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Newsletter #68 December, 2004 - February, 2005


Doctor Who: The Algebra of Ice (Seventh Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Dragon's Claw (Second graphic novel, Tom Baker) $24.95
Doctor Who: The Iron Legion (First graphic novel, Tom Baker) $24.95
Doctor Who: The Sleep of Reason (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Synthespians (Sixth Doctor) $6.95
Baldwin, Bill The Helmsman (Reprint) $6.99
Bear, Greg Sleepside (Six of Bear's novellas, selected by the author) $22.95
Betancourt, John Gregory Roger Zelazny's To Rule in Amber (Enemies new and old lie in wait for Oberon as he tries to carve a new empire in the universe created by his father) $22.95
Borowitz, Andy The Borowitz Report (Collection of satiric essays on everything from politics to Paris Hilton) $9.95
Bova, Ben- ed. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume 2 A (Collection of 11 of the best science fiction novellas between 1929 and 1964) $29.95
Butler, Andrew M./James, Edward/Mendlesohn, Farah-ed. Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature, 2nd Edition (Expanded edition of Hugo Award nominated collection of essays) $22.00
Charnas, Suzy McKee Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms (Collection of short stories and 2 essays) $24.95
Clarke, Susanna Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Unabridged audiobook, CDs) $59.95
Collins, Nancy A. Darkest Heart (A Sonja Blue vampire novel) $11.99
Collins, Nancy A. Dead Man's Hand (Five tales of the Weird West) $17.99
Crookes, Gary The Sorensen 4 Incident (When communications from mining colony Sorensen 4 fail, the Unified Government must resolve the problem without arousing the critical media) $6.99
De Haven, Tom Walker of Worlds (Reprint) $6.99
Di Filippo, Paul Fuzzy Dice (Book clerk Paul Girard is given the power to jump to any world he can envision, and takes a wild ride through many worlds as he tries to find the one where he wants to stay) $11.95
Dozois, Gardner Morning Child and other Stories (Short story collection) $11.95
Ellison, Harlan Strange Wine (Reprint: Classic collection of Ellison stories) $13.95
Elrod, P.N./Greenberg, Martin-ed. The Time of the Vampires (18 tales of vampires from ancient Greece and Rome to today) $6.99
Engle, Jason Infernum (Collection of the art of Jason Engle) $29.95
Fowler/Murphy/Notkin/\Smith-ed. James Tiptree Award Anthology 1 (Stories that explore and expand gender roles in society; includes essays by LeGuin, Russ, others) $15.95
Gunn, Eileen Stable Strategies and Others (A dozen fast, funny, surreal tales) $14.95
Hatch, Richard/Rodgers, Alan Battlestar Galactica: Rebellion (TV tie-in) $6.99
Hatch, Richard/Linaweaver, Brad Battlestar Galactica: Paradis (TV tie-in) $6.99
Kirk, Russell Ancestral Shadows (Collection of ghost stories) $25.00
Lackey, Mercedes Fairy Godmother (In the Five Hundred Kingdoms, a woman who was supposed to be her kingdom's Cinderella winds up with an inappropriate prince and leaves to become a Fairy Godmother instead) $6.99
Lalumiere, Claude-ed. Island Dreams (Anthology of sf, fantasy & horror by Montreal writers) $12.95
Lalumiere, Claude-ed. Open Space (Anthology of Canadian Science Fiction) $16.95
Laymon, Richard To Wake The Dead (Barney is a museum night guard who finds a mummy's coffin broken open. 4,000 year_old Amara is free again) $7.99
Lyons, Steve X_Men: The Legacy Quest Omnibus (Complete trilogy) $17.95
Martin, George R.R.-ed. Wild Cards 3: Jokers Wild (Reprint) $6.99
Massie, Elizabeth Sineater (Reprint: a dark being who feeds on dead bodies, has broken with tradition and gathered a family, including a son who wants to live a normal life) $6.99
Masterton, Graham The Devil In Gray (Horror by award_winning author) $6.99
Moore, Christopher The Stupidest Angel (7_year old Joshua sees Santa being murdered and more than just Santa returns from the dead in answer to his prayers) $14.95
Moore, Monte Majestika (Collection of the art of Monte Moore) $29.95
Pierce, Tamora Trickster's Choice (Beginning of a young adult fantasy series) $8.95
Pierce, Tamora Trickster's Queen (Sequel to Trickster's Choice ) $17.95
Pinborough, Sarah The Hidden (Amnesiac Rachel Wright tries to rebuild life, but feels something wicked coming) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry Once More With Footnotes (NESFA Press collection of stories, articles, essays) $25.00
The Pythons Autobiography by the Pythons (The definitive word on all things Monty Python including over 1000 photographs) $29.95
Robinson, Spider The Crazy Years: Reflections of a S.F. Original (Collection of irreverent essays on subjects running the gamut. Robinson takes the world to task.) $14.95
Rubie, Peter Werewolf (Reprint: In WWII London, a werewolf is savaging the population; it's up to Det. Sgt. George Llewellen to stop it & solve a series of brutal child slayings) $6.99
Shepard, Lucius A Handbook of American Prayer (Man convicted of manslaughter starts composing strange prayers while in prison, and whatever he asks for comes true, making him a celebrity and bringing him into conflict with a fundamentalist minister) $22.00
Shwartz, Susan Hostile Takeover (Hotshot financial analyst CC Williams is sent on a mission to a mining colony where assets are disappearing, and finds something that could crash Earth's entire economy) $24.95
Silverberg, Robert Phases of the Moon (The best Silverberg stories from past six decades) $15.95
Simak, Clifford D. City (Hardcover reprint of 1953 International Fantasy Award winner) $27.00
Simak, Clifford D. Way Station (Hardcover reprint of winner of 1963 Hugo Award Best Novel) $27.00
Straczynski, J. Michael Othersyde (16_year_old Chris Martino moves to Los Angels, befriends a nerdy classmate, and becomes ensnared with an evil force who is using the nerd's desire for revenge to spread terror) $11.95
Thorpe, Gav The Claws of Chaos (Slaves to Darkness #1: Warhammer game tie-in) $6.99
Vance, Jack Lurulu (Myron Tany tours the galaxy on a very questionable interstellar freighter with a crew of actors, musicians, thieves, and other ne'er_do_wells) $23.95
Wilson, Gahan Best of Gahan Wilson (Cartoons) $15.00
Zielinski, Stepan Bad Magic (A motley band of alchemists, thaumaturgists, and totemists try to save the world from an attack by evil forces most people can't see) $23.95


D & D Map Folio 3D (Contains everything needed to create a three_dimensional building for use in any D & D campaign) $9.95
Alexander, Lloyd The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen (Young adult reprint) $6.99
Asprin, Robert/Nye, Jody Lynn Myth-Taken Identity (New volume in the series) $14.95
Baxter, Stephen Coalescent (Book I of new hard sf trilogy) $7.50
Baxter, Stephen Exultant (Continues Destiny's Children story set in far future; 2nd of trilogy) $25.95
Bishop, David Judge Dredd #5: Kingdom of the Blind (Media tie-in) $6.99
Bishop, K.J. The Etched City (Splendid and frightening wonders bloom in the city of Ashamoil; "slyly subversive" first novel of dark fantasy) $14.00
Bradley, Marion Zimmer To Save a World (Omnibus volume of World Wreckers and Planet Savers ) $7.99
Budz, Mark Crache (Sequel to Clade , highly imaginative technological fantasy) $6.99
Chabon, Michael, ed. McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories (Collection of genre tales by some of the best writers, this is the second volume of Thrilling Tales) $13.95
Chester, Deborah The Queen's Knight (When a deadly mist fills the cathedral and Pheresa disappears, only Sir Talmor can find and save her by using magical powers that will bring scorn upon him) $7.99
Clegg, Douglass Afterlife (A dream of blood & lost souls, a school for special children, an unsolved murder, & a stranger with an unspeakable secret come together in the afterlife) $6.99
Cook, Dawn Lost Truth (Sequel to Forgotten Truth : Alissa's dreams lead her to a land where masters live in a magical society, and the leader wants to teach her whether she likes it or not) $6.99
Cox, Greg Underworld #2: Blood Enemy (Vampires and werewolves fight each other in a bloody war that threatens to spill out into the daylight world; PBO) $6.99
Cragg, G./Sherman, D. Starfist: Lazarus Rising (9th adventure of 25th Cent. space marines) $6.99
Drake, David The Far Side of the Stars (Lt. Leary and Adele Mundy face a variety of enemies as they escort a pair of wealthy nobles through space, including discovering a hostile fleet preparing to disrupt the peace) $7.99
Duane, Diane/Crispin, A.C. Star Trek: Sand and Stars (Omnibus reissue of Spock's World & Sarek ) $9.95
Dunn, Jack/Dozois, Gardner-ed. A.I.s (Ten short stories about the future of computerized intellect) $6.50
Edgington, Ian Dawn of War (Warhammer 40,000 game tie-in) $7.99
Francis, Diana Pharaoh Path of Honor (Sequel to Path of Fate : Kodu Riik is decimated by plague and Reisil's healing power fails even as she discovers a new surging ability, the power to destroy) $6.99
Frankowski, Leo Conrad Stargard: Radiant Warrior (Conrad Schwartz is transported from present_day Poland to 1231 where he becomes a warrior and has many adventures _ three reprint novels in one Megabook) $24.00
Gemmell, David Ironhand's Daughter (Book I of duology The Hawk Queen , mighty female warrior leads way to independence.) $7.50
Golden, Christie Star Trek Voyager: Spirit Walk #2: Enemy of My Enemy (Shapechanger "Ellis" works in a deadly laboratory to create a new, obedient race, and Chakotay must stop the evil) $6.99
Grant, Susan 2176: The Scarlet Empress (USAF fighter pilot Cam Tucker wakes from stasis 170 years later) $6.99
Hardy, Jason M. MechWarrior Dark Age #13: The Scorpion Jar (Game tie-in) $6.99
Heinlein, Robert For Us, The Living (Naval Airman Perry Nelson crashes his car in 1939 and wakes up in 2086, to a world with ways radically different from his own, and learns from a lovely woman who takes him in) $7.99
Herriman, George Krazy & Ignatz 1933_1934 (Collection of Krazy Kat cartoons) $14.95
Hobb, Robin Fool's Fate (FitzChivalry (3) finds fate in finale of Tawny Man trilogy) $6.99
Howard, Robert E. Bloody Crown of Conan (Book 2 of fully illustrated Conan stories) $15.95
Hunter, Justin Forged in Battle (Warhammer game tie-in) $6.99
Jones, Linda Winstead The Sun Witch (A long_ago curse makes true love impossible for the supernatural Fyne women, until a younger sister meets to man of her dreams and together they fight to remove the curse) $6.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Balance of Trade (Liaden novel reviewed a couple issues ago) $16.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve With Stars Underfoot (Liaden chapbook #10) $10.00
Le Guin, Ursula K. Four Ways to Forgiveness (Reissue of four linked novellas set in the Hainish universe) $13.95
Le Guin, Ursula K. Orsinian Tales (Reissue of collection of 11 short stories) $12.95
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Wind's Twelve Quarters (Reissue of collection of 17 short stories) $13.95
Little, Denise-ed. Rotten Relations (15 stories told from the perspective of evil relatives from classic fantasy and science fiction) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne Dragon's Kin (New Dragonriders of Pern adventure, follows Skies of Pern ) $7.99
McKinley, Robin Sunshine (Sunshine goes to the lake to be alone with her thoughts and is found by unexpected vampires) $7.99
Moriaty, Chris Spin State (Dick Award nominee mixes murder, politics and cyber_romance) $6.99
Nicastro, Nicholas Empire of Ashes (In 323 B.C. Machon, friend and ally of Alexander the Great, is scapegoated for his death and must face a trial for his life) $7.50
Nolan, William E. Nightworlds (Collection of stories selected by author; psychological and supernatural horror) $6.99
Noonan, David Races of Destiny (D & D supplement) $29.95
Paradiz, Valerie Clever Maids: Secret History of the Grimm Fairy Tales (One of the most fascinating collaborations, set against years of high German romanticism, contributed by female friends of the Grimms) $23.00
Perry, Anne Come Armageddon (Tathea has wandered the Lost Lands for 500 years preparing mankind for battle with the Great Enemy, and now the battle has come and she must stand alone) $14.95
Perry, S.D. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Unity (The show's original characters gather for the return of Captain, Sisco, the birth of his child, and Bajor's historic entry into the Federation) $6.99
Rennie, Gordon Judge Dredd #1: Dredd Vs. Death (Media tie-in) $6.99
Robinson, Spider Of Three Minds (Russell Walker wants only to be a hermit, but is drawn into the investigation of a brutal serial killer as only he can communicate with a telepath who holds the answer) $18.00
Salvatore, R.A. Sojourn (The Legend of Drizzt, Book III: First ever release of the Forgotten Realms novel featuring dark elf Drizzt Do'Urder in hardcover format) $25.95
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Cleopatra 7.2 (Cleopatra is resurrected & her DNA is blended with 2 present day hosts who face recriminations from the government for illegal DNA blendings) $23.95
Shephard, Mike Kris Longknife: Deserter (A search for her lost friend leads the female space warrior into a galactic hellhole with no way out) $7.99
Sherman, D./Cragg, D. Starfist: A World Of Hurt (Military SF set in 25th century) $19.95
Smith, Bryan House Of Blood (Horror; a group of five friends are on vacation and take wrong turnoff, the one to Hell...) $6.99
Spencer, Wen Tinker (In a near_future Pittsburg with elf inhabitants, girl genius Tinker runs a salvage business and life changes when a pack of wargs chase the elves into her yard) $6.99
Steele, Allen Coyote Rising (The crew of the hijacked starship Alabama have fled into the virgin territory of Coyote when a new and repressive government takes over, and must fight a full_scale rebellion) $23.95
Stewart, Sean Star Wars: Clone Wars: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous (Set in Star Wars universe, adventure features Yoda) $7.50
Strauss, Victoria The Burning Land (A lyrical, suspenseful fantasy about a world balanced on a knife_edge, and the shocking revelation that will change an empire forever) $7.99
Taylor, Travis S. Warp Speed (A breakthrough in physics holds the key to the stars if the discoverers can keep World War Three from starting over the new technology) $22.00
Tiptree, James Jr. Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (18 short stories include author's notes for revisions; darkly complex) $15.95
Troop, Alan F. The Seadragon's Daughter (While living on a private island with his family, Peter DelaSangre is confronted by a member of a sea_dwelling dragon race with the truth about his past and his bloodline) $6.99
Yatate/Tomina/Iwase Gundam SEED, Vol. III (Graphic art set in world of the Cosmic Era) $10.95
Zicree/Wilson Magic Time: Ghostlands (Conclusion to the series: Griffin and his brave cadre head across the West to stop the evil phenomenon and save Cal's sister, Tina) $23.95


Abbey, Lynn-ed. Thieves World: Enemies of Fortune (Collection of new stories set in the Thieves World universe) $26.95
Allston, Aaron Terminator 3: Terminator Hunt (Media tie-in) $24.95
Asaro, Catherine Schism (In the early years of the Skolian Empire, young Sauscony has a rift with her father which could tear the Skolian Empire asunder) $25.95
Baker, Kage The Life of the World to Come (As punishment for falling in love with a man while traveling in the past, Mendoza, an immortal cyborg, is sent back 150,000 years where she pines for the man she loves) $25.95
Cowdrey, Albert E. Crux (Scientists have created a wormhole generator that can send people back in time, and some have decided to use the machine to alter history while a timesurfer tries to stop them) $24.95
Norton, Andre/McConchie, Lyn The Duke's Ballad (Aisling, a young witch, returns home after a long exile to try and stop her brother, who has a power he can only wield by killing someone else with power) $24.95
Sherman, Josepha Andromeda: Through the Looking Glass (TV tie-in) $24.95


Akamatsu, Ken Negima! Volume 4 (The adventures of Negi Springfield with miscast spells and pushy students) $10.95
Alliston, Aaron Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams (Media tie-in) $6.99
Ashley, Amanda Embrace the Night (He is a master of darkness, and she is a master of light and when they come together they create an endless night) $6.99
Asprin, Robert/Del Carlo, Eric War Torn: Resurrection (The legendary warlord Dardas has been dead for 250 years, but his spirit lives on in a host body to lead a conquering army across the city_states of Isthmus) $6.99
Baker, Kage The Anvil Of The World (Humorous fantasy; Smith takes a caravan to the sea, and trouble follows) $7.99
Bakker, R. Scott The Warrior Prophet (The Prince of Nothing Book 2: The story of the powerful logician_monk Anasurimbor Kellhus and the apocalyptic Holy War continues) $25.95
Banks, L.A. The Awakening (A vampire war is brewing in the Underworld and Vampire Huntress Damali Richards must trust an ex_lover with his own agenda as she is caught in the middle) $6.99
Bear, Elizabeth Hammered (In 2062 the world is greatly changed by global warming and Jenny Casey, former Canadian special forces warrior with an artificially reconstructed body, lives on the edge) $6.99
Bennett, Christopher L. Star Trek: Ex Machina (Newly reunited Kirk, Spock, and McCoy must help refugee colonists from a destroyed planet, in danger due to actions of Kirk years ago) $6.99
Bishop, Anne Dreams Made Flesh (Set in the realm of The Black Jewels trilogy, a collection of four new stories of Jaenelle and her kindred) $16.00
Bova, Ben Powersat (Dan Randolph runs a company trying to create new power sources in space and faces terrorists, rivals who want to buy him out, and NASA and the FAA who want to shut him down) $24.95
Brotherton, Mike Star Dragon (A crew is sent on a light_speed journey to observe a living dragon made of nuclear plasma; will return to a world where 500 years have passed) $6.99
Byers, Richard Lee The Rite (The Year of Rogue Dragons Book 2: Dragonslayer Dorn and his companions continue to battle the mad dragons of Faerun) $6.99
Caine, Rachel Chill Factor (Weather Warden Book 3: Weather Warden Joanne Bladwin has been restored to her original form, and now must stop a powerful and dangerous child from bringing on a new ice age) $6.99
Cassutt, Michael Tango Midnight (A biotech multi_millionaire works on a space_station seeking a serum to combat a deadly biological terror weapon when an explosion floods his lab with deadly spores) $7.99
Cast, P.C. Elphame's Choice (Sequel to Goddess by Mistake returns to ancient Partholon. Half centaur, half goddess, she is unique.) $13.95
Cole, Stephen The Wereling #1: Wounded (Story of a teenage werewolf who doesn't want to be one, but falls in love with a wereling, and together they try to find a cure) $5.99
Cox, Greg Star Trek: The Eugenics War #3: To Reign in Hell (Khan is marooned on a hostile planet and his genetically_enhanced followers must fight to survive while Khan descends into madness) $24.00
Crowther, Peter Constellations (15 original storied from Science Fiction writers of the U.K.) $6.99
Dann, John R. Song of the Earth (Prequel to Song of the Axe , saga of the wanderings of a prehistoric tribal family over several generations led by the original Grae and his children) $26.95
Davidson, MaryJanice Derik's Bane (Derik, a werewolf with alpha issues, and Sara, the personification of evil, must stop drooling over each other long enough to save the world; local author) $6.50
Douglass, Sara The Nameless Day (In 14th century Europe during the plague, Brother Thomas Neville has discovered that the minions of Satan have found a doorway out of Hell and only he can stop them) $7.99
Drake, Shannon Dead by Dusk (At the site of an archeological dig, young women are disappearing, found horribly mutilated, and Stephanie Cahill discovers a connection with the burial site's ancient legend) $6.99
Drake/Baen/Flint-ed. The World Turned Upside Down (Collection of stories featuring break-through concepts in science fiction which changed the course of the genre) $24.00
Engdahl, Sylvia The Far Side of Evil (An agent of the Federation Anthropological Service is sent to a planet on the brink of nuclear war, and must decide to maintain objectivity or save the planet from doom) $6.99
Erikson, Steven Gardens of the Moon (Evil Empress Lassen has conquered almost all of the Makazan Empire, and now turns her gaze towards the last of the Free Cities, while the gods prepare to play their hand; highly recommended) $7.99
Farrell, S.L. Heir of Stone (The Cloudmage #3: The world is turned upside down when all of Meriel's widely scattered family is attacked) $23.95
Farrell, S.L. Mage of Clouds (The Cloudmage #2: Banrion Janna MacEagan's daughter Meriel becomes a pawn in their enemies grab for power) $6.99
Franklin, Cheryl J. Tales of the Taormin (The first two novels on the Taormin series in one omnibus volume) $14.00
Frankowski, Leo/Grossman, David The War With Earth (After fighting in a war he did not know was faked, a real war looms on the horizon, and tank commander Mickoli Derdowski must fight to save his life) $6.99
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael-ed. Deadly After Dark (Collection of erotic horror stories) $5.99
Gerrold, David Alternate Gerrolds (First short_story collection by author in 30 years. Largely alternative history, stories range from funny to horrifying) $14.95
Graham, Mitchell The Ancient Legacy (Conclusion of the trilogy: Mat finally has the chance to get close to Teanna and the Ancient's powerful rose_gold ring) $7.99
Greenwood, Ed Silverfall (Seven novellas relating the stories of the Seven Sisters, key figures in the Forgotten Realms worlds) $6.99
Gross, Dave Mistress of the Night: The Priests (Forgotten Realms) $6.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. Seduced by Moonlight (The Queen of Air and Darkness schemes to get Meredith pregnant while enemies grow in number and Meredith's power increases) $7.50
Hayakawa, Tomoko The Wallflower Volume 2 (Tenth_grader Sunako is rejected by the boy she has a crush on, and her aunt tries to change her into a beautiful girl) $10.95
Hayden, Patrick Nielsen-ed. New Magics (Collection of short stories of fantasy geared to teens) $6.99
Heinlein, Robert A. Rocket Ship Galileo (Classic reprint) $6.99
Hendee, Barb & J.C. Sister of the Dead (Vampire hunters Magiere and half_elf Leesil must stop their quest to uncover their past to help a town beset by vampires; sequel to Dhampir and Thief of Lives ) $7.50
Hogan, James P. The Anguished Dawn (After a near_miss by a proto_planet leaves Earth devastated, a colony on Saturn's moons preserves human culture and technology, and they attempt to rebuild civilization) $7.99
Holdstock, Robert The Iron Grail (Sequel to Celtika : Three warnings greet Merlin on his return to Alba, and Urtha's fortress has been taken by warriors from Ghostland, causing war with the Otherworld) $6.99
Ikezawa, Satomi Othello Volume 2 (Yaya Higuchi and her alternate personality Nana struggle against people who make fun of her) $10.95
Jones, Terry Terry Jones's War on the War on Terror (Humorous essays on the post_9/11 world from one of the creators of Monty Python) $12.95
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Seize the Night (Dark_Hunter Valerius Magnus must bridge a two_thousand year old feud to save beguiling vampire hunter Tabitha Devereaux, twin of his mortal enemy's wife) $6.99
King, Stephen The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla (Roland and his companions must face the evil wolves of Thunderclap to continue their quest to the Dark Tower) $18.95
Kurtz, Katherine In the King's Service (First in all_new Deryni trilogy taking place before King Kelson's birth when the magical Deryni blood was sought by the most powerful men and women in the kingdom of Gwynedd) $7.99
Laws, Robin D. Honour of the Grave (Angelika Fleischer ekes out a living by looting the bloody battlefields as the Empire's mighty armies clash with the rampaging hoards of evil) $6.99
Laws, Stephen Fear Me (A vampire goes for revenge against 3 women who tried to kill him) $6.99
Lee, Rachel Shadows of Myth (Archer and his companions try to track down bandits who are actually cunning assassin mages banded together through a hivelike mental connection) $13.95
Long, Nathan Valnir's Bane (The Black Hearts, a band of convicts given a choice of attempting a suicide mission or the noose, venture deep into enemy territory to recover an important artifact) $6.99
Mack, David Star Trek: S.C.E. #5: Wildfire (Captain Gold and the S.C.E. team must retrieve the deadly Wildfire device from the atmosphere of a gas giant before it explodes, destroying a planet and an entire civilization) $6.99
Maxwell, Katie Got Fangs? (Teen fiction about the girlfriend of a vampire) $5.99
McCaffery, Anne & Todd Dragon's Kin (Swashbuckling archaeologist Lara Croft takes on an ancient android at the center of a centuries_old war) $6.99
McDonald, Steven E. Andromeda: Waystation (TV tie-in) $6.99
McGough, Scott Heretic Betrayers of Kamigawa (Kamigawa Cycle Book 2: Now in the employ of Princess Michiko, Toshi Umezawa tries to honor his commitments while pursuing his own ends) $6.99
Meluch, R.M. The Myriad (The captain and crew of the Merrimack, most powerful spaceship in Earth's fleet, face the dangers of the Palatine Empire, the Hive, and the colonized worlds of the Myriad) $23.95
Merrett, Alan The Horus Heresy Vol. II: Visions of Darkness (The prehistory of the Warhammer 40,000 in a volume full of art work and apocalyptic text) $29.99
Metzger, Robert A. Cusp (In 2051, an enigmatic entity has its own plan for human evolution, using the supercomputer known as CUSP, the first machine designed to run on the software of the human mind) $24.95
Miller, Keith The Book of Flying (In a world where some can fly and some cannot, flightless Pico sets out on a journey to find the mythical Morning Town, where the flightless may gain their wings) $14.00
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. The Ethos Effect (Promoted and retired while unconscious, Cmdr. Van C. Albert of the Republic Space Force of Taran battles intergalactic forces) $7.99
Nicholls, Stan The Covenant Rising (Reeth Caldason, one of the last members of a murdered race of warriors, seeks to break a magical spell that binds him, and teams up with a sorcerer's apprentice to help him) $14.95
Paine, Michael Steel Ghosts (Tom Krivener returns to his PA home to revitalize a steel mill, and discovers that while the living have deserted the plant, there are supernatural forces still burning inside) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry The Art of Discworld (Illustrated journey through the Discworld art of Paul Kidby with written commentary by Pratchett) $29.95
Reed, Robert Sister Alice (Far future novel; Sister Alice is part of a super race and a catastrophic experiment; her son, Ord, must make amends) $7.99
Reynolds, Alastair Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (Two novellas of interstellar exploration set in the universe of Reynolds's award_winning Revelation Space trilogy) $22.95
Robson, Justina Natural History (In a far future where man has conquered ecology on many planets, an interstellar voyager collides with alien technology which threatens humanity) $13.00
Saberhagen, Fred Berserker Prime (Berserkers are threatening the Twin Worlds and only the Huveans can save the population from annihilation) $6.99
Saberhagen, Fred Rogue Berserker (Harry Silver's family has been kidnapped, and he faces a rogue berserker in his attempt to rescue them) $22.00
Sarrantonio, Al Haydn of Mars (On distant future Mars, a young princess tries from exile to save her beloved republic from her arch_enemy who seeks to make herself Queen) $6.50
Shan, Darren Trials of Death (Cirque Du Freak #5) $5.99
Shirley, John Constantine (Amoral occultist John Constantine must solve the murder of a policewoman's twin sister while the forces of Hell conspire to claim his immortal soul) $6.99
Simpson, Patricia The Dark Lord (A woman releases the Devil Typhon by looking at a forbidden tarot card & her sister must try to defeat the Dark Lord before he destroys the world) $6.99
Spurrier, Simon Strontium Dog #2: Prophet Margin (Johnny Alpha, mutant bounty hunter, is on the trail of evil crimelord Mister Grinn, who has turned himself into a religious cult figure and has a following of thousands) $6.99
Sterling, Cheryl What Do You Say to a Naked Elf? (Jane Drysdale's ordinary life is changed when her reckless driving catapults her into a fantasy world of sexually repressed elves and dangerous dwarves) $5.99
Sturgeon, Theodore The Man Who Last the Sea (Volume X of the complete stories of Theodore Sturgeon) $35.00
Swallow, James Blood Angels: Deus Encarmine (Warhammer 40,000) $6.99
Tepper, Sheri S. The True Game (The True Game Trilogy, which launched Tepper's career) $15.95
Thompson, P./Cook, T. A Hero's Justice: The Ergoth Trilogy, Vol. III (Dragonlance) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry Homeward Bound (Conclusion to the saga begun from the Worldwar and Colonization series: Humans have arrived in a faster-than-light ship and battle with aliens over the Earth) $26.95
Turtledove/Greenberg-ed. Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century (Collection) $17.95
Waggoner, Tim Like Death (A writer investigating the disappearance of a young girl finds an impossible world of darkness and evil where the line between the living and the dead is blurred) $6.99
Walton, Jo Tooth And Claw (Fantasy in which world is populated by dragons. Five siblings deal with death of father) $6.99
Weber, David Bolo! (Four short novels about the Bolos _ gigantic robot tanks whose mission is to assist humans and protect them throughout the galaxy) $25.00
Wilson, John The Official Razzie Movie Guide (A hilarious guide to the worst movies ever made) $13.95
Woodall, Clive One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (The black_feathered magpies have slaughtered into extinction countless species in Birddom, and Kirrick, a lone robin, goes on a quest to rally those who would save Birddom) $23.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Midnight Harvest (To escape the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, Saint_Germaine travels to San Francisco, where an assassin has followed him, and his next target could be Rowena) $6.99
Yep, Laurence Tiger's Blood (Book 2 of the Tiger's Apprentice Trilogy: Mr Hu & his band of friends must flee to the underwater dragon kingdom to protect the phoenix egg) $15.99
Yep, Lawrence The Tiger's Apprentice (Tom Lee's life changes forever when he meets Mr. Hu, a talking tiger, and learns that he is the latest in a long line of magical guardians) $5.99
York, Rebecca Crimson Moon (Needing a fresh start, a young werewolf heads west & changes his identity, where he meets a woman of many secrets who is in great jeopardy) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy Dragon and Soldier (Sequel to Dragon and Thief : A dragon and his symbiotic human host seek to revenge themselves on those who have betrayed them) $5.99
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars: Survivor's Quest (Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker come face to face with a shocking past on a mission to salvage a piece of Jedi history) $6.99


Decker, Jesse Complete Adventurer: A Hero Series Supplement (Sourcebook for any D & D character looking to build adventuring skills) $29.95
de Lint, Charles Trader (Reprint; Modest guitar maker Leonard Trader wakes up in the body of a friendless drunk and journeys to an otherworld of dreams where he must confront his fears to regain his own life) $14.95
Douglass, Sara The Wounded Hawk (The Crucible Series Book 2: The plague has returned and Thomas Neville discovers that minions of the devil are scattered through Europe and he must discover their identity) $27.95
Goodkind, Terry Chainfire (Final volume of the series; after being gravely injured in battle, Richard awakes to discover Kahlan missing and no one believes she even existed _ alone he must find her) $29.95
Lackey, Mercedes Burning Water (Reprint; a sexy witch and a police detective who sees more than mortal man team up to battle a revived Aztec god) $14.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr. Ordermaster (Saga of Recluce #13: Kharl is called upon to return to his homeland as an envoy, and discovers his old nemesis Egen is hatching a plot to take over Nordla) $27.95
Sabin, E. Rose When the Beast Ravens (Conclusion to the Trilogy: It has been a full year since Gray Becq escaped from the Dire Realm, and he discovers that he may have brought a demon with him) $23.95
Scalzi, John Old Man's War (On his 75th birthday, John Perry joins the Colonial Defense Force, who will only take people of retirement age because of their life knowledge to fight aliens and defend Earth) $23.95
Tarr, Judith Queen of the Amazons (Alexander the Great travels to Persia and the Queen of the Amazons is brought by her Goddess into the court of the great conqueror of the west) $13.95
Watts, Peter Behemoth: Seppuku (Conclusion to the Rifters trilogy: Lenie Clake returns from self_imposed exile to fight the Behemoth she created which has loosed destruction on the world) $25.95
Wolfe, Gene The Knight (A teenage boy passes into another realm and is given a man's body and sets off to find his destined sword and become a knight, facing danger and adventure on his quest) $14.95


Anthony, Piers Phaze Doubt (Phaze and Proton face a new threat from an invading force and the fate of the two planets is in the hands of two children with magical powers) $6.99
Ashley, Amanda Night's Kiss (Vampire Roshan DeLongpre travels back in time to save a beautiful woman from witch burning, and in the present one whose dark magic is strong wishes to steal their powers) $6.50
Askegren, Pierce Human Resource: Inconstant Moon #1 (EnTek Corporation Site Coordinator Erik Morrison simply wants to earn enough to return to Earth, until he discovers a shocking revelation that some want kept secret; PBO) $6.99
Baker, Keith The City of Towers (The Dreaming Dark Book 1: Four soldiers come to Sharn, the City of Towers, and when people start turning up dead in a time of peace, they find themselves in an adventure) $6.99
Benford, Greg Furious Gulf (Trying to escape from the mechs, the last humans from the planet Snowglade escape in their ancient starship and unrest among the crew threatens their survival) $6.99
Berg, Carol The Soul Weaver (The Bridge of D'Arnath Book 3: Gerick flees and takes refuge in a magical realm of outcasts where he will discover how to use his magical talent to save his people) $7.99
Blaylock, James P. Thirteen Phantasms and Other Stories (Collection of short stories by Blaylock) $6.99
Bova, Ben The Silent War (Corporations go to war over the resources of the Asteroid Belt and the lives of millions hang in the balance) $7.99
Cash, Steve The Meq (In 1879, a boy is born to an immortal race who lives secretly among humans on Earth, and searches for his soul mate through the decades) $13.95
Cherryh, C.J. Destroyer (Foreigner Series #7: The survivors of a lost spacecraft crash land on a planet inhabited by a hostile, sentient race) $24.95
Cherryh, C.J. Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryh (Short stories by Cherryh) $15.95
CLAMP Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicle Volume 4 (Japanese graphic novel) $10.95
CLAMP xxxHOLIC Volume 4 (Japanese graphic novel) $10.95
Davidson, MaryJanice The Royal Treatment (Alternate history romance where Russia never sold Alaska to the U.S. & the eccentric royal family there seeks a bride for the Crown Prince) $6.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Travel Adventures (Omnibus of three Garfield books) $10.95
Davis, Jim Garfield: Older and Wiser (New collection of Garfield cartoons) $10.95
Dietz, William C McCade on the Run (The final two Sam McCade adventures, Alien Bounty and McCade's Bounty , in one volume) $14.00
Farland, David The Lair of Bones (Book 4 of The Runelords: Final confrontation occurs between the supernatural creature Raj Ahten has become and the One True Master) $7.99
Feehan, Christine Dark Secret (Paranormal romance) $7.99
Fisher, Jude The Rose of the World (Fool's Gold Trilogy #3: In a struggle to break free from a renegade magician, the three temoermental gods will change the world and affect the fates of their people) $23.95
George, David R. III/DeCandido, Keith R. A. Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Vol. 3 (Tells of the empire that almost defeated the Federation, and a coup d'etat on Quark's homeworld) $6.99
Gibson, William Pattern Recognition (Set in the post_9/11 present, the story of one woman's never_ending search for the now) $7.99
Greeley, Andrew M.-ed. Emerald Magic (Collection of short stories of Irish fantasy) $6.99
Green, Simon R. Deathstalker Coda (Owen Deathstalker has returned to save the Empire from the mysterious entity knwon as the Terror) $23.95
Green, Simon R. Deathstalker Return (Branded an outlaw and hunted by agents of the Empire, Lewis Deathstalker must stop the encroaching Terror that threatens all of humanity) $7.99
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Stroke of Midnight (As Meredith Gentry faces new and ominous enemies, her dark, erotic encounters grow ever stronger and threaten to consume her) $23.95
Hamilton, Peter F. Pandora's Star (Set in the 24th century, epic novel of a human_extraterrestrial war engineered by an unknown omniscient being) $7.99
Handeland, Lori Hunter's Moon (Leigh Tyler, who has dedicated her life to hunting werewolves, is called to a small town in Wisconsin to investigate the mystery behind handsome bartender Damien Fitzgerald) $6.99
Harper, Tara K. Wolf in Night (7th in the series: Disturbed by the sense of death along the cliffs of Ariye, the wolves reach out to Nori who fights spies and assassins to save the wolves) $6.99
Harrison, Kim The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (To save herself and her vampire roommate, former bounty hunter Rachel Morgan must confront an ancient, impacable evil _ the Vampire Master) $6.99
Herbert, Mary H. Return of the Exile (The Linsha Trilogy #3: Linsha is captured by the Tarmak, but strives to keep her vow to save the last of the dragon eggs and save Southern Ansalon from the forces of darkness) $6.99
Kearney, Susan The Challenge (Secret Service agent Tessa Camen is shot protecting the President, and wakes up in the distant future, where she has been brought to face a challenge to save the Earth) $6.99
Keene, Brian Terminal (One self_professed loser's bungled plan to leave his family a fortune leads him to an amazing discovery that will either get him what he wants or leave him totally hopeless) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Gellis, Roberta This Scepter'd Isle (In 16th century England, the evil Unseleighe are determined to murder young Elizabeth to prevent her from taking the throne, and Denoriel of Elfland tries to protect her) $7.99
Le Guin, Ursula K. A Fisherman of the Inland Sea (Reissue collection of 8 short stories) $12.95
Le Guin, Ursula K. The Compass Rose (Reissue of collection of 20 short stories) $13.95
Le Guin, Ursula K. Unlocking the Air (Reissue of collection of 18 short stories) $12.95
Lee, Edward Flesh Gothic (13 People are butchered by a supernatural force and now 5 more are entering the house to find the reason, facing unspeakable horrors) $6.99
Lerner, Edward M. Moonstruck (Aliens have arrived on Earth professing friendship, but Kyle Gustafson suspects they are trying to get the Earth to wipe itself out and has to find his way out of the crisis) $24.00
Lindskold, Jane The Buried Pyramid (Several parties, including immortals, fight over the contents of the legendary Buried Pyramid) $7.99
Lovecraft, H.P. Tales (Collection of stories of the strange and fantastic from the visionary master of cosmic horror) $35.00
Luceno, James Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil (Obi_Wan and Anakin search for the evil Sith Lord Darth Sideous and are caught in a web of lies that leads them into the opening sequence of the movie that releases in May 2005) $25.95
MacAlister, Katie Sex, Lies, and Vampires (Nell Harris (3) lifts a centuries old curse from a saxy vampire, and is pursued by a demon lord who wants to destroy her) $6.99
McCaffrey, Todd Dragonsblood (The dragons of Pern are dying and to save them one woman must make the ultimate sacrifice. Introduction by Anne McCaffrey) $24.95
McKillip, Patricia A. Alphabet of Thorn (Story of a world where an orphan girl is haunted by thorns, a queen rules between sea and sky, and epics never end) $14.00
McMullen, Sean Glass Dragons (Moonworlds Saga Book 2: Laron, Velander, and Terikel investigate a terrible magic which threatens to fall into the wrong hands) $7.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau The Catsworld Portal (Reprint; with the help of a human artist, a shapeshifter must return to a mystical land to battle for her people's liberation) $6.99
Norton, Andre/Rabe, Jean-ed. Renaissance Faire (Collection of fantasy tales) $6.99
Osborne_McKnight, Juilene Bright Sword of Ireland (Young Finnabair rebels when she realizes that her mother's schemes for power have caused pain and shame to her people) $6.99
Owens, Robin D. Guardian of Honor (Lawyer Alexa Fitzwalter is swept from our world into the mystic land of Llandrana, where she learns to control newfound powers as she tries to save the leand from the Dark) $13.95
Pardoe, Blaine Lee Mechwarrior:Dark Age 14:Target of Opportunity (Game tie-in) $6.99
Pavlou, Stel Decipher (A signal from deep within Antarctica reveals secrets which threaten to destroy the Earth in one week) $6.99
Prior, Natalie Jane Lily Quench and the Search for King Dragon (#7: Lily Quench helps Queen Dragon search through the Eye in Time for her husband) $4.99
Ringo, John Against the Tide (Sequel to Emerald Sea : Edmund Talbot and his brilliant engineer assemble a formidable force with new technologies to fight the facist forces of New Destiny) $25.00
Rioux, Terry Lee From Sawdust to Stardust (Biography of DeForest Kelley, best know as Dr. McCoy on Star Trek) $14.00
Saberhagen, Fred Berserker Death (3-in-1 omnibus: The Berserker Wars , Berserker Blue Death , and Berserker Kill ) $25.00
Smedman, Lisa Extinction (War of the Spider Queen Book 4: Halisstra and Ryld discover a world where life has value but in an effort to survive may lose everything it means to be a dark elf) $6.99
Smith, Mitchell Moonrise (Conclusion to the trilogy: Bajazet, only surviving member of the Royal Family, finds himself a pawn in a games of politics and conquest being played by twisted scientists) $7.99
Swainston, Steph Year of Our War (Hordes of giant insects have plagued the land for centuries, and only Jant has the power to stop them, if he can control a secret addiction) $13.95
Thomas, Sherlee-ed. Dark Matter: Reading the Bones (Collection of speculative fiction from the African diaspora) $14.95
Thompson, Alice Pharos (The ghost of a slave girl haunts a lighthouse island which seems to be ruled by supernatural forces) $12.00
Thomson, Amy Storyteller (Storytelling Teller is telepathically bonded to a great sea_beast and travels Thalassa's oceans until a young apprentice discovers her secret and both their lives are changed) $7.99
Watson, Jules The White Mare (In 79 AD, the tribes of Scotland hold out to Roman conquest and an exiled Irish prince arrives to unite the feuding tribes of his adopted country) $24.95
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Dragonlance Tales #1: The Magic of Krynn (Collection of nine short stories and one novella by Weis and Hickman) $6.99
Weisskopf, T.K.F. Cosmic Tales: Adventures in Far Futures (Collection of stories of interstellar voyagers confronting the infinite) $6.99
Westerfeld, Scott The Killing of Worlds (The Rix, machine_augmented humans, fight to replace the Emperor of the 80 worlds, and the only one who can stop them is Captain Laurent Zai of the Imperial Frigate Lynx; sequel to The Risen Empire ) $7.99
White, Steve Forge of the Titans (Derek Secrest and a handful of telepaths join forces with ancient gods to battle the titans who were driven off millenia ago and have returned to reclaim the Earth) $7.99
Wilkins, Kim The Autumn Castle (In Berlin, Christine Starlight's life is rocked by the return of a missing childhood friend who now lives in a world of magic, and a cruel and evil man hunts them both) $24.95
Williams, Lynda/Sinclair, Alison Throne Prince (In the far reaches of space two cultures are on the brink of war, and Erien and Amel race their rel_ships to prevent the unthinkable) $13.95
Williams, Sean/Dix, Shane Geodesica Ascent (PBO: In 2388, the Arc Systems chafe under the tight control of AIs, until the discovery of a vast hyperspatial labyrinth changes everything) $7.99


Baily, Len Clabbernappers (When the queen is kidnapped, King Krystal of Elidor summons a hero from the dream machine who turns out to be an 11_year old boy from Oklahoma who tries to save the queen) $17.95
Baker, Kage The Graveyard Game (Reprint fourth volume of the Company series: Cyborgs Lewis and Joseph go to 1996 San Francisco looking for a fellow cyborg who was banished, and find some fishy dealings of the Company) $14.95
Banks, L.A. The Bitten (Vampire Huntress Legend Book 4: A Master vampire steals one of the keys that opens the 6th seal as foretold in Revelations and Damali and Carlos try to get it back) $14.95
Bonny, Edward/Stout, Travis Ancient Empires (Sourcebook unearthing the ruins and secrets of the fallen empires of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting) $29.95
Coe, David B. Bonds of Vengeance (Book 3 of Winds of the Forelands: As war between the Qirsi people and the Eandi rulers escalates, one Qirsi tries to avert war with the help of his sister and King Kearney) $24.95
Dart_Thonton, Cecilia The Iron Tree (Jarred, who grew up with the desert people, comes to manhood and goes on a quest to find his father, coming upon a land teeming with magic) $24.95
Doctorow, Cory Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (A middle_aged entrepreneur in Toronto moves in next to a woman with wings, discovers that his dead brother has returned bent on revenge, while odd and strange things happen) $24.95
Dozois, Gardner ed Best of the Best (Collection of the best science fiction writings of two decades of The Year's Best Science Fiction) $19.95
Erikson, Steven Deadhouse Gates (Book 2 of Malazan Book of the Fallen: The seer Sha'ik and her followers prepare for the long_prophesied uprising known as the Whirlwind which will embroil the Malazan Empire) $25.95
Kaye, Marvin-ed. The Dragon Quintet (Collection of 5 new novellas featuring dragons) $13.95
Reed, Robert The Well of Stars (Sequel to Marrow : Upon pluging into a giant nebula, the ship makes contact with a being who intends destroy the ship & all its inhabitants) $25.95
Silverberg, Robert-ed. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 1, 1929_1964 (Collection of the greatest SF stories as selected by Silverberg) $17.95

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