November 22


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Newsletter #59 September - November, 2002


Alder, Bill Jr.-ed. Time Machines (Anthology of time machine stories) $13.00
Ashley, Mike Mammoth Book of Science Fiction (Stories range from 1901 to 2002 copyrights, with the 1950s most heavily represented) $11.95
Baker, Kage Black Projects, White Knights (Collection of 14 short stories about Dr. Zeus, Inc., the future corporation that is looting the past with once-human field agents that have been turned into immortal cyborgs) $24.95
Bond, Nelson The Far Side of Nowhere (Arkham House collection of short stories, most from the 1940s) $34.95
Calder, Richard Frenzetta (Sex and violence on a decaying future Earth) $13.95
Constantine, Storm Thin Air (The power of dreams, along with rock music) $7.95
Egner, Eugen Androids From Milk ("like Kafka rewritten by Monty Python") $11.99
Ellison, Harlan On the Road With Ellison (CD of college lectures from early 1980s) $16.00
Faraday, W. Barnard Pendragon (Reprint of 1930 novel of Britain in the early sixth century) $19.95
Feehan, Christine Dark Challenge, Dark Desire, Dark Fire, Dark, Gold, Dark Magic , and Dark Prince (Six "Paranormal Romance" books in a series) $5.99
Gaiman, Neil Coraline (Coraline steps through her closet into a world where she is granted everything she wants, except to leave) $15.99
Holt, Tom Nothing But Blue Skies (British humor-the reason it rains so much in England is an irritated Chinese Water Dragon-but she has now become furious) $7.95
Kelly, James Patrick Strange But Not a Stranger (Collection of short stories) $25.95
Koike, Kazuo/Kojima, Goseki Lone Wolf and Cub #15-22 (Japanese graphic novels) $9.95 each
Morressy, John Kedrigern Chronicles Vol. 1: The Domesticated Wizard (Collection of new and old light fantasy stories about Kedrigern the wizard) $20.00
Murphy, Pat The Shadow Hunter (Rewrite of her first novel from 1982) $14.95
Nichols, Stan Legion of Thunder (Orcs First Blood #2-epic fantasy told from Orc's point of view) $14.95
Rankin, Robert The Fandom of the Operator (British humor-the telecommunications industry has been able to talk to the dead for some time, but has kept it secret) $9.95
Rosen, Selina Chains of Destruction (Sequel to Chains of Freedom , interstellar adventure) $16
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Reprint) $8.99
Shepard, Lucius Valentine (Short erotic novel of love lost and found during hurricane) $18.00
Simmons, William Mark Dreamland Chronicles (Over 950 pages of humorous fantasy set in a near future science fictional theme park, includes In the Net of Dreams and When Dreams Collide ; "side-splitting humor") $20.00
Smith, Clark Ashton The Emperor of Dreams (Collection of classic fantasy stories, most from 1930s Weird Tales) $19.95
Smith, Sherwood Crown Duel (Young Countess discovers that intrigues at the royal palace can be more dangerous than open warfare) $7.99
Stafford, Nikki-ed. How Xena Changed Our Lives ("True Stories by Fans for Fans") $14.95
Stearns, Jerry/Price, Brian Drummer's Dome/ The Velveteen Submission (CD of 2 sf radio dramas, written and produced locally) $12.00
Stephenson, Neal Cryptonomicon (cassettes, "Unabridged Excerpts", about 9 hours) $32.00
Sturgeon, Theodore Bright Segment (Vol. 8 of Complete Stories) $35.00
Tan, Cecilia-ed. Mind & Body (Eleven writers explore the erotic territory of the telepathic, psychic, and extra-sensory) $14.95
Tiedemann, Mark W. Metal of Night (Interstellar combat, with some humans taking the side of the aliens) $16.00
Tetrick, Byron R. In the Shadow of the Wall (Anthology of original alternate Vietnam stories, by Orson Scott Card, Joe Haldeman, Robert J. Sawyer, Michael Swanwick, etc.) $14.95
Vallejo, Boris/Bell, Julie Twin Visions (hc art collection) $32.50


Asprin, Robert M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link/Myth_nomers and Im_pervections (2_in_1 of two classic Myth novels) $7.99
Audley, Anselm Heresy: Book One (Novel based on the computer game) $6.99
Balfour, Bruce The Forge of Mars (NASA has found artifacts on Mars that killed the first person who touched them, and sends brilliant scientist Tau Wolfsinger to unlock the secrets of the artifacts) $6.99
Barnes, John The Duke of Uranium (A normal 36th century 18_year_old finds himself on a secret mission to deliver a message to the one who controls all the fissionable material in human space) $6.99
Bear, Greg Collected Stories of Greg Bear (All Bear's major pieces of short fiction in one volume) $29.95
Benjamin, Curt The Prince of Dreams (Llesho has succeeded in finding several of his brothers and winning the aid of the trickster god as he tries to discover the truth about his own identity) $23.95
Benjamin, Curt The Prince of Shadow (First in the Seven Brothers series: Llesho has a vision of his long_dead teacher who reveals the truth about his royal family) $6.99
Bennett/Blayne/Ellis Lords of the Night (Three vampire tales that transport readers to Regency, England) $5.99
Berry, Adrian The Giant Leap (Explores the possibilities for interstellar flight and mankind colonizing the galaxy) $14.95
Blackwood, Algernon Ancient Sorceries and Other Weird Stories (Collection of Blackwood's best fantasy stories) $12.00
Bonanno, Margaret Wander Preternatural 3: The Third Thing (The timeline has hiccuped and entire species are stranded between time and Govannon must solve the problem) $24.95
Bradbury, Ray From the Dust Returned (First novel in a decade from Bradbury) $6.99
Brandon, Paul Swim the Moon (A Scottish fiddle player lives in his father's desolate cottage and discovers hidden secrets about his family that could cost him his soul) $14.95
Brooks, Terry The Sword of Shannara Trilogy (25th Anniversary edition of the first three classic Shannara novels) $35.00
Brooks, Terry The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara _ Antrax (Second novel in the Jerle Shannara trilogy) $7.99
Brooks, Terry The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Morgawr (Book 3 of trilogy: The end of the journey is at hand and shocking revelations will challenge all the beliefs that have come before as the Four Lands hang in the balance; abridged CDs, $29.95) $27.95
Bujold, Lois McMaster Miles Errant (Omnibus: Borders of Infinity, Brothers in Arms, Mirror Dance ) $15.
Butcher, Jim Summer Knight (Private detective/wizard Harry Dresden is suckered into tangling in the affairs of the Faerie, where the fate of the entire world, and his soul, are at stake) $6.99
Cameron, Eleanor Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet (Reissue: Chuck and David return to Basidium with a stowaway) $7.95
Cameron, Eleanor The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (Reissue: Chuck and David travel to Basidium in their homemade spaceship) $7.95
Campbell, Ramsey Scared Stiff (Reprint: Anthology of short erotic horror stories including three not in the original edition) $22.95
Chizmar, Richard/Morrish, Rovert ed October Dreams (Anthology of short stories about Halloween by today's best authors) $16.00
Coleman, Loren L. Battletech #56: Endgame (The civil war between Prince Vector_Steiner_Davion and his sister Katrina is heating up to the boiling point) $5.99
Collins, Max Allen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma Book 3 : No Man Has Gone (The conclusion of the trilogy) $6.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Archer's Tale (A young man and fearless archer begins a quest for vengeance and the Holy Grail) $7.99
de Lint, Charles Waifs and Strays (Short stories by de Lint) $17.99
Dick, Philip K Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick (23 stories from Dick, including The Minority Report $27.50
Dietz, William C EarthRise (Sequel to DeathDay : Alex Franklin experiences a change of heart and goes from collaborator into resistance fighter) $23.95
Drake, David-ed. Foreign Legions (The guilds of the galaxy forbid using weapons more advanced than the natives, and many came to earth for soldiers, who became the best infantry in the galaxy) $7.99
Drake, David/Fawcett, Bill eds The Fleet: Counterattack (Reprint: military SF series) $6.99
Eddings, David The Belgariad Volume I (First three novels of the Belgariad Series in one volume) $15.95
Farland, David Wizardborn (Volume 3 of the Runelords: the story of the struggle of Gaborn, now the Earth King, who has lost his powers) $7.99
Foster, Alan Dean Impossible Places (20 short stories including a new Pip and Flinx story) $6.99
Frankowski, Leo Conrad's Time Machine (A motorcyle gang finds the pieces of a time machine and manages to get it working with strange results) $24.00
George, David R. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma Book 1 : Twilight (The first book in a new Deep Space Nine adventure) $6.99
Hearn, Lian Across the Nightengale Floor (In an imaginary, ancient Japanese society dominated by warring clans a young boy is suddenly plucked from his life in a remote village and becomes a pawn in a political scheme) $24.95
Heinlein, Robert Beyond This Horizon (Utopia has been achieved, and one man is the ultimate product of genetic engineering, but he is bored and a secret cabal of revolutionaries want his services) $6.99
Herbert, Brian/Anderson, Kevin J. Dune: House Corrino (Third in the pre-Dune trilogy) $7.50
Hocker/Lansdowne/Savery His Eternal Kiss (Three vampire tales that transport readers to Regency, England) $12.00
Jacques, Brian Triss (Triss the squirrelmaid escapes from the tyranny of the evil ferret king and in Mossflower Forest the long_hidden entrance to Brockhall may have been found) $23.95
Jacques, Brian Taggerung (A young otter raised to be a Taggerung embarks on a journey to find his real home and family) $7.99
Jarman, Heather Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma Book 2: This Gray Spirit (Continues the story begun in Twilight) $6.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Hexwood (Ann watches people disappearing through the gate to Hexwood farm never to return and a sorcerer rises from a centuries_long sleep) $6.99
Jones, Diana Wynne The Time of the Ghost (A ghost wanders through the halls of a boarding school and encounters an evil that four sisters have unwittingly released) $6.99
King, J. Robert Onslaught (Fantasy based on Magic: The Gathering) $6.99
King, Stephen/Straub, Peter Black House (A series of gruesome murders occur in Wisconsin and retired homicide detective Jack Sawyer assists, and is drawn through his dreams into a parallel universe) $7.99
Kress, Nancy Probability Moon (Killer aliens have invaded through the use of interstellar gates and is determined to exterminate humanity) $6.99
Kress, Nancy Probability Space (Conclusion to the Probability Triolgy: humanity is losing the war with the Fallers and the only answer is to enter the Faller's own space) $24.95
Lain, T.H. Oath of Nerull (An all_new adventure based on Dungeons and Dragons _ The wizard who wins the Duel arcane will be awarded the Golden Wand) $5.99
Leith, Valerie The Way of the Rose (Conclusion of the Everian series: Istar's strange winged lover has spilt into three selves and embarks on a quest to knit both them and Everian together again) $6.99
Little, Bentley The Return (Horror; everyday life becomes very frightening ) $6.99
Mack, David Starfleet Survival Guide (Technical manual with keys to survival in dire situations on alien planets) $13.00
McCarthy/Greenburg/Helfers eds Once Upon a Galaxy (New stories by masters of SF and Fantasy) $6.99
McConnell and Koogler Buffy the Vampire Slayer #16: These Our Actors (TV tie-in) $6.99
Moon, Russell Dark Prince (Marcus discovers his father is a witch and his evil inheritance will destroy him unless he learns to control it) $6.99
Nicholson, William Firesong (Bowman and Kestrel face distractions as they seek the Promised Land with their mother the prophetess) $17.99
O'Barr, J. The Crow (A spirit returns from the dead led by a crow to seek revenge on the gang members who murdered him and his fiance) $16.95
Odom, Mel The Rover (A halfling assistant librarian at an isolated school is shanghied and sold into slavery, which is the start of many adventures) $6.99
Perry, Anne Tathea (An empress who loses everything wanders the Lost Lands and becomes empowered by the teachings in a magical book; religious fantasy) $14.95
Pierce, Tamora Lady Knight: Protector of the Small (Young adult) $16.95
Pockell, Leslie ed The 13 Best Horror Stories of All Time (Anthology of classic tales of the supernatural) $13.95
Pournelle, Jerry/Stirling, S.M. The Prince (Earth is under tyrannical rule and the only hope for freedom lies with the colonists on Sparta and a mercenary legion) $28.00
Pratchett, Terry The Last Hero (Cohen the Barbarian gathers a group of friends to climb the highest mountain of Discworld to meet the Gods) $19.95
Randle, Kevin D. Operation Roswell (At the end of WWII a strange craft is flying over New Mexico and the situation is placed in the hands of a military zealot) $25.95
Rennie, Gordon/Kopinski, Karl Kal Jerico (Kal Jerico is a bounty hunter in the Underhive urban nightmare of Necromunda in Book 1 of a Warhammer series) $6.95
Royall Tyler ed Japanese Tales (Collection of tales from medieval Japan) $19.00
Sabin, E. Rose A School for Sorcery (Tria Tesserel attends a school for magic, has a roommate who breaks all the rules and is drawn into a conflict between good and evil) $24.95
Schmitz, James H. Eternal Frontier (A hidden alien race is trying to start a war between Earth's colonists who are divided into Swimmers and Walkers and one man knows the secret) $16.00
Shan, Darren Cirque Du Freak _ Vampire Mountain (Darren and Mr. Crepsley embark on a dangerous trek to the heart of the vampire world) $5.95
Simpson, Paul/Hughes, David Farscape: The Illustrated Companion (An in_depth look at the popular television series) $12.95
Smith, Dean Wesley X_Box (Official prequel novel to the new X_Box game Brute Force) $6.99
Stine, R. L. The Haunting Hour (Ten new stories from R.L. Stine) $4.99
Taylor, Karen E Resurrection, the Vampire Legacy (Vampire Deidre and her lover Mitch have temporarily escaped the Others and opened a pub in a seaside town, but the Others are relentless in their search) $5.99
Thomsen, Brian M ed The American Fantasy Tradition (Comprehensive critical anthology of American fantasy from the beginning) $27.95
Thospe, Gav The Claws of Chaos (Kurt Leitzig is an orphaned farmboy who dreams of being a Knight of the Empire; he gets his chance as the forces of Chaos mass for attack) $6.95
Viehl, S. L. Eternity Row (Cherijo and her husband have found safety aboard a starship but they have promises to keep that will endanger everything they stand for) $6.99
Watson, Ian Draco (In the aftermath of the bloody suppression of an alien_influenced rebellion, Inquisitor Jaq Draco discovers a bizarre entity that could mean either salvation or destruction) $6.95
Weaver, Ben Rebels in Arms (Second thrilling adventure of interstellar war and honor) $6.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Guardians of the Lost (Volume 2 of the Sovereign Stone Trilogy) $7.99
Wilson, Robert Charles A Hidden Place (Reprint: In a small town during the Depression a young boy helps his aunt "change" by hiding her from a hobo names Bones) $12.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Hotel Transylvania (A Parisian vampire tries to rid his life of evil, and is called upon to save a woman in love with him from devil worshipers who wish to use her as a sacrifice) $6.99
Yolen, Jane/Greenberg, Martin eds Vampires (Anthology of Vampire stories for young adults) $5.99
Zahn, Timothy Angelmass (Mankind has colonized many planets and the Pax has sent a spy to try to alter the balance of power on one world which refuses to bow to their power) $7.99
Zahn, Timothy Manta's Gift (Jakob Faraday is exploring Jupiter when his ship is jarred by contact with manta/dolphin_like animals which live in Jovian space) $24.95


Betancourt, John Gregory Roger Zelazny's The Dawn of Amber (Authorized prequel of how Amber was created) $25.00
Cadigan, Pat ed The Ultimate Cyberpunk (Short stories of the mind_machine interface as they evolved over the years) $16.00
Davies, Robertson High Spirits (Collection of ghost stories) $12.95
Eskridge, Kelley Solitaire (A woman is sentenced to Virtual Confinement and is locked in her own mind until she is paroled and finds her way to Solitaire where others like her help her unravel the truth) $24.95
Herbert, Brian/Anderson, Kevin J. Dune: The Butlerian Jihad (First in new pre-Dune trilogy) $27.95
Jones, Diana Wynne Witch's Business (Children Jess and Frank have been meddling in magic and come to the notice of a real witch) $15.99
Kenny, Glenn- ed. A Galaxy Not So Far Away (Collection of essays about the cultural impact of Star Wars) $15.00
King, Stephen From a Buick 8 (A novel about the fascination deadly things have and the often sinister interaction between men in close_knit communities) $28.00
Martin, George R.R. ed Wild Cards IV: Aces Abroad (A fact_finding mission seeks the truth about how Wild Cards are treated in other nations) $14.00
Pavlou, Stel Decipher (In 2012, the year the Mayan's predicted the end of the world, America and China stand on the brink of war over the secrets of Atlantis) $24.95
Stanton, Michael Hobbits. Elves, and Wizards (Scholarly look at the world of Lord of the Rings) $12.95


Abnett/Coleby/Brady Inquisitor Ascendant Book 2: The Hunt for Defay (Graphic novel _ The Interrogator Gravier and fanatical Inquisitor Reiker search for Defay across stars and worlds) $10.95
Anthony, Piers Swell Foop (The Demon Earth has disappeared and if he can't be found both earth and Xanth's gravitational field will vanish) $6.99
Anthony, Piers Up in a Heaval (Xanth #26: The dreaded Demon Jupiter has been provoked to hurl his Red Spot at Xanth and the task of saving Xanth falls to Umlaut) $24.95
Asprin, Robert M.Y.T.H. Inc in Action/Sweet Myth_tery of Life (Reprint: Two classic Myth novels in one omnibus edition) $7.99
Audley, Anselm Heresy Book 2 _ Inquisition (If the people of Aquasilva have any hope of survival the Domain must be stopped) $25.00
Barker, Clive Abarat (Candy dives from a barren field in Minnesota into the Sea of Ozabella and the magical land of Abarat where the evil Lord Carrion tries to track her down) $24.95
Barron, T.A. Tree Girl (A nine_year_old girl searching for her roots must face a forest filled with tree ghouls and her own deepest fears) $5.99
Betancourt/Smith/Rusch and others Star Trek: Double Helix Omnibus (The entire saga of the Double Helix in an omnibus edition) $16.95
Bishop, Anne Shadows and Light (Book 2 in the Tir Alainn trilogy: an encroaching evil threatens every witch, woman, and Fae in the realm) $6.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster The Curse of Chalion (A former soldier who survived as a slave aboard an enemy galley takes a job which requires him to go to Cardegoss where his enemies have taken power) $7.99
Carroll, Jonathan White Apples (A man discovers that he has died and come back to life, but doesn't know how or why) $24.95
Chabon, Michael Summerland (On the western tip of Clam Island, Washington, lies Summerland where it never rains, and a young boy must save the beings who insure this weather from their ancient enemy) $22.95
Chalker, Jack Kaspar's Box (The Three Kings planetary system has been sought for years as the lost El Dorado of the galaxy, and now the third planet has been found) $24.00
Charnas, Suzy McKee My Father's Ghost (Memoir of Charnas' relationship with her father in his last years) t $23.95
Colbert, David The Magical Worlds of the Lord of the Rings (Myths, legends and facts behind the Lord of the Rings) $13.00
Collins, Max Allen Dark Angel: Before the Dawn (TV tie-in; Max is a genetically_altered supersoldier who has escaped from a paramilitary group to Seattle, where her past catches up with her) $6.99
Collodi, Carlo Pinocchio (New edition of the classic, illustrated by Gris Grimly) $15.95
Counter, Ben Soul Drinker (When an ancient weapon is stolen the Soul Drinkers seek vengeance and its return) $6.95
Cowley, Robert What If? 2 (Eminent historians explore what might have been if historical incidents had turned out differently; essays) $14.95
Denning, Troy Star Wars, The New Jedi Order: Star By Star (The Siege of the New Republic by Yuuzhan Vong continues and Leia grapples with a deadly ultimatum) $6.99
Dietz, William C DeathDay (On Black Friday the aliens attacked, enslaving the human race, but soon everything will change) $7.50
Drake, David Seas of Venus (Unified edition of The Jungle and Surface Action _ Mankind only survives on Venus and two fighting men strive to give life meaning) $15.00
Ellison, Harlan ed Dangerous Visions 35th Anniversary Edition (Reprint with a new introduction by Ellison) $14.95
Fairclough, Robert The Prisoner (Official companion to the classic TV series, contains a DVD with the complete first episode) $24.95
Farren, Mick Underland (Renquist is co_opted by the paranormal branch of the NSA to rout out survivors of Hitler's Third Reich who have set up a secret base in Antarctica) $27.95
Flint, Eric/Drake, David The Tide of Victory (Belisarius, the greatest military genius of 6th_century Earth, leads against the Malwa Empire; fifth in series) $7.99
Gabaldon, Diana The Fiery Cross (In 1771 Claire & Jamie are in the British colony of North Carolina; Jamie's gift of prophecy as a time traveler tells her that war is coming) $14.95
Gaiman, Neil Two Plays for Voices (Two Plays originally produced by the Sci_Fi Channel; CD for $22.95 or cassettes for $18.95)
Gardner, James Alan Trapped (All_new tale of murder & intrigue set in the Expendable universe) $6.99
Gear, Kathleen and W. Michael Bone Walker (The Wold Witch has killed a man and Dusty and Maureen must unmask the killer before he strikes again) $7.99
Groening, Matt Futurama_O_Rama (Comic compilation based on the TV show) $12.95
Hamilton, Laurell K Guilty Pleasures (Hardcover reprint of first in the Anita Blake series) $21.95
Hamilton, Laurell K. Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, makes a mating choice that no one will expect) $7.99
Harper, Steven Nightmare (Before Kendi can learn to use his talent of navigating the plane of the Dream, he must first escape his existence as a slave) $6.99
Hetley, James A The Summer Country (A woman discovers that she may carry a blood legacy that goes back to Merlin) $14.00
Hoyt, Sarah A All Night Awake (Lady Silver comes from the world of faerie to London to track down a creature of supernatural might) $21.95
Hoyt, Sarah A Ill Met By Moonlight (In a world of fantasy and fairies Shakespeare meets his own true love) $5.99
Irvine, Ian The Way Between the Worlds (Karan is held captive in Carcharon Tower and must make an unbearable sacrifice to stop Rulke from opening the Way Between the Worlds) $7.50
Kaye, Marvin ed Vampire Sextet (Anthology of six original novellas by the modern masters of vampire fiction) $6.99
Keith, William H Bolo Strike (The Aetryx enslave others with a promise of immortality and Colonel Jon Streicher and his men and Bolos battle them on the planet Caern) $7.99
Keyes, J. Gregory The Shadows of God (Alternate history where Ben Franklin joins forces with Peter the Great to fight off a British invasion) $6.99
Kingsbury, Donald Psychohistorical Crisis (Eron faces the loss of his familiar which augments his brain for a crime he can't remember committing) $6.99
Kotani, Eric/Roberts, John Maddox Legacy of Prometheus (Thriller about the battle to control solar power in the near future) $14.95
Kritzer, Naomi Fires of the Faithful (A religious order murders a student at the Conservatory of music for clinging to the old ways of magic, and a fellow student embarks on a journey to reveal the truth) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes Exile's Honor (The story of weapons_master Alberich who defected to serve the Queen of Valdemar) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes Take a Thief (The story of Skif, a homeless orphan who is chosen to be a herald to the Queen of Valdemar) $6.99
Lay, Carol Wonder Woman: Mythos (The mysterious disappearance of a man sailing in the Bermuda Triangle propels Wonder Woman to search for the truth behind an island of primitive men controlled by evil forces) $6.99
Lee, Stan The Alien Factor (A spacecraft carrying aliens lands in Nazi Germany bringing with it secrets of earth_shattering consequences) $6.99
Little, Denise ed Vengeance Fantastic (Anthology of 17 original tales of fantasy about getting even) $6.99
Lumley, Brian/Wiater, Stanley The Brian Lumley Companion (Collection of essays and interviews regarding the work of Lumley) $25.95
Lyons, Steve X_Men: The Legacy Quest Book Three (Magneto has raised the stakes in the life and death struggle to find a cure for the Legacy Virus) $14.00
Mandell, Geoffrey Star Trek: Star Charts (A definitive guide to the Star Trek worlds and their stars) $17.95
Marcellas, Diana Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea (Brierly thinks she is the last of the Sh'ari and continues to do healing even though it is prohibited) $6.99
Martin, Michael A/Mangels, Andy Deep Space Nine Mission Gamma: Book 3 Cathedral (When politics and diplomacy fail the Bajorans and Cardassians, a strange alliance of alien religions offers hope for lasting peace) $6.99
McCarthy, Kevin/Silva, David Into the Darkness (The Family, Book 2: Keven McConnell and his "family" are determined to find the cause of Lacey Preston's death, but at the same time they have secrets to hide about the powers) $6.99
McMullen, Sean Voyage of the Shadowmoon (The passengers and crew of Shadowmoon witness the awful power of Silverdeath who has a doomsday weapon which could rain death over their world) $27.95
Merwin, W S Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (New translation of the Arthurian talr, includes the original Middle English text) 22.00 Merz, Jon F. The Invoker ( Sequel to The Fixer ; Lawson the Vampire protects friend with devastating supernatural abilities from rogue group of undead) 5.99 Modesitt, L. E. Jr. Legacies (In a world of both humans and strange magical powers a young man is enslaved when his country is invaded and his own magical powers will have a central role in the conflict) $27.95
Modesitt, L.E. Jr Ghost of the White Nights (Johan and Llysette return, this time to Russia where Johan discovers that the Russians are developing new weapons) $6.99
Modesitt, L.E. Jr The Parafaith War (Trystin Desoll is in a battle to hold back the Revenant theocracy and a race of technologically superior aliens question whether earth can be a peaceful neighbor) $7.99
Norton, Andre/Miller, Sasha A Crown Disowned (The Riders of the Ice Dragon have appeared and Queen Ysa must raise an army) $25.95
Nyland/Lee/Berman/Trautman Crimson Skies (Tie_in novel to the X_Box game) $6.99
Pierson, Chris Divine Hammer (Volume 2 of the Kingpriest Trilogy further exploring a key part of Dragonlance history) $6.99
Podrug, Julius Dark Passage (Brutal 21st century terrorists slip through a temporal hole and must be stopped before they twist the time stream to their own ends) $24.95
Price, Robert M ed Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos (Anthology of original short storied from the pulp era) $14.95
Pugh, David Obvious Tactics (Graphic novel _ The Blood Angels are locked in a desperate battle with a vast horde of rebels for the capital city of Obzidion) $6.95
Ramsland, Katherine The Science of Vampires (Facts, fallacies, and the scoop on Vampire Personality Disorder) $12.95
Rice, Anne Blackwood Farm (Quinn Blackwood has been haunted by birth by a doppelganger and when he is made a vampire his doppelganger becomes even more terrifying) $26.95
Saberhagen, Fred A Coldness in the Blood (Matthew Maule offers protection to Dickon and his human companion, and in the night the human is murdered and Dickon has disappeared) $25.95
Scanlon, Michael and others Hellbrandt Grimm (Graphic novel _ Stories of the stone_cold mercenary who stalks the Warhammer world) $6.95
Shatner, William Star Trek: The Captain's Peril (Captain Kirk and Picard are together due to a time displacement on Bajor and become stranded with scientists there and a murderous stalker) $25.00
Shimerman/Yarbro The Merchant Prince 2: Outrageous Fortune (Adventures of John Dee continue as he time_travels to a futuristic world where anything is possible including Armageddon) $6.99
Simpson, Robert Deep Space Nine Mission Gamma: Book 4 Lesser Evil (Following a shocking death the station erupts into chaos as a tenuous political alliance unravels in the midst of the search for the murderer) $6.99
Sizemore, Susan Laws of the Blood: Deceptions (The vampire Olympias has long reigned as the enforcer of Washington DC, but someone has decided to challenge her authority) $5.99
Smith, L. Neil The American Zone (A Detective discovers a portal _ the probability broach _ into an alternate world where George Washington was shot and history took a very different turn) $24.95
Stern, Roger Smallville _ Strange Visitors (TV tie-in: teenage Clark Kent wants to fit in and be a normal kid, but a meteor shower has struck Smallville and deadly superfoes have arrived and he is the only one who can stop them) $5.99
Stevermer, Caroline A College of Magics (Faris Nallaneen is sent to Greenlaw College by her uncle in an attempt to take over her coutry, and there is magic on the curriculum) $5.99
Strieber, Whitley Lilith's Dream (Paul Ward is a vampire_hunter who develops an insatiable urge to hunt and kill and is connected to Lilith who also feels the hunger for blood) $25.00
Strieber, Whitley The Last Vampire (A vampire seeking a human mate and a former CIA agent whose mission is to kill her go on a worldwide game of cat_and_mouse) $6.99
Tarr, Judith Devil's Bargain (In the Holy Land in 1191 Richard the Lionheart has struck a bargain with the devil to help his troops win the crusades but it may cost him his soul) $16.00
Tarr, Judith Tides of Darkness (A dark tide of evil threatens the Golden Empire and lady Merian must call on Daros, a wild mage, to help halt it) $25.95
Van Vogt, A.E. The World of Null_A (Reprint) $14.95
Walker, Kev/Campbell, Jim Daemonifuge _ The Screaming Cage (Graphic novel _ the story of Ephrael Stern, member of an elite force vowed to root out heresy and corruption wherever they find it; Warhammer) $19.95
Weber, David War of Honor (Honor Harrington must navigate politics as well as space in hopes of preventing another war; abridged CD $30, cassettes $26) $26.00
Williams, Walter Jon Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way (In the war against Yuushan Vong, the New Republic is divided by internal strife but the New Jedis refuse to give up) $25.95
Wilson, Gahan Gravedigger's Party (New cartoons by the legendary Wilson) $9.95
Yarbro, Chesea Quinn Night Blooming (A dark and strange man rumoured to have traveled much is called to France to validate the King's maps when he meets an albino woman who has signs of the stigmata) $24.95
Yarbro, Chlsea Quinn A Feast in Exile (Saint_Germain is a prisoner in 14th_century India and Avasa rises to a new life without his protection) $15.95
Yeovil, Jack Silver Nails (Five adventures from the Warhammer universe) $6.95


Ballard, J.G. Super_Cannes (A doctor in a clinic of a high tech residence and business park goes on a shooting spree and his replacement discovers psychological evil) $14.00
Davis, Jim In Dog Years I'd Be Dead (25th Annivesary look at Garfield) $34.95
Haber, Karen ed Meditations on Middle Earth (Collection of original essays on Tolkien from the world's bestselling fantasy authors) $13.95
Rogers, Katherine M. L. Frank Baum: The Royal Historian of Oz (Biography of the author of the Oz books) $27.95
Weist, Jerry Bradbury: An Illustrated Life (A biography of Bradbury including many illustrations from all aspects of Bradbury's life) $34.95
Williams, Walter Jon Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way (5 CDs, abridged) $29.95


Adams, Scott Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel (Dilbert cartoons focusing on the "weasel" at work) $24.95
Axler, James Outlanders: Far Empire (A mysterious Imperator prepares to seize his birthright from the nine hybrid barons fighting each other for domination of the planet) $6.50
Bailey, Dale The Fallen (Saul's Run seems like the perfect place to raise a family, but an ancient evil has risen and one man returns to stop the evil) $6.50
Banks, Ian M Look to Windward (Major Quilan has supposedly come to the Masaq Orbital to take home an exiled composer but his true mission may be the death and destruction of an entire civilization) $6.99
Barker, Clive Coldheart Canyon (After plastic surgery gone awry, a Hollywood actor disappears into Coldheart Canyon, where ghosts of stars and a door that opens into another universe can be found) $7.99
Barnes, John The Merchant of Souls (Special agent Giraut Leones fights a new movement on Earth that seeks to use recorded personalities of the dead as helpless virtual reality playthings) $7.99
Barron, T. A. Wings of Merlin (Before young Merlin can unite all the creatures of Fincayra to stand against the might of an evil warlord he must conquer his own inner rage) $6.99
Baum, Frank L. Ozma of Oz (Third in the Oz Series) $14.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer The Forbidden Circle (Omnibus of Spell Sword/Forbidden Tower ) $7.99
Brown/Herbert/Perrin Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls (Everyday life in Ansalon during the War of the Souls) $6.99
Carey/David/DeCandido and others Star Trek Gateways 7: What Lay Beyond (The Ikonian gateways menace is brought to an end) $6.99
Carmody, Isobelle Ashling (Elspeth of the Misfits, outcast children with psychic powers, tries to seal an alliance with the rebel forces in the capital) $7.99
Cherryh, C.J. Defender (The alien atevi enter the treacherous politics of space travel as their one human negotiator is caught in the throes of a mutiny) $6.99
Clemens, James Wit'ch Gate (Elena and her army of outlaws and rebels must breach the lair of the Dark Lord himself to defeat him completely) $6.99
Cover, Arthur Byron Rising Stars, Book 2: Ten Years After (The Special known as Critical Maas takes Chicago hostage and a small group of her former friends will try to take it back) $6.99
Craig, Brian Storm Warriors (An eldritch storm shipwrecks a band of mysterious elves on the isle of Morien and bring troubles to the land King Herla must solve) $6.95
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terry eds. Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers (Anthology of fantastic erotica from today's most popular authors) $7.99
Dawson, Roxann/Graham, Daniel Tenebrea Rising Book 3 (Andrea Flores closest ally betrays her and she is forced to choose between personal revenge and the safety of an entire planet) $6.99
Denning, Troy The Sorcerer Book 3 _ Return of the Archwizards (In the sun_baked desert of Anauroch an empire of darkness is established and the future is decided in the tortured soul of an elf) $6.99
Dick, Philip K Counter_Clock World (Reprint: Time is running backwards, and among the dead who are rising is a charismatic religious leader) $11.00
Dick, Philip K The Man Who Japed (Reprint: In a post holocaust government, robots monitor the behavior of every citizen and the slightest transgression can spell doom) $11.00
Dick, Philip K The Zap Gun (Reprint: Two misfit weapon "fashion designers" are brought together to save the world when aliens appear to invent a real weapon) $13.00
Duane, Diane Stealing the Elf_King's Roses (LA prosecutor and sleuth Lee Enfield relies on her mystic sight to gather the truth about crime, but the latest murder is part of a deeper plot against the elves) $6.99
Duncan, Jody Mythmaking (Official behind the scenes look at the making of Star Wars: Episode 2 Attack of the Clones ) $19.95
Forsyth, Kate The Fathomless Caves (Book 6 of The Witches of Eileanan: The Fairgain have refused to sign the pact of peace & Isabeau must face her greatest challenge yet) $7.50
Goodkind, Terry The Pillars of Creation (Richard Rahl and his wife Kahlan are reunited and must venture into a desolate land, where they become prey of a tireless hunter) $7.99
Greenber, Martin/Davis, Russell eds. Apprentice Fantastic (Anthology of stories of apprentices to wizards and others) $6.99
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki A Fistful of Sky (A misfit in a family of spellcasters possess no magical ability at all until she falls ill and comes into her power) $23.95
Hubbell, Will Cretaceous Sea (Paleontologist Rick Clements and a group of tourists enter a time machine and arrive at the Cretaceous period just in time to witness the meteor that laid waste to the earth) $6.99
Hunt, Walter H The Dark Wing (Mankind faces extinction at alien hands and may have to fight genocide with genocide) $7.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Deep Secret (Reprint; Rupert Venables, a Magrid whose job is to oversee the Multiverse, needs a new mentor and decides to round up all the candidates in one place--a science fiction convention) $5.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel A Song for Arbonne (Alternate history set in a world based on Eleanor of Aquitaine's France) $15.00
Kozerski, Paul Skylock (After Earth is devastated by solar convulsions a secret project in Wyoming has found a plant that can restore the planet and a courier faces danger to get it for his faction) $7.99
Kube_McDowell, Michael Vectors (In the near_future Dr. Jonathan Briggs is studying consciousness and discovers what he considers proof of reincarnation when a tragedy occurs) $6.99
Kushner, Ellen/Sherman, Delia The Fall of Kings (Young history master Basil St. Cloud believes the old kings were guided by true magic and discovers a secret Royalist movement seeking a return to the old ways of magic) $13.95
Lain, T. H. City of Fire (A small band of four tries to stop a once_heroic paladin and an army of gnolls from retrieving a powerful relic in the City of Fire) $6.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Agent of Change (Fleeing the scene of his latest mission, Val Con yos'Phelium saves the life of an ex_mercenary and they both struggle to elude their enemies) $6.99
Luceno, James Web Warriors II: Dimension X (When a teenage cyber_whiz penetrates a secret zone of the Virtual Network he attracts the unwanted attention of powerful people who want the code he used) $6.99
Matthews, Susan R The Devil and Deep Space (Andrej Koscuisko is caught up in a conspiracy between political backstabbing and military corruption) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne A Gift of Dragons (4 tales of Pern in one volume illustrated by Tom Kidd) $15.95
McHugh, Maureen F Nekropolis (To escape Nekropolis, Hariba agrees to undergo a technobiological process and becomes an indentured servant while encountering troubling questions about the nature of her soul) $14.95
Moorcock, Michael King of the City (Out_of_work paparazzo Dennis Dover meets up with a wealthy and corrupt long_lost friend who will threaten both his future and his cousin's) $13.95
Mosley, Walter Futureland (Nine stories of an imminent future) $7.50
Murphy, Sean The Hope Valley Hubcap King (Bibi Brown sets out on journey across an America that is not quite America to find his uncle Otto the junk collector) $5.99
Niven/Pournelle/Flynn Fallen Angels (Reprint; the world is in a new ice age, the lunatic fringe of the environmental movement controls the US government, and the only pro_tech group left on earth is SF fandom) $24.00
Perry, Steve The Man Who Never Missed (Reprint: Once a ruthless soldier, Emile Khadaji has disappeared from the Confederation with a secret plan to destroy it all in the name of freedom) $5.99
Piziks, Steven Star Trek Voyager: The Nanotech War (Voyager becomes part of an experiment in nanotechnology that goes out of control) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry Night Watch (Sam Vimes is thrown back in time on Discworld, meets his younger self & becomes entangled in a bloody rebellion while trying to get back home) $24.95
Rabe, Jean The Eve of the Maelstrom (Only one band of heroes stands in the way of Malystryx, the most evil dragon, and her quest for Godhood) $6.99
Raucci, Richard/Stern Roger eds. The Science of Superman (Scientific explanations of how Superman can do the things he does) $22.95
Rice, Anne Blood and Gold (Marius is kidnapped in Imperial Rome and forced to be protector of the Queen and King of the vampires) $7.99
Rice, Anne Blackwood Farm (Young vampire, who loved one of the Mayfair witches when he was mortal, seeks Lestat as a mentor) $26.95
Roman, Steven A X_Man/Red Skull: The Chaos Engine Book 3 (The Cosmic Cube has fallen into the hands of Red Skull and the X_men must destroy this "Chaos Engine") $14.95
Shatner, William Shadow Planet (Jim Endicott is now a captain and must discover who is secretly scheming against humans and their expansion to the stars) $23.95
Sheffield, Charles Between the Strokes of Night (Reprint: In the 277th century mankind survives in colonies across the galaxy as aliens called the Immortals use their strange powers to control humans) $15.00
Sheffield, Charles Resurgence (In one arm of the galaxy something is destroying whole solar systems and Rebka and her motley band discover a battle beginning that could determine the fate of the galaxy) $24.00
Silverberg, Robert The Man in the Maze (Earth is threatened by an alien race, and only a man in self_imposed exile can rescue the planet) $12.00
Stackpole, Michael A Fortress Draconis (A street thief is kidnapped by a mysterious man and finds he is fated to carry out an ancient prophecy to rid the world of mounting evil) $6.50
Steele, Allen Coyote (Story of Earth's first interstellar colonists and the mysterious planet that becomes their home) $23.95
Stephenson, Neal Cryptonomicon (A scheme to create a "data heaven" brings to light a secret unbreakable Nazi code which could lead to the rebirth of universal totalitarianism) $7.99
Stern, Dave Enterprise: What Price Honor (TV tie-in; A young officer is murdered on the Enterprise and the officer responsible for security must come to terms with a death he could have prevented) $6.99
Stern, Roger Smallville _ Dragon (TV tie-in; Radiation from glowing green meteor fragments are mutating Smallville's people and only young Clark Kent can save them) $5.99
Thorne, Tamara The Forgotten (horror; madness and murderous impulses grip small California costal town) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry Ruled Britannia (Alternative history of an England where the Spanish Armada won; signing at Uncle Hugo's Nov. 12) $24.95
Turteltaub, H. N. (aka Harry Turtledove) Over the Wine Dark Sea (In Rhodes, 310 BC, a sea trader plans his greatest voyage, from Asia Minor to Italy and face adventures and enemies on their way to Rome) $6.99
Waldo, Anna Lee Circle of Stars (Emerging from his hidden pastoral childhood, Madoc, the prophesied savior fo the Druids, rises to fulfill his fate as messiah to his people) $7.50
Walton, Jo The King's Name (Sulien ap Gwien must take up arms against former comrades as Tir Tanagri descends into civil war) $6.99
Watson, Ian Harlequin (Shadowy figures conspire to inflict mind_slavery in the human race to create a psychic doomsday weapon, but if it backfires the very fabric of the universe could be destroyed) $6.95
Watts, Peter Maelstrom (After an enormous tidal wave kills thousands a woman walks out of the ocean onto a beach full of oppressed and homeless and may be a monster or a goddess) $6.99
Weber, David/Ringo, John March to the Sea (Prince Roger MacClintock has been marooned with his bodyguard on Marduk by an assassination attempt and they must struggle with nature and the local population to get home) $7.99
Whitney_Robinson, Voronica Sands of the Soul (The only legitimate daughter of the wealthy Uskevren family finds herself on a journey that will take her from the safety of Stormweather to meet an old foe in the Calim Desert) $6.99
Yolen, Jane/Harris, Robert J. Odysseus in the Serpent Maze (Young reader; Odysseus has been kidnapped by pirates and must outwit his enemies with the help of his friends) $5.99
Zelazny, Roger/Saberhagen, Fred The Black Throne (Reprint; Edgar Perry lives in a world where Edgar Allen Poe stories come to life and faces many adventures while pursuing his childhood friend) $6.99
Zicree/Hambly Magic Time (New York is rocked by a series of bizarre tremors and when the lights go off one man is trapped in surreal chaos as people become embodiments of their darkest desires) $7.50


Abbey, Lynn ed Thieve's World: Turning Points (Anthology of new Thieves' World stories) $25.95
Brust, Steven The Paths of the Dead (The Dragaerans have not been able to use magic since Adron's Disaster and the enemies of the empire are prowling around the edges when a surviving heir to the throne is found) $25.95
Clement, Hal Heavy Planet (Anthology of hard science fiction by the SFWA Grand Master) $15.95
de Lint, Charles Angel of Darkness (Reprint; ex_cop Jack Keller finds the mutilated body of a runaway girl in the ashes of a fire and opens the door to a nightmare) $12.95
de Lint, Charles Tapping the Dream Tree (Latest novel in the Newford Series) $26.95
Dorsay, Candas Jane A Paradigm of Earth (A humanoid alien is brought to the house of political outcasts in a mid_western Canadian city with all the attendant government surveillance) $15.95
Harrison, Harry 50 in 50 (50 of Harrison's stories chosen in honor of his 50th anniversary as a writer including notes and introductory material) $17.95
Jordan, Robert Crossroads of Twilight (Wheel of Time #10: The world approaches twilight when the Shadow grows stronger & each character faces challenges that have been building over time) $29.95
King, Stephen The Man in the Black Suit (4 short stories by King; unabridged either cassette or CD) $29.95
Lee, Tanith Black Unicorn (A black unicorn arrives and a child with no talent for magic knows it has come for her) $12.00
Macdonald, J. D. The Apocalypse Door (On a routine mission to discover the whereabouts of missing UN peacekeepers, Peter Crossman, Knight Templar, discovers a plot to uncover a very unholy artifact) $22.95
Murphy, Kevin Andrew Fathom, Book 1 (Aspen Matthews is a marine biologist who can't remember her childhood and seeks answers to questions that haunt her) $6.99
Turteltaub, H. N. (aka Harry Turtledove) The Gryphon's Skull (In ancient Greece, two cousins find that war threatens their once free_trading world) $25.95
Vinge, Joan D. Catspaw (Reprint: Cat finds himself protecting one of the most powerful women in the galaxy) $14.95
Walton, Jo The Prize in the Game (Four friends fates are intertwined when the death of a horse incurs the wrath of the Horse Goddess who places a curse on them which could eventually lead to war) $25.95

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