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Newsletter #46 June - August, 1999


[PBO means Paperback Original]


Attanasio, AA The Serpent & the Grail (after Grail's stolen & drought strikes Britain, Ygrane makes dark deal with elf_prince, Merlin shows way underhill & Arthor must confront Serpent with Sword) $16.00
Aylett, Steve Slaughtermatic (virtual & reality tangle where murder & crime are art forms as ultra_cool Dante Cubit & pill_popping sidekick meet timetravelling copy, hitman;PBO) $13.95
Beagle, Peter S/Berliner, Janet_eds Peter S Beagle's Immortal Unicorn: Volume 2 (anthology of unicorn fantasies) $5.99
Bear, Greg 2nd Foundation Trilogy 2: Foundation & Chaos (as Hari Seldon stands trial for treason, Star's End migration leader, robot R Daneel Olivaw, finds robot's wiped commandments sparking rebellion) $6.99
Boulet, Susan Seddon_ill/Babcock_tx Power of the Bear (art; paintings by Boulet on Bear theme, with text by Michael Babcock) $25.00
Bouzereau, Laurent Star Wars: The Making of Episode 1 (movie/reference; behind_the_scenes look, including story development, creature & effects creation, location shoots, interviews with Lucas & crew; PBO) $19.95
Brin, David 2nd Foundation Trilogy 3: Foundation's Triumph (Hari Seldon escapes from exile, discovers Empire_wide robotic conspiracy) $25.00
Brite, Poppy Z The Crow 3: The Lazarus Heart (movie/comics tie_in; S&M photographer Jared Poe's sentenced to death for lover's murder, turns to The Crow to find the true killer & take revenge) $6.99
Brooks, Terry Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (movie novelization) $25
Cave, Peter Invasion:Earth: The Last Echo (cable TV tie_in; 50 yrs after bomb expert Charles Terrell left with alien who'd crashed in London, he returns to use knowledge of ECHOs to save humnty;PBO) $9.95
Chalker, Jack L Priam's Lens (humans head for the stars, but encounter with supremely powerful Titans sends unlikely crew to find ancient, hidden weapon or die; PBO) $6.99
Clemens, James The Banned & the Banished 2: Wit'ch Storm (Elena carries mark of wit'ch but can't control only magic able to defeat Dark Lord's evil, must quest with ageless warrior to lost city for help; PBO) $13.95
Climo, Shirley_ed/retold/annot A Serenade of Mermaids (young reader; anthology of mermaid tales from around the world, retold & annotated by Climo; PBO) $4.25
Cook, Jeff Dragonlance: Bridges of Time: The Rose & the Skull (Krynn's greatest order, Knights of Solamnia renew alliance with Knights of Takhisis to fight dragons, but all is threatened when Grand Master dies;PBO) $5.99
Coville, Bruce Odder Than Ever (yound adult short story collection) $16.00
Cunningham, Elaine Forgotten Realms: Evermeet: Island of Elves (when elves' ultimate refuge comes under devastating attack, Queen Amlaruil's sacrifice is their only hope; PBO) $6.99
de Lint, Charles Jack of Kinrowan (reprint; omnibus edition of urban fantasy novels Jack the Giant_Killer & Drink Down the Moon ) $14.95
Derleth, August_ed New Horizon's: Yesterday's Portraits of Tomorrow (Arkham House reprint of anthology of sf from Golden Age pulps & original tales incl Leinster, Wells, Long, Coblentz, Wandrei, more) $24.95
Duane, Diane Wizardry 4: A Wizard Abroad (young reader;Nita's separated from magic_partner Kit for visit with aunt in Ireland, but lands in midst of wizards' battle with creatures from Irish myth) $6.00
Frankland, Edward Arthur the Bear of Britain (reprint of 1944 story the 12 great battles Arthur fights, the fall of London & the Saxons, the road to the west & final, treacherous battle at Camlann) $14.95
Garner, Alan Elidor (young reader reprint; 4 ordinary things lead the Watson kids on adventure into magical world in pursuit of 4 ancient Treasures before evil forces) $6.00
Gemmell, David Drenai Saga 4: The Legend of Deathwalker (axeman Druss the Legend joins warrior Talisman to find Eyes of Alchazzar to save dying friend & unite Nadir tribes against evil of the Gothir; PBO) $6.99
Griffin, Eric Vampire:The Masquerade: Clan 2: Tzimisce (horror; Kindred clan Tzimisce emerges from dungeons & labs to join Masquerade when Old World monster Sascha Vykos rallies Sabbat forces; PBO) $5.99
Haining, Peter The Invasion:Earth Companion (cable TV reference; behind_scenes look at sf series of future Earth threatened by 50_year alien infiltration) $16.95
Harness, Charles L An Ornament to His Profession (NESFA Press; collection of 17 stories includes previously unpublished "Lethary Fair", intro pieces & critical material from Hartwell, Zebrowski) $25.00
Hartwell, David G_ed The Year's Best SF 4 (anthology of new stories from Baxter, Benford, Brin, Kress, Sterling, Swanwick, Rosenblum, Spinrad, Jablokov, Flynn, Reed, more; PBO) $6.50
Hauptmann, Richard A The Work of Jack Williamson (NESFA Press reference; annotated bibliography & guide to novels, short fiction, non_fiction & other media works, plus miscellanea, more) $17.00
Jarocha_Ernst, Chris A Cthulhu Mythos: Bibliography & Concordance (horror/reference; companion to HPLovecraft's world, includes title list, term/pseudonym/collaborations guide, contemporary work directory, 2600citations, more;PBO) $27.95
Jenkins, Garry Empire Building:Remarkable Real Life Story of Star Wars (media tie_in/reference; revised & updated edition examines how series, its themes, special effects, making, turned Hollywood upside down) $15.95
King, Gabriel The Golden Cat ( The Wild Road sequel; Queen of Cats bears 3 kittens matching prophecy, but Tag & friend must come to rescue when they're kidnapped) $24.50
Lane, Andy The Babylon File: Volume 2 (TV reference;unauthorized guide incl episode guide, bloopers, unscreened scenes, movie/book/comic coverage, roots in SF, world's aliens,politics,more;PBO) $7.95
Like, Russel After the Blue (100 yrs after Gruumsbaggians accidentally destroyed human civilization, they're returned to fix things, from templates of old books, mags, videos;PBO) $12.95
Lisle, Janet Taylor Afternoon of the Elves (young reader/reprint; Hillary befriends Sara_Kate & helps her maintain elf village, but slowly realizes elves aren't only mystery in Sara_Kate's world) $4.99
Lowder,Jms/Whitney_RobinsonVoronica Ravenloft: Spectre of the Black Rose ( Knight of the Black Rose sequel; darklord Soth struggles to keep reign of Sithicus from crumbling as word of White Rose haunts land; PBO) $5.99
Lucas, George Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (movie's final shooting script, illustrated by movie storyboards; PBO) $14.95
McCurdy, Howard E Space & the American Imagination (non_fiction/Smithsonian History of Aviation series;explores how movies, books, magazines, TV helped motivate space program, tapped deep cultural ideals) $17.95
Pierce, Meredith Ann Darkangel Trilogy 3: The Pearl of the Soul of the World (young reader; as people form army led by redeemed darkangel, prepare to attack White Witch, but Aeriel must unravel Ravenna's riddle,use pearl to save them) $6.00
Priest, Christopher eXistenZ (movie tie_in; gaming goddess's new system taps players so deeply it blurs reality, sparks opposition group, assassination attempt;PBO) $6.50
Reisig, Michael The Hawks of Kamalon (in 1944, a small squadron of British and American aircraft take off to bomb Germany, but end up on a planet thousands of light-years away, where they are needed to help stop an invasion) $7.99
Reynolds, Dr David West Star Wars:Episode I: Incredible Cross_Sections (movie reference; intricate details of machines seen in movie, their use, structure, history, more) $19.95
Salewicz, Chris George Lucas Close Up: The Making of His Movies (media reference/biography; examination of how Lucas took control of his works, plus collection of Variety reviews & credits for each movie) $13.95
Stableford, Brian The Dictionary of Science Fiction Places (reference; encyclopedia of places, worlds created in sf stories, with their history, geography & inhabitants, plus cross_references, illos; PBO) $19.95
Stanton, Mary Unicorns of Balinor 1: The Road to Balinor (young reader; when darkness descends on magical world, Princess Arianna & her unicorn are sent to Earth to safety, but evil follows; PBO) $4.50
Stanton, Mary Unicorns of Balinor 2: Sunchaser's Quest (young reader; Princess Arianna returns to magical world threatened by evil but has no memory of her past, but must find help for wounded unicorn; PBO) $4.50
Turtledove, Harry The Great War: American Front ( How Few Remain sequel; as US & Confederate States enter alternate WWI on opposite sides, scientific advances take conflict to unprecedented levels) $7.99
Weis, Margaret/Baldwin, David Dragon's Disciple 1: Dark Heart (Justinian, Lord Sterling gets immortality from Dragon for kills, but refuge in role as cop means Lt Sandra McCormick must stop kills_then they meet) $5.99
Wieck, Stewart Vampire:The Masquerade: Clan 1: Toreador (horror;Kindred clan Toreador profiled_dismissed as hedonists, probed by sculptor Leopold to find truth of past, as Victoria Ash uses museum to build power;PBO) $5.99
Wright, Ronald A Scientific Romance (curator David Lambert thinks return of HG Wells' time machine is hoax until it takes him into future & he must face ruins of life, erotic obssession) $13.00
Wurts, Janny The Cycle of Fire (omnibus reprint of fantasy trilogy__ Stormwarden , Keeper of the Keys & Shadowfane ) $16.00
Yolen, Jane Tartan Magic: The Wizard's Map (young reader; on visit to Scotland, young Molly & twin siblings find old card game, Patience, that summons dark wizard's ancient map that alters world) $15.00
Yolen, Jane Wizard's Hall (young reader; being sent away to learn magic seems like a disaster until Wizard's Hall is threatened by a sorcerer's beast & Henry must save them all) $6.00


Anthony,Piers/Richey,James/Riggs, A Quest for the Fallen Star (High Bishop charges travellers with taking the Thunderwood staff to safety to preserve the Realm, but the Dark One & his minions aren't far behind) $6.99
Baker, Richard Star*Drive: Zero Point (bounty hunter & cybernetic killer Peter Sokolov is caught in power struggle in abyss between stars; PBO) $5.99
Blish, James Star Trek: Spock Must Die! (reprint of TV tie_in classic) $5.50
Borchardt, Alice The Silver Wolf (Regeane enters crumbling Rome, but dual heritage from Charlemagne & as shapeshifter, makes her both hunter & hunted) $6.99
Bova, Ben Return to Mars ( Mars sequel; after fame,success sour on Earth, Cmdr Jamie Waterman's back on Mars, but rivalry, deadly accidents threaten mission to reach dwellings) $25.00
Bradbury, Ray Something Wicked This Way Comes (trade paperback reprint of classic story of the fantastic, with new author afterword) $15.00
Bush, Anne Kelleher The Knight, the Harp & the Maiden (when noblewoman/songsayer Juilene rejects evil wizard ruler Lindos' marriage offer, she must flee but meets mysterious knight foretold to be savior;PBO) $6.99
Coville, Bruce Buce Coville's Alien Visitors; Shapeshifters (young readers; anthologies of strange_creature stories by Bradbury, Tilton, Watt_Evans, Yolen, more; PBO) $4.99 each
Cox, Greg X_Men & the Avengers: Gamma Quest Trilogy 1 (media tie_in; superhero groups join forces to defeat the Leader who's kidnapped members of their groups; PBO) $6.99
Crowther, Peter_ed Moon Shots (anthology of original lunar tales, intro by Ben Bova;PBO) $6.99
Danvers, Dennis End of Days ( Circuit of Heaven sequel; young man finds Bin prototype, its creator, then entire Bin & disembodied people, but zealot Gabriel aims to stop them) $16
Dietz, William C By Blood Alone (Legion misfit Col Bill Booly's punishment assignment to Earth turns into best defense against Legion_led military coup that topples government; PBO) $6.99
Douglas, Ian Heritage Trilogy 2: Luna Marine (after Mars city's found in 2040, war erupts between US/Russia/Japan vs United Nations & now spreads to moon witn Marines in lead; PBO) $5.99
Drake, David The Lord of the Isles 2: Queen of Demons (Garric, Sharina, Cashel & Tenoctris cross the world to confront forces of evil as cosmic magic reaches millennial peak) $6.99
Elrod, PN The Vampire Files 8: The Dark Sleep (in post_prohibition Chicago, vampire detective Jack Fleming must get incriminating letters from socialite's ex, but flying bullets indicate more is going on) $21.95
Evans, Quinn Taylor Merlin's Legacy 6: Daughter of Camelot (prequel; Merlin's orphaned niece Rianne grows up unaware of magic legacy, but encounter with Tristan wakes powers & heart; PBO) $5.99
Farmer, Philip Jose The Dark Heart of Time (Tarzan tracks kidnapped Jane to mysterious & terrifying City Built by God, despite hunters on his trail; PBO) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean The Founding of the Commonwealth 1: Phylogenesis (after 1st contact, human & Thranx leaders struggle with alliance, but one Thranx breaks rules & connects with small_time human criminal, changes both worlds) $24.00
Fowler, Karen Joy Black Glass (collection of fantastical short fiction; "enchanting, playful & ironic...layer an element of strangeness over the ordinary") $12.95
Friedman, CS This Alien Shore (in universe of ex_colony_controlled trade, woman escapes attack on Earth satellite, pursued by unknown foes & discovers secret within may change universe) $6.99
Fujishima, Kosuke Oh My Goddess!: Terrible Master URD (graphic novel; manga adventure of college student with live_in trio of mystical goddesses erupt when one looses her goddess license;PBO) $12.95
Gabaldon, Diana The Outlandish Companion (reference; companion to "Outlander" time_travel saga, with novel synopses, character lists & geneologies, Gaelic glossary & pronunciation, research, more) $24.95
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W Michael People of the Masks (10th in North American prehistory saga) $6.99
Grant, Richard Kaspian Lost (teen leaves Earth for 4 days, recalls strange beings & dead father, but adults aim to control 'rebellion'__can he still find heart of Great Mystery?) $24
Green, Simon R Swords of Haven: Adventures of Hawk & Fisher (omnibus reprint of 3 sword_&_sorcery adventures: Hawk & Fisher, Winner Takes All & The God Killer ) $6.99
Grell, M/Mhan, P/Lee, N Magic:The Gathering: Gerrard's Quest (graphic novel/gaming tie_in; Gerrard & ship's crew set out to save captured captain & confront enemy battleship, stronghold's horrors; PBO) $12.95
Grubb, Jeff Magic:The Gathering: Ice Age 1: The Gathering Dark (Dominaria attempts to rebuild ruin left by Brothers' War by oppressing magic &its users;PBO) $5.99
Hamilton, Peter F The Nano Flower (telepathic investigator Greg Mandel 3, traces origin of flower with genes millions of years beyond terrestrial DNA) $6.99
Heller, Carol The Stones of Stiga (Shunlar returns to present Ranth with their son, but finds death spells, treachery, war threatening Kalaven, must find answers in dragons, deserted ruins;PBO) $5.99
Jones, Diana Wynne The Magicians of Caprona (young reader/Chrestomanci novel reprint; only Tonino lacks family ability to make spells, but can communicate with cats, which may help him save city) $5.95
Kathryns, GA The Borders of Life (elderly town patron returns home to die, but mysterious man gives her key to garden where dead live & years_ago murder's tied to garden's secret; PBO) $6.99
Kress, Nancy David Brin's Out of Time: Yanked! (in 2565, endangered semi_utopia 'yanks' 20c teens from their time to solve problems; here, Jason & Sharon must battle grotesque humanoid army; PBO) $4.99
Marley, Louise The Terrorists of Irustan (healer on world oppressive to women, Zahra agrees to friend's plan to save daughter from cruel marriage, but their silent terrorism has unforeseen consequences;PBO) $13.95
McAuley, Paul J Books of Confluence 1: Child of the River (into god_abandoned world of 10,000 beast_based bloodlines grown to war, heresy comes last, greatest child of great line, who has yet to learn his purpose) $6.99
McConnell, Ashley Stargate SG_1: The Price You Pay (media tie_in; Col O'Neill & team are stranded on world that provides Goa'uld hosts & the Goa'uld are on the way; PBO) $5.99
Miller, Frank/Gibbons, Dave Martha Washington Saves the World (graphic novel; insane, global AI bent on enslaving Earth meets her match in captain of interplanetary mission to observe asteroid with key to Creation; PBO) $12.95
Modesitt, LE Jr The Ghost of the Revelator ( Of Tangible Ghosts sequel;invitation to Deseret brings danger, intrigue to Prof John Eschbach, only knowledge of ghosts' physical nature may save them) $6.99
Nylund, Eric S Signal to Noise (computer cryptographer deciphers business messages from deep space, but government, multinationals, friends & mystery players all want piece of action) $6.99
O'Donohoe, Nick The Gnomewrench in the Dwarfworks (US engineer investigates WWII order for furnace fit for 3_ft_tall person & finds dwarves, allies & equally unusual enemies; PBO) $6.50
Pierson, Chris DragonLance: Bridges of Time Series: Dezra's Quest (10 years after centaur chieftain's pact with Chaos during 2nd Cataclysm, lone centaur travels to Solace to get help from Hero of the Lance Caramon; PBO) $5.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Riptide (cursed pirate's treasure sparks high_tech recovery effort, but the treacherous Water Pit on island off Maine coast may defeat the best tech) $7.50
Resnick, Mike Kirinyaga (in 23rd century,Kenyan leader establishes utopian society on asteroid, modeled on pre_European Africa, but faces opposition from Earth & his followers) $12.95
Rollins, James Subterranean (team of specialists enter labyrinth leading from Antarctic to center of earth through wonders, terrors & mystery older than time; PBO) $6.99
Routley, Jane Aramaya (mage Dion 3, searches for niece in corrupt capitol of decadent Aramaya into necromancy & deceit at palace with archenemy at center of web;PBO) $13.50
Rovin, Jeff Vespers (horror; NY detective & Bronx Zoo expert team up to stop murders by evil, deadly bats) $6.99
Russell, Sean The River Into Darkness 2: The Compass of the Soul (Erasmus Flattery struggles with mage Eldrich's command to eliminate Tellerite leader & loyalty to her, undertakes quest that overturns all he believes) $6.99
Salvatore, RA Forgotten Realms: The Silent Blade (reprint; Drizzt Do'Urden & Wulfgar face assassin Artemis Entreri, their greatest enemy) $6.99
Shinn, Sharon The Shapechanger's Wife (reprint; student of wizardry seeks to learn from shapechanger, but discovers his most valuable possession__his wife) $5.99
Smith, Dean Wesley Men in Black: The Green Saliva Blues (movie tie_in; MIB agents Jay & Elle take on happy alien couple & their carnivorous guests; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Dean Wesley/Rusch, KristineK The Tenth Planet (humanity discovers planet beyond Pluto bears hibernating inhabitants who emerge every 800 years to harvest food supply from Earth; PBO) $5.99
Stackpole, M/Nadeau, J/Ensign, J Star Wars:X_Wing Rogue Squadron: In the Empire's Service (graphic novel/media tie_in; Wege & the Rogues must face down the Empire's greatest ace, who trained many of the Rogues, & his Fighter Division; PBO) $12.95
Stackpole, Michael A Star Wars: I, Jedi (media tie_in; as new Jedi train, a secret cadre of pirates threaten the New Republic & only Luke Skywalker can stop them) $5.99
Sterling, Bruce A Good Old_Fashioned Future (collection of sf stories "ranging from steely extrapolation to cruel & clever satire", includes previously unpublished novella "Taklamakon" ; PBO) $6.99
Stover, Matthew Woodring Heroes Die (adventures of man who's superstar actor on Earth, as well as master assassin on planet Overworld; includes author interview) $6.99
Sumner, Mark News from the Edge: Vampires of Vermont (tabloid reporter Savvy McKinnon 3, finds interview with vampire leading to much worse; PBO) $5.99
Thomson, Amy The Color of Distance (human survivor on alien planet is reborn in savior's image, but's trapped on savior's world; Campbell_winning author, Dick_nominee novel) $6.50
Turner, Jim_ed Cthulhu 2000 (anthology of tales pay homage to Lovecraft's creation, from Wilson, Brite, Ellison, Sterling, Zelazny, Russ, Klein, Friesner, Ligotti, Wolfe,Newman,more) $12.95
Waugh, Sylvia Mennyms Alive (young reader #5; family of living dolls is suddenly left without life force, except for lone blue Mennym__then the others wake up, but to what life?) $4.50
Whyte, Jack The Sorceror: The Metamorphosis (#6 in series of non-magical, historically plausible version of the Arthurian mythos) $23.95


Cornwell, Bernard Warlord Chronicles 3: Excalibur (King Arthur struggles against Saxon as he desperately tries to surmount ruined marriage, broken dreams) $14.95
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: 12th Annual Collection (anthology includes Borges, de Lint, Dowling, Etchison, Kessel, Sherman, Smith, Straub, more, plus Bryant's film wrap_up; hc avail $29.95) $17.95
Dickson, Gordon R Way of the Pilgrim (reprint) $15.95
Hickam, Homer H Jr Back to the Moon (when NASA insiders hijack final shuttle flight with secret consortium backing, scientist at helm learns there's more to plot, must decide who to trust) $23.95
Joyce, Graham Dark Sister (couple moves into ordinary townhouse, but find diary of generations of secret Wiccan herb_lore, discover hidden powers & wake a sinister force) $22.95
MacLeod, Ken The Cassini Division (elite, 24c defense force leader Ellen May Ngewthu's plan to rid humanity of godlike "posthumans" leads around world & into deep space to reveal truth) $22.95
Matz, Marc Nocturne for a Dangerous Man (21c hunter Gavilan Robie's hired by multicorp to find kidnapped employee, but will need all skills learned with clandestine covert ops/rescue team) $25.95
Modesitt, LE Jr Gravity Dreams (man raised in conservative religious culture is exiled to advanced, space_faring civilization, becomes space pilot & meets__God?) $24.95
Modesitt, LE Jr The Forever Hero (omnibus reprint of Dawn for a Distant Earth, The Silent Warrior, In Endless Twilight ; humans return to Earth after millennia, find primitive humans) $17.95
Peck, Catherine_ed A Treasury of North American Folktales (compilation of tales, includes Indian tribes, Cajun bayous, Hispanic SW, Ozarks, more) $29.95
Rucker, Rudy Saucer Wisdom (in "non_fiction novel", Rucker considers views of the world from man abducted by inhabitants of tiny flying saucer, ever_more distant future) $23.95
Shwartz, Susan Cross & Crescent ( Shards of Empire sequel; as Turks invade Byzantium & capture Jerusalem, the Frankish & Norman armies come to the rescue, but with their own agenda) $14.95
Watts, Peter Starfish (volunteers surgically altered to work in deep ocean experimental stations are psychotic & begin to question survival as disaster approaches from below) $23.95
Williams, Billy Dee/MacGregor, Rob Psi/Net (ex_Air Force Maj Trent Calloway's past involvement in CIA "psychic spying" project comes back to haunt him when he's drugged & bound to psychic nexus) $22.95
Windling, Terri/Sherman, Delia_eds The Essential Bordertown (anthology of new tales set in city on uneasy border between Faerie & Human, from de Lint, Brust, McKillip, Kushner, Sherman, Stevermer, more) $14.95


Alexander, Lloyd The Iron Ring (when King Tamar of Sundari gambles away kindom, wealth & own freedom, he sets out on quest to pay debt & free himself from magic ring of bondage) $4.99
Dunnett, Dorothy House of Niccolo_4: Scales of Gold; 5: The Unicorn Hunt (reprints of 4th & 5th in Renaissance saga) $15.00 each
Greenwald, Jeff Future Perfect: How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth (non_fiction /media tie_in; "insightful, irreverent & sometimes hilarious" survey of TV show's worldwide influence, includes interviews, more) $13.95
Kennealy_Morrison, Patricia Keltiad 8: The Deer's Cry (in 453, half_Sidhe Brendan must lead the faerie Danaan & followers of the Old Ways to the stars before invader drives magic from the land) $6.50
Silverberg, Robert Lord Prestimion (Prestimion's achieved rule of Majipoor, but now must cope with consequences of Spell of Oblivion he invoked on winning devastating war) $24.00
Silverberg, Robert The Alien Years (when aliens come to Earth, telepathically enslave collaborators & strip Earth of electricity, the Carmichael family & fellow rebels refuse to submit) $6.99
Tolkien, JRR Roverandom (story Tolkien created for son in 1925 about adventures of dog that's transformed into toy, searches for wizard & wins back his life) $12.00
Williams, Walter Jon The Rift (when 8.9 earthquake hits Missouri, the entire heartland falls into the Rift, white mist rises from crevasse & survivors struggle with chaos) $25.00


Athans, Philip Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate (game novelization; dead god's son fights way along Sword Coast in search of truth that may rip world apart; PBO) $5.99
Baron, M/Biukovic, E/Shanower, E Star Wars: The Last Command (graphic novel/media tie_in /concludes Thrawn Trilogy; clone army threatens to overwhelm New Republic, dark Jedi kidnaps Han, Leia's newborn twins;PBO) $17.95
Brooks, Terry A Knight of the Word (presidential candidate in 2000 race faces California, brother's 12_year-old murder & secrets from past while abortion activist targets him for "statement") $6.99
Burns, Stephen L Flesh & Silver (doctor outcast for giving up humanity to heal with psychic power, mechanical precision as Bergmann surgeon must reclaim life when despot kidnaps him;PBO) $5.99
Chester, Deborah Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles 3: The Crystal Eye (media tie_in; Viis rule ends amid wasted resources, slave rebellions & prophecy unfolding as Ampris the Exile's story concludes; PBO) $6.99
Coe, David B The Lon Tobyn Chronicle 2: The Outlanders (when magical order discovers technological source of attacks, young mage Orris travels to heart of Lon_Ser only to find long_lost order splinter group) $6.99
Coleman, Loren L Battletech 45:Capellan Solution 2: The Killing Fields (gaming tie_in; Chancellor Sun_Tzu Liao finds dream of reuniting, controlling Compact through war dying as war carries on for years; PBO) $5.99
Cooney, Caroline B Prisoner of Time (young adult; when 16_year_old Devonny steps out of 19c to escape arranged marriage, she turns to Tod Lockwood for help) $4.99
Cox, Greg X_Men & the Avengers: Gamma Quest Trilogy 2 (media tie_in; superhero groups ally with the Hulk to find kidnapped teammates, realize foe is gamma_powered Leader, Gamma Sentinels & more; PBO) $6.99
Daniells, Cory Broken Vows (last survivor of her people, Imoshen must face General Tulkhan's invasion & gain his trust while her betrothed leads rebels) $5.99
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner_eds Future War (anthology of military sf by Dick, Shepard, Haldeman, Steele, more; PBO) $5.99
Dann, Joshua Timeshare: A Time for War (trilogy conclusion; John Surrey transports himself & '40s girlfriend back to London during Blitz, learns war, straddling present & past are hell; PBO) $5.99
Dunn, JR Full Tide of Light (century after Earth holocaust refugees settle grim planet, rebels rise against ageless Lady Amalfi as ship nears, possibly with ex_humans who destroyed world) $5.99
Dunsany, Lord The King of Elfland's Daughter (reprint of epic fantasy classic; young prince dares forest to find land of Faerie & bring back Elf_Princess as bride; Neil Gaiman intro) $12.00
Emerson, Ru Greyhawk: Against the Giants (game novelization; "brave heroes battle fierce giants"; PBO) $5.99
Emerson, Ru Xena, Warrior Princess: Go Quest, Young Man 1 (TV tie_in; when Xena discovers Joxer's quest involves King of Sparta & venal priest of Apollo, she decides to discover, stop their plan; PBO) $5.99
Finch, Sheila David Brin's Out of Time: Tiger in the Sky (teens are "yanked" from various times to solve supposed utopia's problems must cope with cute but electrically & mentally devastating aliens; PBO) $4.99
Flewelling, Lynn Nightrunner 3: Traitor's Moon (Alec & Seregil are sent to persuade Seregil's homeland to ally with Skala in war, but when Queen dies during negotiations, all hell breaks loose;PBO) $6.50
Green, Sharon The Blending 5: Prophecy (the Chosen Five, wielders of elemental magic, must join with Destiny to defeat usurping Five, invaders & peasant revolt;PBO) $6.50
Hemingway, Hilary/Lindsay, Jeffry Dreamchild (as unique hybrid of human & alien, 5_year_old Max holds the future in his hands, but will he survive long enough to fulfill his purpose?) $6.99
Jeter, KW Star Wars:The Bounty Hunter Wars 3: Hard Merchandise (media tie_in; Boba Fett struggles to survive conspiracy, Bossk re_establishes guild & Kuat's machinations have shocking outcome; PBO) $5.99
Keyes, J Gregory Babylon 5: Final Reckoning 3: The Fate of Bester (TV tie_in; as new resistance topples Psi Corps & targets Bester as war criminal, he goes on run but justice & vengeance close in;PBO) $5.99
Krane, Steven Teek (covert Agency experiments continue under wealthy master for unknown purpose until one subject escapes & her children become factor in pursuit; PBO) $6.99
Leith, Valery Everien 1: Company of Glass (in world of fluid geography & protean reality, deadly force moves & man with key to saving world refuses battle, except for debt to friend's daughter;PBO) $13.95
Mallory, James Merlin 1: The Old Magic (TV tie_in;Queen Mab's magic_trained heir, meant to lead return to Old Ways, turns against her cruelty, plunges into magic war with evil Queen of Faery;PBO) $6.99
May, Julian The Rampart Worlds: Perseus Spur (Asahel Frost's expelled from Interstellar Commers Secretariat & exiled on remote planet, but assassination attempts lead to deadly conspiracy; PBO) $6.99
McAuley, Paul J Books of Confluence 2: Ancient of Days (on artificial world of many bloodlines, Yama, sole survivor of Builder line, prophecy fulfillment & civil war pawn, pursues secrets of past;PBO) $16.00
McKiernan, Dennis L. Hel's Crucible Duology 2: Into the Fire (Tipperton & Beau find coin delivered to King Agron is plea for help from King Blaine in Great War of the Ban, lead Agron's army against Black Mage;PBO) $6.99
Norton, Andre/Greenberg, MH_eds Catfantastic V (anthology of fantasy cat tales by Lackey, Drake, Longyear, Watt_Evans, Norton, more; PBO) $6.99
Robinson, Kim Stanley Antarctica (in near future, the Antarctic continent becomes battleground between exploiters & preservers) $6.99
Saberhagen, Fred Book of the Gods 1: The Face of Apollo (when ancient gods return, Jeremy Redthorn fulfills dying stranger's wish, takes on powerful talisman, but it may not protect from humans or immortals) $6.99
Smith, Michael Marshall One of Us (ex_cop Hap Thompson's job is having people's dreams for them but side job caretaking woman's memories gets him involved in murder & deadly pursuit) $6.50
Springer, Nancy Sky Rider (young adult; Dusty struggles with mom's death, dad's drinking & ailing horse, but suspects eerie boy who healed horse may be ghost of boy killed on dad's land;PBO) $15.00
Stableford, Brian Inherit the Earth (in healthy but sterile 22c New Utopia, son of artificial womb's inventor becomes target of shadowy terrorist group) $6.99
Stasheff, Christopher A Wizard in Rhyme 5: My Son, the Wizard (ordinary joe_turned wizard Matt Mantrell whisks parents from NJ to enchanted world, but invading Moors, sinister sorcerers, devilish djinn plague them) $6.99
Stasheff, Christopher The Spell_Bound Scholar (Gallowglass family's youngest son Gregory, Gramarye's most eligible bachelor, is ultimate challenge for enemy Moraga & her powers; PBO) $6.99
Thomson, Amy Through Alien Eyes (two members of alien species struggle to survive on Earth; "a decidedly different point of view"; PBO) $13.95
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy_eds DragonLance:Heroes & Fools: Tales of the 5th Age (anthology of stories set in early 5th Age by Weis/Perrin, Berberick, Knaak, Niles, O'Donohoe; PBO) $6.99
Wells, Martha Death of the Necromancer (nobleman/thief Nicholas Valiarde's quest to kill count who had godfather executed for necromancy is hampered by strange, deadly necromantic interference) $6.99
West, Michelle The Sun Sword 3: The Shining Court (the Festival of the Moon may be key to Shining Court's triumph or humanity's last chance to defeat demon's Lord; PBO) $6.99
Wilson, Robert Charles Darwinia (in 1920, scientific expedition travels into interior of nightmarish, alien jungle continent that replaced Europe 8 years before; Hugo Award nominee) $6.99


Anderson, Poul Operation Luna ( Operation Chaos sequel; angry spirits try to stop space launch after life's discovered on moon, lead witch Ginny, engineer/werewolf Steve to intervene) $22.95
Besher, Alexander Chi (in 2038, drug of choice is chi essence drained from human slaves, but when immortality through new type of chi's offered by new species,the race is on) $24.00
Clarke, Arthur C Greetings, Carbon_Based Bipeds! Collected Works 1934_1998 (collection of non_fiction essays, reporting & predictions about scientific developments, each with new intro; "technological prophet & cultural conscience") $35.00
Cordy, Michael Crime Zero (near future government starts to alter 'violence genes' of criminal, but FBI forensic psychologist Luke Decker unwittingly lands on path of program's logical conclusion) $25.00
Drake, David Lord of the Isles 3: Servant of the Dragon (Cashel, Sharina, Garric & Ilna continue journeys through kingdoms of the Isles as Sharina's pulled back through time by wizard's spirit) $26.95
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W Michael The Visitant (physical anthropologist Dr Maureen Cole examines mass grave found in New Mexico, but eerie, threatening events, voices of dead lead to Anasazi mystery) $19.95
Grant, Charles Millenium Quartet 4: Riders in the Sky (4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse gather, War prepares to lead Earth's doom, but handful of people transformed by the Horsemen are ready to face them) $25.95
Holland, Cecilia Valley of the Kings (associational; archaeologist Howard Carter confronts modern bureacracy & ancient cunning in search for treasures of King Tut's tomb) $11.95
Kessel, John The Pure Product (collection of 19 short stories from comic sf writer; "darkly comic vision is wackily funny, brilliantly cruel & joltingly powerful") $14.95
Kress, Nancy Beaker's Dozen collection of short stories from Hugo & Nebula winner, includes "Flowers of Aulit Prison" & novella "Beggars in Spain") $13.95
Resnick, Mike A Hunger in the Soul (medical researcher tries to disappear into Bushveld jungles, but journalist/adventurer's sent to bring him back to human_settled galaxy to fight plague) $14.95
Robins, Madeline E The Stone War (John Tietjen returns to NY as refugees with contradictory stories leave, gathers survivors & re_homesteads city & faces the true nature of the catastrophe) $23.95
van Vogt, AE The War Against the Rull (sf adventure classic reprinted, expanded with Rull stories not included in novel) $12.95


Andreadis, Athena To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek (non_fiction/media tie_in; examination of biological ideas from Star Trek & how they relate to current understanding of scientific principles) $12.00
DeWeese, Gene Lost in Space: The Vault (movie tie_in; the Robinsons find devastated planet with only building left full of doors to alien experience & vast power__which Dr Smith wants; PBO) $5.99
Disch, Thomas M The Sub: A Study in Witchcraft (woman finds recovery of abuse memories brings transformative powers, but her enemies' powers & father's evil may be greater than her new abilities) $24.00
Ellis, Richard Imagining Atlantis (survey of theories, myths, history of search for Atlantis with views from Verne, Cayce, Cousteau, Bacon, Berlitz, more) $14.00
Hoffman, Alice Fireflies: A Winter Tale (when the fireflies don't arrive on May 1st & his village is frozen in winter, Jackie doesn't expect that his clumsiness will save the village) $14.99
Jacques, Brian Seven Strange & Ghostly Tales (young reader/reprint; collection of 7 short, spooky tales) $5.99
Jensen, Jan Lars Shiva 3000 (2 quarreling friends cross future India & encounter gods of the Hindu pantheon in adventures, conflicts & more) $24.00
Long, Jeff The Descent (demonic hordes & their satanic overlords erupt into world & military, industry, academics & ordinary individuals attempt to respond) $24.00
McCarthy, Helen/Clements, Jonathan The Erotic Anime Movie Guide (media reference; guide to Japanese animation's controversial sub_genre with filmography, terms, ratings, plots, personnel, etc) $17.95
McKenna, Juliet E Einarinn 1: The Thief's Gamble (thief Livak depends on obscurity to survive, but gamble on trip to Archmage's city, theft of tankard with ancient magic secrets puts her in spotlight;PBO) $6.99
Molstad, Stephen Independence Day 3: War in the Desert (movie tie_in; rival pilots leading Mid_East forces learn "successful" air war's opened way for alien ambush & union is only way to stop them; PBO) $6.99
Steiber, Ellen The X Files 12: Grotesque (TV tie_in/young adult; Mulder & Scully investigate claims of serial killer who believes he's possessed by ancient, malicious gargoyle; PBO) $4.50
Thompson, Kate Switchers (young adult;besides ability to become various animals, Switchers Tess & Kevin have led different lives but must join forces to face threat of disaster) $5.99
Zebrowski, George Brute Orbits (asteroid prisons are given "errors" in velocity to keep them away, but when scientists are able to reach them, they find colonies adapted to brutal conditions) $6.99


Alexander, David Tomorrow's Soldier (non_fiction; exploration of probable course of military weaponry, tactics & training in 21st century;PBO) $6.50
Allen, Roger MacBride David Brin's Out of Time: The Game of Worlds (young adult; Adam's "yanked" from 1990s high school into 2345 faceoff between humans & 2 warlike species__can he be the hero he's supposed to be?;PBO) $4.99
Allston, Aaron Star Wars X_Wing 9: Starfighters of Adumar (Wedge Antilles & squad's run_of_the_mill mission turns into excallating spiral of danger, intrigue; PBO) $5.99
Barton, William/Capobianco, Michael White Light (as Earth dies in 2083, renegade families reflecting self_destructive society set out for heart of alien culture that may hold last hope or utter destruction) $6.99
Beagle, Peter S Giant Bones (reprint; collection of 6 fantasy stories set in world of The Innkeeper's Song ) $14.95
Blaylock, James P The Rainy Season (widower inherits mother's house & agrees to care for orphaned niece who can sense emotions from past, voices of dead & powers gathering around house) $21.95
Borchardt, Alice Night of the Wolf (erotic horror; as Roman forces invade Gaul, werewolf Manael becomes prey of Druid priestess summoned to kill him) $25.00
Brust, Steven The Book of Jhereg (omnibus reprint of Jhereg, Yendi & Teckla ; wise_cracking assassin Vlad Taltos & dragon_like companion on world dominated by non_humans & magic) $15.00
Carpenter, Leonard Conan the Gladiator (sword & sorcery reprint) $5.99
Coleman, Loren Magic:The Gathering: Artifacts 4: Bloodlines (now that Urza's completed his Legacy of artifacts, he must create person to inherit his 3000 years of responsibilites; PBO) $5.99
Cox, Greg X_Men & The Avengers: Gamma Quest Trilogy 3 (media tie_in; 2 great super_teams join forces w/The Hulk against deadly Leader's lunar base; PBO) $6.99
Crompton, Anne Eliot Percival's Angel (re_telling of Arthur's knight Percival & his search for holy grail, as told by the fairy woman who loved him; PBO) $5.99
Dann, Jack The Silent (associational;"ferocious portrait of the Civil War's human toll") $12.95
Dickson, Gordon R The Dragon in Lyonesse (mathematician/dragon Jim Eckert & friends are determined to help Arthur & Knights hold Lyonesse against Dark Powers, despite their resistance to help) $6.99
Dunsany, Lord The Charwoman's Shadow (reprint of fantasy classic; poor noble's son is apprenticed to sorcerer, but learns sinister consequences of surrendering his shadow; P Beagle intro) $12.00
Fabi, Mark Red Mercury (Ben Bridges realizes deadly truth behind Internet_underground_ touted substance, but officials can't see past his Tourette's syndrome,won't believe him;PBO) $13.95
Frank, Suzanne Shadows on the Aegean (time traveler Chloe Kingsley 2, wakes in ancient Crete instead of Dallas, as Cybele Oracle seeing empire's destruction in blood & fire) $6.99
Gear, W Michael Forbidden Borders 1: Requiem for the Conqueror (reprint; story of man raised to be ultimate general/killing machine, fighting for own humanity & for son he's never known, now his sworn enemy) $6.99
Geras, Adele/Brace, Eric_illus The Fabulous Fantoras 1: Family Files (young reader; Ozzy the talking cat records adventures of family whose members each have an unusual magical talent__or two) $3.99
Godwin, Parke Lord of Sunset (in 11c Britain, Harold of Wessex's thrust into battle for throne, requiring he forsake peace, true love, only to face old friend William of Normandy as conqueror) $6.99
Green, Simon R Deathstalker 5: Deathstalker Destiny (warrior Owen Deathstalker's stranded on leper colony struggling to survive when he learns great love's abducted by cult dedicated to excessive experiments;PBO) $6.99
Greenberg, Martin H_ed Merlin (anthology; stories from Yolen, de Lint, Norton, Paxson, more;PBO) $6.99
Greenwood, Ed Forgotten Realms: Silverfall: Stories of the 7 Sisters (7 sisters touched by goddess Mystra join to match wits & magical powers with Realms_spanning conspiracy; PBO) $14.99
Jones, Dennis The House of Pandragore: The Stone & the Maiden (as Black Craft master_led Tathars invade Ascendancy, break Deep Magic ban, heiress & soldier quest for the Signata__place holding all places, moments) $23.00
Joshi, ST/Cannon, Peter_eds More Annotated HP Lovecraft (collection of more classic, macabre tales, plus annotations exploring writing's complexity, literary allusions, autobiographical details, more) $13.95
Kanaly, Michael Virus Clans: A Story of Evolution (research scientist's on verge of discovering virus clans that intend to make themselves at home by changing humans) $5.99
Kurtz, Katherine/Harris, Deborah T Knights Templar: The Temple & the Stone (when 2 Templars believe Scotland's Stone of Scone's lost its magic, they must restore stone's magic or face civil war) $6.99
Maggin, Elliot S Kingdom Come (media tie_in;minister on revelation quest with angel tells of young superheroes ravaging world & return of Superman to changed world, Armageddon's spark) $6.50
McCarthy, Wil Bloom (after 21c artificial organisms mutate, sweep Earth, inner solar system, human remnants realize vital mission to deadly heart of plague faces sabotage) $6.99
Morland, Alanna Shackle & Sword (stepfather_sold slave Farris escapes with help of father's people & learns their magic, becomes mercenary & confronts past, kidnapped Queen he loves;PBO) $5.99
Norton, Andre Scent of Magic (ability to sense magic odors raises orphan Willadene from scullery maid to herbalist in Ducal court, but now senses evil, corruption, betrayal, terror) $6.50
Parkinson, Dan Gates of Time 3: Paradox Gate (ordinary couple must save the world after getting involved with time_travelling aliens & forces trying to destroy history; PBO) $5.99
Pournelle, Jerry Starswarm (living with uncle on research oupost, young Kip learns voice in his head is implanted AI, his parents've been persecuted, killed & the station's in danger) $5.99
Rice, Anne The Vampire Armand (erotic horror; the story of vampire Armand, from Kiev Rus under Mongol domination to slavery under Tartars, to meeting Marius in Venice, more) $14.95
Rusch, Kristine, Kathryn Black Throne 1: The Black Queen (Queen Arianna finds hold on thoughts threatened, urging her on war of conquest & only hope may be estranged brother & legitimate heir to throne; PBO) $6.50
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann The Lady in the Loch (1880s Edinburgh sheriff Walter Scott investigates grisly discovery on banks of the loch, but with gypsy woman's help realizes evil forces are at work) $5.99
Sheffield, Charles Aftermath (when Alpha Centauri system goes supernova, Earth ecology, technology are devastated & survivors try to bring order amid chaos with power struggles, politics) $6.50
Slonczewski, Joan The Children Star (research efforts to find native intelligent life on Prokaryon race time against corporation's terraform plans, but colony of orphans is lost in shuffle) $5.99
Spruill, Steven Daughter of Darkness (Dr Jenn Hrluska finds freshly killed body on doorstep, realizes it's invitation from father to turn to violence to feed her thirst for blood) $6.99
Stove, Matthew Woodring Jericho Moon ( Iron Dawn sequel; as Greece glories fade, Barra the Pict finds efforts to save Prince of Jericho may be thwarted by Joshua) $6.99
Turteltaub, HN (Harry Turtledove) Justinian (associational; novelized life of Roman emperor who expanded rule over Arabs, Slavs & Eastern Church, was overthrown & exiled) $6.99
Turtledove, Harry The Great War 2: Walk in Hell (alternate history; with the CSA & USA allied to opposite sides of WWI, the devastation spreads to America & oppressed slave descendents rebel) $25.95
Varley, John The Golden Globe (actor Sparkey Valentine brings Shakespeare to universe, using magnetic implants to transform his appearance, but is also conman on run from murder charge) $6.99
Vitola, Denise Ster*Drive: The Silence Between the Stars (Killian Stiver leads explorer team to ship hulk to find mysterious prize, the Imperator; PBO) $5.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Starshield 2: Nightsword (Earth astronaut with infinite knowlege is caught between competing forces looking for sword that controls reality & brings absolute power) $6.99
Weis, Margaret/Perrin, Don Dragonlance: Raistlin Chronicles 2: Brothers in Arms ( Soulforge sequel; Raistlin & Caramon join mercenary army & are sent to capture city with secret known only to Lord Ariakas; PBO) $6.99
Williams, Tad Otherland 2: River of Blue Fire (continuation of story set in near_future world of virtual reality) $7.50
Williams, Tad Otherland 3: Mountain of Black Glass (continuation of story set in near_future world of virtual reality) $24.95
Yolen, Jane The One_Armed Queen (as age of high magic fades, White Jenna's enemy_raised son Jem resents one_armed Scillia's power, position as Jenna's heir & plunges world into war) $6.99
Zahn, Timothy The Icarus Hunt (with aliens monopolizing interstellar trade, freighter pilot Jordan McKell's happy to take job with sealed cargo on antique ship, but something's wrong...) $23.95
. Zelazny, Roger/Lindskold, Jane Lord Demon (millennia after gods defeated & banished demons, greatest demon seeks revenge for human servant's murder, but can he do so & preserve Demon Realms?) $23.00


Anderson, Poul Operation Chaos (1971 reprint/science fantasy; in war against black magic, skilled witch/werewolf/engineer husband are assigned to neutralize world's most powerful demon) $12.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Heartlight (Light series conclusion; tells the 50_year tale of Colin MacLaren's battle for the Light through occult, physical means from post WWII_present America) $16.95
Carmody, Isobelle The Obernewtyn Chronicles 1: Obernewtyn (in paranoid, post_holocaust world, Misfit woman may be killed for her mental powers, escapes to Misfit haven, but finds evil, exploitation there, too) $22.95
Carroll, Jonathan The Marriage of Sticks (after hip young woman sights uncanny old woman in wheelchair, she marries, moves & encounters ghosts from past & future, then things get more strange) $23.95
Chamberlin, Ann Joan of Arc Tapestries 1: The Merlin of St Gilles' Well (history_based fantasy begins with ancient prophecies by Merlin of religious, military leader's destiny & her practice of ancient pagan ways) $23.95
Clement, Hal Half Life (in near_future ravaged by disease evolution, expedition to Saturn hopes to find answers in biochemistry of pre_life, but can they beat their diseases?) $23.95
Davidson, A/Silverberg,R/Davis,G_ed The Avram Davidson Treasury (collection of one of century's finest fantasists, each story introduced by SF author, including LeGuin, Gibson, Anderson, Wolfe, Beagle, Benford, Disch,more) $17.95
Haydon, Elizabeth Rhapsody (start of new epic fantasy series;"sharp ear for dialogue, panache with characters & that essential ability to transport her readers into her") $27.95
Mackay, Scott Outpost (humans escape high_tech alien prison, only to be caught in war between 2 alien races over control of human past, with key to struggle in Italian Renaissance) $14.95
Mie'ville, China King Rat (young man raised by the King of the Rats in London narrates the centuries_old blood feud between rat king & the Pied Piper of Hamelin) $23.95
Pogue, William R How Do You Go to the Bathroom in Space? (non_fiction; in revised & updated edition, astronaut Pogue answers questions about living in space) $9.95
Stableford, Brian Architects of Emortality (from novella "The Flowers of Evil";rejuvenated plant designer Oscar Wilde, NYPD Det Charlotte Holmes investigate murder by genetically altered flowers) $24.95
Tarr, Judith/Turtledove, Harry Household Gods (when modern lawyer Nicole Perrin wakes as widowed tavernkeeper on ancient Roman frontier, she slowly learns to cope until plague, war sweep through town) $27.95
DUE BY THE END OF AUGUST Dunnett, Dorothy House of Niccolo_6:To Lie With Lions; 7:Caprice & Rondo (reprints of 6th & 7th in Renaissance saga) $15.00 each
Haining, Peter_ed Vintage Science Fiction (anthology of classic tales from Clarke, Bradbury, Asimov, Dick, King, Barker, Blish, von Braun, more) $11.95
Jones, Stephen_ed Dancing With the Dark (anthology of supernatural tales from King, R Campbell, Barker, McCaffrey, Poe, Bloch, Lovecraft, Gaiman, more) $12.95
Sanderson, Ruth Papa Gatto (young reader; father cat searches for helper to care for his kittens__one is lovely_but_disastrous, the other seems trustworthy but is really scheming) $5.95
Sanderson, Ruth The Crystal Mountain (young reader; when fairies steal weaver's tapestry of the land she dreamt, her sons set out on quest to top of crystal mountain to retrieve it) $15.95
Straub, Peter Mr X (as man approaches 35th birthday, extroardinary events reveal secret of his identity & his family's fantastical nature) $25.95
Vonnegut, Kurt Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction (24 previously_ uncollected stories originally published in Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, Argosy, etc, with new preface by the author) $23.95
Zubrin, Robert Entering Space: Creating a Space_Faring Civilization (non_fiction; explores prospect of human expansion into space & attendant transformation of society) $24.95
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