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Newsletter #55 September - November, 2001


Harry Potter Trading Card Game (Two-player starter set) $11.00
Harry Potter Trading Card Game (11-card booster set) $3.65
The Complete War of the Worlds: Mars' Invastion of Earth From H. G. Wells to Orson Wells (hardcover includes the novel with original magazine illustrations, script to the radio play, CD of the radio play, text about the broadcast, about Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater, and about other invasions from Mars) $39.95
Tribe Novels: Shadow Lords & Get of Genris (gaming tie-in; Werewolf the Apocalypse) $6.50
Asprin, Robert Myth Adventures One (2-in-1 reprint of the first 2 novels, with new art by Daniel R. Horne replacing the Phil Foglio art) $16.00
Bates, Andrew Herald of the Storm (World of Darkness game tie-in; Year of the Scarab Trilogy #1; powerful mummies in Chicago) $6.50
Beresford, J. D. The Wonder (reprint, with intro by Jack Chalker) $13.00
Black, Mike & Lovisi, Gary Doc Atlas & The Nemesis (2 short novels; Doc Atlas is Black's version of Doc Savage & The Nemesis is Lovisi's version of The Spider or The Shadow) $12.00
Black, Mike & Lovisi, Gary Satan Plague I & II (another Doc Atlas adventure and another The Nemeis adventure) $12.00
Browne, Howard Carboncopy Killer; Twelve Times Zero (2 short pulp novels of crime in the future) $12.00
Burroughs, Edgar Rice At the Earth's Core (reprint with intro by Gregory Benford) $12.95
Burroughs, Edgar Rice The Land That Time Forgot (reprint with intro by Mike Resnick) $14.95
Butler, Andrew M. Pocket Essentials: Terry Pratchett (small reference book) $6.95
Card, Orson Scott How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (Advice for sci_fi and fantasy writers; reprint of Hugo Award Winner) $12.99
Cave, Hugh B. The Evil Returns (new horror novel set in Haiti) $5.99
Corlett, William The Tunnel Behind the Waterfall (young adult fantasy, #3 of Magician's House Quartet) $4.99
Duane, Diane The Wizard's Delemma ( Fifth in So You Want to Be a Wizard series) $17.00
Engdahl, Sylvia Louise Enchantress from the Stars (hardcover reprint of 1970 young-adult classic, with new illustrations by Leo & Diane Dillon) $18.95
Fearn, John Russell Aftermath (first U.S. book edition of classic British post-apoclyptic novel) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Anjani, the Mighty (first U.S. book edition of British Tarzan pastiche from the 1950s from the U.K.) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Conquest of the Amazon (first U.S. book edition of 7th novel in Golden Amazon action adventure series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Emperor of Mars (first U.S. book edition of 1st of 4-book Clay Drew of Mars series; British pastiche of John Carter of Mars series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Goddess of Mars (first U.S. book edition of 4th Clay Drew of Mars series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Gold of Akada (first U.S. book edition of British Tarzan pastiche) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Golden Amazon Returns (first U.S. book edition, #2 of a "female Doc Savage" series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Golden Amazon's Triumph (first U.S. book edition, #3 of series, travel among the planets of the Solar system) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell The Amazon's Diamond Quest (first U.S. book edition, #4 of Golden Amazon series, rousing space adventure) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Lord of Atlantis (first U.S. book edition, #8 of Golden Amazon series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Red Men of Mars (first U.S. book edition, #3 of Clay Drew of Mars) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell The Amazon Strikes Again (first U.S. book edition, #5 of series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell The Amethyst City (first U.S. book edition, #10 of Golden Amazon) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell The Golden Amazon (first U.S. book edition, #1 of series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell The Slitherers (first U.S. book edition, sf/horror in the tradition of Heinlien's The Puppet Masters ) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Triangle of Power (first book edition, #9 of Golden Amazon series) $15.00
Fearn, John Russell Warrior of Mars (first U.S. book edition, #2 of Clay Drew of Mars) $15.00
Flammarion, Camille Omega: The Last Days of the World (reprint of 1893 French novel, intro by Robert Silverberg) $14.95
Fleming, Gherbod Predator & Prey: Werewolf (game tie-in, #3 of 6) $6.50
Gernsback, Hugo Ralph 124C41+ (reprint of 1925 novel with intro by Jack Williamson) $13.95
Harbottle, Philip-ed. Gryphon SF & Fantasy Reader #1 (in the tradition of Avon Fantasy Readers, a collection of old and new "sense of wonder" stories) $20.00
Hautala, Rick The Mountain King (horror) $5.99
Houarner, Gerard The Beast That Was Max (horror; assassin powered by a demon) $5.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Dogsbody (young adult; alien in the body of a dog must retrieve weapon) $6.95
Jones, Diana Wynne Howl's Moving Castle (young adult frolicking fantasy) $6.95
Jones, Diana Wynne Castle in the Air (sequel to Howl's Moving Castle ) $6.95
Jones, Diana Wynne Year of the Griffin (young adult fantasy sequel to Dark Lord of Derkholm ) $6.95
Lane, Mary E. Bradley Mizora: A World of Women (reprint of 1880 novel, intro by Joan Saberhagen) $9.95
Lasky, Kathryn Star Split (young adult; "It's the year 3030. Do you know who your children are?) $5.99
London, Jack Before Adam (reprint with intro by Dennis L. McKiernan) $12.00
London, Jack Fantastic Tales (reprint with intro by Philip Jose' Farmer) $11.00
Lovisi, Gary & Reasoner, James Minesweeper & Terran Girls Make Wonderful Wives (the second of the 2 short novels is a P.I. on the moon story) $12
Lupoff, Richard A. The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick; Hyperprism (two short novels) $12.00
Maltin, Leonard Leonard Maltin's 2002 Movie & Video Guide (media reference) $8.99
Merritt, A. The Moon Pool (reprint with intro by Robert Silverberg) $10.95
Mitchell, Mary Ann Ambrosial Flesh (cannibalistic horror) $5.99
Moorcock, Michael The Corneluis Quartet (omnibus of The Final Program, A Cure for Cancer, The English Assassin, The Condition of Music ) $22.00
Parker, Mark X_Calibre (Absurd parody of Arthurian legend) $11.95
Pratchett, Terry Soul Music (VHS of British cartoon version of his book) $29.95
Pratchett, Terry Soul Music (DVD version of above, plus interview with Pratchett) $29.95
Pratchett, Terry Wyrd Sisters ($10 price drop; VHS of British cartoon version of book that has been available for about 2 years) $29.95
Price, E. Hoffmann Book of the Dead: Friends of Yesteryear: Fictioneers and Others (collection of essays about other pulp-era writers he knew, including Lovecraft, Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Ed Hamilton, & many more; Arkham House) $34.95
Segal, Philip Doctor Who: Regeneration (A unique insight into the making of the eighth incarnation of the BBC timelord) $29.95
Shiel, M. P. The Purple Cloud (reprint with intro by John Clute) $13.95
Simpson, M. J. A Completely and Utterly Unauthorised Guide to Hitchhiker's Guide (small reference book) $6.95
Smith, E. E. "Doc" The Skylark of Space (reprint with intro by Vernor Vinge) $10.00
Strieber, Whitley The Last Vampire (Miriam Blaylock still hungers, but immortality now is a thing of the past) $24.95
Tubb, E. C. Alien Life (expanded & revised version of classic sf novel) $15.00
Tubb, E.C. Earth Set Free (first U.S. book edition of 1950s novel) $15.00
Tubb, E. C. (writing as Mike Lantry) Assignment New York (first U.S. book edition; hardboiled private eye novel in the Chandler tradition) $15.00
Tubb, E. C. I Fight for Mars (first U.S. book edition of early space opera) $15.00
Tubb, E. C. Kalgan the Golden (first book publication of rare early short stories) $15.00
Tubb, E. C. Murder in Space (collection of his genre mixing stories of sf/crime) $20.00
Tubb, E. C. Pandora's Box (never before published early sf novel) $15.00
Tubb, E. C. Saturn Patrol (first U.S. book edition of his first sf novel) $15.00
Tubb, E. C. The Return (first U.S. edition of final Dumarest novel) $20.00
Tubb, E. C. The Stellar Legion (first U.S. book edition of 1954 novel) $15.00
Tubb, E. C. The Wall (first U.S. book edition; aliens build a wall in space-what's on the other side) $15.00
Verne, Jules Chase of the Golden Meteor (reprint with intro by Gregory Benford) $13.00
Wells, H. G. The Last War (reprint with intro by Greg Bear) $13.95
Wells, H. G. The Sleeper Awakes (reprint with intro by J. Gregory Keyes) $13.95
Wilcox, Don The Whispering Gorilla (reprint; adventurer who fights Nazi spies in WWII gets shipped to Africa & has his brain transplanted into a gorilla + the sequel) $20.00
Williamson, Jack Blue Spot & Entropy Reversed (reprint of 2 sf pulp short novels) $15.00
Williamson, Jack Girl From Mars & Prince of Space (reprint, 2 sf pulp short novels) $12.00
Williamson, Jack The Ruler of Fate & Xandulu (reprint of 2 sf pulp short novels) $15.00
Williamson, Jack The Stone From the Green Star (reprint of 1931 pulp novel) $15.00
Williamson, Jack Fortress of Utopia (reprint of 1939 pulp novel) $15.00
Williamson, Jack & Tubb, E. C. Iron God & Tomorrow (2 short novel reprints) $12.00
Wylie, Philip/Balmer, Edwin When Worlds Collide (reprint with intro by John Varley) $14.95


Axler, James Death Lands (War of survival in Lord Baron Kinnison's realm of the former Marshall Islands) $5.99
Benjamin, Curt The Prince of Shadow (Llesho trains as a gladiator to free his brothers) $23.95
Borchardt, Alice The Wolf King (Maeniel embarks on a mission for Charlemagne only to be captured and condemned) $6.99
Brooks, Terry Voyage of Jerle Shannara: Ilse Witch (First book in new trilogy) $7.99
Butcher, Jim Grave Peril (Chicago's finest wizard for hire faces ghost of an evil wizard; 3rd in Dresden Files series) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Sarah: Women of Genesis (Novelization of Sarah; desirable to kings, devoted wife, chosen for miracle) $7.99
Coleman, Loren L. Battletech #52: Patriots and Tyrants (Sibling rivals maneuver forces on the brink of civil war) $5.99
Cross, Tom The Ways of Wizards (Illustrated guide to wizards) $34.95
Danvers, Dennis The Fourth World (Margaret Mayfield uncovers a conspiracy in the jungles of Mexico) $6.99
DeCandido, Keith R. A. Star Trek: Gateways__ Book 4 Demons of Air and Darkness (Kira searches for a solution to the Gateway crisis) $6.99
Dickson, Gordon R. The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent (Dragon Knight confronts war, plague and the Plantagenets) $7.99
Dietz, William DeathDay (In the aftermath of an alien invasion, one man emerges as Earth's last hope) $21.95
Douglass, Sara The Wayfarer Redemption: Battle-Axe (First volume of epic fantasy series by Australian author) $6.99
Dozois, Gardner Strange Days (collection of short stories, with many introductions by various authors; a NESFA Press book to commemerate Dozois being Guest of Honor at the 2001 Worldcon) $30.00
Duncan, Dave Sky of Swords: A Tale of the King's Blades (The third king's blade adventure) $6.99
Dymond, Andrew Farscape (Story of John Crichton, catapulted on board living starship with alien prisoner crew) $6.99
Egan, Doris The Complete Ivory (The complete Ivory trilogy in one volume) $7.99
Ely, Michael Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Book 2: Dragon Sun (media tie_in) $6.99
Greenberger, Robert Star Trek: Gateways__ Book 3 Doors into Chaos (The Iconians return to open more gateways) $6.99
Groening, Matt Treehouse of Horror Spine_Tingling Spooktacular (The cryptkeeper of comedy tells tales of heartpounding hilarity) $15.95
Harper, Steven Dreamer (A novel of the Silent Empire __ where people communicate telepathically) $5.99
Herbert, Brian House Harkonnen (The Baron plots against the Attreides family; 2nd of trilogy prequel to Dune ) $6.99
Herbert, Mary H, et al Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume One (Gives readers insights into everyday lives of the people in Krynn) $6.99
Karpyshyn, Drew Baldur's Gate II; Throne of Bhaal (An army of the undead growing outside Baldur's walls tests mettle of three heroes) $6.99
Karpyshyn, Drew Temple Hill (Corin and a fledgling thief adventure to the very depths of Elversult's catacombs) $6.99
King, William Vampireslayer (The dead arise to assail an Empire in flames) $6.95
Lamb, Nancy The Writers Guide to Crafting Stories for Children (In depth information on storytelling and structures) $16.99
Lee, Gentry The Tranquility Wars (Human colonies on Mars and the Moon are torn apart by conflict) $6.99
Little, Bentley The Association (In this tenants' asociation, you follow the rules, don't say a word, and lock your doors...) $6.99
Little, Denise (ed) Creature Fantastic (Anthology of fantasy animal stories) $6.99
Martin, George R.R. Wild Cards (Alien virus brings death or transformation _ to aces or jokers; reprint of Vol. one of series) $14.00
McHugh, Maureen F. Nekropolis (Set in a future Morocco, where technology often conflicts with religious values, Hariba is "jessed" to escape Nekropolis, where the poor live in tombs) $24.00
Moore, Vance Odyssey; Odysey Cycle, Book I (Mirror of Desires artifact provokes tremendous competition between the five schools) $6.99
Murphy, Pat Wild Angel (Sara, Wild Angel of the Sierras, is orphaned and accepted into wolf pack) $6.99
Nicholson, William Slave of the Mastery (Book 2 in the Wind on Fire Trilogy; young adult) $17.99
Niles, Douglas Worldfall (Sequel to Circles at Center ) $14.95
Odom, Mel Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist (media tie in to the fantasy game) $6.99
Oliphant, Pat When We Can't See the Forest for the Bushes (cartoons) $14.95
Pratchet, Terry The Truth (A look at the nature of news & bare_knuckled political intrigue) $6.99
Reed, Robert Marrow (At the center of a galaxy traveling ship is __ a planet. What will exploration bring?) $7.99
Russell, Eric Frank Entities (his five best novels, plus 2 short stories; NESFA Press) $29.00
Scalora, Suza The Witches and Wizards of Oberin (Witches and wizards of long ago attempt a spell to survive the millennia) $25.00
Scott, Jerry Big Honkin' Zits (comic strip compilation) $14.95
Siegel, Robert The Onion: Dispatches From the Tenth Circle (The third collected volume of articles published in The Onion ) $16.00
Smith, E. E. "Doc" Have Trenchcoat-Will Travel (first time in print of his only 4 non-sf stories; a private eye novel set in the 1960s but written in the style of the 1920s and 1930s, a highway patrol short story, a western short story, & a nurse romance short story) $20.
Soesbee, Ree The Dragon; Clan War, Sixth Scroll (Based on the Legend of the Five Rings trading card game) $6.99
Straub, Peter Magic Terror (A collection of seven tales by Peter Straub) $7.99
Tenn, William Here Comes Civilization (all of the sf and fantasy of William Tenn not contained in companion volume Immodest Proposals ; NESFA Press) $29.00
Waterson, Bill Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Pages $12.95
Weis, Margaret Well of Darkness (Volume one of the Sovereign Stone trilogy) $7.99
Zakour, John The Plutonium Blonde (Built by android technicians, beautiful by Earthling standards, she's a real bombshell) $6.99


Anderson, Poul Mother of Kings (During the violent age of Vikings, Gunhild learns magic from a pair of shamans) $27.95
Asprin, Robert Myth-ion Improbable (first new Myth book in 10 years, takes place between Myth- Directions and Hit or Myth ; hardcover available at $25.00) $14.00
Audley, Anselm Heresy: Book One (Cathan stumbles upon a Domaine engineered plot to unleash a new age fundamentalism) $25.00
Benjamin, Curt The Prince of Shadow (Sold into slavery as a child, Llesho learns the truth about his royal family) $23.95
Brandon, Paul Swim the Moon (Love, music and magic on the stormy coast of Scotland) $25.95
Brooks, Terry The Voyage of Jerle Shannara: Antrax (The last druid ventures in search for forbidden magic and face the Antrax) $26.95
Carmody, Isobelle Ashling (Post_nuclear world fantasy in the Misfit community at Obernewtyn) $26.95
Charnas, Suzy McKee The Furies (3rd volume of the Tiptree Award_winning Holdfast Chronicles) $14.95
Clarke, Arthur C. The City and the Stars & The Sands of Mars (Alone among immortals, the only man born in 10 milllion years seeks his destiny) $14.95
Clarke, Arthur C. The Fountains of Paradise (Vannemar Morgan's dream is to build a 24,000 mile space elevator) $14.95
Clarke, Arthur C. The Ghost From the Grand banks & The Deep Range (Two SF classics dealing with the dangers of the deep) $14.95
Davidson, Avram The Other Nineteenth Century (Collection of Davidson historical fantasies; Mitteleuropean, Victorian & American West) $27.95
Drake, David Mistress of the Catacombs (Fourth of the acclaimed Lord of the Isles epic fantasy series) $26.95
Duey, Kathleen The Unicorns Secret #1 Moonsilver (Heart rescues a mare that gives birth to a foal, whom she names Moonsilver; kid's book) $3.99
Jacques, Brian Taggerung (Taggerung rebels against his destiny when he tries to return home to Redwall) $23.95
Joyce, Graham Indigo (Jack is left to publish his dead father's manuscript and find a woman named in the will) $14.00
King, Stephen/Straub, Peter Black House (Twenty years after the events of "The Talisman" a similar string of murders begins in Wisconsin) $28.95
Koike, Kazuo Lone Wolf and Cub: Shattered Stones (Volume 12 in the Lone Wolf and Cub series) $9.95
Kronzek, Allan Zola The Sorcerer's Companion (A guide to the world of Harry Potter) $15.00
Kurtzman, Harvey Little Annie Fanny Volume 2: 1970 to 1988 (The second volume of the collected strips of the Playboy cartoon strip) $24.95
Leigh, Stephen Isaac Asimov's Robots and Aliens 1 (Two novels Renegade and Changeling take place between Robot City and Mirage) $14.00
Marcellas, Diana Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea (The last Sh'ari witch in the world uses her powers to help those who killed her race) $27.95
Martin, George R. R. Wild Cards Volume Two (The second volume of the shared world created by George Martin) $14.00
McMullen, Sean Eyes of the Calculator (Dragon Librarians struggle to hold a crumbling world together) $27.95
McTigue, Maureen Star Trek: Celebrations (A guide to observing the traditions of the races of Star Trek) $12.95
Otomo, Katsuhiro Akira Book Four (After leveling Neo_Tokyo with his psychic fury, the Tokyo Empire rises with Akira as king) $27.95
Peel, John The Magical States of America: Suddenly Twins (Chris and Chrissie defeat Lori Lee from taking over Magical World (young adult)) $4.99
Roman, Steven A. X_Men/Dr. Doom: The Chaos Engine: Book 1 (Following their return from another dimension the X_Men find the earth ruled by Dr. Doom) $6.99
Sawyer, Robert J. End of an Era (Archaeologists travel back in time to discover the cause of extinction of the dinosaurs; reprint) $14.95
Silverberg, Robert Cronos (A three-in-one collection of Silverberg's time travel novels) $14.95
Silverberg, Robert Legends (Legends 1, 2, and 3 in a single volume) $15.95
Tarr, Judith Pride of Kings (Epic of two kings, two realms, two wars for England to win __ or lose) $14.95
Young, Mark Blast Off (A collection of photos from the golden age of space toys) $34.95
Zahn, Timothy Angelmass (Black hole Angelmass emits particles which can keep Pax Comitus officials honest) $27.95


Anthony, Mark The Dark Remains (Travis and Grace bring a Beltan back to Denver from Eldh for treatment) $6.99
Anthony, Piers The Dastard (Soulless scoundrel with power to "unhappen" history threatens future of Xanth) $6.99
Banks, T. F. The Thief_Taker (Henry Morton investigates a body found in the home of an English lord) $23.95
Barker, Clive Coldheart Canyon (A fan seeks a Hollywood actor when he disappears to let his plastic surgery scars heals) $27.95
Barron, T. A. Mirror of Merlin (Book 4 of The Lost Years of Merlin; young adult) $6.99
Baum, L. Frank Ozma of Oz (Dorothy returns to free the Queen of Ev from the Nome King) $7.95
Baum, L. Frank The Marvelous Land of Oz (Tip, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman, defeat the witch Mombi) $7.95
Baum. L Frank The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (The original tale of Dorothy Gale, Toto, the Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman) $7.95
Bishop, Anne The Pillars of the World (The young witch Ari, is torn between the lands of mortals and Fae) $6.99
Borchardt, Alice The Dragon Queen (A new take on Arthurian legend depicts Guenevere as a warrior queen) $25.00
Bradbury, Ray Farenheit 451 (audio) $25.95
Bradbury, Ray From the Dust Returned (A full length novel featuring Bradbury's Elliotts; audio $29.95) $23.00
Brom Offerings (A collection of art from dark fantasy and horror) $29.95
Brooks, Terry The World of Shannara (An illustrated guide to the Terry Brooks' Shannara Universe) $30.00
Cacek, P.D. Canyons (Saved by werewolves, Cat Moselle's news story may jeopardize Denver's clan) $6.99
Carver, Jeffrey A. Eternity's End (Star_rigger Legroeder sights long_lost phantom ship Impris, but battles to clear his name) $7.99
Christian, Deborah Truthsayer's Apprentice (Quest for stolen magical robe from author of Mainline ) $7.99
Dalmas, John The Puppet Master (Martti Seppanen tracks criminals despite technologies of the future) $6.99
David, Peter Star Trek: Gateways__ Book 6 Cold Wars (An old race war flares with Captain Calhoun and Captain Shelby caught in between) $6.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Gets Cookin' (The 38th Garfield comic collection) $9.95
Dawson, Roxann Tenebra's Hope (Book Two of the Tenebra Trilogy) $6.99
Duncan, Dave Silvercloak (Final book in the King's Dagger Trilogy) $5.99
Elrod, P. N. Lady Crymsyn (Jack uncovers a body in his newly bought club and brings the murderers to justice) $6.99
Flewelling, Lynn The Bone Doll's Twin (A tale of dark magic, a hidden child, and the ghost that haunts it) $6.99
Freer, David Pyramid Scheme (An alien pyramid appears in Chicago transporting people to Greek myths) $21.00
Gabaldon, Diana The Fiery Cross (Jamie is caught in the shadow of the fiery cross that leads to the bloody brink of war; historical romance series) $27.95
Gambino, Fred Ground Zero (Art work from covers of books by Brin, Bradbury, and Moon) $29.95
Golden, Christie Star Trek: Gateways__ Book 5 No Man's Land (Janeway must make a difficult decision about her ships safety) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin (ed.) Past Imperfect (Stories dealing with the paradox of time travel) $6.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Narcissus in Chains (New Anita Blake Novel) $22.95
Hardy, David A. Hardyware (Classic works from the far reaches of the galaxy) $29.95
Harrison, Harry Stars and Stripes in Peril (England's army plans an assault on Texas during the civil war) $6.99
Hawking, Stephen The Universe in a Nutshell (A sequel to Hawking's previous novel 'A Brief History of Time') $35.00
Herbert, Brian Dune: House Corrino (The final Dune prequel presents the rise of the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino) $27.95
Hogan, James P. Martian Knightlife (The Knight is a saint with a twist, working as a private eye on Mars) $22.00
Hogan, James P. The Legend That Was Earth (Humans fight for independence from the Hyadeans and their high tech gifts) $7.99
Hoyt, Sarah A. Ill Met By Moonlight (The Story of Shakespeare's first love and its magical twists and turns) $21.95
Jerome, Jerome K. Three Men in a Boat (reprint; three men make a comic expedition up the Thames to Oxford; tie-in to Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog ) $5.99
Kerner, Elizabeth The Lesser Kindred (Sequel to Song in the Silence ; Lanen Kaelar discovers reality of myth and true love) $7.99
Kidd, Paul Queen of the Demonweb Pits (Lolth, Spider Queen of the Demonweb Pits has come back from the dead...) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes Take A Thief (The untold story of Skif, set in the world of Valdemar) $24.95
Lawhead, Stephen R. The Mystic Rose (Book 3 of The Celtic Crusades) $25.00
Laymon, Richard In the Dark (horror) $5.99
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Telling (Latest Novel in the Hainish Cycle) $13.95
Lebbon, Tim The Nature of Balance (On a morning when most do not wake up-killed in their sleep by their nightmares-the few survivors find the world a terrifying place) $5.99
Leiber, Fritz The Wanderer (A catastrophic visitor stops to refuel in our solar system during a solar eclipse; classic reprint) $14.95
Lovecraft, H. P. The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories (The corrected texts of Lovecraft's classic stories) $12.00
Lowson, Iain The Guide to Middle Earth (An unauthorized guide to the work of J. R. R. Tolkien) $13.95
Matthews, Susan R. Angel of Destruction (Garol Vogel makes peace with the Langsarik, who his people drove to a life of piracy) $6.99
McAuley, Paul J. Shrine of Stars (The final volume in the Confluence trilogy) $6.99
McCaffery, Anne Acorna's World (Acorna answers a distress call from a strange world, and finds the Khleevi's weakness) $6.99
Nicholls, Stan Bodyguard of Lightening (Orcs make peace with the humans that have savaged their planet) $14.95
Pardoe, Blaine Lee Battletech #53: Call of Duty (War threatens Odessa when its two major leaders can't agree) $5.99
Piccirilli, Tom A Lower Deep (horror) $5.99
Piraro, Dan Life is Strange and So are You (cartoons) $14.95
Pullman, Philip The Amber Spyglass (The final volume in the His Dark Materials trilogy) $6.99
Rice, Anne Merrick (David Talbot recalls the witch Merrick, from New Orleans to ancient Mayan ruins) $7.99
Ringo, John A Hymn Before Battle (With the Earth in the path of the Posleen we turn to the Galactic Federation for help) $7.99
Roberson, Jennifer The Lion Throne (Volumes seven and eight of The Chronicles of Cheysuli) $7.99
Roberts, Adam Salt (Two civilizations split apart during the founding of a new colony 37 years in the making) $14.95
Rodda, Emily Rowan and the Travelers ((kids)Rowan seeks the source of a sleeping spell put on his village) $14.95
Russell, Eric Frank Wasp (James Mowry infiltrates the Sirian Empire to tip the balance in its war with Earth; reprint) $14.95
Sarrantonio, Al--ed 999 (Anthology of horror and suspense) $16.00
Shelley, Rick The Buchanan Campaign (A battle between the Federation and Second Commonwealth explodes around a soldier; reprint) $6.99
Silverberg, Robert Tower of Glass (Simeon Krug builds a tower to soar above the Tundra, until his androids turn on him; reprint) $14.95
Simmons, Dan Darwin's Blade (Darwin Minor is drawn into a crime conspiracy forcing him to rely on deadly resources) $7.50
Sizemore, Susan Laws of the Blood: Companions (Selena and her 'companion' are brought closer when a vampire murder occurs) $5.99
Sladek, John The Reproductive System (Self_replicating artificial life escapes and multiplies at an alarming rate; reprint) $14.95
Smith, Kristine Law of Survival (A human_alien hybrid emerges from hiding to find herself at odds with the top powers) $6.99
Stearn, D. A. Black Dawn (A dark god rises from the dead seeking dark souls until heros rise to oppose him) $7.50
Steele, Allen The Jericho Iteration (An investigative reporter chases down a story through an earthquake_ravaged midwest) $5.99
Swann, S. Andrew The Dragons of the Cuyahoga (Kline Maxwell is assigned to cover the crashlanding of a dragon in the Cuyahoga River) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry (ed.) The Best Alternative History of the 20th Century (Anthology) $18.00
Vinge, Joan D. Tangled Up In Blue (Set in time of the Snow Queen, policeman "Blue" is enmeshed in vice and corruption) $6.99
Wagner, Karl Edward Conan: The Road of the Kings (Plucked from the gallows, mighty Conan joins rescuers in blood_soaked battle for revenge) $5.99
Warren, Jim Painted Worlds (A collection of Warren's work ranging from album covers, to books) $29.95
Weis, Margaret (ed.) Tales from the War of Souls (Stories linking to main saga of War of Souls by character and timeframe) $6.99
Williamson, J. N. Affinity (horror) $5.99


Anderson, Kevin J. Star Wars: Underworld _ The Yavin Vassilika (Han, Lando and others find their lives entwined after a bet between the Hutts; graphic novel) $14.95
Anderson, Poul Conan the Rebel (Conan tackles evil reptile god holding reign over Stygia) $23.95
Anthony, Piers Swell Foop (Twenty_ninth volume of the Xanth series) $27.95
Armstrong, Kelley Bitten (Ellen finds her fiance has lied to her about his secret life as a werewolf) $24.95
Ballard, J. G. Concrete Island (Robert Maitland becomes trapped after his car crashes over a highway bridge) $14.00
Ballard, J. G. Crash (A "TV scientist" and "nightmare angel of the highways" experiments with auto crash victims) $13.00
Ballard, J. G. Super_Cannes (Eden_Olympia's secrets are revealed after death of a doctor uncovers the source of its smoothly running surface) $24.00
Bova, Ben The Precipice (Environmental disasters shake the planet as industry moves to space) $25.95
Cady, Jack The Haunting of the Hood Canal (A small town in Washington is disturbed by an entity that drags cars into the hood canal) $23.95
Campbell, Ramsay Ghosts and Grisly Things (Collection of his recent short fiction) $14.95
de Lint, Charles Into the Green (Adventure in the Kingdoms of the Green Isles) $14.95
de Lint, Charles The Onion Girl (A young artist paints the hidden beings that hide in Newford's shadows) $27.95
Dorsey, Candas Jane A Paradigm of Earth (Humanoid alien infants are brought to Earth and given into the care of major governments) $26.95
Douglass, Sara Enchanter (Axis goes to Talon Spike learns to wield his Enchanter powers, 2nd in Wayfarer Redemption series) $27.95
Durgin, Doranna Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict__Heritage (5th installment in the novels based on the TV series) $14.95
Froud, Wendy The Winter Child (Sneezle finds a mysterious magical force holding Winter at bay) $20.00
Kaye, Marvin (ed.) The Ultimate Halloween (Anthology of stories dealing with the night of October 31st) $12.95
Koike, Kazuo Lone Wolf and Cub: The Moon in the East... (Volume 13 in the Lone Wolf and Cub series) $9.95
Lee, Stan The Alien Factor (WW II Germany finds itself under siege by spies after a flying saucer crash lands) $24.95
Lumley, Brian Psychosphere (Richard Garrison uses abilities to explore new worlds where mental powers reign; trade paper reprint) $15.95
Modesitt Jr., L. E. Ghost of the White Nights (Alternate history in which Russia is still ruled by Czars) $24.95
Perrin, Don Diablo #2: The Black Road (media tie_in) $6.99
Rice, Anne Blood and Gold (A 2000-year-old vampire recounts his experiences through millenia) $26.95
Stableford, Brian The Fountains of Youth (Mortimer Gray devotes his life to the study of death and its effect on human civilization) $15.95
Takahashi, Rumilo Inu_Yasha, vol. 7: A Feudal Fairy Tale (High school student back in time to feudal era, releases demon dog Inu_Yasha) $15.95
Takeuchi, Naoko Sailor Moon #10 (Sailor Moon rescues four scouts who were captured by Mistress 9) $9.95
Takeuchi, Naoko Sailor Moon #11 (Luna, Sailor Moon, and the Sailor scouts battle Snow Kaguya) $9.95
Tiedemann, Mark W. Realtime (Detectives search for a killer through the Balkanized US of 2050) $14.95
Vinge, Vernor Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge (Definitive short fiction collection by award-winning author) $27.95
Watts, Peter Maelstrom (Sequel to Starfish : Lenie Clarke returns to kill those who abused her) $25.95
Wolfe, Gene There are Doors (A man falls in love with a goddess and follows her through doors into other dimensions) $14.95
Yaco, Link The Science of the X_Men (A look at the science that could cause mutant powers in humans) $14.00
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Come Twilight (Saint_Germain illuminates more than 500 years of Spanish history) $17.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn A Feast in Exile (Saint_Germain is captured by 14th Century Mongol conqueror Timur_Iane, vampire needs arise) $27.95
Youll, Stephen Paradox (The Art of Stephen Youll) $29.95


Adams, Richard Shardik (The reincarnation of Shardik changes the lives of the Ortelgan people; reprint) $21.95
Athens, Philip Neverwinter Nights (Tie_in to the upcoming computer game. Each story contains a hint for the computer game) $6.99
Austin, J. D. Second Contact (When Earth's first contact is rebuffed with missiles, Matt Wiener is sent in) $5.99
Boxleitner, Bruce Frontier Earth: Searcher (Macklin continues his quest across the Old West to prevent alien invasion) $6.99
Brown, Jim 24/7 (Reality TV has a killer twist when the stakes are death) $24.95
Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Talents (Sequel to Parable of the Sower ) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Masterpieces (short stories) $24.95
Cherryh, C.J. Defender (Book two of the second Foreigner trilogy) $23.95
Cook, Rick The Wiz Biz II: Cursed and Consulted (Transported to a land where magic works, a hacker finds magic is a lot like programming) $23.00
David, Peter Star Trek: Gateways: What Lay Beyond (A six-author collaboration finally gives the key to the sagas myriad mysteries; audio $25.00) $24.00
David, Peter Star Trek: New Frontiers: Book 12 Walk Like A Man (McHenry discovers the source of his powers) $6.99
David, Peter Star Trek: New Frontiers: Book 2 Restoration (Captain Calhoun struggles to survive when marooned on a desert planet) $6.99
Denning, Troy Star Wars: The New Jedi Order_ Star by Star (The New Republic struggles as an alien race advances, and tries to eliminate the Jedi) $26.00
Eddings, David The Redemption of Althalus (Althalus colides with Dweia while stealing The Book from the house at the end of the world) $7.99
Elliot, Kate Child of Flame (Fourth Volume of the Crown of Stars series) $7.99
Elrod, P. N. Dracula in London (Anthology) $14.95
Emerson, Ru Greyhawk: Keep on the Borderlands (A rough band of travelers seek treasure in the Cave of Chaos) $6.99
Flint, Eric (ed.) Agent of Vega & Other Stories (Zone agents stop a war and preserve the Vegan Federation) $7.99
Gardner, Craig Shaw A Malady of Magiks (A wizard and his apprentice search for a cure to his allergy to magic) $5.99
Gardner, James Alan Ascending (An indestructible being uncovers an intergalactic plot before surrendering her destiny) $6.99
Goodkind, Terry Faith of the Fallen (Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell battle monolithic forces of the imperial order) $7.99
Gross, Dave Forgotten Realms: Black Wolf (The fourth novel in the Sembia series written to introduce readers to the Forgotten Realms books) $6.99
Haldeman, Joe The Coming (On the brink of war, earth must prepare for the arrival. But what will actually arrive?) $6.99
Harper, Tara K. Silver Moons, Black Steel (Wolfwalker must fight to safeguard the secrets that could change her and her world) $6.99
Holdstock, Robert Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn (A novel in the Mythago cycle) $6.99
Isaacs, Neil D. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (A green-skinned knight interrupts Arthur's Christmas with a challenge for Sir Gawain) $6.95
Isidore, Sarah The World Tree: The Daughters of Bast (Sirona answers a summons to serve Bast in the war against a new faith) $6.99
Kerr, Peg The Wild Swans (A fantasy tying together a medieval fairy tail and a man struggling with AIDS in the 80's) $6.99
Kiernan, Caitlin R. Threshold (A young women stumbles across fossils that couldn't have existed) $14.00
Landis, Geoffrey A. Mars Crossing (A third mars exploration mission goes wrong leaving its crew to fend for itself on the planet surface) $6.99
Little, Denise (ed) A Constellation of Cats (Anthology) $6.99
Long, Jeff The Descent (A series of tunnels leads to evolved hominids and what appears to be hell) $7.99
Maloney, Mack Starhawk: Planet America (Hawk Hunter goes AWOL searching for mythical home planets) $5.99
Moon, Elizabeth Against the Odds (The fleet is torn by mutineers who see injustice in immortality drugs) $7.99
Mosley, Walter Futureland (A portrait of what the future holds if the political climate continues) $24.95
Pierson, Chris Dragonlance: Chosen of the Gods (Volume one of the king priest trilogy) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (a twisted version of the Pied Piper, set on Discworld, marketed as a young adult novel) $15.95
Pratchett, Terry The Last Hero (Cohen the Barbarian goes on one last quest to meet the gods of Discworld; illustrated oversized gift book) $35.00
Schroeder, Karl Ventus (Jordan flees his humans and AI who seek the key to the salvation of a planet) $7.99
Shelley, Rick The Fires of Coventry (Follow up to The Buchanon Campaign continues Spencer's fight to liberate worlds) $6.99
Shelley, Rick Return to Camerein (Captain Spencer leads a rescue of the commonwealth's prince held hostages) $6.99
Stackpole, Michael A. Fortress Draconis (Survivors of the Glory War take up swords again to rid the land of evil once and for all) $14.95
Stasheff, Christopher A Wizard in the Way (Gar and Alea train peasants to revolt against the wizard lords) $6.99
Steele, Allen Lunar Descent (Moon laborers rebel against Skycorp; reprint) $6.50
Stevermer, Caroline When the King Comes Home (A young artist is embroiled in political intrigue when a sorceress brings a long dead king back to life) $6.99
Stone, Robert S. Dark Waters (Book Two of the Chronicle of the Unbinding) $6.99
Sullivan, Stephen D. Legend of the Five Rings: The Lion (Clans put aside their differences to throw down the dark god Fu Leng) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Marching Through Peachtree (The kingdom of Detina is gripped by a terrible civil war) $21.00
Turtledove, Harry Sentry Peak (The king of Detina wages civil war with his cousin) $7.99
Verne, Jules Invasion of the Sea (Verne proposes a canal to flood the Sahara desert in this previously untranslated novel) $24.95
Viehl, S. L. Shockball (Cherijo Grey Veil searches for a place to escape from her creators) $6.99
Volsky, Paula The Grand Elipse (As contestants race, warring nations fight over neutral territory containing sentient fire that obeys its creator) $6.99
Weis, Margaret Guardians of the Lost (Book Two of the Sovereign Stone Trilogy) $26.00
Wharton, Ken Divine Intervention (Residents of extra_solar colony face someone who has vowed to bar further colonizers) $6.99


Asaro, Catherine Spherical Harmonic (The ruling Skolian family reassembles in the shadow of interstellar war) $27.95
Barnes, John The Merchants of Souls (Continuation of interstellar epic of A Million Open Doors and Earth Made of Glass ) $25.95
Baum, L. Frank The Land of Oz (New authorized edition of sequel to The Wizard of Oz) $14.95
Bradbury, Ray The October Country (Reissue of Ray Bradbury's 'netherworld of the soul') $12
Burgess, Melvin Bloodtide (Two ruthless families of ganglords fight in the bombed out remains of London) $24.95
Clemens, James Wit'ch Gate (Book four of the Banned and the Banished) $24.00
Corlett, William The Bridge In the Clouds (Three kids help an alchemist to save Golden Valley (young adult)) $4.99
Datlow, Ellen (ed.) A Wolf At the Door (Thirteen fairy tales retold) $4.99
Duey, Kathleen The Unicorns Secret #2 The Silver Thread (Heart seeks help for Moonsilver after she is injured by a hunter (kids book)) $3.99
Eickhoff, Randy Lee The Sorrows (Three enduring tales of Irish heritage (Book III of the Ulster Cycle)) $14.95
Ellison, Harlan Troublemakers (New collection of classic stories selected by Harlan Ellison) $12.95
Ford, John M. The Last Hot Time (Danny Holman moves to Chicago and finds life vastly different __ and dangerous.) $12.95
Garcia y Robinson, R. Knight Errant (Young woman is swept ino past, falls in love with knight __ a prince who will be king) $27.95
Goodkind, Terry The Pillars of Creation (A woman tormented by voices learns to silence them, but for others the torment begins; limited leather-bound edition $200.00) $29.95
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay reMIX (LizAlec, a rich kid, crosses paths with a French Minister in the 22nd century) $10.00
Herbert, Frank Eye (A collection of short stories featuring a walking tour of Arakeen) $14.00
Holland, Cecelia The Angel and the Sword (Roderick the Beardless delivers France from destruction during the Dark Ages) $15.95
Kingsbury, Donald Psychohistorical Crisis (Homage to the master, Crisis is, "the best Foundation novel Asimov never wrote") $27.95
Lebowitz, Adam "Mojo" Star Trek: Starship Spotter (guide to the ships of the Star Trek universe) $16.00
Murphy, Pat Adventures in Time and Space (A cruise turns dark when a ship drifts into the Bermuda Triangle) $24.95
Pinkwater, Daniel Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories (A book about dogs guaranteed not to make you feel more stupid than the author) $20.00
Scott, Keith The Moose That Roared (The behind the scenes history of Rocky and Bullwinkle) $16.95
Shapiro, Marc J. K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter ( New York Times bestselling biography of J. K. Rowling) $5.99
Simpson, Paul Farscape: The Illustrated Companion (Media tie_in) $12.95
Smith, L. Neil The American Zone (Sequel to The Probability Broach ) $26.95
Walton, Jo The King's Name (New peace brought to Tir Tanagiri brings the seeds of a new tyranny; sequel to The King's Peace ) $26.95
Writer's Digest The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference (Intro by Terry Brooks; A to Z coverage of realm of the fantastic) $14.99


Farmer, Phillip Jose Image of the Beast / Blown (Herald Childe pursues killers into a nightmare of sexual brutality and supernatural bestiality) $15.95
Jones, Stephen; (ed.) The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume II (Showcases finest talents in horror writing) $11.95
MacKinlay, Kantor If the South Had Won the Civil War (A narrative of the civil war, beginning May 12, 1863, with the death of Ulysses S. Grant) $19.95
Rose, Carol Giants, Monsters, and Dragons (An encyclopedia of folklore, legend, and myth) $17.95

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