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Newsletter 114
Recently Received & Forthcoming Books
Alphabetical by Author

Higgins, C.A.  
Lightless #1: Lightless
Serving aboard an experimental military spacecraft launched by the ruthless group that rules Earth's solar system, Althea has established an intense bond with the ship's electronic systems, which speak more deeply to her analytical mind than human feelings do. When saboteurs invade the ship, as the ship's systems begin to malfunction, it falls to Althea to penetrate a captured saboteur's layers of intrigue and deception before all is lost.  
Novel, 288 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Del Rey - 2016 - ISBN: 0553394444 / 9780553394443  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035129 $15.00
Hite, Kenneth / Bauman, Kennon  
The Cthulhu Wars: The United States' Battles Against the Mythos
The bone-chilling full story of the secret war, from the Patriots' raid on necromancer Joseph Curwen to the Special Forces' assault on Leng in 2007.  
Novel, 80 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Osprey - 2016 - ISBN: 1472807871 / 9781472807878  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031738 $18.95
Hobb, Robin (aka Lindholm, Megan)  
Fitz & the Fool #2: Fool's Quest
The Fool is near death, maimed by mysterious figures whose plans for world domination hinge upon the powers the Fool may share with Fitz's daughter. Distracted by the Fool's perilous health, and swept up against his will in the intrigues of the royal court, Fitz lets down his guard - and in a horrible instant, his world is undone, his daughter stolen by those who would use her as a weapon. But Fitz is not without weapons of his own.  
Novel, 752 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Del Rey - 2016 - ISBN: 0553392948 / 9780553392944  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035171 $8.99
Hobbs, Roger  
Ghostman #2: Vanishing Games
When a woman from his past calls on Jack for help, he heads to Macau, where they find themselves up to their necks in a conspiracy bigger than they've ever seen and more dangerous than they've ever imagined.  
Novel, 289 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Vintage Crime / Black Lizard - 2016 - ISBN: 0804170940 / 9780804170949  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035220 $16.00
Holm, Chris  
Michael Hendricks #1: The Killing Kind
Once a covert operative, now Michael Hendricks kills people for money, but he only hits other hitmen. He'll make sure whoever is coming for you winds up in the ground instead. Not a bad way for a guy with his skill-set to make a living, until he winds up a target himself.

♦  Winner of the 2016 Anthony Award for Best Novel
Novel, 306 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Little, Brown Mulholland - 2016 - ISBN: 0316259527 / 9780316259521  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035307 $15.99
Holmen, Martin  
Harry Kvist #1: Clinch
1930s Stockholm: After lowlife debt collector Harry Kvist pays a threatening visit to a debtor, he finds himself suspected of murder when the man is found dead. Kvist sets out to track down the only person who can clear his name.  
Novel, 316 pages, Trade Paperback  
Pushkin Vertigo - 2016 - ISBN: 1782271929 / 9781782271925  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035217 $14.95
Holmes, Julianne  
Clock Shop #2: Clock and Dagger
After Ruth discovers a competitor's dead body, the local residents chime in with theories about the crime. Ruth is determined to see that the killer serves time.  
Novel, 292 pages, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
Berkley Prime Crime - 2016 - ISBN: 0425275531 / 9780425275535  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035280 $7.99
Mystical Cats in Secret Places Coloring Book
Over eighty lavish illustrations of fantastical felines as they prowl, frolic, and nap in all manner of mysterious and whimsical locations.  
Activity Book, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Waves of Color - 2016 - ISBN: 1626923957 / 9781626923959  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New034801 $13.95
Horton, Rich (editor)  
The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2016
Thirty of the best stories of 2015.
  • Introduction
  • Mutability == Ray Nayler
  • And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead == Brooke Bolander
  • Cat Pictures Please == Naomi Kritzer
  • Capitalism in the 22nd Century, or Air == Geoff Ryman
  • The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild == Catherynne M. Valente
  • My Last Bringback == John Barnes
  • Please Undo This Hurt == Seth Dickinson
  • Time Bomb Time == C.C. Finlay
  • The Graphology of Hemorrhage == Yoon Ha Lee
  • The Game of Smash and Recovery == Kelly Link
  • Acres of Perhaps == Will Ludwigsen
  • Little Sisters == Vonda N. McIntyre
  • Folding Beijing == Hao Jingfang
  • Today I Am Paul == Martin L. Shoemaker
  • The King in the Cathedral == Rich Larson
  • Drones == Simon Ings
  • The Karen Joy Fowler Book Club == Nike Sulway
  • Endless Forms Most Beautiful == Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
  • This Evening's Performance == Genevieve Valentine
  • Consolation == John Kessel
  • The Heart's Filthy Lesson == Elizabeth Bear
  • The Daughters of John Demetrius == Joe Pitkin
  • Unearthly Landscape by a Lady == Rebecca Campbell
  • The Astrakhan, the Homburg, and the Red, Red Coal == Chaz Brenchley
  • Hello, Hello == Seanan McGuire
  • Twelve and Tag == Gregory Norman Bossert
  • The Deepwater Bride == Tamsyn Muir
  • Botanica Veneris: Thirteen Papercuts by Idea Countess Rathagan == Ian McDonald
  • Asymptotic == Andy Dudak
  • The Two Paupers == C.S.E. Cooney
  • Biographies
  • Recommended Reading
  • Publication History
  • About the Editor
Anthology, 575 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Prime - 2016 - ISBN: 160701470X / 9781607014706  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035038 $19.95
Hough, Jason M.  
Zero World
Plus novella 'The Dire Earth', set years before the events of The Darwin Elevator. A spaceship that vanished years ago has been found, along with the bodies of its murdered crew - all but one. Technologically enhanced superspy Peter Caswell's mission is to find the missing crew member, who fled through a mysterious doorway, beyond which lies a world that seems to be Earth's twin. Peter must track his quarry alone on an alien world.  
Novel, 550 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Del Rey - 2016 - ISBN: 0553391283 / 9780553391282  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035135 $9.99
Housewright, David  
Mac McKenzie #13: Stealing the Countess
Signed by the author on the title page. Unlicensed PI Mac McKenzie is brought in to recover a stolen Stradivarius, but no one except the violinist who has been playing it seems to want it found.

♦  Finalist for the 29th Annual Minnesota Book Award for Genre Fiction
Novel, 294 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
St. Martin's Minotaur - 2016 - ISBN: 1250049660 / 9781250049667  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New034806 $25.99
Houston, Victoria  
Loon Lake #16: Dead Loudmouth
When a horrific accident at a local gentleman's club turns out to be double homicide, police chief Lew Ferris and her friend Doc Osborne investigate.  
Novel, 203 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition (simultaneous HC)  
Tyrus - 2016 - ISBN: 1440568448 / 9781440568442  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035059 $16.99
Howells, Debbie  
The Bones of You
A kind, quiet young woman has been found fatally beaten and stabbed. As Kate gets to know the woman's family, she becomes convinced that everything is not as it seems - and then anonymous notes arrive, urging Kate to unravel the mysteries.  
Novel, 365 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Pinnacle - 2016 - ISBN: 0786039140 / 9780786039142  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035253 $9.99
Huber, Anna Lee  
Lady Kiera #4: A Study in Death
Scotland, 1831: Hired to paint Lady Drummond's portrait, Kiera comes to suspect the woman is abused. When she finds Lady Drummond dead, the physician called to the house rules the death natural, but Kiera is convinced she was poisoned.  
Novel, 322 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Berkley Prime Crime - 2016 - ISBN: 0425281248 / 9780425281246  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035260 $7.99
Human, Charlie  
Apocalypse Now Now
When his girlfriend Esme is kidnapped, all clues point toward strange forces at work, and sixteen-year-old Baxter must navigate the increasingly bizarre landscape of Cape Town's supernatural underworld to get her back.  
Novel, 365 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2015 Trade PB  
Titan - 2016 - ISBN: 1783294744 / 9781783294749  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035174 $7.99
Hunter, Erin  
Survivors: Gathering Darkness #1: A Pack Divided
Ages 8 and up. The forest is at peace, but within the Wild Pack, tensions are rising. Some dogs are unsatisfied with the Pack order, and others don't trust Fierce Dogs Storm and Arrow. Troubled by dreams of fear and shadows, Storm fears her Packmates might be right.  
Novel, 278 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Harper - 2016 - ISBN: 0062343351 / 9780062343352  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New034421 $7.99
Hunter, Faith  
Soulwood #1: Blood of the Earth
Nell Ingram, exiled by fear and choice from the cult she was raised in, defends herself with magic she draws from her deep connection to the forest. Now a PsyLED investigation forces her out of isolation. But to find the Blood Master of Nashville's kidnapped vassal, Nell and the PsyLED team will be forced to go deep into the heart of the cult Nell fears.  
Novel, 358 pages, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
Roc - 2016 - ISBN: 0451473302 / 9780451473301  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035169 $7.99
Hunter, Seth  
Nathan Peake #5: The Flag of Freedom
1797: Napoleon's army is poised to invade Britain. To clear himself from an accusation of treason, Captain Peake must uncover the truth about Napoleon's invasion plans.  
Novel, 395 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st US Edition  
McBooks - 2016 - ISBN: 1590137175 / 9781590137178  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New034863 $19.95
Hurley, Kameron  
The Geek Feminist Revolution
Essays on geek culture, feminism, and writing from one of the most unapologetically outspoken writers in the field. Includes 'We Have Always Fought', which won the 2013 Hugo for Best Related Work.
  • Welcome to the Revolution (introduction)
    Part I: Level Up
  • Persistence, and the Long Con of Being a Successful Writer
  • I'll Make the Pancakes: On Opting In - and Out - of the Writing Game
  • What Marketing and Advertising Taught Me About the Value of Failure
  • Taking Responsibility for Writing Problematic Stories
  • Unpacking the 'Real Writers Have Talent' Myth
    Part II: Geek
  • Some Men Are More Monstrous Than Others: On True Detective's Men and Monsters
  • Die Hard, Hetaerae, and Problematic Pin-Ups: A Rant
  • Wives, Warlords, and Refugees: The People Economy of Mad Max
  • Tea, Bodies, and Business: Remaking the Hero Archetype
  • A Complexity of Desires: Expectations of Sex and Sexuality in Science Fiction
  • What's So Scary About Strong Female Protagonists, Anyway?
  • In Defense of Unlikable Women
  • Women and Gentlemen: On Unmasking the Sobering Reality of Hyper-Masculine Characters
  • Gender, Family, Nookie: The Speculative Frontier
  • The Increasingly Poor Economics of Penning Problematic Stories
  • Making People Care: Storytelling in Fiction vs. Marketing
  • Our Dystopia: Imagining More Hopeful Futures
  • Where Have All the Women Gone? Reclaiming the Future of Fiction
    Part III: Let's Get Personal
  • Finding Hope in Tragedy: Why I Read Dark Fiction
  • Public Speaking While Fat
  • They'll Come for You . . . Whether You Speak Up or Not
  • The Horror Novel You'll Never Have to Live: Surviving Without Health Insurance
  • Becoming What You Hate
  • Let It Go: On Responding (or Not) to Online Criticism
  • When the Rebel Becomes Queen: Changing Broken Systems from the Inside
  • Terrorist or Revolutionary? Deciding Who Gets to Write History
  • Giving Up the Sky
    Part IV: Revolution
  • What We Didn't See: Power, Protest, Story
  • What Living in South Africa Taught Me About Being White in America
  • It's About Ethics in Dating
  • Hijacking the Hugo Awards
  • Dear SFWA Writers: Let's Chat About Censorship and Bullying
  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: On Empathy and the Power of Privilege
  • Rage Doesn't Exist in a Vacuum
  • Why I'm Not Afraid of the Internet
  • We Have Always Fought: Challenging the 'Women, Cattle, and Slaves' Narrative
  • Epilogue: What Are We Fighting For?
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author

♦  Winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Nonfiction
♦  Finalist for the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Related Work
Collection, 284 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition (simultaneous HC)  
Tor - 2016 - ISBN: 0765386240 / 9780765386243  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New034795 $15.99
Hyzy, Julie  
Manor House #7: Grace Sees Red
When a resident of an assisted living facility is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Grace's assistant Frances is a suspect. Can Grace clear her name?  
Novel, 291 pages, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
Berkley Prime Crime - 2016 - ISBN: 0425281620 / 9780425281628  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035261 $7.99
Iggulden, Conn  
Wars of the Roses #2: Margaret of Anjou
1454: With King Henry VI struck down by illness, Margaret safeguards her husband's interests. Meanwhile, Richard, Duke of York, Protector of the Realm, extends his influence throughout the kingdom. Then the king unexpectedly recovers and returns to London to reclaim the throne, once more upsetting the balance of power.  
Novel, 414 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Putnam - 2016 - ISBN: 0425282422 / 9780425282427  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035200 $16.00
Ingleman-Sundberg, Catharina  
League of Pensioners #1: The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules
When their retirement home starts cutting corners to save money, Martha Andersson and her friends decide to regain their independence and improve their lot by turning to white collar crime. After robbing a luxury hotel and pulling off a heist at the National Museum, with the police baffled and gangsters on their trail, can they stay one walker's length ahead in the game?  
Novel, 390 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st US Edition  
Harper - 2016 - ISBN: 0062447971 / 9780062447975  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New034395 $15.99
Jackson, Lisa  
West Coast #3: After She's Gone
When Allie's double is shot on the set, and Allie disappears, her sister Cassie finds herself a suspect, and ends up in a psych ward. Is she imagining the figure at her bedside, whispering about Allie? Is someone trying to help - or drive her mad?  
Novel, 539 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2016 HC  
Zebra - 2016 - ISBN: 142013597X / 9781420135978  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035289 $9.99
Jackson, Shirley  
Let Me Tell You
Previously uncollected and unpublished stories, essays, lectures, letters, and drawings.
  • Biographical Note
  • I Think I Know Her (foreword) == Ruth Franklin
    I. Sudden and Unusual Things Have Happened: Unpublished and Uncollected Short Fiction
  • Paranoia
  • Still Life with Teapot and Students
  • The Arabian Nights
  • Mrs. Spencer and the Oberons
  • It Isn't the Money I Mind
  • Company for Dinner
  • I Cannot Sing the Old Songs
  • The New Maid
  • French Is the Mark of a Lady
  • Gaudeamus Igitur
  • The Lie
  • She Says the Damnedest Things
  • Remembrance of Things Past
  • Let Me Tell You
  • Bulletin
  • Family Treasures
  • Showdown
  • The Trouble with My Husband
  • Six A.M. Is the Hour
  • Root of Evil
  • The Bridge Game
  • The Man in the Woods
    II. I Would Rather Write Than Do Anything Else: Essays and Reviews
  • Autobiographical Musing
  • A Garland of Garlands
  • Hex Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar
  • Clowns
  • A Vroom for Dr. Seuss
  • Notes on an Unfashionable Novelist
  • Private Showing
  • Good Old House
  • The Play's the Thing
  • The Ghosts of Loiret
  • 'Well?'
    III. When This War Is Over: Early Short Stories
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • Period Piece
  • 4-F Party
  • The Paradise
  • Homecoming
  • Daughter, Come Home
  • As High as the Sky
  • Murder on Miss Lederer's Birthday
    IV. Somehow Things Haven't Turned Out Quite the Way We Expected: Humor and Family
  • Here I Am, Washing Dishes Again
  • In Praise of Dinner Table Silence
  • Questions I Wish I'd Never Asked
  • Mother, Honestly!
  • How to Enjoy a Family Quarrel
  • The Pleasures and Perils of Dining Out with Children
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes
  • The Real Me
  • On Girls of Thirteen
  • What I Want to Know Is, What Do Other People Cook With?
    V. I'd Like to See You Get Out of That Sentence: Lectures About the Craft of Writing
  • About the End of the World
  • Memory and Delusion
  • On Fans and Fan Mail
  • How I Write
  • Garlic in Fiction
  • Afterword
  • Acknowledgments
Collection, 416 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2015 HC  
Random House - 2016 - ISBN: 0812987322 / 9780812987324  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035204 $18.00
James, Betsy  
Duuni has spent her life as abused and guarded property. Blind, arrogant Raim is determined to again be what he once was: hunter, lover, young lord of the earth. Desperate to escape their lives, they lift up their hands to the passing Roadsoul Caravan, and are swept out of their cruel old certainties into a unknown, ever-changing world of journey and carnival.

♦  Finalist for the 2017 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel
Novel, 389 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Aqueduct - 2016 - ISBN: 1619760916 / 9781619760912  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New035063 $20.00

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