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Newsletter #85 March May, 2009



Tales of the Unanticipated #29 (PBO; Original speculative fiction and poetry) $10.00
Abnett, Dan et. al. The Story of Martha (Doctor Who: The story of Martha's travels from her arrival on Earth as the Toclafane attacked through her return to Britain to face the Master, plus the stories she tells about her adventures) $11.99
Aiken, Joan The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories (Kids; 24 stories, 4 previously unpublished; because of a wish their mother made before they were born, Mark and Harriet Armitage lead lives full of magic and strangeness) $20.00
Alexander, Alma Spellspam (Worldweavers #2: YA; Thea thought she was the only one who could reach through the computer using magic, but someone else is out there, someone with a dark agenda from a whole new world $8.99
Alexander, Alma Cybermage (Worldweavers #3: YA; The Federal Bureau of Magic needs Thea's help to unlock the mysterious white cube found in the professor's house) $17.99
Anderson, Poul Call Me Joe (Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson #1: A selection of his earliest works, including his first published stories, several time travel stories, some of his verse, and much more) $29.00
Archer, Alex Polar Quest (Rogue Angel #16: PBO; The discovery of an ancient necklace made of an unknown metal brings Annja Creed to Antarctica, where someone is out to kill her) $6.99
Ash, Sarah Tracing the Shadow (Alchymist's Legacy #1: A young Guerrier rescues a street waif, not realizing that she is the daughter of a magus who met his end on their pyres - and seeking the one who condemned her father) $7.50
Ash, Sarah Flight into Darkness (Alchymist's Legacy #2: Celestine grieves the death of her first love, seeks revenge on those who killed him, and struggles to uncover the secrets of her birth and cope with her powers) $24.00
Asprin, Robert / Nye, Jody Lynn Myth-Fortunes (PBO; Aahz invests in a scheme to build pyramids, and faces a run of unbelievable bad luck. It's up to Skeeve to figure out why the deal is turning sour) $14.95
Barlow, Toby Sharp Teeth (Lycanthrope packs vie for dominance in L.A.; a lone werewolf hides her nature from her dogcatcher boyfriend; the leader of her former pack poses as the pet of a lonely woman) $14.99
Bear, Elizabeth Whiskey and Water (Promethean Age #2: Matthew the Magician must bring a young woman's Fae killer to justice before Jane Andraste uses the crime to justify more violence) $7.99
Bedford, K.A. Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait (PBO; Spider discovers a corpse inside a secondhand time machine; the Dept. of Time & Space steps in to handle it, leaving Spider with questions - and trouble) $17.95
Berg, Carol Breath and Bone (Valen #2: Valen risks everything to rescue one child, seek justice for another, and return the rightful king to the dying land of Navronne) $7.99
Birmingham, John Without Warning (When an energy wave wipes out 99%of the US population, the survivors struggle to meet unimaginable challenges) $26.00
Bloch, Robert/Dziemianowicz, Stefan R.--ed. Skeleton in the Closet and Other Stories (Readers Bloch #2: Numbered of 750 copies. Collection of 16 stories. Signed copies) $40.00
Braziel, James Birmingham, 35 Miles (PBO; Near-future Alabama is mostly a desert; Mat dreams of leaving the red-clay mines, but for him Birmingham's clean air and wet grass are myths, off limits to all but a lucky few) $12.00
Bretton, Barbara Casting Spells (Chloe Hobbs #1: PBO; Sorcerer's daughter Chloe Hobbs is in search of Mr. Right, and she's found him in Luke MacKenzie, the human cop investigating her town's very first murder) $14.00
Brode, D/Serling, C Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone: The Official 50th Anniversary Tribute (Looks at the TV series, with commentary on episodes, arranged by theme; black & white photos) $24.95
Buckell, Tobias S. The Cole Protocol (Halo: PBO; Jacob Keyes investigates a colony of human rebels that has made an alliance with members of the Covenant, as the Spartan Gray Team and an Elite converge on the area) $14.95
Bujold, Lois McMaster Brothers in Arms (Vorkosigan #09: Reprints the 1989 paperback original. Signed copies) $25.00
Butler, Octavia Kindred (Reissue; Dana, a modern-day black woman, is repeatedly transported to the antebellum South; she must ensure that a plantation owner's son survives to father her ancestor) $15.00
Carmody, Isobelle Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn #1: Reissue; YA; Exiled after her psychic abilities are discovered, Elspeth discovers dark secrets concerning the overlords who control the destinies of the outcasts $6.99
Carmody, Isobelle The Farseekers (Obernewtyn #2: Reissue; YA; Elspeth and others undertake a dangerous journey to rescue a powerful psychic and find an enormous book trove) $6.99
Carmody, Isobelle Ashling (Obernewtyn #3: Reissue; YA; Elspeth travels to the lowlands to seal an alliance between Obernewtyn and the rebel forces that oppose the totalitarian Council) $6.99
Carmody, Isobelle The Keeping Place (Obernewtyn #4: YA; When a Misfit is kidnapped, Elspeth is compelled to join the growing rebellion against the Council) $6.99
Carmody, Isobelle Wavesong (Obernewtyn #5: YA; Elspeth and the other Misfits successfully defend the Land against a Herder invasion, and manage to take over Herder Island) $6.99
Carmody, Isobelle The Stone Key (Obernewtyn #6: YA; Elspeth must find and stop the person infected with the plague before sickness, and ultimately death, threatens everyone in the Land) $6.99
Cordell, Bruce R. et. al. Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead (Dungeons & Dragons: Explores the origins, tactics, myths, & lairs of undead creatures, & presents new varieties of undead) $29.95
Davis, Jim Garfield Gets His Just Desserts (Garfield #47: PBO; Kids; Full-color comic strip reprints) $13.00
de Lint, Charles Woods & Waters Wild (Collected Early Stories #3: High fantasy stories, including two original to this collection. Signed copies) $40.00
Duchamp, L. Timmel-ed. The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 1 (PBO; Explores some of the issues of interest at WisCon 2006, with essays and papers by attendees, transcripts of panels, a new short story by Rosaleen Love, and more) $17.50
Duchamp, L. Timmel/Gunn, Eileen-ed. The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 2 (PBO; Scholarly essays, comments, arguments, appeals to reason, scathing replies, and fears and hopes for the future collected from participants at WisCon 2007) $17.50
Duncan, Hal Escape from Hell! (PBO; Four sinners die, meet in hell, and decide to make a break; news of their attempted escape sets off a riot among the damned souls, and all hell breaks loose) $9.95
Durst, Sarah Beth Into the Wild (Wild #1: Kids; When the fairy-tale world of the Wild takes over Julie's town and kidnaps her mom Rapunzel, her brother Puss-in-Boots, and her witch of a grandma, Julie must save them) $7.99
Fantaskey, Beth Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (YA; Jessica learns that she is descended from royal Romanian vampires and that she is betrothed to a vampire prince) $17.00
Farris, John You Don't Scare Me (For 10 years, Chase has believed in another dimension, where the dead can inflict their will on the living, and her evil stepfather is in control; now she's ready to try to defeat him) $6.99
Feehan, Christine Dark Challenge (Dark #5: Reissue; Brooding Carpathian Julian Savage finds his life transformed by the woman he has sworn to protect, a beautiful Carpathian singer named Desari) $7.99
Fenner, Cathy & Arnie-ed. Spectrum 15 (PBO; Massive annual full-color retrospective of science fiction and fantasy art) $29.95
Fox, Daniel Dragon in Chains (Moshui #1: PBO; A deposed emperor prepares for his last stand, a miner finds himself changing into something more than human, and a slave strives to keep a dragon chained beneath the sea) $15.00
Frost, Kimberly Would-Be Witch (Southern Witch #1: PBO; Tammy Jo enlists the aid of wealthy, charming, and magically gifted Bryn Lyons when her locket containing the soul of a long-dead family ghost is stolen) $14.00
Gaiman, Neil - of interest: Jones, Stephen Coraline: A Visual Companion (A full-color guide to the making of the film) $34.99
Grant, Maxwell Smugglers of Death/The Blackmail King (Shadow #23: Reprints two pulp classics, originally published in 1939 & 1941, plus the script of a lost radio classic) $12.95
Grant, Maxwell Washington Crime/Quetzal (Shadow #24: Reprints two pulp classics, originally published in 1937) $12.95
Griffin, Adele Vampire Island (Vampire Island #1: Kids; Vampire-fruit bat hybrids Maddy, Lexie, and Hudson Livingstone struggle to adjust to living as humans in New York City) $5.99
Hambly, Barbara/Kosakowski, Alex/ Randall, Ron Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness Act 1: An Honorary Man (PBO; Full color graphic novel. The adventures of female archaeologist Anne Steelyard in 1908 Turkey) $14.95
Hand, Elizabeth Generation Loss (Cass Neary goes to interview a famous reclusive photographer in Maine, where she stumbles across a decades-old mystery that is still claiming victims) $14.00
Hickman, Clayton-ed. The Doctor Who Storybook 2009 (Eight new adventures for the Doctor and Donna, with full-color illustrations) $11.99
Hill, Joey W. A Mermaid's Kiss (Mermaid #1: PBO; When a blow severs Jonah's wings and knocks him into the sea, he is rescued by a mermaid and faces a choice between duty and desire) $15.00
Huff, Tanya Stealing Magic (A collection of short stories featuring Terazin, a top-notch thief, and Magdelene, the world's most powerful (and laziest) wizard) $13.95
Hughart, Barry The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox (Reprints Bridge of Birds, The Story of the Stone, Eight Skilled Gentlemen , 3 delightful, humorous novels set in an ancient China that never was. Master Li plays a Holmesian role, with Number Ten Ox his attendant Watson, Signed copies) $38.00
Hunter, Faith Host (Rogue Mage #3: A terrible danger threatens Mineral City. Thorn must rally the townspeople, but her loyalty will be tested by someone she once lost to the Dark: her twin sister) $6.99
Jones, Terry Terry Jones' Barbarians DVD (Monty Python's Terry Jones looks at Roman history from an entirely different perspective - that of the Barbarians. Live action, 16x9 anamorphic, 205 minutes) $29.98
Jones, Terry Terry Jones' Medieval Lives DVD (Monty Python's Terry Jones brings the Middle Ages to life in all its corruption, violence, and greed, courage, enterprise, and learning. Live action, 16:9 enhanced, 231 minutes) $29.98
Kenyon, Kay A World Too Near (Entire and the Rose #2: Former star pilot Titus Quinn sets out to destroy the fortress of Ahnenhoon, whose great engine will soon consume Earth's universe in a concentrated ball of fire) $15.98
Klages, Ellen The Green Glass Sea (Dewey Kerrigan #1: Kids; 1943, Los Alamos, New Mexico: While 11-year-old Dewey's father works on a secret project, Dewey pursues her own mechanical project) $7.99
Klages, Ellen White Sands, Red Menace (Dewey Kerrigan #2: Kids; 1946: Living with the Gordons at Alamogordo, Dewey wonders: Where does a girl who likes physics and math fit in?) $16.99
Koontz, Dean - of interest: Dixon, Chuck / Booth, Brett Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (Full-color adaptation of the novel. A serial killer is on the loose in 21st century New Orleans, salvaging body parts from each of his victims as if trying to assemble a perfect human being) $22.95
Lee, Sharon / Miller, Steve Eidolon (Adventures in the Liaden Universe Chapbook #14: Collects two original stories, 'Shadow Partner' and 'Persistence'. Signed copies) $10.00
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest: Dreams of Cthulhu: The Rough Magik Initiative DVD (H.P. Lovecraft Collection #2: Includes: Rough Magik television pilot; Terrible Old Man; From Beyond trailer; and Experiment 17; Experiment 18. 130 minutes, color/black & white) $19.99
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest: Out of Mind DVD (H.P. Lovecraft Collection #3: Includes: Out of Mind: The Stories of H.P. Lovecraft (as seen on Bravo); The Music of Erich Zann; The Outsider; My Necronomicon. 120 minutes, color/b&w) $19.99
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest: Pickman's Model DVD (H.P. Lovecraft Collection #4: Includes: Chilean Gothic (English subtitles); Giovanni Furore's Pickman's Model (English subtitles); Cathy Welch's Pickman's Model; Between the Stars; In the Vault. 120 minutes, color/b&w) $19.99
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest: Strange Aeons DVD (H.P. Lovecraft Collection #5: Includes: Strange Aeons; Maria's Hubris; From Beyond; The Making of Strange Aeons. 120 minutes, color) $19.99
Lovecraft, H.P. - of interest: The Call of Cthulhu DVD (An adaptation of the classic Lovecraft tale of horror, in the style of a classic 1920s silent film, with an original symphonic score. Black & white, 47 minutes) $19.99
Luceno,James Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (When Allana Solo discovers a strange device aboard the Millennium Falcon, Han and Leia set out to retrace the checkered history of the vessel) $26.00
Marmell, Ari Agents of Artifice (Magic the Gathering: Planeswalker: Follow Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, and Tezzeret in their quests for knowledge and power) $24.95
Martin, Gail Z. Dark Haven (Chronicles of the Necromancer #3: PBO; The king struggles to rebuild and to punish those responsible for the atrocities against his people, while his ally, the Lord of Dark Haven, takes on the Blood Council) $7.99
Marusek, David Getting to Know You (Collection of ten science fiction stories) $15.00
Masefield, John The Midnight Folk (Kay Harker #1: Kids; Talking paintings and animals help Kay Harker in his attempt to outwit a group of witches and locate his great-grandfather's buried treasure) $16.95
Masefield, John The Box of Delights (Kay Harker #2: Kids; Kay Harker finds himself involved in a fantastic adventure when he becomes guardian of the mysterious Box of Delights) $16.95
Messingham, Simon The Doctor Trap (Doctor Who: Sebastiene has brought together the finest hunters in the universe for the deadliest quarry of them all - the Doctor!) $11.99
Michalowski, Mark Shining Darkness (Doctor Who: A visit to an art gallery turns into a race across space to uncover the secret behind a shadowy organization) $11.99
Mills, K.E. (aka Miller, Karen) The Accidental Sorcerer (Rogue Agent #1: PBO; Gerald Dunwoody is a wizard, but not a particularly good one, and his new job as court wizard for King Lional might be more than he can handle) $7.99
Morgan, Richard K. The Steel Remains (One-time war hero Ringil is asked to find a cousin who has been sold into servitude & is drawn back into the dangerous world he had left behind) $26.00
Morris, Mark Ghosts of India (Doctor Who: When the Doctor and Donna arrive in 1947 Calcutta, they find the city rife with tales of 'half-made men' who roam the streets at night and steal people away) $11.99
Okorafor-Mbachu, Nnedi Zahrah the Windseeker (Kids; When her best friend is bitten by a snake, 13-year old Zahrah undertakes a dangerous quest into the Forbidden Greeny Jungle to seek the antidote) $7.99
Paolini, Christopher Eldest (Inheritance #2: YA; Eragon is adopted into the Ingeitum clan and sent to finish his training so he can further help the Varden in their struggle against the Empire) $7.99
Parkin, Lance The Eyeless (Doctor Who: Is the planet Arcopolis really haunted? Who are the Eyeless? What will happen if they get to the weapon in the fortress before the Doctor does?) $11.99
Patterson, James/Gout, Leopoldo Daniel X: Alien Hunter (PBO; YA; Full-color adaptation of the novel) $9.99
Pinkwater, Daniel The Neddiad (Kids; Neddie Wentworthstein winds up in possession of an artifact whose owner is supposed to prevent the destruction of the world, but he is not sure exactly how) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry/Jean, Vadim Hogfather DVD (Someone - or something - wants the Hogfather out of the way, and it's up to the most unlikely of heroes to get Hogswatch back on track. Live action, widescreen, 189 minutes) $14.95
Priest, Cherie Those Who Went Remain There Still (Heaster Wharton's vindictive last request sends his descendants to a cave on the edge of his property to find his will - and something else that lives there) $25.00
Roberson, Chris Three Unbroken (Celestial Empire #2: PBO; The war for Fire Star is viewed through the eyes of three members of the Dragon Throne's armed services, from their induction to their fight for survival on the front line) $7.99
Robeson, Kenneth Mystery Under the Sea/The Red Terrors (Doc Savage #22: Reprints two pulp classics, originally published in 1936 & 1938) $12.95
Robeson, Kenneth The Fantastic Island/Danger Lies East (Doc Savage #23: Reprints two pulp classics, originally published in 1935 & 1937, plus a Rush story, 'Talking Toad') $12.95
Rosenbaum, Benjamin The Ant King and Other Stories (PBO; A collection of 17 stories, including one original to this volume) $16.00
Russell, Mary Doria Dreamers of the Day (Agnes, a 40-year-old Ohio schoolteacher, travels to 1921 Cairo, where Winston Churchill, T.E. Lawrence, and Lady Gertrude Bell are redrawing the map to create the modern Middle East) $14.00
Ryman, Geoff The King's Last Song or Kraing Meas (When a 12th-century golden book is kidnapped, along with its guardian, Professor Luc Andrade, Luc's friends Map and William set out to rescue him and the book) $16.00
Salvatore, R.A. Silent Blade (Forgotten Realms: Legend of Drizzt #11: Reissue) $7.99
Salvatore, R.A. Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition #3 (The Legacy/Starless Nights/Siege of Darkness/Passage to Dawn; Forgotten Realms) $34.95
Sanderson, Brandon Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians (Alcatraz Smedry #1: Kids; Alcatraz Smedry must stop a cult of evil librarians by infiltrating the local library, armed with nothing but eyeglasses and a talent for klutziness) $6.99
Sansweet, Stephen J. et. al. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (Slipcased set of 3 unjacketed hardcovers in publisher's shrinkwrap; a guide to the entire Star Wars universe) $125.00
Scott, Robert/Gordon, Jay The Larion Senators (Eldarn Sequence #3: Mark is determined to excavate the Larion spell table and use its power to destroy Eldarn. Is Steven strong enough to kill Mark to save two worlds?) $16.95
Sherman, David / Cragg, Dan Wings of Hell (Starfist #13: The Marines of the Confederation's 34th FIST go head-to-head with the deadly alien Skinks) $23.00
Shirley, John Black Glass (PBO; Richard Candle is being harried by the head of the world's biggest multinational, but his real enemy is a conscious program with its own brutal agenda) $15.95
Sigler, Scott Contagious (Infected #2: Agents Clarence Otto and Dew Phillips find that a mysterious disease sweeping America has become contagious, and must stop it) $24.95
Skye, Obert Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Leven Thumps #1: Kids; Foo - a world created at the beginning of time that makes it possible for mankind to dream, hope, and imagine - is in chaos; only 14-year-old Leven has the power to save it) $8.99
Skye, Obert Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret (Leven Thumps #2: Kids; Leven and his companions journey across Foo to free Geth from his existence as a toothpick and restore him as the rightful heir to the throne) $8.99
Skye, Obert Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want (Leven Thumps #3: Kids; Leven must race across Foo to stop the whispered secret, and travel to the abode of the Want, a manic dream-master who can give Leven the gifts he needs) $8.99
Sleigh, Barbara Carbonel: The King of Cats (Carbonel #1: Reissue; Kids; Rosemary's plan to clean houses over the summer takes a strange turn when an old lady talks her into buying a cat who needs her help to free him from a spell) $16.95
Smith, Jeff Crown of Horns (Bone #9: Kids; Full color. It's war as Briar, the rat creatures, and the Pawan army storm the city of Atheia; Thorn and Fone Bone race to find the one thing that might save them all) $9.99
Sniegoski, Tom The Brimstone Network (Brimstone Network #1: PBO; Kids; 13-year-old Bram has been training to battle paranormal dangers; when assassins wipe out the Brimstone Network, Bram must form a new team) $5.99
Sniegoski, Tom The Shroud of A'Ranka (Brimstone Network #2: PBO; Kids; Bram Stone and the other members of the Brimstone Network must find a way to stop Vladek, a vampire who cannot be killed) $5.99
Somper, Justin Demons of the Ocean (Vampirates #1: Kids; When Connor and Grace are shipwrecked, Connor is rescued by pirates, but Grace finds herself aboard a mysterious ship of vampire pirates) $5.99
Somper, Justin Tide of Terror (Vampirates #2: Kids; Connor and Grace find there are secrets inside the ancient walls of the Pirate Academy; nothing is ever quite what it seems in the world of pirates and vampirates) $5.99
Steele, Allen The Last Science Fiction Writer (Limited to 1000 copies. Collection of ten stories. Signed copies) $25.00
Swanwick, Michael The Best of Michael Swanwick (Collection of 21 stories (including 5 Hugo winners)) $38.00
Tan, Shaun Tales from Outer Suburbia (YA; Full color; collection of 15 otherworldly stories, some humorous and some haunting) $19.99
Wilce, Ysabeau S. Flora's Dare: How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom (Despite Being Confined to Her Room) (Flora Fyrdraaca #2: YA; 14-year old Flora Fyrdraaca fights a giant sea creature, rescues her best friend from a mass murderer, and more) $17.00
Yeovil, Jack (aka Newman, Kim) The Vampire Genevieve: Drachenfels/Genevieve Undead/Beasts in Velvet/Silver Nails (Warhammer: Omnibus reprint) $13.99


Colfer, Eoin Airman (Kids; Conor is falsely accused of organizing a coup; thrown into jail, he builds a glider and makes a daring escape - along with a cache of diamonds) $7.99
Cox, Greg Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Novelization of the film; chronicles the origins of the clandestine, centuries-long battle between vampires and lycans) $7.99
Hunter, Erin The Quest Begins (Seekers #1: Kids; Three young bears - black, polar, and grizzly - are brought together on a perilous journey) $6.99
Lindqvist, John Ajvide Let the Right One In (Oskar is a 12-year-old boy and Eli is a 200-year-old vampire. In different ways, they were both victims. Which is how they became friends, depending on one another for life itself) $15.95
Matheson, Richard - of interest: Wiater, Stanley et. al.-ed. The Twilight and Other Zones: The Dark Worlds of Richard Matheson (A celebration of the man and his literary legacy, part biography, part homage, and part writer's companion, including essays by some of the biggest names in horror and suspense) $19.95
Moody, David Hater (People are becoming suddenly violent, killing all who cross their paths. Danny McCoyne wants to protect his family, but when he bolts the doors, is he shutting the danger out, or locking it in?) $21.95
Pinkwater, Daniel The Yggyssey (Kids; Yggdrasil Birnbaum and her friends Seamus and Neddie journey to another plane to learn why the ghosts of Hollywood are disappearing) $16.00
Riordan, Rick The Demigod Files (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Kids; Become an expert on everything in Percy's world with this guide to the series. Also includes interviews, puzzles, games, and original short stories) $12.95
Savage, Sam Firmin (Reissue; Firmin the rat is born in the basement of a bookstore; his siblings gnaw books obliviously, but for Firmin the words, thoughts, deeds, and hopes of literature soon consume him) $12.00
Summersby, Alex Sci-Fi Art: A Graphic History (Full color; a look at the best science fiction art of the last 150 years; Intro by William Gibson) $24.99
Wellington, David Vampire Zero (Laura Caxton #3: Laura Caxton puts her skills to the ultimate test when she takes on her former mentor Jameson Arkeley, now a vampire himself and leader of a legion of monsters) $13.95


Acevedo, Mario Jailbait Zombie (Felix Gomez #4: PBO; To stop a ravenous army of zombies, vampire Felix Gomez must team up with a precocious teen clairvoyant - who won't help Felix unless he makes her a vampire) $14.99
Armstrong, Kelley Made to Be Broken (PBO; When a troubled teenage employee and her baby vanish in the Canadian woods, ex-cop turned nature lodge owner Nadia Stafford is hot on the trail) $6.99
Ashley, Jennnifer / Nash, Joy / Popp,Robin T. The Reckoning (Immortals: PBO; Anthology of 3 paranormal romance novellas) $7.99
Baker, Richard Corsair (Forgotten Realms: Blades of the Moonsea #2: Geran is elected by the city council to find a way to stop the pirates threatening his home. But the pirates are kin to his enemies and seek a deeper revenge) $24.95
Bennett, Christopher L. Over a Torrent Sea (Star Trek: Titan: PBO; Titan discovers a new world with an ecosystem unlike anything Captain Riker has seen before) $7.99
Benson, Amber Death's Daughter (Calliope Reaper-Jones #1: PBO; When Death is kidnapped, his daughter Calllie returns home to head up the family business, only to find that she must complete three nearly impossible tasks first) $7.99
Berry, Julie The Amaranth Enchantment (Kids; After years in servitude, at last Lucinda will dance at the royal ball, fall under the Amaranth Witch's spell, avenge her parents' death - and maybe capture the heart of a prince) $16.99
Bishop, Anne Tangled Webs (Black Jewels #5: A forged invitation summons Jaenelle's family to a house, where they are trapped in a living nightmare created by the Black Widow witches; Jaenelle must free them) $7.99
Bishop, Anne The Shadow Queen (Black Jewels #6: To find the key to a treasure great enough to restore Dena Nehele, Theran Greyhaven must first find a Queen who remembers the Blood's code of honor and lives by the Old Ways) $24.95
Brooke, Keith The Accord (Noah and Priscilla escape into the Accord, a virtual utopia where the soul lives on after death, to flee from her murderous husband; he plans to destroy the Accord and them with it) $7.99
Browne, S. G. Breathers: A Zombie's Lament (PBO; Undead Anonymous leads new zombie Andy Warner from his casket to the SPCA to a media-driven class-action lawsuit on behalf of the rights of zombies everywhere) $14.00
Bryan, Kathleen (aka Tarr, Judith) The Golden Rose (War of the Rose #2: When she discovers that the traitor King of Lys is preparing to attack the Ladies of the Isle, Averil flees to the side of her beloved Gerient to join him in a battle to protect their world) $6.99
Bryan, Kathleen (aka Tarr, Judith) The Last Paladin (War of the Rose #3: PBO; Averil is now Queen of Lys, but if she cannot defy and defeat her late uncle's sorcerous masters, she will never live to be crowned) $15.95
Butcher, Jim Small Favor (Dresden Files #10: Queen Mab decides to call in the favor that Harry Dresden owes her, sending him on a quest that leaves him trapped between a deadly foe and an untrustworthy ally) $9.99
Cassidy, Dakota The Accidental Human (Accidental Friends #3: PBO; Wanda meets Heath at one of her cosmetics parties; when his former bloodlust turns to old-fashioned lust for Wanda, he's willing to provide an immortal solution to her terminal illness) $14.00
Castro, Adam-Troy The Third Claw of God (Andrea Cort #2: PBO; Diplomatic Corps Prosecutor Andrea Cort faces murder and alien intrigue) $7.99
Clark, Francis Waking Brigid (In post-Civil War Savannah, dedicated white magicians fight entrenched devil worshippers for the soul of the city) $7.99
Conroy, Robert 1942 (After Pearl Harbor, Japan invades and occupies the Hawaiian islands) $15.00
Czerneda, Julie E./St. Martin, Robert-ed. Ages of Wonder (PBO; 19 original stories of myth, magic, and creatures of fantasy, as seen through different historical eras) $7.99
Dayton, Gail New Blood (PBO; When Amanusa looses magic on those who've harmed her, she must flee for her life across a devastated Europe with Jax, who is inescapably bound to her by blood and magic) $6.99
Dean, Roger Views (Reissue; Full color. The highlights of the first seven years of Dean's career, including concept sketches and finished art) $29.95
Delaney, Joseph Attack of the Fiend (The Last Apprentice #4: Kids; When witches steal Tom's inheritance and kidnap his relatives, Tom, the Spook, and Alice set out to stop the three witch clans from uniting to raise the Fiend - the Devil himself) $7.99
Duncan, Dave The Alchemist's Code (Alfeo Zeno #2: Hired by Venice's Council of Ten, Maestro Nostradamus and his apprentice Alfeo Zeno must use occult means to uncover a foreign spy) $7.99
Duncan, Dave The Alchemist's Pursuit (Alfeo Zeno #3: PBO; Someone is murdering Venetian courtesans, who were somehow connected to a sinister event involving one of the great families. Alfeo's mistress asks Nostradamus to investigate) $15.00
Farrell, S.L. (aka Leigh, Stephen) A Magic of Nightfall (Nessantico Cycle #2: A novel of murder and magic, of deception and betrayal, of Machiavellian politics, star-crossed lovers, and a realm facing war on every front) $24.95
Feist, Raymond E. Wrath of a Mad God (Darkwar #3: Pug and his Conclave of Shadows companions travel undercover among the bloodthirsty Desati, where they encounter a young stranger with disturbing secrets) $7.99
Flint, Eric / Drake, David Belisarius II: Storm at Noontide: Destiny's Shield/Fortune's Stroke (Belisarius Omnibus #2: On the fertile plains of 6th-century Mesopotamia, Count Belisarius and his allies do battle with the evil Malwa Empire to decide the fate of the world - and the fate of the future; hc available at $23.00) $14.00
Ford, Jeffrey The Shadow Year (Two brothers create a cardboard replica of their community, complete with little clay residents; strange things begin to happen in town, and they seem to match the changes their little sister has made to the replica) $14.99
Gaiman, Neil / Vess, Charles (illustrator) Blueberry Girl (Kids; A much-loved baby grows into a young woman: brave, adventurous, and lucky. Exploring, traveling, bathed in sunshine, surrounded by the wonders of the world) $17.99
Garey, Terri You're the One That I Haunt (Nicki Styx #3: PBO; The devil's moved in next door, and he won't take no for an answer; Nicki would never leave her boyfriend, but hell hath no fury like a devil scorned) $6.99
Gibson, William Spook Country (Hollis Henry is a journalist on investigative assignment. Bobby Chombo is a troubleshooter for military navigation equipment. He refuses to sleep in the same place twice. He meets no one. Hollis Henry has been told to find him) $9.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Curse the Dark (Retrievers #2: Wren and Sergei head to Italy in search of a missing artifact) $6.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Bring It On (Retrievers #3: Wren used to have a simple life. Now? Her fellow lonejacks are trying to organize against the Mage's Council. And Sergei is too involved with the Silence for Wren's liking) $6.99
Gleason, Colleen As Shadows Fade (Gardella Vampires #5: PBO; Victoria, descended from the first vampire hunter, must join forces with the enemy when demons threaten; the queen of vampires offers help in exchange for the man Victoria loves) $7.99
Green, Chris Marie A Drop of Red (Vampire Babylon #4: PBO; When a new Vampire Underground is found in England, Dawn and a vampire-fighting team are dispatched to carry the fight to the enemy in London) $15.00
Greenwood, Ed Arch Wizard (Falconfar #2: Rod Everlar sets off in pursuit of the dark wizard Malraun, who has raised an army of monsters and mercenaries to conquer the world) $24.99
Hamilton, Peter F. The Dreaming Void (Void #1: The Void, a massive black hole lying at the center of the Intersolar Commonwealth universe, projects dreams that are transforming the lives of those who experience them) $8.99
Harrison, Kim White Witch, Black Curse (Rachel Morgan #7: Rachel Morgan won't rest until her lover's death is avenged; when a new predator moves to the apex of the Inderlander food chain, Rachel's past comes back to haunt her–literally; unabridged CDs $44.99) $25.99
Hartley, A.J. Act of Will (Medieval actor and playwright Will Hawthorne finds himself bound to a group of high-minded adventurers on a mission to defeat a ruthless army of mystical horsemen) $24.95
Heinlein, Robert A. The Rolling Stones (Reissue; A rollicking science fiction novel about a family traveling in a second-hand spaceship) $13.99
Henderson, Alice Voracious (PBO; When Madeline touches someone, she sees flashes of the past. She find sanctuary in the woods, until a backcountry hike turns into a hunt, with her as the prey of something that's not human) $7.99
Henry, Mark Road Trip of the Living Dead (Amanda Feral #2: PBO; Zombie party gal Amanda and her friends hit the road, where they encounter neo-Nazis, a horny dust devil, a hunky werewolf cop, and an unsightly horde of supermarket shoppers) $15.00
Hill, Joey W. A Vampire's Claim (Vampire #3: Determined to depose a brutal territory overlord, vampire Lady Daniela needs the help of Devlin, an handsome, brave human who inflames her desire) $15.00
Iggulden, Conn Genghis: Lords of the Bow (Genghis #2: Under Genghis Khan, the Mongol tribes have united as one nation, setting their sights on a common enemy: the empire of the Chin) $7.99
Ione, Larissa Desire Unchained (Demonica #2: As their captor casts a spell that bonds them as lifemates, Shade and Runa must fight for their lives and their hearts - or succumb to a madman's evil plans) $6.99
Ivy, Alexandra Darkness Revealed (Guardians of Eternity #4: PBO; Commanded by the Oracles to keep watch over Anna Randal, vampire Cesar finds himself torn between his need to protect her and to possess her) $6.99
Jones, Linda Winstead Bride by Command (Emperor's Brides #3: PBO; Disguised as a sentinel, the emperor of Columbyana is shocked that his next bridal candidate doesn't want to become an Empress, and decides to teach the haughty beauty a lesson) $7.99
Joyce, Brenda Dark Victory (Masters of Time #4: PBO; Schoolteacher Tabitha Rose uses her magic to protect others; she is summoned to a dark, violent time to help Highlander Black Macleod) $7.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel Tigana (Reissue; A musician and his compatriots traverse a countryside bowed under the weight of its sorcerer-conquerors to revive the memory of a land banished from existence and restore freedom) $19.95
Kittredge, Caitlin Second Skin (Nocturne City #3: PBO; Homicide detective Luna Wilder hunts down a serial killer targeting werewolves) $6.99
Lake, Jay Escapement (Sequel to Mainspring ; Paolina Barthes sets out to make her way off the Wall, which brings her talent for sorcery to the attention of deadly factions who would use or kill her for it) $7.99
Laymon, Richard (aka Kelly, Richard) Dark Mountain (Tread Softly) (For two families, it was supposed to be a relaxing camping trip. But the woods are also home to an old hag with unholy powers, and her half-wild brute of a son) $7.99
Lee, Sharon / Miller, Steve Duanifey (Rebecca Beauvelley #1: To escape marriage to an elderly rogue, Rebecca elopes with Altimere, a Fey who shows her a more glamorous future. Unfortunately, Altimere has an agenda of his own . . .) $7.99
Llywelyn, Morgan 1999 (Irish Century #5: Novel following the story of the Irish struggle for independence from 1972 to the disarmament talks and the beginning of reconciliation at the end of the 20th century) $7.99
Lubar, David The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales (Kids; Collection of 35 stories) $15.95
Lupoff, Richard A. Sword of the Demon (Reissue; A beautiful woman warrior and a fierce man-god to challenge a being more awesome than the gods for a magical sword that holds the power of death - and the key to enlightenment) $6.99
Lyon, Jennifer Blood Magic (PBO; A witch-hunter must decide between saving his sister's soul or possessing his true love's heart) $6.99
Madison, Tracy A Taste of Magic (PBO; It's Liz's turn to inherit the family gypsy magic; from now on, everything she bakes will have a pinch of wishes-can-come-true - and her hunky neighbor is going to taste her power) $6.99
Mallory, Tess Highland Rebel (Highland Dream #5: PBO; He's music's pop idol, but Ian MacGregor hails from 18th-century Scotland. And nothing can make him return - until Ellie Graham is swept back 300 years, and only Ian can save her) $6.99
Mann, George-ed. The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction Volume 3 (PBO; Anthology of original stories) $7.99
Masello, Robert Blood and Ice (Scientists at a South Pole research station discover the bodies of two young people with a deadly curse in their blood that allows them to rise from their tomb to live again) $24.00
McCarthy, Erin Bled Dry (Vegas Vampires #3: Brittany finds herself in the family way after a night of passion with a vampire. Will his paternal instincts trump his bloodsucking ones when he finds out he's a father?) $7.99
Meaney, John Black Blood (Donal Riordan #2: Zombie cop Donal Riordan faces the distrust of his colleagues and the city's hostility toward the undead as he investigates a conspiracy to ensorcel the entire population) $24.00
Mebus, Scott Gods of Manhattan (Kids; 13-year-old Rory Hennessy can see things no one else can, and finds an amazing spirit city coexisting alongside modern-day Manhattan) $8.99
Modesitt Jr., L.E. Mage-Guard of Hamor (Recluce #15: Having continued his magical education in exile, young mage Rahl struggles to adapt to the culture of his new home, where an increase in his powers attracts more trouble) $7.99
Oppel, Kenneth Starclimber (Matt Cruse #3: YA; Matt and Kate are invited aboard the Starclimber; soon the ship is surrounded by strange, unsettling life-forms, and the crew is battles devastating mechanical failure) $17.99
Park, Paul The Hidden World (Princess of Roumania #4: Miranda continues to be menaced by the ghosts of her enemies, including the insane spirit of the Baroness, and the demons released by her mother) $7.99
Parker, Steve Gunheads (Warhammer 40,000: Imperial Guard: On the alien world of Golgotha, Sergeant Wulfe and his Gunheads must retrieve a battle tank that belonged to a legendary hero - and get out alive!) $7.99
Phoenix, Adrian A Rush of Wings (Dante #1: Pursuing a serial killer into near-future New Orleans, special agent Heather Wallace winds up protecting vamp rocker Dante from the killer, corrupt fellow agents, and illegal experiments) $7.99
Pratt, T.A. (Pratt, Tim) Spell Games (Marla Mason #4: PBO; Marla's con-artist brother is setting up a sting and drawing her ever-so-corruptible partner Rondeau into the ruse; their bait attracts a bigger - and deadlier - fish than they expected) $6.99
Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Garfield The White Island (A 9000-year old conspiracy. Three families. One secret) $25.95
Roberson, Chris Dawn of War II (Warhammer 40,000: The Blood Ravens Space Marines arrive on a desert world, only to find it overrun with alien orks; then they discover a much deadlier horror - the tyranids!) $7.99
Rollo, Gord Crimson (PBO; Evil stalked the streets of Dunnville 20 years ago, leaving a legacy of blood and madness that no one likes to talk about. But four friends are about to discover the truth) $7.99
Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God (Reissue; Aliens land in Toronto and present evidence that their planet and Earth have experienced the same cataclysmic events - evidence that they claim proves the existence of God) $14.95
Scott, Manda The Crystal Skull (Two people separated by centuries, a modern-day academic and an Elizabethan physician, race to forestall global catastrophe by solving the mystery of 13 life-size crystal skulls) $7.50
Sheckley, Alisa The Better to Hold You (PBO; Things get hairy for a Manhattan veterinarian when she discovers her estranged husband has become a werewolf) $6.99
Showalter, Gena The Vampire's Bride (Atlantis: PBO; Since a rogue horde of dragons killed his beloved, Layel, king of the vampires, has lived only for vengeance - until he falls for a beautiful Amazon) $6.99
Silverberg, Robert 13th Immortal (Reissue; Despite two king-size rewards for his capture, amnesiac Dale Kelsey needs to get to Antarctica to solve the riddle of his past; the future of the world depends on his success) $6.99
Sinclair, Linnea Hope's Folly (PBO; It's an impossible mission: Philip Guthrie feels he can't love. Rya Bennton believes she's unlovable. Together they're facing Imperial forces who will stop at nothing to crush them) $6.99
Singh, Nalini Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter #1: PBO; Dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael hires Elena Deveraux to hunt an archangel gone bad. If the hunt doesn't destroy her, succumbing to Raphael's seduction just may) $7.99
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley The Bronze Pen (Kids; When a mysterious woman gives her a pen, 12-year-old Audrey discovers that whatever she writes with it comes true. But can she use it to save her father's life?) $5.99
Soulban, Lucien Renegade Wizards (Dragonlance: Tracy Hickman Presents the Anvil of Time #3: PBO; three wizards are sent on a quest to find the leader of the renegade wizards) $7.99
Sperring, Kari Living with Ghosts (PBO; A courtesan, a lord, a city guard, a woman warrior, and the ghost of a lord stand between the city of Merafi and a plot to break the magical border that keeps malevolent spirits out) $7.99
Steele, Allen Coyote Horizon (Coyote #4: As the colonists prepare to explore the rest of Coyote, ex-con Hawk Thompson discovers new things about the hjadd; his knowledge will change human history) $25.95
Steele, Allen Galaxy Blues (Expelled from the space fleet, Jules Truffant ends up on a perilous voyage to plant a probe in the path of a black hole that is making its way through an inhabited star system) $7.99
Stenzel, Natale Between A Rock and a Heart Place (PBO; When Daphne Forbes, the daughter of a druid, trips over an enchanted cornerstone, magic fills her - and brings her hunky Tremayne as a guardian) $6.99
Sterling, Bruce The Caryatids (Three identical clone sisters hold the key to saving the world from global warming, runaway pollution, and political intrigue) $25.00
Strout, Anton Deader Still (Simon Canderous #2: PBO; When a boat full of dead lawyers is found, Simon discovers that the booze cruise was crashed by something that sucked all the blood out of the litigators) $7.99
Swann, S. Andrew Prophets (Apotheosis #1: PBO; When signals come in revealing lost human colonies, Caliphate ships and a team of scientists race to reach them; what awaits them is a threat beyond the scope of any human government) $7.99
Taylor, Travis S. One Day on Mars (The underclass on Mars reaches the breaking point and revolts against the Sol System government, resulting in a day of raging battles large and small) $7.99
Thompson, Vicki Lewis Casual Hex (Hex #3: PBO; Two men are vying for Gwen Dubois' affections; Big Knob's matchmaking witch and wizard ask them to prove their love in ways no one could have imagined) $7.99
Thurman, Rob Deathwish (Cal Leandros #4: PBO; The last time Cal and Niko faced the Auphe, they were almost wiped out. Now the Auphe want revenge. But first, they'll destroy everything Cal holds dear) $7.99
Turgeon, Carolyn Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story (PBO; Lil is an old woman who shelves rare books, but once she was a fairy godmother, now banished to live among humans for falling in love with the prince and going to the ball in Cinderella's place) $13.95
Valente, Catherynne M. Palimpsest (PBO; The lives of four strangers linked by an enigmatic tattoo intertwine as they search for their shared destiny in the city of Palimpsest, a world visited only in dreams) $14.00
Vaughn, Carrie Kitty Raises Hell (Kitty #6: The Vegas weres and their vampire priestess have cursed Kitty for disrupting their rituals; Kitty and her allies set a trap for the supernatural force behind the curse) $6.99
Watson, Jules The Swan Maiden (PBO; Based on Irish legend. Raised in isolation so no man will covet her legendary beauty, Deirdre is betrothed to Conor, king of Ulster, but falls in love with the young warrior Naisi) $12.00
Weber, David Storm from the Shadows (Honor Harrington #12: Rear Admiral Michelle Henke finds herself on a collision course with Manpower, an interstellar criminal syndicate that plans to eliminate Manticore as a possible threat to its slave trade) $27.00
West, Michelle The Hidden City (House Wars #1: The demons that nearly destroyed the Empire are stirring again, targeting Jay, an orphan, and Rath, the man who saved her and other children from the slums) $8.99
Williamson, Michael Z. Better to Beg Forgiveness (Celadon's politicians hope to replace their dead president with a more pliable one. Their problem? President Bishwanath isn't dead, and his mercenary bodyguards are more loyal than the politicians) $7.99
Wraight, Chris Dark Storm Gathering (Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: When the prospect of treachery behind Imperial lines looms, four heroes must work together to prevent the summoning of a terrible daemon) $7.99
Zelazny, Roger Threshold (Collected Stories #1: Includes 29 stories, 2 pieces of non-fiction, and 4 curiosities) $29.00
Zelazny, Roger Power & Light (Collected Stories #2: Includes 30 stories and 4 pieces of non-fiction) $29.00
Zindell, David Lord of Lies (Lightstone #3: As his brothers and his father march out to do battle with the armies of the terrible Dark Angel Morjin, Val is left behind alone to protect the sacred Lightstone) $7.99


Archer, Alex Eternal Journey (Rogue Angel #17: PBO; Annja and the excavation crew are threatened by murder at a dig in Australia) $6.99
Axler, James Dark Resurrection (Deathlands #85: PBO; Ryan Cawdor and his companions are captured by the pirate soldiers of the Lords of Death) $6.99
Barr, Mike W. et. al. Mere Anarchy (Star Trek: PBO; Previously published as a 6-part ebook. Over a period of 30 years, the original series characters work to save an endangered planet from a rogue pulsar and the scheming Klingon Empire) $16.00
Brennan, Herbie Faerie Lord (Faerie Wars #4: YA; Conclusion to the Faerie Wars Chronicles) $8.99
Brett, Peter V. The Warded Man (Once, men and women were armed with powerful wards to battle the demons. Then the wards were lost. Three survivors of demon attacks will risk everything to regain the secrets of the past) $25.00
Datlow, Ellen-ed. Inferno (Anthology of 20 original tales of terror and the supernatural) $15.95
de Lint, Charles The Mystery of Grace (Grace Quintero and John Burns, haunted by unfinished business, fall for one another; they have things to learn about the world of the living, and the world beyond, and letting things go) $24.95
Fletcher, Charlie Ironhand (Stoneheart #2: Kids; Edie and the Gunner have been captured by the Walker, and it's up to George to save them. But first he must deal with the veins of marble, bronze, and stone growing out of his hand) $7.99
Forstchen, William R. One Second After (A man struggles to save his family and his North Carolina small town after an EMP hits America) $24.95
Fukui, Isamu Truancy Origins (YA; Umasi is a good student, his twin brother Zen an indifferent one. Thrust onto diverging paths, one will try to destroy Education City, and the other will try to stop him) $17.95
Graham, Jo Hand of Isis (Charmian is Cleopatra's half sister and handmaiden, and an eternal oracle with ancient memories that may hold the key to preserving Egypt) $14.99
Heinsoo, Rob / Mearls, Mike Dungeons & Dragons: Player's Handbook 2 (Expands the options available to D&D players with new classes, races, powers and more) $34.95
Lewis, J.F. ReVamped (Void City #2: PBO; Eric challenges a powerful demon to rescue Marilyn's soul; his task is complicated by the need to reform his disintegrated body and the foibles of his newly vampiric car) $15.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Imager (Imager Portfolio #1: A journeyman artist's life is transformed when he discovers he is an imager, able to visualize things and make them real) $25.95
Prelutsky, Jack The Swamps of Sleethe: Poems from Beyond the Solar System (Kids; Poems about the grandeur and mysteries of worlds beyond our solar system, from the nation's first Children's Poet Laureate) $16.99
Ryan, Carrie The Forest of Hands and Teeth (YA; Mary must choose between her village and her future when the fence that surrounds her village, protecting it from the Forest of Hands and Teeth, is breached) $16.99
Stewart, Paul/Riddell Muddle Earth/Here Be Dragons/Dr. Cuddles of Giggle Glade (Kids; Omnibus: Ordinary schoolboy Joe Jefferson is walking his dog when he is summoned to Muddle Earth by a wizard and turned into Joe the Barbarian) $7.99
Wilson, F. Paul Aftershock & Others: 19 Oddities (Collection of short fiction displaying Wilson's stylistic diversity and versatility) $25.95
Wolfe, Gene The Best of Gene Wolfe (A retrospective collection of 31 stories, including many award winners) $27.95
Zahn, Timothy Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes (PBO; After Judgement Day, resistance fighters John Connor and Kyle Reece continue their brutal fight for survival) $7.99


Abe, Shana Treasure Keeper (Drakon #4: The drakon are being hunted; headstrong Zoe Lane must contend with those who hunt her, her growing powers, and her passion for young Lord Rhys) $22.00
Aguirre, Ann Blue Diablo (Corine Solomon #1: PBO; Corine Soloman can find the missing; her search for someone dear to her leads her into a world of demons and sorcerers, ghosts and witchcraft, zombies and black magic) $6.99
Allred, Katherine Close Encounters (Alien Affairs #1: PBO; On Orpheus Two, the indigenous Buri race faces extinction. It is Kiera's job to protect them, but the Buri leader Thor is proving a dangerous distraction) $7.99
Allston, Aaron Outcast (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi #1: While Luke and Ben set off on a journey of discovery, the others deal with the aftermath of the civil war that rocked the galaxy) $27.00
Andrews, Ilona Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3: PBO; Mercenary Kate Daniels must face her greatest challenge yet, when her werewolf friend Derek is discovered nearly dead) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley The Summoning (Darkest Powers #1: YA) $8.99
Arthur, Keri Deadly Desire (Guardian #7: PBO; Half-vampire half-werewolf Riley Jenson is pitted against a sorceress who can raise the dead to do her killing) $6.99
Asaro, Catherine The Ruby Dice (Skolian Empire #12: Two men, two empires. Neither wanted another war, but neither was complete master of his realm. And each hid a secret that, if revealed, might be his downfall) $7.99
Asprin, Robert Dragons Luck (Griffen McCandles #2: PBO; Disgruntled dragons have put out a hit on Griffen McCandles, and the ghost of a voodoo queen wants him to moderate a supernatural conclave) $15.00
Banks, L.A. Undead on Arrival (Crimson Moon #3: PBO; A virus is wreaking havoc on Max Hunter; Sasha Trudeau must find both the cure for her mate and the traitor who's determined to see them both dead) $7.99
Barnes, Steven Great Sky Woman (Bloodthirsty invaders threaten the peaceful existence of the Ibandi tribe on the prehistoric plains of Africa) $7.99
Baxter, Stephen Emperor (Time's Tapestry #1: An ancient prophecy guides his family's financial and political choices, leading a Celtic noble to betray his people and side with the conquering Romans) $7.99
Beckett, Chris The Holy Machine (PBO; Illyria is a scientific utopia, founded as a refuge from religious fundamentalism. But George Simling fears Illyria is becoming as close-minded and stifling as the outside world) $7.99
Beyer, Kirsten Full Circle (Star Trek: Voyager: PBO; Voyager spearheads a new mission, but the journey is paved with blood and deep scars that will not fade, and populated with ghosts from the past) $7.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer The Firebrand (Reissue; Kassandra's visions foresee the fall of Troy, but no one believes her prophecies, or heeds her warnings about the beautiful woman known as Helen) $7.99
Brown, Eric Kethani (The lives of a group of friends are changed forever when the alien Kethani come to Earth bearing a dubious but amazing gift: immortality) $7.99
Butcher, Jim Turn Coat (Dresden Files #11: Accused of treason against the White Council, the Warden Morgan is on the run, and needs Harry Dresden to clear his name) $25.95
Byrd, Rhyannon Edge of Hunger (Primal Instinct #1: PBO; Ian Buchanan is determined to lead a normal life, ignoring his unsettling dreams, until psychic Molly Stratton claims she shares his nightmares - and has the bite marks to prove it) $6.99
Campbell, Ramsey The Grin of the Dark (Simon is writing a book on dead comedian Tubby Thackeray. Wherever Simon goes, laughter and a threatening clown's grin follow. Is Tubby waiting for him to open the door back to the world?) $7.99
Carroll, Michael The Gathering (Quantum Prophecy #2: Kids; Three new superheroes take on London's worst. When their identities are leaked to the press, they take refuge with a team of superhumans, and face a new threat in America's heartland) $7.99
Chance, Karen Curse the Dawn (Cassie Palmer #4: PBO; The self-styled god Apollo, the source of Cassie's power, is on the warpath, leaving her no choice but to face down her creator once and for all) $7.99
Cole, Allan/Bunch, Chris Kingdoms of the Night (Anteros #3: Reissue; Amalric Antero sets out to find the Kingdoms of the Night and lock the door between realities once and for all) $7.99
Costello, Matthew Doom 3: Maelstrom (PBO; A 22nd-century space marine, survivor of a massive inter-dimensional invasion, struggles to escape from a Union Aerospace Corporation facility that conducts shady research) $7.99
Counter, Ben Hellforged (Warhammer 40,000: Soul Drinkers: In a desolate area of space, the disgraced Soul Drinkers Space Marines find themselves fighting for their lives against the necrons) $7.99
D'Amato, Brian In the Courts of the Sun (December 21, 2012. The day time stops. Math prodigy Jed DeLanda volunteers to learn more about the Mayan codex by having his mind sent back to AD 664) $28.95
Datlow, Ellen-ed. Nebula Awards Showcase 2009 (PBO; Anthology of award-winning fiction and essays on the state of fantasy and science fiction) $16.00
De Bie, Erik Scott Downshadow (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep: PBO; Watchman by day, vigilante by night, Shadowbane must choose between the darkness and the light in his heart when his friends are murdered) $7.99
Drake, David When the Tide Rises (RCN #6: Sent to help the Bagarian cluster in its rebellion against the Alliance, Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy quickly learn that the worst threats to the rebels are the treacherous politicians leading them) $7.99
Durgin, Doranna Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Trap (PBO; Melinda must help a group of ghosts who have been trapped in a storefront by a psychic who wants to keep them earthbound) $7.99
Eden, Cynthia Immortal Danger (PBO; Paranormal romance featuring shapeshifters and suspense) $14.00
Elliott, Kate Shadow Gate (Crossroads #2: Three new Guardians emerge, launching an internecine struggle among the immortals, with the fate of the entire world and its gods at stake) $7.99
Evans, Annaliese Night's Rose (PBO; Rosemarie has worked 200 years to wipe the ogre tribe from the earth; now the tribe has gathered in London to work a spell that will destroy her unless she finds help) $6.99
Feist, Raymond E. Rides a Dread Legion (Demonwar Saga #1: A race of high elves whose world is being ravaged by the Demon King arrive in Midkemia; Pug and the Conclave regard them as potential allies - the demons are the real threat) $26.99
Frei, Max The Stranger (Labyrinths of Echo #1: Max Frei contacts a parallel world in his dreams, and becomes a member of the Department of Absolute Order, solving cases that take him down the winding paths of this strange universe) $29.95
Garton, Ray Bestial (PBO; Sequel to Ravenous ; In Big Rock, California, as the infection spreads, the werewolves are becoming more and more powerful. Is it too late for the humans to fight back?) $7.99
Gemmell, David & Stella Troy: Fall of Kings (Agamemnon's allies, including Odysseus and Achilles, gather for a final onslaught against Troy) $15.00
Gevers, Nick/Lake, Jay-ed. Other Earths (PBO; Original anthology of alternate history stories ) $7.99
Gingrich, Newt / Forstchen, William R. Pearl Harbor (Pacific War #1: A novel examining events, decision-making, and strategies from a Japanese perspective, focusing on the role of Admiral Yamamoto and his officers) $7.99
Griffin, Kate (aka Webb, Catherine) A Madness of Angels, or the Resurrection of Matthew Swift (Two years after his death, sorcerer Matthew Swift finds himself breathing once again, and sets out to avenge himself on his monstrous killer and on the one who brought him back) $19.99
Groening, Matt Simpsons Comics Hit the Road (Full-color collection of comics) $15.99
Hamilton, Peter F. The Temporal Void (Void #2: The Intersolar Commonwealth is in turmoil as the Living Dream's deadline for launching its Pilgrimage into the Void draws closer) $28.00
Harper, Molly Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson #1: PBO; After losing her library job and being shot by a drunken hunter, Jane is turned into a vampire by a handsome stranger) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine From Dead to Worse (Southern Vampire #8: After Hurricane Katrina and the explosion at the vampire summit, Sookie must deal with Quinn's disappearance and big changes in the world of the vampires and weres) $7.99
Hobb, Robin Renegade's Magic (Soldier Son #3: An outcast and a fugitive, Nevare finds a spark of hope: perhaps he can learn to wield the Speck magic for his own purposes rather than be enslaved by it) $7.99
Howell, Hannah/Sands, Lynsay/Kessler, Jackie/Mead, Richelle Eternal Lover (Paranormal romance anthology) $6.99
Hunt, Stephen The Court of the Air (YA; Targeted for their possession of a magical secret, Molly and Oliver find themselves on the run with outlaws and spies as they try to counter deadly and ancient enemies of the state) $7.99
Hunter, Erin Outcast (Warriors: Power of Three #3: Kids; Jaypaw believes the key to the prophecy may lie with the ancient cats who once walked the woods and now prowl his dreams; the three are drawn to the mountains) $6.99
Ione, Larissa Passion Unleashed (Demonica #3: Serena is the keeper of a charm that grants her health and immortality as long as she stays a virgin, but she may have finally met the one man she can't resist) $6.99
Irvine, Alexander C. Buyout (In near-future America, life-sentence convicts can choose death in exchange for a payment to their families; Martin Kindred is drawn into a scheme that will expose who makes the laws and why) $14.00
Kenner, Julie The Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even (Beth Frasier #1: YA; Beth Frasier's junior year of high school is going great until she's turned into a vampire) $6.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Acheron (Dark-Hunter #12: Determined to solve an ancient mystery, a woman undertakes a quest that pits her against Dark-Hunter leader and proud god Acheron) $7.99
Kilborn, Jack (aka Konrath, J.A.) Afraid (A helicopter has crashed and unleashed something horrifying. Safe Haven's only chance for survival will rest with an aging county sheriff, a firefighter, and a single mom) $6.99
Kingsley, Kaza The Dragon's Eye (Erec Rex #1: Reissue; Kids; 12-year-old Erec's mother is missing. To find her, he'll have to cross into another world, where magic is real, and defeat the evil king who holds her captive) $8.99
Kingsley, Kaza The Monsters of Otherness (Erec Rex #2: Kids; Erec must save his siblings and missing dragons. But will his secret admirer help him, or hurt him? And does he know who the real monsters are?) $8.99
Kollin, Dani & Eytan The Unincorporated Man (After a complete economic collapse, every individual is incorporated at birth, and must spend years trying to acquire a majority holding to attain control of his or her own life) $25.95
Krinard, Susan Lord of Legends (PBO; Arion, King of the Unicorns, is condemned to live as a human; only Lady Mariah's innocence can release him from the curse) $6.99
Kyme, Nick Honourkeeper (Warhammer: After signing a trade pact, the dwarfs join forces with the elves to fight attacking Northmen. But can the allies put aside their differences long enough to prevail over the foe?) $7.99
Kyme, Nick/Priestly, Lindsey-ed. Tales of Heresy (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy: PBO; Anthology of original stories) $7.99
Le Guin, Ursula K. Powers (Annals of the Western Shore #3: YA; When young Gavir's sister is brutally killed, he escapes from slavery and sets out to explore the world and his own psychic abilities) $7.99
Lee, Edward The Golem (The original golem was molded from clay to serve and defend the innocent; today new golems will stalk the night to bring terror and death to the Maryland coast) $7.99
Lee, Jade Dragonbound (Ragona #2: PBO; Dag Racho ruled Ragona with an iron fist and the help of his wyrm, but the line between man and beast has blurred. Three kingdoms hang in the balance - and two hearts) $7.99
Lee, Sharon / Miller, Steve Longeye (Rebecca Beauvelley #2: Becca escapes from Sian with only her horse, a mad forest-living Brethren, and her freed magical servant Nancy at her side; Sian sends the legendary hero Longeye in pursuit) $24.00
Marr, Melissa Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely #2: YA; 17-year-old Leslie wants a tattoo, but the eerie image she selects pulls her into the dangerous Dark Court of the faeries, where Irial is battling to hold his rebellious fey together) $8.99
McCaffrey, Anne/Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Deluge (Twins of Petaybee #3: Leaving Petaybee to help rescue a family friend, selkie twins Ronan and Murel are imprisoned by the Company and an unscrupulous scientist) $7.99
McKenna, Juliet E. Irons in the Fire (Lescari Revolution #1: Lescar has long been laid waste by its rival dukes; a mismatched band of exiles and rebels are agreed that the time has come for change) $7.99
Monette, Sarah Corambis (Doctrine of Labyrinths #4: Rebels seek out the engine of Summerdown; once it is awakened, only a powerful wizard can control it. Felix and Mildmay arrive in Corambis just in time for their greatest challenge) $24.95
Moorcock, Michael Duke Elric (Last Emperor of Melnibone #4: Reprints The Sailor on the Seas of Fate plus the comic book script 'Duke Elric') $15.00
Mull, Brandon Grip of the Shadow Plague (Fablehaven #3: Kids; A plague is turning beings of light into creatures of darkness; now that long-trusted allies have been revealed as potential foes, the Sorensons question where to turn for help) $7.99
Nagle, Pati The Betrayal (PBO; The fate of the aelven clans rests on two young lovers, Eliani and Turisan, who are blessed the fabled power of mindspeech) $7.99
Neill, Chloe Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampire #1: PBO; When Merit is attacked, a master vampire saves her by making her undead. Ethan's gorgeous, but he expects her servitude. And someone's still out to get her) $14.00
Nicholls, Stan Orcs: Bad Blood (A human tells of the atrocities being visited upon orcs back in the other world, imploring Stryke and his band to come back and save their kind. Is it a trap?) $14.99
Nicholson, William Noman (Noble Warriors #3: YA; A young boy preaching peace and joy mesmerizes all who come in contact with him; Seeker's mission to kill the last savanter places him at odds with this new leader) $7.99
Norton, Andre The Game of Stars and Comets ( The X-Factor/The Sioux Spaceman/Eye of the Monster/Voorloper ; 4 novels of interstellar adventure, set in the same universe) $14.00
Norton, Andre/Rabe, Jean Dragon Mage (YA; Sequel to Dragon Magic ; an orphaned teen stumbles upon a set of dragon puzzles, and is whisked back to ancient Babylon to continue her father's legacy as servant to the dragon) $7.99
Odom, Mel The Threat from the Sea: The Rising Tide/Under Fallen Stars/The Sea Devil's Eye (Forgotten Realms: An undersea civilization brings back an ancient evil to wage war against the surface dwellers) $14.95
Okorafor-Mbachu, Nnedi The Shadow Speaker (YA; 2070: Magic, mysticism, and mind-blowing technology now rule the world; in West Africa, 14-year-old Ejii struggles to master own magical powers) $8.99
Pohl, Frederik Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (Reissue; On a spaceship belonging to a long-vanished race of aliens, the recovery team finds a human boy, and evidence that a powerful alien civilization is on a ship headed for Earth) $14.95
Riordan, Rick The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson & the Olympians #4: Kids; When demonic cheerleaders invade his high school, Percy Jackson hurries to Camp Half Blood, from whence he and his demigod friends set out on a quest through the Labyrinth) $7.99
Ruckley, Brian Bloodheir (Godless World #2: Orisian must stop the Black Road; Aeglyss uses his new-found powers to twist everything around him; and the long-dormant Anain are stirring) $7.99
Salvatore, R.A. Spine of the World (Forgotten Realms: Legend of Drizzt #12: Reissue) $7.99
Sands, Lynsay Love Bites (Argeneau #2: Reissue; After gorgeous coroner Rachel Garrett saves his life, vampire Etienne Argeneau returns the favor, giving her the gift of immortality and his eternal love) $7.99
Sands, Lynsay The Immortal Hunter (Rogue Hunter #2: PBO; On a mission to capture rogue vampires, Decker follows a risky tip from a prisoner, but the real risk may be teaming up with stunning cop Danielle) $7.99
Sawyer, Robert J. Wake (WWW #1: When Caitlin receives an implant to restore her sight, she sees the landscape of the World Wide Web instead. And discovers something lurking in the background) $24.95
Smith-Ready, Jeri Wicked Game (WVMP Radio #1: A radio station faces corporate takeover; reformed con artist Ciara Griffin discovers the DJs are vampires & turns the station into WVMP: the Lifeblood of Rock 'n' Roll; it boosts the ratings, but enrages some ancient vamps) $7.99
Sniegoski, Thomas E. A Kiss Before the Apocalypse (Remy Chandler #1: Ex-angel Remy Chandler, now a Boston PI, searches for a missing Angel of Death and uncovers a conspiracy aimed at destroying the entire human race) $6.99
Sniegoski, Thomas E. Dancing on the Head of a Pin (Remy Chandler #2: PBO; Fallen angel Remy Chandler investigates the theft of a cache of ancient weaponry stolen from a collector who deals in antiquities of a dark and dubious nature) $14.00
Somper, Justin Blood Captain (Vampirates #3: Kids; Grace travels with her vampirate friend Lorcan to see if his sight can be restored; aboard the Diablo , Connor must put up with Captain Wrathe's awful nephew) $5.99
Somper, Justin Black Heart (Vampirates #4: Kids; There's a new ship of vampirates roaming the seas, leaving a trail of fear and devastation in its wake; the Pirate Federation begins training up a ship of dedicated vampire hunters) $15.99
Sparks, Kerrelyn Secret Life of a Vampire (Love at Stake #7: PBO; Drawing on his Casanova lineage, Jack works his way into a group of Malcontents. But can he show undercover cop Lara who he really is? And can Lara trust him?) $7.99
St. Giles, Jennifer Kiss of Darkness (Shadowmen #3: PBO; Sam is succumbing to an attack by the dark forces of Cinatas; Emerald enlists the help of their friends and a pair of Shadowmen shape-shifters to save his life) $6.99
Staten, Joseph Halo: Contact Harvest (On the colony world of Harvest, humankind experiences its first contact with the Covenant, forcing a desperate struggle for the survival of all humankind) $7.99
Strong, Jory Ghostland (PBO; To enter the ghostlands and save a wealthy man's mistress, shamaness Aisling McConaughey must summon a Djinn prince, and yield to his savage, sensual rage) $15.00
Thomas-Sundstrom, Linda Barbie & the Beast (PBO; Darin Russell has a tuxedo, a Porsche, and a furry secret; if things go according to plan, Barbie Bradley's going to get to see his animal side) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry The Valley-Westside War (Crosstime Traffic #6: YA; The discovery of a universe where atomic war broke out in 1967 prompts an investigation by Crosstime Traffic into what went wrong) $6.99
Van Name, Mark L./Weisskopf, T.K.F.-ed. Transhuman (Anthology of original stories exploring what might happen as technology blurs the line between real & virtual, human & computer) $7.99
Vaughan, Elizabeth White Star (PBO; When Lady High Priestess Evelyn is taken prisoner by Orrin Blackhart, their clashing souls will be united by desire) $7.99
Vonnegut, Kurt Armageddon in Retrospect (A collection of previously unpublished fiction and non-fiction that dwell on war and peace, especially the firebombing of Dresden, Germany) $15.00
Warren, Christine You're So Vein (Others #7: PBO; Ava Markham is attacked by a rogue vampire, and begins a change she cannot survive without the help of an alluring stranger who comes to her rescue) $6.99
Wells, Jaye Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane #1: When Sabina's latest assignment threatens the fragile peace between the vampire and mage races, the mixed-blood assassin must figure out which side she's on) $7.99
Williams, Tad Shadowplay (Shadowmarch #2: While behind the Shadowline, Prince Barrick must solve the mystery of his past to fulfill his destiny and help his twin sister reclaim their family's throne) $8.99
Williams, Walter Jon This Is Not a Game (A fast-paced thriller that goes from the online world of alternate reality gaming to the depths of the stock market) $24.99
Williamson, Michael Z. Contact with Chaos (Discovering a planet with intelligent lifeforms, corporations on Freehold are anxious to sell high-tech toys to them. But the alien Ithkuil are not as primitive as they seem . . .) $24.00
Wyatt, James Dragon Forge (Eberron: Draconic Prophecies #2: Gaven seeks the Draconic Prophecy at its source in the dragon nation, while Aundairian loyalists, assisted by a sinister dragon cabal, assemble an eldritch machine) $6.99
York, Rebecca Eternal Moon (Moon #10: PBO; PI Renata Cordona is saved from a vicious dog pack by a lone wolf; then, out of nowhere, a man with an electrifying touch appears) $7.99
Zakour, John/Ganem, Lawrence Ballistic Babes (Reprints The Radioactive Redhead /The Frost-Haired Vixen novels #3 & 4 featuring 21st-century PI Zach Johnson) $8.99


Bonner, Logan et. al. Dungeons & Dragons: Arcane Power (4th edition supplement) $29.95
Bova, Ben The Immortality Factor (Suddenly, stem-cell research creates the possibility of immortality. Two brothers, both doctors, are on opposite sides of the controversy, and must somehow bridge the gap) $25.95
Bova, Ben The Sam Gunn Omnibus (Collection with three previously uncollected stories. The entire chronicle of Sam Gunn, trailblazer and scoundrel, as he scams his way from one end of the solar system to the other) $19.95
Caveney, Philip Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools (YA; After the death of his jester father, bumbling 17-year old Sebastian Darke sets off with his father's Buffalope to offer his services as court jester) $6.99
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri-ed. Troll's Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales (Kids; Anthology of all-new stories, with traditional fairy tales retold from the villain's viewpoint) $16.99
David, Peter Treason (Star Trek: New Frontier: PBO; Tensions are at a fever pitch after the Prime Minister's murder; the power vacuum will have far-reaching ramifications for Captain Calhoun, the USS Excalibur , and Sector 221-G) $16.00
Jinks, Catherine The Reformed Vampire Support Group (YA; After a member of the Reformed Vampire Support Group is murdered with a silver bullet, the misfit vampires team up to find the killer) $17.00
Le Guin, Ursula K. Lavinia (Prophecies say Lavinia will marry a foreigner, that she causes a bitter war, and that her husband will not live long. When Trojan ships arrive, Lavinia decides to take her destiny into her own hands) $14.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Viewpoints Critical (Collection of stories spanning his entire career, including three that are original to this volume) $15.95
Nye, Jody Lynn A Forthcoming Wizard (Tildi Summerbee #2: Halfling Tildi Summerbee has become the guardian of a very special book that can alter everything in existence - the fate of the world rests in her hands) $27.95
Rawn, Melanie Fire Raiser (Churches in Pocahontas County are being burned down - arson with a taint of magic. Sheriff Evan Lachlan suspects the new owners of the old Westmoreland plantation) $24.95
Robins, Lane Kings and Assassins (Janus will go to any lengths to become king and reverse his country's decline; he must battle the terrifying power of Antyre's forgotten god) $15.00
Stross, Charles The Revolution Business (Merchant Princes #5: The young, progressive faction focuses on Miriam - but do they want a leader, or a figure head? And the US government's War on Terror is about to go transdimensional . . .) $24.95
Turtledove, Harry Give Me Back My Legions! (A politician is given three legions and sent to subdue the German tribes; a German prince who has served in the Roman army must unite the tribes to stand against Rome) $24.95


Alten, Steve The Loch (Reissue; When his father is put on trial for murdering his business partner, marine biologist Zach Wallace must prove that something in Loch Ness was the real cause of the man's death) $9.99
Anderson, Kevin J. Enemies & Allies (During the Cold War, Batman and Superman team up for the first time to battle Lex Luthor, who is leveraging international tensions to build a military-industrial empire) $26.99
Anderson, Kevin J. The Ashes of Worlds (Saga of Seven Suns #7: Galactic empires clash, elemental beings devastate whole planetary systems, and the factions of humanity are pitted against each other) $7.99
Anderson, Poul To Outlive Eternity and Other Stories (Reprints the novel After Doomsday and a selection of short novels of science fiction action and adventure) $7.99
Armstrong, Kelley The Awakening (Darkest Powers #2: YA; With the help of her friends, a charming sorcerer and a cynical werewolf, Chloe vows to thwart the organization that's trying to destroy her) $17.99
Asaro, Catherine Diamond Star (Skolian Empire #13: Del is a rock singer. He's also the renegade son of the Ruby Dynasty, with his life entangled in the politics of three interstellar civilizations - which might have much more effect than his music on people's lives) $23.00
Asimov, Isaac The Currents of Space (Empire #3: Reissue; The Sark depend on the labor of the Florinians for their wealth; when Rik brings the message that the planet is doomed and should be evacuated, they may prefer to kill the messenger) $23.95
Attanasio, A.A. Killing with the Edge of the Moon (Flannery won't be going to the high school dance - unless Chet can rescue her from the beautiful, evil creatures from a mysterious Otherworld who have taken her for their own) $7.99
Baker, Kage The Empress of Mars (Based on the Hugo-nominated novella. Outcasts, misfits and dreamers emigrated in droves to undertake the grueling task of terraforming Mars - and they all end up at Mary Griffith's bar) $25.95
Bangs, Nina Eternal Craving (Gods of the Night #2: PBO; In Philadelphia, The Eleven battle to save humankind and Jenna battles to save the soul of an ancient hunter) $7.99
Bardsley, Michele Over My Dead Body (Broken Heart #5: PBO; After her ex tried to kill her, vampire Simone Sweet moved to Broken Heart; when her past resurfaces, it threatens to ruin her second chance with local hunk Braddock Hayes) $6.99
Barnes, Steven Shadow Valley (Great Sky Woman #2: The savage Mk*tk people pursue the Ibandi; to preserve the Ibandi way of life, Sky Woman must regain her power and Frog Hopping must become the first true warrior) $26.00
Bassom, David Battlestar Galactica: The Official Color Companion (PBO; Guide to the miniseries and seasons 1 and 2, with interviews, photos, a complete episode guide, and more) $14.95
Baxter, Stephen Flood (The world has been transformed by water; it's still rising, entire countries are disappearing, and high ground is a precious commodity) $24.95
Benedict, Lyn Sins & Shadows (Shadows Inquiries #1: PBO; After years of confounding the dark forces of the Magicus Mundi, PI Sylvie Lightner plans to close up shop, but a man claiming to be the God of Justice insists on hiring her) $7.99
Beyer, Doug Alara Unbroken (Magic the Gathering: PBO; The five planes created by the shattering of the plane of Alara are beginning to realign and merge once more) $7.99
Bledsoe, Alex Blood Groove (After being staked, vampire Rudolfo reawakens in 1975 Memphis, TN, where there's a new drug on the steet, created to target and destroy vampires) $13.95
Butcher, Shannon K. Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars #1: PBO; Helen Day sees the man from her nightmares across a diner, tries to flee, but ends up in his arms, awakening a force more enticing than she had ever imagined) $7.99
Butler, S.C. The Magicians' Daughter (Stoneways #3: With the help of her mother Ferris and all her old friends, Hubley must do what she can to rescue her father Reiffen from the consequences of his own madness) $27.95
Byrd, Rhyannon Edge of Danger (Primal Instinct #2: PBO; Shape-shifter Michael Quinn tries to resist his attraction to Saige Buchanan, the fiery Merrick he's supposed to protect) $7.99
Campbell, Alan God of Clocks (Deepgate #3: Rachel Hael has rejoined the blood-magician Mina Greene and her devious little dog on one last desperate mission to save the world from the grip of Hell) $25.00
Campbell, Jack Relentless (Lost Fleet #5: PBO; Black Jack Geary discovers that the Syndics plan to ambush the fleet with their powerful reserve flotilla in an attempt to annihilate it once and for all) $7.99
Chafe, Paul Genesis ( Ark is a self-contained world, launched on a 10,000-year voyage to carry human civilization to the stars, in humanity's final gamble for escape from overcrowded Earth) $7.99
Chapman, Janet Moonlight Warrior (PBO; Kenzie Gregor purchases a series of islands to set up an animal sanctuary, only to find a tempting obstacle in his way: Eve Anderson, who lives on the main island) $7.50
Cherryh, C.J. Conspirator (Foreigner #10: Cajeiri, the first ateva youth to have lived in a human environment, has become a target for forces bent on destroying his father's rule) $25.95
Counter, Ben The Grey Knights Omnibus (Grey Knights/Dark Adeptus/Hammer of Daemons; 3 Warhammer 40,000 novels featuring Justicar Alaric of the Space Marines) $15.00
Dadey, Debbie/Jones, Marcia Thornton This Side of Magic (Keyholders #1: PBO; Kids; Penny and Luke become apprentice Keyholders, guarding the border between the real and magical worlds, and must stop the Queen of Boggarts from invading) $3.99
Dadey, Debbie/Jones, Marcia Thornton The Other Side of Magic (Keyholders #2: PBO; Kids; Natalie, Penny, and Luke must protect the border from the goblins sent by the Queen of the Boggarts) $4.99
Davidson, MaryJanice/Bangs, Nina/Denison, Janelle Surf's Up (Three tales of hunky heroes who work and play at the seashore) $7.99
Davis, James P. The Restless Shore (Forgotten Realms: Wilds: PBO; When a gensai girl is kidnapped by fanatics who carry out the singer's wishes, her sister must save them both from a gruesome fate) $7.99
Day, S.J. Eve of Darkness (Marked #1: PBO; Cursed by God, hunted by demons, desired by Cain and Abel: it's all in a day's work for Evangeline Hollis, a sinner who's been drafted into service to kill demons) $6.99
Delaney, Joseph The Spook's Tale: And Other Horrors (Last Apprentice: Kids; The story of the Spook's apprenticeship, how Alice overcame her dark past, what Grimalkin did to become the deadliest and most feared witch in the county, and more) $10.99
Dick, Philip K. In Milton Lumky Territory (Traveling salesman Bruce Stevens falls under the spell of an attractive older woman, and of a middle-aged paper salesman; all three slowly sink in a whirlpool of Bruce's immature obsessions) $14.95
Dietz, William C. Resistance: The Gathering Storm (PBO; 1952: Uniquely immune to a alien virus that turns humans into monstrosities, US Ranger Nathan Hale and his team meet the alien Chimeran invasion force head-on) $7.99
Douglass, Sara The Twisted Citadel (DarkGlass Mountain #2: Taking over the late Tencendor to protect their people from the dark god Kanubai, three Sunsoar companions also prepare for war against the forces of the DarkGlass Mountain) $7.99
Drake, David In the Stormy Red Sky (RCN #7: From palace to jungle, from gunfights in grimy hangars to the flagship's bridge during a sprawling space battle, Leary and Mundy are in the thick of it again) $25.00
Drake, Jocelynn Dayhunter (Dark Days #2: PBO; Vampire enforcer Mira must stop the ancient nightwalker coven) $7.99
Everson, John Sacrifice (A dangerously insane woman holds the secret of summoning and controlling a race of sadistic spirits, unleashing them through erotic rituals of seduction and slaughter) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Burning Wild (Leopard People #2: PBO; Paranormal romance) $7.99
Fields, Bryan Lunchbox and the Aliens (Kids; Lunchbox is an ordinary basset hound until he is abducted by aliens, zapped by a mental enhancer, and sent back to convert Earth's garbage into food) $6.99
Finlay, C.C.(Finlay, Charles Coleman) The Patriot Witch (Traitor to the Crown #1: PBO; As he fights alongside his fellow patriots from Lexington to Bunker Hill, Proctor Brown also finds himself enmeshed in a secret war of magic against magic) $7.99
Foster, Alan Dean Terminator Salvation (PBO; Novelization; Judgement Day has come and most of the Earth's population has been destroyed, but John and Sarah Connor continue their fight for survival) $7.99
Fox, Angie The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers (Lizzie Brown #2: PBO; Demon-slayer Lizzie Brown and her granny's coven of biker witches must save Las Vegas - and Dimitri - from a succubus) $7.99
Francis, Diana Pharaoh The Turning Tide (Crosspointe #3: PBO; To repel the coming Jutras invasion, the king orders Ryland to commit an unforgivable act; soon Ryland, Shaye, and Fairlie find themselves at war with each other) $7.99
Gaiman, Neil/Russell, P. Craig Coraline graphic novel (Kids; Full-color adaptation of the novel. Coraline ventures through a mysterious door in her new home and into a world that is similar, yet disturbingly different from her own) $9.99
Gee, Emily The Laurentine Spy (Saliel walks a narrow line between discovery as a spy and being burned as a witch. Pursued by a Spycatcher, magic may be the only hope for Saliel and her fellow spies) $7.99
George, Jessica Day Dragon Flight (Creel #2: Kids; Young seamstress Creel teams up with the dragon king Shardas once again when a renegade dragon in a distant country launches a war against their country) $7.99
Gilman, Laura Anne Blood from Stone (Retrievers #6: PBO; Retriever Wren Valere's new assignment puts her on the wrong side of a child-snatcher, and on a collision course with her past) $14.95
Golemon, David Lynn Doomsday Can Wait (Phoenix Chronicles #2: Psychic Liz Phoenix is marked for death by a Navajo witch with a link to her past; to survive, she must rely on her shaman mentor and her ex-lover) $7.99
Greenwood, Ed The Sword Never Sleeps (Forgotten Realms: Knights of Myth Drannor #3: Florin Falconhand and his friends seek adventure and get more than they bargained for) $7.99
Groening, Matt Bart Simpson: Son of Homer (Full-color collection of comics) $15.99
Haddock, Nancy Last Vampire Standing (Oldest City Vampire #2: PBO; 228-year-old Francesca Marinelli thought her past was dead, until a stranger from the Atlanta vampire nest crashes her home looking for sanctuary, with a murderous vamp on his tail) $14.00
Hallaway, Tate (aka Morehouse, Lyda) Dead If I Do (Garnet Lacey #4; Witch Garnet Lacey is ready to walk down the aisle with vampire Sebastian, until the wedding plans start to fall apart, and his zombie/vampire/witch ex-lover decides they should both be six feet under; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday, May 9) $14.00
Harris, Charlaine Dead and Gone (Southern Vampire #9: The weres and shifters have decided to reveal themselves to the ordinary world; and a race of unhuman beings, older and more powerful than vamps or weres, is preparing for war) $25.95
Hendricks, Elysa The Sword and the Pen (PBO; When a sword & sorcery writer plans the demise of his fictional heroine, she appears in his study, complete with sword, skimpy leather outfit - and a quest) $6.99
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Fall of Light (LaZelle Family #2: Magician Opal LaZelle realizes that actor Corvus Weather has been possessed by something sinister tied to the town's past - does she have enough power to save the man she's fallen in love with?) $24.95
Hunt, Gabriel Hunt: At the Well of Eternity (PBO; Gabriel Hunt is on the trail of a secret hidden deep in the Central American jungle - it just might be the legendary Fountain of Youth) $6.99
Hunter, Erin Sunrise (Warriors: Power of Three #6: Kids; Long-held dark secrets are exposed, and ThunderClan is nearly torn apart) $16.99
Jackson, Liam The Keys of Solomon (Offspring #2: PBO; A young man with extraordinary powers must defend the universe from fallen angels, unleashed demons, and the tainted descendants of the Templar Knights) $7.99
Jordan, Crystal On the Prowl (Shapeshifting Cruz brothers are about to take some lucky women for a walk on the wild side) $13.95
Kantra, Virginia Sea Lord (Children of the Sea #3: PBO; A selkie prince rules over the immortal Children of the Sea; when enemies threaten, haunting visions lead him to a woman thousands of miles away) $7.99
Katherine, Anna Salt and Silver (PBO; Allie accidentally opens a Door to Hell in the basement of a diner; Ryan is the sexy demon hunter assigned to guard it) $6.99
Keck, David In a Time of Treason (Durand Col #2: Durand Col & his companions must deal with open rebellion in the North & a new conspiracy on the part of the Duke of Yrlac) $7.99
Kennedy, Kathryne Enchanting the Beast (Relics of Merlin #3: PBO; Victorian-era ghost-hunter Lady Philomena visits Grimspell castle expecting restless spirits; she finds Nicodemus Wulfson, a shape-shifter suspected of murder) $6.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn The Dark-Hunters #1 manga graphic novel (PBO; Black & white. Dark-Hunter Kyrian must protect accountant Amanda Devereaux, who is being hunted by one of the most lethal vampires out there) $9.99
Kerr, Katharine The Shadow Isle (Deverry: Silver Wyrm #3: The alliance of humans, elves, and dwarves is threatened by the religious fanaticism of the Horsekin; only the magic of Dallandra and Walandario can save the Northlands) $7.99
Kery, Beth Daring Time (PBO; Sexy Chicago Detective Ryan Daire inherits a mansion, where he sees tempting, ethereal Hope Stillwater, who lived there in 1906) $15.00
Knight, Angela Guardian (Time Hunters #2: PBO; Trapped in 2009 by murderous fanatics, superhuman cop Riane Arvid turns to 21st century warrior Nick Wyatt for help) $7.99
Landy, Derek Scepter of the Ancients (Skulduggery Pleasant #1: Kids; 12-year-old Stephanie inherits her eccentric uncle's estate and joins forces with Skulduggery Pleasant, sorcerer, detective, and skeleton; together they must battle the Faceless Ones) $3.99
Lebbon, Tim Fallen (Noreela #3: Explorer Ramus Rheel and Voyager Nomi Hyden follow clues hidden in an manuscript that could hold the secret of scaling the Great Divide and finding the Sleeping God) $6.99
Lenox, Kim So Still the Night (Shadow Guard #2: PBO; Disgraced Shadow Guard Marcus Helios must retrieve an ancient scroll; enigmatic beauty Mina has no intention of handing it over) $6.99
Ligotti, Thomas My Work Is Not Yet Done (When Frank Domino is suddenly sacked, he prepares to get even, and finds an ally in a malevolent force that grants him supernatural powers - but there will be a price to pay) $12.95
Love, Kathy Demon Can't Help It (Paranormal romance) $14.00
MacAlister, Katie Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang (Dark Ones #8: PBO; Pia is torn between two Dark Ones, her husband Kristoff, who doesn't trust her, and his best friend Alec, who is MIA) $7.99
Marco, John Starfinder (Skylords #1: Moth of Calico is obsessed with airships, and dreams of taking to the air one day; not everyone is happy to see humans reach the skies) $24.95
Masterton, Graham Death Mask (PBO; A portrait comes to life as a knife-wielding maniac, terrorizing the city) $7.99
Melko, Paul Singularity's Ring (A pod of five teenagers, genetically engineered to work as one entity, trains to become captain of the starship Consensus) $7.99
Micklem, Sarah Firethorn (Reissue; Firethorn is granted healing powers and casts aside her life of drudgery, but struggles for power in a caste system that treats women as inferior) $6.99
Monk, Devon Magic in the Blood (Allie Beckstrom #2: PBO; When the police ask her to consult on a missing persons case, Allie finds herself drawn into the underworld of criminals, ghosts, and blood magic) $6.99
Moore, James A. Deeper (PBO; An off-shore expedition brings something unusual ashore. Big mistake thinking it couldn't survive on land. Bigger mistake thinking it's the only one of its kind) $7.99
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert Princess Ben (YA; Princess Benevolence is under the thumb of Queen Sophia; while locked in a room, she discovers magic books and must learn the magic to save the kingdom) $8.99
Murphy, C.E. The Pretender's Crown (Inheritors' Cycle #2: PBO; Belinda learns that she is a pawn in a great game, turns away from her mother for the first time ever, and must decide how to forge a life of her own) $14.00
Peters, S.M. Ghost Ocean (PBO; Powerful legendary beings have been imprisoned in St. Ives for centuries; one has killed Te's father, and Te must awaken the magic within her before the killer releases his fellow prisoners) $7.99
Pierce, Tamora Bloodhound (Beka Cooper #2: YA; Finally a full-fledged member of the Guard, Beka Cooper investigates when counterfeit coins start turning up in Tortall's capital) $18.99
Pournelle, Larry Fires of Freedom: Birth of Fire / King David's Spaceship (The struggle for independence on two colony worlds, Mars in the not too distant future, and a far-off world in the far future (in the same universe as The Mote in God's Eye ) $14.00
Prineas, Sarah Stolen (Magic Thief #1: Kids; When he survives picking the wizard Nevery's pocket, Conn becomes his apprentice; together they try to discover who - or what - is stealing the city's magic) $6.99
Prineas, Sarah Lost (Magic Thief #2: Kids; Wizard-in-training Conn's search for a way to communicate with the magic his city needs to survive leads him to the desert city of Desh and a showdown with its sorcerer king) $16.99
Rabe, Jean/Greenberg, Martin H.-ed. Terribly Twisted Tales (PBO; 18 original stories that take familiar fairy tales and twist them to an entirely new slant) $7.99
Redick, Robert V.S. The Red Wolf Conspiracy (A sword-wielding young bride and her quick-witted tarboy companion face assassins, treacherous mermaids, and slavers to uncover secrets at the highest levels of power) $26.00
Rex, Adam The True Meaning of Smekday (Kids; 12-year-old Tip isn't sure where to begin her essay: When the alien messages arrived? When her mother was abducted? When the Boov declared Earth a colony, and forcibly relocated all the Americans to Florida?) $6.99
Reynolds, Anthony Knight of the Realm (Warhammer: Bretonnian Knights #2: In the aftermath of the beastmen invasion and his father's death, Calard must face up to his responsibilities as a knight) $7.99
Riordan, Rick The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians #5: Kids; As the battle for Western civilization rages in the streets of Manhattan, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy Jackson's 16th birthday unfolds) $17.99
Robbins, Tom B Is For Beer (Fiction exploring various aspects of suds culture - ancient, modern, and otherworldly) $17.95
Rose, Esri Stolen Magic (PBO; A lonely young elf woman falls for a human man) $4.99
Ruckley, Brian Fall of Thanes (Godless World #3: PBO; The True Blood alliance is crumbling, their armies humbled by the Black Road; Aeglyss is falling deeper into madness; Anyara struggles for survival; Kanin plots a rising against the halfbreed) $14.99
Sanderson, Brandon The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3: Having escaped death by becoming a Mistborn, Emperor Elend Venture hopes to find clues left behind by the Lord Ruler that will allow him to save the world) $7.99
Sapkowski, Andrzej Blood of Elves (Witcher #2: Geralt de Rivia has been waiting for the birth of a prophesied child with the power to change the world; when she is hunted for her powers, it will be his responsibility to protect her) $7.99
Scalzi, John Zoe's Tale (Old Man's War #4: 17-year old Zoe Boutin Perry, a colonist stranded on a deadly pioneer world, recounts how she became a pawn in a dangerous interstellar confrontation) $7.99
Shayne, Maggie Bloodline (PBO; Lilith has escaped from a clandestine CIA facility that turns people into vampires, and goes on the run with Ethan, another escapee) $7.99
Shearin, Lisa The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares #3: PBO; Demons want the key to unlock the Saghred. As a seeker, Raine should be able to find it first. As the axis of light and dark powers, she 's a magical cataclysm waiting to happen) $7.99
Sinclair, Alison Darkborn (PBO; For the Darkborn, sunlight kills. For the Lightborn, darkness is fatal. They never interact, until a Darkborn physician is saved by his Lightborn neighbor - and drawn into political intrigue) $15.00
Sinden, David/Morgan, Matthew/Macdonald, Guy Werewolf versus Dragon (Awfully Beastly Business #1: Kids; When a dragon's mangled body arrives at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beasts, werewolf-boy Ulf &friends must stop the evil beast hunter) $9.99
Sinden, David/Morgan, Matthew/Macdonald, Guy Sea Monsters and Other Delicacies (Awfully Beastly Business #2: Kids; When a sea-monster has suffered a life-threatening injury, it looks like the evil Baron Marackai is back. It's up to Ulf and his friends to stop him again) $9.99
Snyder, Maria V. Storm Glass (PBO; Sabotage has killed the Stormdancer Clan's most powerful magicians; glassmaker and magician-in-training Opal Cowen must keep it from happening again) $13.95
Sparks, Kerrelyn Forbidden Nights with a Vampire (Love at Stake #8: PBO; The head vamps have sent Vanda to anger management, but she doesn't trust her sponsor Phil; he finds her rage at werewolves unbearable when he falls for her) $7.99
St. Giles, Jennifer Bride of the Wolf (Shadowmen #4: PBO; Blood Hunter Navarre is wounded in battle and stranded between two worlds; only Marissa can find him, able to perceive his spirit wolf form; she calls to him like no woman ever has) $6.99
Swanwick, Michael The Dragons of Babel (Having defeated the war-dragon that enslaved his village, Will le Fey is evacuated to the city of Babel, where he becomes a hero to the homeless living in the tunnels under the city) $7.99
Thomas, Jeffrey Punktown (Collection; on a planet where a hundred sentient species collide, you might become a creator of clones, or a piece of performance art, or a library of sorrows . . .) $7.99
Van Name, Mark L. Slanted Jack (Jon & Lobo #2: Jon Moore, a nanotech-enhanced soldier of fortune, agrees to help protect a very special young boy, but each move Jon and Lobo make results in more danger and more enemies) $7.99
Ward, Dayton/Dillmore, Kevin Open Secrets (Star Trek: Vanguard: PBO; A new commander takes control of Starbase 47, while the old one stands trial for treason, and tensions with the Klingons escalate into all-out war) $7.99
Westerfeld, Scott Extras (Uglies #4: YA; Fame, instead of beauty, has become the new world order; 15-year old Aya Fuse embarks on a dangerous plan to boost her popularity ranking) $9.99
Willett, Edward Terra Insegura (PBO; Sequel to Marseguro ; one of the Holy Warriors has fled to Earth, unknowingly carrying the plague within him; the people of Marseguro send a ship to Earth with a life-saving vaccine) $7.99
Williams, Sean The Grand Conjunction (Astropolis #3: The Host rules the supposedly peaceful galaxy, but revolution is fomenting, and Imre Bergamasc's unexpected return may be all it takes to light the fuse) $7.99
Winterson, Jeanette The Stone Gods (Mankind has rendered its planet unlivable and is beginning to colonize a new blue planet; heroine Billie Crusoe embarks on an odyssey into the future) $13.95
Wrede, Patricia C./Stevermer, Caroline The Mislaid Magician, or, Ten Years After (Kate & Cecy #3: YA; England is being transformed by the first railways; James and Cecy discover that the railway lines are wreaking havoc with ancient underground magic) $6.99
Yolen, Jane Dragon's Heart (Pit Dragon #4: YA; Jakkin and Akki finally return to Austar IV with newfound skills, and the knowledge that what they have learned could either transform their planet or destroy it) $17.00


Archer, Alex Sacrifice (Rogue Angel #18: PBO; In the Philippines, Annja struggles to stay alive amidst terrorists and not-so-dead jungle spirits with a taste for human flesh) $6.99
Butcher, Jim/Powers, Mark (adaptation)/Syaf, Ardian (illustrator) Storm Front graphic novel (Dresden Files: Full-color adaptation of the novel) $22.95
David, Peter Tigerheart (Growing up in London on his father's fantastical tales of a magical land called the Anyplace, Paul Dear journeys into this enchanted world after tragedy strikes the family, seeking a great hero) $12.00
Day, Thomas A. A Grey Moon Over China (As human colonists carve out homes on alien worlds, they face inhuman beings who strike without warning or explanation - and who may spell the end of humanity's last hope) $24.95
Erikson, Steven Gardens of the Moon (Malazan Book of the Fallen #1: Reissue; When the last of the free cities is targeted by the forces of the Empress Laseen, Sergeant Whiskeyjack and the mage Tattersall confront dark gods to protect Darujhistan) $14.95
Esslemont, Ian C. Night of Knives (Malazan Empire #1: As factions within the Empire draw up battle lines over the throne, the once-in-a-generation Shadow Moon summons an ancient presence for an all-out assault upon the island; hc available $25.95) $14.95
Foster, Alan Dean Flinx Transcendent (Pip & Flinx #14: In this final Pip & Flinx novel, Foster answers all the questions that fans have been asking about their favorite hero over the years - and saves the universe) $26.00
Heinsoo, Rob/Sims, Chris Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual 2 (4th Edition) (Core rulebook presenting hundreds of monsters) $34.95
Kasai, Kirsten Imani Ice Song (PBO; When a madman abducts Sorykah's infant twins to use in his experiments, Sorykah and her male alter ego Soryk must cross icy wastes and a primeval forest to get them back) $14.00
Lebbon, Tim The Island (Noreela #4: PBO; When an island appears off the coast, Kel Boon, member of a secret society charged with hunting the mysterious, inhuman Strangers, finds himself at the forefront of their invasion) $12.00
MacHale, D.J. Soldiers of Halla (Pendragon #10: Kids; Each of the Travelers returns home to learn the truth about their origins before being reunited for a final confrontation with Saint Dane) $17.99
Martinez, A. Lee Monster (Monster does pest control, catching the things that go bump in the night, like ogres, trolls, and dragons. When Judy finds a Yeti in the freezer aisle, her life collides with Monster's) $19.99
Sleigh, Barbara The Kingdom of Carbonel (Carbonel #2: Reissue; Kids; Carbonel, his children, and his human friends Rosemary and John band together to stop gray Persian Grisana and her nasty crew from taking over Cat Country) $17.95
Smith-Ready, Jeri Bad to the Bone (WVMP Radio #2: When WVMP's Halloween broadcast is pre-empted by a sermon, Ciara tracks down the illegal transmitter and finds it guarded by a half-pookha, who turns out to be a missing heiress) $15.00
Taylor, Laini Dreamdark: Blackbringer (YA; Magpie Windwitch and her crow companions venture out from Dreamdark to hunt down devils who have escaped from their ancient bottles) $9.99
Traviss, Karen Star Wars: Clone Wars: No Prisoners (PBO; Tie-in to the TV series. A clone trooper training session aboard the assault ship Leveler turns into a full-scale action when they must rescue a captured Republic agent) $15.00
Vaught, Susan/Redmond, J.B. Assassin's Apprentice (PBO; YA; When the peace of Eyrie begins to unravel, Stormbreaker the assassin, his apprentice, and their companions must make choices that may tear them from their promises and fates) $10.99
Wilkinson, Carole Dragon Moon (Dragon Keeper #3: Kids; As Kai grows into a restless young dragon, Ping must find a way to take him to the ancient haven of the dragons) $5.99
Williams, David J. Burning Skies (Claire Haskell #2: PBO; Terrorist group Autumn Rain wants to rule all humanity, and it's up to Claire to hack their networks and outwit their attacks on the president, the computer networks, and herself) $13.00
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