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Newsletter #66 June - August, 2004


Doctor Who: Empire of Death (Fifth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Fear of the Dark (Fifth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Halflife (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Heritage (Seventh Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: The Infinity Race (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Reckless Engineering (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka (Novelization of animated adventure) $6.95
Doctor Who: Sometime Never . . . (Eighth Doctor) $6.95
Bailey, Robin Wayne Dragonkin, Book 1 (Mankind is taking over from the dragons, who must seek a new homeland, and three young dragons go on a quest to find it) $6.99
Bailey, Robin Wayne Dragonkin Book Two: Talisman (War continues, threatening by men and dragons) $14.95
Baxter, Stephen The Hunters of Pangaea (NESFA Press hc, 18 stories + 5 essays) $25.00
Cadigan, Pat-ed. The Ultimate Cyberpunk (Anthology of stories from authors through the years in the Cyberpunk world) $7.99
Campbell, Bill Sunshine Patriots (Angry military sf set about 250 years in the future) $17.95
Dannenfelser, Randy M. The Deceiving Eye: The Art of Richard Hescox (Mainly examples of sf and fantasy art, with some text) $29.95
Elrod, P.N. Red Death (In 1773, a young man in London is seduced by a beautiful vampire and doesn't realize he has changed until he returns to America to fight and discovers a taste for blood) $14.95
Faller, F.W. Lonama's Map (Thieves steal Lonama's Map, entering a time portal that leads then to an age where the legends of their schooling are a way of life) $17.95
Flynn, Tom Nothing Sacred (sequel to Galactic Rapture ; complex plotting, searing black humor, colorful characters, penetrating examination of religious and philosophical issues, signed copies available) $20.00
Gilden, Mel Surfing Samurai Robots (When someone decides to trash all the surfing robots days before the biggest surfing contest of the year, Zoot Marlowe, four_foot P.I., is the only one willing to investigate) $6.99
Haber/Strahan eds Science Fiction: The Best of 2003 (Collection of the best science fiction prose of 2003) $7.99
Harris, Charlaine Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse (4), a Southern cocktail waitress with a supernatural gift, works with vampire Bill to solve crimes in the vampire world) $19.95
Hjortsberg, William Odd Corners (Collection of two novellas and two new stories set in a cyberworld of the future) $15.00
Hopkins, John Shrek: From the Swamp to the Screen (Chronicles the making of the two hit animated features) $29.95
Irish, Lora S. Great Book of Dragon Patterns (Complete guide to creating dragons in any art form) $19.95
Irish, Lora S. Great Book of Fairy Patterns (Complete guide to creating fairies in any art form) $19.95
Irvine, Alexander C. Have Robot, Will Travel (A new Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery) $21.95
Kupfer, Professor Allen Conrad The Journal of Professor Abraham Van Helsing (The journals of the greatest vampire hunter of all time) $19.95
Lansdale, Joe R. Bumper Crop (26 of Lansdale's favorite and most violent horror tales) $24.95
Lichtenberg, Jacqueline Dreamspy (Companion to Those of My Blood : As war threatens the space_time continuum, a Teleod telepath working for the Metaji is the only one capable of bringing peace) $14.95
Lorrah, Jean Savage Empire: Dark Moon Rising (Savage Empire Book 1) $19.95
Lyons, Steve The Micronauts Book 3 (Baron Karza has detected something wrong with time _ it isn't flowing as it should and is beginning to fray around the edges) $6.99
Marley, Louise The Child Goddess (Priest and anthropologist Isabel Burke is called to the planet Virimund to investigate children who do not age who are being exploited by a business wanting their secret) $23.95
Martin, George R.R. ed Wild Cards 2: Aces High (From the far reaches of space comes the Swarm that could destroy the planet, and Aces and Jokers must put away their mistrust and band together to stop it) $7.99
McKiernan, Dennis L. Red Slippers (Collection of short stories set in the realm of Mithgar) $23.95
Moore, Elaine Dark Desire: A Vampire Novel (Victoria MacKay is seduced by a vampire in 16th century Scotland, and for 3 centuries she is pursued by her seducer $6.99
Myers, John Myers Silverlock (NESFA Press hc reprint of the classic fantasy novel, with 165 pages of supplemental material, most originally published as The Silverlock Companion ) $26.00
Noonan, David Complete Divine (A player's guide to Divine Magic for all classes) $29.95
Preiss, Brian ed Weird Heroes (Classic collection of stories with strange heroes by some of fantasy and science fictions best creators) $6.99
Rickman, Gregg-ed. The Science Fiction Film Reader (collection of essays on science fiction films, about 1/4 new for this collection, others going back to 1907) $22.95
Schultz, Mark Justice League of America: The Flash (Fourth novel based on the Justice League of America series) $6.99
Springer, Nancy ed Prom Night (Collection of 22 Sf & fantasy stories revolving around prom night) $6.99
Straczynski, J. Michael Straczynski Unplugged (Collection of fantasy stories from the 1980s and 1990s by the creator of Babylon 5) $11.95
Stross, Charles The Atrocity Archives (In 1945, a Nazi officer discovers a gate to an alternate universe through which the SS moves people and material to live and fight another day) $24.95
Vance, Jack To Live Forever (Reissue: Garven Waylock wants to rejoin the ranks of those who live forever, and falls in love with a girl who knows too much about him to live) $12.00
Vandermeer, Jeff Secret Life (Collection of 23 stories by Vandermeer) $24.95
Verne, Jules Around the World in Eighty Days (Reissue of the classic translated and with notes by Michael Glencross and introduction by Brian Aldiss) $10.00
Watson, Ian Yaleen (Only women are allowed in the river, and men go mad when they do, until the brother of river_woman Yaleen discovers a way to cross, starting a battle that could end the world) $19.95
Wentworth, K.D. House of Moons (Sequel to Moonspeaker : Unknown to Haemas, the evil Lord Chee has devised a scheme to wrest control of the Timeways, and only she can stop him) $6.99
What, Leslie Olympic Games (Set in the 20th century, the spoiled and vain Hera, yearning for a family, pursues macho Zeus who has immersed himself in wine, woman and song) $14.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn In the Face of Death (During the Civil War, vampire Madelaine de Montalia studies the native tribes of America and falls in love with William T. Sherman while struggling with her dark nature) $14.95
Zelazny, Roger The Doors of His Face, Tha Lamps of His Mouth (Reprint; collection of strange and beautiful stories by the late Roger Zelazny) $7.99


Abe, Shana The Last Mermaid (Fantasy in which a mermaid makes a fateful bargain with a fisherman) $6.50
Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales (Collection of 47 tales with an afterword by Joanne Greenberg) $5.95
Anderson, Kevin J. A Forest of Stars (Saga of Seven Suns Book 2: Five years have passed since war with the hydrogues began and the humans may have found the ally they need) $6.99
Ash, Sarah Lord of Snow and Shadows (Conclusion to the Second Sons Trilogy: Dirk Provin is marked as a traitor and must find a way to expose the truth before his enemies can consume him) $7.50
Asimov, Isaac Foundation , Foundation and Empire , Second Foundation (Reissue of the classics in hardcover) $24.00 each
Asimov, Isaac I, Robot (Reissue of the classic in hardcover; unabridged cassettes $25.00, unabridged CDs $27.50) $24.00
Bakker, R. Scott The Darkness that Comes Before (In a world scarred by an apocalyptic past, 2 men and 2 women are ensnared by a mysterious traveler as thousands gather for a crusade) $25.95
Banker, Askok K. Siege of Mithila (The Ramayana Book 2: Rama vies for the hand of the enchanting Sita when he journeys to Mithila to stand against the demon hoards) $24.95
Barnes, Steven Star Wars: The Cestus Deception (Obi_Wan Kenobi is sent to the planet Ord Cestus where fearsome battle droids are being made, and will use any means necessary to keep them out of enemy hands; abridged cassettes $25.00) $25.95
Beagle, Peter S. Tamsin (After moving to England with her parents, Jenny is bored until she meets a ghost who has haunted the house for years) $6.99
Bear, Greg Darwin's Children (Chronicle of humankind's next step in evolution, sequel to Darwin's Radio ) $7.50
Bear, Greg Dead Lines (In the near future, strange things are happening to users of a new bandwaidt, which may be the pathway to where people go after they die) $24.95
Bell, Hilari Goblin Wood (In a world where all magic is forbidden, Makenna chooses to fight the cruel decree, allying herself with goblins to protect their wood from invaders) $6.99
Berberick, Nancy Varian Prisoner of Haven (Latest title in the Age of Mortals Series: Describes events that directly overlap events during the War of Souls) $6.99
Birmingham, John The Axis of Time: Weapons of Choice (In May 1942, a multinational task force from the year 2021 materializes in the midst of American ships carrying weapons from the future that could change the course of WWII) $15.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer/Ross, Deborah J. Zandru's Forge (Clingfire Trilogy Volume 2: A legendary friendship is forged between king and keeper which will lead to a new destiny for Darkover) $7.99
Cadigan, Pat The Twilight Zone #2: Sensuous Cindy/Upgrade (Two novelizations from the New Line television series) $7.99
Cherryh, C.J. Forge of Heaven (Gene Wars #2: On Concord, an unexpected ship from Earth disrupts the uneasy truce between human and alien and the consequences could restart the Gene Wars) $24.95
Counter, Ben Grey Knights (The Grey Knights are called in to stem a huge daemonic infestation that has the Inquisitors stumped) $7.99
Cushman, Doug Space Cat (YA: When Space Cat's rocket ship is forced to land on a strange planet, she must find more fuel to get home) $15.99
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri eds The Faery Reel (Collection of tales from the world of Faery) $19.99
David, Jim In Dog Years I'd be Dead (Celebration of 25 years of Garfield cartoons) $19.95
de Lint, Charles Waifs and Strays (Collection of stories about teenagers by de Lint) $7.99
Drake, David Grimmer Than Hell (Collection of stories of future history by Drake) $7.99
Drake, Emily The Gragon Guard (The Magickers #3: As the Magickers seek the third Gate into Haven, the elder members are being stricken by a strange ailment that drains their power and ages them) $6.99
Elrod, P.N. Death Masque (Jonathan Barrett returns to London to search for the woman who made him a vampire and discovers secrets about his family & a plot against him) $14.95
Forberck, Matt Secret of the Spiritkeeper (YA: A group of young companions, through their heroic deeds, become members of the Knights of the Silver Dragon) $5.99
Gascoigne, Mark/Dunn, Christian-ed. Swords of the Empire (Collection of short stories from the Warhammer world including a new Storm of Chaos novella) $6.99
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W. Michael People of the Owl (In a vast trading empire in prehistoric Louisiana, noble warrior and shaman Salamander leads the People of the Owl, inspiring their dreams and leading them to truth) $7.99
Golden, Christopher Justice League of America: Exterminators (The Justice league faces unspeakable danger as a menace from one of their earliest missions resurfaces) $6.99
Goodkind, Terry Naked Empire (Richard Rahl has been poisoned and the empire is crumbling before invading hordes _ the antidote comes at a terrible price) $7.99
Grand, Jim Operation Medusa (In Arizona, UN Intelligence Inspector Harold Collins must find a way to stop an entity of ancient myth awoken when locals venture into a newly discovered cavern) $6.99
Greenberg/Potter eds Sirius: The Dog Star (16 tales) $6.99
Greenwood, Ed The Dragon's Doom (The priests of the Serpent, thought slain, regroup and unleash a plague against the people of Aglirta and its rightful heir) $6.99
Hand, Elizabeth Catwoman (Novelization of the Warner Brothers movie starring Halle Berry) $6.99
Hartwell/Cramer eds The Year's Best SF 9 (Collection of 2003's best fiction short stories) $7.99
Hearn, Lian Brilliance of the Moon (Tales of the Otori Book 3: Story which takes the reader deeper into the complexities of the loyalties that bind Takeo and Kaede) $24.95
Hearn, Lian Grass for His Pillow (Tales of the Otori #2: Set in medieval Japan, a land of harsh beauty, deceptive appearances, mysterious landscapes & the supernatural) $14.00
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki A Fistful of Sky (Gypsum LaZelle, child in a family of witches and warlocks, has no powers of her own until she wakes from a fever and discovers she does have a strange and frightening power) $6.99
Hogan, James Kicking the Sacred Cow (Non_fiction, exploring science's hidebound pronouncements and dogma_laden subjects from Darwinism to the cause of AIDS to the controversy over Velikovsky) $24.00
Hunter, Erin Warriors #2: Fire and Ice (Young hero Fireheart grapples with accidents, winter, and the revelation that one of ThunderClas's own will betray them) $5.99
Jowett, Simon Judge Dredd #3: Black Atlantic (Judge Dredd boards a Cityship full of refugees and mutants, and fights a bio_weapon cutting a swath through the ship's population) $6.99
Kelleher, Anne Silver's Edge (Three women stand against the encroaching evil of goblin hordes waiting to overrun the kingdoms of the Otherworld of the Sidhe and the mortal world of the Shadowlands) $13.95
Kemp, Paul S. Dawn of Night (Erevis Cale Trilogy Book 2: Story centering on the key character from the Shadow's Witness) $6.99
Klasky, Mindy L. The Glasswrights's Master (Conclusion to the Glasswright series: Rani confronts her past and begins to regret everything she has sacrificed in her quest to become a Glasswright master) $6.99
Knight, Angela Jane's Warlord (Crime reporter Jane Colby is the next target of a time traveling killer and needs the help of a warlord sent from the future to protect her) $6.99
Kushner, Ellen Thomas the Rhymer (Lyrical story of an extraordinary young harper on a mythic journey) $6.99
Langrish, Katherine Troll Fell (After his father's death, a young boy must go to the grim and eerie Troll Fell, where he meets a new friend & together they embark on a dangerous quest) $15.99
Lupoff, Pat and Dick eds Best of Xero (A selection of the best essays from the legendary fanzine Xero) $29.95
MacLeod, Ian R. Breathmoss and Other Exhalations (Collection of short fiction combining fantasy, science fiction and horror in vivid settings) $24.95
McCormack, Una/Jarman, Heather Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume 1 (Some of the Star Trek's most important planets seen through the eyes of the characters tied to them; PBO) $6.99
McKillip, Patricia In the Forests of Serre (A witch can hide her house of bones and a prince can bargain with his heart in a forest where nothing is as it seems) $14.00
Micklem, Sarah Firethorn (Firethorn can no longer accept her life as a drudge after a god bestows uncanny abilities upon her; joins a vast encampment where an army readies for war) $25.00
Milan, Victor Mech Warrior: Dark Age (Clan Jade Falcon returns to destroy the Steel Wolves once and for all, but their true goal is Skye, capital of the Republic) $6.99
Mills, Pat/Mitchell, Alan ABC Warriors #1: The Medusa War (Robots fight in the Medusa War, led by humans behind the lines, and when rebellion crosses the battlefield the robots must choose sides or die) $6.99
Moench, Doug The Forensic Files of Batman (Collection of stories featuring the forensic detecting skills of Batman) $22.95
Morehouse, Lyda Apocalypse Array (Amariah McMannus, daughter of a legend in the cybernetic community and the Archangel Michael, may be the next messiah as the Antichrist is about to get married to Satan; signing at Uncle Hugo's Saturday June 5) $6.99
Newcomb, Robert The Gates of Dawn (Sequel to The Fifth Sorceress in an epic saga of wizardry and warfare) $7.99
Newcomb, Robert The Scrolls of the Ancients (Chronicles of Blood and Stone Book 3: To put and end to the horrors in Eutracia, Prince Tristans and companions must find the Scrolls of the Ancients) $26.95
Niles, Douglas/Dobson, Michael Fox at the Front (Alternate history of WWII where the bomb plot against Hitler was successful) $7.99
Norton, Andre Darkness and Dawn (Fors is driven from his clan for being a mutant, and travels to the forbidden north to regain knowledge lost in the final war which destroyed civilization) $7.99
Oppel, Kenneth Airborn (In the early 20th century, a fatherless young cabin boy on an airship in a world of pirates and shipwrecks has life_and_death adventures) $16.99
Pasko, Martin The Superman Story (Life story of the Man of Steele in one volume) $5.99
Paxson, Diana L. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ancestors of Avalon (Novel which reveals for the first time the rich past of Avalon and two powerful women whose destinies will shape the fate of their descendants) $25.95
Piccirilli, Tom A Choir of Ill Children (Atmospheric tale of murder and redemption in the Deep South) $5.99
Pinkwater, Daniel Looking for Bobowicz (Nick Itch and two friends set out to find the legendary Arthur Bobowicz & his 266_pound chicken, encountering adventures on the way) $15.99
Prachett, Terry A Hat Full of Sky (Tiffany Aching, witch and cheesemaker, is followed by an insidious presence that powerful witches cannot protect her from as she begins her apprenticeship) $16.99
Pratchett, Terry The Wee Free Men (Young potential witch Tiffany Aching takes on the darkest forces of Fairyland aided by a clan of small but fierce blue men) $6.99
Prior, Natalie Jane Lily Quench and the Lighthouse of Skellig Mor (Lily Quench (4) and Queen Dragon travel to the end of the earth to find people with power, but must get past the keeper of the lighthouse to get there) $4.99
Reynolds, Alastair Absolution Gap (Conclusion to the Revelation Space Trilogy: Clavain realizes that to beat the machines destroying human life, it may be necessary to form an alliance with something worse) $24.95
Reynolds, Alastair Redemption Ark (Sequel to Revelation Space : Humans have accidentally triggered alien machines designed to detect and destroy intelligent life) $7.99
Ringo, Jim/Williamson, Michael Z. The Hero (A deranged human who lives to deal death stalks an alien who cannot bear to kill in the Posleen War Universe) $24.00
Ro, Ronin Tales to Astonish (History of Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and the comic book revolution) $24.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley Forty Signs of Rain (As global warming becomes serious, Congress won't help and a new technology could provide an answer if the public good could be put above private gain) $25.00
Robinson, Spider Callahan's Con (A bar has opened in Key West, and Callahan's gang are enjoying themselves until the Mafia discovers them and offers them "protection") $6.99
Rodda, Emily Fairy Realm #6: The Unicorn (Jessie needs the help of unicorns to save the Realm and the human world) $8.99
Rosenberg, Joel Guardians of the Flame: Legacy (A real wizard enters the role_playing game of 7 college students and they are transported to a world where magic works and they fight their way to power, making enemies) $25.00
Rusell, Jay The Twilight Zone #1: The Pool Guy/Memphis (Two novelizations from the New Line television series) $7.99
Salvatore, R.A. The Lone Drow (Hunter's Blade Trilogy Book 2: Focuses on the character Drizzt Do'Urden) $7.99
Sarrantonio, Al ed Flights (Collection of new fantasy stories) $24.95
Sizemore, Susan I Thirst for You (Vampire Marcus Cage (2) escapes from a secret medical facility, finds a woman who he feels is his soulmate, but she escapes and unwittingly aids his enemies) $6.99
Stasheff, Christopher The Warlock's Last Ride (When the wife of the Lord High Warlock of Gramarye dies suddenly it leaves him unhinged by grief and the land without a protector) $5.99
Stirling, S. M. T2: The Future War (Conclusion to the Terminator Trilogy, based on the popular Terminator movies) $7.99
Thomas/Crossley_Holland Tales from the Mabinogion (A contemporary translation of the masterpiece of Celtic storytelling) $23.95
Vaz, Mark Cotta Caught in the Web (A lavishly illustrated behind_the_scenes tour of the second Spider_Man film) $19.95
Waggoner, Tim Temple of the Dragonslayer (Someone wants Nearra dead, and with several companions she begins a journey to an ancient temple where healing clerics may be able to save her) $5.99
Wein, Len The Untold Legend of Batman (The legend of Batman icnluding his origin and intial encounters with his vilest villains) $5.99
Weisskopf, T.K.F. ed Cosmic Tales: Adventures in Sol System (Collection of all_new stories of the conquest of the Solar System) $6.99
Wells, Martha The Wizard Hunters (The land of Ile_Rien is attacked by a mysterious army who can stop the magic of the wizards, and the only hope to defeat them is a child's plaything imbued with secret power) $7.99
Willis, Jennifer Schwamm- ed. The Book of Wizards (Collection of stories featuring swords, sorcery, and wizards) $16.95
Wright, John C. The Golden Transcendence (Conclusion of the grand space opera, Phaeton travels across the solar system to recover his memory and the starship Phoenix Exultant) $7.99


Baker/Slavicsek/ Wyatt Eberron Campaign Setting (Brand new setting for the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game) $39.95
Banks, L.A. The Hunted (Vampire Huntress Legend #3: Damali Richards receives word that horrific killings are taking place in Brazil, and she battles a female were_demon seeking revenge) $14.95
Brandon, Paul The Wild Reel (In a small village in the west of Ireland, Finvarra the Fairie King decides that a mortal painter will be his next wife and finds winning her heart difficult) $14.95
Cagle/Lyons/Mikaelin & others Ultimate Adversaries (Guide to the foes in the Star Wars universe for role players) $29.95
Coe, David B. Bonds of Vengeance (Winds of the Forelands #3: Led by a Qirsi "Weaver" the rebellion is now turning Qirsi against qirsi as they try to overthrow the Eandi) $27.95
deLint, Charles The Wild Wood (Strange and beautiful creatures show up in the drawings of a young artist as the world of Fairie reaches out to her for help) $13.95
Erikson, Steven Gardens of the Moon (In the Malazan Empire, Empress Laseens's rule is absolute, enforced by her Claw assassins, while sinister forces gather and the gods themselves prepare to play their hand) $24.95
Gingrich, Newt/Forstchen, William R. Grant Comes East (Alternate history of the Civil War _ Lee wins Gettysburg and Grant comes to Washington from Vicksburg for a last stand) $24.95
Greenwood, Ed The Silent House (Purveyors of magic form an uneasy alliance with barbaric warlords in defense against non_human shapeshifters and practitioners of the dark arts) $24.95
Jarvis, Robin Thorn Ogres of Hagwood (YA fantasy: When a dark force led by the High Lady of Hollow Hill threatens the peaceful werlings, a young klutzy boy becomes a hero) $5.95
Kerner, Elizabeth Redeeming the Lost (Lanen Kaelar (3) has been captured by the demon_master Berys, who is intent on using her powers to gain control of the universe) $25.95
Levinson, Paul The Pixel Eye (Dr. Phil D'Amato discovers that someone is using a new technology that can transmit what small animals see to human observers, but who uses it, Federal agents or terrorists) $14.95
MacLeod, Ken Newton's Wake (After a cataclysmic war a few remnants of humanity have survived and on a world at the far end of the galaxy a trader stumbles on to a relic of the past that could change all) $24.95
Nagata, Linda Memory (On a world where each night a substance rises from the ground that erases anything it touches, a young girl and a stranger seek to control it and find her brother) $14.95
Niven, Larry Ringworld's Children (Explorer Louis Wu becomes enmeshed in interplanetary and interspecies intrigue as war and a powerful new weapon threaten to tear Ringworld apart forever) $24.95
Norton, Andre Lost Lands of Witch World (Reissue of the second Witch World Trilogy in a single hardcover volume) $27.95
Reed, Kit Thinner Than Thou (In a future where being thin has become a religion, two people vow to escape from a fat farm prison and find an underground of religions where people still worship gods) $24.95
Salvatore, R.A. Exile (Legend of Drizzt Book 2: Continues the tale of the origins of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden in a deluxe hardcover edition) $25.95
Vande Velde, Vivian Heir Apparent (YA virtual reality game following Giannine as she seeks a magic ring, a stolen treasure, and other adventures) $6.95
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy War of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends, Volume 2: Reissue of the second title in the second Dragonlance trilogy in deluxe hardcover edition) $24.95
Wolfe, Gene Innocents Abroad (Collection of Wolfe's new short stories) $25.95
Zahn, Timothy Dragon and Soldier (Dragonback Series #2: Draycos has found a new human host and vows to uncover the vast conspiracy to wipe out his people) $17.95


Abnett, Dan Double Eagle (Warmaster Macaroth's Imperial Crusade force attempts to halt a massive counterattack led by the Chaos legions of the dread_lord Anakwanner Sek) $19.99
Anders, Lou ed Live Without a Net (Collection of stories involving cyber_space changing into something surprising and strange) $6.99
Anderson, Kevin J. Horizon Storms (The Saga of Seven Suns #3: Chairman Wenceslas and King Peter must unify the human race with iron_fisted policies in a final bid to stand together or be annihilated) $24.95
Ash, Sarah Lord of Snow and Shadows (Gavril Andar, who grew up not knowing his father led the wintry kingdom of Azhkendir, must now avenge his murder and ascend the throne and learn the magic that comes with it) $7.50
Baird, Alison Witches of Willowmere (Claire is intrigued by a beautiful and exotic estate, while learning about witchcraft and hoping to find out why her mother left three years ago) $5.99
Bradbury, Ray The Cat's Pajamas (Collection of new stories from Bradbury) $24.95
Brown & Strahan eds The Locus Awards (Collection of the best science fiction and fantasy stories _ winners of the Locus Awards _ from the last 30 years) $15.95
Bunch, Chris The Doublecross Program (M'chl Riss and the Star Risk Ltd. team are hired to stage a strange bank robbery and get caught up in a war over and addictive new consumer product) $6.99
Cerasini, Marc AVP: Alien vs. Predator (Official tie_in to the 4th Alien film to be released summer 2004) $6.99
Collins, Paul The Earthborn (A skyborn boy crashes on a hostlie future Earth and must learn to ignore his prejudices against the earthborn if he wants to survive) $5.99
Cordell, Bruce R. Lady of Poison (First title in a new Forgotten Realms series focusing specifically on priests) $6.99
Cox, Richard Rift (Cameron Fisher is asked to be the guinea pig for a human transmission project and he wants the adventure and the risk as he travels through the portholes) $23.95
David, Peter One Knight Only (King Arthur _ in his modern incarnation _ has been elected President of the US, when an assassination attempt leaves his wife Gwen in a coma and her hope is in the Holy Grail) $7.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. ed Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War (12 new stories of the Dominion War, featured on the last two years of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) $14.00
deLint, Charles Waifs and Strays (Collection of de Lint's stories about teenagers) $7.99
Douglass, Sara Threshold (The Magi of Ashdod are building a pyramid to propel themselves into infinity, but one slave knows that danger lurks, waiting for the pyramid to be finished to invade Ashdod) $7.99
Drake, David Goddess of the Ice Realm (New volume in the saga of Lord of the Isles: Garric and his retinue reach the island of Carcosa, where the benign wizard Tenoctris perceives a powerful supernatural assault) $7.99
Due, Tananarive The Good House (After her son's suicide, attorney Angela Toussaint returns to the house where it happened, seeking an explanation for the strange events that have occurred since his death) $14.00
Elrod, P.N. Dance of Death (Jonathan Barrett's enemies gain an advantage when he meets a boy who resembles him, and their only hope for survival lies in the return of the woman who made him a vampire) $14.95
Fawcett, Bill ed Masters of Fantasy (Collection of stories from fantasy's top authors set in their most popular worlds) $25.00
Feist, Raymond E. Prince of the Blood (15th anniversary edition of the novel, with new material) $25.00
Fisher, Jude Wild Magic (Sequel to Sorcery Rising : As the magic returns to Elda, those caught in its wild power will be forever changed) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Lost and Found (On a camping trip, Marcus Walker is kidnapped by aliens to become a pet, and he and his new friend, a talking dog, try to plan an escape) $23.95
Friedman, C.S. The Wilding (Two interstellar civilizations, one warriors and one masters of mind, are fighting an endless war over a long_forgotten cause and both empires are in grave danger) $23.95
Garcia y Robertson, R. Lady Robyn (Sequel to Knight Errant : Robyn Stafford fantasy of courtly romance comes up against the politics of murder, warfare, and betrayal) $6.99
Golden, Christie On Fire's Wings (To prevent Arukan from being overcome by eternal darkness Kevla Bai_sha embarks on daring quest for elemental parts that will save the world and is reborn in dragon flames) $13.95
Greenberg, Martin/Tier, Mar- ed. Visions of Liberty (Collection of 10 stories set in a future with no government, exploring the possibilities of a truly free society) $6.99
Greenberg/Helfers-ed. Little Red Riding Hood in the Big Bad City (17 original stories of classic fairy tale characters and situations translated into modern_day urban versions) $6.99
Greenberger, Robert Star Trek: A Time to Hate (With the fate of a planet at stake, Commander William Riker and his father must work together to save two warring species) $6.99
Hamilton/Davidson/Wilks/York Cravings (4 all_new tales of vampires by the genre's best writers) $7.50
Hartwell/Cramer eds Year's Best Fantasy 4 (Collection of the best fantasy stories published in the last year) $7.99
Hayden, Patrick Nielson-ed. New Skies (Collection of short fiction for young readers by some of the best writers working today) $6.99
Howard, Robert E. The Savage Tales of Solomon Cane (Collection of Howard's tales of grim swordsman Solomon Cane) $15.95
Jude, Dick Moer Fantasy Art Masters (Candid interviews and the work of ten leading fantasy artists) $24.95
Kay, Guy Gavril Beyond This Dark House (Collection of poetry from one of Canada's foremost novelists) $12.50
Kritzer, Naomi Freedom's Gate (Lauria, freeborn aide to a powerful military officer, is asked to spy on a bandit tribe by posing as a slave, surrendering her freedom to serve her people) $6.99
Kurtz, Katherine Deryni Rising (Reissue of the classic tale of secret sorcery and courtly intrigue in hardcover for the first time) $22.95
Laws, Robin D. Sacred Flesh (Angelika Fleischer journeys with a group of Pilgrims traveling to see the most holy Mother Elisabeth, dogged by goblin attacks and a killer in their midst) $7.99
Lee, J. Ardian Sword of King James (Dylan Matheson is brought back in time to 18th century Scotland and becomes a warrior against British oppression, but Morrighan wants to claim his knowledge of the future) $6.99
Lee, J. Ardian Sword of the White Rose (When his father dies Ciaran Matheson inherits the lordship of the Ciorram Clan, the friendship of the fairie Sinnan, and the knowledge that his father was from the future) $14.00
Levene, Rebecca Strontium Dog #1: Bad Timing (Johnny Alpha and a group of Strontium Dogs, mutant children of strontium rain, are press_ganged into helping crime boss Chick Dealer find an old nemesis) $6.99
Lorrah, Jean Savage Empire: Prophecies (Savage Empire Book 2: Zanos the Gladiator and master reader Astra are drawn into a high_level conspiracy that propels them into a desperate flight to the Savage Empire) $19.95
McDevitt, Jack A Talent for War (Reissue: The far_future story of one man's quest to discover the truth behind a galactic war hero) $7.99
Mieville, China The Scar (A band of prisoners and slaves, their bodies remade into biological oddities, are being transported across the ocean when pirates attack their ship and kidnap the passengers) $7.99
Moorcock, Michael The Skraying Tree (Three heroes must follow their own fateful plans through space and time, only to meet in a moment of terrible tragedy which could destroy them and the Multiverse itself) $6.99
Morrow, James The Cat's Pajamas & Other Stories (Collection of works by Morrow, including award_nominated Auspicious Eggs and several previously unpublished pieces) $24.95
Niles, Douglas Wizard's Conclave (The two most powerful wizards in the world, Dalamar of the black and Jenna of the red, join to seek and enter the Tower of High Sorcery which has been conquered by evil) $6.99
Niven, Larry Scatterbrain (Collection of stories, essays, collaborations and correspondence from Niven) $6.99
Reaves, Michael/Perry, Steve Star Wars Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons (A tiny med unit serves on the jungle world of Drongar, where battle rages over a priceless native plant and they work to heal the casualties while others plot to profit) $7.50
Ringo, John Emerald Sea (The battle against those determined to rule the world or destroy it continues in the sequel to There Will Be Dragons ) $25.00
Rollins, James Sandstorm (An expedition of scientists discovers a powerful sorce of energy in the desert of Oman which could fuel the entire world, or destroy it with an awesome storm) $24.95
Ruditis, Paul Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave (Captain Jonathan Archer races against time to prove the Enterprise innocent of the killing of 3600 colonists in a terrible accident) $6.99
Sagan, Nick Idlewild (A man awakens with no memory, and only the knowledge that someone is trying to kill him, and as he attempts to unearth his past he learns there is more at stake than his life) $12.95
Schmitz, James H The Witches of Karres (Reissue: Captain Pausert sells odd_ball cargoes from his starship until he frees three slave_children who turn out to be notorious witches) $16.00
Stross, Charles Iron Sunrise (The planet Moscow is annihilated and the only one who knows who did it is a disaffected teenager who doesn't know what she knows) $23.95
Stross, Charles Singularity Sky (400 years in the future, time travel has been perfected and groundbreaking developments in Artificial Intelligence have been made, but this could mean humanity's downfall) $7.99
Sullivan, Stephen D. The Dying Kingdom (The New Adventures V 2: The kingdom of Arngrim may hold the key to restoring Nearra's memory, and as her dark visions grow, Davyn struggles to hide a secret that may save her) $5.99
Sweet, Caitlin A Telling of Stars (At 18, Jaele's life is shattered when her family is murdered by a band of raiders from a long_accursed race, and fueled by myths of a warrior queen, she sets out for revenge) $15.95
Turtledove, Harry 3 x T (Collection of two complete novels and a selection of short stories by Turtledove) $24.00
Turtledove, Harry Conan of Venarium (Young Conan, before he becomes a wanderer, lives in a peaceful village, when the Aquilonian Empire invades and Conan joins the fight) $6.99
Viehl, S.L. Bio Rescue (Interstellar paramedic Dair mu T'resa leads the first Bio Rescue team and faces opposition from a lupine species that hates native 'Zangians like Dair) $22.95
Viehl, S.L. Blade Dancer (Jory Rask, professional shockball player loved by millions, harbors the secret that she is part alien in a xenophobic world) $6.99
Weber, David ed The Service of the Sword (Collection of stories by several authors set in the Honor Harrington universe) $7.99
Wells, Martha The Ships of the Air (Book 2 of the Fall of Ile_Rien: To save their world, Tremaine and a brave band of heroes must undertake a perilous journey across magical seas) $24.95
Wilson, Robert Charles Blind Lake (At Blind Lake, a federal installation in MN, scientists are observing an alien culture when the government imposes a cordon around the facility and no one knows why) $6.99
Wingert, Jennifer Grasp the Stars (Meris, ancient and legendary Jadamiin, is pursued by every species and heads for Port Earth to escape but lands in intrigue that could annihilate the entire station) $6.99
Wood, Wally The King of the World (Volume 1 of Wood's long out-of-print graphic novel trilogy) $12.95


Athans, Philip Annihilation (War of the Spider Queen Book 5: Story of the civil upheaval among the drow) $24.95
Baker, Keith Eberron: Shadows of the Last War (New full_length adventure for the brand_new Eberron campaign setting) $9.95
Constantine, Storm The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure (On a festival night that surpassed all others, the Wraeththu begin to realize their awesome destiny) $17.95
Cordell/Kestrel Planer Handbook: A Player's Guide to the Planes (Complete guide to integrating planar travel into any D&D campaign) $29.95
Douglass, Sara The Nameless Day (Brother Thomas Neville has a visitation from the Archangel Michael commanding him to find a way to stop the minions of Satan who have found a doorway out of Hell) $25.95
Greenwood/Boyd/Drader Serpent Kingdoms (Sourcebook that details various serpentine races throughout the Forgotten Realms world) $29.95
Herbert, Brian Dreamer of Dune (Biography of Frank Herbert written by his oldest son) $16.95
Holdstock, Robert Lavondyss (Reissue: 13 year old Tallis hears the whispering of Harry Keeton from the Otherworld and must find her way to Lavondyss to help him) $15.95
LeGuin, Ursula K. ed. Selected Stories of H.G. Wells (26 of Wells' best short stories chosen by LeGuin) $12.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr Scepters (Corean Chronicles #3: Alucius returns to face the greatest challenges to both his courage and his magical Talent) $27.95
Odom, Mel The Destruction of the Books (It is up to the elderly librarian and his apprentice to secure a volume which, if it falls into the wrong hands, will lead to a new era of darkness) $25.95
Pike, Christopher Alosha (Young Ali Warner learns that she is the Queen of the Fairies, and must pass 7 challenges to clain her magical royal powers) $24.95
Watts, Peter Behemoth: Bmax (Sequel to Starfish : The rifters and the corporate elite who created them cower on the bottom of the ocean as the virus Lenie Clarke unleashed destroys the world) $24.95
Weis, Margaret The Dragon's Son (Sequel to Mistress of Dragons : The twin offspring of a high priestess and a dragon hold the key to man's future but their identity must remain a secret even from each other) $25.95


Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 25th Anniversary (25th anniversary edition of the classic at a special low price) $13.95
Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Deluxe Edition (Deluxe edition for the 25th anniversary of the classic) $35.00
Alexander, Lloyd The Rope Trick (A brilliant young magician goes on a quest to find the one person who can teacher her the famous rope trick, and is kidnapped on the journey and must do magic to save herself) $6.99
Anthony, Mark The First Stone (Book 6 of The Last Rune: Runebreaker Travis Wilder has found a new life free of magic and fate until an unexpected event draws him back to Eldh) $6.99
Asaro, Catherine Sunrise Alley (When an illegal android washes up on the beach near her home, research scientist Sandra Bryton seeks help from an underground organization of AIs gone rogue) $24.00
Ash, Sarah Prisoner of the Iron Tower (Tears of Artamon Book 2: Gavril Nagarian is slowly being driven mad and his lands have been annexed while he is being held by the new Emperor in a prison for the insane) $23.00
Asprin, Robert/Nye, Jody Lynn Myth Alliances (When the Wuhses are being taken advantage of by the Pervects, Skeeve teams up with Zol Icty on a mythion in personal empowerment) $6.99
Baker, Richard Forsaken House (An elf mage from Evereska discovers the return of the demon_spawned sunelves of Dlardrageth and may have to spend his sanity to defeat them) $6.99
Barlough, Jeffrey E. Strange Cargo (In a world where the Ice Age never ended, Victorian society lives alongside wooly mammoths and saber_tooth cats and only a narrow coastline survives) $14.95
Benford, Gregory Great Sky River (Galactic Center Series #3: A strange cosmic entity reaches out to Killeen of Family Bishop, and he must understand the alien entity to save mankind from annihilation) $6.99
Borges, Jorge Luis The Aleph and Other Stories (Collection of stories translated and with introduction by Andrew Hurley) $14.00
Bradley Marion Zimmer/Ross, Deborah A Flame in the Hall (Book 3 of the Clingfire Trilogy: A friendship between King and Keeper brings about the end of all long_distance weapons in Darkover and leads to a new destiny) $24.95
Brennan, Caitlin The Mountain's Call (Valeria, a young girl with magical powers, is called to the Mountain where the gods live to use her powers, and is kidnapped by barbarians who offer her even more power) $13.95
Briggs, Patricia Raven's Shadow (The Raven mage Seraph must protect the world from a terror that threatens to reemerge after centuries of imprisonment) $6.99
Britain, Kristen First Rider's Call (Sequel to Green Rider : Karigan G'ladheon becomes a Green Rider and is pursued by the ghost of the First Rider just as an ancient evil is awakening) $7.99
Buckner, M M Neurolink (In the 23rd century, an underground enclave of independent workers threatens the balance of power, now held by corporate CEOs) $6.99
Butcher, Jim Blood Rites (Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, takes on a case for his friend, a vampire of dubious integrity, and becomes a suspect in a series of ghastly murders) $6.99
Caine, Rachel Weather Warden #2 _ Heat Stroke (Mistaken for a murderer, Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is killed by her colleagues, and reborn as a Djinn, she senses something sinister in the Earth's atmosphere) $6.99
Chalker, Jack L. Kaspar's Box (An encounter between the human military and an alien force bring an armed expedition to the fabled worlds of the Three Kings, where artifacts of super_technology lie hidden) $6.99
Chetwynd_Hayes/Jones-ed. Great Ghost Stories (Collection of 25 ghost stories from modern masters and classic authors) $12.95
Coleman, Loren Blood of the Isle (Mechwarrior Darkage Book 1: The republic world of Skye braces itself for another onslaught by the Jade Falcon Clan, and the planet's only hope resides with the Stormhammers) $6.99
Czerneda/Szpindel-ed. ReVisions (15 original tales of alternate histories and what might have happened if outcomes were different) $6.99
Davidson, MaryJanice Undead and Unemployed (When a string of vampire murders hits St. Paul, Queen of the Vampires Betsy Taylor must stop selling designer shoes at Macy's to enlist the help of Sinclair to find the killer) $5.99
DeCandido, Keith R.A. Dragon Precinct (In Cliff's End, a land of humans, dwarves and gnomes, the Castle Guard investigates the murder of members of a heroic quest) $6.99
Dick, Philip K. The Penultimate Truth (Perpetual war has sent Americans underground to avoid radiation, when one man busts through to the surface and discovers everything he has been told about the world is a lie) $12.00
Dick, Philip K. Vulcan's Hammer (A machine rules the world, and when it is faced with religious fanatics he may turn out to be the world's worst nightmare) $12.00
Dozois, Gardner Morning Child and Other Stories (Collection of classic science fiction stories by Dozois) $11.95
Farrer, Matthew Legacy (Shira Calpurnia is appointed to insure that a Rogue Trader Charter is protected while in transit to Hydraphur to be bestowed on the son of a dead Trader and encounters danger) $6.99
Faust, Minister The Coyote Kings of the Space_Age Bachelor Pad (Novel of two young slackers with a thirst for adventure and dangerous characters seeking a mystical Egyptian artifact) $13.95
Fawkes, Richard Nature of the Beast (Alien enemy forces are back, recharged and more dangerous than ever in this second novel in the military SF series begun with Face of the Enemy ) $6.99
Feehan, Christine Mind Game (Dahlia LeBlanc's gifts are also a curse, making it impossible to be around others without hurting them, but can she trust a Shadow Warrior sent to find her?) $6.99
Fox, Andrew Bride of the Fat White Vampire (Obese New Orleans vampire Jules Duchin (2) investigates the mysterious serial killings of vampires in the city) $13.95
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek: Stargazer Enigma (When Starfleet ships are overwhelmed by a mysterious alien aggressor, Captain Jean_Luc Picard and the crew of the Stargazer form a desperate line of defense against them) $6.99
Gardner, James Alan Radient (Admiral Festina Ramos and the Expendables battle a highly advanced alien intelligence _ a mission that will lead them to the secret origins of the Explorer Corps) $23.95
Gilman, Laura Anne Staying Dead (In an altered Manhattan where electricity is magic, Wren uses her oddball powers to find lost things, when during one assignment she releases a ghost and must track it down) $13.95
Greatshell, Walter Xombies (Lulu Oangloss flees a virus that transforms everyone it touches into a maniacal monster, and finds a new danger in what was the last safe place on earth) $6.99
Haldeman, Joe Camoflage (An unidentified artifact found in the sea calls out to immortals who roam the Earth and the scientists encounter a being they have never seen before) $23.95
Haldeman, Joe Guardian (In the late 19th century, a seemingly ordinary woman embarks on a journey in the Alaskan gold fields and her destiny is revealed as something not of this world) $7.99
Hancock, Niel Squaring the Circle (Greyfax Grimwald, Faragon Fairengay, Dwarf, Otter, and Bear defend the Lady of Light from the terrors of the evil Dark Queen) $5.99
Heinlein, Robert A The Notebooks of Lazarus Long (Reissue: The wit and wisdom of the oldest living man, who appears in many of Heinlein's novels) $15.00
Herbert, Brian/Anderson, Kevin J. Dune: The Machine Crusade (As the human worlds grow weary of war, Selim Wormrider and his band of outlaws take the first steps toward becoming the feared fighters who will change the course of history) $7.99
Hunt, Walter H. The Dark Path (Sequel to The Dark Wing : Whole fleets are disappearing, the few survivors have gone mad, and man and zor must join forces to met a new enemy) $7.99
Irvine, Alexander C One King, One Soldier (Korean War veteran Lance Porter goes on a 20th_century quest for the Holy Grail) $13.95
Jones, Stephen-ed. The Mammoth Book of Vampires (36 stories from modern masters of the vampire genre) $12.95
Judson, Theodore Fitzpatrick's War (In the 26th century, the US and Canada have been replaced by the authoritarian Confederacy of the Yukon, and Sir Robert Bruce writes a memoir of Fitzpatrick the Younger) $23.95
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Night Play (Bride McTierney falls in love with a man who is also a Were_Hunter Wolf whose enemies are out to kill him) $6.99
King, Stephen The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah (Jake, Father Callahan, and Oy try to stop Susannah, whose body has been taken over by a demon, from having the child that will become her "chap"; unabridged cassettes $49.95, unabridged CDs $59.95) $30.00
Klugerman/Spurlock-ed. RGK: The Art of Roy G. Krenkel (First major collection of the artist's work in 20 years) $19.95
Knight, E.E. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult (Professor Frys is murdered by an unknown assassin and Lara Croft jets to Peru to uncover the sinister cult behind the murder) $6.99
Lackey/Flint/Freer The Wizard of Karres (Captain Pausert is sent on a secret mission to stop the nanite plague, and when his ship is damaged in a battle, he must join an interstellar circus to continue his journey; sequel to The Witches of Karres by Schmitz) $25.00
Le Guin, Ursula K Changing Planes (Collection of new short stories by Le Guin) $14.00
Luceno, James Star Wars The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force (The marauding Yuuzhan Vong have pushed deep into the galaxy and Luke and his team try to convince the world of Zonama Sekot to join the Jedi's final campaign to stop the Vong) $7.50
Mack, David Star Trek: A Time to Kill (A covert operation gone awry now propels the Federation toward all_out war with the Klingon Empire) $6.99
Marillier, Juliet Wolfskin (Young Eyvind and his friend Ulf set out to find a fabled land across the sea where men with courage can find glory and honor, and honor may ask more of Eyvind than can face) $7.99
Mieville, China Iron Council (sequel to Perdido Street Station , returning to New Crobuzon with a new set of characters) $26.95
Mitchell, Sandy Death's Messenger (When a fanatical Witch Hunter arrests his father, Rudi and his best friend Hanna goes to Marienburg in an attempt to save him $7.99
Moorcock, Michael Gloriana, or The Unfulfilled Queen (A woman ascends the throne of Albion and seeks sexual satisfaction while trying to run the country with a corrupt and wicked chancellor and his network of spies and murderers) $14.00
Neugroschel, Joachim-ed. Great Tales of Jewish Fantasy and the Occult (Collection of fantasy by Jewish authors and with Jewish themes) $23.95
Prior, Natalie Jane Lily Quench and the Magician's Pyramid (Lily Quench (5) must confront the creators of the dangerous Eyes in Time, but are kidnapped on their journey and must find a way to escape) $4.99
Radford, Irene The Dragon Circle (Star Gods #2: Three Terran brothers discover a world where dragons are real and worshiped as gods) $6.99
Randle, Kevin D. Operation Roswell (At the end of WWII, reports of a UFO flying over New Mexico, and when Major General Curtis LeMay and his men shoot down the craft they discover it is not of this world) $6.99
Rhodes, Natasha Blade: Trinity (Blade is pitted against vampires seeking the secret which will allow them to walk in daylight and rule the world) $7.99
Richards, Leigh Califia's Daughters (In a post_war world, after a virus has killed most of the men, they are guarded by women warriors, when Dian meets visitors with a gift and she must discover their motives) $6.99
Ringo, Jim Hell's Faire (With the Southern Appalachians sundred, the only thing that stands between the Posleen hordes and the Cumberland Plateau are the veterans of the 555th Mobile Infantry) $7.99
Rosenberg, Joel Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda (Adventurer Kethol and his friend Pirojil are loyal retainers to an abdicated prince, and in the midst of magic and betrayal, must pull off a complex scheme to save the kingdom) $6.99
Sagan, Nick Edenborn (Only 6 people have survived an a horrific plague, and set about to repopulate the Earth, but split into two factions and two very different societies form) $19.95
Sherman, Josepha/Hansen, Gwen The Secret of the Unicorn Queen (Omnibus edition of the first two adventures of young Sheila McCarthy after being swept away to a fantasy world) $6.99
Soesbee, Ree Riddle in the Stone (Knights of the Silver Dragon 2: Townspeople are disappearing in Curston, and Kellach thinks the symbols on a mysterious statue may hold the key) $5.99
Sosnowski, David Vamped (In a world where vampires are the majority and humans are raised on hunting preserves, vampire Martin Kowalski's heart is stolen by girl he finds on the roadside) $24.00
Spinrad, Norman The Druid King (Historical fiction tale of Vercingetorix, Druid King of Gaul, and his life and adventures) $14.00
Stine, R.L. Dangerous Girls (Two teenage sisters have been bitten by a vampire and must race against time to find a cure before they become blood_drinking creatures forever) $5.99
Stine, R.L. ed. Beware! (Anthology of R.L. Stine's favorite scary stories, including two new stories by Stine) $5.99
Stirling, S.M. Dies the Fire (A blinding white flash during an electrical storm causes all electronic devices to cease to function and as some people band together to help one another, others plan conquest) $23.95
Swallow, Jane Judge Dredd #4: Eclipse (On the 20th anniversary of the Apocalypse War anarchy has broken out and Judge Dredd is sent to quell the disquiet but finds himself implicated in a murder) $6.99
Thompson, James M Tainted Blood (A centuries_old doctor discovers a vaccine to cure his vampirism, and finds himslef battling an evil vampire with an appetite for destruction) $5.99
Weber, David/White, Steve The Stars at War (The first two novels of the Starfire series in one hardcover volume) $25.00
Wein, Elizabeth A Coalition of Lions (Goewin, Princess of Britain, makes a desperate journey to African Aksum to meet with the British ambassador, and ends up caught between two countries) $6.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Journey Into the Void (Conclusion to the Sovereign Stone series: The Dark Lord Dagnarus has stirred from the Void and seeks the utter conquest of all Loerem) $7.99
Welch, Michelle The Bright and the Dark (After Elzith fled the Five Countries, she learned of the coming of a terrible plague, and must save the lives of the people to save her own soul) $6.50
Westerfeld, Scott The Risen Empire (The Rix, machine_augmented humans who wish to depose the undead Emperor, begining by kidnapping the Child Empress and Captain Laurrent Zai is charged with her rescue) $7.99
White, Michael C.S. Lewis (Biography of the creator of Narnia and other classics) $26.00
Whyte, Jack Skystone (Before the time of Arthur, Britain is falling apart and two Romans try to preserve what is best of Roman life and create a new culture out of the wreckage) $3.99
Yolen, Jane/Harris, Robert Girl in a Cage (The ruthless King of England captures the daughter of a nobleman and puts her in an outdoor cage in the town square) $6.99


Brust, Steven Agyar (Reprint: Immortal Agyar finds himself in an Ohio college town where he must make the choice between salvation and destruction) $13.95
Clement, Hal Noise (Linguist Make Hoani comes to an ocean world to study the language of the colonists, and his research turns into an exotic nautical adventure) $13.95
Cox, F. Brett/Duncan, Andy-ed. Crossroads (Collection of fantasy written by writers from the South) $24.95
Datlow/Link/Grant-ed. Years Best Fantasy and Horror (17th annual collection to the year's best fantasy and horror stories) $19.95
Decker/Lyons/Noonan Races of Stone (D&D sourcebook detailing the various mountain_dwelling races) $29.95
Farren, Mick Kindling (Four youngsters from different backgrounds and warring culture, must band together to save the world from the Zhaithan who have set their sites on the New World) $27.95
Herbert, Brian/Anderson, Kevin J. Dune: The Battle of Corrin (In a last_ditch effort to destroy humankind, Omnius lets loose a virulent plague and the war reaches its apocalyptic Battle of Corrin; unabridged cassettes $49.95, unabridged CDs $59.95) $27.95
Hunt, Walter H The Dark Ascent (Sequel to The Dark Wing : A new alien force has been introduced into the delicate balance of power and a rebellious space commodore will become the hero who can defeat it) $25.95
Jones, J.V. A Sword from Red Ice (As Ash pursues her destiny with the Sull, a dark threat comes from a city with a black heart of evil and she must find herself to save the world) $27.95
Kress, Nancy Crucible (Sequel to Crossfire : Having now cast their fate with the peaceful Vine race, humanity faces all_out war against the technologically superior Furs) $24.95
Marcellas, Diana Twilight Rising, Serpent's Dream (As she makes her way to safety, Brieley discovers that she is not the last of her kind, and the time of reckoning is at hand for the hidden shari'a) $27.95
Marillier, Juliet Foxmask (Sequel to Wolfskin : When the terrible secret surrounding one man's paternity comes to light it sets in motion events that could destroy the people of Norse and Orkney) $27.95
Rowlands, Mark The Philosopher at the End of the Universe (The nature of philosophy explained through the ideas in Science Fiction films) $23.95
Weis, Margaret Amber and Ashes (Follows the story of Mina after the War of Souls and explores the chaos in post_war Krynn) $25.95
Wright, John C. The Last Guardian of Everness (When the forces of Light and Dark go to war, Galen Waylock and his companions take up the forbidden fairy weapons and face the rising darkness alone) $27.95
Zettel, Sarah The Firebird's Vengeance (Bridget learns that her daughter is still alive, but is a pawn in a dangerous game and Bridget must rely on the aid of supernatural forces she can't control to save her) $27.95
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