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Newsletter #60 December, 2002 - February, 2003

[PBO means Paperback Original]

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Acker, Kathy Rip-Off Red, Girl Detective & The Burning Bombing of America (2 short novels written in the early 1970s) $14.00
Arnott, Jake He Kills Coppers ("revels in the filthy, rotting decadence of gangster-era London", set in 1966) $13.00
Ashley, Mike-ed. Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits (18 original and 1 reprint mystery short stories set in Egypt) $11.95
Atkinson, Jay Caveman Politics (A reporter who plays rugby in his spare time, investigates the accusation that one of his black teammates has raped a white woman) $13.00
Autry, Curt The Reunion (9 surviving U-Boat crew members who were captured in WW II have a 60th reunion in North Carolina, and somebody is trying to kill them all) $24.95
Axelrood, Larry Plea Bargain (Legal thriller) $22.95
Bailey, Frankie Y. Death's Favorite Child (African-American historian goes to England for a vacation, where she witnesses a murder and may be the next victim) $15.00
Barnett, Colleen Mystery Women: An Encyclopedia of Leading Women Characters in Mystery Fiction Vol. 2 (1980-1989) (reference) $16.95
Baron, Aileen G. A Fly Has a Hundred Eyes (A member of an archeological dig is murdered in Palestine in 1938, and the British police are evasive and not helpful) $24.00
Belloc, Hilaire/Gorey, Edward Cautionary Tales for Children (Funny and clever tales for children illustrated by Edward Gorey) $16.00
Bishop, David The Complete Inspector Morse (Guide with critique of Colin Dexter's novels, TV adaptations, other work; photos; import) $24.95
Black, Michelle Solomon Spring (Mystery set in the Victorian West) $24.95
Borgenicht, David and Joe The Action Hero's Handbook (Step_by_step instructions on how to be an action hero) $14.95
Brown, Fredric Hunter and Hunted (The Ed and Am Hunter novels Part One: The Fabulous Clipjoint, The Dead Ringer, The Bloody Moonlight, Compliments of a Fiend ) $29.99
Buckland, Gail Shots in the Dark (A collection of pictures from crime photography of our culture and history) $24.95
Burke, James Lee White Doves at Morning (Willie Burke and two friends set off to fight for the Confederacy in the Civil War in a historical fiction work by the mystery author) $25.00
Campbell, Chester D Secret of the Scroll (Colonel Greg McKenzie finds himself mired in the duplicitous world of Middle East politics and religion when his wife is kidnapped for the return of an ancient Hebrew scroll) $15.95
Clark, Mary Higgins The Classic Clark Collection (12 CDs abridged: Contains 4 stories of Clark's including Where Are the Children) $49.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Kitchen Privileges (Memoir of Mary Higgins Clark) $24.00
Cohen, Mark The Fractal Murders (A math professor can't convince the police that the deaths of 3 fractal researchers are connected, so she hires PI Pepper Keane to investigate) $13.95
Connery, Tom (aka David Donachee) A Shred of Honour (A British marine lieutenant in a Napoleonic naval adventure) $13.00
Connor, Beverly Airtight Case (Forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain (5) is attacked and left for dead but survives and struggles to regain her memory and solve the question of who attacked her) $7.99
Crichton, Michael Prey (Eight trapped in Nevada desert plant attacked by swarm of nano-tech particles they created) $26.95
Damaskin, Igor/Elliot, Geoffrey Kitty Harris: The Spy with Seventeen Names (Non-fiction; spymaster who ran Soviet agents all over the world) $13.95
Driver, Lee The Good Die Twice (PI Chase Dagger investigates rich family when young wife apparently dies twice, 5 years apart) $6.50
Dubois, Brendan The Dark Snow & Other Stories (11 stories, intro, checklist) $17.00
Ellroy, James ed The Best American Mystery Stories 2002 (Anthology of the best mystery stories of the year; hardcover $27.50; 5 CDs $35.00) $13.00
Faber, Michel The Crimson Petal and the White (An 1870's prostitute ascends through the strata of Victorian society and comes into contact with a series of odd and potentially dangerous characters on the way) $26.00
Gorey, Edward Ascending Peculiarity (Edward Gorey in his own words taken from interviews over the years) $16.00
Gorman, Ed ed. The Blue and the Gray Undercover (Anthology of short stories about Civil War spies) $14.95
Hagberg, David The Kill Zone (An assassin brainwashed by the KGB is awakened and is in the inner circle of the CIA) $24.95
Haining, Peter The Classic Era of Crime Fiction (Heavily-illustrated, on history of mysteries. 11 3/4" by 91/4") $35.00
Halverson, Robert Martin Murder at the Metrodome (First novel by local author, with a murder in the final game of the World Series featuring the Twins, signed) $14.95
Hamill, Denis Long Time Gone (Forty-nine-year-old divorced journalist goes home for his father's wake, and to uncover secrets of a murder that took place in 1969, which he might have participated in while on drugs) $25.00
Harvey, John In a True Light (Sloane has just got out of prison for forgery when he learns that he fathered a daughter 40 years before, who is now in danger from a brutal mob-connected club manager, and he tries to save her) $26.00
Heywood, Joseph Blue Wolf in Green Fire (In Upper Michigan, a double murder at a wolf research lab and a poaching ring causes problems for Conservation Officer Grady Service, but when the FBI moves in he knows that all is not as it appears) $22.95
Howard, Richard Bonaparte's Avengers (Having crushed the forces of Austria and Russia in 1805, Napoleon turns his attention to Prussia; Sgt. Alain Lansard 6) $7.95
Hughes, Richard A High Wind in Jamaica (1929 novel of a bunch of kids thrown upon the mercy of a crew of down-at-the-heels pirates) $12.95
Jecks, Michael The Devil's Acolyte (In 1322 Abbott Robert (13) has found his wine barrel empty and it harkens back to the death's of several young acolytes many years before _ is history repeating itself?) $9.95
Kaiser, R. J. Squeeze Play (San Francisco lawyer and his client are murdered in his law office; the lawyer's ex-wife and the client's ex-cop brother team up to find the killer) $23.95
Katz, Robert I. Surgical Risk (When a surgeon's former girl friend turns up strangled in the hospital, he turns sleuth to discover who killed her) $12.95
Keillor, Garrison Guy Noir: Radio Private Eye (1 CD: P.I. Guy Noir tries to find the answers to life's burning questions) $14.95
King, Danny The Bank Robber Diaries (Gavin Benson is sent down for a 15_year stretch and his brother and friends are left without a ringleader to guide them in their life of crime; dark comedy) $13.00
Krich, Rochelle, Murder on Sunset Blvd. (Anthology of original stories by members of Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles) $12.95
Layton, Clare (aka Natasha Cooper) Clutch of Phantoms (In a British village, a woman stockbroker finds that the grandmother she had thought long dead is in fact a famous murderess about to be paroled from prison under an assumed name) $24.95
Lehane, Cornelius Beware the Solitary Drinker (Bartender helps sister of murdered young woman search for the truth in New York's darker underside) $24.95
Leonard, Elmore When the Women Come Out to Dance (Collection of newly published fiction including two novellas; 6 CDs unabridged $29.95) $24.95
Levitas, Daniel The Terrorist Next Door (Definitive history of America's far_right militia movement) $26.95
Levitt, Shirley Young The Sinkhole Mystery (#1), The Boyfriend Mystery (#2), The Skeleton Key Mystery (#3), The Missing Person Mystery (#4), Behind the Garden Gate Mystery (#5), The Ethics Problem Mystery (#6), The Unusual Burglary Mystery (#7), Kids on the Case Mystery (#8) (New series of kids mysteries by local author) $4.95 each
Macadam, Heather Dune The Weeping Buddha ( Long Island Detectives and secret lovers Devin Halsey and Lochwood Brennen investigate the murder of Devon's best friend on New Year's Eve) $16.95
Maddison, Lauren Death by Prophecy (Connor Hawthorne and her partner Laura help investigate terrorist threats to a nuclear power plant) $14.95
Manuel, David A Matter of Time (Third Faith Abbey Mystery; Brother Bartholomew is sent to Bermuda, where he encounters murder and a hurricane; signed copies) $23.00
Marston, Edward The Laughing Hangman (Elizabethan theater mystery) $14.95
McGuane, James P Heart of Oak (Gorgeous photographic essay about a sailor's life in Nelson's Navy; 11 11 ½" by 10") $49.95
McInerny, Ralph ed Murder Most Catholic (Anthology of short stories of Catholic clerics faced with murders) $14.95
Meikle, Denis Jack the Ripper: The Murders and the Movies (Complete illustrated guide to the movies about Jack the Ripper) $24.95
Middlemiss, Robert The Lateral Line (When Kelly Travett confronts the woman who killed her father she finds also a smiling Russian Mafia boss who takes an interest in her Israeli pistol) $15.95
Milton, Giles The Riddle and the Knight (Nonfiction about the legendary Sir John Mandeville, whose book about traveling around the world motivated the great expeditions of the Renaissance) $14.00
O'Brien, Charles Black Gold (Mystery set in the household of a rich British slave trader) $24.95
O'Donnell, Peter The Silver Mistress, The Xanadu Talisman (reprints of 2 Modesty Blaise novels) $14.95 each
Page, Jake The Deadly Canyon (Reprint; blind Mo Bowdre's newest commission for a sculpture is at a remote desert research station and when a female corpse turns up there the research station is thrown into turmoil) $13.95
Palmer, Stuart Hildegarde Withers: Uncollected Riddles (11 "Lost Classic" short stories written in the 1930s, set in Depression-era New York) $19.00
Pearce, Michael The Camel of Destruction (A Mamur Zapt (7) mystery set in Cairo, Egypt in 1910, during the heyday of British rule) $24.95
Pearce, Michael The Donkey-Vous (A Mamur Zapt (3) mystery set in Cairo, Egypt) $14.95
Pearce, Michael The Night of the Dog (Mamur Zapt (2), Head of Cairo's Secret Police under British rule) $14.95
Perez_Reverte, Arturo The Nautical Chart (A sailor and a beautiful women encounter danger as they search for the lost treasure of the Dei Gloria, a ship sunk by pirates in the 17th century) $14.00
Petree, Sheree Number, Please (Telephone operator as amateur sleuth, set in 1960s) $9.95
Poole-Carter, R. What Remains (People are being murdered at Belle Ombre plantation a few months after the end of the Civil War) $14.95
Pope, Dudley Ramage at Trafalgar (Reprint of #16 of nautical adventure series) $14.95
Pope, Dudley Ramage & the Saracens, Ramage & the Dido (Reprints of #17 & 18 of nautical adventure series) $15.95 each
Prendergast, William Forbidden Hollywood (Hard-boiled with humor, local author) $13.95
Riebling, Mark Wedge (Nonfiction: "From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 How the Secret War Between the FBI and CIA Has Endangered National Security") $16.00
Rucker, Allen The Sopranos: A Family History (Reference book and episode guide, updated for the third season) $20.00
Sanderson, Jim La Mordida (Border Patrol agent Dolph Martinez is called in when corruption on the border gets out of hand) $22.95
Satterthwait, Walter At Ease with the Dead (Reprint; Santa Fe PI Joshua Croft is hired to return the lost remains of a Navajo leader to their proper burial site and uncovers long_buried hostilities about an unforgotten murder) $13.95
Schrader, Paul Collected Screenplays 1 (Taxi Driver, American Gigolo, Light Sleeper) $16.00
Sellars, M. R. Harm None (Practicing witch Rowan Gant (1) helps a St. Louis homicide detective solve a ritualistic murder) $8.95
Sellars. M. R. Never Burn a Witch (Rowan Gant (2) finds that a killer is targeting the St. Louis Pagan community) $8.95
Sellars, M. R. Perfect Trust (Rowan Gant 3) $8.95
Skinner, Robert The Righteous Cut (Creole club owner Wesley Farrell (6) investigates kidnapping of daughter of corrupt New Orleans councilman in 1941) $24.95
Slater, Harrison Gradwell Night Music (A music scholar in Milan finds a mysterious document which could be Mozart's diary and is catapulted into a world of intrigue, threats, and murder; signed copies available) $26.00
Trigoboff, Joseph The Shooting Gallery (Detective Yablonsky (2) investigates the murder of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, drawing him into the seedy underbelly of Manhattan's elite world of the rich and famous) $19.95
Wells, Ken Logan's Storm (A man and a teenager flee the law through a swamp, encounter a hurricane) $21.95
Wilson, Robert The Company of Strangers (In Lisbon during WWII an English spy and a German fighting against Hitler meet and fall in love, when a night of violence leaves the woman with a secret) $14.00
Woolrich, Cornell Nightwebs (Classic collection of short stories, mainly from 1930s) $15.95
Wynn, Patricia The Spider's Touch (Blue Satan (2) has fled England for France, is approached to help the Jacobite cause, returns to team up with Mrs. Kean to undermine King George, but Walpole's agents are alert to the Jacobite threat) $25.95


Adamson, Lydia A Cat on the Bus (On a crosstown bus Alice Nestleton is witness to a senseless multiple homicide committed by a bizarre killer who leaves her cat behind;PBO) $5.99
Ambler, Eric Journey Into Fear (An English armaments engineer is threatened by Nazi assassins intent on preventing plans for a Turkish defense system from reaching England) $12.00
Ambler, Eric Judgement on Delchev (Foster is hired to cover the trial of Yordan Deltchev for treason, is enmeshed in life_threatening intrigue when he meets the accused's wife) $12.00
Anders, Donna In All the Wrong Places (A popular host of a home shopping network becomes the target of a maniac who may be more than just an obsessed fan) $6.99
Bayer, William The Dream of the Broken Horses (Accomplished forensic sketch artist David Weiss returns to his hometown to cover a celebrity murder trial he is consumed by another crime that rocked his childhood) $6.99
Benson, Ann Thief of Souls (The story of Bluebeard juxtaposed with a parallel story set in present day Los Angeles) $23.95
Birken, Gary M.D. Plague (The patients of pediatrician Annick Clement are dying and she traces the disease to a bioterrorist possessed by a compulsion to kill; PBO) $6.99
Bogner, Norman The Deadliest Art (As Michael Danton prepares to marry, a young girl's body is washed ashore on the beach near Aix_en_Provence and Michael is forced to take charge of the investigation) $7.99
Borde, Raymond/Chaumeton, Etienne A Panorama of American Film Noir (First English translation of a French classic on American Film Noir) $16.95
Bowen, Rhys Murphy's Law (Molly Murphy kills in self_defense in Ireland and flees to America where she becomes prime suspect in a murder on Ellis Island; Agatha Winner) $6.50
Brown, Dan Deception Point (A team of scientists is called to the Arctic to verify a NASA discovery and uncover a vicious conspiracy that may lead to the White House) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae Hotspur (A skeleton of a woman who disappeared 20 years ago is found and foxhunter Jane Arnold (2), "Sister," is called upon to unravel the old mystery) $24.95
Buckley, Fiona Queen of Ambition (Ursula Blanchard (5) must unravel a murderous scheme against Queen Elizabeth I) $6.99
Cannell, Stephen J The Viking Funeral (Detective Shane Scully sees his best friend on the Ventura Freeway, but the friend committed suicide three years earlier _ the search for the truth becomes an obsession) $6.99
Case, John The Eighth Day (A wealthy lawyer hires Danny Cray to discover who is smearing him in the press and Danny finds something sinister behind the scenes) $25.95
Cobb, James H Target Lock (The disappearance of an industrial research satellite puts Commander Amanda Lee Garrett (4) & her Navy task force on a hunt for a high_tech pirate) $7.99
Cohen, Nancy J Body Wave (Salon owner/ sleuth Marla Shore's (4) ex-husband asks her to clear him of murder) $22.00
Cohn, Marthe/Holden, Wendy Behind Enemy Lines (True story of a Jewish spy in Nazi Germany) $25.00
Cornwell, Bernard Vagabond (A fearless young archer sets out to avenge his family's honor and winds up on a quest for the Holy Grail) $25.95
Crider, Bill A Romantic Way to Die (During a romance writers' convention in Blacklin County, Texas a buff cover model is murdered & Sheriff Dan Rhodes investigates) $5.99
Cussler, Clive The Sea Hunters II (True adventures of searches for famous shipwrecks) $27.95
Daniels, Claire (aka Jacqueline Girdner) Body of Intuition (An alternative healer reads people's auras and finds something that makes her jump out of her skin; first in series; PBO) $6.99
Dietrich, William Dark Winter (At America's South Pole base, 26 people are stationed during the winter with no way to escape, and one of them is a psychopathic killer who is gradually murdering them) $7.99
Doss, James D White Shell Woman (Former tribal policeman Charlie Moon investigates a bizarre murder on sacred Native American ground) $6.99
Douglass, Keith SEAL Team Seven #18: Deadly Force (On a tour of Western Africa the US Vice_President is taken hostage and the SEALs must perform a daring rescue) $5.99
DuBrul, Jack River of Ruin (At a Paris auction house, geologist Philip Mercer's bid for a rare diary makes him the target of three ruthless assassins; PBO) $6.99
Follett, Ken Hornet Flight (In early days of WWII an 18_year old discovers an astonishing secret in German_occupied Denmark and struggles to find a way to inform England) $26.95
Follett, Ken Jackdaws (An all_female band of British agents are sent to blow up a key telephone exchange in France on the eve of D_Day) $7.99
Francis, Eric Broken Vows (Non-fiction; Rabbi Fred Neulander & the murder of his wife) $6.99
Frazer, Margaret The Clerk's Tale (Dame Frevisse investigates the murder of a man found in the St. Mary's nunnery cloister garden; 15th century England) $6.99
Freeling, Nicholas The Janeites (Ex_cop William's house is set on fire and his doctor is attacked and William decides to find the reasons, Strasbourg and Paris settings, dark comedy, PBO) $16.00
Gorman, Ed Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (When a McCarthy_era writer with Communist sympathies turns up dead, Ioaw P.I. Sam McCane (3) has to prove that this time it's personal, not political) $5.99
Green, Chloe Fashion Victim (Texas fashion stylist Dallas O'Connor goes on location in the Caribbean to shoot a music video and it is haunted by voodoo curses and murder) $22.00
Hall, Parnell A Puzzle in a Pear Tree (An actress in Bakerhaven's annual Christmas pageant is murdered in plain sight & Cora Felton investigates _ includes a crossword puzzle) $23.95
Hamilton, Denise The Jasmine Trade (LA Times reporter Eve Diamond investigates the murder of a woman found in a chic shopping center parking lot and is drawn into a seedy underworld of sex slavery) $6.99
Harrison, Janis Lilies that Fester (Bretta Solomon is in charge of a florist convention and a mysterious couple sends her a letter saying their daughter was murdered and then disappear themselves) $6.50
Havill, Steven F Bag Limit (In a small town in New Mexico, Sheriff Bill Gastner investigates the death of a teenage boy and his father) $5.99
Hawke, Simon Much Ado About Murder (A handsome young craftsman kills a wealthy merchant trader and Will Shakespeare and Symington Smythe are called in by the merchant's daughter to investigate) $23.95
Hawke, Simon The Slaying of the Shrew (Shakespeare and his company of actors are playing for a large wedding pageant when the bride turns up dead and Shakespeare overhears a conspiratorial conversation) $6.99
Heffernan, William Unholy Order (The death of a nun pulls New York City cop Paul Devlin into a lethal world of bizarre secrets hidden deep in the church establishment) $6.99
Hellman, Libby Fischer An Eye for Murder (A single mom tries to find out why her phone number was found in a dead man's pocket and unveils secrets about WWI and Chicago's Jewish community; PBO) $6.50
Higgins, Jack The Graveyard Shift (An ex_convict and Detective Nick Miller duke it out in the midnight hours and only one of them will live to dawn; as Harry Patterson for U.K. '65 edition; first U. S. edition) $7.99
Hillier, David Homeland (Peter Blake and Helen Sinclair are determined to uncover the truth of a global scheme that will reshape Europe and the world forever) $7.95
Hoffman, William Wild Thorn (Charley LeBlanc returns to Virginia from Montana and discovers that an old mountain woman he befriended has been killed) $24.95
Hunter, Stephen Pale Horse Coming (Earl Swagger investigates the segregated Thebes State Penal Farm in 1951 and discovers guards out of control and horrific conditions, leading to final retribution) $7.99
James, Bill Naked at the Window (Drug dealer Ralph Ember stumbles onto the murder of his dealer and two women, and Harper and Iles are drawn into the case to fight the drug barons for control of the city) $23.95
Johnstone, William W Trek of the Mountain Man (Western; PBO) $5.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M Retribution (Sarasota P. I. Lew Fonesca (2) saved a runaway who's now involved with an author and when several manuscripts disappear Lew know's she's in over her head) $6.99
Kelley, Norman Black Heat (Beautiful, tough_as_nails African American investigator Nina Halligan debuts) $6.99
Kenney, Charles The Last Man (A Holocaust survivor asks attorney David Keegan to investigate a possible Nazi war criminal who turns out to be the father of the woman he loves) $6.99
Kimball, Michael Green Girls (Jacob Winter catches his wife cheating and has been accused of nearly killing the man, but he doesn't remember and must find the truth) $24.95
Kingsbury, Kate Dig Deep for Murder (Lady Elizabeth has turned the WW II Manor House (4) lawn into victory garden plots for the villagers when an uninvited guest _ in the form of a corpse _ wilts the festivities; PBO) $5.99
Kling, Christine Surface Tension (When Seychelle Sullivan takes her salvage boat out to recover a yacht she finds a murdered woman on it & the man who was with her missing) $23.95
Ledwidge, Michael Bad Connection (Sean Macklin is an ordinary telephone cable operator until he overhears a conversation regarding murder) $6.99
Leonard, Elmore Last Stand at Saber River (Reissue: Western) $5.99
Logue, Mary Glare Ice (Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins (3) investigates the icy death of a man found in a submerged car in Lake Pepin, WI) $5.99
McKevett, G.A. Peaches and Screams (Plus_sized P.I. Savannah Reid returns home to the Deep South for her sister's wedding and finds her kid brother arrested for murder and counting on her to prove he was framed) $6.50
Murray, Mike Special Ops: Quick Strike (Capt. Joe Mears leads LEOPARD 1, an elite team of U.S. Special Forces, who risk their lives in the face of foreign & domestic threats) $6.99
Neiderman, Andrew Under Abduction (When a childless couple kidnaps pregnant Anna Gold in broad daylight her only hope lies in the hands of a wily local cop) $6.99
Osorio, Elsa My Name is Luz (Luz searches for her real father, a political activist who disappeared in Argentina during the seventies) $14.95
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #62: Deep Rampage (paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #289: Vendetta Force (paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Perry, Thomas Dead Aim (An ordinary man tries to help a young woman and finds himself drawn into a lethal struggle with a deadly adversary) $24.95
Possley, Maurice/Kogan, Rick Everybody Pays (Upstanding citizen Bob Lowe witnesses a mob killing and agrees to testify, putting his life in danger; non-fiction) $7.50
Prescott, Michael Next Victim (An FBI agent closes in on the serial killer who murdered her lover just as the killer gets his hands on a chemical weapon the could raise his body count to thousands; PBO) $6.99
Rendell, Ruth Pirahna to Scurfy (Nine short stories of psychological terror) $12.00
Robinson, Patrick The Shark Mutiny (The US and China battle over the world's oil supply and the fate of Taiwan) $7.99
Rule, Ann Every Breath You Take (Non-fiction; the gruesome murder of Sheila Walsh Blackthorne Bellush) $7.99
Scott, Robert Like Father, Like Son (Non-fiction; father/son team of sex sadists; PBO) $6.50
Slade, Michael Death's Door (One man's death is another man's pleasure; horror) $6.99
Smith, Wilbur The Sunbird (Two archaeologists are searching for the legendary lost city of Opet in Egypt, face an ancient curse that turns into a modern battle for survival; reprint) $7.99
Sprinkle, Patricia Who Left That Body in the Rain? (Georgia magistrate MacLaren Young investigates the murder of a dear friend, finds dark secrets about their lives; PBO) $5.99
Starr, Jason Tough Luck (Mickey has been placing bets for a customer at the fish store where he works, and as the customer gets deeper in the hole his bookie comes after Mickey) $12.00
Stevenson, Jane London Bridges (People's lives in London intertwine in intriguing ways with unsuspected results) $13.00
Swartz, Mark Instant Karma (An over_zealous reader daily browses the stacks of the Chicago public library and prepares to blow up the library that he loves) $11.95
Thomas, Graham Malice Downstream (While Detective Erskine Powell is on vacation the body of a wealthy member of a fishing club turns up dead on the bank of the river) $6.99
Wishnia, K. J. A. Red House (NYC apprentice P. I. Filomena Buscarsela (2) investigates a neighbor who pulls a gun on the police and the murder of a local housing advocate) $6.50


Buckley, Fiona A Pawn for the Queen (Ursula Blanchard (6) hears that her cousin Edward is en route to Scotland with a list of people loyal to Mary, and when he is killed she must find the list of names) $24.00
Freemantle, Brian King of Many Castles (Charlie Muffin investigates the assassination attempt of the Russian and American presidents when the captured gunman turns out to be a British nuclear defector's son) $24.95
Grisham, John The Summons (A retired judge dies carrying a secret that only his son knows and the son must deal with it) $7.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Not Quite Kosher (Abe Lieberman returns, tracking down thieves, investigating a man who predicted his own death, and planning his grandson's Bar Mitzvah) $23.95
Monteleone, Thomas F Eyes of the Virgin (A woman is accused of murdering her husband and sister and her pursuit of the real killers makes her the target of a conspiracy) $24.95
Newman, Sharan Heresy (When her dear friend Astolabe is wrongly accused of murder, Catherine LeVendeur hides him, becomes enmeshed in a plot to overthrow all of Christianity) $24.95
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle's Conquest (A sinister organization has plans to assassinate the Emperor Claudius during the invasion of Britain in 43 A.D.) $24.95
Scarrow, Simon Under the Eagle (In 42 A.D. two Roman soldiers are thrust into a conspiracy that threatens to topple the Roman Emperor) $13.95


Koontz, Dean By the Light of the Moon (Two brothers and a traveling companion race to solve the puzzle of a vicious violation that has been committed against them) $26.95
Child, Lincoln Utopia (At a fantastic theme park in Nevada things are going haywire as a group of ruthless criminals takes over and will destroy all the people there if their demands are not met) $24.95


Mary_Kate and Ashley: TCOT Hollywood Who_Done_It (Someone steals the spotlight and the awards at a Hollywood awards show) $4.50
Albert, Susan Wittig Bloodroot (Herbalist China Bayles returns to the Deep South, where her family's legacy of silence is at last broken) $6.99
Albert, Susan Wittig Indigo Dying (China Bayles (11) is in Indigo Texas to teach a workshop when a man planning to sell his mining rights is found murdered and China and her friend Ruby decide to investigate) $22.95
Alexander, David Marine Force One #3: Recon by Fire (Marine Force One heads to Yemen where terrorists have kidnapped an Air Force officer; PBO) $6.99
Amberg, Jay Doubloon (Owner of a treasure_hunting company in Key West has died and his son arrives to take over search for the big treasure that always eluded his father) $24.95
Andrews, Sarah Fault Line (After an earthquake in Salt Lake City a state geologist is murdered; the FBI enlists forensic geologist Em Hansen (7) to sort through the rubble) $6.50
Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell (Agatha (11) and her new husband aren't getting along and when his mistress is found murdered he is the prime suspect and Agatha must help him) $6.50
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Celebrity (Hamish MacBeth 17; a famous and beautiful BBC reporter ends up murdered in a small town where she was doing an expose on old secrets and corruption and the whole village is suspect) $6.99
Bradbury, Ray Let's All Kill Constance (An aging movie queen is marked for death and a young screenwriter and his trusted sidekick, Elmo Crumley try to save her) $23.95
Braun, Lillian Jackson The Cat Who Went up the Creek (A drowned guest at the Nutcracker Inn puts a damper on the vacation plans of Qwill and the cats) $6.99
Brown, Dale/DeFelice, Jim Dreamland: Razor's Edge (Cutting edge technology and aerial action: Third in the series; PBO) $7.99
Burke, Jan Dear, Irene (Reprint: Mysterious anonymous notes alluding to Greek mythology accurately predict the savage murder of a local history professor and Irene Kelly must unravel the mystery) $6.99
Butler, Gwendoline Coffin's Ghost (Commander John Coffin receives a package with the severed arms and legs of a woman he thinks he had an affair with while his marriage was on the rocks) $5.99
Chalker, Dennis, USN Navy SEAL Special Warfare Teams (Inside look at the Navy SEALs from one of its founders) $6.99
Childs, Laura Shades of Earl Grey (Tea shop owner Theodosia Browning (3) is finally invited to a social event that she doesn't have to cater, but trouble is brewing; recipes; PBO) $5.99
Clancy, Tom Net Force: State of War (7th in the Net Force Series) $7.99
Colley, Barbara Maid for Murder (59_year old maid Charlotte La Rue runs a cleaning service in New Orleans when she encounters a murder that can't be swept under the rug) $5.99
Coonts, Stephen Saucer (A geologist finds a flying saucer and once the secret is out many vie for its secrets) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Another Scandal in Bohemia (Reprint/retitle of Irene's Last Waltz ) $6.99
Eddings, David and Leigh Regina's Song (One of a pair of twins is murdered and the other can only speak in a cryptic language they shared until a family friend is able to break through and it leads to a nightmare) $7.50
Fairstein, Linda The Deadhouse (Asat. DA Alex Cooper (4) must unravel the mystery of the murder of a professor at one of New York's most elite colleges) $7.99
Ferrigno, Robert Flinch (A tabloid journalist begins to suspect his brother of being a serial killer in Southern California) $12.95
Ferrigno, Robert Scavenger Hunt (Seven years ago a teenage girl was killed by a famous Hollywood director, and now he is out of prison and trying to sell the story as a screenplay, when he turns up dead; tabloid reporter investigates) $24.95
Ferris, Monica Hanging by a Thread (It's up to needlecraft shop owner Betsy Devonshire (6) to solve a five_year old murder that refuses to die; signing at Uncle Edgar's Sunday, January 26; PBO) $6.50
Fielder, James Slow Death (Non-fiction; David Parker Ray, who police believe may have killed more than 60 women making snuff films) $6.50
Fleming, Ian Diamonds Are Forever , From Russia With Love , Moonraker (Reprints) $13.00 each
Flora, Kate Liberty or Death (15 minutes before finally marrying her long_time love, Thea Kozak (6) is informed that he has been kidnapped and she decides to investigate) $24.95
Follain, John City of Secrets (The truth behind the murders of three people in the Vatican in 1998) $25.95
Frazer, Margaret The Bastard's Tale (Dame Frevisse (12) finds herself in the lavish world of the royal court and learns that even the walls of the palace cannot keep out a threat to the royal family; 15th century England; signing at Uncle Edgar's Sat. Jan. 11) $22.95
Garrison, Paul Buried at Sea (A young man's quest for adventure on the high seas turns into a desperate fight for survival) $7.50
Garrison, Paul Sea Hunter (A charter captain and an underwater nature filmmaker glimpse something at sea incredible and frightening and are caught in the middle of an experiment gone dangerously awry) $25.95
Gibson, William Pattern Recognition (Cayce Pollard is investigating snippets of video which have been appearing on the Internet when her borrowed London apartment is burgled and her computer hacked) $25.95
Gill, Bartholomew Death in Dublin (Chief Inspector Peter McGarr investigates the murder of a library night watchman and the disappearance of an Irish cultural icon at Dublin's Trinity College; late author's last novel) $24.95
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of an Irish Council (Reprint of McGarr and the Sienese Conspiracy 1977; Chief Inspector McGarr travels from Ireland to the splendor of Italy into the web of a murderous conspiracy) $6.99
Glatt, John Twisted (Non-fiction; Dr. Richard Sharpe murdered his wife to hide secrets) $6.99
Glynn, Alan The Dark Fields (Eddie is hooked on a mind_enhancing drug and as his supply runs low he must venture into the drug's dark past to feed his habit) $14.95
Goodman, Carol The Lake of Dead Languages (Jane Hudson has returned as a teacher to a school where, 20 years before, 3 girls had committed suicide, and now the deaths are starting again) $13.95
Goodman, Carol The Seduction of Water (Iris Greenfeder returns to the Catskills to write her mother's biography and unravels a haunting mystery that threatens to envelope her) $23.95
Gorman, Ed Relentless (Traditional Western/mystery; PBO) $5.99
Graves, Sarah Unhinged (Jacobia Triptee (6) finds an evil curmudgeon sandwiched between the walls of her cellar and follows the trail to a murderer with a blueprint for revenge) $21.95
Griffin, W.E.B. Final Justice (Detective Matt Payne has been promoted to Sergeant and assigned to Homicide and investigates three murders which complicate his life) $26.95
Griffin, W.E.B. Under Fire (The Corps #9; Korea) $7.99
Guttridge, Leonard F. Mutiny (A history of naval insurrection) $14.00
Haig, Brian Mortal Allies (JAG lawyer Sean Drummond is assigned to South Korea to defend a gay officer accused of murdering the son of a South Korean war hero) $6.99
Haig, Brian The Kingmaker (Sean Drummond defends a General who has been charged with enough crimes to get him a death sentence) $24.95
Harstad, Donald Code Sixty-One (Iowa Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman (4) discovers a cult headed by a sinister figure who claims to be a vampire) $6.99
Hecht, Daniel City of Masks (Cree Black, a parapsychologist with a haunted past, travels to New Orleans to investigate a mansion haunted by an insidious and violent presence) $24.95
Henderson, Charles Silent Warrior (Non-fiction; sequel to Marine Sniper , the continuing story of a marine in Viet Nam) $7.99
Heubner, Frederick Shades of Justice (A forensic psychiatrist who usually testifies to debunk insanity pleas finds himself on the other side when the accused is an old friend) $6.99
Hiaasen, Carl Basket Case (A former hotshot reporter now writes obituaries when an infamous musician dies under suspicious circumstances and the writer tries to solve the crime and resurrect his career) $7.99
Holden, Craig The Jazz Bird (Based on the story of George Remus, a prohibition bootlegger accused of murdering his beautiful society wife in 1927 Cincinnati) $6.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Mallory and Death by Water (While searching through a dead friend's estate, Mrs. Mallory (13) begins to doubt that the death was of natural causes) $5.99
Iggulden, Conn Emperor: the Gates of Rome (Two friends in ancient Rome are trained in the art of combat together and are thrust into a bitter conflict that puts their friendship to the ultimate test) $24.95
Kelly, Jack Mobtown (In Rochester, NY, 1959 P.I. Ike Van Savage takes on the case of a woman who thinks her husband is out to kill her, and finds that the husband is the top guy in the local mob) $7.99
Kemelman, Harry Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red (Reissue) $6.99
Kilian, Michael A Grave at Glorieta (On a mission to obtain information vital to the Union, secret agent Harrison Raines (4) finds that his informant has been murdered) $22.95
Kilian, Michael The Ironclad Alibi (Harrison Rainces investigates the construction of the Confederate's first ironclad, while trying to clear his best friend of murder) $6.99
King, Jonathon A Visible Darkness (Max Freeman is forced out of retirement in Florida to return to Philadelphia and help solve a rash of killings of elderly women with big insurance policies) $23.95
Klavan, Andrew Man and Wife (Doctor treating violent and suicidal young man finds link to his own life and adored wife's past) $6.99
Krentz, Jayne Ann Light in Shadow (Zoe Luce, interior designer, teams up with P.I. Ethan Truax to investigate one of her clients who seems to be hiding a dark secret) $24.95
Kyle, Stephen The Experiment (Doctor who conducted genetic manipulation experiments during WWII is trying to kill all the breed of superkillers he created; set in NYC in '73) $7.99
Langton, Jane The Escher Twist (Homer and Mary Kelly help a friend try to find a woman he fell in love with at an M.C. Echer exhibit and end up in an Escher_like labyrinth of mystery) $6.99
Lansdale, Joe R. A Fine Dark Line (In 1958 Texas, a young man finds some love letters written by a murdered girl & discovers both the murderer and that he is next on the list) $24.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Captains Outrageous (Hap Collins and Leonard Pine go on a Caribbean cruise and are put off the boat in Mexico and become involved in the murder of the girlfriend of a Mexican mobster) $12.95
Lawton, John Black Out (Reprint; during the Blitz in 1944, Detective_Sergeant Troy starts with a dismembered corpse and is led into a world of stateless refugees, military intelligence, and corruption) $6.99
Ledwidge, Michael Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (3 hard_luck individuals gather for a large_scale heist at a Manhattan landmark and a female FBI agent with a lot to prove stands in their way) $23.00
Leonard, Elmore Tishomingo Blues (A carnival high diver gets mixed up with murder, mayhem, wild women, and a pack of southern_fried hoods) $7.99
Lescroat, John The First Law (Lt. Abe Glitsky is working in payroll after his near_fatal gunshot wound, and when his father's best friend is murdered he decides to investigate) $25.95
Lescroat, John The Oath (An HMO executive is hit by a car and dies in his own emergency room _ Glitsky and Hardy take opposite sides as they question whether his death was murder or malpractice) $7.99
MacLeod, Charlotte Exit the Milkman (Reissue: A professor of dairy management disappears and Peter Shandy investigates) $6.99
Mankell, Henning One Step Behind (Three role_playing teens in 18th Century garb are murdered and Inspector Wallander (5) investigates; Stockholm setting; translated) $13.00
Marcuse, Irene Guilty Mind (Manhatten social worker Anita Servi's (2) husband is accused of the murder of the couple's babysitter, found stabbed with one of his screwdrivers) $5.99
Martini, Steve The Arraignment (Paul Madriana's lawyer friend and client are killed outside the courthouse and Madriani takes on a case of someone who might know something about the killing) $25.95
McBain, Ed Fat Ollie's Book (Fat Ollie Weeks has finished his crime novel and while on a squeal his car is broken into and his only copy is stolen; 87th Precinct #52) $25.00
McKevett, G. A. Death by Chocolate (Full-figured P. I. Savannah Reid (8) is determined to catch the killer of a not_so_sweet celebrity chocolate confectioner) $22.00
Miller, Benjamin E Zero Hour (In Antarctica a sub_glacial volcano erupts threatening a geothermal power plant, and an Air Force team tries to save it from destruction; PBO) $6.99
Miscione, Lisa Angel Fire (Lydia Strong, reclusive true_crime writer, and PI Jeffrey Mark investigate the brutal serial killings of several in Santa Fe) $6.50
Monsour, Theresa Clean Cut (St. Paul Homicide Detective Paris Murphy is called to the brutal murder scene of a 23_year old hooker who was a beauty queen at 15) $23.95
Mosley, Walter Six Easy Pieces (Six inter_connected stories featuring Easy Rawlins) $24.00
Murphy and Sapir The Destroyer #130: Waste Not, Want Not (Remo and Chiun pose as garbage scientists and uncover a diabolical plot of global domination) $6.50
Myers, Tamar Gruel and Unusual Punishment (Magdalena Yoder (10) provides a prisoner with some gruel and he dies, prompting her to suspect one of his visitors _ includes 6 recipes) $5.99
Myers, Tim Murder Checks Inn (Alex Winston (3) hosts a N. Carolina inn full of suspects when his uncle is murdered right before a scandalous will reading; PBO) $5.99
Nasaw, Jonathan Fear Itself (Agent E. L. Pender investigates the deaths of three people who attended a phobia disorders convention and then were killed under circumstances which resemble their phobias) $25.00
Newman, Sharan To Wear the White Cloak (A Knight Templar is found murdered after Catherine LeVendeur (7) and her family return to France; Catherine must solve the crime to save her family, with their secret Jewish roots) $6.99
Norbu, Jamyang The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes (aka Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Years ; Holmes in Tibet, where he confronts his greatest challenge in the medieval splendor of Lhasa) $13.95
Nourmand/Marsh Film Posters of the '40s (Collection of film posters from the 1940's) $35.00
Ojikutu, Bayo 47th Street Black (In the early sixties, JC and Mookie rise in the gangster_driven ghettos of Chicago) $12.95
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Madness (Attorneys Gail Conner and Anthony Quintana are vacationing in the Florida Keys when an unbalanced former client of Anthony's is suspected of a local murder) $24.95
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Vengeance (Miami attorney Gail Conner takes on the case of a man on death row who she believes was wrongly convicted) $7.50
Parrish, P.J. Thicker Than Water (A man convicted of murder is released from Florida prison just days before another murder and black detective Louis Kincaid must follow the trail that connects the two deaths) $6.99
Pearson, T.R. Polar (Deputy Ray Tatum's search for a missing child in the Virginia Blue Ridge reveals the seamier side of the South) $14.00
Pence, Joanne If Cooks Could Kill (Chef/sleuth Angie Amalfi (10) returns including a recipe) $6.99
Pendleton, Donald Mack Bolan: Sleepers (paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Donald The Executioner #290: Pursued (paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Perry, Thomas Pursuit (Thirteen bodies are found in a small Louisville restaurant and criminology professor Daniel Millikan is called in to create a profile of the killer) $7.99
Rabinowitz, Dorothy No Crueler Tyrannies (Collection of true stories of runaway prosecutors, indifferent courts, and innocents persecuted) $26.00
Rendell, Ruth Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (A series of murders is terrifying London and three women are connected to the murders in strange ways) $13.00
Ripley, J. R. The Body from Ipanema (Rhythm guitarist Tony Kozol lands a touring gig to Rio de Janeiro and dares to nail a killer whose wealth and power are no match for American ingenuity) $5.99
Robb, Candace A Spy for the Redeemer (Owen Archer's plans to leave Wales are thwarted when his stonemason is hanged and he is drawn into a rebellion) $12.95
Robb, Candace The Cross_legged Knight (In 1371 there is an attempt on the life of William of Wykeham and Owen Archer investigates) $23.95
Rule, Ann Last Dance, Last Chance (True story of a handsome plastic surgeon and the wife he tried to murder) $7.99
Simmons, Dan A Winter Haunting (A writer is literally haunted by his past in a terrifying way) $7.50
Smith, Sarah A Citizen of the Country ( The Vanished Child sequel; Parisian horror theater owner marries a rich heiress, theater is stricken with disasters, death as filming begins) $6.99
Stroud, Carson Cuba Strait (A retired cop taking care of a Hollywood producer's boat in the Florida Keys rescues the pilot of a downed seaplane and ends up in a deadly maze of political intrigue; 5 CDs abridged $30.00) $25.00
Thor, Brad Path of the Assassin (After rescuing the President from kidnappers, Secret Service Agent Harvath begins rooting out those responsible for the plot) $25.00
Tolkein, Simon Final Witness (A teenage boy accuses his stepmother of murdering his mother and the boy's father testifies in her defense) $24.95
Topol, Allan Dark Ambition (When the Secretary of State is murdered, Justice Dept. lawyer Ben Hartwell uncovers secrets that could get him killed as he investigates; PBO) $6.99
Tursten, Helen Detective Inspector Huss (Goteborg Sweden's Irene Huss is called in to investigate an apparent suicide which turns out to be a carefully plotted murder; translated) $25.00
Vyborny, Lee/Davis, Don Dark Waters (An insider's account of the NR_1, the Cold War's undercover nuclear submarine) $24.95
Waldron, Ann The Princeton Murders (At Princeton English professors are being targeted by an intellectual with a grudge; PBO) $5.99
Weber, Joe Dancing with the Dragon (techno-thriller) $6.99
West, Bing The Pepperdogs (A marine in Kosovo is kidnapped by renegade Serbs and his friend Captain Mark Lang takes his Recon team on a rescue mission into Serbian territory) $25.00
White, Robin The Ice Curtain (A man is shot in Moscow and his friend searches for the killer amidst a backdrop of diamond smuggling in the chaos of modern Russia) $7.50
White, Stephen Warning Signs (Psychologist Alan Gregory (11) takes on a patient who hints at the possibility that she may be connected with murders past and future and he must decide what to do with the secrets) $7.99
Wilson, Laura My Best Friend (A man who was traumatized as a young boy is accused of the murder of a young girl and must face his past as he runs for his life) $6.99
Wilson, Tom Black Sky (A US Senator is killed by his own people _ the Manido_Ojibwe tribe _ and Native American covert operator Link Anderson must investigate because the feds have no jurisdiction; PBO) $7.50
Zindel, Paul Death By CD (PC and Mac to go undercover as groupies; young adult) $4.99


Aird, Catherine Amendment of Life (When a body is found in the middle of a Tudor_era yew maze D.I. Sloan is placed in charge of unraveling a complex case) $22.95
Alexander, Robert The Kitchen Boy (Novel of the murder of the Russian royal family in 1918 as told through the eyes of the kitchen boy; pseudonym of local author R. D. Zimmerman) $23.95
Allen, Conrad Murder on the Caronia (Shipboard detectives George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield (4) encounter murder on the high seas) $24.95
Andrews, Donna Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon (Meg is a temp in offices shared by her brother's computer game company and six psychotherapists when murder enters the office) $23.95
Blacker, Terence Kill Your Darlings (An unsuccessful writer takes on a protege who ends up dead forcing the writer to turn to darker faculties to secure his fame) $14.95
Blake, James Carlos A World of Thieves (In 1928 New Orleans A young man joins his uncles in an armed robbery, goes to prison, then escapes to reunite with his uncles to live as an outlaw) $12.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Brought Down the House (Jim Qwilleran and Koko (25) investigate a new case) $23.95
Brown, Anthony Cave The Secret Society (Non-fiction; top_secret plan for total Cold War against the Soviet Union and the men and women who carried it out) $30.00
Bruen, Ken The Guards (After being thrown off the Irish police force Jack Taylor is approached in a bar by a beautiful woman who hires him to fulfill a strange request) $23.95
Cannell, Stephen J Hollywood Tough (LAPD's Shane Scully finds himself unwittingly involved in a criminal scheme to take over the movie business) $24.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Lying Wonders (Sheriff Milt Kovak finds the body of a missing girl at the headquarters of a weird religious sect and her boyfriend has disappeared) $22.95
Dunn, Alan Payback (At a Holiday Village in England the manager believes someone is poisoning his staff and ex_cop who was looking forward to a vacation investigates) $24.95
Fairstein, Linda The Bone Vault (The body of a young worker at the Metropolitan Museum has been found in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and Alex Cooper investigates) $26.00
Fforde, Jasper The Eyre Affair (6 cassettes, abridged at $34.95 or 8 CDs abridged at $36.95)
Frayn, Michael Spies (Stephen Wheatly returns to the site of his childhood in wartime London and pieces together scattered memories of spying on his neighbors and uncovering their secrets) $13.00
Frey, Stephen Silent Partner (Angela Day is tempted by a deal proposed to her by one of the world's richest men, but he is marked for death and if she accepts so is she) $24.95
Gimpel, Erich Agent 146 (Non-fiction; memoir of a Nazi spy on American soil) $23.95
Hall, Patricia Deep Freeze (Finally trying to live together, Reporter Laura Ackroyd and DCI Michael Thackery's domesticity is complicated when they end up investigating the same case) $23.95
Hill, Tobias The Love of Stones (Katherine Stern is on the trail of a priceless brooch once worn by Elizabeth I, taking her through London, Tokyo, and Istanbul) $14.00
Jennings, Maureen Let Loose the Dogs (Acting-detective Wm. Murdoch(4)'s father, who he hasn't seen in 22 years, is convicted of murder and sentenced to hang and the detective reluctantly agrees to help him; Toronto 1895 setting) $24.95
Knode, Helen The Ticket Out (When a young film school grad dies in the bathtub of Hollywood movie critic Ann Whitehead, she tries to solve the murder and write the story) $24.00
Longworth, Gay Dead Alone (A headless skeleton washed up on the banks of the Thames leads to a far_from routine investigation for Detective Inspector Jessie Driver) $24.95
Lyle, Doug, M.D. Murder and Mayhem (Nonfiction; answers medical and forensic questions for mystery writers) $23.95
Lyons, Andrew Darkness in Him (A popular golden boy at Jefferson University in St. Louis must protect his golden future after a night of indiscretion with a woman he barely knows that leads to something indescribable) $24.95
Muller, Eddie Shadow Boxer (1948 San Francisco sportswriter Billy Nichols stumbles on evidence that could exonerate a convicted murderer, but the victim was Billy's lover) $24.00
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Seeing Double (Ryan Flannery finds her estranged husband dead in her garage and the village police are investigating a bomb which detonated at the police chief's wedding; feline Joe Gray 8) $24.95
Shannon, Ray (aka Gar Anthony Haywood) Man Eater (Ronnie Deal is an up_and_comer at Velocity Pictures when she comes to the rescue of a girl being beaten, not realizing she has stepped into a world of drugs and revenge) $23.95
Stowers, Carlton Scream at the Sky (Non-fiction; murders of five women in Witchita Texas and the investigator who tracked the psychopath 14 years later) $24.95
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II Returning as Shadows (Four disparate friends combat German Fascists at the start of WWII) $24.95
Talton, Jon Camelback Falls (When his friend the sheriff is nearly killed by a sniper, David Mapstone (2), historian_turned_deputy takes it personally) $22.95
Thomas, Ross Briarpatch (Reprint; Lawrence Block intro) $13.95
Thomas, Ross Out on the Rim (Reprint; Donald Westlake intro) $13.95
Wilson, Robert The Blind Man of Seville (Spanish Det. Insp. Falcon investigates a series of brutal murders where secret may lie in famous artist's father's diary) $26.00


Bradley, John Ed Restoration (In New Orleans a journalist and an art restorer search for a mural created by a man who killed himself 60 years ago and become embroiled in the mystery surrounding the mural) $24.95
Bunn, T. Davis Winner Take All (NY attorney Marcus Glenwood (2) searches for the daughter of the man who runs the company that tried to have him killed) $22.95
Chancellor, Hanry Colditz: The Definitive History (Non-fiction; the breathtaking escape from Colditz prison during WWII) $14.95
Crais, Robert The Last Detective (When the son of his longtime girlfriend goes missing, Elvis Cole's demons come to the surface) $24.95
Hall, Oakley Ambrose Bierce and the One_Eyed Jacks (Ambrose Bierce and sidekick Tom Redmond (3) investigates murder that leads to a ring of pornographic photographers; 1890's San Francisco) $24.95
Kurland, Michael The Great Game (Moriarty (3) is called into action when Holmes disappears and his help is sought in the case of a captured English spy) $13.95


Altman, John A Game of Spies (In February 1940 a sleeper agent discovers vital information about Hitler's invasion of France and must flee not knowing who to trust) $6.99
Ames, Jeffrey Lethal City (Dallas Metro Detective Ham Benno investigates a stolen BMW containing cocaine, lurid photos, and a charred, dismembered corpse; PBO) $6.99
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity: Detective (Lori Shepard (7) returns from America to find Prunella Hooper has been killed and with the help of ghostly Aunt Dimity investigates) $6.99
Axler, James Outlanders #24: Equinox Zero (SF crossover; PBO) $6.50
Barr, Nevada Hunting Season (Anna Pigeon discovers a body in the bedroom of a working Mississippi plantation arranged in a sexual position and with a Bible by its side) $6.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Village (Hamish MacBeth investigates the goings_on in a nearby town where people are moving away -- something is frightening them) $23.95
Blake, James Carlos Under the Skin (The bodyguard to gangster brothers in 1930's Galveston falls for the young wife of an aging but powerful and vengeful Mexican warlord) $25.95
Block, Lawrence Small Town (In the shadows of a city reeling from 9/11, an unlikely mass murderer wages a one_man war against all; 4 cassette abridged $25.95) $24.95
Bowen, Rhys Evans to Betsy (Evans (6) and a psychic barmaid are on the trail of the missing director of the newly opened Sacred Grove New Age Center; Wales setting) $6.50
Brooks, Larry Serpent's Dance (When Bernadette Kane investigates her sister's suspicious death she falls into an erotically charged relationship and possibly upon a plan to avenge her sister's death; PBO) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae/Brown, Sneaky Pie Catch as Cat Can (Mrs. Murphy must solve the murder of Roger O'Bannon against the backdrop of the Wrecker's Ball and the Dogwood Festival) $7.50
Burcell, Robin Deadly Legacy (San Francisco homicide Insp. Kate Gillespie (2) investigates a tale of family treachery and multiple murder; PBO) $6.99
Chambers, Christopher A Prayer for Deliverance (FBI agent Angela Bivens (2) investigates a perplexing series of murders involving prominent African_American leaders and an age_old curse originating in South Africa) $23.00
Clancy, Tom Shadow Warriors (Non-fiction; a look inside the Special Forces soldier) $16.00
Cockey, Tim The Hearse Case Scenario (Baltimore undertaker-detective Hitch Sewell (3) searches for real killer when childhood friend is accused and goes into hiding) $7.99
Cockey, Tim Murder in the Hearse Degree (Hitchcock Sewell investigates the disappearance of Libby's nanny who turns up drowned in the Severn River) $22.95
Coleman, Reed Farrel Walking the Perfect Square (An unexpected phone call provides Moe Prager with a lead on the 20_year old disappearance of a college student, a case that changed his life forever) $6.99
Colley, Barbara Death Tidies Up (A client of Charlotte LaRue's (2) successful New Orleans cleaning service becomes embroiled in a long forgotten murder) $22.00
Conant, Susan The Dogfather (Holly Winter gets an offer she can't refuse: dog trainer to the mob) $22.95
Conant, Susan The Wicked Flea (Holly uncovers the murder of a particularly vicious dog owner) $6.99
Connery, Tom Honour Redeemed (Marine Lt. George (2) Markham's superiors assign him to a suicide mission battling the French over the island of Corsica) $13.00
Connolly, John The White Road (Charlie Parker races to unravel the brutal rape and murder of a Southern millionaire's daughter while a young black man faces the death penalty) $25.00
Coyle, Harold Against All Enemies (Lieutenant Nathan Dixon is sent to quell the danger of a deranged rebel band in Idaho who are responsible for bombings and other acts of terrorism) $7.99
Crais, Robert Indigo Slam (First U.S. paperback of Elvis Cole novel from June '97) $7.99
Davis, Lindsey The Course of Honor (In ancient Rome, a soldier falls in love with a slave and as emperors fall and intrigue against each other the soldier rises in power but his love for the slave causes problem) $12.95
Davis_Kimball, Jeannine Warrior Women (Exploration of history's unsung female heroes) $14.95
Deaver, Jeffery The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhymes is recruited by the FBI to track down a slave_carrying ship headed for New York and apprehend the notorious human smuggler known as The Ghost) $7.99
Deaver, Jeffery ed A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime (Collection of twenty stories by mystery's finest writers set in hot climates) $23.95
Dewberry, Elizabeth Sacrament of Lies (The wife of the Louisiana governor dies of an apparent suicide but her daughter has reason to believe it was murder) $13.00
Dorsey, Tim The Stingray Shuffle (On the Silver Stingray, Amtrak's newest express train, a Murder Mystery Weekend is being hosted that no one will ever forget) $24.95
Dorsey, Tim Triggerfish Twist (Prequel to Florida Roadkill , a tale of murder and mayhem in the wacky world of Florida) $6.99
Emerson, Earl Vertical Burn (Suspense novel about the men and women of a big_city firefighting company) $7.50
Emerson, Steven American Jihad (A study of the terrorists living on American soil) $14.00
Evanovich, Janet/Hughes, Charlotte Full Tilt (A love story about a devious man, an uncooperative woman, and a misguided genius) $6.99
Evans, Eric C Misconstrued (A multi_billion dollar deal to bring a nuclear waste dump to the Pishute reservation turns into a game of murder and Sam McKall investigates) $5.99
Fluke, Joanne Blueberry Muffin Murder (In Lake Eden, MN preparations are underway for the Winter Carnival when Hannah Swenson (3) goes to the Cookie Jar and finds the baker of the official Carnival Cake dead) $6.50
Forsyth, Frederick The Veteran (Collection of five tales of intrigue and suspense from the Far East to the American Wild West) $6.99
Fullilove, Eric James Blowback (The president's national security advisor is framed for the brutal murder of his girlfriend while a threat of nuclear war exists and he must solve both problems) $7.50
Garcia, Eric Anonymous Rex (The first dinosaur detective may make all other crime solvers extinct) $6.99
Gilstrap, John Scott Free (A teenage boy is lost in the snowy Utah mountains and his parents fight a bureaucracy that wants to abandon the search) $25.00
Green, Tim The Fourth Perimeter (Inconsolable former Secret Service agent investigates unusual death of his son and others, leads to plot to kill the President) $6.99
Green, Tim The Fifth Angel (Jack Ruskin's teenage daughter has been brutally attacked by a repeat sexual offender, and Jack's anger turns to a desire for revenge) $24.95
Grimes, Martha The Man with a Load of Mischief (Reissue of first in Richard Jury series) $6.99
Grisham, John King of Torts (Murder & courtroom drama from the master of the genre) $27.95
Haines, Carolyn Splintered Bones (Unconventional Mississippi belle Sarah Booth Delaney's (4) best friend is accused of murdering her husband) $5.99
Haney, Lauren Flesh of the God (Preqeul--first of seven; Medjay police Lt. Bak investigates murder in ancient Egypt; PBO) $6.99
Harper, Karen The Queene's Cure (Elizabeth I takes on the royal medical establishment as she combats an enemy willing to use terror and pestilence to overturn the throne) $6.99
Houston, Victoria Dead Frenzy (Doc and Chief Ferris (4) are investigating crime during a fishing tournament and a biker convention in Loon Lake; PBO) $6.50
Hunter, Maddy Alpine for You (Amateur sleuth Emily Andrew is on a vacation with a group of Iowan senior citizens when the tour leader is murdered and it's up to Emily to find the killer; PBO) $5.99
Hyde, Christopher Wisdom of the Bones (In Dallas, November 1963 Homicide Detective Ray Duval has six months to live and tries to solve one more murder before he dies; PBO) $7.50
Katzenbach, John The Analyst (Hate_filled former patient threatens to start killing relatives of psychoanalyst unless he kills himself in 20 days) $7.99
Kelner, Toni L.P. Wed and Buried (Laura Fleming (7) returns to her hometown of Byerly North Carolina where someone is trying to kill her aunt's new husband) $22.00
King, Laurie R. Justice Hall (Mary Russell (6) and Sherlock Holmes visit one of England's stateliest homes to solve a murder) $6.99
Klein, Daniel Blue Suede Clues (A fellow ex_soldier friend of Elvis claims he's been wrongly convicted of killing a starlet and Elvis searches the dark corners of Hollywood for the truth) $6.50
Krueger, William Kent The Devil's Bed (First Lady Kate Dixon returns to Minnesota when her father is injured and Secret Service agent Bo Thorson suspects it is part of a trap laid by an escaped mental patient; signing at Uncle Edgar's Saturday, February 1) $24.00
Larson, Erik The Devil in the White City (Historical account of the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and the serial killer who preyed on women during the building of the fair) $25.95
Lee, Wendy Habeas Campus (Boston P. I. Angela Matelli poses as a student at a Vermont college to root out mysterious occurrences such as reports that a recently deceased student has been seen walking on the grounds) $5.99
Lindsey, David Animosity (when renown sculptor retreats to Texas, he's fascinated by beautiful/ grotesque subject and is caught in murder web) $7.99
MacDonald, Gregory Flynn (Reprint: Inspector Flynn investigates the crash of a Boeing 707 in Boston Harbor, and thinks it was not an accident) $12.00
McGown, Jill Death in the Family (On maternity leave from the Stansfield police force, Judy Hill inadvertently becomes involved in the case of a baby kidnapping) $22.95
Miller, John A. Tropical Heat (An army officer is found dead in a small 1950s Virginia town and the sheriff faces hostility from the base & his widow as he tries to solve the murder) $6.99
Morris, J.M. The Lonely Places (A woman has escaped an abusive relationship but it has left scars on her mind causing terrifying results) $6.99
Morris, Mark/Janczewski, Paul Fatal Error (Non-fiction; Sharee Miller manipulated a man she met on the Internet into murdering her husband) $6.50
Myers, Tamar Custard's Last Stand (Magdelana (11) is in competition with Colonel George Custard who is trying to build a hotel in Hernia, when the colonel is found dead) $19.95
Neri, Kris Revenge of the Gypsy Queen (The bride at a wedding is kidnapped and mystery writer Tracy Eaton must overcome her snooty family to find her) $5.99
Nye, Robert The Voyage of the Destiny (Sir Walter Raleigh's final journey, a search for gold; Elizabethan historical fiction) $24.95
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Bonfire (Small_town caterer/sleuth Faith Fairchild (12) investigates hatred and murder in a posh prep school) $6.99
Paige, Robin Death at Dartmoor (Lord Charles Sheridan and his clever American wife Kate must determine why an infamous inmate at a British prison confessed to a crime he clearly didn't commit) $6.50
Patterson, James/Gross, Andrew 2nd Chance (Four San Francisco crime colleagues investigate church shooting but aren't prepared for twisted logic behind choice of victims) $7.99
Pawl, Rebecca Death of a Nationalist (During bitter civil war, Madrid '38, Nationalist sergeant in Gnardia Civil doubts a Red murdered war hero, and his best friend) $24.00
Pearl, Matthew The Dante Club (In Boston, 1865, a series of murders are inspired by Dante's Inferno and an elite group of scholars try to solve the mystery; 5 CDs abridged $30.00) $24.95
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #291: Blood Trade (paramilitary; PBO) $4.75
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #63: Freedom Watch (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Perry, Anne Seven Dials (Thomas Pitt investigates the murder of a British junior diplomat found outside Connaught Mansion in a wheelbarrow and suspicion falls on an Egyptian woman) $25.95
Perry, Anne Southampton Row (The wife of a candidate for a seat in Parliament participates in a seance that becomes notorious when the clairvoyant is found murdered the next morning; Thomas Pitt investigates) $7.50
Petievich, Gerald The Sentinel (When a White House agent is murdered another agent fears he is being framed to hide his affair with the First Lady; PBO) $7.50
Picoult, Jodi Perfect Match (D.A. Nina Frost prosecutes child molesters and makes the shattering discovery that her own child has been molested) $14.00
Pineiro, R.J. Cyberterror (The computers managing the gas flow to San Antonio are sabotaged and a top counterterrorist operative is brought in to investigate this new way of attacking the US) $25.95
Pineiro, R.J. Firewall (Ex_CIA agent Bruce Tucker discovers a code which can spark a nuclear catastrophe and must elude the CIA and others to hide the woman who knows it) $7.99
Rankin, Ian Resurrection Men (Inspector John Rebus (16) is sent to a reform school for damaged cops and is assigned to an unsolved murder which may have been caused by Rebus' mistake) $23.95
Rankin, Ian The Falls (Inspector Rebus investigates the disappearance of the daughter of a banker and her e_mails reveal a secret life and bizarre on_line correspondence) $7.50
Reilly, Matthew Area 7 (Area 7 is a secret Air Force base, and when the President visits he finds enemies on the base, and a young marine in his crew must save him) $6.99
Riggs, Cynthia Deadly Nightshade (At 92, poet and Martha's Vineyard native Victoria Trumbull is about to take on the new vocation of solving murders) $5.99
Robinson, Peter Close to Home (Detective Inspector Alan Banks still feels responsible for the disappearance of his boyhood friend, and when the bones are discovered 35 years later he investigates) $24.95
Roosevelt, Elliot Murder at the President's Door (The body of a White House police officer is found at the foot of the President's bedroom door and Eleanor investigates) $6.50
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor Conflict of Interest (Asst. DA sympathetic to young accused weapons trafficker and attracted to handsome defense attorney) $7.99
Saulnier, Beth Bad Seed (Journalist becomes target of killer when plant-science professor is murdered) $6.99
Saylor, Steven Have You Seen Dawn? (Rue Dunwitty sees a poster of a missing girl in Amethyst, Texas and is confronted by a series of unnerving discoveries about her hometown) $24.00
Shelby, Philip By Dawn's Early Light (A plot to kill the first woman President reveals an international conspiracy that stretches from North Korea to New York) $7.99
Siegel, James Derailed (A man is in prison for hiring a hit man to murder a blackmailer and he seeks retribution) $23.95
Siegel, James Epitaph (A retired detective decides to take over his dead ex_partner's search for an unrepentant SS doctor still practicing in Queens) $12.95
Stafford, David Spies Beneath Berlin (True account of Operation Stopwatch/Gold, when the CIA tuned into intelligence from the German Red Army from a tunnel underneath the Berlin Wall) $24.95
Staub, Wendy Corsi She Loves Me Not (A young widow receives heart_shaped gifts from a twisted madman who is killing others and she must protect her family) $6.99
Thornton, Betsy Ghost Towns (Arizona victim advocate Chloe Newcombe (3) investigates the murder of a prominent judge and wonders why the family doesn't seem upset) $5.99
Troubetzkoy, Alexis S. Imperial Legend (Investigation into disappearance of Tsar Alexander I) $14.95
Vachss, Andrew The Getaway Man (Eddie is the perfect getaway driver and is working for J.C. who is looking to pull off a huge heist when things begin to go wrong; trade PBO) $11.00
Van Gieson, Judith Land of Burning Heart (Claire Reynier (4) uncovers a secret of the Spanish Inquisition in the modern American Southwest; PBO) $5.99
Walsh, Michael And All the Saints (Fictionalized memoir of Owen Madden, the colorful and influential Irish mobster) $24.95
White, Stephen The Best Revenge (Alan Gregory is called in to help ease the transition of an innocent man who spent 13 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit and it leads to a dark case) $24.95
Williamson, Penelope Mortal Sins (Investigator in '27 New Orleans caught between old loyalties and truth when following murder trail) $6.99
Williamson, Penn The Crucible of Death (Damon Rourke searches for the killer of a New Orleans priest who is found crucified) $24.95
Woods, Stuart The Short Forever (Stone Barrington flies to London to see a client he's never met and comes face two face with three murders and two former lovers) $7.99


Abramo, J. L. Clutching at Straws (Jake Diamond (2) is called by a thief accused of murder when he is caught in a house with a dead judge) $22.95
Andrews, Sarah Killer Dust (Forensic Geologist Em Hanson's (8) new boyfriend has set off on a secret operation for the FBI involving a cloud of deadly dust in Florida and Em suspects something sinister) $24.95
Barr, Nevada Flashback (Anna Pigeon (11) takes a post in Dry Tortugas National Park when a mysterious boat explosion merges secrets of the past with those of the present) $24.95
Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate (Agatha (13) is attracted to the new curate despite something odd about him, and when he ends up murdered in the vicar's office, she and neighbor investigate) $22.95
Bell, Nancy Restored to Death (Judge Jackson Crain investigates the death of his deceased wife's sister and is intrigued to find a connection between a second murder and a new woman in town) $23.95
Block, Lawrence Deadly Honeymoon (Reprint: A perfect honeymoon is destroyed as shots ring out in a quiet woods and all thoughts of love are snuffed out) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys Evan Only Knows (The young thug accused of Welsh Constable Evans (6) father's murder is accused of another, but when he pleads innocence Evans decides to investigate at potential peril to his career) $23.95
Brown, Dan The Da Vinci Code (The elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered, his body surrounded by a series of bizarre ciphers, and Rombert Langdon attempts to make sense of the clues) $24.95
Coonts, Stephen Liberty (A sophisticated network of terrorists send a message to Jake Grafton that they have gained control of nuclear weapons and the President orders Grafton to stop them) $25.95
Corcoran, Tom Octopus Alibi (Bad news comes in threes when a friend of Alex Rutledge (4), and friend's sister, and the mayor all end up dead under suspicious circumstances and Alex discovers a connection) $24.95
Craft, Michael Desert Winter (Claire Gray (2) has moved to the desert and a local aging dealer of antiques is found murdered shortly after Claire's neighbor was at the house) $23.95
Crum, Laura Hayburner (A flurry of barn fires draws equine veterinarian Gail McCarthy (7) into a situation where friends and clients become suspects and Gail's life is put at risk when she tangles with the arsonist) $22.95
Daniel, David White Rabbit (A serial killer is at large in 1967 San Francisco; Homicide Detective John Sparrow is assigned to the case which is destroying the Summer of Love) $25.95
Delaney, Matthew B.J. Jinn (In Boston a string of eerie murders unfurls and the investigation leads to connections with the Pacific theater of WWII and a downed submarine whose legacy is not what it seems) $24.95
Dezenhall, Eric Money Wanders (A disgraced Beltway pollster is summoned by his gangster grandfather & is persuaded to run a PR campaign to improve the mob's image) $13.95
Gordon, Alan Widow of Jerusalem (Theophilos (4)--jester and agent for the Guild of Fools--looks into the mysterious death of a Fool in the Crusader city of Tyre) $23.95
Grace, C.L. (aka Paul Doherty) A Maze of Murders (Medieval physician Kathryn Swinbrooke (6) is called in to investigate the disappearance of a sacred relic when its owner turns up murdered and she must investigate) $23.95
Harper, Karen The Thorne Maze (Bodies are turning up on the mazes of Queen Elizabeth I's (5) garden and she summons her band of amateur detectives to solve the murders) $23.95
Harrar, George The Spinning Man (A high school cheerleader disappears and a seemingly good husband and father is brought in for questioning while the circumstantial evidence builds up against him) $24.95
Klein, Daniel Viva Las Vengeance (Elvis (3) is in Las Vegas for R&R when a tourist is murdered and insult comic Howie Pickles is suspected) $23.95
Kurland, Michael ed My Sherlock Holmes (13 original Sherlock Holmes stories told by side characters in the original canon) $24.95
Pyper, Andrew The Trade Mission (A boatload of businessmen and their translator are ambushed by paramilitaries in the Brazilian rainforest and engineer a violent escape, then face the jungle itself) $25.00
Reilly, Matthew Contest (In the New York Public Library, Doctor Stephen Swain and his daughter are caught up in a contest with 6 others and only one will leave alive) $24.95
Rice, Christopher The Snow Garden (Several deaths on a snowbound university campus threaten to unveil a secret relationship and a threat that grows darker every day) $13.00
Roberts, John Maddox The Tribune's Curse (In ancient Rome the leader of the opposition is murdered after putting a curse on a crowd, and Decius Cecilius Metellus has the ugly task of finding the killer) $22.95
Silva, Daniel The Confessor (A killer, a Mossad agent, and a Vatican priest come together following a trail of long_buried secrets and unthinkable deeds leaving each one forever changed) $25.95
Smith, Frank Acts of Vengeance (A vengeful con cuts DCI Neil Paget's throat and DS John Tregalles and others must comb through Paget's professional and personal lives to catch the culprit) $24.95
Smith, Mary_Ann Tirone She's Not There (During a vacation FBI agent Poppy Rice (2) stumbles on the body of a young girl from a summer camp for overweight teenagers & investigates) $25.00
Sprague, Gretchen Murder in a Heat Wave (Martha Patterson (3) investigates the death of a co-op building manager shot after an angry neighbor suggests it) $22.95
Steiner, Peter A French Country Murder (When former CIA insider Louis Morgon finds a dead body on his doorstep in rural France, he teams up with the local gendarme to solve the murder) $23.95
Steinhauer, Olen The Bridge of Sighs (An inexperienced homicide detective struggles amid the lawlessness of a post_WWII Eastern European city) $23.95
Stevenson, Richard Tongue Tied (P. I. Donald Strachey investigates threats against a reight-wing "shock Jock" and things escalate past mere threats) $22.95
Stroby, Wallace The Barbed Wire Kiss (Retired New Jersey cop Harry Rane tries to help an old friend who is indebted to a crime boss and gets in over his head) $24.95
Sussman, Paul The Lost Army of Chambyses (An antiques dealer is murdered and an eminent British archaeologist is found dead and Inspector Khalifa of the Luxor police thinks the incidents may be connected) $24.95
Viel, Tanguy Absolute Perfection of Crime (In a small French town a group of old crooks on the verge of retirement plan an imaginative and brazen holdup of a local casino) $22.95
Waiwaiole, Lono Wiley's Lament (Wiley, a drifter who plays poker to make ends meet, is drawn into the nasty underside of Portland's sex industry after his daughter is found murdered in a cheap motel room) $24.95
Walsh, Jill Paton/Sayers, Dorothy A Presumption of Death (In 1940 Lord Peter Wimsey is abroad on a secret mission for the Foreign Office, leaving Harriet to cope with the Blitz, when a young girl is found murdered) $24.95


Andrews, Mary Kay (aka Kathy Trochek) Savannah Blues (A woman with revenge on her mind, corporate conspiracies, and antiques to die for (literally) in Savannah's historic district) $13.95
Burnell, Mark Chameleon (Petra Reuter is drawn back into the intelligence world to take one last assignment, assassinating Koba, a Russian criminal) $7.50
Chazin, Suzanne Flashover (Fiery deaths of two doctors turn up the heat for New York Fire Marshall Georgia Skeehan when it appears that the arsonist is a member of the FDNY) $6.99
Davison, Philip McKenzie's Friend (Harry Fielding (2) comes out of retirement to help his old friend and crooked policeman Alfie who has been suspended from the police force and is working as a P.I.) $13.00
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Rain on Your Shower (Plump P. I. Deseree Shapiro (10) hosts bridal shower but must investigate when groom's aunt drops dead; PBO) $5.99
Estep, Maggie Hex (On the way to a piano lesson Ruby Murphy is enlisted to investigate a woman's boyfriend and is thrust into a strange world and uncovers more than she bargained for) $14.00
Fforde, Jasper The Eyre Affair (In an alternate Great Britain where time travel is routine, someone has kidnapped Jane Eyre from the pages of a novel and literary detective Thursday Next must find her) $14.00
Fitzhugh, Bill Heart Seizure (A healthy organ donor has just kicked off and many wild characters are after the organ, including the President, in a wacky cross-country chase) $21.95
Gruber, Michael Tropic of Night (Jane Doe, an anthropologist, is pitted against a powerful shaman who becomes Miami's most feared serial killer) $24.95
Gunn, S.M. SEALs: Sub Strike ( Navy SEALs must prevent a terrorist nightmare undersea; PBO) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn April Fool Dead (Annie Darling distributes flyers for a store promotion and someone else is distributing fake flyers with veiled accusations when murder occurs and Annie investigates) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Engaged to Die (Max and Annie Darling investigate a murder at the opening of a hugely important new collection at Virginia Neville's gallery) $23.95
Kelley, Lee Charles A Nose for Murder (An ex_cop turned dog_trainer and his canine companions investigate murder; PBO) $6.99
Logan, Chuck Absolute Zero (Betrayal, revenge and murder set in the North Woods of Minnesota) $7.99
March, Hannah The Complaint of the Dove (In Georgian London tutor Robert Fairfax (1) must clear love-struck pupil when actress is strangled) $5.99
Margolin, Phillip Ties That Bind (A series of seemingly unrelated deaths culminate in the gruesome murder of a U.S. senator and Portland hometown hero prosecutes the case) $25.95
Massey, Sujata The Samuri's Daughter (One of Hugh's clients is murdered and Rei begins to uncover unsavory facts about her family's actions during the war, and they struggle to unravel the truth and find the killer; signing expected sometime in March) $24.95
Maxim, John R. Bannerman's Ghosts (Retired assassin Elizabeth Stride is living a "normal" life when the ruthless Artemus Bourne tires to find her, which brings Paul Bannerman into the picture) $24.95
McMillan, Ann Civil Blood (In Civil War Richmond, a Confederate nurse and a free black herbalist investigate an outbreak of smallpox which may be intentionally caused by tainted money) $6.99
Nance, John J Turbulence (Panic erupts aboard Meridian Flight 6 when the captain makes an emergency landing in war_torn Nigeria) $7.99
Parker, Robert B Widow's Walk (One of Boston's elite has been murdered and the prime suspect is his wife, who enlists Spenser for help) $7.99
Robb, J.D. Portrait in Death (Eve Dallas police thriller; PBO) $7.99
Silva, Daniel The English Assassin (Framed for the murder of a millionaire banker Israeli spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon will have to fight for his life against an assassin he himself trained) $7.99
Slovo, Gillian Red Dust (Set in rural South Africa, during the Truth Hearings a man must confront another he once tortured) $14.95
Speart, Jessica Coastal Disturbance (U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent Rachel Porter (7) investigates a deadly plot killing manatees and people; PBO) $6.99
Walter, Jess Land of the Blind (Lengthy written confession sets Spokane detective Caroline Mabry (2) scrambling to solve a murder, investigate two men's dark lives, and find a body) $24.95

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