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Mystery Scene #121 (Articles about Val McDermid, supernatural mysteries, more) $7.50
Alden, Jami Hide from Evil (PBO; When his death-row conviction was overturned, Sean Flynn retreated where he believed the past couldn't come back to haunt him - until prosecutor Krista Slater showed up. She can't forgive herself for convicting an innocent man, but when another murder reveals chilling new facts about the case, she must turn to Sean for help) $7.99
Allingham. Margery Cargo of Eagles (Albert Campion #19: Reissue; In the early 1960s, the English coastal town of Saltey, long a hidey-hole for all manner of villains, is being overrun by teenage gangs. But that's not why Albert Campion has persuaded Lugg to take up residence. His interest lies in a just-out-of-prison thief who has gone to ground there, and in the newly revived story of the Saltey Demon) $14.95
Andrus, James The Perfect Prey (John Stallings #2: PBO; During spring break in Jacksonville, pretty girls are everywhere. None of them suspect that, for the guy they're flirting with, it's hunting season. Detective John Stallings must find the psychopath leaving a trail of blond, blue-eyed murder victims) $6.99
Arthurson, Wayne Fall from Grace (Leo Desroches #1: Edmonton journalist Leo Desroches' mother was Cree, and he understands the problems of Canadians of the First Nations. When he's assigned to cover the murder of a young native prostitute, the cop in charge lets him view the corpse. Leo's article starts a chain of events that leads him to a much bigger story - one that could bring down the entire police department . . . or get Leo killed) $25.99
Ashley, Mike The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction (Anthology; 12 stories (11 original, 1 reprint) set from Bronze-Age Britain to Medieval Venice to 1930s New York) $13.95
Baccalario, Pierdomenico Ring of Fire (Century #1: Kids; A mix-up forces Harvey from New York, Mistral from Paris, and Sheng from Shanghai to share a room with the hotel owner's daughter Elettra. The four kids discover they all have birthdays on February 29. That night, a strange man gives them a briefcase and asks them to take care of it until he returns. Soon afterward, the man is murdered. Inside the briefcase, the kids find clues that take them all over Rome, through dusty libraries and dark catacombs, in search of the elusive Ring of Fire, an ancient object so powerful that legend says even a Roman emperor couldn't control it) $7.99
Baccalario, Pierdomenico Star of Stone (Century #2: Kids; Harvey, Elettra, Mistral, and Sheng discover a series of four postcards, written in code years ago by the murdered professor who sent them on their quest in Rome. The cards send the kids all over New York City, through old libraries and abandoned tunnels, in search of the Star of Stone, an ancient object fundamentally connected to the earth. But a new set of villains is out to stop them) $7.99
Barnett, Mac The Ghostwriter Secret (Brixton Brothers #2: Kids; 12-year-old Steve Brixton's detective services have been in high demand - and he's about to get a call of great personal importance. The author of Steve's beloved Bailey Brothers series has been kidnapped, and Steve is the only 12-year-old detective who can find him) $5.99
Baughman, Christopher Off the Street (Nonfiction; Baughman and the Las Vegas Pandering Investigation Team wage war against the pimps who kidnap, trick, and beat women into a life of prostitution. Plus guidance on how parents can protect their daughters from these predators) $15.95
Block, Lawrence The Night and the Music: The Matthew Scudder Stories (Collection; 11 stories featuring the unlicensed New York PI; Signed copies) $20.00
Bradley, Alan A Red Herring Without Mustard (Flavia de Luce #3: The clever and unflappable 11-year-old sleuth uncovers a slew of misdeeds in the hamlet of Bishop's Lacey - mysteries involving a missing tot, a Gypsy fortune-teller, and a corpse in Flavia's own backyard) $15.00
Bradley, Alan I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (Flavia de Luce #4: 11-year-old Flavia is whipping up a concoction to ensnare Saint Nick when she is distracted by the arrival of a film crew. Despite a raging blizzard, the entire village gathers to watch a famous actress perform. When a body is found, strangled with a length of film, Flavia must ferret out the killer) $23.00
Campbell, Karen Shadowplay (Anna Cameron #3: When Anna Cameron is promoted to Chief Inspector and moved to a new division, her new boss turns out to be a tyrant. With her career and personal life both threatening to implode, the gang-related murder of a young Asian boy and an assault on one of her officers only serve to turn the screws tighter. Can she be both a good cop and a good person?) $12.95
Carey, Benedict Island of the Unknowns (Kids; In the trailer park next to the energy plant, people have started to vanish, and no one seems to care. At first quirky outcasts Lady Di and Tom Jones barely notice the disappearances themselves - until their beloved math tutor Mrs. Clarke is abducted. She has left them clues to her whereabouts in the form of equations that lead them all over the trailer park, through hidden tunnels, and into the energy plant, where their gang of misfits uncovers the sordid truth about what's really happening on their island) $6.95
Carman, Patrick Floors (Kids; Each floor of The Whippet Hotel has its own quirks and secrets. Leo should know most of them - he is the maintenance man's son. But a whole lot more mystery gets thrown his way when a series of cryptic boxes are left for him, leading him to hidden floors, strange puzzles, and unexpected alliances) $16.99
Carparelli, Felicia Murder in the Library (Who killed Hieronymus Wilde? Was it his archenemy, his mistress, his wife, or the women in his past? When his body is found on the floor of Violetta Aristotle's department at the Midwestern University Library, the solution to the murder hinges on one of Sherlock Holmes' most famous cases) $19.95
Carrington, Tori Love Bites (Sofie Metropolis #5: Sofie is retained by the neighborhood vampire to prove he isn't responsible for a recent string of grisly murders, and her mother talks her into looking for a missing woman neither of them knows) $15.95
Cawthorne, Nigel A Brief History of Sherlock Holmes (Nonfiction; biography of the author as well as his creation. Also surveys the world of Holmes, looking at Victorian crime, the real characters behind Dr. Watson and Inspector Lestrade, and the world on the doorstep of 221B Baker Street) $13.95
Clare, Alys The Way Between the Worlds (Aelf Fen #4: 1092: 'Come to me! I need you!’ These words bring apprentice healer Lassair awake one morning, certain that one of her loved ones is in danger. When news comes that a nun has been murdered at the abbey where her sister Elfritha lives, Lassair sets off immediately. But the danger she will have to face may be greater than she is ready for) $28.95
Clements, Rory Martyr (John Shakespeare #1: John Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth's chief intelligencer, is ordered to protect Francis Drake from an assassination plot, and must also investigate the murder of a high-born young woman) $17.95
Conant, Susan Brute Strength (Dog Lovers #19: Lately, it seems wherever Dog's Life columnist Holly Winter turns, things go wrong: an anonymous call turns vicious, her husband is keeping secrets, and acquaintances are dying under mysterious circumstances. Then Holly's own life is threatened. Can the brute strength of her beloved malamutes Rowdy, Kimi, and Sammy protect her?) $28.95
Dane, Jordan Reckoning for the Dead (Sweet Justice #4: PBO; When a new leader assumes control of the elite Sentinels organization, the story is that his predecessor, Garrett Wheeler, was killed on a covert op. But Alexa Marlowe, Garrett's ex-lover and most trusted agent, isn't buying it. Her search for the truth leads her behind the fortress walls of a drug cartel) $7.99
Depoy, Phillip A Corpse's Nightmare (Fever Devilin #6: Folklorist Fever Devilin was killed by an intruder. He doesn't stay dead - thanks to an EMT - but when he comes out of his coma, there are two things he knows: that he's been dreaming about the 1920s Paris cafe scene, and that his would-be killer was after a box containing a photo of what Fever believes to be an angel) $25.99
Duenas, Maria The Time in Between (Finding herself abandoned and penniless in Morocco, Sira reinvents herself by turning to her gift for creating beautiful clothes. Then, in the early days of WWII, she is persuaded to return to Madrid. She takes on a new identity, becoming the preeminent couturier for an eager clientele of Nazi officers' wives - and an undercover agent for the Allies) $26.00
Dunlap, Jan Falcon Finale (Bob White Birder Murder #4: PBO; When Bob flies to Flagstaff, AZ, to track down his sister's missing husband - and his best friend - Alan Thunderhawk, he finds more than he bargained for, including a 20-year-old unsolved murder and a boy who claims to be Alan's son) $14.95
Eisler, Barry The Detachment (John Rain #7: Colonel Scott Horton tracks Rain down, offering a multi-million dollar payday for the 'natural causes' demise of three ultra-high-profile targets who plan to launch a coup in the US. But for a job this big, Rain will need a detachment of other deniable irregulars: his partner Dox, Ben Treven, and Larison) $14.95
Fabiano, Laurie Elizabeth Street (1900s: Giovanna hopes to make a new start in the new world. In New York's Little Italy, she makes friends, starts a family, and take pride in a growing business. But when her modest success draws the attention of the brutal extortionists of the notorious Black Hand gang, she will have to fight to save her family) $15.95
Fields, Tricia The Territory (Winner of the 2010 Tony Hillerman Prize; police chief Josie Gray battles Mexican drug cartels who have turned her Texas border town into a battlefield) $24.99
Fingerman, David Playing the Hand She's Dealt (Louise Miller, an unemployed ex-cop with a gambling problem, arrives home from the casino to find her front door unlocked and a corpse sitting on her sofa. The dead man is Walter Farkos, a man she arrested shortly before resigning from the Minneapolis PD, and his killer is out to draw Miller into a sadistic game of cat and mouse; Signed copies) $14.95
Fleming/Gardner, John For Special Services (James Bond: Reissue; Bond is on loan to the US government, partnered with his old friend Felix Leiter's daughter Cedar. Their target? The legendary SPECTRE has reappeared) $14.95
Fleming/Gardner, John Icebreaker (James Bond: Reissue; Bond is on a mission in Lapland with his counterparts from the US, the USSR, and Israel. Is it the American or the Israeli who is acting as a double agent? Are the Finns merely using Bond to break the KGB's stranglehold on their tenuous national autonomy?) $14.95
Fleming/Gardner, John License Renewed (James Bond: Reissue; Bond faces a dangerously deranged opponent - one prepared to sacrifice most of the Western world to prove that only he can make it safe from accidental holocaust) $14.95
Gage, Leighton Every Bitter Thing (Mario Silva #4: When the son of Venezuela's foreign minister is found dead in Brasilia, Chief Inspector Silva investigates, and discovers a chain of murders with the same MO, all passengers from the same plane flight) $14.00
Gavin, Rick Ranchero (To get his landlady's stolen Ranchero back, Mississippi repo man Nick Reid will do anything . And it turns out he might have to) $24.99
Gibbs, Stuart Belly Up (Kids; 12-year-old Teddy and his friend Summer believe that the hippo at the brand-new FunJungle has been murdered, even thought the zoo claims the hippo went belly up the natural way. The deeper they dig, the more danger they're in - because when it comes to hippo homicide, the truth can't be caged!) $6.99
Giuttari, Michele A Death in Tuscany (Michele Ferrara #2: The body of a girl is discovered, lying by the edge of the woods outside a Tuscan town. After a week, when the local police haven't even identified her, let alone figured out how she died, Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara steps in) $12.95
Goodrich, Clifford The Football Racketeers / Murders in Crazyland (Whisperer #4: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gordon-Smith, Dolores Off the Record (Jack Haldean #5: 1924: A leading manufacturer and noted philanthropist, Charles Otterbourne's New Century company should have been the perfect partner for Professor Alan Carrington's radical new gramophone. When their meeting ends in murder, Jack Haldean takes up the case in a desperate bid to save a man from the gallows. But what led to the crime?) $15.95
Gosselink, John Free Thaddeus! (Thaddeus Ledbetter #1: Kids; The irreverent (and possibly too smart for his own good) Thaddeus has been sentenced to in-school suspension for the rest of the year. Learn how this happened, and why Thaddeus thinks he should be released. Designed like a case file, with notes, reports, forms, journal entries, letters, emails, illustrations, and more) $6.95
Grant, Maxwell The Shadow Laughs / Voice of Death (Shadow #49: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Man from Shanghai / The Golden Dog Murders / Jabberwocky Thrust (Shadow #50: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Living Joss / Judge Lawless (Shadow #51: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Crime Master / The Fifth Napoleon (Shadow #52: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Garden of Death / The Vampire Murders (Shadow #53: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Golden Quest / The Masked Headsman (Shadow #54: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grisham, John The Litigators (Law firm partners Oscar Finley and Wally Figg plan to use a pharmaceutical class action suit to get rich without actually practicing much law) $28.95
Hambly, Barbara Ran Away (Benjamin January #11: RAN AWAY. So begin a score of advertisements every week in the New Orleans newspapers, advertising for slaves who have fled their masters. But the Turk, Huseyin Pasha, posted no such advertisement when his two lovely concubines disappeared. Then a witness proclaimed he'd seen the 'devilish infidel' hurl their dead bodies out of a window. Only Benjamin January, who knows the Turk of old, is willing to seek the real culprit) $28.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Kill My Darling (Bill Slider #14: When Melanie Hunter goes missing, the men in her life come under suspicion. It soon becomes clear there are secrets in Melanie's past, and pain she tried to hide from the world) $28.95
Havill, Steven F. Statute of Limitations (Posadas County #13: Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman and Bill Gastner learn that, at a local motel, the retired chief of police had an exchange with two men and then collapsed. The men took off in his car. A tourist couple, the woman on the verge of giving birth, were the only witnesses, but something seems off about their story) $14.95
Havill, Steven F. The Fourth Time Is Murder (Posadas County #15: A truck has gone off the road, the driver's body found near the wreck. Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman drives to the scene, where she finds more questions than answers. Was it really an accident? And why is there a single footprint on the man's body?) $14.95
Haynes, Dana Breaking Point (Crashers #2: A plane is deliberately brought down in the Montana mountains, then attacked by mercenaries targeting three men who were about to blow the whistle on the development of weapons banned by international treaty. A team of NTSB Crashers struggles with conflicting and confusing evidence and outside forces to get to the truth) $24.99
Higgins, George V. Cogan's Trade (Reissue; When a high-stakes card game is heisted by unknown hoodlums, Boston mob enforcer Jackie Cogan is called in to 'handle' the problem) $14.95
Highsmith, Patricia The Cry of the Owl (Reissue; Robert Forrester is recuperating from a nasty divorce and a bout of psychological trouble. One evening, he sees a pretty young woman framed by her bright kitchen window. Soon, he can't keep himself away. But when Robert is inevitably discovered, obsession is turned on its head, and he finds himself unable to shake the young woman, nor entirely sure whether he should) $14.00
Highsmith, Patricia Eleven (Reissue; Collection; short stories of obsession and foreboding, violence and instability) $14.00
Highsmith, Patricia Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes (Reissue; Collection; 10 stories of nuclear holocaust, psychotic politicians, plagues of cockroaches, carcinogenic fungi, and roving hordes of the criminally insane) $14.95
Highsmith, Patricia The Tremor of Forgery (Reissue; 1960s: Howard Ingham, in Tunisia to gather material for a film he's writing, becomes concerned when the girlfriend he left behind doesn't answer his increasingly aggravated letters, and the filmmaker who hired him fails to join him. Will Ingham's morality survive the withering heat?) $14.95
Iliffe, Glyn The Gates of Troy (Odysseus #2: Odysseus wants nothing more than to rule Ithaca in peace, but Helen of Sparta has been abducted by a prince of Troy, and the hosts of ancient Greece are gathering. Odysseus must persuade Achilles to join their cause - for without Achilles, the gates of Troy will never fall) $12.95
Jaffe, Michele Rosebush (YA; Jane wakes up tangled in a rosebush, paralyzed and unable to remember a single detail from the night before. Her mother and friends say the hit-and-run was an accident, but Jane knows someone tried to kill her. As she lies in bed, long-buried memories begin to resurface. Her friends come and go, each with a different version of what happened that night. Jane must use the clues they leave behind to figure out who's really on her side - before the killer strikes again) $8.99
Jerkins, Grant At the End of the Road (PBO; A car loses control, flips through the air. A woman crawls out, staggers toward the boy on the bike, the one she swerved to avoid. But he runs away. Kyle is ten in the summer of 1976, and his world is all about secrets - secrets hidden in the maze of cornfields, in caves, in the embers of scorched earth, behind creaking doors and down basement stairs . . . and in the darkest of hearts. But there's a policewoman at the front door. The Paralyzed Man watches him from a neighboring porch. And no matter which way Kyle turns, no place seems safe anymore) $15.00
Johnson, Claire M. Beat Until Stiff (Mary Ryan #1: Reissue; San Francisco pastry chef Mary Ryan arrives at work early, and steps on a laundry bag stuffed with the dead body of one of her employees. The investigation exposes all the dirty secrets that the food business would like to keep hidden, but it will take Mary's unique skills to get to the bottom of a poisonous scheme) $14.95
Jones, Solomon The Gravedigger's Ball (Coletti #2: Detective Mike Coletti stands at a grave, mourning the woman whose betrayal nearly cost him his life. He's joined there by her half-sister Lenore. Then a gunshot splits the air, placing Coletti on a collision course with the Gravedigger, a killer hell-bent on deciphering the secret of life and death) $24.99
Kadare, Ismail The Accident (A taxi in Vienna crashes, hurling its two passengers - a man and a woman - from the backseat as it spins through the air. The driver cannot explain why he lost control; he only says that the couple was about to kiss. As the investigation into their deaths deepens, a lonely researcher will uncover a mutually destructive relationship that blurs the line between fact and fiction, fear and desire) $14.00
Kehret, Peg Ghost Dog Secrets (Kids; Every day, Rusty feeds Ra, an injured German shepherd that's left chained outside in the cold with no shelter, food, or water. When he can't get Animal Control to help, Rusty and his friend Andrew take Ra to their secret hideout. Meanwhile, the ghost of a collie has been visiting Rusty. With Ra's owner making increasingly scary threats, the boys will need to figure out what the ghost dog is trying to tell them before it's too late) $6.99
Kerr, P.B. (Philip) The Akhenaten Adventure (Children of the Lamp #1: Kids; 12-year-old twins John and Philippa discover they are descended from a long line of djinn, with the power to grant wishes, travel to extraordinary places, and make people and objects disappear. Their eccentric djinn-uncle Nimrod will teach them how to harness their powers. And not a moment too soon, since they are about to embark on a search for a monstrous pharaoh named Akhenaten and his eerie tomb) $8.99
Kerr, P.B. (Philip) The Blue Djinn of Babylon (Children of the Lamp #2: Kids; When a book of djinn magic goes missing, John and Philippa are called upon to retrieve it. But it's a trap, and Philippa is abducted by the Blue Djinn. John and his uncle Nimrod must find Philippa before it's too late) $8.99
Kerr, P.B. (Philip) The Cobra King of Kathmandu (Children of the Lamp #3: Kids; While trying to help their djinn friend Buck find out who used a venomous king cobra to murder his friend, djinn twins John and Philippa find themselves caught up in the lethal world of the Cult of the Nine Cobras) $6.99
Kerr, P.B. (Philip) The Day of the Djinn Warriors (Children of the Lamp #4: Kids; Djinn twins John and Philippa race against time as they attempt to save their mother from her fate as the Blue Djinn of Babylon. An aging curse has been placed on their father, and if the twins are gone too long, he'll turn into an old man. Meanwhile, museums all over the world are reporting robberies of valuable jade from their collections, as well as bizarre hauntings) $7.99
Kerr, P.B. (Philip) The Eye of the Forest (Children of the Lamp #5: Kids; When a collection of Incan artifacts goes missing, the Blue Djinn of Babylon dispatches the twins to South America to recover them. Along the way, John and Philippa encounter their friend Dybbuk, who has been drained of his djinn powers but is determined to get them back) $7.99
Kerr, P.B. (Philip) The Five Fakirs of Faizabad (Children of the Lamp #6: Kids; When the world's luck tips wildly out of balance, the key to the world's fate lies with five fakirs who were buried alive, each guarding a secret that can answer a great question of the universe. But there's an evil djinn desperate to dig up the secrets. Without their mother's powerful magic, John and Philippa must face this djinn alone) $8.99
Koefod, Susan Washed Up (PBO; When 11-year-old Abatha finds a dead baby on the riverbank, social worker Christine Ivory and detective Arvo Thorson are assigned to the case. They grew up together in the Minnesota town, and have no use for each other, but when a similar cold case comes to light, they must work together to protect Abatha) $14.95
Koontz, Dean What the Night Knows (Alton Blackwood murdered four families, then was killed by the last survivor of the families, 14-year-old John Calvino. 20 years later, someone is recreating Blackwood's crimes. Detective John Calvino is certain his wife and children will be targets - and an extraordinary experience has him convinced that, sometimes, the dead return) $9.99
Kuhfeld, Ellen Secret Murder: Who Shall Judge? (Alternate history set in a North America settled by Europeans in the Middle Ages. Thorolf Pike was trouble. Declared an outlaw and exiled from his home, he had come from Surtsheim, where his fellow Norsemen lived, to Northlanding, where English settlers lived. Now he was dead, by an unknown hand. Who killed him? And should the murderer be judged by English law, or by Norse law?) $15.95
Lake, Deryn Death at the Wedding Feast (John Rawlings #14: In Devon for the birth of his child, apothecary John Rawlings learns that Lady Sidmouth's daughter Miranda is to marry the elderly Earl of St Austell, who has a cruel reputation. As the wedding day approaches, John feels increasingly uneasy, and before too long his worst forebodings are realized) $28.95
Lane, Vicki Under the Skin (Full Circle Farm #6: PBO; Elizabeth Goodweather and her city-girl sister Gloria couldn't be more different. Now Gloria has parked herself at Full Circle Farm, on the run from her latest man, who, she insists, is trying to kill her) $15.00
Lawson, Mike The Inside Ring (Joe DeMarco #1: Reissue; After a failed assassination attempt on the US President, there's some indication that his Secret Service agents might have been compromised. Speaker of the House Dan Mahoney assigns his fixer Joe DeMarco to determine if the Secret Service was really involved) $7.99
Leon, Donna et al Brunetti's Cookbook (Donna Leon's best friend (and lifelong Venetian) Roberta Pianaro provides over one hundred recipes, which are accompanied by food-related excerpts from the novels, and original essays by Donna Leon about food and life in Venice (where she has lived for over two decades)) $24.95
Limon, Martin Jade Lady Burning (Sueno & Bascom #1: Reissue; 1970s: When a young Korean woman is found murdered in Seoul's red-light district, her American soldier boyfriend is a suspect; military policemen George Sueno and Ernie Bascom investigate) $9.99
Lott, Bret The Hunt Club (Huger Dillard #1: 15-year-old Huger and 'Unc' (his blind Uncle Leland)ÿstumble upon the body of a well-to-do Charleston hunter. Who wanted him dead? And why is the Hunt Club, a tract of woods and swamp belonging to Huger's family, suddenly at the heart of a dark secret worth killing for?) $13.99
Lurie, April The Less-Dead (YA; Noah has been getting drunk, getting high, and dissing the religious beliefs of his father, who hosts a Christian radio show, and whom Noah accuses of spreading hate. When two gay teens are murdered, Noah is convinced the killer is a caller on his dad's program, and is drawn into a game of cat and mouse as he investigates) $8.99
Mallo, Ernesto Needle in a Haystack (Lascano #1: Buenos Aires, late 1970s: Sent to investigate a double murder, Superintendent Lascano arrives at the crime scene to find three bodies. Two are clearly the work of the Junta's death squads, murders he is forced to ignore. The third corpse turns out to be that of a moneylender and Auschwitz survivor. When Lascano digs too deep, he must confront an army major who is quick to help old friends but ruthless in dealing with dissenters) $14.95
Mallo, Ernesto Sweet Money (Lascano #2: Superintendent Lascano is drawn into a war between the Buenos Aires chief of police and the Apostles, drug-dealing cops who want to control the city. When the chief of police is murdered, Lascano becomes the Apostles' next target. His only way out of the country is to retrieve the loot from a bungled bank robbery) $14.95
Malloy, Mary The Wandering Heart (Lizzie Manning #1: PBO; First accident, then compulsion, lead historian Lizzie Manning through the history of thirty generations of one British family. Documents, artifacts, paintings, architecture, and even the landscape draw her into her own family's history of insanity, and into a search for a Crusader's disembodied heart) $15.95
Malloy, Mary Paradise Walk (Lizzie Manning #2: PBO; Chaucer may have based his Wife of Bath on a real woman, whose descendant holds certain artifacts, but will historian Lizzie Manning's investigation lead to something more sinister? Are the bones of St. Thomas Becket, believed to have been destroyed nearly 600 years ago, hidden in Canterbury Cathedral, and is someone willing to kill to protect the secret?) $15.95
Martin, Charles Philipp Neon Panic (Inspector Lok #1: PBO; When the body of a young woman washes up in the harbor, Inspector Herman Lok discovers that the woman is linked to the triads - and to the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra. Meanwhile, musician Hector Siefert learns that his colleague Leo Stern has disappeared. Hector digs deeper, and finds that behind the day-to-day life of the Symphony is something very evil. Did it kill Leo? And will it kill him next?) $14.95
McDermid, Val A Darker Domain (Fife, Scotland: Cold Case Review Team head Karen Pirie investigates two 1980s cases: a missing strikebreaker and the death of a kidnapped heiress) $14.99
Meloy, Maile The Apothecary (Kids; London, 1952: 14-year-old Janie meets an apothecary and his son Benjamin, who dreams of becoming a spy. When his father is kidnapped, Janie and Bejamin must keep the apothecary's secret book out of the hands of Russian spies. Using its secrets to discover and test potions they never believed could exist, they race to save the apothecary and prevent impending disaster) $16.99
Meyer, Deon Thirteen Hours (Benny Griessel #2: A teenage girl's body has been found on the street, her throat cut. She was an American - a PR nightmare in Cape Town, #1 tourist destination in South Africa. And her traveling companion Rachel is missing. Detective Griessel races against the clock, trying to bring Rachel home safe and solve the murder of her friend) $7.99
Miller, John J. The First Assassin (Washington, DC, 1861: Colonel Charles P. Rook is caught in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a ruthless assassin hired to eliminate president-elect Abraham Lincoln and destroy the Union once and for all) $15.95
Morrell, David The Spy Who Came for Christmas (On Christmas Eve in Santa Fe, agent Paul Kagan feverishly seeks refuge for himself and the baby he holds tightly, who has the power to change the course of global events. Pursued by members of the Russian Mafiya, Kagan finds an unexpected pair of allies: a mother and her young son) $6.99
Moyes, Patricia Dead Men Don't Ski (Inspector Tibbett #01: Reissue; Chief Inspector Henry Tibbett and his wife Emmy are in Italy for a spot of skiing, and to look into a little matter of interest to Interpol - Fritz Hauser. When Hauser is murdered, Tibbett discovers that most of the resort guests and staff had motives) $14.95
Mulligan, Andy Trash (YA; Three boys make a living picking through the mountains of garbage on the outskirts of a large city. One day, they find something very special and very mysterious. So mysterious that they decide to keep it, even when the city police offer a handsome reward for its return. They'll need all of their cunning and courage to stay ahead of their pursuers, solve a mystery, and right a terrible wrong) $8.99
Munday, Evan The Dead Kid Detective Agency (PBO; Kids; 13-year-old October spends her free time in the cemetery, where she befriends the ghosts of five dead teenagers, each from a different era of the past. They form the Dead Kid Detective Agency. When the high school French teacher dies in a suspicious car accident, the case puts them in the midst of a murder plot, and sends them on an adventure that might just uncover the truth about a bomb that exploded 40 years ago) $9.95
Murray, Colin No Hearts, No Roses (Tony Gerard #1: London, 1955: Laid-back PI Tony Gerard lives a peaceful life, until a routine call from glamorous film star Beverly Beaumont, asking Gerard to investigate the disappearance of her brother, ends in the discovery of a body, and a face from Tony's past. A face from Paris, 1945) $15.95
O'Donnell, P/Romero, E Million Dollar Game: Butch Cassidy Rides Again / Million Dollar Game / The Vampire of Malvescu (Modesty Blaise: PBO; Reprints classic black & white comic strips featuring three adventures of detective Modesty Blaise and her trusty henchman Willie Garvin) $19.95
O'Hara, Gerry Sherlock Holmes and the Affair in Transylvania (Having resolved a delicate matter in Bucharest, Holmes and Watson are about to return home when Watson receives a distressing letter from his niece Mina, now living in Budapest. It seems her lawyer husband Janos has not returned from a business trip to Castle Dracula) $16.95
Oates, Joyce Carol (ed) New Jersey Noir (PBO; Anthology; 19 original stories set in New Jersey) $15.95
Palumbo, Dennis Fever Dream (Daniel Rinaldi #2: PBO; When a bank robbery results in the deaths of all the hostages except one, Pittsburgh trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi is called in to question the survivor. The case soon explodes into a series of events that plunge the investigators into a vortex of mistaken identity and kidnapping) $14.95
Parker, Ann Mercury's Rise (Silver Rush #4: PBO; 1880: Tuberculosis victims are flocking to the health resort of Manitou, Colorado. But Inez Stannert is headed there to reunite with her son and her sister. On the stagecoach, East Coast businessman Edward Pace dies mysteriously. His widow begs Inez to make inquiries into his untimely death; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Patterson, James Kill Alex Cross (Alex Cross #18: The US President's son and daughter have been abducted. Detective Alex Cross is one of the first on the scene, but someone very high up is using the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA to keep him off the case and in the dark. Then Alex discovers that someone may be about to unleash the most devastating attack the US has ever experienced) $28.99
Penzler, Otto (ed) Christmas at The Mysterious Bookshop (Anthology; 17 stories with a holiday theme, each previously published only as a limited-edition chapbook) $14.99
Potzsch, Oliver The Hangman's Daughter (Bavaria, 1659: When a dying boy is found tattooed with the mark of a witch, the villagers suspect the local midwife. Hangman Jakob Kuisl is charged with extracting a confession from her - and torturing her until he gets one. Convinced she is innocent, he, his daughter Magdalena, and the local doctor's son try to find the true killer) $18.00
Rayner, Claire First Blood (Dr. Barnabas #1: Reissue; Dr. Barnabas is the new pathologist at a big inner city hospital, a police surgeon - and the first woman to hold either post. Her first post-mortem is on a well-known author, and surrounded by a media circus. The trouble begins when she cannot find a cause of death) $10.95
Rayner, Claire Second Opinion (Dr. Barnabas #2: Reissue; Dr. Barnabas, the forensic pathologist and police surgeon at the Old East Hospital, investigates when small babies in the maternity unit begin dying suspiciously) $10.95
Rector, John The Grove (Waking from a blackout to discover the body of a teenage girl in the cottonwood grove, Dexter McCray can't be entirely sure he's innocent. He sees no choice but to investigate the crime himself, but he has some help - in the shape of the dead girl herself) $14.95
Reece, Christy Sweet Revenge (Last Chance Rescue #2: PBO; Jamie Kendrick went on a trip to hell at the hands of a monster protected by money and power. Now, asking for LCR's help, Jamie plans her revenge. And Dylan Savage, one of LCR's most skilled operatives, is given an assignment - train the lovely Jamie, but thwart her revenge plot at all costs) $7.99
Rice, Craig 8 Faces at 3 (alternate titles: Death at Three / Murder Stops the Clock) (John Malone #01: Reissue; After Holly Inglehart is discovered unconscious, next to the dead body of the aunt who was about to disinherit her for marrying band leader Dick Drayton, it's up to Chicago lawyer John Malone to keep her from going to the chair. Malone teams up with Drayton's press agent Jake Justus and Holly's best friend Helene Brand. But can this trio of wisecracking sleuths find the real killer?) $14.95
Roberts, Les The Strange Death of Father Candy (1985: When his oldest brother - beloved by every Italian Catholic in Youngstown as 'Father Candy' - dies, Vietnam veteran Dominick Candiotti returns home for the funeral. Dissatisfied with the verdict of suicide, his search for the truth uncovers secrets) $24.99
Robertson, Michael The Brothers of Baker Street (Heath Brothers #2: Reggie Heath's latest client is a London cab driver accused of murdering two tourists. But while Reggie works on that case, the letters to Sherlock Holmes are piling up - including one from someone who claims to be Moriarty's descendant) $14.99
Royal, Priscilla Killing Season (Prioress Eleanor #8: PBO; Back from crusade, Baron Herbert grows increasingly morose, withdraws from his family, and refuses to share his wife's bed. When his sons begin to die in strange accidents, the baron begs his friend Sir Hugh to bring spiritual and secular healers. Sir Hugh persuades his sister Prioress Eleanor to accompany him. When Death's scythe harvests more victims, can they find the killer?; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Simenon, Georges The President (alternate title: The Premier) (Reissue; At 82, the former leader lives on the Normandy coast, writing his memoirs and receiving visits from statesmen and biographers - and guarding the handwritten confession of his former aide, Chalamont. He alone possesses the secret of Chalamont's true character and guilt - but now the long-thwarted Chalamont has been summoned to form a new coalition government) $14.00
Slater, Susan Five O'Clock Shadow (Pauly Caton watches her husband of four days fall from a hot-air balloon. Who is the naked child who scrambles from the gondola, fleeing when it strikes a sandbar? Why would he have been up with Randy and the pilot on the honeymoon ride she was too chicken to join?) $14.95
Smith, Alexander Gordon Solitary (Escape from Furnace #2: YA; Alex tried to escape. He had a perfect plan. He was almost free. Then the dogs came. Now he's locked in a place so hellish that escape doesn't even matter. He just wants to survive) $8.99
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret UFOs (Kids; Encyclopedia Brown solves mysteries for the neighborhood kids, and helps his dad, the chief of police, solve his most baffling crimes. Join Encyclopedia as he solves ten confounding new mysteries: stolen stamps, missing medallions, a shipwreck, and more. And with the clues given in each case, you can solve the mysteries too!) $4.99
Stevens, Taylor The Informationist (Vanessa Munroe #1: Hired to find a billionaire's missing daughter, Vanessa Munroe finds herself back in the African lands of her childhood, betrayed and left for dead. To escape the jungle, she must come face to face with the past she's tried to forget) $14.00
Stevenson, Richard Red White Black and Blue (Donald Strachey #12: Rumors about the Tea Party's opportunistic gubernatorial candidate paint him as an unfaithful, callous exploiter of young men . . . young men that he puts into the hospital, or perhaps the morgue. Gay PI Don Strachey smells truth in those rumors, but his investigation is confounded by a shadowy conspiracy, witnesses' fear, and a grieving family appallingly willing to give up on justice for a brutalized son and brother) $13.99
Swierczynski, Duane Hell & Gone (Charlie Hardie #2: PBO; Left for dead after a shootout that blew the lid off a billion-dollar conspiracy, ex-cop Charlie Hardie awakens to find himself captive in a secret prison that houses the most dangerous criminals on earth) $14.99
Thompson, Brian The Sailor's Ransom (HC title: The Captain's Table) (Bella Wallis #2: London, 1875: Philip Westland comes to Bella with a problem: his best friend is smitten by Miss Mary Skillane, an heiress whose father has promised her to Robert Judd, a vulgar treasure seeker. Mary is due to inherit the Skillane pearls, but it seems the pearls were ill-gotten. Can Bella and her friends unite the young lovers and escape the attention of the villainous Judd?) $13.95
Van Draanen, Wendelin Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher (Sammy Keyes #13: Kids; Her history teacher is being threatened, and with her own name near the top of the suspect list, eighth-grade detective Sammy Keyes is determined to get to the bottom of things) $7.99
Walker, Shiloh If You Hear Her (PBO; The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood - she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger. With no physical evidence, the local cops dismiss her claim. Ezra King, on leave from the state police, hears Lena's story; his instincts tell him that Lena's life is also at risk) $7.99
Waltner-Toews, David Fear of Landing (1980s: On the islands of Java and Bali, Canadian veterinarian Abner Dueck must battle Indonesian politics to unravel the mysterious deaths of both cattle and people) $14.95
Washburn, Livia J. The Gingerbread Bump-off (Fresh-Baked #6: PBO; Her house is being featured in the Christmas Jingle Bell Tour of Homes, but before the tour gets under way, Phyllis hears a crash, and makes a gruesome discovery on her front porch - someone has broken a decorative gingerbread man over her friend Georgia's head. With the police baffled, it's up to Phyllis to catch the killer) $14.00
Waters, Paul Cast Not the Day (Drusus #1: In the middle of the fourth century AD, the Roman Empire is under Christian rule. But in Britain there is still resistance to the Church. As the followers of faith and reason clash, and the old values of classical enlightenment are called into question, Drusus, a young British Roman, is there to witness the cracks as they begin to split the Roman Empire) $15.95
Waters, Paul The Republic of Vengeance (UK title: Of Merchants and Heroes) (At the end of the third century BC, as the ruthless King of Macedon is moving against the city-states of Greece and threatening Rome itself, Marcus, a young Roman, vows to avenge his father's death at the hands of pirates led by a notorious corsair. He is cast into the midst of the rising war) $16.00
Welsh, Louise The Cutting Room (Reissue; Winner of the CWA Creasey Dagger for Best First Novel. When an auctioneer comes upon a hidden collection of violent and disturbing photographs, he feels compelled to discover more about the deceased owner. The search sucks him into an underworld of crime, depravity, and secret desire - and a fight for his life) $12.95
Westlake, D (Stark, R) Flashfire (Parker #19: Reissue; Parker's in West Palm Beach, competing with a crew that has an unhealthy love of explosions; when things go sour, Parker finds himself shot and trapped - and forced to rely on a civilian to survive) $15.00
Westlake, D (Stark, R) Firebreak (Parker #20: Reissue; His latest heist takes Parker to a palatial Montana hunting lodge where a dot-com millionaire hides a gallery of stolen old masters - which will fetch Parker a pretty penny if his team can just get past the mansion's tight security) $15.00
Wilson, Laura The Lover (Reissue; Fall, 1940: Londoners are being killed by the bombs of the Blitz. But a handful of the dead were killed more personally. The victims were all prostitutes, and it's clear that someone is following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper) $14.95
Zarimba, Lance Vacation Therapy (Checking into an all-male resort, Taylor and Sergio discover a dead body, which then disappears. When Taylor stumbles over it again, the problems have only started in this tropical paradise) $14.99

Expected Early December

Adams, Ellery The Last Word (Books by the Bay #3: PBO; The Bayside Book Writers are excited when a bestselling novelist comes to town to work on his next book - until he's strangled The investigation could spell doom for one of Olivia's dearest friends) $7.99
Ballard, Mignon F. Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause (Miss Dimple #2: 1943: When children discover a skeleton at the edge of a field, and Buddy Oglesby disappears along with the money from the War Bond rally, Miss Dimple and her fellow teachers are soon on the case) $24.99
Barbieri, Maggie Physical Education (Murder 101 #6: After the coach dies of a heart attack during the game, English professor Alison Bergeron is forced to take over the women's basketball team. It isn't long before she suspects that the death was no accident) $24.99
Barton, Beverly Dead by Nightfall (PBO; When his wife disappears, Griffin Powell will need all the resources of the Powell Agency to track down her captor, a sadistic madman who has used his wealth to fund a series of depraved hunts) $7.99
Beason, Pamela Endangered (Summer Westin #1: PBO; When a boy disappears, the media blames the cougars that wildlife biologist Summer Westin helped rehabilitate and release. Now she's joining FBI agent Chase Perez on a search through the high country, hoping to uncover the truth in time to save both the boy and the wild cats) $7.99
Blackwell, Juliet Dead Bolt (Haunted Home Renovation #2: PBO; The renovation of a historic San Francisco home is hindered by the owners, who insist on sticking around, and by some ghosts, who want to stop the work entirely. When a crotchety neighbor turns up dead, Mel is a suspect, and will have to restore her reputation as well as the building) $7.99
Brandon, Ali Double Booked for Death (Black Cat Bookshop #1: PBO; Darla has inherited her aunt's Brooklyn bookstore, and smarter-than-thou bookstore cat Hamlet. When a bestselling author meets an untimely end during a store event, it's ruled an accident - until Hamlet digs up a clue that seems to indicate otherwise) $7.99
Brennan, Allison If I Should Die (Lucy Kincaid #3: PBO; Aspiring FBI agent Lucy Kincaid and her PI boyfriend Sean Rogan pursue an arsonist into an abandoned mine shaft - and stumble upon the perfectly preserved remains of a murder victim) $7.99
Brown, D/DeFelice, J Raven Strike (Dreamland #13: PBO; On the trail of a notorious terrorist, CIA operatives overstep their boundaries, and the ultimate weapon falls into the wrong hands. Danny Freah and his team scramble to recover it, while Whiplash director Jonathon Reid tries to uncover the secrets behind the original mission's failure) $9.99
Bruen, Ken London Boulevard (Ex-con Mitchell's violent past catches up with him, and people start getting hurt. When his disturbed sister is threatened, he is forced to act) $14.99
Buckley, Fiona Queen Without a Crown (Ursula Blanchard #9: Happily married to Hugh Stannard, lady-in-waiting Ursula Blanchard is hoping to give up her undercover work for Queen Elizabeth l. But when Hugh unwittingly endangers possession of his ancestral home, Ursula is forced to take on a seemingly hopeless - but handsomely paid - private assignment) $28.95
Cain, Chelsea Evil at Heart (Archie Sheridan #3: A zealous fan of Gretchen's pays homage to the Beauty Killer by luring Archie and reporter Susan Ward to the scene of a grisly murder) $7.99
Cain, Chelsea The Night Season (Archie Sheridan #4: Portland detective Archie Sheridan goes after a serial killer who has been poisoning people and then dumping them in the Willamette River flood waters) $7.99
Challis, Joanna The Villa of Death (Daphne du Maurier #3: 1927: Daphne's friend Ellen is marrying her beau Teddy, despite family objections. When Teddy is found murdered just after the wedding and Ellen is accused of the crime, Daphne and the dashing Major Browning must uncover the truth) $25.99
Cheshire, Simon The Treasure of Dead Man's Lane and Other Case Files (Saxby Smart #2: Kids; Boy detective Saxby Smart exposes a comic book counterfeiter, restores a dead man's good name, and uncovers a case of identity theft. He records the cases in his notebook, laying out all the clues readers need to solve the mysteries on their own) $6.99
Christie, A/Curran, J Agatha Christie: Murder in the Making (Nonfiction; more of Christie's unpublished work, including letters, archival papers, and an analysis of her last, unfinished novel) $25.99
Christie, Agatha Agatha Christie: An Autobiography (Reissue; Nonfiction; the queen of mystery chronicles her life. Includes a bonus CD with commentary from the grande dame herself) $29.99
Clement, Blaize Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons (Dixie Hemingway #6: Dixie tries to save a young woman and her baby from murderous con artists who are ready to kill to keep the millions they stole from naive investors) $7.99
Connelly, Michael The Drop (Harry Bosch #17: Relentlessly pursuing two cases, LAPD detective Harry Bosch makes two chilling discoveries: a killer operating undiscovered in the city for decades, and a political conspiracy that reaches back into the dark history of the police department; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Coonts, Deborah Lucky Stiff (Lucky O'Toole #2: Lucky sets out to discover who turned a less-than-savory Vegas oddsmaker into shark food) $7.99
Coonts, S/Keith, W.H. Death Wave (Deep Black #9: The NSA's top secret Deep Black unit must prevent an act of geological terrorism that could devastate the east coast of the US) $9.99
Cornwell, Patricia Red Mist (Kay Scarpetta #19: Determined to find out why Jack Fielding was murdered, Kay Scarpetta travels to the Georgia Prison for Women, where an inmate has information, and discovers connections revealing conspiracy and potential terrorism on an international scale) $27.95
Cotterill, Colin Slash and Burn (Dr. Siri Paiboun #8: 1970s: Dr. Siri is sent to supervise the search for the remains of a US pilot whose plane went down ten years earlier in the jungles of northern Laos. The search party includes high-level politicians and scientists; when one of them is found dead, first of a series of 'accidents', it's up to the feisty old coroner to get to the bottom of the mystery) $25.00
Crais, Robert The Watchman (Cole & Pike #11: Reissue; Joe PIke is hired to protect a young heiress who is the sole witness in a federal investigation. As a chain of lies and betrayals tightens around them, Pike decides to follow his own rules for survival: hunt down the hunters and strike hard) $9.99
Crais, Robert The Two Minute Rule (Reissue; Max Holman botched a bank job and was sent away for years. Released from prison, Max wants to reconcile with his estranged son. Instead he learns that his son's been gunned down. To uncover the truth about the killing, Max teams up with ex-FBI agent Katherine Pollard) $9.99
Crichton, M/Preston, R Micro (Three men are found dead in a locked office in a Honolulu building, with no sign of struggle except for ultrafine, razor-sharp cuts covering their bodies. The only clue is a tiny bladed robot, nearly invisible to the human eye) $28.99
Cussler, C/Brown, G Devil's Gate (NUMA Files #9: The NUMA Team is drawn into the ambitions of an African dictator, the creation of a weapon of unbelievable power, and a plan to extort the world's major nations by threatening to destroy their greatest cities) $27.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Winter (Emma Lord #23: Emma and sheriff Milo Dodge have their holiday festivities interrupted when a decomposed body is discovered in a cave on Mount Sawyer; quite a few people claim it's the remains of their missing loved one) $25.00
Delaney, Kathleen And Murder for Dessert (Ellen McKenzie #3: Ellen and her police chief fiance attend the upscale Harvest Festival Dinner at Silver Springs Winery, hosted by Ellen's niece Sabrina and her husband. The dinner is progressing nicely until Sabrina finds the temperamental guest chef dead in a wine fermenting tank) $14.95
DiSilverio, Laura Swift Edge (Charlie Swift #2: A world-class figure skater hires Swift Investigations to find her missing pairs partner; then the pair's coach is attacked, and another skater is killed) $25.99
dos Santos, Jose R. The Einstein Enigma (A manuscript, mysteriously entitled The God Formula and penned by Albert Einstein, contains a cryptogram that leads to a search for the most elusive secret of the universe) $14.99
Drake, Nick Egypt: The Book of Chaos (Rahotep #3: After Tutankhamun dies without an heir, his widow Ankhesenamun sends chief detective Rahotep and royal envoy Nakht on a mission to the Hittites, to arrange a marriage for her with one of the king's sons, a union that would bring peace to the region and consolidate her power. Meanwhile, back in Egypt, General Horemheb is poised to seize control) $25.99
Dryden, Alex Red to Black (Anna Resnikov #1: Reissue; Ordered to gather intelligence on each other, Finn, an MI6 spy, and Anna, a KGB colonel, fall in love; together they must thwart a plot to replace the Soviet state with a new Russian Empire) $9.99
Ebersohn, Wessel The October Killings (Bukula & Gordon #1: 20 years ago, soldier Leon Lourens saved Abby Bukula from the white security team that killed her anti-apartheid activist parents. Now he has come to Abby for help. Someone is killing members of the team. Abby turns to Yudel Gordon, a white prison psychologist, for help in untangling the web of politics, identity, and history) $14.99
Eccles, Marjorie Broken Music (1919: With Great Britain still struggling after the Great War, former police sergeant Herbert Reardon returns home, determined to find out what happened the night his daughter was found drowned. When a maid is found murdered, Reardon is convinced the cases are linked) $25.99
Ellis, Robert Murder Season (Lena Gamble #3: Called to a double homicide at a hangout for Hollywood celebs, Detective Gamble learns one of the victims was the politically connected club owner, and the other was just acquitted of killing his 16-year-old neighbor. Was the teen's angry father serving up some justice, or is something bigger in play?) $25.99
Evanovich, Janet The Rocky Road to Romance (Steve Crow, program director at WZZZ, always favored low-slung sportscars and high-heeled women, but that was before he fell for the station's Dog Lady, Daisy Adams, a free spirit who loves old people and pets, and catches crooks by accident) $7.99
Evanovich, Janet One for the Money (movie tie-in) (Stephanie Plum #01: Reissue; After losing her job, Stephanie goes to work skip-tracing for her sleazy cousin Vinnie's bail bond company. She's got no experience. And it doesn't help that the bail jumper in question is hot Trenton vice cop Joe Morelli - wanted for murder) $8.99
Evanovich, Janet Smokin' Seventeen (Stephanie Plum #17: Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but it's clear that Stephanie's name is on the killer's list. Stephanie faces further complications when her family and friends decide that it's time for her to choose between Morelli and Ranger) $8.99
Evanovich, Janet Explosive Eighteen audiobook (Stephanie Plum #18: What happens next? Details being kept under wraps until the release date) $32.00
Ferris, Monica Buttons and Bones (Needlecraft #14: While renovating a cabin in the woods of northern Minnesota, Betsy finds a skeleton. She investigates, and discovers the site of a former WWII POW camp, a mysterious crocheted rug, and clues to a decades-old crime) $7.99
Ferris, Monica Threadbare (Needlecraft #15: When an elderly homeless woman is found dead, her last will and testament is embroidered on her blouse, leaving everything to her niece Emily, a Crewel World regular. Emily's aunt turns out to be the second homeless woman found dead recently. It's up to Betsy to discover the common thread between the deaths, and stop a killer from striking again) $24.95
Finnis, Jane Shadows in the Night (original title: Get Out or Die) (Aurelia Marcella #1: Reissue; Roman Britain, AD 91: Aurelia Marcella runs an inn on the road to York. She and her Roman friends find themselves under attack from a native war-band, the Shadow-men, who want to drive all Romans out of Britain. Can they stop the band's masked leader before the countryside rises in open rebellion?) $14.95
Frazer, Margaret A Play of Heresy (Joliffe the Player #7: PBO; During the Corpus Christi Day festival in Coventry, members of Joliffe's troupe are implicated in a merchant's disappearance. To uncover the truth, Joliffe must unravel the machinations of a heretical sect bent on destroying the church) $15.00
Gabaldon, Diana The Scottish Prisoner (Lord John Grey #4: London, 1760: When an erstwhile comrade from the Rising shows up, talking about an ancient relic that will rally the Irish, Jamie Fraser's having none of it. Then Lord John Grey arrives, needing a translation for a message in Erse - the tongue favored by Scottish Highlanders - to continue his latest investigation. Soon Lord John and Jamie are unwilling companions on the road to Ireland, whose dark castles hold dreadful secrets, and whose bogs hide the bones of the dead) $28.00
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk on the Couch (Monk #12: Three strangers are murdered: a security guard, a student, and a woman. They have something in common, and Monk can't believe what it is - a couch) $7.99
Griffin, Laura Untraceable (Tracers #1: PI Alexandra Lovell helps clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety. Melanie Bess was one of those clients. But when Melanie vanishes for real, Alex will use every resource she can get her hands on - including the elite Tracers forensics team and sexy Austin detective Nathan Deveraux - to uncover the truth) $7.99
Griffin, Laura Unspeakable (Tracers #2: A string of murders near a Texas beach resort convince FBI profiler Elaina McCord that a serial killer is at work, but the local police aren't convinced. Now the Tracers forensics team and playboy true-crime writer Troy Stockton are her only allies as the killer taunts her - and targets her) $7.99
Griffin, Laura Unforgivable (Tracers #3: First DNA expert Mia Voss is carjacked, then another sinister episode convinces her she's being targeted. And the only way to protect the people she loves most is to risk letting a killer walk free. Detective Ric Santos can tell she's scared - to catch a sadistic madman, he'll have to convice Mia to trust him with her secrets, and her life) $7.99
Griffin, Laura Snapped (Tracers #4: After surviving a sniper attack on the local college campus, crime lab technician Sophie Barrett becomes convinced that it wasn't the random, senseless act it appeared to be. Now she needs to convince Jonah Macon, the homicide detective who's already saved her life once) $7.99
Hall, James W. Dead Last (Thorn #12: On a cable TV series, a serial killer is using local obituaries as a blueprint for selecting his victims. Mid-season, a real-life killer begins using the same strategy. Thorn teams up with a young Oklahoma policewoman to find out if someone connected to the TV show is behind the killings) $25.99
Harrison, Cora Scales of Retribution (Mara #6: The Burren, Ireland, 1510: When local physician Malachy disappears, then is found dead, Mara suspects the man's family, but soon discovers that the list of people bearing Malachy a grudge is much longer) $15.95
Higgins, Jack The Judas Gate (Sean Dillon #18: Sean Dillon must track down the Irish commander of a Taliban team that ambushed and killed a group of US Army Rangers and a British medical team in Afghanistan) $9.99
Hilton, Matt Cut and Run (Joe Hunter #4: Ex-CIA and Special Ops, Joe Hunter made a lot of enemies during his covert career - but none worse than the powerful man he left for dead in South America. Now, seven years later, someone with Hunter's face has embarked on a killing spree in Florida) $9.99
Hunter, Stephen Soft Target (Ray Cruz #1: On a Twin Cities shopping trip with his fiancee, ex-Marine sniper Ray Cruz ends up doing battle when murderous terrorists take over America's largest shopping mall on the day after Thanksgiving) $26.99
James, Bill I Am Gold (Harpur & Iles #27: A woman and her stepson are gunned down while driving to school. Was the killer really after the woman's husband, notorious drug baron Mansel Shale? When the police chase the shooting suspect into a busy shop, the action turns into a deadly standoff) $23.95
James, P.D. Death Comes to Pemberley (1803: On the eve of Pemberley's annual autumn ball, a coach careens up the drive carrying Lydia, Elizabeth's disgraced sister. She stumbles out of the carriage, shrieking that her husband has been murdered. Pemberley is plunged into a frightening mystery) $25.95
James, Peter Dead Man's Grip (Roy Grace #7: After a traffic accident kills a student, the drivers of two of the vehicles involved are found tortured and murdered. Detective Supt. Grace learns the student was connected to an American crime family. Someone has sworn revenge, but the last survivor refuses to go into hiding - if the police can't stop the killer, she plans to do it herself) $25.99
James, Steven The Bishop (Patrick Bowers #4: FBI special agent Bowers pits his cutting-edge investigative techniques against the people responsible for a bloody murder spree in the Northeast) $7.99
Johansen, Iris Quinn (Eve Duncan #12: John Gallo seems to hold the key to the mystery of the fate of Eve's daughter Bonnie. With Joe Quinn's life hanging in the balance, justice may never be served, unless CIA agent Catherine Ling can outsmart Gallo at his own game) $7.99
Kepler, Lars The Hypnotist (The only witness to a triple homicide in Tumba, Sweden, is the boy who was meant to be the fourth victim, who is in a state of shock. Desperate for information, DI Joona Linna decides to have a psychiatrist hypnotize the boy, which sets a terrifying chain of events in motion) $16.00
Kneubuhl, Victoria Nalani Murder Casts a Shadow (Beckwith & Manusia #1: 1934: While Honolulu celebrates New Year's Eve, someone is making away with the Bishop Museum's portrait of King Kalakaua and its curator. When a series of murders follows, newspaper reporter Mina Beckwith and visiting playwright Ned Manusia find themselves investigating a twisted trail of clues) $14.99
Kneubuhl, Victoria Nalani Murder Leaves Its Mark (Beckwith & Manusia #2: 1930s Hawaii: When newspaper reporter Mina Beckwith and playwright Ned Manusia join family members for a luxury hotel weekend, Mina's cop brother-in-law asks them to help investigate a murder) $16.99
Kovacs, Ed Storm Damage (When a hurricane devastates New Orleans, the fresh murder of a politically connected bar owner gets swept away. No corpse or forensic evidence, but cop turned PI Cliff St. James uncovers possible CIA involvement, and is willing to break every rule to solve the case) $25.99
Lamb, Amanda Love Lies (PBO; Nonfiction; who killed suburban wife and mother Nancy Cooper?) $9.99
Larsson, Asa Until Thy Wrath Be Past (Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson and Police Inspector Anna-Maria Mella investigate the murder of a young woman, stirring up long-dormant rumors of Nazi collaborators) $24.95
Lavene, Joyce & Jim A Spirited Gift (Missing Pieces #3: PBO; As the mayor of Duck, NC, Dae is hosting a Mayors' Conference at the Blue Whale Inn. When a visiting mayor's body is discovered the morning after a severe storm, Dae receives a vision through the woman's ring: there's a killer among the guests) $7.99
Lawrence, C.E. Silent Kills (Lee Campbell #3: PBO; The hunt for a killer who drains his victims of blood leads NYPD profiler Lee Campbell into the darkly alluring steampunk scene) $7.99
Leather, Stephen / Olson, Warren Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye (Two-timing bargirls, suspicious spouses, and lesbian lovers - it was all in a day's work for Bangkok PI Warren Olson. The stories are based on Olson's case files, fictionalized (to protect the innocent, and the guilty) by author Stephen Leather) $15.95
Limon, Martin Mr. Kill (Sueno & Bascom #7: On a crowded train from Pusan to Seoul, the brutal rape of a young mother sparks rage, pitting Korean witnesses against the US military. US Army investigators George Sueno and Ernie Bascom search in vain for the culprit, becoming entangled in the web of military apologists who deny that any US personnel were involved) $24.00
Littell, Robert Mother Russia (Reissue; Robespierre Pravdin is a black marketeer who hustles wristwatches. Wishing only to survive in Soviet-era Moscow, a city suffocated by paranoia, he manages to make a tidy profit and stay under the state's radar - until he meets the woman called 'Mother Russia' and becomes ensnared in the dangerous game of politics) $16.00
Lowell, Virginia A Cookie Before Dying (Cookie Cutter Shop #2: PBO; Olivia and her Yorkie discover a corpse - who looks suspiciously like an intruder seen fleeing Charlene Critch's health food store. Could Charlene be hiding a secret serious enough to kill for?) $7.99
McCullough, Colleen Naked Cruelty (Carmine Delmonico #3: 1968: Capt. Delmonico investigates when two murders rooted in sex and greed rock the university town of Holloman, CT) $16.00
Morrison, Boyd The Catalyst (Certain that his advisor's death in a suspicious fire was no accident, chemistry grad student Kevin Hamilton discovers that their recent collaboration on a supposedly failed experiment had actually brought about one of the most important discoveries of the century - with the potential to topple entire industries) $5.99
Murphy, J.J. You Might As Well Die (Algonquin Round Table #2: PBO; When a second-rate illustrator's works triple in value following his apparent suicide, Dorothy Parker smells something fishy. She and Harry Houdini attend a seance held by the dead man's mistress, where the illustrator's ghostly voice seems all too real) $7.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Coming Home (Joe Grey #16: Feline PI Joe Grey and his pals discover that the prison tomcat who brought a message to the local cops has a personal agenda, and that their new neighbor Maudie is hiding a secret about her son's killer - who has followed her to town) $7.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Telling Tales (Joe Grey #17: With Molena Point hit hard by the economic downturn, a suspicious fire and a homeless family put PI cat Joe Grey and his posse on the trail of a scam involving a group of shady real estate agents) $19.99
Patterson, J/McMahon, N Toys (Hays Baker is an Elite, endowed at birth with super strength, extraordinary intelligence, and more. Top operative at the Agency for Change, he has just won the fiercest battle of his career when he learns something that overturns everything he thought was true. Now a hunted fugitive, he must fight to save humans everywhere from extinction) $9.99
Penrose, Andrea The Cocoa Conspiracy (Lady Arianna #2: PBO; Regency England: The rare book Lady Arianna bought for her husband turns out to have sensitive government documents hidden inside; they must uncover a traitorous conspiracy) $7.99
Purser, Ann Foul Play at Four (Lois Meade #11: After a series of robberies, including one at her daughter Josie's grocery shop, Lois and her daughter's policeman fiance must figure out who's cleaning out Long Farnden) $24.95
Riches, Anthony Arrows of Fury (Empire #2: The new Roman governor of Britannia must stamp out the rebellion of the northern tribes or risk losing the province. For Marcus - now simply Centurion Corvus of the 1st Tungrian cohort - the campaign is doubly dangerous. He is surrounded by new officers with no reason to protect him from the emperor's henchmen, and death could result from a careless word as easily as from an enemy spear) $11.95
Ridley, Scott Morning of Fire (Nonfiction; 1787: Captain John Kendrick, a master navigator, leaves Boston on an expedition to round Cape Horn and head into the Pacific to establish an outpost on territory claimed by the Spanish and establish new trade with China) $16.99
Robards, Karen Justice (Jess & Mark #2: With the help of her ex-lover, Secret Service agent Mark Ryan, attorney Jessica Ford hunts for two missing women: the attorney whose office Jessica now occupies, and the victim in a recently dismissed rape case) $7.99
Rocha, Luis M. The Pope's Assassin (UK title: The Holy Assassin) (Sarah Monteiro & Rafael #3: When a historian turns up dead after uncovering ancient scrolls that threaten the best-kept secret of the Catholic Church, shadowy priest/operative Rafael is sent to investigate, and finds evidence that may implicate journalist Sarah Montiero) $9.99
Roker, Al/Lochte, Dick The Talk Show Murders (Billy Blessing #3: Billy's past life as a con man comes back to haunt him when a former cop tries to blackmail him. Then another person from Billy's past appears - missing his head. As the corpses pile up, Billy must clear his name once and for all) $26.00
Rule, Ann Don't Look Behind You (Nonfiction; true-crime stories of people in danger, sometimes from strangers and sometimes from the people they know and love) $7.99
Ryan, William The Holy Thief (Alexei Korolev #1: Moscow, 1936: When a young woman is found dead and mutilated in a deconsecrated church, Captain Korolev of the CID is asked to investigate, but when he discovers the victim is American, the secret police become involved. The trail leads to the Moscow underworld) $14.99
Schweizer, Mark Dear Priscilla (In 1943 Chicago, where it's tough to tell the difference between the cops and the criminals, the murders of two women put a mean police detective and his loan-shark partner on the trail of a cold-blooded killer with a warped psyche) $23.95
Schweizer, Mark The Christmas Cantata (Liturgical Mystery #10: Usually in St. Germaine, NC, the weeks before Christmas are marked by an increase in good feelings. Not this year. The whole town is crabby. When a long-lost cantata is found in the basement of the courthouse, a Christmas Eve performance is the order of the day. What happens next is anyone's guess; Signed copies expected) $9.95
Shelton, Paige Crops and Robbers (Farmers' Market #3: PBO; Becca is excited about the local Restaurant Association's visit to the farmer's market - until the Association president snubs Becca's preserves, then turns up dead in Becca's kitchen, with Becca's mom the prime suspect) $7.99
Silvis, Randall The Boy Who Shoots Crows (Yesterday, a local boy went missing. Painter Charlotte Dunleavy was used to seeing him go into the woods, rifle in hand, to shoot at crows. Suffering from the aftereffects of a migraine, Charlotte barely remembers the details of the day, just splinters of memory - nothing concrete enough to help the local sheriff in his search) $15.00
Simmons, Dan Black Hills (Haunted by Custer's ghost, and by his ability to see into the memories and futures of legendary men like Crazy Horse, Paha Sapa's life is driven by a vision he had as a boy in the Black Hills. In August of 1936, a dynamite worker on the Mount Rushmore project, Paha Sapa plans to silence his ghost forever and reclaim his people's legacy) $9.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Forgotten Affairs of Youth (Isabel Dalhousie #8: While helping her new friend Jane hunt for her biological father, Isabel must also find time for her own concerns: her young son's keen new interest in kites; her housekeeper Grace, who has been getting financial advice from a spiritualist; and the question of whether Isabel and her fiance Jamie should finally get married) $24.95
Smith, April Good Morning, Killer (Ana Grey: Reissue; When the 15-year-old victim of an abduction turns up, traumatized into a state of terror, special agent Ana Grey becomes too emotionally entangled in the case, and ends up turning her weapon on a police detective. Now she is both criminal investigator and criminal as she breaks her bail agreement to continue tracking the abductor) $14.95
Smith, Carlton Dying for Love (PBO; Nonfiction; the story of millionaire dentist John Yelenic, his estranged wife Michele, and the affair that ended with Yelenic's murder) $7.99
Stabenow, Dana Though Not Dead (Kate Shugak #18: Stunned by the death of Old Sam, her 87-year-old uncle and foster father, Kate sets out to discover the fate of Sam's father, an outsider who disappeared long ago, along with a priceless tribal artifact) $7.99
Stroby, Wallace Cold Shot to the Heart (Crissa's mentor is up for parole, but needs money to grease the wheels. She puts together a heist, but one of her crew shoots a man with connections to hitman Eddie the Saint. Just out of prison, Eddie could use the work - not to mention the money) $14.99
Vittachi, Nury The Feng Shui Detective Goes West (original title: Mr. Wong Goes West) (Feng shui master C.F. Wong has never been to the West, but he knows he doesn't like it. And yet C.F. is going to England. The Family has been having a bad time. The Family needs a feng shui master. Only Wong can bring balance to Buckingham Palace) $14.95
Washburn, Livia J. Killer on a Hot Tin Roof (Literary Tour #3: Delilah must find the culprit when a trip to the Tennesse Williams Literary Festival in New Orleans with a group of English professors and their spouses - jealousy, greed, adultery, and ambition included - leads to murder) $7.99
Wilson, F. Paul Reprisal (Adversary Cycle #5: Reissue; Revised edition. The immortal evil defeated in The Keep and reincarnated in Reborn has come of age and begun to settle scores. He targets a few unlucky individuals for destruction now, but soon the whole world will suffer) $15.99
Woods, Stuart Bel-Air Dead (Stone Barrington #20: When an ex-girlfriend ask him to represent her in the sale of a movie studio, Stone finds himself dragged into a surprisingly deadly web of intrigue) $9.99

Expected Mid-December

Finnis, Jane A Bitter Chill (Aurelia Marcella #2: Reissue; Roman Britain, AD 95: Innkeeper Aurelia Marcella's plans for a peaceful Saturnalia are shattered, first by her brother's news that an enemy in Rome is spreading rumors that her family is plotting against Caesar, and then by a death at the festival banquet) $14.95
Finnis, Jane Danger in the Wind (Aurelia Marcella #4: Roman Britain, AD 100: When a soldier staying at her inn is murdered, Aurelia Marcella discovers he was carrying a message predicting trouble at the nearby fort where her cousin Jovina and her officer husband are stationed. Aurelia travels there to warn them, and finds herself in peril as she tries to unravel the strands of an anti-Roman conspiracy; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Grindle, Lucretia The Faces of Angels (On a trip to Florence, newlywed art student Mary Warren was attacked and her husband murdered. Within months the killer was identified, caught, and dead. Two years later, Mary has returned. But more and more, she sees not the glories of Florence, but one dead young woman after another. And either this is a copycat killer, or her husband's murderer is still on the loose) $14.95
Haas, Derek Dark Men (Silver Bear #3: Columbus has retired; he and his lover Risina have fled to a tiny Italian coastal village where no one knows their names. Until he notices a suspicious man following him, and within days finds himself back in Chicago, trying to figure out why his old fence has been kidnapped and maybe even killed) $25.00
Judson, Daniel Voyeur (Remer was a Manhattan PI until one of his targets found a way to force him into retirement. He's been living an anonymous life for six years, but when a voice from his past needs help, he agrees to work one last missing persons case) $14.99
Karp, Larry Perilous Conception (1976: An ambitious obstetrician works secretly on an in vitro fertilization performed on humans. But a secret that big is hard to keep, and leads first to blackmail, then to murder. Police Detective Bernie Baumgartner's investigation is hampered by pressure from influential people at the University) $14.95
Kent, Christobel The Drowning River (UK title: A Time of Mourning) (Sandro Cellini #1: Sandro Cellini, a disgraced cop turned PI, investigates the death of an architect, a Holocaust survivor and lifelong depressive found drowned on the banks of the River Arno in Florence) $14.95
Khoury, Raymond The Devil's Elixir (Sean Reilly #3: What if there was a drug, previously lost to history, capable of inducing an experience so momentous and unsettling that it might shake the foundations of Western civilization? What if powerful forces on both sides of the law launched a vicious pursuit to possess it?) $26.95
Ludlow, Jack The Burning Sky (Road to War #1: 1935: British officer turned soldier of fortune Cal Jardine is hired by a mysterious group of British anti-Fascists to smuggle guns to the Abyssinians for their fight against Mussolini's Italian army) $16.95
Ludlow, Jack A Broken Land (Road to War #2: 1936: When a favor to a friend leaves Cal Jardine caught up in the Spanish Civil War, he finds himself among an interesting assortment of fighters. But a communist fanatic in the ranks is inciting trouble, and a murderous betrayal lies ahead) $29.95
Lupton, Rosamund Sister (Tess has been found dead, apparently a suicide, but Beatrice is convinced that something more sinister was responsible for her sister's death) $14.00
Marston, Edward A Bespoke Murder (Marmion & Keedy #1: London, 1915: Anti-German hysteria reaches fever pitch, and attacks on German immigrants surge. Jacob Stein's bespoke tailoring business is attacked, leaving his safe ransacked, his daughter Ruth raped, and Jacob dead. Inspector Harvey Marmion faces an uphill struggle to track down the perpetrators. But was the murder as opportunistic as it first appears, or did someone with a deadly grudge plan the attack?) $29.95
Nesbo, Jo The Leopard (Harry Hole #5: Two young women are found murdered in Oslo, both drowned in their own blood. The police investigation is stalled, and the one man who might be able to help, Inspector Harry Hole, has lost himself in Hong Kong's opium dens. Yet when he is compelled to return to Norway, Harry's buried instincts begin to take over. After a female MP is discovered murdered, nothing can keep him from the investigation) $26.95
Potter, Ellen The Kneebone Boy (Kids; After their father unwittingly sends them to stay with an aunt who turns out to be away on holiday, the Hardscrabble children take off on an adventure that begins in the seedy streets of London and ends in a peculiar sea village where, according to legend, a monstrous half-beast boy roams the woods) $6.99
Scott, Justin Mausoleum (Ben Abbott #5: When the 300-year-old Newbury, CT, village cemetery is invaded by a gaudy mausoleum, Ben Abbott is not happy. Ben's fellow drinkers at the bar have nicknamed the monstrosity McTomb - but no one expected to find the owner's body locked in it 50 years ahead of schedule) $14.95
Smith, Tom Rob Child 44 (Leo Demidov #1: Reissue; In Stalin's Soviet Union, it's a crime against the State to suggest that a serial killer is in their midst; Leo Demidov must find and stop a criminal that the State won't admit exists) $14.99
Stabenow, Dana A Fatal Thaw (Kate Shugak #02: Reissue; 1st HC edition. On the first day of the Alaskan spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of massacre when he takes a .30-06 and kills nine of his neighbors in the Park. Or did he kill only eight? And if so, who killed the ninth victim? Kate Shugak investigates) $24.95
Todd, Charles A Lonely Death (Ian Rutledge #13: 1920: In a Sussex village, Scotland Yard's Inspector Rutledge hunts for a murderer who is garroting his victims, all veterans of the Great War, and leaving small ID disks in their mouths) $14.99
Wagner, Jan Costin Silence (Kimmo Joentaa #2: A young girl disappears while cycling to volleyball practice. Her abandoned bike is found in exactly the same place as that of another girl, who was murdered 33 years earlier. Finnish detective Kimmo Joentaa calls upon the help of his older colleague Ketola, who worked on the original, unsolved murder) $25.00
Woods, Stuart D.C. Dead (Stone Barrington #22: A summons to Washington, DC, by President Will Lee is the start of a special mission that calls for Stone's unique skill set, and will reunite him with his former partner Holly Barker) $26.95

Expected Early January

Abbott, Jeff Adrenaline (Sam Capra #1: When an unknown enemy sets him up as a traitor, agent Sam Capra escapes from the CIA, and goes on a desperate hunt for the killer who kidnapped his pregnant wife) $7.99
Allen, Jeffrey Stay at Home Dead (Stay at Home Dad #1: PBO; When he finds a dead body in his mini-van, Deuce Winters ends up number one suspect. After all, the victim ruined Deuce's high school football career and married his ex-girlfriend. To clear his name, Deuce will need a little help from his high-powered attorney wife Julianne) $7.99
Barnard, Robert A Charitable Body (Charlie Peace #9: After his wife is asked to oversee a stately home, Yorkshire cop Charlie Peace ends up helping her investigate when a woman's remains turn up in a nearby lake; it becomes clear the manor hides a grim secret dating back to the years between the two World Wars) $24.00
Bates, Quentin Frozen Assets (UK title: Frozen Out) (Gunnhildur #1: When a body is found floating in the harbor of a rural fishing village, Gunnhildur's investigation leads her to a web of corruption involving Iceland's business and banking communities) $14.00
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Chimney Sweep (Hamish Macbeth #27: When Constable Hamish Macbeth finds a body stuffed up a chimney, the villagers believe sweep Pete Ray is the culprit. Then Pete's body is found on the moors, and the mystery deepens) $6.99
Beaufort, Simon Dead Man's Secret (Sir Geoffrey Mappestone #8: 1103: Ordered by King Henry to deliver a series of letters to restless western Wales, Sir Geoffrey's suspicion that the mission hides something more sinister is strengthened when first the letters' scribe is murdered and then one of his traveling companions is killed) $15.95
Beck, Jessica Killer Crullers (Donut Shop #6: PBO; When a regular doesn't pick up his cruller order, a stranger buys the whole box and tosses them one at a time at Gabby's thrift shop next door, claiming that stolen family valuables ended up there. His weird behavior has Suzanne wanting to call the cops. But when he turns up dead outside of Donut Hearts, the cops come calling for her and Gabby) $7.99
Berry, Steve The Jefferson Key (Cotton Malone #7: Malone risks his life to foil an attempt to assassinate the US President, only to find himself at odds with a secret society of pirates that was founded during the American Revolution) $9.99
Blake, Heather It Takes a Witch (Wishcraft #1: PBO; Darcy has just discovered she hails from a long line of Wishcrafters - witches who cast spells by wishing. She's come to Enchanted Village to learn her trade, but finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation) $7.99
Botha, Ted The Girl with the Crooked Nose (PBO; Nonfiction; forensic sculptor Frank Bender reconstructs the faces of murder victims, both to identify them and to aid in capturing killers. This book delves into the cases he's helped solve, the intricacies of his art, and some of the colorful characters he's encountered) $15.00
Burdette, Lucy An Appetite for Murder (Key West Food Critic #1: PBO; After applying for a job, Hayley Snow discovers her new boss would be the woman she caught in bed with her boyfriend. Hayley becomes a murder suspect when the woman is killed by a poisoned key lime pie) $7.99
Carrisi, Donato The Whisperer (Six severed arms are discovered buried in the woods, arranged in a circle. Five of them appear to belong to missing girls between the ages of 8 and 18. The sixth is yet to be identified. Worse still, the girls' bodies, alive or dead, are nowhere to be found. Investigators Mila Vasquez, a celebrated profiler, and Goran Gavila, an eerily prescient criminologist, dive into the case) $25.99
Christopher, Paul Red Templar (John Holliday #6: PBO; The story of a long-lost sword called Aos - the companion to his own Templar sword - starts John Holliday on a trail that will lead him to the dark heart of Russia, where the ancient Templar Order has secretly wielded power for centuries) $9.99
Clement, Blaize The Cat Sitter's Pajamas (Dixie Hemingway #7: While caring for a football player's cats, Dixie is approached by a fashion model claiming to be the man's wife. The woman is lying, but draws Dixie into the world of high-fashion counterfeits) $24.99
Clements, J.M. Spartacus: Swords and Ashes (Torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus is condemned to the brutal world of the arena, where blood and death provide entertainment. To survive, he must become a legend) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Fort (1779: Fewer than a thousand Scottish infantry backed by 3 sloops establish a British garrison and naval base at Penobscot Bay; Massachusetts sends over 40 vessels and a thousand infantry to deal with them, but ineptitude and irresolution lead to a mortifying defeat) $14.99
Crais, Robert The Sentry (Cole & Pike #14: Joe Pike and Elvis Cole learn that Dru Rayne and her uncle are not who they seem. Now vengeance from their past is catching up with them, and only Pike and Cole stand in the way) $9.99
Cussler, C/Du Brul, J Skeleton Coast (Oregon Files #4: Reissue; Responding to a mayday off the African coast, Juan Cabrillo and his crew rescue Sloan Macintyre, who's looking for a sunken ship that may hold a fortune in diamonds - and tells them about a fisherman who claimed to have been attacked by giant metal snakes in the same area) $9.99
Daniels, Casey Wild Wild Death (Pepper Martin #8: PBO; When her cute scientist friend Dan is kidnapped, Pepper stumbles on a deadly mystery that takes her to New Mexico) $7.99
Dare, Lila Die Job (Southern Beauty Shop #3: PBO; After an attempted murder at a supposedly haunted plantation, the salon ladies unravel secrets that link a high school student, a centuries-old crime, and the roots of a very dark mystery) $7.99
Davidson, Hilary The Damage Done (Lily Moore #1: Lily fled to Spain to get away from her troubled sister Claudia. When Claudia is found dead, Lily comes back to deal with the aftermath. Only the body isn't Claudia - the dead woman had been using Claudia's identity for months. Is Claudia missing, or is it an elaborate con? And who's responsible for the dead body?) $7.99
Dean, Anna A Gentleman of Fortune, or, The Suspicions of Miss Dido Kent (Dido Kent #2: 1806: While on holiday at her cousin's Sussex home, Dido investigates a neighbor's suspicious death, and uncovers dirty dealings among the upper classes) $14.99
Dietrich, William Blood of the Reich (At the height of WWII, daring American adventurers pit their cunning against Nazi SS agents seeking a powerful weapon. Today, the descendants of those adventurers must unlock the secrets of their ancestors' mission to save the world from the resurgent Reich) $9.99
Dorsey, Tim Electric Barracuda (Serge Storms #13: His mounting body count has put a police task force on his trail, but Serge has a more pressing matter to attend to: his grandfather's old gang is suddenly broke, their life savings vaporized. They have a good idea who's behind it, but it's up to Serge to do something about it. Especially since it involves one of his obsessions: Al Capone's escapades in the Everglades) $14.99
Downing, David Potsdam Station (John Russell #4: April 1945: To find out if his son Paul and girlfriend Effi are still alive, John Russell seeks permission to enter Berlin as a journalist with the advancing Red Army. When the Soviets arrest him as a spy, things look bleak - until they find a use for him that has him parachuting into Berlin behind German lines) $14.00
Dryden, Alex Moscow Sting (Anna Resnikov #2: When British spy Finn is killed by a Russian assassin, his MI6 chief wants answers he can only get from Finn's ex-KGB widow, Anna.The intel Finn accessed is so confidential that the KGB are willing to kill to protect it. To ensure her freedom and protect her child, Anna must uncover the full truth) $9.99
Dumas, Margaret How to Succeed in Murder (Charley #2: When her husband Jack is hired to investigate a San Francisco software company where executives are dying, Charley decides she should go undercover to find the killer by getting a job there. Jack isn't exactly crazy about the plan, but Charley is determined. They're starting to get the hang of this marriage thing. If only people would stop trying to kill them, they might even get to take a honeymoon) $14.95
Egeland,Tom Relic: The Quest for the Golden Shrine (A golden relic, containing an ancient manuscript that could change the course of history, has been hidden in a monastery, but nobody knows where. One determined man sets out to find the artifact and trace its origins) $11.95
Ellis, David Breach of Trust (Jason Kolarich #2: Chicago attorney Jason Kolarich's attempt to find out who killed his confidential informant Ernesto Ramirez lands him in the middle of an FBI probe of the corrupt governor of Illinois) $9.99
Evanovich, J/Kelly, D Love in a Nutshell (To turn her parents' Michigan summer house into a B&B, Kate needs cash. To find out who's sabotaging his brewery, Matt needs a spy on the inside. He hires Kate, but there are a few problems: she despises beer; no one seems to trust her; and she's falling hard for her boss) $27.99
Fanning, Diane Her Deadly Web (PBO; Nonfiction; to those who knew her, Raynella Dossett Leath was a loving mother of two, a good neighbor and friend, and a nurse who always reached out a helping hand. Was this woman capable of killing both of her husbands?) $7.99
Finder, Joseph Buried Secrets (Nick Heller #2: The search for a failed hedge fund manager's abducted daughter leads Nick to a conspiracy that reaches the government's highest levels) $9.99
Fitzhugh, Bill Pest Control (Assassination Bug #1: Reissue; All Bob wants is his own truck with a big fiberglass bug on top - and success with his radical new environmentally-friendly pest-killing technique. So Bob decides to advertise. Unfortunately, one of his flyers falls into the wrong hands. Now, through no fault - or participation - of his own, Bob has become a major player in the dangerous world of contract murder) $14.95
Fitzhugh, Bill The Exterminators (Assassination Bug #2: The US government wants to enlist Bob, Klaus, and their killer bugs in the War on Terror. Things are great until the Bolivian drug lord they conned out of ten million dollars puts out a hit on Bob and Klaus; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Gage, Leighton A Vine in the Blood (Mario Silva #5: Three weeks before Brazil is due to host the FIFA World Cup, Juraci Santos is kidnapped. She's the mother of Tico Santos, the greatest player in the history of the sport, and a vital member of the home team. The star is distraught. The public is appalled. And the pressure is on Chief Inspector Mario Silva to get her back) $24.00
Goldberg, Lee Mr. Monk on Patrol (Monk #13: When the local government of Summit, NJ, is hit by a string of arrests, Chief of Police Randy Disher finds himself acting as mayor. With a series of robberies to investigate, he calls on Adrian Monk to serve as a temporary policeman) $23.95
Goodhind, J.G. Wicked Words (Honey Driver #7: When an unpopular hotel reviewer is found dead, as the Bath Hotels' Association police liaison officer, Honey Driver is expected to help solve his murder - even though she's something of a suspect herself) $15.95
Graves, Sarah Knockdown (Home Repair is Homicide #14: Years ago, loan-shark enforcers killed a man after Jake denied him a loan. The man's son blames Jake - and plans to make her feel as hunted as his father was) $7.99
Griffin/Butterworth The Outlaws (Presidential Agent #6: Charlie Castillo and his team must track down stolen barrels containing some of the most dangerous biohazard materials on Earth) $9.99
Grippando, James Afraid of the Dark (Jack Swyteck #9: His quest to save a young man from the death penalty for terrorist activity leads Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck through the back alleys of London, onto illegal internet sites, and straight into pure evil) $9.99
Gutman, Dan Mission Unstoppable (Genius Files #1: Kids; In 8 days, Coke and Pepsi McDonald are going to turn 13. Before then, they'll be trapped in the locked basement of their burning school, chased cross-country by murderous lunatics, left for dead in a pit, forced to decipher mysterious coded messages, and thrown into a giant vat of SPAM. Also, they'll visit the world's largest ball of twine. There's more, but if we told you here, we'd have to kill you) $6.99
Harris, Tessa The Anatomist's Apprentice (1780: When her husband is suspected of murdering her dissolute brother, Lady Lydia Farrell seeks expert help from Dr. Thomas Silkstone, a Philadelphia anatomist in England to study under its foremost surgeon. He agrees to examine the body; the more he investigates, the greater the risk that he will be consigned to the ranks of the corpses he studies) $15.00
Havill, Steven F. One Perfect Shot (Posadas County Prequel: When a county employee is found shot to death sitting in his road grader, Undersheriff Bill Gastner is faced with puzzling questions. It's new hire Estelle Reyes, the first female road patrol deputy in the history of Posadas County, whose shrewd observations shed important light on a crime that rattles skeletons in all kinds of closets; $24.95 hc also available) $14.95
Henry, Sara J. Learning to Swim (When she sees a small child tumbling from a ferry, Troy Chance dives in without thinking, and rescues him. Determined to protect him and find out what happened to him, she uncovers a world of wealth, privilege, and heedless indulgence, where the murder of a child is not unthinkable) $15.00
Higgins, Jack A Devil Is Waiting (Sean Dillon #19: A fanatical mullah is offering a blessing to anyone who will assassinate the US President on an upcoming visit to London. Sean Dillon and his colleagues are called in, along with a new recruit, war hero and intelligence captain Sara Gideon. Her investigation reveals that the assassination is just the beginning of the plan) $26.95
Hill, Susan The Woman in Black (Reissue; Solicitor Arthur Kipps is sent to attend the funeral and settle the affairs of a client, but the business trip quickly takes a horrifying turn when he finds himself haunted by a series of sounds and images - a rocking chair in a deserted nursery, the sound of a pony and trap, a child's scream in the fog, and a ghostly woman dressed all in black) $14.00
Holt, Anne 1222 (Hanne Wilhelmsen #8: When their train is stranded in northern Norway during a blizzard, the passengers think they've reached safety at a nearby hotel - until one of them turns up dead. Trapped by the storm and trapped in a wheelchair, can retired police inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen solve the case before the killer strikes again?) $25.00
Hyzy, Julie Affairs of Steak (White House Chef #5: PBO; White House chef Olivia Paras and White House sensitivity director Peter Sargeant must work together to solve a double homicide before they become the assassin's next victims) $7.99
Jahn, Ryan David The Dispatcher (The phone rings. It's your daughter. She's been dead for four months. The call is cut off by the man who snatched her seven years ago. With only a sketchy description of the kidnapper to go on, East Texas police dispatcher Ian Hunt sets out on a bullet-strewn chase to get his daughter back) $15.00
Jance, J.A. Fatal Error (Ali Reynolds #6: When an old friend from her California broadcasting days becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a cyber-sociopath, Ali Reynolds steps in to investigate) $7.99
Kane, Ben The Road to Rome (Forgotten Legion #3: Romulus and Tarquinius arrive in Alexandria, only to find themselves in the midst of the Roman Civil War, press-ganged into Caesar's thinning legions to battle the Egyptian army) $15.99
Kellerman, Faye Gun Games (Decker & Lazarus #20: The LAPD investigates when the suicide of a student at an exclusive prep school involves a stolen gun; the death of another student leads Peter Decker and his team to a group of rich students with a predilection for guns and violence) $25.99
Koontz, Dean 77 Shadow Street (A beautiful Gilded Age mansion has been converted into condos, highly desirable, until mysterious shadows skitter across the walls, voices whisper in unknown languages, security cameras show impossible feeds, and a little boy starts talking to an imaginary playmate who turns out to be all too real) $28.00
Lambdin, Dewey The Invasion Year (Alan Lewrie #17: After returning from Haiti, the roguish Captain Lewrie is sent to the English Channel to help prevent a possible Napoleonic invasion, and test a newfangled weapon called a 'torpedo') $16.99
Laurie, Victoria Ghoul Interrupted (Ghost Hunter #6: PBO; Her spirit guide Sam Whitefeather sends M.J. and her TV crew to New Mexico to stop a demon from wiping out the descendants of Sam's tribe) $7.99
Lee, Patrick Deep Sky (Travis Chase #3: The US President is dead, his mansion in ruins, and two cryptic words are the only clue to the assassins' motives: 'See Scalar'. Travis Chase and his team from the covert agency Tangent - caretakers of the Breach and all its grim wonders - have only 24 hours to unearth a decades-old mystery) $7.99
Lescroart, John Damage (A decade ago, Ro Curtlee, heir of a powerful San Francisco family, was convicted of rape and murder. Now he's won a retrial, and been released from prison - and he's out for revenge on those who put him away) $9.99
Lescroart, John The Hunter (Wyatt Hunt #3: San Francisco PI Wyatt Hunt had no interest in his birth family until he got the text message: How did ur mother die? The answer is murder, still unsolved. Curious, he decides to investigate) $26.95
Manfredo, Lou Rizzo's Fire (Joe Rizzo #2: Veteran cop Joe Rizzo and his new partner Priscilla Jackson must deal with NYPD politics as they try to find out who strangled a recently fired shoe salesman) $14.99
Mariani, Scott The Mozart Conspiracy (Ben Hope #2: The mysterious death of an opera star's brother leads British SAS officer Ben Hope to the centuries-old puzzle of the death of the composer Mozart, who may have been killed by a shadowy splinter group of Freemasons) $7.99
Martini, Steve Trader of Secrets (Paul Madriani #12: Papers left in the apartment of his hitman nemesis Muerte Liquida send Paul Madriani to Paris in search of a former NASA scientist with stolen weapons technology) $9.99
Meier, Leslie English Tea Murder (Lucy Stone #17: A trip to England is disrupted when tour leader George Temple suffers a fatal asthma attack; Lucy learns the other tour members were all victims of a financial fraud Temple perpetrated twenty years ago) $7.99
Meier, Leslie Chocolate Covered Murder (Lucy Stone #18: Assigned to write a puff piece about an upscale chocolate shop, Lucy discovers that the sultry store manager is leaving a throng of jealous women in her wake. So it's not too surprising when the woman turns up dead) $24.00
Mofina, Rick The Burning Edge (Jack Gannon #4: PBO; Newswire journalist Jack Gannon is pressured to land an exclusive involving a single mother who has witnessed a murder - before the cold-blooded killers can enact the next stage of their vengeful mission) $7.99
Mosley, Walter When the Thrill Is Gone (Leonid McGill #3: The economy has hit the PI business hard. So how can McGill say no to the beautiful young woman who walks into his office with a stack of cash?) $15.00
Palmer, Daniel Delirious (Charlie Giles is an electronics whiz whose former employers are being murdered. As prime suspect, he turns to his schizophrenic brother for help uncovering the family secrets that lie at the heart of the unfolding terror) $7.99
Paretsky, Sara Breakdown (V.I. Warshawski #15: Carmilla, Queen of the Night, is a shape-shifting raven whose fictional exploits thrill girls all over the world. When tweens in the Carmilla Club hold a ritual in a cemetery, they stumble on a corpse: a man stabbed through the heart, vampire-slayer style. The club includes girls from some of Chicago's most powerful families. Is the killing linked to a hostile media campaign against Senate candidate Sophy Durango? Or wealthy Chaim Salanter's childhood in Nazi-occupied Lithuania? As V.I. Warshawski struggles for answers, she finds herself fighting enemies who are all too human) $26.95
Parker, I.J. The Fires of the Gods (Akitada #8: 11th-century Japan: After losing his job, Akitada ends up suspected of murdering the nobleman responsible for his dismissal, and desperately plunges into the investigation of the crime) $15.95
Parker, T. Jefferson California Girl (Reissue; A crime has touched the Becker brothers in ways that none of them could have anticipated, setting them on a collision course that will change their family forever) $9.99
Parker, T. Jefferson The Border Lords (Charlie Hood #4: When undercover ATF agent Sean Ozburn cuts off communication, Charlie Hood must determine if he's gone deeper undercover, or turned away from his mission and his moral compass) $15.00
Patterson, J/Paetro, M Private: #1 Suspect (Jack Morgan #2: When Jack Morgan's former lover is found murdered in his bed, he is the number one suspect. While Jack is under police investigation, one of his most trusted colleagues threatens to leave Private, and Jack realizes he is facing clever and powerful enemies) $27.99
Penney, Stef The Invisible Ones (Half-Romany PI Ray Lovell veers between paralysis and delirium in a hospital bed. But before the accident that landed him there, he'd been hired to find Rose Janko, who disappeared seven years ago. Touched by tragedy, her hostile Gypsy family is either cursed or hiding a terrible secret - whose discovery Ray can't help suspecting is connected to Rose's disappearance) $25.95
Persons, Terri Blind Sight (Bernadette St. Clare #3: A senator's young daughter is found murdered in the Minnesota woods; FBI agent St. Clare uses police work and her second sight to track the killers and the girl's missing baby) $15.00
Rabb, Jonathan The Second Son (Berlin #3: 1936: Half Jewish, Chief Inspector Nikolai Hoffner has been forced out of the police. He has already lost his elder son Sascha, who is fully entrenched in the Nazi regime. When his younger son Georg disappears in Spain, Hoffner is determined to save the one son he can) $16.00
Reece, Christy Sweet Reward (Last Chance Rescue #3: PBO; A desperate plea from his ex-wife to find her missing daughter brings Jared face-to-face with Mia, the only agent ever fired from LCR - for playing too far outside the rules. Now Mia's back, and they team up to expose a wealthy philanthropist's shameful dealings) $7.99
Reed, Hannah Plan Bee (Queen Bee #3: PBO; The annual Moraine, Wisconsin, Harmony Festival is anything but harmonious when a dead body makes an uninvited appearance in the parade - and the person who may have put it there starts dating Story's mom) $7.99
Reilly, Matthew Scarecrow Returns (Scarecrow #5: When a terrorist group takes over an island in the Arctic, with plans to destroy the planet, the US president enlists the help of Marine Captain Shane 'Scarecrow' Schofield and his ragtag crew to fight them) $25.00
Robertson, Imogen Instruments of Darkness (Westerman & Crowther #1: 1780: When Harriet Westerman finds a dead man on the grounds of her Sussex manor house, she recruits local anatomist Gabriel Crowther to help her find the murderer) $15.00
Rowe, Jennifer Love, Honour, and O'Brien (Holly Love has sworn to track down the cheating swine who ripped her life apart, and make him pay. But as she tries to keep her head in the face of a bizarre mystery, a gloomy old house, a hearse-driving Elvis impersonator and a gang of vengeful thugs, Holly learns that, however bad things seem, they can always get worse) $14.95
Rowe, Rosemary The Vestal Vanishes (Libertus #12: When a former vestal virgin's covered carriage arrives in Glevum, the lady in question is nowhere to be found. Libertus investigates and makes a gruesome discovery, suggesting that Druid rebels may have been involved. But then another lady disappears) $15.95
Roy, Lori Bent Road (For 20 years, Celia Scott has watched her husband Arthur hide from the secrets surrounding his sister Eve's death. But the 1967 Detroit riots frighten him even more than his past, and he convinces Celia to pack up their family and return to Bent Road. While Arthur and their oldest daughter slip easily into rural life, Celia and the two younger children struggle to fit in. And then a local girl disappears, catapulting the family headlong into a dead man's curve) $15.00
Rubenfeld, Jed The Death Instinct (1920: When a wagon carrying 500 pounds of explosives detonates in the heart of NYC's financial district, a physician and a police captain are determined to learn the truth about the attack) $16.00
Rule, Ann In the Still of the Night: The Strange Death of Ronda Reynolds (Nonfiction; a recently married woman died under mysterious circumstances in 1998; the case has never been closed) $7.99
Ryan, William The Darkening Field (Alexei Korolev #2: 1937: The suspicious death of a young woman takes CID Captain Korolev to Odessa, where his investigation uncovers plenty of suspects - and a treasonous plot) $24.99
Rylander, Chris The Fourth Stall (Kids; Grade-school fixers Mac and Vince agree to help a 3rd grader in need of protection, and end up dealing with a high-school crime boss, a graffiti ninja, the 9 most dangerous bullies at their school, and more) $6.99
Saylor, Steven The Judgment of Caesar (Roma Sub Rosa #10: Gordianus the Finder and his wife Bethesda travel to her homeland of Egypt, seeking a cure for her mysterious illness. When his wife disappears into the Nile, never to resurface, Gordianus must uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious occurrences if he is to find out what has happened to her) $14.99
Scott, Robert The Last Time We Saw Her (PBO; Nonfiction; 19-year-old Brooke Wilberger, an Oregon college student and devout Mormon, was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by serial predator Joel Courtney) $6.99
Sedley, Kate Midsummer Crown (Roger the Chapman #20: 1483: As Richard of Gloucester begins his bid for the English crown, Roger is recalled to London to investigate the disappearance of a young boy whose tutor has been found murdered, apparently in a locked room) $15.95
Shelton, Paige If Fried Chicken Could Fly (Country Cooking School #1: PBO; At their Missouri cooking school, Betts and Gram are busy helping students prepare the perfect dishes for an upcoming cook-off - until they discover the local theater owner's body in a supply closet, and the man's widow points an accusing finger at Gram) $7.99
Sims, Michael (ed) The Dead Witness (Anthology; some of the best private and police detective fiction from the 19th and early 20th centuries) $20.00
Smith, Tom Rob Agent 6 (Leo Demidov #3: No longer a member of Moscow's secret police, Leo is suspicious when his wife and daughters are invited on a 'Peace Tour' to NYC. Forbidden to travel with his family, Leo watches helplessly as they are pulled into a web of betrayal that ends in tragedy. In the aftermath, Leo demands only one thing: to investigate the killer who destroyed his family) $25.99
Stevens, Taylor The Innocent (Vanessa Munroe #2: Escapees from a cult hire Vanessa to infiltrate the group's enclave in Argentina and rescue a young kidnapping victim) $24.00
Taylor, Brad One Rough Man (Pike Logan #1: In the black ops group Taskforce, Pike Logan is the best, and he's out to stop an attack by two independent operators with a powerful weapon) $9.99
Todd, Charles The Confession (Ian Rutledge #14: A man walks into Scotland Yard and confesses that he killed his cousin years ago during the Great War. When Inspector Rutledge presses for details, he reveals only that he hails from Essex. When the man is found with a bullet hole in the back of his head, the only clue is a gold locket around his neck. It leads Rutledge to an insular village that will do anything to protect itself from notoriety) $25.99
Turow, Scott Innocent (Kindle County #7: 20 years after being accused of murdering his ex-lover, Rusty Sabich, now an appellate court judge, is once again a suspect when his wife dies under mysterious circumstances) $9.99
Vanderpool, Clare Moon Over Manifest (Kids; Newbery Medal winner. 1936: Sent to live with a family friend for the summer, Abilene jumps off the train in her father's boyhood home of Manifest. She discovers a hidden cigar box full of mementos, including letters that mention a spy known as the Rattler. The letters send Abilene and her new friends on an honest-to-goodness spy hunt. A visit to the reclusive Miss Sadie, a diviner who only tells stories from the past, reveals that Manifest's history is full of colorful and shadowy characters, and long-held secrets. Abilene is determined to learn just what role her father played in that history. And as Manifest's secrets are laid bare one by one, Abilene begins to weave her own story into the fabric of the town) $7.99
Vonnegut, Norb The Gods of Greenwich (After his career on Wall Street goes sour, Jimmy Cusack winds up taking a job with Leeser Capital, and discovers that his new boss is up to no good) $9.99
Willig, Lauren The Orchid Affair (Pink Carnation #8: New spy Laura Grey is sent to serve as governess to the children of Andre Jaouen, right-hand man to Bonaparte's minister of police, and makes a startling discovery about him) $15.00
Winston, Lois Death by Killer Mop Doll (Anastasia Pollack #2: Anastasia and her fellow editors get roped into unpaid gigs for a revamped morning TV show; when the producer is murdered, the show's sleazy former co-hosts are top suspects - and Anastasia's snooping puts her in the killer's spotlight) $14.95
Zuiker/Swierczynski Dark Revelations (Level 26 #3: The killer calls himself Labyrinth, and the riddles, puzzles, and wordplay with which he announces his new targets have caused a media sensation. The case has already claimed a number of high-profile victims. It's up to Steve Dark to assemble a team from the international crime-solving community, find Labyrinth wherever he may be, and put a stop to the mayhem, once and for all) $26.95

Expected Mid January

Barr, Nevada The Rope (Anna Pigeon Prequel: 1995: 35 years old and fresh off the bus from NYC, Anna Pigeon arrives at Glen Canyon as a seasonal employee. After going for a hike on her day off, she wakes up trapped at the bottom of a dry natural well, naked, with no supplies and no clear memory of how she got there) $25.99
Bates, Quentin Cold Comfort (Gunnhildur #2: Sgt. Gunnhildur hunts for an escaped convict who is violently settling old scores in Reykjavik. As she also investigates the murder of a fitness guru, she learns that the guru and the convict shared some influential friends, and some unsavory secrets) $25.00
Brett, Simon Blotto, Twinks, and the Dead Dowager Duchess (Blotto & Twinks #2: 1920s: At a weekend house party, a murder is announced. One of the guests has the gall to accuse Corky, so Blotto and Twinks have no choice but to find the real murderer and clear their chauffeur's good name. Their sleuthing will take them to an opium den, a crumbling Scottish castle, and the headquarters of the evil League of the Crimson Hand) $14.95
Budiansky, Stephen Perilous Fight (Nonfiction; Budiansky takes a fresh look at the War of 1812, saying it changed the course of naval warfare, America's place in the world, and the rules of international conflict forever. Drawing extensively on diaries, letters, and personal accounts from both sides, Budiansky recreates the encounters at sea in bloody clashes of cannon fire and swordplay) $17.95
Burdett, John Vulture Peak (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #5: A massive sting operation to end trafficking in human organs sends Thai police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep to Phuket, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai, and Monte Carlo. But will it succeed in bringing down the diabolical Yip twins, Chinese queenpins of the international body-parts trade?) $25.95
Cornwell, Bernard Death of Kings (Saxon Tales #6: Alfred the Great lies dying, and while his son Edward has been named heir, there are other Saxon claimants to the throne, as well as ambitious pagan Vikings to the north. Saxon-born, Viking-raised Uhtred is torn between his vows to Alfred and his desire to reclaim his lost ancestral lands. Still reluctant to commit to the old king's cause of a united Christian England, Uhtred has sworn no oath to Edward. Now he must make a momentous choice; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Crais, Robert Taken (Cole & Pike #15: When the police tell a wealthy industrialist that her missing son has faked his kidnapping, she hires Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. They discover that the boy and his girlfriend have been taken by professional border kidnappers. When Cole goes undercover to try and buy the boy back, he disappears. Pike must retrace Cole's steps through the murderous world of human traffickers; Signed copies expected) $26.95
Downie, Ruth Caveat Emptor (UK title: Ruso and the River of Darkness) (Gaius Petreius Ruso #4: The disappearance of a Roman tax collector and the money he collected leads Ruso and Tilla to a conspiracy involving theft, forgery, buried treasure, and the legacy of rebel queen Boudica) $15.00
Dunn, Carola Gone West (Daisy Dalrymple #20: 1926: The Honourable Daisy heads to Derbyshire, where her school friend Sybil is secretary to a novelist. When the man dies, Daisy must uncover the culprit in a house full of suspects) $24.99
Eagland, Jane Wildthorn (YA; Winner of the Lambda Literary Award. Locked away in a madhouse. They strip her naked. They take her identity, call her Lucy Childs. She has no one, nothing. But, she is still 17 - still Louisa Cosgrove, isn't she? Who has done this unthinkable deed?) $8.99
George, Elizabeth Believing the Lie (Thomas Lynley #17: At the request of the man's uncle, the influential Bernard Fairclough, Inspector Lynley is sent undercover to investigate the death of Ian Cresswell, even though it was ruled an accidental drowning. Lynley enlists the help of his friends Simon and Deborah St. James; the trio's digging reveals that the Fairclough clan is awash in secrets, lies, and motives; Signed copies expected) $28.95
Griffiths, Elly The Janus Stone (Galloway & Nelson #2: When the demolition of an old house in Norwich uncovers a child's skeleton - minus the skull - forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway and detective Harry Nelson investigate) $14.95
Griffiths, Elly The House at Sea's End (Galloway & Nelson #3: Dr. Ruth Galloway investigates when human bones surface on a remote Norfolk beach. The bones turn out to be about 70 years old, which leads Ruth and DCI Harry Nelson to a Home Guard veteran. Then he is killed, and a German journalist arrives, asking questions about Operation Lucifer, a plan to stop a German invasion, and a possible British war crime) $25.00
Hall, Gregory The Dark Backward (Reissue; Mary Reynolds was in love and now she's in trouble. Also in Norfolk, where she and her husband Geoffrey bought a house. The ink was hardly dry on the contract when Geoffrey was found dead, and Mary began to learn that she didn't really know her husband. And the secrets he kept, the bits that he'd left out? Those are the ones that could kill her) $14.95
Kent, Graeme Devil-Devil (Kella & Conchita #1: Solomon Islands cop Sgt. Ben Kella discovers American nun Sister Conchita trying to bury a skeleton at a mission station. After someone tries to shoot her, the unlikely pair team up to solve a bizarre series of murders) $14.00
La Plante, Lynda Prime Suspect (Jane Tennison #1: Reissue; Jane's sharp instincts and hard work have made her one of Scotland Yard's top cops, but she's still an outsider when it comes to the boys' club running the force. Investigating the murder of a presumed prostitute, she's determined to find justice for the victim. She catches the one clue that's fallen through the cracks, and realizes that a madman has been stalking women in London's shadowy streets) $14.99
La Plante, Lynda A Face in the Crowd (Jane Tennison #2: Reissue; The victim is young, female, and black, her skull smashed in, her face decomposed beyond recognition. Her corpse, found in one of London's poorest communities, is just the beginning of a case that threatens to tear apart the already-divided city, and embroil Jane and her force in racial strife) $14.99
La Plante, Lynda Silent Victims (Jane Tennison #3: Reissue; Drag queen Vera Reynolds is onstage singing, while a 16-year-old rent boy lies dead in her burning apartment. The prime suspect is an influential do-gooder. On her first day as head of the Vice Squad, Jane catches the case - along with a very clear message about the direction some VIPs would like her investigation to take) $14.99
Lambdin, Dewey Reefs and Shoals (Alan Lewrie #18: 1805: The Admiralty dispatches Captain Lewrie to the Bahamas to form a small squadron. His orders are to scour the shores of Cuba, Spanish Florida, the Keys, and the Florida Straits in search of French and Spanish privateers, and call upon neutral American seaports to determine if privateers are getting aid and comfort from that quarter) $25.99
Leonard, Elmore Raylan (Raylan Givens #3: Federal Marshall Raylan Givens hunts down a perp, only to find him naked in a bathtub, doped up and missing his kidneys. Raylan knows there's big money in body parts, but by the time he finds out who's making the cuts, he's naked in a bathtub, with Layla the transplant nurse about to go for his kidneys) $26.99
Lott, Bret Dead Low Tide (Huger Dillard #2: At 2:30 AM, Huger and Unc are heading to the golf course. Blind, Unc prefers to practice his golf game when no one is watching. But Huger finds a woman's body in the mud at the water's low tide. The discovery puts Huger and his family up against secret military forces, old friends, longtime neighbors, lost loves, and shadowy global networks. Connecting them all is Landgrave Hall - and the treacherous reason why this area is so important to so many people) $26.00
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez The Angst-Ridden Executive (Pepe Carvalho: Reissue; The Barcelona police have decided a pimp was responsible for playboy Antonio Jauma's murder; his widow hires PI Pepe Carvalho to find the real killer) $14.95
Newton, Charlie Start Shooting (25 years ago, a gruesome murder rocked the Four Corners neighborhood of Chicago. Now a dying Chicago newspaper is claiming new evidence in the old case - implicating cops Bobby and Ruben Vargas. The smear campaign will lead the brothers down a twisted path, where the sins of the past threaten to destroy what remains of the truth) $25.95
O'Connell, Carol The Chalk Girl (Mallory #10: The little girl appeared in Central Park, perfect - except for the blood on her shoulder. It fell from the sky, she said, while she was looking for her uncle, who turned into a tree. 'Poor child,' people thought. And then they found the body in the tree. Mallory, newly returned to the Special Crimes Unit, recognizes the girl as a kindred spirit. The case leads her to murders stretching back fifteen years, blackmail and complicity, and a particular cruelty that only someone with Mallory's history could fully recognize) $25.95
Parker, T. Jefferson The Jaguar (Charlie Hood #5: Crooked LA deputy Bradley Smith and lawman Charlie Hood must team up to rescue the woman they both love, songwriter Erin McKenna, when she is abducted by a cartel leader who wants her to write a folk ballad recording his exploits as an outlaw) $26.95
Parks, Brad Eyes of the Innocent (Carter Ross #2: When a fire in Newark, NJ, kills two young boys left home alone, their mother spins reporter Carter Ross a tale of woe, but he discovers she isn't what she seems - and neither was the fire) $14.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M 10th Anniversary (Women's Murder Club #10: A teenage girl has been left for dead, and her newborn baby is missing. There's no trace of the criminals, but the victim may be keeping secrets) $14.99
Preston, D/Child, L Gideon's Corpse (Gideon Crew #2: A top nuclear scientist goes mad and takes an innocent family hostage. A plume of radiation above NYC leads to a warehouse where a powerful nuclear bomb was assembled just hours before. Sifting through the evidence, authorities determine that in ten days, a major American city will be vaporized. And Gideon Crew, tracking the terrorist cell from New York to New Mexico, learns the end may be something worse than mere Armageddon; unabridged CDs $34.98) $26.99
Sharp, Zoe Fourth Day (Charlie Fox #8: To find out the truth about a boy's death, Charlie goes undercover at the stronghold of the Fourth Day cult. But she's not prepared for the lure of charismatic leader Randall Bane, or how easily he will pinpoint her weakness) $14.95
Sharp, Zoe Fifth Victim (Charlie Fox #9: Charlie discovers that her charge Dina, the daughter of a wealthy Long Island businesswoman, is fascinated by a clique of girls who have all been kidnapped; she worries that Dina's thrill-seeking will put both of them in danger. Just as her worst fears are realized, Charlie learns that the man who put her partner Sean in a coma is on the loose. She is faced with the choice between loyalty to her client and avenging Sean, but the two goals are soon linked) $25.00
Siciliano, Sam The Web Weaver (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: After a mysterious gypsy places a curse on the guests at a ball, a series of terrible misfortunes affect those who attended. Donald Wheelwright engages Sherlock Holmes to find out what's really going on) $9.95
Stuckey-French, Elizabeth The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady (77-year-old Marylou Ahearn is going to kill Dr. Wilson Spriggs. In 1953, he gave her a radioactive cocktail without her consent. She's been plotting her revenge for 50 years. When she discovers his whereabouts, she heads to Tallahassee and begins insinuating herself into the lives of the now-senile Spriggs and his daughter's family. But she has no idea what a nest of yellow jackets she is stumbling into) $15.00
Taylor, Kate A Man in Uniform (1890s: A woman approaches bourgeois lawyer Francois Dubon, insisting that only he can rescue her innocent friend, an army captain by the name of Dreyfus who has been convicted of spying) $15.00
Waite, Urban The Terror of Living (A smuggler and a sheriff cross paths in the mountains of Washington state when a shipment goes awry; both are forced into a terrifying chase when the suppliers send a hired killer to reclaim what's theirs) $14.99

Expected Early February

Aames, Avery Clobbered by Camembert (Cheese Shop #3: PBO; Charlotte is setting up for the Winter Wonderland fair when an old friend is found dead in her assistant Rebecca's cottage. Suspicion falls on Rebecca's boyfriend, a honeybee farmer. While the town buzzes with gossip, can Charlotte catch the killer?) $7.99
Andrus, James The Perfect Death (John Stallings #3: PBO; When a Jacksonville girl goes missing, Detective Stallings' investigation turns up parallels to his own daughter's disappearance years earlier. Then, one by one, bodies are discovered - all young women, all strangled) $7.99
Arlington, Lucy Buried in a Book (Novel Idea #1: PBO; After losing her job as a journalist, 45-year-old Lila Wilkins accepts an internship at a North Carolina literary agency. When an aspiring author drops dead in the agency's waiting room, Lila discovers a series of threatening letters, and is determined to find out who wrote him off) $7.99
Bartlett, Lorraine The Walled Flower (Victoria Square #2: PBO; A couple's dream home becomes a nightmare when a skeleton is discovered inside the walls. The bones belong to Heather Winston, who disappeared 22 years ago. Heather's aunt, a jewelry vendor, asks Artisans Alley manager Kate Bonner for help finding the murderer) $7.99
Battles, Brett No Return (15 years ago, Wes tried to rescue a pilot from a downed fighter, and discovered something that could get him killed. Now he finds himself up against the US military, with someone tracking his every move, as he tries to untangle the web of lies and secrets surrounding the crash) $7.99
Bazell, Josh Wild Thing (Dr. Brnwa #2: It's hard to find work as a doctor when using your real name will get you killed. So when Dr. Peter Brown is offered a job accompanying a paleontologist on the world's worst field assignment, Brown says yes. Even if it means that murderers, mobsters, and international drug dealers - not to mention the occasional lake monster - are about to have a serious Pietro Brnwa problem) $25.99
Becker, James The Nosferatu Scroll (Chris Bronson #4: In Venice, Chris Bronson and Angela Lewis discover a desecrated tomb containing a female skeleton and an old diary telling of a scroll that holds the key to answering an ancient secret. Soon the bodies of young women begin surfacing, all killed in a ritual manner. When Angela vanishes, Bronson is drawn into the hunt for a murderer - and into a centuries-old conspiracy) $9.99
Berenson, Alex The Secret Soldier (John Wells #5: With the secret blessing of the CIA, ex-agent John Wells goes undercover to investigate a conspiracy that threatens the Saudi royal family) $9.99
Bilal, Parker The Golden Scales (Makana #1: Makana, a former Sudanese police inspector forced to flee to Cairo, is now struggling to make ends meet as a PI, and takes a case from the notorious mogul Saad Hanafi, owner of a Cairo soccer team whose star player has gone missing) $25.00
Block, Lawrence A Drop of the Hard Stuff (Matthew Scudder #17: When a childhood friend is shot down while trying to make amends, as called for in AA's famous 12 Steps, Matthew Scudder is drawn into a murder investigation that threatens to upset his own path toward recovery - and get him killed) $14.99
Bourbon, Melissa A Fitting End (Magical Dressmaking #2: PBO; Business is booming at Harlow's dressmaking boutique, even with her great-grandmother's ghost hanging around. When a local golf pro is found stabbed with dressmaking shears, the new town deputy suspects Harlow) $7.99
Brady, Jacklyn Cake on a Hot Tin Roof (Piece of Cake #2: PBO; Pastry chef Rita Lucero's Mardi Gras party turns funereal when one of her guests is found dead after a fight with Rita's uncle. Rita must find the real killer to clear her uncle's name) $7.99
Brockmann, Suzanne Breaking the Rules (Troubleshooters #16: Despite their troubled past, Eden Gillman once again reaches out to Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella for help when she needs to save her teenage brother Ben from his abusive stepfather) $7.99
Brown, Graham The Eden Prophecy (Danielle Laidlaw #3: When a rogue geneticist is tortured and killed, his old friend Hawker teams up with NRI operative Danielle Laidlaw to find the killers and track down the secrets his dead friend may have lost or sold) $7.99
Bryan, Mollie Cox Scrapbook of Secrets (Cumberland Creek #1: PBO; When the quiet of Cumberland Creek, Virginia, is shattered by a young mother's apparent suicide, stay-at-home mom Annie Chamovitz and her scrapbooking friends band together to find out what went wrong) $7.99
Burton, Mary Before She Dies (PBO; A killer obsessed with the occult plays judge, jury, and executioner, believing that he is killing witches. As the madman's body count rises, attorney Charlotte Wellington and detective Daniel Rokov are drawn into a mission that's become terrifyingly personal) $7.99
Byerrum, Ellen Death on Heels (Crime of Fashion #7: PBO; When her former boyfriend, cattle rancher Cole Tucker, is arrested for murder, Lacey digs her cowboy boots out of her closet and flies to his defense. She is certain of his innocence - until he abducts her during a daring courthouse escape) $7.99
Carlisle, Kate One Book in the Grave (Bibliophile #5: PBO; Given a chance to restore a rare first edition of a fairy tale, Brooklyn is delighted - until she realizes the book last belonged to an old friend of hers. When she decides to find out who sold the book, and return it to its rightful owner, she winds up tangled in a murder plot) $7.99
Clancy, T/Telep, P Against All Enemies (When a terrorist bombing in Pakistan wipes out Max Moore's entire CIA team, the former Navy SEAL heads into the treacherous tribal lands to find the terrorist cell, but what he discovers there leads him to a much darker conspiracy in an unexpected part of the globe - the US/Mexico border) $9.99
Clark, Cassandra A Parliament of Spies (Abbess Hildegard #4: King Richard II, faced with enemies on all sides, sends Hildegard as a spy to the parliament that is hastily gathering at Westminster) $25.99
Copperman, E.J. Old Haunts (Haunted Guesthouse #3: PBO; The ghosts haunting Alison Kerby's Jersey Shore guesthouse are sad. Maxie wants to know who murdered her ex-husband, and Paul pines for his still-living almost-fiancee. The only one who isn't missing her ex is Alison - because The Swine just arrived on her doorstep) $7.99
Coughlin, J/Davis, D An Act of Treason (Sniper #4: Marine sniper Kyle Swanson finds himself in the sights of a man he once idolized - an American hero turned traitor) $9.99
Crombie, Deborah No Mark Upon Her (Kincaid & James #14: A K9 search and rescue team finds the body of an Olympic rowing hopeful who was also a detective with the Met; the case becomes more complex when someone tries to kill the search and rescue team member who found her body) $25.99
Davidson, Diane Mott Crunch Time (Goldy Schulz #16: When arson leaves fellow chef Yolanda Garcia and her aunt homeless not just once but twice, Goldy invites them to stay with her. When more trouble follows, Goldy investigates. Includes recipes) $7.99
Dorsey, Tim Pineapple Grenade (Serge Storms #15: Serge Storms has finagled his way into spying for the president of a banana republic. Will he have time for a cocktail before Homeland Security brings him down?) $25.99
Droban, Kerrie A Socialite Scorned (PBO; Nonfiction; Tucson real estate developer Gary Triano was killed by a pipe-bomb, made by Ron Young, who reportedly was paid $400,000 by Pamela Phillips, an Aspen socialite and Triano's ex-wife) $7.99
Dunn, Carola Anthem for Doomed Youth (Daisy Dalrymple #19: 1926: When three bodies are found just outside London, DCI Fletcher is ordered to solve the murders quickly, and keep his wife Daisy away from the case. Luckily, she's off visiting their daughter's school. But when a teacher is found dead, Daisy is once again in the thick of things) $14.99
Dunn, Matthew Spycatcher (Intelligence agent Will Cochrane - working on a joint mission for the CIA and MI6 - is out to capture a brilliant and ruthless Iranian spy) $9.99
Ebersohn, Wessel Those Who Love the Night (Bukula & Gordon #2: South African lawyer Abigail Bukula and prison psychologist Yudel Gordon work to free Abigail's cousin, who is being held as a political prisoner in a brutal Zimbabwean prison) $24.99
Fforde, Jasper One of Our Thursdays Is Missing (Thursday Next #6: All-out Genre war is rumbling, and the BookWorld desperately needs a heroine like Thursday Next. But with the real Thursday apparently retired to the RealWorld, the Council of Genres turns to the written Thursday, asking her to pretend to be the real Thursday, and travel as an emissary to the warring factions. Her trip up the mighty Metaphoric River reveals a fiendish plot that threatens the very fabric of the BookWorld) $16.00
Fielding, Joy Now You See Her (On a trip to Ireland, a woman sees a young woman she thinks is her daughter - supposedly dead in an accident 2 years earlier, though no body was found - and embarks on a desperate search for the truth) $7.99
Flanagan, John A. Avalanche Pass (Jesse Parker #2: When guests and staff at a snowbound ski lodge in Utah are taken hostage, ex-cop Jesse Parker may be their only hope) $15.00
Fleming/Deaver, J Carte Blanche (James Bond: James Bond, in his early thirties and a veteran of the Afghan war, has been recruited to a new organization, its very existence deniable. Its aim: To protect the Realm by any means necessary. When Headquarters decrypts an electronic whisper about an attack scheduled for later in the week, Agent 007 is given the go-ahead to do whatever it takes to fulfill his mission) $9.99
Fluke, Joanne Devil's Food Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #16: When the substitute minister is found shot to death, Hannah discovers he wasn't the saintly fellow he appeared to be. But can she find the culprit in this half-baked murder plot?) $7.99
Flynn, Vince Kill Shot (Mitch Rapp Prequel #2: Sent to assassinate a Libyan diplomat in Paris, Rapp is wounded and must flee for his life. As publicity explodes around the incident, one of his handlers decides to make sure that Rapp won't be alive for the French authorities to capture) $27.99
Fury, Dalton Black Site (Delta Force #1: 3 years ago, Raynor made a decision to disobey orders that got some of his Delta Force teammates killed and the rest captured. Now he's been asked to return to Pakistan to bring his missing men home. What he uncovers is an al Qaeda plot to capture a secret US prison and destabilize the region) $25.99
Gallagher, Stephen The Bedlam Detective (Sebastian Becker investigates wealthy eccentrics who may be too insane to manage their own affairs. His latest case takes him to a small English town, where he discovers that two young girls have been murdered - and that it's not the first time. He finds madmen and monsters both real and imagined in his hunt for the truth) $25.00
Gardner, Lisa Catch Me (D.D. Warren #6: Each year one of her childhood friends has died at the same date and time. Now Charlie Grant is the last one alive, and comes to top Boston detective D.D. Warren to ask her to handle the investigation into her murder. But is Charlie the next victim, or the perfect perp?) $26.95
Grimes, Martha Fadeaway Girl (Emma Graham #4: Continuing to investigate the strange disappearance of the Slade baby from the Belle Ruin Hotel over 20 years ago, 12-year-old Emma Graham is even more determined to learn the truth when the baby's father suddenly arrives in town) $15.00
Hagberg, David Abyss (Kirk McGarvey #15: Former CIA director Kirk McGarvey manages to stop a meltdown at a nuclear power plant, but the failed sabotage sets off a terrifying chain of events) $9.99
Hall, Parnell $10,000 in Small, Unmarked Puzzles (Puzzle Lady #13: Hired by a young attorney to make a blackmail payment drop, Cora Felton stumbles over a corpse and a puzzle - and loses the money to a thief) $24.99
Harris, Robert The Fear Index (Dr. Max Hoffman uses computer algorithms to trade on the world's financial markets. His hedge fund generates astonishing returns for his investors. Late one night, an intruder disturbs Hoffman and his wife as they sleep. Over the next 48 hours, as the markets edge towards another great crash, Hoffman's world disintegrates. But who is trying to destroy him?) $25.95
Harvey, Michael We All Fall Down (Michael Kelly #4: Chicago cop turned PI Michael Kelly races to save his city from a deadly new foe: a biological weapon unleashed in a subway tunnel) $7.99
Haywood, B.B. Town in a Wild Moose Chase (Candy Holliday #3: PBO; The Winter Moose Fest is in full swing when the sighting of a white moose - and rumors of a dead body found in the woods - send Candy scrambling to separate fact from fiction before she finds herself in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer) $7.99
Helton, Peter Four Below (Liam McLusky #2: DI McLusky and his team investigate a series of seemingly unconnected murders, accidents, and dead junkies. Narrow strips of a cut-up photo, sent to the Bristol Herald , hold vital clues, but can McLusky complete the puzzle in time to prevent more deaths?) $25.00
Hess, Joan Deader Homes and Gardens (Claire Malloy #18: Claire has found the perfect house. Except the realtor disappeared mid-showing, the last owner died mysteriously, and the previous owners are suing the dead owner's lover over the rights to the property. Then the dead owner's lover dies, practically at Claire's feet) $24.99
Hiaasen, Carl Star Island (Meet young pop star Cherry Pye. Now meet her again, in the person of Ann DeLusia, who portrays Cherry whenever the singer is too wasted to go out in public. When Ann-mistaken-for-Cherry is kidnapped by an obsessed photographer, Cherry's handlers must rescue her while keeping her existence a secret from Cherry's public - and from Cherry) $7.99
Hickam, Homer The Dinosaur Hunter (Beneath the earth of the Montana badlands lie enough dinosaur fossils to fill several museum collections - and make a fortune for whoever claims them first. Soon Mike Wire will have to combine everything he learned as a homicide cop with everything he knows as a cowboy to protect the people and the land he could never live without) $14.99
Hunter, Maddy Dutch Me Deadly (Password to Peril #7: Emily escorts her group of feisty Iowa senior citizens to the Netherlands. Joining them is the class of 1951 from Bangor, Maine, complete with old rivalries. Emily's hopes for an uneventful trip are dashed when the rude tour director is flattened by a speeding bicyclist and the Bangor class bully turns up dead in an Amsterdam canal) $14.95
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Gem of a Ghost (Ghost of Granny Apples #3: Joanna Reid wants to get rid of her late husband Max's ghost. But did the film star die in a car accident, or kill himself? And why has his daughter Lainey repeatedly attempted suicide? It's up to Emma and Granny to find the truth) $14.95
James, Miranda File M for Murder (Cat in the Stacks #3: PBO; Playwright Connor Lawton is known for his sharp writing, and sharper tongue. After an unpleasant encounter, librarian Charlie Harris learns his daughter Laura is subbing for a professor, and her old flame Connor got her the job. When Connor is murdered, Laura is the prime suspect. It's up to Charlie and his cat Diesel to track down the real killer) $7.99
Jance, J.A. Left for Dead (Ali Reynolds #7: When violence from the drug wars with the Mexican cartels crosses the border into Arizona, severely injuring an old friend, Ali Reynolds steps in to investigate) $25.99
Kelly, Erin The Poison Tree (London, 1997: Karen meets exotic Biba and, spellbound, moves into the crumbling mansion Biba shares with her brother Rex. Drugs and wine flow as Rex and Karen begin an affair, but their summer of freedom ends in blood. 10 years later, Karen and 9-year-old Alice pick up Rex from his stint in prison for murder. When old ghosts come calling, Karen will do whatever it takes to protect her family) $16.00
Kent, Alexander In the King's Name (Bolitho #29: 1819: Captain Adam Bolitho is sent on an urgent and risky mission, making a fast passage from Plymouth to Freetown, West Africa, with secret orders for the senior officer there) $16.95
Kent, Graeme One Blood (Kella & Conchita #2: Solomon Islands, 1960: Sgt. Ben Kella's investigation into sabotage against an international logging company and the murder of an American tourist at Sister Conchita's mission seem to be connected - and linked to an upsurge of interest in John F. Kennedy, who served in the area with the US Navy during WWII) $25.00
Knox, Tom The Lost Goddess (Archaeological work in the prehistoric caves of western Europe and in the temples of Angkor Wat lead to discoveries that shadowy forces want kept secret) $26.95
Kondor, Vilmos Budapest Noir (1936: A beautiful woman lies dead in a seedy neighborhood, with only a Jewish prayer book in her purse. The trail leads crime reporter Zsigmond Gordon to the highest echelons of power: her father is well-connected, but his economic and political ties to leaders in Germany will survive only if they don't learn he was once Jewish) $14.99
Lackberg, Camilla The Preacher (Patrik Hedstrom #2: The remains of two young campers who disappeared 20 years ago are found alongside those of a new victim, sending a tiny Swedish town into shock. When a second girl goes missing, local detective Patrik Hedstrom searches for clues among the dark secrets of a clan of misfits, religious fanatics, and criminals) $15.00
Maclean, Anna Louise and the Crystal Gazer (Louisa May Alcott #3: Reissue; When her friend Sylvia wants to contact her long-dead father, Louisa goes with her to visit a Boston spiritualist. When the seer is murdered, Louisa must solve the mystery of the woman's untimely death by uncovering the shocking truth about her life) $14.00
Maloney, Mack Operation Sea Ghost (Pirate Hunters #2: PBO; Years ago, a mysterious weapon disappeared in the jungles of Vietnam. Now Somali pirates have found it and plan to sell it to terrorists. The CIA, desperate to retrieve the weapon and even more anxious to keep Washington out of it, recruits Team Whiskey to do their dirty work) $7.99
McClure, James The Sunday Hangman (Kramer & Zondi #5: Reissue; After a bank robber is found executed without benefit of judge or jury, Afrikaner Lt. Tromp Kramer and Bantu DS Mickey Zondi search for a killer who knows far too much about the hangman's craft) $14.00
McDermid, Val The Retribution (Hill & Jordan #7: After 10 years, Jacko Vance, ex-celebrity and sociopath, has escaped from prison. Even more twisted and cunning than before, he is focused on vengeance: making profiler Tony Hill and detective Carol Jordan pay) $25.00
Mosley, Walter All I Did Was Shoot My Man (Leonid McGill #4: Seven years ago, Zella Grisham came home to find her man in bed with her friend. The weekend before, $6.8 million had been stolen from a company across the street from where Zella worked. Zella didn't remember shooting her man, but she didn't deny it. The DA was inclined to call it temporary insanity - until the police found $80,000 from the heist hidden in her storage space. For reasons of his own, Leonid McGill is convinced of Zella's innocence. But as he begins his investigation, his life begins to unravel; Signed copies expected) $26.95
Neggers, Carla Secrets of the Lost Summer (PBO; Dylan McCaffrey's ramshackle New England house is an inheritance he never counted on. It also holds the key to a generations-old treasure hunt that he and his next-door neighbor Olivia can't resist) $7.99
Palmer, Daniel Helpless (Back in Shilo, NH, to raise his daughter Jill after his ex-wife Kelly is murdered, Tom Hawkins coaches Jill's high school soccer team. But first a Shilo cop makes it clear he suspects Tom of Kelly's murder, and then an anonymous blog post alleges the coach is sleeping with one of his players. To prove his innocence, Tom must unravel a tangle of lies about his past) $25.00
Patterson, J/Paetro, M The 9th Judgment (Women's Murder Club #09: Detective Lindsay Boxer and her friends work on two cases: a woman and infant gunned down in a parking garage, and the death of an actor's wife who walked in on a home burglary) $9.99
Patterson, J/Rust, N Angel (Maximum Ride #7: YA; A doomsday cult's threat to the world brings Max, Fang, and friends together in Paris. And this time, it might just be little Angel who is the true heroine) $9.99
Pelecanos, George What It Was (Derek Strange: 1972: A young woman comes to cop-turned-PI Derek Strange, asking for help recovering a cheap ring she claims has sentimental value. The case leads him onto his former partner Frank Vaughn's turf, where a local addict has been murdered. Soon both men are on the trail of ruthless killer Red Fury; $35.00 hc also available) $9.99
Poulsen, Kevin Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground (Nonfiction; a look at the modern hacking underworld, and the story of Max Butler, a hacker who seized control of a worldwide computer fraud network) $15.00
Preston, D/Child, L Cold Vengeance (Pendergast #11: Devastated by the discovery that his wife was murdered, Pendergast stalks his wife's betrayers even as he digs further into her past. He is stunned to learn that the conspiracy goes back generations, and is more monstrous than he could ever have imagined) $9.99
Raymond, Derek Dead Man Upright (Factory #5: The Detective Sergeant of the Department of Unexplained Deaths has learned the identity of a serial killer's next victim. But can he stop the killer before it's too late?) $14.95
Read, Cornelia Invisible Boy (Madeline Dare #3: When Madeline discovers the skeleton of a brutalized 3-year-old boy in her family's weed-ridden cemetery outside Manhattan, she is determined to see the perpetrators brought to justice) $13.99
Robinson, Jeremy Threshold (Chess Team #3: The last speakers of ancient languages are being exterminated; assigned to protect the only survivor from a Native American reservation, the team find themselves being hunted by strange creatures sent by an enemy from their past) $7.99
Robotham, Michael Shatter (alternate title: The Sleep of Reason) (Joe O'Loughlin #3: A woman, sobbing into a cell phone, jumps from a bridge; haunted by his failure to save her, psychologist Joe O'Loughlin sets out to discover who was on the other end of that phone call) $14.99
Rosenfelt, David On Borrowed Time (Rumor has it no one has ever gone to Kendrick Falls with Jen and come back the same. Richard is no exception - halfway up the mountain, he loses control of the car, and it rolls. Richard is shaken, but Jen is gone. He can't find her, the police can't find her - and no one in Richard's life will confirm Jen's existence) $7.99
Sala, Sharon Next of Kin (PBO; Witness to a major mob hit, Beth is placed in protective custody, but after her third safe house is attacked, she heads home to Kentucky. If the FBI can't keep her safe, her kinfolk and her strong, silent neighbor Ryal Walker will) $7.99
Sansom, C.J. Heartstone (Matthew Shardlake #5: 1545: Asked to investigate claims of monstrous wrongs committed against a young ward of the court, Shardlake uncovers a startling link to a woman incarcerated at Bedlam) $16.00
Sayers, D/Walsh, J The Attenbury Emeralds (Wimsey & Vane #3: In 1921, the recovery of the Attenbury emeralds launched Lord Peter Wimsey's career as a detective. 30 years later, the latest Lord Attenbury seeks Wimsey's help to prove who owns the emeralds) $14.99
Slaughter, Karin Fallen (Grant County #9 / Will Trent #5: Will Trent and Sara Linton investigate when Special Agent Faith Mitchell goes to pick up her daughter from her mother's, and finds the child alone in the toolshed, a gangland hostage situation in her mother's bedroom, and her mother vanished into thin air) $7.99
Smith, Wilbur Those in Peril (To rescue her daughter, who has been captured and tortured by pirates demanding a huge ransom, an oil company heiress and her chief of security decide to take the law into their own hands) $9.99
Tentler, Leslie Edge of Midnight (PBO; For months, the Collector abducted women, holding them captive for days before killing them. Then he vanished. Three years later, a string of similar abductions begins. When Mia Hale is abducted, then found wandering hours later, with no memory of what happened to her, FBI agent Eric McFarlane suspects she's more than just a victim who got away. She may be the Collector's obsession and ultimate target - and she may have ties to the killer that go back further than anyone thought) $7.99
Thompson, James Lucifer's Tears (Kari Vaara #2: Working the graveyard shift in the Helsinki homicide unit, Inspector Vaara is pushed into investigating a 90-year-old national hero for WWII war crimes, and is drawn into the torture-murder case of a Russian businessman's unfaithful wife) $15.00
Thor, Brad Full Black (Scot Harvath #10: When former US President Thomas Carver Banks is appointed Secretary General of the UN, the final phase of an intricate plan to destroy the US is set in motion. Harvath races to evade capture and discover who is behind the plot) $15.00
Tursten, Helene Detective Inspector Huss (Irene Huss #1: Reissue; The suspicious death of a wealthy Swedish financier turns out to be the first in a series of murders; DI Huss tangles with street gangs, neo-Nazis, and immigrants in her search for the killer) $9.99
Tursten, Helene Night Rounds (Irene Huss #4: DI Huss investigates when, after a blackout at a Goteborg hospital, one nurse is found dead and another has vanished. The only witness claims to have seen Nurse Tekla doing her rounds - but Nurse Tekla died sixty years ago) $25.00
Watson, S.J. Before I Go to Sleep (A woman with a damaged memory desperately searches for the truth. Who is she? And who can she trust?) $14.99
White, Randy Wayne Night Vision (Doc Ford #18: When an illegal immigrant goes into hiding after witnessing a murder, Doc Ford and his friend Tomlinson must search through the underground, invisible nation of illegal laborers to find her before the killer does) $9.99
Wiehl, Lis/Henry, April Hand of Fate (Outspoken radio talk show host Jim Fate dies when poisonous gas fills the studio while his controversial show is on the air. An FBI agent, a crime reporter, and a federal prosecutor work together to crack the case. But the reporter has a secret, one that will either solve the case, or make her a suspect) $7.99
Wilson, F. Paul Jack: Secret Vengeance (Repairman Jack YA #3: YA; A popular boy at school takes Weezy on a date, attacks her, and then smears her reputation. Weezy would rather forget it ever happened, but, with the help of the Pineys, Jack plans to teach the boy a lesson) $7.99

Expected Mid February

Beaton, M.C. Death of a Kingfisher (Hamish Macbeth #28: The Highland village of Braikie hopes to attract tourists to their beautiful woods; PC Hamish MacBeth investigates when a kingfisher is found hanging from a branch with a noose around its neck. Next a wave of vandalism threatens the town, then violence strikes again - and this time it's murder) $24.99
Berenson, Alex The Shadow Patrol (John Wells #6: Concerned that their Kabul station may have been infiltrated by the Taliban, the CIA asks John Wells to investigate. He finds a viper's nest of hostility and mistrust - and clues that hint at a drug-trafficking operation involving the agency, the military, and the Taliban; Signed copies expected) $26.95
Brody, Frances Dying in the Wool (Kate Shackleton #1: In the Yorkshire village of Bridgestead, nothing exceptional happens - until Joshua Braithwaite goes missing. Now his daughter is getting married and wants a last attempt made to find him. Did he run off with his mistress? Was he murdered? Amateur sleuth Kate Shackleton taps into the villagers' lives, and opens cracks that some would kill to keep closed) $24.99
Christie, Agatha Come, Tell Me How You Live (Nonfiction; the mystery writer's account of her days on an archaeological dig in 1930s Syria) $13.99
Davidson, Hilary The Next One to Fall (Lily Moore #2: Just after Lily and her photographer friend Jesse arrive at Machu Picchu, a tourist dies. While witnesses agree that no one was near the woman when she fell, Lily becomes increasingly convinced that the death was no accident; when the Peruvian police show no interest, she decides to investigate) $24.99
Davies, J.D. Gentleman Captain (Matthew Quinton #1: 1662: King Charles II sends Matthew Quinton north to defuse the rebellion in the Scottish Isles; the inexperienced captain faces a resentful crew, and a growing suspicion that the ship's previous captain was murdered) $14.95
Dekobra, Maurice The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars (Reissue; Gerard Seliman becomes the personal assistant of Lady Diana Wyndham, and soon finds himself involved in a wild scheme as she tries to save herself from financial ruin by recovering her rights to a Russian oil field now controlled by revolutionaries who don't like capitalists) $15.00
Eastland, Sam Shadow Pass (UK title: The Red Coffin) (Pekkala #2: 1939: When a top military engineer is found dead next to the weapon he was working on, Stalin enlists Inspector Pekkala to look into the murder) $15.00
Hall, Parnell Caper (Stanley Hastings #17: Finding out why his client's teenage daughter is skipping school should be easy, but nothing is as it seems, bodies start piling up, and PI Stanley Hastings is left holding the bag) $14.95
Hand, Elizabeth Available Dark (Cass Neary #2: A mysterious job offer sends photographer Cass Neary to Helsinki, where a fashion photographer shows her photos depicting ritual killings. Narrowly escaping death herself, Cass flees to Iceland, but soon unsolved murders are multiplying faster than she can run) $23.99
Johansen, Iris Bonnie (Eve Duncan #13: With the help of her beloved Joe Quinn and CIA agent Catherine Ling, Eve has come closer than ever to the truth about her daughter's disappearance. But the deeper she digs, the more she realizes that Bonnie's father is a key player in solving this puzzle. And that Bonnie's disappearance was not as random as everyone had always believed) $7.99
Kurkov, Andrey The Case of the General's Thumb (A general's corpse is found, missing a thumb. Police Lt. Slutsky is sent to investigate. So is KGB officer Tsensky. Neither knows the other is investigating; each finds himself baffled by developments caused by the other. In a comedy of dangerous errors, the two crisscross Europe, Russian, and the Ukraine, catalysts in a bizarre battle between the Russian and Ukrainian secret services) $14.95
Larsson, Stieg The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Millennium #3: In a Swedish hospital, Lisbeth Salander is fighting for her life. When she's well enough, she'll stand trial for three murders. With the help of her journalist friend Mikael Blomkvist, she will have to prove her innocence and identify the corrupt politicians who have allowed the vulnerable to suffer. And, on her own, she will plot her revenge against the man who tried to kill her and the government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life; $15.95 trade pb also available) $9.99
Martin, Nancy Sticky Fingers (Roxy Abruzzo #2: To make ends meet, Roxy has been doing a few jobs for her mob-boss uncle, scaring people into repaying the money they owe him. When his lawyer asks her to hold someone for ransom, Roxy refuses - but ends up prime suspect when the intended victim is murdered) $14.99
McCafferty, Keith The Royal Wulff Murders (When a guide reels in the body of a young man from a Montana river, Sheriff Martha Ettinger suspects foul play. While investigating, she crosses paths with PI Sean Stranahan, who has been hired to find a woman's missing brother. The clues lead sheriff and PI to Montana's big business: fly fishing) $26.95
Montalban, Manuel Vazquez Murder in the Central Committee (Pepe Carvalho: Reissue; At a meeting of the central committee, in a locked and guarded room, the general secretary of Spain's Communist Party is stabbed to death, but the Party refuses to believe it was an inside job. They turn to former party member PI Pepe Carvalho for help) $14.95
Nesbo, Jo Nemesis (Harry Hole #2: Edgar Award finalist. Detective Harry Hole investigates the death of his old flame Anna, while also trying to track down a gang of robbers who are getting more ruthless with each hit) $7.99
O'Donovan, Gerard The Priest (Mike Mulcahy #1: Inspector Mike Mulcahy butts heads with his Dublin colleagues and bosses when he insists that an attack on a politician's daughter had religious as well as sexual motivations) $15.00
Patterson, J/Karp, M Kill Me If You Can (The world's two best assassins hunt a poor art student who took advantage of the chaotic aftermath of a killing at Grand Central Station to steal a duffel bag filled with diamonds) $14.99
Patterson, Richard North The Devil's Light (A compromised CIA operative must stop al Qaeda from using a stolen nuclear weapon on Israel) $9.99
Pearl, Matthew The Technologists (Boston, 1868: The daring Massachusetts Institute of Technology is rising, its mission to harness science for the benefit of all and to open the doors of opportunity to everyone of merit. But in Boston Harbor a fiery cataclysm throws commerce into chaos, as ships' instruments spin inexplicably out of control. Soon after, another mysterious catastrophe devastates the heart of the city. Is it sabotage by scientific means or Nature revolting against man's attempt to control it? The disasters cast a pall over MIT. With their first graduation and the survival of their school now in doubt, the best and brightest students secretly come together to track down the truth, armed with ingenuity and their unique scientific training) $26.00
Persson, Leif G.W. Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End (Fall of the Welfare State #1: Beginning with the death of an unknown American citizen in Stockholm, a web of international espionage, greed, incompetence, and work by a shoddy Swedish intelligence force lead to the murder of the prime minister) $15.95
Reichs, Kathy Flash and Bones (Temperance Brennan #14: When a body is found in a barrel of asphalt near a speedway, Tempe learns that it may be connected to a pair of mysterious disappearances years earlier that the FBI never really investigated) $15.00
Rich, Roberta The Midwife of Venice (16th-century Venice: Hannah is renowned for coaxing reluctant babies out of their mothers. A Christian count implores her to save his unborn son. Although Papal edict forbids Jews from rendering medical treatment to Christians, the count's payment is enough to ransom Hannah's husband Isaac, who has been captured at sea. Hannah's choice entangles her in a treacherous family rivalry that endangers the child and threatens her voyage to Malta to find Isaac) $15.00
Robb, J.D. Celebrity in Death (Eve Dallas #35: Eve is having a reasonably good time at the bash celebrating a film based on one of her cases - until the actress who plays Peabody turns up dead in the swimming pool) $27.95
Robinson, Peter Before the Poison (Chris Lowndes buys a mansion in the Yorkshire dales, and learns it was the scene of a murder decades ago. The doctor who owned it was supposedly poisoned by his young wife Grace, who was hanged for the crime. As he learns more about the crime, his belief that Grace may have been innocent disturbs a web of deadly secrets) $25.99
Rosenfelt, David Heart of a Killer (Young lawyer Jamie Wagner reopens the case of a woman imprisoned for murdering her abusive husband. If released, the woman plans to provide a heart transplant for her dying daughter by taking her own life) $24.99
Scottoline, Lisa Save Me (Lunchroom volunteer Susan Pressman must uncover what really happened after she finds herself being blamed when an explosion at the school injures the girl who was bullying Susan's daughter) $14.99
Silva, Daniel Portrait of a Spy (Gabriel Allon #11: The CIA contacts Gabriel: the US President wants him to mount an operation against a Yemen-based al-Qaeda rival with plans to shed American blood on American soil) $9.99
Stabenow, Dana Restless in the Grave (Kate Shugak #19: With his wife a suspect in the sabotage-related fatal crash of an entrepreneur's Piper Super Cub, Alaska state trooper Liam Campbell turns to his mentor Jim Chopin for help. PI Kate Shugak goes undercover in southwestern Alaska to investigate; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Taylor, Andrew The Anatomy of Ghosts (1786: Hired to catalogue a dead man's library, bookseller John Holdsworth is instead sent to Cambridge to check on the well-being of the man's son; once there, he is drawn into a mystery involving a woman's death and a secret society) $15.99
Thomas, Donald Sherlock Holmes and the Ghosts of Bly (Collection; four original tales featuring the great detective) $14.95
Waller, Douglas C. Wild Bill Donovan: His Life, His Spies, His Secret Wars (Nonfiction; Waller draws on recently declassified documents in this biography of the father of modern espionage) $16.00
West, Michael Lee Gone with a Handsomer Man (Teeny Templeton #1: When Charleston pastry chef Teeny Templeton finds her fiance playing naked badminton with two other women, she dumps him - then winds up prime suspect when he turns up dead) $14.99
Westlake, Donald E. The Comedy Is Finished (1977: America is finally getting over the nightmares of Watergate and Vietnam. But not everyone is ready to let go. When radicals kidnap a popular comedian, threatening to kill him unless some of their cohorts are released from prison, the FBI jumps on the case - with bloody consequences) $25.99
Willig, Lauren The Garden Intrigue (Pink Carnation #8: Augustus Whittlesby, an undercover agent posing as an atrocious poet, teams up with Emma Morris Delagardie, the New York-born widow of a Frenchman and an old school friend of Napoleon's stepdaughter, to thwart a French invasion of England) $25.95

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