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Newsletter #57 March - May, 2002

[PBO means Paperback Original]

Crimes of Passion (4 novellas of love and murder by 4 authors) $6.99
Altman, John A Game of Spies (In 1940 a young female agent finds out vital information about the German advance and makes a run for it) $24.95
Arnott, Jake He Kills Coppers (3 London policemen pull over a car and are shot to death by petty thief; story told from points of view of corrupt detective assigned to the case, a sleazy tabloid journalist, and the shooter) $25.00
Aunapu, Greg/Billig, Susan Without a Trace (non-fiction; 17 year-old girl disappears when rival biker gangs roar through town; mother spends 25 years search for girl in biker circles) $6.99
Axler, James Death Lands: Sunchild (post-apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Baer, Robert See No Evil ("True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism") $25.95
Barnard, Robert A Murder in Mayfair (British Member of Parliament is at peak of his career when old secrets start to surface that he was unaware of, but put his life in danger) $13.95
Barr, Nevada Hunting Season (Park Ranger Anna Pigeon is called to a historic plantation turned tourist spot in Mississippi and encounters an unexpected murder of a tourist) $24.95
Bearden, Milt The Black Tulip (1998 novel of war in Afghanistan) $12.95
Berry, Linda Death and the Hubcap (old man who drives around small town in an imaginary car with a hub cap as a steering wheel tells cop that he ran over a man; she finds a dead body with a tire mark on it, leading eventually to posh Atlanta art gallery) $5.99
Billheimer, John Highway Robbery (eccentric characters; wry, politically incorrect humor; civil engineer digs up skeletons and secrets in West Virginia) $5.99
Birtcher, Baron R. Ruby Tuesday (Former LA Homicide cop retires to Hawaii, but when he finds his family house riddled with shotgun blasts and littered with drugs and the bodies of a dead rock star and his groupies, he goes looking for answers; hardboiled) $15.95
Black, Jack You Can't Win (reprint of 1926 autobiography about going from hobo to highwayman; William Burrough's favorite book) $16.00
Bowen, Michael Screenscam (attorney has to take the case of daughter of firm's largest client, who claims that her novel is basis of a Hollywood movie; "a mischievous mystery") $24.95
Bowen, Rhys Evans to Betsy (A missing spiritualist and a would_be psychic detective baffle Welsh Constable Evan Evans) $22.95
Boyd, Paula Dead Man Falls (humorous mystery set in Texas) $13.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Went Up the Creek (24th in series) $23.95
Calloway, Kate 8th Day (PI Cassidy James is working undercover at an isolated reform school for troubled teens; indications point to murder, but where is the body?) $11.95
Canada, Wand Island Murders (Contractor who builds homes for millionaires investigates when arsonist torches a house she's building and her job supervisor is killed) $6.99
Carmichael, Judson Jack (aka Donald Westlake) The Scared Stiff (Two cons travel to Guerrera to try to collect on a life insurance policy without dying) $24.00
Cobb, James H. Target Lock (Commander Amanda Lee Garrett gets romantically involved when her U.S. Navy task force hunts a modern pirate) $25.95
Colbert, Curt Rat City (hard-boiled detective in blue-collar Seattle in the '40s) $15.00
Collins, Max Allan History of Mystery (heavily illustrated reference book) $45.00
Connor, Beverly Skeleton Crew (Archaeologist Lindsay Chamberlain investigates site of Spanish galleon sunk in 1558; clues on that ship indicate another, richer ship was sunk nearby, and two men with ties to the archaeological site are found murdered) $7.99
Corrigna, John R. Cut Shot (Mafia-run gambling ring moves in on the PGA tour; golfer tries to look the other way until somebody turns up dead) $22.95
Dahl, Michael The Coral Coffin (5th Finnegan Zwake young adult mystery, local author) $4.50
Daimlen-Vols, Stephane Hour of the Wolves (Novel set in the rule of Louis XIV) $15.95
Dash, Mike Batavia's Graveyard (non-fiction account of bloodiest mutiny in history) $25
Date, S. V. Deep Water (dark comic mystery set in Florida) $23.95
David, James F. Ship of the Damned (thriller about successful 1943 experiments in teleporting U.S. Navy ships) $6.99
Davis, Norbert Sally's in the Alley (reprint of comic WWII mystery; wisecracking PI and a Great Dane follow clues from Hollywood to a Mojave Desert town so offensive that neither California nor Nevada will admit it lies withing its borders) $14.00
Dedman, Stephen Shadows Bite (Magic noir thriller set in L. A.) $25.95
Dixon, F. W. The Mark on the Door (facsimile hardcover reprint of 1930 Hardy Boys) $14.95
Douglas, John/Olshaker, Mark The Cases That Haunt Us (non-fiction; by former FBI profiler) $7.99
Duffy, Stella Fresh Flesh (4th thriller featuring Saz Martin, London setting) $13.00
Fleeman, Michael If I Die (non-fiction; Las Vegas real estate millionaire murdered by wife) $6.99
Goldman, Don What Goes Around... (former bank officer falsely convicted of fraud; after he gets out of prison he has plastic surgery and ends up on jury trying his ex-boss who had framed him) $15.95
Gordon, Alan A Death in the Venetian Quarter (In 1204, with the Fourth Crusade besieging the walls of Constantinople, a minor death may hold the key to the Empire's survival; Theophilos the Jester (3) investigates) $23.95
Gorman, Ed Save the Last Dance for Me (Sam McCain investigates the murder of a bigoted preacher in Black River Falls a few weeks before Presidential candidate Richard Nixon arrives on a campaign stop) $24.00
Goulart, Ron Adam and Eve on a Raft (short story collection) $17.00
Grange', Jean-Christophe The Stone Council (A thriller with paranormal killings) $25.00
Griffin, W. E. B. Under Fire (Corps series; Marines in Korea, 1950) $26.95
Hamilton, Hugo Headbanger ("exciting and blackly comic thriller" set in Ireland) $13.95
Hannan, Janet The Wish to Kill (Biochemist Dr. Alex Kertesz investigates death of unpopular professor in a University of Jerusalem laboratory) $12.00
Havill, Steven F. Dead Weight (Sheriff Bill Gastner of Posadas, New Mexico investigates "accidental" death and accusations against his best deputy) $5.99
Hayden G. Miki Pacific Empire (9 mystery stories set in a world where Japan won WW II) $12.95
Hayden, L. C. Who's Susan (Woman can't remember her first 18 years; when her 4-year-old son is missing from childcare, she must find her own history to find her son) $9.95
Herman, Julie Three Dirty Women and the Garden of Death (all-female landscaping company unearths dead bodies) $15.00
Hiaasen, Carl Paradise Screwed (collected newspaper columns) $23.95
Hill, Tobias The Love of Stones (novel follows trail of missing jewels of Queen Elizabeth I through centuries) $25.00
Hoch, Edward D. The Old Spies Club & Other Intrigues of Rand (short stories) $17.00
Holms, John Pynchon/Burke, Tom Terrorism: Today's Biggest Threat to Freedom (non-fiction) $6.99
Jakubowski, Maxim--ed. Mammoth Book of Pulp Action (23 stories, most from '20s to '40s) $11.95
James, Bill The Detective Is Dead (Killers go free when no one will testify at a murder trial; Harper & Iles 18) $7.95
Keene, Carolyn Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk (Facsimile hardcover reprint of 1934 Nancy Drew novel) $14.95
Kennedy, Ellen Edwards Irregardless of Murder (40-something small-town high school English teacher trips over the body of a former student in the Public Library, must investigate) $14.00
Kihn, Greg Mojo Hand (blue musician discovers evil voodoo plot to assassinate the remaining blues masters) $15.95
Kurzweil, Allen A Case of Curiosities (set in France on the eve of the Revolution) $14.00
Langton, Jane The Escher Twist (Homer Kelly (16) helps a friend find a mystery woman he met at an Escher art exhibit in Cambridge) $22.95
Lee, Wendi Habeas Campus (Boston PI Angela Matelli is called to an Ivy League school and suspects that zombies are stalking the campus) $22.95
Lescroart, John The Oath (When head of San Francisco's largest HMO dies in his own hospital, it seems to be result of a hit-and-run accident, but autopsy shows it was overdose of potassium; soon lots of people in the hospital are dying for the wrong reasons; signed copies available) $25.95
Lewis, John Hamilton Basha (Thriller involving Middle East terrorism and professional tennis) $15.95
Lewis, Jon E.--ed The Mammoth Book of Elite Forces (Graphic accounts of military exploits by the world's Special Forces; 41 entries) $11.95
Lochte, Dick Laughing Dog (reprint; grouchy, middle-aged PI Leo Bloodworth teams up with wise-acre teen Serendipity Dahlquist to search for runaway teenager) $13.95
Lovesey, Peter The Sedgemoor Strangler & Other Stories of Crime (short story collection, plus checklist of Lovesey's crime writing) $17.00
Lucarelli, Carlo Almost Blue (Rookie detective assigned to find psychopathic killer of university students in Bologna; Italian noir translated to English) $11.95
Lustbader, Eric Van Art Kills (hardcover novella of art and murder) $12.95
MacDonald, Ross Strangers in Town (3 newly discovered PI novellas written from 1945-1955, 2 featuring Lew Archer) $15.00
Malone, Michael Handling Sin (The father of a southern life insurance salesman escapes from the hospital and runs off with his son's fortune; reprint) $15.00
Malone, Michael Uncivil Seasons (The wife of a local senator has been beaten to death and Detectives Justin Savile and Cuddy Mangum are given the case; reprint) $15.00
Manchette, Jean-Patrick 3 to Kill (Businessman witnesses a murder and is pursued by the killers; he turns the tables and sets out to pursue them) $11.95
Marston, Edward The Mad Courtesan (Reprint; fifth in series of Elizabethan mysteries) $13.95
Marston, Edward (aka K. Miles) The Silent Woman (Reprint; Lord Westfield's Players (6) playhouse burns and Bracewell is distracted when a mysterious messenger is murdered; Elizabethan) $14.95
Martell, Dominic (aka Sam Reaves) Lying Crying Dying (former courier for radical groups in Europe switches sides, becomes secret weapon of Mossad and CIA counterterrorist operations, then goes on the run from both sides) $24.00
Maxim, John R. Platforms (reprint; man in quiet New England town is waiting to commute to his job in New York City when he sees a dead man standing on the train platform--which only he can see) $7.50
Michaels, Barbara Smoke and Mirrors (reprint of 1989 suspense novel) $7.50
Michel, Lou/Herbeck, Dan American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh (non-fiction) $7.99
Miles, Keith Bermuda Grass (Alan Saxon is designing a golf course in Bermuda when he discovers sabotage and a dead body hanging from a tree on the new course) $24.95
Miller, John Tropical Heat (An army officer is discovered dead in the small Virginia town of Hopewell and Sheriff A.G. Farrell's (3) investigation is hampered by an oddly hostile provost marshall) $23.95
Millhiser, Marlys Killer Commute (California literary agent begins her vacation by finding the body of her next door neighbor, and she becomes prime suspect) $5.99
Mina, Denise Exile (Maureen O'Donnell travels from Glasgow to London to investigate the death of one of her clients at the Glasgow Women's Shelter) $14.00
Moody, Bill Looking for Chet Baker (Evan Horne and friend Ace Buffington investigate the death of late trumpeter Chet Baker in Amsterdam) $23.95
Mooney, Chris Deviant Ways (a psychopath called the Sandman is slaughtering families, and making Detective Jack Casey, a former FBI profiler, suffer is part of the plan) $7.99
Murphy & Sapier Destroyer #126: Air Raid (action adventure) $5.99
Parks, Tim Mimi's Ghost (A winking photo doesn't bode well for Morris' latest scheme, leading to further murder) $12.95
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan: War Load (action adventure) $5.99
Penenberg, Adam L./Barry, Marc Spooked ("Espionage in Corporate America"; non-fiction) $16.00
Pennac, Daniel Passion Fruit (Fortune-teller marries on Saturday, returns home on Monday; shortly after, her place is torched and her husband found dead; her family and friends must solve the crime) $15.00
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Nautical Chart (thriller of search for ship sunk by pirates in 17th century off the southern coast of Spain) $26.00
Peters, Barbara/Malling, Susan--ed. AZ Murder Goes . . . Artful (collection of essays by mystery writers about writing mysteries) $13.95
Plate, Peter One Foot Off the Gutter ("Plate's San Francisco is a fiery hell where the devil rides in a squad car and God doesn't deign to put in an appearance") $13.00
Preston, M. K. Perhaps She'll Die (Woman has nightmares from her childhood of her father being hanged by 4 hooded figures for a crime he didn't commit; when she goes back to her small Oklahoma home town to search for clues, more death results) $23.95
Pronzini, Bill Bleeders ("Nameless Detective" goes after blackmailer turned murderer) $24.00
Randisi, Robert J. Blood on the Arch (Joe Keough, St. Louis' top homicide cop, investigates when political aide running for office is beaten to death and body dumped near the Arch) $5.99
Redmann, J. M. Death by the Riverside (reprint of first Micky Knight mystery; gutsy, fast-talking female PI in New Orleans and Mississippi) $11.95
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Three for a Letter (John the Eunuch (3) tracks murder in 539 AD Italy for Justinian and Theodora) $24.95
Rendell, Ruth Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (Jock Lewis borrowed a lot of money from his girlfriend Minty just before he supposedly died in a terrible train crash; Jeff Leigh also borrowed a lots of money from his girlfriend Fiona just before he supposedly died in the same train crash; Jerry Leach also supposedly died in the same crash...) $25.00
Ripley, J. R. The Body From Ipanema (Guitarist and amateur detective Tony Kozol (4) goes to Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro) $22.95
Roberts, David Bones of the Buried (Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne (2) investigate murder in Spain in 1936) $22.00
Roberts, Willo Davis Scared Stiff (young adult; first Pa's truck is robbed, then he disappears, then Ma disappears; the brothers search abandoned Amusement Park for clues) $4.99
Rosen, Charley The Wizard of Odds (True story of a gambling addict with a flair for larceny who almost ruined the game of basketball) $27.95
Rotenberg, David The Lake Ching Murders (Detective Zhong Fong investigates the brutal murder of 17 people on board a ship on Lake Ching; set in China) $22.95
Sallis, James Ghost of a Flea (Final Lew Griffin (6) novel, Black New Orleans PI/poet Griffin seeks the solution of a murder which causes him to reflect on his past) $23.95
Sand, Richard Private Justice (Lucas Rook, former NYPD, became a PI after taking brutal revenge of the murder of his brother; takes case of murdered of young girl, who is soon followed by other murdered young girls) $15.95
Sand, Richard Tunnel Runner ("a fast, espionage thriller, dark and mean") $24.95
Spencer_Fleming, Julia In the Bleak Midwinter (When a new_born baby is abandoned and a young mother is murdered, newly_ordained Episcopal priest Clare Fergusson investigates; St. Martin's Press/Malice Domestic winner) $23.95
Stier, Serena Deadly Illumination (Young suffragette in 1890 NYC investigates possible murder of John Piermont Morgan's librarian) $15.95
Stewart, Mike A Clean Kill (investigation of death of a juror leads to a conspiracy of jury tampering beginning at the highest level of government, backed up by cold-blooded killers) $24.95
Stout, Rex The Final Deduction (4 cassettes, unabridged: Nero Wolfe breaks tradition and leaves the Brownstone to do some leg work of his own) $24.95
Stuart, V. A. The Sepoy Mutiny (military historical novel, 1857 India) $13.95
Stuart, V. A. Victors and Lords (military historical novel, 1854 India) $13.95
Sugden, Philip The Complete History of Jack the Ripper (Includes new information and hitherto neglected material about the infamous criminal) $15.00
Thomas, Donald Sherlock Holmes and the Voice from the Crypt (Six new tales featuring Holmes faced with actual cases from the early twentieth century) $25.00
Thomsen, Brian/Greenberg, Harry--ed Alternate Gettysburgs (original stories of different ways the battle could have turned out) $6.99
Trevanian-ed. Death Dance (14 short stories, mostly new, about dance and murder) $14.95
Vanneman, Alan Sherlock Holmes & the Giant Rat of Sumatra (Sherlock Holmes travels from London to Asia and encounters Harat, a gigantic rat who ruled over Bada) $24
Vaughan, Ralph E. Sherlock Holmes and the Terror Out of Time (Sherlock teams up with Professor Challenger) $15.00
Welk, Mary A Deadly Little Christmas (The psych ward's Christmas tree had a bomb inside, killing seven people--who was responsible?) $10.00
Wilson, James The Dark Clue (Hired to write bio of J. M. W. Turner, Walter Hartright discovers a dark clue hidden within his paintings and uncovers evidence of unspeakable depravity; 1850s England, inspired by Collin's The Woman in White ) $25.00


The Case of the Mall Mystery (Mary_Kate and Ashley must solve a mystery at the mall with only a chocolate thumbprint for a clue; young adult) $4.50
Tales of Mystery and Suspense, Volume 6 (4 CDs: 8 episodes from the show Suspense ) $16.95
Abel, Kenneth Cold Steel Rain (Corruption and betrayal in Louisiana politics is investigated by former New Orleans prosecutor Danny Chaisson) $5.99
Aubert, Rosemary The Ferryman Will Be There (Disgraced Toronto judge Ellis Portal (3) investigates the murder of a famous movie director and the disappearance of his daughter) $6.99
Backer, Sara American Fuji (An American psychologist goes to Japan to investigate the suspicious death of his son) $14.00
Beaton, M.C. The Skeleton in the Closet (Fellworth Dolphin discovers he has a huge inheritance after his mother's sudden death and discovers much about his past while investigating) $6.50
Bishop, Claudia/DiCharia-- ed Death Dines at 8:30 (16 stories of crime and cuisine, each with its own recipe) $6.99
Bloch, Jon P. Best Murder of the Year (Gossip columnist Rick Domino finds himself a suspect for a murder during the Academy Awards ceremony) $23.95
Blunt, Giles Forty Words for Sorrow (A detective searches for two brutal serial killers in the frozen north of Canada; Arthur Ellis and Gold Dagger nominee) $6.99
Borthwick, J. S. Murder in the Rough (Sarah Deane (11) investigates when a corpse turns up on a golf course on the coast of Maine) $24.95
Brockman, Suzanne Out of Control (Savannah von Hopf must find help transporting a cache of arms to terrorists to save her uncle) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae/Brown, Sneaky Pie Catch as Cat Can (Mrs. Murphy must solve the murder of Roger O'Bannon against the backdrop of the Wrecker's Ball and Dogwood Festival) $24.95
Burnell, Mark Chameleon (A visitor from Stephanie Patrick's past tracks her down and she must return to her life as an assassin) $24.95
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Cat Caper (When a high_profile defense attorney dies after eating a cyanide_laced chocolate cat, Lee McKinney must find out who tampered with her aunt's recipe; PBO) $5.99
Casimier, Susan B. ed A Deadly Dozen (Anthology of crime fiction from Los Angeles authors) $13.00
Childs, Laura Gunpowder Green (Theodosia Browning investigates murder in Charleston society; second tea shop mystery; local author; PBO) $5.99
Coben, Harlan Tell No One (Eight years after David Beck's wife is murdered he receives an e_mail saying she might be alive; Edgar nominee) $6.99
Conant, Susan The Wicked Flea (Dog walkers and joggers battle for space in a local park and Holly Winter gets caught up in the struggle) $21.95
Connelly, Michael A Darkness More Than Night (Terrence McCaleb profiles a series of murders for the LAPD and the perfect suspect is Detective Harry Bosch) $7.99
Coonts, Stephen--ed Combat 3 (short novels by Peters, Cobb, Pinerro, Coyle of what war may be like in the 21st century) $7.99
Cotton, Ralph Jurisdiction (Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack has vowed to bring down a posse of murderous outlaws and save the impressionable young boy they've befriended) $5.99
Dain, Catherine Death of the Party (LA therapist Faith Cassidy's apartment is burglarized and a corpse turns up at a block party wearing her stolen bomber jacket) $5.99
Darden, Christopher L.A. Justice (Deputy DA Nikki Hill gets involved in a high_profile murder case that takes hold of her life and won't let go) $6.99
Davis, J. Madison Alfred Hitchcock in the Vertigo Murders (During the filming of Vertigo a young starlet dies and Hitchcock decides to investigate) $6.99
Deere, Dicey The Irish Cairn Murder (Torrey Tunet investigates the blackmailing of a beautiful and wealthy widow) $23.95
Dewberry, Elizabeth Sacrement of Lies (Grayson Guillory suspects her father, the governor of Louisiana, of murdering her mother) $23.95
Diehl, William Eureka (In 1941 California, Detective Zeke Bannon investigates a murder which could threaten political ambitions of a WWI veteran who happens to be the sheriff) $25.00
Douglass, Keith SEAL Team Seven:Counterfire (SEAL Team Seven (16) must thwart the plans of Palestinian extremist threatening to set off a nuclear device in London; PBO) $5.99
Dunn, Carola Damsel in Distress (Daisy Dalrymple (5) matches wits with the kidnappers of an American heiress in 1923 England) $5.99
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Cool Off Your Affair (John Lander (8) is heir to his dying uncle's fortune, and when he has a close call with a bullet he runs to Desiree Shapiro for help; PBO) $5.99
Erickson, K. J. Third Person Singular (Minneapolis Detective Marshall Bahr investigates the murder of two women who may be victims of a serial killer) $6.99
Erickson, K. J. The Dead Survivors (Minneapolis Homicide Detective Marshall Bahr is baffled by a suicide which looks like a murder) $24.95
Ferris, Monica A Murderous Yarn (At an antique car race one of the drivers doesn't finish and Devonshire must pin down a subject; fifth needlecraft mystery; PBO) $5.99
Fitzhugh, Bill Cross Dressing (A crass ad_man poses as his dead do_gooder Catholic priest twin brother to escape a homicidal copywriter and an insurance investigation) $7.50
Fluke, Joanne Blueberry Muffin Murder (Hannah Swenson (3), baker in Lake Eden, MN, returns when a celebrity lifestyle maven is found murdered in The Cookie Jar) $22.00
Garcia, Eric Casual Rex (Vincent Rubia, P.I. and disguised dinosaur, solves crime again in the follow_up to Anonymous Rex ) $12.95
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of an Irish Sinner (Peter McGarr investigates the bizarre murder of a celebrated woman and local benefactor) $6.99
Girard, Danielle Chasing Darkness (A female agent and a serial killer are linked by a secret past) $6.99
Graysmith, Robert Zodiac Unmasked (The final chapter in the famed Zodiac serial murders, including the killer's mocking letters to police; non-fiction) $24.95
Gunn, S. M. SEALs Sub Rescue: Operation Endurance (A crack SEAL team must make a daring Bering Sea rescue of a defecting Russian scientist) $6.99
Haines, Carolyn Splintered Bones (Sarah Booth Delany's friend is accused of murdering her own husband and Sarah must investigate) $23.95
Hale, Bruce The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse ; The Mystery of Mr. Nice ; Farewell, My Lunchbag ; The Big Nap (series of humorous kid's mysteries starring Chet Gecko, PI) $4.95 each
Handler, Daniel Watch Your Mouth (A summer running an arts and crafts camp turns gruesome) $12.95
Harrington, Jonathan A Great Day for Dying (An assassin wearing a leprechaun mask guns down the Grand Marshall of New York's St. Patrick's Day parade and Danny O'Flaherty is the only witness) $5.99
Hart, Carolyn Resort to Murder (Henrie O returns to thwart a killer in sunny Bermuda) $6.99
Holland, David The Devil in Bellminster (A dark tale of murder and religious fanaticism set in 1830's England) $22.95
Holton, Hugh Criminal Element (Police Commander Larry Cole investigates two corrupt cops and the disappearance of his doctor's sister) $27.95
Howard, Clark Love's Blood ( A family in Chicago is murdered and their fifteen year old daughter is the prime suspect; non-fiction) $6.99
Hyde, Christopher The Second Assassin (In 1939, a plot is hatched to assassinate the King and Queen of England while on American soil in hopes of destroying an alliance and ensuring victory for the Nazis) $6.99
James, Bill In Good Hands (Fear grips the drug underworld when two principals in the trade are murdered; Harper & Iles 19) $7.95
Johansen, Iris Final Target (The President's daughter has witnessed a murder and Dr. Jessica Riley must help her regain her memory of the terrible night to keep the President safe) $7.50
Jones, Jill Every Move You Make (Regan McKinney tries to make a fresh start in San Francisco while the city is being terrorized by a serial killer) $6.99
Kelly, Susan The Boston Stranglers (An investigation into the Albert DeSalvo confession and the real killers exposed; non-fiction reprint) $6.50
Kienzle, William X. The Sacrifice (Father Koesler investigates the bombing of a ceremony in which a renegade Episcopal priest was to be received into the Catholic priesthood; late author's 23rd in series) $6.99
Klein, Daniel Blue Suede Clues (In 1963, Elvis takes the case of an army buddy in jail for murdering a Hollywood starlet) $22.95
Kyle, Stephen After Shock (A secret government project to develop a powerful high frequency beam goes awry when a General has plans to use the beam for his own ends; PBO) $7.99
Littel, Robert The Company (Novel of the CIA 1951-91) $27.95
Ludlum, Robert/Shelby, Philip The Cassandra Complex (Covert One: Jon Smith and Randi Russell discover a global conspiracy to unleash a plague of unimaginable proportions) $7.99
MacPherson, Rett Killing Cousins (Missouri genealogist Torie O'Shea (5) researches the life of a local jazz singer & discovers her infant son was kidnapped in 1938 & never found) $22.95
Mallinson, Allan A Regimental Affair (Captain Matthew Hervey returns from India and his new commanding officer has a dark secret and a deep dislike for Hervey) $23.95
Manuel, David A Matter of Diamonds (Brother Bartholomew is called upon to help solve the mystery of a dead woman and the missing 10 million dollars in diamonds she had with her when she died) $6.99
Marnham, Patrick Resistance and Betrayal (Jean Moulin, hero of the WW II French Resistance; non-fiction) $25.95
Marston, Edward The Roaring Boy (An anonymous playwright hands Bracewell (7) a script that exposes a tragic miscarriage of justice in a murder case; Elizabethan England) $14.95
Maxwell, Ann (aka Eliz. Lowell) Shadow and Silk (Reprint: A professor of antique textiles goes to Tibet to purchase a scrap of rare silk and discovers danger and intrigue) $6.99
McCabe, Patrick Emerald Gems of Ireland (Pat McNab kills his mother with a frying pan and becomes a serial killer _ but is it real or in his mind?) $13.95
McGown, Jill Scene of the Crime (Detective Chief Inspectors Lloyd and Hill (11) investigate the murder of a well_to_do doctor's wife which may be more than the simple burglary it first appears to be; East Anglia) $6.99
Miano, Mark Dead of Summer (TV news producer Michael Carpa (3) finds old friend dead; convinced it's murder, not suicide) $5.99
Miles, Keith Bullet Hole (While at the British Open, someone tries to force Alan Saxon out of the tournament by murdering a young girl in his bed; trade reprint) $14.95
Miles, Keith Double Eagle (Alan Saxon attends a winter tournament in California and his friend and fellow golf pro ends up dead; trade reprint) $14.95
Montanari, Richard Kiss of Evil (Detective John Salvatore Paris investigates a rash of brutal slayings in Cleveland linked to his past) $6.99
Moorcraft, Paul Anchoress of Shere (The 1329 murder of a Surrey woman and the 1967 abduction of a woman from Guilford are connected) $24.95
Morrissey, J. P. A Weekend at Blenheim (In 1905 architect John Vanbrugh visits Blenheim Palace to help with renovations when a housemaid is found strangled) $24.95
Nance, John J. Headwind (A former president's only chance to survive a manhunt is to stay in the air and on the run) $7.99
Neiderman, Andrew Dead Time (A clandestine experiment in age_reversal goes horribly wrong leaving patients dead and missing) $6.99
Nelson, James L. The Blackbirder (Thomas Marlowe hunts down a slave turned pirate in book two of the Brethren of the Coast) $13.95
Parker, Robert B. Gunman's Rhapsody (Spenser creator turns his eyes to the Old West with this story of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and the gunfight at the O.K. Corral) $7.99
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Fear Rally (Paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton. Don Mack Bolan: Sworn Enemies (Paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Perry, Anne Southampton Road (The wife of a candidate for a seat in Parlianment participates in a seance that becomes notorious when the clairvoyant is found murdered the next morning) $25.00
Pickard, Nancy/Rich, Virginia The Secret Ingredient Murders (Eugenia Potter is working on a cookbook with an eccentric Rhode Island writer when he turns up murdered and she must find the culprit) $5.99
Pickard, Nancy Ring of Truth (Marie Lightfoot gets involved with a deadly love triangle while researching her next book) $6.99
Powlik, James Meltdown (The crew of an environmental research vessel in the Arctic is ravaged by radiation poisoning and Dr. Carol Harmon must solve the mystery before a man_made ice age is caused) $6.99
Puzo, Mario The Godfather (trade paper reprint with new intro and afterword) $14.00
Roberts, Gillian Whatever Doesn't Kill You (Billie August (2) is the only one in town who thinks a mentally disabled man is innocent of the murder of his only friend) $6.50
Robb, J. D. (aka Nora Roberts) Reunion in Death (Eve Dallas and Roarke: PBO) $7.99
Robinson, Jeffrey The Merger (True account of a global crime network in which multi_national criminals make alliances much like legitimate businesses) $17.95
Rollins, James Amazonia (audio _ 4 cassettes, abridged) $25.95
Rowland, Laura Joh Black Lotus (Sano Ichiro investigates the burning of a cottage belonging to the Black Lotus Temple and discovers the three victims were killed before the fire started) $6.99
Salazar, Michael Lucifer Light (U.S. Air Force Pararescue Jumpers investigate sabotage of a rocket launch, a warfare exercise, and a passenger jet; PBO) $6.50
Scottoline, Lisa The Vendetta Defense (A young lawyer risks her career and her life to defend an elderly Italian man who's killed for a vendetta) $7.99
Searles, John Boy Still Missing (A teenager in Massachusetts has an affair with a beautiful woman and it leads to a shocking death) $12.95
Shelton, Connie Memories Can Be Murder (Albuquerque CPA Charlie Parker uncovers disturbing information about her father's work during the Cold War and suspects the plane crash that killed him was no accident) $5.99
Silva, Daniel The English Assassin (Art restorer and occasional Israeli agent Gabriel Allon finds the millionaire he went to Zurich to restore a painting for murdered; 5 CDs, abridged $29.95) $25.95
Silva, Daniel The Kill Artist (Retired Israeli intelligence agent Gabriel Allon has been restoring art, but is called back for one last mission to stop a terrorist on a killing spree) $6.99
Skinner, Richard The Red Dancer (A fictional account of Mata Hari's life) $23.95
Smith, Sarah A Citizen of the Country (A continuation of the Vanished Child saga) $12.95
Standiford, Les Book Deal (Retitled from Deal on Ice : Someone has killed a Miami bookseller & Jack Deal(10) finds connections between this and other murders in the book world) $14.95
Staub, Wendy Corsi In the Blink of an Eye (A medium discovers a mysterious force in the house where her childhood friend was killed) $6.99
Stowers, Carlton Open Secrets (Rozanne Gailunas was murdered in Dallas and the suspect, her lover's wife, was on the run for two years; non-fiction) $6.99
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles Unbound (In Lehigh, Pennsylvania, Bubbles Yablonsky is a gum-chewing, hairdresser turned gumshoe investigating a local murder) $6.99
Thayer, James Force 12 (The head of a crumbling software company races his computerized yacht across the Pacific and discovers that some will do anything, even murder, to win) $6.99
Urban, Mark The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes (True story of George Scovell and how he broke the French Army's codes) $25.95
Wagner, James My Life in the NYPD (Behind the scenes look at the NYPD by a former street cop; non-fiction) $5.99
Walker, Mary Willis All the Dead Lie Down (True crime reporter Molly Cates discovers new information about her father's supposed suicide years ago and is left with a moral dilemma) $6.50
Waters, Sarah Fingersmith (Swindle, fortune, and hearts won and lost set in Victorian London among a family of thieves) $24.95
Westlake, Donald Bad News (Dortmunder helps dig up a grave in Queens for Fitzroy Guilderpost, and discovers a scam) $7.50
White, Stephen Warning Signs (Boulder's controversial DA is brutallly murdered and Alan Gregory must investigate) $24.95
Wilson, Robert A Small Death in Lisbon (A sex_slaying in modern Lisbon and a secret from 1941 Berlin are connected; Gold Dagger Best Novel) $7.99
Woodworth, Deborah Dancing Dead (Sister Rose must get to the bottom of a strange murder and a ghostly sighting which threatens to tear Shaker society apart) $6.50
Zindel, Paul Death on the Amazon (P.C. Hawke #6, young adult) $4.99


Andrews, Robert A Murder of Promise (Murder of a Washington Post reporter causes Kearney & Phelps (2) to reopen an old case with a similar MO) $24.95
Axelrood, Larry The Advocate (courtroom thriller set in Chicago) $7.99
Coonts, Stephen Saucer (A seismic surveyor in the Sahara discovers a 140,000 year old flying saucer and governments of several countries become interested; SF crossover) $14.95
Crumey, Andrew Mr. Mee (Octogenarian book collector Mr. Mee discovers the Internet with life_changing results) $15.00
Griffith, Nicola Stay (Aud Torvingen is asked by an old friend to find his missing fiancé) $23.95
Higgins, Jack Midnight Runner (After her brothers are murdered one by one, even though they had tried to assassinate the President a woman swears vengeance on Sean Dillon, Blake Johnson and the President) $25.95
Jolowic, Philip Towers of Silence (A young attorney with offices in the World Trade Center loses his job and his clients and must find out why) $25.00
Leithauser, Brad A Few Corrections (A son investigates the life of the father he never knew, and discovers more than he expected) $13.00
McEwan, Ian Atonement (3 teenagers in 1935 become victims to a girl's imagination) $26.00
Mcdonald, Gregory Confess, Fletch (Reprint: Fletch finds the nude body of a woman in his Boston apartment and must prove his innocence) $12.00
Mcdonald, Gregory Fletch (Reprint: First in the Fletch novels. Investigative journalist Fletch is asked to murder a man by that man himself; Edgar Award winner) 12.00 Mcdonald, Gregory Fletch's Fortune (Reprint: A CIA agent blackmails Fletch into bugging his fellow journalists at a convention; Edgar Award winner) $12.00
Nance, John J. Turbulence (A 747 full of mutinous passengers is mistaken for a terrorist bomb by NATO) $25.95
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Bonfire (Faith Fairchild is out to unmask someone who's harassing a minority student when human remains are found in the ashes of the annual school bonfire) $23.95
Parker, Robert B. Widow's Walk (Spencer investigates the murder of a prominent local banker with ties to the Mayflower and the Mob; unabridged audio on CD $29.95) $24.95
Peale, Cynthia The White Crow (Caroline and Addington Ames venture into the world of spirits and mediums to solve crimes in Victorian Boston) $23.95
Porter, Henry A Spy's Life (A reformed spy turned water inspector is the sole survivor of a plane crash and discovers someone wants him dead) $25.00
Reid, Elwood Midnight Sun (A dying Fairbanks man gives ten thousand dollars to an out_of_work journeyman to rescue his daughter from a cult in Alaska) $13.00
Reuland, Rob Hollowpoint (An Assistant District Attorney investigates a murder and discovers the thin line between guilt and innocence; Hammett nominee) $11.95
Rollins, James Amazonia (The director of the CIA investigates the death of an agent in the Amazon jungle) $24.95
Shelby, Philip By Dawn's Early Life (A young financial analyst gets caught in political maneuverings between the U.S. and China) $25.00
Spark, Muriel Aiding and Abetting (A novel based on the true_crime story of Lord Lucan, scoundrel and murderer) $11.00
Stapinski, Helene Five_Finger Discount (A memoir about a Jersey City family of swindlers, bookies, and mobster_wannabes) $12.95
Thayer, Steve The Wheat Field (Deputy Pennington of Kickapoo Falls finds two murdered in Wisconsin wheat field; missing film and assassination plot) $24.95


Bello, Antoine The Missing Piece (When a billionaire revives the jigsaw puzzle's fortunes a killer targets key players) $15.00
Bowden, Mark Killing Pablo (Non-fiction; 16 month manhunt for head of the Columbian Medellin cocaine cartel Pablo Escobar) $14.00
Chavarria, Daniel The Eye of Cybele (An epic mystery set in Greece in the time of Pericles by the author of Adios Muchachos ) $27.00
Child, Greg Over the Edge (True story of four American mountain climbers captured by Islamic terrorists) $25.95
Czuchlewski, David The Muse Asylum (Three recent college graduates investigate the life of a reclusive author and discover more than they bargained for) $13.00
Gorey, Edward The Object-Lesson (32 pages of twisted humor) $12.00
Theroux, Marcel The Confessions of Mycroft Holmes (young man inherit's his eccentric uncle Patrick's home, where he finds a fragment of a manuscript; Mycroft bears a striking resemblance to Patrick; investigation uncovers unsettling truths) $14.00


Ablow, Keith Denial (Forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger investigates a brutal killer with a horrific trademark and faces his own inner demons in the process) $3.99
Adamson, Isaac Hokkaido Popsicle (In Tokyo the lead singer of Japan's most popular rock band is found dead; Billy Chaka discovers more to the story than a drug overdose) $12.95
Andrews, Donna You've Got Murder (An artificial intelligence personality senses foul play when her creator disappears) $21.95
Apodaca, Jennifer Dating Can Be Murder (Widow Samantha Shaw buys a dating service and is matched up with murder) $22.00
Babson, Marian To Catch a Cat (Eleven_year_old Robin kidnaps a prize_winning cat and witnesses the murder of its owner) $5.99
Barnett, Colleen Mystery Women Volume II (An encyclopedia of leading women characters in mystery fiction 1980_1989) $16.95
Bernhardt, William Final Round (A killing spree mars the Master's Golf Tournament) $23.95
Bishop, Claudia Just Desserts (A meteorologist convention comes to the Inn at Hemlock Falls (9) and the town's new computer expert is murdered: PBO with recipes) $5.99
Blackwood, Grant The Wall of Night (A Chinese General that Briggs Tanner failed to help defect 12 years ago has resurfaced & wants out of China but will only trust Tanner; PBO) $7.99
Buchanan, Edna You Only Die Twice (An heiress is murdered twice but the murder can only be solved once) $6.99
Burke, Jan Dear Irene ; Flight ; Goodnight Irene ; Hocus; Remember Me, Irene ; Sweet Dreams, Irene (Reprints) $6.99 each
Christopher, Nicholas Franklin Flyer (A restless young inventor travels across the country and around the globe during the Great Depression and WWII) $24.95
Clark, Mary Higgins On the Street Where You Live (A New York attorney buys an old Victorian house and discovers skeletons in the closet _- and in the back yard) $7.99
Connelly, Michael City of Bones (The bones of a 12_year old boy are found in the Hollywood Hills and Bosch (8) is drawn into a 20-year-old case that brings up his haunted past) $25.95
Cook, Christopher Robbers (Two Texan ex_cons kill a convenience store clerk over a penny and go on the run) $14.00
Cook, Thomas H. The Interrogation (Police have only 24 hours to crack a homeless vagrant accused of killing a 10_year_old girl) $23.95
Coombe, Jack D. Gunsmoke Over the Atlantic (Nonfiction account of the naval battles of the Civil War) $23.95
Dams, Jeanne D. Silence is Golden (A friend of Hilda Johansson's twelve_year old brother is found beaten and Eric knows more than he's willing to say) $23.95
Davis, Dom Death of an Angel (non-fiction; disappearance of a Rhode Island family and the FBI investigation) $6.50
Deaver, Jeffery The Blue Nowhere (A reformed computer hacker goes head_to_head with a malicious counterpart) $7.99
Devane, Terry Uncommon Justice (A corporate lawyer takes on the criminal case of a homeless man accused of murder; first in new series) $6.99
Dorsey, Tim Orange Crush (A megatwisted tale of politics Florida style) $6.99
Dun, David At the Edge (Opposing attorneys make a clandestine deal deciding the fate of a rain forest but the deal goes bad and the former adversaries find themselves on the same side) $6.99
Dunbar, Sophie Fashion Victims (Hollywood producers Ava and Frank Bernstein attend the launch party of a new clothing line and a model is murdered) $5.99
Ewing, Lynne Daughters of the Moon: Moon Demon (Vanessa dreads her 16th birthday, but then meets Hector who brings out a side of her she never knew) $9.99
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: Provence _ To Die For (17th in the series: Jessica travels to France and becomes embroiled in a culinary murder mystery) $6.50
Fowler, Earlene Arkansas Traveler (Benni Harper (8) travels to Sugartree, Arkansas and discovers something sinister brewing in the usually peaceful town) $6.99
Fowler, Earlene Steps to the Altar (Benni Harper is preparing for two weddings and investigating a decades_old unsolved murder) $22.95
Francis, Eric The Dartmouth Murders (Non-fiction; the murder of Dartmouth College professors Half and Susanne Zantop; PBO) $6.99
Francis, James Danger's Hour (Submarine USS Tuksa is tracking a Russian nuclear sub when it collides with another sub and is sent to the ocean floor; PBO) $6.99
Garrett, Elizabeth The Sweet Trade (Novel based on true story of 17th century women pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read) $6.99
Haddam, Jane True Believers (Gregor Demarkian investigates three arsenic deaths in three Philadelphia churches and a priest is the prime suspect) $6.99
Haig, Brian Secret Sanction (A battalion of Serbs has been murdered in Kosovo, the Green Beret are suspected and Army lawyer Sean Drummond must investigate) $6.99
Hamilton, Steve The Hunting Wind (An old ballplayer friend of Alex McKnight (3) tracks him down in Michigan and asks that he help find an old flame missing 30 years) $6.99
Harper, Karen The Queene's Cure (Elizabeth I takes on the royal medical establishment as she combats an enemy willing to use terror and pestilence to overturn the throne) $23.95
Harris, Charlene Living Dead in Dallas (A vampire asks Sookie Stackhouse (2) to use her telepathic skills to find another vampire; PBO) $6.50
Hicks, Brian/Kropf, Schuyler The H.L. Hunley: Lost Submarine of the Confederacy (History of the Confederacy's first submarine) $25.00
Higgins, Jack Edge of Danger (Blake Johnson and Sean Dillon join forces in a desperate race to stop international terrorists from taking revenge on the President) $7.99
Hoag, Tami Dust to Dust (Two homicide cops investigate the death of a fellow cop which could be murder, suicide, or a lurid sex scenario gone bad) $7.99
Hoffman, William Tidewater Blood (Charles LeBlanc is on the run after his entire family in Virginia is killed by a plantation collapse; trade reprint; Hammett Best Novel) $12.95
James, P. D. Death in Holy Orders (Murder of a student at the small theological college demands Scotland Yard investigator and alumnus Adam Dalgliesh) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Body of Lies (Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is working on a reconstruction job for a powerful senator and becomes embroiled in a terrifying conspiracy) $24.95
Judson, D. Daniel The Bone Orchard (Declan MacManus struggles to be left alone in a Hampton's small town whose law enforcement authorities refuse to forgive his past) $6.50
Kelly, Nora Hot Pursuit (Professor Gillian Adams (5) must investigate when her friend is found dead in her London garden) $24.95
King, Laurie Justice Hall (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes travel to one of Britain's stateliest homes to uncover a secret whose roots reach deep into the soul of England) $23.95
Kopp, Nancy Final Justice (Attorney Ann Monroe becomes the target of a group who believes in the right to hate when she represents the victim of a brutal crime) $6.99
Krueger, William Kent Purgatory Ridge (Cork O'Connor investigates a deadly explosion in a lumber mill) $6.99
Latour, Jose Outcast (A teacher in Havana is offered a chance to escape which turns deadly; Edgar nominee trade reprint) $12.95
Lehane, Dennis Mystic River (Three childhood friends are reunited 25 years later when one's daughter is found murdered; Edgar nominee Best PBO; Hammett Award nominee; reprint) $7.99
MacDonald, Patricia Not Guilty (A woman's first husband commits suicide and her second is drowned, and the police suspect her son is a murderer) $24.00
Marshall, Evan Stabbing Stephanie (Literary agent Jane Stuart and her cat Winky go undercover at a publishing house to solve a murder) $5.99
McCafferty, Barbara/Herald, Beverly Double Date (Louisville identical twins Bert and Nan Tatum (5) start out looking for love and find themselves investigating a murder made for two) $5.99
McCrumb, Sharyn The Songcatcher (Historically accurate novel of a song's passage through history from the 1700s to the present) $7.99
McGrew, Chandler Cold Heart (Former policewoman Mickey Ascherfeld moves to Alaska to escape the inner demons of her parents murder and her partner's death in a shoot_out and now there is a killer looking) $5.99
McPhee, Michelle Mob Over Miami (Non-fiction; Miami South Beach mob thug Chris Paciello; PBO) $7.50
Miller, John/Stone, Michael The Cell (Investigation of the terrorist cells involved in the 9_11 attacks; non- fiction) $24.95
Morgan, Douglas Tiger Cruise (The USS Cushing is transporting family members when during a typhoon it is boarded by pirates) $6.99
Murphy/Sapir The Destroyer: Market Force (Action adventure; PBO) $5.99
O'Kane, Leslie Give the Dog a Bone (A befuddled millionaire talks Boulder dog psychologist Allie Babcock (3) into becoming the legal guardian of a dog he thinks is channeling his murdered wife's spirit; PBO) $6.99
Parker, T. Jefferson Black Water (Detective Merci Rayborn investigates an apparent attempted murder/ suicide when the surviving apparent shooter disappears from his hospital bed) $23.95
Parker, T. Jefferson Silent Joe (A politician is murdered and his adopted son discovers many secrets as he investigates; Edgar nominee) $7.99
Peale, Cynthia Murder at Bertram's Bower (Two residents of Bertram's Bower are murdered on successive nights and Agatha Montgomery must both investigate and save the Bower from scandal; Beacon Hill Mystery #2) $6.50
Pendelton, Don Stony Man 58: Condition Hostile (Action adventure; PBO) $5.99
Pendleton, Don The Executioner 281: Blood Stone (Action adventure; PBO) $4.50
Peters, Elizabeth Lord of the Silent (In 1915 Egypt intrigue, romance & adventure abound) $7.50
Pineiro, R.J. Firewall (Ex_CIA agent Bruce Tucker learns of a code which can unleash the world's nuclear arsenals and only his dead boss's daughter knows the secret) $25.95
Pinero, R. J. (The FBI suspects that someone in the IRS is smuggling millions out of the country and Hires one man to find out the truth) $7.99
Richman, Phyllis Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham? (Food critic Chas Wheatley must solve another murder most tasty) $6.99
Ripley, J. R. Lost in Austin (Tony Kozol gets a gig as a replacement guitarist and finds murder at the Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX) $5.99
Robb, Candace A Spy for the Redeemer (Owen Archer (9) becomes embroiled in a revolution in 1370's Wales and feels pulled to the rebel cause) $23.95
Robb, Candace A Trust Betrayed (In 13th century Scotland Margaret Kerr's husband Roger has been missing since winter; she travels to Edinburgh to find him and gets caught in rebellion against England) $12.95
Robbins, David L. Scorched Earth (Nat Deeds investigates arson and murder at the Baptist Church in Good Hope, Virginia) $24.95
Robinson, Peter Wednesday's Child (Reprint) $6.99
Scott, Robert Savage (True story of serial killer Benjamin Pedro Gonzales) $6.50
Seranella, Barbara Unfinished Business (Mechanic/sleuth Miranda Mancini goes after a sadistic rapist who has killed two of her customers) $6.99
Sloan, Susan R. Act of God (200 innocents are killed in an attack of the Seattle Family Services Center and attorney must construct a defense for the man accused of the crime) $24.95
Sloan, Susan R. An Isolated Incident (A 15_year old girl has been viciously murdered and a newcomer to her small community is suspected) $6.99
Smith, Frank Thread of Evidence (Inspector Paget investigates the murder of a contractor who seems to have been killed by a prostitute) $5.99
Spillane, Mickey/Collins, Max--ed A Century of Noir (32 of the finest crime stories of the 20th century by the masters; trade original) $15.00
Standage, Tom The Turk (The saga of an eighteenth century chess playing machine invented by a Hungarian nobleman that inspired technology during the Industrial Revolution) $24
Stevens, Rosemary The Tainted Snuff Box (Regency England's Beau Brummel (2) must deduce who poisoned the Prince of Wales' bodyguard before his friend is executed for the crime) $6.99
Stillman, Dean Twentynine Palms (Murder, marines, and the Mojave; non-fiction) $12.95
Straka, Andy A Killing Sky (Charlottesville PI and falconer Frank Pavlicek (2) follows a trail of family secrets in search of a Congressman's daughter who has disappeared;PBO) $5.99
Strurz, James Sasso (Two teenagers are found dead in a cave near Mancanzano, Italy, and a team of experts investigates the murders and the stunning frescoes on the cave walls) $25.95
Swanson, Denise Murder of a Sleeping Beauty (Skye Denison investigates the murder of a popular student who was cast as Sleeping Beauty in the school play) $5.99
Teran, Boston God is a Bullet (Frantic cop Bob Hightower must team up with a recovering junkie to save his daughter from a murderous cult; Creasey Award; Edgar nominee) $6.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Washington Square (In turn of the century New York a seductress falls victim to her own charades and Sarah Brandt and Frank Malloy must solve the case: Fourth Gaslight Mystery; PBO) $6.99
Thornton, Betsy High Lonesome Road (A victim counselor is called to counsel a woman who found a murder victim, and discovers the corpse is an old friend of her brothers) $5.99
Thurlo, Aimee and David Changing Woman (Terrorists threaten the Reservation's power plant and Ella Clah is investigating when her daughter disappears) $24.95
Wadley, Margot The Gripping Beast (American Isabel Garth travels to the Orkney Islands to illustrate her father's journals, finds a body after she has been warned to leave) $6.50
Walker, Kent/Schone, Mark Son of a Grifter (True story of Kent Walker and his life with his mother Sante Kimes, a bloodthirsty killer and con artist) $7.99
West, Joseph A. The Silver Arrowhead (Chester Wong must find the killer of a paleontologist who has found the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Montana) $5.99
Westlake, Donald E. Put a Lid On It (A career thief facing life imprisonment is called on by the presidential re_election campaign that needs his professional services) $23.95
Wilhelm, Kate Death Qualified (discouraged Oregon attorney returns to defend a wife charged with murder but she doubts her innocence) $6.50
Woods, Stuart Cold Paradise (Stone Barrington (7) becomes reacquainted with a case in Palm Beach he thought was buried years ago) $7.99


Abel, Kenneth The Burying Field (When four white teenagers desecrate a slave burying ground in Louisiana, Danny Chaisson finds himself in the midst of a bitter struggle as he finds a connection with an old crime) $26.95
Babson, Marian The Cat Next Door (Returning cousin investigates when English family cat refuses to come home until a twin sister's murder is solved) $21.95
Baker, Nicholson Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper (Nonfiction; the destruction of irreplaceable books in the name of "shelf space") $14.00
Ballard, Mignon F. Shadow of an Angel (Augusta Goodnight helps Minda Hobbs investigate the murder of Minda's cousin Otto) $23.95
Bamford, James Body of Secrets (Non-fiction; ultra_secret National Security Agency) $14.95
Barnard, Robert The Bones in the Attic (A 30_year old child's skeleton is discovered in the attic of an old home and Charlie Peace investigates) $23.00
Bowen, Peter Ash Child (Gabriel Du Pre (8) investigates the murder of an eccentric old woman and fires in Montana's Wolf Mountains which may be arson) $23.95
Bowen, Peter Wolf No Wolf / Notches (The third and fourth Montana mysteries featuring Gabriel DuPre; trade reprint) $14.95
Bradby, Tom The Master of Rain (In Shanghai, 1926, a young English member of the international police force investigates the murder of a young Russian woman) $24.95
Chalker, Dennis One Perfect Op (True story of Navy Seal Team Six, specializing in counter_terrorist operations) $25.95
Chazin, Suzanne Flashover (Fire Marshall Georgia Skeehan (2) investigates the deaths of two doctors in separate fires that could be connected) $25.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Daddy's Little Girl (When Trish Duncan was 6 she found her sister murdered and helped put away a man who swears he didn't do it. Now he is up for parole and she wonders if she was wrong.) $26.00
D'Amato, Barbara White Male Infant (A surgeon and his wife discover the son they adopted from Russia is not really Russian, and are plunged into the dark world of international adoption) $24.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down Across the Western Sea (In 1571, Lady Appleton, investigates a murder connected to a missing account of a trip to the New World) $22.95
Estleman, Loren D. Something Borrowed, Something Black (Professional killer Peter Macklin has retired and is on his honeymoon when his past catches up to him) $24.95
Ford, Susan/Hayden, Laura Double Exposure (The daughter of a newly_elected President finds a body on the White House grounds and decides to investigate) $23.95
Frayn, Michael Spies (Two youths spy on their neighbors in WWII England and unintended catastrophe occurs) $23.00
Gallo, Gina Armed and Dangerous (True Memoirs of a female Chicago cop) $14.95
Grant, Tracy Daughter of the Game (In 1819 London a child disappears, plunging the parents into a nightmare of intrigue that stretches back to the Napoleonic Wars) $24.95
Haddam, Jane Somebody Else's Music (An acclaimed author is haunted by nightmares of a long_ago murder and returns to the scene) $24.95
Hart, Carolyn April Fool Dead (Death on Demand Bookstore owner searches for an April Fool's Day prankster when murder is added to the mix) $23.95
Holland, Cecelia The Soul Thief (Corban Loose_Strife must track down his twin sister Mav after she is made slave in a Viking stronghold) $24.95
Howard, Linda Dying to Please (female butler/body guard for elderly employer thwarts a burglary, getting press coverage, catching attention of somebody who will stop at nothing to have her for himself) $25.95
Huang, Jim--ed. They Died in Vain (Companion to Agatha and Anthony winning 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century ($12); takes you beyond the familiar with essays recommending over 100 mystery novels; 2 entries by Uncle Edgar's Jeff Hatfield; trade pb) $13.00
Land, Jon Blood Diamonds (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea find themselves embroiled in the world of Sierra Leone's civil war and must stop the leader of the rebel faction) $25.95
Leahey, Michael I. The Pale Green Horse (J.J. Donovan and his partner Boris are unwittingly drawn into a scheme to murder sick people for their death benefits) $22.95
Malone, Michael Foolscap (A young drama professor has his life turned upside down when he meets America's most acclaimed playwright; reprint) $15.00
Malone, Michael Red Clay, Blue Cadillac (Collection of short stories in which each heroine is a southern belle with a talent for deceit; reprint) $15.00
Malone, Michael Time's Witness (A young black activist is murdered and Justin Savile and Cuddy Magnum must navigate the town's prejudices while solving the crime; reprint) $15.00
Maxwell, John Point Fury (A musician takes a job house_sitting on an Island in Maryland and becomes a prisoner in a madman's world) $24.00
Murakami, Haruki A Wild Sheep Chase (A young man working for an advertising agency must find a mutant sheep seen in one of his advertisements or face dire consequences) $13.00
Nickel, Steven Baby Face Nelson ("Portrait of a Public Enemy", non-fiction) $26.95
Ong, Han Fixer Chao (A Filipino street hustler and a failed writer team up to retaliate against New York City's literati using spirituality as their confidence game) $14.00
Pollack, Rachel A Secret Woman (Lieutenant Simon Goldtree investigates a murder while dealing with his preparation for a sex_change operation) $21.95
Rayner, Richard Drake's Fortune (True story of the world's greatest confidence artist) $23.95
Reed, John The Kingfisher's Call (A CIA agent tries to rescue a woman he had an affair with years before from the hands of the Communist Chinese) $22.00
Rowland, Laura Joh The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria (In 17th century Japan Sano Ichiro (7) & his wife investigate murder of the shogun's cousin in the bed of a courtesan) $24.95
Smith, Barbara Burnett Skeletons in the Purple Sage (During floods in Purple Sage, Texas, a body turns up in the waters and Jolie Wyatt investigates) $23.95
Wager, Walter Kelly's People (Five top espionage agents must find five suitcases with nuclear explosives in the control of an international terrorist) $24.95
Walker, David J. No Show of Remorse (Chicago PI Mal Foley wants his license back, but someone will resort to murder to keep it from happening) $23.95
Wignall, Kevin People Die (A freelance contract killer discovers someone in his own organization is trying to have him killed) $22.00
Wright, Nancy Means Stolen Honey (Vermont farmer Ruth Willmarth investigates the murder of a college student is found in the woods of a local beekeeper) $23.95


Davis, J. Madison Law & Order 2 (Original novel based on the popular TV series) $6.99
Grafton, Sue M is for Malice (4 CDs, abridged) $25.95
Kemelman, Harry Friday the Rabbi Slept Late (Reprint; Edgar winner '64) $6.99
Standiford, Les Bone Key (On a trip to Key West John Deal stops to help a young black man being rousted by the police, and the man turns up dead two days later) $24.95
Woods, Stuart The Short Forever (Stone Barrington uncovers the puzzling and deadly rivalry between two American spies) $24.95


Alexander, David Conspiracies and Cover_Ups (True stories of some of the most provocative conspiracy theories of our time; PBO) $6.99
Beavan, Colin Fingerprints (Non-fiction; "The origins of crime detection and the murder case that launched forensic science") $14.95
Benson, Raymond James Bond in Never Dream of Dying (007 comes face to face with the enigmatic blind criminal mastermind behind the Union) $7.50
Box, C. J. Open Season (Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is thrust into a race to save both an endangered species and his family; Edgar nominee) $6.50
Brown, Dale Warrior Class (A Russian oil magnate seizes power and Air Force General Patrick McLanahan is the only one who can stop him from taking over Europe) $7.99
Buffa, D.W. The Judgement (A judge is murdered and a charismatic defense attorney discovers a trail of evil and revenge as he investigates) $7.50
Burke, James Lee Bitterrroot (Texas lawyer Billy Bob Holland travels to Montana to help out a fellow Viet Nam vet, unaware that he's in the sights of a killer) $7.50
Campbell, Ann Wolf Tracks (Third in the series featuring Annie O'Hara and her clue_sniffing canine companion Claudius; PBO) $5.99
Child, Lee Echo Burning (Jack Reacher (5) is picked up hitchhiking by a troubled beauty and the trouble spreads to Jack) $7.99
Clare, Alys Ashes of the Elements (The tranquility of Hawkenlye Abbey is shattered by several murders in the nearby forest and Abbess Helewise searches for two nuns who have disappeared there) $6.50
Clarkson, Wensley The Good Doctor (Non-fiction; Fred Shipman, who may have murdered as many as 297 people in his guise as a doctor) $6.99
Clement, Peter Critical Condition ( E.R. meets Agatha Christie in this medical thriller) $21.95
Clement, Peter Mutant (Doctors and activists clash over a new genetic strain to make crops disease_proof, but neither side is aware of a third party who plans to make a genetic weapon) $6.99
Coben, Harlan Gone for Good (A man has a past he'd rather forget, but it surfaces as his girlfriend disappears and he must uncover the truth; abridged audio on cd $29.95) $23.95
Collins, Max Allen ed Flesh and Blood: Dark Desires (Anthology of crime fiction with an erotic twist; trade PBO) $12.95
Cornwell, Bernard Gallows Thief ("gripping historical mystery and an eviscerating portrait of capital punishment in 1820s London") $24.95
Court, Alexander (aka Steve Pieczenik) Active Pursuit (The dreaded Khmer Rouge terroizes Cambodians who have immigrated to America and only a covert operation will stop them) $7.99
Coyle, Harold Against All Enemies (A Federal building is bombed and a rebel band in Idaho perform acts of terrorism, and a Lieutenant fresh from VMI is sent to quell the dangerous situation) $25.95
Coyle, Harold Dead Hand (An unforseen asteroid hits Siberia and triggers Dead Hand, a doomsday device and a NATO special operations unit is dropped in Siberia to prevent a global holocaust) $7.99
Craig, Philip R. Vineyard Shadows (Ex_cop turned fisherman J. W. Jackson confronts the lethal ghosts of his past in Martha's Vineyard) $6.50
Daheim, Mary Silver Scream (A Hollywood film crew descends on Hillside Manor and the mega_producer is murdered on Halloween weekend; Bed & Breakfast 17) $23.95
Dalton, James City of Shadows (Three men in Washington DC try to escape their past and run headlong into political intrigue) $6.99
Damron, Carla Keeping Silent (Deaf sculptor Sam Knowles is accused of murdering his fiance and his social worker brother Caleb believes he is innocent $5.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs track down a smuggler of illegal Chinese immigrants; abridged audio on CD $30.00) $25.00
Dorsey, Tim Triggerfish Twist (Transplanted Midwesterner Jim Davenport meets Tampa neighbor Serge Storm and ends up killing the brother of newly released ex_cons who seek revenge) $24.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Leopard Spot (A big game hunter is found dead with only a leopard for company and Midnight Louie must save the fellow feline from a charge of Murder One) $6.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Midnight Choir (Midnight Louie hunts a mysterious and possibly murderous organization of renegade magicians in Las Vegas) $24.95
Edwards, Ruth Dudley Matricide at St. Martha's (Penniless Cambridge college is torn into factions when an alum donates a huge fortune and murder is the result) $14.95
Elkins, Aaron Turncoat (A mysterious visitor turns up at the comfortable home of a married couple, the wife disappears) $24.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down Under the Wych Elm (Elizabethan herbalist Lady Susanna Appleton sets out to save her former nemesis from being burned at the stake) $5.99
Fitzwater, Judy Dying to Get Her Man (When a bride_to_be is found frozen in an apparent suicide, mystery writer Jennifer Marsh (6) thinks it's murder; PBO) $6.99
Frasier, Anne Hush (Criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap is tested by an especially brutal case; PBO) $6.99
Fredrickson, Michael Witness for the Dead (Arthur Patch tries to solve his problems by going public with his knowledge that a big_time gangster is a snitch working with the FBI and it causes multiple problems) $7.99
Freeman, Mary Garden View (The residents of Garden View Retirement Village are dying off from not_so_natural causes and Rachel, the landscape artist, feels compelled to investigate; fourth Gardening Mystery; PBO) $6.50
Fuhrman, Mark Murder in Spokane (Non-fiction; serial killer stalks Spokane prostitutes) $7.50
Gardner, Lisa The Next Accident (Rainie Conner and FBI Special Agent Pierce Quincy (2) are on the trail of a killer whose victims are all people Quicy has loved) $7.50
Garlock, Dorothy The Edge of Town (The wealthy son of the town drunk is the prime suspect in his murder) $6.99
Goff, Christine A Nest in the Ashes (A prescribed burn in Rocky Mountain National Park rages out of control and person who dies in the blaze appears to have been murdered) $5.99
Griffiths, W. G. Driven (A homicide detective on Long Island is in pursuit of an unconventional serial killer and fights against a paranormal evil that is the worst he has ever faced) $15.95
Haig Brian Mortal Allies (JAG lawyer Major Sean Drummond is assigned to South Korea as an advocate for a gay officer accused of a brutal killing) $23.95
Hambly, Barbara Die Upon a Kiss (Creole physician Benjamin January (5); in 1835 New Orleans a killer is stalking members of an opera troupe) $5.99
Hamilton, Lyn The Etruscan Chimera (Lara McClintoch is hired by a reclusive billionaire to purchase an obscure Etruscan sculpture and she discovers a prominent collector buried in his own Etruscan tomb) $22.95
Henry, Sue Dead North ("Musher" Jessie Arnold (10), with lead dog Tank, are heading north on Alaska Highway when teen rider disappears and he's a double murder suspect) $6.99
Hoopes, Roy A Watergate Tape (In 1973 a Senate staffer is murdered and a Washington Post reporter looks for a tape that holds the answer to his death) $24.95
Hunter, Fred Ransom at the Opera (Chicago Detective Jeremy Ransom (7) investigates when a famous tenor drops dead during a modernistic performance of Carmen) $5.99
Jackson, Steve Love Me to Death (True story of Denver serial killer Wild Bill Cody Neal) $6.50
Jacobs, Jonnie Witness for the Defense (Kali O'Brien takes on what should be a simple case of adoption, until her client is accused of murder) $6.99
Johnstone, William W. Code Name Coldfire (John Barrone (4) must go undercover to stop terrorists from setting off a nuclear device in the U.S.; PBO) $5.99
Kagan, Elaine Losing Mr. North (Retired policeman Jack North has a mistress in LA and doesn't return from a trip to see her, and his wife and mistress must form an uneasy alliance to find him) $24.95
King, Peter Dead Man's Coast (Author Jack London investigates a murder on San Francisco's Barbary Coast; PBO) $5.99
King, Peter Eat, Drink, and Be Buried (A stuntman at a medieval_themed resort is murdered and the Gourmet Detective (5) discovers he might be next on the murderer's menu) $6.50
Kyle, Col. James H. The Guts to Try (Untold story of the Iran hostage rescue mission (1980) by the on-scene desert commander; non-fiction) $6.99
Lardo, Vincent The Hampton Connection (A murder rocks the set of a movie based on the murder featured in The Hampton Affair) $7.50
Layman, R./Rivett, J-ed. Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett 1921-1960 (First ever collection; 16 pp. photos, 672 pp.) $25.00
Leonard, Elmore Escape from Five Shadows (Reprint: a classic tale of western justice) $5.99
Linedecker, Clifford L. Babyface Killers (True stories of kids who murder) $6.50
Lynds, Gayle Mesmerized (A brilliant and ambitious Washington attorney undergoes a heart transplant, only to experience vivid and terrifying visions of killings she didn't commit) $6.99
Marcinko, Richard Rogue Warrior: Detachment Bravo (The Rogue Warrior takes on a new breed of IRA terrorist) $7.99
Marcuse, Irene Consider the Alternatives (NYC social worker Anita Servi (3) has a new job and she has to look into the death of a friend) $23.95
Marklund, Liza The Bomber (News reporter Annika Bengtzon investigates the bombing of Stockholm's Olympia Stadium) $6.99
Morrell, David Long Lost (A man mysteriously appears at the doorstep of a successful Denver architect, claiming to be his long lost brother, leading to the abduction of the architect's wife and child) $25.95
Morris, J.M. The Lonely Places (A woman has escaped an abusive relationship but it has left scars on her mind causing terrifying results) $23.95
Muller, Marcia Point Deception (13 years after the mass murder of two families a body washes ashore in Signal Point, CA, and a journalist and sheriff must join in an uneasy alliance to discover the truth) $7.50
O'Brien, Charles Black Gold (In 1787 the dregs of English society gather in Bath for pleasure and profit) $24.95
O'Brien, Charles Mute Witness (An actor in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution is found dead and his daughter travels from London to find out why) $14.95
O'Brien, Kevin Make Them Cry (A serial killer is stalking the streets of Seattle and collecting the bones of his victims; PBO) $6.99
Palmer, Michael Fatal (A young doctor returns to his hometown in West Virginia to discover cause of the deaths of his wife and father; investigates a series of suspicious accidents) $24.95
Paul, Paula Symptoms of Death (Victorian village Dr. Alexandra Gladstone discovers that a servant accused of murder may not be the real culprit; PBO) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan: Dark Truth (Action adventure; PBO) $5.99
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Jungle Conflict (Action adventure; PBO) $4.50
Perison, Eben Paul Breach of Confidence (L.A. lawyer Michael Elliot takes over the cases of a colleague who committed suicide and discovers a conspiracy that puts him is grave danger) $6.99
Perry, Thomas Blood Money (The Mafia wants Rita Shelford dead and only disappearance expert Jane Whitefield (5) can save her) $6.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Golden One (A fresh corpse found in a looted tomb spoils the return to Egypt of Amelia Peabody and her family) $25.95
Rosenfelt, David Open and Shut (A defense attorney is left a huge and mysterious fortune by his father and takes on the case of a death row inmate who has been framed by powerful enemies) $23.95
Sandford, John Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport returns in the 13th Prey novel) $7.99
Saul, John The Manhattan Hunt Club (A college student is falsely accused of a brutal crime and escapes into the underground world of Manhattan) $7.99
Schumacher, Aileen Rosewood's Ashes (Detective David Alvarez and N. Mexico engineer Tory Travers; Tory's estranged father lies in a coma and she finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy connected to the 1923 torching of a town called Rosewood) $5.99
Scott, Manda No Good Deed (The only witness to a murder is a nine_year old boy who is now the killer's next target) $22.95
Sherman, Beth Murder Down the Shore (Death stalks the summer beaches of the Jersey Shore) $6.50
Spindler, Erica All Fall Down (Men are dying unexpectedly in Charlotte, NC and only small_town cop Melanie May believes it is a serial killer) $6.50
Spindler, Erica Cause For Alarm (Julianna Starr's secret past come to haunt the parents of her children) $6.50
Spindler, Erica Fortune (Skye Dearborn's mother disappeared shrouded in mystery when she was young, and now a man obsessed with her is bringing back the past) $6.50
Spindler, Erica Shocking Pink (15 years after witnessing a deadly sexual game someone is stalking Andie and won't let her forget the unsolved murders) $6.50
Stabenow, Dana The Singing of the Dead (Kate Shugak (11) is protecting a Native woman running for state senator when their staff researcher is murdered) $6.99
Stevens, Rosemary The Bloodied Cravat (One of the guests at the Duchess of York's birthday party is murdered & Beau must clear her name by deducing the murderer's identity) $22.95
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II An Easy Thing (Mexico City Detective Hector Shane tackles three cases, a murder, a stalker, and the search for Emiliano Zapata; trade reprint) $14.95
Toll, Emily Murder Will Travel (A widow touring the Sonoma Wine Country has a murder added to her itinerary; PBO) $6.50
Wambaugh, Joseph Fire Lover (Non-fiction; John Orr, a renowned serial arson investigator who was a serial arsonist himself) $25.95
Wesley, Valerie Wilson The Devil Riding (Sexy, tough_as_nails African_American sleuth Tamara Hayle is back on the job) $6.99
Westbrook, Robert Insomnia (Two Los Angeles detectives go to Alaska to investigate a murder and a local cop smells something fishy; PBO) $6.50
White, Kate If Looks Could Kill (A clever writer for a leading women's magazine is dragged into a murder investigation when her editor's nanny is murdered) $22.95
Zindel, Paul The Gourmet Zombie (P. C. Hawke must solve the murders of the gourmet chefs of New York City before his sixteenth birthday party: young adult) $4.99


Barton, Dan Dead Crowd (Biff Kincaid is stiffed by a hated comedy club owner, and when he returns to get his check, finds the owner murdered. Police finger him as the most likely suspect.) $23.95
Block, Lawrence-ed. Speaking of Wrath (stories of vindictive anger, including a new novella by Lawrence Block, 3rd book of 7 Deadly Sins series) $24.95
Collier, Iris Day of Wrath (Nicholas Peverell investigates the murder of Henry VIII's loyal steward) $23.95
Bromwell, Henry Little America (modern son tries to discover what his CIA agent father did 40 years ago at the height of the Cold War in tiny Middle-Eastern kingdom of Kurash) $14.00
Craft, Michael Boy Toy (Teenage lead in Wisconsin community theater murdered; gay newspaper publisher Mark Manning (5)) $13.95
Dibdin, Michael And Then You Die (Aurelio Zen of Rome's elite Criminalpol is lying low under a false name at a beach resort, waiting to testify at an anti-Mafia trial, but an alarming number of people who might be mistaken for him are dropping dead) $21.00
Egleton, Clive One Man Running (A former SIS agent goes underground when he becomes the target for a series of assassination attempts) $24.95
Emerson, Earl Vertical Burn (suspense novel of firefighter who goes into a fire as a hero and friend and comes out as an outcast and a target) $24.95
Hamilton, Steve North of Nowhere (Alex McKnight Attends a poker game and three masked men rob the game and beat up one of the players. Alex and his partner Leon Prudell become involved in the search for answer) $23.95
Henry, April Learning to Fly (19_year old Free Meeker finds a million dollars after a fiery car crash, but when the owner of the money discovers it didn't burn in the crash her new life is derailed) $23.95
Kerr, Baine Wrongful Death (A woman in a coma dies suddenly and the wrong man goes on trial) $25.00
Minichino, Camille The Boric Acid Murder (Gloria Lamerino helps out when the son of her good friends Rose and Frank is accused of murder) $23.95
Penzler, Otto/Cook, Thomas H.-ed. Best American Crime Reporting 2002 (anthology) $15.00
Pirie, David The Patient's Eyes (Young Arthur Conan Doyle is puzzled by a patient's strange eye ailment and when a rich Spanish businessman is murdered turns to his mentor Dr. Bell) $22.95
Riggs, Cynthia The Cranefly Orchid Murders (Victoria Trumbull and her 11_year old assistant search for a rare plant that could be a clue to the murder of a local lawyer on Martha's Vineyard) $23.95
Roberts, Randy/Olson, James S. A Line in the Sand (An overview of the historic controversies of the Alamo; non-fiction) $14.00
Russell, Alan Exposure (A celebrity photographer accidentally causes the death of two celebrities and is blackmailed by a CIA operative into engineering the scandalous downfalls of several other celebrities) $24.95
Saylor, Steven A Mist of Prophecies (During the Roman Civil War a beautiful young seeress is found murdered and Gordianus the Finder finds the hidden truths behind her life and death) $24.95
Seranella, Barbara No Man Standing (Munch Mancini investigates the brutal murders of her friend's parents) $24.00
Silvis, Randall Disquiet Heart (Sometime sleuth Edgar Allen Poe and his friend Augie investigate a rash of disappearances in Pittsburgh) $24.95
Templeton, Aline Shades of Death (When the skeleton of an 11_year old girl is discovered in a Derbyshire cave, Detective Sergeant Tom Ward exposes the continuing power of an ancient evil) $24.95


Child, Lee Without Fail (Assassins have the new Vice President in their sights _ until Jack Reacher picks up their trail) $25.95
Clark, Commander Eugene Franklin The Secrets of Inchon (The untold true story of the most daring covert mission of the Korean War) $26.95
Engel, Howard Dead and Buried (Benny Cooperman is asked by a widow to investigate her husband's death and finds himself up to his neck in the world of toxic waste) $14.95
King, Ross Ex_Libris (Charged with the task of restoring a library destroyed by war a London bookseller's fate hangs on his ability to recover a missing manuscript) $13.00
Miller, Lee Roanoke (A new look at the mystery surrounding the lost colony of the island of Roanoke; non-fiction) $15.00
Pressfield, Steven Last of the Amazons (Novel of war and revenge, set before the time of Homer) $24.95
Sandford, John Mortal Prey (Lucas Davenport gets involved when old nemesis Clara Rinker is nearly killed by a sniper's bullet after retiring to Mexico) $26.95
Scottoline, Lisa Courting Trouble (rookie at all-woman law firm leaves town for weekend; next day her picture is on the front page of the newspaper as a murder victim; she has to play dead to stay alive; audio cassette $25.95, CDs $29.95) $25.95

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