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Newsletter #84 December, 2008 February, 2009

Mystery Reviews
by Gerri Balter

        It takes Georgina Bassington-Hope several tries before she can bring herself to see Massie Dobbs in Messenger of Truth by Jacqueline Winspear ($24.00 signed hardcover or $14.00 trade pb). Her twin brother, Nick, falls to his death the night before an exhibition of his artwork is set to open. The police think it’s an accident. Georgina is sure it isn’t. She also wants Masie to find Nick’s artwork for the show. He was the only one who knew where he worked. Masie takes the case. She gets to know Nick’s friends and family and learns that the art world isn’t as clean as she thought it was. She also finds out that even rich people can have a dark side. Using her unique talent, she finds out more about the people who surrounded Nick that they would like her to know. Even she is shocked to find out the truth about how and why Nick died and who is responsible.

        Consigned to Death by Jane K. Cleland ($23.95 signed hardcover or $6.99 paperback) is the first novel in the Jose Prescott Antiques series. Josie Prescott moves from New York to New Hampshire to start an antiques business. She is beginning to turn a profit when Nathaniel Grant, owner of a collection she is about to appraise, is found murdered. Her fingerprints are found all over his home, including on the murder weapon. Even though she explains that the reason for her finger prints being everywhere, the police chief seems to believe she killed the antiques owner. It seems that his lawyer has told the police that Josie wasn’t going to appraise his collection after all. Josie can’t wait until the truth comes out. Once her reputation is tarnished, she feels she will never be able to rebuild it. It seems that Nathaniel isn’t the nice man she thought he was. There are several people who would like to see him dead. The killer isn’t going to stand around waiting for Josie to clear her name. The killer is doing everything possible to destroy any evidence that will clear Josie. If that doesn’t work, then the killer will go after Josie.
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