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Newsletter #46 June - August, 1999



Archer, Jeffrey The Eleventh Commandment (CIA assassin Connor Fitzgerald's retirement is put on hold by confrontation with enemy, CIA Director Helen Dexter, & ruthless Russian president's rise to power) $7.99
Beaton, MC Death of an Addict (Constable Hamish Macbeth investigates overdose death of young recovering addict, heads to Strathbane to infiltrate heroin trade) $22.00
Block, Lawrence--ed. Death Cruise (3 reprint and 17 new crime stoires on the open seas) $24.95
Branton, Matthew The House of Whacks (in 1950 Chicago, S&M supermodel, mafioso, dying pulp fiction editor, horror novelist & assorted other bizarre characters contend over Nazi gold; PBO) $13.95
Brewer, Steve Witchy Woman (Albuquerque PI Bubba Mabry 3, hired by wealthy woman to find granddaughter involved with women's commune, but must take cult deprogrammer along & murder results; PBO) $5.95
Burke, Jan Liar (investigative reporter Irene Kelly finds herself chief suspect in estranged aunt's murder, sets out to find cousin Travis, who may be next target; Agatha nominee for Best Novel) $6.99
Calloway, Kate 6th Sense (lesbian PI Cassidy James investigates murders witnessed by ex_lover; PBO) $11.95
Chute, Carolyn Snow Man (when senator's wounded assassin takes refuge in another senator's home, his wife & daughter learn right_wing militia's philosophy & psychology) $23.00
Collins, Tess The Law of the Dead (Appalachia lawyer Alma Bashears 2; "nimble plotting & modern sensibilities...authentic voice for the region"; PBO) $6.99
Constantine, KC Blood Mud (retired police chief Mario Balzic starts security business, but 1st case turns out to involve stolen guns, corrupt politicos, rival police chief, more) $23.00
Craig, Philip R A Fatal Vineyard Season (Martha's Vineyard #10: JW Jackson's hired to protect 2 black actresses from stalker, but as hurricane nears, threats from town racists & stalker escalate) $22.00
Davis, Lindsey Three Hands in the Fountain (ancient Rome PI Marcus Didius Falco (#9) is on the spot when fountain cleaner finds human hand in local fountain & sets with new partner to find the truth) $23.00
DeMarco, Gordon Frisco Blues (reprint; in 1947, Riley Kovachs investigates death of black baseball player at racially troubled shipyard) $8.00
Dickinson, Peter Some Deaths Before Dying (when dangerous & precious possession disappears, old paralyzed & dying woman searches past for truth, murder intrigue, deception) $23.00
Dooling, Richard Brain Storm (attorney Joe Watson is assigned defense of bigoted white men accused of deaf black man's murder) $14.00
Eddenden, AE A Good Year for Murder (1940 Ontario Insp Albert Tretheway & colleagues investigate series of "pranks", then murders, aimed at the City Council; "funny, bizarre & frightening") $10.95
English, P/Seidman, L/Woods, M_eds Sisters in Crime_Los Angeles: Murder x 13 (anthology of short mysteries written by members of SiC's LA Chapter; "something for every taste"; PBO) $10.95
Gorey, Edward The Unstrung Harp; or, Mr Earbrass Writes a Novel (reprint of 1953 book that established Gorey's reputation; man decides to write novel on Nov 18 of alternate years, has title, but no plot) $15.00
Guterson, David East of the Mountains (associational; dying doctor sets out on final trip through Central Washington, encounters promises of past, life's mystery, people who test identity) $25.00
Grant, Linda Vampire Bytes (PI Catherine Sayler 6, searches for missing computer game developer, but ties to Live Action Role_Playing draws attention of fundamentalists) $5.99
Hunter, David The Dancing Savior (highly decorated police officer admits himself to psychiatric ward, to the surprise of his friends; "vividly documented journey into madness") $18.95
Jaco, Charles Dead Air (TV reporter Peter Dees digs into producer's murder, turns up info on US government supplying chemical weapons to Iraq, but can he live to break the story?) $6.99
Jennings, Maureen Except the Dying (1890s Toronto Det William Murdoch (#1) investigates death of pregnant young woman from opium OD, follows trail from underworld to influential families' secrets) $5.99
Kaiser, R. J. Jane Doe (shortly after Abby Hooper is named new chief of police, body of an unknown woman is found, and the prime suspect is the man Abby beat out for the job; he claims he can't remember anything that happened that night; then, the former chief of police is found dead of an apparent suicide) $5.99
Karp, Larry The Music Box Murders (Dr Thomas Purdue pursues murders of musical antique experts & theft of rare music box through international underworlds, social elites, more murders; signed) $23.95
Kendrick, Stephen Holy Clues: Investigating Life's Mysteries with Sherlock Holmes (non_fiction; examines comment "you see but you do not observe" for religious, metaphysical lessons, also parables in detective fiction, more) $21.00
Kienzle, William X No Greater Love (Father Koesler's retired, but takes friend's offer of position at seminary, but isn't expecting factionalism to lead to murder) $19.95
Lehane, Dennis Prayers for Rain (PIs Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro 5, hunt for predator who manipulates victims into suicide, add psychological warfare to already_shaky relationship) $25.00
Lewis, Dorothy Otnow, MD Guilty by Reason of Insanity (non_fiction; renowned psychiatrist reveals causes of the most violent homicides) $7.99
Lindsey, David The Color of Night (ex_agent/art dealer Harry Strand's starting new life after tragedy when woman offers sale of masters' drawings & he discovers evidence in wife's murder) $25.00
Maddison, Lauren Deceptions (lesbian mystery novelist/ex_DA Connor Hawthorne finds too_easy solution to lover's murder haunting her & hunting her down on trip to Southwest; PBO) $12.95
Mankell, Henning Sidetracked (Insp Kurt Wallander's vacation's interrupted by horrific deaths, including ex_justice minister's murder, but they raise too many questions; Sweden Best Crime Novel '97) $25.00
Massey, Sujata The Flower Master (Japanese_American antiques dealer in Tokyo, Rei Shimura 3, takes flower arranging course to please aunt, but instructor's murder threatens to reveal family skeletons) $24.00
McCulley, Johnston The Mark of Zorro (reprint) $4.99
McDonald, Brian My Father's Gun: 1 Family, 3 Badges & 100 Yrs in the NYPD (non_fiction; Irish_American family tells their story of 3 generations of NY cops) $24.95
McGarrity, Michael Hermit's Peak (NM Chief Deputy Kevin Kerney 4, inherits prime ranch land, but un_ID'd woman's murdered body & unpaid taxes may make his dream ranch impossible) $23.00
McGown, Jill Picture of Innocence (DCI Lloyd/DI Judy Hill 9, investigate gruesome murder at secluded farm & wonder why it didn't happen sooner, given the "victim's" history) $6.99
McNab, Andy Remote Control (British intelligence agent Nick Stone discovers friend's family slaughtered & goes on run with 7_year_old survivor as assassins pursue-but who do they want?) $19.95
Michell, John Who Wrote Shakespeare? (non_fiction; investigation of evidence & arguments of those on both sides of the literary controversy) $17.95
Muller, Marcia A Walk Through the Fire (PI Sharon McCone takes job in Hawaii & brings along lover Hy Ripinski, but finds the case of sabotaged documentary turning tensions into desire & murder) $23.00
Nickerson, Catherine Ross The Web of Intrigue: Early Detective Fiction by American Women (scholarly study from Civil War to WWII) $17.95
O'Kane, Leslie The Fax of Life (cartoonist Molly Masters 2; PBO) $5.99
Passman, Don The Visionary (accountant/psychic, LAPD detective, and UCLA professor/ psychiatrist collide and team up to find violent and clever killer) $25.00
Perez_Reverte, Arturo The Seville Communion (after hacker_sent message to save soon_demolished Seville church & deaths of 2 defenders, the Pope sends Father Lorenzo Quart to investigate) $14.00
Posner, Gerald Killing the Dream (non_fiction; investigative journalist re_examines Martin Luther King Jr's assassination) $15.00
Pronzini, Bill Nothing But the Night (Nick Hendryx's comfortable in night, searching for man who put Annalisa in coma, but Cam Gallagher fears night & memories of parents' murder_suicide) $23.95
Ramus, David The Gravity of Shadows (art dealer Wil Sumner agrees to appraise Palm Beach recluse's collection, but witnesses client's wife's murder & is drawn into century_old vendetta) $6.50
Shames, Laurence Mangrove Squeeze (Aaron Katz finds easy life in Key West not so when ad saleswoman disappears & the Russian immigrant playboy who'd been pursuing her is murdered) $6.99
Shelton, Connie Deadly Gamble (Albuquerque accountant Charlie Parker 1, is brother's partner in PI firm-just to handle finances-but agrees to help find Rolex, is pulled into murder) $5.50
Shelton, Connie Partnerships Can Kill (Albuquerque accountant Charlie Parker 3, suspects woman her PI partner/brother's seeing & decides to investigate, but turns up murder, tax fraud, more) $5.50
Shelton, Connie Vacations Can Be Murder (Albuquerque accountant Charlie Parker 2, takes Hawaii vacation, but spots body on helicopter ride, agrees to investigate when pilot's friend's arrested) $5.50
Siegel, Barr The Perfect Witness (the prosecution has perfect witness in death_penalty case, but everything she says is a lie) $6.99
Smith, Mitchell Reprisal (professor/poet/cave explorer Joanna Reed is shattered by bizarre deaths of husband, father, turns to new friend, but slowly realizes friend's true role) $24.95
Standiford, Les Presidential Deal (building contractor John Deal 6, saves First Lady as terrorists attack award ceremony, but then they're kidnapped by ex_CIA agent who may have government help) $6.50
Stanton, Shelby L Green Berets at War (military non_fiction; subtitled US Army Special Forces in Southeast Asia, 1956_1975 ) $6.99
Szymanski, Therese When Some Body Disappears (lesbian ex_underworld figure Brett Higgins 3, finds running from her past even harder when she comes under suspicion for murder; PBO) $11.95
Thayer, James Terminal Event (National Transportation Safety Board investigator Joe Durant is sure bomber caused crash that killed his wife, then receives taunt & threat from bomber) $25.00
Thrasher, LL Dogsbody, Inc (PI Zachariah Smith returns to find out who shot him, Dr Irene Sandhoff during rally, but is distracted by family, friends, only to find them threatened) $22.95
Watkins, Paul The Story of My Disappearance (East German joins Stasi as youth, is sent to Afghanistan, later to US as KGB contact, but contact with another exile leads them to fight for freedom and romance) $11.00
Whitman, John The Adventures of Shirley Holmes: The Case of the Maestro's Ghost; The Case of the 2nd Sight (young reader/TV tie; Shirley, great_grandniece of Sherlock Holmes, investigates 2 cases-a haunting at school & "accidents" plaguing play production; PBO) $3.99 each
Witten, Matt Breakfast at Madeline's (budding screenwriter Jacob Burns' quiet morning in cafe leads to deadly puzzle when eccentric customer gives him key & dies; PBO) $5.99


Adamson, Lydia Dr Nightingale Traps the Missing Lynx (veterinarian Dierdre Nightingale agrees to inspect mixed_breed bobcat kittens for fundraiser, but must dig deeper when host drops dead; PBO) $5.99
Barre, Richard Blackheart Highway (PI Wil Hardesty 4, asked by reps from both sides of divided town to probe 20_year_old murders when their convicted killer's paroled & returns to town) $21.95
Bethke, Bruce Wild Wild West (movie novelization; Capt James T West & Artemus Gordon reluctantly team up at President Grant's order to stop criminal genius rebuilding South's militry; PBO) $6.99
Bishop, Claudia A Steak in Murder (Hemlock Falls Inn (#7) seems to be turning profit with new owner, but murder brings the Quilliam sisters back to catch killer & reclaim inn; includes recipe; PBO) $5.99
Case, John (aka Malcolm Bell) The First Horseman (peasant's tale of plague, massacre may indicate 1918 flu is back & covert scientific team scrambles for vaccine as reporter finds story turning dangerous) $6.99
Chittenden, Margaret Dead Beat & Deadly (country_western club manager Charlie Plato 3, probes murder of self_defense classmate whose abusive husband is only 1st on suspect list) $5.99
Chittenden, Margaret Don't Forget to Die (Charlie Plato 4, returns to track a cold_blooded killer; "nineties woman with keen insight into the wily ways of the criminal mind") $20.00
Christmas, Joyce Mood to Murder (temping at high school, Betty Trenka 4, suspects misfit student's ties with sinister handyman, witchy girlfriend, but is she ready for horror at prom?; PBO) $5.99
Churchill, Jill Anything Goes (after 1929 Crash, high_living siblings Lily, Robert Brewster inherit small town "grace & favor" mansion, but fitting in is tough when they're murder suspects; PBO) $5.99
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve Tom Clancy's Op Center: State of Siege (new installment in military adventure series; PBO) $7.99
Coles, William E Jr Another Kind of Monday (young adult; teen finds $300 in old library book with clues to treasure quest & strict rules, but after initial successes, suddenly the rules change; PBO) $6.99
Dantz, William Nine Levels Down (killer volunteers for experimental preventive implant but outwits it & takes inventor hostage to home turf of under_city tunnels) $6.99
Day, Dianne Emperor Norton's Ghost (1907 investigator Fremont Jones 4, joins spiritualism_obssessed friend at seance, but murdered mediums were not what she expected) $5.99
DeMille, Nelson The Lion's Game (Det John Corey returns to take on young Arab serial killer whose hidden agenda has federal task force baffled; audio tape $24.98) $26.00
Deverell, Diana 12 Drummers Drumming (Foreign Service officer Casey Collins wants truth about plane explosion that may've killed Danish Intelligence lover, but is named terrorist suspect) $6.99
Douglass, Keith Carrier 13: Brink of War (military adventure; Adm Magruder & USS Jefferson are sent to join airmanship contest with Russia, but then their competitors attack; PBO) $5.99
Ellroy, James Killer on the Road (reprint; evil genius Martin Plunkett heads for San Francisco believing he's called to be perfect murderer) $12.50
Estleman, Loren D Bloody Season (Western crossover; the tale of OK Corral gunfight's aftermath; "gritty & unwashed realism"; PBO) $5.99
Evanovich, Janet Four to Score (bounty hunter Stephanie Plum tracks vengeful waitress with "help" from Grandma, an ex_hooker, a transvestite musician & sexy nemesis Joe Morelli despite murders, bombs & rivalry) $6.99
Fawcett, Bill_ed Mercs: True Stories of Mercenaries in Action (non_fiction; professional soldiers of fortune from ancient Greece to today; PBO) $6.50
Folsom, Allan Day of Confession (Harry Addison rushes to Rome when Vatican priest brother is killed, but lands in midst of international conspiracy to restore Holy Roman Empire) $7.99
Forbes, Leslie Bombay Ice (journalist Rosalind Bengal returns to Bombay when sister's husband's accused murder, uses chemistry, Shakespeare, storm warnings, gene patterns to stop killer) $13.95
Fox, Zachary Alan When the Wind Blows (after mother's death, struggling single father discovers birth certificate that shatters identity, heads to town full of suspicion, secrets to find truth) $6.99
George, Anne Murder Gets a Life ("Southern Sisters" Patricia Anne & Mary Alice 5, visit Mary Alice's new daughter_in_law's family, only to stumble into murder amid a weird batch of suspects) $6.50
George, Anne Murder Shoots the Bull ("Southern Sisters" Patricia Anne & Mary Alice 6, step in to help when friend's husband's accused of lover's murder, then their house burns & he's shot; signing Tuesday June 15, 6:30 to 8:00) $22.00
Goddard, Ken First Evidence (crime scene investigator Colin Cellars faces case in which both victim & perp have disappeared as strange events occur with each visit to scene) $23.95
Goliszek, Andrew World Order (NASA investigator Linda Franklin's assigned to probe mysterious crash of aircraft that's never existed, uncovers deadly Pentagon biochemical conspircy) $6.99
Gordon, Dan Just Play Dead (Hawaiian Jewish PI Dani Kahana probes tangled conspiracy between millionaire, his wife & her lover to kill the millionaire-or fake his disappearance?) $5.99
Graham, Heather Tall, Dark & Deadly (woman searches for missing defense_attorney friend with help of autistic child & ex_lover, but list of suspects grows until murder turns quest deadly; PBO) $6.99
Granger, Ann A Word After Dying (Meredith & Markby 10, try to relax on holiday, but when seemingly accidental death is followed by more, they dig into village secrets to stop killings) $5.99
Graves, Sarah Triple Witch (home improvement wiz Jacobia Tiptree finds her rural Maine town hit by a crime wave as murders multiply-why?; PBO) $5.50
Greenberg, MH_ed First to Fight (anthology of military fiction by Coonts, Cobb, DeFelice, Turtledove, Dietz, more; PBO) $6.50
Greer, Robert The Devil's Backbone (black Colorado bail bondsman CJ Floyd 3, digs into murder of only black rodeo Hall of Famer, but when clue leads up mountains, his latest enemy follows) $6.99
Griffith, Nicola The Blue Place (ex_police Lt Aud Torvingen meets woman who draws into international game of forgery, drugs, murder & the 'blue place' where violence is bliss & forges erotic bond) $12.00
Harris, Lee The Father's Day Murder (ex_nun/PI Christine Bennett returns; includes author interview; PBO) $5.99
Henrick, Richard P Nightwatch (Special Agent Vince Kellogg & Vice President face threat of new revolution as Cmdr Brittany Cooper faces choices amid treason, nuclear terror & death) $23.00
Henrick, Richard P Sea Devil (reprint; Pentagon investigator Cmdr Brad Mackenszie takes helm of super attack sub to stop deadly enemy sub aiming to destroy Scotland Navy/NATO base) $5.99
Higgins, Jack Flight of Eagles (WWII pilot brothers on opposite sides find their loyalties & choices may change course of war) $7.50
Johansen, Iris The Face of Deception (forensic sculptor Eve Duncan reconstructs face from skull, but it turns out to belong to man supposedly alive & trail may reach height of government) $6.99
Kennealy, Jerry The Hunted (maverick San Francisco police inspector investigates murder & realizes she must find young, immigrant witness & the evidence she took before killer; PBO) $5.99
King, Laurie R O Jerusalem (Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes 5, head for 1918 British_ occupied Jerusalem, but government case leads to pursuit, danger, murder & mastermind bent on destruction) $23.95
Kingsbury, Kate Maid to Murder (Edwardian Pennyfoot Hotel 12; Cecily wants answers when 3 maids are killed, leaving peculiar clues; PBO) $5.99
Latreille, Stan Perjury (burned_out lawyeris appointed to case of woman accused of falsely testifying to husband's abuse of daughter, reveals ugly underbelly of rural MI town) $6.99
Lee, Rachel Before I Sleep (ex_prosecutor/radio call_in host Carey Justice learns death warrant's been signed for man she helped convict & now must prove innocent; PBO) $6.50
MacPherson, Rett A Veiled Antiquity (Missouri geneologist Torie O'Shea 2, discovers woman dead at foot of basement stairs but was the accident really murder, & if so, why?) $5.99
Mills, James The Hearing (judge nominated for Supreme Court is stunned by blackmail threats to daughter he didn't know he had) $7.99
Mortman, Doris Out of Nowhere (woman who grew up in Witness Protection Program suspects suicide of father left behind was murder, but finding truth means risking her anonymity & life) $6.99
Olsen, Jack Hastened to the Grave (non_fiction; "a compelling true story of Gypsies, evil & murder") $6.99
Pearson, Ridley The Pied Piper (Seattle Lt Lou Boldt/psychologist Daphne Matthews trail serial kidnapper working his way up West Coast who strikes horrifyingly close to home) $7.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Falcon at the Portal (in 1911, Egyptologist Amelia Peabody & family scramble to unravel frame of Ramses' best friend for selling fakes, corpse, drugs, mystery child & more) $24.00
Rabb, Jonathan The Overseer (16c monk's manuscript survives murder of author, more, to fall into hands of contemporary group that aims to use it to control the world) $6.99
Reasoner, James Walker, Texas Ranger 2: Hell's Half Acre (TV tie_in; Walker & Trivette must track skilled, armed bank robber gang that's taken hostages from heist gone wrong; PBO) $5.99
Rinehart, Mary Roberts A Light in the Window (reprint; after whirlwind courtship & husband's overseas military assignment, new wife finds wealthy in_laws hateful-and dangerous) $11.00
Roberts, Gillian Time & Trouble (PI Emma Howe & ass't Billie August search for missing girl whose mother insists bizarre cult's involved, but true threat is more deadly) $5.99
Roosevelt, Elliott Murder in the Map Room (Eleanor Roosevelt & Secret Service must solve murder that may implicate visiting Madame Chiang Kai_Shek & still protect national wartime security) $5.99
Scoppettone, Sandra Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey (lesbian PI Lauren Laurano investigates suspicious suicide, but faces deadly opposition; last in series, includes author interview) $5.99
Sherman, Beth Death at High Tide (Jersey Shore Mystery #2; ghostwriter Anne Hardway struggles with prima_donna bio assignment on movie set, but as accidents begin & star disappears realizes the bio's the key; PBO) $5.99
Shreve, Anita The Pilot's Wife (after plane crash kills her pilot_husband & media hints he had secret life, woman sets out to find truth) $13.00
Spring, Michelle Nights in White Satin (British PI Laura Principal 4, hired to provide security for Cambridge's May Ball, must dig into secrets, double lives, conspiracy of silence when student disappears) $23.00
Tucker, James Hocus Corpus (university med center surgery head Jack Merlin 2, suspects deaths after routine surgery may be tied to insurance, turns to magic tricks for help; PBO) $6.99
Weiss, Herman Hot Water (the "Sunset Detectives", retired cops Joe Chelsea/Josh Novick, reluctantly add new, wealthy partner to security firm but his spy past brings danger; PBO) $5.99
Westbrook, Robert Warrior Circle (Howard Moon Deer 2, follows when girlfriend storms from cabin, but she disappears & trail leads to men's encounter group, murder; PBO) $5.99
Wheat, Carolyn_ed Murder on Route 66 (anthology of mysteries featuring fabled highway by Bland, D'Amato, Dymmoch, Fowler, Hart, Jance, Knief, Lutz, Meredith, Phillips, Roberts, Van Gieson, more; PBO) $6.50
Wilcox, Valerie Sins of Betrayal (Seattle sailing instructor Kellie Montgomery 2, searches for missing friend but finds gun_toting environmentalist she didn't expect; PBO) $6.50


New Adv of Mary_Kate & Ashley: TCOT Slam Dunk Mystery (young reader; Mary_Kate & Ashley's basketball team's playoffs_bound, but missing uniforms, mysterious notes & missing player demand investigation! PBO) $3.99
Bernhardt, William_ed Legal Briefs (anthology of legal thrillers by Grisham, Scottoline, Margolin, Healy, Friedman, Brandon, Kahn, Martini, Stockley, Patterson, more) $6.99
Butler, Gwendoline Coffin's Game (Yard Cmdr John Coffin refuses to believe actress wife is victim of terrorist bomb, but 2nd body near theater turns investigation into nightmare) $21.95
Chappell, Helen Giving Up the Ghost (widow Hollis (#4) looks into series of Elvis_ impersonator killings with help of ghostly ex_husband, Sam; PBO) $5.99
Coben, Harlan The Final Detail (sports agent Myron Bolitar 6, is determined to help when partner is accused of ballplayer's murder despite her warnings, but bizarre clues may defeat him) $22.95
Crais, Robert L. A. Requiem (PI Elvis Cole's partner, ex_cop Joe Pike, takes center stage when lover's killed & past feuds threaten ability of Pike, Cole or cops from finding truth; formerly announced as Devil's Cantina ) $23.95
Dunmore, Helen Your Blue_Eyed Boy (judge's public & private lives collide when blackmail & long_ago lover fracture her world) $13.00
Evanovich, Janet High Five (bounty hunter Stephanie Plum contends with cases gone bad, missing uncle, homicidal rapist's return, vice cop Morelli, Spr Bounty Hunter Ranger-can it get worse?) $23.95
Faherty, Terence Orion Rising (Owen Kean 7, investigates murder of college classmate who's been tied to 1969 rape; "a crafty writer with a laconic style that is delicious") $22.95
Farris, John Solar Eclipse (when stuntwoman Shay Waco & daughter are run off road, they reach isolated house where all are dead in money/drugs conflict & killers are closing in) $25.95
Friedman, Hal Over the Edge (replacement teacher Meg Foley seems to be the only one who wants answers to predecessor's death, but evil she uncovers sends her to Det Dan Jarrett) $6.99
Gobbell, John J A Code for Tomorrow ( Last Lieutenant sequel; Navy Lt Cmdr Todd Ingram's assigned to center of fray off Guadalcanal as Lt Helen Durand is trapped behind lines on Mindanao) $24.95
Hardwick, Gary Supreme Justice (black US attorney Marshall Jackson investigates assassination of conservative black Supreme Court justice, realizes his gangster_brother may know killer) $24.00
Harrison, Janis Roots of Murder (rural Missouri florist Bretta Solomon digs into death of Amish supplier & overturns roots of mistrust, suspicion & murder) $21.95
Hegwood, Martin Big Easy Backroad (New Orleans freelance investigator Jack Delmas agrees to help barmaid find missing boyfriend, despite his drug running pals, but then the murders start) $22.95
Huston, James W The Price of Power ( Balance of Power sequel; when President court_martials admiral who led attack on terrorists, Speaker of House starts impeachment proceedings) $25.00
Kaminsky, Howard & Susan The Twelve (5 years after FBI siege of cult, agent Nick Barrows & child psychologist Sandy Price realize kids released then have vanished, agents are being killed) $23.95
Kaye, Marvin_ed The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (anthology of 15 Holmes pastiches that re_write history) $14.95
King, Bob Spooky 8: The Final Mission (non_fiction; member of civilian black ops team tells of 17 years of missions, including the last, government double_cross & death of 3 members) $24.95
Maitland, Barry The Marx Sisters (Det Sgt Kathy Kolla/Chief Insp David Brock investigate deaths of Karl Marx descendents that may tie to real_estate developers or unknown Marx writings) $23.95
Marks, Leo Between Silk & Cyanide (non_fiction; cryptographer Marks describes 1940 creation of Special Operations Executive (SOE), its efforts at infiltration, sabotage & the code war) $26.00
Marston, Edward The Wanton Angel (Nicholas Bracewell 10, digs for answers when Elizabethan theater troupe's threatened by court politics, mysterious patron intervenes & star is killed) $23.95
McClister, Michael Victim's Choice (as newscaster Joe Colby embarks on revenge for children's murders, city's besieged by series of murders of those close to convicted killers; R Cavin 1st) $22.95
Michaels, Grant Dead as a Doornail (newly wealthy ex_hairdresser Stan Kraychik's brownstone renovation turns up murdered contractor whose resemblance to Stan ignites Lt Branco's suspicions) $12.95
Morson, Ian Falconer & the Great Beast (medieval Oxford scholar William Falconer 5, investigates murder of Tartar ambassador that challenges all his detective & diplomatic skills) $20.95
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Breach of Promise (Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly 4, takes woman's long_shot case in wealthy couple's divorce, but explosive secrets & high stakes turn it into murder case) $7.50
Reichs, Kathy Death du Jour (Montreal forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan 2, connects string of disappearance_deaths to 100_year_old convent death, Quebec fire, Carolina findings) $25.00
Rooth, Anne Reed Southern Exposure (small-town Mississippi lawyer/single_mom Leona Bingham finds tenuous respect shattered when death_row inmate asks for help, but what she finds changes-& threatens-her family's lives; PBO) $6.50
Seymour, Gerald Dead Ground (woman who saw East German secret police kill lover meets killer years later, after the Wall crumbled & makes him pay, but becomes pawn in bigger game) $25.00
Stewart, James B Blind Eye (non_fiction; examination of medical establishment that allowed doctor convicted of poisoning co_workers to continue career at major hospitals, schools) $25.00
Tapply, William G Muscle Memory (Boston attorney Brady Coyne (#16) reluctantly agrees to handle pro basketball player's divorce, only to land in midst of gambling, mob connections & murder) $23.95
Webb, Don Essential Saltes: An Experiment (Austin used bookstore owner and fireworks operator Matthew Reynman's search for dead wife's stolen ashes leads to crime beyond his imaginings) $21.95
Wimberly, Darryl A Rock & a Hard Place (black FL Police Det Barrett Raines finds himself impossibly torn when brother/rival is obvious suspect in murder of popular bar owner/mentor) $22.95
Woods, Stuart Orchid Beach (ex_Major/deputy police chief Holly Barker investigates colleague's murder, but can only rely on Doberman Daisy for help) $7.50


Airth, Rennie River of Darkness (war_scarred, grieving Insp John Madden investigates post_WWI village murder despite locals' reluctance, with help of doctor, new forensic psychology field) $23.95
Auerbach, Ann Hagedorn Ransom: The Untold Story of International Kidnapping (non_fiction; exploration of high_stakes international kidnapping for ransom, terrorism, more) $14.95
Axler, James Deathlands 46: Baronies Trilogy 1: Gemini Rising (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Benson, Raymond High Time to Kill (British agent James Bond battles new criminal organization suspected of stealing state secrets & hunts traitor within government) $23.95
Dams, Jeanne M Death in Lacquer Red (turn_of_century Swedish family servant Hilda Johansson copes with immigrant problems, religious conflict, international unrest & discovery of missionary's murder) $22.95
Defoe, Daniel(Capt Charles Johnson) A General History of the Robberies & Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates (reprint/history; 18c account of pirates, from interviews & trials, that created popular conception of Blackbeard, Kidd, Bonny, more) $16.95
Dobyns, Stephen Boy in the Water (new headmaster at elite boys' school isn't the only one with secrets, but as school year goes on, tension & suspicion escalate to savagery & murder) $25.00
DuBois, Brendan Resurrection Day (Boston reporter Carl Landry's probe of murder in 1972 leads him to question truth of atomic war that rose out of Cuban missile crisis, fate of President) $23.95
Fergusson, Bruce Chandler The Piper's Sons (Paul Sinclair discovers his birth father was serial killer who was never caught, now is back & targeting his family) $24.95
Fesperman, Dan Lie in the Dark (Sarajevo Homicide Investigator Petric probes murder of chief of Interior Ministry's special police as war rages, society shatters, desperation saturates city) $24.00
Fraser, George MacDonald Black Ajax (associational; fictionalized account of rise & fall of black boxer Tom Molineaux in early 1800s) $11.95
French, Nikki Killing Me Softly (woman's obsession with mountain climber stranger leads to marriage, but he has terrifying past) $24.00
Frost, Frank Dead Philadelphians (Danny Castle angers mob by intercepting payoff & goes on run, only to be cornered in Crete, land of his forebears; PBO) $14.95
Griffin, WEB Men at War 3: The Soldier Spies (as WWII rages through Europe & spreads to N Africa in 1942, OSS chief Donovan battles rival intelligence chiefs back home; audio tape $24.95) $24.95
Hall, James W Tropical Freeze (trade paperback reprint; Florida troubleshooter Thorn 2) $9.00
Henderson, Lauren Black Rubber Dress (artist Sam Jones 3, investigates murder at opening of her work at bank, but world of dilettantes, bankers, drugs, blackmail, more deaths may be too much; PBO) $12.00
Hewson, David Solstice (earth is getting hotter and CIA science chief & scientist/designer must contend with disaster & techno-savvy terrorists) $24.00
Iakovou, Takis & Judy Go Close Against the Enemy (Nick & Julia Lambros 2, dig into murder of protest leader opposing burial of interracial couple's stillborn child in local church) $4.99
James, Bill Lovely Mover (DCI Harpur, undercover as drug wholesaler's partner as turf war threatens, must both cover up & investigate murder, but can he trust Iles for help?) $23.00
Kelman, Judith After the Fall (when "perfect kid" is arrested for shocking crime, his family & town are shattered) $23.95
Langford, Diane Left for Dead (council operative Montse Letkin comes under suspicion when her boss falls to her death-but what's really going on?; PBO) $12.99
Langton, Jane The Face on the Wall (Homer Kelly must investigate when child of niece's tenants is found dead beneath the eerie, unerasable face in niece's fairy_tale mural) $5.99
Langton, Jane The Thief of Venice (Homer & Mary Kelly 14, attend rare books conference in Venice, but tourist photos showing missing woman lead to miracle, WWII treasure, and chase) $21.95
Laurence, Janet Death at the Table (TV food show host Darina Lisle must work fast to stop killer when her co_host drops dead on camera & 2 other deaths follow) $4.99
Leonard, Elizabeth All the Daring of the Soldier: Women of the Civil War Armies (military non_fiction; exploration of lives of women who served in Civil War as spies & soldiers, incl Belle Boyd, Annie Etheridge, Sarah Emma Edmonds, more) $27.95
Lyons, Daniel Dog Days (when Boston programmer's life unravels & car's defaced by local mafia, he decides perfect revenge is to dognap the goodfella's champion greyhound) $12.95
Marryat, Frederick Percival Keene (classic 1842 historical naval adventure; low_born seaman's mission to discover, claim true parentage, identity takes him through battles, pirates, romance, near_execution; hc $30) $15.00
Maso, Carole Defiance (when Harvard math prof Bernadette O'Brien's journal holds key to her erotically_charged murders of 2 male students) $12.95
Nicholson, Geoff Everything & More (young woman realizes her dream of working at legendary London department store, but she's also angry & armed with dynamite) $13.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 247: Black Dawn Rising (paramilitary) $3.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 41: Silent Invader (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Perez_Reverte, Arturo The Fencing Master (in 1868 Madrid, woman asks fencing master Don Jaime to teach his unstoppable thrust, but refusal can't keep him from plots, seduction, politics, murder) $24.00
Pope, Dudley Decision at Trafalgar (historical naval non-fiction; explores Age of Nelson's defining moment-battle, chronicle of prior year, British/French politics, Nelson' strategy, more; hc $30) $15.00
Pope, Maurice The Story of Decipherment: Revised Edition (non_fiction; exploration of art & science of deciphering everything from Egyptian to Mayan hieroglyphs to Palmyra script, cuneiform, Linear B, more) $19.95
Preston, D./Child, L. Thunderhead (mysterious letter sends archaelogist Nora Kelly on ill-fated search for father & fabled lost city of gold) $25.00
Pronzini, Bill A Wasteland of Strangers (newcomer's impact on insular community blends suspence, play_fair puzzle, noir & traditional detection; Hammett_ & Edgar_nominee) $8.95
Pronzini, Bill Blue Lonesome ("stunning psychological study of a man's obsession & his search for truth") $8.95
Rendell, Ruth Murder Being Once Done (reprint; audio tape) $18.00
Shames, Laurence Welcome to Paradise (when low_level NY mafioso & salesman set out for Key West vacations in cars with same vanity plates, the mafioso's enemies set out to follow) $22.95
Smith, Martin Cruz Havana Bay (Russian det Arkady Renko is sent to Cuba to investigate death of embassy official, but learns someone's trying to kill him; audio tape $25.95) $25.95
Takagi, Akimitsu Honeymoon to Nowhere (Japanese State Prosecutor Kirishima investigates murder of groom on honeymoon who was war criminal's son, murderer's brother & despised by in_laws) $12.00
Takagi, Akimitsu The Informer (in 1965 novel, State Prosecutor Kirishima investigates adultery, industrial espionage, murder sparked by Tokyo stock market crash; based on real events) $22.00
Takagi, Akimitsu The Tattoo Murder Case (1st English trans. of 1948 Japanese mystery; when tattooist's daughter is found murdered, her secret lover must help his detective brother solve the case) $12.00
Thompson, Jim The Kill_Off; The Rip_Off (reprints; woman is about to be killed by one of many enemies; man is repeatedly attacked after seeing heiress) $11.00 each
Tyng, Charles/Fels, Susan_ed Before the Wind: Memoir of an American Sea Captain 1808_33 (non_fiction/historical naval adventure; Tyng's memoirs of sea adventures from 13_year_old cabin boy to captain/ship owner in tea, sugar trade around world) $24.95
Walker, David J Fixed in His Folly (Mal Foley's hired to find son woman gave up for adoption, but he's alcoholic priest on downward spiral into vengeance & death) $4.99
Walters, Minette The Breaker (when woman's brutally killed but mute child left alive after witnessing it, both secretive loner & woman's husband come under suspicion) $23.95
Wishnia, kja Soft Money (ex_NYPD det Filomena Buscarsela 2, drawn back to detecting when rookie cop asks for help with bodega murder in Bronx & her employer's rife with corruption) $23.95


Andrews, Russell Gideon (writer hired to turn anonymous biographical material into fiction realizes it relates evil & chilling coverup as those around him are killed) $24.95
Balling, L Christian Revelation (when robbery at daughter's Harvard lab leaves her in coma, John Reese's search for answers leads to mummified flesh scrap & meglomaniacal evangelist) $6.99
Benke, Patricia D Cruel Justice (Dpty DA Judith Thorton 4, faces painful decision when she realizes co_worker's prosecuting innocent man to further her own ambition; PBO) $6.50
Benson, Raymond James Bond in The Facts of Death (media tie_in; Agent 007 must infiltrate fanatical terrorist group that's based on Greek mathematician Pythagoras' teachings) $6.99
Block, Lawrence Tanner on Ice (after 25 years of cryogenic sleep, Tanner returns to the espionage game) $6.99
Brown, Molly Invitation to a Funeral (in 1676 London, spy/playwright Aphra Behn takes detour from career troubles to arrange funeral of murdered man, but then trouble really begins) $5.99
Clancy, Tom/Pieczenik, Steve Tom Clancy's Net Force 5: The Great Race (young adult; teen Internet wizards enter virtual spaceship design contest, but when technology's stolen they must find, stop culprits in real world; PBO) $4.99
Clark, Mary Jane Do You Want to Know a Secret? (widowed newswoman Eliza Blake gets opportunity of lifetime when anchor dies, but soon realizes his death is part of plot reaching to White House) $6.50
Cornwell, Patricia Point of Origin (ME Kay Scarpetta takes on killer who uses fire to mask crimes & learns nemesis Carrie Grethen's involved, making investigation personal) $7.99
Craig, Philip R A Shoot at Martha's Vineyard (ex_cop JW Jackson (#9) finds summer idyll shattered by lecherous movie scout & murdered nemesis & now he's the prime suspect) $5.99
D'Amato, Barbara Good Cop, Bad Cop (Chicago cop Aldo Bertolucci's jealousy of Superintendent brother drives scheme to tie him to suppressed records of illegal '69 raid on Black Panthers) $6.99
Davis, Barbara Suffer the Little Children (non_fiction; psychopath's abused wife/accomplice helps police build case against him for multiple child rape/murders; PBO) $6.50
Dawson, Janet Where the Bodies are Buried (San Francisco PI Jeri Howard 8, goes undercover at food_processing firm to get answers when whistle_blowing client falls to his death) $6.50
Deverell, Diana Night on Fire (Foreign Service officer Casey Collins 2, finds search for missing missles seems to put her & partner in biker gang crossfire, but nothing is as it seems) $23.00
Dumas, Timothy A Wealth of Evil (revised reprint non_fiction/former title Greentown ; unsolved Halloween 1975 murder of teen neighbor of Kennedys, with revised update on reopened case) $7.50
Estleman, Loren Journey of the Dead (Western/associational; haunted by Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett joins Spanish alchemist in search for philosopher's stone in New Mexico desert) $5.99
Fox, Zachary Alan Cradle & All (hospital social worker's baby falls prey to bizarre series of mishaps, then anonymous calls drive her to unlock past secrets hidden even from self) $23.95
Gardner, Lisa The Other Daughter (woman learns she's daughter of executed serial killer who also killed adoptive parents' other daughter, then her informant is killed; PBO) $6.50
Griffin, Annie Date With the Perfect Dead Man (senior sister_sleuths Hannah & Kiki 2, must investigate when Kiki's accused of ex_film_star date's murder; PBO) $5.99
Hambly, Barbara Graveyard Dust (in 1843 New Orleans, black physician Benjamin January 3, learns sister is charged with murder, but his attempts to investigate draw voodoo curse) $23.95
Hamilton, Steve A Cold Day in Paradise (ex_Detroit cop Alex McKnight resettled in Michigan's upper peninsula, but now the man who killed his partner & left him with bullet seems to be back; Edgar Winner Best First Novel) $5.99
Henry, Sue Deadfall (when stalker threatens her dogs & herself, Jessie Arnold 5, takes the dogs to isolated island, but a killer's there already) $6.50
Henry, Sue Murder on the Yukon Quest (dogsled racer Jessie Arnold 6, learns mid_race that novice racer's been kidnapped & kidnapper's set her a quest & a deadline; signing Wednesday, July 14, noon to 1:30 pm) $22.00
Herman, Richard Against All Enemies (government prosecutor/Air Force reservist Hank Sullivan's assigned to treason case that threatens race riots, militia aggression, but is driven by conspiracy) $6.99
Herman, Richard Edge of Honor (President Madeline Turner faces re_emergent Russia's ruthless leader & criminal government, possible war with both it & Germany, plus cabal of drug runners, killers) $24.00
Jaffe, Jody In Colt Blood (journalist Natalie Gold 3, assigned to interview horse whisperer with claimed psychic powers, but gets suspicious when subject disappears just after murder) $5.99
Jance, JA Outlaw Morning (Sheriff Joanna Brady 7, finds investigation of elderly woman's murder leading from offspring & gentleman friend to graft & corruption in local government; signing Mon. July 12, 6:30 to 7:30) $24.00
Jones, Jill The Island (PI Jack Knight arrives on island off Cornwall coast to deliver news of Keely Cochrane's friend's murder & now she faces a decision; PBO) $5.99
Kellerman, Faye Moon Music (Vegas Det Sgt Romulus Poe investigates showgirl's murder that leads back to unsolved, 25_year_old murder & suicide) $7.50
Kelner, Toni LP Death of a Damn Yankee (Laura Fleming returns to NC hometown & is pulled into controversy over Northerners' purchase of town mill that leads to arson & murder) $20.00
Kelner, Toni LP Tight as a Tick (Laura Fleming & husband visit her NC hometown, but Aunt Maggie's news of double_dealing flea market dealer's murder leads to mayhem & danger) $5.99
Kennedy, Douglas The Job (corporate downsizing casualty Ned lands in more trouble than he dreamed existed) $6.99
Kijewski, Karen Stray Kat Waltz (PI Kat Colorado goes undercover at rehab clinic to investigate man suspected of killing wife, but finds much more) $6.99
LaPlante, Richard Mind Kill (retired cop Bill Fogarty & old friend Josef Tanaka must find a way to stop insanity_inducing nightmares sent by murderous, dream_travelling cult leader) $6.99
Lamalle, Cecile Appetitie for Murder (portly upstate NY chef/restaurant owner Charly Poisson's search for mushrooms turns up dead body, turning sleepy town into stew of intrigue, danger; PBO) $6.50
Lantigua, John Player's Vendetta (Miami's Cuban_American PI Willie Cuesta searches for client's missing boyfriend but learns the man's looking for a killer to take his revenge; PBO) $5.99
Lewis, Stephen The Dumb Shall Sing (Puritan New England midwife Catherine Williams & her native servant fight prejudice, superstition when Irish Catholic servant's blamed for baby's death; PBO) $5.99
Maloney, Mack Wingman 10: War of the Sun (reprint) $4.99
Maxim, John R Time Out of Mind (reprint; NY executive's haunted by 100_year_old memories of snowstorm & murder that draw him into past maelstrom of love, revenge, obsession & worse) $6.99
Miles, Margaret Too Soon for Flowers (1764 widow Charlotte Willett/neighbor Richard Longfellow 2, host guests for smallpox inoculation, but one dies & they face rumors, conjecture, murder; PBO) $5.99
Moseley, Margaret Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes (book rep Honey Huckleberry 2, attends author fundraiser, but then author drops dead & his ex_wives' secrets are only start of suspect list; PBO) $6.50
Munger, Katy Money to Burn (PI Casey Jones 3, tracks client's killer to NC social elite, but must battle her own self_doubt as well as enemies condescending & murderous; PBO) $5.99
O'Connell, Carol Judas Child (NY Det Rouge Kendall investigates disappearance of 2 children from suburb, but case's eerily similar to one from his past) $6.99
Patterson, Richard North No Safe Place (presidential candidate in 2000 race faces California, brother's 12_year-old murder & secrets from past while abortion activist targets him for "statement") $7.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Thunderhead (audio tape) $24.98
Robbins, David L War of the Rats (during WWII siege of Stalingrad, Russian & German master snipers pursue each other in war of will & wits; based on true story) $23.95
Roberts, Gillian Adam & Evil (teacher Amanda Pepper 9, takes class on field trip to Philadelphia's Free Library, but murder's on the agenda, too) $22.95
Rozan, SJ A Bitter Feast (NY PIs Lydia Chin/Bill Smith 5, search for missing waiters, but find immigrant group feuds, illegal aliens, drug running, dissident smuggling by government) $5.99
Rule, Ann Lust Killer (non_fiction reprint originally published under the name Andy Stack) $5.99
Scott, Manda Night Mares (therapist Dr Kellen Stewart 2, confronted by veterinary surgeon Nina Crawford who thinks she is caused horse deaths, but Kellen finds she's targeted for murder) $5.50
Smith, Carlton Death in Texas (non_fiction; gambling, money & secrets are at root of woman's murder by her husband & his brother; PBO) $6.50
Smith, James V Jr Force Recon (military adventure; elite, covert Marine force enter savage fight to save commander, battle extremists threatening US; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Julie 82 Desire (New Orleans Det Skip Langdon thought Councilwoman's missing husband was a small case, but it's turning big as corruption, violence & desire stir) $6.99
Squire, Elizabeth Daniels Where There's a Will ('feisty but absent_minded' amateur sleuth Peaches Dann 6, enjoys luxury cruise until murder interferes; PBO) $5.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi Fade to Black (woman's refuge in sleepy Rhode Island village is shattered by indication someone knows her past & is stalking her-again) $5.99
Sullivan, Mark T Ghost Dance (documentary filmmaker Patrick Gallagher & policewoman Andie Nightingale probe evil that came to isolated Vermont town 100 years ago & now stalks the present) $24.00
Tanenbaum, Robert K Reckless Endangerment (Dpty DA Butch Karp & family are caught in crossfire when Jewish shopkeeper's murder with racial overtones turns into media circus & killer keeps killing) $7.50
Trevanian Incident at Twenty_Mile (stranger with shotgun & secret & psychotic, escaped convict with killer friends converge on isolated Wild West town) $6.99
Walsh, Michael As Time Goes By: A Novel of Casablanca (Rick, Ilsa, Victor, Louis & Sam's stories continue from film's end) $7.50
Watson, Chief James/Roberts, Mark Seals Top Secret 4: Operation: Shell Game (military adventure; PBO) $6.50
Wesley, Valerie Wilson Easier to Kill (black Newark PI Tamara Hayle 5, hired by radio personality to investigate vandalism & seemingly random murders, finds past demons all too active) $6.99
Wheat, Carolyn Sworn to Defend (lawyer Cass Jameson achieve's client's release from jail, but when she realizes he's dangerous must choose between conscience & career) $5.99


Berendt, John Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil (first paperback issue of bestselling non_fiction examination of murder in Savannah, GA) $12.00
Coulter, Catherine The Target (reclusive man finds Rocky Mtn retreat shattered by injured, mute girl, her mother & killers pursuing them,but FBI agents Savich & Sherlock find truth) $7.50
Burke, James Lee Sunset Limited (daughter of labor leader whose 40_year-old death was never solved returns to New Iberia & racial violence, class warfare, past can no longer be kept at bay) $7.50
Clark, Mary Jane Do You Promise Not to Tell? (TV news producer Farrell Slater 2, learns boss_ rejected story of Faberge egg auction hides secrets, fraud, intrigue & danger) $23.95
Coleman, Evelyn What a Woman's Gotta Do (black Atlanta journalist searches for missing fiance, but is stunned by macabre discoveries involving deadly secret of race, religion, murder) $6.50
Coleridge, Nicholas Streetsmart (photojournalist Max Thompson inherits sister's hip fashion magazine, but learns of conspiracy targeting magazine, gets suspicious of her supposed suicide) $23.95
Coonts, Stephen Cuba (Adm Jake Grafton returns to stave off disaster when Cuban factions learn US has secretly moved forbidden weapons to Guantanemo Bay as Castro dies) $24.95
Cooper, Natasha Creeping Ivy (barrister Trish Maguire agrees to help cousin search for missing child, but soon comes under police suspicion herself) $23.95
Cose, Ellis The Best Defense (defense att'y Felicia Fontaine & DA/ex_flame Mario Santiago go head_to_head over white businessman accused of killing Hispanic man promoted over him) $6.99
Curzon, Clare Cold Hands (Thames Valley Spdt Mike Yeadings/Sgt Rosemary Zyczynski find murder case probe tied to poker school at impoverished manor & forged currency) $22.95
Dunn, Carola Styx and Stones (in 1923, Hon. Daisy Dalrymple 7, heads to village to investigate poison_pen campaign, but the resentment & intrigue turns to murder) $22.95
Flander, Scott Sons of the City (Philadelphia Sgt Eddie North investigates murder of officer/ commissioner's son in crack house, but case gets dirtier by minute, threatening race & mob war) $24.00
Furutani, Dale Jade Palace Vendetta (17c ronin Matsuyama Kaze 3, continues to search for lord's missing child while saving merchant from gang of killers that traps him in web of deceit) $23.00
Grant, Anne Underwood Cuttings (single mom/ad agency owner Sydney Teague 3, gets big break with flower show contract, but then participants start dying after receiving flowers; PBO) $5.99
Hagberg, David White House (as N Korean nuclear crisis threatens, CIA agent Kirk McGarvey takes on terrorists who killed girlfriend & daughter & are targeting White House) $25.95
Holt, AJ Catch Me (ex_FBI Agent Jay Fletcher 2, must come out of hiding when serial killer she caught escapes & issues challenge) $23.95
Isaacs, Susan Red, White & Blue (FBI Agent Charlie Blair's assignment to infiltrate WY paramilitary group collides with journalist Lauren Miller's search for scoop) $6.99
Johnston, Paul Body Politic (rebel PI Dalrymple hunts serial killer tarnishing near_future Edingburgh's supposed utopia, but uncovers conspiracy of violence, sexual intrigue, corruption) $22.95
Keating, HRF Bribery, Corruption Also (Bombay Insp Ghote & wife inspect inherited Calcutta house, but taking possession becomes maze of legal twists, corruption, development conspiracy, murder) $22.95
Klavan, Andrew Hunting Down Amanda (man starts to recover from wife's murder when he meets woman, but finds killers are tracking her & 5_year_old daughter for the child's secret) $25.00
Leonard, Elmore City Primeval; Split Images (trade paperback reprints) $12.00 each
MacPherson, Rett A Comedy of Heirs (when Missouri genealogist Torie O'Shea 3, traces own family tree, she finds murder involving great_grandfather, great_uncle still deadly in the present) $20.95
Norris, Bob Fly Off (when fly_off competition among jet makers turns deadly over SaudiArabia, media manager Jack Warner teams with grounded pilot Randi Cole to find truth; PBO) $6.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Acts of Malice (Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly 5, defends man accused of brother's murder, must expose prominent, resort_owning family's tangled affairs, confront psychopath) $23.95
Olden, Marc The Ghost (NYPD Det Rosalind Magellan enjoys double life of working undercover, but the backup cop she relies on starts stalking her with threats from hidden past) $24.00
Pearson, Ridley The First Victim (Seattle Det Lou Boldt/Sgt John LaMoia contend with TV anchor in pursuit of illegal alien import scam tied to Triads & murder) $23.95
Puckett, Andrew Shadows Behind a Screen (Health Dept Insp Tom Jones investigates false computer reports that contributed to baby's death but finds baby's womanizing father is key) $20.95
Roberts, Les Best Kept Secret (PI Milan Jacovich 10, investigates rape charge against college student, but victim's seemingly phantom & stakes go up when woman with puzzle key's killed) $23.95
Sedley, Kate The Wicked Winter (medieval merchant Roger the Chapman 6, reluctantly teams with zealous Brother Simeon to investigate Lady Cederwell's murder) $22.95
Smith, Frank Candles for the Dead (Shropshire Insp Neil Paget 3, finds investigation of woman's murder tangled up in village rumor, suspicion & lies) $20.95
Taibo, Paco Ignacio II Guevara, Also Known as Che (non_fiction; biography of legendary Latin_American revolutionary, the mystery & myth around his life, careers, ideals) $17.95
Van Gieson, Judith Ditch Rider (Albuequerque lawyer Neil Hamel's convinced teen neighbor is innocent of shooting gang rival, but digging into gangs makes her a target as well) $5.99
Viets, Elaine The Pink Flamingo Murders (St Louis columnist Francesca Vierling 3, digs into deaths of colorful & undesireable southside denizens, but may not be prepared for the horrible truth; PBO) $5.99
Woods, Stuart Worst Fears Realized $25.00


Agee, Jonis The Weight of Dreams (old buddy's reappearance & new love prompt man to return to Nebraska town to face up to consequences of family strife, beating of Indian 20 years before) $23.95
Black, Cara Murder in the Marais (Paris Detective Aimee Leduc asked by rabbi to decipher 50_yo encrypted photo & give to woman who she finds murdered, carved with swastika & more to follow) $22.00
Block, Lawrence The Burglar in the Rye (burglar/bookseller Bernie Rhodenbarr's asked to retrieve recluse author's lost letters, but finds dead agent, beautiful woman & the cops; audio tape $17.95) $23.95
Buffa, DW The Prosecution (attorney Joseph Antonelli 2, takes job as special prosecutor in case against deputy district attorney accused of killing wife, but nothing is as it seems) $23.00
Child, Lee Tripwire (ex_MP Jack Reacher 3, tracks murder of stranger who came looking for him to NY & probes the deadly web of his opponent) $23.95
Comfort, B A Pair for the Queen (70ish Vermont sleuth Tish McWhinny 5, agrees to restore old painting for dog show promo, but it's stolen, murder follows & that's just the beginning...) $10.00
Cooper, Natasha Sour Grapes (Willow King gets curious about man accused of fatal hit_&_run when his wife suspects he was forced to confess) $4.99
Cornwell, Patricia Black Notice (CME Kay Scarpetta heads for France for answers to death of cargo ship stowaway, but Interpol instructions, secret evindence & mission could end career; audio tape $24.95; unabridged version $39.95) $25.95
Dale, John The Dogs are Barking (Australian Det Terry Dedovic's investigating Asian student's death & Nickie Taroney is determined to help, but why doesn't he trust the detective?; PBO) $12.99
Dobyns, Stephen Saratoga Strongbox (Charlie Bradshaw's scheming pal Victor Plotz takes center stage as job transporting suspicious suitcase turn outrageously deadly) $5.99
Engel, Howard Murder in Montparnasse (journalist Michael Ward finds 1925 Paris more exciting even than expected as Jack_the_Ripper_style killer stalks & writer's manuscript disappears) $23.95
Green, Tim Double Reverse (when two NFL stars are involved in girl's murder sports agent/attorney Madison McCall must expose brutal killer) $24.00
Gutman, Roy/Reiff, David_eds Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know (non_fiction; A_to_Z guidebook of laws of war, includes case studies, term definition, what's legal, what's not, more; hc avail $30) $19.95
Harstad, Donald Known Dead (Iowa Deputy Sheriff Carl Housemen 2, answers officer_assistance call & lands in middle of war zone with 2 down & no idea who's on which side or why) $23.95
Jahn,Michael/Yeager,Dorian/Paul, Barbara A New York State of Crime (omnibus edition of 3 mysteries set in NY: Jahn_ Murder on 5th Avenue , Yeager_ Libation by Death , Paul_ Clean Sweep [original short story]) $6.99
Janes, J Robert Mayhem; Salamander (reprints; St_Cyr of the Surete & Kohler of the Gestapo investigate crimes during WWII) $12.00 each
Jorgensen, Christine T Dead on Her Feet (Stella the Stargazer 5, has opportunity for quick money working for local theater, but murder turns the job into pure trouble; "upbeat & witty") $22.95
Kean, Rob The Pledge (when fraternity pledge dies amid hazing rumors, member investigates and discovers super-secret criminal organization with unlimited resources) $24.00
Miles, Keith (aka Edward Marston) Saint's Rest (1931 Chicago architect Merlin Richards 2, gets new client & big break, but gets suspicious of circumstances, especially when the body's found) $22.95
Milton, Pat In the Blink of an Eye (non_fiction; story of FBI's investigation of TWA Flight 800 crash off Long Island) $25.00
Mitchell, Kay A Rage of Innocents (CI Morrissey realizes rise in violent crime is tied to baby_stealing ring that's turned deadly) $4.99
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 116: The Final Reel (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
O'Connell, Carol Shell Game (NY Det Kathleen Mallory 5, realizes deadly, legendary magic trick on live TV was no accident, but not the consequences to those closest to her) $24.95
Oates, Joyce Carol Broke Heart Blues (small_town teen bad_boy is accused of murder that may or may not be justified, goes on run & becomes town's 30_year obsession/icon) $24.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 248: Rolling Death (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 67: Hellfire Strike (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Redmann, JM Lost Daughters (lesbian PI Micky Knight 4, finds case of woman looking for daughter & gay boy for mother rousing search for her own mother, but killings get too close) $24.95
Saer, Juan Jose The Investigation (as serial killer stalks elderly women in Paris, an untitled manuscript is discovered in Argentina that may hold the key; PBO) $14.99
Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Dilemma (Palm Beach PI Archy McNally returns to untangle blackmail case & led to murder, but there's more to the story...) $24.95
Sloan, Bob Bliss Jumps the Gun (NY homicide detective Lenny Bliss 2, trails Chinese girl who has his gun while investigating Off_Broadway actor's murder as partner recovers from shooting) $22.95
Stout, Rex Too Many Women (unabridged audio tape) $29.95
Thomas, Donald Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes (7 Sherlockian tales set after supposed retirement in 1903, involving real_life mysteries, includes Dreyfus Affair, more) $12.95
Troy, Judy From the Black Hills (young man struggles to cope when father kills receptionist & disappears, but investigator may be more disturbing) $23.95
Wilson, John Morgan Justice at Risk (gay journalist Benjamin Justice 3, hired to write documentary segment, but missing producer, tie to old bias crime,corruption & too_attractive collegue prove dangerous) $22.95
Winslow, Don California Fire & Life (fire claim adjustor Jack Wade gets case that rings all his fraud alarms, but isn't prepared for Russian mob, Vietnamese gangs, corporate corruption,more; audio tape $24.00) $23.00


Andrews, Sarah Only Flesh & Bones (geologist Em Hansen (#4) agrees to help mentor's daughter regain memory after mother's murder, but digging into past turns up troubled life & a shadowy man) $5.99
Billings, Andrew Carnage (when businesswoman/animal rights advocate Lauren Bowman finds closest friends prey of serial killer who sends her videotape of their murders;PBO) $6.50
Blanc, Nero The Crossword Murder (PI Rosco Polycrates investigates death of flamboyant crossword editor with help of victim's rival; includes 6 crossword puzzles; PBO) $13.00
Blanchard, Alice Darkness Peering (suspense; "a frightening premise, fully developed characters, excellent pacing") $23.95
Block, Barbara Endangered Species (petshop owner Robin Light 6, is "lured into a case that's trouble from the very start") $20.00
Block, Barbara Vanishing Act (petshop owner Robin Light 5, agrees to help client look for sister, but if she left on her own, why are secret pasts of suspects so dangerous?) $5.99
Block, Lawrence The Devil Knows You're Dead (trade paperback reprint; PI Matthew Scudder) $12.50
Bonansinga, Jay Bloodhound (Charlotte Vickers has used second sight to help police before, but in search for woman's fiance she learns he's running for life & she must, too;PBO) $6.99
Bond, Larry Day of Wrath (Col Peter Thorn & FBI agent Helen Gray pursue Saudi prince/terrorist, only to find themselves hunted by those they're trying to protect) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs Jeffries Rocks the Boat (Victorian housekeeper Mrs Jeffries 12, probes locked_garden murder of Australian sister of woman who claims not to have known of her visit; PBO) $5.99
Brinck, Gretchen, MSW The Boy Next Door (non_fiction; story of "boy next door" who killed children; PBO) $5.99
Brown, Sandra Unspeakable (escaped killer convict with revenge plan, reopened murder case and drifter converge on deaf widow & son' ranch; "raw, violent") $7.99
Burke, James Lee Heartwood (TX defense attorney Billy Bob Holland defends hapless man accused of stealing from local kingpin, but is up against own past as well as dangerous man) $24.95
Cannell, Stephen J Riding the Snake (playboy Wheeler Cassidy joins black LAPD Det Tanisha Williams to bring down gangsters who killed brother, but Hong Kong Triads, US government may be too much to stop) $6.99
Clancy, Tom Rainbow Six (military technothriller) $7.99
Coel, Margaret The Story Teller (Father O'Malley/Arapahoe attorney Vicky Holden 4, search for museum's missing sacred tribal artifact & Arapaho student's killer) $6.50
Collins, Max Allan Flying Blind (PI Nate Heller attempts to solve Amelia Earhart's disappearance; "journey into a world of intrigue, espionage, betrayal & a rousing good time") $5.99
Crane, Hamilton Miss Seeton's Finest Hour ('untold story' of art teacher Miss Seeton's first case, as she joins WWII effort with her sketch pad & becomes unlikely master of detection; PBO) $5.99
Dobson, Joanne The Northbury Papers (Prof Karen Pelletier's research turns up child's photo that leads to academic discovery & dual homicides as killer & colleagues threaten) $5.99
Doss, James D The Shaman's Game (Ute tribal cop Charlie Moon/shaman aunt Daisy Perika/Police Chief Scott Parris 4, investigate Sun Dance deaths that may be murder, may involve spirits) $5.99
Estleman, Loren D The Stranglers (Western crossover; in Montana Territory, a vengeful posse preys on any man with a badge; PBO) $5.99
Estleman, Loren D The Witchfinder (Detroit PI Amos Walker's hired by dying architect to find person who faked photos of wife with another man) $6.50
Ferro, James Hogs #2: Hog Down (military adventure; when A_10 Warthog pilot's shot down behind lines in Gulf War, his fellow pilots will do anything to get him back; PBO) $5.99
Flannery, Sean Achilles' Heel (military intelligence analyst Bill Lane suspects ex_KGB nemesis of stealing "lost" Russian nuclear sub,then learns of Lt Cmdr Francis Shipley's capture) $6.99
Forrest, Katherine V Sleeping Bones (lesbian LAPD Det Kate Delafield investigates truth behind murder at La Brea Tar Pits) $21.95
Freedman, JF The Disappearance (defense attorney Luke Garrison suspects there's more to girl's abduction & murder, finds shocking crime that tears family apart & divides town) $6.99
Graham, Mark The Resurrectionist (post_Civil War Philadelphia Det Wilton McCleary (#2) suspects missing women are tied to plan to intimidate new black voters, but learns dead are missing, too; PBO) $5.99
Green, Tim Red Zone (defense attorney madison McCall's hired to defend linebacker accused of killing team owner & lover's husband, finds conspiracy, money & corruption) $7.50
Hall, James W Body Language (forensic photographer Alexandra Rafferty sees message of past in gruesome rape/murder series, sending her on run from killer, husband & his connections) $6.99
Hart, Carolyn Yankee Doodle Dead (mystery booksellers Annie & Max Darling have an explosive July 4th when aggressive, ex_military library board member's shot before Annie's eyes) $6.50
Hart, Ellen Wicked Games (restauranteur Jane Lawless's new renter claims to be psychic with visions of murder, but professional, personal life keep her from probing until too late) $5.99
Haywood, Gar Anthony When Last Seen Alive (hard_boiled black PI Aaron Gunner 5, searches for man gone missing during Million Man March on Washington DC, but quickly finds nothing is as it seems) $5.99
Hoag, Tami Still Waters (reprint; "the deepest waters hide the darkest secrets") $7.50
Hobbs, Will The Maze (young adult; teen on the run, Rick lands in middle of canyon maze, but teams with biologist trying to save endangered condors, but danger still finds them; Edgar Award nominee) $4.99
Hunt, David (aka Wm Bayer) Trick of Light (photographer Kay Farrow probes mentor's hit_&_run death, reasons for being on dangerous streets after midnight, disturbing images in camera;"hypnotic") $7.50
Izzi, Eugene Safe Harbor (ex_mobster's rebuilt life in Witness Protection, but may have to resurrect old self to stop hit man threatening new life, family) $24
Johnstone, William W Blood Oath (small Missouri town's rocked by murders tied to night 26 years ago when children's play, ritual & dare left 2 dead; PBO) $5.99
Johnstone, William W Vengeance in the Ashes (reprint; post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Kellerman, Faye The Ritual Bath (reprint; 1st in Det Pete Decker/Rina Lazarus series) $6.99
MacDougal, Bonnie Out of Order (family law expert Cam Alexander's child_custody case leads to intrigue, outrage & deception, then courtroom confrontation threatens own secrets) $24.95
Martin, Julia Wallis A Likeness in Stone (Oxford student's body's found in reservoir_submerged house & Det Bill Driver reopens 20_year-old case, struggles to understand why her friends protect her killer; Edgar Best Novel nominee) $6.50
McGown, Jill Plots & Errors (Insp Lloyd/Judy Hill 10, investigate murders of failed detective agency owners, then their last, wealthy client) $22.95
McInerny, Ralph Lack of the Irish (Det Philip/Prof Roger Knight 2, investigate administrator's murder as on eve of Notre Dame v Baylor game & Catholic/Protestant conference) $5.99
Meier, Leslie Back to School Murder (mother of 4, Lucy Stone's thrilled when school starts, but bomb, assistant principal's murder weren't what she had in mind, nor is arrest of popular teacher) $5.99
Mikulski, Barbara/Oates, Marylouise Capitol Venture (Senator/sleuth Norie Gorzack finds campaign trail's strewn with accident & deaths, engineered by someone trying to stop her from running) $6.99
Monfredo, Miriam Grace Must the Maiden Die (19c Seneca Falls librarian Glynis Tyron probes local businessman's murder & uncovers town's underworld of lust & corruption) $21.95
Olsen, Gregg If Loving You is Wrong (non_fiction; case of teacher's affair with 6th grade student, her conviction for child rape; PBO) $6.50
Page, Katherine Hall Bon Voyage, Christie & Company (young reader;Christie, Maggie & Vicky's Quebec City class trip's complicated by Ethan's stealing & B&B family possibly trafficking in endangered animals;PBO) $3.99
Parkinson, Dan The Fox & the Fortune (reprint/historical naval adventure) $4.99
Piccirilli, Tom Sorrow's Crown (Felicity Grove's bookstore owner Jon Kendrick & grandmother Anna 2, investigate when child_like cemetary caretaker's arrested for murder) $5.99
Ridley, John Love is a Racket ("modern_day noir"; debts to dangerous man leads small_time Hollywood con man to team with streetwise Mona to pull off the ultimate scam) $6.99
Robinson, Leah Ruth Unnatural Causes (Dr Evelyn Sutcliff 3, realizes her poisoned guest indicates she/friends are murder targets as colleagues' secrets & stalker complicate search for truth) $24.00
Salem, Jon Remember September (lawyer Stephanie Hart is being stalked by someone who seems to know what happened 20 years ago when she confronted mother's brutal lover) $5.99
Schulman, Sarah Shimmer (in 1948 NY, aspiring reporter Sylvia Golubowsky, gossip columnist & aspiring black theater builder collide in McCarthyism's ferocities) $12.50
Slater, Ian Manhunt: USA vs Militia (future war adventure; when militia movement explodes, US send in the military, while new foreign enemy prepares ultimate weapon; PBO) $6.99
Solomita, Stephen No Control (ex_State Trooper/single mom Clarry Neumark wanted to be detective, but local politician's rage_filled murder becomes entirely too personal; PBO) $5.99
Stabenow, Dana Fire & Ice (after life, career unravel, AK State Trooper Liam Campbell's transfer to fishing village lands him in midst of herring spotter's murder,prime suspect out of past) $5.99
Starling, Boris Messiah (Investigator Red Metcalfe's known for uncanny gift tracing serial killers, but newest target's most elusive_& dangerous_forcing him to face darkest secrets) $6.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi All the Way Home (Rory Connelly returns to quiet hometown 10 years after sister, 3 other girls disappeared, but then another girl vanishes on anniversary of first cases) $23.00
Thomas, Graham Malice on the Moors (Scotland Yard's Erskine Powell 3; "British police procedural in the popular tradition of PD James, Colin Dexter & MC Beaton"; PBO) $5.99
Thurlo, Aimee & David Enemy Way (Navajo Police Investigator Ella Clah 4, investigates murder of friend's fiance, mom's injury by drunk driver, but rumors of skinwalkers ignite the Rez) $6.99
Truman, Margaret Murder at the Watergate (Mac & Annabel Smith find new apartment at the Watergate lands them in midst of "soft" money, influence peddling & murder) $6.99
Wilson, Barbara Jaye Capped Off (hat_maker Brenda Midnight 4, witness to department store's millinery buyer's murder, is teamed with Ofcr Nicole "Gung_Ho" Gundermutter to catch killer;PBO) $5.99
Wilson, Tom Black Canyon (military thriller;pilot/operative Link Anderson finds search for millionaire's daughter in CO mountains is really cat_&_mouse game with international criminal;PBO) $6.99
Wolzien, Valerie The Student Body (suburban sleuth Susan Henshaw returns to solve another crime; "funny and exciting"; PBO) $5.99


Andrews, Sarah Bone Hunter (forensic geologist Em Hansen's trip to Utah paleontology conference turns deadly when dinosaur expert's murdered,ties surface to Mormon sect's secrets) $23.95
Barnes, Linda Flashpoint (Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle agrees to burglar_proof elderly recluse's apartment, but client's murder leads to tangle of developers, corporate moguls, arson) $22.95
Brown, Sandra The Alibi (ADA Hammond Cross views high_profile murder as ticket to DA office, but encounter with mystery woman who turns out to be prime suspect overturns his plan) $25.95
Cobb, James H West on 66 (noir thriller;Deputy Sheriff Kevin Pulaski's 1958 vacation stop at Hwy 66 truck stop lands him in tangle of 10_year-old murders, gangland money, beautiful woman) $23.95
Corcoran, Tom Gumbo Limbo (Key West crime scene photographer Alex Rutledge 2, goes to meet navy buddy who's gone when he arrives, but later murders, other events nake him realize friend's in danger) $23.95
Corn, David Deep Background (presidential aide, disgraced White House security chief & rebellious female CIA agent join forces to investigate president's assassination) $25.95
Deaver, Jeffery Devil's Teardrop (on Dec 31, 1999, Washington DC police must solve mass murder & prevent another, but they have only one clue & are running out of time) $25.00
Deutermann, PT Train Man (FBI's Hush Hanson/Carolyn Lamb race to investigate collapse of 1of 6 Mississippi bridges as military train with unstable, deadly cargo nears, another bridge goes down) $25.95
Dorsey, Tim Florida Roadkill (when $5 mill is deposited in wrong car, "convoy of homicidal wackos" takes up pursuit through Florida; "manic, violent, lyrical, & hysterically funny") $24.00
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson The Vanishing Violinist (Joan Spencer 4, copes with daughter's fiance's entourage of pro violinists, host families, their rivalries, then violin is stolen & violinist disappears) $23.95
Gearino, GD Blue Hole (in small_town South in 1969, teen & friends start looking for missing boy, but questions threaten to expose secrets people will do anything to hide) $22.00
Graham, Caroline A Place of Safety (CI Barnaby investigates murder of hated man who had witnessed death of woman in home of village's retired minister & wife) $23.95
Harris, Charlaine A Fool & His Money ("liberated Southern belle" Aurora Teagarden returns to cope with husband's flighty niece's unexpected baby, niece's disappearance & her husband's murder) $22.95
Harrod_Eagles, Cynthia Shallow Grave (Insp Bill Slider 7, investigates murder of woman on husband's building site at famous historian's home, is sure case is more complex than it seems) $22.00
Hart, Ellen Hunting the Witch (Mpls restaurateur Jane Lawless's accident recovery is put on hold when lover's patient & friend's client is murdered, but who can she trust?) $24.95
Hayter, Sparkle The Chelsea Girl Murders (TV newswoman Robin Hudson 5, forced stay at legendary Chelsea Hotel leads to investigation of suicide, guerrilla artists, art forgers, feudng magicians, more) $23.00
Hayter, Sparkle The Last Manly Man (NY newswoman Robin Hudson's good deed for strange man leads to bizarre murder & unknown world of men, mysterious chemical, hunting & other strangeness) $9.95
Hill, Reginald Singing the Sadness (black British PI Joe Sixsmith 4, on church choir's Wales bus trip, rescues woman from cottage fire, is hired to find her identity & who set the fire) $24.95
Keating, HRF The Bad Detective (when DS Jack Stallworthy succumbs to deal of police file for cushy spot on wife's dream island, he finds himself spiralling deeper into corruption) $23.95
Kellerman, Faye Jupiter's Bones (LAPD Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus 11, probes murder of famous cosmologist/astrophysicist who disappeared for 10 years & reappeared as leader of notorious cult) $25.00
Lansdale, Joe R Freezer Burn (Bill tries to add to dead mom's SS with robbery, but bungling leads to buddies' deaths, beating, exposure & hiding with freak show & sinister frozen man) $23.95
Latt, Mimi Ultimate Justice (asst DA Alexandra Locke visits mother in hospital & hears death_bed confession of another patient implicating her father in murder) $24.00
Lescroart, John The Mercy Rule (attorney Dismas Hardy 6, takes on 'mercy_killing' case with client he can't trust, witness he doesn't believe & system that nearly destroyed him) $7.99
Lovett, Sarah Dantes' Inferno (forensic psychiatrist Sylvia Strange 4, called in to evaluate suspect in museum blast Joe Dantes, doesn't believe he's guilty but is key to finding bomber) $24.00
Martin, Dannie M The Shooter's Job (young man steeped in wrong side of law takes job helping cop dispose of murdering, drug dealing con man__any way he can) $23.00
Martin, Julia Wallis The Bird Yard (Det Parker's (#2) search for missing boys leads to suspicion of aviary at abandoned house with mysterious owner, recruits child psychologist to probe dark secret) $23.95
Melo, Patricia In Praise of Lies (noir; crime novelist in search of unique murder weapon finds venomous snake specialist uses his plots to kill her husband, but nothing works right;PBO) $13.95
Patterson, Richard North Dark Lady (Asst County Prosecutor Stella Marz pursues homicides of new stadium honcho & drug dealer's lawyer, finds "terrifying, dizzying maze of corruption, greed") $25.95
Pattison, Eliot The Skull Mantra (China officials pull Insp Shan Tao Yun from Tibetan prison to solve murder, but must navigate storm of political, religious intrigue, Buddhist demands, US mining interests) $24.95
Pelecanos, George P The Big Blowdown (years after post_WWII crime boss' muscle boys face off over immigrant treatment, they contend again over Nick Stefanos' grill; "darkly powerful") $14.95
Pelecanos, George P The Sweet Forever (in mid_80s coke_wracked DC, Marcus Clay finds his store at epicenter of drug trade, manager developing habit, but witnessing drug theft threatens to start war) $6.50
Reilly, Matthew J Ice Station (Lt Shane Schofield leads Marines to Antarctica to secure scientists' discovery of something made of metal in 100_million_year-old ice sheet, but they find hell) $24.95
Rozan, SJ Stone Quarry (PIs Bill Smith/Lydia Chin (#6) help upstate NY artist recover stolen paintings, are pulled into hood's murder, teen's disappearance tied to old town secrets) $23.95
Shapiro, Jane The Dangerous Husband (new wife discovers husband's klutziness destroys everything around him & threatens her__unless she can kill him first) $22.95
Snyder, Keith Coffin's Got the Dead Guy on the Inside (wise_cracking composer Jason Keltner's attempt to find out who's trying to kill computer_geek best friend lands him right in the cross_fire) $5.99
St James, James Disco Bloodbath (non_fiction; NY "clubkid" tells all about surreal underworld of drugs, abandon, decadence that lead to party promoter's murder of drug dealer) $23.00
Stone, Michael Gangbusters (non_fiction; subtitled "How a street tough, elite homicide unit took down New York's most dangerous gang") $24.95
Strong, Tony The Death Pit (scholar Terry Williams's attempts to research 17c witchburning in Inverness leads to investigation of modern witch's murder, town full of secrets, lies) $21.95
Talley, Marcia Sing It to Her Bones (recuperating cancer survivor Hannah Ives finds remains of teen who disappeared 10 years ago, but raising questions about past rouses town's defenses; PBO) $5.99


Abresch, Peter Bloody Bonsai ("cranky & craving isolation", James P Dandy finds bonsai course leading to becoming suspect in murder) $4.99
Axler, James Outlanders 10: The Lost Earth Saga 3: Outer Darkness (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Brett, Simon Mrs Pargeter's Plot (crime boss' widow Mrs Pargeter 5, discovers corpse in the wine cellar of her new home & decides to dig into the case & construction irregularities) $4.99
Chase, Owen The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex (non_fiction; the true adventure that inspired "Moby Dick", as told by ship's first mate; with maps, photos) $12.00
Coulter, Catherine The Edge (FBI agent Ford MacDougal heads to Oregon for answers to sister's "accident" & disappearance & his seemingly psychic tie, only to find more questions) $21.95
Davis, Patrick A The Passenger (ex_pilot Col John Quinn's tapped to investigate military Learjet crash with President's brother on board, but too many have too much at stake) $24.95
Greenfield, Jeff Jackpot (media mogul Harold Morse wants control of government, finance & ordinary people, too, & comes up with scheme to get it) $24.95
James, Bill Roses, Roses (Harpur & Iles #10; DCS Harpur's wife returns to London to tell him she's leaving him but is killed before they meet;"almost Jacobean savagery & sexual betrayal") $10.00
Lewin, Michael Z Cutting Loose (young adult; disguised as boy to pursue turn_of_century baseball career, Jackie aims to find out who killed her best friend,a Wild West show trick shooter) $19.95
Lott, Brett Dead Low Tide (when teen & girlfriend witness threatening man capturing Vietnamese immigrant girl on SC island, they try to help her, set devastating forces in motion) $23.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 249: Shadow Target (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 42: Fall of the West 1: Edge of Night (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Ramthun, Bonnie Ground Zero (Colorado Springs Det Eileen Rand/CIA analyst Lucy Giometti investigate female programmer's murder during War Game in sealed room on high_security base) $24.95
Smith, Frank Stone Dead (CI Paget finds routine robbery investigation turning into murder, but when suspect disappears & corpse's ID turns case bizarre) $4.99
Swanson, Doug Umbrella Man (Jack Flippo 4, finds man who owns film possibly showing 2nd JFK assassin, but isn't sure if friends or enemies are bigger threat) $22.95
Thayer, Steve Silent Snow (St Paul reporter Rick Beanblossom 2, believes his son's kidnapping in midst of March blizzard is tied to Lindbergh case & history of another reporter) $24.95
Tully, James The Crimes of Charlotte Bronte (starting in 1845, the new curate's maid recounts his involvement with the Bronte family, their novels & the succession of their mysterious deaths) $24.000

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