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Newsletter #71 September - November, 2005

[PBO means paperback original]


Armstrong, Lori G. Blood Ties (Julie Collins, secretary in the Bear Butte County sheriff's office, is upset by the official lack of interest in solving a series of killings of transient Native American men, so she starts working part-time helping a PI friend from childhood) $6.99
Baer, Robert See No Evil (True story of a ground soldier in the CIA's war on terrorism) $14.00
Barnes, Linda Snapshot (Reprint) $6.99
Becka, Elizabeth Trace Evidence (A Cleveland forensic scientist and single mom is on the trail of a serial killer of teenage girls, suspects her own daughter is targeted as a victim) $22.95
Blaine, Michael The Midnight Band of Mercy (In 1893, a journalist for the New York Herald investigates the killings of cats in the city and stumbles onto a conspiracy of tenement landlords _ based on true events) $14.00
Blevins, Meredith The Red Hot Empress (Annie Szabo (3) hides a boy who can heal with music, and when bodies start turning up she goes on the run, luring the killer through a tangle of Chinese New Year celebrations) $24.95
Bonansinga, Jay Frozen (An FBI profiler is astounded when the details of the murder of a 6000_year old corpse found in Alaska match exactly with those of a serial killer he is trying to track down) $6.99
Bowen, Michael Unforced Error (At a Civil War re-enactment in Kansas City, a man winds up dead and Rep and Melissa Pennyworth investigate, as Melissa's best friend's husband is the prime suspect) $6.99
Bowers, Dorothy Deed Without a Name (Reprint of 1940 classic; young Archy Mitfold survived three murder attempts and left "clever" clues about his would-be killer; when the fourth attempt succeeds, Scotland Yard finds the clues too obscure) $14.95
Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian (Reprint) $7.50
Brewer, Steve Boost (Sam Hill steals classic cars for a living, but when he steals a 1965 Thunderbird there's a dead junkie in the trunk; he realizes he's been set up, looks for revenge) $14.
Burley, W. J. Wycliffe & Death in a Salubrious Place (British import; reprint) $7.99
Caine, Rachel Devil's Bargain (An ex-cop makes an agreement with a mysterious benefactor to get financing for her own private detective agency-any case that arrives in a red envelope has to receive top priority, or all hell will break loose) $4.99
Cannell, Stephen J. Cold Hit (Detective Shane Scully and his partner are investigating a series of murders of Vietnam vets; suspects the regional boss of Homeland Security is using provisions of the Patriot Act to block the investigation) $24.95
Cannon, Taffy Paradise Lost (A bizarre kidnapping of an actress and a college student at a posh Santa Barbara health spa; trade PBO) $13.95
Casey, Donis The Old Buzzard Had it Coming (1912 Oklahoma; kids in large family fight destitution and a sister who becomes a murder suspect after a lover's tryst and violent confrontation) $24.95
Clements, Toby The Asti Spumante Code (A parody, without Leonardo da Vinci; British import) $7.50
Clemons, Judy Three Can Keep a Secret (Biker and PA dairy farmer Stella Crown (2) hires Mennonite widow whose past, plus dark secrets of a friend, both threaten Stella and her farm) $22.95
Cohen, Mark Bluetick Revenge (PI Pepper Keane is hired to dognap a purebreed bluetick coonhound from the head of the Sons of Satan, the most dangerous biker gang in Colorado, so that his ex-girlfriend will testify for the feds against the gang) $24.95
Cooper, Natasha Gagged and Bound (When a newly ennobled politician believes he has been mis-identified as a terrorist who killed a busload of children 30 years ago, barrister Trish Maguire agrees to help a biographer fight the libel case) $24.95
Cotterill, Colin Thirty-Three Teeth (The seventy-two year old national coroner of Laos investigates strange murders, ignores the Communist bureaucracy, and communicates with the spirit world) $24.00
Dams, Jeanne M. Crimson Snow (Hilda Johansson, Swedish maid in South Bend, Indiana in 1904, as reluctant amateur sleuth; trade PBO) $13.95
Disher, Garry The Dragon Man (A serial killer strikes a small coastal town near Melbourne, and Detective Inspector Hal Challis and his team must stop him) $11.00
Disher, Garry Kittyhawk Down (Australian Homicide Detective Hal Challis relaxes by restoring a classic airplane, but a series of crimes draws him away from his hobby) $23.00
Distel, Dave & Lynn Hunt to Kill (Non-fiction; a ruthless husband in Michigan's Upper Peninsula who murdered his wife after several failed attempts, and the relentless detective who proved him guilty) $6.50
Doherty, Paul Domina (Agrippina, mother of Nero and wife of Claudius, plots to end the reign of Tiberius; British import) $8.99
Doherty, Paul The Rose Demon (Story of terror, mystery, and black magic set in the Middle Ages; British import) $8.99
Doherty, Paul The Soul Slayer (Sixteenth century tale of terror and black magic; British import) $8.99
Doyle, Stephanie The Contestant (Contestants in a reality TV show on a tropical island are trying to win a million dollars, but one of the contestants is killing the competition) $4.99
Dunn, Carola Fall of a Philanderer (British cozy set in 1924 featuring Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher and her husband Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard) $23.95
Durgin, Doranna Checkmate (A Middle Eastern capitol building is captured by insurgents, with many hostages, but a female FBI agent is in the building but not captured) $4.99
Ehrman, Kit Cold Burn (Steve Cline goes undercover at a thoroughbred breeding farm, searching for clues to the disappearance of another man who had been working there) $24.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Deadlier Than the Pen (Diana Spaulding (1), 1888 New York City newspaper reporter investigates) $13.95
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Fatal as a Fallen Woman (Diana Spaulding #2) $24.95
Evans, Liz Sick as a Parrot (British PI Grace Smith is trying to solve an old murder while bird-sitting a psychotic parrot, while the most chauvinistic cop in town is homeless and squatting in her spare room; British import) $8.99
Evans, Mary Anna Relics (Archaeologist Faye Longchamp (2) investigating long-buried secrets of the Sujosa in Alabama when one of the dig's members is murdered) $24.95
Faherty, Terence The Confessions of Owen Keane (Collection of 7 stories of failed seminarian turned investigator Owen Keane) $17.00
Farrer, Katherine Gownsman's Gallows (First American edition of a 1957 British mystery; a body in an Oxford haystack sends Insp. Ringwood (3) to France, where memories of the Resistance are still very fresh) $14.95
Feagan, Stephanie $he's on the Money (Crime-fighting CPS Whitney "Pink" Pearl investigates dwindling oil assets, which leads to a CIA case and an assassin on her trail) $4.99
Ferris, Monica Patterns of Murder (Omnibus reprint of the first 3 needlecraft mysteries, Crewel World , Framed in Lace , A Stitch in Time ) $12.95
Flynn, Vince Memorial Day (CIA superagent Mitch Rapp races to Afghanistan to lead a commando raid on an al Qaeda stronghold to prevent a planned nuclear strike on Washington DC) $9.95
Greenwood, Kerry Ruddy Gore (Unflappable 1920s PI Phryne Fisher deals with thugs, actors, and a bizarre death on a Gilbert & Sullivan stage, and the Chinese community) $24.95
Gregory, Susanna The Hand of Justice (In 1355 Cambridge, Matthew Bartholomew (10) investigates two murders; British import) $7.99
Gregory, Susanna The Mark of a Murderer (Matthew Bartholomew (11) investigates as scholars fleeing violence in Oxford start dying in Cambridge; British import) $25.00
Hall, Connie Rare Breed (American park ranger in Africa is determined to stop the poaching of the wild animals she loves, perhaps aided by a smart-mouthed Texan who may or may not be on her side) $4.99
Harrison, Mike All Shook Up (Fast-paced, hard-edged page-turner featuring Eddie Dancer, Canada's toughest private eye) $15.95
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Bill Slider Omnibus ( Orchestrated Death , Death Watch , Necrochip (aka Death to Go in U.S.; British import) $15.00
Hauf, Michele Once a Thief (Security consultant Rachel Anderson has concealed the fact that she was once a thief, but now much steal back a gem from the man who trained her as a thief to protect her new career) $4.99
Hecht, Daniel Skull Session (Reprint) $14.95
Hecht, Daniel Puppets (Series of bizarre killings seems solved when killer is caught in the act, but after he's locked up, similar killings continue, leading back to a secret U.S. intelligence experiment) $14.95
Hicks, Randall The Baby Game (Comic romp with an adoption attorney, a kidnapped baby with no ransom demand, and the suspects keep showing up dead) $22.95
Hillerman, Tony Dance Hall of the Dead (6 CDs. unabridged) $14.95
Hillerman, Tony Listening Woman (6 CDs, unabridged) $14.95
Hillerman, Tony The Blessing Way (3 CDs, abridged, read by the author) $14.95
Hillerman, Tony The Fly on the Wall (3 CDs, abridged, read by the author) $14.95
Hinze, Vicki Double Vision (Explosives expert Katherine Kane must save hostages held in an underwater cave by a man who's found a way to replace U.S. agents with look-alikes, so she doesn't know who she can trust) $4.99
Holm, Jennifer/Hamel, Jonathan The Postman Always Brings Mice (The Stink Files Dosier 001); To Scratch a Thief (The Stink Files Dosier 002; young adult) $4.99 each
Horowitz, Anthony Eagle Strike (Only M16 agent Alex Rider recognizes that the world's most famous pop star has a twisted mind and Alex must convince the world that he is bent on its destruction; young adult) $5.99
Jardine, Quintin Stay of Execution (A series of murders hit Edinburgh shortly before the Pope is to visit, and DCC Bob Skinner must get to the bottom of things; British import) $9.99
Jensen, Kathryn Hot Pursuit (A satellite has been hijacked in orbit and may be used as a weapon; NASA scientist Kate Foster and a know-it-all counterterrorist expert are in hot pursuit) $4.99
Jurjevics, Juris The Trudeau Vector (In the Arctic, three scientists are murdered, and is the ocean a Russian submarine has disappeared, and the inquires into both cross paths in the unforgiving world of the Arctic; signed copies) $24.95
Keillor, Garrison The Adventures of Guy Noir (2 CDs, unabridged: New collection of 11 adventures of eccentric Guy Noir, Private Eye) $24.95
Knight, Bernard The Grim Reaper (In 1195 Exeter, Sir John de Wolfe investigates a series of murders where an appropriate biblical text is left at each murder; Brit. import) $7.99
Knight, Bernard The Tinner's Corpse , The Witch Hunter (Same series; British) $7.99 each
Konrath, J. A. Bloody Mary (Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels (2) of Chicago has problems when excess body parts start appearing at the Cook County Morgue, accessorized with Jack's handcuffs; a brilliant maniac has very bad plans for Jack) $22.95
Kostova, Elizabeth The Historian (A young woman discovers that her family have for generations been amateur historians, trying to find out the truth about Vlad the Impaler, and she continues the family tradition; literary thriller) $25.95
Kronenwetter, Michael First Kill (Private eye in a small Wisconsin town; winner of the 2004 PWA/SMP Best Private Eye Novel Contest) $24.95
Leather, Stephen The Bombmaker (Ten years ago, Andrea Hayes was the best bombmaker in the IRA, but she quit; now her daughter has been kidnapped by to force her back into the bombmaking business; British import) $9.99
Levack, Simon Demon of the Air (An Aztec mystery set in 1517; winner of the CWA Debut Dagger Award) $23.95
Lunn, Jonathan Killigrew's Run (Nautical adventure set in the Baltic, 1854; British import) $8.99
Marklund, Liza Paradise (Murders in Sweden; British import) $7.99
May, Lori A. The Profiler (FBI profiler Angie Davis works with a maverick NYPD detective to stop a serial killer, where all of the victims are somehow connected to Angie) $4.99
McDermid, V.L. Booked for Murder , Common Murder , Conferences are Murder , Deadline for Murder , Report for Murder (All five Lindsay Gordon mysteries reprinted and available in trade paperback) $12.95 each
Michaels, Kasey Maggie Without a Clue (Novelist Maggie Kelly (4) enlists the help of Alexandre Blake, her fictional character come_to_life, to solve the murder of her publisher's husband) $6.99
Mina, Denise Field of Blood (Young Scots newswoman investigates murder of 3-year-old boy, must prove innocence of one of the young lads that the public believes responsible) $24.95
Muller, Marcia Cape Perdido (In a small town in N. California, a giant corporation wants to divert the water to S. California, a team of ecologists fight the plans, and some members of the small town are willing to violently block the corporation's plans) $24.95
Neiderman, Andrew The Hunted (Someone is killing the hunters during Catskill game season.) $7.99
Nicholson, Peggy An Angel in Stone (Competition between two dinosaur fossil hunting firms turns deadly) $4.99
O'Donnell, Peter Modesty Blaise , Dead Man's Handle (Reprints) $14.95 each
Packer, Vin Damnation of Adam Blessing/Alone at Night (Omnibus of 2 paperback originals from early 1960s, with new intro and afterword) $19.95
Pollack, Neal-ed. Chicago Noir (Collection of 18 original mysteries set in Chicago) $14.95
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Dance of Death (Two brothers, one a top FBI agent, the other a brilliant criminal with a challenge: Stop me if you can) $25.95
Price, Maggie Trigger Effect (A forensic statement analyst believes that comments by an Oklahoma City cop rings of murder) $4.99
Queen, Ellery The Adventure of the Murdered Moths and Other Radio Mysteries (14 radio scripts from 1939 - 1948 Ellery Queen Radio show) $20.00
Rayne, Sarah Tower of Silence (In a remote Scottish hamlet, an old woman rents a room to a crime writer who wants to interview the inmates at a nearby asylum for the criminally insane; secrets are uncovered, with devastating consequences; British import) $7.99
Redman, J. M. Lost Daughters (New Orleans PI Micky Knight (4) searches for missing children and parents as a killer targets patients at the clinic run by Micky's lover) $12.95
Rehder, Ben Guilt Trip (Game warden John Marlin (4) has more hilarious problems, including an exploding drug house, blackmail of a deviant Texas state senator, and a pet psychic) $24.95
Remic, Andy Quake (A secret organization of the future fights a shadow war against fanatics and rogue states; the top operative now goes against the creators of a machine that can cause earthquakes on a global scale; British import) $7.99
Ripley, Ann Summer Garden Murder (Louise Eldridge must clear her name of murder after a man she identified as the mulch murderer is found buried beneath her native azalea plant) $22.00
Rose, M.J. The Halo Effect (Detective Noah Jordain investigates a serial killer who has been targeting prostitutes, when one disappears who has written a tell_all book and has many enemies) $6.99
Rowe, Rosemary The Chariots of Calyx ; The Legatus Mystery ; Murder in the Forum (Roman Empire era mysteries set in Britain; British imports) $9.99 each
Rudolph, Penny Thicker Than Blood (Owner of downtown LA parking garage spots car used in hit-and-run killing and gets tangled in murders, a crime ring, and California water politics) $24.95
Schwegel, Theresa Officer Down (Chicago police officer Samantha Mack's gun killed her partner, but who pulled the trigger? She remembers firing her gun at the perp until it was empty before she lost consciousness...) $23.95
Sharp, Zoe First Drop (Tough female bodyguard Charlie Fox has what seems an easy assignment, babysitting the gawky fifteen-year-old son of a rich computer programmer in Fort Lauderdale; then the programmer and his entire entourage, including Charlie's boss, disappear mysteriously and somebody is stalking Charlie and the kid) $23.95
Sidor, Steven The Bone Factory (Homicide cops Eliza Ochoa and Ike Horner in the rundown Midwestern city of Booth City look into the murder of a prostitute with more dogged determination than extraordinary sleuthing ability, finding a conspiracy leading to some of the most influential families) $23.95
Simon, Clea Mew is for Murder (Cops aren't interest when old woman in decrepit house full of cats dies in an apparent accident, but things don't compute for Cambridge freelance writer Theda Krakow) $24.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Sunday Philosophy Club (Isabel Dalhousie, editor of The Review of Applied Ethics, sees a man fall from the balcony of a symphony hall, and can't help herself from investigating) $12.95
Snyder, Robert The Bright Spot (Futuristic mystery with two struggling actors as amateur sleuths) $6.99
Stephenson, Carol Courting Danger (Criminal defense attorney from rich Palm Beach family defends a friend accused of murder, but her life is in danger for taking the case) $4.99
Stevens, Kevin The Rizzoli Contract (Small-time Boston publisher plans to publish a book by Boston's most famous crooked cop who is in prison for masterminding the biggest bank heist in New England history-if he can stay off the booze, keep his hands off the cop's wife, and keep the accountant away from the firm's cooked books) $12.50
Stewart, Mariah Dead End (Conclusion to the Dead Series: FBI profiler Annie McCall continues to track down the killer of her fiancee, while a new man enters her life) $19.95
Telushkin, Joseph The Final Analysis of Dr. Stark (Reprint; Rabbi Daniel Winter (2) investigates murder of psychiatrist Noah Stark) $9.95
Temple, Lou Jane The Spice Box (Mystery in 1860s New York, with authentic period recipes) $22.95
Ure, Louise Forcing Amaryllis (Calla Gentry is assigned to help defend an accused rapist and murderer, but feels she can't until she's sure he's not the man who attacked her sister Amaryllis seven years before; the investigation reveals holes in both the man's story and Amaryllis' account of what happened seven years ago) $23.95
White, Gloria Over Her Dead Body (Magazine crime writer Bailey Weggins (4) is hired by a weekly celebrity gossip mag, but her boss is killed and she's determined to get a scoop on whodunit) $24.95
Winspear, Jacqueline Birds of a Feather (In 1930, Maisie Dobbs (2) is hired to find a runaway heiress; the case becomes complicated when 3 of the heiress's friends are found dead) $14.00
Wishart, David Food for the Fishes (Marcus Corvinus' ninth Roman empire mystery; British import) $25.00
Wood, William P. Rampage (Reprint; courtroom thriller; DA prosecuting a serial killer so violent that an insanity defense is likely to prevail; then key witnesses disappear and crucial evidence goes missing) $6.99
Xiaolong, Qiu When Red is Black (Inspector Chen (3) of the Shanghai Police Bureau investigates when former Red Guard and current novelist Yin Lige is murdered) $13.00


Abbott, Jeff Panic (24_year old documentary filmmaker finds his mother brutally murdered and discovers that his whole life is a lie, and to save himself he must discover the truth about his past) $23.95
Andrews, Robert A Murder of Justice (When drug runner Skeeter Hodges is killed, homicide detectives Frank Kearny and Jose Phelps (3) investigate) $7.99
Axler, James Death Lands: Ritual Chill (Ryan Cawdor and company enter the land of cursed members of the Inuit who use human sacrifice to appease their gods) $6.50
Baden, Michael/Kenney, Linda Remains Silent (Shopaholic attorney Manny Madfreda and Chief M.E. of New York Jake Rosen investigate a murder and discover a coverup that leads from a mental hospital to US government) $24.95
Baldacci, David Hour Game (Sean King and Michelle Maxwell (2) investigate a brutal serial killer and when a second, copycat killer emerges they race to solve the puzzle before the body count escalates) $7.99
Benjamin, Carol Lea Lady Vanishes (Reprint: Rachel Alexander (4) and her pit bull Dash) $6.99
Benjamin, Carol Lea Without a Word (Rachel Alexander is approached by a distraught father to find his wife, missing for five years, and help clear his daughter of murder) $23.95
Berenson, Laurien Raining Cats and Dogs (When an elderly woman is strangled during a visit by Melanie Travis, she is urged by the residents to track down the killer) $22.00
Bicos, Olga Deadly Impulse (Riley Chase is struck by lightning and cannot remember how his wife was brutally slain at the same time, and must clear his name when he becomes the prime suspect) $6.99
Brando, Marlon/Cammell, Donald Fan_Tan (In 1927, Anatole Doultry saves the life of a fellow prisoner in Hong Kong, and is offered a reward by his boss of joining her in a huge act of piracy in Asia) $23.95
Bright, Elizabeth Invitation to Murder (Owner of a cardmaking shop, Jennifer Shane hears a murder over the phone, discovers that her own life is threatened as well; PBO) $6.99
Brown, Rita Mae The Hunt Ball (When a faculty member from the local prep school turns up dead at the beginning of the Hunt Ball, Sister sets her mind to find the perpetrator) $24.95
Bruce, Maggie The Gourdmother (Gourd crafter Lili Marino finds the local basketball coach dead on the first day of hunting season and investigates; PBO) $6.99
Buff, Joe Straits of Power (In his latest mission, Commander Jeffrey Fuller uses his cutting_edge submarine Challenger to recover an enemy spy, an assignment that will pitch him against his own allies) $7.99
Burns, Laura J/Metz, Melinda The Case of the Trail Mix_up (Wright and Wong investigate the disappearance of Orville's nemesis Stu Frysley) $5.99
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Paradise City (A police inspector on temporary assignment to New York from Italy reignites a bloody Mafia feud while looking for his missing niece) $7.99
Carl, Joanna The Chocolate Mousetrap (Chocolate_shop manager Lee McKinney (5) investigates when a party planner is murdered; PBO) $6.99
Carr, Josephine My Very Own Murder (Freshly divorced 50_year old Anne Johnson gets a warning that there will be a murder in her building, and she plans a party to ferret out the would_be killer) $12.95
Carradine, David The Kill Bill Diary (The making of the Tarantino film through the eyes of one of its stars) $16.95
Carter, Sammi Candy Apple Dead (Former lawyer and candy shop owner Abby Shaw must find a killer when another merchant dies in a suspicious fire and her brother is the number one suspect) $5.99
Cataldie, Louis Coroner's Journal (Memoir; 10 years spent as coroner of East Baton Rouge, LA) $25.95
Chambers, Chuck, P.I. The Private Investigator's Handbook (A do_it_yourself guide to the tricks of the P.I.'s trade by an insider) $15.95
Charles, Nora Death is a Bargain (When a fellow flea market vendor is murdered, Kate Kennedy (3) must find out who had a motive to put him out of business; PBO) $6.99
Child, Lee Running Blind (Reprint: Jack Reacher investigates the murders of several woman across the country who only had knowing him in common) $12.95
Cleverly, Barbara The Damascened Blade (Joe Sandilands returns to solve a murder in the exotic and enigmatic culture of India during the last days of the British Raj) $12.00
Cline, Leonard The Dark Chamber (Reissue of 1927 classic: a man turns to drugs to tap into the dark chamber of his mind) $6.99
Coel, Margaret Eye of the Wolf (Father John O.Malley investigates the murders of three Shoshone Indians by a psychopathic killer who poses the bodies on a historic battlefield) $23.95
Coel, Margaret Wife of Moon (Arapaho attorney Vicki Holden and Father John O'Malley must find the link between the murder of a woman and the murder of her ancestor a century ago) $6.99
Copp, Rick The Actor's Guide to Adultery (Gay former child star Jarrod Jarvis is convinced that his best friend's new husband is a murderer, and takes a bit part in a slasher movie to try and prove it) $14.00
Coulter, Catherine Point Blank (FBI agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich investigate the kidnapping of a popular entertainer, and face an unstable villain who threatens them and everything they hold dear) $25.95
Craig, Dr. Emily Teasing Secrets From the Dead (Non-fiction; first_person account of Emily Craig's career as one of the country's leading forensic anthropologists) $13.95
Crawford, Isis A Catered Wedding (Libby and Bernadette Simmons investigate when a woman takes an arrow to the chest and drops dead just hours before her high society wedding) $6.50
Crawford, Stanley Gascoyne (Reissue: Gascoyne, a man who sleeps in his car and conducts his business by cell phone, hunts down the killer of his business associate in Los Angeles) $13.95
Cruikshank, Jeffrey Murder at the B_School (When a young student drowns, Harvard Business School Prof. Wim Vermeer is assigned by the dean to look into the death; discovers that he is being set up as the fall_guy for a cover_up) $6.99
Cuneo, Michael W. Almost Midnight (Non-fiction; Darrell Mease, who murdered three people and was on Death Row until the Pope intervened to save his life) $6.99
Damsgaard, Shirley Witch Way to Murder (When an epidemic of catastrophes, including murder, rocks their normally tranquil corner of Iowa, Ophelia Jensen and her witch grandmother Abbey set out solve the problem; PBO) $6.99
Darnton, John The Darwin Conspiracy (An anthropologist and a Darwin scholar discover the diaries of Darwin's daughter Lizzie and Darwin's own secret journals as they explore the mysteries of his life and work) $25.00
Davidson, Diana Mott Double Shot (Under suspicion of murder, Goldy Schultz must find a way to calm her son, fend off cops, and run her catering business while she finds the real killer) $7.99
Denby, Joolz Billie Morgan (Years after giving up the life of a biker chick, Billie is now in her 40's, but her past is about to catch up with her) $15.00
Devlin, Frank Love in All the Wrong Places (SFPD Inspector Rose Burke pursues a serial killer preying on single men on the make and embarks on a journey to the dark side of her soul) $7.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson Spider Dance (Irene Adler and her allies, including Sherlock Holmes, come to America to search her parentage, and are drawn into murderous conspiracies and international conniving) $7.99
Dreyer, Eileen Head Games (St. Louis ER trauma nurse Molly Burke tries to save battered children, and now, years after she tried to save a young boy, he has returned and is stalking her) $6.99
Duffy, Stella Mouths of Babes (Saz Martin is trying to live a quiet life with her partner and baby, but when her former school friend comes calling for help, she cannot hide from her own dark memories) $15.00
Ellroy, James-ed. The Best American Crime Writing 2005 (Collection of the best crime journalism of 2004) $14.95
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder, She Wrote: A Vote for Murder (Jessica Fletcher investigates the murder of the chief_of_staff of a senator she is in Washington DC to assist with a literary initiative) $6.99
Francis, Dick Triple Crown (Omnibus of 1st three novels: Dead Cert , Nerves , For Kicks ) $14.95
Francisco, Ruth Good Morning, Darkness (LAPD Detective Sergeant Reggie Brooks unofficially searches for a beautiful woman he was teaching martial arts to, who has disappeared with no clues but a severed arm) $6.99
Fusilli, Jim Hard Hard City (At his daughter's request, P.I. Terry Orr (4) searches for a gifted teenage boy who has disappeared and meets with unexpected violence and revelations about his past) $7.99
Garwood, Julie Slow Burn (Kate McKenna tries to keep her family together after her mother's sudden death, and is shaken by a series of near_fatal events, realizing that someone is trying to kill her) $25.95
Gerritsen, Tess Vanish (A man presumed dead comes to life on the autopsy table, and on the way to the hospital seizes a guard's gun and takes hostages, including a pregnant homicide detective) $24.95
Gould, Judith The Parisian Affair (Jewel designer Allegra Sheridan purchases a celebrated jewel which invites threats from a lethally handsome stranger for embedded in this gem is a global conspiracy) $7.99
Greene, Graham A Gun for Sale (Classic reprint; Raven kills the European Minister of War and goes on the run to track down the agent who double_crossed him) $14.00
Greene, Graham The Captain and the Enemy (Classic reprint; Victor, a young boy when brought to London and made into a surrogate son for a reclusive woman, learns the shocking truth about the man who brought him there) $14.00
Grimes, Martha Belle Run (12_year old Emma Graham (3) discovers the crumbling shell of a hotel in the woods near Spirit Lake, and she is led to buried family secrets) $25.95
Hall, Parnell And a Puzzle to Die On (The Puzzle Lady investigates murder at birthday party of the year) $6.99
Harris, Lee The Silver Anniversary Murder (Ex_nun turned amateur sleuth Christine Bennett investigates the disappearance of an attractive couple about to celebrate their silver anniversary; PBO) $6.99
Hellman, Libby Fischer A Shot to Die For (Ellie Foreman (4) assists a woman abandoned at a rest stop, only to see her murdered moments later, and when the victim's family begs for help, Ellie investigates; $24.95 hc available) $6.99
Hewson, David The Villa of Mysteries (In Rome, Detective Nic Costa is pitted against a bizarre and deadly cult to save a young girl) $6.99
Hill, Reginald Good Morning, Midnight (Yorkshire detectives Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe investigate the locked_room suicide of a businessman whose demise bizarrely mirrors his father's almost identical death) $7.99
Hogan, Chuck Prince of Thieves (Doug MacRay takes Claire Keesey hostage briefly and after her release has an affair with her which he'd like to pursue, along with robbing Fenway Park or maybe not) $7.99
Horowitz, Anthony South By Southeast (The Diamond Brothers investigate when a stranger comes into their office and is immediately dies, uttering strange last words) $5.99
Horowitz, Anthony The Alex Rider Collection (The first three Alex Rider novels in one box set: Stormbreaker , Point Blank , and Skeleton Key ; young adult) $17.97
Hurwitz, Gregg The Program (To save the daughter of a powerful Hollywood producer from a mind control cult, U. S. Marshal Tim Rackley must traverse a shadowy psychological landscape where nothing is as it seems) $7.99
Hurwitz, Gregg Trouble Shooter (Tim Rackley pursues the leader of one of the country's most violent biker gangs, who escaped in a bloody battle that killed several US Marshals) $24.95
Johansen, Iris Firestorm (An arson specialist and her evidence_sniffing dog hunt down a psychopath in a city under siege) $7.99
Johnstone, William W. Return of the Dog Team (Special Forces Assassin Steve Ireland is tracking terrorists, discovers another assassin is killing them just ahead of him; PBO) $6.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M. CSI: NY (Detective Mack Taylor and Detective Stella Bonasera lead a team of dedicated, case_cracking experts in the gritty, kinetic city that never sleeps) $6.99
Kimberly, Alice The Ghost and the Dead Deb (Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton_McClure (2) & her resident-sleuth ghost investigate the murder of a pretty author; PBO) $6.99
King, Gilbert The Most Dangerous Man in the World (Non-fiction; Dawood Ibrahim, one of the world's most reviled terrorists) $12.95
Klensch, Elsa Live at 10:00, Dead at 10:15 (When TV producer finds a supermodel in the bathroom with a dagger in her hand standing over a dead body, she smells a story and investigates) $6.99
Leonard, Elmore Freaky Deaky (Reprint: Former bomb_squad expert Chris Mankowski is drawn into really nasty stuff when a Detroit rich kid becomes the target of two ex_cons) $13.95
Leonard, Elmore Killshot (Reprint: Carmen and her husband Wayne become the target of two thugs when they witness a murder in a real estate office) $13.95
Limon, Martin The Door to Bitterness (In Seoul in the 1970's, two American MPs pursue homicidal thieves who have stolen Sueno's badge and are using it to lull their victims just long enough to kill them with his gun) $23.00
Lindsay, Paul Buried (An FBI special investigative unit full of renegade agents uncovers a huge Mafia scam) $24.00
Mair, George Angel of Death (Non-fiction: serial killer nurse Charles Cullen) $9.95
Marshall, Michael Blood of Angels (A female FBI agent and her partner face a secret brotherhood of serial killers who commit the most violent acts known to man; PBO) $7.99
McBain, Ed Fiddlers (The detectives of the 87th Precinct search for a serial killer whose victims don't fit any profile and must find the threads that connect them; unabridged CDs $26.95) $25.00
McCarry, Charles The Miernik Dossier (Reprint: A small group of international agents embark on a car trip from Switzerland to the Sudan and each spins a complicated web of deception as each is a spider and a spy) $24.95
McCulley, Johnston The Mark of Zorro (Classic reprint; story of the career of Don Diego Vega, who as his alter_ego Zorro strikes down those who exploit the poor and oppressed) $14.00
Miller, John Ramsey Side by Side (U.S. Marshal Winter Massey takes on the Russian Mafia in a race against time to save a federal judge's daughter and grandson) $6.99
Moore, Y. Blak Slipping (A teenager whose mother is a Chicago cop becomes addicted to crack and is forced to take drastic measures to feed the monkey on his back while his family falls apart) $12.95
Mosley, Walter Cinnamon Kiss (LA summer '69; Black PI Easy Rawlins, to cover extraordinary cost of daughter's medical treatment, accepts suspicious task of tracking a prominent attorney & his beautiful assistant who've disappeared; unabridged CDs $31.98) $24.95
Napier, Bill Splintered Icon (Combination of ancient religious intrigue and cutting_edge science with a gripping contemporary plot; PBO) $6.99
O'Brien, Kevin The Last Victim (While Bridget Corrigan works on her brother's campaign for senate, a killer is picking off her friends, and to catch him she will have to reveal a terrible secret; PBO) $6.99
O'Connell, Carol Winter House (When a reclusive senior citizen kills an intruder, Kathleen Mallory (8) investigates and finds the woman has a mysterious past and a legacy of violence in her family) $7.99
O'Hehir, Diana Murder Never Forgets (Carla Day takes a job at the assisted living facility where her elderly Egyptologist father lives to investigate terrible things that are happening) $23.95
O'Shea, Gene Unbridled Rage (Non-fiction; cold case agents investigate the 40_year old murders of three Chicago boys) $7.99
Palmer, Michael The Society (Rookie detective Patty Moriarty investigates a series of killings of high_profile executives in the managed health care industry) $7.50
Parker, Robert B. School Days (A troubled teenager accused of conspiring in a school shooting which leaves seven dead draws Spenser (32) into one of the most desperate cases of his career; unabridged cassettes $25.95, unabridged CDs $29.95) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan: Point of Betrayal (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Time Bomb (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Perry, Anne Angels in the Gloom (Novel of WWI which traverses the hell of the trenches to a London nightclub where a beautiful Irish spy plies her trade, to a secret lab where a super weapon is being built) $25.95
Perry, Anne Shoulder the Sky (In 1915, an intelligence officer in London continues his search for the sinister figure called the Peacemaker, who kills with impunity and seeks to reshape the entire world) $13.95
Ramsay, Frederick Secrets (Rural VA Sheriff Ike Schwarz (2) must deal with false leads and complications when Vicar Fisher is suspect, and target, in double murder) $24.95
Rehak, Melanie Girl Sleuth (Non-fiction; story of the Nancy Drew books and the women who created her) $25.00
Rehder, Ben Flat Crazy (Game warden John Marlin (3) tries to keep Blanco County sane when a body turns up with fang marks and everyone thinks there is a vampirish beast in their midst) $6.99
Rendell, Ruth The Rottweiler (A serial killer has been murdering women in London, and when trinkets start showing up in Ines Ferry's antique shop, everyone she knows becomes a suspect) $13.00
Robb, J.D. Survivor in Death (In New York, 2059, Lt. Eve Dallas struggles to solve the murder of a seemingly ordinary family and protect one small, terrified survivor) $7.99
Robinson, Frank M. Donor (A man wakes up after a minor car accident to discover that one of his kidneys has been removed, and escapes from the doctor, only to be relentlessly pursued for his organs) $7.99
Rozan, S.J. Absent Friends (When a firefighter dies in the collapse of the Twin Towers, a reporter's investigation uncovers secrets buried years ago by a group of childhood friends) $12.00
Russell, Alan Multiple Wounds (Artist Holly Troy's gallery owner has been found murdered, and as she suffers from disassociative identity disorder, she does not know if she was a witness, or the killer) $6.99
Saul, John Perfect Nightmare (When Kara Marshall's daughter vanishes, she joins a support group for parents of missing children, and discovers a terrifying connection between all the disappearances) $25.95
Scott, Robert Unholy Sacrifice (Non-fiction; account of the formation of a cult with a twisted vision that led to a series of bizarre California murders: PBO) $6.50
Sidor, Steven Skin River (Buddy Bayes, a man with a shadowy past, tries to start a new life in Gunnar, WI, but his new life is shattered when he finds the severed hand of a missing college student) $6.99
Simon, Michael Body Scissors (In 1991, Austin Homicide Detective Dan Reles (2) investigates the assassination attempt on a rising black community leader, and a psychotic drug dealer poisoning affluent kids) $23.95
Simon, Michael Dirty Sally (In 1988 Austin, Texas, a New_York born Jewish detective investigates the murder of a prostitute whose body is arriving in grisly installments at inconvenient locations) $7.99
Slaughter, Karin Faithless (Georgia M.E. Sara Linton and husband Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver find the body of a teenage girl buried in the woods and a secret that could destroy them both) $25.00
Smith, Alexander McCall Friends, Lovers, Chocolate (When Isabel Dalhousie (2) meets a man who had a heart transplant and is plagued with memories not his own, she is intrigued both ethically and physically) $19.95
Smith, Gregory Blake The Madonna of Las Vegas (An artist hired to recreate the Sistine Chapel ceiling for a casino is implicated in a murder and teams up with a mob boss's daughter to clear his name) $13.00
Stabenow, Dana A Taint in the Blood (Anchoage P.I. Kate Shugak must confront 20 years of secrets and regret _ and murder _ in one of Alaska's most powerful families) $6.99
Stewart, Mariah Brown_Eyed Girl (Reprint; Leah McDevitt is haunted by the memory of her younger sister, who disappeared without a trace; a chilling romantic suspense novel) $6.99
Stewart, Mariah Cold Truth (Homicide cop Cassie Burke investigates a series of brutal stranglings in the idyllic town of Bowers Inlet which bear eerie similarity to the murders of her parents years ago; PBO) $6.99
Talley, Marcia This Enemy Town ( Hannah Ives (5) is the prime suspect in the murder of an old foe at the dress rehearsal of an amateur production of Sweeney Todd and she must clear her name; PBO) $6.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Fury (Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi (17) suspect there is corruption in Butch's office when two rapists go free, and they fight to bring the rapists to justice) $25.95
Thompson, Carlene Share No Secrets (Thriller featuring a girl_next_door type who finds herself in a life_or_death situation) $6.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Blood Retribution (New Mexico police officer and vampire Lee Nez discovers smugglers who are also werewolves and is also being stalked by vampire killers as he tries to do his job) $6.99
Todd, Charles A Cold Treachery (Dec. 1919; Inspector Ian Rutledge (7) searches for a missing child whose family is found murdered) $6.99
Twining, James The Double Eagle (After a rare coin winds up in the throat of a murder victim, a disgraced FBI agent and a CIA agent turned jewel thief team up to solve the international crime) $24.95
Wallace, Randall Love and Honor (Virginia cavalryman Kieran Selkirk is sent by Benjamin Franklin to Russia to convince Catherine the Great not to send 20,000 soldiers in an alliance with the British to America) $7.99
Waller, Douglas C. A Question of Loyalty (Non-fiction; court martial of General Billy Mitchell, who accused the military and the president of treason in their conduct of the national defense) $14.95
Williamson, Michael Z. Confirmed Kill (The war on terror takes a deadly turn when Army Rangers Kyle Monroe and Wade Curtis (3) become targets themselves after their mission is compromised by an inept officer; PBO) $6.99
Winegardner, Mark The Godfather Returns (In 1955, Michael Corleone wants to go into legitimate business and in order to do so must confront a dangerous adversary in the person of Nick Geraci, a former street enforcer) $7.99
Wolstencroft, David Contact Zero (During CIA agent Ben Locke's first operation in South America he is framed for a crime, and when his handlers desert him, his recourse is to find Contact Zero) $24.95
Wolstencroft, David Good News, Bad News (Two CIA agents on their last mission become lethal enemies until it occurs to them that some orders aren't meant to be followed) $7.99


Dunant, Sarah Snowstorms in a Hot Climate (Psychological thriller about a woman's passionate love affair with a cocaine dealer and the intervention of her friend who tries to save her) $13.95
Finnis, Jane A Bitter Chill (95 AD; in Roman Britannia innkeeper Aurelia Marcella (2) prepares for Saturnalia, but must contend with traitors and criminals when her brother is disgraced and sister is accused of murder) $24.95
Freeman, Brian Immoral (Two teenage girls have disappeared off the streets of Duluth in less than a year, and Lt. Jonathan Stride is under a lot of pressure to find the serial killer; local author's debut thriller has been drawing comparisons to Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly; signing at Uncle Edgar's Sunday, September 18, 1-2 pm) $22.95
Jager, Eric The Last Duel (Non-fiction; 1386 duel between a knight against a squire accused of violating the knight's beautiful young wife) $14.00
Olson, Karen E. Sacred Cows (New Haven police reporter covers murder of Yale student & discovers she was a high-priced escort by night; corruption, competing investigators, stonewalling, and being pulled off the story means she must find the truth on her own) $21.95
Perdue, Lewis Perfect Killer (Neurosurgeon Bradford Stone tries to prevent a man damaged by a drug that turns soldiers into ruthless killers from becoming President) $25.95
Porter, Don Deadly Detail (In Fairbanks, Alaska, when friend is killed, bush pilot and man's wife go on the run stalked by assassins. Who? Why?) $22.95
Preston, Douglas Tyrannosaur Canyon (A scientist with ambition enough to kill searches for the answers to a moon rock missing for 30 years and five buckets of blood found in a New Mexico canyon) $24.95
Rendell, Ruth 13 Steps Down (Michael Cellini obsesses over a model and idolizes a serial killer, and his obsession deepens until he takes the first steps toward becoming a serial killer himself) $25.00
Rowe, Sean Fever (In Miami, a security chief for a cruise line is duped into sinking a freighter and being an accomplice in a cruise ship hijacking with several people already dead) $19.95
Sallis, James Drive (Noir novella; movie stunt driver by day and driver for criminals by night, man goes after those who double-crossed and tried to kill him) $19.95
Tapply, William G. Nervous Waters (Previously announced as Last Legs as a May release; explores the previously hidden past of Boston attorney Brady Coyne) $23.95


Albert, Susan Wittig The Tale of Top_Hill Farm (With help from her entourage of talking animal friends, Beatrix Potter sets out to solve a mystery in Sawrey, where she has just bought an old farm) $6.99
Alexander, Tasha And Only to Deceive (Eager to know more about her late husband, Emily Ashton searches the British Museum, and uncovers a dangerous secret that raises troubling questions about the Victorian world) $23.95
Avocato, Lori One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest (Pauline Sokol (3) is mistakenly committed to a mental institution, finds herself in the middle of a bizarre murder investigation and on the run from a killer; PBO) $6.99
Baldacci, David The Camel Club (Homeless Harry Stone witnesses a gruesome murder and steals a piece of evidence that links the murder to the prestigious Camel Club; unabridged CDs $49.98) $26.95
Barron, Stephanie Jane and His Lordship's Legacy (Author_turned sleuth Jane Austen faces a mystery that will test the mettle of both her mind and heart) $6.99
Berenson, Melanie Jingle Bell Bark (Between teaching, mothering, and prepping her poodle for the next show, Melanie Travis (11) finds herself making a list of suspects when murder comes home for Christmas) $6.50
Blanc, Nero A Crossworder's Delight (While helping decorate an inn for Christmas, Belle finds a book of recipes in the form of crossword puzzles and when a precious poem goes missing, she and Rosco investigate) $10.95
Blanc, Nero Wrapped Up in Crosswords (Holiday jitters abound when crossword editor Belle Graham and her P.I. partner Roscoe Polycrates must catch a killer to restore peace on earth) $4.99
Brewer, Steve Bank Job (When a liquor store robbery goes bad, three thugs end up at the door of a former bank robber, kidnap his wife and force him to rob a bank as ransom, but he has other ideas) $24.00
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Night (Inspector Witherspoon and his housekeeper Mrs. Jeffries investigate the murder of Sir George Braxton, whose household contains three sulky sisters and a cranky cat) $22.95
Brookins, Carl The Case of the Greedy Lawyers (First featuring small-statured, but charming and very capable, Minneapolis P.I. Sean NMI Sean; local author signing at Uncle Edgar's Friday, October 7, 6:30-7:30) $25.95
Bush, Nancy Candy Apple Red (Jane Kelly, a process server in Lake Chinook, Oregon, hits the trail with her ex_boyfriend to track down a man accused of murdering his family) $19.95
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Chasers (Sequel to Apaches : surviving members of the Apache team reunite ro solve the machine_gun killings on innocent bystanders at a Manhattan restaurant) $24.95
Cerasini, Marc 24 Declassified: Operation Hellgate (Tie_in to the popular television series, reveals the early days of CTU; PBO) $6.99
Clark, Clare The Great Stink (In 1855, engineer William May works on transforming the London sewer system, and when murder strikes there, he must rely on a homeless man to help solve the mystery) $25.00
Clarke, Richard A. The Scorpion's Gate (Five years in the future, the scent of oil attracts men both in Washington and the Middle East ready to strike a devil's bargain which will lead to another war) $24.95
Collins, Michael Lost Souls (A beleaguered police officer in a small midwestern town investigates a hit_and_run accident while the chief of police protects the prime suspect, a local football hero) $14.00
Connelly, Michael The Lincoln Lawyer (Bottom_feeding criminal defender finally has high-paying Beverly Hills client who may actually be innocent, but encounter with pure evil forces him to manipulate the system to survive; unabridged CDs $46.98; unabridged cassettes $36.98) $26.95
Coonts, Stephen/DeFelice, Jim Deep Black: Payback ( Charlie Dean and Lia DeFrancesca (4) are pitted against a renegade member of the Peruvian army set on having his candidate win an upcoming election; PBO) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine The Beginning (Omnibus; The Cove , The Maze ; first two in FBI series) $14.00
Crawford, Isis A Catered Christmas (Caterers Bernadette and Libby Simmons (3) are coping with their busiest time of year when they're recruited for a cooking show contest that gives rise to murder) $22.00
Davlin, Bennett mem_(o)_re (Dr. Taylot Briggs embarks on a journey to unlock the mystery of the a killer whose victim's last moments are being played out in his memories) $14.00
Dirmann, Tina Such Good Boys (Non-fiction; two brothers who, after watching an episode of The Sopranos, got the idea to execute their own mother) $6.99
Doherty, Robert Section 8 (Led by a disgraced Special Forces veteran, a top_secret team of misfits is the perfect tool to use against America's enemies...or possibly America itself; PBO) $6.99
Doss, James D. The Witch's Tongue (Charlie Moon (9) investigates the disappearance of a man in Spirit Canyon, a break-in at a private museum, and a sniper in town, and discovers connections between them) $6.99
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan The Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Collection of 22 Sherlock Holmes stories, includes a DVD of two movie adaptations starring Basil Rathbone) $14.95
Elkins, Aaron Murder in the Queen's Armes (Reprint: Forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver goes on his honeymoon and murder intrudes on his bliss) $6.99
Ellroy, James Because the Night (Reprint: A brilliant and disturbed L.A. cop trolls the netherworld of the City of Angels looking for the killer from a botched liquor store holdup and for a missing cop) $12.95
Evanovich, Janet Metro Girl (Alexandra Barnaby comes to Miami Beach in search of her missing baby brother and encounters a thrill ride featuring high_speed car chases, and a search for sunken treasure) $7.99
Evans, Jon The Blood Price (Paul Wood and his girlfriend Talena were simple tourists in Sarajevo, when a chance encounter makes them a desperate woman's only hope of escape; trade PBO) $13.95
Faust, Ron The Blood Red Sea (When attorney Dan Shaw encounters a mysterious woman swimming in the dead of night while cruising the Florida Keys, he dives into a case of murder and adventure; PBO) $6.99
Ferris, Monica Crewel Yule (Part_time sleuth and full_time owner of a needlework shop, Betty Devonshire (8) prepares for a chilling holiday season filled with murder) $6.99
Fickling, G.G. Honey West: This Girl for Hire (Reprint: Los Angeles P.I. Honey West investigates the murders of a washed_up Hollywood entertainer, a battered beauty, & a poisoned pip_squeak: originally published in 1957) $13.95
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote: Margarita and Murder (Jessica Fletcher accompanies her publisher to Mexico for a little R & R, but the vacation ends when a good friend is kidnapped and she must find him) $19.95
Flinn, Elaine Deadly Collection (Hired to assess contents of the home of a pair of Hollywood set designers, Molly Doyle (3) stumbles across a mummified human corpse; PBO) $6.99
Fluke, Joanne Sugar Cookie Murder (Surrounded by her loved ones, bakery owner Hannah Swensen (6) has all the ingredients for a perfect Christmas _ until murder is added to the mix) $6.99
Flynn, Vince Consent to Kill (When the influential father of a terrorist demands retribution for the death of his son, Mitch Rapp finds himself in the line of fire, with no one to trust; unabridged CDs $49.95) $25.95
Friedman, Kinky "Scuse Me While I Whip This Out (Collection of essays by Friedman) $13.95
Garber, Joseph R. Whirlwind (After Charlie McKenzie's bosses at the CIA double_cross him, he plots to get even) $7.50
Gatiss, Mark The Vesuvius Club (Lucifer Box, a wit and rake who also happens to be a daring secret agent for the Crown, investigates when Britain's most prominent scientists begin turning up dead) $13.00
Gelb, Michael J. DaVinci Decoded (Drawing on DaVinci's notebooks, a practical guide to finding one's place on the spiritual continuum) $10.00
Guttridge, Peter The Once and Future Con (When the grave of King Arthur is discovered, Nick Madrid and friend Bridget Frost (4) can't resist going to the site, but when Nick digs deeper he discovers murder victims) $14.00
Harris, Charlaine Grave Sight (Harper Connelly can sense the location of dead bodies and their final moments, which makes her useful to law enforcement, and she travels to various places to ply her trade) $23.95
Hightower, Lynn When Secrets Die (Lena Padget helps a woman who has been accused of killing her son as a result of the psychotic condition 'Munchausen by Proxy' and uncovers truths and myths about the disease) $14.00
Hill, Greg and Gina On the Run: A Mafia Childhood (Memoir of the children of Mafia hitman_ turned_informer Henry Hill, and their lives in the witness protection program) $7.50
Hill, Reginald The Stranger House (Two strangers with nothing in common come to a tiny village in England, and meet with obstruction as they search for connections between the town and their families) $24.95
Hime, James Scared Money (Jeremiah Spur goes to Austin TX to find an embezzler, while Deputy Clyde Thomas investigates a cold_blooded double murder, and they discover connections between the two crimes) $6.99
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Malory and No Cure for Death (Mrs Malory (16) investigates the death of a much_despised doctor in town and is surprised to find many suspects with many motives; PBO) $6.99
Huston, Charlie Already Dead (The daughter of a prominent New York family is missing and her fascination with Vampyres makes Joe Pitt, an undead P.I., the man for this most dangerous job) $12.95
Ink, India Scent to Her Grave (Persia Vanderbilt owns the bath and body store Venus Envy in Gull Harbor, Washington, and has a nose for mixing scents and a mind for solving murder; PBO) $6.99
Jacobs, Jonnie The Only Suspect (Dr. Sam Russell is accused in the disappearance of his wife and an unrelated brutal murder, and desperately tries to prove his innocence to the cop on the case) $23.00
James, Dean/Foxwell, Elizabeth The Robert B. Parker Companion (Complete guide) $14.00
James, Susan S. Solace Glen Honeymoon (Cleaning lady of Solace Glen, Flip Paxton's (3) expectations of a romantic and tranquil honeymoon disappear when the resort owner goes missing; PBO) $6.99
Joss, Morag Half Broken Things (When a mixture of deceit, good luck and misfortune draws three strangers to Walden Manor, each one sees a final chance to start over in a tale of chilling moral complexity) $22.00
Kellerman, Jonathan Twisted (LAPD Detective Petra Connor races against time to stop an annual serial killer from marking a deadly anniversary) $7.99
King, Stephen The Colorado Kid (Journalism student Stephanie McCann teams up with two salty reporters to investigate a cold case involving a young man who was murdered in 1980; unabridged CDs $29.95) $5.99
Klavan, Andrew Shotgun Alley (Scott Weiss and Jim Bishop (2) are hired to save the 17_year old daughter of a senatorial candidate from an outlaw motorcycle gang she has run off with) $6.99
Kling, Christine Bitter End (Tug boat owner Seychelle Sullivan witnesses the shooting of a well_known Florida billionaire, and when an old friend is charged with the murder, Sullivan investigates) $24.95
Kling, Christine Cross Current (Sleuthing tugboat captain Seychelle Sullivan sails into a web of voodoo, smuggling, and modern_day slavery as she investigates the death of a man she finds in a swamped boat) $6.99
Krich, Rochelle Grave Endings (Crime writer Molly Blume's (3) LAPD pal shows her a locket that finally solves the murder of her best friend, and her search to find out more about the killer lead to danger) $6.99
Lawrence, David Circle of the Dead (Detective Stella Mooney investigates the bizarre murders of 4 people found sitting in a circle in a London apartment, as her personal life falls apart) $6.99
Leon, Donna Dressed for Death (Commissario Guido Brunetti's family holiday is ruined when a body so badly beaten the face is unrecognizable turns up and he searches Venice for its identity and the killer) $7.99
Levine, Paul Solomon vs. Lord (When a high_profile murder trial throws two of Miami's hottest attorneys together, sparks fly; PBO) $5.99
Lutz, John The Ex (Reprint: The explosive story of a vengeful ex_wife stalking her former husband and his family in New York City) $4.99
MacGregor, T.J. Category Five (Psychic Mira Morales (4) takes measures to survive a hurricane while three dangerous criminals hold her & her family hostage; PBO) $6.99
Mackie, John West Side (Detective Sergeant Thorn Savage and his Manhattan South Homicide Squad investigate a murder/insurance fraud scheme and are drawn into the city's seamy underbelly; PBO) $7.99
Maravelis, Peter-ed. San Francisco Noir (Short stories) $15.95
Marshall, Evan Crushing Crystal (Literary agent Jane Stuart and her cat Winky find themselves in the midst of a real_life page turner _ with a deadly surprise ending) $5.99
Martin, David Facing Rushmore (An FBI agent is assigned to monitor Native American groups who are planning to retake Mount Rushmore, the monument constructed on a sacred Indian site) $23.00
Massey, Sujata The Typhoon Lover (Antiques dealer Rei Shimura searches for an ancient Middle Eastern pitcher stolen from Iraq's national museum thought to be in the hands of a Japanese collector) $23.95
Matthews, A.J. Follow (After surviving a serious car accident, Pamela Gardner is haunted by black_outs and visions of a shadowy killer closing in on her, and the truth will arrive with the darkness) $7.99
Mayor, Archer The Surrogate Thief (Joe Gunther revisits a case from early in his career when the murder weapon is uncovered, and is torn between his sense of justice and fear of revealing his incompetence) $6.99
McCauley, Scot Revenge in Exile (As Mexico deteriorates into revolution, A CIA agent and a Navy SEAL are sent there and discover a plot to assassinate the Presidents of both the US and Mexico) $6.99
McDermid, V.L. Stranded (Collection of stories by author of the Kate Brannigan mysteries) $13.95
Morris, Bob Bahamarama (After two years in the Federal Pen on bogus charges, former Miami Dolphin Zack Chasteen gets out to discover his girl has been kidnapped and Cuban thugs are on his trail) $6.99
Mortimer, Gavin The Longest Night (Non-fiction; bombing of London of May 10, 1941, the worst bombing of the war) $24.95
Mulford, Clarence E. Hopalong Cassidy (Original saga of one of America's first fictional heroes) $5.99
Murphy & Sapir The Destroyer: Frightening Strikes $6.50
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Cross Their Graves (Joe Grey and Dulcie (10) must solve the murder of an aging film star and lover of cats, while helping a frightened young runaway girl escape a craven killer) $6.99
Myers, Tim Death Waxed Over (On Founder's Day, Harrison Black (3), owner of At Wick's End, must figure out who extinguished Gretel Barnett, his biggest candle_making rival; PBO) $6.99
Nabb, Magdalen Death in Springtime (Marshal Guarnaccia investigates the disappearance of two foreign girls abducted in a Florence piazza) $10.00
Nabb, Magdalen The Innocent (When the young Japanese apprentice of a Florence shoemaker is murdered Marshal Guarnaccia travels to Rome to find the killer, but may not be able to bring him to justice) $22.00
Nunn, Kem Tijuana Straights (Fahey, a former surfer turned worm farmer, helps a Mexican woman political activist fighting exploitation of factory workers who is being pursued by a psychopath) $15.00
Parker, Robert B. Melancholy Baby (When Sunny Randall helps a young woman locate her birth parents, she uncovers the dark truth about her own past) $7.99
Patterson, James London Bridges (When terrorists seize the world's largest cities, Alex Cross (10) heads up the investigation and is stunned when photos show the Weasel is involved) $7.99
Pelecanos, George-ed. D.C. Noir (Collection of noir stories set in Washington D.C.) $15.95
Pendleton, Don Stony Man: Promise to Defend (Paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Soft Target (Paramilitary adventure) $4.99
Pressfield, Steven The Virtues of War (First_person novel of the life of history's greatest commander, Alexander the Great) $14.
Read, Simon On the House (Non-fiction; the bizarre 1933 murder of drunk Michael Malloy by a gang of low_rent thugs who took out an insurance policy on him) $7.99
Reuland, Robert Semiautomatic (A ruthless Brooklyn prosecutor is assigned to go after a suspect in the grisly murder of a beloved grocer, and he discovers a conspiracy to convict a man who may be innocent) $13.95
Roberts, Nora Blue Smoke (Reena Hale, arson investigator, is haunted by a man who commits a string of horrifying crimes and then taunts her with phone calls and she desperately tries to stop him) $25.95
Rule, Ann Green River Running Red (Non-fiction; Gary Ridgeway and the Green River killings) $9.95
Slaughter, Karin Indelible (When an officer is killed and Grant County Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver is wounded, medical examiner Sara Linton is faced with a terrifying hostage situation) $7.99
Snowden, Faye Fatal Justice (Driven to bring her mother's murderer to justice, Dr. Kendra Hamilton may have to solve another case to find the killer, and teams up with her former lover, an ex_cop) $15.00
Stade, George Sex and Violence, A Love Story (Professors are being murdered at Columbia University in a way that suggests a sexual motive and professor Wynn O'Leary writes letters to his brother telling the tale) $17.50
Straub, Peter In the Night Room (Two authors who have been receiving messages from the dead meet and band together to fight the evils surrounding them) $13.95
Thomas_Graham, Pamela Orange Crushed (Harvard professor Nikki Chase investigates the death of her mentor, a controversial professor at Princeton in the field of black studies) $13.00
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Strange Brew (Reprint: Callahan Garrity (6) & her House Mouse cleaning crew) $6.99
Viets, Elaine Dying in Style (Mystery shopper Josie Marcus gives a bad report on a store whose owner is then murdered, and Josie must clear her own name when she becomes the prime suspect; PBO) $6.99
Wainscott, Tina In Too Deep (Society writer Winslow Talbot investigates a hit_and_run boating accident that leaves a Cuban girl horribly disfigured, and is led to a community where she is not welcome) $6.99
Ward, Amanda Eyre How to Be Lost (15 years after her 5_year old sister disappears, Caroline Winters sees a picture in People Magazine that sparks her to search for the woman she thinks is her sister) $13.95
Wener, Louise The Perfect Play (A young woman risks everything in a search for her deadbeat, professional poker_playing father) $13.95
Wesley, Valerie Wilson Dying in the Dark (When an old friend's teenage son begs Tamara Hayle to find his mother's killer, she agrees and uncovers secrets that someone will kill to keep hidden) $12.95
Wilhelm, Kate The Unbidden Truth (When a music professor offers Barbara Holloway a huge retainer to defend a young woman accused of murder, she takes the case and discovers much more than a verdict is at stake) $6.99
Wolzien, Valerie Death at a Premium (While remodeling a B&B, Josie Pigeon faces unfortunate events plaguing the construction site, until a corpse is found and the real troubles begin; PBO) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Iron Orchid (Small_town cop turned CIA agent Holly Barker helps track ex_CIA tech wizard, who was thought dead but has returned to kill political targets again) $25.95
Woods, Stuart Two Dollar Bill (Suave Manhattan cop_turned_lawyer Stone Barrington gets caught between a filthy rich con_man who has just become his client, and a beautiful prosecutor) $9.99


Atkins, Charles, M.D. The Cadaver's Ball (Psychological thriller; Psychiatrist is struggling to get his life back together after the accident that killed his wife Beth and their unborn child; his strings are being pulled by an old friend from medical school who wants revenge because he thinks Beth should have married him instead) $24.95
Atkinson, Deborah Turrell The Green Room (An Oahu surfing competition helps such attorney Storm Kayama into a vortex of greed, local legend, cutthroat competition, a vicious killer, and a haunting incident from her past) $24.95
Atkinson, Kate Case Histories (Bestselling and critically praised mix of suspenseful literary thriller and family saga with three "cold case" mysteries at its core) $13.95
Bartoy, Mitchell The Devil's Own Rag Doll (A stylish, chilling debut noir novel set in Detroit during WW II) $23.95
Brandon, Jay Running with the Dead (San Antonio DA Chris Sinclair tries the accused murderer of his best friend and reopens a case of a man on Death Row who may be innocent) $24.95
Charles, Kate Evil Intent (New woman curate in Paddington faces deep-seated hatred and when hard-line priest is strangled, her mentor is suspect; ugly truth, treachery, and deadly secrets) $24.95
Coyle, Harold Cat and Mouse (Islamic terrorists try to start a war of attrition with the U.S. and Captain Nathan Dixon of the US Army Rangers commands special anti_terrorist operations to stop them) $24.95
Dickie, John Cosa Nostra (A history of the Sicilian Mafia) $16.95
Doss, James D. Shadow Man (A local prosecuting attorney is killed by long-range rifle while dining at an exclusive restaurant; an orthodontist sitting 10 feet away insists he was the intended victim and hires Charlie Moon (10) and his Ute shaman Aunt Daisy to investigate; then the orthodontist is murdered for real) $23.95
Druett, Joan Shark Island (Linguist aboard the U.S. Exploring Expedition investigates when a wrecked sealing ship is found on the shoals of remote, uninhabited Shark Island, with a dead body on board-the captain of the ship, with a dagger in his back) $23.95
Druett, Joan A Watery Grave (In 1838, a linguist aboard an scientific expedition is accused of murder, and when exonerated shortly after, is deputized by the sheriff to catch the real murderer) $12.95
Francome, John Dead Weight (After a crashing fall, champion jockey Phil Nicholas returns to racing but is troubled by flashbacks to his accident; when another jockey is savagely attacked, Phil must recover his nerve) $24.95
Freidman, George America's Secret War (Non-fiction; a look inside the America's real policies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond by the chairman of Stratfor, a leading private intelligence company) $14.95
Grabien, Deborah Matty Groves (At the Callowen House arts festival, a fiercely evil ghost that has been dormant for five centuries is driven mad by a flautist who bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman he had loved) $23.95
Gray, John MacLachlan A White Stone Day (Victorian thriller, with a quack psychic and a murderous ring of pornographers) $24.95
Indridason, Arnaldur Jar City (Winner of the 2002 Glass Key Award for Best Nordic Crime Novel; Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson investigates when a lonely man is found murdered in his Reykjavik flat) $21.95
Kalian, Cady As Dead As It Gets (Fledgling screenwriter Maggie Mars investigates the death of her mentor Roger, head of the Creative Artist's Union, and discovers many with motive to kill him) $23.95
Kernick, Simon The Business of Dying (Detective Sergeant Dennis Milne kills bad guys on the side, but this time he has killed three innocent men, and must evade arrest while trying to solve a brutal murder) $12.95
Kilmer, Nicholas Madonna of the Apes (In Boston, clandestine security specialist Fred Taylor (6) helps an eccentric purchase a collection of paintings including what appears to be a lost Da Vinci and they're tossed into a murderous tangle) $24.95
Klensch, Elsa Shooting Script (Sonya Iverson is preparing a puff piece on the opening of a new spa, and when on the morning of the spa's opening the owner's husband is found dead, she investigates) $23.95
Matheson, Richard Noir (Three long_lost thrillers by the master of suspense: Someone is Bleeding , Fury on Sunday , and Ride the Nightmare ) $14.95
Mayor, Archer St. Alban's Fire (Joe Gunther & his Vermont detective team are spread thin in pursuit of a serial arsonist which evolves into a series of shocking murders) $24.95
McInerny, Ralph Irish Gilt (Brothers Ralph and Philip Knight investigate the death of a researcher who comes to Notre Dame in search of information that will lead to a gold mine in South America) $23.95
Morris, Bob Jamaica Me Dead (Sequel to 2005 Edgar Finalist Bahamarama ; former Miami Dolphin Zack Chasteen agrees to help protect the new boss of one of his former teammates, but when the teammate is killed, it becomes personal for Zack) $22.95
Swierczynski, Duane The Wheelman ("Hilarious and bloody violent"; a mute Irish getaway driver has fallen in with the wrong heist team on the wrong day at the wrong bank) $23.95
Thurlo, David and Aimee Pale Death (When captured vampire Stewart Tanner breaks free and avenges himself on his captors, FBI agent Diane Lopez and State Police Officer (and vampire) Lee Nez try to track him down) $23.95


Buchan, John The 39 Steps (Classic reprint; includes DVD of the Hitchcock adaptation) $19.95
Conrad, Joseph Sabotage (An ordinary shopkeeper moonlights as a spy and becomes part of an anarchist's plot; includes DVD of the Hitchcock adaptation) $19.95
Gimenez, Mark The Color of Law (When the son of a Texas presidential hopeful is murdered, apparently by a heroin_addicted hooker, the lawyer defending her faces pressure from many sides) $24.95


Ackroyd, Peter The Clerkenwell Tales (In 1399 London, a nun has visions and predicts several terrorist explosions, while several characters from the Canterbury Tales pursue the mysteries her predictions spark) $13.95
Andrews, Dana Access Denied (Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper and her friends are lured to a vacant house and what they discover could get them all deleted) $6.99
Andrews, Donna Delete All Suspects (After a hit_and_run leaves a techie named Eddie in the hospital, almost sentient computer Turie tries to help her P.I. friend Tim find out who did it) $23.95
Aubert, Brigitte Death from the Woods (Reissue; a girl who has information about a series of child murders tells a blind and mute Parisian quadriplegic, who cannot warn anyone or protect herself; 2000 French Award Winner) $6.99
Axler, James The Outlanders: Cerberus Storm (Post-apocalyptic adventure) $6.50
Baines, Phil Penguin by Design (A history of 70 years of Penguin paperback covers) $25.00
Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams (Reprint: Bernie Rhoddenbar pulls out all his master skills to prove himself innocent of the theft of a valuable baseball card collection) $7.50
Block, Lawrence The Girl with the Long Green Heart (Reissue: A jilted woman agrees to help two grifters fleece the former object of her affection) $6.99
Bone, Ian The Song of an Innocent Bystander (Ten years ago, 9_year old Freda walked into a hostage situation, and now a newspaper reporter is starting to pry into the truth about those 36 hours) $6.99
Camelleri, Andrea The Smell of Night (Inspector Maltalbano investigates the scam of Vigata retirees by an unscrupulous financial wizard who has disappeared with their savings) $12.00
Cameron, Stella A Grave Mistake (Former New Orleans cop Guy Gautreaux looks for a new start in a small town when he and his new girlfriend are drawn into the investigation of several murders and face danger; romantic suspense hardcover) $16.96
Caspary, Vera Bedelia (Classic reprint; an insecure man marries Bedelia, who seems the perfect wife, until a detective moves in the neighborhood searching for a "Black Widow" killer who may be her) $13.95
Chandler, Raymond Philip Marlowe's Guide to Life (Compendium of observations, witticisms, and biting insights into life from Raymond Chandler's paragon PI, Philip Marlowe, edited by Martin Asher) $14.95
Child, Lee Echo Burning (While thumbing across Texas, Jack Reacher is picked up by Carmen Greer, who has a wild story to tell that propels Jack into an adventure) $12.95
Churchill, Jill A Midsummer Night's Scream (Jane Jeffry's (17) foray into the back_biting world of amateur theater turns into a melodrama when a villain threatens to turn the production into a corpse_strewn tragedy) $6.99
Churchill, Jill Who's Sorry Now? (Lily and Robert Brewster (6) investigate when a swastika is found on an elderly woman's window and the train porter who delivered her trunks from Germany is found dead) $23.95
Clark, Mary Higgins & Carol Higgins The Christmas Thief (Alvirah Meehan and Regan Reilly team up to find a giant blue spruce chosen to be the Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree which disappears the day before it is to be cut down) $7.99
Cohen, Nancy J. Died Blonde (Marla Shore (6) must investigate to clear her own name when her former friend and current rival Carolyn Sutton winds up dead in the back room of Marla's shop) $5.99
Collins, Max Allan CSI: Imperfect Crime (Two distinct crimes have oddly entwined evidence and Las Vegas CSI team tries to find the connections; PBO) $6.99
Copp, Rick The Actor's Guide to Greed (Jarrod Jarvis's acting career gets a boost when he is cast in a play bound for London's West End, but must clear his name when an actress is murdered backstage) $23.00
Cornwell, Bernard The Archer's Tale ( 1343 AD; First in Grail Quest trilogy, trade paperback reprint) $13.95
Cotterill, Colin The Coroner's Lunch (Dr. Siri is the 72_year old government appointed coroner of Laos, and refuses to come up with the answers the party wants) $11.00
Cox, Greg Alias: The Road Not Taken (TV tie-in; Sydney Bristow goes undercover to investigate a botched assassination and a murder_for_hire scheme in the works) $6.99
Crichton, Michael State of Fear (An intelligence agent races around the world to put the pieces of a frightening eco_terrorist conspiracy together before humankind is devastated by global catastrophe) $7.99
Crowley, Kieran Almost Paradise (Non-fiction; murder of multimillionaire Ted Ammon) $6.99
Cussler, Clive/DuBrul, Jack Dark Watch (Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon investigate the disappearance of several large freighters being preyed on by terrorist pirates; trade PBO; unabridged CDs $39.95) $15.00
DeMille, Nelson Night Fall (Five years after a fiery plane crash, two agents of an anti_terrorist task force search for a video tape of the doomed flight made by a couple having an illicit love affair) $7.99
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Man Who Tried to Get Away (Reprint: Mick Axbrewder (3) agrees to help Ginny Fistulari work security at a "murder mystery camp", and things get scary when a real murderer starts bumping people off) $7.99
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Sherlock Holmes: Murder in the Casbah and Other Stories (6 CDs, unabridged: 5 classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries) $29.95
Dumas, Margaret Speak Now (Charley Van Leeuwen shocks her friends by marrying, but when she finds a dead woman in her hotel bathroom she wonders about her husband's past and fears she could be next) $6.99
Dunn, Carola A Mourning Wedding (Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher must unearth a cunning adversary who views a wedding party as an invitation to murder) $6.50
Estleman, Loren D. Retro (Amos Walker agrees to grant the deathbed wish of a successful madam and winds up the prime suspect in the murder of her son) $5.99
Fiffer, Sharon Buried Stuff (Antiques picker Jane Wheel (4) goes to Kankakee, IL for a town_wide garage sale, but the fun is spoiled by a murder on a local farm, and Jane investigates) $6.99
Follett, Ken Whiteout (A Christmas Eve blizzard whips out of the north, and several people converge on a remote house, where secrets are revealed amidst jealousies, mistrust and sexual attraction) $7.99
Fraser, George MacDonald Flashman on the March (1868; Bounder, cad, and survivor Harry Flashman dodges vengeful pursuers by embarking on a perilous secret mission to help free a group of Britons being held captive by a tyrannical Abyssinian king) $24.00
Gandt, Robert The Killing Sky (Hornet fighter pilot Brick Maxwell seeks revenge when the woman he loves falls victim to terrorists and with the help of his Roadrunner Squadron risks everything to make the enemy pay; PBO) $7.99
Goodger, John The Druperman Tapes (Emmett Druperman receives a video threatening violence against his alliance of Las Vegas casinos unless a ransom is paid, and enlists an ex_cop to help him) $6.99
Graves, Sarah Tool & Die (Jake Tiptree (8) investigates death threats against her new housekeeper, and suspicion falls on her ex_husband when bodies start piling up) $6.99
Grimes, Martha The Winds of Change (Richard Jury investigates the murder of a young London girl which leads to the cold case of a missing girl in Launceston) $7.99
Grippando, James Hear No Evil (Defending an unreliable client _ a blackmailer who may be a murderer _ Jack Swyteck (4) finds himself caught up in a case with many unanswered questions) $7.99
Gunn, S.M. SEALs Sub Strike: Operation Emerald Red (A Russian mob kingpin conspires with Chinese terrorists to hasten doomsday; PBO) $6.99
Hall, Parnell Stalking the Puzzle Lady (Cora Felton's number one fan is stalking her, and she deals with this on a promotional tour, until the first body shows up and she must stalk her stalker to stop a killer) $24.00
Handler, David The Burnt Orange Sunrise (Berger and Mitry (4) are stranded with a few party guests by a snowstorm, and as the guests are killed off one_by_one, they must solve the mystery or lose their own lives) $6.99
Harr, Jonathan The Lost Painting (Non-fiction; Search for Caravaggio's "The Taking of Christ" by a graduate student who tracks the painting across hundreds of years and four countries) $24.95
Harris, C.S. What Angels Fear (In 1811 London, a young nobleman is accused of raping and murdering a young woman, and goes on the run while trying to find the real killer and prove his innocence) $23.95
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Landlord (Reprint: Cleaning lady Lily Bard discovers the dead body of her nosy landlord and investigates) $6.99
Heggan, Christiane Now You Die (Cartoonist Zoe Foster stumbles over a woman's body in an alley, but by the time the police arrive the body is gone, and she decides to investigate the crime herself) $6.99
Hillerman, Tony Leaphorn, Chee, and More (Three Leaphorn and Chee novels in one volume: The Fallen Man , The First Eagle , and Hunting Badger ) $19.95
Hunter, Maddy Hula Done It? (Tour guide Emily Andrew (4) and quirky Iowa senior citizens go on a cruise to Hawaii that turns deadly when a professor is murdered by someone out for Captain Cook's lost treasure) $6.99
Hunter, Stephen/Bainbridge, John American Gunfight (Non-fiction; plot to kill Harry Truman) $26.00
James, P.D. A Taste for Death (Reprint) $13.95
James, P.D. The Lighthouse (Commander Adam Dalgliesh investigates the murder of a guest on Combe Island, and he and his team have scarcely begun to unravel the mystery when a second murder occurs) $25.95
Kane, Stephanie Seeds of Doubt (Dyslexic Denver defense lawyer Jackie Flowers takes the case of a recently paroled woman accused of kidnapping her brother's 5_year old son) $7.99
Kauffman, Michael W. American Brutus (Non-fiction; exploration of the Lincoln assassination that sheds new light on the background and motives of John Wilkes Booth) $15.95
Kelley, Lee Charles 'Twas the Bite Before Christmas (The pre_holiday homicide of a housemaid in a Maine mansion and the kidnapping of a puppy threaten to take ex_cop and kennel owner Jack Field (4) on a Christmas slay ride; PBO) $6.99
Kingsbury, Kate No Clue at the Inn (Cecily Sinclair (12) attends a Christmas reunion at the Pennyfoot Hotel, and is drawn into the investigation when a housemaid and a barrister go missing) $6.99
Kolb, Larry J. Overworld (Non-fiction; account of the life and times of a reluctant spy) $16.00
Koontz, Dean Life Expectancy (Jimmy Tock's grandfather predicts that there will be five dark days in his life, and Jimmy must prepare to face them) $7.99
Koryta, Michael Tonight I Said Goodbye (Investigator Wayne Weston is found dead of an apparent suicide in his Cleveland home, and his father hires PI's Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard who discover many secrets) $6.99
Krich, Rochelle Now You See Me... (True_crime writer Molly Blume (4) hesitantly agrees to help a man whose daughter has run away with an on_line predator, and learns she hasn't been told the whole truth) $24.95
Lakin, Rita Getting Old is Murder (A series of murders at the Lanai Gardens Retirement Center prompts eccentric Gladdy Gold with the help of her octogenarian friends to hunt down a killer; PBO) $6.99
Larkin, Patrick Robert Ludlum's The Lazarus Vendetta (When an attack on a nano_technology research facility leaves thousands dead, Jon Smith is activated by Covert One to find and uncover the truth) $7.99
Lawrence, Caroline The Dolphins of Laurentum (The Roman Mysteries #5: Flavia Gemina's family seeks a sunken treasure ship, but their enemy is after it too) $5.99
Lethem, Jonanthan Men and Cartoons (Collection of 11 short stories from the author of Motherless Brooklyn ) $12.95
Lupica, Mike Too Far (A high school sportswriter gets wind of extreme hazing on the basketball team, and turns to city newsman Ben Mitchell for help) $7.99
Lutz, John Fear the Night (Retired New York homicide detective Vin Repetto tries to stop a vicious sniper who murders at night when the latest victim is killed right before his eyes; PBO) $6.99
McBain, Ed Hark! (The Deaf Man returns and leaves tantalizing clues for the members of the 87th Precinct as he tries to commit the perfect crime) $7.99
Meier, Leslie New Year's Eve Murder (Lucy Stone and her daughter travel to New York City and investigate when a fashion editor falls ill and dies, and Elizabeth comes down with similar symptoms) $22.00
Michaels, David Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (As part of a top_secret initiative, Sam Fisher has been given license to spy, steal, destroy and assassinate to protect America, and he does...) $7.99
Mitchell, Kirk Dance of the Thunder Dogs (Emmett Parker (5) has returned home after 13 years of federal law enforcement, is torn between the worlds of his Comanche background and his job with the government) $7.99
Moran, Lindsay Blowing My Cover (Non-fiction; account of the author's life as a CIA spy) $13.00
Mortimer, John Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders (The story of Rumpole's first case, of a man accused of murdering his father and a friend with a pistol taken from a dead German pilot) $14.00
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Requiem at the Refuge (Sister Mary Helen volunteers at a San Francisco woman's homeless shelter, and when one of the resident's at the shelter is found dead, she investigates) $6.99
Parker, Robert B. A Triple Shot of Spenser (Three Spenser novels: Pastime , Double Deuce , and Paper Doll , in one trade omnibus) $14.00
Patterson, James Mary Mary (FBI's Alex Cross heads to LA hunting a killer more ambitious and brutal than he's ever encountered-a woman who has it in for Hollywood's hottest players; unabridged CDs $39.98) $27.95
Patterson, Richard North Conviction (A family of lawyers races to prove a convicted killer's innocence& prevent an execution) $7.99
Peffer, Randall Killing Neptune's Daughter (Psycho-thriller; man returns to Cape Cod for funeral of woman for whom he had a childhood sexual obsession, & repressed memories surface of dark 35-year-old cries that revolved around her; 1983 reissue) $14.00
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan: Ballistic Force (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Terminal Zone (Paramilitary adventure; PBO) $4.99
Perry, Anne A Christmas Guest (Third in Perry's Christmas Series: Grandmama visits Charlotte's parents for the holidays, and when a fellow guest in murdered, she is called upon to be an amateur detective) $16.95
Price, Daniel Slick (Novel about the dark underbelly of public relations and media manipulation with a hilarious story of scandal, deception and intrigue) $14.95
Randisi, Robert J. Cold Blooded (NYPD Detective McQueen investigates a serial killer who freezes the bodies, and must work with FDNY Fire Marshall Willis when another frozen body is found in a fire site) $6.99
Rosen, Fred Body Dump (Non-fiction; Kendall Francois, a vicious serial killer who murdered prostitutes in Poughkeepsie, NY from 1996 to 1998) $6.50
Ryan, P.B. Murder on Black Friday (In 1869, Boston governess Nell Sweeney discovers that wealth and dark secrets go hand in hand when two of her employers' friends are murdered after the gold market crash; PBO) $6.99
Sala, Sharon The Chosen (Washington D.C. journalist January DeLena investigates several disappearances and all the signs point to a homeless man who calls himself The Sinner; PBO) $7.50
Santlofer, Jonathan Color Blind (Former cop turned socialite Kate McKinnon (2) must uncover a psychopath whose brutality and madness for blood cuts too close to home) $7.99
Santlofer, Jonathan The Killing Art (When the paintings of famous artists are slashed, along with the collectors who own them, former NYPD detective turned art historian Kate MCKinnon (3) investigates) $24.95
Schuster, Henry/Stone, Charles Hunting Eric Rudolph (Non-fiction; the elusive suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombing and one of the longest manhunts in American history) $7.99
Scott, Michele Murder Uncorked (The murder of a top winemaker sours Nikki Sands's new job on a Napa Valley vineyard; PBO) $6.99
Shayne, Maggie Darker Than Midnight (Michael Corbett is confined to a mental hospital after the murder of his wife, for which he is the prime suspect, but when someone tries to kill him he must go on the run) $6.99
Shelton, Connie Balloons Can Be Murder (Charlie Parker (9) is hired by a hot air balloon pilot to protect her from her father, a convicted felon, but the simple job becomes complex when Charlie is nearly killed) $24.00
Sims, Elizabeth Easy Street (A home remodeling project turns up a dead body and a load of mysterious cash, and Lillian Byrd investigates) $13.95
Slade, Michael Swastika (Swastika and Aryan believe they are cleansing society and empowering a new master race, but an elite team of investigators is assigned to hunt them down; PBO) $7.99
Smiley, Patricia False Profits (Management consultant Tucker Sinclair agrees to help with a business plan for a neurologist, and when he disappears and angry investors come after her, she must clear her name) $6.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The Ladies' No. 1 Detective Agency (Hardcover edition of the first volume in the beloved series) $21.95
Stewart, Mariah Dark Truth (20 years after her father was executed for several murders, Nina has put it behind her, until a new series of murders erupts and she is drawn into the mystery again; PBO) $6.99
Sweeney, Leann Dead Giveaway (Texas heiress and new P.I. Abby Rose specializes in adoption cases, and investigates the case of an abandoned baby as well as a murder) $6.99
Truman, Margaret Murder at Union Station (A former mob hitman turned government informer is murdered just before a book with secrets he carried is to be published, rocking everyone from the FBI to the West Wing) $6.99
Truman, Margaret Murder at the Washington Tribune (When two young women working in the media are murdered, disillusioned crime reporter Joe Wilcox invents a serial killer, but finds his brother may be the real thing) $24.95
Vargas, Fred Have Mercy On Us All (In Paris, a newscaster receives threats that warn of an imminent onset of the Black Death, and Commissaire Adamsberg investigates while trying to avert panic in the city) $14.00
Whitman, John 24 Declassified: Veto Power (Second in the brand new series of tie_in novels based on the popular TV series; PBO) $6.99
Wilson, Steven Between the Hunters and the Hunted (In the early days of WWII, Churchill travels by sea to meet FDR in Newfoundland, and his boat is stalked by a Nazi juggernaut, and is protected by Captain George Hardy; PBO) $6.99
Woodworth, Stephen In Golden Blood (Natalie Lindstrom, former member of the Afterlife Communications Corps, is reluctantly drawn into a murder investigation tracing back 500 years to the Incan civilization) $6.99


Andrews, Sarah Dead Dry (Geologist Em Hansen helps the Salt Lake City police investigate the murder of a fellow geologist, found in a gravel quarry with his arms and legs removed and his face smashed beyond recognition) $24.95
Browne, Marshall Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn (Tokyo Detective Aoki is forced to go on vacation as influence and power undermine a major investigation; a snow storm at the remote Japanese resort traps a group of guests harboring secrets, and murders begin happening) $23.95
Buffett, Jimmy A Salty Piece of Land (Colorful and bizarre Caribbean island adventure with cocktails) $14.95
Christie, Agatha Masterpieces in Miniature: The Detectives (39 stories featuring Christie's most beloved detectives) $16.95
Corcoran, Tom Air Dance Iguana (Two men, twenty miles apart, are killed in the same strange way on the same morning in the Florida Keys, and forensic photographer Alex Rutledge seems to be the only one interested in justice) $24.95
Corwin, C. R. Dig (Cranky & tricky newspaper librarian Maddy "Morgue Mama" Sprowls (3) investigates murder of friend and archaeology prof. perhaps tied to 50-year-old killing; and there's a coffee house full of eccentric suspects) $24.95
Davies, Martin The Conjurer's Bird (A conservationist unravels the mystery of the elusive bird of Ulieta, whose remains were stolen years ago from the collection of 18th century naturalist Joseph Banks) $24.00
Edwards, Martin The Cipher Garden (DCI Hannah Scarlett and historian Daniel Kind tackle a "cold case" murder in a Lake District village garden, but clues lead to another horrifying death and a shocking revelation) $24.95
Hagberg, David Soldier of God (CIA Director Kirk McGarvey becomes convinced that a terrorist and a Saudi playboy prince are the same man, and risks his job when the White House doesn't want to accuse him) $25.95
Jones, Solomon Ride or Die (The daughter of a priest and a crack dealer fall in love and the girl will risk everything in a whirlwind flight across the seamy underside of Philadelphia for her love) $13.95
Krieg, Joyce Riding Gain (Talk show host Shauna J. investigates when a former intern is found murdered and the police claim it was a drug deal gone bad) $24.95
Langton, Jane Steeplechase (Homer Kelly and his wife search for a mysterious lost church, with chapters alternating between the present and 1868, in a lavishly illustrated book) $24.95
May, Peter The Firemaker (An American forensic pathologist and a Chinese police detective join forces against a serial killer who burns his victims' corpses) $24.95
Pickens, Cathy Done Gone Wrong (Sequel to Southern Fried ; attorney Avery Andrews is lured to a high-profile case in Charleston, SC; soon she is coping with a suicidal gunman on a shooting spree, a young doctor who wants to talk to her is found dead in a swamp, and a prostitute is missing) $23.95
Reed, Mary/Mayer, Eric Six for Gold (Justinian sends Lord Chamberlain John the Eunuch to a remote Egyptian shrine to a snake deity where sheep have been found with their throats cut, while he also must clear himself of a senator's murder in Constantinople) $24.95
Roberts, Gregory David Shantaram (Lin, an escaped convict from Australia, runs to Bombay, searches for meaning while running a clinic in the slums and trying to avoid capture) $14.95
Smiley, Patricia Cover Your Assets (Tucker Sinclair's (2) old boyfriend, now a reckless but successful Hollywood agent, is murdered and she runs afoul of the police, a biker gang, and a soap star and races to separate the innocent from the guilty) $23.95
Sprague, Gretchen Death by Thunder (A photographer from California is taking photos in the mountains when she hears a scream and finds the body of her uncle; with the assistance of a teenage boy, she tries to prove that it was murder) $24.95
Wilson, F. Paul Infernal (Repairman Jack (9) teams up with his brother to find a strange object off the coast of Bermuda that supposedly leaves enemies helpless, and wonders why his brother needs it) $25.95
Woods, Lee Kingdom of Lies (Leeds Inspector Keen Dunliffe goes undercover when an American college professor who specialized in English royalty and 18th century politics is found dead while attending a conference) $24.95

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