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Uncle Hugo's Newsletter 110
Recently Received & Forthcoming Books
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Koyanagi, Jacqueline  
Repairing starship engines barely pays the bills for Alana Quick. When a vessel stops by her shipyard looking for her sister Nova, Alana stows away, hoping to land a gig on the crew. But the ship holds surprises: the chief engineer thinks he's a wolf; the pilot fades in and out of existence; and the captain is all blond hair, boots, and ego - and Alana can't keep her eyes off her. But Nova is in danger - someone will do anything, even destroy planets, to get their hands on her.

♦  2014 Tiptree Award Honor List
Novel, 331 pages, Trade Paperback, (no indication of edition)  
Masque - 2013 - ISBN: 1607014017 / 9781607014010  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031434 $14.95
Kratman, Tom  
Carrera #6: The Rods and the Axe
Carrera has driven the Tauran Union from his adopted country, but to finally finish them, he needs to draw them back for a more telling defeat. But when they return, they plan to bring someone else to do most of the bleeding for them. That's why Carrera has provoked the Zhong Guo to get them into the war.  
Novel, 671 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Baen - 2015 - ISBN: 1476780749 / 9781476780740  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031457 $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes  
Elemental Masters #09: Blood Red
Ten years ago, Gretchen was orphaned by an evil Earth Master who used werewolves to kill her parents so he could seize their lands. Rescued by a Fire Master and taught to used her own Fire Powers, now Gretchen must help London's White Lodge eradicate the werewolves ravaging Exmoor.  
Novel, 313 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
DAW - 2015 - ISBN: 0756409853 / 9780756409852  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New030764 $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes / Mallory, James  
One Dozen Daughters #1: The House of the Four Winds
Princess Clarice, an expert with rapier and dagger, intends to work her way to the New World by disguising herself as Clarence, a sailor. When the crew mutinies, she sides with handsome navigator Dominick to kill the cruel captain. At a secret pirate haven, they encounter a sorceress who claims Dominick for her own - but Clarice won't give him up without a fight.  
Novel, 328 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Tor - 2015 - ISBN: 0765370530 / 9780765370532  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031167 $8.99
Lalumière, Claude (editor) / Nickle, David (editor)  
New Canadian Noir
Twenty-two noir tales, including horror, fantasy, dystopian sf, and more.
  • All New, All Canadian, All Noir (introduction) == Claude Lalumière
  • Sun Moon Stars Rain == Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • Moot == Corey Redekop
  • Donner Parties == Keith Cadieux
  • Unredeemable == Michael S. Chong
  • This Is the Party == Rich Larson
  • Hedgehogs == Kevin Cockle
  • Safety == Michael Mirolla
  • Pearls and Swine == Colleen Anderson
  • Choke the Chicken == Shane Simmons
  • Good for Grapes == Kelly Robson
  • A Square Yard of Real Estate == Steve Vernon
  • Jack Won == Edward McDermott
  • Burnt Offerings == Hermine Robinson
  • Circle of Blood == Simon Strantzas
  • Rooker == Laird Long
  • The Last Good Look == Chadwick Ginther
  • Nunavut Thunderfuck == Dale L. Sproule
  • Fern Leaves Unfurling in the Dark-Green Shade == David Menear
  • Three-Step Program == Alex C. Renwick
  • A Nothingale == Patrick Fleming
  • Lady Blue and the Lampreys == Ada Hoffmann
  • The Friendly Newfoundlander == Joel Thomas Hynes
  • Canada Post Always Rings Twice (afterword) == David Nickle
  • Authors' Biographies
Anthology, 287 pages, Trade Paperback, (no indication of edition)  
Exile - 2015 - ISBN: 1550964607 / 9781550964608  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031878 $18.95
Lawrence, Mark  
Broken Empire: Red Queen's War #1: Prince of Fools
Witnesses claim an undead army is on the march, and the Red Queen has called on her family to defend the realm. Prince Jal thinks it is just rumor, but he is wrong. He finds his fate magically intertwined with a Norse warrior - and learns that they are but pieces in a game, and that the Red Queen controls the board.  
Novel, 377 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Ace - 2015 - ISBN: 0425268799 / 9780425268797  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New030757 $7.99
Lee, Sharon / Miller, Steve  
Liaden: Dragon in Exile
Signed by both authors on the half-title page. Relocated to Surebleak, the Dragon - the banished star-trading Clan Korval - is under contract to keep the Port Road open to all traffic, and to back the New Bosses in imposing law and order on a society originally based on larceny and assassination. This is going surprisingly well, until Korval discovers that the enemy they'd sought to destroy wasn't quite destroyed, and is more determined than ever to eradicate Korval. Not to mention that some of Surebleak's native population liked the Old Ways just fine, and are conspiring to take down the New Bosses and the Dragon.  
Novel, 404 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
Baen - 2015 - ISBN: 1476780714 / 9781476780719  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031345 $26.00
Lee, Sharon / Miller, Steve  
Liaden: A Liaden Universe Constellation Volume 3
Signed by both authors on the title page. Short fiction set in the Liaden Universe - the stories in this volume were all published after 2011.
  • Foreword
  • Code of Honor
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Intelligent Design
  • Out of True
  • Roving Gambler
  • King of the Cats
  • Kin Ties
  • Eleutherios
  • The Rifle's First Wife
  • The Space at Tinsori Light
  • Landed Alien
  • Moon's Honor
  • Quick Working Glossary
Collection, 360 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Baen - 2015 - ISBN: 1476780684 / 9781476780689  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031439 $16.00
Lee, Tanith  
Birthgrave #1: The Birthgrave
A woman awakens in a dormant volcano, and comes forth into a brutal world transformed by pestilence and cultural devastation. She has no memory and could be anyone or anything: mortal, demoness, or goddess of destruction. Compelled by the terrifying Karrakas to search for the mysterious Jade that is the answer to her secret self, she embarks on a journey of wonder.  
Novel, 452 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint (originally published in 1975)  
DAW - 2015 - ISBN: 075641105X / 9780756411053  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New030765 $7.99
Leiber, Fritz  
Doomsday Classics: The Night of the Long Knives
Kill or be killed is the law in the nuclear desert, where residents are consumed by the urge to murder each other, making sex a lethal risk.  
Novel, 95 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint (originally published in 1960)  
Dover - 2015 - ISBN: 0486798011 / 9780486798011  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031886 $9.95
Levesque, Louise Cavelier  
The Prince of the Aquamarines
A pair of 18th-century fairy tales, 'The Prince of the Aquamarines' and 'The Invisible Prince', featuring princes, princesses, bad fairies, shipwrecks, and dark towers. Translated by Ruth Berman, who also provides an afterword about the French fairy tale tradition and Levesque's contributions to it.  
Collection, 94 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st US Edition  
Aqueduct - 2015 - ISBN: 1619760797 / 9781619760790  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031352 $12.00
Lindskold, Jane  
Artemis #2: Artemis Invaded
As Griffin, Adara, and Sand Shadow search for another repository of ancient tech, hoping to find some way for Griffin to contact his orbiting ship, Adara wrestles with the consequences of the new bond she and Sand Shadow have with the planet.  
Novel, 316 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
Tor - 2015 - ISBN: 0765337118 / 9780765337115  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031038 $25.99
Luceno, James  
Star Wars: Tarkin
The story of Grand Moff Tarkin, the man who controlled the Death Star and ordered the destruction of Alderaan.  
Novel, 314 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Del Rey / LucasBooks - 2015 - ISBN: 0553392905 / 9780553392906  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031742 $9.99
Maberry, Jonathan  
Joe Ledger #2: The Dragon Factory
Plus bonus Ledger story 'Dog Days'. Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences battle rogue geneticists: one group is creating transgenic monsters and enhanced mercenaries; the other is using 21st-century tech to continue Josef Mengele's Master Race program.  
Novel, 657 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2010 Trade PB  
St. Martin's - 2015 - ISBN: 125006841X / 9781250068415  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031171 $9.99
MacAlister, Katie  
Dragon Fall #1: Dragon Fall
No one believes Aoife witnessed a supernatural murder at an outdoor fair. Returning to the scene for proof, she encounters a naked man who can shift into a dragon and kiss like a god. Kostya must break the curse that has splintered the dragon clans before more of his kind die. And there may be more to Aoife than even his dragon eyes can see.  
Novel, 323 pages, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
Hachette Forever - 2015 - ISBN: 1455559210 / 9781455559213  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031855 $8.00
Mack, David  
Star Trek: Seekers #3: Long Shot
Captain Clark Terrell and the crew of his scout ship follow peculiar sensor readings to an alien world where the natives' efforts to harness an unstable technology have thrown the laws of probability out of balance.  
Novel, 319 pages, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
Pocket - 2015 - ISBN: 1476753091 / 9781476753096  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031499 $7.99
Maguire, Gregory  
Egg & Spoon
Ages 12 and up. Elena lives in the impoverished Russian countryside. Her mother is dying, slowly, in their tiny cabin. And there is no food. Then a train arrives in the village, carrying untold wealth, a cornucopia of food, and a noble family destined to visit the Tsar - including Ekaterina, a girl of Elena's age. When the two girls' lives collide, an adventure is set in motion that includes mistaken identity, a monk locked in a tower, a prince traveling incognito, and Baba Yaga, witch of Russian folklore, in her ambulatory house perched on chicken legs.  
Novel, 477 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Candlewick - 2015 - ISBN: 0763680168 / 9780763680169  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031686 $11.99
Malcolm, Dominica (ed)  
Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction
Twenty-four tales of the past, present, and future, ranging from India in the west to Hawai'i in the east, and as far south as Australia and New Zealand. Find out what arises when a struggling Malaysian student seeks help for her studies in Chinatown, and what happens when the garbage in the Pacific Ocean is seen as a valuable treasure. Discover characters like the Moon Rabbit from Chinese mythology, a kitsune from Japanese mythology, and the aswang from Filipino mythology.
  • Introduction == Dominica Malcolm
  • The Donor == Brett Adams (Australia)
  • Moon Rabbit == Jo Wu (China)
  • Operation Toba 2049 == Kris Williamson (Malaysia)
  • Target: Heart == Recle Etino Vibal (Philippines)
  • Dreams == Tabitha Sin (Hong Kong)
  • Bumbye! Said the Candelarios == Ailia Hopkins (Hawai'i)
  • Kitsune == KZ Morano (Japan)
  • The Volunteer == T.R. Napper (Vietnam, Thailand)
  • Bright Student == Terence Toh (Malaysia)
  • No Name Islands == Kawika Guillermo (Indonesia)
  • The Dead of the Night == Barry Rosenberg (Australia)
  • Yamada's Armada == Eeleen Lee (Singapore)
  • Love and Statues == Jax Goss (New Zealand)
  • Gone Fishing == Jo Thomas (Pacific Ocean)
  • Shadows of an Ancient Battle == Daniel A. Kelin II (Hawai'i)
  • In Memoriam == Fadzlishah Johanabas (Malaysia)
  • Lola's Lessons == Shenoa Carroll-Bradd (Philippines)
  • When the Rice Was Gone == Dominica Malcolm (South Korea)
  • The Healer == Aashika Nair (India)
  • Caves of Noble Truth and Dangerous Knowledge == Celeste A. Peters (China)
  • The Seventh Month == Agnes Ong (Malaysia)
  • And Then It Rained == Rebecca Freeman (Australia)
  • Where the Fireflies Go == NJ Magas (Japan)
  • The King of Flotsamland == Tom Barlow (North Pacific Gyre)

♦  Finalist for Australia's 2014 Aurealis Award for Best Anthology
Anthology, 252 pages, Trade Paperback, Print on Demand  
Solarwyrm - 2014 - ISBN: 0980508444 / 9780980508444  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031961 $17.99
Mandel, Emily St. John  
Station Eleven
An actor dies onstage during a production of King Lear. Hours later, the world as we know it begins to dissolve. Moving back and forth in time - from the actor's early days as a Hollywood star, to the near future when a theater troupe roams the wasteland of what remains - strange twists of fate connect five people.

♦  Winner of the 2015 Arthur C. Clarke Award
♦  Finalist for the 2015 British Fantasy Award for Best Horror Novel
Novel, 333 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Vintage - 2015 - ISBN: 0804172447 / 9780804172448  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031712 $16.00
Maresca, Marshall Ryan  
Maradaine Constabulary #1: A Murder of Mages
With her Constabulary Inspector husband lying on the edge of death, Satrine Rainey fakes her way into the post of Constabulary Inspector to support her family. With her partner Minox Welling - nicknamed 'the jinx' because of the misfortunes that seem to befall anyone around him - she investigates the ritual murder of a Circled mage.  
Novel, 340 pages, Mass Market Paperback, 1st Edition  
DAW - 2015 - ISBN: 0756410274 / 9780756410278  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New030773 $7.99
McAuley, Paul  
Quiet War #3: Evening's Empires
Hari stands on a barren asteroid, his ship stolen, his family kidnapped or worse, his only ally a semi-intelligent spacesuit. Hari has barely been off his ship - it is his birthplace, his home, and his future. And he's going to get it back.  
Novel, 374 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2013 HC  
Gollancz UK - 2014 - ISBN: 0575100818 / 9780575100817  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New030623 $16.95
McCullough, Kelly  
School for Sidekicks
Signed by the author on the title page. Ages 10 and up. Evan is a geek who dreams of becoming a superhero. When a field trip to the Mask Museum is interrupted by a supervillain attack, Evan somehow manages to survive a death ray, and rescues Captain Commanding. Bundled off to The Academy - aka The School for Sidekicks - he finds himself studying Banter Basics and Combat with Dinnerware. When he's apprenticed to Foxman, can he convince his has-been mentor to become a real hero again?  
Novel, 328 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
Feiwel & Friends - 2015 - ISBN: 1250039266 / 9781250039262  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031019 $16.99
Mead, Richelle  
Age of X #2: The Immortal Crown
Assigned to a diplomatic delegation bound for Arcadia, Justin and Mae enter a society where religion is intertwined with government. As they fight to resist the resurgence of gods, a reporter threatens to expose their mission and the divine forces the government is determined to keep secret.  
Novel, 469 pages, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Signet - 2015 - ISBN: 0451469461 / 9780451469465  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New030760 $7.99
Milán, Victor  
Dinosaur Lords #1: The Dinosaur Lords
Paradise is a world made by the Eight Creators on which to play out their games of passion and power. Dynastic rivalries, religious wars, political intrigue - all lead to epic battles between vast armies of knights mounted on dinosaurs. Defeated through betrayal and left for dead, mercenary Dinosaur Lord Karyl Bogomirsky wakes naked, wounded, partially amnesiac, and hunted, and embarks on a journey that will shake his world.  
Novel, 445 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
Tor - 2015 - ISBN: 0765332965 / 9780765332967  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031048 $26.99
Mitchell, David  
The Bone Clocks
When Holly, a lightning rod for psychic phenomena, runs away from home, visions and coincidences reorder her reality until they assume the aura of a nightmare brought to life. For she has caught the attention of a cabal of mystics - and of those who oppose them. Her lost weekend is prelude to a disappearance that will echo through every decade of Holly's life, affecting all the people Holly loves - even the ones who are not yet born.

♦  Finalist for the 2015 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel
Novel, 624 pages, Trade Paperback, Reprint of 2014 HC  
Random House - 2015 - ISBN: 0812976827 / 9780812976823  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New031714 $18.00

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