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Newsletter #58 June - August, 2002


[pbo means paperback original]

Armstrong, Rachel The Gray's Anatomy (A cunning satire on mass media, sex, extra terrestrials, and the shape of things to come) $15.00
Aylett, Steve Shamanspace (Opposing groups of occult assassins compete to exterminate God and a young man risks destroying the universe in his attempt to stop them) $12.99
Beard, Steve Digital Leatherette (An ethno_techno London cyberpunk pulls down text samples from an invented website by an imaginary intelligence agent) $14.50
Berliner, Janet/Guthridge, George The Madagascar Manifesto (3-in-1 omnibus of Child of Light , Child of the Journey , and Children of the Dusk -fantasy/horror set in Nazi Germany) $20.00
Bignell, Richard Doctor Who on Location (Comprehensive survey of Doctor Who film locations featuring 100 photos and illustrations) $24.95
Bishop, David Dr. Who: Amorality Tale (3rd Doctor with Sarah) $6.95
Bode', Vaughn Schizophrenia (11th and final volume of the Bode library, including caveman masterpiece "The Man" and personal, introspective works) $14.95
Bujold, Lois McMaster The Warrior's Apprentice (NESFA Press hardcover reprint, signed copies available) $25.00
Bulis, Christopher Dr. Who: Palace of the Red Sun ( 6th Doctor) $6.95
Constantine, Storm Burying the Shadow (Set in an alternate Renaissance Europe with fallen angels/ vampires) $16.00
Feehan, Christine Dark Guardian ("Paranormal Romance" -- male werewolf, female cop) $6.99
Fleming, Gherbod Predator & Prey: Executioner (#6 of 6-gaming tie-in series for Vampire the Masquerade) $6.50
Fuller, O. Muiriel-ed. The Book of Dragons ("Tales and Legends from Many Lands") $6.95
Gaiman, Neil Adventures in the Dream Trade (A collection of his essays, book forewords/ introductions/ afterwords, CD liner notes, etc., plus a web log he maintained while writing American Gods ) $26.00
Glyde, Tanya Junk DNA (Regina is an unconventional sex therapist who befriends the young girl next door who develops powers as the world crumbles) $12.95
Gray, Julia The Crystal Desert (Third book in the Guardian Cycle: Terrel finds himself in Misrah, a harsh desert land but also a land of many wonders) $8.95
Griffin, Eric Widow's Might: Clan Novel Trilogy: Tremere (game tie-in) $6.50
Herriman, George Krazy and Ignatz: The Komplete Kat Komics 1925 & 1926 (comics compilation) $14.95
Holt, Tom Expecting Beowulf (2-in-1 of Expecting Someone Taller and Who's Afraid of Beowulf -funny British fantasies) $16.00
Kieran, Caitlin R. Tales of Pain & Wonder (collection of horror short stories) $16.00
Laymon, Richard Island (horror; shipwrecked yacht on jungle island with maniac on the loose) $6.99
Lee, Edward City Infernal (horror; hell has turned into a metropolis) $5.99
Moon, Russell Witch Boy (Boy turning into something with frightening powers) $6.95
Morris, Jonathan Dr. Who: Anachrophobia ( 8th Doctor) $6.95
Noon, Jeff Cobralingus (Imaginary technologies and strangely twisted mental pathways are featured in this anthology of short stories) $14.95
Norton, Andre Mark of the Cat/ Year of the Rat (2-in-1 omnibus of a 1992 novel and its never before published sequel) $20.00
Parkin, Lance Dr. Who: Trading Futures (8th Doctor) $6.95
Pierce, Tamora Cold Fire (third in The Circle Opens young adult fantasy series) $16.95
Pierce, Tamora Street Magic (second of the Circle Opens young adult fantasy series) $4.99
Rankin, Robert Waiting for Godalming (A London PI, his brother, and a midget uncover a plot by demons to take over the world; pbo) $9.95
Rankin, Robert Web Site Story (The Millennium Bug turns out to be a real, slow_acting computer virus which is about to spread from computers to mankind; pbo) $9.95
Reardon, Joyce, Ph. D.--ed. The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red (tie-in to Stephen King written TV drama, the book is rumored to have been written by King) $6.99
Sheckley, Robert Dimensions of Sheckley (NESFA Press hardcover omnibus of Immortality Inc, Journey Beyond Tomorrow, Mindswap, Dimension of Miracles , & Minotaur Maze ) $29.
Sheffield, Charles The Amazing Dr. Darwin: The Adventures of Charles Darwin's Grandfather (In 18th century Europe Dr. Darwin is called upon to heal a man with an incurable illness and it sets off a chain of events which lead him to a famous resident of a Scottish loch) $24.00
Silverberg, Robert/Greenberg, Martin H.-ed. The Great SF Stories (1964) (Intended to continue the series of annual collections that Asimov had edited for DAW Books) $25.00
Tem, Melanie Slain in the Spirit (horror; nearly blind girl is kidnapped by a man who thinks her blindness is caused by evil in her heart, and he's going to save her soul even if it kills her) $5.99
Uderzo, Albert Asterix and Obelix All at Sea $9.95
Uderzo, Albert Asterix and Son $9.95
Uderzo, Albert Asterix and the Black Gold $9.95
Uderzo, Albert Asterix and the Great Divide $9.95
Uderzo, Albert Asterix and the Magic Carpet $9.95
Uderzo, Albert Asterix and the Secret Weapon $9.95
Warrington, Freda A Taste of Blood Wine (Vampire novel) $16.00


Men In Black II _ Back in Black (Agent Jay must help Agent Kay regain his memory so they can defeat the evil alien Serleena) $3.99
Men In Black II _ The Alien Handbook (Information to assist aliens living on earth) $3.99
Men In Black II _ The Joke Book (Jokes, riddles, and puns based on the movie) $3.99
Men In Black II _ The Movie Storybook (Photo_packed storybook from the movie) $7.99
Men In Black II _ Worm (An alien worm in the city's sewage system has grown to enormous proportions and only agent Jay can stop it) $3.99
Tales from the Ten_Tailed Cat (Graphic novel: An anthology of tales set in the world of Warhammer set in the Ten_Tailed Cat Tavern by some of Britian's most talented comic artists) $6.95
Abnett, Dan The Guns of Tanith (Gaunt's Ghosts must take to the air in an all_out attack on the Chaos_infested cities of Phantine) $6.95
Abnett, Dan/Williams, Anthony Titan (Graphic novel: Warlord Titan Imperius Doctatio is dispatched to the planet Vivaporius which has come under attack from an alien force and finds the Imperial forces decimated) $10.95
Allston, Aaron Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Rebel Stand (Luke, Mara, Han, and Leia continue their battle against the invaders in the 13th novel in the series; abridged cassettes $19.95) $6.99
Asprin, Robert Myth Directions/Hit or Myth (Skeeve msut deal with mythguided desires, fairy godfathers, and an offer he can't refuse in two of Asprin's Mythadventures) $7.99
Barron, T. A. The Seven Songs of Merlin (To save his ailing mother, Merlin must master the Seven Songs of Wisdom passed down from his grandfather, a legendary wizard) $5.99
Bright, J.E. Planet of the Apes #3: Rule (Prequel to the movie, exploring the characters as teenagers) $4.99
Colbert, David The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter (A guide to the underlying mythology of the Harry Potter Series) $13.00
Cook, Dawn First Truth (Alissa didn't believe in magic until she was sent on a journey to an endangered fortress known as the Hold and discovered gifts within herself to save it) $6.99
Crowther, Peter ed Mars Probes (Anthology of recent short stories about the Red planet) $6.99
Czerneda, Julie E. To Trade the Stars (The Speaker for the Clan and her human mate find themselves at the heart of the conflict in the conclusion to the Trade Pact Universe trilogy) $6.99
Daniels, Cory Desperate Alliances (Final novel in the trilogy; a new life is beginning on the Fair Isle and its rulers must strive for peace in the wake of a civil war) $5.99
David, James F. Before the Cradle Falls (A time traveler comes to Portland and saves local children from various dangers) $25.95
David, Peter Knight Life (Arthur Pendragon, the Once and Future King, is a most surprising candidate for mayor of New York City) $22.95
Douglas, L. Warren The Sacred Pool (A lost little girl is rescued by a man who could be a crazy woodsman, or could be a Celtic God) $6.99
Drake, Emily The Curse of Arkady: The Magickers #2 (Jason discovers his ability to open the Gates between the worlds and he and his Magicker friends must hide their talents from friend and the Dark Hand) $19.95
Drake, Emily The Magickers (Jason and his friends discover they have maigical powers and there is a dark force loose in the world) $6.99
Durgin, Doranna Changespell Legacy (Camolen's Council of Wizards has been cut down by twisted magic and the only witness is a palomino stallion) $7.99
Egner, Eugen Androids From Milk (A freak show owner sends two of his charges to a mysterious colony to recover androids) $11.99
Feist, Raymond E. Krondor: Tear of the Gods (Brave heros must stop a vile sorcerer from stealing the Tear of the Gods or the world will be plunged into terror & unending night) $7.50
Ferring, David Warblade (Konrad and his band of fellows are thrown into conflict with their old enemies the skaven, who are plotting against the life of the Emperor himself) $6.95
Fisch, Sholly Gen 13: Version 2.0 (Five disaffected renegade and super_powered teens are attacked by genetically souped_up 12_year olds and stand to lose a lot more than their cool) $5.99
Foster, Alan Dean Primal Shadows (In Papaua New Guinea a man's wallet is stolen and pursuing the thief turns into an adventure in a region of headhunters and a search for gold) $6.99
Friesner, Esther M Men In Black II (Novelization of the movie) $6.99
Furey, Maggie Spirit of the Stone (Book 2 of the Shadowleague; the Curtain Walls are breaking down and the only person who can stop the chaos is the person who started it) $5.99
Gear, W. Michael/Gear, Kathleen Dark Inheritance (A scientist raising a chimp in his home as part of an experiment discovers the chimp has been altered to give it extraordinary intelligence) $7.99
Gerrold, David The Martian Child (An adopted child thinks he is a Martian and the single man who adopted him forms a special bond) $21.95
Goldman, Leslie Men In Black II _ The Return of Jay and Kay (Novelization of the movie for young readers) $4.99
Graf, L.A. Star Trek: The Original Series: The Janus Gate Book One (Present Tense _ The first book in a new Star Trek Adventure) $6.99
Graf, L.A. Star Trek: The Original Series: The Janus Gate Book Two (Future Imperfect _ Continues the story begun in Present Tense) $6.99
Griffin, Adele Witch Twins (Ten_year old witch twins Claire and Luna try to stop their father from remarrying) $5.99
Hartwell, David G. ed Years Best SF 7 (Anthology of the best SF short stories of the year) $7.99
Hassinger, Peter W. The Book of Alfar (A young boy moves to the country and discovers in the forest a world of Dwarfs, pirates, ghosts, fairies, and more) $15.95
Hickman, Tracy Starcraft #3: Speed of Darkness (Novel based on a computer game) $6.99
Hoover, H. M. Orvis (A young girl stumbles upon an obsolete robot about to shut himself down and must cross The Empty to find a place where they will both feel wanted) $5.99
Jordan, Sherryl The Hunting of the Last Dragon (A boy's family is destroyed by a dragon and the boy hunts down the dragon for revenge) $15.95
King, William Farseer (The eldar farseers see endless possibilities for the future of the galaxy and must find one special human and convince him to do their bidding) $6.95
Klasky, Mindy L. The Glasswright's Journeyman (Rani Glasswright is trying to restore the glasswright's guild and there are those who would benefit from her demise) $6.99
Kurtz, Katherine--ed. Deryni Tales (Kurtz selects 8 of her favorite Deryni tales written by others) $6.50
Larbalestier, Justine The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction (Account of the role of women and feminism in the development of American Science Fiction in the mid_20th century) $19.95
Little, Bentley The Collection (A collection of 32 stories of terror by the Bram Stoker award_winning author) $6.99
Mariller, Juliet Son of the Shadows (Continuation of the saga of Sorcha; her daughter Liadan embarks on a journey to help save her family from the dark forces threatening the peace they worked so hard for) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne Freedom's Ransom (Kris and Zainel visit Earth and discover how desperately the home planet needs Botany's resources and as alien influence fades they must decide the course of Botany's future) $23.95
McGarry, Terry Illumination (Liath has passed her challenge and become a true mage, when her inner light fails her and she must journey to the city to find a cure) $7.99
McKillip, Patricia A. Winter Rose (A curse is rekindled when Corbet Lynn returns home and a free spirited woman is lured to Lynn Hall) $13.00
McKinley, Robin/Dickinson, Peter Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits (Anthology of fantasy in which the sea plays a key role) $18.99
Michalson, Karen Enemy Glory (A young child is taken in by a local witch in a world where the Supernatural rules in the North and gods and goddesses rule in the South) $7.99
Moorcock, Michael The Dreamthief's Daughter (A Count has been imprisoned by the Nazis and is rescued and taken to another world he has seen in his dreams) $6.99
Pardoe, Blaine Lee Battletech: Operation Audacity (gaming tie-in novel) $5.99
Powers, Tim Declare (A former double agent finds himself in a secret war in the Middle East that will lead to a deadly confrontation) $7.99
Pyle, Howard The Garden Behind the Moon (A young boy finds himself on the moon, and discovers a beautiful garden, a flying horse, and a terrible giant) $5.99
Quick, William T. Planet of the Apes: The Fall (A spacecraft crashes on a distant planet and the survivors must train apes to help them battle a terrifying species with telepathic powers) $6.99
Ramsland, Kathrine The Heat Seekers (For centuries the kamera survived but now a contagion has affected them and the only thing that will save them is the blood of one extraordinary human) $5.99
Rennie, Gordon/MacNeil, Colin Bloodquest Book 1: The Saga Begins (Graphic novel: Cast out from their chapter of Blood Angels, Leonatos and friends must search the galaxy for the lost sword of Belarius) $10.95
Reynolds, Alistair Revelation Space (A space opera journey across vast gulfs of time and space to confront the very nature of reality itself) $7.99
Rosenberg, Joel Not Quite Scaramouche (Jason is still not Emperor, & the plots for and against him haven't gotten any clearer as Kethol and his company do some fast adventuring) $6.99
Rowe, Michael The Most Brilliant Darkness (Interviews with the brightest stars of horror fiction) $15.00
Spencer, Wen Tainted Trail (Half_man, half_alien Ukiah Oregon is tracking a missing woman when he discovers he may actually be the long_lost "Magic Boy") $6.99
Teitelbaum, Michael Men In Black II _ The Light of Zartha (Agent Kay is the only one who knows where the Light of Zartha has been hidden and an alien menace threatens to destroy the world if he can't give it to them) $4.99
Weber, David The Short Victorious War (The Royal Manticoran Navy and Honor Harrington must fight the People's Republic of Haven) $14.00
Wilson, Robert Charles The Chronoliths (A stone pillar commemorating a victory 20 years in the future appears in a forest, as other arrivals from the near future follow, and a beach drifter is drawn into the mystery) $6.99
Yeovil, Jack Beasts in Velvet (In the Imperial capital of Altdorf a killer nicknamed the Beast stalks the streets and disgraced watchman 'Filthy' Harald Kleideinst is reinstated to stop his reign of terror) $6.95
Yorke, Malcolm Mervyn Peake, A Life (Biography of the creator of the Gormenghast novels) $35.00
Zettel, Sarah Kingdom of Cages (Humans facing extinction due to disease in the galaxy find a planet they can survive on, but they find terror there instead of refuge) $7.50


Abbey, Lynn Sanctuary (A lone survivor of Sanctuary's past must arrange for a successor to the city's secrets before he dies) $24.95
Barnes, Steven Charisma (At_risk children are imprinted with strategies that should enable them to succeed but a mysterious darkness in the model turns them into potential serial killers) $24.95
Bradshaw, Gillian The Wolf Hunt (A handsome and noble knight is also a werewolf, and only a woman who loves him can change his fate) $14.95
De Camp, L. Sprague/Carter, Lin Conan the Liberator (reprint in hardcover) $24.95
Dickson, Gordon R. Dorsai Spirit ( Dorsai! and The Spirit of Dorsai in one volume with an introduction by David Drake) $25.95
Goonan, Kathleen Ann Light Music (In the 21st century nano_technology has created sentient cities and people are mysteriously disappearing _ a man makes a discovery that holds the key) $25.95
Harrison, Harry A Stainless Steel Trio (Three of the Stainless Steel Rat's greatest adventures in one volume) $26.95
Harrison, Harry Bill the Galactic Hero (Bill is shanghaied aboard the Christine Keeler to fight enemy race of 7_foot_tall lizards) $12.00
Hartwell, David/Cramer, Katherine The Hard SF Renaissance (Anthology of recent hard SF short stories) $29.95
Herter, David Evening's Empire (In the town of Evening on the Oregon Coast an outsider finds love and a secret underground world) $24.95
Lee, Stan/ Mair, George Excelsior (Autobiography of Stan Lee) $14.00
Lyons, Steve X_Men: The Legacy Quest Book 1 (Hank McCoy is searching for a cure for the deadly Legacy Virus sweeping through the mutant community and discovers that Sebastion Shaw is also searching for the cure) $14.00
McMahon, Donna Dance of the Knives (Ecological catastrophe has struck the U.S. and in Vancouver survival is difficult for American refugees in the ungoverned area of Downtown) $15.95
Norton, Andre/Lackey, Mercedes Elvenborn (Book three of the Elvenbane series: Kyrtian emerges into a world torn by politics and war, and gains far more power than he bargained for) $24.95
Resnick, Mike The Outpost (On the planet Henry II aliens invade and the customers of the Outpost tavern must try to save their way of life) $15.95
Rucker, Rudy Spaceland (On New Year's Eve an employee of a Silicon Valley company takes home a strange machine and when he turns it on is contacted by a woman from the fourth dimension) $24.95
Sawyer, Robert J. Hominids (A physicist from a parallel universe where neanderthals became the dominant species is transferred during an experiment to our universe and leaves behind his partner who is accused of murder) $25.95
Shusterman, Neal The Shattered Sky (The concluding volume of the Star Shards Trilogy) $24.95
Silverberg, Robert Up the Line (Reprint; Judson Daniel Elliot is a Time Courier, taking groups of tourists back to witness historic events; temptation to play a part is too much) $12.00
Silverberg, Robert/Haber, Karen eds Fantasy: The Best of 2001 (Anthology of the best fantasy prose of 2001) $7.99


Abnett, Dan Hereticus (A dark figure from the past returns to exact a cruel vengeance upon Inquisitor Eisenhorn in the concluding novel of the trilogy) $6.95
Alama, Pauline The Eye of Night (Former monk and sailor Jereth leaves everything behind to wander and meets Lady Trenara, getting more adventure than he bargained for) $5.99
Allen, Roger MacBride The Ocean of Years (The fate of all the colonized worlds is in danger and only Oskar DeSilvo can stop the collapse) $6.50
Anderson, Kevin J Hidden Empire (Three intelligent races in the universe anger a fourth by using a device to create a new solar system) $23.95
Asprin, Robert Mything Persons/Little Myth Maker (Bumbling magician's apprentice Skeeve stumbles into an alternate dimension and an alternate poker game) $7.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Priestess of Avalon (The final book in the Avalon series, myth and magic in the story of one woman's role in the making of history and spirit) $14.00
Bradley, Marion Zimmer/Joss, Debora The Fall of Neskaya (Book One of the Clingfire Trilogy, the author's final return to Darkover before her death) $6.99
Byers, Richard Lee Dissolution (First book in a new six_part series based on R.A. Salvatore's world of underground intrigue) $24.95
Chambers, Stephen Hope's End (A vicious colony of alien predators have established themselves on Hera and Vel, hunted by the secret police, must go underground to survive) $6.99
Costello, Matthew J Unidentified (Terrors erupt across the globe and humanity's only hope for survival lies in a house where time, space, and reality have given way to something else) $6.99
Daniel, Tony Metaplanetary (A tour de force novel of an interplanetary civil war) $7.99
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner ed Future Sports (Anthology of short stories about sports in the future) $5.99
Dann, John R. Song of the Axe (Story of two prehistoric lovers and their sons near the end of the ice age) $7.99
David, Peter Sir Apropos of Nothing (The first in humorous fantasy series featuring Sir Apropos) $6.99
Douglas, L. Warren Veil of Years (Pierrette discovers that the pages of history books are fading away and the shadows of ancient Gauls are seen by night) $6.99
Drake, David Paying the Piper (Hammer's Slammers are mercenary space warriors who will fight for any planet for the right price) $24.00
Feintuch, David The King (Rodrigo leads a contentious and divided army against powerful invaders and only his expert use of the magic of the Still can save them) $22.95
Fisher, Jude Sorcery Rising (A dynamic heroine faces magic and magical quests, war and deception, sex and romance, in a world filled with fantastic cultures and exotic landscapes) $23.95
Garrett, Randall Lord Darcy (An alternate history where Richard the Lion_Hearted did not die in 1199, and magic is used to solve crimes) $18.00
Golden, Christie Star Trek: The Last Roundup (Kirk & crew brace for a cataclysmic disruption in space_time existence and race against time for survival of the universe) $24.00
Golden, Christopher Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15: The Wisdom of War (Based on the popular TV series) $6.99
Graf, L.A. Star Trek: The Original Series: The Janus Gate Book 3 (Past Prologue _ The conclusion of the trilogy) $6.99
Grubb, Jeff Warcraft #3: The Last Guardian (Novel based on a computer game) $6.99
Harlan, Thomas The Storm of Heaven (A great three_sided war between Rome, Persia, and the tribes of the desert continues and Prince Maxim discovers the Oath need not be broken) $7.99
Hartwell, David G. ed Year's Best Fantasy 2 (Anthology) $7.99
Irvine, Ian Dark is the Moon (Karan, a young Sensitive, holds the knowledge that can either heal or permanently destroy the rift, and Rulke needs only her talent to set his plan in motion) $7.50
King, Stephen On Writing (Combination memoir and advice on fiction_writing) $7.99
Lain, T. H. The Savage Caves (First book in a new series featuring characters from the Dungeons and Dragons core rule book) $5.99
Laumer, Keith Cold Steel: Bolos Book 6 (As humans spread through the galaxy they discover unfriendly neighbors, and the Bolos come to the rescue) $7.99
Lee, J. Ardian Outlaw Sword (A romantic Scottish fantasy) $14.00
Lickiss, Rebecca Never After (A princess and an enchanted frog, but with a different twist) $6.50
Luceno, James Star Wars: Cloak of Deception (Jedi Master and his apprentice Obi_Wan Kenobi foil an assassination attempt on Valorum, but the greatest threat of all remains hidden) $6.99
Luceno, James Web Warriors: Memories End (Teenage brothers are master gamers and hackers but it's no game when a data_recovery mission pits them against a deadly cyber_monster) $6.99
Lustbader, Eric Van The Ring of Five Dragons (The Kundalan people have suffered for centuries under the rule of the V'ornn and must find the lost Ring of Five Dragons before the V'ornn can use it to destroy them) $7.99
Mason, A. E. The Four Feathers (Media Tie_in) $6.99
McDevitt, Jack Chindi (Something has left a series of satellites in orbit and a crew sets off to discover their origin) $22.95
McKiernan, Dennis L. Once Upon a Winter's Night (A young woman marries a mysterious Prince only to have magic steal him away) $6.99
Modeesitt, L.E. Jr. Octagonal Raven (Someone is trying to kill Daryn Alwyn, nanotech augmented founder of the Media Network and his world is turned upside_down) $7.99
Naganta, Linda Limit of Vision (A young scientist is killed by an illegal experiment in nanotechnology, and in Vietnam a journalist probes a cult rumored to have awesome powers) $6.99
Niles, Douglas Circle at the Center (In the realm of the Seven Circles the Druids must recruit warriors from Earth to help stop a group determined to incite war) $6.99
Pringle, David The Laughter of the Dark Gods (Grim tales of bloody sword and darkest sorcery in the land of Warhammer) $6.95
Rabe, Jean Redemption (Third and concluding volume in the Dhamon Cycle) $24.95
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn The Disappeared (In a world where humans and aliens co_exist and murder is sanctioned one group of private detectives is willing to help "The Disappeared" find their way home) $6.50
Ryan, Kevin Star Trek: The Original Series: Errand of Vengeance 1 (Sword's Point _ The first book in a new Star Trek adventure) $6.99
Shelley, Rick Spec Ops Squad: Deep Strike (Bart Drak's Combined Regiment embarks on its second mission, provided the varied alien races of his platoon don't kill each other first) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry American Empire: Blood and Iron (After WWI, hatred still simmers between the Northern and Southern US and the world may be poised to take up arms again) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry ed Alternate Generals II (Short stories of alternate history) $24.00
Winter, Douglas E. Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic (Authorized biography of Clive Barker) $34.95


Cadigan, Pat Dervish is Digital (Detective Lieutenant Dore Konstantin pursues criminals and identity crime in Artificial Reality) $12.95
Card, Orson Scott Shadow Puppets (The unity enforced by the aliens on Ender's world is shattered and Ender's older brother and Bean attempt to restore unity) $25.95
Chiang, Ted Stories of Your Life and Others (All the author's stories collected in one volume with a new story written for the book) $24.95
Golden, Christie Star Trek: The Last Roundup (Cassettes, Abridged: The crew must brace themselves for a cataclysmic disruption in space_time fabric) $18.00
Harlan, Thomas The Dark Lord (The shattering conclusion to the Oath of Empire Series) $27.95
Hatch, Richard/Rodgers, Alan Battlestar Galactica: Rebellion (Pursued by the inhuman warriors of the Cylon Empire the last remnants of humanity are led across the cosmos by the Battlestar Galactica crew in search of Earth) $23.00
Irvine, Alexander A Scattering of Jades (A P.T. Barnum sideshow worker in 1835 New York has resurrected a god who plans to use the blood of a young woman to destroy the world) $25.95
Lindskold, Jane Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart (Sequel to Through Wolf's Eyes , Firekeeper must obtain magical artifacts being held by the various factions of her world and bring them together) $27.95
Lustbader, Eric Van The Veil of a Thousand Tears (The Storehouse Door remains sealed due to a spell which also released daemons imprisoned in the Abyss) $27.95
Macleod, Ken The Star Fraction (Britain in the 21st century is a mess of neighborhood states and a rogue computer program is guiding events) $14.95
Matheson, Richard Hunted Past Reason (A life or death struggle for survival between two men in a a primaeval wilderness) $24.95
Modesitt, L.E. Archform: Beauty (Four centuries in the future, five people tell their stories and they unite to try to solve the social problems in a world run by nanomachines) $25.95
Reimann, Katya Prince of Fire and Ashes (Gaultry struggles to resolve Tielmark's internal conflicts while a hidden enemy waits for the stars to align that will enable an ancient plot) $27.95
Schmidt, Stanley Argonaut (In the near future a man is bitten by a strange bug that causes a flood of memories and discovers it is the vanguard of a secret alien invasion) $25.95
Silverberg, Robert The Longest Way Home (A young nobleman is caught up in a revolution and the only escape is through a strange country of alien creatures) $25.95
Stirling, S. M. T2: Rising Storm (Hidden in a top_secret government military base, a computer is about to go on_line that threatens humanity and Sarah and John Connor are the only ones who can stop it) $24.95
Vance, Jack Alastor (3 stories of the planets of the Alastor Cluster collected in one volume) $13.95


Star Trek: Amazing Stories (Short fiction by some of Star Trek's most popular authors) $13.00
Worlds That Weren't (Four novellas of alternate history by masters of the genre, including Turtledove and Gentle) $21.95
Abnett, Dan/Coleby, Simon Inquisitor Ascendant Book 1: Taint of Nicodemus (Chaos blights the Imperial world of Nicodemus and Inquisitor Deday and his apprentice Gravier are sent to investigate its cause) $10.95
Asaro, Catherine Spherical Harmonic (The ruling Skolian family begins to gather in the shadow of a disastrous interstellar war to reassume the throne of the Empire) $6.99
Asprin, Robert Myth_ion Improbable (Skeeve and friends treasure hunt in a dimension the combines the wild west with vampires) $6.99
Asprin, Robert/Evans, Linda For King and Country (SAS Captain Trevor Stirling must follow a terrorist into the year 500 AD to stop a Northern Irish fanatic bent on changing the course of history) $24.00
Barron, T.A. The Mirror of Merlin (Young Merlin discovers a magic mirror that can alter a person's destiny) $5.99
Berberick, Nancy Varian The Lioness (A heroine arises from the forest glades to lead a band of rebels against the Dark Knights) $6.99
Berg, Carol Restoration (Third in the series of Seyonne, the slave_turned_savior who fights evil and must tame the demons within him) $6.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer The Saga of the Renunciates (The complete tale of two Amazons on Darkover whose lives are intertwined) $8.99
Bunch, Chris Star Risk, LTD. (The mercenaries of Star Risk, Ltd. will take on any mission no matter how dangerous, as long as the price is right) $6.99
Casanova, Mary Curse of a Winter Moon (In 1559 France a 12_year_old tries to save his little brother who is a werewolf from the Inquisition) $5.99
Cherryh, C. J. Hammerfall (Marak, a mad prince, has dedicated his life to overthrowing the Ila, the dictator of his world, when the secret of his madness is discovered and he must overcome his exile) $7.50
Craig, Brian Plague Daemon (Harmis Detz, a hardened veteran of the border guard becomes embroiled in the Plague God's plot and becomes Khypris's only hope for salvation) $6.95
Crumb, R. The R. Crumb Sketchbook Volume 9 (Sketchs from 1972 to 1974) $18.95
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri--ed. The Green Man (Anthology dedicated to fantasy about nature and the mythical Green Man) $18.99
David, Peter The Woad to Wuin: Sir Apropos of Nothing: Book Two (Apropos is leading a quiet life as a tavern keeper when the sorceress Sharee shows up and thrusts him back into an adventure he'd rather not have) $24.00
Deitz, Tom Warautumn (High King Avall is captured by fanatical priests, but has disappeared and only a few know where _ conclusion of the series) $6.50
Donegan, Greg Atlantis Gate (Ex_Green Beret Eric Dane has a cataclysmic dream of the earth engulfed in fire and the answer lies in a war beyond time) $6.99
Drake, David Mistress of the Catacombs (The Kingdom of the Isles is at peace, but the rebels are gathering in the west and have magic that can strike the palace itself) $7.99
Drake, David ed The Fleet (Anthology of stories about the Fleet, man's last line of defense against the vicious Khalia) $6.50
Emery, Clayton Hazezon (The outcome of one desert war could change the history of Dominaria forever) $6.99
Flint, Eric/Weber, David 1633 (Mike Stears has allied with the King of Sweden and his wife is trapped in Amsterdam while his sister is a prisoner in the Tower of London and Stearns must come to the rescue) $26.00
Foster, Alan Dean The Mocking Program (A 21st century cop able to intuit what people will do uses his special powers to investigate the murder of a Los Angeles businessman) $24.95
Goingback, Owl Breed (In historical St. Augustine, Florida, behind the gates of the Tolomato cemetery history is coming alive, grave by grave) $6.99
Hendrix, Howard V. Empty Cities of the Full Moon (In a dramatically altered near future a plague is released that creates a world under sway of the full moon and the human race is transformed in astonishing ways) $14.95
Huntington, Gregory Sorcerers of the Nightwing (The monsters in Devon's closet are real, creatures of the Hellholes dotted over the earth, & he discovers how in the first of a series) $23.95
Jennings, Gary Aztec Blood (A young beggar boy in the conquered Aztec Empire fights to claim his birthright) $7.99
Karr, Kathleen Bone Dry (In a search for the skull of Alexander the Great, Matthew and Dr. ABC journey across the Sahara where perils both human and otherworldly await them) $15.99
Knaak, Richard A Diablo # 3: Kingdom of Shadow (Novel based on computer game) $6.99
Lain, T.H. The Living Dead (Elves and Dwarfs are disappearing and each side blames the other _ only true heroes can find out the truth) $5.99
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Conflict of Honors (Priscilla Delacroix is betrayed and abandoned by her shipmates, and must confront both the crew and the demons of her past) $6.50
Lee, Tanith A Bed of Earth (A journey to a parallel 16th_century Venice where a supernatural force is unearthed beneath the canals) $25.95
Leinster, Murray Med Ship (Tales of the Interstellar Medical Service) $7.99
MacLeish, Roderick Prince Ombra (8_year old Bentley Elliot, marked by destiny and powerful magic, must fight the evil Prince Ombra to keep joy alive in the world) $5.99
McMullan, Kate Myth_o_mania: Have a Hot Time Hades (When Hades and his siblings were born, their father, Cronus, Ruler of the Universe, swallowed them whole, and Hades must try to get out and overthrow his father) $4.99
McNeill, Graham Storm of Iron (The forces of Chaos are readying for war using the Traitor Marines under the leadership of a new evil Warmaster) $6.95
Moon, Elizabeth Heris Serrano (Unified publication of Hunting Party , Sporting Chance , and Winning Colors ) $18.00
Mor, Caisel King of Sleep: Book Two of the Watchers (Novel based on a computer game) $6.99
Norton, Andre Janus ( Judgement on Janus and Victory of Janus in one volume) $15.00
Norton, Andre Star Soldiers (Human mercenaries are abandoned by their masters on a hostile planet and must trek across the world where every sword is against them; Star Guard and Star Rangers in one volume) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry Reaper Man (Eleventh novel in the Discworld Series) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry Witches Abroad (Twelfth novel in the Discworld Series) $6.99
Rabe, Jean The Day of the Tempest (The evil dragon overlords bring darkness to the Age of Mortals, and only one band of heroes can prevent the Dark forces from destroying the land) $6.99
Rabe, Jean/Greenberg, Martin--ed. Sol's Children (Anthology of short stories about our own solar system) $6.99
Reichert, Michael Zucker The Beasts of Barakhai (Benton Collins enters a gateway to a world where people transform into animals whether they want to or not) $6.99
Reichert, Michael Zucker The Lost Dragons of Barakhai (Benton Collins is summoned back to the magical realm of shapeshifters for a new quest involving two dragons) $23.95
Rennie, Gordon/MacNeill, Colin Bloodquest Book II: Into the Eye of Terror (Graphic Novel: Captain Leonatos and his band continue their search of the sword of Belarius and become lost in the Eye of Terror and the Daemon World of Eidolon) $10.95
Robinson, Spider The Free Lunch (Mike, a teen runaway, enters Dreamworld and finds that trolls are entering the park) $6.99
Ryan, Kevin Star Trek: The Original Series: Errand of Vengeance 2: Killing Blow (Continues the story begun in Sword's Point ) $6.99
Ryan, Kevin Star Trek: The Original Series: Errand of Vengeance 3: River of Blood (The conclusion of the trilogy) $6.99
Salvatore, R.A. Sea of Swords (Drizzt Do'Urden and his companions take to the sea to search for their missing friend Wulfgar) $7.99
Sargent, Pamela Child of Venus (Conclusion to the story of terraforming Venus) $7.99
Shatner, William I'm Working on That (Interviews with some of today's most influential scientists about their work and how it was affected by watching Star Trek) $25.00
Siegel, Jan The Dragon Charmer (Fern Chapel renounced her mystical powers long ago, but when she returns to her family's summer house ancient forces reawaken) $6.99
Soesbee, Ree Wind of Honor (The Steel Throne sits empty and the Lady of the Sword must step forward to restore honor to the land) $6.99
Stover, Matthew Star Wars, The New Jedi Order: Traitor (Jacen Solo is alive and in the care of a mysterious being of inscrutable arts; abridged CDs $19.95) $6.99
Tarr, Judith Lady of the Horses (A young girl dares to mount a horse in prehistoric times and the priests forbid her, but the Horse Goddess intervenes) $15.95
Walton, Jo The King's Peace (A young woman is abducted by the Jarnish raiders and rises to become the right hand of a great king who can unify his people) $7.99
Windsor_Smith, Barry Young Gods (Graphic Novel: Prince Heros needs one last adventure before marrying and sets across the Abraxus Nebulas for one last night of dragon_chasing, getting more than he wanted) $24.95
Yolen, Jane White Jenna (The saga of Jenna and her dark sister Skada continues as they cross a battle_torn land to save their true_born king) $5.99
Zubrin, Robert First Landing (Mankind's first voyage to Mars) $6.99


The Terminator 2: The John Connor Chronicles Book 1 (Despite altering the timeline in hopes that the Terminator would not be created, another Terminator shows up and John & Sarah must again run and fight to stay alive) $6.99
Aldiss, Brian W. Hellconia Summer (During summer on Hellconia the phagors are waiting to take advantage of human weakness) $14.00
Barnes, John The Sky So Big and Black (A teenager growing up on Mars is leading a trip of younger kids through the Martian wilderness when disaster strikes and she must save them) $24.95
Chambers, Stephen Hope's War (Conclusion to Hope's End: Vel has learned that he is heir to the throne of Hope) $24.95
de Lint, Charles The Onion Girl (In Newford, artist Jilly Coppercorn has a dark secret and a past she'd rather forget) $14.95
Disch, Thomas M. The Prisoner (Novelization of the first Prisoner episode where Number 6 is first brought to The Village) $12.00
Goldstein, Lisa The Alchemist's Door (In the waning days of the 16th century Jihn Dee flees to Prague pursued by a demon and assists Rabbi Judah Loew in creating a Golem to protect the Jews of Prague) $23.95
Hambly, Barbara Sisters of the Raven (A few women with magical powers are the only ones who can save the Yellow City from drought while the men who hate them begin a series of violent attacks) $13.95
Haydon, Elizabeth Requiem for the Sun (Sequel to the Rhapsody Trilogy: three years later the Dowager Empress of a southern empire dies with no successor and an old nemesis of Rhapsody's resurfaces) $27.95
Lumley, Brian Psychamok (Richard Garrison must destroy the machine that gave him amazing mental powers as it has infected mankind with a plague of insanity) $24.95
Lyons, Steve X_Men: The Legacy Quest Book 2 (A cure for the Legacy Virus exists, but Selene the Black Queen of New York is the only one who has it) $14.00
Martin, George R.R. ed Wild Cards: Deuces Down (Collection of stories focusing on the Deuces, aces whose superpowers are tiny, trivial, and sometimes silly) $23.00
Miller, John J. Witchblade: A Terrible Beauty (A rash of brutal killings have the people of New York living in fear and Sara, secretly possessor of the Witchblade, is investigating) $6.99
Mixon, Laura J. Burning the Ice (The descendants of a renegade colony struggle to survive on Brimstone, a world of ice and bitter cold) $25.95
Russell, Sean The Isle of Battle (Battle for power between two families has reached a fever pitch and a young girl makes a bargain with a dark river spirit to save her life) $25.95
Saberhagen, Fred Gods of Fire and Thunder (In the fifth volume of the Book of the Gods, Saberhagen explores the mythology of the north and the Gods of Valhalla) $24.95
Vinge, Vernor The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge (Anthology of stories from the '60's through the 80's chosen by Vinge himself) $15.95
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