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Newsletter #55 September - November, 2001

[PBO means Paperback Original]

Avallone, Michael Mitzi (hardboiled crime book, never before published) $15.00
Avallone, Michael Open Season on Cops & Arabella Nude (2 short Ed Noon private eye novels; hardboiled) $12.00
Bounds, Sydney J. (writing as Rex Marlowe) Hell Hath No Fury (first U.S. book edition; classic crime pulp fiction, incredibly violent and full of action) $15.00
Browne, Howard Carboncopy Killer; Twelve Times Zero (2 short pulp novels of crime in the future) $12.00
Browne, Howard If You Have Tears (reprint of classic dark crime Noir novel) $15.00
Bunn, T. Davis Drummer in the Dark (P.I. looks into smear campaign against congressman, finds links to international finance conspiracy) $23.95
Butler, John K. At the Stroke of Midnight (reprint of 9 hardboiled pulp stories from 1940-1942 Dime Detective, the entire Steve Midnight series) $15.95
Carlon, Patricia Hush, It's a Game (Small girl locked in kitchen on Christmas week with murdered baby_sitter) $13.00
Champion, D. L. Footprints on A Brain (reprint of 12 pulp stories from 1938-1941Dime Detective, the entire Inspector Allhoff series) $16.95
Coles, Manning The Far Traveller (reprint of 1956 comic novel with ghost during shooting of movie in German castle) $14.00
Collins, Max Allan Kisses of Death (Nathan Heller becomes Marilyn Monroe's bodyguard in new novella; plus Heller short stories) $17.00
Coulter, Catherine Hemlock Bay (FBI agent Dillon Savich investigates kidnapping of 2 teenage boys; his sister injured in crash that might be suicide attempt) $24.95
D'Amato, Barbara Hard Road (Investigative reporter Cat Marsala takes nephew to Wizard of Oz festival, witnesses murder, becomes target of the killer) $23.00
Davis, Lindsey One Virgin Too Many (ancient Roman sleuth Marcus Didius Falco returns from North Africa and is awarded title Procurator of Poultry, is drawn into religious cults, murder, and a lost Vestal Virgin) $12.95
Dean, Elizabeth Murder a Mile High (reprint of 1944 comic mystery with Nazi spies in Colorado in 1942) $14.00
De Noux, O'Neil Hollow Point; Mystery of Rochelle Marais (2 short New Orleans crime novels, one in modern times, the other historical) $12.00
Derleth, August Original Text Solar Pons Omnibus Edition (oversized 2-volume hardcover edition) $130.00
Dillman, Bradford That Air Forever Dark (Hijack survivors battle New Guinea headhunters for their lives) $14.95
Dundee, Wayne & Shaw, Jerome Moneybags & Bride of Ndonga (2 short original crime novels) $12.
Dundee, Wayne & Sublett, Jesse Black Lake & Teflon Babe (2 short hardboiled novels, one featuring Dundee's Joe Hannibal, the other with Sublett's Clapton) $12.00
Dunlap, Susan The Celestial Buffet & Other Morsels of Murder (short story collection includes P.I. Kiernan O'Shaughnessy, cop Jill Smith, Celestial Detective who investigates crimes in the Afterlife) $16.00
Fearn, John Russell (writing as Spike Gordon) You Take the Rap (first U.S. book edition; hardboiled pulp classic about a woman run wild) $15.00
Frances, Stephen (writing as Duke Linton) Kill and Desire (first U.S. book edition; relentless hardboiled novel of noir and sadism) $15.00
Hall, John The Travels of Sherlock Holmes (novel of Holmes during "missing years" after his supposed death in 1891) $17.95
Hall, Parnell Detective (reprint of first Stanley Hastings detective novel; Edgar nominee for best first novel) $13.95
Jance, J.A. Paradise Lost (Sheriff Joanna Brady's daughter and another 13_year_old Girl Scout find body of murdered heiress; audio $25.95) $25.00
Jardine, Quintin Gallery Whispers (A ruthless terrorist comes to Edinburgh with a World Heads conference in mind; U. K. import) $9.95
Jardine, Quintin Skinner's Ghosts (Two brutal murders and allegations about Skinner himself make front page news; U. K. import) $9.95
John, Cathie Little Mexico (In 1943 Newport Kentucky is the illegal gambling capital of the U.S.; the Cleveland Syndicate wants to squeeze out the few independent casinos left in town) $12.95
LaPierre, Janet Keepers (A lost child forces Patience and Verity undercover in a religious community) $12.95
Lazenby, Norman (writing as Rex Rand) She Wanted a Guy (first U.S. book edition; a drugs and dames gangster classic thriller) $15.00
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Coat (reprint of 1948 comic mystery set in New York City) $14.00
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Paw (reprint of 1941 wacky cozy) $14.00
Lovisi, Gary & Sublett, Jesse The Mission & Deader Than Hell (2 short crime novels) $12.00
Maitland, Barbara The Bookstore Burglar (Mr. Brown and cat Cobweb are back for new adventure in their haunted bookstore; young adult) $3.99
Maney, Mabel Kiss the Girls & Make Them Spy (Jane Bond lesbian parody of 007) $14.00
Masur, Hal Dig My Grave; Shroud Me Not (2 short hardboiled private eye novels) $12.
McConnochie, Mardi Cold Water (3 daughters of commander of penal colony off the coast of Australia dream of becoming novelists; then a new prisoner catches their attention) $24.95
Muller, Marcia Listen to the Silence (San Francisco PI Sharon McCone returns to bury her father, discovers her own adoption papers, searches for biological parents on Idaho reservation) $6.99
Murphy & Sapir The Destroyer #124: Eminent Domain (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Nolan, William F. Pulpcon Kill & Pop-Op Caper (2 short hardboiled private eye novels) $12.00
O'Brien, Daniel The Hannibal Files (unauthorized guide to the Hannibal Lector trilogy) $19.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 273: Uforce (paramilitary adventure) $4.50
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan: Tyranny Files #2: Power of the Lance (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Penzler, Otto__ed Murderers' Row (14 original baseball mysteries) $24.95
Petrie, Donald The Prize Game ("Lawful looting on the High Seas in the days of fighting sail"; non_fiction) $13.00
Pim, Sheila Common or Garden Crime (reprint of 1945 Irish village gardening mystery set during WWII) 14.00 Pim, Sheila Hive of Suspects (reprint of 1952 Irish village mystery involving deadly honey) $14.00
Power, M. S. Nathan Crosby's Fan Mail (mystery involving horseracing; U.K import) $13
Prather, Richard Hot Rock Rumble; Double Take (2 short Shell Scott novels) $12.00
Rayner, Richard Murder Book (reprint; homicide detective is corrupted when bribed to reveal a man's identity) $14.00
Reed, Philip The Marquis de Fraud (horse racing con leads to attempt at revenge) $23.95
Reiersgord, Thomas The Kensington Rune Stone (After a decade research the author accepts the Rune Stone of Kensington MN) $16.95
Rosen, R. D. Strike Three You're Dead (reprint of Edgar winner for best first novel '84; baseball player Harvey Blissberg turns detective) $8.95
Rothenberg, Rebecca The Tumbleweed Murders (Murder surfaces when a plant pathologist finds a skeleton buried beside the Kern river in California) $12.95
Scheck, B, Neufeld, P/Dwyer, J Actual Innocence (non_fiction; stories of 8 wrongly_convicted people freed by pro_bono legal project) $6.99
Sellers, Peter__ed Arthur Ellis Awards (Canadian prize_winning mystery short stories) $14.95
Shapiro, Robert L. Misconception (Sensational thriller involving infidelity and an unwanted pregnancy) $25.00
Sprinkle, Patricia The Remember Box (mainstream novel set in the South in 1949, from a mystery author) $11.99
Stewart, Leah Body of a Girl (Memphis setting; novice crime reporters sets out to solve murder, placing herself in danger) $13.00
Stoller, Larry Broker's Open (Real estate murder mystery set in Duluth) $7.95
Sublett, Jesse & Byers, Chad Kill Spot & Jazz Man (2 short crime novels) $12.00
Sublett, Jesse & Zagare, Peter I Love My Gun & Blue Movie (2 short Los Angeles crime novels, Sublette's in modern LA and Zagare's in 1940s LA) $12.00
Terrell, Whitney The Huntsman (Kansas City death leads to examination of attitudes regarding race and class) $25.95
Thayer, Steve Moon Over Lake Elmo (mainstream novel of family falling apart, from local mystery author) $10.95
Trow, M. J. The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (first of series about brilliant Scotland Yard inspector during time of Sherlock Holmes) $9.95
Trow, M. J. Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand ; Lestrade and the Deadly Game ; Lestrade and the Guardian Angel ; Lestrade and the Magpie ; Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder ; Lestrade and the Ripper ; Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring ; Lestrade and the Sign of Nine (many more Insp. Lestrade adventures) $19.95 each
Tubb, E. C. (writing as Mike Lantry) Assignment New York (first U.S. book edition; hardboiled private eye novel in the Chandler tradition) $15.00
White, Ethel Lina The Lady Vanishes (Basis for Hitchcock's masterpiece) $14.00


Abagnale, Frank Art of the Steal (A former con artist gives advice on recognizing and preventing fraud) $24.95
Adamson, Mary Jo The Elusive Voice (Second in series set in mid_1800's Boston) $6.50
Alexander, David Marine Force One (Elite forces find chemical weapons in North Korea) $6.99
Andrews, Donna Revenge of the Wrought_Iron Flamingos (Meg looks for a killer and keep in good graces with her future mother in law) $23.95
Aunapu, Greg Without a Trace (A true story of a mothers search for her missing daughter in the world of biker gangs) $6.99
Baker, Alan The Gladiator (The secret history of Rome's warrior slaves) $22.95
Bastone, William The Smoking Gun (A collection of documents illuminating scandalous and bizarre news stories of recent years) $14.95
Bell, Nancy Biggie and the Quincy Ghost (J.R. and Biggie investigate murder and a ghost in the town of Quincy) $22.95
Berenson, Laurien Once Bitten (Dog-handler Melanie Travis (8) must deal with murder of her future sister-in-law's wedding planner, departure of her own fiance, and reappearance of her ex-husband Bob) $22.00
Birmingham, Ruth Blue Plate Special (Sunny Childs investigates murder in a closed_for_business diner) $5.99
Brett, Simon The Body on the Beach (Odd_couple sleuths find dead body on the beach with two wounds to the throat) $6.99
Brown, Dale Shadows of Steel (Dale Brown takes to the skies in the Middle East) $7.99
Brown, Sandra Envy (A reclusive writer seeks to destroy a friend who betrayed him) $25.95
Clancy, Tom Net Force: Runaways (Mysterious online courier business sends out many, returns few) $5.99
Clark, Mary Jane Close to You (News anchor Eliza Blake is terrorized by a stalker) $24.95
Coel, Margaret The Thunder Keeper (Vicky Holden uncovers murder on an Arapaho reservation) $22.95
Cook, Robin Contagion (Epidemic spread by microbes __ and sabotage) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard Rebel (#1); Copperhead (#2); Battle Flag (#3); The Bloody Ground (#4) (Starbuck Chronicles; Confederate hero Captain Nathaniel Starbuck; trade pb reprints) $13.00 each
Crider, Bill A Ghost of a Chance (Feud between two historical societies peaks with the murder of the president of one) $5.99
Crowley, Kieran The Surgeon's Wife (True crime strangling of surgeon's wife by prominent doctor) $6.50
Cunningham, Chet The Specialists: Deadly Strike (The Specialists uncover a plot by Ukranian terrorists planning to use chemical weapons) $5.99
Davis, Norbert Mouse in the Mountain (Doan, a short chubby LA P.I. and his "boss," Carstairs the Great Dane; little Mexican village, cut off by earthquake, holds fugitive, three murders, assorted villains & suspects; classic 1943 blend of hardboiled & humor) $14.
DeCure, John Reef Dance (A lawyer navigates family courts and finds the source of his family's demise) $23.95
Du Brul, Jack Pandora's Curse (Man holds the world hostage with secret "pandora's boxes" from WW II) $6.99
Ephron, G. H. Addiction (A forensic psychologist races against time to clear a drug addict of murder charges) $23.95
Faith, Nicholas Blaze (The forensics of fire __physics and how fire ignites, builds and spreads) $6.99
Forsyth, Frederick The Veteran (Four short stories of murder, mystery, intrigue, deception, and revenge) $24.95
Francis, Dick Shattered (A dead jockey embroils his friend in a perilous search for a stolen videotape) $6.99
Freydont, Shelly Midsummer Murder (Hoofer_turned_sleuth looks into backstage murder) $22.
Garcia_Aguilera, Carolina Havana Heat (Lupe Solano is ensnared in a web of art smuggling and murder in Castro's corrupt Cuba) $6.50
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal The Summoning God (Book II of the Anasazi mysteries __ A.D. 1263 in the lair of a decapitating killer) $7.99
Gellis, Roberta A Mortal Bane (Bishop of Winchester puts Sir Bellamy of Itchen on trail of murderer à la Ellis Peters) $6.99
Gold, Glen David Carter Beats the Devil (magician Carter the Great's stunt involving President Harding nearly costs him his reputation and his life) $24.95
Griffin, Nicholas The Requiem Shark (The tale of the final voyage of the most successful pirate in history, Black Bart) $13.00
Grimes, Martha The Blue Last (Richard Jury is hired to prove a brewing magnate's granddaughter is an imposter) $24.95
Hackworth, Col. David H. The Price of Honor (Sandy Caine searches for the truth concerning his father's cowardice in Viet Nam) $7.50
Hall, Parnell Last Puzzle & Testament (A millionaire dies leaving 6 puzzled heirs and a puzzle Cora Felton and her daughter must crack) $6.50
Harrod_Eagles, Cynthia Blood Sinister (Bill Slider must untangle a web of lies to find the truth about a reporter's murder) $23.95
Harvey, Miles The Island of Lost Maps (non-fiction story of cartographic crime) $14.95
Hayes, John R. Catskill (In 1938 an isolated Catskill Mtns. town is drawn into the events of the world beyond) $23.95
Hooper, Kay Touching Evil (Maggie must put a description to a rapist whose victims cannot identify him) $6.99
Howard, Richard Bonaparte's Warriors (Fourth novel in an account of the Napoleonic campaigns; U.K. import) $7.95
Isaacs, Susan Long Time No See (Judith battles the memory of her husband and a killer, after a local woman disappears) $26.00
Jones Susanna The Earthquake Bird (Lucy Fly is the prime suspect in a murder in modern Japan) $22.95
Keene, Carolyn The Case of the Screaming Scarecrow (Nancy Drew and the girls solve the spooky problems surrounding their Halloween party) $4.25
Kellerman, Jonathan Dr. Death (Alex Delaware investigates the death of a doctor who has ended dozens of lives) $7.99
Kienzle, William X. Till Death (22nd Father Robert Koestler; priests and nuns struggle with passions their faith has denied them) $6.99
Lamalle, Cecille Prepared for Murder (Third mystery for Charly Poisson, much_feted chef and amateur detective; PBO) $6.50
Lansdale, Joe R. Captains Outrageous (Collins and Pine try to even the score after a girl who saves them is murdered) $24.95
Larkin, E.L. Hear Me Die (A Demary Jones mystery, involving disappearance of Demary's good friend) $5.99
Lawrence, Martha C. Ashes of Aries (A psychic investigates the relationship between a string of arsons and a kidnapper) $23.95
Lawrence, Martha C. Pisces Rising (Murder and scalping of reservation casino manager draws psychic Elizabeth Chase) $6.50
Lehrer, Jim Blue Hearts (Thriller set among power players and establishment of Washington D.C.) $13.00
Lippman, Laura In A Strange City (Baltimore P.I. Tess Monaghan (6) investigates the Poe admirer who leaves roses and brandy every year) $24.00
Ludlum, Robert The Sigma Protocol (An investment banker works with a government agent to uncover the source of a string of deaths) $27.95
MacDonald, Marianne Smoke Screen (Dido Hoare finds herself caught in an eccentric family's loves, hatreds, and murders) $5.99
MacKay, Scott Fall Guy (Gilbert and Lombardo follow a murder across continents to a family's struggle to survive) $24.95
Margolin, Phillip The Associate (Daniel Ames hunts for the truth after losing a case and becoming a scapegoat; abridged audio $25.95) $26.00
Mason, A. E. W. The Four Feathers (British officer branded coward proves himself in Sudan war; 1902 adventure classic) $12.00
Massey, Sujata The Bride's Kimono (Rei Shimura is asked to act as courier to transport 19th century kimonos; signing Sept. 18th, 7-8 pm) $25.00
McDermid, Val A Place of Execution (13_year_old Alison disappears in 1963 _ quest for truth still goes on; Edgar nominee) $6.99
McKinna, John Shark Lake (Ben vows to save his friend Nick from a dry well surrounded by shark infested waters) $6.99
McNab, Andy Crisis Four (Nick Stone must find a defecting agent to retain guardianship of his goddaughter) $6.99
Meno, Joe How the Hula Girl Sings (An ex_con struggles to regain his former life after his release from prison) $25.00
Monfredo, Miriam Grace Brothers of Cain (8th in the Seneca Falls series) $22.95
Munnings, Claire Overnight Float (Rosemary Stubbs must uncover a murderer at Sanderson College) $5.99
Osborne, Dennis A Deadly Arrangement (Bad energy leads to death in this first in feng shui mystery series) $5.99
Paretsky, Sara Total Recall (Dr. Lotty Herschel confronts a past she had hoped to forget) $25.95
Parry, Owen Shadows of Glory (A tale of historical intrigue set against the Civil War) $6.99
Pate, Alexis D. The Multicultiboho Sideshow (Ichabod Word holds a detective hostage to tell him his tale of anger and woe) $13.00
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan #80 A Dying Evil; Bk 3 of Tyranny Files (Bolan battles neo_Nazis of the Temple of the Nordic Covenant) $5.99
Ramsland, Katharine The Forensic Science of C.S.I. (Detailed accounts of techniques actually used in today's crime investigations) $12.95
Reeve, Simon One Day in September (An account of the kidnapping of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games) $14.95
Richelson, Jeffrey T. The Wizards of Langley (An inside look at the CIA's directorate of Science and Technology) $30.00
Roberts, John Maddox Nobody Loves A Centurion (#5; Caesar receives Metellus and prevails upon him to solve a murder at his camp in Gaul) $22.95
Robb,Candace (aka Nora Roberts) Seduction in Death (Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas back on the beat) $7.99
Robinson, Peter Cold is the Grave (Alan Banks searches for his boss's daughter in a world of drugs, sex, and murder) $6.99
Rowland, Laura Joh The Way of the Traitor (reprint; the third suspense novel of the Sano Ichiro series) $6.99
Sabbagh, Karl A Rum Affair (Scientific fraud amongst rival scientists investigating the plants of Rum Island; non-fiction) $15.00
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Folly (An Archy McNally novel by Vincent Lardo) $7.99
Saylor, Steven Last Seen in Massilia (Arriving in Gaul to find his lost son, Gordianus the Finder is involved in murder) $6.50
Sedley, Kate The Weaver's Inheritance (Roger Chapman exposes an imposter reappearing after six years to claim an inheritance) $23.95
Slaughter, Karin Blindsighted (A rapist turned murderer terrorizes Grant County an its chief of police; audio $25.95) $25.00
Smith, E. E. "Doc" Have Trenchcoat-Will Travel (first time in print of his only 4 non-sf stories; a private eye novel set in the 1960s but written in the style of the 1920s and 1930s, a highway patrol short story, a western short story, & a nurse romance short story) $20.
Smith, Peter Moore Raveling (Coming home to take care of ageing mother, schizophrenic pilot finds growing confusion and mystery; Edgar nominee Best First Novel) $6.99
Smithdeal, Charles Without Sin (Birth of black child to white Page Yarborough & white governor_elect husband creates scandal and mystery) $5.99
Stabenow, Dana Nothing Gold Can Stay (State Trooper Sgt. Liam Campbell (3) braves Alaskan bush for brutal murderer) $6.99
Terreri, Malinda A Tax_Deductible Death (The two sure things in life __ death and taxes __ meet in this new series; PBO) $5.99
Thompson, Carlene Since You've Been Gone (Clairvoyant Rebecca's brother is slain and she can't help _ guilt still pursues her) $6.99
Toole, F. X. Rope Burns (Collection of boxing short fiction) $13.00
Traxler, Patricia Blood (A painter finds her work more dark and foreboding as three friendships infringe on each other) $24.95
Wager, Walter Tunnel (Terrorists seal one end of NY's Lincoln Tunnel, place missile at other __ what to do?) $6.99
Wald, Noreen Remembrance of Murders Past (Ghostwriter Jake O'Hara's mother witnesses murder of parish priest, is prime suspect) $5.99
Walker, Robert W. Blind Instinct (FBI Medical Examiner Dr. Jessica Coran uncovers bizarre crucifixion murders) $6.99
Whitcomb, Christopher Cold Zero (First person account of life inside the F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Team) $25.95
Wilhelm, Kate The Deepest Water (Bestselling author is found murdered and daughter tracks killer through manuscript) $6.50
Williams, Billy Dee Twilight (Bitter Hollywood custody case enmeshes young California judge) $25.95
Wolzien, Valerie Murder in the Forecast (Josie Pigeon's construction company is implicated in the murder of her employer; PBO) $6.99
Woods, Stuart L.A. Dead (L.A. celebrity murder brings Stone Barrington back from Venice to help old flame) $7.99
Wright, Nancy Means Poison Apples (Evil lurks even in idyllic Vermont orchards) $5.99
Zindel, Paul The E_Mail Murders (young adult; P.C. Hawke #3) $4.99


Ashley, Mike--ed. The Mammoth Book of Sea Battles (21 stories set in the Great Age of Sail, 15 original) $11.95
Atwood, Margaret The Blind Assassin (The story of Iris's loss of family weaves together with a sci_fi novel within a novel; Booker & North American Hammett Prize Winner) $14.00
Brenna, Duff The Altar of the Body (George McLeod's life turns to chaos when his cousin and mother return to Minnesota) $24.00
Calloway, Kate 8th Day (Cassidy James investigates a camp designed to turn kids' lives around) $11.95
Dixon, Franklin W. Hardy Boys #169 Ghost of A Chance (Frank and Joe discover a ghost haunting their movie set) $4.99
Evanovich, Janet Three Plums in One (The first three Stephanie Plum novels (audio book)) $39.95
Fairstein, Linda The Dead House (Alexandra investigates the murder of a political science professor at King's College; audio book $25.00) $25.00
Foster, Don Author Unknown (Foster explains "literary forensics" the study of how each person uses words; non-fiction) $14.00
Friedman, Kinky The Mile High Club (Kinky is left holding a woman's bag when she disappears in a bathroom and doesn't return) $13.00
Heley, Ellie Murder at the Altar (Ellie investigates the murder of a man found dead at the church alter) $6.95
James, P. D. Shroud for a Nightingale (The death of a nurse begins a series of dire events for Adam Dalgliesh; trade reprint) $12.00
Jardine, Quintin Autographs in the Rain (A new colleague schemes to enlarge his territory at Skinner's expense; U.K. import) $24.95
Jecks, Michael The Tournament of Blood (A money lender is murdered at a tournament in 14th century Europe) $9.95
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew #162 The Case of the Lost Song (young adult: Nancy's friend finds a forgotten treasure in her attic until it vanishes) $4.99
Kimball, K. M. The Star Spangled Secret (Caroline discovers the truth behind Charlie's death in the War of 1812 (kids book)) $4.99
Lansdale, Joe R. The Bottoms (A hideous murder is entangled with the legendary Goat Man who lives under the bridge; Edgar Award Best Novel) $13.95
Malone, Michael First Lady (Lt. Justin Savile V hunts a serial killer in Hillston, North Carolina) $24.00
McBain, Ed Money, Money, Money (A mauled body leads to a massive counterfeiter conspiracy for the 87th precinct) $25.00
Mitchell, David Ghostwritten (Oblivious to the intertwining of their lives nine people are hurled toward a common destiny) $14.00
Nabb, Magdalen Property of Blood (Marshall Guarnaccia is faced with the kidnapping of a lovely contessa) $23.00
Redmann, J. M. Death by the Riverside (reprint; the first Micky Knight mystery, introduces Micky and her steamy New Orleans world) $11.95
Ripley, J. R. The Body From Ipanema (Tony Kozol finds himself surrounded by beauty and intrigue when he comes to Rio) $19.95
Smolens, John Cold (When he is caught in a snowstorm Norman stays with a woman who lost her family in a tragic accident) $22.00
Spillaine, Mickey The Mike Hammer Collection, Volume 2 ( The Big Kill, One Lonely Night, Kiss Me Deadly ) $15.00
Stark, Richard (aka Donald Westlake) The Mourner (Parker searches for a missing gun and ponders theft of a mourning alabaster statue; reprint) $12.00
Vachss, Andrew Dead and Gone (Burke barely survives an attack by a professional hit squad, and goes on the hunt) $13.00
West, Cameron The Medici Dagger (A stuntman is called to Italy to solve Leonardo's elusive Circles of Truth puzzle) $25.00
Woolrich, Cornell Rear Window (Stories by the author of the novel that was the basis of the Hitchcock movie) $12.00


Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity: Detective (Lori unravels a mystery in Finch, a town which hasn't had a murder since 1872) $22.95
Baden, Michael Dead Reckoning: The New Science of Catching Killers (Forensic Science 101__ authors show reader how it's done) $25.00
Burnett, D. Graham A Trial by Jury (Non-fiction; an account of Burnett's experience with jury duty and his sequestering with other jurors) $21.00
Chambers, Christopher Sympathy For the Devil (FBI agent Bivens helps the DC police to solve a macabre execution of rival drug dealers) $23.00
Friedman, Kinky Steppin' On a Rainbow (The Kinkster __ finally __ sets out to find a friend gone missing in Hawaii) $23.00
Fusilli, Jim Closing Time (Terry Orr confronts his tragic past by the learning the skills of the PI trade) $23.95
Hepinstall, Kathy The Absence of Nectar (A precocious 11-year-old flees her mother's new enigmatic husband) $23.95
Hiaasen, Carl Paradise Screwed (Selected columns by Cark Hiaasen from the Miami Herald ) $25.95
Hirschfield, Corson Too High (Offbeat mystery à la Hiaasen involving archaeology, herpetology and murder) $25.95
Hunt, Laird The Impossibly (A botched operation reveals a spy's friends to be true_blue, double operatives, or both) $23.95
James, Bill Pay Days (Colin Harpur faces a dilemma when he suspects a police officer of taking bribes) $24.00
Kahn, Sharon Don't Cry for Me, Hot Pastrami (Ruby the Rabbi's wife and gang hit the Caribbean for a Temple_sponsored cruise) $24.00
Miller, Judith Germs: The Ultimate Weapon (Proliferation of germ weaponry around the world; non-fiction) $27.00
MacAlister, V.A. The Mosquito War (Terrorist seeks to make Americans pay for third_world suffering) $25.95
Martel, John Billy Strobe (An ex_con strives to become a lawyer to clear his father's name) $25.95
Possley, Maurice Everybody Pays (non-fiction story of the parallel lives of a killer and a innocent bystander with a sealed fate) $25.95
Twain, Mark A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage (John Gray marries off his daughter and solves a murder in the town of Deer Lick) $16.95
Vachss, Andrew Pain Management (Burke is hiding in Pacific Northwest when a woman calling herself his wife brings a job and a tunnel of lies) $24.00
Wilkes, Roger The Mammoth Book of Murder and Science (Thirty actual cases solved by forensic investigation) $11.95
Wynne, Marcus No Other Option (Covert operator goes "off the reservation" and rogue must be hunted down) $24.95


Abbott, Jeff A Kiss Gone Bad (Justice of the Peace Whit Mosley; first in new series; PBO) $6.99
Abramo, J. L. Catching Water in a Net (Jake Diamond hunts people through San Francisco with help from mob bosses) $22.95
Adler, Elizabeth In a Heartbeat (A corporate mogul lies in the ICU while a woman waits by his side) $6.99
Albert, Susan Witting Bloodroot (A novel of the enduring mysteries of the deep south) $22.95
Albert, Susan Witting Mistletoe Man (The ninth China Bayles mystery) $6.99
Alexander, Bruce The Color of Death (Sir John Fielding investigates a gang of vicious criminals terrorizing London) $6.50
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil (WW I letters in Northumberland castle rare book collection points to treasure and tragic past which ghost Aunt Dimity helps resolve) $5.99
Atkins, Ace Leavin' Trunk Blues (The original spin of the blues crafted into a mystery set in Chicago) $6.50
Ballard, Mignon F. An Angel to Die For (Angel_sleuth Augusta Goodnight applies her skills to a new puzzle) $5.99
Barrett, Kathleen Milwaukee Autumns Can Be Lethal (Finding an old school acquaintance murdered opens many dark doors for Beth Hartley) $5.99
Bartholomew, Nancy Film Strip (The third volume in the series starring Sierra Lavotini) $6.50
Beauman, Sally Rebecca's Tale (A investigation of the death of Daphne Du Maurier's character after her diary is found) $25.00
Benjamin, Carol Lea Lady Vanishes (Rachel Alexander (5) and her pit bull investigate a home for "thrown away" people where someone is hurting residents and therapy dog has disappeared) $8.95
Benjamin, Carol Lea The Long Good Boy (Rachel with dachshund's help acts as decoy and searches for a man killing a hookers in New York's meat packing district) $23.95
Bissell, Sallie In the Forest of Harm (Mary's recent victory made her an enemy, now he's following her and her two friends) $6.50
Block, Lawrence (ed.) Master's Choice, Volume II (Stories by today's top authors, and those who inspired them) $6.99
Bowen, Rhys Murphy's Law (Molly Murphy immigrates to the US and finds a herself a murder suspect during the voyage) $22.95
Brown, Dale Night of the Hawk (A techno_thriller set in the post_Soviet world) $7.99
Bruns, Roger Almost History (Collection of documents written for scenarios that never happened) $14.95
Buckland, Gail Shots in the Dark (A collection of pictures from crime photography of our culture and history) $24.95
Burt, Guy The Hole (A group of teens stuck in a cellar when a friend fails to return to let them out) $19.00
Churchill, Jill Mulch Ado About Nothing (Jane and Shelly unearth the culprit who burried a corpse in a botanist's compost pile) $6.50
Claire, Edie Never Kissed Goodnight (Leigh's cousin, despite her perfect life, shows up on her doorstep at night; PBO) $5.99
Cohen, Gabriel Red Hook (A homicide detective risks his life when a case takes him back to his troubled childhood) $23.95
Collins, Max Allan Windtalkers (A marine protects a navajo radio man during the invasion of Sai_pan) $6.99
Connelly, Michael The Harry Bosch Novels (A single volume collection of LAPD detective Hieronymous Bosch) $16.95
Corley, Elizabeth Fatal Legacy (Andrew Fenwick untangles a last will and testament after a managing director dies suspiciously) $24.95
Cornwell, Bernard The Archer's Tale (A young archer avenges his father's death and joins King Edward's army in 1343; titled Harlequin in U.K. edition; audio $25.95) $26.00
Crumley, James The Final Country (Milo Milodragovitch investigates a murder leading him from Mexico to Montana) $24.95
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Nemesis (Emma investigates when a family feud flares up and 3 people are found dead) $6.99
DeMille, Nelson Up Country (Paul Brenner returns to investigates a murder that took place 30 years ago in Vietnam) $26.95
Dobson, Joanne Cold and Pure and Very Dead (Fourth mystery featuring Karen Pelletier) $5.99
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan The True Crime Files of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The published observations of Doyle's involvement in two actual crime cases) $22.95
Fletcher, Jessica (Bain, Donald) Murder, She Wrote: Murder in a Minor Key (#16 in the Murder She Wrote series) $6.50
Friedman, Kinky Kinky Friedman's Guide to Texas Etiquette (Kinky Friedman gives an inside view of his states customs, history, and values) $22.95
Fullilove, Eric James Blowback (After being framed for his girlfriend's murder the National Security Advisor becomes a fugitive) $24.00
Furst, Alan Kingdom of Shadows (As Hitler marches in Prague, Morath is recruited by his uncle to risk his life for Europe) $11.95
Furst, Alan The Polish Officer (A Polish captain joins the intelligence service and smuggles gold on refugee trains; reprint) $11.95
Gandt, Robert With Hostile Intent (Peace is threatened in the Persian Gulf when a MIG penetrates the no_fly zone) $6.99
Glass, Leslie Tracking Time ( disappearance of a young doctor in Central Park prompts April to risk all) $6.99
Graham, Heather Night of the Blackbird (Longtime patron dies suspiciously in family pub on St. Pat's day) $6.99
Granger, Ann Shades of Murder (Cora Oakley's two surviving sisters struggle with a nephew claiming half their inheritance) $23.95
Greenberg, Martin H. More Holmes for the Holidays (Anthology of Sherlock Holmes mysteries) $13.00
Hammett, Dashiell Crime Stories and Other Writings (A collection of stories written for pulp magazines in the 1920's and 30's) $35.00
Handler, David The Cold Blue Blood (Berger and Mitry find Connecticut's Gold Coast hides as much wickedness as any city slum) $23.95
Haney, Lauren A Place of Darkness (Stolen treasures and fatal 'accidents' bring Bak to a dark tomb confronting a dark 'spirit'; ancient Egypt; PBO) $6.50
Hathaway, Robin The Doctor and the Dead Man's Chest (Dr. Fenimore becomes involved when Mrs. Doyle is kidnapped) $24.95
Hegwood, Martin Massacre Island (Biloxi P. I. Jack Delmas (3) investigates the murder of four people at a beach house off of the Alabama coast) $23.95
Hillerman, Tony Seldom Disappointed (Memoir;Tony Hillerman recounts his life growing up in depression era Oklahoma) $26.00
Hillerman, Tony The Great Taos Bank Robbery (reprint; collection of short fiction about the American Southwest) $13.00
Hodge, Brian Wild Horses (A woman flees from a parade of Las Vegas lowlifes) $6.99
Hoffman, William Blood and Guile (Frampton is pulled into the secrets of his friends when one dies in a hunting accident) $13.00
Hoopes, Roy Our Man in Washington (James M. Cain and H. L. Mencken investigate death and corruption in roaring twenties New York) $7.99
Hunter, Fred The Chicken Asylum (Alex Reynolds life is disrupted when the CIA stashes a Iraqi military defector in her home) $23.95
Iles, Greg Black Cross (reprint; in 1944 two men penetrate enemy lines to destroy a Nazi camp filled with poison gas) $14.00
Isenberg, Jane Midlife Can Be Murder (Bel poses as a cleaning lady to investigate the death of a former student's friend; PBO) $6.50
Jahn, Michael Murder On the Waterfront (When a campaign manager is murdered Bill Donovan must end the conspiracy) $23.95
Kaminsky, Stuart Murder on the Trans_Siberian Express (Moscow Police Investigator searches for a man who could bring down the Russian Government) $24.95
Kane, Stephanie Quiet Time (A lawyer must get close to the motives of his mother_in_law's killer before he kills again) $5.99
Kelner, Toni Death of a Damned Yankee (a small city of suspects when Laura Fleming (6) investigates prospective buyers of a NC mill, arson, murder) $5.99
Kerr, M. E. The Books of Fell ((kids) Omnibus edition of the John Fell novels Fell, Fell Back, and Fell Down) $6.95
Krich, Rochelle Shadows of Sin (LAPD Detective Jessie Drake investigates the murder of a plastic surgeon) $25.00
Lake, Anthony 6 Nightmares (The former national security adviser identifies 6 serious threats to the future of the US) $15.95
Logue, Mary Dark Coulee (Ex_Minneapolis cop Claire Wilkins chases murderer and confronts old demons) $5.99
Ludlum, Robert The Prometheus Deception (Spymaster Nick Bryson is lured back into the game, but must explore own past) $7.99
Lutz, John The Night Caller (reprint) $6.99
Martin, Russell Beethoven's Hair (A lock of Beethoven's hair is passed down, leaving a clue to Beethoven's demise; non-fiction) $14.95
McDermid, Val Kill the Shadows (A killer preys on mystery writers who make psychological profilers heros) $24.95
Meier, Leslie Turkey Day Murder (Lucy Stone (7) of Tinker's Cove looks for killer of Indian activist who was trying to have tribe recognized and casino built) $5.99
Mezrich, Ben Fertile Ground (Doctors race to uncover sources of two related epidemics) $6.99
Millet, Larry Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Alliance (Rafferty and Holmes (4) unravel the murder of a union activist in 1899 Minneapolis) $24.95
Minichino, Camille The Beryllium Murder (Gloria Lamerino, physicist_sleuth, looks into death of former colleague) $5.99
Murphy & Sapir The Destroyer #125: The Wrong Stuff $5.99
Parry, Owen Call Each River Jordan (Abel Jones searches for the truth behind the massacre of forty runaway slaves) $25.00
Pendleton, Don Mack Bolan The Executioner #275: Crossed Borders $4.50
Pendleton, Don Stony Man #55: Extreme Measures $5.99
Perry, Anne Funeral in Blue (Monk and his wife Hester hope to save a friend accused of cold_blooded murder) $25.00
Perry, Anne Slaves of Obsession (William Monk pursues a suspect into the US during the civil war) $7.50
Persico, Joseph E. Roosevelt's Secret War (The first full account of Roosevelt's major role in the hidden history of WW II; non-fiction) $35.00
Phillips, Gary Shooter's Point (Las Vegas ex-showgirl Chainey (2) now underworld courier looking for $5 million in lost casino cash, and killers) $22.00
Puzo, Mario The Family (Mario Puzo gives an account of the first great power family in 15th century Rome) $27.00
Randisi, Robert J. (ed.) Mystery Street (Anthology of stories set on famous streets of the world) $6.50
Raphael, Lev Burning Down the House (Nick finds he is the target vicious harassment campaign due to departmental warfare at the State University of Mich.) $23.95
Read, Piers Paul The Templars (An exploration of the rise and fall of the Knights Templar) $17.50
Reich, Christopher The Runner (An American lawyer hunts down a former Olympic sprinter and SS war criminal) $7.99
Ripley, Ann Harvest of Murder (TV gardening host Louise Eldridge (6) involved in intrigue worth billions, gallery of suspects when eccentric biologist with longevity formula from Amazon plants is murdered) $22.00
Robards, Karen Ghost Moon (A tale of deadly family secrets and a prodigal daughter's homecoming: PBO) $7.99
Roberts, Gillian Helen Hath No Fury (Philly schoolteacher Amanda Pepper (10) investigates an apparent suicide by a book group member) $6.99
Robinson, Peter Aftermath (Inspector Banks confronts the dark side of human nature when two girls disappear) $25.00
Rosen, R. D. Dead Ball (Harvey investigates threats to a ball player who threatens to break Dimaggio's record) $23.95
Rovin, Jeff Fatalis (reporter Hannah Hughes/anthropologist Jim Grand race to stop ancient giant cats woken by LA quake from stalking, killing their way into the city) $6.99
Rucka, Greg Critical Space (Kodiak is approached for protection, by the most dangerous woman in the world) $23.95
Sandford, John The Devil's Code (Kidd and LuEllen return in a high_tech espionage caper) $7.99
Sarchie, Ralph Beware the Night (The true story of a demonic possession and exorcism in New York City) $6.99
Scarrow, Simon Under the Eagle (Cato and Marco are thrust into a conspiracy that threatens to topple the Emperor) $23.95
Scott, Holden The Carrier (Harvard genius with cure for deadly virus is also the carrier) $6.99
Sedgwick, John The Dark House (A voyeur finds himself at the center of the ten-year-old unsolved murder of his cousin) $14.00
Sherwood, John Darrell Fast Movers (A look at the air war in Vietnam by its combatants) $6.99
Shuman, Malcom The Last Mayan (archaeologist Alan Graham (5) is in the Yucatan when murder sends him to uncover a killer in the Mexican rainforest; PBO) $5.99
Stone, Jonathan The Heat of Lies (Sequel to The Cold Truth ) $6.99
Stryker, Dev A Wilderness of Mirrors (Amelia Pierce's 2nd outing confronts plot to take over United States) $6.99
Tapply, William G. Past Tense (Boston attorney Brady Coyne (18) and his girlfriend are prime suspects when an old stalker's body is found) $24.95
Walsh, John Evangelist The Execution of Major Andre (A novelistic account of the Revolutionary War spy who conspired with Benedict Arnold) $26.95
Williams, Glyn Prize of All the Oceans (A round the world treasure hunt set in 1740) $14.00
Wilson, F. Paul All the Rage (Repairman Jack fights creators of new street drug Berserk and finds surprising source) $7.99


Ambler, Eric A Coffin for Dimitrios (An encounter with a Turkish colonel leads a writer to criminal maneuvers in the Balkans; 1939 classic) $11.00
Ambler, Eric Background to Danger (Kenton's smuggles papers across the Austrian border after heavy gambling losses; 1937 classic) $11.00
Ashley, Mike--ed. The Mammoth Book of More Historical Whodunits (36 original stories from major mystery writers) $11.95
Ballard, Allen B. Where I'm Bound (An account of the multiple costs of war, told by African American civil war soldiers) $14.00
Bruno, Anthony Hot Fudge (Loretta Kovacs and Frank Marvelli are back fugitive hunting) $14.95
Clark, Carol Higgins Fleeced (Reilly gets a blast from the past when she receives a call for help from an old friend) $25.00
Cohen, Joel and Ethan The Man Who Wasn't There (A barber's wife's affair is turned up side down when he decides to go into dry cleaning) $14.00
Collins, Michael The Keepers of the Truth (The last member of a prosperous family investigates when his son is arrested for murder) $13.00
Davis, Claire Winter Range (Three people struggle to survive in the bleak landscape of eastern Montana) $13.00
Donachie, David The Dying Trade (Volume 2 in the Privateersman Mysteries) $16.95
Dubus, Andre The Cage Keeper and Other Stories (Dubus travels deep into the heart of the American dream in a short story collection) $12.00
Eisner, Michael Alexander The Crusader (Brother Lucas attempts to exercise his friend who has returned from the crusades) $24.95
Estleman, Lorden D. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (reprint; Holmes investigates the death of Sir Danver Carew at the hands of Mr. Hyde) $12.00
Fitch, Stona Senseless (A man finds himself in an Orwellian nightmare when he is inexplicably kidnapped) $22.00
Flynn, Vince Separation of Power (The new CIA director draws scorn from high ranking power brokers in Washington DC; audio $26.00) $25.00
Greenberg/Lellenberg/Stashower--ed Murder in Baker Street (New tales of Sherlock Holmes from 11 major mystery writers) $25.00
Hall, Parnell Murder (A down on his luck writer moonlights as a detective, and becomes prime suspect in a murder; reprint) $13.95
Harris, Jonathon Seizing Amber (The Chief of a US intelligence agency hunts for mosaic panels that disappeared during WW II) $22.00
Hautman, Peter Rag Man (Mack MacWray learns that when you're without a conscience it's easy to succeed at business) $23.00
Hunter, Fred National Nancy's (The bombing of a Chicago politician's office is only the opening move in a deadly game) $12.95
James, P. D. The Black Tower (Dalgliesh searches for the thread linking a series of senseless murders; trade reprint) $12.00
Kanon, Joseph The Good German (After Hitler's defeat Jake Geismer seeks the mistress he left at the outbreak of the war) $26.00
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew #116 The Case of the Twin Teddy Bears (Nancy finds a cute cuddly toy filled with intrigue (young adult)) $4.99
Keene, Carolyn The Nancy Drew Notebooks: #44: The Purple Fingerprint $3.99
Kent, Alexander Relentless Pursuit (Captain Adam Bolitho sails to Sierra Leone to aid in the campaign against slave_runners) $24.95
Lovesey, Peter The False Inspector Dew (An affair between a woman and a dentist leads to his wife's death; reprint) $12.00
Lovesey, Peter The Vault (Peter Diamond is called on to solve a mystery requiring knowledge of the 19th century) $12.00
Massie, Elizabeth Law and Order (Logan's partner searches for a killer who has evaded New York detectives for 12 years) $6.99
Montgomery, M. R. Jefferson and the Gun_Men (The true story of former VP Aaron Burr and his attempt to conquer all of Mexico for himself) $15.00
Parkinson, C. Northcote Devil to Pay (Delancey finds his knowledge of France useful for a special secret mission; historical/nautical reprint) $14.95
Parkinson, C. Northcote Guernseyman (Delancey sidesteps punishment from the Liverpool labor riots by joining the British Navy; reprint) $13.95
Parsons, Julie Eager to Please (After her release Rachel Beckett must face the hatred of her daughter) $24.00
Pope, Dudley Ramage & the Renegades (The crew of the Calypso crosses swords with pirates off of the coast of Trinidad; historical/nautical reprint) $15.95
Pope, Dudley Ramage's Signal (The Calypso is carried further into the Mediterranean with orders to sink, burn, and destroy; reprint) $15.95
Pope, Dudley The Ramage Touch (While prowling the Tuscan coast Ramage discovers a French invasion fleet; reprint) $15.95
Roberts, David The Bones Are Buried (Lord Edward Corinth and communist-sympathizer Verity Brown (2) investigate connected deaths of Etonian alumni; 1936 London) $22.00
Roberts, Willo Davis Scared Stiff (Rick and Kenny search for their kidnapped mother; young adult) $4.99
Rule, Anne Every Breath You Take (After marrying her soul mate Sheila flees for her deceitful husband) $25.00
Stuart, V. A. The Sepoy Mutiny (British soldiers mass before a prophecy of the downfall of the East India company; reprint) $13.95
Stuart, V. A. Victors and Lords (Captain Sheridan of the East India company faces combat and treachery in the Crimean War; reprint) $13.95
Thurlo, Aimée Blackening Song (Reprint of first Ella Clah mystery in trade paperback) $14.95
West, Owen Sharkman Six (Lieutenant Kelly must reconcile military responsibility with ethics in Somalia) $24.00


Alexander, Bruce Smuggler's Moon (Sir John Fielding (8) and Jeremy investigate a suspicious magistrate when smugglers turn murderous) $24.95
Ashley, Mike The Mammoth Book of Locked_Room Mysteries and ... (Twenty_nine tales of impossible crimes) $11.95
Brandon, Jay Executive Privilege (What happens when the lady wanting out of a bad relationship is the First Lady?) $25.95
Brown, Jim 24/7 (A reality TV show turns serious when contestants begin dying from a killer virus) $24.95
Cornwell, Patricia Food to Die For (Recipes inspired by dozens of food scenes with Kay Scarpetta) $27.95
Cornwell, Patricia Isle of Dogs (The Island of Tangier declares war on the state when Virginia labels all of its speed traps) $26.95
Cowley, Robert What If? 2 (A second collection of essays on turining points of history written by respected historians) $28.95
Dann, Jack Counting Coup (Fix_it man and shaman on road trip to find and fix a shaman gone bad) $24.95
Date, S. V. Deep Water (A reporter discovers a planned community founder's successors have much different plans) $23.95
deMarbot, Baron The Exploits of Baron de Marbot (Inspiration and sourcebook for Conan Doyle's Brigadier Gerard stories) $12.95
Dixon, Franklin W. The Mark on the Door (The search for a stolen boat leads the boys to Mexico; facsimile of 1934 edition) $14.95
Donaldson, Stephen R. The Man Who Fought Alone (Wounded hero's struggle for redemption) $27.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Chapel Noir (Irene Adler confronts master sleuth Holmes again) $25.95
Ferrigno, Robert Flinch (Jimmy Gage and his brother play twisted psychological games following a string of murders) $24.00
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal Bone Walker (Book III of the Anasazi mysteries) $26.95
Gorman, Ed--ed. The Blue and the Gray Under Cover (Original spy stories based on real people and events in the Civil War) $24.95
Keene, Carolyn The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk (A trunk Nancy receives from her father becomes the center of a mystery; facsimile of 1940 edition) $14.95
Lucarelli, Carlo Almost Blue (A women detective and a blind man follow a killer through Bologna's post_punk underground) $10.95
Ludlum, Robert The Sigma Protocol $27.95
Manchette, Jean_Patrick Three to Kill (A business man witnesses a murder and is pursued by killers) $10.95
Niles, Chris Hell's Kitchen (A black comedy that traces the paths of disparate characters through New York) $15.95
Parker, Robert B. Death in Paradise (Police Chief Jesse Stone returns to investigate the murder of a teenager in a bucolic New England town) $23.95
Sears, Richard Last Day (Cop with bullet in brain has psychotic episodes _ only shooter holds key to nightmare) $24.95


The Case of the Jingle Bell Jinx (Mary_Kate and Ashley clear the name of their favorite skating sisters) $4.25
Atwood, Margaret Good Bones and Simple Murders (collection of poems and short works) $17.95
Bahr, Arthur W. Certifiably Insane (Edgar nominee for best novel ;psychiatrist tries to find if a woman is insane or responsible her family's murder) $6.99
Baldacci, David Last Man Standing (An FBI agent haunted by the slaughter of his team confronts his own demons; audio $29.98) $26.95
Bartholomew, Nancy Strip Poker (Florida exotic dancer Sierra Lavontini (4) clears her boss's name after he loses his business in a bet) $23.95
Birstein, Vadim Perversion of Knowledge (Focus on the darkside of scientific achievement in the Soviet Union) $27.50
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Whispers in the Dark (Marti MacAlister is assigned an unusual case, all she has the victim is an arm) $23.95
Block, Lawrence Hope to Die (Scudder investigates the murder of a couple in their Upper West Side brownstone; audio $25.95) $25.00
Buffa, D. W. The Prosecution (An attorney must put the right person away, after building his reputation by winning at all costs) $6.99
Campbell, Ramsey Silent Children (A killer holds children captive in the vacant house next to their parent's home) $6.99
Clancy, Tom Power Plays (#5) Cold War $7.99
Cohen, Nancy J. Hair Raiser (A Bad Hair Day mystery; Salon owner Marla Shore (2) volunteers for Ocean Guard in Palm Haven, FL; murder and fishy tangle of suspects) $5.99
Crider, Bill A Romantic Way to Die (Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes (11) has his hands full when a model for romance novel covers is murdered) $22.95
Cussler, Clive Blue Gold (2nd novel in the NUMA Files series set in Venezuelan rainforest) $7.99
Dams, Jeanne M. To Perish in Penzance (Dorothy Martin's (7) now retired Chief Constable husband haunted by 30 yer old unsolved daeth) $23.95
Day, Dianne Beacon Street Mourning (In 1908 detective Fremont Jones and her partner find enemies on all sides as family members are dying) $5.99
Deaver, Jeffery--ed A Century of Great Suspense Stories $29.95
Decharne, Max Straight from the Fridge, Dad (A Dictionary of hipster slang) $12.95
Dengelegi, Paul Barry Sadler's Casca: The Defiant (Casca becomes involved in a blood feud in Venice; PBO) $5.99
DiMercurio, Michael Voyage of the Devilfish (The commander of the U.S.S. Devilfish is ordered to destroy a rogue Russian sub) $6.99
Douglas, Keith SEAL Team Seven: Ambush (#15 in the SEAL Team Seven series) $5.99
Dunn, Carola Murder on the Flying Scotsman (Cozy Daisy Drymple (4) shares train to 1923 Scotland with squabbling heirs, stowaway, and corpse) $5.99
Engel, Howard Getting Away With Murder (A mob boss hires Canadian P.I. Benny Cooperman to investigate attempts on his life) $14.95
Fitzhugh, Bill Fender Benders (humorous tale set against Nashville's country music scene) $24.00
Follet, Ken Code to Zero (A man must try to reclaim his memory to save the Explorer I) $7.99
Garcia_Aguilera, Carolina Bitter Sugar (Ramon disappears after refusing to renounce rights to Cuban sugar mills) $24.00
Goddard, Ken Outer Perimeter (Colin Cellars is hunted by a suspect not of this world, after he discovers it) $6.99
Goldberg, Leonard Fatal Care (A forensic biologist follows a series of unexplained deaths to a biogenetic lab; PBO) $6.99
Gram, Dewey Ocean's 11 (movie tie_in novelization) $5.99
Green, Tim The Letter of the Law (An attorney struggles when her client confesses his guilt after being acquitted) $7.99
Griffin, Annie Tall, Dead and Handsome (Hannah is prime suspect when her running mate for mayor winds up dead; PBO) $6.50
Hall, Parnell Puzzled to Death (Cora the Puzzle Lady (3) investigates murder at a crossword tournament in Bakerhaven, Connecticut) $23.95
Hamilton, John Maxwell Casanova was a Book Lover (A look into the business of books) $14.00
Hardwick, Gary Supreme Justice (A US attorney risks all to unmask an assassin) $7.50
Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare's Counselor (When Lily Bard begins attending a therapy group she becomes embroiled in murder) $22.95
Harrison, Janis Lilies That Fester (Bretta Solomon uncovers murder once again, this time at a florists' convention) $23.95
Hart, Carolyn--ed Love and Death (Anthology) $5.99
Hart, Carolyn Sugarplum Dead (Annie Darling must prove the innocence of her father at a Christmas Party) $6.99
Hart, Ellen Dial M for Meatloaf (Mpls. food critic Sophie Greenway (6) finds secrets and scandal when the town's mayor confesses to murder; PBO) $6.99
Havill, Steven F. Bag Limit (Bill Gastner handles the death of a teen after he is hit by a car while fleeing arrest) $24.95
Hawke, Simon A Mystery of Errors (William Shakespeare and a would be thespian become sleuths in their London debut) $6.99
Hayter, Sparkle The Chelsea Girl Murders (Louise Bryant investigates the murder of an art dealer at the Chelsea Hotel) $5.99
Heck, Peter J. Tom's Lawyer (Sixth in the Mark Twain mystery series) $6.50
Herman, Richard The Trojan Sea (An Air Force Lieutenant's life spins when he discovers a sinister pattern in oil tanker movements) $7.99
Hightower, Lynn The Debt Collector (Sonora Blair finds herself at risk as she moves down the trail of a savage killer) $6.99
Howard, Mary Discovering the Body (Linda Garbo thinks she is being watched after a friend is wrongly accused and convicted) $13.00
Hoyt, Richard Vivienne (A reporter and a Col. fight over a woman in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive) $6.99
Jacobs, David Crime Stories: The Best of Court TV: With Deadly Intent (non-fiction) $6.99
Keating, H. R. F. Breaking and Entering (Inspector Ghote searches for a catburglar and accidentally solves a murder simultaneously) $23.95
Kelly, Lelia Officer of the Court (Atlanta Asst. DA Laura Chastain (3) stunned to find holes in open and shut capital case; now she and possibly innocent man in deadly peril; PBO) $6.99
Kelner, Toni Mad as the Dickens (Expectant Laura Fleming (7) back in hometown NC when Scrooge murdered backstage of Christmas Carol) $22.00
Little, Eddie Steel Toes (Bobbie is approached by a man to commission a theft from the Fogg Museum of Art) $23.95
Logue, Mary Glare Ice (Claire thinks it wasn't an accident when Buck's truck plunges through the ice of Lake Pepin) $23.95
Maloney, Shane Nice Try (When the International Olympic Committee is involved in murder, wise- cracking Melbourne detective Murray gets involved) $12.95
Maloney, Shane Stiff (Whelan investigates a string of crimes spinning a political advisor out of control) $12.95
Maron, Margaret Corpus Christmas (Sigrid Harald investigates the murder of an art historian at Christmas; trade reprint) $12.95
Mathews, Francine Cutout (A CIA operative who believes her husband dead, finds him responsible for a Berlin bombing) $6.99
Mayor, Archer The Marble Mask (When a frozen body is found on top of Vermont's tallest mountain Joe Gunther (11) investigates) $6.99
Mayor, Archer Tucker Peak (Vermont police detective investigates murder at a ski resort) $23.95
McCarver, Sam The Case of the Rippers Revenge (Darnell & Shaw(4) track down a Victorian killer whose crimes resemble Jack the Ripper's; PBO) $5.99
McInery, Ralph Emerald Aisle (A Notre Dame professor and his P.I. brother investigate a baffling campus disappearance) $23.95
Meadows, David E. The Sixth Fleet: Seawolf (The sixth fleet waits for reinforcements in the Mediterranean) $6.50
Meier, Leslie Wedding Day Murder (Lucy Stone(8) helps with wedding plans for friend's daughter's wedding to Internet millionaire, who makes so many enemies he doesn't live to attend his wedding) $22.00
Morgan, Deborah Death is a Cabaret (The first book in a new antiquing mystery series) $5.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat Spitting Mad (Fantasy crossover; cat Joe Grey (6) clears the name of the accused chief of police) $6.50
Parker, Robert Perish Twice (Sunny Randall comes to the aid of three women in very different situations) $7.99
Passman, Don Mirage (When a man becomes a suspect in a bombing he realizes his reality is an illusion; works with FBI agent to uncover terrorist brainwashing op) $7.99
Patterson, James Violets are Blue (Alex Cross investigates a macabre set of killings by ritual role players; audio $29.98) $27.95
Patterson, Richard North Protect and Defend (A newly appointed Supreme Court judge sets off an explosive battle over abortion rights) $7.99
Penman, Sharon Kay Cruel As the Grave (As King Richard languishes in a German prison, John seizes Windsor castle) $6.99
Pistone, Joseph D. Snake Eyes (Donnie Brasco infiltrates an illegal casino in New Orleans) $7.50
Rankin, Ian The Falls (Rebus chases a missing student on two leads, a wooden doll, and a role_playing game) $24.95
Ranthum, Bonnie Earthquake Games (Eileen Reed investigates a link between two murders and a recent earthquake) $6.99
Sachs, Jessica Snyder Corpse (Investigates how nature is affecting the use of forensics in determining time of death) $25.00
Sallis, James Ghost of a Flea (Lew Griffin (6) recounts the events that lead to the death a man lying on a his bed) $23.95
Sallis, James The Long Legged Fly (First of series; Griffin takes on seemingly hopeless missing persons case; reprint) $8.95
Snyder, Keith The Night Men (When his friend's shop is broken into, Jason helps watch it overnight) $23.95
Stahl, Jerry Plainclothes Naked (Ex_junkie detective and nurse hunt down an incriminating photo of George W. Bush) $25.00
Stark, Richard (Donald Westlake) Firebreak (Parker breaks into a computer mogul's compound to retrieve stolen art) $23.95
Stark, Richard (Donald Westlake) Flashfire (When Parker is double crossed at a bank heist he follows the criminals to Florida) $12.95
Stashower, Daniel The Houdini Specter (When a seance turns lethal Harry Houdini must expose a murderer; PBO) $6.50
Straley, John Cold Water Burning (A man charged with murder disappears and his wife hires a PI suspecting a revenge killing) $6.50
Todd, Charles Watchers of Time (Inspector Rutledge investigates the strange death of Herbert Baker) $24.95
Topol, Allan Spy Dance (Greg Nielson is blackmailed into espionage, targeting his own country) $6.99
Tremayne, Peter Act of Mercy (Sister Fidelma of Cashel investigates a disappearance on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James; Ireland 666 A.D.) $23.95
Truman, Margaret Murder at the Library of Congress (After a murder in the Library of Congress, Annabel suspects secrets being covered up) $6.99
Wimberley, Darryl Strawman's Hammock (Barret Raines' campaign for Sheriff stalls when his sponsers' son is a murder suspect) $23.95
Wishnia, K. J. A. Red House (Fil balances charity cases and surveillance while struggling to support a daughter) $23.95
Witten, Matt The Killing Bee (Jacob Burns investigates the murder of a grade school principal; PBO) $6.50
Zindel, Paul The Lethal Gorilla (young adult; P.C. Hawke #4) $4.99


Alberto, Eliseo Caracol Beach (A Cuban war veteran, unable to take his own life decides to force someone to kill him) $13.00
Banks, Iain The Business (A private business tries to join the UN by buying an entire nation) $14.00
Boertlein, John Howdunit (Writer's guide to how crimes are committed and solved) $19.99
Booth, Stephen Dancing With the Virgins (The body of cyclist is found at a prehistoric ring of stones called 'The Nine Virgins') $24.00
Brown, Dan Deception Point (On the eve of the presidential election NASA announces the discovery of alien fossils) $25.00
Cussler, Clive Shock Wave (Dirk takes on his deadliest nemesis, Arthur Dorset; reprint) $16.00
Davies, Freda A Fine and Private Place (Det. Insp. Tyrell investigates 50 year old murder and two fresh ones in Gloucestershire village) $24.00
Dixon, Franklin W. Hardy Boys #170 Kickoff To Danger $4.99
Fraser, George MacDonald Flashman and the Tiger (Flashman thwarts an assassination, solves a gaming scandal, and hunts a longtime enemy) $14.00
Hall, Oakley How Fiction Works (Expanded and deepened version of "The Art and Craft of Novel Writing") $18.99
Hamza, Khidhir Saddam's Bombmaker (The 'Father of the Iraqi bomb' recounts his life in Sadam Hussein's inner circle; non-fiction) $14.00
Hunter, Stephen Pale Horse Coming (A Chicago lawyer ventures into Thebes, Mississippi after the disappearance of a friend; audio $26.00) $25.00
Ishiguro, Kazuo When We Were Orphans (Banks searches for his kidnapped parents twenty years after their disappearance) $14.00
James, P. D. Death of an Expert Witness (The sixth Adam Dalgliesh; trade reprint) $12.
Janes, J. Robert Kaleidoscope (Surete and Gestapo detective partner are plunged into a maelstrom of conflicting loyalties in 1942 France) $22.00
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew #163 The Clues Challenge $4.99
Kersh, Gerald Night and the City (Harry Fabian hunts for victims to blackmail to find 100 quid by the end of the week; 1938 noir classic) $12.00
Mooney, Chris World Without End (The CIA hunts for a thief of developing military weapons plans) $25.00
Schechter, Harold The Hum Bug (Poe tests his talents for detection and inflames his obsession with murder) $25.00
Stengel, Joyce A. Mystery At Kittiwake Bay (Cassie uncovers a dark secret in Kittiwake Bay, Maine (kids book)) $4.99
Stober, Dan A Convenient Spy (The story of the investigation of Wen Ho Lee's accusation of spying at Los Alamos) $26.00
Watkins, Paul The Forger (An apprentice in Paris forges masterpieces in the face of the encroaching Nazi front) $14.00
Westermann, John Sweet Deal (reprint; two Long Island detectives have volatile partnership, dig into murder of dirty cop) $12.00


Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House (Jane Austin's brother is accused of breaking the navy code by killing a man who has surrendered) $23.95
Bernhardt, William, et. al. Natural Suspect (A collaboration by eleven authors each writing a single chapter without a byline) $23.93
Binding, Tim Living With the Enemy (Novel explores the perils of collaboration) $12.95
Bugliosi, Vincent Helter Skelter (The true story of the Manson murders) $13.95
Clancy, Tom Net Force: Cybernation (#6 in the series) $7.99
Fawcett, Quinn The Scottish Ploy (Guthrie and Gatspy find a missing actor and stop the anarchist Brotherhood) $15.95
Graves, Sarah Wreck the Halls (Tiptree is diverted from fixing up her home when she finds a body in Faye's freezer) $21.95
Harvey, Robert Cochrane (The famed model from which Patrick O'Brien created Jack Aubrey) $26.00
Highsmith, Patricia People Who Knock on the Door (Blind faith and a slippery notion of justice lies beneath the American view of righteousness; reprint) $11.00
Highsmith, Patricia The Blunderer (The rise and fall of a suburban husband plotting his wife's demise; reprint) $11.00
Kaminsky, Stuart M. The Big Silence (Abe and Bill test their consciences when a boy in the state witness protection program is kidnapped) $6.99
Kendrick, Stephen Night Watch (Sherlock Holmes solves a murder in less than 24 hours, Father Brown ties up a few loose ends) $23.00
Klavan, Andrew Man and Wife (Disturbed teen's inner life threatens fifteen_year marriage of therapist) $24.95
Layton, J.A. Vortex One (Two people are on the run after technology gets out that could wreak havoc on the world) $6.99
Leigh, Julia The Hunter (A man known only as M, hunts the last Tasmanian tiger for a biotech company) $12.00
Locke, David Guest Shot (America meets a killer on live TV right before he kills again; PBO) $6.99
Lysaght, Brian Last Dance of the Viper (Two brothers avenge the man who made them prizefighting champions) $27.95
Mallinson, Allan Honorable Company (Captain Matthew Hervey is sent to war_torn India as the last shots of Waterloo still echo) $13.95
Neff, James The Wrong Man (The story of the flawed investigation surrounding the murder of Marilyn Sheppard; non-fiction) $24.95
Peace, David Nineteen Eighty (Hunter ventures into a world of sleaze and corruption to end Yorkshire's ripper murders) $24.00
Pearson, T. R. Blue Ridge (Ray Tatum investigates murder on the Appalachian Trail) $13.00
Wilson, F. Paul Hosts (Mutated virus causes group consciousness among treated patients) $25.95
Woods, Stuart Orchid Blues (Holly Barker stumbles across a politically motivated clan while investigating a robbery) $24.95

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