November 22


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Newsletter #59 September - November, 2002

[PBO means Paperback Original]

Tales of Mystery & Suspense Vol. 1 (8 half hour radio dramas of the 1940s on CD, with stars like Lucille Ball, Vincent Price, Bob Hope) $16.95
Tales of Mystery & Suspense Vol. 10 (8 half hour radio dramas of the 1940s on CD, with stars like Peter Lorre, Lee Bowman, Ray Milland) $16.95
Aldrich, Richard J. The Hidden Hand: Britain, America, and Cold War Secret Intelligence (Non-fiction) $40.00
Allen, Jack Change of Heart (What starts as a plot to return the Communists to power in Moscow turns into a personal act of vengeance by a former Colonel of the KGB, and Josh McGowan must decide who to kill before he's killed himself) $14.00
Baden, Michael, M.D./Roach, Marion Dead Reckoning (A look inside the morgue and at the advances in forensic science which are helping solve crime) $13.00
Berger, Leon Tabloid Trash (Mystery novel about murder of a tabloid publisher, packaged to look like a supermarket tabloid) $14.95
Blair, Michael If Looks Could Kill (Vancouver photographer's life was already hectic when former lover, who robbed him and left him 2 years before, comes back and pleads for a place to hide, and then mysteriously disappears) $23.95
Blechta, Rick Shooting Straight in the Dark (Former softball team, the Ruthless Babes, turn sleuth when one member is murdered) $18.95
Borg, Todd Tahoe Death Fall (PI Owen McKenna is hired by a 14-year-old girl to look into the death of her twin sister 8 years ago; he learns a deadly secret the resulted in the murder of several members of the same family over the years) $16.95
Borg, Todd Tahoe Blowup (PI Owen McKenna (2) investigates an arson-set forest fire and finds a burned body; then a second arson-set forest fire and a second body; then the arsonist grabs Owen's girlfriend) $16.95
Borg, Todd Tahoe Ice Grave (PI Owen McKenna (3) investigates an apparent suicide, tracks clues back to a lost Mark Twain manuscript that went missing in Hawaii in 1866) $16.95
Brady, John All Souls , Kaddish in Dublin , and Unholy Ground (3 Dublin Inspector Matt Minogue mysteries) $14.95 each
Brookmyre, Christopher Not the End of the World (LAPD detective is assigned to provide security for a B-movie film festival, but finds he's in the midst of muckracking journalists, Bible-thumping radicals, and porn stars; "sassy, nasty, fast style") $12.00
Browne, Marshall The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders (First novel about Rome police officer who lost his leg when he closed down an anarchist group years ago) $12.95
Bruccoli, Matthew J./Layman, Richard--ed. Hardboiled Mystery Writers (Literary reference covers Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Ross Macdonald, 326 pp. trade pb) $22.00
Bull, Bartle The Devil's Oasis (Adventure novel set in North Africa in 1942) $14.00
Burgen, Stephen Walking the Lions (American inherits a farm in Spain from an aunt he thought died in the Spanish Civil War, but she apparently died again 60 years later; when he goes to Spain and starts asking questions, things turn dangerous) $25.00
Burt, Guy The Hole (Six teenage boys decide to pull a prank at an English school, but things go horribly wrong) $12.00
Carpenter, J. D. The Devil In Me (Toronto police procedural; editors of small literary magazines are being murdered by serial killer who doesn't like rejection slips) $23.95
Carter, Stephen L. The Emperor of Ocean Park (Mystery set among upper-crust African-American families on the East Coast) $26.95
Chanslor, Torrey Our First Murder (Reprint of 1940 novel of the Beagle sisters, private eyes) $14.95
Charyn, Jerome The Isaac Quartet (Omnibus reprint of Blue Eyes , Marilyn the Wild , The Education of Patrick Silver , and Secret Isaac --the first four novels about Isaac Sidel, the toughest, most incorruptible police inspector in NYC) $17.95
Child, Charles B. The Sleuth of Baghdad (Collection of short stories beginning in 1947 of Baghdad Inspector Chafik J. Chafik, written by British author who worked in Military Intelligence in Iraq during WW II; hc available at $27.00) $17.00
Collins, Max Allan Road to Perdition (Novelization of movie based on Collins' graphic novel) $6.99
Corbett, David The Devil's Redhead (Mixture of gripping crime story with love story among felons) $24.95
Crais, Robert Hostage (3 guys rob a minimart, but when things get out of hand they flee to a gated community and take a family hostage; former negotiator with LAPD SWAT unit has to deal with the situation) $7.99
Danks, Denise The Pizza House Crash (Georgina Powers (1) investigates when her cousin, a mediocre programmer for a pizza chain, seems to have committed suicide) $7.95
Danks, Denise Better Off Dead (Georgina Powers (2) investigates a couple of suspicious rock star deaths by drug overdoses, both in the presence of the same record producer) $7.95
Danks, Denise Phreak (Georgina Powers (5) is framed for murder, discovers a gang war in cyberspace and a turf war in real life) $7.95
Doherty, Paul The Godless Man (A mystery of Alexander the Great) $25.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson-ed. White House Pet Detectives (1 old and 13 original short stories) $14.95
Evans, Liz Don't Mess With Mrs. In-Between (PI Grace Smith (3) is hired by rich woman who's decided to leave fortune to complete strangers picked at random) $7.95
Evans, Liz JKF is Missing (PI Grace Smith (2) is hired by a blind man to find a woman who might be missing, but he doesn't know her name or what she looks like) $7.95
Evans, Liz Who Killed Marilyn Monroe (English PI Grace Smith is hired to find who killed Marilyn Monroe (a seaside donkey) and Grace can't afford to turn down the case) $7.95
Fry, Stephen Revenge (Tale of false imprisonment and violent retribution, with humor) $23.95
Furst, Alan Dark Star , Night Soldiers (Reprints of espionage thrillers) $12.95 each
Gooden, Philip The Pale Companion (1601 actor Nick Revill to present A Midsummer Nights Dream at country house; teams with magistrate when family secrets and murder intrude) $24.00
Gough, Laurence Funny Money (Willows and Parker police procedural;$10 million in counterfeit U.S. $20s intended for the Russian market are left in the care of 2 wise-guy screw-ups when the kingpin of Vancouver's mob has a stroke just before delivery) $6.95
Gough, Laurence Serious Crimes (Willows and Parker police procedural) $6.95
Gourevitch, Philip A Cold Case (Non-fiction; reopening of nearly 30-year-old double homicide) $11.
Hannah, Barry Yonder Stands Your Orphan (Discovery of an abandoned car with two skeletons in the trunk leads to more violence in Mississippi) $13.00
Hockenberry, John A River Out of Eden (A warrior appears near the Columbia River and announces he has come to return the river to its original majesty; then government workers start dying, killed by elaborate harpoons) $14.00
Holtzer, Susan Better Than Sex (A grad student was interviewing people at a sports bar about why they overeat, and somebody kills her; Anneke Haagen and Police Lt. Karl Genesko investigate) $6.50
Hunter, Evan The Moment She Was Gone (Andrew Gulliver's sister has gone missing and he has only 24 hours to find her $25.00
Hutson, Shaun Knife Edge (A British Army explosives expert plans to set off a bomb per hour in London until his demands are met, and a member of the Counter Terrorist Unit must stop him) $7.95
Jacks, Donald Three Cheers For Me (#1, $18.95); That's Me in the Middle (#2, $18.95); It's Me Again (#3, $19.99); Me Bandy, You Cissy (#4, $18.99) (Series of humorous Canadian novels set in WW I, has been compared to the Flashman Series)
Jackson, Jon A. Badger Games (International cat-and-mouse game begins in Kosovo and stretches to Montana, with the mob, rogue government agents, and mercenaries involved) $24.
Joey/Fisher, David Joey the Hitman: Autobiography of a Mafia Killer (Reprint; came out many years ago as Killer ; insider look at organized crime) $14.95
Jordan, Pat a. k. a. Sheila Doyle (Sexy crime thriller set is steamy south Florida. with a male stripper, Cuban gangsters, neo-Nazi gun-runners, Rastaferian hitmen, Italian drug dealers, and trigger-happy red-necks) $24.00
Karr, Kathleen Skullduggery (Young adult; 12-year-old orphan in 1840s New York gets a job as a grave robber for Dr. ABC, a phrenologist--but somebody wants Dr. ABC dead) $5.99
Kava, Alex The Soul Catcher (FBI Agent Maggie O'Dell assigned to work two apparently unrelated cases, finds both lead back to a religious cult; signed copies) $24.95
Kessler, Ronald The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI (Non-fiction) $27.95
King, Danny The Burglar Diaries (Laugh-out-loud novel of British bungling burglars who make just enough money from house-breaking in small-town suburbia to stay in the pub all weekend) $12.00
Lambdin, Dewey The French Admiral (Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure #2) $17.95
Lopez, Steve In the Clear (Small-town New Jersey sheriff is offered new job as security chief at a new casino, but bombings and murder stir things up) $25.00
Maffini, Mary Jane The Icing on the Corpse (Victim's advocate Camilla MacPhee; serial batterer goes on a rampage looking for revenge against his girlfriend) $10.95
Maffini, Mary Jane Little Boy Blues (Victim's advocate Camilla MacPhee wants to enjoy the local Bluesfest, but a killer is loose in the crowd) $10.95
Manchee, William Cash Call (Dallas lawyer Stan Turner does a preemptive investigation to prove his friends are innocent of murdering the smooth-talking restaurant franchiser who talked them into investing, & runs into the Mob; Uncle Edgar's signing September 27) $12.95
Manchee, William Death Pact (A Dallas attorney is hired to be financial trustee for 16-year-old daughter of high roller if anything happens to him, and a few weeks later he dies; the daughter seduces the attorney; when a aunt gets suspicious, she's murdered) $19.95
Marks, Jeffrey Who Was That Lady? Craig Rice: The Queen of Screwball Mystery (Award-nominated biography) $21.95
Masters, Priscilla Embroidering Shrouds (Detective Inspector Joanna Piercy is called in when a series of robberies targeting elderly women turns to murder) $9.95
McInerny, Ralph--ed. Murder Most Catholic (14 original stories) $14.95
Mones, Nicole Lost in Translation (Blend of romance and intrigue in modern China involving archaeologic treasure) $13.95
Mones, Nicole A Cup of Light (Blend of romance and intrigue in modern China involving huge cache of rare porcelain) $24.95
Moody, Greg Dead Air (A cycling murder mystery) $14.95
Moore, Viviane A Black Romance , Blue Blood , and The Darkest Red (3 medieval mysteries set in France in 1144-1145) $7.95 each
Mortimer, John Rumpole on Trial (Unabridged cassettes, 7 stories, 8 hours) $29.95
Nickel, Steven/Helmer, William J. Baby Face Nelson (Non-fiction portrait of a public enemy) $26.95
O'Connor, Ed The Yeare's Midnight (Serial killer leaves poetic clues; can a Cambridge lecturer help the police solve the puzzle before he kills again?) $24.00
Patterson, Richard North Degree of Guilt/The Final Judgment (Omnibus hc reprint) $16.99
Penzler, Otto--ed. The Mighty Johns (Fourteen new mystery stories involving football) $23.95
Peters, Ellis The Confession of Brother Haluin (Unabridged cassettes) $27.95
Peters, Ellis A Rare Benedictine (Unabridged cassettes) $19.95
Pickard, Nancy Storm Warnings (Ten short stories) $14.95
Pim, Sheila A Brush With Death (Reprint of 1950 Irish art and gardening mystery) $14.00
Powers, Tim Declare (Cold War espionage thriller, with occult elements) $7.99
Pronzini, Bill Sentinels (Reprint of 1996 "Nameless Detective" novel) $12.00
Ramos, Manuel Moony's Road to Hell (When an INS agent is murdered by an unknown gunman while drinking in a Denver bar with the wife of a major smuggler of illegal aliens, P.I. Danny "Moony" Mora is hired to investigate, and the bodies start to pile up) $19.95
Rice, Craig Murder, Mystery, and Malone (Short story collection; hc $27.00) $17.00
Ricks, Thomas E. A Soldier's Duty (A novel of a brutal brush-fire war in Afghanistan and how it affects the U.S. military, first published before 9-11) $12.95
Roberts, Barie Sherlock Holmes & the Crosby Murder (Shrunken head of missing banker is delivered to Scotland Yard) $24.00
Sayers, Dorothy L. Clouds of Witness (Unabridged cassettes) $29.95
Scheft, Bill The Ringer (Funny first novel by monologue writer for David Letterman; 75-year-old writer is sliding into delirium, his unambitious 35-year-old nephew is running from a small-time gangster, and his cleaning woman is a part-time call girl) $23.95
Shannon, John Streets on Fire (LA P.I. Jack Liffey 5; adopted son of prominent black 1960s civil rights campaigner goes missing with his white girl friend after run-in with motorcycle gang, while the whole city nears racial boiling point) $24.00
Siegel, Sheldon Criminal Intent (Mike Daley and his former wife Rosie are called on to defend Rosie's niece who is accused of murdering a movie director) $25.95
Simenon, Georges Maigret Bides His Time (Unabridged cassettes) 19.95 Stone, Michael Gangbusters (Non-fiction; "How a Street-Tough Elite Homicide Unit Took Down New York's Most Dangerous Gang") $14.00
Stout, Rex Death of a Doxy (Unabridged cassettes) $24.95
Stout, Rex The Final Deduction (Unabridged cassettes) $24.95
Stout, Rex The Silent Speaker (Unabridged cassettes) $29.95
Taylor, John The Count and the Confession (Non-fiction; death of wealthy scientist, art collector, and womanizer Roger de la Burde was first thought to be suicide, but there were plenty of suspects) $24.95
Van Gieson, Judith Raptor (Reprint of 1990 Neil Hamel mystery) $13.95
Wynn, Jennifer Inside Rikers: Stories From the World's Largest Penal Colony (Non-fiction; tells stories of both inmates and penal officers) $13.95


New Adventures of Mary_Kate and Ashley #31: The Case of the Giggling Ghost (Young reader) $4.50
Abbott, Jeff Black Jack Point (Texas judge Whit Mosely becomes involved in a life or death game of a legendary treasure, modern-day piracy and a high_seas hostage) $6.99
Axler, James Deathlands #59: Amazon Gate (Post-nuclear action-adventure) $6.50
Baldacci, David Last Man Standing (An FBI Hostage Rescue Team is ambushed and all are killed except Web London, who becomes the prime suspect and must get help from an unlikely ally to clear his name; abridged CD $42.98) $7.99
Barer, Burl Body Count (True story of Robert Yates, Jr. who murdered thirteen prostitutes in Spokane, Washington; PBO) $6.50
Benjamin, Daniel/Simon, Steven The Age of Sacred Terror (An insider's look into radical Islam's war against America; non-fiction) $25.95
Berenson, Laurie Hot Dog (Prize_winning poodle owner Melanie Travers (9) is on the trail of a missing dachshund and trying to figure out who is stalking her) $22.00
Bernhardt, William Criminal Intent (Tulsa attorney Ben Kincaid defends a radical parish priest on trial for murder and facing the death penalty) $23.95
Billheimer, John Dismal Mountain (Owen Allison returns to WV for a family emergency and his aunt claims to have murdered a man, but he believes she is covering for someone else) $5.99
Birmingham, Ruth Cold Trail (Sunny Childs must disguise herself to get into a ritzy woman's hunting club and uncover their deadly secrets) $5.99
Brett, Simon Death on the Downs (Carole Seddon and her neighbor Jude investigate the case of a skeleton found and a missing girl whose identities don't match up) $6.99
Broadbent, Tony The Smoke (Jethro the cat burglar steals jewels from the Soviet embassy and comes to the attention of the British Secret Service, who have ambitious plans for him) $23.95
Burke, Jan Sweet Dreams Irene (Reissue) $6.99
Burrows, William E. By Any Means Necessary (True story of the crewmen who flew surveillance missions during the Cold War) $15.00
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Street Boys (Abandoned children in 1943 Naples band together to resist the German army with aid of American corporal) $25.95
Carver, Caroline Blood Junction (Journalist India Kane travels from Sydney to the outback where she discovers that the friend she was visiting has disappeared; CWA Debut Dagger Award) $24.95
Chase, David-creator The Sopranos _ Selected Scripts From Three Seasons (Five scripts with scenes and dialogue that didn't hit the screen, 8 pp photos) $16.95
Churchill, Jill Someone to Watch Over Me (A cozy Depression era mystery featuring Grace and Favor (3)) $6.99
Claire, Edie Never Tease A Siamese (Pittsburgh amateur sleuth and ad copywriter Leigh Koslow (5) discovers that where there's a will, there's a way; PBO) $5.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Fleeced (Two members of the Settler's Club have died and their diamonds have disappeared and Regan Reilly is called in to solve the case) $7.99
Clark, Carol Higgins Jinxed (Regan Reilly is hired to find a young star who vanished while filming in Santa Barbara) $23.00
Clark, Steven J Southern Latitudes (Burnt_out reporter Nelson Ingram investigates an apparent lynching in Litchfield, Alabama) $6.50
Coel, Margaret The Shadow Dancer (Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden (8) and Father John O'Malley investigate a death which may be connected to a resurrected local native religion) $22.95
Coffey, Tom Miami Twilight (Garret Doherty endangers his life by having an affair and getting involved with a Cuban gangster who wants him to promote a "playground" for millionaires) $6.99
Connolly, John Dark Hollow (Charlie "Bird" Parker returns to the small town he grew up in to escape his past but becomes embroiled in it when he is asked to help solve the murder of a mother and child) $6.99
Connolly, John The Killing Kind (A mass grave is discovered in northern Maine revealing the grim truth about the disappearance of a cult and private detective Charlie Parker investigates) $25.00
Cook, Robin Shock (New medical thriller based on the latest fertility technology) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Archer's Tale (Beginning of 100 Years War, young English archer's trail of vengeance becomes quest for Holy Grail) $7.99
Crider, Bill A Knife in the Back (Sally Good goes on a date with a fellow faculty member at Hughs Community College, and when one of the college trustees is brutally murdered her date is the prime suspect) $23.95
Crombie, Deborah And Justice There is None (Detectives Kincaid and James (18) move to London's Notting Hill and get involved in murder of antique dealer's wife) $23.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Obituary (Emma Lord investigates the death of a local octogenarian when his wife insists his death was a murder, discovers blackmail, arson; PBO) $6.99
Davis, Lindsey A Body in the Bathhouse (Roman P.I. Falco (13) investigates bodies and crime at home and at construction of palace in Britain) $24.95
Davis, Lindsey Ode to a Banker (Marcus Didius Falco reads his work aloud and is approached by a banker about publication, who's then found murdered in the library) $12.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Chapel Noir (Several young women are murdered in a Parisian brothel and Irene Adler is brought in by the police because of a discreet request for her help; signed first edition hc available $25.95) $6.99
Ephron, G.H. Addiction (Forensic psychologist Peter Zak is helping his friend discover her daughter's problems when she ends up dead with the daughter holding the gun) $6.99
Estleman, Loren D The Master Executioner (Oscar Stone is a master of the art of execution, when one day a piece of knowledge brings him to a moment of devastating truth) $5.99
Evanovich, Janet Full House (Nick senses danger the moment he sees Billie, but is irresistibly attracted and a killer is closing in on them both; abridged cassettes $24.95, unabridged CD $40,00) $6.99
Evanovich, Janet Visions of Sugarplums (3 Cassettes, unabridged: Stephanie Plum is stalked by a stranger at her door; unabridged CD $36.00) $21.95
Feaster, Sharon A The Cat Who...Companion (Revised and updated third edition of facts about the famous series by Lilian Jackson Braun) $14.00
Fiffer, Sharon Killer Stuff (Jane Wheel is an antiques picker, and she discovers the murdered body of her neighbor and becomes the prime suspect) $6.99
Flynn, Vince Separation of Power (CIA counter_terrorism expert Mitch Rapp is called in when Israel discovers that Saddam Hussein is about to enter the nuclear arms race) $7.99
Freydont, Shelley Halloween Murder (Linda Haggerty is directing a small_town Halloween carnival when a body turns up hanged to a tree with the word "lechery" pinned to his chest) $22.00
Furst, Alan Blood of Victory (In 1940 a Russian journalist is recruited in Istanbul by the British to block Hitler's conquest of Europe) $24.95
Genhe, N.E. The Forensic Casebook (Illustrated reference to the science of crime scene investigation) $15.95
George, Elizabeth A Traitor to Memory (An internationally known violinist suddenly loses the ability to play, and it is connected to events in his past that he must uncover) $7.99
Gerritsen, Tess The Apprentice (The serial killer from The Surgeon returns with a chilling new disciple) $24.95
Gold, Glenn David Carter Beats the Devil (Charles Carter, AKA Carter the Great is a magician in the magic_obsessed 1920's and lives in a world where illusion is everything) $14.95
Green, Norman Shooting Dr. Jack (Three friends who work in a shady junkyard business become involved in violence and seek redemption) $12.95
Grimes, Martha The Blue Last (Richard Jury recruits a reluctant Melrose Plant to solve a case revolving around London's last bomb site, a pub called the Blue Last) $7.99
Grimes, Martha The Grave Maurice (Richard Jury investigates happenings on the Ryder Stud Farm, including the disappearance of a girl a year ago, and the appearance of a dead woman no one knows; abridged cassettes $24.95) $25.95
Grippando, James Beyond Suspicion (A client who has scammed lawyer Jack Swyteck turns up dead in his bathtub and Jack is the prime suspect and must find the real killer) $24.95
Hall, Parnell Puzzled to Death (CT Puzzle Lady (3) Cora Felton and her niece must solve three murders while readers race to complete the puzzle) $6.50
Haney, Lauren A Cruel Deceit (A mystery of ancient Egypt featuring Medjay policeman Lieutenant Bak (6); PBO) $6.50
Havill, Steven F. Scavengers (Two murders in the desert of Posadas County fall to Estelle Reyes_Guzman to solve after Bill Gastner has retired) $24.95
Hiaasen, Carl Paradise Screwed (Selected columns of Carl Hiaasen) $14.95
Hoag, Tami Dark Horse (Elena Estes has lost her job in the narcotics division of Palm Beach County and has retreated to a rural retreat in the horse country of Florida, when a girl goes missing) $26.95
Hunter, Catherine The Dead of Midnight (Members of the Mystery Au Lait book club are being murdered in imitation of the crimes in the books they read) $24.95
Isenberg, Jane Out of Hormone's Way (English professor Bel Barrett (5) returns to contend with hot flashes and cold murder; PBO) $6.50
Johnstone, William W. Enemy in the Ashes (Ben Raines & the forces of the Southern United States take on terror_master El Farrar in a battle that may set the Middle_East ablaze) $5.99
King, Stepehn/Straub, Peter Black House (Series of gruesome murders occur in Wisconsin and retired Homicide detective Jack Sawyer assists, and is drawn through his dreams into a parallel universe) $7.99
Lehrer, Jim No Certain Rest (Souvenir hunters on the Antietam battlefield find an unmarked grave and an archaeologist seeks its true identity) $23.95
Leonard, Elmore Gunsights ( Classic western reprint) $5.99
MacGregor, T. J. Out of Sight (The Townsand family sets out on their annual camping trip and find themselves in an deserted village where they make a terrifying discovery that puts their lives in danger) $6.99
Maguire, Gregory Lost (Winifred Rudge travels to London to research a book about a woman being haunted by Jack the Ripper and while there her cousin disappears leaving a ghost in his apartment) $14.95
Marcuse, Irene The Death of an Amiable Child (Manhattan social worker Anita Servi stumbles over the body of an elderly homeless woman and investigates, uncovering shocking answers and a killer) $5.99
Mathes, Charles The Girl in the Face of the Clock (Jane Sailor's (4) father emerges from an 8 year coma & she discovers that his tragic fall down the stairs was no accident) $5.99
Mayor, Archie Tucker Peak (An overworked Vermont sheriff investigates a series of condo burglaries when the most likely suspect turns up missing and his girlfriend turns up dead) $6.99
McDermid, Val The Last Temptation (A twisted killer targets psychologists across Northern Europe; Dr. Tony Hill is called in to investigate; abridged cassettes $25.95) $24.95
McDowall, Iain Making a Killing (Chief Inspector Frank Jacobson (2) is back from a vacation and faces a rapist and two murders in Crowby, England) $23.95
McGrory, Brian The Nominee (A newspaper publisher is murdered in the company parking lot and reporter Harry Cutter decides to investigate) $25.00
Mendez, Antonio J/Mendez, Jonna Spy Dust (True story of two CIA operatives set immediately after the defection of Edward Lee Hopper) $26.00
Monfredo, Miriam Grace Brothers of Cain (In 1862 undercover agent Bronwyn Llyr attempts to free her brother from prison) $6.99
Monfredo, Miriam Grace Children of Cain (A young girl must track down General McClellan and warn him of an impending attack by the Confederates) $22.95
Morgan, Fidelis The Rival Queens (A flat_broke countess and her faithful servant stumble onto a murder in an 18th century London lecture hall; signing at Uncle Edgar's Sept. 26) $23.95
Nelscott, Kris Thin Walls (In 1969 Chicago, Smokey Dalton (3) is hired to investigate the brutal murders of three black men) $24.95
Pamuk, Orhan My Name is Red (In 16th century Istanbul the Sultan has commissioned an illuminated book which must be kept secret and panic breaks out when one of the artists disappears; translated) $14.95
Pattison, Eliot Bone Mountain (In Tibet, a monk leading a pilgrimage is murdered and ex_Beijing police inspector Shan must investigate with the Chinese army at his heels) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Super Bolan #86: Blood and Sand (paramilitary adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Don The Executioner #286: Armageddon Exit (paramilitary advent.) $4.75
Perry, Anne Funeral in Blue (Victorian investigator William Monk (11) and his wife, Hester, investigate the murder of a personal friend whose husband is the prime suspect) $7.99
Pfeiffer, Lee/Worrall, Dave The Essential Bond (Official Guide to the Bond series, updated to include The World is Not Enough ) $22.95
Puzo, Mario The Family (Author's last novel; Greatest crime family in Italian history--the Borgias) $7.99
Qiu Xiaolong A Local Character Dancer (Shanghai Insp. Chen Cao (2) assigned to escort U.S. Marshall and wife of trial witness to America, but woman vanishes) $25.00
Randisi, Robert, ed Most Wanted (Ten personal favorite stories by some of mystery's greatest writers, including Grafton, Paretsky, and Block; PBO) $6.50
Reah, Danuta Listen to the Shadows (Desire, innocence and evil meld in a tale of psychological suspense) $6.99
Reeve, Simon One Day in September (An account of the kidnapping of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games) $14.95
Rehder, Ben Buck Fever (Week before deer_hunting season in Blanco County Texas a man in a deer suit is found murdered and Game Warden John Marlin has his hands full) $23.95
Reich, Christopher First Billion (When a business venture turns out to be a front for the Russian mob, chairman Jet Gallivan must uncover the conspiracy) $26.95
Ridley, John The Drift (A train tramp is asked to find the 17_year old niece of the man who taught him to ride the rails lost in the Pacific Northwest) $24.00
Ripley, Ann Harvest of Murder (Garden show host Louise Eldridge's Thanksgiving plans are interrupted by a brutal murder in her own backyard) $5.99
Robb, J. D. Purity in Death (Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas returns; PBO) $7.99
Robinson, Adam Bin Laden (Authoritative biography of Bin Laden) $13.95
Roughan, Howard The Up and Comer (A prep_school classmate appears in the life of a rich and successful lawyer with photographs and when he is murdered the lawyer becomes the prime suspect) $6.99
Santlofer, Jonanthan The Death Artist (A string of ritualistic murders in New York City draw ex_cop Kate McKinnon back into her past) $24.95
Shaber, Sarah R. The Fugitive King (A man who has been in prison for 40 years enlists N Carolina forensic historian Professor Simon Shaw to prove his innocence) $22.95
Sheridan, Juanita The Mamo Murders (1952 novel set in Hawaii; female sleuths search for missing rancher; native people fear his relatives will sell the ranch to developers) $14.00
Simenon, Georges The 13 Culprits (First translation into English of collection picked by Ellery Queen as one of the best detective collections every published) $16.00
Singerman, Philip Proof Positive (Roland Troy receives a request from his former partner McKenzie Rockett to help solve one last homicide) $6.99
Smith, Alexander McCall The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (In Botswana Africa, Mma Precious Ramotswe is hired to track down a missing husband, uncover a con man, follow a wayward daughter, and seek a boy who has been kidnapped by witchdoctors; Times Literary Supplement International Book of the Year) $11.95
Smith, Alexander McCall Tears of the Giraffe (Precious returns, searching for a man who disappeared in Africa many years ago) $11.95
Smith, Greg B. Made Men (True rise_and_fall story of a New Jersey Mob family) $6.99
Smith, Wilbur Warlock (In the wake of a 60 year war over the reign of Egypt, two young pharaohs have risen to claim power, but only one can succeed) $7.99
Smithdeal, Charles Dead Ringer (A serial killer has been executed, but Sarah Hill, who testified against him, has seen him again, walking free; PBO) $5.99
Soos, Tony Island of Tears (In 1892, a newly arrived Dutch immigrant disappears and a writer for Harper's Weekly becomes obsessed with her safe return) $6.99
Spring, Michelle In the Midnight Hour (Laura Principal investigates the disappearance of a boy twelve years ago when the mother finds a young man she thinks is her long_lost son; Arthur Ellis Award Best Novel) $6.99
Stabenow, Dana Better to Rest (Sergeant Liam Campbell investigates the case of a downed WWII army plane found mysteriously frozen in a glacier) $23.95
Stanley, Diane The Mysterious Matter of I. M. Fine (When kids read the chilling books of I.M. Fine, bizarre and dangerous things occur and Franny and her friends are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery; young adult) $5.99
Stine, R.L. ed Beware! (R.L. Stine picks his favorite scary stories; young adult) $11.99
Talley, Marcia, ed Naked Came the Phoenix (Serial novel featuring many of the best woman writers in the mystery genre) $6.99
Temple, Lou Jane Death is Semisweet (A man is found dead at the opening of the new chocolate factory and Heaven Lee (6) tackles the case) $23.95
Tosches, Nick In the Hand of Dante (A manuscript of the Divine Comedy written in Dante's own hand is discovered and the writer assigned to authenticate it steals it) $24.95
Tremayne, Peter Our Lady of Darkness (A monk has been found guilty of the rape and murder of a young girl and Sister Fidelma (9), believing he is innocent, sets out to clear him before he is executed; 7th century Ireland) $23.95
Wald, Noreen Enter Dying (Miss Jake O'Hara has joined the behind_the_scenes cast of a Broadway musical when the star falls to her death) $5.99
Webb, James Lost Soldiers (Former Marine Brandon Condley returns to Viet Nam to search for the remains of MIAs and discovers a body that does not match its dogtags) $7.50
Wikarski, N. S. The Fall of White City (Late 19th century Chicago; when a penniless immigrant girl is found murdered in the city's grandest hotel, wealthy and eccentric Evangeline LeClair and sidekick Freddie turn detective; signing at Uncle Edgar's Sept. 27) $16.95
Woodcraft, Elizabeth Good Bad Woman (London barrister Frankie Richmond's search for Ms. Right becomes sidetracked when she is accused of murder) $22.00
Wynne, Marcus No Other Option (A rogue agent from Operation Dominance Rain is loose in the country and his former best friend must track him down) $7.99
Zoll, Amy Gladiatrix: The True Story of History's Unknown Woman Warrior (Prompted by Discover Channel's documentary and finding remains in London of 1st Century female Roman gladiator; non-fiction) $13.95


Barnes, Linda The Big Dig (P.I. Carlotta Carlyle (9) goes undercover to investigate Boston highway project known as the Big Dig, ends up investigating a missing person as well) $23.95
Bevill, C.L. Bayou Moon (New York artist Mignon Thibeaux returns to Louisiana to investigate the disappearance of her mother 25 years ago) $23.95
Brenna, Duff The Altar of the Body (George McLeod's life turns chaotic when his cousin and girlfriend come to Minnesota & their compassion & ability to love are tested) $13.00
Bruns, Don Jamaica Blue (In Jamaica and Florida, rock reporter Mick Sever investigates a reggae band's involvement with the violent deaths of two young girls) $24.95
Davis, Val Thread of the Spider (An archaeological dig turns deadly when Nicolette Scott uncovers a car that was used by a pair of infamous bank robbers in the 40s) $23.95
DePoy, Phillip The Devil's Hearth (In the Georgia Appalachians, a folklorist finds a corpse on his front porch and someone is taking potshots at him from the woods) $23.95
Dold, Gaylord Six White Horses (An ex_marine is dealing drugs in Mexico when his "mule" is murdered and he encounters another ex_marine who may fit the bill) $23.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Castle Rouge (A patient of a lunatic asylum who masquerades as Jack the Ripper has escaped and Irene Adler becomes involved) $25.95
Ephron, G. H. Delusion (A paranoid man is accused of killing his wife _ Peter Zak must discover _ is he ill or is he a great actor trying to get away with murder?) $24.95
Estleman, Loren D. Black Powder, White Smoke (Western; four men "are about to learn truth isn't always black and white") $24.95
Fiffer, Sharon Dead Guy's Stuff (Antique "picker" Jane Wheel (2) uncovers a gruesome memento of murder at a suburban Chicago estate sale) $24.95
Friedman, Kinky Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Kinky Friedman juggles two cases at once as he tries to find a missing boy and a missing cat) $24.00
Garwood, Julie Killjoy (FBI profiler Avery Delaney's beloved aunt Caroline has disappeared; mad but brilliant killer behind elaborate plot) $25.95
Gellis, Roberta A Personal Devil (In medieval Oxford, Magdalene la Batarde helps a man accused of murdering his wife to supplant her with a whore) $14.95
Gellis, Roberta Bone of Contention (One of William of Ypres' men is accused of murder and Magdalene la Batarde is called in to help solve the murder) $25.95
Goldstone, Lawrence and Nancy Out of the Flames (The history of Michael Servetus, burned at the stake as a heretic in 1553, and his book and the three copies of it that survived through the years) $24.95
Gorman, Ed ed. The Blue and the Gray Undercover (18 original of short stories about Civil War spies) $14.95
Grafton, Sue Q is for Quarry (Two cops near retirement seek out Kinsey Millhone to help with an 18_year old unsolved murder; based on actual case; abridged cassettes $25.00, abridged CDs $29.95) $26.95
Hagberg, David The Kill Zone (Assassin brainwashed by the KGB is awakened and is in the inner circle of the CIA, interim director the target) $24.95
Harris, William C. No Enemy But Time (An IRA soldier_turned_Nazi spy becomes a powerful force in Savannah society after the war when an old submarine is discovered which contains secrets that could ruin him) $24.95
Hartman, William K. Cities of Gold (An archaeologist investigates the route of Coronado's expedition and his bosses want him to declare the route open to development, but he discovers it's historical importance) $25.95
Hoff, Benjamin The House on the Point (A modern re_working of the Hardy Boys The House on the Cliff slanted for adults, with added tribute essay) $22.95
Hoyt, Richard Old Soldiers Sometimes Lie (The granddaughter of a Japanese General executed for war crimes seeks to clear his name & uncovers secrets of the past) $25.95
Jinks, Catherine The Inquisitor (14th century France; Inquisitor of Heretical Depravity, must investigate when his superior's body is discovered and he becomes a suspect) $23.95
Kahn, Sharon Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox (A retired lox_cutter gets knifed with his own slicing blade and Ruby traces the murder victim's roots all the way back to Nazi_era Denmark) $24.00
Kemelman, Harry Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home (Reprint) $6.99
Kent, Bill Street Money (A Philadelphia City Hall fixer is found dead in the basement of a burned_out nightclub and a local newspaper investigates, including his daughter who works for the paper) $23.95
Lambdin, Dewey King's Captain (Lewrie is promoted but soon after mutiny rages through the fleet and the reappearance of an old enemy has him fighting for his life) $14.95
Lambdin, Dewey Sea of Grey (Captain Alan Lewrie (10) sails to a failing British intervention on Saint Domingue where a bloody revolution is being led by Toussaint L'Ouverture) $25.95
Little, Jason Shutterbug Follies (Graphic novel: Bee works at a photo lab and when pictures of a naked corpse are developed she decides to investigate) $19.95
Mannel, David A Matter of Time (Sleuth Brother Bartholomew of Faith Abbey on personal retreat in Bermuda must untangle bizarre murder of fisherman) $23.00
O'Connell, Carol Crime School (Mallory (7) is on the case of a murdered prostitute who happens to be the woman who took her in and then betrayed her when she was a child) $24.95
Palahniuk, Chuck Lullaby (Book with African "culling song" kills people; man must track and remove psychic infection while becoming involuntary serial killer) $24.95
Parker, Robert B Shrink Rap (Boston P.I. Sonny Randall (2) goes on the road to protect a bestselling author and uncovers a world of dark secrets) $24.95
Pavlou, Stel Decipher (In 2012, the year the Mayan's predicted the end of the world, America and China stand on the brink of war over the secrets of Atlantis) $24.95
Randisi, Robert J. East of the Arch (A serial killer is preying on pregnant women in East St. Louis and Detective Joe Keough is enlisted to help with the investigation) $24.95
Rice, Craig Home Sweet Homicide (Funny 1944 novel considered the author's best; three children "help" their widowed mystery-writer mother to solve a real-life murder and nab a handsome cop husband along the way) $14.95
Rutman, Leo Thy Father's Son (In New York City, 1962, a prizefighter who is also the son of a Mafia don must enter the life he has tried to avoid when his father is kidnapped) $24.95
Siler, Jenny Shot (Trying to find out the truth about her husband's death, Lucy Green stumbles on dangerous secrets about a government biological warfare program) $24.00
Traxler, Patricia Blood (Four people's lives become intertwined during a year at Radcliffe College and the quartet is headed for a shocking and tragic end) $13.95
Warner, Penny Mystery of the Missing Mustangs (The Girl Scouts of Troop 13 investigate the strange disappearance of protected wild horses from a Nevada Ranch; young adult; PBO) $4.95
Weatherford, Joyce Heart of the Beast (28_year old Iris Steele has inherited a ranch that has been in her family for 150 years, and as she learns more about the ranch she discovers secrets in her family's past) $14.00
Wynne, Marcus Warrior in the Shadows (Ex-CIA, now forensic photographer's best friend and family are murdered in a gruesome fashion and cannibalized, and he swears to find the killer) $24.95


Henderson, Lauren Pretty Boy (Sam Jones (5) goes on holiday to her friend Tom's English B&B when Tom's latest girlfriend is murdered and Tom is accused) $12.95
Jasper, Kenji Dakota Grand (Young writer interviews a rap star who is not pleased with the result which leads to a tense and sometimes violent duel between the two; trade PBO) $12.95


Abel, Robert Riding a Tiger (English teacher Arnold Fisher is arrested and detained in a Beijing police station and seeks to know who betrayed him) $12.00
Alexander, Bruce Smuggler's Moon (Blind magistrate Sir John Fielding investigates corruption and murder in a smuggler's haven) $6.50
Axelrood, Larry Plea Bargain (Chicago defense attorney Darcy Cole (2) battles deception and legal system; disparate cases may be connected) $22.95
Baker, Kevin Dreamland (Coney Island's Dreamland Amusement Park is the back drop for a portrait of immigrant New York in the early 20th Century; trade reprint) $14.95
Banks, T.F. The Thief Taker (Henry Morton is paid to investigate crime as a part of Regency, London's Bow Street Runners and when a young man's body is found in the home of a lord he uncovers a scandal) $7.50
Blanc, Nero A Crossworder's Holiday (Five mystery stories including crosswords and a recipe) $22.95
Block, Barbara Blowing Smoke (P.I. Robin Light (7) investigates elderly heiress's connection to stranger who claims to communicate with the dead) $5.99
Blum, Howard The Brigade (True story of the only all_Jewish fighting unit in WWII and their activities after the war) $13.95
Boese, Alex Museum of Hoaxes (Collection of the stories of hundreds of documented hoaxes from the Middle Ages to the present day) $19.95
Booth, Stephen Dancing With the Virgins (Detectives Ben Cooper & Diane Fry investigate death of a cyclist found in a prehistoric ring of stones known as the Nine Virgins) $6.99
Boray, Paul Cash Out (Chinatown thugs have beaten SF bookie out of $300,000 and Billy calls his old friend ex_cop Tomb for help when Billy's girlfriend disappears) $6.99
Brown, Sandra The Crush (Dr. Rennie Newton is serving as a juror and becomes the obsession of the defendant which continues after he is acquitted) $26.95
Buchanan, Lyn The Seventh Sense (True story of one man's career as a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. military searching for terrorists) $14.00
Buckley, Christopher No Way to Treat a First Lady (The First Lady is on trial for President's murder and must hire the boyfriend she jilted in law school, now the most shameless defense attorney in America) $24.95
Buff, Joe Crush Depth (In 2012 a German fast-attack submarine violently encounters a US sub and war ensues) $24.95
Burke, James Lee The Neon Rain (First Robicheaux; trade reprint) $14.00
Burke, Jan Nine (A serial killer is murdering people on the FBI's most_wanted list and LAPD homicide detective Alex Hartwick is thrust into a territorial war with the Feds) $24.00
Chandler, Raymond Collected Stories (All of Chandler's short fiction in one volume) $27.50
Chandler, Raymond The Big Sleep and Others (Three early novels including Farewell, My Lovely and The High Window ) $27.50
Chandler, Raymond The Lady in the Lake and Others (Four later Chandler novels including The Little Sister , The Long Goodbye , and Playback ) $30.00
Cole, David Scorpion Rain (Part_Hopi cyber_sleuth Laura Winslpow (4) searches the Sonoran desert for a kidnapped friend) $6.50
Collins, Max Allan CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Sin City (Based on hit TV series) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan I Spy (Novelization of the Columbia Pictures release based on 60's TV series) $6.99
Connelly, Michael Chasing the Dime (Henry Price is receiving messages meant for the previous person with his number, and she seems to be in trouble, and he risks everything trying to save her; abridged CD $31.98, abridged cassettes $26.98) $25.95
Connor, Beverly Airtight Case (Forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain (5) is attacked and left for dead, loses memory; later, at excavation an exciting discovery may mean loss of her sanity or life) $7.99
Cook, Thomas H The Interrogation (Detectives Norman Cohen and Jack Pierce have only 24 hours to crack a vagrant accused of murdering a 10_year-old girl) $6.99
Cornwell, Patricia Isle of Dogs (Judy Hammer, newly installed superintendent of the VA state police, faces a rebellion against new traffic laws on the island of Tangier 14 miles off the coast) $7.99
Date, S.V. Deep Water (The mouse_eat_mouse underbelly of a Florida theme park) $6.99
Deaver, Jeffery Speaking in Tongues (A prosecutor's daughter disappears and in a race against the clock her life depends on his oration skills) $7.99
DiMercurio, Michael Terminal Run (Techno_thriller featuring the final undersea showdown between Admiral Michael Pacino and his most hated nemesis Alexi Novskoyy) $6.99
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Man Who Fought Alone (Mick Axbrewder is recovering from a gunshot wound working security for the martial arts industry, where someone has a secret they are willing to kill for) $7.99
Donnelly, Deborah Died to Match (The bridesmaids in Seattle wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid's latest wedding are dying and Carnegie investigates; PBO) $5.99
Duchin, Peter/Wilson, John Morgan Blue Moon (Bandleader's wife has been murdered; he encounters a mysterious woman who looks like her and may be involved in two murders) $22.95
Duffy, S/Henderson, L- ed Tart Noir (Twenty stories about tough women in mystery; trade PBO) $13.00
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote _ You Bet Your Life (Jessica's friend Martha in Las Vegas is accused of murdering her husband, and Jessica investigates; PBO) $6.50
Ford, Michael Curtis The Ten Thousand (Historical epic about a feared army in ancient Greece) $6.99
Friedman, Robert I Red Mafiya (Non-fiction; the Russian mob's infiltration into American business, politics, finance and professional sports) $6.99
Fusilli, Jim Closing Time (Terry Orr's wife and son are murdered and he learns the PI trade to seek revenge in NYC, but he still has a 12_year_old daughter who needs him too) $6.50
Gandt, Robert Acts of Vengeance (A motor launch carrying the USS Ronald Reagan's top brass is attacked and Brick Maxwell (2) and his fighter pilots go on a deep air strike in Yemen but it's a trap) $6.99
Gear, Kathleen and W. Michael Bone Walker (The Wold Witch has killed a man and Dusty and Maureen must unmask the killer before he strikes again; Book 3 of the Anasazi Mysteries) $7.99
Grippando, James A King's Ransom (An American businessman is kidnapped in Columbia and his son tries to save him) $7.50
Handler, David The Cold Blue Blood (On assignment in CT, film critic Berger discovers body in backyard of rich matron, enter black Lt. Desiree Mitry) $6.50
Hautman, Pete Doohickey (After his store and home burn Nick Fashon becomes obsessed with an invention of his grandfather's which could cost him his life) $24.00
Hautman, Pete Rag Man (When Mack MacWray pursues his no_good business partner to the edge of a cliff he finds exactly what he can accomplish when put to the test) $13.00
Hazelwood, Roy/Michaud, Stephen Dark Dreams (A veteran FBI profiler examines sexual violence, homicide, and the criminal mind) $6.99
Hegwood, Martin Massacre Island (Three college students arrive at a summer cottage on Dauphin Island, Alabama, and discover bodies there) $6.50
Hillerman, Tony Seldom Disappointed (Memoir of the creator of Leaphorn and Chee) $13.95
Hooper, Kay Once a Thief (Max Bannister discovers that a beautiful woman is a pawn in the hands of a criminal mastermind desperate to steal Bannister's priceless gems) $7.50
Jackson, Lilian Braun Short and Tall Tales (Stories and legends of Moose County as collected by fictional columnist James Qwilleran) $21.95
Jahn, Michael Murder on the Waterfront (The body of a top conservative political strategist is found in the hold of an old freighter & Bill Donovan is called in to investigate) $5.99
Johansen, Iris No One to Trust (Elena Kyler was trained by the military as an assassin, but now has a cold_blooded killer on her trail and must rely on another man for help) $25.95
Judson, D. Daniel The Poisoned Rose (Mac MacManus witnesses a murder and gives chase to the killers, and months later is called in on a missing persons case that uncovers a secret leading back to that night; PBO) $6.50
Kellerman, Jonathan Flesh and Blood (Alex Delaware investigates the murder of a former patient, which puts his relationship and his life in danger) $7.99
Kellerman, Jonathan The Murder Book (Alex Delaware confronts a long unsolved murder of unspeakable brutality that threatens his survival & that of his friend Milo Sturgis; abridged cassettes $25.95) $26.95
Kerr, Philip Dark Matter (In 1696 a young boy is sent to the Tower of London to assist Sir Isaac Newton, appointed by the King to uncover a ring of counterfeiters) $24.00
Klise, Kate Trial By Journal (Lily Watson is on the jury for the trial of a man accused of killing her classmate but no one has ever found the body; PBO) $5.99
Koontz, Dean Strangers (Reprint with a new afterword by the author) $7.99
Krich, Rochelle Blues in the Night (LA tabloid writer Molly Blume is intrigued by hit and run victim and her fascination draws her into a web of murder and intrigue) $23.95
Lake, Anthony 6 Nightmares (The former national security adviser identifies 6 serious threats to the future of the US; non-fiction) $15.95
Lindsay, Paul Traps (A down_and_out former FBI agent is called about a cold kidnapping case when victim's father puts bomb under Chicago's Cook Co. jail) $24.00
Lippman, Laura In a Strange City (Tess Monaghan investigates a murder at Edgar Allen Poe's gravesite) $6.99
Lippman, Laura The Last Place (Baltimore P.I. Tess Monaghan (7) is hired to research a series of unsolved homicides and is lead to a serial killer) $23.95
Littell, Robert The Defection of A. J. Lewinter (Reprint: An American scientist visits Tokyo & contacts the KGB wanting to defect but no one knows if his defection is real) $24.95
Lovett, Sarah Dantes' Inferno (Dr Sylvia Strange (4) must get into the mind of a mad bomber who is burning Los Angeles one building at a time) $6.99
Ludlum, Robert The Sigma Protocol (American investment banker Ben Hartman runs into an old college friend in Zurich who immediately tries to kill him and runs into an agent who is also on the run from killers) $7.99
MacLeod, Charlotte The Withdrawing Room (Reprint: Kelling and Bittersohn investigate the death of a man who gets squashed by a subway _ did he fall or was he pushed?) $6.99
Marcinko, Richard/Walker, Greg Violence of Action (A terrorist group is about to set off a nuclear device in an American city and the Rogue Warrior must stop them) $26.00
Martel, John Billy Strobe (Lawyer Billy Strobe believes in the law, but always seems to be on the wrong side of it) $7.99
Martin, Allana Death of the Last Villista (40 years after an unsolved murder on a movie set Texana Jones (5) is hosting a video crew when an actor's trailer explodes and a local child goes missing) $5.99
Martin, Nancy How to Murder a Millionaire (Nora Blackbird is working as a Philadelphia society columnist when at her first party she stumbles over the body of the murdered host and her sisters complicate things; PBO) $6.50
Massey, Sujata The Bride's Kimono (Rei Shimura has been hired to transport a packet of antique kimonos to Washington DC, and her passport ends up on the dead body of one of the Japanese women who accompanied them to the U.S.) $6.99
Matsuoka, Takashi Cloud of Sparrows (In 1861 a young Japanese nobleman with a gift of prophecy has dreamt that his life will be saved by an outsider and throws his lot in with American Missionaries to escape) $25.95
Mayor, Archer The Sniper's Wife (Vermont Detective Willie Kunkle seeks revenge for the death of his ex-wife in a back alley in New York City) $23.95
McBain, Ed Money, Money, Money (Steve Carella and Fat Ollie Weeks investigate murder of woman found in the lion cage at the zoo and a dead book salesman found stuffed in a trashcan) $7.99
McClelland, Michael Oyster Blues (The story of a man, a woman, a boat, the Mob, murder, and . . . seafood) $19.95
Mcdonald, Gregory Carioca Fletch (Reprint: Fletch is living the high life in Brazil when a woman who thinks he killed her husband shows up and spoils the party) $12.00
Mcdonald, Gregory Fletch, Too (Reprint: On the day of his wedding Fletch receives a letter from a man claiming to be his father) $12.00
Menzies, Gavin 1421: The Year the Chinese Discovered the World (Reconstruction of a journey around the world taken by the Chinese 70 years before Columbus) $27.95
Merkel, Earl Final Epidemic (A disease which kills in hours with no known cure appears in Chicago and New York, and the Center for Disease Control must consult a former CIA agent to help find a cure) $6.99
Mesce, Bill Jr. Officer of the Court (Major Henry Voss (2) is a JAG attorney assigned to find the murderer of Lt. Grassi and finds an astounding secret of betrayal on the front lines) $6.99
Miller/Engelberg/Broad Germs (Investigative report on the threat of germ weapons and what the US government is doing about it) $14.00
Millett, Larry Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Alliance (On the eve of President McKinley's visit to Minneapolis in 1899 a body is found hanging from a tree and Sherlock Holmes joins the locals to investigate) $6.99
Morgan, Deborah The Weedless Widow (Professional antiques picker and ex_FBI agent Jeff Talbot fishes for a killer obsessed with antique lures; PBO) $5.99
Murphy and Sapir The Destroyer #129: Father to Son (Action_adventure) $6.50
Murphy, Julie/Stempinski, Sally The Cat Who . . . Cookbook (200 recipes inspired by the meals in the series) $21.95
Nabb, Magdalen Property of Blood (A kidnapping for ransom of a beautiful American_born contessa poses a challenge for Florentine Marshal Guarnaccia) $12.00
Nabb, Magdalen Some Bitter Taste (An elderly spinster is found dead after calling the police for help and Marshal Guarnaccia searches for the villains) $24.00
Nida, Jackie Render Safe (The Vest Bomber is striking fear into the hearts of the inhabitants of Kansas City and Jamie Stone of the Hazardous Device Unit investigates) $6.99
O'Kane, Leslie Death of a PTA Goddess (Amateur sleuth Molly Masters (3) investigates the murder of the PTA president, who has secrets that make her less than perfect;PBO) $6.99
Patterson, James Violets Are Blue (Det. Alex Cross is called in to investigate the brutal murders of two joggers in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park; mastermind stalks him) $7.99
Pendleton, Don The Executioner: Rogue Warrior (paramilitary adventure) $4.75
Pendleton, Don Stony Man: Rogue State (Action_adventure) $6.50
Perry, Anne Death of a Stranger (Amnesiac Victorian PI William Monk is asked by a woman to ascertain whether or not her fiance is a fraud, and a railway magnate dies in a sleazy brothel) $25.95
Petit, Chris The Human Pool (Enigmatic black marketeer during WWII may still be alive and two others are searching for him) $25.00
Phillips, Gary Shooter's Point (Martha Chainey (2); hard_boiled Las Vegas P.I. investigates a murder_heist during heavy_weight boxing match) $5.99
Pollock, Ellen Joan The Pretender (How Martin Frankel fooled the financial world and led the Feds on one of the most publicized manhunts in history; non-fiction) $14.00
Preston, Richard The Demon in the Freezer (The return of smallpox and its possible use as a biological weapon; non-fiction) $24.95
Reisert, Rebecca The Third Witch (Re_working of Macbeth through the eyes of a mysterious young girl on a dangerous quest for vengeance) $14.00
Robinson, Peter The Hanging Valley (Reprint) $6.99
Shubin, Seymour The Good and the Dead (Bodies are turning up in Ben Newman's hometown and they were all classmates at the same elementary school) $5.99
Slaughter, Karin Blindsighted (The sleepy town of Heartsdale, Georgia is jolted into panic when the town's coroner finds a young college professor brutally raped and murdered in a local diner) $7.50
Slaughter, Karin Kisscut (Sara Linton, her ex_husband police chief Jeffrey Tolliver and detective Lena Adams are caught in an evil web involving the death of a young girl) $24.95
Smith, Carlton Seeds of Evil (True story of a son who killed his family for greed) $6.50
Smith, Martin Cruz December 6 (An American con man is in Tokyo the day before Pearl Harbor and tries to flee to the west on the last flight out) $26.00
Soos, Tony The Gilded Cage (In 1893, Rebecca Davies turns to a young banker for funds for her abused women, when the banker ends up dead and she turns to Marshall Webb to help find the killer) $23.00
Stabenow, Dana ed The Mysterious North (Twelve new mystery stories set in Alaska; PBO) $6.99
Stark, Richard (aka Donald Westlake) The Jugger (Reprint; retired safecracker knows Parker's secrets and when Parker goes to Nebraska to kill him he is already dead and someone is out to kill Parker too) $12.95
Sutherland, Grant Diplomatic Immunity (A special envoy is murdered in the UN and Sam Windrush, First Deputy in UN Legal Affairs, is given one week to solve the murder before the UN turns it over to the NYPD) $7.50
Terreri, Malinda To Give or Deceive (Stockbroker Maggie Conners (2) has made a killing in the market but her luck runs out when a dead body turns up in her car; PBO) $5.99
Todd, Charles A Fearsome Doubt (In 1919 London, a woman whose husband was hanged for murder approaches Insp. Ian Rutledge & claims her husband was no murderer) $24.95
Truman, Margaret Murder in Havana (Ex_CIA man Max Pauling is on the verge of retirement until a secret mission to Havana lands him in the thick of political intrigue) $7.50
Vachss, Andrew Only Child (Burke returns to New York and a Mafia man asks him to investigate the murder of his 16_year old daughter) $24.00
Vachss, Andrew Pain Management (Burke searches the unfamiliar streets of Portland, Oregon, for a missing teenage girl; "brass knuckle noir") $13.00
Watford, W. H. Mortal Strain (medical thriller; giant conglomerate is managing prison infirmaries, and conduction secret experiments on the prisoners; PBO) $6.99
Whitcomb, Christopher Cold Zero (Memoir of active member of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team) $7.99
Wise, David Spy (True story of how the FBI's Robert Hanssen betrayed America) $24.95
Woods, Stuart Orchid Blues (Florida beach_town Chief_of_Police Holly Barker's (2) wedding festivities are shattered by the murder of a guest & she vows to find the culprit) $7.99


Alexander, Bruce An Experiment in Treason (A packet of incendiary letters stolen from the London home of a prominent official turns up in Massachusetts. and Sir John Fielding (9) searches for answers; is Benjamin Franklin complicit?) $24.95
Beahm, George The Unofficial Patricia Cornwell Companion (Photographs, interviews, and articles about Cornwell's life and work) $17.95
Bell, Nancy Biggie and the Devil Diet (The owner of a retreat for overwieght girls is murdered and the Texas Rangers enlist the help of Biggie, his grandmother, to solve the case) $22.95
Barry, Dave Tricky Business (Boat carrying an assortment of crooks & losers is caught in a violent Florida storm and it becomes much more than a simple money_laundering trip) $24.95
Booth, Stephen Blood on the Tongue (During the bitter English Peak District winter a man is killed by a snowplow and the wreckage of a WWII bomber poses questions for Derbyshire's E Division detectives) $24.00
Braun, Lilian Jackson Short and Tall Tales (Moose County legends collected by James MacIntosh Quilleran) $21.95
Clark, Jack Westerfield's Chain (Medical student enlists aid of P.I. Nick Acropolis to search for her father in Chicago and they stumble onto massive welfare fraud scheme) $23.95
Cornwell, Patricia Jack the Ripper _ Case Closed (Cornwell uses forensic evidence to come up with the identity of Jack the Ripper; non-fiction; 40 b&w photos) $27.95
Cowen, Rick/Century, Douglas Takedown (True story of a tenacious cop and his infiltration of the richest and deadliest mob cartel in New York City, 1992) $26.95
Date, S.V. Black Sunshine (Two Florida brothers vie for the governorship when one of them falls overboard but may not actually be dead) $24.95
Dickenson, Richard The Silent Men (In 1968, a sniper for the US is on a clandestine mission in Cambodia and after he succeeds he is left for dead behind enemy lines, but he remains alive to struggle in the jungle) $19.95
Evanovich, Janet Visions of Sugar Plums (Stephanie Plum is beset by someone who hangs around her apartment at Christmastime and just won't leave, 160 pp.) $19.95
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson Witness on Bishop Hill (Joan Spencer is on a delayed honeymoon to meet her new in_laws when her mother_in_law, who suffers from Alzheimer's, witnesses a brutal murder) $23.95
Handler, David The Hot Pink Farmhouse (Berger and Mitry (2) investigate the murder of the daughter of Hangtown Frye, one of America's outstanding sculptors) $23.95
Harrod_Eagles, Cynthia Gone Tomorrow (Inspector Bill Slider (9) is called to cope with a grotesque disfigured corpse left in a children's playground) $24.95
Hegwood, Martin Jackpot Bay (Things get nasty for Mississippi P.I. Jack Delmas when disgruntled employee of a new casino instigates a fatal shootout & postpones the opening) $23.95
Hess, Joan Out on a Limb (Claire Mallory returns to find herself saddled with an orphan baby, a friend tied to a tree, and a complicated corpse) $23.95
Highsmith, Patricia The Animal-Lover's Book of Beastly Murder (reprint, short stories) $13.95
Highsmith, Patricia Nothing Meets the Eye ("brilliant collection" of 28 uncollected short stories written between 1938-1982, 480 pp.) $27.95
Highsmith, Patricia This Sweet Sickness (Obsessed man just has to fix The Situation: he's in love with a married woman; reprint) $13.95
Hunter, Fred The Chicken Asylum (Gay free-lance operative Alex Reynolds (5) becomes a terrorist target when CIA stashes a young Iraqi military defector in his house) $12.95
Jacobs, Nancy Baker Flash Point (CA arson Czar Susan Delancey battles on several fronts, then one threatens her and her son) $13.95
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Shrouds (Wacky 1941 charmer; young woman runs away from home and domineering father to become actress in NYC, becomes involved in murder of two old maids at boarding house full of eccentric characters) $14.00
Ludlam, Robert The Janson Directive (Former U.S. Consular Op Paul Janson returns to internat-ional intrigue when friend is kidnapped by terrorists & slated for execution) $27.95
Matsuoka, Takashi Cloud of Sparrows (5 CDs, abridged) $29.95
Mills, Kyle Sphere of Influence (Mark Beamon is an unconventional FBI agent stuck in Phoenix when a new terrorist threat arises and he is sent undercover with a fellow agent but they're fingered by a conspiracy) $24.95
Osorio, Elsa My Name is Luz (Luz searches for her real father, a political activist who disappeared in Argentina during the seventies; trade PBO) $14.95
Peak, John A. M & M (Pediatrician Vicki Shea suspects abuse after treating a severely injured infant _ the mother is arrested and winds up dead _ suicide is the verdict but Vicki suspects murder) $23.95
Podrug, Junius Dark Passage (Brutal 21st century terrorists slip through a temporal hole and must be stopped before they twist the time stream to their own ends) $24.95
Roberts, Lora Another Fine Mess (Writer Bridget Montrose joins prestigious retreat on North California coast, finds mystery and murder) $13.95
Rosenberg, Margot/Marcowitz, Bern The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New (A repair manual for books using common household products and simple tips) $21.95
Tapply, William G. A Fine Line (A paraplegic found murdered and his son is missing, starts a spate of murders which Brady Coyne investigates as he also tries to find the missing son) $24.95
Tartt, Donna The Little Friend (5 CDs., abridged) $29.95
Teran, Boston Never Count Out the Dead (Ten years after shooting a policeman two women face the music about the killing) $6.99
Teran, Boston The Prince of Deadly Weapons (The heir to a fortune takes his own life while a federal agent scheduled to meet with him is murdered not far away, and a mysterious stranger arrives to investigate) $24.95
Thurlo, Aimee and David Bad Faith (N. Mexico Sister Agatha investigates the death of chaplain poisoned while consecrating the host) $23.95
Wilson, F. Paul The Haunted Air (Repairman Jack investigates a house that is haunted by the ghost of a 9 year old girl) $24.95
Woods, Stuart Blood Orchid (Property developers are being murdered and Chief of Police Holly Barker gets introduced to the cutthroat world of Florida real estate) $25.95
Yorke, Margaret Cause for Concern (Susan Trent is being abused by her son, and when a stranger arrives in town it triggers a chain of events that explains Susan's silence) $24.95


Bradford, Ernle The Shield and the Sword (History of the Knights of St. John and the explosive tensions between Islam and the Christian West) $14.00
Camilleri, Andrea The Shape of Water (Inspector Salvo Montalbano investigates the death of a Sicilian bigshot found murdered in his car) $5.99
Koch, Howard Casablanca, Script & Legend (Complete Screenplay & commentary) $16.95
Smith, Michael The Emperor's Codes (How the Allies broke the Japanese codes during WWII; non-fiction) $15.00


Mary_Kate & Ashley #32 _ TCOT Candy_Cane Clue $4.50
The Case of the Sleepover Surprise (Mary_Kate and Ashley attend a sleepover in a toy store and all the best toys are disappearing) $4.50
Andrews, Donna Revenge of the Wrought_Iron Flamingos (A businessman is killed during a craft fair with a metal pink flamingo and the woman who made it is the prime suspect; third Meg Langslow) $6.50
Atkins, Ace Dark End of the Street (Nick Travers is asked to go to Memphis and track down a friend's lost brother & runs afoul of Dixie Mafia & killer obsessed with Elvis) $23.95
Banks, Iain Complicity (A twisted serial killer is committing murder on behalf of the underdogs in town and a journalist becomes involved when an arms dealer he is exposing ends up dead; trade reprint) $13.00
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House (Jane Austen (6) must clear her brother Frank's dearest friend of the murder of a French ship captain) $6.50
Beaton, M.C. A Highland Christmas (Hamish Macbeth tries to save an old lady's cat and discovers that the woman herself is in trouble, and other strange things are happening in Lochdubh to ruin Christmas) $4.99
Benson, Raymond Die Another Day (Based on the new 007 movie) $6.99
Bissell, Sallie A Darker Justice (Federal judges have been targeted by a serial killer and when Mary Crow's former mentor is abducted, she goes on a desperate search for her friend) $6.99
Block, Barbara Rubbed Out (Exotic pet store owner Robin Light (8) takes on a missing persons case and ends up taking on the Russian mob) $22.00
Block, Lawrence Hope to Die (Two people are murdered in a home invasion where P.I. Matt and Elaine Scudder had visited hours before and Matt is drawn to investigate) $7.99
Block, Lawrence You Could Call it Murder (Reissue: A missing persons case brings P.I. Roy Markham to remote college town Cliff's End, discovers blackmail and murder) $6.99
Bowden, Mark Finders Keepers (4 cassettes, abridged: A likable longshoreman finds $1.2 million in unmarked casino money on his way to score drugs and his life is turned upside down) $26.00
Buchanan, Edna The Ice Maiden (An unsolved murder continues to shadow lives and destroy reputations until it erupts into new murders a decade later) $23.95
Burke, James Lee Heaven's Prisoners (trade reprint) $14.00
Cameron, Dana Grave Consequences (Archaeologist Emma Fielding (2) must solve two murders at the site of a 12th_century English abbey; PBO) $6.50
Carl, JoAnna The Chocolate Bear Burglary (Lee McKinney and her aunt Nettie unwittingly step into big_time crime and can't rest until they are out of danger; PBO) $5.99
Case, John The Syndrome (A psychologist haunted by mysterious memories is targeted by assassins and must expose a global conspiracy as he runs for his life) $7.99
Clancy, Tom/Greenberg/Preisler Power Plays: Cutting Edge (Sixth in the explosive series) $7.99
Cohen, Nancy J Murder by Manicure (Beauty salon owner Marla Shore (3) investigates a deadly case of foul play in her health club) $5.99
Collins, Marion Without a Trace (Robert Durst, former NYC businessman who degenerated into a cross_dressing fugitive wanted in several murders; non-fiction) $6.99
Collins, Max Allen The Lusitania Murders (Hours before the sinking of the Lusitania there was a mystery of treason, sabotage, and murder; S.S. Van Dine investigates) $6.99
Cross, Amanda The Edge of Doom (A strange man comes to her brother's office and Kate Fansler discovers secrets which pitch her family close to the edge of doom) $22.95
Crumley, James The Final Country (Milo Milodragovich is running a bar in Texas when Molly McBride persuades him to search for man who raped & murdered her sister) $12.95
Dams, Jeanne M To Perish in Penzance (Dorothy Martin and her new husband travel to Cornwall's coast and work together to solve two murders, one 30 years old and one brand new, which are connected) $5.99
Deaver, Jeffery ed A Century of Great Suspense Stories (38 Hall of Fame 20th C. stories, 608 pp.) $16.00
Donaldson, Stephen R The Man Who Killed His Brother (P.I. Axbrewder's niece has disappeared and his dead brother's widow wants him to investigate; '82 PBO rewritten & expanded) $24.95
Dooling, Richard Bet Your Life (Carver Harnett investigates insurance fraud, and when a friend dies he must investigate both murder and a huge insurance scam) $25.95
Douglas, John Man Down (FBI profiler Jake Donovan on the trail of two missing persons, finds himself in the crosshairs of a terrorist group who will do anything to stop him) $25.00
Dunn, Carola Styx and Stones (In 1923 England, dauntless Town and Country scribe Daisy Dalrymple (7) searches for a killer whose vicious pen matches a murderous heart) $5.99
Fullerton, Alexander Patrol to the Golden Horn (In 1918 Everard must destroy a German battle cruiser in the Golden Horn at Constantinople) $24.00
Fullerton, Alexander The Blooding of the Guns (In May 1916 Nicholas Everard distinguishes himself in a battle between the German and the English navies) $13.00
George, Elizabeth I, Richard (Collection of 5 short stories of psychological suspense) $25.95
George, Anne Murder Boogies with Elvis (During a benefit gala 30 Elvis impersonators are dancing when one drops dead into the bandstand, and the Southern Sisters are thrust into the investigation) $6.99
Girard, Danielle Cold Silence (Computer programmer & former FBI Cody O'Brien's son is kidnapped and Cody searches for the woman who is plotting the ultimate revenge; PBO) $6.99
Goff, Christine A Nest in the Ashes (There are more things lurking in the trees than birds of prey) $5.99
Goldberg, Leonard Brainwave (Doctor's suicide looks like murder to forensic pathologist Joanna Blalock; PBO) $6.99
Graves, Sarah Wreck the Halls (Jake Tiptree's (5) neighbor is accused of taking an axe to her husband & Jake must summon spirit of Christmas past to catch the real killer) $5.99
Graysmith, Robert The Murder of Bob Crane (Star of Hogan's Heroes; non-fiction) $6.99
Hall, James W Blackwater Sound (The crash of an airliner in Florida's Blackwater Sound leads Thom and crime_scene photographer to a harrowing family secret that should have perished in the crash) $6.99
Handler, David The Man Who Died Laughing (Reissue: Stewart Hoag is ghost_writing a tell_all biography when the subject is murdered and Hoagy himself could be next) $12.00
Hardwick, Gary Color of Justice (An affluent black couple is murdered and Detroit detective Danny Cavanaugh suspects that this is not an isolated incident) $7.50
Havill, Adrian The Spy Who Stayed Out in the Cold (Robert Hanson, an FBI agent who spied for the Russians for 25 years; non-fiction) $6.99
Hinze, Vicki Lady Liberty ( Vice President Sybil Stone has 72 hours to stop a missile from launching, starting another World War; PBO) $6.50
Hirschfeld, Corson Too High (Hawaiian archaeologist Digger Fritz arrives in Golden Leaf, KY for a reunion and immediately becomes prime suspect in the murder of a fellow archaeologist) $6.99
Kahn, Sharon Don't Cry for Me, Hot Pastrami (Sailing on the Caribbean, Ruby finds love on the deck, but he may be a killer) $5.99
Kemelman, Harry Monday the Rabbi Took Off (Reissue) $6.99
King, Peter The Golden Gate Murders (From docks of San Francisco's Barbary Coast, Jack London follows a trail of bloodshed and murder to legendary gambling halls and Wyatt Earp; PBO) $5.99
Koontz, Dean One Door Away From Heaven ("story of adventure and suspense, mystery and revelation") $7.99
Lawrence, Martha C Ashes of Aries (The four_year old son of a telecommunications mogul is abducted and when the police reach a dead end the family calls on P.I. Elizabeth Chase (5) to use her paranormal skills) $6.99
Leonard, Elmore Forty Lashes Less One (Reprint of classic PBO Western) $5.99
Linsley, Clyde Death of a Mill Girl (In the autumn of 1836 the body of a beautiful young woman is found on the farm of retired lawyer and military hero Josiah Beede and he must lure out the killer; PBO) $5.99
Lovesey, Peter On the Edge (Soon after WWII, two women each want to get rid of their husbands and form a pact; from Diamond Dagger For Lifetime Achievement Winner) $12.00
Lovesey, Peter The Reaper (A popular village cleric has no conscience and is whittling down his flock) $12.00
Lutz, John The Night Watcher (Stack and Lopez investigate the brutal murders of Manhattanites in the safety of their luxurious high_rise apartments) $6.99
Maas, Peter Manhunt (Pursuit of CIA agent turned terrorist non-fiction reprint) $14.00
Marshall, Evan Icing Ivy (Agent Jane Stuart (3) and her cat Winky are at an isolated writers retreat where one of the authors is exploring a hidden talent for murder) $22.00
Martin/Mitcheltree/Shelton/Gunn How Still We See Thee Lie (4 stories of mystery at Christmas) $6.99
McGivern, William P The Big Heat (A cop shoots himself and both the police and the crooks are afraid of the dead man; 1953 noir classic) $14.00
McNeal, Shay The Secret Plot to Save the Czar (A reexamination of the Romanov mystery) $25.95
Meltzer, Brad The Millionaires (Charlie and Oliver Caruso work at an exclusive bank and discover 3 million in an account no one knows about _ when they take the money all hell breaks loose) $7.99
Mooney, Chris World Without End (A killer is stealing military technology from companies across the country and CIA agent Steve Conway must find him) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Futureland (Nine stories of an imminent future) $7.50
Muller, Eddie The Art of Noir (Posters and graphics from the classic period of Film Noir; 256 pp. 275 color illustrations) $50.00
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Laughing Last (Resourceful feline detective Joe Grey investigates a botched burglary and sniffs out a killer) $6.99
Neff, James The Wrong Man (The full story of the Dr. Sam Sheppard murder case) $13.95
Paretsky, Sara Total Recall (V.I. Warshawski is confronted by the dubious phenomenon of recovered memory and a corrupt industry that trades on victims of Nazi terrorism) $7.99
Parker, Robert B Death in Paradise (Detective Jesse Stone (3) is looking for the killer of a teenage girl and someone, anyone, who is willing to claim the body) $7.99
Patterson, James Four Blind Mice (Alex Cross' best friend & partner accused of murder & the evidence is strong enough to send him to the gas chamber; unabridged CD $39.98) $27.95
Paul, Paula An Improper Death (Alexandra Gladstone (2) discovers the body of an admiral dressed in women's undergarments & seeks the truth behind the murder; PBO) $5.99
Pendleton, Donald Super Bolan #87: Caged (Action-adventure) $6.50
Pendleton, Donald The Executioner #288: Arctic Blast (Action-adventure) $4.75
Persico, Joseph E Roosevelt's Secret War (FDR's secret spy ring in WWII; 592 pp nonfiction) $15.95
Proulx, Suzanne Declared Dead (When her hospital pronounces a living woman dead, Vicky Lucci (4) must confront mystery and mayhem to try and find out why; PBO) $6.99
Roe, Caroline A Draught for a Dead Man (In medieval Spain, blind Jewish physician Isaac of Girona (6) travels to Catalonia to heal an injured man and winds up in the midst of murder) $22.95
Russell, Sue Lethal Intent (Aileen Wuornos, an abusive, man_hating, alcoholic lesbian who murdered seven men, non-fiction, 16 pp. photos) $6.50
Schechter, Harold The Hum Bug (A brutal murderer threatens to ruin P.T. Barnum's business and Barnum teams up with Edgar Allen Poe to find him) $6.99
Schiller, Lawrence Master Spy (Life of Robert P. Hanssen, most heinous spy in US history) $7.99
Sherbaniuk, Richard The Fifth Horseman (During the worst drought in memory, a ruthless international conspiracy unleashes Genetically Modified Organisms as weapons of mass destruction and one man is the only hope) $7.99
Smith, James V Force Recon: Deep Strike (Team is sent into the Iranian desert to inflict maximum casualties on terrorists responsible for bombing a US warship; PBO) $5.99
Smolens, John The Invisible World (Sam's mother dies and his long-lost spook father appears then disappears with her ashes; Sam begins searching) $22.00
Stahl, Jerry Plainclothes Naked (A self_loathing ex_junkie detective races against two outrageous villains to find an incriminating picture of President Bush) $13.95
Stark, Richard (aka Donald Westlake) Breakout (Parker's in jail and sets up a heist with co_conspirators but the deal heads south and he's running for his life) $23.95
Stark, Richard Firebreak (Parker's latest project is to retrieve stolen art from a computer mogul and there are new hitmen on his trail) $12.95
Stevens, Serita Unholy Orders (18 original stories of mystery and faith; Agatha Nominee) $14.00
Sumners, Cristina Crooked Heart (An affluent housewife is reported missing and the only witness is a child _ NJ town Chief of Police Tom Holder and Episcopal Priest Kathryn Koerney join forces to solve the mystery) $23.95
Tapply, William G Cutter's Run (After sending attorney Brady Coyne a letter asking for legal help, an African_American woman in a small town disappears and Brady seeks the truth) $6.50
Thayer, James The Gold Swan (A giant new skyscraper in China is on the verge of collapse and a young architect and an ex_FBI agent must find the dreadful truth about the building before it is destroyed) $25.00
Thor, Brad The Lions of Lucerne (When the President is kidnapped during a ski trip to Colorado, disavowed Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath is his only hope for rescue) $6.99
Turow, Scott Reversible Errors (A man is on death row for a triple murder and his lawyer discovers new evidence that could clear him, facing challenges from the chief deputy DA) $28.00
Weir, Charlene A Cold Christmas (Chief Susan Wren investigates the murder of a repairman found stuffed into a basement furnace) $5.99
Zindel, Paul The Houdini Whodunit (P.C. & Mac are vacationing in Las Vegas when a magician's guillotine malfunctions; they discover it was no accident; young adult) $4.99


Gangland USA (An illustrated history of the Mafia in America) $19.95
Bannister, Jo True Witness (The police believe a serial killer from ten years ago is responsible for a new murder, but British investigator Brodie Farrell (2) thinks different) $23.95
Barris, Chuck Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ("unlikely autobiography" of the television producer who was also a decorated covert assassin for the CIA; reprint movie tie-in) $14.00
Bisbanes, Nicholas Among the Gently Mad (Perspectives and Strategies for the book hunter and collector) $25.00
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Whispers in the Dark (Black homicide detective Marti MacAlister (7) is assigned to a case where all that is left is an arm, an investigation which leads them into the rich and secretive history of Lincoln Prairie's art world) $12.95
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Windy City Dying (Someone from Marti MacAlister's past has shown up, and the kids she has been counseling may be connected when violence ensues) $24.95
Bowen, Rhys Death of Riley (Molly Murphy (2) is beginning her new life in New York City and is apprenticing for a P.I. who ends up murdered and Molly investigates) $24.95
Camilleri, Andrea The Terra_Cotta Dog (Sicilian Insp. Montalbano (2) discovers the fifty_year old bodies of two lovers under a terra_cotta statue of a dog and becomes obsessed with solving this old murder; translated) $19.95
Cook, Robin Seizure (Politics, religion, and bioscience collide) $25.95
Coughlin, William/Sorrells, Walter Proof of Intent (Pickeral Point recluse Miles Dane is accused of murdering his wife and calls on Charley Sloan to defend him; pastiche) $24.95
Deuterman, P.T. Darkside (A midshipman at the US Naval Academy plunges six stories to his death _ did he jump or was he pushed?) $24.95
Doherty, P.C. Corpse Candle (Mysterious murder of a powerful abbot in a locked room leads medieval sleuth Sir Hugh Corbett (12) to investigate) $24.95
Dunn, Carola Mistletoe and Murder (In December 1923 Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher brings her family to an old estate for Christmas and they are trapped in a house with a corpse and a murderer) $23.95
Ford, Michael Curtis God and Legions (In Rome, 354 A.D. Julian seizes military control and reconquers Roman territory that had been captured by the Germanic tribes) $24.95
Freemantle, Brian Kings of Many Castles (British Gunman's assassination attempt on American and Russian presidents brings Charlie Muffin into the international investigation) $24.95
Fusilli, Jim A Well_known Secret (A simple missing_persons case draws Terry Orr, troubled father and reluctant P.I., into a world of death and deceit) $23.95
Goldstone, Lawrence and Nancy Warmly Inscribed (An investigation of book forgeries in the antique book collecting world; non-fiction) $13.95
Granger, Ann A Restless Evil (Some old human bones have been discovered in Stovey woods and Mitchell and Markby investigate the connection between the bones and the murder of an elderly woman) $23.95
Harrison, Janis A Deadly Bouquet (Florist Bretta Solomon (4) decorates for a wedding where murder is an uninvited guest) $23.95
Jeffries, Roderick An Artful Death (The body of a philandering expat washes up on a Mallorcan beach and Inspector Alvarez suspects that a British cabinet minister is involved) $22.95
Keating, H.R.F. A Detective in Love (Britain's number one tennis star has been murdered and Detective Harriet Martens faces the biggest test of her career) $23.95
Linscott, Gillian Dead Man Riding (Suffragette and sleuth Nell Bray is spending the summer at a lakeside but the vacation is cut short when her host is murdered) $24.95
Little, Eddie Steel Toes (Having escaped from prison, Bobbie arrives in Boston and participates in a museum heist, and soon has the Boston police breathing down his neck) $13.95
Llosa, Mario Vargas Feast of the Goat (In the Dominican Republic a woman has returned and relives the events of 1961 when a regime ended and a terrible democracy was born) $14.00
Mankill, Henning Firewall (Swedish Insp. Kurt Wallender (6) senses connection between murders and major power outage; translated) $25.95
McInerny, Ralph Celt and Pepper (An inexplicable campus murder puts Notre Dame Professor Roger Knight and his P.I. brother Phillip to the test) $22.95
Millett, Larry The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes (Holmes and Shadwell Rafferty (5) face sinister nemesis Abe Slaney who seems to have risen from the grave and seeks revenge in a chase across continents) $23.95
Mortimer, John Rumpole Rests His Case (Seven brand new stories for Rumpole fans) $24.95
Nourmand, Tony James Bond Movie Posters (Official 007 collection,full color, 208 pp) $29.95
Osborne, Charles The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie (Biographical companion to the works of Agatha Christie; 32 pp. b&w phonos) $16.95
Sachs, Jessica Snyder Corpse (Nature, forensics, and the struggle to pinpoint time of death) $17.50
Scarrow, Simon The Eagle's Conquest (Roman legion invades Britain in 43 AD but sinister secret organization threatens betrayals and assassination of Claudius) $24.95
Smith, Alex McCall Morality for Beautiful Girls (Third with Botswana's Mma Precious Ramotswe, where her detective agency takes in the world of car repair & a beauty pageant) $11.95
Truman, Margaret Murder at Ford's Theater (A young volunteer at Ford's Theater who used to work and perhaps more for a powerful right_wing senator is found murdered in the alley and police have a castful of suspects) $24.95
Wishnia, K.J.A. Blood Lake (New York City P.I. Filomena Buscarsela repays an old debt when a priest in her native Ecuador is murdered) $23.95


Fister, Barbara On Edge (In a sleepy Maine town a series of horrific crimes draws a down_on_his_luck cop into a world so depraved it defies imagination) $6.50
Hayder, Mo The Treatment (Detective Jack Caffery is brought face_to_face with haunting memories when he is called to investigate a crime that parallels his own past) $7.50
Kenney, Charles The Last Man (Holocaust survivor asks atty David Keegan to investigate a possible Nazi war criminal who turns out to be the father of the woman he loves) $6.99
Thomas, Graham Malice Downstream (While Chief Superintendent Erskine Powell (5) is on vacation the body of a wealthy member of a fishing club turns up dead on the bank of the river; he steps into the investigation; PBO) $6.99
Moore, Lucy ed Con Men and Cutpurses (True stories of the underworld of eighteenth century England) $14.00

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