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Newsletter #45 March - May, 1999


[PBO means Paperback Original]

Asher, Neal L The Engineer (sf horror; science vessel finds one of race gone from galaxy from 5 million years trapped in drifting ice; plus 6 short stories; PBO) $12.95
Barker, Clive Galilee (Rachel's idyllic marriage into wealthy Geary clan darkens as she unravels secrets, meets rival clan w/power of flesh & soul, igniting decades of hostility) $7.50
Baxter, Stephen Vacuum Diagrams (novel based on short stories from Xeelee future history saga from 1st Poole wormholes to Squeem conquest to back_time Qax invasion & mystery of Xeelee) $15.00
Bova, Ben Empire Builders (reprint; space privateer Dan Randolph decides to take a stand against those who think dictatorship is answer to Earth's ecological crisis) $5.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer/Lisle, Holly Glenraven II: In the Rift (Kate Beacham's bad day gets worse when Glenraven guidebook shows up, riders & monster appear in midair-good thing she knows how to use a shotgun...) $6.99
Bridges, Bill_ed The Sinful Stars: Tales of the Fading Suns (stories from a future, interstellar Dark Age, where feudal lords rule & vie for power with fanatic priests & scheming guilds) $15.95
Calder, David The Dragonslayer's Apprentice (young reader; apprentice Dragonslayer Jackie likes the difficulty & the adventure of slaying & gets plenty of both; PBO) $4.50
Card, Orson Scott Heartfire (Alvin Maker #5, signed limited edition of 60 copies, of which only 50 copies were released to bookstores--we got 2 of them) $200.00
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds Sirens & Other Daemon Lovers (anthology of "erotic tales of magical, obsessional & irresistible love" from Constantine, Gaiman, Oates, Swanwick, Lee, Bryant, Murphy, Kushner, Yolen, more; PBO) $14.00
Davis, Brett Two Tiny Claws (1907 paleontologist Barnum Brown seeks dinosaurs in Montana, but finds creatures from outer space-& they're mad!; PBO) $5.99
DeCandido, Keith RA Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Xander Years 1: Xander the Great (TV tie_in; 3 stories focusing on Buffy's friend Xander, his relationships with Willow & Cordelia; PBO) $4.99
Ellison, Harlan Slippage ("previously uncollected, precariously poised stories" includes award_ winning novella Mefisto in Onyx ) $13.00
Emery, Clayton Forgotten Realms: Star of Cursrah (Lost Empires series) $5.99
Forstchen, William R Star Voyager III: Prometheus (as Justin Bell dreams of reaching the stars, alien contact turns hostile & the Solar System verges on civil war-can he stop them?; PBO) $6.99
Huff, Tanya Wizard of the Grove 2-in-1 reprint of Child of the Grove and The Last Wizard ; daughter of Power destined to end war between wizards & mortal world) $6.99
Hugh, Daffyd ab Star Trek:DS9 23: Rebels Trilogy 1 & 2 (Sisko heads into Gamma Quad to liberate conquered world as Kai Winn commands DS9; Kai Winn recalls her role during the Occupation; PBO) $6.50 each
Hughart, Barry The Chronicles of Master Li & Number Ten Ox (omnibus reissue of "humorous, inventive & witty" fantasy trilogy set in China that never was; signed, limited_edition hc avail $45) $19.95
Joshi, ST_ed Great Weird Tales (anthology of tales blending supernatural horrors, fantasy & pseudo_science from Lovecraft, Hodgson, Dunsany, Machen, more; PBO?) $8.95
Kay, Guy Gavriel The Saratine Mosaic 1: Sailing to Sarantium (Crispus heads to Imperial city to create Emperor's temple mosaic w/secret message from his queen, alchemist's magic, but adventures,danger lie in path) $24.00
Lebow, Jess--ed. The Colors of Magic Anthology (Magic the Gathering tie-in) $5.99
LeGuin, Ursula K. Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching (her translation of 2500 year old Chinese poetry) $12
LeGuin, Ursula K. Steering the Craft ("Exercises and Discussions on Story Writing") $14.95
Niles, Douglas Dragonlance: The Puppet King (Chaos War series) $5.99
Pratchett, Terry Discworld: Jingo (Ankh_Morpork & Al_Khali both claim entire island that's appeared between them, leading to device invention, weapons & brinksmanship Discworld_style) $6.50
Pratchett, Terry Discworld: The Last Continent (wizard Rincewind finds himself in land of thieves & police while ArchChancellor & faculty land in paradise island with mad_scientist_God) $24.00
Reynolds, Mack Star Trek: Mission to Horatius (reprint/collector's facsimile edition of 1967 publication; Kirk probes high_tech raids on primitive planet, society divided into "real" people, clones) $16.00
Shatner, William Quest for Tomorrow 3: Step into Chaos (series of near_misses lead Jim Endicott to realization he's caught between Outsider trying to destroy the human_allied Alban Empire, Albans themselves) $23.00
Silverberg, Robert_ed Legends: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, Vol 3 (audio anthology of new stories from 3 famous fantasy worlds/sagas: Sword of Truth _Terry Goodkind; Earthsea _Ursula LeGuin; Memory, Sorrow & Thorn _Tad Williams) $25.00
Steele, Allen A King of Infinite Space (when spoiled, rich man wakes from crash, it's 100 years later-he must learn new life & reason for his revival from cryogenic sleep before he's killed) $5.99
Steele, Allen Sex & Violence in Zero_G (collection of hard sf/adventure stories in Steele's "Near Space" milieu; Kevin J Anderson intro) $16.00
Turner, Alice_ed The Playboy Book of Science Fiction (anthology of "45 years of uncensored tomorrows" from Clarke, Bradbury, Le Guin, Ellison, Shepard, Waldrop, Westlake, Lessing, Vonnegut, Ballard, Spinrad, more) $16.00
Weber, David Honor Harrington: On Basilisk Station (hardcover reprint of 1st in Honor Harrington saga) $18.00
Weber, David The War God's Own (when the War God insists, Bahzel Bahnakson reluctantly finds self in Empire of Ax heading across winter_gripped land to face Dark God) $7.99


Abbey, Lynn Jerlayne (100 years after disastrous marriage to elf, Jerlayne wants answers to mother's opposition, but truth is greater than expected; PBO) $6.99
Attanasio, AA The Wolf & the Crown (3rd in series; King Arthor must quest for grail that may be Camelot's only hope after betrayal within as Saxon's threaten & Merlin faces Fire Lords) $5.99
Cadigan, Pat Lost in Space 1 (movie tie-in; attempts to return to Earth lead Robinson family to federation of alien races that seems too good to be true; PBO) $5.99
Carroll, Jerry Jay Inhuman Beings (PI Goodwin Armstrong has his hands full when city's entire population turns into-something; "a captivating romp") $5.99
Clemens, James The Banned & the Banished 1: Wit'ch Fire (centuries_long rule of evil magic is threatened by awsome power of innocent farmgirl, but if she can't learn to control it, all may be destroyed) $6.99
Daley, Brian GammaLAW 4: To Waters' End (conclusion to "big_scale space_opera written in the old_fashioned way...macho & fun"; PBO) $6.99
Deitz, Tom Warstalker's Track (Davy Sullivan & friends must sort out deposition of Faerie's High King, deposers' devastating tactics & Georgia developers who're threatnng Faerie; PBO) $6.50
Drake, David Northworld Trilogy (omnibus reprint of 3 Northworld novels) $6.99
Duane, Diane To Visit the Queen (wizard cats again face manipulations of evil Lone One, must help 15_year-old Arthur Conan Doyle save all Queen Victorias in all universes, restore time) $14.99
Elliot, Kate The Crown of Stars 3: The Burning Stone (outcast lovers Liath & Sanglant face paths of politics, forbidden knowledge, family as civil war, invaders threaten, Aoi/human lands re_approach) $24.95
Farland, David The Runelords 1 (disguised prince, warriors spot assassins aimed at neighbor king, learn Earth itself is threatened; "intricately created world", "complex magical technology") $6.99
Feist, Raymond E The Serpentwar Saga 4: Shards of a Broken Crown (conclusion; demon's lackey is massing remnants of defeated army for assault on weakened realm, forcing Jimmy & Dash into perilous action) $6.99
Flynn, Michael Rogue Star ( Firestar sequel; Mariesa Van Huyten continues push into space-Mars, asteroid belt, space station-but price may be secret weapons on station) $6.99
Frankowski, Leo A Boy & His Tank (colonists on planet blasted by supernova sun combine virtual reality with tank warfare & change the way the galaxy wars) $21.00
Gardner, Craig Shaw Spider_Man: Wanted Dead or Alive (media tie_in; Spidey is targeted by mayoral candidate who's pawn of businessman aiming to take over syndicates, just when Electro & Rhino hit town) $6.99
Golden, Christopher/Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Gatekeeper 2: Ghost Roads (TV tie_in; Buffy, Oz & Angel head to Europe to find heir of Gatekeeper who guards demon barrier; PBO) $5.99
Hand, Elizabeth Black Light (director Axel Kern's return to Kamensic Village, frenzied partying hide goal of rebirth as Dionysus & use of teen for goal, sending humanity into chaos) $25
Holder, Nancy Gambler's Star 2: Legacies and Lies (lunar casino owner's assistant finds self in midst of bloodbath when explosion kills top levels of 5 Families, vendettas & rebels' terror take over; PBO) $5.99
Hugh, Daffyd ab Star Trek:DS9 25: Rebels Trilogy 3 (Major Kira & Kai Winn must cooperate to preserve Orb & safety of the station; PBO) $6.50
Jeter, KW Star Wars: The Bount Hunter Wars 3: Hard Merchandise (media tie_in; Boba Fett struggles to survive enemies' conspiracy as Bossk re_establishes guild & Kuat's machinations have shocking consequences; PBO) $5.99
Jones, JV The Barbed Coil (contemporary woman w/tinnitus is pulled into world where magic lies in illustrations at which she's talented, with war & crown at stake) $6.99
Keillor, Garrison Me: By Jimmy (Big Boy) Valente (fictional biography of a fictional ex-wrestler with shaved head who just got elected Governor of Minnesota, "a brilliant, biting, and wickedly funny send-up of American politics") $15.95
King, Gabriel The Wild Road (Tag the cat & allies go on quest to save Queen of Cats from renegade human Alchemist who aims to plunder wild roads, destroy order of nature) $6.99
King, Stephen The Green Mile (horror; omnibus reprint of all 6 installments) $7.99
Knaack, Richard Shattered Light 1: Ruby Flames (gaming tie_in; adventurers vie w/creatures of darkness, swords & sorcery on voyages of discovery; PBO) $6.50
Kotani, Eric Star Trek Voyager 17: Death of a Neutron Star (alien scientist asks to join Janeway on investigating find & sparks battle of wills among several races with planetary destruction as goal; PBO) $6.50
Lee, Adam (a.k.a. A.A. Attanasio) The Dominions of Irth 3: Octoberland (darknes invade goddess' dreams, rebuilt city with weak ruler & renegade witch wife, & Earth itself, where ancient mage sucks years from followers; PBO) $13.50
Lee, Gentry Double Full Moon Night (Rama milieu/ Bright Messengers sequel; Beatrice, Johann & Mars colonists embark on mysterious adventure, spanning generations, interstellar distances) $23.95
Little, Denise_ed Twice Upon a Time (anthology of classic tales told from non_traditional viewpoints, by Rusch, Sherman, Yolen, Lindskold, more; PBO) $6.99
Logston, Anne Waterdance (magically_talented swordmaster Peri saves prisoner from Sarkond warrior camp who turns out to be dreaded heretic, finds they've prophecy to fulfill; PBO) $6.50
Lynn, Elizabeth A Dragon's Winter (Karadur Atani's trapped in body, unable to become dragon king since twin stole talisman, but twin returns with black magic & he aims to fight for birthright) $6.50
Marco, John The Jackal of Nar (dying Emperor sends warrior Prince Richius to conquer land of magic, but price is honor, homeland's freedom & he finds himself changing sides; PBO) $14.95
Moore, Christopher The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (psychiatrist switches small town's antidepressants for placebos, Delta blues man starts drawing fans, incl sea beast & more bizarreness ensues) $23.00
Reaves, Michael Voodoo Child (horror; Louisiana parole officer Lia StCharles realizes vodun priest/murder convict may be only one able to stop drug lord's plans to open door to evil) $6.99
Sherwin, Jill Quotable Star Trek (reference; compendium of "wit, wisdom & compelling insight" from all series & movies; PBO) $16.00
Silverberg, Robert_ed Legends: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, Vol 4 (audio anthology of new stories from 3 famous fantasy worlds/sagas: Pern _Anne McCaffrey; Riftwar - Raymond E Feist; Song of Ice & Fire _George RR Martin) $25.00
Stackpole/Strnad/Barr/Erskine Star Wars: X_Wing Rogue Squadron: Requiem for a Rogue (graphic novel; search_&_rescue for Bothan castaways turns into nightmare of madness & deceit on bizarre planet; PBO) $12.95
Swann, S Andrew Fearful Symmetries: The Return of Nohar Rajasthan (genengineered human/tiger hybrid PI Nohar Rajasthan returns from retirement to find missing moreau & all hell breaks loose; PBO) $5.99
Telep, Peter Wing Commander (movie novelization/gaming tie_in; new officers join combat squad just in time for hostilities with aliens, cultural conflicts & traitor in midst; PBO) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry Between the Rivers (Bronze Age city enjoys blessings of patron deity Engibil, but young man offends gods of neighboring cities & sparks epic battle of human, divine wits) $6.99
Vitola, Denise The Red Sky File (District Marshall Ty Merrick, partner must find who_or what_took Black River sailor's ears before red sun's up again & 'it' rises from toxic river; PBO) $5.99
Williams, Tad/Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Child of an Ancient City (caravan of soldiers, diplomats sets out from Baghdad for Armenian mountains stalked by vampyr w/story to tell; "colorful variation on the Arabian Nights ") $6.99
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Shattered Light 2: Dark Light (gaming tie_in; adventurers vie w/creatures of darkness, swords & sorcery on voyages of discovery; PBO) $6.50
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Sisters of the Night 1: The Angry Angel ("darkly erotic" trilogy of Dracula's 3 brides; young Kelene's family is shielded from Ottoman horrors by Militant Angels, 'til 1 brings her dark dreams) $13.50
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Sisters of the Night 2: The Soul of an Angel (pampered Fenice stows away on ship to find adventure, but is put ashore in port where dark being finds her, takes her to mountain domain & Kelene) $24.00


Bishop, Anne The Black Jewels Trilogy 2: Heir to the Shadows (heir to Darkness Jaenelle heals physically, but amnesia lingers as foster_father Saetan protects her, but still must face destiny; PBO) $5.99
Bunch, Chris The Last Legion 1 (legionnaires cut off from homeworld in dying Human Confederation struggles to survive as revolution threatens; PBO) $6.99
Davis, Jim Garfield 34: Life to the Fullest (comic strip collection; PBO) $6.95
Hambly, Barbara Dragonshadow ( Dragonsbane sequel; sorceress Jenny Waynest, biggest/ wisest_dragon Morkeleb fight enslaving demons while Dragonsbane John Aversin trades soul for chance) $24.00
Hartwell, David G/Grant, Glenn_eds Northern Suns (anthology of Canadian authors incl Atwood, Clute, Davies, Mackay, Ryman, more) $24.95
Kenson, Stephen Shadowrun 36: Crossroads (media tie_in; street mage for Draco Foundation returns to Boston to confront shadow spirit & corporate mage who wan him to be sacrifice; PBO) $5.99
McKee, Lynn Armistead Spirit of the Turtle Woman (prehistoric American Indian woman falls in love with man from forbidden tribe, as inherited curse & war divide them; PBO) $6.99
Meynard, Yves The Book of Knights (young boy discovers marvellous book which inspires him to go on quest, become a knight & uncover the secret of his heritage) $12.95
Norton, Andre/Edghill, Rosemary The Shadow of Albion (woman ripped from our world by magic aids alternate world's English Empire spy to rescue princess from Imperial France before Napoleon conquers Europe) $23.95
Robinson, Frank M Waiting (man discovers that Neanderthals hiding among humans may threaten survival of human race) $23.95
Salvatore, RA The Demon Apostle (trilogy conclusion; ranger Elbryan & gemstone magic adept Pony work to drive evil from Corona, but demon_dominated Abbot Dalebert plots their destruction) $25.00
Shusterman, Neal Thief of Souls ( Scorpion Shards sequel; 5 souls must defeat a terrifying foe imprisoned by ancient gods for thousands of years) $21.95
Turtledove, Harry Into the Darkness (when old hostilities flare up, many nations use powerful, new magical weapons, bringing unprecedented destruction; 1st of new series) $27.95
Wallace, Daniel Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Droids (media tie_in/reference; compendiumn of information on androids in Star Wars universe; PBO) $18.95
Williamson, Jack Silicon Dagger (brother of murdered reporter investigates the death, discovering a technology of astonishing power, a conspiracy & a secession movement) $23.95


Ellison, Harlan Edgeworks 1 (1st in collection of stories, essays, teleplays & columns, incl revised, updated, expanded versions of An Edge in My Voice & Over the Edge ) $16.99
Leiber, Fritz Farewell to Lankhmar (omnibus edition of Leiber's final Lankhmar stories) $5.99
Reed, Robert The Dragons of Springplace (sf collection; incl tales of renegade misfit who conquers dragons, renews nuclear threat aboard nuke repository & intergalactic starship epic) $23.95
Rice, Anne New Tales of the Vampires 2: Vittorio the Vampire (young man raised to be knight in Renaissance Florence encounters vampire Ursula & becomes enchanted despite his family's slaughter; audio tape $18.00) $19.95


Avi Dimwood Forest 3: Poppy & Rye (Poppy the deer mouse travels Dimwood Forest to dead mate's family, only to find beavers threatening valley & joins mate's brother Rye to stop them) $4.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Komarr (Miles Vorkosigan's sent to investigate Komarr terraforming sabotage, but mission's jeopardized by hatred starting when father was betrayed a generation before) $6.99
Chepaitis, BA The Fear of God (Jaguar Addams uses virtual reality environment of Heaven to reach sect leader's fear of God before his zealots unleash apocalypse; PBO) $5.99
Coleman, Loren L Battletech 44: The Capellan Solution 1: Threads of Ambition (gaming tie_in; Star League's 1st Lord aims to rebuild Capellan Confederation, but opposition of family, Hustang Warriors divides military loyalties; PBO) $5.99
Collins, Max Allan The Mummy (movie novelization; American/legionnaire Rick O'Connell agrees to lead librarian Evelyn Carnarvon to Egypt's City of the Dead, but evil has other ideas; PBO) $5.99
Cook, Monte Forgotten Realms: The Glass Prison (human/fiend Vheod Runechild flees the Abyss in search of his human nature on Toril, but dangers from Abyss follow; PBO) $5.99
Cool, Tom Secret Realms (band of warriors raised in virtual_reality environment of endless battle provide template for real_life war-then they escape into the real world) $6.99
Dalkey, Kara Crystal Sage (housecleaners find client trapped in guitar after music_computer experiments with ancient Celtic manuscripts, set off to find one person able to help; PBO) $5.99
DeBrandt, Don Timberjack ( Steeldriver sequel; logger Paul Banyan's feats threaten to deforest distant planet, but scientist Johnny Rainforest's war may save trees or destroy planet; PBO) $5.99
Deitz, Tom Bloodwinter (discovery of powerful crystal ignites quest & conflict between plague_ decimated winter & decadent desert kingdoms that may destroy all; PBO) $13.95
Denning, Troy The Oath of Stonekeep (gaming tie_in; Cassius of Kural & sorcerer Pendaran unite to stop Ulgar the Cruel, but can barely control their army of dragon & faerie; PBO) $6.99
Drake, David/Stirling, SM The Reformer (copies of galactic computer & human agent Raj Whithall are sent to Hafardine & inspire philosopher to fight for humanity) $22.00
Foster, Alan Dean Journeys of the Catechist 1: Carnivores of Light & Darkness (herdsman searching for answers, Ehomba agrees to shipwreck survivor's plea to rescue Visioness kidnapped by sorceror) $6.50
Fuller, Kimberly Home (young adult; Maran rescues stranded space traveller whose tale of escaping war of extinction waged by her people leads her to uncover horrible truth) $4.99
Garrison, Peter The Changeling Saga 1: The Changeling War (Earth teen learns not only that he's from alternate world of mazes & void switched at birth, but the 2 worlds are about to collide in war; PBO) $13.00
Gilman, Laura Ann/Sherman, Josepha Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Visitors (TV tie_in; Buffy & the gang face the ghosts of past characters, including Ms Calendar; PBO) $4.99
Greenberg, MH_ed Star*Drive: Starfall (anthology of stories set in new milieu by Silverberg, Haber, Bailey, Costello, Duane, Keith, Rusch, Stackpole, more; PBO) $5.99
Hobb, Robin (aka Megan Lindholm) The Liveship Traders 2: Mad Ship (when pirate seizes family's newly wakened Liveship, Althea Vestrit recruits insane, killer Liveship to retrieve it) $24.95
Hogan, James P Rockets, Redheads & Revolution (collection offers "guided tour through [the author's] many worlds"; PBO) $6.99
Huff, Tanya The Quartered Sea (when exploratory expedition meets disaster, Water_Singer/ bard Benedikt is stranded, becomes pawn in strange, precariously balanced civilization; PBO) $6.99
Kerr, Peg The Wild Swans (stories of 17c teen girl rejected by family & accused of witchcraft entwines with 1980s man rejected by family & living with AIDS in NY; PBO) $13.99
Keyes, J Gregory The Age of Unreason 2: Newton's Cannon (when his alchemy sparks war to control vast magical power source, Sir Isaac Newton teams with Ben Franklin to battle otherworldly evil) $6.99
King, J Robert Magic:The Gathering: Artifacts 3: Time Streams (Urza the Artificer develops powerful weapon in pursuit of revenge against those who killed brother; PBO) $5.99
King, Stephen The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (girl is lost in the Norhteast woods, with only her Sony Walkman to provide her with Red Sox baseball games to keep her fears at bay) $16.95
Lackey, Mercedes The Black Swan (grieving sorcerer takes revenge on women, turns them into swans, but one's determined to free herself, fellow captives; adult retelling of Swan Lake ) $24.95
Lackey, Mercedes Werehunter (collection of stories ranging "from fantasy to sf, from screwball humor to macabre supernatural terror"; PBO) $6.99
Martin, Thomas K MageLord 3: The House of Bairn (hunter Bjorn's outlawed Power enables escape from king's legions but transports him into past, where he must get ancestors to free fear's captives; PBO) $5.99
Modesitt, LE Jr Recluce Saga 7: The White Order ("the price of power & the bittersweet triumph of the human spirit") $6.99
Parkinson, Dan The Gates of Time 2: Faces of Infinity (ordinary couple involved with time_travellers must save Earth's history from menacing being; PBO) $6.50
Parkinson, Dan TimeCop 3: Blood Ties (new installment in time_travel adventure series based on Jean_Claude Van Damme film; PBO) $5.99
Paxson, Diana The Hallowed Isle 2: The Spear of Odin (royal Saxon Osec intends to claim inherited British lands, serve dark power of the Spear & avenge father's death at hands of Uthyr & the Sword; PBO) $10.00
Pellegrino, Charles/Zebrowski, George Star Trek: Next Gen: Dyson Sphere (distress signal leads Capt Picard & Enterprise crew back to mysterious Dyson Sphere & on mission to save it & inhabitants; PBO) $6.50
Pohl, Frederik O Pioneer! (hacker Evesham Giyt heads for frontier, becomes colony world mayor & part of multi_species peace council, but must stop human conspircy against aliens) $6.99
Routley, Jane Fire Angels ( Mage Heart sequel/Renaissance Germany AU; Dion finds childhood land overrun by Witch Hunters, Fire Angels, but political intrigue may be as deadly a foe) $6.99
Shatner, William Star Trek: Dark Spectre (Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Scott reteam with Picard & the Enterprise_E to root out mysterious group w/in Starfleet guarding secrets from Kirk's time; audio tape $18.00) $23.00
Shatner, William Star Trek: Spectre (Captain Kirk returns to Earth after his supposed death on the Enterprise_B) $6.50
Shinn, Sharon Samaria Trilogy 3: The Alleluia Files (child raised in captivity among angels travels world in search of the Alleluia Files, rumored to contain truth about their world's god) $6.99
Shinn, Sharon Wrapt in Crystal ("hellish vision of murder & miracles on the edge of the civilized galaxy") $13.95
Springer, Nancy_ed Prom Night (anthologyof original stories about prom by Saberhagen, Morlan, Watt_Evans, Mosiman, more; PBO) $6.99
Stackpole, Michael A Star Wars: X_Wing 8: Isard's Revenge (media tie_in; Yvonne Isard's apparently still alive & killing everyone w/Corran Horn or on Lusankya & Rogue squadron must stop her; PBO) $5.99
Stirling, SM Against the Tide of Years ( Island in the Sea of Time sequel; Nantucket residents transported to Bronze Age cope with immigrants from British Isles & renegade time traveler; PBO) $6.99
Telep, Peter Descent 2: Stealing Thunder (gaming tie_in; Benjamin St John & Earth Defense pilot must destroy alien stronghold source of transmode virus, but 1st battle mercenaries, politics; PBO) $5.99
Tepper, Sheri S Singer From the Sea (planetary heiress struggles to comply with rigid gender rules while questioning forbidden knowledge as centuries_old, forgotten destiny threatens planet) $24.00
Tepper, Sheri S Six Moon Dance (Council of Worlds' Grand Questioner comes to Newholme to investigate secret of its past as youth realizes his uniqueness may save planet with dance) $6.99
Weinberg, Robert Dark Earth: The Torch (media tie_in; Halcon must accept destiny as Keeper of Flame, linking him to ancestors' past as refugees from destroyed Earth settled on satellite; PBO) $6.99


The Princess Mononoke: The Art & Making of Japan's Most Popular Film of All Time (movie tie_in/reference; examination of sophisticated theme & anime animation techniques of popular movie) $19.95
Anthony, Piers Geodessey 4: Muse of Art (prehistory epic continues as man & woman are reborn throughout human history) $26.95
Card, Orson Scott Enchantment (modern fairy tale spanning contemporary US to 9c Russia, as modern man travels time & space to save princess, her kingdom, find love, conquer evil) $25
Cavelos, Jeanne The Science of Star Wars (non_fiction; ex_NASA astrophysicist examines concepts of space travel, aliens, planets, robots & more as they're presented in Star Wars films & books) $21.95
Champetier, Joel The Dragon's Eye (distant planet New China's secret agent is sent to bring turncoat back from unfriendly colony-or as much of him as possible; translated from French) $23.95
Charnas, Suzy McKee Holdfast Chronicles 1 & 2: The Slave & the Free (omnibus reprint of Walk to the End of the World , Motherlines ; women are slaves in Holdfast, but in land of Riding Women, men are only distant threat) $16.95
Farland, David The Runelords 2: Brotherhood of the Wolf (after defeat by Prince Gaborn, conqueror Raj Ahtan continues strikes at cities, fortresses, but he & Gaborn may need to unite against greater foe) $26.95
Gotlieb, Phyllis Flesh & Gold (telepathic female judge investigates when she sees an amphibious human enslaved & displayed in tank as pleasure house ad) $13.95
Gotlieb, Phyllis Violent Stars ( Flesh & Gold sequel; wonderful, terrible aliens & humans on many planets face series of murders when interstellar family corp aims to eliminate opposition) $22.95
Keyes, J Gregory The Age of Unreason 2: A Calculus of Angels (Isaac Newton & Ben Franklin return as sorcery wracks 18c Europe, comet smashes London & host of famous colonists embark on expedition; PBO) $14.00
Killick, Jane Babylon 5 Season by Season 5: The Wheel of Fire (TV tie_in/reference; episode synopses for 5th season, incl action, plot twists & pivotal events; PBO) $11.00
Priest, Christopher The Extremes (intelligence agent recovering from husband's death in shooting spree learns of another with too many similarities, leading to violent virtual_reality organization) $24.95
Shepard, Lucius Beast of the Heartland & Other Stories (collection of speculative fiction, incl Hugo_winning novella; "tales that explore the darkside where science fiction meets horror"; PBO) $14.95
Taliaferro, John Tarzan Forever: The Life of Edgar Rice Burroughs (non_fiction/ biography; examines roots, development, work in fiction, businesses producing action figures & related products, more) $28.00
Taylor, Michael Ray Dark Life (non_fiction/science; subtitled "Martian Nanobacteria, Rock_Eating Cave Bugs & Other Extreme Organisms of Inner Earth & Outer Space") $23.00
Turner, George Down There in Darkness (posthumous novel of future destruction & eventual rebirth of civilization from significant Australian novelist) $23.95
Vinge, Vernor/Frenkel, Jim-ed True Names & the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier (the Vinge novella that launched the idea of cyberspace, plus articles exploring concept from various sources incl computer scientists, local author John M Ford, more) $14.95
Willis, Connie_ed Nebula Awards 33 (anthology) $14.00


Avi Ragweed (prequel to Poppy ; forest mouse Ragweed sets of for the big city & joins hipster city mice in opening club & defying vigilante cats; PBO) $15.00
Barton, William When We Were Real (love between human_fox space pilot Violet & religious oppression escapee Darius is threatened by ruthless, planet_killing power; PBO) $6.99
Beagle, Peter S A Fine and Private Place (reprint of fantasy classic; man trapped between life & death as ghost seeks escape & discovers love) $14.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer_ed Sword and Sorceress 16 (anthology of fantasy tales from Paxson, Watt_Evans, Wheeler, Heydt, more) $5.99
Bradshaw, Gillian Island of Ghosts (in 2nd c Britain, warrior_prince Ariantes realizes the only way to preserve his people is by dealing with Romans & becoming one of them) $5.99
Brin, David New Uplift Trilogy 3: Heaven's Reach (small band of escapees from criminal_run planet Jijo realizes they are guardians of billion_year secret that could change course of civilization) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Tales of Alvin Maker 5: Heartfire (as Alvin heads for knack_hating New England, wife/Torch Peggy heads for exiled court of King Arthur Stuart to turn aside future of war, destruction) $6.99
Carey, Diane Star Trek: Next Gen: Ship of the Line (while supervising Enterprise_E's construction, Capt Bateson defies Starfleet & takes the ship to strike at newly aggressive Klingon Empire) $6.50
Cook, Glen Faded Steel Heat (PI Garrett 9, is caught in conspiracy of hate as human/ non_human riots & organized crime takes over streets; PBO) $6.99
Cunningham, Elaine Forgotten Realms: The Dream Spheres (sequel to Elfsong , Elfshadow , Silver Shadows ; " tale of heroism & conspiracy"; PBO) $5.99
Dietz, William C/Tucker, Ezra Star Wars: Dark Forces 2: Rebel Agent (media tie_in/graphic novel; Rebel Agent Kyle Katarn locates mysterious disc with map to Valley of the Jedi but can he reach it before Empire's agents?) $14.95
Elrod, PN The Vampire Files 7: A Chill in the Blood (vampire detective returns, only to find himself in midst of Chicago gangland war) $5.99
Elrod, PN The Vampire Files 8: The Dark Sleep (vampire PI Jack Fleming struggles to make life for himself on mean streets of post_prohibition Chicago) $21.95
Friesner, Esther_ed Chicks 'N Chained Males (anthology of comic sword_&_sorcery tales; PBO) $6.99
Galanter, Dave/Brodeur, Greg Star Trek Voyager 18: Battle Lines (Voyager is ambushed & forced to serve as part of Edesian Fleet in war that takes drastic turn when enemy develops planet_killer; PBO) $6.50
Gilroy, H/Damaggio, R/Williamson, A Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (movie tie_in/graphic novel; adaptation of screenplay for 1st in Star Wars prequel trilogy; PBO) $12.95
Golden, Christopher/Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer:Gatekeeper 3: Sons of Entropy (TV tie_in; as the Gatekeeper's life force is stolen by evil Sons of Entropy, Buffy guards his young heir so he can prevent humanity's destruction; PBO) $5.99
Golden, Christopher/Marriotte, Jeff Gen 13: Netherwar (comic book tie_in; 5 teens brought together by covert ops organization escape, must stop creators from opening Hellgate; PBO) $5.99
Hambly, Barbara Star Wars: Planet of Twilight (when Leia's kidnapped, Luk searches for lost love Callista & planet reveals long_dormant life form that may threaten entire galaxy) $5.99
Knaak, Richard A DragonLance: Chaos War Series: Reavers of the Bloodsea (when world crumbles during Summer of Chaos, minotaur pirates of the Blood Sea face a devastating choice; PBO) $5.99
Lee, Tanith The Silver Metal Lover (reprint; teen girl in asteroid_altered Earth future meets robot love, but his creators see his kind as gods who threaten humans & must be destroyed) $5.99
Lumley, Brian Maze of Worlds ( House of Doors sequel; Spencer Gill & adventurers reunite to stop aliens' plans for Earth, but in House' deadly 4_D maze they're own worst enemies) $6.99
Mason, Lisa Pangaea (1st of 2; sparked by dreamer's assassination, revolutionaries use dreams of violence, sex, freedom in struggle against rigid, repressive Imperium; PBO) $6.50
McCaffrey, Anne Freedom's Challenge (Kris Bjornson & Catteni lover Zainal prepare for the worst as they get the rebellion in gear; 3rd in series) $6.99
McMullen, Sean The Centurion's Empire (eternal warrior Vitellan the Centurion plunges through time, raced by renegade priest who stole his secret, but they may be forced into 21c showdown) $6.99
Morgan, David Mony Python Speaks! (media reference; 30th anniversary tribute includes memories of Cleese, Gilliam, Idle, Jones & Palin, along with "co_conspirators", photos, more; PBO) $13.50
Patton, Fiona The Granite Shield (prequel to The Painter Knight ; "will 2 brothers give the Living Flame back the rule of Branion-or tear the kingdom asunder?") $6.99
Perry, SD Resident Evil 3: City of the Dead; 4: Underworld (gaming tie_ins; rookie cop, woman searching for brother venture into city when virus breaks out; heroes close in on conspiracy, storm underground lab; PBO) $6.50 each
Reichert, Mickey Zucker The Renshai Chronicles 3: The Children of Wrath (as adventurers undertake quest to recover shards of shattered Pica Stone as Colby & Odin begin new war of gods) $6.99
Roberts, John Maddox Total Recal 2070: Machine Dreams (cable series, movie tie_in; despite peace, prosperity of New Interplanetary Order, Mars detectives David Hume/Ian Favre find crime even more deadly; PBO) $5.99
Sawyer, Robert J Factoring Humanity (when interstellar space signals stop after years, scientist realizes they're blueprint for machine allowing mind travel into collective subconscious) $5.99
Shatner, William Get a Life! (non_fiction/memoirs; Star Trek star explors world of fandom from NASA scientists to Klingon linguists; "amusing, surprising & heartfelt portrait") $24.00
Shepherd, Mark Lazerwarz (when goddess makes Dobie her champion, he discovers all the best laser tag players've been tapped for army to conquer Underhill; PBO) $5.99
Shinn, Sharon Wrapt in Crystal (Interfed Agent Cowen Drake must delve into world of spirituality to catch serial killer stalking planet's 2 religions; PBO) $13.95
Silverburg, Robert_ed Far Horizons: The Greatest Worlds of Science Fiction (anthology; new tales from great sf authors set in worlds they made famous, includes Card, Le Guin, Haldeman, McCaffrey, Simmons, Brin, Kress, Bear, Benford, more) $27.50
Smedman, Lisa Shadowrun 37: Ninth Life (media tie_in; "shifter" Romulus struggles to prove himself & beautiful amnesiac linked to smugglers may be his ticket; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Dean Wesley_ed Star Trek: Strange New Worlds II (anthology of fan_written Star Trek stories from nationwide contest; PBO) $14.00
Stasheff, Christopher Chronicle of the Rogue Wizard 6: A Wizard in Midgard (renegade psychic wizard Magnus D'Armand-aka Gar Pike-takes on Norse_like planet where dwarves, giants & humans are all at constant war) $5.99
Steigler, Mark Earthweb (as 5th alien planetkiller heads for Earth, only chance may be to unite entire population in earthweb to send 5 virtual champions inside to kill it; PBO) $6.99
Stephenson, Neal Cryptonomicon (as WWII efforts to keep Enigma codebreak secret, their descendents' efforts to hack, protect data lead to discovery of conspiracy their ancestrs built) $29.50
Stirling, SM The Domination (omnibus reprint of Drakon trilogy) $24.00
Sullivan, Tricia Dreaming in Smoke (scientists studying primitive planet struggle to cope wtih survival systems crash, but slowly realize they're up against collective alien intelligence; PBO) $5.99
Watson, A/Bennett, J/Ketcham, R Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Remaining Sunlight (TV tie_in/graphic novel; PBO) $9.95
Weis, Margaret Fantastic Alice (anthology of new tales in tribute to Carroll's classic, by Friesner, Zelazny, Nye, Watt_Evans, Lindskold, Reichert, Mason, Bailey, more) $5.99
Wells, Catherine Beyond the Gates (rigidly religious colonists allow outsider onplanet to study strange creature, but rival arrives, creature turns deadly & stakes rise-too high?; PBO) $6.99
White, Steve Emperor of Dawn ( Prince of Sunset sequel; Emperor's assassinated, general's forced to rule & triad of heroes arrives to help-the same heroes who helped centurs ago?; PBO) $6.99
Wilson, F Paul/Costello, Matthew J Masque (artificial, morphing Tristan's perfect spy til body breakdowns force him to take last mission in return that could destroy whole people) $6.99


Cross, Ronald Anthony The White Guardian (one of Eternal Guardians who've created history since Roman times gets lost in time & only White Guardian can unfreeze history with music, sex, flush toilets) $14.95
Dean, Pamela Juniper, Gentian & Rosemary (young man brings magic to lives of 3 sisters, but their father begins to suspect evil when even practical daughter drops studies; inspired by traditional ballad) $13.95
Doyle, Debra/Macdonald, James D Mageworlds 6: The Stars Asunder (the galaxy's most powerful Mage_circle ever aims to reunite scattered humanity-& make money-but the upheavals generated bring the Mages to war) $24.95
Dozois, Gardner_ed The Year's Best Science Fiction (anthology incl Egan, Landis, Lee, McAuley, MacLeod, MacDonald, Silverberg, Sterling, Swanwick, more; hc avail $29.95) $17.95
Goldstein, Lisa Dark Cities Underground (journalist sent to interview man who, as child, was main character in children's fantasy series, but discovers the world's real & scarier than expected) $22.95
Goonan, Kathleen Ann Mississippi Blues ( Queen City Jazz sequel; Verity's journey through altered mid_ America continues downriver to possible salvation in New Orleans & beyond) $15.95
Hartwell, David/Broderick, Damien_eds Centaurus: The Best of Australian SF (anthology incl stories by Carey, Egan, Dowling, Chandler, McMullen, Turner, more) $24.95
Lubar, David Hidden Talents (at last_stop alternative school, teen joins other misfits, all of whom have some type of psychic abilities-but are they special or freaks?; PBO) $16.95
Lumley, Brian Necroscope: Invaders (a new Necroscope must lead E_Branch against the Vampire Lords & Lady who've invaded Earth, but he's already been poisoned by dead vampire's thoughts) $25.95
Matheson, Richard The Path ("inspirational fiction"; man encounters enigmatic stranger who teaches him 10 lessons about the soul's true reality) $13.95
McMullen, Sean Souls in the Great Machine (in 40th century where people battle for their machines' honor, an ancient device threatens world but only man who knows how to stop it has disappeared) $27.95
Pohl, Frederik Eschaton Sequence 3: The Far Shore of Time (when the Horch free Dan Dannerman copy, he leads attack on Beloved Leaders, gains control of alien tech & all 3 of him work to save Earth from destruction) $23.95
Pohl, Frederik_ed SFWA Grand Masters, Vol 1 (anthology of stories that made the 1st 5 Grand Masters of SF-Heinlein, Williamson, Simak, de Camp & Leiber-famous) $24.95
Sawyer, Robert J Flash Forward (experiment searching for nuclear particle throws consciousness of human race ahead 20 years & pressure builds to repeat the experiment) $23.95
Tarr, Judith The Shepherd Kings (Upper Kingdom Pharoah Ahmose aims to take back the Lower Kingdom from the Shepherd Kings with Crete alliance & with the Horse Goddess) $27.95
Whyte, Jack Camulod Chronicles 6: The Sorceror: Metamorphosis (Merlyn Britannicus fulfills his promis to present battle_proven Arthur as High King of Britain as Arthur draws the Sword of Kingship from its stone) $23.95


Achilli, Justin/Hatch, Robert_eds Vampire: The Dark Ages: Dark Tyrants (horror anthology; incl stories by Dansky, Bassingthwaite, Byers, Murphy, Steele, more; PBO) $5.99
Brooks, Terry Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (audio tape; unabriged tape $39.95, CDs $24.95) $19.95
Busiek, Kurt/Archer, Nathan Spider_Man: Goblin Moon (media tie_in; super_villain Green Goblin's latest scheme involves NY mayorship & total power, but Spidey must work through all his henchmen first) $24.95
Cornwell, Patricia Life's Little Fable (young reader/illustrated; boy living in safe, lovely realm becomes tempted by forbidden pond & the being living in it) $16.99
Disch, Thomas M 334; Camp Concentration (reprints of classic distopian sf tales of the 70s; disfunctional lives of 21c public housing residents; drug_created intellectuals incarcerated) $12.00 each
McCaffrey, Anne The Tower & the Hive (Rowan saga conclusion; powerful clan of the Rowan's descendents plan to keep peace with human & Hiver enemies, but sabotage, assassination threaten all) $23.95
Moorcock, Michael Legends from the End of Time (collection of all stories featuring the Eternal Champion, newly edited & rewritten) $24.99
Pringle, David_ed The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy (reference; illustrated, lavish guide covers genre development, characters, worlds, people, books, magazines, films, TV, games; Terry Pratchett intro) $35.00
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