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Uncle Hugo's Newsletter 120
Recently Received & Forthcoming Books
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Weber, David  
Honorverse #7: Shadow of Victory
The Alignment launched a covert op designed to harden Solarian determination to destroy the Star Empire and undercut Manticore's reputation as a star nation of its word. But even the best laid plans can have unintended consequences, and in this case one of those may be a new dawn of freedom for star nations everywhere.  
Novel, 1161 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2016 HC  
Baen - 2017 - ISBN: 1481482882 / 9781481482882  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New038913 $8.99
Wells, Alex  
Tanegawa's World #2: Blood Binds the Pack
TransRift Inc. is determined to mine every last grain of the source of their power from Tanegawa's World, no matter the cost. Now the Ghost Wolves aren't just outlaws - they're the Resistance.  
Novel, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
ISBN: 0857666479 / 9780857666475  
Expected Early February   ID: #New039085 $7.99
Wells, Dan  
Mirador #2: Ones and Zeroes
Ages 13 and up. Marisa is on the hunt for mysterious hacker Grendel when she receives word that her amateur Overworld team has been invited to an exclusive tournament. The tournament turns out to be more than it seems - and winning might be the only way to get out alive.  
Novel, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2017 HC  
Harper - ISBN: 0062347918 / 9780062347916  
Expected Mid January   ID: #New038995 $9.99
Wells, H.G.  
Christina Alberta's Father
In the months following his wife's death, Mr. Preemby, a retired laundryman, becomes convinced that he is the incarnation of Sargon, the ancient king of Sumeria, returned to save a world upturned by the Great War. Trying to make sense of Mr. Preemby is his stepdaughter, Christina Alberta.  
Novel, 410 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint (originally published in 1925)  
Peter Owen - 2017 - ISBN: 0720619394 / 9780720619393  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New038290 $14.95
Wells, H.G.  
Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island
Novel, 206 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint (originally published in 1928)  
Peter Owen UK - 2017 - ISBN: 0720619432 / 9780720619430  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New038291 $14.95
Wendig, Chuck  
Miriam Black #4: Thunderbird
Miriam is becoming addicted to her death visions, but also trying out something new: hope. She is in search of another psychic who can help with her curse, but instead finds a group of domestic terrorists in her deadliest vision to date.  
Novel, 322 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2017 HC  
Saga - 2017 - ISBN: 1481448722 / 9781481448727  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New038922 $16.99
Wendig, Chuck  
Miriam Black #5: The Raptor & the Wren
Miriam has learned she must undo the tragedies of her past in order to move forward. One of those is Wren, now a teen caught in a bad relationship with the forces that haunt Miriam. Miriam must try to save the girl.  
Novel, Trade Paperback  
ISBN: 1481448757 / 9781481448758  
Expected Mid January   ID: #New038927 $16.99
Westerfeld, Scott / Lanagan, Margo / Biancotti, Deborah  
Zeroes #2: Swarm
Ages 14 and up. The reunited Zeroes are trying to lay low and get their illegal nightclub started. Then two strangers come to town, bringing with them a whole different kind of crowd-based chaos. And hot on their tails is an even more sinister crowd-power.  
Novel, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2016 HC  
ISBN: 1481443402 / 9781481443401  
Expected Mid February   ID: #New038956 $12.99
Wexler, Django  
Shadow Campaigns #5: The Infernal Battalion
The Beast has been loosed on the world. Absorbing mind after mind, it threatens the heart of Vordan. Yet the queen and her trusted soldiers have more than arcane powers to fear - it seems they cannot trust one of their own.  
Novel, Hardcover  
ISBN: 0451477340 / 9780451477347  
Expected Mid January   ID: #New039148 $28.00
Whitehead, Colson  
The Underground Railroad
Cora is a young slave on a cotton plantation, on the cusp of womanhood, where greater pain awaits. And so when Caesar urges her to join him on the Underground Railroad, she escapes with him. This railroad is no metaphor: engineers and conductors operate a secret network of tracks and tunnels beneath the Southern soil. On a harrowing flight from one state to the next, Cora encounters strange yet familiar iterations of her own world at each stop.

♦  Winner of the 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award
♦  Winner of the 2016 National Book Award for Fiction
♦  Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
♦  Winner of the 2017 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Fiction
Novel, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2016 HC  
ISBN: 0345804325 / 9780345804327  
Expected Early February   ID: #New039179 $16.95
Wilks, Eileen  
Lupi #14: Dragon Blood
Lily and Rule must find their ways back to each other as the war against a vengeful goddess reaches its climax.  
Novel, Mass Market Paperback  
ISBN: 0399583157 / 9780399583155  
Expected Early January   ID: #New039095 $7.99
Williams, Tad  
Osten Ard: The Heart of What Was Lost
Set between the end of To Green Angel Tower and its epilogue, telling how King Simon and Queen Miriamele's forces drove the Norns out of the lands of men.  
Novel, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2017 HC  
ISBN: 0756413834 / 9780756413835  
Expected Early January   ID: #New039168 $15.00
Wilson, G. Willow et al  
Ms. Marvel #8: Mecca
Ages 13 and up. Full color. Reprints issues 19-24 of the comic book. An enemy from Ms. Marvel's past resurfaces, targeting those closest to Kamala.  
Graphic Novel, Trade Paperback  
Marvel - ISBN: 1302906089 / 9781302906085  
Expected Early January   ID: #New038986 $17.99
Wingrove, David  
Roads to Moscow #3: The Master of Time
Novel, 504 pages, Trade Paperback, Later Printing  
Del Rey UK - 2017 - ISBN: 009195620X / 9780091956202  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New038287 $16.95
Wirkus, Tim  
The Infinite Future
A writer, a journalist turned librarian, and an excommunicated Mormon historian set out to discover the true identity of a forgotten Brazilian sf writer, and whether his fabled never-published masterpiece actually exists.  
Novel, Hardcover  
ISBN: 0735224323 / 9780735224322  
Expected Mid January   ID: #New039149 $28.00
Wright, John C.  
Montrose #5: Count to Infinity
The alien monstrosities of Ain are revealed at last, their hidden past laid bare along with the reason for their brutal treatment of other species. And they still have one more secret that could upend everything Montrose has fought so long to achieve.  
Novel, Hardcover  
Tor - ISBN: 0765381605 / 9780765381606  
Expected Early January   ID: #New039235 $27.99
Wurts, Janny  
Wars of Light & Shadow: Sword of the Canon #2: Destiny's Conflict
With Lysaer's unstable integrity under threat, Daliana faces the most frightening decision of her life. Arithon's quest to recover his obscured past entangles him in intrigue and ancient perils. Elaira's pursuit of a secret embroils her in the terrible directive of the Fellowship Sorcerers, while Dakar confronts a hard reckoning, and Tarens is steered by destiny.  
Novel, Hardcover  
Harper Voyager - ISBN: 000826029X / 9780008260293  
Expected Early February   ID: #New038994 $26.99
Yuknavitch, Lidia  
The Book of Joan
Fleeing unending violence and Earth's now-radioactive surface, humans have regrouped to a mysterious platform known as CIEL. The surviving humans have become sexless, pale creatures floating in isolation. Out of the ranks of the endless wars rises a cult leader who turns CIEL into a quasi-corporate police state. A group of rebels unite, galvanized by the heroic song of the child-warrior Joan. When she is killed, the consequences are astonishing.  
Novel, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2017 HC  
Harper Perennial - ISBN: 0062383280 / 9780062383280  
Expected Mid February   ID: #New039002 $15.99
Zahn, Timothy  
Cobra Rebellion #3: Cobra Traitor
The alien Troft are planning to annihilate the Cobras. To survive, the Cobras may have to align themselves with the hated Dominion of Man.  
Novel, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Baen - ISBN: 1481482807 / 9781481482806  
Expected Early January   ID: #New038910 $16.00
Zahn, Timothy  
Star Wars: Thrawn
The story of Thrawn's rise to power, uncovering the events that created the iconic villain.  
Novel, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2017 HC  
Del Rey / LucasBooks - ISBN: 1101967021 / 9781101967027  
Expected Early February   ID: #New039091 $9.99

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