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Newsletter #102 June August, 2013



Ackroyd, Peter London: The Biography (Nonfiction. With anecdotes, observations, and the words of hundreds of its citizens and visitors, Ackroyd reveals the city of London, covering 2000 years of its history and folklore, its chroniclers and criminals and plain citizens, its food and drink and countless pleasures) $22.00
Ackroyd, Peter Thames: The Biography (UK title: Thames: Sacred River) (Ackroyd follows the river from sea to source, portraying the ordinary men and women who depend upon the river for their livelihoods, and exploring its history from prehistoric times to the present day as well as its connections to historic figures, its role as a source of artistic inspiration, and more) $21.00
Altun, Selcuk Many and Many a Year Ago (A friend mysteriously disappears, leaving Kemal a generous allowance and the use of a large house. He discovers that his new dwelling involves an inheritance of $1.3 million, and a Russian nobleman's missing son. Kemal embarks on a missing person case that will bring chaos and romance to his life, as clues lead him from Istanbul to Buenos Aires, Boston, and Baltimore) $13.95
Altun, Selcuk Songs My Mother Never Taught Me (After his mother's death, Arda reflects on his life and on the life of his father, who was murdered on Arda's 14th birthday. On the other side of Istanbul, Bedirhan has decided to pack in his 10-year career as an assassin. In fact, Bedirhan killed Arda's father, and they have more in common than Arda could imagine. Meanwhile, a former family friend is playing a deadly game, providing Arda with clues to track down his father's killer) $13.95
Altun, Selcuk The Sultan of Byzantium (Emperor Constantine XI was supposedly killed fighting the Ottomans, but his body was never found. Legend has it that he escaped, earning the title of Immortal Emperor. Five centuries later, three men - members of a sect that has guarded the Immortal Emperor's will - contact a young professor in Istanbul. They claim that he is the next emperor, but to take possession of his fortune, he must carry out his ancestor's last wishes) $14.95
Aspe, Pieter The Square of Revenge (Van In #1: After Degroof's jewelry store in Bruges is broken into, Inspector Van In pays little attention to the scrap of paper found in the empty safe, until Degroof's offspring receive letters with the same strange square on them) $24.95
Beaton, M.C. The Quiche of Death / The Vicious Vet audiobook (Agatha Raisin #1 / #2: Unabridged. After moving to a village in the Cotswolds, the acerbic Agatha Raisin finds her retirement complicated by murder) $19.95
Beaton, M.C. Death of an Outsider (Hamish Macbeth #3: Reissue; When the most hated man in Cnothan turns up dead in a lobster tank, Constable Hamish Macbeth must contend with a DCI who wants the MO hushed up, a seductive dark-haired lass with an ulterior motive, and a killer who without doubt will strike again) $8.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Travelling Man (Hamish Macbeth #9: Reissue; A self-proclaimed traveler named Sean and his girlfriend have parked their rusty van in the middle of the Scottish village of Lochdubh. When Sean is found beaten to death, Hamish faces the tough task of worming the truth out of the villagers before the killer gets away) $8.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Nag (Hamish Macbeth #11: Reissue; Constable Hamish Macbeth's holiday at a seaside inn is less than charming: there's an amorous spinster, two tarty girls, a retired military man, a secretive London family, and Bob Harris, who so nags his wife Doris that everyone wants to kill him. Then somebody does) $8.00
Boyer, Susan M. Lowcountry Boil (Agatha Award winner. PI Liz Talbot is a modern Southern belle. When her grandmother is murdered, Liz heads back to her South Carolina island hometown. Her police-chief brother shuts her out of the investigation, so she starts her own, with the help of some clues from the hereafter, courtesy of her long-dead best friend) $15.95
Bradley, Bruce Fat Profits (Is the food we eat safe? Andrew Hastings thought so, but after watching several of his co-workers at International Food & Milling die, he's not sure of anything anymore. When a colleague leaves him a cryptic voicemail just minutes before her death, Andrew starts asking questions that lead him down a deadly trail of corporate deceit; Signed copies) $26.95
Bradshaw, George Bradshaw's Illustrated Hand Book to London And Its Environs 1862 (Reissue; Journey back to Victorian London via this illustrated guide for visitors, first published in 1862) $14.95
Bradshaw, Mel Quarrel with the Foe (Paul Shenstone #1: 1920s Toronto: After surviving the horrors of the Great War, Paul Shenstone works as a police detective. The murder of a prominent industrialist gives him the biggest case of his career, and a not entirely welcome opportunity to make his name on the force) $18.95
Brannan, Sandra Widow's Might (Liv Bergen #3: PBO; FBI agent Streeter Pierce turns to Liv Bergren for her local knowledge after a South Dakota rancher is bludgeoned to death in a style reminiscent of a long-inactive killer known as the Crooked Man) $14.95
Brown, Nick The Imperial Banner (Agent of Rome #2: Roman Emperor Aurelian has defeated Queen Zenobia and crushed the Palmyran revolt, but now the fragile peace with the Persian Empire is threatened when the hallowed Persian battle standard is stolen. Imperial agent Cassius Corbulo is charged with recovering the flag) $12.95
Brown, Sandra (ed) Thriller 3: Love Is Murder (Anthology; 29 original romantic suspense stories by members of International Thriller Writers, Inc) $9.99
Burak, Kathryn Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things (YA; Edgar Award finalist. Claire's best friend Richy has disappeared. Then Emily Dickinson's dress goes missing from the Amherst museum, but Claire knows exactly where it is: in her closet. As Claire and her student teacher Tate attempt to figure out what do to about the dress, they begin to uncover the truth behind Richy's disappearing act) $17.99
Carr, Shelly Dickson Ripped (After her parents die, Kate Lennox leaves Boston to live with her grandmother in London. When she finds herself transported back to 1888, Kate sets out to stop Jack the Ripper) $19.95
Carrington, Tori Queens Ransom (Sofie Metropolis #6: Right about now Sofie could go for a nice, long stretch of nothing but finding people's lost pets. Too bad she's being kidnapped instead) $15.95
Casares, A/Ocampo, S Where There's Love, There's Hate (Short novel; a pastiche of murder mysteries, set at an Argentine seaside resort and peppered with literary allusions) $15.00
Child, Lauren Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort #1: Kids; Along with her butler sidekick Hitch, 13-year-old Ruby works for Spectrum, a secret crime-busting organization. She's ice-cool, gadget-laden, and a genius code breaker) $7.99
Clason, Clyde B. The Death Angel (Theocritus Westborough #2: Reissue; Professor Westborough is invited to the Wisconsin estate of an old friend, only to be doped with paraldehyde. He awakens from his drugged sleep to the sound of a revolver shot, and discovers his host is missing) $14.95
Cleverly, Barbara Not My Blood (Joe Sandilands #10: 1933: A phone call from a distressed boy - who might be an illegitimate son Joe never knew he had - takes the Scotland Yard detective to a Sussex boarding school, where a teacher has been murdered. Joe learns that a number of boys have gone missing there over the years - and that their wealthy families have never asked questions) $14.95
Coleman, Reed Farrel Onion Street (Moe Prager Prequel: 1967: Moe Prager is wandering aimlessly through his college career and his life. All that changes when his girlfriend Mindy is beaten into a coma and left to die on the snow-covered streets of Brooklyn. Moe is determined to find out who has done this to Mindy and why; $24.95 hc also available) $16.95
Connelly, Michael The Black Box (Harry Bosch #18: Bosch links a bullet from a recent crime to the 1992 killing of a female photographer during the LA riots, a case he originally investigated before it was handed over to the Riot Crimes Task Force and never solved. The ballistics match means her death wasn't random violence. Now he'll need to find the evidence to pull the case together) $14.99
Cookman, Lesley Murder by Magic (Libby Sarjeant #10: PBO; Libby and her friend Fran are asked to look into the sudden death of a devoted churchgoer; the police seem to have lost interest, but the villagers suspect their new lady vicar) $11.95
Crane, Cheryl The Bad Always Die Twice (Nikki Harper #1: Despite her unconventional upbringing as the daughter of a superstar actress, Nikki has managed to carve out a somewhat normal life as a real estate agent, but things change when movie legend Rex March is found murdered in the bed of Nikki's best friend) $7.99
Crane, Frances The Cinnamon Murder (Pat & Jean Abbott #9: Reissue; 1946: On a trip to New York City, Pat and Jean run into a wealthy beauty who fears for her life, and for the life of her young daughter, who has inherited most of the family money) $14.95
Crombie, Deborah No Mark Upon Her (Kincaid & James #14: A K9 search and rescue team finds the body of an Olympic rowing hopeful who was also a detective with the Met; the case becomes more complex when someone tries to kill the search and rescue team member who found her body) $13.99
Culver, Chris The Abbey (Ash Rashid #1: PBO; Ash Rashid is a Muslim-American cop, a former homicide detective who can't stand the thought of investigating another death - until his niece's body is found in the home of a wealthy Indianapolis citizen. The coroner calls it an overdose, but the case doesn't add up. Against orders, Ash launches an investigation) $9.99
Culver, Chris The Outsider (Ash Rashid #2: PBO; Indianapolis cop Ash Rashid has finished law school and hopes to become a prosecutor; he becomes embroiled in a new homicide investigation when the mother of one of his daughter's friends is murdered in front of her home, a crime that members of his department would seemingly rather ignore than investigate) $9.99
Dennis, Pat Murder by Chance (Can three scrappy, single women find happiness running a travel business specializing in casino junkets? All bets are off when they reach their northern Minnesota destination and discover a dead body riddled with stab wounds in the locked bathroom of their tour bus) $16.95
Dickinson, Peter Death of a Unicorn (Reissue; For best-selling author Lady Margaret, her first lover's mysterious death and the seeming inevitability of her inheriting the family's stately home are cast in new light by secrets unwillingly revisited) $16.00
Faraday, Jess The Left Hand of Justice (PBO; 1820s Paris: Starvation and disease haunt the streets, while supernatural terror stalks the night. The once-famous police force is a shambles, its elite Bureau of Supernatural Investigations disbanded. Only Detective Inspector Elise Corbeau remains. When cult leader Hermine Boucher is kidnapped, her ex-lover Maria is suspected. But Corbeau's investigation turns up more leads, until finally the finger is pointing right back at the Paris police) $16.95
Feiffer, Kate Signed by Zelda (Kids; 11-year-old Lucy wants to be the world's most famous handwriting expert. When her neighbor Zelda goes missing, the only clue is a cryptic handwritten note. Lucy sets out to crack the case, with some help from her upstairs neighbor Nicky, and plenty of advice from Pigeon, a very opinionated talking bird) $6.99
Ferris, Monica And Then You Dye audiobook (Needlecraft #16: Unabridged. Hailey Brent supplies beautiful hand-dyed yarns for Betsy's needlework shop. When Hailey is found dead of a gunshot wound, Betsy is determined to find out who killed her. It turns out Hailey was a shady character. But can Betsy find the killer among a bevy of colorful suspects?) $29.95
Fitzstephen, Owen Hammett Unwritten (PBO; A dangerous maze of events takes Dashiell Hammett from 1930s San Francisco to 1940s Hollywood, to a federal penitentiary during the McCarthy hearings, and finally to a fateful meeting on New Year's Eve, 1959, at a Long Island estate. There the dying Hammett confronts a woman from his past who proves to be his most formidable rival. And his last hope) $13.95
Frazer, Margaret Circle of Witches (From the time she was a little girl until the day her mother died, Damaris had seen the fear in her mother's eyes. Now she is afraid, too. She wants more than anything to be happy at the ancient manor owned by her aunt and uncle. But the undeniable fact is that the family which claims to welcome and love her is hiding truths from her. The truth of the Lady Stone. The truth of the Old Ways. The truth of moon and star and witchcraft. The truth of her mother's death) $18.99
Froetschel, Susan Fear of Beauty (PBO; The body of an Afghan boy is found at the base of a cliff. Did he fall, as most of the villagers think? Or is this the work of American soldiers, as others want to believe? Sofi, the boy's mother, is desperate to find the truth, and defies her husband to investigate) $15.95
Goldbach, John The Devil and the Detective (PBO; PI Robert James gets a call from a young woman whose older husband has been found with a knife in his chest. Murder, corruption, and betrayal ensue as he's drawn into the dark underworld of his client, but hapless Robert and his sidekick can't stop drinking, smoking, and philosophizing long enough to keep up) $16.95
Grant, Barry Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein's Diary (Holmes & Wilson #4: A scientist who tortures apes in a Swiss chalet. The corpse of an animal rights protester. The firing of Inspector Lestrade. These send Sherlock Holmes and his companion James Wilson to London, where the tabloids have corrupted the police and blackmailed the government, and where no citizen seems safe from hacking) $28.95
Grant, Maxwell The Thunder King / The Star of Delhi (Shadow #68: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Garaucan Swindle / The Death Sleep (Shadow #69: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Man from Scotland Yard / Zemba (Shadow #70: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Spoils of the Shadow / House of Silence (Shadow #71: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Griffiths, Elly A Dying Fall (Galloway & Nelson #5: After a colleague is murdered, forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway is invited to Lancashire to examine the bones he found. But the campus is living in fear of a right-wing group, and the bones have vanished. Who is willing to kill to keep the bones a secret? DCI Nelson is drawn into the investigation) $26.00
Haining, Peter The Golden Age of Crime Fiction (original title: The Classic Era of Crime Fiction) (Reissue; Nonfiction; a look at the authors, the artists, and their creations, from 1920 to 1950) $29.95
Hamilton, Donald Death of a Citizen (Matt Helm #1: Reissue; Matt Helm was a special agent for the US government during WWII. When a former colleague goes rogue and kidnaps Helm's daughter, he is forced to return to his former life as an assassin) $7.99
Hamilton, Donald The Wrecking Crew (Matt Helm #2: Reissue; In his first assignment after returning to work as a government operative, Helm is sent to Sweden to eliminate a longtime enemy agent) $7.99
Hamilton, Donald The Removers (Matt Helm #3: Reissue; To protect his family, government agent Matt Helm must eliminate an enemy agent who is disguised as a mob hitman) $7.99
Hamilton, Steve A Cold Day in Paradise (Alex McKnight #1: Reissue; Edgar and Shamus Award winner. Detroit cop Alex McKnight has traded his badge for a cabin in the woods, but now a murderer with the same MO as the one who shot Alex and his partner has arrived, and it seems like it'll be a frozen day in Hell before McKnight can unravel truth from deception in the small Michigan town) $14.99
Harrar, George Reunion at Red Paint Bay (PBO; Maine newspaper editor Simon Howe finds his predictable life disrupted by the arrival of a disturbing anonymous postcard that engages him and his family in a psychological battle with an stalker; Signed copies) $14.95
Hart, Carolyn The Devereaux Legacy (Reissue; The folks running the Devereaux plantation tell Leah Devereaux that she's a dead woman - presumed dead since the day her parents died. Leah has returned to South Carolina to uncover the truth about their deaths. While her cousin Merrick welcomes her, others tell her to stop meddling in old secrets. Then a ghost known as the Whispering Lady appears at the plantation - an omen of death - and Leah and Merrick may be the next targets) $13.95
Hart, Carolyn Skulduggery (Reissue; San Francisco, 1980s: A stranger named Jimmy calls on noted anthropologist Ellen Christie, claiming to have evidence of the famed Peking Man's missing bones. But when she visits his home, Jimmy has fled with the evidence, on the run from a couple of thugs. Can she trust Jimmy? And if she can't, will her ambition and her attraction to Jimmy's brother Dan lead her astray?) $13.95
Hendricks, G/Lindsay, T The First Rule of Ten (Tenzing Norbu #1: Growing up in a Tibetan monastery, Tenzing Norbu dreamed of becoming a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Sent to LA ten years ago to teach meditation, he joined the LAPD instead. One resignation from the police force, two bullet wounds, three suspicious deaths, and a beautiful woman later, Ten learns on his first case as a PI that whenever he breaks his first rule - don't ignore intuitive tickles, lest they reappear as sledgehammers - mayhem follows) $14.95
Hendricks, G/Lindsay, T The Second Rule of Ten (Tenzing Norbu #2: PBO; With two cases - the death of a former client, and the search for a long-lost woman - Ten finds himself on the outs with his former partner Bill, who is heading the police investigation into the client's death. When Ten ignores his second rule - be on the lookout for unconscious beliefs, they are blinders that prevent you from understanding what is actually happening - he becomes entangled with an LA drug cartel) $14.95
Hoffman, Paul Seen from a Distance (An Iraq war veteran now working private security, Cusack is assigned to do surveillance on an elderly professor whose dead son-in-law had ties to a terrorist group. As Cusack grows obsessed with his subject, the situation spins out of control) $14.00
Hogan, Mike The Deadwood Stage (Holmes & Churchill #1: 1887: Holmes and Watson find themselves looking after 12-year-old Winston Spencer-Churchill. Winston blossoms under Watson's care, although his developing detective skills are combined with a capacity for creating mayhem) $16.95
Hughes, Jenny Fantasy Horse (Reissue; Kids; Emma is thrilled when she and her pony get the lead in a theatrical event at Fantasy Land, a new theme park, but can she figure out who is threatening to hurt horses and people?) $9.95
Hughes, Jenny Model Horse (PBO; Kids; Casey's plans for a lazy summer of horseback riding are interrupted when a ghostly presence starts threatening the students at her aunt's seaside art school) $9.95
Hughes, Jenny Mystery at Black Horse Farm (Reissue; Kids; When a girl with an unusual necklace is attacked at summer horse camp, it takes all of Yasmine's intuition, bravery, and riding skill to unravel the mystery) $9.95
Hull, Linda Joffe Eternally 21 (Mrs. Frugalicious #1: While Maddie is researching deals for her bargain-hunting blog, a store manager accuses her of shoplifting. When the manager winds up dead, and evidence point to Maddie as the culprit, she must track down the real killer) $14.99
Ignatius, David The Bank of Fear (Reissue; Hitmen stalk computer analyst Lina Alwen and financial investigator Sam Hoffman in pursuit of the knowledge the pair may have regarding a late Iraqi dictator's billions) $14.95
Ignatius, David A Firing Offense (Reissue; When a maverick CIA agent starts leaking highly sensitive secrets to journalist Eric Truell, Truell's career skyrockets. But as his ties to the CIA deepen, he becomes tangled in a web of espionage and murder that stretches from Washington, DC, to Beijing) $14.95
Ignatius, David Siro (Reissue; Made restless by the tightening restrictions of CIA bureaucracy, agent Alan Taylor oversteps moral and legal bounds on a top-secret mission to destabilize the Soviet Union) $14.95
Izzo, Jean-Claude Total Chaos (Marseilles #1: Reissue; Ugo, Manu, and Fabio grew up together on the mean streets of Marseilles. When Ugo and Manu are drawn into the criminal underworld and wind up murdered, Fabio, now a police detective, is going to find their killer - even if it means going too far) $15.00
Izzo, Jean-Claude Chourmo (Marseilles #2: Reissue; Ex-cop Fabio Montale infiltrates a dangerous underworld of mobsters, religious fanatics, and crooked cops to find out the truth about the disappearance of his cousin's son) $15.00
Izzo, Jean-Claude Solea (Marseilles #3: Reissue; The body count is growing as the Mafia hunt journalist-activist Babette Bellini; she turns to her former lover, ex-cop Fabio Montale, for help) $15.00
Jacques, Jacqueline The Colours of Corruption (PBO; London, 1893: A desperately poor cleaner named Mary witnesses a murder, and works with Archie, an artist, to provide the police with a drawing of the killer. Archie persuades her to sit for a portrait, but has no idea that this one woman will link his wealthiest clients, the poorest slums, terrible secrets, and a violent thug) $16.95
Jance, J.A. Judgment Call audiobook (Joanna Brady #15: Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady's personal and professional worlds collide when her daughter Jenny stumbles across the murdered body of the principal from her high school. The ensuing investigation reveals secrets no parent wants to hear) $19.99
Katzenbach, John What Comes Next (A retired professor witnesses a girl being kidnapped. As the police drag their heels, he realizes that if he doesn't act, the girl may never be found alive) $15.00
Klesk, Scott Scalp Lake (Follow the mystery of Scalp Lake as Steven Holden learns the way of the American Indian; Signed copies) $7.99
Krajewski, Marek Death in Breslau (Eberhard Mock #1: 1933: In Nazi-occupied Breslau, Inspector Mock and his assistant investigate when two young women are found murdered on a train. The case takes an occult twist when a note found near the bodies points to a ritual killing with roots in the Crusades) $15.95
Laurence, Janet Deadly Inheritance (Ursula Grandison #1: PBO; 1903: Chauncey Seldon commissions Ursula Grandison to escort his young daughter Belle to England; once there, Ursula is to discover what is wrong with his daughter Helen's marriage to the Earl of Mountstanton, and what has happened to her dowry. When a missing nursery maid is discovered drowned, neither Ursula nor the Earl's brother believe the death was an accident) $16.95
Lawson, Mike House Blood (Joe DeMarco #7: A Washington lobbyist, convicted of killing his partner, insists he was framed. Joe DeMarco is asked to look into the seemingly hopeless case; the trail leads to a pharmaceutical company willing to do anything to get disposable human subjects for a drug trial) $15.00
Lee, Y.S. The Traitor in the Tunnel (Agency #3: YA; Mary Quinn is undercover at Buckingham Palace, hunting a petty thief, when the Prince of Wales witnesses a murder. Meanwhile, engineer James Easton is at work shoring up the sewers beneath the palace, where an unexpected tunnel seems to be very much in use. Can Mary and James solve the mystery and protect the royal family?) $7.99
Lehane, Dennis A Drink Before the War (Kenzie & Gennaro #1: Reissue; Powerful Boston politicians are willing to pay PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro big money for a seemingly small job: finding the missing cleaning woman who stole some secret documents. But this crime is no ordinary theft - it's about justice) $9.99
Lehane, Dennis Darkness, Take My Hand (Kenzie & Gennaro #2: Reissue; PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired by a prominent psychiatrist running scared from Boston's Irish mobsters) $9.99
Lehane, Dennis Sacred (Kenzie & Gennaro #3: Reissue; A grief-stricken woman has vanished without a trace. So has the detective hired to find her. And a lot of money. The case leads Boston PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro into unexpected territory) $9.99
Lehane, Dennis Gone, Baby, Gone (Kenzie & Gennaro #4: Reissue; Boston PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired to find abducted 4-year-old Amanda McCready. When a second child disappears, the two detectives intensify their search) $9.99
Lehane, Dennis Prayers for Rain (Kenzie & Gennaro #5: Reissue; When a former client jumps from a Boston landmark, PI Patrick Kenzie discovers that a sadistic stalker targeted the woman and methodically drove her to her death. The law can't touch the monster - but Kenzie and his former partner Angela Gennaro can) $9.99
Leon, Donna Doctored Evidence (Brunetti #13: Reissue; When a wealthy woman is found murdered, the authorities suspect her maid; when the maid meets an untimely end trying to escape from border police, Brunetti takes the case) $14.00
Leonard, Elmore Pronto (Raylan Givens #1: Reissue; Miami bookie Harry Arno once ditched him in an airport; this time, US Marshal Raylan Givens is determined to find the fugitive's Italian hideaway - before a Sicilian hitman does) $14.99
Leonard, Elmore Riding the Rap (Raylan Givens #2: Reissue; A debt-ridden Palm Beach playboy decided to take somebody rich hostage - and chose bookie Harry Arno. Problem is, US Marshal Raylan Givens is sleeping with Harry's ex-girlfriend Joyce, and she wants Harry found) $14.99
Lewman, David The Case of the Plagued Play (Club CSI #6: PBO; Kids; Someone is trying to sabotage the school play, and it's up to Club CSI to make sure the show goes on) $5.99
Low, Robert The Lion Wakes (Kingdom #1: 1296: King Edward I of England arranges for John Baliol, a man he knows he can manipulate, to take control of Scotland after the death of King Alexander III. But unrest is rife, and many are determined to throw off England's control - including an angry young man who will come to be known as Robert the Bruce) $16.99
Lynch, Jim Truth Like the Sun (Hammett Prize finalist. A cat-and-mouse story of urban intrigue in Seattle, set in 1962, when Seattle hosted the World's Fair, and in 2001, after its transformation in the Microsoft gold rush) $15.00
MacInnes, Helen Decision at Delphi (Reissue; When a national travel magazine sent New York architect Ken Strang to Europe to sketch Greek ruins, he didn't know until it was too late that he had become the pawn in a murderous game of international intrigue) $9.95
Maron, Margaret One Coffee With (Sigrid Harald #1: PBO; NYPD homicide detective Sigrid Harald investigates when murder strikes the Art Department of Vanderlyn College. Everyone in the department had both motive and opportunity, but who poisoned the deputy chairman's morning coffee?) $12.95
Maron, Margaret Death of a Butterfly (Sigrid Harald #2: Reissue; NYPD homicide detective Sigrid Harald investigates the death of Julie Redmond, a beautiful, self-centered and demanding woman; digging into Redmond's past reveals a web of blackmail, murder, and stolen gems) $12.95
Maron, Margaret Death in Blue Folders (Sigrid Harald #3: Reissue; Attorney Clayton Gladwell keeps sensitive cases in blue folders that only he can access. When he announces his impending retirement, someone decides that those secrets won't be safe unless Gladwell is dead; NYPD homicide detective Sigrid Harald investigates) $12.95
Marsh, Ngaio Death at the Bar (Roderick Alleyn #9: Classic reprint) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Surfeit of Lampreys (alternate title: Death of a Peer) (Roderick Alleyn #10: Classic reprint) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Death and the Dancing Footman (Roderick Alleyn #11: Classic reprint) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Colour Scheme (Roderick Alleyn #12: Classic reprint) $14.95
McCarry, Charles The Shanghai Factor (A nameless young spy working for a shadowy US agency is sent undercover at a massive Chinese conglomerate, tasked with learning the secrets of the powerful CEO, who is believed to be a front man for the Chinese government's largest foreign intelligence agency) $26.00
McPherson, Catriona As She Left It (When she was 12, Opal Jones escaped her mum's endless drinking. Returning to their Leeds cottage after her mum's death, Opal feels like she's gone back in time - except that her favorite neighbor's grandson disappeared years ago. As the door Opal closed on her past begins to open, she uncovers more secrets about the people who were once her friends) $14.99
Minnesota Crime Wave Fifteen Tales of Murder, Mayhem, and Malice from the Land of Minnesota Nice (Anthology; stories by Minnesota crime writers) $16.00
Morris, Marc The Norman Conquest (Nonfiction; explains why the Norman Conquest was the most significant cultural and military episode in English history, as language, law, architecture, and even attitudes toward life itself were altered) $32.00
Morris, R.N. Summon Up the Blood (Silas Quinn #1: London, 1914: A killer's victims all have one thing in common: there is no blood in their bodies. DI Silas Quinn's search for the killer leads to the members of an exclusive gentlemen's club) $15.95
Neri, Kris Revenge on Route 66 (Tracy Eaton #4: Cafe owner Lucy Crier plugged her ex and went to the big house for murder. That's why it's perplexing when she's seen dodging traffic along Route 66. Aging Hollywood hunk Alec Grainger uses that mystery as a lure for his daughter Tracy and her sweetie Drew. But the road takes a darker turn when Lucy's smarmy son turns up dead, and an even stranger bend when the FBI calls Tracy one of America's Most Wanted) $17.95
Odyssey, Shawn Thomas The Magician's Tower (Oona Crate #2: Kids; Brave souls from all over Dark Street enter the Magician's Tower Contest - an array of dangerous tasks, riddles, and obstacles - in hopes of becoming the first successful contestant. This year, Oona is going to try her luck. As the contest commences, a punchbowl with great magical powers disappears from the carnival surrounding the Magician's Tower. Can Oona find the culprit?) $15.99
Parker, Robert B. Stranger in Paradise audiobook (Jesse Stone #7: Unabridged. Hired to find a mobster's daughter, Apache hitman Crow resurfaces in Paradise, but has qualms when the mobster wants his ex-wife killed) $14.99
Parker, Robert B. Cold Service audiobook (Spenser #32: Unabridged. When a bodyguard job goes wrong, Hawk's client and his family are killed, and Hawk is critically wounded. Hawk and Spenser learn that the Ukrainian mob was responsible for the hit, but taking down their operation will require some questionable techniques and even more questionable allies) $14.99
Parker, Robert B. Painted Ladies adiobook (Spenser #38: Unabridged. Spenser agrees to provide protection during a ransom exchange - money for a stolen painting. When he fails to protect his client and the painting remains stolen, he enters into a game of cat-and-mouse with the thieves) $14.99
Pascoe/Fassbender By the Balls: The Complete Collection (Reprints 2 hardboiled novels featuring PI Ben Drake, plus 2 new Drake stories) $16.95
Pearce, Michael The Bride Box (Mamur Zapt #17: 1912: When a little girl is discovered riding under a train from Luxor, Captain Owen, head of Cairo's political CID, is called in to investigate. Owen finds himself confronting a political storm when his investigations uncover a tangled web of family loyalties and betrayals, with its roots in a slave trade long supposed to have been stamped out in Egypt) $28.95
Pearce, Michael The Donkey-Vous (Mamur Zapt #3: Reissue; 1900s Egypt: How is it possible that two tourists disappeared while taking tea on the terrace at the highly respectable Shepheard's Hotel, and no one saw anything? Are these ordinary crimes, or symbolic blows at the British? Captain Owen, head of Cairo's Political CID, investigates) $14.95
Pearce, Michael The Men Behind (Mamur Zapt #4: Reissue; Last Laugh Dagger finalist. 1900s Egypt: Captain Owen, head of Cairo's Political CID, investigates a series of attacks aimed at public officials) $14.95
Penzler, Otto (ed) The Big Book of Ghost Stories (PBO; Anthology; reprints 79 haunting tales) $25.00
Perry, Thomas The Boyfriend (Former LAPD homicide detective Jack Till now works as a PI. When the parents of a recently murdered young woman ask for his help, Till reluctantly takes the case after the police come up empty, and discovers that the victim is just one of several young female escorts killed in different cities in the exact same way; Signed copies) $25.00
Piccirilli, Tom The Last Kind Words (Rand Family #1: Raised in a family of small-time grifters, Terry decided to go straight after his older brother Collie went on a killing spree. Year later, weeks before his scheduled execution, Collie contacts Terry, claiming that he wasn't responsible for one of the murders, and that the real killer is still out there) $15.00
Plakcy, Neil S. Natural Predators (Kimo Kanapa'aka #7: Plus bonus short story 'Alpha and Omega'. When the body of an O'ahu patrician is found in a warehouse fire, openly gay homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka and his detective partner Ray Donne dig deep into island history in order to understand the victim, his killer, and their motives) $14.99
Pryor, Mark The Bookseller (Hugo Marston #1: Max, the elderly owner of a Paris bookstall, is abducted at gunpoint. His friend Hugo Marston, head of security at the US embassy, launches a search, enlisting the help of semiretired CIA agent Tom Green. Their investigation reveals that Max was a Holocaust survivor and later became a Nazi hunter. Is his disappearance somehow tied to his grim history, or even to the mysterious old books he sold? Before long, other booksellers start to disappear, their bodies found floating in the Seine) $15.95
Pryor, Mark The Crypt Thief (Hugo Marston #2: Two tourists, one of them American, are murdered in a Parisian cemetery. The killer then steals part of the skeleton of a long-dead Moulin Rouge dancer. Hugo Marston, head of security at the US Embassy, helps investigate) $15.95
Reiss, Tom The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo (Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of General Alex Dumas, son of a black slave, who made his way to Paris, where he rose to command armies at the height of the Revolution. His larger-than-life achievements were the inspiration for his son Alexandre Dumas' swashbuckling novels) $16.00
Resnick, Mike Dog in the Manger (Eli Paxton #1: Reissue; Plus Paxton short story 'Even Butterflies Can Sting'. When PI Eli Paxton is hired to find a missing Westminster Dog Show winner, it turns out to be anything but a routine case. People are dying, a cargo plane has gone missing, and someone is taking shots at him) $13.95
Rice, Craig The Wrong Murder (John Malone #3: Reissue; Jake and Helene are about to tie the knot - except Helene has been arrested for speeding. And Jake has bet a wedding guest that she can't commit a murder he can't solve - which she thinks would be a great way to get her picture in the newspaper. When a corpse turns up, Jake thinks it's part of the bet, and enlists the help of lawyer John J. Malone) $14.95
Richter, William Dark Eyes (YA; Thriller Award finalist. Adopted from a Russian orphanage as a child, 16-year-old Wally is determined to find her birth mother. But can she do it before her murderous birth father finds her?) $9.99
Robeson, Kenneth Nevlo / Death in Slow Motion / Vengeance on the Avenger (Avenger #9: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Robins, Madeleine E. Sold for Endless Rue (13th century: After a blighted childhood, Laura finds purpose in the home of a midwife and healer, and enrolls in Salerno's medical school. Heartbroken after an unhappy love affair, and rejected as impure by her adopted mother, Laura steals an infant girl, Bieta, to raise as her own. Determined to protect her adored daughter from the ravages of the world, Laura isolates her in a tower. Bieta, as determined as Laura, escapes to find adventure and love) $25.99
Rollins, James Bloodline audiobook (SIGMA Force #8: Plus original bonus story 'Tracker'. A firebombing at a US fertility clinic reveals a group of women collected from around the world and enslaved to bear children. One woman lives long enough to give birth to a stillborn child; a genetic study reveals that the child has a triple helix of DNA) $19.99
Round, Jeffrey Lake on the Mountain (Dan Sharp #1: PBO; Lambda Award finalist. Dan Sharp is invited to a wedding on a yacht; when a member of the wedding party is swept overboard, a case of mistaken identity leads to confusion as the wrong person is reported missing. The hunt for a possible killer leads Dan deeper into the troubled waters of the private lives of a family of rich WASPs) $11.99
Savage, Angela Behind the Night Bazaar (Jayne Keeney #1: Reissue; Ned Kelly Award finalist. Australian Jayne Keeney works as a PI in Bangkok. She heads north to visit a close friend in Chiang Mai, but murder is in the air there. Jayne must get past arrogant expats and corrupt officials to get to the truth) $15.95
Scudiere, A.J. Phoenix (Jason doesn't remember his life before he was adopted at age seven; years later, when his adoptive mother reveals that Jason had a brother, he sets out to learn the truth about his past) $14.95
Slaughter, Karin Blindsighted (Grant County #1: Reissue; There's a serial killer at work in Heartsdale, Georgia - one whose identity is hidden somewhere in coroner Sara Linton's secret past) $9.99
Slaughter, Karin Kisscut (Grant County #2: Reissue; When an argument at the local skating rink leads to death, coroner Sara Linton uncovers evidence of self-mutilation and long-term abuse, but her investigation is frustrated at every turn by the cold silence of the family and friends of the slain girl) $9.99
Smith, Dan The Child Thief (A troubled Great War veteran races across the frozen steppe of 1930s Ukraine to save a child from a shadowy killer with unthinkable plans) $25.95
Solana, Teresa The Sound of One Hand Killing (Eduard & Borja #3: Two detectives, brothers Borja and Eduard, are hired to research the world of alternative therapies. They enroll for a course at a ritzy meditation center, only to discover the director murdered. Meanwhile, the violent death of a CIA agent neighbor drags them into an international conspiracy - complicated by Borja's attempt to smuggle a priceless figurine) $14.95
Spencer-Fleming, Julia To Darkness and to Death (Fergusson & Van Alstyne #5: Reissue; Millie van der Hoeven has decided to sell her family's Adirondack estate to a nature conservancy. But on the day of the land transfer, her brother calls the police to report that Millie has disappeared in the cold November forest. Reverend Clare Fergusson joins the search; she and police chief Russ Van Alstyne discover that someone is desperate to stop the sale) $14.99
Stamboulieh, Katrina In Plain Sight (When her best friend Samantha is murdered, Rea suspects Sam's boyfriend Peter, a Russian national, had her murdered to keep his dealings with Afghanistan secret. When the Minneapolis police don't find any evidence, Rea decides to investigate on her own; Signed copies) $14.95
Stead, Rebecca Liar & Spy (Kids; Agatha Award finalist. After moving to Brooklyn, Georges meets Safer, a twelve-year-old self-appointed spy, and becomes his first recruit, assigned to track the mysterious man who lives in the apartment upstairs. But as Safer becomes more demanding, Georges starts to wonder: what is a game, and what is a lie?) $15.99
Stewart, Mary This Rough Magic (Reissue; Edgar Award finalist; classic mystery set on the Greek island of Corfu) $14.95
Symonds, Tim Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Bulgarian Codex (1900: Holmes and Watson are summoned to Sofia, Bulgaria, where the most ancient sacred manuscript in the Old Bulgarian language has been stolen. Its disappearance could lead to the outbreak of war between Russia, Austro-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire) $12.95
Thursfield, Fred Sherlock Holmes and the Terrible Secret (At the beginning of the Great War, Sherlock Holmes is coaxed out of retirement to track down an exotic dancer and retrieve a secret accidentally given to her by a young patent clerk, before it falls into the hands of a hostile government) $14.95
Todd, Charles A Long Shadow (Ian Rutledge #8: 1919: When Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge finds a brass cartridge casing with mysterious markings, he pockets it. When he finds another, he realizes someone is hunting him. But who? And will Rutledge live long enough to find out why?) $14.99
Vargas, Fred The Three Evangelists (2006 International Dagger winner. Sophia discovers that a tree has appeared overnight in the garden of her Paris house. Intrigued and unnerved, she turns to her neighbours: Vandoosler, an ex-cop, and three historians, Mathias, Marc, and Lucien. They agree to dig around the tree and see if something has been buried there, but find nothing. A few weeks later, Sophia disappears. When her body is found burned to ashes in a car, Vandoosler and the historians set out to learn who killed her) $17.99
Webb, Wendy The Fate of Mercy Alban (PBO; Grace has spent more than 20 years avoiding her childhood home on the shores of Lake Superior. When her mother's unexpected death brings Grace and her teenage daughter back, she finds there is more haunting the hallways than her own personal demons) $15.99
Wishnia, Kenneth (KJA) Soft Money (Filomena Buscarsela #2: Reissue; Plus bonus story 'Under the Big Black Sun'. NYC, 1980s: When the owner of a neighborhood bodega is murdered, it falls into the overcrowded category of just another ethnic crime, and will probably go unsolved. The dead man's sister turns to ex-cop Filomena Buscarela for help) $16.95
Wright, Tom What Dies in Summer (When Jim and his cousin L.A. discover the body of a brutally raped and murdered girl in a field, an investigation begins that will put both their lives in danger) $14.95
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Prisoner of Heaven audiobook (Cemetery of Forgotten Books #3: Barcelona, 1957: When a stranger visits the Sempere bookshop and threatens to divulge a terrible secret from the city's dark past, Fermin and Daniel are plunged into a dangerous adventure that leads back to the 1940s and the early days of Franco's dictatorship) $19.99


Adler-Olsen, Jussi A Conspiracy of Faith (UK title: Redemption) (Department Q #3: Detective Carl Morck receives a bottle that contains an old and decayed message, written in blood. It is a cry for help from two young brothers, tied and bound in a boathouse by the sea. Could it be real? Who are these boys, and why weren't they reported missing? Could they possibly still be alive?) $26.95
Allen, Jeffrey Father Knows Death (Stay at Home Dad #3: PBO; On a trip to the county fair, Deuce has his hands full caring for his precocious daughter and keeping his ten-months-pregnant wife sane - and that's before he finds a dead body in the freezer at the concession stand) $7.99
Ampuero, Roberto The Neruda Case (Cayetano Brule #6: 1970s: Dying poet Pablo Neruda recruits Cayetano Brule to help him solve the last great mystery of his life, sending him on a whirlwind expedition, to Cuba and East Berlin then back to Chile, where Pinochet's coup plays out against the final revelations of the journey) $16.00
Atkins, Ace The Broken Places (Quinn Colson #3: Sheriff Quinn Colson has to cope when an infamous murderer is released from prison. The victim's family is intent on revenge, and the gang who helped the killer on his last armored car robbery has broken out of prison, figuring he's headed for the hidden loot) $26.95
Barry, Kevin City of Bohane (Near future: The once-great city of Bohane on the west coast of Ireland is infested by vice and split along tribal lines. For years it has all been under the control of the Hartnett Fancy gang. But there's trouble in the air: Hartnett's old nemesis is back in town; his trusted henchmen are getting ambitious; and his missus wants him to give it all up and go straight) $15.00
Blake, Robin A Dark Anatomy (Cragg & Fidelis #1: 1740: When a Lancashire squire's wife is found in the woods, her throat slashed, coroner Titus Craig enlists the help of astute young doctor Luke Fidelis to throw light on the case) $15.99
Bolin, Janet Thread and Buried (Threadville #3: PBO; When a body shrouded in material from Threadville turns up in Willow's back yard, she'll have to unravel the deadly mystery before she gets tangled up in the killer's string of murders) $7.99
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse on Probation (Pamplemousse #12: Reissue; Sent to report on Chef Andre Dulac, currently in line for Le Guide's top award, Monsieur Pamplemousse opens a can of worms which threatens the very sanctity of France's premier gastronomic bible. In an attempt to get at the truth, he harnesses a state-of-the-art TV camera to his ever-faithful hound Pommes Frites) $16.95
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines (Pamplemousse #14: Reissue; France's premier TV cookery program ends spectacularly when the chef is killed. Pommes Frites, sniffer dog extraordinaire, has his own views on the matter: Claude Chavignol was a bad egg if ever he's seen one. Soon as he and his master Monsieur Pamplemousse find themselves caught up in murder, blackmail, and unrequited lust in high places) $16.95
Bonnice, L/Kananen, S Fear of Our Father (PBO; Nonfiction; Stacey was shocked when her brother admitted murdering their abusive father, and later their helpless mother - and even more shocked when he claimed that Stacey helped him) $9.99
Bradshaw, Mel Fire on the Runway (Paul Shenstone #2: 1920s Toronto: When a grenade explodes outside a hotel room, Lucy, the room's occupant, disappears. Police detective Paul Shenstone believes someone is trying to assassinate her. When he finds her, he learns the reason: she has uncovered dangerous secrets that threaten world peace. Shenstone must protect her and pursue her attackers - and help get her message to the corridors of power) $17.99
Brandon, Chase The Cryptos Conundrum (A copper sculpture stands in the CIA courtyard, emblazoned with an indecipherable message. Dr. Jonathan Chalmers knows exactly what it says. He heads a CIA group tasked with containing the greatest secret our government has ever kept - and planning for its consequences. If Chalmers can't save us, nobody can) $9.99
Brennan, Allison Stolen (Lucy Kincaid #6: PBO; PI Sean Rogan's past catches up with him: he must clear his name and help the FBI take down a rogue agent, or go to prison. Forced to keep Lucy in the dark, the longer Sean is undercover, the more dangerous the mission becomes) $7.99
Brown, Eli Cinnamon and Gunpowder (1819: Chef Owen Wedgwood has been kidnapped by ruthless pirate Mad Hannah Mabbot. He will be spared as long as he puts exquisite food in front of her every Sunday without fail. Mabbot, hunted by a privateer and plagued by a saboteur on her ship, pushes her crew past exhaustion in her search for the notorious Brass Fox) $26.00
Burke, James Lee A Morning for Flamingos (Robicheaux #4: Reissue; His partner is dead, slain during a prisoner's bloody flight to freedom that left Cajun detective Dave Robicheaux critically wounded and facing the ghosts of his past. After rejoining the New lberia police force, he trails a killer into the Big Easy, and finds himself caught up in the lethal undercurrents of a mob double cross as he confronts his most dangerous enemy - himself) $9.99
Camilleri, Andrea Death in Sicily: The Shape of Water / The Terra-Cotta Dog / The Snack Thief (Montalbano #1 / #2 / #3: Omnibus reprint; 3 novels featuring the quirky middle-aged Sicilian police inspector) $20.00
Campbell, Mark Sherlock Holmes (Nonfiction; a look at the iconic fictional detective) $14.95
Campion, Alexander Killer Critique (Capucine Culinary #3: When a noted food critic is killed with an obscure poison at a Paris restaurant, Capucine LeTellier is called in to investigate) $15.00
Carlisle, Kate A Cookbook Conspiracy (Bibliophile #7: Brooklyn Wainwright is asked to restore an antique cookbook for her sister's ex-boyfriend, a successful chef. When the ex is found dead, and Brooklyn's sister becomes a suspect, Brooklyn will have to turn up the heat on the investigation) $23.95
Carroll, Grace Murder After a Fashion (Accessories #3: PBO; Rita takes a cooking class with a celebrity chef, but her appetite is ruined when murder becomes the main course) $7.99
Castle, Richard Storm Front (Derrick Storm: High-level bankers are being tortured and murdered. The killer has been described as a psychopath with an eye patch. And that means Gregor Volkov has returned. Desperate to figure out who Volkov is working for and why, the CIA calls on Derrick Storm) $21.99
Child, Lee A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher #16: All Reacher wanted was a ride to Virginia. But he soon discovers he has hitched more than a ride. He has tied himself to a massive conspiracy that makes him a threat - to both the criminals and the FBI) $9.99
Christie, Pamela Death and the Courtesan (PBO; Regency England: When a paper knife stolen during one of her salons is discovered at the scene of a rival courtesan's murder, Arabella finds herself a suspect, and sets out to untangle a web of deception) $15.00
Christie/Cook, Cathy The Agatha Christie Miscellany (Examines the Queen of Mystery's place in literary history, her books, film and TV adaptations, and her iconic characters, with facts, trivia, and quotes) $16.95
Cochran, Peg Steamed to Death (Gourmet De-Lite #2: PBO; Aging soap star Felicity Davenport is using Gigi's Gourmet De-Lite to help her shed a few pounds. But when Felicity is murdered in her sauna, things start getting too hot for Gigi to handle) $7.99
Connolly, Sheila Monument to the Dead (Nell Pratt #4: PBO; When the philanthropists of Philadelphia start dying of mysterious causes, Nell sets out to trace the connections between the victims, hoping to uncover the murderer before another do-gooder is done in) $7.99
Conrad, Hy Mr. Monk Helps Himself (Monk #16: While studying for her PI license, Natalie heads to a weekend self-help retreat. When the retreat's charismatic leader jumps off a cliff in full view of everyone, it looks like suicide, but Natalie is sure it's murder) $23.95
Constable, Benjamin Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa (A suicide note, clues hidden in paintings, a deadly game of wits, and an imaginary cat draw readers through the streets of Paris and New York on an intricate adventure) $16.00
Costa, Shelley You Cannoli Die Once (PBO; Philadelphia chef Eve Angelotta and her cousins start their own investigation to clear their grandmother's name after she's arrested for her boyfriend's murder) $7.99
Cussler, C/Brown, G The Storm (NUMA Files #10: In the middle of the Indian Ocean, a swarm of black particles attacks a NUMA research vessel, killing everyone aboard, while the ship goes up in flames. What Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala find when they reach the smoldering hulk leads them to a plan to permanently alter the weather on a global scale. It will kill millions - and it has already begun) $9.99
Cussler, C/Brown, G Zero Hour (NUMA Files #11: A scientist thinks he has found a way to tap into zero point energy, but his machines are causing earthquakes and fissures in tectonic plates. It's up to Kurt Austin and the NUMA team to find and destroy them) $28.95
Davis, Krista The Diva Frosts a Cupcake (Domestic Diva #7: PBO; For Sophie, planning a cupcake fundraising event turns sour when one of the bakery's partners leaves to open a competing shop. When one of the shop's employees is murdered, Sophie must sift through the clues to find the killer) $7.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Kill Room (Lincoln Rhyme #10: When a US citizen is targeted by the US government, and assassinated by an elite sniper in the Bahamas, forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme investigates) $28.00
Downing, David Zoo Station (John Russell #1: Reissue; Berlin, 1939: An acquaintance from his old communist days approaches Anglo-American journalist John Russell to do some work for the Soviets; when the British and the Nazis notice his involvement, Russell is dragged into the murky world of warring intelligence services) $9.99
Ennis, Michael The Malice of Fortune (1502: Courtesan Damiata joins forces with Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci to find out who is behind a murder that appears to be connected to the 1497 murder of the Borgia pope's favorite son) $15.95
Evanovich, J/Hughes, C Full Tilt (Jamie Swift #2: Reissue; A story about a crime in quiet Beaumont, South Carolina, takes Jamie and her sexy, mysterious silent partner Max for a ride on the wild side, complete with two assassins and an insane poacher) $8.99
Fante, Dan Point Doom (PBO; Failed PI J.D. Fiorella, now 46 and sober, is working hard to get it together. Then a friend is murdered. Determined to exact vengeance, J.D. follows a twisting trail of clues that leads him to unexpected truths about himself, and to a psychopathic killer with an eerie connection to his past) $14.99
Ferraris, Zoe Kingdom of Strangers (Katya Hijazi #3: The bodies of 19 women, unearthed in the Saudi Arabian desert, reveal that a serial killer has been operating undetected for years. The inspector in charge of the case is distracted by the disappearance of his mistress, which he can't report since adultery is punishable by death. He turns to Katya, one of the few women on the force, for help) $15.00
Furst, Alan Mission to Paris (Late summer, 1938: Hollywood film star Fredric Stahl is on his way to Paris to make a movie. A Nazi secret bureau has been waging political warfare against France, using bribery, intimidation, and corrupt newspapers to weaken French morale. For their purposes, Fredric Stahl is a perfect agent of influence, and they attack him. What they don't know is that Stahl, horrified by the Nazi war on Jews and intellectuals, has become part of an informal spy service being run out of the American embassy in Paris) $16.00
Gardiner, Meg Ransom River (Rory Mackenzie vowed never to return to her hometown of Ransom River, CA, but she is summoned for jury duty. Her return dredges up troubling memories from her childhood that she can no longer ignore, but bringing the truth to light just might destroy her) $7.99
Gaus, P.L. The Names of Our Tears (Amish-Country #8: PBO; Ruth Zook returns to Holmes County, Ohio, carrying a heavy suitcase. Coerced into becoming a drug mule, Ruth destroys her illicit burden, and pays for it with her life. When Fannie Helmuth reveals that she was also coerced, Sheriff Robertson realizes that the drug dealers' operation reaches all the way to Florida's Pinecraft Amish community) $15.00
Glynn, Alan Graveland (A Wall Street investment banker is shot dead while jogging in Central Park. Hours later, a hedge-fund manager is gunned down outside a restaurant. Are these killings a coordinated terrorist attack, or just a coincidence? Investigative journalist Ellen Dorsey has a hunch they're neither) $16.00
Gran, Sara Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway (Claire DeWitt #2: Claire investigates the robbery that led to the death of her ex-boyfriend, a popular musician in the San Francisco scene) $20.00
Greenwood, Kerry Medea (Medea is a priestess of Hecate. She is the custodian of the wood in which the Golden Fleece is hung. She alone can tame the giant serpent which guards the grove. And then Jason and his Argonauts come) $14.95
Gruley, Bryan The Skeleton Box (Starvation Lake #3: A series of mysterious break-ins is plaguing the town, and worry turns to panic when a break-in leads to the death of a beloved citizen. Newspaper editor Gus Carpenter and reporter Luke Whistler set out to uncover the truth behind the death, and the break-ins) $16.00
Hagedorn, Jessica (ed) Manila Noir (Anthology; original stories set in the capital of the Philippines) $15.95
Hall, Tarquin The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken (Vish Puri #3: The father of a top Pakistani cricketeer dies during a post-match dinner, his butter chicken poisoned. PI Vish Puri follows a trail that leads from Delhi deep into Pakistan. The last piece of the puzzle, however, turns up closer to home. It seems that the one person who can identify the killer is the one woman in the world with whom Puri has sworn never to work: his Mummy-ji) $16.00
Hammett/Cline, Sally Dashiell Hammett: Man of Mystery (Nonfiction; Cline uses fresh research, including interviews with Hammett's family, to reexamine the life and works of the writer who changed the face of crime fiction) $19.95
Housewright, David The Last Kind Word (Mac McKenzie #10: When the ATF gets a lead on a cache of illegal guns near the Canadian border, they ask McKenzie to go undercover to help get the gunrunners. What could possibly go wrong? Autographing at Uncle Edgar's on Saturday, June 15, 1-2pm) $25.99
Howell, Dorothy Tote Bags and Toe Tags (Haley Randolph #5: Just because Haley lacks some qualifications for her new position as corporate events coordinator does not mean she murdered the company's chief of security) $7.99
Humphreys, C.C. A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453 (1453: Gregoras had vowed never to return to Constantinople, where he had been betrayed by his brother. But now, with an Ottoman army outside its walls, the city can only be held by men and mercenaries as skilled in battle as Gregoras) $15.99
Jackson, L/Bush, N Something Wicked (Oregon Coast #3: PBO; A killer is determined to destroy the Colony and everyone in it) $7.99
Johnson, Craig As the Crow Flies (Walt Longmire #8: A trip to the Cheyenne Reservation to find a site for his daughter's wedding turns horrific when Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire sees a young woman plummeting from Painted Warrior's cliffs. It's not Walt's turf, but newly appointed tribal police chief Lolo Long talks him into helping with the investigation) $15.00
Johnson, Craig A Serpent's Tooth (Walt Longmire #9: Cord Lynear, a Mormon 'lost boy', is back in Absaroka County to search for his missing mother. The clues leads Sheriff Longmire, Deputy Victoria Moretti, and Henry Standing Bear to an interstate polygamy group with a stockpile of weapons) $26.95
Kahn, Michael A. The Flinch Factor (Rachel Gold #8: While representing a blue-color neighborhood fighting a powerful developer intent on bulldozing their homes to erect a gated community, attorney Rachel Gold also looks into a contractor's death, which may have been murder staged to look like an overdose) $14.95
Kallentoft, Mons Summer Death (UK title: Summertime Death) (Malin Fors #2: A teenage girl is found naked and bleeding in a Linkoping park, without any recollection of what has happened to her. Next, a grisly discovery is made on a beach. With the whole town on edge, police superintendent Malin Fors must uncover the secrets behind these crimes) $25.99
Kaplan, Andrew Scorpion Deception (Scorpion #3: PBO; CIA-turned-freelance agent Scorpion hunts a faceless enemy - a mysterious Iranian known only as the Gardener) $9.99
Karlen, Neal Augie's Secrets: The Minneapolis Mob and the King of the Hennepin Strip (Karlen, Augie Ratner's great-nephew, reveals the seamy underside of Minneapolis in the 1940s and 1950s. Jewish mobsters controlled the liquor trade, invented the point spread in sports betting, and ran national sports gambling operations. Even after Mayor Hubert H. Humphrey supposedly cleaned up the town, organized crime quietly flourished. And Augie was at the center, observing it all) $24.95
Kellerman, Jonathan Gone (Alex Delaware #20: Reissue; After the savage murder of a young woman, psychologist Alex Delaware and LAPD homicide cop Milo Sturgis unearth more questions than answers - and a host of eerily identical killings) $9.99
Kelly, Diane Death, Taxes, and Hot Pink Leg Warmers (Tara Holloway #5: PBO; IRS special agent Tara Holloway goes undercover as a bookkeeper in a strip club to get the goods on the sleazy owner) $7.99
Kernick, Simon Siege (Highly trained gunmen storm the luxurious Stanhope Hotel on London's Park Lane, demanding the government meet their requests within five hours, or they will blow up the building and everyone still inside it) $15.00
Keskinen, Karen Blood Orange (Santa Barbara PI Jaymie Zarlin has built her business on finding missing persons and runaways, but when the teenage girl chosen to play Daphne in the annual solstice parade is murdered, she agrees to investigate) $24.99
Kingsley, Allison Trouble Vision (Raven's Nest Bookstore #3: PBO; When the mayor calls a press conference about the controversial resort being built in town, residents show up to express their concerns. But when the debating turns to fighting, Clara gets a premonition that's nothing but trouble) $7.99
Koontz, Dean Deeply Odd (Odd Thomas #6: In a sinister encounter with a rogue truck driver tricked up like a rhinestone cowboy, Odd has a vision of a multiple homicide that has not yet been committed. Can Odd make sure a crime that hasn't happened yet, never does?) $28.00
Laurie, Victoria Lethal Outlook (Psychic Eye #10: A mysterious lady asks Abby to help find a missing person, but Abby discovers that the woman's family won't put their faith in a psychic. Worse, they begin to suspect that Abby is interested in the woman's husband and might be to blame for her disappearance) $7.99
LeBor, Adam The Geneva Option (Yael Azoulay #1: Sent to negotiate with a Hutu warlord wanted for genocide, to bring stability to the region so the West can exploit the mineral wealth, Yael Azoulay realizes that the UN is prepared to turn a blind eye to mass murder, and finds herself on the run, hunted by the world's intelligence and law enforcement agencies) $14.99
Lippman, Laura And When She Was Good (Heloise put her pimp in prison, and created a new life for herself, running an escort service from a quiet suburb. But another suburban madam has just turned up dead, and it's all too possible that the pimp is still lethal from behind bars. How far will Heloise go to protect her son and the life she's built for him?; audiobook $19.99) $14.99
Logan, Kylie Mayhem at the Orient Express (Literary Ladies #1: PBO; The League of Literary Ladies has a real mystery to solve when the owner of the newest Chinese restaurant on the island of South Bass has the bad fortune to be murdered) $7.99
Longworth, M.L. Death in the Vines (Verlaque & Bonnet #3: PBO; A crime wave jolts Aix-en-Provence, culminating in murder. Judge Antoine Verlaque and Commisioner Paulik investigate, with some help from Marine Bonnet) $15.00
Ludlow, Jack Son of Blood (Crusades #1: 12th century: The newly elected Pope Gregory vents his spleen against the Normans by encouraging them to sail to Byzantium and fight the Turks. Robert de Hauteville's first-born son Bohemund, now seventeen and a formidable warrior, has come to fight in his army. Bohemund seeks to assert his natural right as the heir of Robert's dukedom, but Robert's second son Borsa is now legally entitled to inherit. A battle between the sons is inevitable, and loyalties and blood ties will count for nothing) $16.95
Ludlum/Freveletti The Janus Reprisal (Covert-One #10: A World Health Organization conference is attacked by terrorists and samples of virulent bacteria and viruses are stolen; Covert-One operative Jon Smith must stop the culprits before they unleash biological weapons on the world) $8.00
Lynch, Sean Wounded Prey (Farrell & Kearns #1: When a young girl is found murdered, hanging from a tree, retired San Francisco cop Bob Farrell realizes his worst nightmare has come true. Twenty years ago, a government agency stopped him from putting away a killer - and now that killer is back in business) $14.99
Marston, Edward The Stationmaster's Farewell (Robert Colbeck #9: 1857: Joel Heygate was the popular stationmaster at Exeter St. David's railway station, so the town is horrified when his remains are discovered in the embers of the annual Bonfire Night celebration. Scotland Yard sends DI Robert Colbeck to investigate) $16.95
Martin, Carol Ann Looming Murder (Weaving #1: PBO; Della Wright has moved to the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains to open a weaving studio. When a local businessman is murdered and one of her students is a suspect, Della sets out to catch the real killer) $7.99
Mason, J/Stephens, S Dead Man's Best Friend (Dog and His Girl #2: Kids; When Cassie's police chief mom is suspended from the force pending an investigation, and won't say why, Cassie and Dodge, a retired police dog, decide to investigate and clear the chief's name) $5.99
Matthews, Jeanne Her Boyfriend's Bones (Dinah Pelerin #4: On the Greek island of Samos, Dinah discovers her Norwegian cop boyfriend Thor had an ulterior motive for choosing their holiday destination: guns being used by terrorists in Norway have been traced back to the island. When Thor's car plunges off a cliff and he disappears, Dinah fears he was either kidnapped or murdered, and sets out to find him) $14.95
Maxwell, Edith A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die (Local Foods #1: New farmer Cam Flaherty has to fire her only employee when he refuses to follow organic growing practices; she winds up a murder suspect when he's found with a pitchfork through his neck) $24.00
McDade, Travis Thieves of Book Row (Nonfiction; a portrait of Manhattan's Book Row in the 1920s and 1930s, and the story behind a heist in the rare book room of the New York Public Library, planned by book dealer Harry Gold) $27.95
Miller, Derek Norwegian by Night (Sheldon Horowitz has left New York to live with his granddaughter and her husband in Norway. When a dispute between a neighbor and a stranger turns dire, Sheldon shields the neighbor's young son, and they flee the scene. But old age and circumstances are altering Sheldon's experience of time and memory; he and the boy head across the Norwegian wilderness, on the run from demons both real and imagined) $26.00
Monaghan, Annabel A Girl Named Digit (Digit Higgins #1: YA; When Farrah, the daughter of a UCLA math professor, unknowingly cracks a terrorist group's number sequence, her senior year gets a lot more interesting. Soon she is investigating the case, on the run from terrorists, and faking her own kidnapping) $7.99
O'Brien, Kevin Unspeakable (PBO; A therapist suspects one of her patients is a killer. She has no proof, but as the body count rises, so do her fears) $9.99
Pearson, Ridley Choke Point (Chu & Knox #2: A philanthropist hires Rutherford Risk to shut down an Amsterdam sweatshop that enslaves young girls. To complete the mission, Chu and Knox will also have to shut down the criminal organization behind it) $26.95
Pendleton, Don (creator) Ivory Wave (Executioner #415: PBO; Bolan must find out who is making a legal but lethal drug concoction that is killing US teens, and shut down the operation for good) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Counter Force (Stony Man #125: PBO; Stony Man must rescue a US Marine unit that is being detained by Iraqi insurgents) $6.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Apocalypse Ark (SuperBolan #158: PBO; Bolan must stop militant members of a secret cult from destroying the Vatican and ushering in the Apocalypse) $6.99
Pirro, Jeanine Sly Fox (Dani Fox #1: Westchester, NY, 1976: Spearheading the country's first domestic violence unit in a shifting legal landscape, ADA Dani Fox discovers a seemingly simple case has some shocking twists. But she has to figure out which colleagues she can trust, and which she'll end up battling both in and out of the courtroom) $7.99
Resnick, Mike The Trojan Colt (Eli Paxton #2: Hired to guard a high-priced yearling bred from a recently retired winner, Eli Paxton is only days into the job when the yearling's young groom goes missing. Asked by the boy's parents to investigate, Paxton focuses on the breeding farm in Lexington, Kentucky, where he discovers another staff member disappeared recently) $15.95
Robertson, Imogen Island of Bones (Westerman & Crowther #3: 1783: When laborers discover an extra body inside an ancient tomb on his family's Lake District estate, anatomist Gabriel Crowther heads home to investigate) $15.00
Rohmer, Sax The Bride of Fu-Manchu (Fu-Manchu #7: Reissue; An epidemic sweeps the French Riviera - a biological weapon created by Dr. Fu-Manchu. Denis Nayland-Smith is summoned to help stop his arch-foe before the plague is spread across Europe) $9.95
Rotstein, Robert Corrupt Practices (An LA church, considered by some to be a cult, charges Rich Baxter with embezzlement. Attorney Parker Stern despises the cult, but he hasn't entered a courtroom since developing severe stage fright. When the case takes an unexpected turn, Parker surprises himself and agrees to take on the church) $15.95
Rowen, Michelle Bled & Breakfast (Immortality Bites #2: PBO; Vampire agents Sarah and Thierry go to Salem, Massachusetts, where witches still live, to investigate the disappearance of three vampires. But the case may awaken some dark secrets from Thierry's past) $7.99
Rutherford, Alex Ruler of the World (Empire of the Moghul #3: 1500s: Akbar, the third great Moghul Emperor, extends his rule over much of Asia, commanding tens of thousands of men, elephants, and innovative weapons. Despite the bloodshed which results, his empire is based on universal religious tolerance. But as his oldest son Salim grows to manhood, the relationship between father and son becomes tainted by rebellion, and by competition to be the greatest Moghul of them all) $16.99
Rutherford, Alex The Tainted Throne (Empire of the Moghul #4: India, 1606: Moghul Emperor Jahangir is doomed. No amount of wealth and ruthlessness can protect him from his sons' desire for power. And with Khurram and his half-brothers each still determined to be their father's heir, the savage battle for the Moghul throne will be more ferocious than even Timur could have imagined) $29.99
Scarrow, Simon Centurion (Macro & Cato #8: Reissue; Parthia is vying with Rome for control of Palmyra, an officially neutral kingdom whose royal household is on the brink of open revolt. A task force under the command of experienced soldiers Macro and Cato is dispatched to defend its king and guard its borders. When Parthia hears of the Roman army's presence, it starts amassing its troops for war) $15.95
Sefton, Maggie Cast On, Kill Off (Knitting #10: Kelly's knitting pal Megan is about to get hitched, and all the planning is falling into place - until the seamstress is found dead. Now it's up to Kelly and her fellow knitters to solve the case) $7.99
Sefton, Maggie Close Knit Killer (Knitting #11: When a familiar face is found dead in his car outside the House of Lambspun, Kelly and her friends must sort through a long list of fleeced suspects to catch the killer) $25.95
Shaffer, A/Keith, Wm H The Last Line (With Mexico descending into anarchy, the drug cartels have kicked up the heat, allying with Hezbollah and the Iranian secret service in a plot aimed at destroying the US. As intelligence agent Chris Teller races to unravel the plot, he discovers that the most pernicious enemies are the members of a treasonous cabal within the US government) $25.99
Shapiro, B.A. The Art Forger (In 1990, 13 works of art, worth millions, were stolen from the Gardner Museum in Boston. It remains the largest unsolved art heist in history, and struggling young artist Claire Roth is about to discover that there's more to this crime than meets the eye) $14.95
Sherez, Stav A Dark Redemption (Carrigan #1: DI Carrigan and DS Miller investigate the rape and murder of a Ugandan student. Plunged into an underworld of London's illegal immigrant communities, they discover that the murdered woman's research may have threatened to reveal things that some people will go to any lengths to keep secret) $17.00
Sipila, Jarkko Cold Trail (Helsinki Homicide: A convicted wife-murderer escapes from his father's funeral. But why would he flee now, with over half his sentence served? As the manhunt begins, Detective Lt. Kari Takamaki and his homicide team dig into the old evidence. Was the man guilty? Or an innocent man unjustly sentenced to life in prison? Signed copies expected) $13.95
Soos, Troy Hunting a Detroit Tiger (Mickey Rawlings #4: Reissue; 1920: Mickey is hoping for a regular place in the Tigers' lineup. But when an old-time baseball player is killed, Mickey finds himself accused of the crime) $14.00
Speller, Elizabeth The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton (Laurence Bartram #2: 1924: Thirteen years ago, 5-year-old Kitty disappeared from her bed and was never seen again. Now, while Great War veteran Laurence Bartram is a guest at the Easton manor house, a young maid vanishes. When a body is discovered, Laurence is drawn into the estate's forgotten places, where deadly secrets lie in wait) $14.95
Stevens, Taylor The Doll (Vanessa Munroe #3: Munroe goes up against a human trafficking ring run by a shadowy figure known as the Doll Maker) $24.00
Urban, Milos Lord Mord (19th-century Prague: Count Arco, a debauched womanizer, makes a lone stand against the destruction of the Jewish Quarter, with its Bohemian nightlife and whorehouses. He buys a house and refuses to move out, battling the corrupt officials at the Town Hall. Then the Quarter is rocked by a murderer - and Arco is distracted by a femme fatale whose heart he must conquer) $14.95
Wasdin, H/Templin, S Outcasts (SEAL Team Six: A quartet of elite SEALs is tasked with taking out seven al Qaeda members vying to replace Osama bin Laden. As they pursue their third target, they uncover a plot against the US) $7.99
Watterson, Kate Charred (Ellie MacIntosh #2: PBO; Milwaukee homicide detective Ellie MacIntosh is called in when an unidentified corpse is found at an arson scene; her investigation turns up ties to a cold case) $7.99
Wendelboe, C.M. Death on the Greasy Grass (Manny Tano #3: PBO; When a reenactor is killed right in front of him at the site of the Battle of Little Big Horn, FBI agent Manny Tano begins to understand that the secrets of the past have a way of stirring up trouble in the present) $16.00
White, Stephen Line of Fire (Alan Gregory #18: A new witness has the authorities reopening the investigation into the suicide of a woman named J. Winter Brown; the trail that leads back to psychologist Alan Gregory and his equally culpable friend Sam Purdy has turned white-hot) $9.99
Wolf, Dick The Intercept (Jeremy Fisk #1: An attempted hijacking has been thwarted, but Jeremy Fisk of the NYPD's Intelligence Division suspects that a devastating attack is imminent. An Arabian national who was on the flight has disappeared into Manhattan, and it's up to Fisk to find him; audiobook $19.99) $9.99


Berry, Steve The King's Deception (Cotton Malone #8: Cotton Malone and his son Gary are headed to Europe. As a favor to his former boss, Malone agrees to escort a teenage fugitive back to England. But after he is greeted at gunpoint in London, both the fugitive and Gary disappear, and Malone learns that he's stumbled into a high-stakes diplomatic showdown fueled by shocking Tudor secrets) $27.00
Cleave, Paul Cemetery Lake (Theodore Tate #1: PI Theodore Tate is overseeing an exhumation; when doubts are raised about the identity of the body found in the coffin, he knows he should walk away and let his former colleagues on the police force deal with it, but his strong sense of justice intervenes) $16.00
Davis, Lindsey The Ides of April (Flavia Albia #1: Settled in her father Falco's ramshackle former digs in Fountain Court, Flavia Albia is working as a private informer. Hired to help investigate a fatal accident, she finds herself stuck with a truly awful client, facing a well-heeled, well-connected opponent. When her client dies under suspicious circumstances, it's just one of a series of similar deaths - and Flavia is now a suspect) $25.99
Downing, David Masaryk Station (John Russell #6: 1948: Berlin is still occupied by the four Allied powers and largely in ruins, entangled in the new Soviet/American Cold War. John Russell works for Stalin's NKVD and the newly created CIA, trying his best to cut himself loose from both before his double-agency is discovered. He and his Soviet liaison Shchepkin search for one piece of intelligence so damning it could silence the wrath of one nation and solicit the protection of the other) $26.95
Estleman, Loren D. The Confessions of Al Capone (Biographical novel about the notorious gangster) $27.99
Evanovich, J/Goldberg, L The Heist (Kate O’Hare #1: What's an FBI agent to do after she's caught the world's most wanted - and irresistibly charming - con man? Partner up with him) $28.00
Fay, Kim The Map of Lost Memories (Edgar finalist, best first novel. 1925: Irene is given a rare map believed to lead to a set of copper scrolls that chronicle the lost history of Cambodia's ancient Khmer civilization. Finding them would be the archaeological discovery of the century. But as she and her fellow adventurers sweep across borders and make startling discoveries, their quest becomes increasingly dangerous) $15.00
Grebe, C/Traff, A More Bitter than Death (Siri Bergman #2: Psychotherapist Dr. Siri Bergman is assisting with a research project on domestic abuse, hosting a self-help group for survivors. When a woman's boyfriend becomes prime suspect in a high-profile murder, Siri finds herself embroiled in the investigation) $16.00
Hallinan, Timothy The Fear Artist (Poke Rafferty #5: A chance encounter on a Bangkok sidewalk catapults Rafferty into the margins of the war on terror; the opponent he faces is a virtuoso artist whose medium is fear) $14.95
Hamilton, Donald The Silencers (Matt Helm #4: Reissue; Helm is sent to extract a female agent working undercover in a Mexican bar. When she is killed, Helm teams up with the woman's sister, fighting to save the lives of a group of scientists and US officials) $7.99
Hamilton, Steve Die a Stranger (Alex McKnight #9: When his friend Vinnie goes missing, Alex can't help but be worried. There's a crime war creeping into Michigan's Upper Peninsula, leaving bodies in its wake. Alex wouldn't have expected his friend to be involved, but when a stranger arrives in town looking for Vinnie, Alex finds out that the stakes are higher than he imagined) $14.99
Hammer, Lotte & Soren The Hanging (Detective Konrad Simonsen and his murder squad investigate when the naked bodies of five men are found hanging from the ceiling of a school gym) $24.99
Hamrick, Janice Death Rides Again (Jocelyn Shore #3: Jocelyn heads to her family's Texas ranch for a reunion. When her cousin Ruby June disappears and then Ruby June's no-good husband turns up dead, the police focus on the family as the most likely suspects; Jocelyn and her cousin Kyla decide to investigate) $25.99
Hart, Carolyn Escape from Paris (Reissue; Paris, 1940: Two American sisters risk their lives to save a downed British airman from the Gestapo. On Christmas Eve, the Gestapo sets a trap, and death is only a step behind the women) $13.95
Hiaasen, Carl Bad Monkey (Former Miami cop Andrew Yancy has a human arm in his freezer. He sees a lot of holes in the boating-accident / shark-luncheon explanation for how it was parted from its owner, and if Yancy can prove murder, maybe the Monroe County sheriff will rescue him from his grisly Health Inspector gig) $26.95
Hill, Antonio The Summer of Dead Toys (Salgado #1: Inspector Hector Salgado, an Argentine living in Barcelona, is assigned to a routine accidental death: a college student's fall from a balcony in a ritzy neighborhoods. Salgado discovers the death was not simple, and drugs might be involved. The trail will lead him deep into the underbelly of Barcelona's high society) $26.00
Hoag, Tami The 9th Girl (Kovac & Liska #4: Minneapolis homicide detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska investigate the death of an unidentifiable woman, the ninth Jane Doe of the year; they fear she may be the victim of a transient serial killer) $26.95
Holt, Anne Death of a Demon (Hanne Wilhelmsen #3: The steely director of an Oslo orphanage is found stabbed with a kitchen knife, and a 12-year-old orphan boy is missing. Could the child be the murderer? As police search for him, Chief Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen orders an investigation of the home's employees) $16.00
Holt, Jonathan The Abomination (Carnivia #1: Working her first murder case, Venetian Carabiniere Captain Kat Tapo must unravel a dark conspiracy linking the CIA and the Catholic Church) $25.99
Kaaberbol, L/Friis, A Invisible Murder (Nina Borg #2: Roma children are falling mysteriously ill at a refugee camp. Red Cross nurse Nina Borg agrees to help, and discovers that the situation at the camp is unexpectedly complicated - and perilous) $14.00
Keller, Julia A Killing in the Hills (Bell Elkins #1: After three elderly men are gunned down at the local diner, one of the witnesses gradually realizes she may have seen the shooter - and that he might be someone she knows) $14.99
Kelly, Mary Louise Anonymous Sources (The son of a Washington power broker falls from a Harvard bell tower. Did he jump, or was he pushed? As reporter Alexandra James follows leads, she begins to grasp that the young man may have been killed to hide a conspiracy within the White House itself) $26.00
Kennedy, Emma The Case of the Fatal Phantom (Wilma Tenderfoot #3: Kids; After her dog Pickle snuffles up a mummified body holding an ancient-looking key at Blackheart Mansion, Wilma chases down hidden treasure - rumored to be guarded by a deadly phantom - and discovers another clue about her parents) $7.99
Kuhns, Eleanor Death of a Dyer (Will Rees #2: 1790s Maine: Will Rees is back on his farm, living contentedly with his teenaged son David and housekeeper Lydia. When he's asked to look into an old friend's murder, he quickly discovers that everyone - from the dead man's wife to his son to the shy serving girl - is hiding something) $24.99
MacInnes, Helen The Venetian Affair (Reissue; While on assignment in Paris and Venice, an American journalist works desperately to expose Communist espionage activities) $9.95
O'Connell, John Baskerville (Dartmoor, 1900: Arthur Conan Doyle and his friend Bertram Fletcher Robinson are researching a detective novel collaboration with a new hero, featuring a monstrous dog. London, 1902: The Hound of the Baskervilles is published, featuring Holmes back from the dead. Conan Doyle and Fletcher Robinson have not spoken for two years, and the book is credited to just one author. But who really wrote it? And what happened on the moor to drive two friends apart?) $16.00
O'Melveny, Regina The Book of Madness and Cures (16th-century Venice: Gabriella Mondini is a woman who practices medicine. Her father, a renowned physician, has brought her into this all-male profession. When he disappears, Gabriella is no longer permitted to treat her patients, women who need her desperately, without his patronage. She sets out across Europe to find where - and why - he has gone, following clues from his occasional enigmatic letters) $15.00
Patterson, J/Karp, M NYPD Red (When a famous producer is poisoned at a New York City film festival, it's just the first in a series of wildly theatrical killings) $15.00
Pocalyko, Michael The Navigator (A potential trillion-dollar deal for an entirely new global communication system draws a financier, a political aide, and a tech start-up veteran into a web of intrigue and dangerous secrets) $24.99
Renn, Diana Tokyo Heist (YA; Her father's newest clients are the victims of an art robbery: van Gogh sketches have been stolen from their home. 16-year-old Violet's search for the missing art takes her from the Seattle Art Museum, to the yakuza-infested streets of Tokyo, to a secluded inn in Kyoto) $8.99
Robertson, Imogen Circle of Shadows (Westerman & Crowther #4: 1784: When her brother-in-law is suspected of killing a German aristocrat, Mrs. Westerman and reclusive anatomist Gabriel Crowther head to the German court to investigate) $27.95
Romano, Stephen Resurrection Express (There is nothing Elroy can't hack. But for the past two years, he's been incarcerated after a job gone bad, driven to near-madness by the revelation of his wife's murder. Now a mysterious visitor offers Elroy his freedom if he'll do another job, sweetening the deal with proof that his wife might be alive. All Elroy has to do is hack into one of the deadliest security grids in the world) $7.99
Roy, Lori Until She Comes Home (1958 Detroit: A pair of seemingly unrelated murders crumbles the facade of a changing neighborhood) $26.95
Silver, Elizabeth L. The Execution of Noa P. Singleton (Noa spoke not a word at her brief trial. Now she sits on death row. She is visited by Marlene Dixon, a high-powered Philadelphia attorney and the heartbroken mother of the woman Noa was imprisoned for killing. She tells Noa that she will do everything in her considerable power to convince the governor to commute Noa's sentence - if Noa will finally reveal what led her to commit her crime) $25.00
Smith, Alexander McCall Trains and Lovers (As they travel by rail from Edinburgh to London, four strangers entertain one another with tales of how trains have changed their lives) $22.00
Smith, Noble Sons of Zeus (431 BCE: The Greek city-state of Plataea becomes the arena where the struggle between the democracy of Athens and the tyranny of Sparta begins. After a traitor opens the city gates, young warrior Nikia makes a daring escape, gathers an army, and leads this ragtag band into a suicidal battle at the gates of the citadel - a battle that will decide the fates of his family, his friends, and his beloved) $25.99
Taylor, Patrick Pray for Us Sinners (Belfast, 1973: A British Army bomb-disposal expert goes undercover in the Provisional IRA, tasked with identifying their bomb-maker. Meanwhile the bomb-maker, distressed that his bombs are being used against civilian targets, seeks to leave the IRA, but must complete one last mission to receive his discharge) $24.99
Thoft, Ingrid Loyalty (In a family of high-powered lawyers, Fina is a law school dropout who works as the family firm's PI. When her sister-in-law disappears, she is caught up in a case unlike any she's worked before) $25.95
Tope, Rebecca Malice in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne #10: When a house-sitting assignment takes Thea and her dog to an isolated village, Thea finds herself ill at ease. Her intuition is proved right when a local boy is found strangled. His mother becomes the prime suspect, but Thea believes in her innocence, and investigates) $16.95
Vachss, Andrew Aftershock (The small coastal town seems idyllic. But when the star pitcher of the girls' softball team guns down the most popular boy in school, the shockwaves reverberate far beyond the school's walls. In the wake of the killing, two of the town's newer residents are determined to get to the truth of the incident - and to whatever town secret the shooter is guarding) $26.95
Wahloo, Per The Assignment (Reissue; When Manuel Ortega is appointed to replace an assassinated Provincial Resident, he is plunged into a corrupt world. Two extremist factions are at odds, and Ortega is caught in the middle, surrounded by people he's not sure he can trust. As the tension rises, Ortega must take action, but what will he do?) $15.00
Wahloo, Per The Generals (Reissue; Corporal Velder is on trial, accused of acts against the military, government, and society. As the proceedings unfold, we learn of the island country's descent into tyranny, and the civil war that erupted when a secret armed force brought the current generals to power. The tribunal forces Velder to reconstruct the events, battles, and defeat of the rebellion. As the inevitable verdict is pronounced, Velder's testimony just might produce another revolution) $15.00
Wahloo, Per A Necessary Action (UK title: The Lorry) (Reissue; Willi Mohr - former German soldier, starving artist, drifter - is arrested and subjected to a lengthy interrogation. Unwillingly, he is drawn back to the year he spent in Spain, the deaths of a Norwegian couple he shared a house with there, and his attempts to discover how they died. As the interrogation intensifies, Mohr realizes that his activities have implicated him in a dangerous political situation) $15.00
Walker, Walter Crime of Privilege (A murder on Cape Cod. A rape in Palm Beach. All they have in common is the presence of one of America's most beloved and influential families. But nobody is asking questions) $26.00
Winslow, Don The Kings of Cool (Prequel to Savages . The story of how Ben, Chon, and O became the people they are, from their parents' lives in 1960s southern California to their own lives in the recent past) $16.00
Xiaolong, Qiu The Enigma of China (Chen Cao #8: Chief Inspector Chen Cao is a rising cadre in the party, in line to take over the top political position in the Shanghai police department, and a highly respected policeman. Which is why he's brought in by the Party to sign off on the investigation into the death of an important party member. Though everyone wants it to be a suicide, the evidence doesn't add up) $25.99


Ablow, Keith Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony (Nonfiction; a top forensic psychiatrist provides a detailed psychological portrait of of accused murderer Casey Anthony and her family) $7.99
Adams, Riley Rubbed Out (Memphis BBQ #4: PBO; Lulu finds more than a taste of trouble at the Rock and Ribs festival when a pitmaster is murdered and the police start grilling her best friend) $7.99
Allen, Robin Out of the Frying Pan (Poppy Markham #3: PBO; Shortly after being elected president of the Friends of Good Earth Preserves, diva-restaurateur Dana White is struck down in her own kitchen. Can Poppy figure out who decided to get rid of her?) $14.99
Barclay, Linwood Trust Your Eyes (Thomas Kilbride is a reclusive schizophrenic who uses a computer program to travel the world. In a street view of NYC, he detects an image that looks like a woman being murdered. His brother Ray humors him with a half-hearted investigation, but soon realizes they have stumbled onto a conspiracy - and now they are in the crosshairs) $9.99
Barrett, Lorna Murder on the Half Shelf (Booktown #6: Bookstore owner Tricia Miles was looking forward to a free night's stay at Pippa and John Comfort's Sheer Comfort Inn - until she discovered Pippa murdered in the backyard, and learned that Jon is actually Harry Tyler, a man Tricia loved years ago - and believed dead) $7.99
Barrett, Lorna Not the Killing Type (Booktown #7: It's time for the Chamber of Commerce elections, with the Chamber president being challenged by Tricia's sister Angelica. Then Stan Berry throws his hat in the ring. When Stan is found murdered, Angelica asks Tricia to help her clear her name and win the election) $25.95
Bassett, Richard Hitler's Spy Chief (Nonfiction; the story of Wilhelm Canaris, Hitler's intelligence chief, and his role in the conspiracy to assassinate the Fuehrer) $15.95
Beaton, M.C. Hiss and Hers (Agatha Raisin #23: Agatha foots the bill for a charity ball, just to have a chance to dance with the local gardener. When he doesn't show up, she finds his body in a compost heap, murdered by poisonous snake bite) $7.99
Benacquista, Tonino Malavita (Fred Blake #1: The Blakes are new to a small town in Normandy, trying to hide the fact that father Fred is really a relocated ex-goodfella. When a mobster gets wind of their location, it's Mafia mayhem) $15.00
Billingham, Mark Sleepyhead (Thorne #1: Reissue; An attacker has killed three women. Alison, the fourth victim, has survived a stroke that was deliberately induced - she is aware of everything going on around her, but cannot move or communicate. The police believe Alison was the killer's first mistake. Then DI Tom Thorne discovers the horrifying truth: Alison wasn't the mistake, the three dead women were, as the attacker honed his technique) $14.00
Billingham, Mark Scaredy Cat (Thorne #2: Reissue; DI Tom Thorne must find a pair of murderers who are working in tandem, killing women at the same time in different parts of London) $14.00
Blackwell, Juliet Tarnished and Torn (Witchcraft #5: PBO; When a jewelry merchant is killed in a way that suggests an old-fashioned witch hunt, the police suspect Lily's estranged father) $7.99
Blaedel, Sara Only One Life (Louise Rick #2: When a young Jordanian immigrant girl is found in Holbraek Fjord with a piece of concrete tied around her waist, Inspector Rick investigates. Was it an 'honor killing'?) $14.95
Blair, Annette Tulle Death Do Us Part (Vintage Magic #6: PBO; Decades ago, a scavenger hunt at Mystic Country Club ended in an unexplained death, hastily concealed. Now Maddie has been invited to participate in a Club event, but one touch of the vintage petticoat used to hide evidence of the original crime hurtles Maddie into a scavenger hunt of her own) $7.99
Blake, James Carlos The Rules of Wolfe (Eddie is a young member of the Wolfe family of Texas gunrunners. Unhappy with his minor role in family operations, he crosses the border to work security for a Mexican drug cartel. When he falls for the wrong woman, they wind up on the run in the deadly Sonoran desert) $24.00
Blake, Richard The Ghosts of Athens (Aelric #5: AD 612: British adventurer Aelric, now a senator of the Roman Empire, arrives in Athens to find the city threatened by an army. Not to mention an explosive religious dispute, an unexplained corpse, and hints of something worse than murder) $12.95
Booth, Stephen Dead and Buried (Cooper & Fry #12: When an intruder breaks into an abandoned pub, DS Ben Cooper is on the case, and swiftly unearths a pair of grim surprises. The first is evidence of a years-old double homicide, and the second is a fresh corpse. What links the three deaths? For Cooper and his rival DI Diane Fry, it's the most twisted investigation of their lives) $10.95
Bourbon, Melissa A Custom-Fit Crime (Magical Dressmaking #4: PBO; First someone breaks into the shop, then a rival designer is found dead. When a near-miss makes it clear a friend could be the next victim, Harlow must untangle the evidence) $7.99
Brown, Karen The Longings of Wayward Girls (Young Sadie and her best friend play a seemingly harmless prank on a neighbor girl. Soon after, the girl disappears from a backyard barbecue and is never seen again. Twenty years later, Sadie lives in the same quiet suburb, and seems to have put her past behind her. But when a boy from her childhood returns to town, the nightmares of that summer will begin to resurface, and its unsolved mysteries will finally become clear) $15.00
Burke, James Lee Two for Texas (alternate title: Sabine Spring) (Reissue; Son Holland never intended to kill a prison guard while escaping from a Louisiana chain gang. On the run through the bayou with a fellow escapee and an Indian woman, Son crosses the river to Texas, where the only chance the travelers have for survival awaits in a violent storm of revolution led by General Houston) $15.00
Cain, Chelsea Kill You Twice (Archie Sheridan #5: A torture-murder took place over a period of hours on a sunny summer morning in a Portland park. Archie is investigating when he gets a call from a doctor at the mental hospital. Archie's nemesis, serial killer Gretchen Lowell, claims to have inside knowledge about the killing) $7.99
Campion, Alexander Death of a Chef (Capucine Culinary #4: Capucine's best friend buys a vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk at the Paris flea market, and is horrified to discover it contains a man's body) $24.00
Chandler, Jessie Pickle in the Middle Murder (Shay O'Hanlon #3: PBO; Shay accompanies her gun-toting cop girlfriend J.T. to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. While trying to rein in her newest dog's overactive nose, Shay finds a dead man in the privy, with a bullet hole in his skull. When J.T. is arrested for the porta-potty murder, Shay scrambles to prove her innocence) $14.99
Cleland, Jane K. Lethal Treasure (Josie Prescott #8: At an auction for the contents of abandoned storage units, Josie is drawn into a murder investigation when another bidder is found dead inside the unit he won) $24.99
Coel, Margaret Watching Eagles Soar: Stories from the Wind River and Beyond (Collection of short stories plus two essays on writing in the West) $15.00
Cook, Thomas H. The Crime of Julian Wells (When famed true-crime writer Julian Wells' body is found in a boat drifting on a Montauk pond, the death is obviously a suicide. But why would Julian Wells have taken his own life? And was this his only crime?) $14.00
Cooper, Glenn The Keepers of the Library (Will Piper #3: FBI agent Will Piper is retired, but when a new Doomsday killer emerges, and Will's teenage son disappears, Will is instantly drawn back into the case) $7.99
Cooper, Mike Clawback (Silas Cade #1: Someone is killing off Wall Street's shadiest financiers; it's up to Silas Cade, a black ops veteran and gray-zone contractor, to get to the bottom of it) $15.00
Cooper, Mike Full Ratchet (Silas Cade #2: Tough guy auditor Silas Cade takes a job in western Pennsylvania, but finds that Main Street is just as dirty as Wall Street. His revelations catch the attention of Russian mobsters and an assassin) $27.95
Coulter, Catherine Backfire (FBI Thriller #16: A mysterious note delivered to FBI agent Dillon Savich has him and his partner Lacey Sherlock on edge, just as they're starting an investigation into the shooting of their longtime friend, San Francisco judge Ramsey Hunt) $9.99
Crook, Jeff The Sleeping and the Dead (Jackie Lyons #1: Called to photograph the crime scene of the Playhouse Killer's latest victim, Jackie discovers that her new camera captures images of ghosts. It also points her towards clues the detective in her won't let go. Did the man she just started dating kill his wife? Is the Playhouse Killer someone she knows?) $14.99
de Castrique, Mark A Murder in Passing (Sam Blackman #4: The agency has no clients. So when partner Nakayla Robertson suggests a mushroom hunt on the site of an historic freed-slave commune, Sam Blackman reluctantly agrees - and stumbles across a skeleton) $14.95
de Giovanni, Maurizio The Crocodile (Three young people with very diverse backgrounds have been found murdered in three different Naples neighborhoods, each shot with a single bullet, execution style. While his colleagues see little or no connection, Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono smells a rat) $17.00
Disher, Garry Port Vila Blues (Wyatt Wareen #5: Wyatt bypasses the alarm, snatches the cash, eludes the cops, and makes it safely back to his hideout in Hobart. It's the diamond-studded Tiffany brooch - and perhaps the girl - that undoes him. Now some very hard people want to put Wyatt and that brooch out of circulation) $14.95
Dorgan, B/Hagberg, D Gridlock (Osborne & Borden #2: In rural North Dakota, a lineman is electrocuted and the local cop sent to investigate is shot to death. County sheriff Nate Osborne and journalist Ashley Borden find themselves up against an ex-Spetsnaz terrorist intent on taking down the US power grid) $26.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a White Tie and Tails (Midnight Louie #24: Midnight Louie goes along as chaperone when Temple and her fiance Matt head to Chicago to visit Matt's family. When Louie is snatched, the catnapping's surprising motive leads back to Vegas, to a string of unsolved murders connected to magic - and ex-magician Max Kinsella) $7.99
Dufresne, John No Regrets, Coyote (Wylie has a rare ability to view a crime scene, consider the evidence, and determine what's likely to have happened. When five members of the Halliday family are killed, the police think it was murder-suicide, but Wiley's not so sure, and begins his own investigation, turning up a web of corruption involving the police union, lawyers, politicians, and the Russian mob) $25.95
Dunnett, Kaitlyn Bagpipes, Brides, and Homicides (Liss MacCrimmon #6: Moosetookalook is hosting the Western Maine Highland Games, and Liss is getting married this weekend. But when a professor is murdered, she once again finds herself in the center of the mystery) $7.99
Dupont, James Shadow of the Corps (When JAG attorney Dale Riley takes on the wrong client - a combat pilot accused of unlawfully bombing a village in northeastern Afghanistan - his world comes undone. Never mind saving his career; now he's fighting to save his life and his family) $24.95
Egan, Kevin Midnight (When a New York County judge dies, his staff is kept on until the end of that calendar year. So when Judge Canter quietly expires in his chambers on December 31st, his staff sets out to make it look like he died at home on New Year's Day. The conspiracy grows increasingly dangerous after a crooked union boss and a mob enforcer get involved) $24.99
Estleman, Loren D. Infernal Angels (Amos Walker #21: Hired to recover some stolen HDTV converter boxes, PI Walker ends up working with the local police and the feds when it turns out the boxes were being used to smuggle high-grade heroin) $12.99
Ferey, Caryl Mapuche (When the emasculated corpse of a transvestite is found at a Buenos Aires port, Jana turns to PI Ruben Calderon for help. Together they plunge into the corrupt heart of the Argentinian political system on the hunt for a vicious murderer) $18.00
Fiechter, J.J. Death by Publication (Reissue; When French novelist Nicolas Fabry publishes a new novel in France, London publisher Sir Edward Destry plunges into grief and fury. Fabry's heroine is modeled on the only woman Destry ever loved, for whose suicide Destry blamed himself. Now he discovers Fabry was responsible for her death. Destry plots his revenge, translating Fabry's novel into English and devising a plan guaranteed to cause disgrace and ruin) $14.95
Foster, Rose The Industry (YA; When 16-year-old Kirra stumbles across an unusual puzzle on the internet and solves it, she is kidnapped by a shadowy organization, and discovers how valuable her code-breaking skills are. When she refuses to help them, they decide to break her - by any means at their disposal) $8.99
Francis, Felix Bloodline (When Mark accuses his jockey sister of losing a race on purpose, she storms off. Hours later, she falls to her death from a London hotel balcony. Devastated and guilty, Mark goes in search of answers. What led her to jump? Or was it not suicide after all?) $9.99
Freemantle, Brian Red Star Falling (Charlie Muffin #16: In a botched escape from Russia, MI5 spy Charlie Muffin is seized by Russian intelligence. Moscow is determined to extract every secret of Western espionage of Charlie's thirty-year career. Charlie is determined to resist the interrogation - and to learn from it if his wife and daughter escaped the trap that snared him) $25.99
Georget, Philippe Summertime All the Cats Are Bored (The Mediterranean town of Perpignan is full of tourists. Tired cops Sebag and Molino are jolted out of their routine when a young Dutch woman is found brutally murdered on the beach, and another disappears in the city. With the media screaming about a serial killer, the detectives find themselves thrust into the middle of a diabolical game) $17.00
Gerber, Daryl Wood Final Sentence (Cookbook Nook #1: PBO; When Jenna Hart leaves the world of advertising to help her aunt open a culinary bookstore, celebrity chef Desiree Divine agrees to appear at the grand opening. But she stirs up more trouble than business - especially when she turns up dead) $7.99
Goldsworthy, Adrian Beat the Drums Slowly (106th Foot #2: Winter, 1808: Separated from the rest of the army in the initial chaos of a retreat, Hamish Williams chances upon the daughter of his commanding officer. The pair battle the elements and evade the pursing French, picking up a ragtag band of fellow stragglers along the way. When they learn that a unit of French cavalry is threatening to turn the retreat into a massacre, Williams and his little band are the only thing standing between them and their goal) $12.95
Gordon-Smith, Dolores Blood from a Stone (Jack Haldean #7: When Mrs. Paxton is found poisoned in her bedroom, fingers point at her nephew Terence Napier, seen leaving the house the previous evening after a row over her will. Months later, Napier hasn't been found, but a dead man has been discovered in a train compartment, with Mrs. Paxton's sapphire necklace at his feet) $28.95
Gordon, David Mystery Girl (A failed experimental novelist becomes the assistant to a corpulent, brilliant detective. What starts as a simple surveillance job becomes a hair-raising case involving cult movies and mistaken identity) $25.00
Grabenstein, Chris Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Kids; 12 kids win invitations to an overnight of fun, food, and games at the new town library, designed by the most notorious and creative gamemaker in the world. But when morning comes, the doors remain locked. The kids must solve every clue and secret puzzle to find the hidden escape route) $16.99
Greaves, Chuck Green-Eyed Lady (Jack MacTaggart #2: Lawyer Jack MacTaggart has only days to clear a US Senate candidate's name after the man fall victim to a honeytrap) $25.99
Griffin, Laura Exposed (Tracers #7: PBO; Forensic photographer Maddie Callahan and FBI agent Brian Beckmann form an uneasy partnership to find a vicious criminal) $7.99
Griffin/Butterworth The Spymasters (Men at War #7: Summer, 1943: OSS agent Dick Canidy and his team must figure out how to sabotage Germany's new aerial torpedo rockets, and find out who is feeding Manhattan Project secrets to the Soviets) $9.99
Guinn, Matthew The Resurrectionist (At South Carolina Medical College, Dr. Thacker's PR work for the dean takes a detour into the past when the bones of African-American slaves are unearthed on campus. In the 19th century, one of the school's founders purchased Nemo, a slave with unusual knife skills, who became an unacknowledged member of the surgical faculty by day, and a resurrectionist by night. Nemo would seize his self-respect in ways no one could anticipate) $25.95
Hale, Bruce Playing with Fire (School for S.P.I.E.S. #1: Kids; Juvenile delinquent and budding pyromaniac Max Segredo ends up on the very heavily guarded doorstep of Merry Sunshine Orphanage, where he learns a few things: first, cracking a cipher isn't as hard as it seems; second, never sass your instructor if she's holding throwing knives; and third, he may not be an orphan after all. Max and the rest of the students are sent on a mission to keep a dangerous weapon out of the hands of LOTUS, an international group bent on world domination) $15.99
Hallinan, Timothy The Fame Thief (Junior Bender #3: Junior is hauled in for a meeting with Hollywood's scariest mob boss turned movie mogul, who wants him to find out who destroyed a starlet's career by taking compromising photos of her. It happened over 60 years ago, but Junior starts digging, and finds that some vendettas never die - they only get more dangerous) $25.00
Hamilton, Ian The Wild Beasts of Wuhan (Ava Lee #3: As forensic accountant Ava Lee infiltrates an opulent auction house, she uncovers a massive web of corruption, where high art and high-stakes fraud threaten more than just her client's business. This is one scam that could get her killed) $15.00
Hamilton, Steve Let It Burn (Alex McKnight #10: A trip to Detroit reminds Alex of the last case he worked as a cop there, which was solved after he left; he does a little digging, and finds out that the real culprit may still be out there, preying on more victims) $25.99
Hechtman, Betty Yarn to Go (Yarn Retreat #1: PBO; When her grandmother dies and leaves her a yarn retreat business, dessert chef Casey Feldstein rises to the occasion. When a retreat regular is murdered, Casey must unravel whodunnit) $7.99
Hempel, Sandra The Inheritor's Powder (Nonfiction; in the early 19th century, arsenic was so frequently used by potential beneficiaries of wills that it was nicknamed 'the inheritor's powder.' But it was difficult to prove that a victim had been poisoned, let alone identify the contaminated food or drink. Then a suspicious death in 1833 led James Marsh, the brilliant chemist assigned to the case, to attempt to create a test that could pinpoint the presence of arsenic) $26.95
Hiebert, Michael Dream with Little Angels (In 1975, a teenage girl disappears in Alvin, Alabama. New detective Leah Teal is assigned the case. Months later, the girl turns up dead. Now it's 1987, and another girl goes missing. Then another. Leah is sure these incidents are connected to her unsolved first case - and then Leah's daughter joins the list of missing girls) $15.00
Hilmo, Tess With a Name Like Love (Kids; Arriving in town for a 3-day revival meeting, Ollie meets Jimmy, whose mother is in jail for murdering his father. Jimmy insists that his mother is innocent, and Ollie believes him. Still, even if Ollie convinces her daddy to stay in town, how can two kids free a grown woman who has signed a confession?) $6.99
Hilton, Matt Blood and Ashes (Joe Hunter #5: The battle to save a dead woman's family starts Joe Hunter on a trail of death that leads right to the heart of a white supremacist conspiracy) $9.99
Hollis, Lee Death of a Coupon Clipper (Hayley Powell #3: PBO; Hayley is thrilled to be selected for an extreme coupon-clipping reality game show that's coming to town, especially since her competition is nasty nurse Candace Culpepper. But when Haley stumbles across Candace's corpse, she knows the next thing she'll be selected for will probably be a police lineup) $7.99
Houston, Victoria Dead Insider (Loon Lake #13: Loon Lake Police Chief Lew Ferris and her associate Doc Osborne find themselves facing a national media circus when a murder is linked to the US Senate race of a woman who is heir to a Northwoods fortune as well as other, less savory, family traditions; $24.95 hc also available) $16.95
Hozy, S.P. The Scarlet Macaw (The sudden death of gallery owner Peter Stone sends Maris from Singapore to Canada to reconnect with her family. There she becomes immersed in the books Peter left her, stories of love and betrayal from Singapore's past. Back in Singapore, she searches for answers to the mystery of three people - a writer, his young wife, and their baby - who seem to be linked to Stone. Along the way, she finds herself caught up in circumstances involving smuggling and possible murder) $17.99
Hubbard, Janet Bordeaux (Vengeance in the Vineyard #2: While in Bordeaux acting as bodyguard to a famous American wine critic, NYPD detective Max Maguire once again finds herself assisting Olivier Chaumont with a murder investigation) $14.95
Hyzy, Julie Grace Takes Off (Manor House #4: PBO; Grace and her boss Bennett are returning from a trip to Tuscany. On the plane, Grace catches a woman trying to poison Bennett. The woman isn't talking, but before long there are two dead bodies. Now Grace has to wing it to find a mile-high murderer) $7.99
Jacobs/Hjalmarsson The Quotable Book Lover (A collection of classic quotes celebrating the printed and bound word) $12.95
James, Steven The King (Patrick Bowers #5: PBO; A demon from Patrick's past forces him into a desperate hunt to save his fiancee and his stepdaughter, and stop an international conspiracy from perpetrating the worst act of terrorism in US history) $9.99
John, David Flight from Berlin (Berlin, 1936: A chance meeting leads British journalist Richard Denham and American newspaper columnist Eleanor Emerson into a treacherous game involving the Gestapo, the British Secret Intelligence Service, and a dossier that could destroy the Third Reich's leadership) $14.99
Kane, Andrea The Line Between Here and Gone (Forensic Instincts #2: Amanda Gleason's newborn son is battling a rare immune deficiency. The best chance for a cure lies with his father, who was murdered. Or was he? Forensic Instincts agrees to track him down, but there are ruthless forces determined to thwart the investigation) $7.99
Kepler, Lars The Fire Witness (Joona Linna #3: Flora Hansen makes a living by pretending to commune with the dead. But after a gruesome murder at a rural home for wayward girls, Hansen begins to suffer visions that are all too real. She calls the police, claiming to have seen a ghost, but only detective Joona Linna puts aside his skepticism long enough to listen) $27.00
Land, Jon Strong Vengeance (Caitlin Strong #4: Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong is investigating the murder of an oil-rig crew. They had found the wreckage of a sunken treasure ship - and something else, connected to a terrorist attack about to be launched by an American-born cleric) $7.99
Laurie, Victoria Deadly Forecast (Psychic Eye #11: Wedding bells are ringing for psychic Abby Cooper, but her husband-to-be has been assigned to a case involving a series of suicide bombings, and Abby's spirit guides are warning her of imminent danger) $23.95
Leon, Donna Death in a Strange Country (Brunetti #2: Reissue; Commissario Guido Brunetti finds himself knee-deep in a toxic waste cover-up with political ties) $14.00
London, Meg Laced with Poison (Sweet Nothings Lingerie #2: PBO; Emma and Arabella hope a trunk show at the home of a local socialite will boost sales at their lingerie shop. But after a guest has a bite of a deadly cupcake, Emma must think fast before a friend goes to jail and the killer gives the cops the slip) $7.99
Lovitt, Zane The Midnight Promise (Melbourne PI John Dorn is a classic gumshoe: his woman has left him; he lives in his office; he drinks too much; and his one friend, a lawyer named Demetri, hands Dorn an endless supply of hopeless cases and lost causes) $16.00
Lowell, Virginia One Dead Cookie (Cookie Cutter Shop #4: PBO; When the body of a famous soap star is found on Olivia's porch, she and Maddie will have to find out who in town has a sweet tooth for murder) $7.99
MacRae, Molly Dyeing Wishes (Haunted Yarn Shop #2: PBO; When Kath and her friends from the fiber and needlework group find two dead bodies spread under a tall tree, Kath and her ghostly sidekick Geneva are determined to hang the killer out to dry) $7.99
Martin, William The Lincoln Letter (When a recently discovered letter penned by Abraham Lincoln suggests that Lincoln kept a diary, treasure hunters Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington head for Washington, DC, to hunt for the diary) $9.99
Mathews, Francine Jack 1939 (1939: When 22-year-old Jack Kennedy decides to travel through Europe doing research for his Harvard senior thesis, FDR asks Jack to be his eyes and ears, hoping to stop the flow of German money flooding the US to buy the 1940 presidential election - an election that Hitler wants Roosevelt to lose) $16.00
McCallin, Luke The Man from Berlin (Gregor Reinhardt #1: In WWII Yugoslavia, military intelligence officer Captain Gregor Reinhardt investigates the murders of a German officer and a young Yugoslavian filmmaker who was a hero to her people) $15.00
McCoy, Max Of Grave Concern (Ophelia Wylde #1: PBO; After wasting her money on a phony psychic, young Civil War widow Ophelia Wylde decides she could play that game. She heads west, selling her services as a spiritual medium who speaks to the dead. But in Dodge City, an unfortunate 'reading' of a girl who's still living exposes her. As punishment, the mob drags Ophelia to Boot Hill and buries her alive in a fresh grave overnight. That's when the dead start speaking to her for real. And they've got lots to say) $7.99
McKenna, Shannon One Wrong Move (Alex has spent most of his life on the run from his mob family, but when he learns his aunt is dying, he risks going home to say goodbye.He's prepared for anything except the phone call from a friend that sends him on a dangerous ride with a woman who holds a deadly secret) $7.99
Meier, Leslie Back to School Murder (Lucy Stone #4: Reissue; Mother and part-time reporter Lucy Stone investigates a murder at the Tinker's Cove elementary school) $7.99
Millar, Louise Accidents Happen (Kate Parker has weathered unimaginable horrors. Her parents died in a traffic accident on her wedding night, and her husband Hugo was murdered during a break-in. But her streak of bad luck may actually be something far more sinister) $15.00
Mofina, Rick Into the Dark (PBO; The sole survivor of a family tragedy, and a grieving cop who lures a killer from the shadows, race the clock to save the next victim) $7.99
Monbrun, Estelle Murder Chez Proust (Reissue; When the haughty, conniving president of the Proust Association is murdered, Inspector Foucheroux is overwhelmed by a seemingly endless list of suspects; almost everyone the woman knew had motive to kill her) $14.95
Morrigan, Laura Woof at the Door (Call of the Wilde #1: PBO; Animal behaviorist Grace Wilde keeps her ability to communicate psychically with animals under wraps, but when a Doberman is the only witness to a crime, Grace will have to let the cat out of the bag to catch a killer) $7.99
Nabb, Magdalen Death of an Englishman (Guarnaccia #1: Reissue; When a well-connected Englishman is murdered, Scotland Yard dispatches two officers to 'assist' the Florentine Carabinieri in solving the crime. But it is Marshal Guarnaccia who manages to figure out what happened, and why) $9.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M 11th Hour (Women's Murder Club #11: A vigilante is killing San Francisco's high-ranking criminals - using a gun from the police evidence locker. And a pair of severed heads have just been found, elaborately displayed in a movie star's garden) $10.00
Patterson, J/Roughan, H Second Honeymoon (John O'Hara #2: FBI Agent John O'Hara is on the trail of a serial killer who is targeting honeymooners, while Special Agent Sarah Brubaker is hunting a serial killer whose victims all have one chilling thing in common) $28.00
Pendleton, Don (creator) Extraction (Executioner #416: PBO; Bolan goes after terrorists who have kidnapped the US Secretary of State in Madagascar) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Lethal Stakes (SuperBolan #159: PBO; Bolan must stop a wealthy Chinese spymaster from seizing control of a revolutionary new missile system) $6.99
Penny, Louise The Beautiful Mystery (Agatha Award winner; Inspector Gamache #8: Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir investigate when the renowned choir director of an isolated, cloistered Quebec monastery is murdered) $15.99
Pilgrim, Kitty The Stolen Chalice (Stapleton & Sinclair #2: While oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton and archaeologist John Sinclair are attending a gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an art theft ring pulls heists all over NYC, stealing pieces of Egyptian art, including the legendary Sardonyx Cup, an ancient chalice) $7.99
Puzo, M/Falco, E The Family Corleone (A prequel to The Godfather , inspired by a Puzo screenplay and written by Falco) $8.00
Quinn, Spencer A Fistful of Collars (Chet & Bernie #5: The mayor lures a movie shoot to the Valley, and hires Chet and Bernie to keep the film's bad-boy star out of trouble. They discover that the actor's past includes a mysterious connection to the Valley - and the people who might know about it are turning up dead) $16.00
Randisi, Robert J. The Reluctant Pinkerton (Talbot Roper #2: PBO; Roper is in Fort Worth, where someone is sabotaging the Union Stockyard. Going undercover to infiltrate it, Roper knows the men he's up against are smart - and deadly) $6.99
Rollins, James The Eye of God (SIGMA Force #9: Commander Gray Pierce and SIGMA - joined by a pair of Vatican historians - race to uncover a truth tied to the fall of the Roman Empire, to a mystery bound in the roots of Christianity's origins, and to a weapon hidden for centuries that holds the fate of humanity) $27.99
Rosenfelt, David Leader of the Pack (Andy Carpenter #10: Andy has always believed that his client Joey Desimone didn't commit the murder he was convicted of. So when Joey asks Andy to take his dog Tara to visit Joey's uncle in a rest home, he agrees. When Andy tries to explain why he's there, it jogs something in the uncle's confused mind that leaves Andy wondering if the old man holds the key to Joey's freedom after all this time) $15.99
Ryan, Hank Phillippi The Other Woman (Jane Ryland #1: Mary Higgins Clark Award winner. Reporter Jane Ryland is tracking down a candidate's secret mistress just days before a pivotal election. Detective Jake Brogan is after a possible serial killer who is hunting down young women under Boston's bridges. It becomes clear their cases are connected; a ruthless killer will stop at nothing to silence a scandal) $7.99
Scheier, Leah Secret Letters (Kids; When she learns that Sherlock Holmes might be her biological father, Dora heads to London to enlist his help finding her cousin's stolen love letters. When she learns Holmes has died, Dora must rely on her wits - and the assistance of a young detective - to save her cousin's reputation) $8.99
Schur, Norman W. British English from A to Zed (Contains more than 5500 British terms and their American equivalents, each with a short explanation of the term's history and an example of its use) $12.95
Sedley, Kate The Christmas Wassail (Roger the Chapman #22: Christmas, 1483: Roger is looking forward to twelve days of peace and celebration with his wife and children in Bristol. But the murders of two of the town's prominent citizens, both veterans of the French wars, scupper Roger's hopes as he is drawn into the hunt for the killer) $29.95
Siegel, Sheldon The Terrorist Next Door (David Gold #1: David Gold is a third-generation native of hardscrabble South Chicago, and a decorated homicide detective. His new partner A.C. Battle moved from Mississippi to the penal colony of high rises near the Dan Ryan Expressway. Their first case puts them on the trail of a lone wolf using untraceable cell phones to set off fire bombs all over the city) $14.95
Silva, Daniel The Fallen Angel (Gabriel Allon #12: Gabriel's trip to Rome to restore a Caravaggio masterpiece for the Vatican grows complicated when he's summoned to St. Peter's Basilica, where a woman lies dead. The Vatican police have ruled it a suicidal fall, but Monsignor Luigi Donati has his doubts, and asks Gabriel to quietly pursue the truth) $9.99
Slaughter, Karin Unseen (Grant County #11 / Will Trent #7: Will is in Macon, undercover as a scary ex-con. Sara has no idea where he is, but comes to Macon when her cop stepson is gunned down, and unknowingly winds up working the same case Will is. Soon danger swirls around both of them) $27.00
Soos, Troy The Cincinnati Red Stalkings (Mickey Rawlings #5: Reissue; 1921: Utility infielder Mickey Rawlings finds himself embroiled in a mix of conspiracy, lies, and murder that could end his career - and his life) $14.00
Steding, Sarah A Diet to Die For (Jen Stevens #1: PBO; Who iced the cupcake queen? New York City event planner Jen Stevens is determined to find out. With the help of her BFFs - food blogger Gabby and life coach Elizabeth - she starts looking for clues) $7.99
Tracy, P.J. Off the Grid (Monkeewrench #6: On a sailboat off Florida, Grace MacBride thwarts a murder attempt on retired FBI agent John Smith. In Minneapolis, homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth investigate 6 murders in the same neighborhood within 24 hours. There have been similar murders in other US cities, and the accumulated evidence points to a suspect that shocks them to the core - and puts the Monkeewrench team in the line of fire) $9.99
Tremayne, Peter Behold a Pale Horse (Sister Fidelma #22: AD 664: Fidelma takes a detour on her trip home from Rome when she receives word that Brother Ruadan is dying. She undertakes a treacherous journey to his remote abbey, where one murder follows another and a vicious war is in the offing. It's up to Fidelma to unravel a conspiracy before it's too late) $15.99
Unger, Lisa Heartbroken (Three very different women find themselves on Heart Island, in the middle of a lake in the Adirondacks - an island with a terrifying history that they will have to face before their time there runs out) $7.99
Vargas, Fred The Ghost Riders of Ordebec (Commissaire Adamsberg #7: Commissaire Adamsberg has no jurisdiction in Ordebec, but cannot ignore a widow's plea, and heads there to investigate the disappearances of evildoers who have been visited by a band of ghostly horsemen) $15.00
Vater, Tom The Cambodian Book of the Dead (2001: PI Maier travels to Phnom Penh to find the missing heir to a Hamburg coffee empire. His search uncovers a tale of mass murder that reaches from the Cambodian killing fields back to Europe's concentration camps. And to prevent more innocent lives from being destroyed, Maier will have to write the last terrifying chapter of the tale himself) $14.99
Vichi, Marco Death in August (Bordelli #1: Florence, 1963: When a wealthy old woman dies suspiciously, Inspector Bordelli investigates, with the help of his young protege, the victim's eccentric brother, and a semi-retired petty thief) $14.95
Vichi, Marco Death and the Olive Grove (Bordelli #2: Florence, 1964: A little girl's body has been found, strangled, with a horrible bite mark on the belly. Then another girl is murdered the same way; Inspector Bordelli investigates) $25.00
Walters, Minette Innocent Victims (2 novellas about seemingly normal people driven to commit heinous crimes) $13.00


Adams, Guy The Sherlock Files (Official guide to seasons 1 and 2 of the hit BBC series; blog entries, police reports, case notes, plus exclusive interviews with actors and writers) $17.99
Andrews, Donna The Hen of the Baskervilles (Meg Langslow #15: When her friend Molly's unfaithful husband turns up murdered at the Caerphilly fair, Meg sets out to find the killer and clear her friend's name) $24.99
Burton, Milton T. These Mortal Remains (Bo Handel #2: The shooting of an African-American deputy puts Texas sheriff Bo Handel on the trail of a group of white supremacists occupying a compound on the edge of town) $26.99
Cain, James The Cocktail Waitress (A beautiful young widow takes a job at a cocktail lounge, where she meets a handsome young schemer who makes her blood race, and a wealthy but unwell older man who rewards her for her attentions with a $50,000 tip and an unconventional offer of marriage) $14.95
Castle/David/Atkins etc A Calm Before Storm (Derrick Storm #3: Full color graphic novel; collects issue 1-5 of the comic book. Who is The Fear? What does he want with Derrick? And why is Derrick's father next on the hit list?) $19.99
Castro, Joy Nearer Home (Nola Cespedes #2: On an early morning run, Nola finds a dead body. Worse, the victim is her former journalism professor. Not convinced the killing was random, and not one to put much trust in the New Orleans police, Nola decides to investigate) $25.99
Clement, Blaize & John The Cat Sitter's Cradle (Dixie Hemingway #8: Dixie spots an exotic bird rarely seen north of the equator. When she digs into where the bird came from, she grows increasingly suspicious of its origins) $24.99
Daheim, Mary Gone with the Win (Bed & Breakfast #28: Someone from Judith's past comes knocking: Ruby's mother was strangled years before, soon after her divorce from Ruby's father, and the killer is still at large. Undaunted, Judith agrees to help Ruby) $23.99
Disher, Garry Fallout (Wyatt Wareen #6: Wyatt joins forces with his nephew Raymond to lift some artwork. It should be an easy job; the gallery is under construction and Wyatt has performed similar heists. When things go south, Wyatt must decide - will Raymond prove to be a worthy pupil, or dead weight?) $25.00
Doiron, Paul Bad Little Falls (Mike Bowditch #3: Maine game warden Mike Bowditch has been exiled to an outpost on the Canadian border. When he's called out during a blizzard, what starts as a rescue mission soon becomes a baffling murder investigation when he finds the body of a notorious drug dealer) $14.99
Doiron, Paul Massacre Pond (Mike Bowditch #4: A wealthy animal rights activist is buying up land to create a new national park. Maine game warden Mike Bowditch investigates when someone leaves moose carcasses on the woman's estate; the case grows more sinister when the woman's daughter is killed in a suspicious car accident) $24.99
Fitzgerald, Conor The Namesake (Alec Blume #3: When magistrate Matteo Arconti's namesake, an insurance man from Milan, is found dead outside the court buildings, it's a clear message of intimidation from a powerful crime syndicate. While his partner Caterina investigates, Commissario Alec Blume devises an scheme to lure the Mafioso responsible out of hiding) $16.00
Florio, John Sugar Pop Moon (Jersey Leo works at a dive owned by one of New York's most notorious gangsters. So when he inadvertently purchases counterfeit moonshine with the owner's money - a potentially fatal mistake - he sets out to track down the bootlegger) $15.95
Gagnon, Michelle Don't Turn Around (YA; 16-year-old Noa lives off the grid, using her hacking skills to stay anonymous and alone. When she wakes up on a table with an IV in her arm and no memory of how she got there, Noa starts to wish she had someone on her side. Enter Peter, the leader of a hacker alliance. He needs people with Noa's talents on his team, especially after a shady corporation threatens his life) $9.99
Gortner, C.W. The Tudor Conspiracy (Spymaster #2: England, 1553: Hunted by a shadowy foe in Queen Mary's court, Brendan Prescott plunges into London's treacherous underworld to unravel a conspiracy that could put Princess Elizabeth on the throne - or send her to her death) $15.99
Haines, Kathryn Miller The Girl Is Trouble (Iris Anderson #2: YA; 1940s: Iris is now allowed to help out at her pop's detective agency as long as she follows his rules and learns his techniques. But when she uncovers details about her mother's supposed suicide, Iris is thrown headfirst into an intensely personal case) $10.99
Houston, Philip et al Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception (Nonfiction; Three former CIA officers - authorities on recognizing deceptive behavior - share their techniques for spotting a lie. Includes anecdotes from their careers in counterintelligence) $14.99
Huston, Charlie Skinner (Skinner founded his career in 'asset protection' on fear. To touch anyone under his protection was to invite destruction. Effective, until his CIA handlers began to fear him as much as his enemies did, and banished him to the hinterlands of the intelligence community. Now an evolving cyber-terrorist attack is about to end that exile) $26.00
Kane/Prepolec (ed) Beyond Rue Morgue (Anthology; stories based around Edgar Allan Poe's detective character Le Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin) $14.95
Limon, Martin The Joy Brigade (Sueno & Bascom #8: 1970s: Kim Il-Sung has vowed to reunite North and South Korea before he hands control over to his son, which means North Korea is planning to cross the DMZ. Sergeant George Sueno's mission is to prevent this by sneaking into the north to get his hands on an ancient map that details the secret tunnels running under the DMZ) $14.95
London, C. Alexander We Sled with Dragons (Accidental Adventure #4: PBO; Kids; The Navel twins' latest reluctant adventure takes them to the North Pole, where they are forced to skydive, go dog sledding, get rescued by a man in a hot air balloon (who looks vaguely like Santa), and finally find the long-lost Library of Alexandria) $7.99
Lutz, Lisa The Last Word (Spellmans #6: After Izzy's hostile takeover of Spellman Investigations, Izzy's parents go on strike. Her sister Rae comes back into the family business with questionable motivations. And before long, Izzy finds herself accused of embezzling from a former client) $25.00
MacInnes, Helen The Salzburg Connection (Reissue; 1966: When a British agent recovers a sealed chest from an Austrian lake, the Nazi secrets he uncovers are far-reaching and lethal, drawing a New York attorney - in Salzburg on the trail of a missing colleague - into the shadowy underworld of international espionage) $9.95
Mankell, Henning A Treacherous Paradise (1905: At 19, Hanna Renstrom leaves Sweden to seek a better life. In a few years, she finds herself widowed and the owner of a bordello in Portuguese East Africa, where colonialism and white supremacy rule. She is isolated within society by her profession and her sex, and, among the bordello's black prostitutes, by her color. She wrestles with loneliness, and with the racism she's meant to adopt unthinkingly. As her life becomes increasingly intertwined with the prostitutes, she will make a decision that defies every expectation society has of her) $26.95
McGoran, Jon Drift (When he visits the house he's inherited in rural Pennsylvania, narcotics detective Doyle Carrick is unpleasantly surprised to see high-powered drug dealers driving the local roads - dealers the brass back in Philadelphia don't want to hear about) $24.99
Morton, Kate The Secret Keeper (50 years ago, Laurel witnessed a crime that challenged everything she knew about her family, especially her wonderful mother. Now, as her mother's 90th birthday party approaches, Laurel realizes this might be her last chance to find answers to the questions that haunt her from that long-ago day) $16.00
Piccirilli, Tom The Last Whisper in the Dark (Rand Family #2: Terry Rand's old friend Chub hasn't been seen since he supplied a getaway car for a heist that went wrong. Terry just wants to bring Chub home to his wife and child, but winds up dodging mobsters, horror movie moguls, and murderers - and the truth about a crime of his own) $26.00
Pochoda, Ivy Visitation Street (It's summertime in Red Hook, a blue-collar dockside Brooklyn neighborhood. Two teenagers, June and Val, take a raft out onto the bay at night to see what they can see. And then they disappear. Only Val will survive, washed ashore and found semi-conscious in the weeds. This event will echo through the lives of a diverse group of Red Hook residents) $25.99
Potzsch, Oliver The Poisoned Pilgrim (Jakob Kuisl #4: 1666: The physician Simon and his wife Magdalena set out on a pilgrimage to Andechs Abbey. There Simon meets Brother Virgilius, a watchmaker and inventor of eerie automata. When the monk disappears and his workshop is destroyed, Simon calls in Jakob Kuisl) $18.00
Pronzini, Bill Nemesis (Nameless Detective #38: Verity Daniels claims to be receiving threatening demands for money. Jake Runyon agrees to investigate, planning to set a trap for the extortionist. But the case is not as clear-cut as it first appears - and Verity Daniels is not the helpless victim. When Runyon ends up falsely accused of a crime, Nameless and his partner Tamara Corbin work to clear Runyon's good name) $25.99
Ryan, William The Twelfth Department (Alexei Korolev #3: Moscow, 1937: When Captain Alexei Korolev is assigned to a sensitive case - the murder of an important man - he soon realizes that, if State Security or the NKVD decides he's interfering, he might lose his job, if he's lucky. Or his whole family might die if he's not) $25.99
Sayers, Dorothy L. Lord Peter: The Complete Lord Peter Wimsey Stories (Collects all the classic detective stories featuring aristocratic sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey) $16.99
Shames, Terry A Killing at Cotton Hill (When Dora Lee Parjeter is murdered, her old friend, former police chief Samuel Craddock, steps in. He discovers that a lot of people may have had it in for Dora Lee. As Craddock digs to find the identity of the killer, the human foibles of the residents of the small Texas town are revealed) $15.95
Silva, Daniel The English Girl (Gabriel Allon #13: When a young British woman vanishes on the island of Corsica, a Prime Minister's career is threatened. Allon, the wayward son of Israeli intelligence, is thrust into a game of shadows where the only thing more dangerous than his enemies might be the truth) $27.99
Spann, Susan Claws of the Cat (Shinobi #1: 16th-century Kyoto: When a samurai is murdered in a teahouse, master ninja Hiro has no desire to get involved, but the beautiful entertainer accused of the crime enlists the help of Father Mateo, the Portuguese priest Hiro is sworn to protect) $24.99
Stevenson, Steve The King of Scotland's Sword (Agatha: Girl of Mystery #3: Kids; Agatha heads to the Highlands to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a priceless sword said to have belonged to Scottish hero Robert the Bruce) $5.99
Toperoff, Sam Lillian and Dash (Novel about fast-living, hard-drinking literary couple Dashiell Hammett and Lillian Hellman, whose affair spanned three decades) $15.95
van de Wetering, J Outsider in Amsterdam (Grijpstra & de Gier #1: Reissue; When the founder of a new religious society/commune is found hanging from a ceiling beam, Detective-Adjutant Gripstra and Sergeant de Gier of the Amsterdam police are sent to investigate) $9.99
Walker, Martin The Devil's Cave (Bruno #5: It's spring in the French town of St. Denis, and a dead woman has been found floating in a boat on the river. Evidence suggests the occult may be involved. As questions mount, Bruno and his colleagues draw closer to a showdown in the place the locals call the Devil's Cave) $24.95


Abbott, Allyson K. Murder on the Rocks (Mack's Bar #1: PBO; Milwaukee bar owner Mack Dalton has extra-perceptive senses, so when she stumbles upon a dead body in the alley behind the bar - where her father was shot months earlier - she can tell there's something fishy in the air. The lead detective thinks the deaths are linked, and he'll need Mack's help to find the murderer among a crowd of eccentric bar regulars) $7.99
Alden, Jami Guilty as Sin (PBO; When Kate was a teenager, her brother was kidnapped and murdered. Now she is an advocate for missing children, and her newest case brings her back to the small town where she lost her brother - and where she left behind Tommy, the first boy she ever loved) $8.00
Alexander, Tasha Death in the Floating City (Lady Emily #7: Years ago, Emma Callum scandalized polite society when she eloped with an Italian count. Now her father-in-law has been murdered, and her husband has vanished. Lady Emily heads to Venice to investigate) $14.99
Ashford, Lindsay The Mysterious Death of Miss Jane Austen (Accident or murder? Inspired by letters and diaries from the Austen archive, a fictional account of the circumstances surrounding Jane Austen's mysterious death) $14.99
Barclay, Linwood A Tap on the Window (A girl drenched in rain taps on PI Cal Weaver's car window and asks for a ride. Even though he knows a man picking up a teenage hitchhiker is a fool, he lets her in. After a brief stop at a roadside diner, Cal senses that something's not right with the girl or the situation. But it's too late. He's already involved) $25.95
Benn, James R. Billy Boyle (Billy Boyle #1: Reissue; 1942: Family connections earn 22-year-old Irish-American cop Billy Boyle a place on General Eisenhower's London staff. With the Allies working on a plan to liberate Norway, Uncle Ike dispatches Billy to the Norwegian government in exile, where he fears there may be a German spy) $9.99
Benn, James R. Death's Door (Billy Boyle #7: When his spy girlfriend, undercover at the Vatican, goes missing, Billy insists on being assigned to investigate the murder of an American monsignor at Saint Peter's Basilica. The fact that the Vatican is neutral territory in Nazi-occupied Rome is only one of the obstacles he must overcome) $14.95
Benson, Michael Evil Season (PBO; Nonfiction;ÿthe rape/murder of a Sarasota art gallery owner, told in the convicted murderer's own words) $7.99
Billingham, Mark The Demands (UK title: Good as Dead) (Tom Thorne #9: Desperate to know what really happened to his son, who died in prison, Javed Akhtar takes the customers in his convenience store hostage, and demands that detective Tom Thorne reinvestigate the case) $15.00
Bowen, Rhys Heirs and Graces (Royal Spyness #7: Georgie is enlisted to help groom Jack Altringham, the Duke's newly discovered heir from the Australian Outback, for high society. Then the Duke announces he wants to choose his own heir, chaos ensues, and Jack's hunting knife finds its way into the Duke's back. But Georgie would bet the crown jewels that it wasn't Jack who put it there) $24.95
Box, C.J. The Highway (When two sisters set out across a remote stretch of Montana road to visit a friend, the women and their car vanish. Cody Hoyt has just lost his job with the police, but decides to look into things, and discovers these aren't the first women to disappear in the area; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Brown, Dale Tiger's Claw (Patrick McLanahan #17: In the near future, retired Air Force Lt. General Patrick McLanahan is back, and preparing for an impending apocalyptic clash of men and military technology between China and the US) $9.99
Brown, Rita Mae Sneaky Pie for President (Tiger cat Sneaky Pie takes time out from her writing to run for office, with an animal rights agenda that will keep ears perked and tails wagging all over the country) $7.99
Brown, Sandra Low Pressure (Years after the fact, Bellamy writes a novel based on her sister's murder, publishing it under a pseudonym to protect her family, but a tabloid reporter exposes Bellamy's identity. Now Bellamy is being targeted by an unknown assailant, who either wants the truth to remain hidden, or wants vengeance for a man wrongfully accused) $8.00
Budewitz, Leslie Death al Dente (Food Lovers' Village #1: PBO; When Erin takes over her family's general store in Jewel Bay, Montana, she turns it into a boutique market filled with local delicacies. But her booming business might go rotten when a former employee turns up dead) $7.99
Burke, James Lee Light of the World (Robicheaux #20: Louisiana detective Dave Robicheaux and his longtime friend and partner Clete Purcel are vacationing in Montana's spectacular Big Sky country when a series of suspicious events leads them to believe their lives, and the lives of their families, are in danger; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Burke, Zoe Jump the Gun (Meet Annabelle Starkey. Loves hats and shoes. Can see when she might need to shoot to kill. When charming but mysterious Mickey Paxton invites her to fly to Las Vegas for a holiday, she accepts, thinking of it as a test flight for romance. In Sin City, danger knocks, and suddenly Annabelle and Mickey are on the run, but from what? And why?) $14.95
Cabot, Sam (Dews/Rozan) Blood of the Lamb (Jesuit priest Thomas Kelly and art historian Livia Pietro search Rome for a centuries-old document that was stolen from the Vatican; they are pursued by men willing to cross any line to obtain the document for themselves. And Livia has a secret of her own: she and her people are vampires) $27.95
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn Remnants of Murder (Southern Sewing Circle #8: PBO; The police think Clyde Montgomery died of old age, but with most of the town badgering Clyde to sell his land, his passing seems a little too convenient. Determined to prove that Clyde was murdered, Dixie asks Tori for some sleuthing assistance) $7.99
Chase, Erika Cover Story (Ashton Corners #3: PBO; When a publisher turns up dead, book club member and former police chief Bob Miller is taken into custody. Lizzie and the readers must find the real killer before he writes off someone else.#) $7.99
Cleeland, Anne Murder in Thrall (Acton & Doyle #1: DCI Michael Acton, a British lord turned cop, chooses new detective Kathleen Doyle for his partner. They are sent to investigate the murder of a trainer at a racetrack; a series of related killings drag them into ever more perilous situations) $24.00
Collins, Kate Seed No Evil (Flower Shop #14: PBO; When an animal rights activist is murdered, Abby's mom becomes a suspect. Abby and Marco and a mutt named Seedy must nose out who wanted the crusader put to sleep) $7.99
Cook, Thomas H. Sandrine's Case (Samuel Madison always wondered what his wife Sandrine saw in him. And then one night Sandrine is found dead in their bed, and Samuel is accused of her murder. As the truth about their often tumultuous relationship comes to light, Samuel must face a town and media convinced of his guilt, a daughter whose faith in her father has been shaken, and astonishing revelations about his wife that make him fall in love with her for a second time) $24.00
Coyle, Cleo A Brew to a Kill (Coffeehouse #11: Clare is using a coffee truck to sell her brew throughout New York's five boroughs when a fatal hit-and-run and a coffee bag full of contraband put her on the trail of a killer) $7.99
Crane, Cheryl Imitation of Death (Nikki Harper #2: When the body of a spoiled, violent, party boy turns up in a dumpster behind her movie star mother's mansion, Nikki feels obliged to investigate) $7.99
Crosby, Ellen Multiple Exposure (Sophie Medina #1: When her CIA operative husband Nick is abducted, photojournalist Sophie Media becomes embroiled in his shadowy world in a case involving illicit Russian oil deals) $25.00
Cussler, C/Perry, T The Tombs (Fargo #4: Sam and Remi help an archaeologist excavate a top secret site. What they find points to the hidden tomb of Attila the Hun - supposedly buried with a vast fortune that has never been found) $9.99
de Jonge, Peter Buried on Avenue B (Darlene O'Hara #2: An Alzheimer's patient's confession - that he buried his partner in crime 17 years ago - sends the NYPD to a city park to dig up the body. But what they find is the skeleton of a 10-year-old boy, neatly dressed and ceremoniously buried. The pressure is on for newly promoted detective Darlene O'Hara to solve the case) $14.99
Delany, Vicki A Cold White Sun (Smith & Winters #6: A school teacher is gunned down by a sniper on a hiking trail near Trafalgar, BC. Sgt. Winters and Constable Smith dig into the quiet woman's marriage and friendships, searching for a motive. But is it possible this was a random killing or a case of mistaken identity? And if so, who might be next?) $14.95
DeMille, Nelson The Panther (John Corey #6: Corey and his wife are posted to Yemen to work with a small team tracking down a high-ranking al Qaeda operative) $15.00
Deutermann, P.T. The Ghosts of Bungo Suido (Late 1944: Lt. Cmdr. Gar Hammond, a leader with a reckless streak, is now captain of a new submarine. His mission: penetrate Japan's heavily defended Inland Sea, and destroy the Yamato-class battleship that rumor says is about to be launched there) $25.99
Doss, James D. The Old Gray Wolf (Charlie Moon #17: When a purse-snatcher makes a run for it, things get out of hand, and he ends up dying from the injuries. Problem is, the man's mother is a mobster's widow who wastes no time calling in an old associate to settle the score with Moon and Parris) $7.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in an Alien X-Ray (Midnight Louie #25: An Area 51 attraction on the Las Vegas Strip threatens to bring more than starry-eyed UFO enthusiasts to town. It's up to feline PI Midnight Louie to keep his crew in line and save them from the attack of the creatures from the beyond - or common criminals that prey on the innocent) $24.99
Eastman, Dawn Pall in the Family (Family Fortune #1: PBO; Everyone in Crystal Springs knows the Fortune family. Rose reads tarot cards, her sister Vi is a pet psychic, and her daughter Clyde is - a cop. Rose and Vi can't wait for Clyde to embrace her psychic gifts and join the family business. And when a local psychic is killed, leaving behind a traumatized Shih Tzu, it seems to be in the cards for Clyde to get involved) $7.99
Engelmann, Karen The Stockholm Octavo (Stockholm, 1791: Emil is a customs official and man about town. A fortune-teller reveals a path that will lead him to love and connection, and lays an Octavo for him, eight cards that augur the eight people who can help him - if he can find them. Emil begins his search, but soon the Octavo's deeper powers are revealed. Collecting his eight is now crucial to pulling his country back from the precipice of chaos) $14.99
Ewan, Chris The Good Thief's Guide to Berlin (Charlie Howard #5: In Berlin, Charlie Howard receives a call to duty. Four British embassy employees are suspected of stealing a sensitive item. Charlie is to break into their homes and recover the stolen property. But the item is so sensitive, Charlie isn't told what he's looking for, just that he'll recognize it when he sees it. Then, while staring out the window of the first suspect's home, he sees a woman being murdered) $25.99
Finch, Charles A Death in the Small Hours (Charles Lenox #6: His investigating days are some years behind him when Charles Lenox arrives in the quiet village of Plumley, only to be greeted by acts of vandalism at the local shops. When a far more serious crime is committed, he and his protege John Dallington must find the culprit before he strikes again) $14.99
Flanders, Judith The Invention of Murder (Nonfiction; an exploration of murder in the 19th century, exploring some of the cases that fascinated the Victorians and inspired detective fiction) $26.99
Flint, Shamini A Curious Indian Cadaver (Inspector Singh #5: When his wife suggests they attend a family wedding in Mumbai, Inspector Singh agrees, hoping that the spicy Indian curries will make up for exposure to her relatives. But the bride-to-be disappears. Did she run away to avoid an arranged marriage, or is there something else afoot? When a corpse is found, Singh is dragged into a murder investigation) $12.95
Fluke, Joanne Winter Chill (Reissue; It starts with a snowmobile accident that leaves a man paralyzed and his daughter dead. Soon there are more horrible accidents in the small Minnesota town. Then the rumors start: this is not coincidence, someone is picking off victims one by one) $7.99
Follain, John A Death in Italy (Nonfiction; Follain takes readers behind the scenes of the investigation into the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy) $7.99
Fossum, Karin Eva's Eye (UK title: In the Darkness) (Inspector Sejer #1: A body floats to the icy surface of the river. The dead man, Egil, has been missing for months; Inspector Sejer and his team establish that he succumbed to a violent attack. But the trail has gone cold. It's as puzzling as another unsolved case on Sejer's desk: the murder of a prostitute who was found dead just before Egil went missing) $25.00
Fossum, Karin The Caller (Inspector Sejer #10: When Inspector Sejer receives a postcard with the message 'Hell begins now', he sets out to uncover the person behind a string of cruel pranks that have thrown the peaceful town of Bjerkas into unrest) $14.95
Foxjohn, John Killer Nurse (PBO; Nonfiction; deaths and injuries at a Texas dialysis clinic are traced to a nurse who was adding toxic bleach to IV ports) $9.99
Fraser, Sarah The Last Highlander (Nonfiction; the story of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat: clan chief, spy for both the Stuarts and the Hanovers, famous supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the last nobleman to be executed for treason in England) $14.99
Gerritsen, Tess Last to Die (Rizzoli & Isles #10: Detective Jane Rizzoli investigates when Teddy Clock's foster family is murdered; when Teddy is threatened, she and Maura Isles hide him at a Maine boarding school for survivors of violence, only to discover that the key to the murders lies within the school) $9.99
Gilstrap, John High Treason (Jonathan Grave #5: PBO; The First Lady has been kidnapped in a bloody gunfight; hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave and his team must operate in absolute secrecy. As Grave tracks the missing First Lady through a labyrinth of lies and murder, he confronts a traitor at the highest level of Washington power) $9.99
Gore, Steven A Criminal Defense (Harlan Donnally #2: PBO; When Mark Hamlin, a defense lawyer with a slimy reputation, is found murdered under the Golden Gate Bridge, retired SFPD detective Harlan Donnally finds himself pulled into the case - because Hamlin left instructions to call Donnally if anything happened to him) $9.99
Griffin/Butterworth The Last Witness (Badge of Honor #11: Homicide detective Matt Payne must find the lone living witness for a case involving the Russian mob, the Mexican drug cartels, and some of Philadelphia's most powerful politicians) $27.95
Hansen, Amy Gail The Butterfly Sister (PBO; Months after dropping out of college, Ruby is haunted by the memories of her senior year, marred by an affair with a professor and deep depression. When a suitcase arrives bearing Ruby's name, she tries to return it to its owner, her dorm mate Beth, only to learn that Beth has disappeared. With clues found in the luggage, Ruby sets out to uncover the truth) $14.99
Harlow, Jennifer Death Takes a Holiday (FREAKS Squad #3: PBO; Beatrice can crush a sixty-foot snake with her mind, but she can't take any more of the drama that's tearing apart FREAKS. Should she give up her job as a secret agent, and the possibility of a relationship with Will, the gorgeous werewolf?) $14.99
Harper, Karen Fall from Pride (Home Valley Amish #1: Sarah sought permission from her church elders to paint traditional Amish designs on several community barns. Now, one by one, the barns are being destroyed by arson. Nate MacKenzie, an outsider, struggles to investigate the crime scenes while adhering to Amish ways) $7.99
Henry, James First Frost (Jack Frost Prequel: Authorized by R.D. Wingfield's estate. DS Jack Frost is dealing with the disappearance of his mentor. When a twelve-year-old girl goes missing from a department store changing room, Frost is put in charge of the case) $25.99
Howe, Melodie Johnson City of Mirrors (After landing a role in a new movie, Diana Poole discovers the female lead's murdered body. When her own life and career are threatened, Diana decides to fight back and find the killer) $24.95
Hughes/Park (ed) Buffalo Noir (Anthology; original stories set in Buffalo, NY) $15.95
Hurwitz, Gregg The Survivor (After Nate Overbay, a veteran suffering from PTSD and ALS, stops a crew of armed bank robbers, he receives an ultimatum from Pavlo, the Ukrainian mobster who planned the heist. He must help Pavlo break into the bank's vault, or Pavlo will kill Nate's wife and daughter) $9.99
Izner, Claude In the Shadows of Paris (Victor Legris #5: Paris, 1893: When a bookbinder friend of Victor's dies in a house fire that does not seem to be accidental, the young bookseller and his trusty assistant Jojo embark on an investigation in the bourgeois quarters of Paris) $14.99
Jackson, Lisa Ready to Die (Montana #5: PBO; After the sheriff is shot, detectives Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez work to whittle down the list of suspects. Then a judge is killed, and the killer sends a sinister warning. Who is the next target?) $7.99
Jardine, Quintin Deadly Business (Primavera Blackstone #4: Writer Duncan Culshaw is determined to rake through the ashes of Prim's past; extortion and blackmail are mentioned. And when Duncan marries a dying woman for her money and threatens the inheritance of Prim's son Tom, things are going to get explosive) $12.95
Kellerman, Faye The Beast (Decker & Lazarus #21: Two very different cases lead Peter and Rina to reevaluate everything they hold dear. One case involves Gabe, the troubled boy they've taken into their home. The other, much stranger and darker, is that of a man found dead in his apartment, apparently mauled by his pet tiger) $26.99
Kennedy, Elle Midnight Games (Killer Instincts #3: PBO; Isabel is an expert at disguise, Trevor is an elite operative. When their entire operation is thrown into chaos, they must attempt to save their team from grave danger) $7.99
Kostigen, Thomas M. Golden Dawn (For centuries, an ancient sect of Zoroastrians has guarded a secret: the identity of a true leader fated to appear before the End Times. Now the President of Iran is exploiting the prophecy for his own evil purposes) $7.99
Kuzneski, Chris The Death Relic (Payne & Jones #7: When a research team disappears in the Yucatan, Jonathan Payne and David Jones embark on a perilous mission to find them, and soon realize they may be on the verge of solving one of the darkest mysteries of the New World) $9.99
Lee, Amanda Cross-Stitch Before Dying (Embroidery #6: PBO; When a movie star is murdered on location in Tallulah Falls, the police suspect the costume designer - Marcy's mom! Marcy and her friend set out to catch a crafty killer) $7.99
Lock, Joan Dead Born (Ernest Best #2: 1878: When babies' bodies are found scattered around Islington, the volatile DS Best is sent undercover to lodge next door to a suspected baby farm. His determination to avenge the death of a young pregnant girl he has befriended and save the life of another becomes a crusade) $14.95
Lutz, John The Night Caller (Reissue; When he finds his daughter's corpse, former NYPD detective Ezekiel Cooper vows to find her murderer. And there are other victims - Coop crosses paths with Cara Callahan, who plans to lure her sister's killer by using herself as bait) $9.99
MacInnes, Helen Message from Malaga (Reissue; On holiday in the Mediterranean, Ian Ferrier discovers that the friend he's visiting is smuggling communist defectors to the West. Events take a turn for the worse when Ferrier, a stranger to the deadly world of espionage, must take sole charge of a high-ranking KGB agent) $9.95
Martin, Nancy No Way to Kill a Lady (Blackbird Sisters #8: Nora, Libby, and Emma are excited to inherit from their great-aunt Madeleine, until they find the house in a state of decay and all of Madeleine's treasures gone. Worse, the mansion has been hiding a grisly secret - a woman's long-dead body) $7.99
Martin, Nancy Little Black Book of Murder (Blackbird Sisters #9: Nora Blackbird is assigned to write a profile on billionaire Swain Starr, but before she can get the story, the mogul is murdered. Now her boss wants her to snap up an exclusive on who killed Starr before the cops do) $23.95
Marwood, Alex The Wicked Girls (PBO; Thriller Award finalist. In 1986, two girls meet for the first time. By the end of the day, they will both be charged with murder. 25 years later, journalist Kirsty Lindsay is reporting on a series of attacks in a seaside town when her story leads her to interview Amber Gordon. It's the first time they've seen each other since that dark day so many years ago. With new lives, and unknowing families to protect, will they really be able to keep their wicked secret hidden?) $16.00
McConkey, J (Damsgaard) The Widows of Braxton County (PBO; Kate is looking forward to life with her new husband, Joseph Krause, on an Iowa farm. But she hears gossip from the neighbors connecting the Krause family with a mysterious death decades earlier. As the past creeps into Kate's present, she's caught in a web of dangerous, inexplicable events) $14.99
McDougall, Len The Mackinaw Incident (Rod Eliot, an ex-con turned survival expert, must stop a team of al Qaeda-trained terrorists plotting to blow up the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge and detonate enough plutonium to contaminate the area for thousands of years) $24.95
McKinlay, Jenn Cloche and Dagger (Hat Shop #1: PBO; Viv is proprietor of a ladies' hat shop on Portobello Road in London, bequeathed to her and her American cousin Scarlett. Scarlett finally agrees to join her in the millinery business, but when she arrives, Viv has gone missing, and a posh client has been found dead. Is Viv in hiding? Or in trouble?) $7.99
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez Tattoo (Pepe Carvalho: Reissue; Franco-era Spain: Barcelona PI Pepe Carvalho is hired to investigate when a body is pulled out of the sea. The cops think the murder was connected to drug dealers and brothels, but Carvalho's gut tells him something more is going on. He's only got one clue, a tattoo on the dead man's body reading 'Born to Raise Hell in Hell') $14.95
Nadel, Barbara Deadline (Inspector Ikmen #15: Inspector Cetin Ikmen is invited to a murder mystery evening at Istanbul's famous Pera Palas Hotel; halfway through the evening, one of the actors is found actually dead in the room where Agatha Christie used to stay) $12.95
Neggers, Carla Heron's Cove (Sharpe & Donovan #2: FBI agents Colin Donovan and Emma Sharpe are back home in Maine, where the arrival of a Russian billionaire with ties to arms traffickers puts them on alert) $7.99
O'Brien, Charles Death of a Robber Baron (1890s: Hired to look into mismanagement at Lydia Jennings' estate in western Massachusetts, novice investigator Pamela Thompson ends up investigating the murder of Lydia's ruthless and unfaithful husband) $15.00
Patterson, J/Ellis, D Mistress (Ben is a man consumed by his obsessions: movies, motorcycles, presidential trivia, and Diana Hotchkiss, a beautiful woman Ben knows he can never have. When Diana is found dead outside her apartment, Ben is determined to find out what happened to her) $28.00
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M I, Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett #5: Detective Michael Bennett hunts a master criminal who is terrorizing NYC - and targeting Bennett's 10 children) $10.00
Patterson, James Alex Cross, Run (Alex Cross #19: A top plastic surgeon is renowned for his 'industry parties', bringing in underage dancers and models for nights of drugs, drink, and sex. That is, until detective Alex Cross busts one of the soirees. Now the doctor will do anything to avoid prison. And three mutilation murders are keeping Cross so busy that he hasn't noticed he's being stalked) $15.00
Pelecanos, George Drama City (Reissue; Ex-con Lorenzo Brown works for the Humane Society, cruising the city looking for dogs that are being mistreated, and taking pride in making their lives better. When his parole officer becomes a casualty of a turf war between two drug kingpins, Lorenzo must decide how far he's willing to go - and what he's willing to lose - to avenge her) $15.00
Pelecanos, George King Suckerman (Marcus Clay #1: Reissue; 1976: Clay and Karras are out looking for trouble when they stumble onto a drug deal gone bad and end up with a pile of money that isn't theirs. When the dealer starts spilling blood to get to the cash, Clay and Karras must take a stand, go straight, and get justice - or maybe just revenge) $15.00
Pelecanos, George The Sweet Forever (Marcus Clay #2: Reissue; 1980s: Marcus Clay is trying to make a go of his downtown record store when a car crashes outside. A drug runner is decapitated, a bystander snatches a bag of cash from the wreck, and Marcus is plunged into the middle of a war started by a crime lord who wants the cash back) $15.00
Pelecanos, George Shoedog (Reissue; Two strangers, one white, one black, have come together in a criminal's audacious plan. One doesn't understand the treacheries, feuds and fantasies swirling around him, but the other can smell trouble coming) $15.00
Pendleton, Don (creator) Rogue Assault (Executioner #417: PBO; Bolan goes after a West African drug lord who is expanding into the US) $5.99
Pendleton, Don (creator) Precipice (Stony Man #126: PBO; A Stony Man raid on a North Korean drug ship turns up US missile parts) $6.99
Preston, D/Child, L Two Graves (Pendergast #12: Bizarre murders in several Manhattan hotels send NYPD Lt. D'Agosta to Pendergast for help. Pendergast discovers that the killings are a message from his wife's kidnappers, and pursues them to South America; audiobook $19.98) $10.00
Quadruppani, Serge The Sudden Disappearance of the Worker Bees (On vacation with her husband, Police Inspector Simona Tavianello stops at the local beekeeper's shop to buy some honey, only to find a body lying in the entrance. The dead man worked for a controversial biotech company, and he was killed with Simona's gun) $23.95
Rendell, Ruth The St. Zita Society (In a posh London neighborhood, a handsome valet is sleeping with both the lady of the house and her daughter. An au pair is hiding her employer's illicit affair - for a small fee. The haughty housekeeper for a princess of dubious origin is forming a society to handle servants' complaints. And a disturbed gardener believes a voice in his cellphone is giving him godlike instructions, which could endanger the lives of all the residents of Hexam Place) $16.00
Rimington, Stella The Geneva Trap (Liz Carlyle #7: As Liz and her team hunt for a mole inside the Defense Ministry, the trail leads from Geneva to Marseilles and into a labyrinth of international intrigue) $16.00
Rinaldi, Patrizia Three, Imperfect Number (Two corpses, arranged the same way, with no signs of physical violence, are found in two Italian sports stadiums hundreds of miles apart. Commissario Martusciello has no idea where to begin, until superintendent Bianca Occhiuzzi - blind from birth and highly perceptive - takes a hand in the case, leading him into the mind of the murderer with her intuition) $15.00
Robb, J.D. Calculated in Death (Eve Dallas #37: When a woman is murdered on Manhattan's Upper East Side and someone steals files from her office, Lt. Eve Dallas must immerse herself in the world of big business to find out who's behind the hit) $7.99
Rogan, Barbara A Dangerous Fiction (Jo Donovan #1: When a would-be client turns stalker, literary agent Jo Donovan is more angry than shaken, until her clients come under attack. Then her stalker ups the ante, and she goes to the police, where she finds herself face to face with an old flame, NYPD detective Tommy Cullen) $26.95
Rosen, Delia From Herring to Eternity (Deadly Deli #4: PBO; When a street corner trumpeter dies after eating at the deli, poisoned by the herring, his battered trumpet case is stolen from the crime scene. Is someone close to Gwen responsible?) $7.99
Rosenfelt, David Unleashed (Andy Carpenter #11: When an old friend's private plane crashes, Andy and his accountant Sam come to the terrifying realization that Sam was also supposed be on that plane - and dead. Their friend was in far more serious trouble than they realized, and for Sam and Andy, the trouble is only beginning) $25.99
Rosenfelt, David Dogtripping (Nonfiction; mystery writer Rosenfelt tells the story of moving his family - and their 25 rescue dogs - from Southern California to Maine) $25.99
Sax, Elise Matchpoint (Gladie Burger #2: PBO; At the dentist, Gladie awakens from an anesthetic haze to find that her tooth still throbbing and her dentist is dead. The lead suspect in the murder, office receptionist Belinda, is Gladie's first real matchmaking client. Now it's up to Gladie to find Belinda a man and keep her from being locked up behind bars) $7.99
Schaper/Horwitz (ed) Twin Cities Noir: The Expanded Edition (Anthology; crime stories set in Minnesota's Twin Cities) $15.95
Sefton, Maggie Poisoned Politics (Molly Malone #2: PBO; Sam turns to her friend Molly for support when photos appear showing Sam with her latest fling, US Representative Quentin Wilson. Before they can investigate who sent the photos, Quentin is found dead in Sam's living room) $14.99
Shelton, Paige If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion (Country Cooking School #3: PBO; Gram and Betts have two mysteries demanding their attention: a stranger who insists he was accepted to the school; and the ghost of Cylas Gent, a young man who might have a romantic past with Gram. And when one of their new students is murdered, it's up to the country cooks to catch a killer) $7.99
Shepherd, Lynn The Solitary House (UK title: Tom-All-Alone's) (Charles Maddox #1: London, 1850: Powerful financier Sir Julius Cremorne has been receiving threatening letters, and his attorney wants Charles Maddox to discreetly find and stop whoever is responsible. But what starts as a simple, open-and-shut case swiftly escalates into something bigger and much darker) $16.00
Soos, Troy Hanging Curve (Mickey Rawlings #6: Reissue; 1922: When he gets a chance to play against the East St. Louis Cubs, a black semi-pro team, Mickey willingly risks his career to step across baseball's color line. When one of the Negro League stars is lynched in the ballpark, Mickey investigates) $14.00
Stead, Rebecca Liar & Spy (Kids; Agatha Award finalist. After moving to Brooklyn, Georges meets Safer, a twelve-year-old self-appointed spy, and becomes his first recruit, assigned to track the mysterious man who lives in the apartment upstairs. But as Safer becomes more demanding, Georges starts to wonder: what is a game, and what is a lie?) $6.99
Suarez, Daniel Kill Decision (A scientist and a special ops soldier set out to prevent the deployment of an unmanned, automated army of drones programmed to seek, identify, and execute targets without human intervention) $9.99
Tremayne, Peter The Seventh Trumpet (Sister Fidelma #23: Ireland, 670: When the body of a murdered young noble is discovered not far from Cashel, the King calls upon his sister Fidelma and her companion Eadulf to investigate) $25.99
Webb, Debra Revenge (Faces of Evil #5: PBO; When a beloved high school teacher appears on her doorstep, Deputy Chief Jess Harris is flooded with fond memories - until the woman reveals she's about to be charged with murder) $6.00
Wenger, Christine Do or Diner (Comfort Food #1: PBO; When Trixie agrees to take over her aunt's diner, she pictures Lake Ontario views and delicious comfort food. But her first health inspection turns into a nightmare when the inspector keels over in his Blue Plate Special) $7.99
Westlake, Donald E. Dancing Aztecs (alternate title: A New York Dance) (Reissue; A South American republic plans to capitalize on its national symbol, a gold statue of a dancing Aztec priest, by having a sculptor make copies for sale abroad. The sculptor replaces the original with a fake, and ships the real one to NYC for an illicit sale to a museum. The statues are packed in five crates. Asked to pick up crate 'E' at the airport, Jerry Manelli is confused by his client's Spanish accent and takes crate 'A' instead. The statue disappears into the city, leading him on a baffling chase, which - if he comes up with the wrong Aztec - could cost him his life) $13.95
White, Randy Wayne Gone (Hannah Smith #1: Folks come to Hannah Smith with their problems, even though her unorthodox methods sometimes make those on the receiving end very unhappy - even violent. And when she's asked to find a missing girl, that's exactly what happens) $9.99
Wilcox, John Fire Across the Veldt (Simon Fonthill #9: South Africa, 1900: Simon Fonthill, his wife Alice, 352 Jenkins, and tracker Mzingeli are traveling to Pretoria to meet with General Kitchener. When he learns that the next Boer move will be to attack the Cape Colony, Fonthill must race to locate and defeat the enemy forces in time) $29.95
Willig, Lauren The Passion of the Purple Plumeria (Pink Carnation #10: PBO; When her little sister goes missing from her English boarding school, the Pink Carnation sends her second-in-command Gwen Meadows to investigate the girl's disappearance. Gwen must cooperate with Colonel William Reid, whose daughter has also gone missing, to track down the young ladies - before others with nefarious intent get their hands on them) $15.00
Winter, Ariel S. The Twenty-Year Death (1931: The body found in the gutter in France led the police inspector to the dead man's beautiful daughter - and to her hot-tempered American husband. 1941: A hardboiled private eye, hired to keep a movie studio's leading lady happy, uncovers the truth behind the brutal slaying of a Hollywood starlet. 1951: A desperate man pursuing his last chance at redemption finds himself with blood on his hands and the police on his trail. Three separate novels, each penned in the style of a different giant of the mystery genre; taken together, they tell the story of an author whose life is shattered when violence and tragedy consume the people closest to him) $14.95


Bertsch, David Riley Death Canyon (Jake Trent #1: Prosecutor turned fishing guide Jake Trent's life is upended by a series of deaths near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When fresh evidence makes Jake a murder suspect, he teams up with park ranger Noelle Klimpton to get to the bottom of things) $25.00
Black, Benjamin Holy Orders (Quirke #6: 1950s Dublin: When the body of his daughter's friend is brought to his autopsy table, Quirke investigates, along with Inspector Hackett, and learns just how far the Catholic Church and its supporters will go to protect their interests) $26.00
Blake, Robin Dark Waters (Cragg & Fidelis #2: 1741: The drowning of drunken publican Antony Egan is no surprise, and the inquest's verdict is accidental death. But coroner Titus Cragg's close friend, Dr. Luke Fidelis, finds evidence to cast doubt on the events leading to Egan's demise. Suspicions are further roused when a well-to-do farmer collapses) $25.99
Cain, Chelsea Let Me Go (Archie Sheridan #6: With escaped serial killer Gretchen Lowell on the loose, the investigation into the murder of a DEA agent demanding his attention, and journalist Susan Ward showing up at his apartment needing a favor, it's going to be a long Halloween weekend for detective Archie Sheridan; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Cleverly, Barbara A Spider in the Cup (Joe Sandilands #11: 1933: A young woman's body is unearthed on the banks of the Thames, one toe missing and a priceless gold coin in her mouth. When a strange set of coincidences links the body to a visiting US Senator that Joe is assigned to protect, he realizes that the Senator is caught up in a very dangerous game) $26.95
Crider, Bill Compound Murder (Dan Rhodes #20: When a college instructor is found dead, Sheriff Rhodes arrests a student who was fleeing the campus, but further investigation turns up more suspects) $24.99
Cross, Neil Luther: The Calling (Prequel to the BBC series) $15.99
Dahl, Arne Bad Blood (Intercrime #2: The team is quietly assigned to track down an American serial killer on the loose in Sweden. As victims are discovered tortured to death on the outskirts of Stockholm, panic grows) $25.95
Flynn, Vince The Last Man (Mitch Rapp #11: Rapp heads to Afghanistan to track down a missing CIA agent) $9.99
Hamilton, Donald Murderers' Row (Matt Helm #5: Reissue; Assigned to assault a fellow agent to help establish her cover, Helm is pursued by his own government when the woman turns up dead. Now he must complete her assignment and assassinate an enemy operative) $7.99
Handler, David Runaway Man (Baby-faced Benji Golden specializes in tracking down teen runaways. Park Avenue's classiest law firm hires him to find a missing student, but the investigation gets dangerous when someone gets killed) $24.99
Hart, Carolyn Brave Hearts (Reissue; Married to a British diplomat, Catharine Cavanaugh plays the dutiful wife in war-time London. Then she meets war correspondent Jack Maguire, and discovers love again. When Catharine and her husband are transferred to the Philippines, Jack follows. The Japanese attack, forcing the trapped civilians into a harrowing adventure to escape the advancing army) $13.95
Hiller, Mischa Shake Off (1989: A refugee whose family was murdered by extremists, intelligence operative Michel Khoury has one mission: the peaceful resolution of the Middle East conflict that upended his life. When his secrets turn deadly, he and his neighbor Helen find themselves pursued through London, Cambridge, Berlin, and the Scottish countryside) $15.00
Koryta, Michael The Prophet (When they were teenagers, their sister was abducted and murdered. Now a new killing, with ties to each of them, forces a painful and adversarial reunion between two brothers, as their sister's killer terrorizes their small Midwestern town) $15.00
Krueger, William Kent Tamarack County (Cork O'Connor #13: As winter storms isolate Minnesota's sleepy Tamarack County, a vengeful force is at work, spinning a deadly web centered on a murder that occurred over twenty years ago. An innocent man may have been convicted, and Cork was the deputy in charge of the investigation that sent the man to prison) $24.99
Mason, Jamie Three Graves Full (When extraordinary circumstances drive Jason Getty to murder, he buries the body in his backyard, then struggles to come to terms with the reality of his actions. Just when he's finally learning to live with it, a landscaper discovers a body on Jason's property - but it's not the body Jason buried) $16.00
Menino, Holly Murder, She Rode (A former world-class rider and a horse trainer, Tink Elledge plans to see her prized horse take home the victory at the Brandywine Three-Day Event. But before the event can begin, a truck accident kills a respected horseman and a talented colt. Then a young rider disappears. Tink sets out to unravel a plot that threatens the reputations and lives of the men and women she hopes to defeat on the course) $25.99
O'Connell, Carol It Happens in the Dark (Mallory #11: First a woman is found dead in the front row at a play; then the playwright is found with his throat slashed. NYPD detective Kathy Mallory investigates, but no one seems to be giving her straight answers - and the killer is leaving her messages on the backstage blackboard) $26.95
Pattison, Eliot Original Death (Duncan McCallum #3: 1760s Colonial America: Duncan McCallum and his companion Conawago reach a little settlement of Christian Indians and find its residents ritually murdered. Conawago perceives the deaths as a sign of a crisis in the spiritworld which he must resolve. Trying to make sense of the murders, Duncan is accused of the crimes by the British army) $26.00
Reichs, Kathy Bones Are Forever (Temperance Brennan #15: Asked to examine the corpses of three dead babies in Montreal, Brennan's assignment is complicated by the fact that her long-time flame Detective Ryan is investigating the infants' mother. When the woman flees, the trail leads to remote Yellowknife) $7.99
Ritter, Todd Devil's Night (Kat Campbell #3: Perry Hollow's one and only museum - home to all the town's historical artifacts - has been set on fire. Arriving at the scene, Police Chief Kat Campbell learns that the museum curator is dead - bludgeoned, not burned) $25.99
Rollins, J/Cantrell, R The Blood Gospel audiobook (Order of the Sanguines #1: An earthquake at Masada, Israel, reveals a tomb. A military forensic expert, a Vatican priest, and an archaeologist are sent to explore it, but an attack at the site sends the three racing to recover a tome rumored to have been written by Christ's own hand, said to hold the secrets to His divinity, and telling of a time when Christ made a miraculous offer - a pact of salvation for those who had been damned for eternity) $19.99
Rowland, Laura Joh The Incense Game (Sano Ichiro #16: 1703: An earthquake leaves the shogun's court teetering on the brink of chaos. When a nobleman's daughters are found dead from incense poisoning, he threatens to topple the regime unless Sano Ichiro finds the killer) $14.99
Russell, Sheldon The Hanging of Samuel Ash (Hook Runyon #4: Railroad bull Hook Runyon is called to investigate a malfunctioning wigwag signal in the middle of nowhere. He finds a young man strung up there, strangled to death. Hook vows to find the dead boy's family, as well as his killer) $25.99
Shepherd, Lynn A Fatal Likeness (Charles Maddox #2: Charles finds his investigative services have been engaged by no less than the son of celebrated writers Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Shelley. The family wants him to discover whether a cache of papers they've been offered, attributed to the poet, are authentic) $26.00
Stroud, Carsten Niceville (Nick & Kate Kavanaugh #1: One fine spring day, security camera footage captures the precise moment of young Rainey Teague's instant, inexplicable disappearance. Special forces veteran Nick Kavanaugh is in charge of the search; he and his wife Kate find themselves drawn into a shadow world between life and death, where they will come face to face with an ancient malevolent power that lies beneath the town) $14.95

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