The Black Smith (First published in 1950: When a murderer stalks the corridors of a private country hospital, head nurse Judith Onslow must pick a murderer out of a host of eccentric suspects) $14.95
Mankell, Henning Before the Frost (While waiting to start work at the Ystad, Sweden police station, Linda Wallander investigates the disappearance of her childhood friend, and makes rookie mistakes) $26.95
Mankell, Henning The Return of the Dancing Master (When retired policeman Herbert Molin is murdered in remote northern Sweden, young police officer Stefan Lindman investigates and unearths a neo_Nazi network with far_reaching implications) $13.00
Martin/Viets/Swanson/Laurie Drop Dead Blonde (Collection of four mysteries featuring blonde sirens, secrets, and seduction; PBO) $6.99
Masterton, Graham Unspeakable (Lip-reader works with Portland Police and Child Welfare; when a curse is put on her, her daughter disappears; PBO) $6,99
McBride, Susan The Good Girl's Guide to Murder (Andrea Kendricks (2) sets out to find a killer when a body turns up in the rubble of the torched TV studio of an intolerable diva; PBO) $6.99
McClelland, Michael Tattoo Blues (Runaway rich kid discovers her prized Chinese tattoo says "with hot sauce" not golden dragon, and confrontation with tattooist results in mysterious explosion) $6.99
Meltzer, Brad The Zero Game (Insiders in Washington are playing a secret power game, when one of the players turns up dead and the stakes get higher) $7.99
Meredith, D.R. Tome of Death (Megan Clark (4) must unravel the mystery behind a burial site containing two corpses _ one a recent human skeleton and one a mummy in Comanche garb; PBO) $5.99
Michaels, Fern Picture Perfect (Revised reprint: A desperate woman joins forces with an FBI agent in a twisted cat and mouse hunt for her kidnapped nephew) $7.99
Mitchell, Corey Murdered Innocents (Non-fiction; sexual assault and gruesome murder of four teenaged girls in 1991 Austin, Texas) $6.50
Mosley, Walter The Man in My Basement (A young black man with no prospects may lose his beautiful home, when a stranger offers him $50,000 to rent his basement and they are drawn together in bizarre circumstances) $13.95
Murray, Yxta Maya The Queen Jade (Lola Sanchez's archaeologist mother Juana disappears while searching for the powerful Queen Jade in Guatemala, and she treks though the jungle trying to find her) $23.95
Myers, Tamar Assault and Pepper (Pennsylvania Dutch Innkeeper Magdalena Yoder investigates murder of Reverend Schock at the annual church chili supper; includes recipes) $19.95
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Novena for Murder (Reprint '84 1st in series: Sister Mary Helen) $6.99
Paige, Robin Death at Blenheim Palace (Charles and Kate Sheridan (11) are on a research trip to Blenheim Palace when first the maid and then the Duke and Duchess are kidnapped and they must interrupt their research) $23.95
Paige, Robin Death in Hyde Park (In 1902, Charles and Kate Sheridan investigate when an anarchist blows himself up at the King's coronation with a bomb meant for their monarch) $6.50
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Rage (Recently wed Miami lawyers Gail Connor and Anthony Quintana (10) travel to Cuba and become embroiled with the CIA, a violent death, and a terrorist threat) $24.95
Parrish, P.J. A Killing Rain (Detective Louis Kincaid races against time to find a twisted madman who hunts human prey in the Florida Everglades) $6.99
Patterson, James/Roughan, Howard Honeymoon (FBI agent John O'Hara investigates the murder of a young investment banker and suspects the beautiful and mysterious fiance, and his investigation turns to obsession) $27.95
Pavlou, Stel Decipher (A signal from deep within the Antarctica ice reveals secrets which threaten to destroy the Earth in one week) $6.99
Pelecanos, George Hard Revolution (Rookie Washington DC cop Derek Strange tries to keep his older brother away from drug dealers while the city reels after the recent assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Silent Arsenal: Stony Man #75 (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don Agent of Peril: The Executioner #315 (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Phelan, Twist Family Claims (When $2 million in investor's money disappears, lawyer and family law firm on the hook and she investigates) $6.99
Pronzini/Greenberg-ed. The Mammoth Book of Short Spy Novels (Collection) $12.95
Purser, Ann Weeping on Wednesday (English village mum and cleaning lady Lois Meade (3) hires the daughter of a reclusive and eccentric family and when strange letters put everyone on edge, she wonders if the family has a terrible secret) $5.99
Rankin, Ian Fleshmarket Alley (Inspector John Rebus goes into the dark streets of Edinburgh's flesh trade and a shocking murder exposes an even more sinister underworld) $22.95
Rayner, Richard The Devil's Wind (In 1950's Las Vegas, a time of the city's swiftest growth, a successful architect is seduced by a beautiful woman and finds himself drawn into a high stakes game of revenge) $24.95
Robb, J.D. Visions in Death (In 2059, NYC Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas searches for a serial killer who poses his victims with a red ribbon tied around their necks) $7.99
Roberge, Rob More Than They Could Chew (Nick Ray, an impoverished alcoholic, finds a list of names of people in the Witness Protection Program, and decides to use this information for his own gain; trade PBO) $13.95
Robinson, Peter Playing With Fire (When suspicious fires destroy three lives, Inspector Alan Banks realizes he's facing a maniac whose deadly work is not yet done) $7.50
Robinson, Peter Strange Affair (Insp. Alan Banks (14) goes to London to find his missing brother, D.I. Annie Cabbot probes the death of a young woman, & the investigations collide with terrifying consequences; some signed copies expected; abridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Robotham, Michael Suspect (Clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin gets caught in the investigation of a brutal murder and evolves from expert consultant to desperate fugitive) $24.95
Rosenberg, Joel C. The Last Days (White House advisor Jon Bennett arrives in the Middle East to negotiate an Arab_Israeli Peace Plan, and in the shadows lurk men who will stop at nothing to prevent the accord) $7.99
Ryan, Charles Storm Front: Recon Force (Lt. John "Red" Parnell and his Blue Team (3) attempt to get Rommel to defect when a double_agent in their midst informs the Gestapo and they are captured; PBO) $6.99
Sansom, C.J. Dark Fire (In 1540, hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake (2) helps a friend's young niece who is accused of murder and becomes embroiled in the dangerous schemes of Thomas Cromwell; some signed copies expected) $24.95
Seymour, Gerald The Unknown Soldier (American counter_terrorism experts search for an Al Qaeda terrorist who convinced them he was a taxi driver when he was captured and plans to bomb an American city) $24.95
Shannon, Ray (aka Gar Anthony Haywood) Firecracker (A pregnant woman, a Dallas Cowboy, a sadistic man and a Super Bowl betting slip worth 1.25 million dollars come together in Las Vegas of dark humor and suspense) $7.99
Silva, Daniel A Death in Vienna (Art restorer and sometime spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna to investigate a bombing and uncovers a portrait of evil stretching over 60 years and thousands of lives) $7.99
Silva, Daniel Prince of Fire (Gabriel Allon (5) stalks an elusive master terrorist across a landscape drenched in generations of blood) $25.95
Starling, Boris Vodka (In 1991, as the Soviet Union collapses and gangs vie for power in Moscow, American banker Alice Liddell becomes embroiled in the power struggle) $25.95
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood Punch With Care ; The Annulet of Gilt ; The Asey Mayo Trio ; The Cape Cod Mystery (Classic reprints) $10.95 each
Tishy, Cecelia Now You See Her (Recently divorced Regina Cutter uses her new_found psychic ability to help the Boston PD prove the false imprisonment of a drug felon and end the haunting of a townhouse) $23.95
Topol, Allan Enemy of My Enemy (In Syria a downed American pilot becomes a pawn in a plot to get a nuclear weapon, and a covert agent must infiltrate a mad terrorist conspiracy; PBO) $7.99
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Heart Trouble (Reissue '96: Callahan Garrity (5)) $6.99
Walsh, Marcie/Malone, Michael The Killing Club (Detective Jamie Farrara returns to her home when a dear old friend dies in a strange accident which looks like the murder she and friends dreamed up in high school; tie-in to ABC TV soap One Life to Live ) $19.95
Weiner, Ellis Drop Dead, My Lovely (Humorous & Chandleresque; Pete Ingalls, a NYC P.I. with a faulty memory, investigates a murder with the help of his aspiring actress secretary, who is the real brains behind his operation) $13.95
Wilson, Tom Black Serpent (Covert operative Link Anderson (5) is enlisted to stop a terrorist plan to attack America; PBO) $7.99
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Shadow of the Wind (In 1945 Barcelona, a young boy discovers that someone is systematically destroying all the books by an author whose life and work contains secrets of madness and murder) $15.00


Abbott, Megan Die a Little (1950s Hollywood, femme fatale housewife can fool her detective husband, but not her suspicious sister-in-law) $23.00
Bebris, Carrie Suspense and Sensibility or First Impressions Revisited (Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Darcy (2) are drawn into a mystery when the fiance of Mrs. Darcy's sister has a drastic change in personality that jeopardizes their lives) $22.95
Connor, Nancy Beneath Dark Water (After her daughter is killed by a terrorist bomber, Sherry Henderson takes in an orphan who then disappears and tries to find her despite menacing letters and phone calls) $23.95
Donahue, John Deshi (Martial artist Connor Burke (2) is drawn into a murder investigation involving a mysterious master who has created a lethal new kind of martial art) $23.95
Farris, John Phantom Nights (In 1952, a nurse is murdered and a young mute boy keeps her in the netherworld between life and death as he seeks a terrifying revenge against the man responsible) $24.95
Goldstone, Lawrence & Nancy The Friar and the Cipher (Non-fiction account of the 1912 discovery and investigation into the mysterious Voynich Manuscript) $26.00
Harper, Karen The Fyre Mirror (Young Queen Elizabeth (7) is pitted against a pyromaniac who threatens to destroy her life and the kingdom as well) $23.95
Hoyt, Richard Sonja's Run (In 1852 Russia, two lovers in trouble flee into the steppes where one is kidnapped by a sadistic nomad and the other tries to save her) $24.95
Lehane, Con What Goes Around Comes Around (When a murdered corpse is discovered at an upscale restaurant where he works, bartender Brian McNulty (2) finds himself only one step ahead of a killer) $23.95
Lordon, Randye Son of a Gun (P.I. Sydney Sloane (8) investigates the shooting of her friend, NYPD Capt. John Cannady, and threatening phone calls his wife has received from the son she gave up for adoption) $23.95
Montanari, Richard Rosary Girls (Philadelphia homicide rookie Det. Jessica Balzano and veteran partner investigate murders involving young Catholic girls and a deranged killer) $23.95
Nadel, Barbara The Ottoman Cage (When a brutal murder is uncovered in an upscale Istanbul neighborhood, eccentric Turkish Inspector Cetin Ikmen (2) investigates) $23.95
Nelscott, Kris Stone Cribs (In 1969 Chicago, Smokey Dalton (4) saves the life of a young woman after a botched abortion and the situation becomes complex when he learns the woman had been raped) $13.95
Nelscott, Kris War at Home (In the summer of 1969, African_American P.I. Smokey Dalton and his son leave Chicago and head east to look for a kid immersed in the dark side of the anti_war movement) $24.95
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR VIII: The River God's Vengeance (Decius investigates the collapse of a tenement building, unearths murder & a revolutionary conspiracy) $13.95
Satterthwait, Walter Cavalcade (In 1923 Munich, Pinkerton detectives Turner and Beaumont investigate the would_be assassin who just missed killing a young Adolf Hitler and find a tangled web of motivations) $23.95
Smith, Bard Busted Flush (Dock Bass finds a cache of Civil War memorabilia in a country house he inherited and all hell breaks loose as scallywags and opportunists descend) $24.00
Stroby, Wallace Heartbreak Lounge (Harry Rane (2) protects the ex_girlfriend of an ex_con who is set on revenge against anyone who did him wrong while he was in prison) $22.95

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