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January 2017 Arrivals

Williams, Jen  
Copper Promise #2: The Iron Ghost
A job in Skaldshollow looks like easy coin - retrieve a stolen item, get paid. But in a place twisted and haunted by ancient magic, our heroes soon find themselves threatened on all sides by enemies old and new.  
Novel, 508 pages, Trade Paperback, 1st Edition  
Angry Robot - 2017 - ISBN: 0857665790 / 9780857665799  
Book Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New036544 $14.99
Williams, Tad  
Osten Ard: The Heart of What Was Lost
Set between the end of To Green Angel Tower and its epilogue, telling how King Simon and Queen Miriamele's forces drove the Norns out of the lands of men.  
Novel, 210 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
DAW - 2017 - ISBN: 075641248X / 9780756412487  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New.  
Already Received   ID: #New036521 $22.00
Wraight, Chris  
Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy Primarchs: Leman Russ: The Great Wolf
At the height of the Great Crusade, the Space Wolves, led by Leman Russ, most fearsome of the Emperor's primarch sons, fight to bring the rebel world of Dulan to compliance.  
Novel, 175 pages, Hardcover, 1st Edition  
Black Library - 2016 - ISBN: 1784964492 / 9781784964498  
Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: No Jacket as Issued.  
Already Received   ID: #New036336 $19.00

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