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Newsletter #66 June - August, 2004

[PBO means paperback original]

Adams, D. J. Running Crazy (The crime-solving clairvoyant (2) takes on 2 shopping mall serial killers who go after teen shoppers) $16.95
Berkeley, Anthony The Avenging Chance ("and Other Mysteries From Roger Sheringham's Casebook"; collection of classic short stories; $29.00hardcover available) $19.00
Bishop, Claudia/James, Dean-ed. Death Dines In (16 cozy culinary capers, each with a recipe) $23.95
Blissett, Luther Q (In 1517, after Martin Luther nails his 95 theses to the door of Wittenburg Cathedral, a dance of death begins between a radical Anabaptist and a loyal papal spy) $26.00
Caldwell, I/Thomason, D The Rule of Four (Two Princeton students are a hair's breath away from solving the mysteries of a famous coded Renaissance text which leads to a hidden crypt, betrayal, madness and murder) $24.00
Chanslor, Torrey Our Second Murder (Reprint of charming 1941 blend of cozy and private eye, with the Beagle Sisters, a pair of sixty-something sleuths) $14.95
Christie, Agatha One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (4 cassettes, unabridged) $25.95
Christie, Agatha The Secret of Chimneys (6 cassettes, unabridged) $29.95
Cores, Lucy Painted for the Kill (Reprint of 1943 comedy of manners; a French actress dies in a New York City beauty salon shortly after escaping Nazi-occupied France, and the salon owner and her Spanish Civil War veteran boyfriend help solve the crime) $14.95
Cores, Lucy Corpse de Ballet (1944. Former dancer now columnist Toni Ney, boyfriend Lt. Skeets, and police Captain Torrent investigate murder of formerly mad Russian "premier danseur" backstage at the ballet) $14.95
Davis, Lindsay The Jupiter Myth (Falco must defuse a tricky diplomatic situation while trying to solve the murder of King Togidubnus in Britain) $12.95
Deaver, Jeffery Nocturne and Other Twisted Stories (6 CDs, Unabridged: Collection of stories from Deaver, including one only available in this collection) $30.00
Delelis, Philippe The Last Cantata (Translated from the French, the story involves Bach and jumps back and forth between modern times and the 1700s) $15.95
Faust, Ron Dead Men Rise Up Never (Dan Shaw, law student and ex_Army investigator uncovers a brand of thrill killing whose sheer evil he can't fathom, and his search leads him from the FL Keys to the Caribbean; PBO) $6.99
Forrest, Katherine Hancock Park (LAPD detective and lesbian Kate Delafield and Joe Cameron investigate a murder in an upscale neighborhood, and while the victim's ex_husband is on trial, Kate wades through secrets and lies to find the truth) $22.95
Fowler, Earlene Broken Dishes (On the property of a friend's dude ranch, Benni Harper uncovers the remains of a long_dead murdered man and must keep the guests happy while unearthing the truth behind murder) $23.95
Gadziola, Rick Raw Deal (Former Boston cop Jake Morgan, kicked off the force because of his gambling problem, moves to Las Vegas and becomes embroiled in a murder case) $15.95
Gorey, Edward/Neumeyer, Peter Donald Has a Difficulty (Donald has a splinter in his foot and when his mother treats it with alcohol his difficulty reaches a whole new level) $12.95
Gorey, Edward/Neumeyer, Peter Donald and the... (Donald keeps a little white worm in a jar and strange things occur; reprint, illustrated) $12.95
Grossman, Lev Codex (Edward Wozny is asked to organize a library of rare books and discovers there is a unique medieval codex hidden in the books which has parallels to an addictive computer game) $24.00
Harrington, Kent Dia de los Muertos (A hard-boiled novel set along the Mexican-USA border) $17.95
Harris, Charlaine Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse (4), a Southern cocktail waitress with a supernatural gift, works with vampire Bill to solve crimes in the vampire world) $19.95
Hills, Kathleen Hunter's Dance (Second John McIntyre mystery, set in Michigan Upper Peninsula in the fall of 1950; signed copies available) $24.95
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay The Death Wish/Net of Cobwebs (2-in-1 omnibus reprint of 2 early (1934 and 1945) suspense novels) $19.95
Hyytinen, C. Pattern of Violence (Homicide detective and single mom Maria Sanchez goes after a serial killer of children in Minneapolis) $14.99
Kandel, Susan I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason (Writer Cece Caruso interviews a prison inmate for a book about Erle Stanley Gardner and lands in the investigation of two murders, one 40 years old and one brand new) $23.95
Laird, Thomas Black Dog (Chicago homicide detective Jimmy Parisi (3) investigates the killer Black Dog who drains the blood from young women and leaves them to die) $25.00
Lambdin, Dewey Jester's Fortune (Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure #8, 1796 Adriatic Sea) $17.95
Lane, Brian/Gregg, Wilfred eds The Encyclopedia of Mass Murder (Non-fiction; trade pb) $14.00
Leon, Donna Doctored Evidence (Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates the murder of a miserly spinster in Venice, and is the only one who believes the alibi of the chief suspect, her Romanian housekeeper) $22.00
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Piano (Reprint of 1948 humorous mystery, though a bit darker than most of the series) $14.00
Lovesey, Peter The House Sitter (British CID Inspector Peter Diamond (8) investigates the murder of a top profiler for the National Crime Faculty, who tried to thwart his search for the killer; recipient Diamond Dagger Award) $13.00
Lovesey, Peter The Summons (Detective Peter Diamond reopens a four_year old murder case in order to save an innocent man) $12.00
Magnan, Pierre The Murdered House (Reissue: In 1920, Seraphin Monge, the orphan of a family massacred in 1896 returns to remote Provence for answers and seeks vengeance) $12.50
Magnan, Pierre Beyond the Grave (Seraphin Monge has disappeared from Provence, but there have been ghostly sightings of him and he seems to be responsible for miraculous events from beyond the grave) $13.00
Mahoney, Richard D Getting Away with Murder (Non-fiction account of American Taliban John Walker Lindh and what the U.S. government had to hide) $25.00
Matera, Dary John Dillinger (Biography of the famous bank robber and "Public Enemy") $26.00
McCalman, Iain The Last Alchemist (Historical; Count Alessandro di Caglioso, mystic or charlaton, who was an influential and visible man of the late 18th century) $13.95
Miller, Jeffrey Murder at Osgoode Hall (Amicus Q. C. (for Questing Cat) teams up with Justice Mariner to investigate the death of an anti_establishment lawyer with many enemies murdered in the Law Society's library) $15.95
Murdock, Karen Good for the Cause ("Sherlockians in the Newspapers"; heavily footnoted, signed, 20-page chapbook) $7.00
Neuharth, Jan The Hunt (Attractive & wealthy fox hunter Doug Cummings is framed for the murder of his former lover and horse groom and he attempts to find the real killer) $24.95
Nicholson, Nicholas B. A. Object of Virtue (Russian art expert at a Manhattan auction house tries to track history of an exquisite 1913 Fabrerge' figurine) $14.00
Nobel, Sylvia Chasing Rayna (Deputy prosecutor Rayna Manchester is assigned to a hit and run case, and things become complicated when the suspect turns out to be the son of her former fiancé) $13.95
Nobel, Sylvia Dark Moon Crossing (Arizona reporter Kendall O'Dell (3) mystery) $17.95
Nobel, Sylvia Deadly Sanctuary (A Kendall O'Dell (1) mystery, trade pb) $15.95
Nobel, Sylvia The Devil'sCradle (A Kendall O'Dell (2) mystery) $17.95
Oakes, Andy Dragon's Eye (Chief Investigator Sun Piao in modern Shanghai at political odds when handling brutal murder of eight mutilated victims) $24.95
O'Connor, Joseph Star of the Sea (In 1847, the Star of the Sea sets sail from Ireland to New York, and among the passengers is a killer stalking the decks hungry for a vengeance that will bring him absolution) $14.00
Phelan, Twist Family Claims (Arizona business lawyer Hannah Dain has a $2,000,000 deal gone bad, and after a car bombing and two murders, she must expose family secrets to save her reputation, family law firm, and her life) $24.95
Pronzini/Greenberg-ed. The Mammoth Book of Private_Eye Stories (Collection of 30 stories featuring hard_boiled Private Eyes; trade pb) $12.95
Pronzini, Bill/Wallmann, Jeffrey M. (writing as Robert Hart Davis) Charlie Chan in the Pawns of Death (Reprint of a 1974 short novel of the classic detective) $12.99
Reed, M/Mayer, E Five for Silver (In Constantinople, 562, plague hits the city and John the Lord Chamberlain investigates murder and hidden identity where disorder rules) $24.95
Shannon, John Terminal Island (While detective Jack Liffey (7) is recovering from a collapsed lung, he is called to his hometown San Pedro where an inexplicable series of accidents have befallen residents) $25.00
Stark, Megan A Game of Proof (Barrister Sarah Newby faces problems when she agrees to defend her son on a murder/rape charge and the only other suspect is a man who she defended previously) $25.00
Stout, Rex Fer_de_lance (7 CDs, unabridged) $29.95
Trigoboff, Joseph The Bone Orchard (First of the hardboiled Detective Al Yablonsky series, set in modern New York City) $12.95
Valtos, Willaim M. The Rasputin Relic (In present-day Pennsylvania, a severed hand is found in a safety deposit box that hasn't been opened in more than 50 years, with a note saying it's Rasputin's hand, and it's still dripping blood; those who come into contact with the hand start to die in bizarre ways, and the small-town chief of police investigates) $14.95
Waugh/ McSherry/ Greenberg-ed. Murder and Mystery in Chicago (Fiction; 9 classic stories) $11.95
Westlake, Donald Thieves' Dozen (Short stories featuring the hapless thief John Dortmunder) $12.95
Westlake, Donald The Road to Ruin (6 cassettes, unabridged: John Dortmunder) $29.95
Winspear, Jacqueline Birds of a Feather (Maisie Dobbs is hired to find a wealthy grocery magnate's daughter, and when the daughter's friends start being murdered she looks for the connection) $25.00
Wishart, David A Vote for Murder (Marcus Corvinus (6) investigates the murder of one of the two candidates running for censor) $9.95


Ablow, Keith Psychopath (Forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger is asked by the FBI to help in their hunt for the Highway Killer, a serial killer traveling across the country leaving bodies in his wake) $6.99
Andrews, Mary Kay (aka Kathy Trochek) Little Bitty Lies (When her husband disappears with all their money, Mary Bliss McGowen stages his death to claim the insurance money, and everything that can go wrong does) $13.95
Antrim, Kathleen Capital Offense (Journalist Jack Rudly investigates the death of his father, Senator William Rudly, and the trail leads to a politically ambitious First Lady and the White House) $6.99
Axler, James Deathlands #66: Separation (Postapocalypse thriller; PBO) $6.50
Barclay, Linwood Bad Move (New suburban home_owner Zack Walker must make the connection between a dead environmentalist, the contents of a stolen purse, and more trouble as his life falls apart) $22.00
Barris, Chuck Bad Grass Never Dies (Sequel memoir to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ) $14.00
Bawlf, Samuel The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake 1577_1580 (Non-fiction account of Drakes' round_the_world voyage with new undiscovered evidence) $15.00
Beaton, M.C Death of a Poison Pen (4 cassettes, unabridged: When the townspeople of Lochdubh, Scotland. receive poison pen letters Hamish investigates $24.95
Bell, Nancy Restored to Death (Jackson Crain, judge in tiny Post Oak, Texas, investigates the murders of two women and connects them to a mysterious newcomer to town, exposing secrets buried in the town) $5.99
Bell, Ted Hawke (Naval hero Hawke is sent to the Caribbean on a mission to find a highly classified submarine that has disappeared and also investigates the murder of his parents there) $7.99
Benedict, Jeff Out of Bounds (Inside the NBA's culture of rape, assault, and drug use) $24.95
Berlinski, Claire Loose Lips (Selena Keller is a new CIA agent learning the trade of espionage at the Farm, and falls in love with a fellow student in this novel of how spies are recruited and trained) $12.95
Billingham, Mark Lazy Bones (Detective Inspector Tom Thorne investigates a serial killer who is killing convicted rapists when they are released from prison) $24.95
Blanc, Nero Corpus de Crossword (P.I. Roscoe Polycrates and editor Belle Graham (8) must figure out the nasty puzzle linked to the skeletal remains of a young woman discovered on land slated for development; includes crossword puzzles) $5.99
Block, Valerie None of Your Business (Detective Dennis Sprague of the NYPD Computer Crimes Squad investigates the disappearance of a celebrity tax accountant and a lot of loot) $13.95
Blunt, Giles The Delicate Storm (Detectives John Cardinal and Lisa Delorme (2); in Algonquin Bay, northern Ontario, a freak warm front moves in, spurring a smart and powerful killer to commit the perfect crime over and over; Hammett Prize nominee) $6.99
Bonfiglioli, Kyril Don't Point That Thing at Me (Reprint of the UK cult classic featuring degenerate aristocrat Charlie Mortdecai who endures all manner of nastiness while dealing in stolen art) $13.95
Bourdain, Anthony The Bobby Gold Stories (After ten years in prison, Bobby Gold is back to work breaking bones for tough guys in the club scene and restaurant business, but falls in love and things turn bad) $9.95
Boyle, Gerry Home Body (Maine reporter Jack McMorrow (8) befriends a runaway teen who disappears when his mother tries to retrieve him, and when the mother is murdered, Jack is forced to investigate) $23.95
Bradby, Tom The White Russian (In Russia, 1917, the chief investigator of the St. Petersburg Police Department investigates the murder of a young couple found on the ice of the frozen Neva river) $14.95
Brewer, John A Sentimental Murder (True account of the murder in 1779 of Martha Ray by a young clergyman) $24.00
Brown, Dale Plan of Attack (Major General Patrick McLanahan has a plan to stop a Russian sneak attack, but getting the president to listen to him will be difficult) $25.95
Buchahan, Edna The Corpse Had a Familiar Face (Non-fiction crime reprint) $7.99
Buchanan, Edna Cold Case Squad (The Miami Cold Case Squad takes on the case of a wealthy Miami man who was killed in a car explosion and are lead into an eerie shadow world of past murder and mystery) $22.95
Burke, James Lee In the Moon of Red Ponies (Billy Bob Holland has moved with his family to Montana and when Wyatt Dixon is released from prison, Billy Bob finds himself and his family menaced by this remorseless killer; abridged CDs $30.00) $24.95
Cassidy, Carla Get Blondie (Gutsy cop Cassandra Newton is assigned to take down a ruthless drug lord, after being persuaded by her former lover and partner) $5.50
Christie, Agatha The Clocks (5 cassettes, unabridged) $27.95
Collins, Max Allen CSI: Miami #2: Heat Wave (PBO) $6.99
Connelly, Joe Crumbtown (Don Reedy is paroled early from his 15_year sentence to help a TV producer turn his story into entertainment, and Don decides to rob the re-enactment of his robbery) $13.00
Cook, Thomas H. Into the Web (A man is pulled back into a twisted web of deceit and violence from which he thought he had escaped; PBO) $6.99
Coonts, Stephen-ed. Victory: The Last Stand (Vol. 3, short novels of WWII by R. Peters, J. DeFelice, J. Cobb, D. Ing) $6.99
Corcoran, Tom Octopus Alibi (Key West freelance photographer Alex Rutledge (4) must uncover the link between two high_profile murders and a thirty year old land deal) $6.99
Coulter, Catherine Blowout (Married FBI agents Savich & Sherlock (9) investigate the murder of a judge in the Supreme Court Building on the eve of a controversial death penalty case) $25.95
Craig, Philip R. A Vineyard Killing (Ex_Boston cop J.W. Jackson (14) is pitted against a ruthless real estate developer and a local killer) $6.99
Crile, George Charlie Wilson's War (Non-fiction; a CIA agent and a congressman who sent arms to Afghan rebels in the largest covert operation in history) $15.00
Crow, Michael The Bite (Luther Ewing (2) and DEA agent Francesca Russo pull off a dangerous sting with suspicious ease, and Ewing discovers he is a target of a killer and can trust no one but himself) $6.99
Cussler, Clive White Death (Kurt Austin (4) and NUMA come to the rescue of a ship after a confrontation between environmentalists and a Danish cruiser, and find something far more sinister going on) $7.99
Davis, Justine Proof (Alex Forsyth, a forensic scientist trained at Athena Academy, returns there to avenge the death of her dearest friend) $5.50
Davison, Philip The Long Suit (Harry Fielding (3) returns to M15 with a new partner, investigating a corpse found on a golf course, but the case is not as simple as it seems) $14.00
Douglas, John/Singular, Stephen Anyone You Want Me to Be (Non-fiction; account of serial killer John Robinson who found his victims on the Internet) $7.99
Doyle/Carr, John Dickson The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes (Classic 1954 collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures based on unsolved cases from the original stories; bargain hardcover) $7.99
Dunnigan, James The World War II Bookshelf (Non-fiction; listing and description of the 50 must_read books about WWII) $22.95
Engel, Howard Mr. Doyle and Dr. Bell (Alan Lambert is sentenced to hang for murder, and his brother, believing him innocent, begs Dr. Bell to find the truth with the help of Bell's student, Arthur Conan Doyle) $13.95
Erikson, KJ The Last Witness (Mars Bahr (3) investigates the brutal stabbing of the wife of a violent and possessive basketball star; signing June 26th) $6.99
Evanovich, Janet To the Nines (Stephanie Plum's (9) cousin has posted bail for an illegal immigrant and when he disappears Stephanie is on the trail) $7.99
Evans, Jon Dark Places (Paul Wood is a trekker, and while hiking in the Himalayas discovers a mutilated body killed in the same way as his girlfriend 2 years earlier, and is compelled to investigate; trade pb) $13.95
Fanning, Diane Into the Water (Non-fiction: A sadistic psychopath lures a 15_year old girl into his house and when she escapes he leads the police on a chase that ends in disaster) $6.99
Farrell, J.G. The Siege of Krishnapur (In 1857 India, a remote Victorian outpost falls under siege by rebels and gaping cracks appear in the veneer of their civility) $14.95
Flander, Scott Four to Midnight (Sergeant Eddie North (2) investigates the beating of a black Philadelphia city councilman who blames two of his best cops) $7.50
Fowler, Christopher Full Dark House (When a bomb claims 80_year old Arthur Bryant, his detective friend and partner of 50 years investigates and is led to their first case together for answers) $24.00
Frasier, Anne Play Dead (A female homicide detective in Savannah must confront the truth about her own past to stop a twisted serial killer; local author; PBO) $6.99
French, Nicci Secret Smile (Sister gets involved with Miranda's ex_boyfriend, who turns out to have a terrible secret hidden behind his attractive smile) $24.00
Furst, Alan The Book of Spies (Collection of stories of literary espionage) $14.95
Geary, Nancy Redemption (Frances Pratt, still reeling from the murder of her stepmother, returns to Manchester_by_the_Sea, and is thrust into an investigation of the death of another relative) $6.99
Glob, P.V. The Bog People (An archaeologist investigates a body found in a bog, and it turns out to be a 2,000 year old murder victim) $14.00
Gorman, Ed Everybody's Somebody's Fool (In 1961 Black River Falls, Iowa, a beautiful corpse is found during a class reunion party, and lawyer Sam McCain (5) finds himself saddled with defending an innocent local bad boy) $5.99
Grace, Alexander M Crisis (In a high_stakes bid to remain in power, Fidel Castro initiates two shocking military actions that strike at the heart of the US and the Soviet Union) $6.99
Grimes, Martha The Dirty Duck (Reprint: Superintendent Richard Jury (4)) $7.99
Guest, Judith The Tarnished Eye (In the small town of Blessed, Michigan, Sheriff Hugh DeWitts investigates the staggering murder of a woman, her husband, and their four children) $24.00
Hamilton, Steve Blood is the Sky (Michigan Private Investigator Alex McKnight (4) heads to the Canadian woods in pursuit of a relentless killer) $6.99
Harper, Karen Dark Harvest (Policewoman Kat Lindley agrees to a dangerous masquerade in the local Amish community to discover who is attacking the Amish children; romantic suspense; PBO) $5.99
Hodel, Steve The Black Dahlia Avenger (Non-fiction; purportedly solves notorious 1947 sadistic LA murder; documents, 115 photos) $14.95
Holm & Hamel The Stink Files: The Postman Always Brings Mice (A dashing British cat who solves crime has been adopted by a New Jersey boy, and discovers the long paw of evil stretches to America) $14.99
Howard, Linda All the Queen's Men (Reprint: Niema Burdock and CIA Black Ops specialist John Medina try to crack a ring of French arms dealers supplying terrorists) $7.99
Hubbard, S.W. Swallow the Hook (Trout Run Police Chief Frank Bennet (2) investigates the death of a woman involved in a black market adoption group) $6.99
Johnson, Mat Hunting in Harlem (Ambitious reporter Piper Goines investigates a Harlem neighborhood's high accident rate while a new realty company buys up brownstones and may be responsible for the problem) $13.95
Jones, Stephen Graham All the Beautiful Sinners (Deputy Sheriff Jim Doe investigates the murder of the Nazareth, Texas town sheriff and discovers that the suspect is connected to the disappearance of Doe's sister years ago) $13.95
Kellogg, Marne Davis Brilliant (An American woman who works at a prestigious London auction house moonlights as a jewel thief) $6.99
Keneally, Thomas The Tyrant's Novel (In the near future, a writer in a detention camp has a secret about the government and its brutal leader and races against a deadline that could cost him everything he hold) $25.00
Kerley, Jack The Hundredth Man (When cryptic messages are found on a pair of corpses in Mobile, AL, Junior detective Carson Rydaer and veteran cop Harry Nautilus investigate) $23.95
King, Larry/Cook, Thomas H. Moon Over Manhattan (Allison Vandemeer concocts a plan to get into film school against the wishes of her media megastar father and unleashes a web of intrigue and insanity in New York) $7.99
Kolb, Larry J. Over World (Non-fiction account of a spy at every stage of his career) $24.95
Konrath, J.A. Whiskey Sour (Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels seeks a serial killer named The Gingerbread Man while her personal life comes apart at the seams) $21.95
Koontz, Dean The Taking (In a California mountain town, strange weather takes on a sinister tone as the town loses all communication and the residents find that some thing is hunting them) $27.00
Lange, Kelly Dead File (TV reporter Maxi Poole is asked by the husband of a murdered vitamin retailer to investigate and puts herself in danger in the process) $6.99
Lanier, Virginia A Bloodhound to Die For (Jo Beth Sidden and her bloodhounds (6) are on the track of an escaped prisoner, and elderly woman who has wandered into the Okefenokee Swamp, and a deadly rumor) $6.99
Lee, Dr. Henry/Labriolam Dr. Jerry Famous Crimes Revisited (Non-fiction; a world-famous forensic scientist re-examines the evidence on the century's most controversial crimes) $7.99
Leon, Judith Code Name: Dove (CIA agent Nova Blair is assigned to track down an eco_terrorist using any means necessary, including seduction, and faces confusion as she falls for her target) $5.50
Leonard, Elmore A Coyote's in the House (Children's book featuring a coyote who joins a family and a dog who wants to discover the wild) $15.95
Levine, Laura Last Writes (Wisecracking pen-for-hire Jaine Austen (2) on Hollywood sit-com set when no-good heart throb drops dead from poisoned doughnut) $5.99
Levinson, Paul The Pixel Eye (NYC forensic detective Dr. Phil D'Amato discovers that someone is using a new technology that can transmit what small animals see to human observers, but who uses it, Federal agents or terrorists) $14.95
Littell, Robert The Debriefing (Classic reprint: Stone, head of Task Force 753, must find out if a defecting Russian agent is for real) $24.95
Logan, Chuck Vapor Trail (When a priest is found dead, undercover cop Phil Broker (4) is recruited to help stop a vigilante's murderous rage) $7.99
Lowell, Elizabeth Die in Plain Sight (Lacey Quinn inherits the paintings of her grandfather which have clues to a murder in them, and a series of violent events occur as she investigates) $7.99
Lowell, Elizabeth The Color of Death (A man transporting priceless jewels is murdered and the gem_cutter for whom the jewels were intended investigates) $24.95
Mair, George Angel of Death: The Charles Cullen Story (Non-fiction; nurse suspected of killing 30-40 patients over sixteen years) $9.95
Mallinson, Allan The Sabre's Edge (In 1824, British cavalry officer Matthew Hervey (5) leads his troops against Burmese warmonger Durjan Sal who has taken refuge in an infamous and impenetrable fortress) $25.95
McCarry, Charles Old Boys (Agent Paul Christopher's ashes are sent back from China; but cousin, daughter, and former CIA "old boys" colleagues don't believe he's dead; search encounters muslin terrorist, ex-Nazis, ex-KGB, double-crossers and more) $25.95
McCarthy, Billy The Devil of Shakespeare (In the near future, David Faulkner escapes his working_class Chicago roots to become a star in Hollywood, but gives it all up, setting off a threatening chain of events) $24.95
McClafferty, S. K. Be Very Afraid (When daughter is murdered by serial killer she was investigating, FBI agent's life's in danger and ex-husband must protect her) $5.99
McInery/Greenberg eds Murder Most Divine (Eighteen stories of sleuthing among the clergy) $9.99
McKenna, Lindsay Daughter of Destiny (The medicine woman of her tribe has told Lt. Kai Aseoun that it is her destiny to find the ark of her people before an enemy uses it for evil purposes) $5.50
McMillan, Ann Chickahominy Fever (Richmond June 1862, Confederate nurse Narcissa Powers (4) and free black herbalist Judah Daniel are on quests that bring them into the investigation of a stolen letter which will change the course of the war) $6.99
Medico, K/Barrows, M A Perversion of Justice (Non-fiction; story of Derek and Alex King, the youngest defendants ever to be tried for murder in the state of Florida) $7.50
Meier, Leslie Star Spangled Murder (As nudists descend on Tinker's Cove and local lobstermen are upset about poaching, Lucy Stone investigates the hit_and_run death of her nosy neighbor Mrs. Pratt) $22.00
Michaels, Kasey Maggie by the Book (Writer Maggie Kelly (2) attends a romance writers convention and when a handsome cover model is found dead, she must find the murder) $6.99
Minichino, Camille The Boric Acid Murder (When the body of activist Yolanda Fiore is found in the Revere Public Library, transplanted Berkeley physicist Gloria Lamerino is determined to solve the case to save a friend) $5.99
Mosley, Walter Little Scarlet (At the height of the 1965 Watts riots, Easy Rawlins investigates the murder of a woman whose killer's rage is woven around race and passion) $24.95
Myers, Roy M.D. The Man Who Lost His Head (Collection of 51 oddball medical case histories from the humorous to the disconcerting) $17.95
Myers, Tamar Statue of Limitations (In the Den of Antiquity Series (10) murder is brought about by a tacky sculpture; PBO) $6.99
Nasaw, Jonathan Twenty_Seven Bones (Retired FBI agent E. L. Pender agrees to help a friend, police chief in the Virgin Islands, track down a pair of evil serial killers) $25.00
Newman, Sandra The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done (Siblings inherit a mansion on the coast of California and hatch a plan to start a fraudulent Tibetan School of Miracles, while one discover's her adoptive father's secret past) $13.95
Niles, D/Dobson, M Fox at the Front (Alternate WWII where the bomb plot against Hitler was successful and Patton and Rommel are now on the same side) $7.99
Nova, Craig Cruisers (After committing an unspeakable crime, Alfred hits the road and waiting for him is lawman Jake, and their encounter leaves them changed forever) $24.00
Palmer, Linda Love is Murder (Soap opera writer Morgan Tyler's life begins to look like one of her scripts when boss is murdered and she becomes the next target of the killer; PBO) $5.99
Parkhurst, Carolyn The Dogs of Babel (A novel of love and marriage; a man tries to solve the mystery of his wife's death with the help of the only witness _ the family dog) $13.95
Patterson, James Sam's Letters to Jennifer (A tantalizing mystery entwining two touching love stories) $24.95
Peace, David Nineteen Eighty (Red Riding Quartet #3: Yorkshire is terrorized by the Ripper while the corrupt police continue to prosper) $15.00
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #71: Terms of Control (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #305: Hard Pursuit (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.75
Perez_Reverte, Arturo The Queen of the South (Teresa Mendoza goes on the run when her drug_ smuggling boyfriend is killed, and must lose her innocence and become tough to survive in her new world; translated; unabridged cassettes $44.95) $25.95
Phelps, M. W. Lethal Guardian (Non-fiction; murder-for-hire conspiracy centered around bitter child custody battle; photos; PBO) $6.50
Pickard, Nancy/Lott, Lynn Seven Steps on the Writer's Path (Easy to follow seven step plan to writing fulfillment) $13.95
Price, Richard Samaritan (After a good samaritan is nearly beaten to death and won't name his assailant, New Jersey Detective Nerese Evans sets out to unlock the secret of his reticence) $14.00
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Four and a Boy (When a philanthropist in 6th century Constantinople is murdered, John the Eunuch is assigned to ferret out the killer and act as a spy in a web of rivalries for the crown) $6.99
Reichs, Kathy Bare Bones (Tempe Brennan investigates the death of a new born baby burned in a wood stove, and as bodies and bones mount up, her investigation leads to one isolated North Carolina farm) $7.99
Reichs, Kathy Monday Morning (Tempe Brennan is in Montreal to testify at a murder trail when three skeletons are recovered from shallow graves and realizes that the situation echoes a crime from the past; abridged CDs $30.00) $25.00
Reuland, Robert Semiautomatic (Brooklyn ADA Andrew Giobberti prosecutes a murder suspect in a bodega robbery gone bad, but as he digs deeper into the case finds a conspiracy that reaches into the political hierarchy) $24.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley Forty Signs of Rain (As global warming becomes serious, Congress won't help and a new technology could provide an answer if the public good could be put above private gain) $25.00
Rosenfelt, David Bury the Lead (NJ defense attorney Andy Carpenter (3) reluctantly tries to prove the innocence of a reporter accused of being a brutal serial killer) $24.00
Rosenfelt, David First Degree (Defense attorney Andy Carpenter knows who murdered a man, and when his girlfriends is accused of the crime, he must prove her innocence) $6.99
Ryan, Charles Recon Force: Thunderbolt (#2 elite WW II U.S. army unit; PBO) $6.99
Schaffer, Dylan Misdemeanor Man (Public defender by day and lead singer in a Barry Manilow cover band by night, Gordon Seegerman is assigned the case of a flasher and the easy case takes a dangerous turn) $23.95
Scheen, Kjersti Final Curtain (In Oslo, former actress and P.I.Margaret Moss investigates when a fellow actress goes missing and her search is filled with danger and intrigue) $17.00
Scottoline, Lisa Dead Ringer (When Philadelphia lawyer Bennie Rosato loses her wallet, someone assumes her identity and wreaks havoc including murder, and Bennie must track down the killer) $7.99
Scottoline, Lisa Killer Smile (Lawyer Mary DiNunzio is receiving death threats and begins to suspect that the case she is working on is the reason a killer is on her trail; abridged CDs $29.95) $25.95
Shah, Tahir In Search of King Solomon's Mines (Non-fiction account of the author's quest to find the source of King Solomon's gold in Ethiopia) $13.95
Shriver, Lionel We Need to Talk About Kevin (The story of a mother's quest to understand her teenage son's deadly violence, her own ambivalence toward motherhood and the explosive link between them) $13.95
Siegel, James Derailed (Ad exec Charles Schine betrays his family with a woman he meets on a train and when a man is murdered he must fight to get his life back on track) $6.99
Sloan, Bob The Middle of Nowhere (NYC homicide detective Lenny Bliss (3) investigates a murder in a swanky apartment where he has been before, which taints the investigation and makes Bliss a suspect) $12.00
Smith, Carlton/Guillen, Tomas The Search for the Green River Killer (Non-fiction account of the investigation into the famous Green River killer in Seattle) $7.99
Spindler, Erica See Jane Die (A woman with ties to Jane Killian's husband is found murdered and he is the prime suspect, but Jane knows the man who nearly killed her 17 years before is back to kill her) $19.95
Sprinkle, Patricia When Will the Dead Lady Sing? (When the body of a local vagrant is found dead and all signs point to MacLaren Yarbrough's (4) old college boyfriend, Mac caught in a murder investigation; PBO) $5.99
Staalesen, Gunnar The Writing on the Wall (In Norway, detective Varg Veum investigates the death of a judge found in a hotel room clad only in women's lingerie) $17.00
Stafford, David Spies Beneath Berlin (Non-fiction; account of Operation Stopwatch/Gold, where the CIA tunneled under the Russian section of Cold War Berlin and listened to German Red Army intelligence) $15.95
Staub, Wendy Kiss Her Goodbye (Teen girls are disappearing from "safe" streets of upscale NY community as woman with shattering secret has daughter targeted; PBO) $6.99
Stevens, Rosemary Murder in the Pleasure Gardens (Beau Brummell (4) is determined to prove the innocence of a military officer who Society has deemed a murderer) $6.99
Stewart, Mariah Dead Wrong (First book in a new romantic thriller trilogy; PBO) $6.99
Stockwin, Julian Mutiny (In 1797, Kydd (4) must decide whether to join his shipmates in a mutiny or remain loyal to the crown and fight the sailors involved) $24.00
Stodghill, Ron Redbone (Non-fiction; the murder of millionaire Africa_American philanthropist Lance Herndon) $24.00
Stout, Rex Too Many Cooks (7 CDs unabridged) $32.95
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles Ablaze (Bubbles Yablonsky (3) is drawn into a conspiracy linked to a secret cadre of strange women and a mysterious assassin as she investigates a bizarre murder) $6.99
Stroud, Carson Cuba Straight (Ex_cop Rick Broca rescues an American pilot in the Florida Keyes and is forced back into working for the US and into an ugly confrontation with Cuba) $7.99
Stroud, Carsten Cobraville (Captain Cole Langan's unit is sent to the Philippines to find a CIA unit where an elusive Al Qaedq leader has set a trap to frame them for a brutal massacre) $24.95
Swain, James Loaded Dice (Ex_cop Tony Valentine flies to Las Vegas in search of his missing son and lands inside a treacherous game with higher stakes than he imagined; abridged CDs $27.50) $22.95
Swain, James Sucker Bet (Grifter_buster Tony Valentine (3) at S. Florida casino must solve puzzle of missing dealer, gangsters, employer w/secret, big bucks and double-cross before luck runs out) $6.99
Taylor, Thomas H Behind Hitler's Lines (aka The Simple Sounds of Freedom ; Non-fiction; story of Joseph Beyrle, of 101st Airborne, only soldier to fight for both US and USSR) $6.99
Thomas, Will Some Danger Involved (In Victorian London, Det. Cyrus Barker & his apprentice Thomas Llewelyn work to solve the gruesome murder of a young scholar) $22.95
Thomas_Graham, Pamela Orange Crushed (Harvard professor Nikki Chase investigates the death of the head of the Princeton Department of African_American Studies found in the burned_out new department building) $24.00
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Marble Row (In turn_of_the_century New York City, midwife Sarah Brandt (5) helps Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy investigate the murder of a wealthy industrialist in an explosion/arson) $21.95
Tracey, Kathleen Diana Rigg: The Biography (Bio of the actress most famous for her role as Mrs. Peel in the Avengers) $15.95
Tremayne, Peter Our Lady of Darkness (Sister Fidelma (9) has only 24 hours to prevent her friend Brother Eadulf from being executed for a crime he did not commit) $6.50
Vining, Dan The Quick (Hollywood PI Jimmy Miles helps the daughter of a man executed for murder find out the truth behind the killing with a supernatural twist; PBO) $7.99
Wald, Noreen Death With an Ocean View (Senior citizen sleuth Kate Kennedy is spending her retirement investigating murder near her Florida home; PBO) $5.99
Waldman, Ayelet Death Gets a Time_Out (Public defender turned stay_at_home mom Julie Applebaum (4) agrees to help a famous friend clear her brother of murder and suspects her friend may not be as innocent as she seems) $6.99
Wallace, Max/Halperin, Ian Love and Death (Exploration of the circumstances surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain) $25.00
Weisman, John Jack in the Box (CIA case officer Sam Waterman attempts to unravel a conspiracy that has planted human time bombs deep within the US government) $24.95
Weisman, John SOAR: A Black Ops Mission (A covert CIA operation to bug a nuclear site in China goes wrong when the black ops team is captured by Islamic terrorists and Major Michael Ritzik is called in to rescue them) $7.50
Whitcomb, Christopher Black (An FBI agent, a CIA assassin, a millionaire, and the former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee are all on a collision course with a terrorist) $24.95
White, Randy Wayne Everglades (Doc Ford (10) goes deep into the Everglades to find a friend's husband, where a shady character puts both their lives on the endangered list) $6.99
Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs (After working as a nurse during WWI, Maisie Dobbs sets up as a PI and her first case, seemingly an ordinary infidelity case, soon reveals a much deeper, darker web of secrets; Agatha Award/Edgar & Dilys nominated; signing June 6) $14.00
Wiprud, Brian Pipsqueak (Zany, action_packed caper involving a squirrel and a wild journey) $6.99
Yapalater, Karin An Hour to Kill (Two New York City detectives investigate a series of brutal murders) $6.99


Black, Ingrid The Dead (A Dublin serial killer who disappeared five years ago is back and killing again _ Dublin police turn to ex_FBI agent Saxon for her insights and help) $23.95
Bruen, Ken Blitz (A serial killer is murdering cops on their beats, and the notorious South East London police squad must find him while their personal lives are falling apart) $12.95
Burke, Alafair Missing Justice (Deputy DA Samantha Kincaid investigates disappearance of the wife of a Portland city judge & discovers secrets he would prefer to remain hidden) $19.95
Child, Lee The Enemy (A case takes Jack Reacher back into his haunted past and he finds with this case he can no longer live by his own rules) $25.00
Cutler, Judith Staying Power (Detective Sargent Kate Power (2) believes an apparent suicide is really a murder and is determined to uncover the shocking truth despite still being a newcomer to the Birmingham police force) $23.95
D'Amato, Barbara Death of a Thousand Cuts (During a reunion of a school for autistic children, the school's founder is found tortured to death in the basement turning the reunion into a bloody nightmare) $24.95
Dezenhall, Eric Jackie Disaster (In Atlantic City, Jackie DeSoto runs a crisis management firm and when an assassin tries to kill him he finds the current case he is working on is more dangerous then it seems) $14.95
Dezenhall, Eric Shakedown Beach (Jonah Eastman and his pack of oddballs and wise guys team up again, entering the seedy world of Atlantic City politics working with a governor who has a terrible secret) $24.95
Diamond, Diana The First Wife (Jane Warren marries a debonair and wealthy widower and discovers that the death of his first wife may not have been an accident and her own life may be in danger) $24.95
Earley, Pete The Big Secret (US Senate investigator Nick LeRue goes to Mississippi when his former girlfriend and reporter Heather Cole disappears while researching a 1955 lynching and suspects the KKK) $24.95
Evanovich, Janet Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum (10) is the lone witness to a gang executed robbery and cop shooting and a contract is issued for her head with a California_based killer looking for her; unabridged cassettes $29.95, unabridged CDs $34.95) $26.95
Hackman, Gene/Lenihan, Daniel Justice for None (A troubled WWI veteran in the Great Depression has been accused of murdering his estranged wife and teams up with another wrongly accused man to fight against injustice) $24.95
Hamilton, Steve Ice Run (While on a romantic weekend, Alex McKnight and Natalie Reynaud find an ominous message in their hotel room and must face a terrible Reynaud family secret) $21.95
Logue, Mary Bone Harvest (Deputy sheriff Claire Watkins investigates a fifty_year old murder in Fort St. Antoine, WI when malicious pranks in the present seem to point towards the old murder) $23.95
Murphy, Margaret Darkness Falls (Attorney Clara Pascal is kidnapped and while police work frantically to find her she realizes that her abductor has links to her past) $24.95
Poyer, David The Command (A terrorist targets the USS Horn, commanded by Dan Lenson (8) and with an inexperienced crew he must face the explosive attack on his ship) $24.95
Riggs, Cynthia Jack in the Pulpit (The story of Victoria Trumbull's (4) first case _ Victoria investigates a series of deaths that are the result of anonymous packs of food left at people's front doors) $22.95
Saylor, Steven The Judgement of Caesar (Gordianus the Finder (10) and his mysteriously ailing wife travel to Egypt and when she disappears into the Nile, Gordianus is thrust into the middle of a murderous struggle between Ptolemy and Cleopatra) $24.95
Tallman, Shirley Murder on Nob Hill (In 1880 San Francisco, Sarah Woolson is a lawyer whose first case leads her to the trail of a serial killer) $23.95
Thompson, June The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes (Third in author's "secrets trilogy" with solutions to as-yet-unsolved cases from the canon; British import) $25.95
Tirone_Smith, Mary Ann She Smiled Sweetly (FBI agent Poppy Rice is called in to help when the body of a pregnant woman washes ashore in Boston Harbor, and discovers a connection with another drowning 30 years earlier) $25.00
Title, Elise Conviction (When a beautiful Boston socialite is murdered and her secret life as a high_stakes call girl is discovered, corrections officer Natalie Price (3) goes undercover to find a killer) $24.95
Tourney, Leonard Time's Fool (Shakespeare is the only witness to the murder of a young actor on a deserted stage, is a suspect, and travels England in disguise to find the real killer) $24.95
Waiwaiole, Lono Wiley's Shuffle (Wiley (2) and his best friend Leon travel to Las Vegas and LA to confront a sociopathic pimp who is dating a friend of theirs, leading to a brutal showdown in Portland) $23.95
Wilson, Derek Tripletree (When the body of a woman is dragged out of a lake during a Civil War fancy dress party, parapsychic investigator Nathaniel Gye tries to unravel the truth) $23.95


Dixon, Franklin W. The Sinister Signpost (Hardy Boys #15, published in a facsimile reproduction of the original 1936 edition) $17.95
Hughes, Dorothy B The Blackbirder (In 1943 a woman who escaped the Nazis must go on the run again and try to find the Blackbirder, a legend among refugees, to help her escape the Gestapo, the FBI, and the NYPD) $14.95
Jardine, Quinton Unnatural Justice (A blackmailer threatens Oz Blackestone's (7) father by some very nasty people who will kill to get what they want, and Oz fights back) $8.95
Jecks, Michael The Outlaws of Ennor (In 1323, Simon and Baldwin are separated during a shipwreck, and end up in a parallel investigation of the murder of a hated tax rival on the island of Ennor) $9.95
Lustbader, Eric Van The Bourne Legacy (The late Robert Ludlum's character has a new adventure from a new author) $25.95


Ablow, Keith Murder Suicide (5 CDs abridged: Forensic psychiatrist investigates the murder of a brilliant inventor and millionaire who is murdered the night before life_altering surgery) $29.95
Adler, David A. Cam Jansen #8: Mystery of the Monster Movie (Young Adult) $3.99
Adler, David A. Cam Jansen #9: The Mystery of the Carnival Prize (Young Adult) $3.99
Adler, David A. Cam Jansen #10: Mystery of the Monkey House (Young Adult) $3.99
Ambler, Eric Passage of Arms (Classic 1959 espionage from Grand Master) $12.00
Bay, Austin The Wrong Side of Brightness (Ex_soldier Peter Ford living in post_Desert Storm Iraq, hunts down the men responsible for killing his superior officer to find out the truth for himself; trade pb) $12.95
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Cad (Reprint; Hamish MacBeth #2) $6.99
Bell, Ted Assassin (Hawke (2) agrees to help track down someone who is systematically murdering American diplomats and their families around the globe) $25.00
Black, Ethan Dead for Life (Detective Contad Voort receives a card on his birthday announcing that a killer will murder four people by day's end and with few clues Voort must find a way to stop him) $7.99
Blanc, Nero Anatomy of a Crossword (Crossword editor Belle Graham is working as a consultant for a new TV show when one of the actors is murdered and Belle must investigate on her own as her P.I. husband is far away; 6 puzzles included) $13.00
Born, James O. Walking Money (Florida State cop Bill Tasker is framed when a satchel with a million and a half dollars disappears and he must clear his name as well as save his life) $23.95
Box, C.J. Trophy Hunt (Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett (5) investigates a series of animal mutilations when the stakes skyrocket as the prey becomes human) $24.95
Box, C.J. Winterkill (Game warden Joe Pickett's (3) pursuit of a killer through the rugged mountains of Wyoming takes a horrifying turn when his beloved foster daughter is kidnapped) $6.99
Bradfield, Scott Good Girl Wants It Bad (Delilah Riordan has been charged with murder many times over, and sits in a Texas penitentiary trying to prove her innocence while corresponding with a legion of admirers; PBO) $14.00
Brandt, Kathy Dark Water Dive (Homicide Detective Hannah Sampson (2) investigates the murder of a tourist in the British Virgin Islands while her colleagues try to sink her; PBO) $5.99
Brodrick, William The 6th Lamentation (Suffolk 1995; Father Anselm struggles to uncover the truth about a man he has given sanctuary to, and a woman discovers he is a Nazi war criminal who denounced her grandmother; Dilys Award nominee) $14.00
Brooks, Larry Bait and Switch (Former model Wolfgang Schmitt is hired by a billionaire to seduce his wife, setting off a prenuptial clause, and putting Schmitt in the way of power and money; PBO) $7.99
Brown, Jim Black Valley (When a drifter comes to town and a series of bizarre murders begins, physicist Dean Truman must overcome his past to stop the killing and save his friends and family; science and supernatural) $6.99
Burdett, John Bangkok 8 (When a Marine and a cop are murdered in Bangkok, the cop's partner teams up with a beautiful FBI agent to find the killer and wreak vengeance) $12.95
Burrough, Bryan Public Enemies (Non-fiction; account of America's greatest crime wave, 1933_34, and the birth of the FBI) $27.95
Camilleri, Andrea Voice of the Violin (Sicilian Inspector Montalbano's (4) discovery of a lovely, naked young woman suffocated in her bed sets him on a search for her killer) $11.00
Carpenter, Teresa The Miss Stone Affair (In 1901, Protestant missionary Ellen Stone was kidnapped by Balkan revolutionaries creating a dilemma for Theodore Roosevelt _ should he send in the Navy to rescue her?) $14.00
Castrique, Mark Dangerous Undertaking (Undertaker and former Charlotte N.C. cop Barry Clayton is wounded by an unbalanced gunman at a funeral, and when the gunman is murdered, Barry realizes his life is in danger) $6.99
Christie, Agatha The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (3 cassettes, unabridged: Collection of stories by Christie) $22.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Popped (Super Sleuth Regan Regan investigates murder and mayhem at the Albuqueque International Balloon Fiesta) $6.99
Clark, Mary Jane Nowhere to Run (TV medical reporter Annabelle Murphy seeks answers as colleagues at KEY News die with symptoms of anthrax poisoning and the authorities lock down the Broadcast Center) $6.99
Cockey, Tim Backstabber (A man has been murdered in undertaker Hitchcock Sewell's (5) kitchen, Hitch smells a rat in a nursing home, and he tries to solve both problems) $21.95
Coffey, Jan Fourth Victim (Someone is killing off the survivors of a New Mexico cult's mass suicide and a determined cop will risk everything to keep the last survivor alive) $6.50
Collins, Marion The Palm Beach Murder (Non-fiction; account of a Palm Beach millionaire who hired a hit man to kill his wife, then fled the country; PBO) $6.99
Connors, Rose Maximum Security (Defense attorney Marty takes on the case of a wealthy woman accused of murdering her husband for his money, and as the evidence mounts Marty doubts her judgement) $24.00
Connors, Rose Temporary Sanity (Defense attorney Marty's first case is a client who shot his son's killer on live television, and her hunt for the truth puts her in the path of a vengeful killer) $7.50
Corbett, David Done for a Dime (Brutal and affecting follow_up to The Devil's Redhead ) $12.95
Corbett, David The Devil's Redhead (Reprint: Novel of one tough cop's investigation of a murder) $12.95
Cornwell, Bernard/Kells, Susannah A Crowning Mercy (Historical adventure novel; a young Puritan woman will risk everything to find love and a secret fortune) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Blind Side (Married FBI agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich (8) investigate a boy's kidnapping while desperately searching for killer of five teachers in Washington, D.C.) $7.99
Cussler, C/ Kemprecos, P Lost City (People attempting to harvest an enzyme from the ocean that will prolong life are being killed & the NUMA team investigates; unabridged cassettes $39.95) $26.95
Deaver, Jeffery Garden of Beasts (A conscience_plagued mobster turned government hitman struggles to find his moral compass amid rampant treachery and betrayal in 1936 Berlin; abridged CDs $30.00) $24.95
Deaver, Jeffery The Vanished Man (Rhyme and Sachs investigate a murder at a New York music school where the killer vanished from a locked room and face an unstoppable killer with one final trick up his sleeve) $7.99
Eisler, Barry Hard Rain (Japanese-American freelance hit man John Rain (2) has a new target who threatens the fragile political balance of an entire country) $6.99
Eisler, Barry Rain Storm (John Rain (3) has fled to Brazil is persuaded by his old employer, the CIA, to take on a high_risk assignment against a ruthless arms dealer) $24.95
Emerson, Earl Into the Inferno (6 months after responding to an accident involving a truck of chemicals, firefighters start succumbing to strange illnesses and one tries to find answers) $6.99
Erickson, Lynn After Hours (NYPD Detective moonlights as a bodyguard and sells secrets to a tabloid, but his life changes when he shadows society wallflower Portia Wells and threats are played out; PBO) $6.99
Forbes, Leslie Waking Raphael (The restoration of Raphael's painting drives a mute woman to a shocking act of violence and sparks an investigation into a nearly forgotten war crime) $25.00
Ford, G.M. A Blind Eye (Frank Corso (3) and Meg Dougherty are on the run from a Texas warrant, and when they crash their car in a Midwestern blizzard, they seek shelter in a Wisconsin house of horror) $6.99
Ford, G.M. Red Tide (Seattle journalist and true_crime writer Frank Corso (4) must prevent a horrifying act of mass destruction from annihilating his city) $23.95
Geary, Nancy Regrets Only (Assigned to homicide, Philadelphia detective Lucy O'Malley becomes involved with a rich heir while investigating the mysterious death of his mother) $24.00
George, Elizabeth-ed. A Moment on the Edge (26 stories; 100 years of crime stories by women) $24.95
Goodman, Carol The Drowning Tree (Stained glass artist Juno McKay attends a college reunion and when the speaker who used to be her best friend is murdered, Juno realizes a dark secret about the school) $24.95
Grippando, James Last to Die (The murder of an unhappy heiress plunges Jack Swyteck deep into a case of greed and survival) $7.50
Hardy, Jules Mister Candid (17 years ago an entire family disappeared and ever since the FBI has been hunting a serial killer whose victims are criminals that the law can't touch) $14.00
Harvey, John Flesh and Blood (Retired Detective Inspector Elder is haunted by an old case of rape and murder and becomes involved when the man responsible murders again) $25.00
Hiaasen, Carl Skinny Dip (Inept marine scientist Chaz Perrone tries to kill his wife who has found out about his dirty dealings, but she survives and stays underground to haunt and taunt Chaz) $24.95
Hoag, Tami Kill the Messenger (Bike messenger Jace Damon discovers a murdered lawyer and is tagged as the prime suspect, and he must elude both the cops and the bad guys as he tries to clear his name; unabridged cassettes $44.95) $27.00
Hooper, Kay Sense of Evil (FBI Special Agent, profiler and psychic Isabel Adams investigates a serial killer who targets beautiful blonde women, much like Isabel herself) $7.50
Jackson, Jon A. No Man's Dog (Detective Sergeant Mulheisen retires to nurse his aging grandmother who was injured in a terrorist bombing, and decides to investigate on his own to find the bombers, but he may have to team up with old nemesis Joe Service) $24.00
James, Susan S. The Belles of Solace Glen (Before the matriarch of small town dies, she asks maid Flip Paxton to find three letters hidden for generations by the women of her family, and strange things occur; PBO) $6.50
Johnson, Sheila Blood Highway (Non-fiction; story of murderous madman Hayward Bissell, who led a bloody rampage down an Alabama highway; PBO) $6.50
Katzenbach, John The Madman's Tale (A former patient of a hospital for the insane attends a reunion that sparks memories of a murdered nurse 20 years ago, and when the killer resurfaces, he investigates) $24.95
Kava, Alex At the Stroke of Madness (While on vacation in Connecticut, FBI Special Agent Maggie O'Dell is asked by a friend to investigate the disappearance of a woman and is drawn into a case that confounds local police) $6.99
Kellerman, Faye Street Dreams (LAPD Officer Cindy Decker, daughter of Peter, finds a newborn in a dumpster and hunts through the seamier side fo Hollywood for the mother with help from her dad) $7.99
Kelman, Judith Every Step You Take (While writing a novel about identity theft, Claire Barrow discovers that someone is stealing her life and the killer her husband put behind bars has been released) $7.99
Kelner, Toni L.P. Wed and Buried (When her great_aunt's new husband is nearly murdered, southern_born sleuth Laura Fleming heads home to investigate a case of greedy power plays and small_town secrets) $5.99
Kumar, Jay Dark Woods (Deputy Frank Vaughn is tracking a strange wounded beast, but there's only one thing more terrifying than what he's hunting _ it's what's hunting him.; PBO) $5.99
Kurson, Robert Shadow Divers (Non-fiction; two Americans discovered Hitler's lost sub and solved one of the last mysteries of WWII) $26.95
Land, Jon The Blue Widows (Israeli police Daniella Barnea finds papers in a terrorist hideout in Gaza, a religious edict to bring about a biblical prophecy, and enlists Palestinian-American detective Ben Kamal (9) to help her stop the terrorists) $6.99
Lange, Kelly Graveyard Shift (While working the graveyard shift, reporter Maxi Poole (3) investigates a missing boy and a city_wide murder spree in the most terrifying challenge of her career) $25.00
Leuci, Robert All the Centurions (Non-fiction: the life of a New York City cop on the street from 1961_1981) $22.95
Levine, Laura Killer Blonde (Freelance writer Jaine Austen (3) is ghostwriting a book for a Beverly Hills socialite and finds her dead in the bathtub with an abundance of peroxided suspects) $22.00
Lippman, Laura By a Spider's Thread (Tess Monaghan (7) agrees to help a man find his missing wife and children, and discovers that they have taken up with an ex_con named Zeke and become accomplices to his crimes) $24.95
Logan, Chuck After the Rain (Phil Broker discovers his wife is running a smuggling operation, bringing in components for a terrorist plot, and when she is taken hostage Broker is forced into action; abridged cassettes $25.95; signing Saturday July 24) $24.95
Long, Jeff The Reckoning (Photojournalist Molly Drake travels to Cambodia to cover the search for the remains of a pilot missing for 30 years and runs into interesting characters and danger) $25.00
Lovell, Glenville Love and Death in Brooklyn (When his friend and mentor is gunned down in Brooklyn, black ex_cop Blades Overstreet knows he won't be able to rest until the killer is brought to justice) $23.95
Lovell, Glenville Too Beautiful to Die (A pretty actress, her missing father, and a murdered FBI agent spell frame_up for ex_NYPD cop Blades Overstreet) $6.99
MacKenzie/Karas/Muscato Street Soldier (Memoir of life in the Boston Irish Mob) $12.95
Mackie, John East Side (Manhattan South Detective Sergeant Thornton Savage (3) is in a race against time to find a priest_killer before he strikes again; PBO) $6.99
Maitland, Barry The Verge Practice (Scotland Yard detectives Kathy and Brock (6) investigate the disappearance of a celebrated architect and the murder of his wife) $25.00
Maloney, Mack Super Hawks: Strike Force Alpha (A mysterious figure enlists ex_military civilians who lost loved ones in 9/11 to join his secret group and hunt down terrorists; PBO) $6.99
Massey, Sujata The Samurai's Daughter (Visiting her parents in San Francisco, antiques dealer Rei Shimura (6) becomes entangles in a murder that will take her back to the horrors of WWII Japan and her family's secret past) $12.95
Matetsky, Amanda Murder is a Girl's Best Friend (Spunky 1950s NYC detective Paige Turner finds herself embroiled in a messy murder with the killer hot on her heels.; PBO) $6.50
McGrew, Chandler The Darkening (As all light in the world dims, even the sun, hope rests on two people who don't know they hold the key to bring back the light until a group of warriors finds them) $6.50
Mcdonald, Gregory Flynn's World (Boston Police Inspector Flynn (4) investigates threats against a Harvard professor and his daughter's friend who was nailed to a tree, and becomes convinced there is more to each crime than meets the eye) $12.00
Meredith, D.R. Murder by Masquerade (Branson (3) investigates the "Boulevard Butcher", a serial killer murdering prostitutes, and sets a trap using law student Lydia Fairchild as bait) $6.99
Meyer, Deon Heart of the Hunter (A former government agent living quietly in a South African township is asked to deliver a computer disk ransom to Zambia and save an old friend, but is chased by many who don't want him to succeed) $23.95
Mitcheltree, Tom Katie's Gold (When professor Paul Fischer's office is ransacked and he is attacked, he heads back to Oregon to uncover the secrets of legendary pioneer Katie Baker to find out why) $5.99
Mofina, Rick Be Mine (San Francisco crime reporter Tom Reed investigates a threatening note written in blood to one of his co_workers and the death of her cop boyfriend; PBO) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Fear Itself (Paris Minton agrees to help Fearless Jones (2) find a beautiful woman's husband, and his quest lands him in trouble with both cops and crooks) $7.50
Mosley, Walter Little Scarlet (During the 1965 Watts riots, Easy Rawlins seeks the killer of a red_headed woman named Little Scarlet who is found murdered in a Watts apartment; unabridged CDs $34.98; unabridged cassettes $29.98) $24.95
Muller, Marcia Cyanide Wells (14 years after his wife disappeared and branded him a murderer, Matthew Lindstrom discovers she is still alive, but when she goes missing again, he joins with her lesbian lover to find answers-and revenge) $7.50
Muller, Marcia The Dangerous Hour (Sharon McCone (23) investigates a personal betrayal by one of her ops that has put her business and reputation on the line) $25.00
Murphy/Sapir The Destroyer #136: Unpopular Science (A rash of thefts from military research facilities puts CURE, and Remo and Chiun, in the hot seat) $6.50
Nicholson, Nicholas B.A. Object of Virtue (A Russian antique dealer brings a Faberge figurine to Sasha Ozerovsky, and Saha's investigation of its provenance leads him to secrets from his own once_noble family) $14.00
O'Connor, Gemma Following the Wake (The son of an alleged murderer is determined ten years later to find out what really happened when he was a small boy; PBO) $7.50
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Unlucky in Law (Nina Reilly (10) tasks on the case of a grave robber accused of murdering a second corpse found in the grave alongside a body with connections to the Russian Revolution) $25.00
Patterson, Richard North Balance of Power (As President Kerry Kilcannon and journalist Lara Costello prepare to wed, a massacre of innocents ignites a high_stakes game of maneuvering in the Senate and the country over gun violence) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #97: Zero Option (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #138: Into the Fire (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pepper, Kate Five Days in Summer (When Emily Parker is kidnapped, her husband and a retired FBI profiler seek her out, while she waits in a madman's lair, learning that the real victim will be her 7 year-old son; PBO) $6.99
Phillips, Clyde Sacrifice (High_voltage thriller featuring San Francisco homicide detective Jane Candiotti) $7.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Still Life with Crows (A ghastly murder has taken place in Medicine Creek, Kansas, and FBI Agent Pendergast must dig up the town's secrets to find the killer among the residents) $7.99
Riehl, Gene Quantico Blues (Special Inquiries agent Puller Monk must battle high_level government corruption and his own ghosts to bring down a brutal killer on a deadly mission) $6.99
Robards, Karen Bait (Attorney Maddie Fitzgerald is attacked in a New Orleans hotel and is then used as a decoy by the FBI to help capture a killer for hire who has mistaken her for someone else) $24.95
Robinson, Frank M/Levin, John The Great Divide (In the wake of a massive Arab oil shut_off, the desperate struggle for what little oil is left leaves the nation ripe for a California governor who will stop at nothing in his quest for power) $6.99
Robinson, Patrick Barracuda 945 (Terrorists plan to steal a nuclear sub and Admiral Arnold Morgan marshals America's forces to stop them before they can use the sub to attack the US) $7.99
Rollins, James Ice Hunt (American undersea research vessel Polar Sentinal discovers something alive under a huge polar ice cap and are pulled into a Russian ice station's lethal vortex of secrets) $7.99
Rollins, James Sandstorm (The daughter of a British financier who disappeared 20 years ago leads an expedition of scientists to the city of a Oman to search for him and finds a deadly energy source) $24.95
Rose, M.J. The Halo Effect (Sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow investigates the disappearance of a prostitute who delivered to her a tell-all manuscript, worrying that she has fallen prey to a serial killer) $12.95
Rovin, Jeff Tom Clancy's Op_Center XI: Call to Treason (Technothriller; PBO) $7.99
Ryan, P.B. Murder in a Mill Town (For governess Nell Sweeney (2) tracing the path of a missing woman through the seedy parts of 1868 Boston just may be the death of her; PBO) $6.50
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Bluff (Archy McNally investigates the murder of a millionaire's wife who is found in a garden hedge maze at the height of a party; abridged CDs $30.00) $24.95
Sasser, Charles/Roberts, Craig Crosshairs in the Kill Zone (Non-fiction; military snipers from Viet Nam through Operation Iraqi Freedom) $6.99
Sayers, Dorothy Gaudy Night (10 cassettes, unabridged: Lord Peter Whimsey & Harriet Vane) $39.95
Shakur, Sanyika Monster (Reprint; memoir of life in an L.A. gang) $14.00
Short, Sharon Death by Deep Dish Pie (Laundromat owner/stain remover expert/amateur sleuth Josie Toadfern sticks her thumb into a nasty mess of small town secrets and murder a la mode; PBO) $6.50
Skinner, Quinton Amnesia Nights (John Wright forgets things, like why he flew to Minneapolis 3 years ago and whether he killed his fiance, and he waits for the police to find him, until everything changes) $12.95
Smith, Frank Acts of Vengeance (DCI Neil Paget barely survives an attacker who slashed his throat and must venture deep into the dark pain of his past to find the vengeful attacker) $5.99
Smith, Ian The Blackbird Papers (When a professor is brutally murdered, two white supremacists are arrested, but his FBI agent brother suspects he may have been killed because of his research and investigates) $24.95
Smith, Julie Mean Woman Blues (Evangelical preacher Errol Jacomine comes after New Orleans police detective Skip Langdon (9) as she tries to track down his crimes and stop his bid to become President) $6.99
Southall, Elizabeth/Norris, Megan Perfect Victim (Non-fiction; account of a daughter's disappearance and a bizarre murder) $8.99
Stabenow, Dana A Grave Denied (In Alaska, Kate Shugak (13) must uncover the background of a mysterious loner who turns up frozen in a glacier with a bullet hole in his chest) $6.99
Standiford, Les Havana Run (Miami construction contractor John Deal (8) is lured with lies to Cuba to help spring an American prisoner from a Castro jail and wants nothing to do with the caper until he finds out who the prisoner is) $6.50
Starr, Jason Twisted City (A misanthropic journalist loses his wallet in a NYC neighborhood bar, and finds himself blackmailed by junkies and stumbling into a crime that could cost him his life) $12.00
Stewart, Mariah Dead Certain (When antiques dealer Amanda Crosby's business partner is murdered, she is the prime suspect until another killing occurs and it becomes clear that she could be the next victim; PBO) $6.99
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles A Broad (Bubbles Yablonsky investigates the murder of a steel_executive who was killed with cyanide_tipped fingernails and uncovers corruption in the steel industry) $23.95
Sullivan, Eleanor Fifty Best Mysteries (Collection of the editor's choices for the best mystery stories of all time) $15.00
Sullivan, Mark T. The Serpent's Kiss (Seamus Moynihan investigates a murder where the victim was bitten to death by snakes and is led to a famous herpetologist and a sect of snake handlers) $7.99
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Pink Elephant (Skye Denison (6) tries to clear her drummer brother when one of his band's musicians winds up murdered; PBO) $5.99
Tapply, William G. A Fine Line (Attorney Brady Coyne's (19) longtime friend is murdered and his friend's son disappears, leaving Coyne to uncover a sinister terrorist plot before he becomes the next victim) $6.99
Taylor, Sarah Stewart O' Artful Death (Sweeney St. Georage, a professor specializing in graveyard art, attempts to solve a centuries-old murder which provokes another killer to strike) $6.99
Thomas, Donald Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of the Crypt (Six tales of Holmes involved with the most baffling actual cases from the early 20th century) $14.00
Wait, Lea Shadows on the Coast of Maine (A friend of antique dealer Maggie Summer has moved into a haunted house with terrible secrets and the prints she owns may hold the key) $6.99
Waldman, Ayelet Murder Plays House (Public Defender turned stay_at_home mom pregnant Juliet Applebaum (5) must balance clue_chasing with diaper changing & house_hunting) $23.95
Waugh, Billy/Keown, Tim Hunting the Jackal (Non-fiction; a Special Forces and CIA ground soldier's 50_year career and the events he was a part of) $23.95
Webb, Betty Desert Wives (Arizona PI Lena Jones is hired by a mother to rescue her daughter from a polygamist sect in Utah, when the leader is murdered and the mother accused Lena must find the killer) $5.99
Webber, Heather A Hoe Lot of Trouble (Introduces Nina Collette Cesare Quinn, garden landscaper and very amateur sleuth in a delight of a debut cozy; PBO) $6.50
Wignall, Kevin For the Dogs (A hitman murders all the Hatto family except daughter Ella who is in Italy on vacation, and she returns home torn by grief and the urge for vengeance) $23.00
Wilde, Lori Charmed and Dangerous (Maddie's twin sister has disappeared and she gets involved in the investigation, helping a handsome detective who wants her to stay out of trouble when things turn dangerous) $5.99
Williamson, Michael Z. The Scope of Justice (Novel exploring a different angle in the war on terrorism and one of the deadliest weapons of the US Armed Forces: the sniper: PBO) $6.99
Wood, William The Bone Garden (Non-fiction; female serial killer Dorothea Puente) $6.99
Wright, Sally Out of the Ruins (Archivist Ben Reese (4) investigates the death of the elderly matriarch of Georgia's Cumberland Island, wading through family secrets and venomous neighbors) $6.99


Ablow, Keith Murder Suicide (Frank Clevenger investigates the murder of a brilliant multi_millionaire and suspects include his wife, his son, and his business partner) $21.95
Chesney, Marion Hasty Death (In Edwardian times, Lady Rose Summer investigates the murder of a friend, uncovering a devious blackmail plot and an unexpected killer) $22.95
Clark, Mary Jane Hide Yourself Away (Grace Callahan is a KEY summer intern and as others on the team disappear she stares down a 14_year old mystery and a murderer who doesn't want the secret to come to light) $19.95
Crum, Laura Forged (Horse veterinarian Gale McCarthy (8) investigates the murder of a horseshoer who is murdered at her home) $22.95
DuBois, Brendan Buried Dreams (Lewis Cole's (5) friend discovers evidence that their NH town was once a Viking settlement but is murdered and Lewis, suspecting an estranged brother, sets out to learn the truth) $23.95
Erickson, K. J. Alone at Night (Minneapolis Special Detective Mars Bahr (3) investigates the cold case of a girl who disappeared from a rural Minnesota gas station 16 years ago) $24.95
Grafton, Sue R is for Richochet (Kinsey Milhone is hired by a rich man to babysit his spoiled 32-year-old daughter when she is released on probation from the California Institute for women, to make sure she stays straight; we expect to receive signed copies) $26.95
Hart, Ellen Vital Lies (Reissue: Jane Lawless (2) and friend Cordelia travel to a B&B for Christmas and when one guest turns up dead, Jane's weekend turns deadly) $12.95
Jones, Solomon The Bridge (When the daughter of an old friend disappears, black Philadelphia Detective Kevin Lynch must summon the courage to return to his childhood dwelling, an infamous housing project called the Bridge) $13.95
Jones, Stephen Graham Seven Spanish Angels (El Paso crime scene investigator Marta Villareal is called to the aftermath of an incendiary event, and a baffling series of murders across the border in Juarez) $24.95
Kellogg, Marne Davis Priceless (Kick Keswick, retired jewel_thief extraordinaire, but someone is using her signature techniques to steal irreplaceable jewels and she must help solve the case) $24.95
Kernick, Simon The Murder Exchange (When ex_mercenary Max Iversson agrees to provide security at a suspiciously remote meeting and finds three men shot, his search for answers takes him into conflict with the police) $24.95
Krieg, Joyce Slip Cue (Sacramento radio talk show host Shauna J. Bogart (2) investigates the jail break that frees celebrity bad girl Jasmine who had been arrested for the murder of her rocker lover) $23.95
La Plante, Lynda Royal Heist (A wealthy Englishman plans to steal the 100-carat Koh_i_noor diamond from England's royal family to save his thoroughbred racing stable) $24.95
Liebling, A. J. The Telephone Booth Indian (Reprint: Collection of essays about Broadway sharpers, grifters, and con men) $12.00
Marcuse, Irene Under the Manhattan Bridge (NYC social worker Anita Servi (4) investigates a murder in Brooklyn's art community that involves Jehovah's Witnesses and the Orthodox Jewish community, as well as drug dealers and jewel thieves) $24.95
McInerny, Ralph Requiem for a Realtor (Father Dowling (23) tries to help a parishioner in a troubled marriage, and when one of the parties is victim of a hit and run, he suspects murder) $23.95
Mountain, Fiona Pale as the Dead (Ancestor detective Natasha Blake investigates the disappearance of a modern woman somehow linked to a Pre_Raphaelite model who may have been murdered) $23.95
Newman, Sharan The Devil's Door (Reprint: In 1140 AD, Catherine LeVendeur (2) seeks out the man who brutally beat a wealthy countess who won't reveal her attackers) $14.95
Reid, Elwood D.B. (Fictional imagining of legendary folk hero D. B. Cooper's daring highjacking and its aftermath) $23.95
Robinson, Frank M. The Donor (Dennis Heller discovers that two of his organs are missing and must go on the run while trying to find out who is a match for him and has the money to steal his vital parts) $24.95
Rosenberg, Joel Family Matters (Sparky rescues an inner_city teenager and takes her back to his town, where he gets roped into becoming a deputy sheriff and murder complicates his life) $24.95
Rosenfeld, Arthur Diamond Eye (US postal inspector Max Diamond investigates a snuff film/child porn ring and as fellow Yale alums start dying off his investigation must widen as something isn't adding up) $14.95
Silver, A/Ursini, J Film Noir Reader 4 (Critical essays w/illustrations, on 7 crucial films and themes; trade pb, 352 pages) $22.95
Silverling, Mike The Sterling Inheritance (A musician who moonlights for his mother's detective agency runs into many bizarre challenges as he searches for a man who pulled a knife on him) 23.95 Smith, Julie Louisiana Lament (Poet and fledgling detective Talba Wallis (3) investigates the murder of a wealthy woman to help a friend who has been accused of the murder) $24.95
Taylor, Sarah Stewart Mansions of the Dead (New England art history professor Sweeney St. George (2) investigates the murder of one of her students, a member of a prestigious family whose history contains gossip and scandal) $23.95
Weil, J.R./Brannon, W.T. Con Man (Reprint: Autobiography of master con man J. R. "Yellow Kid" Weil) $14.00
Willesee, Amy/Whittaker, Mark Love and Death in Kathmandu (Non-fiction; investigation of the June 2001 massacre of Nepal's royal family by the heir to the throne) $24.95
Wilson, Robert A Darkening Stain (Schoolgirls are disappearing on the West African coast and Bruce Medway finds the disappearances are connected to a job he is doing for a mafia capo and former nemesis) $14.00
Wilson, Robert Blood is Dirt (In West Africa, British expatriate Bruce Medway finds himself immersed in toxic waste scams and mafia crime as he seeks to recover two million dollars for his latest client) $14.00
Zubro, Mark Richard File Under Dead (A Chicago teacher volunteering at the local gay youth services finds the head of the disliked director in a file cabinet and must find the real killer to clear himself) $23.95


Francis, Clare A Dark Devotion (A London criminal lawyer tries to help a friend by finding his missing wife, and discovers he had a lot of motive to murder her) $14.00
McLoughlin, Tim ed Brooklyn Noir (Anthology of mystery stories set in Brooklyn) $15.95
Wood, Graham R. Detective Lauriant Investigates (Two novellas about a hardboiled detective in the politically charged France of the 1960s) $14.00
Xiaolong, Qiu When Red is Black (While Shanghai Inspector Chen Cao (3) is on vacation, his partner Detective Yu investigates the murder of a novelist which remains unsolved until Chen's return) $25.00


Altman, John The Watchmen (In a remote safe-house in the American Northeast, a terrorist is questioned, a psychiatrist is tested, and an assassin is dispatched) $24.95
Andrews, Robert A Murder of Justice (Kearney & Phelps (3) investigate the murder of a D.C. drug dealer & hope to solve many old cases by laying them at the dealer's doorstep) $24.95
Arsenault, Mark Spiked (Political Reporter Eddie Borque looks into the brutal murder of his newspaper beat partner and rival in Lowell Massachusetts) $6.99
Axler, James Outlanders: Mask of the Sphinx (Kane and his companions are drawn into the fight for survival of the city_kingdom of Aten) $6.50
Barger/Zimmerman Dead in 5 Heartbeats (Patch Kinkade has left his motorcycle gang and moved to AZ, but is drawn back to seek the truth after the tension between two rival gangs erupts into a lethal free_for_all) $6.99
Beard, Julie Kiss of the Blue Dragon (In Chicago, circa 2100, Angel, a Kung Fu Retribution Specialist who brings justice to criminals not caught by a police force in shambles, searches for her kidnapped mother) $5.50
Berenson, Laurien Best in Show (Melanie Travis (10) travels to Maryland for the premier poodle show, and investigates when the co-chair of the raffle committee and owner of a fabulous poodle is murdered) $6.50
Billheimer, John Drybone Hollow (A local West Virginia dam breaks, killing 4, and Owen Allison (4) is hired to find out what happened, discovering corruption and greed) $5.99
Black, Ethan At Hell's Gate (NYPD Detective Conrad Voort investigates a murder that leads him to search for a computer filled with information about terrorist activities and evil men) $24.00
Blauner, Peter The Last Good Day (Lynn and Barry Schulman move to the suburb of Riverside New York, and when a headless body is discovered in the river, they become engaged in a sinister web of violent crime) $7.99
Boyle, Gerry Pretty Dead (Jack McMorrow (7) looks into a scandal involving an elite Boston couple, when a family friend who has secret information is murdered and Jack investigates) $6.99
Brett, Simon The Hanging in the Hotel (When a man interested in joining a group of local Sussex businessmen is murdered, Jude enlists her friend Carole Seddon (5) into conducting their own investigation) $23.95
Brown, D/DeFelice, J Dale Brown's Dreamland: Armageddon (Captain Breanna Stockard and her husband Zen must uncover a plot when a violent kidnapping threatens an important arms deal; PBO) $7.99
Brown, Sandra Whithot (After her brother's suicide, Sayre Lynch returns to her hometown in Louisiana, where she discovers family secrets and begins to suspect that his death may have been murder) $25.95
Brown, Steve Color Me a Killer (Susan Chase (4) investigates murderers lurking in an old Victorian house and when her boyfriend attends a hurricane party it turns out to be an invitation to murder) $6.99
Byerrum, Ellen Designer Knockoff (Fashion columnist Lacey Smithsonian (2) investigates disappearance of an employee of famous fashion designer Hugh Bentley; PBO) $6.50
Cannell, Stephen J. Runaway Heart (Attorney Herman Strockmire is plunged into the nightmarish world of cutting_edge biotechnology and top_secret government agencies) $6.99
Christie, Agatha Destination Unknown (5 cassettes, unabridged) $27.95
Clancy, Tom The Teeth of the Tiger (Jack Ryan Jr., son of a CIA agent, joins a covert group whose mission is to stop terrorism, and finds that nothing has prepared him for what he will have to do) $7.99
Cleverly, Beverly The Damascened Blade (On a break from his police duties, Joe Sandiland (3) becomes involved in an investigation of the murder of the Pathan prince and the taking of hostages on the Afghan border) $25.00
Coel, Margaret Killing Raven (Vicki Holden (9), in_house counsel for the Great Plains Casino, stumbles across evidence about the murder of a white man on the Wind River Reservation) $6.99
Cole, David Shadow Play (PI/Computer hacker Laura Winslow (6) investigates a nightmarish murder in the Arizona desert; PBO) $6.99
Collins, Michael Lost Souls (On Halloween, a policeman discovers the body of a 3_year old and the prime suspect is a high school football hero; a cover_up ensues) $23.95
Compton, David Family Sins (Father Michael Driscoll's hunt for the killer of a heroin addicted former lover places him in the middle of a crime family's deadly struggle over a Powerball payoff; PBO) $6.99
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Eagle ($3.99), Sharpe's Gold ($5.99), Sharpe's Company ($5.99), Sharpe's Sword ($5.99) (mass market reprints of first four published Richard Sharpe novels)
Curzon, Claire The Body of a Woman (When a local woman is found floating in Shotters Wood, mysteriously masked and shaven, Thames Valley DS Mike Yeadings (9)investigates) $5.99
Daheim, Mary Hocus Croakus (After fire guts Hillside Manor, Judith McMonigle Flynn (19) stays at a casino and is drawn into an investigation when a magician's aide is skewered with one of the magician's props) $6.99
Daheim, Mary This Old Souse (When B&B owner Judith opens her trunk and discovers a body she and Renie investigate) $23.95
Devane, Terry (aka Jeremiah Healey) A Stain Upon the Robe (Mairead O'Clare (3) delves into a case involving a priest, a shocking scandal, and a judge with a disturbing past) $6.99
Doherty, Paul The Death of Alexander the Great (Non-fiction; analysis of the death of one of the greatest conquerors of history) $25.00
Doss, James L Dead Soul (Charlie Moon (8) searches for assassins that ambushed a U.S. Senator and killed Charlie's fellow Ute, Billy Smoke) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Neon Nightmare (Midnight Louie #11; Temple Barr's intended, Max, sometime spy and magician, goes undercover to track down Synth, a murderous organization of magicians, and his quest leads him into magical danger) $6.99
Dun, David Unacceptable Risk (Covert operative Sam Wintripp is charged with locating a resident of the Amazon jungle who has discovered an insect carrying a substance that can alter the human brain; PBO) $6.99
Duncan, Sharon The Lavender Butterfly Murders (At an island yoga retreat, Scotia (4) becomes embroiled in a nasty struggle between the innkeeper and her rustic neighbors which leads to murder) $5.99
Emerson, Earl Pyro (In Seattle, firefighter Lt. Paul Wollf investigates a serial arsonist and as the evidence mounts discovers that the pyro has turned him into a fiery target) $24.95
Farmer, Michael Iron Tigers (In the wake of the second Gulf War, new alliances are forming and the Russian president asserts his country's military power with a sudden act of aggression; PBO) $7.50
Ferrell, David Screwball (The Boston Red Sox hire a rookie hurler who has a dark past and a special kind of "killer instinct" and the team must decide how far it will go to win) $13.95
Fetzer, Amy J Alias (Darcy Steele, a single mom living in the shadows after a marriage gone wrong, returns to her home determined to get answers about a friend's death and faces hard truths) $5.50
Fleischman, Sid Disappearing Act (12_year old Kevin and his sister Holly flee from a mysterious stalker hoping to lose themselves among the colorful characters on the Venice, CA boardwalk) $5.99
Forsyth, Frederick Avenger (Attorney Calvin Dexter leads a quiet life until his past thrusts him into the world of international terrorism and he becomes "The Avenger") $7.99
Frazer, Margaret A Play of Isaac (New series from the author of the Dame Frevisse mysteries: When his band of traveling players are taken in by a patron, they discover that murder has taken place; PBO) $6.50
George, Elizabeth A Place of Hiding (Forensic Scientist Simon St. James and his wife, Deborah, investigate the murder of Guy Brouard, one of Guerneay's wealthiest inhabitants) $7.99
Gerritsen, Tess The Sinner (M.E. Maura Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli investigate the murder of a nun who surprisingly gave birth before she was killed) $7.99
Goldberg, Lee Diagnosis Murder: The Shooting Script (TV tie_in: Dr. Mark Sloan (3) discovers the murders of a aspiring actress and a mega_producer, and becomes a prime suspect; PBO) $6.99
Granger, Pip The Widow Ginger (In 1954, an ex_GI fresh out of military prison and bent on revenge threatens the cozy London life of Rosie, Aunt Maggie, and Bert) $13.00
Greenberg, Martin-ed. Jack the Ripper (Collection of tales featuring Jack the Ripper) $6.99
Grippando, James Hear No Evil (A beautiful woman is accused of murdering her husband, and hires Miami criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck, plunging him into a case with many twists and turns) $23.95
Grossman, Gary Executive Actions (Special Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke investigates the assassination attempt on a presidential candidate and unravels a deadly plot to change US allies in the Middle East) $19.95
Haig, Brian Private Sector (JAG officer Sean Drummond is loaned out to a prestigious law firm and investigates when his predecessor in the loan_out program is murdered) $7.99
Hall, Adam Quiller (Quiller goes behind the Iron Curtain and must trust a woman who cannot be trusted and rescue a man he would rather kill to complete a mission affecting U.S._Soviet relations) $14.95
Hall, Adam Quiller Salamander (Quiller's mission leads him deep into the perilous jungles of Phnom Penh to seek the hand_chosen successor to Pol Pot and prevent a Cambodian bloodbath) $14.95
Hall, Adam Quiller Solitaire (Quiller must work alone to infiltrate a terrorist group flying a plane filled with explosives and nerve gas on a deadly mission) $14.95
Hambly, Barbara Dead Water (A free man of color goes on a perilous steamboat ride that becomes an inescapable passage to death and murder) $25.00
Hayter, Sparkle Bandit Queen Boogie (Two women backpacking through Europe ripping off rich men, steal a statue of the Hindu god Ganesh and are chased across Europe by thugs, an earlier victim and other dangers; trade PBO) $13.00
Hewson, David Lucifer's Shadow (Daniel Forster travels to Venice to catalogue a library of dusty manuscripts, finds a lost music masterpiece and is drawn into a treacherous game of deception) $21.95
Hill, Bonnie Hearn If It Bleeds (When journalist Corina Vasquez lands the story of a gruesome murder on the front page she becomes the target of a desperate killer: PBO) $6.50
Hinze, Vicki Lady Justice (Elite Secret Service operative Gabby Kincaid is deep undercover infiltrating a terrorist ring when her cover is blown and she must go on the run from her own fellow agents; PBO) $6.50
Hogan, Chuck Prince of Thieves (A gang of burglars undertakes a plan to rob Fenway Park and the love interest of the leader in a woman he once took hostage gets in the way) $25.00
Honigsbaum, Mark Valverde's Gold (Non-fiction; author's search for hidden gold of the Inca's) $24.00
Hooper, Kay Hunting Fear (FBI agent Noah Bishop recruits a man with the ability to psychically find missing people, and a kidnapper has targeted him as his ultimate prey) $25.00
Hunter, Maddy Pasta Imperfect (Emily Andrew (3) travels to Italy and when romance writers who have entered a contest with a book contract as the prize start turning up dead, she investigates; PBO) $6.50
Hurwitz, Gregg The Program (Tim Rackley is assigned to retrieve the daughter of a powerful Hollywood producer from a mind_control cult and confronts a brand of mind_ manipulation beyond his worst fears) $24.95
Jackson, Lisa See How She Dies (Rewritten '94 romantic suspense novel Treasures ) 6.99 Jance, J.A. Day of the Dead (Former sheriff Brandon Walker joins a club to review long_cold unsolved crimes and finds that a serial killer with a long and terrifying track record is back in business; abridged cassettes $25.95) $23.95
Jance, J.A. Exit Wounds (Sheriff Joanna Brady (11) investigates the murder of a loner in a trailer committed with an 85 year old bullet, fired from the same gun that killed two other women) $7.99
Jones, Aphrodite A Perfect Husband (Non-fiction; account of novelist Michael Peterson who was convicted of beating his wife to death for her life insurance money; PBO) $6.50
Kaminsky, Stuart-ed. Show Business is Murder (Collection of 20 all_new stories with a show business theme) $23.95
Kava, Alex One False Move (Melanie Starks and her son Charlie, petty grifters, agree to hold up a bank with Jared Barnett, just released from prison, and when things go wrong they go on the run) $19.95
Keizer, Gregg The Longest Night (WWII Resistance approaches notorious Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky for help rescuing a trainload of Dutch Jews bound for the death camps) $24.95
Kent, Gordon Hostile Contact (Naval officer Alan Craik, an expert in counterespionage, is lured into an operation that will pit him against the Chinese military who have a submarine off the coast of WA) $6.99
Kerr, Philip March Violets (Reissue: First of the Berlin Noir trilogy; P.I. Bernie Gunther, in 1936 Berlin, does missing persons work but latest investigation leads to high-ranking Nazis, organized crime, and danger) $12.00
Kessler, Lauren Clever Girl (Non-fiction; Elizabeth Bentley, the KGB spy who ushered in the McCarthy era) $14.95
Klavan, Andrew Dynamite Road (Jim Bishop investigates illegal flights at the airport while his boss, Scott Weiss, investigates the possible return of his nemesis, a gun_for_hire named Shadowman) $7.99
Lardo, Vincent McNally's Dare (When a young man is found dead in the pool of one of Florida's most prominent citizens, Palm Beach P.I. Archie McNally (12) rushes in to solve the crime) $7.99
Leon, Donna Death at La Fenice (Reissue: First in series: Commasario Guido Brunetti investigates the murder in Venice of a world_renowned conductor) $13.95
Lindsay, Jeff Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter Morgan is a serial killer who kills only those who deserve it, and when another killer uses his style, he helps his sister, a Miami police officer, investigate) $22.95
Loriga, Ray Tokyo Doesn't Love Us Anymore (A traveling salesman travels the world with a drug that can erase memory, and begins sampling the goods until he can't even remember what he doesn't remember) $13.00
MacLarty, Jay Bagman (When Simon Leonidovixh is hired to deliver the ransom of Texas billionaire Big Jake Rynerson for his kidnapped daughter, he pits his wits against a ruthless enemy) $6.99
Maloney, Mack Super Hawks: Strike Force Bravo (The Superhawks (2) have been exposed & the government has captured several members, placing their future in jeopardy) $6.99
Markaris, Petros Deadline in Athens (Inspector Costas Haritos is drawn into the nasty world of Greek media as he investigates the death of a renowned TV journalist) $23.00
Maron, Margaret High Country Fall (Planning to marry and working in Cedar Gap, NC, Judge Deborah Knott (10) investigates the murder of a summer resident) $24.00
Maron, Margaret Last Lessons of Summer (Amy Steadman's grandmother has been killed, and while sorting through her possessions, Amy discovers a murderous force that may be part of her family) $7.50
Massey, Sujata The Pearl Diver (Tokyo antiques dealer Rei Shimura (7) goes to Washington D.C., when the cousin she is staying with disappears she investigates, discovering a link to a missing war bride who disappeared 30 years ago) $23.95
Matsuoka, Takashi Autumn Bridge (In 1311, a beautiful woman watches her enemies gather and writes down on a scroll an extraordinary tale that travels from medieval Japan to modern_day San Francisico) $25.00
McBain, Ed Hark: A Novel of the 87th Precinct (The Deaf Man returns, planting a string of taunting clues from the plays of William Shakespeare and the 87th Precinct unravels the clues to prevent his perfect crime; abridged CDs $30.00) $25.00
McGarrity, Michael Everyone Dies (A vengeful killer is targeting people with ties to the justice community in Santa Fe, and next on the list is Police Chief Kevin Kerney (8) and his family) $6.99
McGarrity, Michael Slow Kill (Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney travels to California to buy horses and winds up the prime suspect in the murder of a man staying at the same ranch) $23.95
Michaels, Kasey Maggie Without a Clue (Author Maggie Kelly and Saint Just (2), gets a phone call at 6 AM from her agent who woke up next to a dead man and can't remember what happened, and with the D.A. out for blood, Maggie investigates) $20.00
Mina, Denise Deception (Lachlan Harriet desperately searches for evidence to clear his wife who has been convicted of murder and uncovers a shocking secret life) $23.95
Moody, Skye Kathleen Medusa (US Fish and Wildlife agent Venus Diamond (6) returns to Seattle to help her 12_year old stepbrother who is accused of murdering a 9_year old playmate) $5.99
Morgan, Hunter She'll Never Know (Book 2 of the trilogy: Jillian Deere, a victim of amnesia, is strangely drawn to a small Delaware town caught in the grip of a seemingly unstoppable serial killer; PBO) $5.99
Nunn, Kem Tijuana Straights (A Mexican woman and an aging American surfer work together to find three vicious killers who are out to kill her for fighting the exploitation of workers in Mexican factories) $25.00
Orloff, Erica Urban Legend (Tessa Van Doren, vampire and owner of a hot nightclub in New York City, seeks to take down those who killed her lover, and runs up against Tony Flynn, a rugged cop) $5.50
Palmer, Michael The Society (As a serial killer murders managed_care executives, rookie Detective Patty Moriarty attempts to tie a doctor to the killings) $25.00
Parry, Owen Bold Sons of Erin (Union Major Abel Jones (6) investigates the senseless murder of a Union general and the evidence points to Irish laborers, but the turmoil of war hides layers of secrets) $7.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man: Rolling Thunder (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Flames of Fury (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Preston, D/Child, L Brimstone (Agent Pendergast investigates the mysterious and brutal murders of people found murdered in rooms filled with the smell of brimstone $25.95
Purser, Ann Terror on Tuesday (Working class mum and housecleaner Lois Meade (2) investigates after finding a dead body dressed in a suit of armor in a chapel; PBO) $5.99
Rehder, Ben Bone Dry (Texas game warden John Marlin sorts out crazy rumors of gorgeous blond roaming the woods, when a hunter is murdered) $6.99
Reich, Christopher The Devil's Banker (Forensic accountant Adam Chapel is enlisted by the CIA to follow the money trail of a suspected terrorist and a planned attack on the US) $7.99
Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) Visions in Death (In 2059 NYC, Detective Eve Dallas (19) investigates a serial killer who surgically removes the eyes of his victims, possibly their souls as well) $21.95
Robinson, Patrick Scimitar SL_2 (A terrorist hatches a bold plan to blow up a volcano devastating America with a mega-tsunami, and it is up to Admiral Morgan to stop him) $25.95
Sampson, Catherine Falling Off Air (A young mother becomes embroiled in a murder investigation when her neighbor's body falls past her window) $22.95
Schechter, Harold The Mask of Red Death (In 1845, Edgar Allan Poe investigates the brutal murders of two girls and looks for a monster concealed in NYc's teeming masses) $24.95
Simn, Michael Dirty Sally (1980's Austin Texas Jewish detective Dan Reles, under scrutiny from internal affairs, investigates brutal street murders and uncovers financial corruption) $23.95
Slaughter, Karin A Faint Cold Fear (M.E. of small town Heartsdale, GA Sara Linton and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver investigate a series of suspicious suicides and the brutal attack of a young woman) $7.99
Slaughter, Karin Indelible (Jeffrey Tolliver and Sara Linton (4) are taken hostage at the Grant County police station and Lena Adams and Frank Wallace work outside the station to try to save them) $24.95
Stewart, Mariah Dead Even (A series of murders has FBI Agents Miranda Cahill and Will Fletcher racing to outwit a killer before he strikes again, and it becomes clear that Miranda may be his target; PBO) $6.99
Storm, P.W. Force 5 Recon: Deployment: Phillippines ( The elite warriors of Force 5 Recon (3) face the terrorist beast in a new battleground; PBO) $6.99
Stout, Rex The League of Frightened Men (8 CDs, unabridged: Nero Wolf) $34.95
Stowers, Carlton Scream at the Sky (Non-fiction; a harrowing string of murders in Texas and the tough, single_minded lawman who solved the case) $6.99
Stukas, David Wearing Black to the White Party (Gay friends Michael, Robert, and Monette investigate when Rex Gifford, who was planning to start a party to rival the famous White Party, is found floating dead in his lap pool) $14.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K Resolved (A convicted killer escapes and plans to take revenge on New York ADA Butch Karp, and starts by befriending Karp's daughter) $7.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Hoax (New York DA Butch Karp (16) investigates the murder of a rap star while his wife is in New Mexico and comes across a disturbing series of sexual assaults against children; abridged CDs $30.00) $25.95
The Adams Round Table Murder in the Family (Anthology of 12 stories) $6.99
The Urban Griot Cold Blooded (Jameia Goode falls in love with a womanizing hitman, and when an attempt is made on his life he doesn't suspect the scorned women left in his wake, including Janeia) $12.00
Thomas, Jodi Finding Mary Blaine (After being nearly killed in a bombing, Blaine Anderson must go underground in a homeless shelter to avoid a terrorist who wants to eliminate all the witnesses; PBO) $6.50
Tolkien, Simon Final Witness (After Lady Anne Robinson is murdered, her son insists that his father's beautiful assistant is behind the murder, but no one believes him and he must find evidence himself) $6.99
Van Gulik, Robert The Chinese Gold Murders (Reissue, 1958: first in Judge Dee series) $12.95
Van Gulik, Robert The Chinese Bell Murders (Reissue: Judge Dee, in 7th century China, grapples with the murder of a young girl, a clan of homicidal monks, and a feud between two important families) $12.95
Vaughn, Evelyn A.K.A. Goddess (Maggi Sanger, modern day Grail Keeper, investigates when her boyfriend is the first on the scene after research regarding the Grail's whereabouts goes missing) $5.50
Wait, Lea Shadows on the Ivy (When two students at Somerset County College are poisoned, antique print dealer Maggie Summer sets out to find the truth behind layers of academic intrigue) $24.00
Walker, Robert Grave Instinct (FBI pathologist Jessica Coran investigates the case of a madman killing women and removing their brains) $7.99
Walsh, Jill Paton/Sayers, Dorothy L. A Presumption of Death (Murder mystery set amidst the blitz of London, a Lord Peter Whimsey manuscript begun by Sayers & finished by Walsh) $6.99
Wambaugh/Penzler/Cook-ed. Best American Crime Writing 2004 (Collection of the best non-fiction crime writing of the year; $29.95 hardcover, or trade paperback) $15.00
Warner Brothers Without a Trace #1 (First TV tie_in novel following Agent Jack Malone and his team as they search for missing persons; PBO) $6.99
Wilhelm, Kate Clear and Convincing Proof (Lawyer Barbara Holloway investigates the murder of a gifted surgeon found in his own clinic as suspicion falls on his wife and another doctor) $6.50
Willeford, Charles Miami Blues ; New Hope for the Dead (Classic reprints; Miami homicide detective Hoke Moseley; intro by James Lee Burke) $12.00 each
Yenne, William A Damned Fine War (Alternate WW II: what might have happened if Patton had gotten his way and the Allies invaded the Soviet Union in 1945; PBO) $7.99


Abramo, J.L. Counting to Infinity (An old client of Jake Diamond's mentor threatens Jake and he must try to rectify the botched case to save his life) $22.95
Bowker, David I Love My Smith and Wesson (In Manchester, England, a hired killer named Rawhead has a grudge against a mob family, and involves a childhood friend in a plot to infiltrate the mob) $12.95
Bradshaw, Gillian Render Unto Caesar (A young Greek travels to Rome to seek revenge for the death of his father) $15.95
Coyle, Harold They Are Soldiers (The National Guard is sent to man a security zone that separates Israel from a newly created Palestinian state and must face danger from both sides) $25.95
Craft, Michael Bitch Slap (The unpleasant manager of a potential merger partner for journalist Mark Manning's family-owned newspaper is murdered and Mark and his lover Neil Waite can't resist wading into the investigation) $23.95
Curzon, Clare A Meeting of the Minds (Detective Superintendent Mike Yeadings is called to the murder of a woman and Detective Sergeant Rosemary Zycynski is horrified to find that the victim is her neighbor) $22.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in an Orange Twist (Las Vegas PR ace/sleuth Temple Barr is up to her neck in bodies after decor maven is threatened, while Midnight Louie watches her back) $24.95
Dymmoch, Michael Allen The Fall (A professional photographer witnesses a hit _and_run and when she turns her photos over to the police becomes involved in the investigation of a mob hit) $22.95
Egleton, Clive Assassination Day (SIS agent Peter Ashton investigates several grisly murders related to a novelized memoir of a former SIS agent and must find a missing former director before the killers do) $24.95
Gerritsen, Tess Body Double (Boston medical examiner Maura Isles finds a woman shot to death in her driveway who is the twin she never knew she had, and investigates both the murder and her past) $24.95
Graham, Caroline A Ghost in the Machine (A body is found near a gruesome medieval torture device and Chief Inspector Barnaby investigates tiny Forbes Abbot to find out who pulled the switch) $25.95
Hillhouse, Raelynn Rift Zone (East Germany's secret police offer smuggler Faith Whitney the father she has searched for all her life if she will smuggle a secret package to Moscow for them) $24.95
Holmes, Rupert Where the Truth Lies (In '70s Hollywood and Manhattan, a woman becomes involved with both members of a comedy team, one of whom may be a murderer) $13.95
Jones, Solomon Ride or Die (The daughter of a pastor and the son of a Philadelphia drug kingpin fall in love and when one is suspected of murdering a police official they work to clear his name) $19.95
Klein, Daniel Such Vicious Minds (In Memphis 1965, Elvis (4) learns that someone is impersonating him and when the photographer who has the proof is murdered and Colonel Parker is accused, Elvis investigates) $22.95
Marston, Edward The Counterfeit Crank (Nicholas Bracewell's costumes have gone missing and when he meets a pair of troubled con artists he must try hard to steer them clear of murder) $23.95
Monahan, Brent The Manhattan Island Clubs (In 1906, a member of a prestigious men's club is murdered and suspicion falls on other members of the club) $13.95
Moody, Skye Kathleen The Good Diamond (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agent Venus Diamond tracks a stolen gem across Canada and the U.S., on the trail of a ruthless smuggler who will kill to get what he wants) $24.95
Mrazek, Robert J. Unholy Fire (Injured Union officer Kit McKittridge goes to serve in the Provost Marshall's office and becomes embroiled in the murder of a woman which may be connected to General Hooker) $13.95
Robins, Madeleine Petty Treason (In 1810, Sarah Tolerance is an Agent of Inquiry, and her latest case involves the death of a man beaten to death, and goes from brothels to the Royal Family to find the truth) $24.95
Thomas, Edwin The Blighted Cliffs (In 1806, Lt. Marton Jerrold comes to Dover to redeem his reputation, and must clear himself of the murder of a man he finds at the bottom of the cliffs) $23.95
Tope, Rebecca The Sting of Death (Detective Sargent Den Cooper and undertaker/amateur detective Drew Slocombe team up to solve a series of mysterious killings in the quiet rural area of East Devon) $23.95
Turow, Scott Ultimate Punishment (Examination of the case for and against capital punishment from author and lawyer Turow) $11.00


Disher, Garry The Dragon Man (A serial killer is on the loose in a small coastal town near Melbourne and D.I. Hal Challis must apprehend him before he kills again) $23.00

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