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Newsletter #84 December, 2008 February, 2009



Adair, Cherry Night Secrets (Sequel to Night Fall : Three devastatingly sexy secret agents of the anti-terrorist T-FLAC organization use paranormal powers to combat evil) $6.99
Asher, Neal Shadow of the Scorpion (A Polity novel: Ian Cormac’s early years) $14.95
Blaylock, James P. The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives (Steampunk novels and short stories about Victorian scientist and adventurer Langdon St. Ives) $38.00
Butcher, Jim Backup (Hardcover of a 70 page Dresden File story) $20.00
Callenbach, Ernest Ecotopia (Reissue; journalist is the first outsider allowed in Ecotopia, formed when several states seceeded from the US to form a "green" community) $14.00
Cook, Glen A Fortress in Shadow (Omnibus reprint of The Fire in His Hands and With Mercy Toward None ; intro by Steven Erikson) $15.95
Crowley, John Conversation Hearts (Hardcover 63 page novelette) $20.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson Brimstone Kiss (Sequel to Dancing with Werewolves ; second adventure of Delilah Street, paranormal investigator in Las Vegas) $7.99
Ellison, Harlan Children of the Streets (New York gang short stories from 1956-60) $27.95
Eskridge, Kelley Dangerous Space (Short story collection) $18.00
Freeman, Pamela Deep Water: The Castings Trilogy Book 2 (Bramble will gain unexpected insight into her land's history by using wild magic, while Ash and Saker go on quests of their own) $12.99
Gravett, Paul/Stanbury, Peter Holy Sh*t (Over the top collection of the worst comic books ever printed) $12.95
Gray, R. Garland Darkscape: The Rebel Lord (Diplomat's daughter Lt. Kimberly Kinsale serves in an elite combat group of a war ship, and is faced with a choice between loyalty or betrayal for the sake of love) $7.95
Gresh, Lois H. The Stephenie Meyer Twilight Companion (Complete guide to the Twilight vampire series for young adults) $12.95
Hamilton, Laurell K. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures Vol. 2 ; Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: The First Death (Graphic novels) $19.95 each
Harms, Daniel The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia (Expanded 3rd edition) $17.95
Heinlein, Robert A. Project Moonbase and Others (First of a 2 volume collection of all of Heinlein’s screenplays; intro by John Scalzi; signed by John Scalzi and cover artist Bob Eggleton) $75.00
Hilburn, Lynda Dark Harvest (Denver psychologist Kismet Knight counsels vampires; her life is changed forever when she becomes involved with gorgeous, 8-centuries old Devereux) $15.95
Hite, Kenneth Where the Deep Ones Are (Lovecraftian parody of the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are ) $19.95
Hughes, Matthew The Spiral Labyrinth (Sequel to Majestrum ; “Sherlock Holmes meets Jack Vance’s Dying Earth ”) $14.95
Jones, William The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson (Cthulhu Mythos tales) $14.95
Kessel, John The Baum Plan for Finacial Independence and Other Stories (Short stories) $16.00
Kohler, Sharie Kiss of a Dark Moon (Sequel to Marked By Moonlight : Kit March is a rogue lycan hunter trying to avenge her parents' murder, and now a ruthless hunter of lycans and rogues is on her trail) $6.99
Mamatas, Nick/Wallace, Sean-ed. Realms (Best from first year of Clarkesworld online magazine) $13.95
Scalzi, John Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded (Signed, numbered collection of his blatherings from his blog) $35.00
Sedia, Ekaterina The Alchemy of Stone (“A novel of automated anarchy and clockwork lust”) $12.95
Shawl, Nisi Filter House (Short story collection) $18.00
Shepard, Lucius Best of Lucius Shepard (Short story collection) $40.00
Smith, Clark Ashton The Klarkash-Ton Cycle (Collection of his Cthulhu Mythos fiction, edited by Robert M. Price) $14.95
Tolkien, J. R. R. Tales From the Perilous Realm (Collection of shorter fiction) $28.00
Turtledove, Harry After the Downfall (In the 1945 fall of Berlin to the Russians, a Wehrmacht officer is flung into a fantasy world, where he offers his knowledge of warfare to a blond-haired, blue-eyed goddess) $24.95
Vance, Jace The Jack Vance Reader (Omnibus reprint of Emphyrio , The Languages of Pao , and The Domains of Koryphon (aka The Grey Prince ), with introductions by Robert Silverberg, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Mike Resnick) $38.00
VanderMeer, Jeff & Ann-ed. Fast Ships, Black Sails (Anthology of f/sf pirate stories) $14.95
Weber, David Worlds of Weber: Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington and Other Stories (609 page collection of short stories) $45.00


Abe, Shana Queen of Dragons (Drakon Series Book 3: Follows the hard-headed Kimber and the beautiful Maricara as they fight a common enemy and their passion for each other) $6.99
Aiken, G.A. About a Dragon (An arrogant dragon with a super-sexy human form rescues a beautiful witch and finds his world turned upside-down) $6.99
Anvil, Christopher War Games (Collection of humorous war stories, edited by Eric Flint) $22.00
Baker, Richard Swordmage: Blades of Moonsea Book 1 (Reissue of the first novel to fully embrace the exciting new elements of the next edition of the D&D game) $6.99
Banks/Due/Massey The Ancestors (Three novellas that explore ghosts and hauntings by drawing upon African and African-American ancestral myths and beliefs) $14.00
Barzak, Christopher The Love We Share Without Knowing (A novel-in-stories with fantastic elements set in modern-day Japan) $12.00
Bishop, David A Massacre in Marienburg (Sequel to A Murder in Marienburg : When a necromancer arrives in Marienburg, Watch-Captain Kurt Schnell must rally the city's defenders) $7.99
Black, Jenna The Devil's Due (Unable to escape the hunky demon who shares her body, Morgan Kingsley takes on a new client and lands herself in a conspriracy that may be too much for her to handle) $6.99
Blaylock, James P. The Knights of the Cornerstone (Calvin Bryson travels after too long to visit his aunt and uncle in New Cypress, CA, where he discovers a mysterious group guarding holy relics) $23.95
Butcher, Jim Captain's Fury (Codex Alera Book 4: As enemies become allies and friends become bitter foes, a danger beyond reckoning looms for all) $7.99
Butcher, Jim Princep's Fury (Book 5 of the Codex Alera: Tavi and his legions guide the Canim to their homelands, and when they discover the Vord have laid waste to the land, they fight shoulder to shoulder to defeat them) $25.95
Carl, Lillian Stewart-ed. The Vorkosigan Companion (Collection of information, background, and little-known facts about Lois McMaster Bujold's best-selling Vorkosigan series) $24.00
Carwyn, Giles/Fahnestock, Todd Queen of Oblivion (Conclusion to the Heartstone Trilogy: Shara returns to Ohndarien to find her people enslaved, and Brophy journeys to the Opal Empire to turn Arefaine away from her plans) $25.95
Cherryh, C.J. Downbelow Station, or The Company Wars (Reissue: Pell's Station's location at the outer edge of Earth's defensive perimeter makes her the focal point in the battle of colonies fighting for independence) $15.00
Chester, Deborah The Crown (Conclusion to the saga of a princess blessed by light and a warrior consumed by darkness) $7.99
Cook, Glen Dread Brass Shadows (Reprint; Garrett must make sure no one has access to the Book of Shadows, which contains spells no mortal was meant to use) $7.99
Cordell, Bruce R. Plague of Spells (Abolethic Sovereignty Book 1: Depicts the rise of a monstrous nation of elder evil in the land of Faerun) $6.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Fish Out of Water (The existence of the Undersea Folk is no longer a secret, and Fred the Mermaid must juggle her love life with keeping them from floundering in the media spotlight; PBO) $7.99
Dawn, Autumn No Words Alone (Stranded on a hostile planet, a young translator is forced to choose between her crewmates or the commander of an alien race who shot down their spacecraft) $6.99
Eddings, David The Tamuli (The entire three volume series in one omnibus volume) $20.00
Eden, Cynthia Midnight Sins (Detective Todd Brooks’ only suspect in a series of brutal murders is Cara Firon, a nightclub singer who also is also member of a race of paranormal creatures) $14.00
Flint, Eric/DeMarce, Virginia 1635: The Dreeson Incident (As the 30 Years War continues to ravage 17th century Europe, an assassin plans revenge against West Virginian Mike Stearns and his wife Rebecca) $26.00
Ford, Jeffrey The Drowned Life (Short story collection) $14.95
Forrest, V.K. Undying (Clare Point vampire series #2: Arlan is a fierce member of the clan who must fight his desire for a love most forbidden) $15.00
Gabaldon, Diana Lord John and the Hand of Devils (Three tales featuring Lord John Grey in one volume) $12.00
Gear, W. Michael & Kathleen O’Neal People of the Weeping Eye (Latest in Native American pre-historical series) $7.99
Graham, Heather Deadly Gift (Banshee Caer Donahue finds herself embroiled in a mystery of sunken treasure and attempted murder) $7.99
Greenberg/Deaver-Pack-ed. Catopolis (17 original stories about the "City of Cats") $7.99
Gustainis, Justin Black Magic Woman (Quincey Morris and Libby Chastain are hired to free a family from a deadly curse that dates back to the Salem Witch Trials) $7.99
Haldeman/Greenberg-ed. Future Weapons of War (All-new stories of the future of war and the almost unimaginable weapons their soldiers will wield) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Blue Moon (Hardcover reprint) $25.95
Hanover, M.L.N. Unclean Spirits (Jayne Heller thought she was coming to Denver to deal with her uncle's estate, and finds herself caught up with a gang of demon hunters and a crew of supernatural helpers) $15.00
Hansen, Jamie Leigh Cursed (Paranormal romance) $6.99
Harper, Nina Succubus Takes Manhattan (Sequel to Succubus in the City : When her human boyfriend leaves, it puts Lily in a royal funk and life gets complicated when her best friend's demon boyfriend is kidnapped) $6.99
Harrison, Kim The Outlaw Demon Wails (Following the shocking cliffhanger at the end of For a Few Demons More , brings together all the mysteries from the previous five books of the series; signed hardcovers still available) $7.99
Howard, Madeline A Dark Sacrifice (The Rune Unmaking Book 2: High epic fantasy in a world where dark and chaos reign) $7.99
Howard, Robert E. Black Hounds of Death (Fifth and final volume of The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard) $7.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors: Power of Three #2: Dark River (YA: Firestar's three grandchildren continue their apprenticeship into the power they will one day wield) $6.99
Hunter, Erin Warriors: The Power of Three #5: Long Shadows (YA: To save the Clans from destruction, three young cats must put their powers to the test) $16.99
Hunter, Faith Seraphs (Thorn St. Croix tries to save an imprisoned fallen seraph, and becomes a target to the army of Darkness) $6.99
Johnson, Kenneth V: The Second Generation (Sequel to the TV series; another alien race comes to help the human underground defeat the Visitors, but can the new race be trusted?) $7.99
Jones, Linda Winstead 22 Nights (The emperor has his eyes on Belavalari as his future empress, but she has only one thing on her mind-- revenge) $7.99
Kemp, Paul S. Shadowrealm: The Twilight War Book 3 (The fate of Sembia may be sealed, but Erevis Cale still has a shocking destiny that will end in his destruction - if he's lucky) $6.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn/Ward, J.R./Squires, Susan/Love, D. Dead After Dark (4 paranormal novellas) $7.99
Kirkpatrick, Russell Dark Heart (The Broken Man #2: Noetos and his reluctant companion are on the run, hiding a powerful artifact from merciless pursuers) $7.99
Knaak, Richard A. The Fire Rose: The Ogre Titans Book 2 (Golgren, at last Grand Khan of the ogres, faces unpleasant threats as the Knights of Neraka encroach on the border of his land) $6.99
Knight, Angela/Whiteside, Diane Captive Dreams (Best-selling authors and sisters each create an alpha-male hero who then comes to life and inhabits more than the sisters’ imaginations) $7.99
Knight, E.E. Dragon Strike (Age of Fire Book 4: Three young dragons, the last hope for their dying breed, find themselves at odds over a coming human war, and one has designs on the world, helped by humans needing his help) $14.00
Kurtz, Katherine Deryni Checkmate (Newly revised and expanded edition of the 2nd book of the original series) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes-ed. Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar (Anthology of various authors’ takes on Lackey's universe) $7.99
Lang, Jeffrey Fantastic Four: Doomgate (The superhero team battles their nemesis Victor Von Doom while New York City is overrun with demons) $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Agent of Change (Reprint; former mercenary Miri Robertson, retired to a cushy job as a private bodyguard, must find the one who murdered her charge and is now after her) $6.99
Leto, Julie Phantom's Touch (When actress Lauren Cole grasps the hilt of an antique sword, she releases an ancient warrior from a spell and puts herself in danger) $6.99
Levitt, John New Tricks (Someone is trying to possess former enforcer Mason's old flame, and with the help of his magical dog, Mason must uncover the magician responsible; PBO) $7.99
Lyons/Parker/Scanlon Imperial Guard Omnibus: Volume One (Three stories set in the myriad theaters of battle of the Warhammer 40,000 universe that focus on the Imperial Guard) $13.99
MacAlister, Katie Zen and the Art of Vampires (Pia Thomason heads to Europe on a singles tour, and meets two very handsome and very undead men, learning that where vampires are concerned, more than love is at stake) $7.99
MacInerney, Karen On the Prowl: Tales of an Urban Werewolf (Sequel to Howling at the Moon : Paranormal romance featuring sexy lycanthrope Sophie Garou, high-powered career woman and magnet for all kinds of trouble) $6.99
Mack, David Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls (Captains Picard and Riker unite in a final desperate bid to halt the Borg's genocidal march through known space) $7.99
Martin, Geroge R.R. Wild Cards: The Hard Call (Graphic Novel: Set in the Wild Card world, featuring a brand new set of characters as well as old favorites) $19.95
Miller, Karen Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Book Two (Clone Wars continue) $15.00
Miller, Laura The Magician's Book (An exploration of the Narnia series and the life of C.S. Lewis, by one of the leading critics in the world of writing today) $25.99
Moorcock, Michael Elric: The Sleeping Sorceress (Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melnibone Vol. 3; continuing adventures of Elric as emperor of a decadent kingdom) $14.00
Mulvany, Catherine Wicked is the Night (Nevada White is on the run from a research facility which stole her memory, and with the help of Trick Grainger searches for her past) $6.99
Patterson, James The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (YA: After the death of his father, Daniel X inherits the List of intergalactic criminals, and vows to continue his father's mission as an Alien Hunter) $7.99
Perry, Steve/Reaves, Michael Star Wars: Death Star (Novel about the creation of the deadly Imperial space station featured in the first film) $7.99
Phillips, Holly Engine’s Child (On an island at the edge of a world-spanning oceans populated by the descendants of people who fled technological excesses, three people's dreams threaten to shatter a fragile world) $15.00
Piziks, Steven The Ghost Whisperer: Plague Room (When the ghost of a merciless tyrant unleashes an onslaught of disease and terror, Melinda is forced to seek help from her sworn enemy, Wendy the exorcist) $7.99
Rankin, Robert Necrophenia (Irreverent novel about the end of the universe) $24.95
Reeve, Laura E. Peacekeeper (Ariane Kedros once piloted a ship that destroyed an entire galaxy; now 12 of her wartime colleagues are dead, and she is next in line while on a peacekeeping mission) $6.99
Reynolds, Anthony Dark Disciple (Marduk, now Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marine Legion, strives to unlock the secrets of an ancient and deadly artifact) $7.99
Ringo, John/Cochrane, Julie Sister Time (Sequel to Cally's War : When Cally's sister Michelle, whom she hasn't spoken to in 40 years, appears out of the blue, she interrupts an important mission with bad news) $7.99
Rowling, J. K. The Tales of Beedle the Bard (YA: A book mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows , freshly translated from the ancient runes by Hermione Granger, with extensive commentary by Albus Dumbledore, with intro and illustrations by J. K. Rowling) $12.99
Russe, Savannah Dark Nights, Dark Dreams (Agent Susan Chase always kept her psychic abilities a secret, but now word is out and the CIA needs her help) $6.99
Salvatore, R. A. The Ancient (Sequel to The Highway Man , second of a four book prequel series to his Demon Wars series) $5.99
Sands, Lynsay Single White Vampire (Reprint; when the bios of his family members are mistaken for paranormal romances, Lucern Argeneau goes to a romance convention to clear things up) $7.99
Scott, Manda Dreaming the Bull (Reissue; first in a trilogy based on legendary Celtic Queen Boudica) $6.99
Sherman, David/ Cragg, Dan Starfist: Force Recon: Recoil (13th action-packed military sf adventure featuring space-faring Marines battling alien enemies on a futuristic frontier) $7.99
Silver, Eve Demon's Hunger (Anthropologist Vivien Cairn fears she is losing her mind, when salvation knocks on her door in the form of a handsome man who claims to be a demon) $6.99
Simmons, Wm. Mark Dead Easy (Christopher Csejthe, stuck between being undead and alive, is up to his neck in supernatural evil in an underwater Mardi Gras complete with drowned vampire zombies) $7.99
Sparhawk, Bud Vixen (A group of colonists think they have found the perfect planet, until a moon disappears and in its place an alien vessel appears) $6.99
Stabenow, Dana-ed. Unusual Suspects (Anthology of original stories featuring other-worldly investigators trailing uncanny criminals through fantastical realms) $14.00
Stemple, Adam Steward of Song (Sequel to Singer of Souls , American Douglas now sits as a usurper on the throne of Faery, holding the Queen and the land hostage with his all-powerful magic) $6.99
Sunny Mona Lisa Craving (Mona Lisa is the savior of Dante, a warrior who was cursed to live an unending cycle of life and death) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Opening Atlantis (Alternate history in which Atlantis is a real land of opportunity, drawing dreamers from around the globe, but its settlers may destroy it) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry The United States of Atlantis (As leader of the Atlantean revolutionaries, Victor Radcliff will make the English pay for every piece of land they occupy) $25.95
Weeks, Brent Beyond the Shadows (As the new Godking has plans that can't be stopped, Kylar must assassinate a goddess to save his friends) $7.99
White, Wrath James Succulent Prey (15 years ago Joseph Miles was attacked by a serial child killer, and now finds himself turning into a killer, and must be cured before he kills the woman he loves) $7.99
Zakour, John The Flaxen Femme Fatale (PI Zach Johnson is hired to track down a young beauty who happens to be a secret weapon for the World Council) $7.99


Asimov, Isaac The Stars, Like Dust (Hardcover reprint) $23.95
Baker/Heinsoo/Wyatt Manual of the Planes (D&D supplement containing a new array of planes for use with 4th edition rules) $29.95
Benford/Malartre Beyond Human: Living With Robots and Cyborgs (A look at the possibilities of the future technology of robots and cyborgs and how it will affect humans) $15.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Ghostlight (Reprint) $14.95
Drake, Ernest Dragonology Volume Two: The Frost Dragons (Guidebook to the Frost Dragons, including Tracking and Training the Frost Dragons) $14.99
Martin, George R.R. ed. Busted Flush: A Wild Cards Novel (Mosaic novel of Wild Card stories by various authors) $24.95
Oppegaard, David The Suicide Collectors (In a near-future America where 90% of the population has committed suicide due to a plague, a man named Norman travels across a wild and dangerous land in search of an answer) $23.95
Priest, Cherie Fathom (God destroyed a race of monsters to populate Earth with humans, but some remain and seek revenge) $25.95
Resnick, Mike Starship: Rebel (Book 4: Captain Wilson Cole, now commanding almost 50 ships, declares war on the Republic, a seemingly hopeless cause, forging alliances with the warlords he previously hunted down) $25.00


Andersen, Jessica Dawnkeepers (A Novel of the Final Prophecy: Nate Blackhawk and Alexis Gray, two Nightkeepers, cannot deny their attraction, but must set that aside to reassemble seven Mayan Artifacts to save the world) $7.99
Anderson, Poul David Falkayn: Star Trader (Collection of stories and a novel of the further adventures of Nicholas Van Rijn and his resourceful assistant David Falkayn) $22.00
Banks, L.A. The Darkness (The Neteru team believes the forty-thousand demons and Lilith's spawn have been eradicated, but the spawn escaped and now they must fight the anti-Christ) $7.99
Barlowe, Wayne God's Demon (After a war which damned legions of angels to hell, one angel decides to attempt the impossible & rebel, staking everything on one shot for redemption) $7.99
Bartlett, Gerry Real Vampires Don't Diet (Vampire Gloriana St. Claire is spending New Year's Eve alone, until she gets a call from the bodyguard of a newly undead rock star which could end her year on a crazy note) $14.00
Bast, Anya Witch Heart (Claire, a demon's handmaiden, is rescued from enslavement by a handsome playboy, and now they are both in danger of being captured by warlocks) $7.99
Beckett, Chris Marcher (Charles is an immigration officer for other universes, and when a gang commits murder and uses the shift to escape, he goes after them) $6.99
Bellamy, Edward Looking Backward 2000-1887 (Reissue of the classic story of a man transported from 1887 to 2000) $5.95
Bishop, Toby Airs of Night and Sea (Third in the Horsemistress Saga: Duke William is determined to found his own flying school, and Larkyn Hamley must gather all of her allies to stop him) $7.99
Brijs, Stefan The Angel Maker (Geneticist Dr. Victor Hoppe returns to the village of Wolfheim after 20 years and brings with him 3 infant boys, and the secrets of his past come back to haunt him) $15.00
Bujold, Lois McMaster Passage (The Sharing Knife Volume Three: Even the strength and passion of Fawn Bluefield and Dag Redwing Hickory cannot overcome the bigotry between their people, and they set off to find fresh solutions to the split) $7.99
Bull, Emma Territory (A magical tale of the Shootout at the OK Corral, with Wyatt Earp and Jim Ringo vying for magical dominance) $7.99
Butcher/Green/ Richardson/Sniegoski Mean Streets (Four stories featuring paranormal P.I.s) $15.00
Butler, S.C. Queen Ferris (Stoneways Trilogy Book 2: Reiffen decides to return to the Wizards and fool them into showing him how to defeat them and reclaiming the throne that is rightfully his) $7.99
Caine, Rachel Lord of Misrule (YA: The Morganville Vampires Book 5: Claire Danvers and her friends prepare to defend Morganville against Bishop, the master vampire who threatens to abolish all order) $6.99
Cherryh, C.J. Regenesis (Ariane Emory PR, the genetic clone of one of the greatest scientists humanity has ever produced, continues the search for the murderer of her progenitor) $25.95
Child, Maureen Bedeviled (After killing the demon who devoured her fiance, Maggie Donovan learns that her destiny is to save the Otherworld from an evil Faerie queen) $6.99
Compton, Stoney Russian Amerika (Alternate history novel of Alaska, still a possession of Russia, the nine nation states of North America, and disgraced Russian major Grig Plesnett who faces his past) $7.99
Crowther, Peter ed We Think, Therefore We Are (Fifteen original stories about our fear and fascination with artificial intelligence) $7.99
Datlow, Ellen-ed. Poe (Collection of new tales inspired by Edgar Allan Poe) $15.00
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri-ed. The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales (YA: Anthology of short stories featuring Trickster characters) $10.99
de Lint, Charles Little (Grrl) Lost (YA: When TJ and her family move to the Newford suburbs, she makes friends with Elizabeth who happens to be a "Little", and their friendship is tested when both get in danger) $8.99
Denning, Troy Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible (Luke Skywalker mobilizes the scattered Jedi for one last search and destroy mission to bring down the dark lord who was once Jacen Solo) $7.99
Douglas, Kate Wolf Tales VII (Latest in the erotic series) $12.95
Feehan, Chirstine Murder Game (As bodies pile up, a violent new cross-country game is blamed on the GhostWalkers, & to clear their name they infiltrate the dangerous sport) $7.99
Flanagan, John Ranger's Apprentice Book 4: The Battle for Skandia (YA: Will and Evalyn's plans to return to Araluen are spoiled when Evalyn is taken captive and Will faces death to save her) $7.99
Frank, Jacquelyn Ecstasy: The Shadowdwellers (Trace, a Shadowdweller, has powers some would kill for, and he is drawn to a woman who was transported to his world after a car accident) $6.99
Frost, Jeaniene At Grave's End (It's war amongst the vampires as Cat and Bones go up against two deadly enemies in the latest book in the Night Huntress Series) $7.99
Galenorn, Yasmine Night Huntress (In the fifth book involving the D'Artigo sisters, Delilah, a werecat, has to fight off the demon general who stole the third Spirit Seal and is now out for blood) $7.99
Gilman, Felix Gears of the City (Sequel to Thunderer : Arjun returns from a dangerous journey to seek out his mentor and enemy Shay and finds himself in a strange city where he tries to recall his identity) $24.00
Golden, Christopher The Lost Ones (The Veil trilogy comes to a conclusion as the realm of heroes and monsters becomes the site of humanity's last showdown) $6.99
Green, Simon R. Just Another Judgement Day (Nightside is quaking in the face of The Walking Man, who is wasting residents right and left, and it is up to PI John Taylor to stop him) $24.95
Green, Simon R. The Unnatural Inquirer (The publisher of Nightside's most notorious rag has hired John Taylor to find a man who claims he has evidence of the afterlife on a DVD) $7.99
Gustainis, Justin Evil Ways (Quincey Morris and Libby Chastain must stop an eccentric billionaire who is attempting to unleash the Black Wind through a series of witch murders) $15.00
Harris, Charlaine Living Dead in Dallas (Reprint of second Sookie Stackhouse novel) $24.95
Harrison, M. John Nova Swing (A story of love, murder, and intergalactic intrigue set in the world of the acclaimed Light) $6.99
Helland, Jenna The Fanged Crown (First book in a series designed to introduce readers to the uncivilized areas iconic to the D&D game) $7.99
Hendee, Barb and J.C. Child of a Dead God (A Novel of the Noble Dead: Magiere and Leesil head south as they continue to seek the artifact she must keep from her murdering, Noble Dead half-brother Welstiel) $7.99
Hendee, Barb and J.C. In Shade and Shadow (Wynn returns to the Guild of Sagecraft bearing texts, and when two important pages are stolen and the mages carrying them murdered, Wynn tries to uncover the text's secrets) $24.95
Hill, Joey W. A Witch's Beauty (Sequel to A Mermaid's Kiss : Though Mina is resistant to being watched over by angels, her attitude changes when the human-born angel David is given the task) $15.00
Hines, Jim C. The Stepsister Scheme (A new take on what happened to Cinderella after her marriage to the Prince, including Disney princesses crossed with Charlie's Angels) $7.99
Hodgell, P.C. The God Stalker Chronicles (Omnibus reprint of the novels God Stalk and Dark of the Moon ; trade pb at $14.00 two weeks after the hardcover) $24.00
Hunter, Erin Warriors: Escape from the Forest (YA: Tigerstar and Sasha #2: Black and white Manga featuring the villain Tigerstar and his mysterious mate Sasha) $6.99
Jones, J.V. A Sword from Red Ice (Book 3 of Swords and Shadows: Chaos has broken out among the clans, and a darker threat comes from Spire Vanis, whose rulers seek to control the clanholds) $7.99
Kratman, Tom A Desert Called Peace (When Salafi madmen bent on a new jihad kill FSC Captain Patrick Hennessey's family in a cowardly terrorist attack, they create an enemy that will show less mercy than they do) $7.99
Kurland, Lynn Princess of the Sword (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms: The fate of the kingdom lies with a man and a woman bound by love, magic, and a legendary, and perilous, sword) $15.00
Kurtz, Katherine High Deryni (Third in the trilogy, now revised and expanded) $7.99
Lambshead, John Lucy's Blade (When a demon is summoned and things go wrong, the niece of Queen Elizabeth's Secretary of State becomes the Queen's daemon fighter) $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Conflict of Honors (Reprint; Priscilla Delacroix is betrayed and abandoned by her shipmates, but confronting the sinister crew will be easier than confronting the demons of her past) $6.99
Liu/Shayne/Day/Brook Wild Thing (Collection of four paranormal romances) $7.99
Livingston, Lesley Wondrous Strange (YA: When 17-year old Kelley discovers her long-secret Faerie heritage, she and friend Sonny Flannery are plunged into an epic battle for survival) $16.99
Lukyanenko, Sergei Last Watch (Conclusion to the series: Anton is sent to investigate a murder and the investigation spirals out of control into a more terrifying threat than the world has ever known) $14.95
Lyons, Steve Ice Guard (A band of Ice Warriors, sent to Cressida to find and bring to safety a stranded Imperial dignitary, are at risk of being afflicted by dark powers) $7.99
Maynard, L.H./Sims, M.P.N. Black Cathedral (When a group of people vanish from an old mansion, the British government sends in a team designed to investigate paranormal activity) $7.99
McIntosh, Fiona Royal Exile (Book One of the Valisar Trilogy: Epic fantasy of unassailable courage, relentless peril, and wild adventure) $7.99
McNeill, Graham Starcraft: I, Mengsk (Reveals the secret past and hidden psyche of Arcturus Mengsk, based on the popular Starcraft video game) $7.99
Meaney, John Bone Song (An honest cop must face his own darkest impulses in a city of the dead where desire is very much alive and murder is a pleasure) $6.99
Merritt, A. The Moon Pool (Reissue: Dr. Walter Goodwin sets out to find a friend who has disappeared through a strange stone door from which a hypnotic otherworldly light shines) $12.95
Miller, Karen Hammer of God (The Godspeaker Trilogy Book 3: As bloodthirsty warriors sweep toward Ethrea, Queen Rhian must turn to the Emperor Han for help) $7.99
Newcomb, Robert Rise of the Blood Royal (The wizards Faegen and Wigg discover a path across the Tolenka Mountains, which could bring the Crown Prince Tristan to his throne, but the cost may be impossibly high) $7.99
Owens, Robin D. Echoes in the Dark (Conclusion to The Summoning: Only one last desperate plan can save the planet, and it will be up to Jikata to go through the portal to do so) $14.95
Palmatier, Joshua The Vacant Throne (Final Book in the Trilogy: The city of Amenkor's only hope is to ally with the city of Venitte to recover the power of the Throne) $7.99
Palmieri/Clark-ed. Star Trek: Mirror Universe (All new anthology of 12 stories featuring the dark, alternate versions of Star Trek characters) $16.00
Perry, S.D./Dennison, Britta Wonder Woman (Novelization of the Warner Brother's animated feature: Wonder Woman acts as ambassador to her people and protector of the innocent) $7.99
Phoenix, Adrian In the Blood (Sequel to A Rush of Wings : Dante and Heather are drawn back into each other's lives as dangerous forces plot to use Dante for their own ends) $15.00
Rardin, Jennifer One More Bite (When an agent planted among the Weres discovers a plan to assassinate the Coven's leader, Jaz and Vayl are brought in to take out the woman hired to do the deed; fifth in series) $12.99
Ringo, John/Cochrane, Julie Honor of the Clan (Sequel to Cally's War : For Cally O'Neal and the O'Neal Bane Sidhe, duty lies in the overthrow of the established order and preventing a re-invasion by the dreaded Posleen) $26.00
Rosemoor, Patricia/Paoletti, Marc The Vampire Agent (In New Orleans, Captain Scott Boulder and Leah Maguire seek an escapee of a Department of Defense experiment gone wrong, who has teamed up with a vampire of incomparable evil) $6.99
Ryan, Kevin Star Trek: Errand of Fury (Book 3: Sacrifices of War: Captain Kirk is poised on the verge of interstellar war and his greatest chance to stop the Klingons is a group of avowed pacifists) $7.99
Schroeder, Karl Queen of Candesce (Sequel to Sun of Suns : Venera Fanning lands in Spyre, encounters new friends and enemies, and seeks revenge) $6.99
Scott, Robert/Gordon, Jay Lessek's Key (The Eldarn Sequence #2: Steven Taylor, former bank manager turned would-be magician, must find Lessek's Key to save millions in the land of Twinmoons) $16.95
Showalter, Gena Heart of the Dragon (When Grace Carlyle discovers the mythological world of Atlantis, her life falls into the hands of shape-shifting warrior Darius en Kragin) $6.99
Sizemore, Susan Primal Needs (Sequel to Primal Desires : Werewolf Joe Bleythin is reunited with vampire Sidione Wolf as they track down a rogue Tribe Prime while fighting their attraction for each other) $6.99
Skipp, John/Goodfellow, Cody Jake's Wake (A crooked televangelist returns from the dead at his own wake and sets out to slaughter everyone he thinks wronged him) $7.99
Smith, Tara Bray Betwixt (YA: Three teenagers discover they have magical powers and at a secret Rave in the woods learn of their true changeling nature and their intertwined destinies) $8.99
Steel, Raz Love Without Blood (A beautiful doctor is swept by a patient into a dangerous world of vampires and the government agency created to exterminate them) $6.99
Stross, Charles The Atrocity Archives (Bob Howard is a computer hacker desk jockey who should never be asked to do anything remotely heroic, but for some reason, he is) $7.99
Stross, Charles The Jennifer Morgue (Bob Howard, geekish demonology hacker, must stop a ruthless billionaire from unleashing an eldritch horror from the ocean's depth for the purpose of ruling the world) $15.00
Stroud, Jonathan Heroes of the Valley (YA: Halli Sveinsson has grown up with legends of the heroes, and because of a practical joke that goes too far, must leave home and go on a hero's quest himself) $17.99
Sunny Mona Lisa Darkening (Mona Lisa is taken against her will to NetherHell and she must choose her destiny before others choose it for her) $7.99
Thompson, Ronda Call of the Moon (Reissue, a man seeking to destroy the werewolf who bit him meets a strange beauty who takes him to the Canadian NW and shows him the way of the wolf) $6.99
Thorpe, Gav Malekith: The Sundering Begins (Passed over to succeed as king, elf general Malekith betrays King Bel-Shanaar and attempts to seize power for himself) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry The Breath of God (Sequel to Beyond the Gap : Now that the glacier has broken open, Count Hamnet Thyssen and his friends go on a quest to explore the new land and find the legendary Golden Shrine) $24.95
Viehl, Lynn Stay the Night (Outlaw immortal vampire and art thief Darkyn Lord Robin of Locksley is falling for undercover agent Christina Renshaw, and they must team up to fight a greater evil) $7.99
Watt-Evans, Lawrence Blood of a Dragon (Reprint; fourth book in the fabled Ethshar series) $6.99
Wolf/Myers Space Vulture (After a lifetime of friendship, two small-town boys who grew up to have very different lives team up to travel back in time and conquer the universe) $7.99


Coe, David B. The Horsemen's Gambit (Blood of the Southlands Book 2: The fragile peace is shattered when a woman looses a deadly plague on the magical Qirsi people, and their unmagical enemies see this as a way to regain their lands) $26.95
Cole, Kresley Kiss of a Demon King (A demon king fights to reclaim his crown while a wicked sorceress dares to use his most secret desires to thwart him) $7.99
Gear, W. Michael & Kathleen O'Neal People of the Thunder (Conclusion to the series: A new leader for the Sky Hand people, Smoke Shield, has arisen and will lead them to stunning triumph or bloody defeat) $25.95
Harryhausen/Dalton The Art of Ray Harryhausen (Collection of the art of Harryhausen) $29.95
Holland, Cecelia The High City (Basil II, Byzantine emperor, rules as co-emperor with his brother, Constantine, and makes war on would-be usurper Bardas Phokas, son of a general Basil supplanted) $25.95
King, Stephen Stephen King Goes to the Movies (Collection of King's short stories that have been turned into movies, including new commentary and introductions) $7.99
Maine, David Monster, 1959 (Legends surround K, a monster in the South Pacific, but when natives decide they want the latest sacrifice back, he resists) $14.95
Marusek, David Mind Over Ship (Sequel to Counting Heads : In 2135, greedy powerbrokers convert their starships into space condos, while Ellen Starke's head struggles to grow a new body) $24.95
Rogak, Lisa Haunted Heart (Biography of Stephen King) $25.95
Testa, Dom The Comet's Curse (YA: After a comet-borne plague wipes out most of Earth's adult population, a ship of teenagers sets off into space but soon finds there is a saboteur is among them) $16.95
Walton, Jo Tooth and Claw (Reissue: An enjoyable Victorian novel full of romance, intrigue, and family strife, where everyone in the story is a dragon) $15.95
Watts, Peter Maelstrom (Lenie Clark survives an enormous tidal wave and carries with her a disease that could wipe out humanity) $14.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Borne in Blood (In 1817 Switzerland, Count St. Germaine (20) is intrigued by both an Austrian noble studying blood and the noble's daughter who has fixated on the Count) $15.95


Adams, Cat Magic's Design (Talos, magic wielder and agent of the Overworld Police, is sent to protect Earth from magicians intent on enslaving humanity, and along the way meets Mila, and romance ensues) $6.99
Anderson, Taylor Destroyermen III: Maelstrom (Mathew Reddy and his crew of the USS Walker prepare to fight the savage, reptilian Grik, and face annihilation if they fail) $24.95
Anderson, Taylor Into the Storm: Destroyermen Book 1 (The USS Walker is transported from WWII into an alternate world where two primitive species are at war and the Walker's existence will alter the balance of power) $7.99
Anvil, Christoper Rx For Chaos (3 stories of how new technologies can have unexpected consequences) $12.00
Armstrong, Kelley Men of the Otherworld (Two novellas and two short stories from the perspective of werewolves Clay and Jeremy) $22.00
Ashley, Amanda Night's Pleasure (Savanah Gentry, vampire hunter, falls in love with a vampire and this puts her in grave danger) $6.99
Ashwood, Sharon Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten (Witch and preternatural investigator Holly Carver relies on the help of vampire Alessandro Caravelli, which makes the queen of the vampires jealous with bad results) $6.99
Asprin, Robert/Nye, Jody Lynn Myth-Chief (Skeeve the Magnificent has come out of retirement and set up shop on the turf of his former co-worker, Aahz, who is not happy with the competition) $7.99
Bakker, R. Scott The Judging Eye (The Aspect Emperor Book 1: set in the Prince of Nothing universe 20 years after the events in The Thousandfold Thought) $26.95
Banks, Ian M. Matter (On a renowned world, a man is accused of murder and takes a desperate flight to find the two people who could clear his name) $14.99
Blair, Annette Never Been Witched (Destiny Cartwright (3) tries to catch the attention of a paranormal debunker) $7.99
Bradbury, Ray We'll Always Have Paris (Collection of never-before-published short stories) $24.99
Briggs, Patricia Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, by day a car mechanic and by night a shapeshifter, gets more than she bargained for while trying to maintain harmony between the human and spirit world) $24.95
Bujold, Lois McMaster Horizon (The Sharing Knife Volume 4: As Dag and Fawn and a band of friends continue their journey north, a malice that grew unnoticed crosses their path and may be too strong to control; signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday February 7, 1-2:30 pm) $26.95
Byers, Richard Lee Unholy (Conclusion of the Haunted Lands series: The new evil King of Thay prepares a great magical ritual that the mages cannot allow to be completed) $7.99
Caine, Rachel Undone (A former Djinn of limitless power is exiled to live with the Weather Wardens as punishment for defying her master and a malevolent entity threatens her new existence) $7.99
Campbell, Alan Iron Angel (Sequel to Scar Night : Returns to the city of Deepgate, where a young angel's chances of survival have just gotten worse) $6.99
Campbell, Barbara Foxfire (Trickster's Game #3: Hero Darak and his wife have settled in exile and raised four children; now his daughter has raised a rebel force and seeks to recruit him) $7.99
Canavan, Trudi The Magician's Apprentice (Events are brewing that will lead nations into war, 600 years before the events in the Black Magician Trilogy) $24.99
Coe, David B. The Sorcerer's Plague (Grinsa, banished because he is a Qirsi who can wield magic, takes his family to the south, where a plague that preys on Qirsi magic breaks out) $7.99
Colebatch/Chafe/Harrington Man-Kzin Wars XII (Three new stories of the war between humans and the kzin in a universe originally created by Larry Niven) $23.00
Collins, Nancy A. Night Life (A VAMPS Novel: A photographer offers Lilith Todd a high-end modeling job, but first she must figure out a way around the vampire law that forbids being photographed) $8.99
Cooke, Deborah Kiss of Fate (A Dragonfire Novel: The final reckoning between the Pyr and the Slayers begins) $7.99
Counter, Ben Daemon World (The arrival of a mysterious stranger threatens to upset the balance of power held by Lady Charybdia, precipitating a bloody revolution) $7.99
Crowley, John Endless Things (Conclusion to the cycle weaving together the stories of Renaissance magician John Dee, philosopher Giordano Bruno, and present-day historian Pierce Moffitt) $15.95
Crusie/Stuart/Rich Dogs and Goddesses (When Abby, Daisy, and Shar attend an out-of-this-world dog obedience course, they discover a shared link to an ancient goddess determined to reclaim her powers) $7.99
Cullen, Brian Seekers of the Chalice (The Chalice of Fire is stolen from the Red Branch by Bricriu Poisontongue; a band of Seekers set out to return the Chalice to the Red Branch and restore peace to Ulster) $7.99
Davidson/Alongi Seraph of Sorrow (Jennifer Scales (4) may be the bridge to bring together the two warring sides of her family, if she can survive learning the skills of dragonkind) $7.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Star Trek: A Singular Destiny (The fallout of the apocalyptic saga of The Destiny Trilogy is viewed through the eyes of Sonek Pran as he investigates an attempt to undermine the healing of the galaxy) $7.99
Del Franco, Mark Unfallen Dead (Connor Grey has many problems, what with a vengeful Queen of Faerie and the return of an old Guild partner, but now an occult string of murders arises that just may kill him) $7.99
Earl, Robert The Adventures of Florin and Lorenzo (Omnibus edition of three Florin and Lorenzo Warhammer novels and one short story) $13.99
Erikson, Steven Reaper's Gale (Book 7 of the Malazan Book of the Fallen: The Letherii Empire edges ever closer to all-out war with the surrounding kingdoms) $9.99
Fan, Nancy Yi Sword Quest (As two rivals race to find the Great Spirit's sword, the future of birdworld and Wind-voices's fate as Swordbird rest in the balance) $6.99
Farrell, S.L. A Magic of Twilight (Book One of the Nessantico Gate: Epic tale of an empire at its height, yet poised on the brink of a descent into ruin, in a society where magic is both a religious power and a forbidden art) $7.99
Flint, Eric Worlds (Collection of short stories, with an intro to each story by Flint) $25.00
Flint, Eric-ed. Ring of Fire II (The saga begun in 1632 of the town of Grantville, the Town Lost in Time, continues with short stories by Flint and others) $7.99
Friedman, C.S. Wings of Wrath (Book 2 of the Magister Trilogy: Those who are sworn to protect humanity from vampire style magic must discover the truth that lies at the heart of ancient legends) $25.95
George, Jessica Day Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow (YA: When a great white bear promises untold riches to her family, the Lass agrees to go with him, but neither he nor his palace are what was promised) $7.99
Geston, Mark Books of the Wars (Omnibus of 3 novels making up the saga of a distant future, Lords of the Starship , Out of the Mouth of the Dragon , and The Siege of Wonder ) $7.99
Golden, Christopher/Lebbon, Tim The Map of Moments (Across post-Katrina New Orleans, a desperate man follows a trail of the city's most magical moments and darkest secrets in an attempt to redeem himself) $12.00
Grant, Susan The Warlord's Daughter (After the assassination of her brother and father and the Drakken Empire falls, Wren must go on the run to escape the kill order the Coalition has put out on her) $6.99
Green, Chris Marie Night Rising (Stuntwoman Dawn Madison's father vanishes while looking for a ghost, and she joins her father's odd P.I. colleagues in the search, discovering an erotic and bloody underground) $7.99
Greenberg/Coleman-ed. Crime Spells (16 original stories about magic-fueled crimes and those who investigate them) $7.99
Hamilton, Peter F. The Naked God (Reissue; the Night's Dawn Trilogy #3) $16.99
Hamilton, Peter F. The Neutronium Alchemist (Reissue; the Night's Dawn Trilogy #2) $16.99
Harris, Charlaine/Kelner, Toni-ed. Many Bloody Returns (13 original stories about what birthdays mean to the undead) $15.00
Hart, Raven The Vampire's Revenge (Fifth in series: Jack McHane, part family man and part vampire, tries to save the world from an explosion of demons) $6.99
Hunter, Erin Seekers #2: Great Bear Lake (YA: Lusa, Toklo, Kallik, and the shape-shifter Ujurak are drawn to the sacred Great Bear Lake, where all species of bear have been gathering for centuries) $16.99
Jackson, Melanie Divine Fantasy (Paranormal romance) $7.99
Jones, Frewin The Faerie Path: The Serpent Awakes (YA: Lamia's Revenge #1: A dark force threatens the long-lost princess of Faerie Tania's two worlds of mortal and Faerie and it is up to her to stop it) $7.99
Jones, Frewin The Seventh Daughter (YA: Book Three of the Faerie Path: Tania and Edric travel back to Faerie only to discover their land has been invaded by the Sorcerer King and only they can save it) $8.99
Keene, Brian Castaways (Contestants on a reality TV show find themselves stranded on a desert island with half-human creatures out to kill them) $7.99
Kellogg, Marjorie B. Lear's Daughters (Omnibus reprint; after a climate disaster mirroring our own climate problems, an alien race known as the Sawls find a solution to their own climate problems) $24.95
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dream Warrior (When a chance meeting brings together Delphine Toussaint, a philanthropist seeking world peace, and Cratus, who is battling an ancient enemy, sparks fly) $7.99
Keyes, Greg The Born Queen (Fourth and concluding book of the Kingdoms of Thorn and Rose series) $7.99
Lackey, Mercedes The Snow Queen (A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms: Aleksia, Queen of the Northern Lights, is falsely accused of unleashing evil in nearby villages, and must act to stop an imposter) $7.99
Lake,. A.J. Circle of Stone: Darkest Age Book 3 (YA: Edmund and Elspeth face Loki one more time, with the help of their friends, in the conclusion to the trilogy) $7.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Carpe Diem (Reprint; on the run from assassins, Val Con yos'Phelium and Miri Robertson are stranded on a distant planet and must learn to trust each other to survive) $6.99
Lethcoe, Jason The Mysterious Mr. Spines #1: Wings (YA: Edward is at a school for troubled youth when he discovers he has magical powers and even grows wings, and it is only Mr. Spines who realizes he is a Guardian) $6.99
Maclaine, Jenna Grave Sins (Second book in the Cin Craven series, featuring a protagonist who is both witch and vampire) $6.99
Martin/Dozois/Abraham Hunter's Run (Emotionally compelling tale set on an unforgiving alien world that ponders the question "What makes us human?") $7.99
Martinez, A. Lee The Automatic Detective (Mack Megaton, a robot designed to bring mankind to its knees, wants people to see him as just another robot getting along, investigates when his neighbors disappear) $6.99
Massey, Misty Mad Kestrel (Kestrel, quartermaster of a pirate ship who must conceal that she has magical powers, becomes enamored of her captain, and when he is captured she sets sail in pursuit) $7.99
Merritt, Abraham The Moon Pool (Reprint; on an uncharted island in the South Pacific, a party of explorers inadvertently unleashes the Dweller, a monstrous entity that stalks all in its path) $6.99
Miles, Cindy MacGowan's Ghost (Gabe MacGowan, owner of Odin's Thumb Inn and Pub in a Scottish seaside village, is haunted by the ghost of his dead wife and he hires American Allie Morgan to oust the spirits) $6.99
Mills, K.E. Witches, Incorporated (Gerald Dunwoody (2) and Princess Melissande collide when they are hired by opposing clients to investigate an insider theft at a magical research and development firm) $7.99
Moon, Elizabeth Victory Conditions (In the fifth and final installment of her space opera, the Vatta's war series comes to a close) $7.99
Morgan, Alexis Darkness Unknown (5th in the series: Gwen Mosely stumbles across the near-dead Paladin warrior Jarvis Donahue, and nurses him back to health as he realizes that a dangerous fate links them) $6.99
Morrow, James Shambling Towards Hiroshima (Alternate history of WWII where gigantic lizards are bred to invade Japan, and a B-movie actor is assigned to star is a monster film that may cause Japan to surrender) $14.95
Morrow, James The Philosopher's Apprentice (Philosopher Mason Ambrose is approached by a billionaire geneticist to help his beautiful daughter who has lost both her memory and her sense of right and wrong in an accident) $15.99
Nix, Garth One Beastly Beast (YA: Four fantastic tales for middle-grade readers, illustrated by Brian Biggs) $5.99
Norton, Andre From the Sea to the Stars (Omnibus of Sea Siege and Star Gate ) $7.99
Patterson, James The Final Warning (YA: 14-year old Maximum Ride and the Flock are fleeing a number of adversaries and end up in Antarctica where they see the effects of Global Warming up close) $7.99
Pelegrimas, Marcus Skinners: Blood and Blade (Cole Wickstrom is violently initiated into the hidden world of vampires and werewolves and trained to become a Skinner) $7.99
Perry, Kate Marked by Passion (When an ancient scroll falls into her lap, painter and guardian Gabrielle Sansouci Chin knows her father is dead and that she does not have the power to protect the scroll) $6.99
Reaves, Michael Star Wars: Coruscant Nights III Patterns of Force (Concludes the adventures of Jedi survivor Jax Pavan in his battle against Darth Vader and the Empire) $7.99
Ringo, John/Taylor, Travis S. Manxome Foe (Alliance Spaceship Vorpal Blade is sent to help a gate colony which has fallen to an unidentified alien assault) $7.99
Roberson, Chris End of the Century (In London, three different people, one each from the past, present, and future, encounter villains and lunatics while searching for the Holy Grail) $15.00
Ronald, Margaret Spiral Hunt (An urban fantasy calling on Celtic myths and Boston's own Irish history) $7.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Duplicate Effort (Retrieval Artist Miles Flint must search for his missing daughter, one of five clones of his long-dead child, who has gone off to look for her fellow clones) $7.99
Rush, Jaime A Perfect Darkness (A group of twenty-somethings discover they have secret powers; PBO) $6.99
Showalter, Gena Jewel of Atlantis (Reissue; all of Atlantis seeks the Jewel of Dunamis, including Grayson James, human agent of the Otherworld Bureau of Investigation, none of them knowing that the "jewel" is a woman) $6.99
Simmons, Dan Drood (Historical novel which explores the still unsolved mysteries of the later years of the life of Charles Dickens and his late-night forays into the seedier parts of London) $26.99
Smith, Bryan Soultaker (Rockville has become a nest of evil as the Lamia enslaves the young men in town and makes the young women her priestesses) $7.99
Smith, E.E. Doc Triplanetary (Reprint; book one of the Lensman Saga: The benevolent Arisians war with the Eddoreans, malevolent beings hungry for power) $6.99
Smith, Kathryn Night After Night (The final chapter in the Brotherhood of the Blood series finds Temple the target of an alluring assassin) $6.99
Sniegoski, Tom The Brimstone Network: Specter Rising (YA: Bram and his fellow Network members will need all they've learned to emerge victorious over old enemies that have resurfaced) $5.99
Stirling, A.M. In the Courts of the Crimson Kings (Sequel to The Sky People : A secret links Teyud Zha-Shalt to the deadly intrigues of a city where the last aging descendant of the Tollamune Empire clings to his power) $7.99
Taylor, Scott The Magic Knot (Fantasy romance) $6.99
Vaughn, Carrie Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand (While honeymooning in Vegas, Kitty and Ben face a hotel full of werewolf-hating bounty hunters and the star of an animal act who tries to seduce Kitty) $6.99
Vincent, Rachel Pride (Werecat Faythe Sanders (3) is on trial for murdering her human ex-boyfriend and during the trial becomes caught up in the scheme of a rogue stray trying to form his own Pride) $6.99
Wiater/Bradley/Stuve The Twilight and Other Zones (Biography of and homage to Richard Matheson) $19.95
Wilks, Eileen Mortal Sins (FBI agent Lily Yu and her werewolf lover are embroiled in a series of murders linked to a form of dangerous "death magic") $7.99
Williams, David J. Mirrored Heavens (A highly skilled hacker and a well-armed, and armored, warrior race to locate a supercomputer before it falls into the wrong hands) $6.99
Wooding, Chris The Fade (All live in a lightless, subterranean world, until a group of merchants look to the surface, and discover a conspiracy that will swallow them all) $12.95
Zelazny, Roger The Dead Man's Brother (A former art smuggler is enlisted by the CIA to track down a priest who's stolen millions from the Vatican, leading to the deadly depths of the Brazillian jungle) $6.99


Banks, L.A. The Thirteenth (Final story in the Vampire Huntress series: Apocalypse looms and Carlos and Damali, Vampire Hunters, are the only ones who can stop it as the world goes to hell around them) $14.95
Cullen, Brian The Valley of Shadows (Sequel to Seekers of the Chalice : Just as the Seekers think they have tracked down the thief of the Chalice of Fire, Bricriu slips away and they must follow him) $25.95
Dick, Philip K. The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike (Real estate agent Leo Runcible discovers possible Neandethal bones and dreams of rising prices because of all the publicity) $25.95
Kenyon, Kay City Without End (Book 3 of The Entire and The Rose: In the Entire, Titus Quinn has stalked his enemy Helice to the fabled Rim City, where he finds his daughter, whose help he needs to stop the woman who would destroy the earth) $25.00
Kress, Nancy Steal Across the Sky (Tale of three people who go on a journey with aliens who wronged humanity long ago and wish to atone) $25.95
McDonald, Ian Cyberabad Days (Collection of stories of the India of 2047) $15.00
Melko, Paul The Walls of the Universe (Ohio teenager John Rayburn's doppelganger gives him a device that allows him to travel across worlds, steals his life from him) $25.95
Moore, Christopher Fool (A cheeky and ribald reworking of King Lear by the author of You Suck and A Dirty Job ) $26.99
Niven, Larry/Pournelle, Jerry Escape from Hell (Sequel to Inferno : Allan Carpenter returns to Hell to liberate those souls unfairly tortured and confined, and pairs with legendary poet Sylvia Plath to share his quest) $24.95
Nylund, Eric Mortal Coils (Twin fifteen-year olds Eliot and Fiona discover they are offspring of Atropos and Lucifer, and their very existence is a threat to a treaty between gods and fallen angels) $14.95
Reed, Kit Enclave (A mysterious man runs an Academy where 100 children are sent to be protected from the chaos reigning in the world, but a stranger has arrived and brought Death) $25.95
Rucker, Rudy Postsingular (A maladjusted billionaire and a crazy US president initiate a radical transformation of the world through nanotechnology) $15.95
Schiefelbein, Michael The Vampire Maker (Vampire Victor Decimus and his lover and thrall Paul Lewis move to New Orleans where a priest tries to break Victor's hold over Paul and so does the Dark Kingdom) $24.95
Scholes, Ken Lamentation (After the city of Windwir is destroyed, all the Kingdoms of the Named Lands are at each others throats as alliances are challenged and hidden plots uncovered) $24.95
Sensel, Joni The Farwalker's Quest (YA: Ariel And her friend Zeke stumble upon a magical "telling Dart" and its discovery leads them on a perilous journey) $16.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Bones of the Dragon (The ancient gods are under siege from a new generation challenging them for powers of creation, and the only one who can stop them is Vindras, the dragon-goddess's champion) $24.95
Wrede, Patricia Snow White and Rose Red (YA reprint: Romantic retelling of the classic fairy tale, set in Edwardian England) $8.99
Wrede, Patricia The Seven Towers (YA reprint: Seven players in a game of deadly magic fight his or her own part in a war that has put the Seven Kingdoms on the edge of destruction) $8.99
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