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Newsletter #49 March - May, 2000


[PBO means paperback original]

Anderson, Poul/Dickson, Gordon R Hokas Pokas! (omnibus reprint of 3 Hoka stories) $6.99
Applegate, KA Everworld: Discover the Destroyer (young adult; four friends must outwit a dragon while searching for the native who brought them to this world) $4.99
Banks, Iain M Inversions (on backward planet with 6 moons, mistrusted female doctor to one realm's king & untrusting bodyguard to another realm's Protector General are linked by a secret) $23.95
Berberick, Nancy Varian Dragonlance: Dalamar the Dark (magic talent runs strong in servant of the Silvanestri elven lord, not worthy of training, Dalamar finds another way to gain power) $5.99
Bradford, Emma Kat the Time Explorer #1, 2, 3 (young girl investigates history) $5.95 each
Chilson, Adam Rifts 3: Treacherous Awakenings (soldiers under Lt Greg Merrick may have to fight the leaders of the Coalition) $8.95
Coville, Bruce The Unicorn Chronicles 2: Song of the Wanderer (young adult; Cara must return to earth through the wilderness lands of unicorns to save her grandmother while nemesis Beloved tries to turn Cara against herself) $16.95
Engdahl, Sylvia Children of the Star (heretic struggles against law restricting technology and knowledge to the Scholars) $20.00
Ferguson, Niall, ed Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals (what would have happened if nine historic events had turned out differently?) $30.00
Flint, Eric 1632 (family wedding party's transported from W Virginia, 2000, to Germany in midst of 30 Years War & set out bringing American_style Freedom & Justice to 17th century) $24.00
Foster, Alan Dean Journeys of the Catechist 3: A Triumph of Souls (Ehomba & friends continue quest, to rescue Visioness Themaryl and battle her captor, Hymneth the Possessed) $24.95
Frank, Jane & Howard Frank Collection (art; thematic assortment of many artists' works) $21.95
Frankowski, Leo A Boy & His Tank (colonists on planet blasted by supernova sun combine virtual reality with tank warfare & change the way the galaxy wars) $6.99
Gilman, Laura Ann/Sherman, Josepha Buffy the Vampire Slayer 14: Deep Water (young adult/TV tie_in; Willow joins rescue crew after oil spill & finds seal_girl selkie, but Buffy suspects she's less a victim than it appears; PBO) $4.99
Holt, Tom Snow White and the Seven Samurai (comic fantasy where computers and fairy tales collide) $37.95
Joshi, S. T. Sixty Years of Arkham House (history and bibliography of famous small press, published by Arkham House) $24.95
Kendall, Cassie Laurel the Wood Fairy #1, 2, 3 (childrens fairy tales; wood fairy explores her forest home) $5.95 each
Klingon Language Institute Star Trek: The Klingon Hamlet ("original" Klingon version of Shakespeare's play with side_by_side texts in both languages; PBO) $11.95
Lackey, Mercedes/Shepherd, Mark/Lisle, Holly The Other World (omnibus reprint of Wheels of Fire & When the Bough Breaks ) $6.99
Laymon, Richard One Rainy Night (strange black rain falls on small town, entire town turns on each other in hate and rage) $5.99
Marshak, Sondra/Culbreath, Myrna_eds Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 (reprint; anthology of 10 short stories set during original series, includes one by Nichelle Nichols) $5.50
Martin, SR Swampland (young adult; the girl next door leads Marvin to battle in the Swampland; first in series) $4.50
Martin, SR Swampland 2: Endsville (young adult; on a world torn by war, Zac has survived_-so far) $4.50
Martin, SR Tankworld (young adult; third of trilogy) $4.50
McCaffrey, Anne, ed Cooking Out of this World (reprint; recipes by 62 famous authors) $10
Niswander, Adam The Repository (wizard fantasy, grim look at the conflict between good and evil in modern day) $14.00
Owens, Everett The X_Files 14: Regeneration (young adult/TV episode novelization; Agents Mulder & Scully investigate disappearance of headless corpse that may've been man who regenerated & will do anything to live) $13.95
Pierce, Tamora The Circle Opens 1: Magic Steps (young adult; noble girl must teach magic to a restless boy, help her ailing uncle, and track down a murderer) $16.95
Pierce, Tamora The Circle of Magic 3: Daja's Book (young adult; cast out of the Trader community, Daja finds home with mages, returns to save the Traders) $4.99
Pierce, Tamora The Circle of Magic 4: Briar's Book (young adult; plant_mage Briar's friend is sick, the mages in training must work together to save her) $4.99
Pratchett, Terry Discworld: The Last Continent (professor at Unseen University is missing, search leads to the Last Continent, which is still under construction) $6.50
Rankin, Robert The Dance of the Voodoo Handbag (a computer software mogul, a ruthless voodoo entrepreneur, a PI locked in a psyche ward, and an intelligent sprout) $39.95
Rosen, Selina Queen of Denial (queen of a warlike planet was abducted and now found without memory, king hires rogue salvager Drewcilia Qwah to bring her home) $12
Ross, Jillian Alissa the Princess #1, 2, 3 (young readers; princess learns lessons in wisdom and magic) $5.95 each
Rusch, K Kathryn/Smith, Dean Wesley The 10th Kingdom (movie tie_in; young woman and father are transported to magical world, race to save 9 Kingdoms from Evil Queen) $6.99
Schulman, J Neil The Robert Heinlein Interview (Heinlein's longest taped interview, plus articles, reviews and letters about Heinlein) $19.95
Shepard, Lucius Beast of the Heartland (anthology; seven stories from the Neil Young of horror writing) $10.95
Stackpole, Michael A Star Wars: Dark Tide: Onslaught (audio tape) $18.00
Stanton, Mary Unicorns of Balinor 7: Night of the Shifter's Moon (young adult; Princess Arianna and her unicorn fight to reclaim the Royal throne from the evil Shifter during his most powerful time) $4.50
Steranko, Jim Red Tide (graphic novel reprint; "noir masterpiece riddled with dark passions, double crosses & deadly violence") $14.95
Thompson, Paul B Masquerade Cycle 2: Nemesis (Dark Lord of Rath's plans to invade Dominaria advance, and the Phyrexian empire creates Urza's worst foe yet) $5.99
Thorne, Tamara Haunted (horror; author drawn to infamous Victorian house finds is more terrifying than anything he can imagine or write) $5.99
Vonnegut, Kurt God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian (explorations of death and life and afterlife through interviews with notables live and dead) $18.00
Vornholt, John Star Trek: Next Gen 58/59: Gemworld Books 1 & 2 (Capt Picard & crew answer call for help from Lt Melora Pazlar's crystalline homeworld, find dimensional rift, sabotage, murder, more; PBO) $6.50 each
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Dragonlance: The Best of Tales (collection of best short stories of the original Dragonlance Tales 1 series) $5.99


Star Trek: DS9 Sourcebook: Raiders, Renegades & Rogues (roleplaying game reference; covers denizens of dark side of Star Trek universe S pirates, smugglers, Orion Syndicate, their technology, ships, more) $20
Star Trek: Time Travel Sourcebook: All Our Yesterdays (roleplaying game reference; covers 4 billion BC to 123rd c, instruments & technology for time travel, details of Dept of Temporal Investigations, Timefleet, more) $20.00
Abnett, Dan Warhammer 40,000: First & Only (gaming tie_in; Gaunt must lead men throught regimental infighting as well as against enemy in Chaos_driven system; PBO) $6.95
A llen, Roger MacBride The Depths of Time (with humanity limited to Earth, colonies tied by strictly governed timeshaft wormholes, attack on Chronologic Patrol Ship blasts rules, ignites heroic struggle to restore balance) $13.95
Anderson, Kevin J Star Wars:Jedi Academy Omnibus (audio tape of entire trilogy) $29.95
Baker, Kage The Company 2: Sky Coyote (immortal cyborg Joseph's sent to 1699 Mayan Lost City with protege Biologist Mendoza, must save ancient people from colonization, possibly by taking them into the future) $5.99
Beale, Theodore Eternal Warriors 1: The War in Heaven (gaming tie_in; teens become pivotal to war when Christopher's taken back in time & joins Lucifer's rebellion, then sisters Jami, Holli go back in time to change his mind; PBO) $6.50
Bradley, Rebecca Lady in Gil (in kingdom occupied by barbarians, all hope rests on hero, but only his brother is available & must take up sword) $5.99
Brooks, Terry Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (official movie novelization, with expanded story line delving into galaxy's history, life & mind of Anakin Skywalker) $7.50
Bunch, Chris The Warrior King (trilogy conclusion; imprisoned & exiled, General Damastes must forge army to challenge corrupt wizard Tenedos & save ravaged land) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Enchantment (modern fairy tale spanning contemporary US to 9c Russia, as modern man travels time & space to save princess, her kingdom, find love, conquer evil) $6.99
Cherryh, CJ Fortress of Owls (wizard Shapes Tristan to wield sword of Truth & Illusion, bound to King Cefwyn, but must navigate court intrigues, hide true self in magic_hating land) $6.99
Cockrell, Amanda The Horse Catchers 2: Children of the Horse (prehistoric setting; Blue Jay & sister Dances travel with Spotted Colt & friend Mud to find horses & the Cities_in _the_West S if they survive the journey; PBO) $5.99
Cook, Glen The Black Company: Glittering Stone 3: Water Sleeps (survivors of disaster must free fellow warriors held in stasis; concludes the sequence) $6.99
Coville, Bruce I Was a 6th Grade Alien 5: Zombies of the Science Fair (young reader; Pleshkit's science fair project is supposed to unleash power of human mind, but turns people into zombies; PBO) $3.99
Crispin, AC Star Wars:The Han Solo Omnibus (audio tape of entire trilogy) $29.95
Danvers, Dennis The Fourth World (out of place in Web_obsessed US, Margaret & Santee head south, but Santee vanishes & Margaret's search leads to conspiracy of ruin leading to Mars) $23.00
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds Black Heart, Ivory Bones (6th & final volume in retold fable anthology series, with stories by Gaiman, Oates, de Lint, Lee, more; PBO) $13.50
David, Peter Psi_Man 2: Deathscape (reprint; telekinetic adept Chuck Simon hides out in mutant wilderness among psi eco_terrorists) $5.99
DeBrandt, Don V.I. (alien virus links with AI to produce computer bug that hungers for flesh & blood, now loose and spreading fast; PBO) $6.99
Forward, Robert L Dragon's Egg (reprint; human scientists form relationship with intelligent lifeforms living on neutron star where Earth hour equals hundreds of years, as they evolve from savagery to science) $12.00
Gallagher, Diana G Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10: Prime Evil (TV tie_in; new, young teacher dislikes Buffy but class pets Willow, Anya & Michael resist warnings 'til Giles learns who she really is, what she'll do for immortality ;PBO) $5.99
Garrison, Peter The Changeling War (the twisted maze realm called Castle is about to collide with modern Earth, bringing war and more) $6.50
Gemmell, David Waylander the Slayer 4: Hero in the Shadows (small group of warriors gather to battle evil waking in lands of the Grey Man, but only Grey Man has fought it before, when he was known as Waylander the Slayer) $23.00
Goodkind, Terry Sword of Truth 5: Soul of the Fire (released by Richard Rahl & Cahlan Amnel to free D'Hara, the Chimes may destroy the entire world, if the pair cannot stop the threat) $7.99
Heinlein, Robert A The Man Who Sold the Moon (reprint) $5.99
Hobb, Robin (aka Megan Lindholm) Liveship Traders 2: Mad Ship (when pirate seizes family's newly wakened Liveship, Althea Vestrit recruits insane, killer Liveship to retrieve it) $6.99
Hopkinson, Nalo Midnight Robber (on planet filled with human outcasts, monsters of myth, Tan_Tan must transform Carnival role of Midnight Robber from Caribbean_colonized Toussaint into powerful Robber Queen; PBO) $13.95
Keyes, J Gregory The Age of Unreason 2: A Calculus of Angels (Isaac Newton & Ben Franklin return as sorcery wracks 18c Europe, comet smashes London & host of famous colonists embark on expedition) $6.99
King, William Warhammer: Trollslayer (gaming tie_in; Dwarf warrior Gotrek seeks death & companion Felix takes oath to record epic, heroic demise; PBO) $6.95
Kirby, Josh/Langford, David A Cosmic Cornucopia (art; Josh Kirby collection includes covers from Terry Prachett's Discworld series) $24.95
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Partners in Necessity (omnibus of Conflict of Honors, Agent of Change , and Carpe Diem , highly recommended and long out-of-print sf adventure series; $50 signed hardcover or trade paperback at) $20.00
Mackel, Kathy Can of Worms (young reader; misfit Mike's plea to universe brings crew of aliens to rescue him, but he really doesn't want to leave Earth S will they let him stay?) $3.99
Nasir, Jamil Distance Haze (writer losing will to live takes editor's assignment to report on institute using technology to find God, but has he found spiritual plane or insanity?; PBO) $5.99
Niven, Larry/Pournelle, Jerry The Burning City (young Whandall grows up in city devastated by loss of magic & power, ruled by merciless god, becomes determined to free his world) $24.95
Passarella, JG Wither (horror; defiant freshman & amateur historian discover sleepy college town's plague of bloodthirsty creatures were witches burned in 1699 Salem trials) $6.99
Perry/Randall/Simmons Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire: Evolution (graphic novel/set after Return of the Jedi ; bounty hunter/human_replica droid Guri finds destruction of Black Sun criminal organization leaves her the target of others; PBO) $14.95
Pohl, Frederik Eschaton Sequence 3: The Far Shore of Time (when the Horch free Dan Dannerman copy, he leads attack on Beloved Leaders, gains control of alien tech & all 3 of him work to save Earth from destruction) $6.99
Pratchett, Terry The Color of Magic; The Light Fantastic; Equal Rites (comic fantasy; Discworld reprints, includes 1st in series) $3.99 each
Pratchett, Terry Discworld: The Fifth Elephant (what happened to the other elephant that supported the world? And what does that have to do with dwarf coronation, sudden assassin, stolen scone & more?) $24.00
Reeves_Stevens, Judith & Garfield Star Trek: DS9 Millennium 1 & 2 ( The Fall of Terok Nor _secret deep in DS9 threatens Federation; The War of the Prophets _DS9's crew's trapped in future ruled by Pah_wraiths; PBO; audio $18) $6.50
Sands, Marella Sky Knife (in ancient Mayan Empire, young priest with unlucky name sees hope of destiny dashed when sacrifice goes wrong, priests die, portents appear S but is it really the gods' wrath?) $6.99
Shusterman, Neal Mindbenders: Stories to Warp Your Brain (young reader; collection of zany, suspenseful, satirical thrillers; PBO) $3.99
Singleton, LJ ReGeneration 2: The Search (young adult; cloned teen Eric 2 is hunted by doctors posing as TV news; PBO) $4.50
Stackpole, Michael A The Dark Glory War (4 young men find their coming_of_age celebrations & tests lead them into midst of invasion force vanguard & epic clash of ancient foes; PBO) $5.99
Stasheff, Christopher Wizard in Rhyme 7: The Crusading Wizard (ordinary joe_turned_wizard Matt Mantrell must rally host of magical allies to stop bloodthirsty hordes from ravaging Merovence; PBO) $6.99
Stewart, Sean Galveston (near future Galveston Island is uprooted, divided between reality & perpetual Mardi Gras saturated with magic, survivors' joy, sufferers' pain) $23.95
Stewart, Sean Mockingbird (sisters bound by mother's gift of magic think her death will free them, but parting gift is sip of Mockingbird Cordial & changed life for one) $13.00
Tepper, Sheri S Singer From the Sea (planetary heiress struggles to comply with rigid gender rules while questioning forbidden knowledge as centuries_old, forgotten destiny threatens planet) $6.99
Vallejo, Boris Boris Vallejo Portfolio (art; 28 of Vallejo's most dramatic paintings) $21.95
Walker, Lars The Year of the Warrior ( Erling's Word expanded; presumed priest, Irishman's bought from Vikings by Norway's 1st Christian lord & expected to convert his people, but they & gods have other ideas; PBO) $6.99
Weber, David Ashes of Victory (Honor Harrington's escape from Peeps' prison & execution brings 1/2-million freed prisoners to the Manties' side at critical point in war, but can she survive this crisis, too?) $24.00
Weber, David The Honor of the Queen (hardcover reprint of early title in Honor Harrington series) $5.99
Weber, David_ed Worlds of Honor (anthology of stories from the Honor Harrington universe, by Green, Evans, Lindskold, Weber) $6.99
Whyte, Jack Camulod Chronicles 5: The Fort at River's Bend (after failed assassination attempt on the young Arthur, Merlyn takes him to an abandoned Roman fort for training) $6.99
Wu, William F/Cover, Arthur Byron Isaac Asimov's Robot City 2 (omnibus reissue of 2 novels; man without memory & mysterious woman discover City holds insane cyborg, "roboticide", fatal madness and robot artwork) $14.00
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy (audio tape of entire trilogy) $29.95
Zelazny, Roger Lord of Light (classic sf reprint) $6.50


Aldiss, Brian W/Penrose, Roger White Mars (Mars colony's struggle to survive & stay free of war, hunger & hidebound ideology takes new turn when Earth civilization collapses & communication, support are cut off) $22.95
Bonanno, Margaret Wander Preternatural Too: Gyre (sf author Karen Guerrerri attempts to answer confusion over creation of/control by intergalactic jellyfish with new novel, but again manages to raise questions of sanity) $23.95
Bova, Ben Venus (Van Humphries sets out to win father's $10 billion reward, alleviate his hatred by landing on Venus, returning with brother's bones, despite competitor S mother's first husband) $24.95
Bradshaw, Gillian The Sand_Reckoner (ancient Greece; Archimedes leaves scholarly life at Ptolemy's Museum to support ailing father, family with engineering job, but fame, loss, love, war, betrayal pale beside math) $23.95
Cherryh, CJ The Morgaine Saga (omnibus reprint; Morgaine quests across time & space to preserve universe's integrity; includes Gate of Ivrel , Well of Shiuan , Fires of Azeroth ) $7.99
Coe, David B LonTobyn Chronicle 3: Eagle_Sage (hawk_/owl_mages' unity strains under effort of defeating Lon_Ser invasion, new Lon_Ser ruler finds treachery in search for peace & need for harmony of eagle_sage grows crucial) $27.95
Dozois, Gardner_ed Explorers: SF Adventures to Far Horizons (anthology of sf exploring worlds, universes by Anderson, Bear, Benford, Clarke, Clement, Egan, Lafferty, Landis, Le Guin, Niven, Pangborn, Robinson, Schmitz, Tiptree, Varley, Vinge, more; PBO) $17.95
Dubois, Pierre The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries (art/reference; illustrated catalog of faeries as described in ancient folklore & modern fantasy) $25.00
Gilman, Laura Ann/Heddle, Jennifer_eds Treachery & Treason (anthology of stories about the darker side of human nature from Dietz, McKiernan, Radford, Friesner, Bishop, more; PBO) $5.99
Greenberg, MH/Segriff, L_eds Spell Fantastic (anthology of fantasy stories from Rusch, Lindskold, Reichert, McKiernan, DeChancie, Paxson, de Lint; PBO) $6.99
Hartwell, David G/Grant, Glenn_eds Northern Suns (anthology of Canadian sf by Atwood, Davies, Kinsella, Ryman, Clute, Mackay, Kilpatrick, more) $14.95
Hughes, Monica The Guardian of Isis (pre_teen; over time settlers have lost technology, first inhabitants are myth, one young man searches for truth) $8.99
Hughes, Monica The Isis Pedlar (pre_teen; devious trader's daughter Moira must stop father from corrupting Isis colonists before disaster strikes) $8.99
Hughes, Monica The Keeper of the Isis Light (pre_teen; young orphan girl Olwen and companion Guardian on planet Isis meet colonists from Earth, fears their destruction of Isis) $8.99
Hughes, Monica What If...? Amazing Stories (pre_teen; collection of fantastical stories and poems) $6.95
Johnson, Oliver The Lightbringer Trilogy 1: The Forging of the Shadows (in world of darkened sun & war between God of Light's worshipers & Eternal Night's servants, 3 people set out on quest to bring back light) $6.99
Kotani, Eric/Roberts, John Maddox Legacy of Prometheus (as conventional energy runs out, desperate search for replacement drives Cash Carlson, Lone Star Space Systems to launch solar satellite, team with reporter in deadly competition) $24.95
Leiber, Fritz The Big Time (sf classic reprint; time warriors on both 'Spider', 'Snake' sides battle up, down the timelines, take R&R outside spacetime in the Place, where Greta Forzane, others Entertain) $21.95
McConnell, Ashley Stargate SG_1: The First Amendment (TV novelization; when hotshot reporter's brought onto base isn't satisfied, Col Jack O'Neill & team decide to show him true dangers of universe; PBO) $5.99
Radford, Irene Merlin's Descendants 1: Guardians of the Balance (gifted with ancient magic, sworn to preserve Earth's natural balance, Merlin's daughter Wren must cope with political, religious struggles, confront evil) $6.99
Radford, Irene Merlin's Descendants 2: Guardian of the Trust (Resmiranda Griffin has both Merlin's magic & Arthur's power, but can she develop them while evil forces aim to eliminate her & free kingdom from their control?; PBO) $23.95
Scrimger, Richard The Nose from Jupiter (pre_teen; Alan is puny boy who's target for bullies until alien moves into his nose) $5.95
Turner, George Down There in Darkness (in dystopic future Australia, policeman witnesses revival of man from 30_year coma, is drawn into dark conspiracy to control humanity's future) $15.95
Turtledove, Harry Darkness Descending ( Into the Darkness sequel; as Algarvian soldiers send Kaunians to work camps, placate those behind with lies, mage scholars in Kuusamo feel lives lost, realize rumors are true) $27.95
Wolfe, Gene Litany of the Long Sun (omnibus reprint of classics Nightside of the Long Sun & Lake of the Long Sun ) $16.95


Adams, Scott Random Acts of Management (humor/comic Dilbert compilation) $9.95
Lee, Gwen/Sauter, Elaine What if Our World is Their Heaven (biography; in_depth discussions with Philip K Dick during 6 mos before death cover writing process, religious experiences, Blade Runner reactions, ideas & plans for next book) $26.95
Schwam, Stephanie The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey (movie reference; story of making classic sf film, w/commentary from Kubrick collaborators, critics, historians, more) $14.95
Wandrei, Howard The Eerie Mr. Murphy (companion to Time Burial , this contains the rest of his short horror, fantasy, and science fiction stories, many never previously published, plus selection of his artwork, from local publisher Fedogan & Bremer; deluxe edition for $95.00 comes slipcased and includes chapbook of selected letters and diary entries from his early days as a pulp writer in New York City, or regular hardcover without chapbook at) $29.95


Star Trek: The Klingon Empire (roleplaying game setting S boxed) $35
Star Trek: DS9 Sourcebook: The Bajorans_Call of the Prophets (roleplaying game sourcebook) $22.00
Anderson, Kevin J/Wallace, Daniel Star Wars: The Essential Chronology (movie reference; illustrated guide to history of Lucas' universe, from ancient origins through kingdoms, dynasties, wars to pivotal individuals; TPO) $18.95
Anthony, Patricia Flanders (associational; the passage between life & death reveals itself to young soldier during WWI; "haunting, sometimes almost hallucinatory yet surprising") $13.95
Benford, Gregory Eater (astrophysicist Benjamin Knowlton discovers black hole moving through space is life form aiming to "upload" personalities of Earth, destroying planet in process) $24.00
Butcher, Jim StormFront (Harry Dresden _ Wizard for Hire: lost items found, paranomal investigations; PBO) $6.99
Chalker, Jack L Ghost of the Well of Souls (motley band of space travellers S ex_machine, angel, lizard being, duo sharing body S are drawn into struggle against evil Josich for control of Straight Gate pieces; PBO) $6.99
David, Peter Psi_Man 3: Main Street DOA (sf reprint) $5.99
Deitz, Tom Bloodwinter (discovery of powerful crystal ignites quest & conflict between plague_decimated winter & decadent desert kingdoms that may destroy all) $6.50
Douglas, Ian Heritage Trilogy 3: Europa Strike (AI trapped below ice_locked Europa is bone of contention between Chinese assault & US Marines; PBO) $6.50
Dozois, Gardner/Williams, Sheila_ed Isaac Asimov's Mother's Day (anthology of sf stories involving moms from Willis, Lee, Rusch, more; PBO) $5.99
Drake, David Northworld Trilogy (reprint) $6.99
Eggleton, Bob/Suckling, Nigel Greetings from Earth (art; Bob Eggleton collection of over 100 illustrations) $21.95
Feintuch, David Patriarch's Hope (now Sec'y General of the UN, Nicholas Seafort (6) is forced by eco_terrorists to confront Earth's pollution, but must choose between cleanup & Navy mission to colonize stars) $6.50
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek Next Gen: The Valiant (the story of Picard's first command, when the young Lieutenant must take control of the Stargazer after alien invasion force attack; audio tape $18) $23.95
Gascoigne, Marc/Jones, Andy_eds Warhammer 40,000: Into the Maelstrom (gaming tie_in/anthology of stories from Inferno! magazine; PBO) $6.95
Grant, John/Sudworth, Anne Enchanted World (art; Anne Sudworth collection) $29.95
Green, Roland J Conan & the Death Lord of Thanza (sword & sorcery adventure) $5.99
Gressman, Thomas S BattleTech #46: Dagger Point (New commander of Eridani Light Horse must choose between duty and honor; PBO) $5.99
Grundy, Stephan Gilgamesh (retelling of oldest epic, Sumerian fable of warrior king sent best friend from the gods who's destined to be his destruction; PBO) $15.00
Hand, Elizabeth Black Light (director Axel Kern's return to Kamensic Village, frenzied partying hide goal of rebirth as Dionysus & use of teen for goal, sending humanity into chaos) $5.99
Heinlein, Robert A Assignment in Eternity (reprint) $6.99
Hemry, John G Stark's War (Sgt Ethan Stark must choose which orders to obey in order to take moon back from foreign powers & keep his men alive; PBO) $5.99
Holder, Nancy Angel 2: Not Forgotten (TV tie_in; band of child pickpockets lead Angel & Co to wealthy businessman who's runnning illegal immigrant sweatshops; PBO) $4.99
Jacq, Christian Stone of Light (#1 of 4; desert wanderer is unlikely hero when devious military officer tries to steal ancient, hidden Egyptian city's stone of magical power; PBO) $16.00
Jensen, Ruby Jean The Haunting (horror reprint; woman moves into abandoned house, only to realize it's still gripped by history of bloodshed, murder) $5.99
King, William Warhammer: Skavenslayer (gaming tie_in; Gotrek & Felix 2, land in midst of plat by Chaos rat_ment to use sorcery to destroy city; PBO) $6.95
Lawhead, Stephen R The Celtic Crusades 1: The Iron Lance (Scots lawyer's search for his father leads to medieval Constantinople, the Holy Land & Saracen swords, ultimately to the Iron Lance that pierced Jesus) $6.99
Marco, John Tyrants & Kings 2: The Grand Design (exiled hero Richius Vantran's recalled to aid Bishop Herrith against foppish Count Biagio in struggle for Nar's rule, but judgement's skewed by urge for revenge against Biagio) $14.95
Mariotte, Jeff Buffy the Vampire Slayer 15:The Xander Years 2 (TV tie_in; 2nd collection novelizations of episodes revolving around Buffy's friend Xander; PBO) $4.99
Matz, Marc Nocturne for a Dangerous Man (21c hunter Gavilan Robie's hired by multicorp to find kidnapped employee, but will need all skills learned w/clandestine covert ops/rescue rescue team) $6.99
May, Julian The Rampart Worlds 2: Orion Arm ("lovable rogue takes on an evil genius to topple an intergalactic conspiracy"; PBO) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne Pegasus in Space (3rd in series; with permanent space station, moon, Mars colonies, overpopulated Earth has hope, but saboteurs have own agenda only Talented can stop, but who will protect them?) $25.00
McReynolds, Glenna Dream Stone (reluctant 12c Welsh warrior Mychael explores mysterious caverns, meets nymph Llynya who's sworn to fulfill vow despite evil forces intent on using them to change time, history) $6.50
Mezrich, Ben The X_Files: Skin (TV finale novelization) $6.50
Paxson, Diana L The Hallowed Isle: The Book of the Sword/The Book of the Stone (omnibus edition of 1st 2 books in Arthurian fantasy series) $6.50
Pondiscio, Robert The Future: An Owner's Manual (young reader non_fiction; speculation on "What the world will look like in the 21st century & beyond"; PBO) $5.99
Reeves_Stevens, Judith & Garfield Star Trek: DS9 Millennium 3: Inferno (DS9's crew has only seconds to prevent the True Reckoning while Pah_wraiths & their followers work to stop them; PBO) $6.50
Robinson, Frank M Waiting (man discovers that Neanderthals hiding among humans may threaten survival of human race) $7.99
Salvatore, RA The Demon Apostle (trilogy conclusion; ranger Elbryan & gemstone magic adept Pony work to drive evil from Corona, but demon_dominated Abbot Dalebert plots their destruction) $6.99
Sawyer, Robert J Flashforward (experiment searching for nuclear particle throws consciousness of human race ahead 20 years & pressure builds to repeat the experiment) $5.99
Schmitz, James H/Flint, Eric_ed Telzey Amberdon (collection of reissued adventures; xenotelepath Telzey takes on predatory alients, controlling Psychological Corps, telepathic serial killer & war between hidden mutant races) $6.99
Shatner, William Star Trek: Dark Victory ( Spectre sequel, 2nd in trilogy; Kirk's epic search to uncover mysterious group within Starfleet guarding secrets from past turns into obsession) $6.50
Sheffield, Charles The Compleat McAndrew ( One Man's Universe expansion; brilliant scientist Arthur McAndrew & spaceship captain Jeanie Roker get into and out of trouble in course of many adventures; PBO) $6.99
Sherwin, Jill The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book (reference; minutiae, memory testers, brain teasers, fill_in_the_blanks & multiple choice quizzes, mix_&_match games, more; PBO) $15.95
Shinn, Sharon Heart of Gold (on planet divided between rich/poor, strong/weak, intellect/feeling, scientist Nolan's questioning of privilege & passionate Katrini's defiance of hate's legacy join forces; PBO) $14.95
Shinn, Sharon Wrapt in Crystal (Interfed agent must immerse himself in world of stark spirituality to save 2 women when planet's religious sects fall victim to serial killer) $6.99
Simmons, Dan The Crook Factory (FBI agent Joe Lucas is sent by J Edgar Hoover to 1942 Cuba to keep eye on Ernest Hemingway & his ragtag spy ring, but game turns deadly when they find critical intelligence) $6.99
Smith, Dean Wesley Vor: The Maelstrom 3: Island of Power (gaming tie_in; appearance of island with alien city off Oregon coast may be key to Earth's escape from Maelstrom, but must overcome monsters & island disappearance; PBO) $6.50
Smith, L Neil Forge of the Elders (resurgent Marxism after 21st c economic collapse hits snag when mineral_rich asteroid also holds squidlike alien capitalists) $25.00
Stackpole, Michael A Star Wars: Dark Tide: Ruin (audio tape) $18.00
Steele, Allen Orbital Decay (sf reprint) $5.99
Stirling, SM On the Oceans of Eternity (Sea of Time 3 continues as Bronze and Information Age worlds converge; PBO) $6.99
Stirling, SM/Drake, David The General: The Reformer (philosopher Adrian Gellert encounters copy of collapsed galactic civilization's computer mind, turns to action, battle with humanity's future as prize; PBO?) $6.99
Tiedemann, Mark W Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery: Mirage (new novel set in Asimov's world; Derec Avery/Special Agent Mia Daverri investigate assassinations at conference of Spacers, Settlers & Earthers over restoration of robots; PBO) $14.00
Turtledove, Harry Into the Darkness (when old hostilities flare up, many nations use powerful, new magical weapons, bringing unprecedented destruction; first of series) $6.99
Walotsky, Ron Inner Visions (art; Ron Walotsky collection) $21.95
Williams, Walter Jon The Rift (when 8.9 earthquake hits Missouri, the entire heartland falls into the Rift, white mist rises from crevasse & survivors struggle with chaos) $6.50


Amend, Bill Foxtrot: Think iFruity (comic strip compilation) $9.95
Britain, Kristen Green Rider (young woman on the run discovers destiny in magical messenger) $6.99
Huff, Tanya Valor's Choice (in far future where Confederation allows humans, other races membership only in role of soldiers/defenders, price of diplomatic mission's failure may be worse than death; PBO) $6.99
Little, Denise_ed Perchance to Dream (anthology of original stories of dreamworlds from Duane, Nye, Bischoff, Lindskold, Norton, more; PBO) $6.99
Watson, Jude Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice 7: The Captive Temple (young adult; Obi_Wan and Qui_Gon Jinn investigate an assassination attempt against Yoda; all in the Jedi Temple are suspect) $4.99


Baum, L Frank Glinda of Oz (reprint) $21.95
Bear, Greg Star Wars: Rogue Planet (3 years post_ The Phantom Menace , Knight Kenobi/Padawan Skywalker seek mysterious planet's secret source of fast ships but must beat others to it & their bond's sorely tested; audio tape $25.00) $26.00
Bellamy, Edward Looking Backward: 2000_1887 (classic reprint; young Boston gentleman's transported into 21c S from world of war to one of peace, plenty; new intro by Walter James Miller) $5.95
Block, Francesca Lia I Was a Teenage Fairy (Barbie Marks, model and photographer wannabe, and Griffin Tyler, androgyous man with dark side, meet Mab, pinkie_sized fairy who may or may not be real) $7.95
Cavelos, Jeanne The Science of Star Wars (non_fiction; astrophysicist's independent examination of space trave, aliens, planets and robots from Star Wars films and books) $14.95
Cherryh, CJ Fortress of Dragons (4th in series; Shaped_man Tristan and King Cefwyn must defend their kingdom against a pretender to the throne and more) $24.00
Clemens, James The Banned & the Banished 2: Wit'ch Storm (Elena carries mark of wit'ch but can't control only magic able to defeat Dark Lord's evil, must quest with ageless warrior to lost city for help) $6.99
David, Peter Babylon 5: Legions of Fire 2: Armies of Light & Dark (as Centauri Prime struggles to rebuild after war, Shadow_allied Drakh, work to secretly master Centauri & defeat Insterstellar alliance; PBO) $6.50
Donegan, Greg (Robert Mayer) Atlantis: Bermuda Triangle (ex_Green Beret leads team into Bermuda Triangle to hunt down a nuclear missile launch) $6.99
Dozois, Gardner_ed The Furthest Horizon (anthology; visions of the far distant future: Brian Aldiss, Poul Anderson, Avram Davidson, Joe Haldeman, et al) $17.95
Elrod, PN The Dark Sleep (vampire PI Jack Fleming & human partner return to investigate simple blackmail case that's turned deadly) $6.50
Grubb, Jeff The Eternal Ice (as Ice Age 2 continues, Lim Dul seeks more power from deeper evil) $6.99
Haining, Peter_ed Knights of Madness (anthology of comic fantasy from Woody Allen, Beagle, Bradbury, Milligan, Pratchett, Peter Sellers, Mark Twain, more; PBO) $6.50
Harlan, Thomas The Shadow of Ararat (in alternate AD 600, Roman Emperor of West comes to aid of Empire of East in siege of Constantinople against Persia, with "bright swords & the darkest necromantic sorceries") $6.99
Holder, Nancy Gambler's Star 3: Invasions (Moonbase Vegas gambler Deuce McNamara's contending with Earth's invasion threats when wife & alien warn of alien invasion only he can stop; PBO) $5.99
Keyes, J Gregory The Age of Unreason 3: Empire of Unreason (in fantastical, ice_locked alternate 17c, supernatural creatures aim to destroy humans unless Ben Franklin & allied can stop them; PBO) $14.00
Little, Bentley The Town (horror; residents of small Arizona town are prey to evil, unable to leave) $6.99
Lumley, Brian Necroscope: Defilers (Jake Cutter wants revenge on mobsters who are hidden vampires, tracks master vampire to convent/crypt) $25.95
Lumley, Brian Necroscope: Invaders (a new Necroscope must lead E_Branch against the Vampire Lords & Lady who've invaded Earth, but he's already been poisoned by dead vampire's thoughts) $6.99
Mason, Lisa Pangaea 2: Imperium Afire (conclusion; political, geological uproar threatens upper class, as low_class terrorist dreams, midwife learns of class_based genegineering, rebel academic seeks lost continent; PBO) $6.50
McAuley, Paul J Book of Confluence 2: Ancients of Days (on artificial world of many bloodlines, Yama, sole survivor of Builder line, prophecy fulfillment & civil war pawn, pursues secrets of past; PBO) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne The Tower and the Hive (The Rowan's descendants face the looming destruction of all their work towards peace and prosperity) $6.99
McKinley, Robin Spindle's End (young adult; child raised by fairy and animals is haunted by curse) $19.95
Niven, Larry Rainbow Mars (time traveler from future denuded Earth seeks living species to transplant from past, finds key to destruction of sapient Mars life, possible similar fate for Earth) $6.99
Odom, Mel Sea Devil's Eye (Threat from Sea 3; Iakhovas' true objective revealed) $7.99
Priest, Christopher The Extremes (intelligence agent recovering from husband's death in shooting spree learns of another with too many similarities, leading to violent virtual_reality organization) $12.95
Routley, Jane Mage Heart (reprint; alternate Renaissance fantasy) $6.99
Salvatore, RA Night Masks (Cleric Quintet 3; Cadderly is haunted by Chaos Curse and sinister killer in city of assassins) $7.99
Sheffield, Charles Starfire (Alpha Centauri explosion radiation heads for earth, scientists race to build shield amid hysteria, murders, power struggles & discovery that blast wave isn't natural) $6.50
Shelley, Rick Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col Lon Noloan 5, leads Corps into war on frontier mining planet, but can he bring men through alive?; PBO) $5.99
Siegel, Jan Prospero's Children (First in trilogy; Yorkshire teen Fern Capel finds magic key washed up from destroyed Atlantis, key to door never meant for mortals to open) $24.00
Silverberg, Robert_ed Far Horizons (anthology of new short stories by great writers set in their created worlds, incl Benford, Haldeman, McCaffrey, Brin, Pohl, Le Guin, Simmons, Kress, Bear, Card, more) $6.99
Singleton, LJ ReGeneration 3: The Truth (young adult; teenage clone meets her original, a gorgeous model, who has been protected from the truth) $4.50
Stableford, Brian Architects of Emortality (from novella The Flowers of Evil ; rejuvenated plant designer Oscar Wilde, NYPD Det Charlotte Holmes investigate murder by genetically altered flowers) $6.99
Steele, Allen Lunar Descent (reprint of hard sf/engineering adventure) $5.99
Stephenson, Neal Cryptonomicon (as WWII efforts to keep Enigma codebreak secret, their descendents' efforts to hack, protect data lead to discovery of conspiracy their ancestors built) $16.00
Telep, Peter Red Planet (movie tie_in; astronauts on mission to determine Mars' ability to sustain humans must abandon damaged ship, but will commander leave them to die?; PBO) $6.99


Anthony, Piers/Leming, Ron The Gutbucket Quest (Texas bluesman is transported to world where everyone is after a particular magical guitar, the Gutbucket) $23.95
Bisson, Terry In the Upper Room (anthology; fantastic, ironic tales) $24.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer_presents Sword & Sorceress 17 (fantasy anthology featuring Paxson, Wheeler, Heydt, more; PBO) $6.99
Cavelos, Jeanne The Science of Star Wars (nonfiction) $14.95
Champetier, Joel The Dragon's Eye (secret agent on another planet must bring back turncoat from deep colonial territory) $13.95
Cherryh, CJ The Chanur Saga (omnibus reprint of sf trilogy: The Pride of Chanur , Chanur's Venture , The Kif Strike Back ) $7.99
Clough, Brenda The Doors of Death and Life (second in series; Edwin Barbarossa is sole survivor of shuttle disaster, then disappears, sends friend Rob Lewis to rescue) $23.95
Coleman, Loren L Battletech 47: Illusions of Victory (gaming tie_in; formerly disgraced Mechwarrior Michael Searcy is now lead player on war_gaming planet, but ancient grudges make championship match deadly; PBO) $5.99
Doyle, Debra/McDonald, James D Earth: Final Conflict 3: Requiem for Boone (crack commando Boone is tapped as protector of Companion Da'an, and founder of Resistance; audio tape avail $13.95) $24.95
Dozois, Gardner-ed. The Furthest Horizon (anthology of stories of the far future) $17.95
Forsyth, Kate The Witches of Eileanan 3: The Cursed Towers (flame_haired twins, warrior Iseult & witch Isabeau, must face oldest fears as new age dawns in kingdom; PBO) $6.99
Harlan, Thomas The Gate of Fire (sequel to The Shadow of Ararat ; continues increasingly dangerous conflicts both military and sorcerous) $27.95
Joyce, Graham Dreamside (lucid dreaming experiment returns to haunt and consume testers 10 years later) $23.95
King, William Warhammer: Daemonslayer (gaming tie_in; Gotrek & Felix's search for lost Dwarfhold runs into danger when daemonic power wakes to fulfill ancient, deadly promise; PBO) $6.95
Lackey, Mercedes Brightly Burning (stand_alone novel from Valdemar's prehistory S story of legendary Lavan Firestorm, whose talent for firestarting may be blessing or curse) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes The Black Swan (grieving sorcerer takes revenge on women, turns them into swans, but one's determined to free herself, fellow captives; adult retelling of Swan Lake ) $6.99
Lee, Tanith The Claidi Journals 1: Wolf Tower (young adult; orphan Claidi is an indentured royal handmaiden who joins conspiracy to free a handsome prisoner, and member of a dark conspiracy) $15.99
Marillier, Juliet Daughter of the Forest (Celtic princess must free her family from the encorcellment of their enemies) $25.95
McMullen, Sean Souls in the Great Machine (far future where machines have souls and humans war for their honor) $15.95
Niven, Larry/Barnes, Steven Saturn's Race (artificial island_city holds wonders and secret horror for young woman and her native lover) $24.95
Peel, John 2099 #5: Meltdown (young adult; renegade band of teen thieves fight to save humanity from revolution) $4.99
Reed, Robert Marrow (based on novella of immense Ship that contains a secret planet within) $25.95
Schultz/Woodring/Truman, et al Star Wars: Episode I Adventures (movie tie_in; anthology of short stories expanding on the story of the film) $12.95
Stableford, Brian The Fountains of Youth ("future history" 3, tale of potential immortality and study of death, broad change and growth of humanity) $24.95
Stanton, Mary Unicorns of Balinor 8: Shadows Over Balinor (young adult; Princess Arianna discovers the lost unicorns of Celetial Valley and how the shifting magic changed them into Shadow Unicorns) $4.50
Strnad/Winn/Nadeau/Jones/Ensign Star Wars: Prelude to Rebellion (pre_Episode I adventure; Jedi Knight resists technological conquest, murder charge by Trade Federation) $14.95
Thomas, Maggy Broken Time (janitor at Institute for galaxy's worst criminals, Siggy Lindquist catches eye of 2 most dangerous, is caught in building war between races only secret from past can stop; PBO) $6.99
van Vogt, AE The Empire of Isher (omnibus reprint; The Weapon Makers & The Weapon Shops of Isher ) $13.95
West, Tracey Pixie Tricks 1: Sprite's Secret ; 2: The Video Game Gremlin (ages 6_9) $3.99 each
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