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Newsletter #54 June - August, 2001

[pbo means paperback original]

The Mysterious Press Anniversary Anthology (all new stories to honor 25 years of Mysterious Press) $25.00
Aubert, Brigitte Death From the Woods (France's Best Thriller of the Year, transl.) $12.00
Bamford, James Body of Secrets (non_fiction, "Anatomy of the Ultra_Secret National Security Agency") $29.95
Barton, Dan Heckler (when standup comic Biff Kincaid (2) arrives in Las Vegas to fill in for a fellow comedian, he finds his old friend has been murdered) $22.95
Benioff, David The 25th Hour (With 24 hours before he goes to federal prison for 7 years, Monty goes out on the town with his two best friends__he has a plan) $24.00
Block, Lawrence__ed Speaking of Lust (17 stories, new Block novella; 1st in 7 Deadly Sins series ) $24.95
Bowen, Gail Burying Ariel (Joanne Kilbourn 7; university lecturer in Regina, Saskatchewan stabbed to death in basement of library) $25.95
Breslin, Jimmy I Don't Want to Go to Jail (Hilarious novel about the mob) $24.95
Buffe, D. W. The Judgement (legal thriller) $24.95
Compton_Burnett, Ivy A House and Its Head (darkly comic story of disfunctional family, told almost entirely in dialogue) $12.95
Connor, Beverly A Rumor of Bones (forensic anthropologist Lindsay Chamberlain (1); recent body found in archeological dig) $7.99
Conway, Sara Murder on Good Friday (Lord Godwin, bailiff in service of the Archbishop of York investigates murder of child in 1220) $22.95
Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Trafalgar (Sharpe learns a French ship is carrying a treaty which could harm British in India) $25.00
Craft, Michael Boy Toy (A Mark Manning mystery; teenage boy murdered while in local drama production) $23.95
Craven, John Pina The Silent War (non_fiction, "The Cold War Battle Beneath the Sea") $26.00
DeLong, Candice Special Agent ("My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI"-non-fiction) $23.95
Dietrich, William Dark Winter (members of research team at the South Pole start dying mysteriously - _who is responsible?) $24.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Leopard Spot (feline sleuth Midnight Louie 13; in Las Vegas big_game hunter found murdered with only a stolen leopard as companion) $24.95
Evanovich, Janet Three Plums in One (One for the Money; Two for the Dough; Three to Get Deadly) $23.00
Farris, John The Fury and the Terror (sequel to The Fury ; terrorists in control of the White House, with frightening weapons including mind control techniques) $25.95
Fowler, Earlene Arkansas Traveler (Benni Harper (8); black woman runs for mayor, threatened by white supremacists, including troubled son of her powerful opponent) $21.95
Garcia, Eric Casual Rex (second in series about a dinosaur_detective in latex masks in Los Angeles) $23.95
Garrett, Elizabeth The Sweet Trade (novel of true story of pirates Anne Bonny & Mary Read of early 18th century) $24.95
Gaus, P. L. Clouds Without Rain (Third Ohio Amish mystery) $12.95
Goldstone, Lawrence Warmly Inscribed: The New England Forger and Other... (Forgers on the New England book collecting circuit) $22.95
Grady, P. J. Deadly Sin (Matty Madrid 2; private eye investigates theft of 150_year_old statute and murder of wealthy mistress of parrish priest in Colorado) $12.95
Green, Chloe Going Out in Style (Debut of Dallas O'Connor, fashion stylist and part_time detective) $5.99
Greenberg, Martin H__ed. Murder Most Celtic (collection; 16 tall tales of Irish mayhem) $14.95
Greenberg, Martin H__ed. Murder Most Postal (collection;21 stories of purloined postage, lethal letters, and cold_blooded correspondence) $14.95
Greenberg, Martin/Little, Denise_ed Murder Most Romantic (collection; 12 passionate tales of life and death) $14.95
Gup, Ted The Book of Honor (non_fiction; history & personal stories of covert operatives & their deaths working for the CIA) $15.00
Haig, Brian Secret Sanction (legal thriller set in the military) $24.95
Hamilton, Steve The Hunting Wind (An old friend asks Alex McKnight (3) to help find an old love) $23.95
Hart, Carolyn Resort to Murder (retired journalist Henrietta Collins (6); murder and fake ghost at Bermuda resort) $24.00
Havill, Steven F. Before She Dies (Fourth Undersheriff Bill Gastner mystery, southern New Mexico) $14.95
Hiaasen, Carl Kick Ass (collection of his newspaper columns for the Miami Herald) $13.95
Horn, Stephen In Her Defense (Suspenseful legal thriller) $6.99
Jakubowski, Maxim/Braund, Nathan_ed Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper (non_fiction; time_line, essays advocating various suspects) $10.95
James, Bill Kill Me (An undercover operation gone awry leads to a bloody shoot_out; Harpur & Iles (17) Brit. procedural) $7.95
Kaminsky, Stuart When the Dark Man Calls (reprint: phone kept ringing the night she found her parents murdered _ it's ringing again) $6.95
Karp, Larry Midnight Special (third mystery involving antique music boxes) $24.95
Kelly, Thomas The Rackets (Rigged union election __ construction workers and mobsters who run union) $24.00
Kent, Alexander Cross of St. George (nautical adventure; Richard Bolitho #22) $16.95
Kent, Alexander Second to None (nautical adventure; Richard Bolitho #24) $16.95
Kent, Alexander Sword of Honour (nautical adventure; Richard Bolitho #23) $15.95
Knief, Charles Silver Sword (Convalescent in Hawaii, John Caine works to save island artifacts) $24.95
Land, Jon Keepers of the Gate (Palestine Det Ben Kamal/Israel CI Danielle Barnea investigate murders of Holocaust survivors and deaths of high school student in Israel and West Bank) $25.95
Largent, R. Karl Red Rain (techno-thriller involving secret Chinese weapons facility) $5.99
Layman, Richard_ed Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett (non_fiction; creator of Sam Spade, his private letters to family, lovers, and colleagues) $40.00
Lescroart, John The Hearing (homicide lieutenant's daughter, star lawyer of San Francisco firm is murdered in dark alley, DA leads public crusade, defender Dismas Hardy must get fair hearing for accused homeless man) $25.95
Lewis, Roy Dead Secret (Mixes archaeology and murder in Pentire Woods of Northumberland) $24.00
Lindsey, David Animosity (sculptor renowned for his depictions of the female form accepts commission to sculpt misshaped woman; somebody close to them is killed) $24.95
Luvas, Jay Napoleon on the Art of War (From Napoleon's own writing, distilled from 32 volumes of correspondence) $13.00
Magruder, Owen The Strange Case of Mr. Nobody (retired Scottish policeman investigates when headless, handless body turns up near Hadrian's Wall, leads to Middle Eastern suspects) $7.95
Mann, Jessica A Private Inquiry (Barbara Pomeroy fights blackmail and usurpation of her son's affections) $22.00
Maron, Margaret Uncommon Clay (Deborah Knott (8); two potters are divorcing after 25-year marriage, leading to bickering, then death) $23.95
Marryat, Captain Frederick The King's Own (nautical adventure first published 1830) $15.95
Marryat, Captain Frederick The Phantom Ship (nautical adventure first published 1838) $14.95
Marston, Edward The Trip to Jerusalem (An Elizabethan drama mystery; reprint) $14.95
Matthews, Alex Wanton's Web (psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe (4) is about to marry Zach when woman from 17 years ago shows up with son Zach didn't know about; then she's murdered and Zach is chief suspect) $6.99
Mawer, Simon The Gospel of Judas (Literary thriller involving Dead Sea scroll that is a fifth gospel-telling of Jesus's life from point of view of Judas Iscariot) $24.95
Maxim, John R. Able Baker Charley (A mind with two hidden selves becomes object of several warring factions; reprint) $7.50
McNab, Claire Death Club (Australian detective inspector Carol Ashton 13; murder at woman's golf tournament; Naiad Press) $11.95
Miller, Lee Roanoke (Solving the mystery of England's first colony, proving sabotage and murder) $25.95
Mills, Kyle Burn Factor (thriller featuring female FBI computer expert Quinn Barry) $25.00
Mina, Denise Garnethill (Maureen wakes up to find her boyfriend bound and murdered) $14.00
Mina, Denise Exile (Successor to Garnethill , more of Maureen O'Donnell's untidy life) $25.00
Monahan, Brent The Jeckyl Island Club (Whodunit set on the idyllic Georgia coast _ where rich member of the elite is murdered) $13.95
Montanari, Richard Kiss of Evil (Cleveland homicide detective John Salvatore Paris tracks serial killer who may have killed fellow cop 2 years before) $25.00
Moody, Greg Deadroll (Serial bomber determined to smash a bike race and a town) $14.95
Murakami, Haruki Underground (non_fiction; the Tokyo gas attack and the Japanese psyche) $14.00
Nava, Michael The Little Death (First Henry Rios mystery; reprint) $12.95
Needle, Jan The Wicked Trade (nautical adventure; 2nd Sea Officer Wm. Bentley) $16.95
Nolan, Tom Ross Macdonald: A Biography (creator of Lew Archer; Edgar & Anthony nominee, Macavity Award winner) $17.95
Osborne, Charles The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie (Companion to the life and work of Christie) $25.95
Paige, Robin Death at Epsom Downs (Victorian mystery with Lord Charles Sheridan and his feisty American wife Kate; crimes at the horse track) $21.95
Pall, Ellen Corpse de Ballet (Novelist on sabbatical discovers intrigue and murder at the ballet) $23.95
Pascal, Francine Fearless 13:Bad (young adult; pbo) $5.99
Patterson, James 1st to Die (Four career women in Woman's Murder Club track down murderer of newlyweds) $26.95
Pattison, Eliot Water Touching Stone (Venue, Tibet; teacher is murdered, lama is missing, Shan Tao Yun (2) investigating) $24.95
Peters, Elizabeth Lord of the Silent (Amelia Peabody & hubby defy German subs and warring Senussi to dig; signed copies available; audio$25.95) $25.00
Picoult, Jodi Plain Truth (portrait of Amish life rarely witnessed by those on the outside) $12.95
Picoult, Jodi Salem Falls (A teacher is undone by a modern day witch hunt in a town haunted by history's abiding indiscretions; signed copies available) $24.95
Pineiro, R. J. (software company's only client is IRS; FBI thinks they are working together to smuggle money out of the U.S., but the last agent was murdered) $24.95
Pulver, Mary Monica (aka Monica Ferris) Murder at the War (revised reprint of 1987 novel of murder at the annual SCA recreation of a medieval way on a Pennsylvania farm) $12.95
Reang, Putsata Deadly Secrets (non-fiction tale of two teen killers) $6.99
Reuland, Rob Shadowpoint (black comic thriller, Brooklyn asst. DA goes over the edge) $24.95
Ripley, J. R. Lost in Austin (Tony Kozol temporarily joins Clint Cash and the Cowhands while regular band member's broken arm mends; fast action & eccentric characters) $19.95
Ripley, W.L. Springer's Gambit (Springer is asked to call off a mob hit, but he just doesn't like the future victim) $23.95
Robb, Candace A Trust Betrayed (first medieval mystery featuring Margaret Kerr of Perth, 1297) $22.95
Rowland, Laura Jon Black Lotus (veteran samurai_detective Sano Ichiro (6) in 1693 investigates 3 murders) $24.95
Scott, Michael Tom Cringle's Log (nautical adventure in West Indies, first publ. 1829) $14.95
Spindler, Erica Bone Cold (23 years after an assault, writer Anna North begins to get letters from a disturbed fan; pbo) $6.99
Stapinski, Helene Five_Finger Discount (non_fiction, "a crooked family history") $23.95
Staub, Wendy Corsi The Last to Know (A serial killer stalks young stay_at_home mothers __ likeTasha; pbo) $6.99
Stillman, Deanne Twentynine Palms ("true story of murder, marines, and the Mojave") $24.00
Strohmeyer, Sarah Bubbles Unbound (ditzy PA journalism student Bubbles Yablonsky stumbles on crime scene, suspects include steel tycoon, sexy photographer, but her wacky family keep getting in the way) $22.95
Thomson, June Holmes and Watson (Exploring this forty_six year friendship) $24.00
Thurlo, Aimee & David Red Mesa (Navajo Special Investigator Ella Clah (6) framed for murder of her cousin) $24.95
Ulmer, Mari Carreta de la Muerte (Cart of Death) (A Taos Festival Mystery) $23.95
Walker, Robert W. Bitter Instinct (FBI's Dr. Coran pitted against serial killer with passion for poetry) $21.95
Welch, Pat Moving Targets (P.I. Helen Black is draw back to Miss. by death of her Uncle, finds family mystery as her own life unravels) $11.95
Westlake, Donald Bad News (Dortmunder gets involved in grave robbing as part of plot to take over upstate NY casino) $23.95
Wetherell, W. D. Morning (son researches the murder of his celebrity father almost 50 years before in the early days of TV) $24.95
Wheat, Carolyn__ed. Women Before the Bench (13 new stories of courtroom fiction) $21.95
Yung_de Prevaux, Aude Love in the Tempest of History (non-fiction story of author's parents in the French Resistance) $23.00


Abrahams, Peter Last of the Dixie Heroes (Man begins to feel more at home in the past than in the present) $24.95
Allen, Garrison Movie Cat (Movie director is murdered on location __ Penelope Warren and cat Mycroft (6) investigate) $5.99
Andrews, Donna Murder With Puffins (Vacation interruptus _ by murder; Meg Langslow (2)) $6.50
Benson, Raymond Doubleshoot (Organized crime group tries to make 007 think he's going insane) $7.50
Block, Barbara Endangered Species (Smuggled Cuban stogies lead to death __ by murder, not second_hand smoke) $5.99
Boylan, Jeanne Portraits of Guilt (Woman who profiles faces of America's deadliest criminals; non- fiction) $6.99
Brightwell,Emily Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post (Mrs. J. solves the murder of a ruthless businessman; pbo) $5.99
Brooks, Walter Freddy the Detective (The animals of Bean Farm need a detective, and Freddy takes charge; young reader) $6.99
Brown, Dale Dreamland (Nation's top minds and Air Force's top guns join for new era in warfare) $7.99
Cameron, Stella Glass Houses (British photographer's photo subject may prove lethal for her & NYPD detective) $6.99
Cannell, Dorothy Bridesmaids Revisited (Three old friends, "bridesmaids", bring old secrets and murder to light) $5.99
Clancy, Tom Op_Center: Line of Control (Crossing the line between military intelligence and military control) $7.99
Clement, Peter The Procedure (Dr. Garnet investigates sinister HMO, pursues murderous madman; pbo) $6.99
Craig, Philip R. Vineyard Blues (Aging blues musician may have perished in suspicious Martha's Vineyard fire) $5.99
Cray, David Bad Lawyer (Booze and drug_sodden criminal lawyer tries to climb put of abyss) $24.00
Dams, Jeanne M. Green Grow the Victims (Coal mine strikes of 1902 spark dissension and murder) $23.95
Dorsey, Tim Hammerhead Ranch Motel (Over the top romp through the Sunshine State) $6.99
Doughty, Louise An English Murder (Respectable middle_aged couple found dead on their kitchen floor) $5.99
Edwards, Grace F. Do or Die (Harlem's super_sleuth Mali Anderson back for fourth installment) $5.99
Eftimiades, Maria Sins of the Mother (non-fiction; Susan Smith's drowning murder of her two small sons) $6.50
Evanovich, Janet Hot Six (Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum sent after her friend and mentor) $6.99
French, Nicci Beneath the Skin (Stalker targets three women) $7.99
George, Elizabeth A Traitor to Memory (Blocked musician seeks the dark secrets of his life, dual narrative) $26.95
Girard, Danielle Ruthless Game (Rookie cop framed for murder and stalked by killer; pbo) $6.99
Gorey, Edward The Other Statue (Edward Gorey's homage to Jane Austen) $12.00
Gough, Laurence Funny Money (Detectives Willows and Parker search for a runaway) $23.95
Greenberg, Martin H, (ed.) First to Fight II (anthology, 9 original stories) $6.99
Hagberg, David Joshua's Hammer (Russia loses a suitcase_sized one_ton demolition bomb __ Denver airport?) $7.99
Hambly, Barbara Die Upon a Kiss (New Orleans, 1830s, operatic production of Othello sparks real crime of passion $23.95
Hambly, Barbara Sold Down the River (Benjamin January, free man of color, poses as slave to catch killer in 1830s Louisiana) $5.99
Henry, Sue Beneath the Ashes (Alaskan musher Jessie Arnold (7) faces unknown enemy, merciless wilderness) $6.50
Hewson, David Solstice (The Earth is getting hotter __ much hotter) $7.50
Higgins, George V. At End of Day (Higgins' final novel, based on real_life alliances between organized crime and the law) $14.00
Holt, Hazel Mrs. Malory and the Lilies that Fester (Charming slice of British village murder; 11th in pbo series) $5.99
Holton, Hugh Time of the Assassins (Chicago Commander Cole is stalked by world_class assassin Baron Von Rianocek) $6.99
Houdunit, P.T. Murder at the Chessboard (43 five_minute mysteries, with illustrations, solutions and crime solving tips) $8.98
Houston, Victoria Dead Water (Chief Lew Ferris follows killer and piscatorial pursuits; pbo) $5.99
Hunter, Stephen Hot Springs (Set in 1940s Arkansas) $7.99
Huston, James W. Flash Point (political/military techno-thriller) $7.50
Johannsen, Iris Final Target (After seeing brutal murder of her nanny, President's daughter becomes catatonic) $24.95
Karp, Larry Scamming the Birdman (Theft of musical snuffboxes and murder seem an unlikely combination; Thom. Purdue (2)) $5.99
Kehret, Peg Cages (Caught for shoplifting, Kit must work at the humane society and learns about cages; young adult) $4.99
Kehret, Peg I'm Not Who You Think I Am (Ginger Shaw is pursued by an increasingly threatening old woman; young adult) $4.99
Kilian, Michael The Weeping Woman (First in the new Jazz Age mystery series; pbo) $5.99
Koontz, Dean Whispers (Koontz reveals inspiration behind his best sellers in afterword; reprint) $6.99
Lee, Linda Frances Nightingale's Gate (Killer stalking prostitutes in Boston) $6.99
Lee, Wendi He Who Dies (A missing brother, delivery of a severed finger, a day in the life of the mobbed up family) $5.99
Marcuse, Irene Guilty Mind (Did Anna's husband murder their babysitter?) $23.95
Martin, Julia Wallis The Bird Yard (12_year_old boy goes missing __ then another.) $6.50
Meadows, David E. The Sixth Fleet (In the near future the U.S. is becoming a shadow of its former glory; pbo) $6.50
Munger, Katy Better Off Dead (NC unlicensed PI Caset Jones (5) stalks killer at Duke University; pbo) $5.99
Myers, Tim Innkeeping with Murder (Visitor at the inn found dead at the top of the lighthouse; pbo) $5.99
Neiderman, Andrew Amnesia (Man recovering from amnesia wakes up to utterly haunting life) $6.99
Nelscott, Kris A Dangerous Road (Smoky Dalton in Chicago, 1968; Edgar nominee Best First Novel) $6.50
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Move to Strike (Courtroom drama with Nilla Reilly) $7.50
Parker, Robert B. Hugger Mugger (Spenser checks out death threats against thoroughbreds) $7.99
Phillips, Clyde Blindsided (Second in San Francisco Homicide Insp. Jane Candiotti series) $7.50
Pittman, Joseph (ed.) And the Dying Is Easy (20 original stories of what favorite detectives did on summer vacation; pbo) $6.99
Pyper, Andrew Lost Girls (Two fourteen_year_old girls missing and presumed dead in northern Ontario town) $6.50
Ramus, David On Ice (Atlanta horse stable builder in prison for crime he didn't commit; thriller) $6.99
Riordan, Rick The Devil Went Down to Austin (Tres Navarre (4), private eye and prof., back into betrayal and death) $23.95
Robbins, David L. The End of War (Epic military suspense, last 5 months in Europe WWII) $6.99
Rosen, Fred Needle Work (non-ficion; two nasty types armed with syringes and bent on murder _ 16pp of photos) $6.50
Roughan, Howard The Up and Comer (funny tale of blackmail between ambitious young New Yorkers) $23.95
Rowland, Laura Joh Shinju (thriller set in medieval Japan; 1st samurai Sano Ichiru) $6.50
Rule, Ann The Stranger Beside Me (Inside story of Ted Bundy, update; reprint) $7.99
Sands, Marella Serpent & Storm (Blood, death and Mayan human sacrifice; sequel to Sky Knife ) $6.99
Shames, Laurence The Naked Detective (Peter Amsterdam sets up fake PI business, but gets real live murder) $6.99
Smith, Carlton Shadows of Evil (Non-fiction: Long_haul trucker Wayne Adam Ford and trail of rape, murder, dismemberment) $6.50
Speart, Jessica Black Delta Night (Caviar smuggling and white slavery plague, US Fish & Wildlife Agent Rachel Porter (5); pbo) $5.99
Theroux, Marcel The Confessions of Mycroft Holmes (As part of a legacy a young man discovers fragment of ms of unpublished novel) $23.00
Todd, Charles Legacy of the Dead (Post_WWI series with Insp. Ian Rutledge (4) of Scotland Yard) $5.99
Weber, Ronald Catch and Keep (Allison Thorne wanted to spice up her fishing story, but murder goes a bit too far) $5.99
White, Randy Wayne 10,000 Islands (Doc Ford enters this tale with suicide of a teenaged girl) $6.99
Williams, John Cardiff Dead (Death of a member draws together others of the band The Wurriyas) $14.95
Wolf, Joan The Poisoned Serpent (12th Century Norman sleuth Hugh Corbaille (2) solves murder of nobleman) $5.99


Arnott, Jake The Long Firm (Harry Starks, major hoodlum and gay impresario in 60's London) $14.00
Banville, John The Book of Evidence (Who among us would murder just because we could? Freddie Montgomery would) $12.00
Buckley, WIlliam F. Spytime: The Undoing of James Jesus Angleton (non-fiction espionage) $13.00
Bulloch, James D. The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe (Reprint of Bulloch's classic of his mission to Europe to acquire arms for Jeff Davis) $15.95
Christie, Agatha (aka Mary Westmacott) Absent in the Spring and Other Novels (Three novels including Giant's Bread and The Rose and the Yew Tree ) $17.95
Conover, Ted Newjack (In_depth non_fiction reporting inside Sing_Sing __ the reader is drawn in) $14.00
Estleman, Loren D. The Master Executioner (Hangman Oscar Stone has an epiphany; Old West setting) $23.95
Fuhrman, Mark Murder in Spokane (Serial killer stalked prostitutes in Spokane with 23 victims; non-fiction) $25.00
Gadol, Peter Light at Dusk (Will Law and onetime lover Pedro seek kidnapped child of mutual friend) $13.00
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of an Irish Sinner (Peter McGarr of the Dublin police finds murder by religious object) $24.00
Grimes, Martha The Train Now Departing (Two novellas, title story and When the Mousetrap Closes ) $12.00
Gunn, Elizabeth Six_Pound Walleye (Minnesotans, stir crazy from cold and light deprivation produce violence and murder; signing Saturday, July 21) $23.95
Jasper, Kenji Dark (Thai Williams kills in jealousy and must find his way back from the dark to the light) $12.95
Lehr, Dick Black Mass (The Irish Mob, the FBI and a Devil's deal; Edgar Best Fact Crime; audio $25.95) $14.00
Lutz, John Ride the Lightning (reprint; eyewitnesses can be wrong __ is the wrong man sentenced to ride the lightning?) $14.00
Maddison, Lauren Witchfire (What were the grave robbers looking for in Connor Hawthorne's grandma's grave?) $13.95
Mallette, Gloria Shades of Jade (Which of the wives of Marissa's four lovers wants her dead?) $13.95
Maney, Mabel The Spy Who Came Out of the Closet (The name's Bond __ Jane Bond; lesbian parody on master Fleming) $13.00
Muller, Marcia Point Deception (journalist Guy Newberry investigates murder in a cozy California town) $23.95
Parker, Robert Gunman's Rhapsody (Evocative novel of wild west features Wyatt Earp) $22.95
Pickard, Nancy Ring of Truth (fact-crime writer Marie Lightfoot (2) tackles sensational Florida case, but something doesn't jibe) $23.95
Robinson III, Charles M. The Men Who Wear the Star (Chronicles of the Texas Rangers) $14.95
Robinson, Lynda S. Drinker of Blood (Historical mystery in land of King Tut; Lord Meron (5)) $12.95
Robinson, Lynda S. Slayer of Gods (6th in series set in reign of Tutankhamun; search for murderer of Queen Nefertiti) $23.95
Siegel, James Epitath (retired investigator discovers former SS doctor killing elderly Jews in modern NYC) $23.95
Simon, Roger L. The Straight Man (reprint; half of comedy team jumps, or is pushed, off Sunset Strip hotel roof; Moses Wine investigates) $12.00
Spillane, Micky Mike Hammer Collection , Vol. 1 ( I, the Jury; My Gun Is Quick; Vengeance Is Mine ) $15.00
Swain, James Grift Sense (Debut of ex_cop Tony Valentine __ who can spot a con at 100 paces) $23.95
Webb, Betty Desert Noir (Amnesiac private eye searches for roots, set against posh Scottsdale, AZ, art scene) $14.95


Abrahams, Peter Last of the Dixie Heroes (Chance encounter with Confederate reenactors takes Roy Hill down new path) $24.95
Ball, John In the Heat of the Night (book behind the movie and TV series; 1st Virgil Tibbs; Edgar winner) $12.00
Benson, Raymond Never Dream of Dying (New James Bond novel; police raid goes wrong; chase through Corsican wilds) $23.95
Blake, Michelle Earth Has No Sorrow (Lily Connor, Episcopalien priest and sleuth in second novel) $23.95
Blunt, Giles Forty Words for Sorrow (Two monstrous sociopaths and the cops who track them through frozen Canada) $24.95
Brady, John A Carra King (Dublin Insp. Matt Minogue finds connecton between dead collector's son and missing curator) $14.95
Coben, Harlan Tell No One ( Dave Beck's wife is kidnapped and killed _ eight years later she may be alive) $22.95
Cook, Robin Shock (Novel of medicine run amok in North Shore fertility clinic) $24.95
Craig, Philip Vineyard Shadows (J.W. Jackson returns home to find intruder murdered on his lawn) $24.00
Davis, Carol Anne Women Who Kill (History & profiles of female serial killers worldwide) $25.95
Diamond, Diana The Babysitter (Mysterious babysitter has devastating effect on household) $23.95
Doherty, Paul The Annubis Slayings (Ancient Egypt didn't lack for murders, nor for sleuths - Amerotke on the job) $23.95
Doherty, Paul The House of Death (Assassins stalk Alexander the Great __ historical mystery) $25.00
Donoghue, Emma Slammerkin (Inspired by teenaged girl who murdered her mistress in 1763 for fine clothes) $24.00
Eickhoff, Randy Lee Return to Ithica (Henry Morgan is a modern_day Odysseus seeking to return from the Vietnam war) $25.95
Evanovich, Janet Seven Up (Stephanie Plum is dropped onto a smorgasbord of murder) $24.95
Ford, Michael Curtis The Ten Thousand (400 B.C.:10,000 Greek soldiers make their way from Armenia to Eastern Black Sea) $24.95
Francis, Clare Deceit (Ellen Richmond's husband went sailing and never came back __ dark secrets emerge) $24.00
Gates, John Sister Wife (Polygamy, abuse, stir troubled waters on the eve of the Utah Olympics) $23.95
Goulart, Ron Groucho Marx and the Broadway Murders (Groucho and sidekick Frank Denby find on_stage murder in the Big Apple) $22.95
Grafton, Sue "P" is for Peril (Audio, abridged) $25.95
Green, Chole Designed to Die (Stylist Dallas O'Connor investigates death in the high fashion industry in Seattle) $22.00
Hagberg, David Eden's Gate (Ex_Stasi Captain Helmut Speyer is up to something in his Montana compound) $23.95
Hannah, Barry Yonder Stands Your Orphan (Denizens of a lake community near Vicksburg are beset by madness, murder and sin) $24.00
Janda, Anita The Secret Diary of Dr. Watson (Pastiche explores Dr. Watson's frustrated literary ambition) $27.95
Landers, Clifford E. Twelve Fingers: Biography of an Anarchist (A twelve_fingered malaprop of an international would_be assassin) $23.00
Leuci, Robert Sweet Baby James (Det. Scott Ancelet vows to find killer of abused and butchered boy) $10.95
Lordon, Randye East of Niece (Sydney Sloane on the hunt for a missing nephew_in_law in France) $23.95
Maitland, Barry Chalon Heads (Kathy and Brock deal in rare stamps and kidnapping) $24.95
Martini, Steve The Jury (Attorney Paul Madrini may be representing a guilty man; audio $32.00) $25.95
McClendon, Lise Blue Wolf (An Alix Thorssen mystery) $23.95
McCrumb, Sharyn The Songcatcher (Folksinger Lark McCourry is haunted by a song, in her family for generations) $24.95
McMillan, Ann Civil Blood (Third in unique Civil War mystery series) $22.95
Mosley, Walter Fearless Jones (Paris Minton is in so deep he has to spring Fearless Jones from jail to help; audio $24.98) $24.95
O'Brien, Patrick The Thirteen Gun Salute (Audio, abridged) $25.00
Oppel, Kenneth The Devil's Cure (One man's blood may hold key to cancer cure _ on death row for killling researchers) $24.95
Roberts, Les The Dutch (Milan Jacovich seeks reason for exec's suicide under a bridge) $23.95
Rohmer, Sax Fu Manchu Omnibus #5 (Final omnibus volume of these cult classics; import) $15.95
Salinger, Steve White Darkness (Three disparate lives intersect on the streets of New York; murder follows) $24.00
Sayers, Dorothy Lord Peter Views the Body (nine outstanding stories on audio tape) $29.95
Stockwin, Julian Kydd (New series featuring sea_faring Thomas Payne Kydd) $24.00
Tope, Rebecca Dark Undertakings (Trainee undertaker Drew Slocombe suspects murder of one of his clients) $23.95
Travers, Susan Tomorrow to Be Brave (Memoir of only woman to serve in French Foreign Legion) $25.00
Waldman, Aylet The Big Nap (A Mommy_track mystery; young Chasidic baby sitter vanishes) $21.95


Adamson, Lydia Dr. Nightingale Follows a Canine Clue (Twelfth and final book in Dr. Nightingale series; pbo) $5.99
Bellini, Jon Child's Prey (non-fiction; sixteen_year_old high school killer) $6.50
Bingham, Robert Lightning on the Sun (Ex_pat Asher decides on dicey heroin scheme to return home, but it brings trouble) $13.00
Block, Barbara Blowing Smoke (Pet store owner Robin Light (7) sets out to uncover truth about elderly heiress and a medium) $22.00
Brown, Dan Angels and Demons (International thriller with battle between science and religion leading to war) $6.99
Buff, Joe Deep Sound Channel (tactical nuclear war has US sub & SEAL team trying to stop biological devastation) $6.50
Caudwell, Sarah The Sibyl in Her Grave (Barrister Julia Larwood & pals turn to their Oxford mentor Hilary Tamar (4) for help tracking money trail of a murdered "psychic counselor") $5.99
Child, Lee Running Blind (All the women knew Jack Reacher __ is he the one who left them so tastefully dead?) $7.50
Clark, Mary Jane Let Me Whisper in Your Ear (High voltage tale of treachery, troubled psyches and flawed relationships) $6.99
Clement, Peter Mutant (Genetic mutation thriller) $19.95
Coonts, Stephen Hong Kong (Admiral Jake Grafton is pulled into the vortex of a high_tech civil war) $7.99
Cornwell, Patricia The Last Precinct (Beginning a new Scarpetta era) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Riptide (Thriller to pull reader into undertow of terror) $7.99
Crais, Robert Demolition Angel (Carol Starkey, her lover/partner killed, must duel a serial killer) $6.99
DeLoach, Nora Mama Cracks a Mask of Innocence (African_American Candi and daughter forge on to catch a killer; pbo) $5.99
Doherty, P.C. The Mask of Ra (Pharaoh Thutmoses II falls dead before sun god and ancient sleuth must find out why) $6.50
Douglass, Keith Seal Team Seven: Deathblow (Blake Murdoch and SEALs thwart impending nuclear war) $5.99
Dunn, Carola Requiem for a Mezzo (Third Daisy Dalrymple mystery in post WWI Chelsea) $5.99
Ferris, Monica Unravelled Sleeve (Vivid nightmare previews murder; 4th needlecraft mystery, MN setting; pbo) $5.99
Ferro, James HOGS: Target: Saddam (A10_A_Devil Squadron try to take out Iraqi leader; pbo) $5.99
Freydont, Shelley High Seas Murder (Lindy Haggerty (2), with dance co. murder on the high Caribbean seas) $5.99
Freydont, Shelley Midsummer Murder (Dancer_turned_sleuth looks into NY arts retreat murder) $22.00
George, Anne Murder Carries a Torch (Cuckoldry, snake_handling and murder as the late Anne George sets the Southern Sisters loose again) $6.50
Goff, Christine L. Death of a Songbird (New Birdwatching mystery __ owner of posh hotel spots killer; pbo) $5.99
Gunn, Elizabeth Five Card Stud (MN winter and murder plague Detective Jake Hines (3)) $5.99
Harrison, Jamie Blue Deer Thaw (Multiple murder in the little town of Blue Deer, Montana; 4th in series) $6.50
Hougan, Jim Kingdom Come (Remanded to a desk job, CIA agent Jack Dunphy discovers vast conspiracy) $6.99
Iles, Greg 24 Hours (All the time a madman needs) $7.99
Kahn, Sharon Fax Me a Bagel (Debut of Ruby, the rabbi's wife asks why patron dropped dead in the Hot Bagel) $6.50
Kellerman, Faye Stalker (Peter Decker's daughter Cindy, now a rookie cop, hunts a stalker) $7.99
Krich, Rochelle Dead Air (Jewish LA homicide detective Jessie Drake must find a talk show host's kidnapped child) $6.99
Larkin, E.L. Hear My Cry (When sniper kills her client, researcher Demary Jones turns investigator) $5.99
Law, J. Patrick The Assistant (Washington insider takes readers to depths of intelligence world) $7.99
Manuel, David A Matter of Roses (Brother Bartholomew here in new mystery series, eastern Massachusetts setting) $6.99
Massey, Sujata The Floating Girl (Rei Shimura (4) follows the disappearance and death of a young artist in Tokyo underground) $6.99
Mescue, B. & Szilagyi The Advocate (WWII JAG lawyer investigates why one P-47 shot down another) $6.50
Mofina, Rick Cold Fear (in remote Glacier Nat. Park, lost ten_year_old sought by killer as well as by desperate mom) $6.99
Murray, Donna Huston Lie Like a Rug (Ginger Barnes (7) aids professor charged with forging priceless rug __ expert witnesses are dying) $6.50
Murray, Lynne Large Target (Josephine Fuller is back and in more trouble then ever) $6.50
Neely, Barbara Blanche Passes Go (Blanche heads south for the summer, then meets the man who raped her 8 years ago) $5.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Writ of Execution (Lake Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly helps client collect big slot payoff) $24.95
Pearson, Ridley Middle of Nowhere (Non_striking Detective Lou Boldt must handle crime with a skeleton crew) $7.99
Pottinger, Stanley A Slow Burning (Brain surgeon, NYPD cop, madman: mix for murder) $7.99
Preston, Douglas The Ice Limit (Expedition sets out to recover massive meteorite in remote Chile; storms, danger etc.) $7.99
Proulx, Suzanne Bad Medicine (Armed man loose in the Denver hospital, risk manager Vicki Lucci must cope) $6.99
Pulitzer, Lisa Fatal Romance (non-fiction; murder of romance writer Nancy Richard-Akers) $6.50
Ranali, Ralph Deadly Alliance (FBI's secret alliance with the Mob; pbo) $6.90
Reichs, Kathy Deadly Decisions (forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan against motorcycle gangs) $7.99
Ripley, J.R. Skulls of Sedona (Guitarist Tony Kozol finds out who is playing to a different drummer) $5.99
Rollins, James Deep Fathom (Ex-Navy Seal on mission discovers ancient underwater civilizations's power--world destruction?; pbo) $7.50
Rowland, Laura Jon Bundori (Second novel in the shogun's sleuth's adventures) $6.50
Siegel, Sheldon Special Circumstances (Mike Daley must defend best friend in double homicide case) $6.99
Smith, April Be the One (Deadly world of professional baseball) $6.99
Taylor, Lucy Nailed (The past comes back to nail a successful construction business owner; pbo) $5.99
Thurston, Carol The Eye of Horus (Medical illustrator investigates puzzling death of ancient Egyptian mummy) $6.99
Tremayne, Peter Valley of the Shadow (Sixth book of the Sister Fidelma series) $5.99
Waldman, Ayelet Nursery Crimes (Juliet Applebaum leaves Mommy track long enough to hunt principal's killer) $6.50


Benedict, Jeff Without Reservation (Counterfeit Indian tribe rises to power to build world's largest casino) $13.00
Blanc, Nero The Crossword Connection (Murder with romance and word clues __ a puzzler's delight) $12.00
Bourke, Angela The Burning of Bridget Cleary (Bridget was cruelly murdered by her husband and family in 1895 __ true story) $14.00
Bunker, Edward Education of a Felon (Autobiography of America's toughest prison writer) $14.95
Cussler, Clive Inca Gold (reprint; Dirk Pitt discovers empire of evil deep in the Andes) $16.00
Davis, Lindsey Ode to a Banker (Marcus Didius Falco (12) searches for killer of a wealthy Athenian banker) $23.95
DeRosa, Steven Writing with Hitchcock: Collaboration of ... (The collaboration of Alfred Hitchcock and John Michael Hayes) $15.00
Dobyns, Stephen Eating Naked (Stories examining lives of folks challenged by their own uncontrollable natures) $13.00
Duffy, Stella Wavewalker (Saz Martin tries to unmask Dr. Maxwell North with disastrous results; import) $12.00
Estleman, Loren D. Every Brilliant Eye (Amos Walker searches for missing friend; reprint) $14.00
Foster, Alan Dean Primal Shadows (Greed, Bohannon realizes, is man's primal instinct) $25.95
Holland, Cecelia Lily Nevada (Lily runs into a detective who killed both her father and foster father) $12.95
Jones, Solomon Pipe Dream (Four addicts being chased through the streets of Philadelpha on suspicion of murder) $13.95
Kurland, Michael The Infernal Device and Death by Gaslight (Acclaimed pastiches of the Holmesnovels back in print) $15.95
Lawrence, Margaret The Iceweavers (New York state, 1809; heroine of story is daughter of main Lawrence character) $13.00
Luiken, N.M. Running on Instinct (first adult novel; four separate, tortured lives that come violently together) $25.95
McNab, Andy Firewall (No problem: deliver Russian mafia boss to St Petersburg. Problem. Nick Stone copes) $24.95
Nelson, James L. All the Brave Fellows (Year of the Hangman, 1777; Brits have overrun Philadelphia. Enter Capt. Biddlecomb) $13.95
Obstfeld, Raymond Novelist's Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes (Scenes are the core of a novel: how to craft specific types for specific purposes) $14.99
Perie, Donald A. The Prize Game (Lawful looting on the high seas in the days of fighting sail) $13.00
Preston, Diana The Boxer Rebellion (Extensively researched, brings century_old uprising in China to life) $15.00
Price, Richard Clockers (reprint) $14.00
Redfern, Elizabeth The Music of the Spheres (London, 1795; at war with France, investigator must catch spies but is haunted by daughter's unsolved murder) $24.95
Rosenfeld, Arthur Diamond Eye (An investigation into porn leads to a convergence of the deaths of Diamond's friends) $23.95
Spurling, Hilary La Grande Thérèse (Brilliant 19th century con_woman works her wiles in Pariaian society) $11.00
Stevenson, Robert Louis Kidnapped (Kidnapped David Balfour escapes his villainous uncle to enter the Scottish struggle) $7.95
Takagi, Akamitsu The Informer (Based on true story of twice_failed stock trader) $13.00
Tosches, Nick Cut Numbers (Tosches first novel is back __ a Mafia thriller involving fix for NY lottery) $13.95
Zubro, Mark Richad One Dead Drag Queen (Health clinic bombing may have had Tom Mason is the intended victim) $12.95


Alwyn, Cynthia Scent of Murder (Series of disappearing children brings Brenna Scott and her tracking dogs) $23.95
Andrews, Russell Icarus (A man plagued by tragedy sets out to find a killer) $26.95
Billheimer, John Dismal Mountain (Transportation Inspector Owen Allison defends his aunt, who swears she's a killer) $23.95
Bogner, Norman The Deadliest Art (Michael Danton is back, ready to marry Jennifer Bowen, but a drowned girl intervenes) $25.95
Booth, Martin The Dragon Syndicates (The global phenomenon of the ancient Chinese secret societies) $14.00
Box, C.J. Open Season (Crime novel and modern day western rolled into one, featuring Wyoming game warden) $23.95
Brett, Simon Death on the Downs (New Brett protagonists Carole Seddon and Jude discover a skeleton on the beach) $21.95
Burke, James Lee Bitterroot (Billy Bob Holland's old friend Doc Voss in danger __ but if he helps, so is Billy Bob; audio $32.00) $25.00
Carlon, Patricia Death by Demonstration (Peaceful 60s demonstration erupts and a student is killed __ but was she murderd?) $22.00
Child, Lee Echo Burning (Ex_military cop Jack Reader (5) tries to help abused wife and sends Echo, Texas, up in flames) $23.95
Cleveland, David Adams With a Gem_Like Flame (Novel of Venice and a lost masterpiece) $25.00
Connolly, John Dark Hollow (Charlie "Bird" Parker, recovering from murderof his family, finds more death) $25.00
Crum, Laura Breakaway (A mare is abused, her owner murdered; vet Gail McCarthy must find perpetrator) $22.95
Davis, Nageeba A Dying Art (It's not going to be a good day when you find your toilet clogged by a dead body...) $21.95
Davis, Patrick A. The Colonel (Former Air Force investigator returns to find killer, discovers government cover_up) $24.95
Dorsey, Tim Orange Crush (Over_the_top, always_say_die satire) $25.00
Dunne, Dominick Justice (Writing on some of the most notorious crimes & trials of our times) $24.00
Edge, Arabella The Company (Historical thriller involving shipwreck, a crazed apothecary and death) $23.00
Farrow, John Ice Lake (A frozen corpse under the ice of her fishing shack brings out Detective Cinque_Mars) $24.95
Gooden, Philip Death of Kings (Shakespearean murder mystery featuring Nick Revill) $12.95
Gorman, Ed (ed.) Pulp Masters (Six masters of pulp fiction at its best, including McDonald, Westlake, Spillane) $14.00
Gourevich, Philip A Cold Case (Andy Rosenawieg sets out to pursue old double homicide) $22.00
Grace, C. L. (aka Paul Doherty) Saintly Murders (Kathryn Swinbrooke, medieval physician and sleuth, seeks friar's murderer) $22.95
Haddam, Jane (aka O. Papazoglou) Death's Savage Passion (Writers seeking richer fields in Romantic Suspense genre generate murder; reprint) $7.95
Hall, Parnell Cozy (Someone's bumping off the guests at Blue Frog Ponds Inn) $25.00
Hamilton, Denise The Jasmine Trade (Marina Chang, bride to be is murdered and Eve Diamond wants to know why) $24.00
Henry, Sue Dead North (Alone with a killer and her sled dog) $24.00
Huebner, Frederick Shades of Justice (Lawyer and forensic psychiatrist join forces to see if woman is innocent of murder) $24.00
Huston, James W. Fallout (TOPGUN instructor Luke Henry must now teach Pakistani pilots __ sticks in his craw) $26.00
Kurland, Michael The Great Game (A Professor Moriarty novel; unknown seeker at the door is killed by crossbow bolt) $23.95
Lardo, Vincent McNally's Chance (Lawrence Sander's Archy McNally enters paternity case) $24.95
Mahoney, Dan The Two Chinatowns (Search for revenge takes Cisco Sanchez to Chinatowns of Montreal and New York) $24.95
McGarrity, Michael Under the Color of Law (Murder interrupts lawman Kevin Kearney's attempts to retire; audio $30.00) $23.95
Moody, Skye Kathleen K Falls (Agent Venus Diamond tracks eco_terrorists in the Columbia River valley) $23.95
Muller, Eddie Dark City of Dames (Femme fatales of film noir) $29.95
Murray, Lyne At Large (Josephine Fuller must face murder of ex_hubby's girlfriend __ then becomes suspect) $23.95
Pearson, Ridley Parallel Lies (Grieving man sets out to bring down railroad co he blames for his family's death) $23.95
Poyer, David Fire on the Waters (First book of a new trilogy, Eli Eaker enlists in the navy in 1863 as a point of honor) $25.00
Reah, Danuta Listen to the Shadows (A returned missing child has witnessed a murder) $25.00
Robbins, Trina Eternally Bad (Rowdy Goddesses who love trouble and turmoil) $15.95
Rotenberg, David The Lake Ching Murders (Exiled Detective Zhong Fong brought back to find murderer of seventeen victims) $22.95
Schulman, Arlene 23rd Precinct: The Job (Love_hate relationship between cops and their work - non_fiction) $25.00
Simmons, Dan Hardcase (Semi_retired Don seeks ex_P.I. Joe Kurtz to track down missing accountant) $23.95
Talton, Jon Concrete Desert (In sheriff's "unsolved" files, David Mapstone finds 40_year_old link to current case) $22.95
Truman, Margaret Murder in Havana (Max Pauling returns and finds himself hunted as an assassin in Cuba) $24.95
Turteltaub, H.N. (aka Harry Turtledove) Over the Wine_Dark Sea (High adventure on the seas of the Hellenistic world) $25.95
Walters, Minette The Shape of Snakes (Black woman known as "Mad Annie" found dead - murdered?, Britain, Nov'78) $24.95
Westlake, Donald (aka Tucker Coe) Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death (reprint; Mitch Tobin helps mobster find missing girlfriend and cash) $12.95
Wilhelm, Kate Desperate Measures (Murder of the high school principal pits Atty. Barbara Holloway against her father) $24.95


Out of this World (Stories by J.D.Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Susan Krinard & Maggie Shayne) $7.50
Altman, John A Gathering of Spies (1943 and a Nazi is loose on American soil) $6.99
Axler, James Outlanders (Salvaged computers power cities of the twenty_second century.) $5.99
Barrett, Kathleen Anne Milwaukee Summers Can Be Deadly (Murdered C.P.A. turns out to have been womanizer) $5.99
Berenson, Lauren Unleashed (Melanie Travis (7) tracks killer of publisher of dog show world gossip rag) $5.99
Black, Ethan Irresistible (NYPD detective Conrad Voort returns to track seductive female serial killer) $6.99
Blanc, Nero Two Down (P.I. Rosco Polycrates returns; includes 6 crossword puzzles) $5.99
Bowden, Mark Black Hawk Down (A plan to capture two warlords in Somalia erupts into nightmare firefight; non-fiction) $7.99
Brown, Dale Fatal Terrain (America must use its new Megafortress "flying battleship" to save Taiwan from China) $7.99
Brown, Sandra The Switch (Identical twins switch identities __ with chilling results) $7.99
Buff, Joe Thunder in the Deep (Submarine action adventure) $23.95
Butler, Gwendolyn A Grave Coffin (Note by murdered officer's body reads, "Ask Coffin": puzzles Commander John Coffin) $5.99
Chittenden, Margaret Dying to See You (A California country-western club owner Charlie Plato (3) mystery) $5.99
Christie, Agatha/Osborne, Charles Spider's Web (Novelization of the play) $6.99
Clancy, Tom The Bear and the Dragon (Jack Ryan and Mr. Clark return) $7.99
Coel, Margaret The Spirit Woman (Arapaho lawyer Vicky Holden seeks missing archaeologist and link to Sacajawea history) $6.50
Deere, Dicey The Irish Manor House Murder (Torrey Tunet (2) solves village murders linguistically) $6.50
Diamond, Diana The Trophy Wife (Kidnapped wife discovers she must save self) $6.99
Doherty, Robert Psychic Warrior: Project Aura (second in action_adventure series; pbo) $5.99
Douglass, Keith Carrier #18: Island Warriors (China launches invasion on Thailand and only Carrier Battle Group Fourteen can help; pbo) $5.99
Duncan, Sharon Death on a Casual Friday (Mystery debut of Scotia MacKinnon sleuthing on San Juan Isle; pbo) $5.99
Eddy, Paul Flint (Undercover cop Grace Flint seeks her attacker) $6.99
Ellis, Robert Access to Power (D.C. political consultant becomes murder suspect) $6.99
Estleman, Loren D White Desert (Western crossover; Montana_based US Marshall Page Murdock pursues vicious gang of escaped slaves and Sioux into north Canada winter) $5.99
Fiedler, Jacqueline Sketches With Wolves (Leader of wildlife expedition is found dead _ was it wolves or foul play? pbo) $6.99
French, Nicci Killing Me Softly (Alice Loudon has it all and leaves it to climb the heights with a daring mountaineer) $7.50
Fyfield, Frances A Clear Conscience (Crown Prosecutor Helen West is attempting to aid abuse victim, but finds problems) $5.99
Garland, Ardella Details at 10 (Georgia Barnett mystery __ sexy TV reporter solves baffling crimes in Chicago) $6.99
German, Jeff Murder in Sin City (non-fiction; Slaying of casino kingpin Ted Binion by stripper girlfriend) $6.99
Goldring, Kate All Signs Point to Murder (First in the series featuring Willi Gallagher, schoolteacher; pbo) $5.99
Graves, Sarah Repair to Her Grave (Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree (3) investigates century_old disappearance of musician; then grad student studying same musician dies mysteriously) $5.99
Harris, Fred Easy Pickin's (Depression_era mystery __ death in a tiny Oklahoma dust bowl town) $6.50
Hegwood, Martin The Green_Eyed Hurricane (Biloxi, Mississippi P.I. Jack Delmas (2)) $6.50
Henderson, Tom A Deadly Affair (Lawyer kills his wife to pursue liaison with seated judge __ non- fiction) $6.50
Hess, Joan A Conventional Corpse (A much_loathed editor is killed at a mystery convention; Arkansas librarian Clare Malloy (13)) $6.50
Jackson, Lisa Blooded (Hookers' corpses multiply, and New Orleans talk show host Dr. Samantha Leeds may be on the list) $6.99
Jance, J.J. Devil's Claw (On the eve of Sheriff Brady's wedding a fatal case of domestic violence erupts) $7.50
King, Peter The Jewel of the North (Novelist Jack London in tale of high adventure; 1st in historical series; pbo) $5.99
Kingsbury, Kate Death is in the Air (A German downed pilot escapes into the woods shortly before a girl is found murdered; pbo) $5.99
LaManna, Ross Acid Test (Menace, danger and murder as global scheme uncovered) $19.95
Levinson, Robert S. The James Dean Affair (LA columnist Neil Gulliver & soap queen/ex_wife Stevie Marriner 2, uncover pattern of accidental deaths surrounding movie, track new murders & James Dean's trail) $6.99
Lippman, Laura The Sugar House (Baltimore P.I. Tess Monaghan searches identy of murdered teen runaway) $6.99
Margolin, Philip Wild Justice (Portland detective and attorney turn out to be the prey in cat and mouse game) $7.99
McCrumb, Sharyn The PMS Outlaws (Elizabeth MacPherson (9);2 vengeful women crusade against lust_crazed men) $6.99
McGrory, Brian The Incumbent (Attempt made on president's life 10 days before he is up for election) $6.99
Minichino, Camille The Lithium Murder (Univ. lab janitor murdered for his knowledge of toxic coverup; former physicist Gloria Lamerino (3)) $5.99
Monfredo, Miriam Grace Sisters of Cain (Sisters must thwart a Civil War Rebel conspiracy; 7th in series) $6.99
Myers, Tamar Nightmare in Shining Armor (A Den of Antiquity (7) mystery; pbo) $6.50
Newcomb, Kerry Mad Morgan (Life and times of pirate Henry Morgan) $6.50
Palmer, Michael The Patient (neurosurgeon Jessie Copeland must use unready, experimental surgical robot to save patient from hell__master assassin w/brain tumor whose intimidation plot threatens hundreds) $7.50
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Malice (O'Connor and Quintana (7) return in Miami kidnapping plot) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man#54: VectorThree (Stony Man tapped to halt Libya's ruthless gambit for African power sweep) $5.99
Roscoe, Gil Company of Thieves (Con man cleaning up his act falls into scam/caper) $6.99
Salazar, Michael Drop Zone (set in Bosnia, behind_the_lines action in tradition of W.E.B. Griffin & Richard Marcinko) $5.99
Siegel, Sheldon Incriminating Evidence (Legal team of Daley and Fernandez have murder suspect San Francisco DA as client) $24.95
Springer, Patricia Body Hinter (non-fiction; Texas triple murderer/rapist brought to justice) $6.50
Swan, Thomas The Da Vinci Deception (Third novel in Inspector Jack Oxby series) $6.50
Talley, Marcia Occasion of Revenge (Hannah's widowed father's con woman bride_to_be found dead in tub) $5.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K. True Justice (Butch Karp, Chief Asst. DA of NY County, faces dead and deadly child) $7.99
Taylor, Kathleen Foreign Body (Tony Bauer cozy mystery set in small town South Dakota) $6.99


Bayard, Pierre Who Killed Roger Ackroyd: The Mystery Behind the Agatha Christie Mystery (critical examination) $14.95
Blake, James Carlo Wildwood Boys (Saga of "Bloody Bill" in the War Between the States) $13.00
Bradley, John Ed My Juliet (Scorching story of sex and death in the city) $13.00
Coffey, Tom Miami Twilight (Detective recklessly jeopardizes everything for mysterious beauty Magdalena) $23.95
Colapinto, John About the Author (Penniless bookstore stockboy takes dead man's ms., sells as autobiography; reminiscent of Highsmith's Ripley) $25.00
Coonts, Stephen America (when an experimental nuclear submarine is hijacked, only Admiral Jake Grafton can save Washington, DC) $25.95
Davis, J. Madison Novelist's Essential Guide to Creating Plot (Covers every aspect of plotting a novel) $14.99
Freedman, J. F. Bird's Eye View (thriller about an unsuspecting birdwatcher who becomes a witness to murder) $24.95
French, Nicci The Red Room (thriller about a psychologist investigating a murder) $24.95
Furgurson, Earnest B. Not War But Murder (The slaughter at Cold Harbor, VA, in June, 1864 resulted in 10,000 Union casualties) $14.00
George, Ann Murder Boogies With Elvis (Southern Sisters __ Mary Alice and Patricia Anne in orthopedic blue suede shoes) $23.00
Goldman, William Marathon Man (Classic that did for dentists what Psycho did for showers) $14.00
Gores, Joe Cases (Hot jazz and cool blues in San Francisco) $12.95
Gorman, Ed (ed.) World's Finest Mystery & Crime Stories, Second Annual $18.95
Havill, Steven Privileged to Kill (Death of a young girl brings forth troubling questions) $14.95
Highsmith, Patricia A Suspension of Mercy (Masterpiece of noir fantasy and second volume in reissuance of Highsmith oeuvre) $11.00
Highsmith, Patricia Strangers on a Train (Source of Hitchcock's classic 1953 film) $11.00
Hirschfeld, Corson Aloha, Mr. Lucky (Hilarious debut novel does for Hawaii what Hiaasen does for Florida) $14.95
Holm, Kristen (ed.) 2001 Writer's Market (8,000 editors who will buy what you write) $29.99
Hurwitz, Gregg Andres Minutes to Burn (2007, Earth is a shambles; scientists discover selves in battle for survival of planet) $25.00
Joseph, Mark The Wild Card (five men sit down to a poker game, but in the course of a boozy and potentially deadly weekend, a 30 year old secret is explored) $24.95
Kava, Alex Split Second (Serial killer comes back for Maggie O'Dell) $22.95
Kurzweil, Allen A Case of Curiosities (Bawdy, bizarre, suspenseful adventures of an 18th Century French inventor; reprint) $14.00
Lardner, James NYPD: A City and Its Police (non-fiction; fears, lore, slang, secrets of a brotherhood) $15.00
Levinson, Robert The John Lennon Affair (Gulliver and Marriner, dodge murder attempts 20 years after Lennon's death) $24.95
MacDonald, Ross Find a Victim (reprint; Archer picks up more than he bargained for when a bloodied hitchhiker comes aboard) $12.00
MacLeod, Charlotte Resurrection Man (Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn; valuable art objects are restored __ and their owners killed shortly afterward) $12.95
Pennac, Daniel Passion Fruit (Bizarre world of Belleville and the haute bizarre famille Malausséne __ witty 4th vol) $15.00
Rand, Naomi The One that Got Away (Emma Price, pregnant and broke, must go back to detecting) $23.00
Rice, Christopher A Density of Souls (Four childhood pals whose friendships deteriorate into nightmare of violence and chaos) $13.00
Roberts, John Maddox The King's Gambit (SPQR I Decius uncovers a world of corruption in the Roman government; reprint) $13.95
Roberts, John Maddox The Cateline Conspiracy (SPQR II Decius must enter a sinister cabal to save the government; reprint) $13.95
Saul, John The Manhattan Hunt Club (Convicted murderer taken not to jail, but into NY tunnels by secret society) $25.95
Sayers, Dorothy L. Hangman's Holiday (classic collection of short stories) $13.00
Skinner, Robert Blood to Drink (Wesley Farrell (4), prohibition, murder & redemption) $14.95
Stroud, Carsten Black Water Transit (Jack Vermillion tries to keep son out of jail) $24.95
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Enemy Within (Police shooting of black man generates trouble in election year) $24.95
Walsh, John Public Enemies (Inside stories behind hit TV show; non-fiction) $24.95
Westerman, John High Crimes (Life and death battle with drug lords; reprint) $12.00
Woolrich, Cornell Phantom Lady (Was he out with the Phantom Lady __ or home strangling his wife?; classic '42 as Wm. Irish) $12.00
Zencey, Eric Panama (Elegant thriller about 19th Century French scandal over the Panama Canal & murder; reprint) $14.00


Baantjer Dekok and the Sorrowing Tomcat (DeKok and assistant Vledder find stabbed corpse of "Cunning" Pete in sandbank) $23.95
Conley, Robert Spanish Jack (Spanish Jack __ 19C Cherokee outlaw, horse thief and Western icon) $22.95
Crais, Robert Hostage (Burned out SWAT negotiator, devastated by loss of family, seeks in vain the bucolic life) $24.95
d'Amato, Barbara Hard Road (On the way to an Oz festival, Cat Marsala sees a scuffle that results in death) $24.00
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down Before the Rebel Hooves (Lady Appleton, Elizabethan herbalist, tries to keep Elizabeth from being dethroned) $23.95
Engel, Howard Dead and Buried (Canadian Benny Cooperman (9), Jewish gentleman P.I., takes on toxic waste) $24.95
Hess, Joan Maggody and the Moonbeams (An Arly Hanks mystery; teen at Camp Pearly Gates finds white_robed corpse) $23.00
Highsmith, Patricia Selected Stories of Patricia Highsmith (five combined collections of "the poet of apprehension") $27.95
Holtzer, Susan Better than Sex (Honeymooning Anneke Haagen finds murder on her plate, 2,000 miles away from home) $22.95
Iles, Greg Dead Sleep (Photojournalist in Hong Kong is drawn into the hunt for her sister's killer) $19.95
Jackson, Jon A. La Donna Detroit (Mulheisen is back,so is murder and mayhem) $11.00
Kaminsky, Stuart A Few Minutes Past Midnight (Vintage Hollywood P.I. Toby Peters and Charlie Chaplin) $24.00
Kellerman, Faye The Forgotten (A synagogue is vandalized, a troubled 17_year_old and therapist are murdered; Decker/Lazarus) $25.00
Kurzweil, Allen The Grand Complication (Librarian must find missing object of group which will tell life of obscure 18thC inventor) $24.95
Marston, Edward The Devil's Apprentice (An Elizabethan_era theatrical mystery featuring Nicholas Bracewell) $23.95
Martin, Allana Death of the Last Villista (Crew filming 40th anniversary of movie about Pancho Villa discovers death is for today) $22.95
Neel,Janet O Gentle Death (Inspector John McLeish finds a murdered body in a tub of water) $22.95
Nelscott,Kris Smoke_Filled Rooms (1968, and Smoky Dalton is in Chicago protecting boy who saw King's assassin) $24.95
O'Brian, Patrick The Nutmeg of Consolation (Audio, abridged) $25.00
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Vengeance (The Innocence Project, dedicated to freeing the wrongly accused, meets opposition) $23.95
Reichs, Kathy Fatal Voyage (Aircraft goes down in N.C. mountains __ is Dr. Temperance Brennan's daughter aboard?) $25.00
Saul, John The Manhattan Hunt Club (Secret society pursues human prey in the bowels of Manhattan) $25.95
Skinner, Robert Pale Shadow (Torture, murder and counterfeiting in this 1940's mystery) $23.95
Stout, Rex A Prize for Princes (Portrait of a lady, a study in pure evil; written 1914) $5.95
Stroud, Carsten Black Water Transit (Suspense in the gritty world of the NYPD) $24.95
Talley, Marcia (ed.) Naked Came the Phoenix (One mystery, thirteen crime writer participants - Barr, Jance, Kellerman, among them) $24.95
Temple, Lou Jane Red Beans and Vice (Chef Heaven Lee implicated when Sister Truly Written is killed with Heaven's knife) $23.95
van Thal, Herbert The Mammoth Book of Great Detective Stories (Expanded to include 4 vols of collections of detective stories) $12.95
Williams, Gerard Dr.Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery (Victorian England is venue for Dr.Mortimer and activities) $22.95
Woods, Paula L. Stormy Weather (Charlotte Justice (2) in a journey through LA's mix of politics, police corruption and lies) $24.95

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