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Newsletter #44 December, 1998 - February, 1999

Award News

        Lots of mystery awards were announce at Bouchercon 29. The Anthony Awards (voted on by the members of Bouchercon) for Best Novel went to No Colder Place by S. J. Rozan ($5.99), Best First Novel went to The Killing Floor by Lee Child ($6.99), and Best Paperback Original went to Big Red Tequila by Rick Riordan ($5.99). The Macavity Awards (voted on by members of Mystery Readers International) for Best Novel went to Dreaming of the Bones by Deborah Crombie ($22.00) and for Best First Novel went to Dead Body Language by Penny Warner ($5.50). Shamus Awards (given by the Private Eye Writers of America) for Best P.I. Novel went to Come Back Dead by Terence Faherty (hardcover long out of print, paperback not yet scheduled), Best Paperback Original went to Charm City by Laura Lippman ($5.99), and Best P.I. First Novel went to Big Red Tequila by Rick Riordan ($5.99).

Used Book Prices Go Up

        The minimum price on most used books will go up to $2.00 each on January 2, 1999. If you have a bunch of older books you want to fill in (Destroyers, Perry Rhodans, some issues of the science fiction digest-sized magazines, etc.), you should stop by in December and stock up. If you only buy new books or recent used books, this change won't affect you. With new paperbacks going from $5.99 to $6.99 and higher, a $2.00 used book is still a great bargain.

Holiday Gift Ideas

        The single most popular gift option continues to be our gift certificate. We can issue one in any amount. It can be used at either or both stores. It can even be used for mail order, and it can be purchased over the phone or by fax (if you have Mastercard, Visa, or Discover) and we
can mail it either to the purchaser or the recipient.
        Calendars are another popular gift. (All calendars are standard wall calendars unless otherwise noted.) Our best-selling calendar this year has been the Babylon 5 calendar ($16.95). But there are lots of other calendars of interest to science fiction/fantasy fans. This year there are six Star Trek calendars to choose from: Star Trek ($12), Next Generation ($12), Deep Space Nine ($12), Voyager ($12), Star Trek Weekly Log Book ($12), and Star Trek Stardate (page-per-day, $10). There are also four Star Wars calendars: May the Force Be With You ($12.95 wall or $13.95 engagement), Weapons and Technology ($12.95), and Darth Vader Reveals Anakan Skywalker ($12.95). This year's Tolkien Calendar ($12.99) has art from Alan Lee, as does the Tolkien Diary 1999 ($16.00, hardcover desk calendar). Other sf/fantasy titles include Sci-Fi Channel ($12.95 for the wall calendar and $9.95 for the page-per-day calendar), Lost in Space ($12.95), Dragonlance ($12.99), and World of Narnia ($9.95).
        We managed to find four calendars of interest to mystery fans this year: Mystery Lovers: The Art of Murder ($13.95) features "bad girl" cover art from the 1940s and 1950s, Mystery Lovers ($9.95, page-per-day with a mystery trivia question for each day), The Doubtful Guest by Edward Gorey ($12.95), and Hard-Boiled ($14.95) is an engagement calendar with posters, stills, and quotes from classic noir films.
        Other wall calendars include Fairy Folk ($12.95, art by Shirley Barber), Maxfield Parrish ($12.95), Good Fairies, Bad Fairies ($10.95, Brian Froud), Shaman ($12.95, Susan Seddon Boulet), Goddesses ($16.95, Susan Seddon Boulet), M. C. Escher Altered States ($12.95, black & white prints), Unicorns ($11.95, photos by Robert Vavra), Space ($11.95, photos from the Hubble telescope), Spacescapes ($11.95, photos), Alphonse Mucha ($12.95), Camelot: Myths & Legends of King Arthur ($11.95), Celtic Lore & Life ($11.95), Castles of Europe ($12.95), Success: An Inspirational Calendar ($12.95--no, we didn't order it, but the publisher sent it instead of one we did order, and it's much simpler to try to sell it than try to get the publisher to admit they made a mistake and take it back), The Far Side ($10.99, cartoons), and I Think I See Where the Problem Is ($10.99, Dilbert).
        Other engagement calendars include Drop It in the To Do Basket ($9.99, Dilbert), The Far Side Desk Calendar ($10.99), Fox Trot 16 Month Weekly Planner ($10.99), and Passages ($13.95, engagement calendar, Susan Seddon Boulet).
        Other page-per-day calendars include Must Control Fist of Death ($10.99 Dilbert), Disney Days ($11.99, color Disney character on each page), The Far Side ($10.99), Close To Home ($10.99), and Fox Trot ($10.99).
        Signed books can be divided into two categories: those that arrive from the publisher in special, limited, signed editions (i.e., expensive) and those that arrive from the publisher as normal editions that we get an author to sign (which we then sell at the same price as an un-signed copy). Uncle Hugo's carries a number of the special editions, including Clive Barker's Everville ($150, 1 left), Orson Scott Card's Memoy of Earth ($200, several left) and Xenocide ($150, 2 left), William Gibson & Bruce Sterling's Difference Engine ($125, several left), Robert Jordan's TheShadow Rising ($200, 2 left) and The Fires of Heaven ($200, 1 left), Stephen King's The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass ($250, British slipcased edition, 2 left), Tanith Lee's Night's Master ($35, 2 left), Jack Williamson's The Humanoid Touch ($30, 2 left) and, Star Wars by Timothy Zahn (1st of his trilogy, $125, 2 left).
        For those whose pockets are not so deep, Uncle Hugo's offers many regularly priced editions that have been signed by the authors, including Forrest J. Ackerman's World of Science Fiction ($30), Terry Brook's A Knight of His Word ($25.95), Steven Brust's Dragon ($22.95), Lois McMaster Bujold's Komarr ($22), Cetaganda ($21), Dreamweaver's Dilemma ($12 tr pb), Women at War (edited by Bujold, $23.95 hc or $10.99 tr. pb.) and Young Miles ($22), Octavia Butler's Dawn ($15.95), C. J. Cherryh's Invader ($19.95) and Rider at the Gate ($21.95), Glen Cook's Bleak Seasons ($22.95), OuidaCrozier's Shadows After Dark ($9.95 trade paperback), Charles de Lint's Memory & Dream ($22.95), Gordon R. Dickson's Draon in Lyonesse ($25.95), Magnificent Wilf ($21) and Other ($22.95), David Feintuch's The Still ($12.99 trade paperback), Alan Dean Foster's The Spoils of War ($19.50), J. V. Jones' The Barbed Coil ($22), J. Gregory Keyes' Newton's Cannon ($14), Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Two Tales of Korval ($10), Sharon Lee's Variations Three: ($9), Jonathan Lethem's Amnesia Moon ($12.95 tr pb) and The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye ($23), Richard Lupoff's Lovecraft's Book ($15.95) and Before ... 12:01... and After ($27), Sharyn McCrumb's Zombies of the Gene Pool ($18), Jack McDevitt's The Engines of God ($21.95) and Standard Candles ($25), L. E. Modesitt, Jr.'s Spellong War ($25.95) and The White Order ($24.95), Michael Moorcock's Blood ($23.95, British tr. pb.) and War Amongst the Angels ($23.95, British tr. pb.), Judith & Garfiled Reeves-Stevens' The Art of Star Trek ($50) and Star Trek The Next Generation: The Continuing Mission ($35, only 1 copy), Katya Reimann's A Tremor in the Bitter Earth ($24.95), Robert J. Sawyer's Frameshift ($23.95) and Factoring Humaninty ($23.95), John Sladek's Bugs ($12.95, British hc), Patrick Tilley's Star Wartz ($32.95, British hc), Joan D. Vinge's Dreamfall ($22.95), Joan Marie Verba's Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History, 1967-1987 ($12.95), David Weber's In Enemy Hands ($22), Echoes of Honor ($24), and The War God's Own ($22), Jack Whyte's Camulod Chronicles 1: The Skystone ($22.95), 2: The Singing Sword ($23.95), and 3: The Eagles' Brood ($25.95), Tad Williams' Otherland ($24.95) and To Green Angel Tower ($25), Robert Charles Wilson's Darwinia ($22.95), Patricia Wrede's The Book of Enchantments ($17), Dealing With Dragons (#1, $15.95), Searching For Dragons (#2, $16.95), Calling on Dragons (#3, $16.95), and Magician's Ward ($22.95), Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Better in the Dark ($23.95, 1 copy a little scuffed up) and Darker Jewels ($13.95 tr pb), Jane Yolen's Here There Be Angels ($18) and Here There Be Dragons ($16.95), and Jim Young's Armed Memory ($21.95).
        Uncle Hugo's also has piles of signed mass market paperbacks, including our annual Christmas best-seller, War for the Oaks by Emma Bull ($5.99). Signed books for almost any budget!
        Uncle Edgar's also has a large selection of regularly priced books signed by the authors (especially after Bouchercon). Signed hardcovers (only single copies of some titles) include Peter Abreasch's Bloody Bonsai ($21.95), Harold Adams' Hatchet Job ($19.95) and Ice Pick Artist ($21.95), Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity's Good Deed ($20.95) and Aunt Dimity Digs In ($21.95), Jo Bailey's Erased ($21.95), Nevada Barr's Ill Wind ($19.95) and Blind Descent ($22.95), Richard Barre's Ghosts of Morning ($21.95), Stephanie Barron's Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor ($19.95), Laurien Berenson's Hair of the Dog ($18.95) and Watchdog ($20.95), Lawrence Block's A Walk Among the Tombstones ($17), Scott Borg's Water Hazard ($21.95), Gail Bowen's Verdict in Blood ($24), Michael Bowen's Fielder's Choice ($16.95) and Washington Deceased ($15.95), Rhys Bowen's Evan Help Us ($21.95), Rita Mae Brown's Pay Dirt ($21.95) and Murder, She Meowed ($22.95), James Lee Burke's Cadillac Jukebox ($22.95), Jan Burke's Hocus ($22), Dear Irene ($20), Sweet Dreams Irene ($20), and Liar ($23), Dorothy Cannell's Spring Cleaning Murder ($21.95), P.M. Carlson's Gravestone ($20), Lee Child's Die Trying ($23.95) and Killing Floor ($23.95 for U.S. hardcover or $29.95 for earlier British hardcover), Jill Churchill's Fear of Frying ($22), Carol Higgins Clark's Iced ($19.95), Mary Higgins Clark's Let Me Call You Sweetheart ($24), The Lottery Winner ($22), Moonlight Becomes You ($24), My Gal Sunday ($23), and Silent Night ($16), Harlan Coben's One False Move ($21.95), Margaret Coel's Dream Stalker (21.95), Max Allen Collins' Carnal Hours ($20.95) and Damned in Paradise ($23.95), Michael Connelly's Last Coyote ($22.95) and Blood Work ($23.95), Robert Crais' Sunset Express ($21.95) and Indigo Slam ($22.95), Deborah Crombie's Dreaming of the Bones ($22), Diane Mott Davidson's Killer Pancake ($19.95) and The Main Corpse ($21.95), Robert Davis' Doomsday Kiss ($24.95) and Plutonium Murders ($24.95), Janet Dawson's Where the Bodies Are Buried ($23.50) and Witness to Evil ($21.95), Jeffrey Wilds Deaver's Praying for Sleep ($21.95) and A Maiden's Grave ($22.95), Jane Dentinger's The Queen is Dead ($19.95), Michael Dibdin's Dark Specter ($23) and Dead Lagoon ($21), Jerome Doolittle's Bear Hug ($20) and Head Lock ($20), Carole Nelson Douglas' Irene's Last Waltz ($22.95), Pussyfoot ($19.95), Cat on a Blue Monday ($21.95), Cat With an Emerald Eye ($24.95) and Cat in a Diamond Dazzle ($24.95), Eileen Dreyer's Brain Dead ($22), Susan Dunlap's Death and Taxes ($18), John Dunning's The Bookman's Wake ($21, 5th printing), Aaron Elkins' Old Scores ($20), James Ellroy's My Dark Places ($25), Janet Evanovich's Three to Get Deadly ($24), Terrance Faherty's The Lost Keats ($18.95) and Prove the Nameless ($22.95), Ken Follett's A Dangerous Fortune ($23.95), G. M. Ford's Slow Burn ($20), Earlene Fowler's Goose in the Pond ($21.95), Kinky Friedman's Blast From the Past ($23), God Bless John Wayne ($22), and Armadillos & Old Lace ($21), Jonathan Gash's Prey Dancing ($21.95) and The Possessions of a Lady ($21.95), Shari P. Geller's Fatal Convictions ($24), Michael Gilbert's The Man Who Hated Banks ($50), Paula Gosling's The Body in Blackwater Bay ($17.95), Linda Grant's Lethal Genes ($21), Kate Green's Shooting Star ($20), Adam Hall's Quiller Meridian ($22) and Quiller Solitaire ($20), James W. Hall's Body Language ($24.95), Timothy Hallinan's Everything But the Squeal ($17.95), Ron Handberg's Savage Justice ($18.95) and Cry Vengeance ($18.95), David Handler's The Man Who Cancelled Himself ($19.95), Colin Harrrison's Manhattan Nocturne ($24), Jamie Harrison's Unfortunate Prairie Occurance ($22.95), Donald Harstad's Eleven Days ($22.95), Carolyn G. Hart's Death in Paradise ($20) and Scandal in Fair Haven ($19.95), EllenHart's A Small Sacrifice ($20.95), A Killing Cure ($19.95) and Faint Praise ($20.95), John Harvey's Wasted Years ($19.95), Owen Haskell's Lizzie! ($25), Pete Hautman's Short Money ($21), The Mortal Nuts ($21), Ring Game ($22), and Mr. Was ($16), Sparkle Hayter's The Last Manly Man ($22), Jeremiah Healy's Swan Dive ($16.95), Foursome ($20), Rescue ($20) and Invasion of Privacy ($21), Daniel Hecht's Skull Session ($23.95), Jonellen Heckler's Circumstances Unknown ($21), M. R. Henderson's If I Should Die ($14.95), Joan Hess' Busy Bodies ($19.95), Tickled to Death ($18.95), Poisoned Pins ($18), O Little Town of Maggody ($19) and Martians in Maggody ($18.95), Tami Hoag's Thin Dark Line ($22.95), Wendy Hornsby's 77th Street Requiem ($21.95), David Housewright's Penance ($21) and Practice to Deceive ($22), H. Edward Hunsburger's Death Signs ($15.95), Stephen Hunter's Time to Hunt ($23.95), Susan Isaacs' Lily White ($25), Jonnie Jacobs' Murder Among Friends ($16.95), J. A. Jance's Name Withheld ($22), Shoot/Don't Shoot ($21), Skeleton Canyon ($23), Failure to Appear ($20), Lying in Wait ($17.95), Tombstone Courage ($20) and Without Due Process ($20), Christine T. Jorgensen's You Bet Your Life ($19.95), Michael A. Kahn's Firm Ambitions ($18.95) and Due Diligence ($20.95), Jon Katz's The Family Stalker ($18.95), Death by Station Wagon ($18.50) and The Last Housewife ($19.95), David A. Kaufelt's The Fat Boy Murders ($20), Robert Kearney's Hole in the Water ($22.95),
H.R.F. Keating's In Kensington Gardens Once ($35), Toni L. P. Kelner's Country Comes to Town ($18.95), Douglas Kennedy's The Job ($23.95), Shirley Kennett's Fire Cracker ($21.95) and Gray Matter ($21.95), Laurie R. King's A Letter of Mary ($23.95) and With Child ($21.95), C. J. Koehler's Profile ($19.95), J. Dayne Lamb's A Question of Preference ($16.95), Jane Langton's Face on the Wall ($21.95), Wendy Lee's Missing Eden ($21.95), Dennis Lehane's Gone, Baby, Gone ($24) and Sacred ($23), Christopher Leppek's The Surrogate Assassin ($24.95), John Lescroart's Guilt ($24.95), Chuck Logan's The Price of Blood ($24), Mary Logue's Still Explosion ($18.95), William F. Love's Bloody Ten ($19.95) and Chartreuse Clue ($18.95), Peter Lovesey's Butchers ($15.95) and Diamond Solitaire ($18.95), Richard A. Lupoff's The Cover Girl Killer ($21.95), The Bessie Blue Killer($20.95) and The Silver Chariot Killer ($21.95), T. J. MacGregor's Storm Surge ($19.95) and Mistress of the Bones ($21.95), Charlotte MacLeod's Vane Pursuit ($15.95) and The Odd Job ($18.95), Richard Marcinko's Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior ($20), Philip Margolin's Undertaker's Widow ($24.95), Margaret Maron's Fugitive Colors ($18.95) and Shoveling Smoke ($50), Edward Marston's The Merry Devils ($16.95), Lia Matera's Designer Crimes ($21), Face Value ($20, small mark on bottom), Prior Convictions ($17.95), Last Chants ($21), Francine Mathews' Death in Rough Water ($22), Alex Matthew's Secret's Shadow ($22.50), Ed McBain's Mary, Mary ($19.95), Lady Killer ($22), Death of a Nurse ($22) and Romance ($22.95), Peter McCabe's Wasteland ($20), Sharyn McCrumb's Foggy Mountain Breakdown ($22.50), Zombies of the Gene Pool ($18), The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter ($19) and If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him... ($20), Val McDermid's Crack Down ($20), Jill McGowen's Verdict Unsafe ($22), Marlys Millhiser's Murder at Moot Point ($17), Tom Mitcheltree's Dataman ($22.95), Richard Moquist's Eye of the Agency ($22.95), David Morrell's Desperate Measures ($22.95), Mike Mullane's Red Sky ($21.95), Marcia Muller's A Wild and Lonely Place ($19.95), John Nance's Medusa's Child ($23.95), Barbara Neely's Blanche Cleans Up ($19.95), Katharine Neville's Magic Circle ($25.95), Sharan Newman's Strong As Death ($23.95) and The Wandering Arm ($23.95), Carol O'Connell's Judas Child ($24.95), Leslie O'Kane's Just the Fax, Ma'am ($21.95), Helen Esper Olmsted's edited Homicide Host Presents ($25, signed by 7 of the 14 authors), Perri O'Shaughnessy's Breach of Promise ($23.95) and Obstruction of Justice ($23.95), Abigail Padgett's Moonbird Boy ($21.95), Katherine Hall Paige's Body in the Fjord ($22), Michael Palmer's Critical Judgement ($22.95), James Patterson's Jack & Jill ($24.95), Barbara Paul's Fare Play ($20), George R. Pelecanos' Sweet Forever ($23.95), Sharon Kay Penman's Cruel as the Grave ($22) and The Queen's Man ($20), Anne Perry's Farriers' Lane ($20), The Hyde Park Headsman ($21) and Belgrave Square ($18), Thomas Perry's Dance for the Dead ($21), Nancy Pickard's Bum Steer ($16.95), Confession ($20) and But I Wouldn't Want to Die There ($20), David Prill's The Unnatural ($21) and Serial Killer Days ($21.95), Junius Podrug's Frost of Heaven ($19.95), Sandra West Prowell's When Wallflowers Die ($22.95), Lev Raphael's Let's GetCriminal ($20.95), Christopher Reich's Numbered Account ($24.95), Judith & Garfield Revves-Stevens' Icefire ($23), Gilian Roberts' With Friends Like These... ($18), Les Roberts' Snake Oil ($17.95), Frank M. Robinson and Paul Hull's Death of a Marionette ($22.95, signed bookplate), Peter Robinson's Final Account ($21.95), Marion Rosen's Death by Education ($17.95), Richard Rosen's Saturday Night Dead ($16.95), Kate Ross' Whom the Gods Love ($20.95), Jane Rubino's Cheat the Devil ($24.95), Alan Russell's Multiple Wounds ($22), John Sandford's Night Crew ($23.95) and Secret Prey ($24.95), Justin Scott's Hardscape ($19.95), Laurence Shames' Mangrove Squeeze ($22.95) and Virgin Heat ($21.95), Sarah Shankman's He Was Her Man ($20), Dorothy Simpson's Once Too Often ($21), Barbara Burnett Smith's Dust Devils of the Purple Sage ($21.95), Julie Smith's Crescent City Kill ($23.50), Sarah Smith's Knowledge of Water ($23), Keith Snyder's Show Control ($20.95), Stephen Solomita's Damaged Goods ($22), Dana Stabenow's Play With Fire ($19.95, some specks on top of book), Les Standiford's Raw Deal ($22), Michael Stone's The Low End of Nowhere ($20.95) and Token of Remorse ($22.95), Steven Thayer's The Weatherman ($21.95), Ross Thomas' Voodoo, Ltd. ($19.95), Janwillem Van de Wetering's Just a Corpse at Twilight ($20), TheHollow-Eyed Angel ($22) and Mangrove Mama ($40), Mary Willis Walker's Under the Beetle's Cellar ($22.50), Marilyn Wallace's Lost Angel ($22.95, signed bookplate) and The Seduction ($18.50), Robert Ward's Cactus Garden ($12.99, remainder mark on top of book), Timothy Watts' Steal Away ($22), Randy Wayne White's Mangrove Coast ($22.95), Valerie Wilson Wesley's When Death Comes Stealing ($19.95), Kate Wilhelm's Justice for Some ($18.95, signed bookplate), The Best Defense ($21.95) and A Flush of Shadows ($22.95, signed bookplates), Barbara Wilson's Trouble in Transylvania ($18.95), John Morgan Wilson's Revision of Justice ($21.95), Stuart Woods' Choke ($23), James Yaffe's My Mother the Detective ($40), R. D. Zimmerman's Red Trance ($20) and Death Trance ($20), and Mark Richard Zubro's Another Dead Teenager ($19.95) and An Echo of Death ($18.95). Uncle Edgar's also has many, many signed paperbacks--just ask if you're not sure where to look.
        Both stores carry large selections of books on writing,including 1999 Writer's Market ($27.99). The Elements of Fiction Writing Series is a set of specialized books dealing with various aspects of fiction writing: Beginnings, Middles & Ends ($13.95), Characters & Viewpoint ($13.95), Conflict, Action & Suspense ($14.95), Description ($15.99), Dialogue ($13.95), Manuscript Submission ($13.95), Plot ($14.99), Scene & Structure ($14.95), Setting ($14.95), Theme & Strategy ($14.95), and Voice and Style ($15.99). A series of writing books that are targeted for mystery writers but could also be useful for science fiction writers who want to add some crime to the plot are:Amateur Detectives: A Writer's Guide to How Private Citizens Solve Crimes ($16.99), Armed And Dangerous: A Writer's Guide to Weapons ($14.95), Cause of Death: A Writer's Guide to Death, Murder & Forensic Medicine ($15.99), Deadly Doses: A Writer's Guide to Poisons ($16.95), Just the Facts, Ma'am: A Writer's Guide to Investigators and Investigative Techniques ($16.99), Malicious Intent: A Writer's Guide to How Criminals Think ($16.99), Missing Persons: A Writer's Guide to Finding the Lost, the Abducted, and the Missing ($16.99), Modus Operandi: A Writer's Guide to How Criminals Work ($16.99), Murder One: A Writer's Guide to Homicide ($16.99), Private Eyes: A Writer's Guide to Private Investigators ($15.95), Rip-Off: A Writer's Guide to Crimes of Deception ($16.99), and Scene of the Crime: A Writer's Guide to Crime-Scene Investigations ($15.95). More specialized books include How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy by Orson Scott Card ($13.95), The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells by Ben Bova ($16.95), The Writer's Guide to Creating a Science Fiction Universe by George Ochoa & Jeffery Osier ($18.95), Writer's Compete Fantasy Reference ($18.99), How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction by J.N. Williamson ($12.95), Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy: 20 Dynamic Essays By Today's Top Professionals ($8.95), Aliens and Alien Societies ($17.99), Space Travel: The Science ofInterplanetary and Interstellar Travel ($16.99), Time Travel: The Real Science of Plausible Time Travel ($16.99), World Building: A Writer's Guide to Constructing Star Systems and Life-Supporting Planets ($16.99), The Children's Picture Book: How to Write It, How to Sell It by Ellen E.M. Roberts ($19.95), Writing Mysteries edited by Sue Grafton for the Mystery Writers of America (18.95), Writing the Modern Mystery by Barbara Norville ($12.95), How to Write Mysteries by Shannon OCork ($14.95), How to Write a Mystery by Larry Beinhart ($11), Writing the Private Eye Novel edited by Robert J. Randisi ($18.99), How to Write and Sell Historical Fiction by Persia Wooley ($17.99), Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the Middle Ages ($17.99), and How to Write & Sell True Crime by Gary Provost ($17.95).
        Both Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's carry small selection of books on tape and some tapes of radio dramas within their specialties. Much of Uncle Hugo's selection is Star Trek related (including the ever popular Conversational Klingon ($11) and Power Klingon ($12)), Star Wars related, Ruby and other ZBS radio programs, or Terry Pratchett Discworld books on tape. Much of Uncle Edgar's selection consists of books on tape or Sherlock Holmes radio programs. We also carry the tapes of the BBC radio productions of The Hobbit (4 cassettes, $25.00) and The Lord of the Rings (13 hours, $59.95)
        Uncle Hugo's also carries a large selection of music tapes that are in some way related to science fiction or fantasy. The most popular of these are those related to the books of Mercedes Lackey (such as By the Sword ($10 cassette, $18 CD), Freedom, Flight, & Fantasy ($11 Cassette, $18 CD), Heralds, Harpers & Havoc ($12 cassette, $18 CD), Lovers, Lore & Loss ($10 cassette, $18 CD), Magic, Moondust & Melancholy ($10 cassette), Oath- bound ($10 cassette), Oathbreakers ($10 cassette), and Shadow Stalker ($10 cassette, $18 CD), C. J. Cherryh (Fever Season, $10 cassette), and Andre Norton (Songsmith, $10 cassette, $17 CD), plus tapes featuring authors Emma Bull and/or Steven Brust: The Flash Girls:Maurice and I (Emma, $15 CD), A Rose For Iconoclastes (Steven, $10 cassette or $15 CD), Morrigan's (Steven and others who perform together at the local RenFest) brand new Jack of Fool ($15 CD), and Boiled in Lead's The Gypsy ($10 cassette or $15 CD, based on Steven's book of the same name).
        We've just received a couple of very nice art books, Icon (a hardcover retrospecitive of Frank Frazetta's work, $35) and Spectrum 5 ($25 tr pb, $35 hc), an annual collection of the best in contemporary fantasy and sf art. We still have a few copies left of the out-of-print Spectrum 4 ($25.00 tr pb).
        Other odd items that have recently arrived include Xena Warrior Princess: The Board Game (2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up, $29.95), the Babylon 5 model kit of the station ($20.75), The Bundled Doonesbury (a regular trade paperback collection of almost 700 strips, plus a CD-ROM with over 9000 strips, for Windows 3.1/95/98, must have 486 DX 33 Mhz or better, 8 MB RAM, 10 MB hard disk space available, Soundblasher compatible sound card (? for comic strips?), at least double-speed CD-ROM drive, etc., $22.95), and GURPS Discworld by Terry Pratchett and Phil Masters ($26.95, sort of an encyclopedia to the Discworld for those who want to design a game on the Discworld using the Generic Universal Role Playing System, but we've sold more copies to Discworld fans than to gamers).
        We are restocked with our sturdy, attractive canvas book bags, with Uncle Hugo's artwork on one side and Uncle Edgar's artwork on the other side ($7). For December, we will give a free canvas book bag with a $100 purchase - use it yourself, or give it as a gift.

Holiday Highlights &
Suggestions From Jeff

        Appropriately off-the-wall, and in addition to Kinky Friedman's latest Blast From the Past (signed, $23), Uncle Edgar's will soon have the Kinkster's new CD Pearls in the Snow, The Songs of Kinky Friedman. It's over an hour of music and comes with a twenty page booklet with all of Kinky's song lyrics, pics of guest artists, and a Don Imus cover photo. Among the featured artists: Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Tom Wait, Asleep at the Wheel, and a reunion session of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys.
        This is the first offering from Friedman's and producer Kacey Jones' new Nashville label Kinkajon Records and took two and a half years to complete. Not sold in music stores as yet, Uncle Edgar's has a somewhat exclusive offer ("You're the only guy in town that has them."). Pearls in the Snow sells at $19.95.
        Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders (Viking $23.95, audio $24.95) is a timely , welcome, and very satisfactory follow-up to author Larry Millett's Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon (Penguin, $9.95). The consulting detective and Dr. Watson are once again engaged by railroad tyccon James J. Hill.
        It's a cold and bitter January in St. Paul 1896 as Holmes investigates the disappearance of a society groom on the eve of his wedding in the rotunda of the Winter Carnival's Ice Palace. Once again, he's bumping heads, then working with, Irishman and saloon keeper Shadwell Rafferty (whose card reads, "bartending and discreet investigations"). It's soon revealed it's a case of villainous and genuinely cold-blooded murder. Holmes is well drawn and thrust into a solid and complex plot, but as series author Millett leans further away from the great detective and more towards the appealing and cunning Rafferty.
        Sherlockian titles and pastisches are often chosen as gifts. A few other recent offerings: Holmes for the Holidays (fourteen original Christmas mysteries, trade paperback $13), edited by Greenberg, Lillenberg, and Waugh; The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (twenty six stories, trade paperback $10.95) edited by Mike Ashley; A Samba for Sherlock (Holmes in Rio de Janeiro, translated, trade paperback $13) by Jô Soares; and The Surrogate Assassin (Holmes in Washington, DC sixteen years after the Lincoln assassination, signed hardcover $24.95) by Christopher Leppek. Its appearance over shoots Christmas giving by ten days, but I'm still anxious to recommend The Concise Cuddy: A Collection of John Francis Cuddy Stories by Jeremiah Healy (Crippen & Landru, trade paperback $17). Healy's Boston detective has been a favorite at Uncle Edgar's since Blunt Darts first appeared in 1984. The Complete Cuddy contains seventeen stories, including five that were Shamus Award nominees (Private Eye Writers of America) for Best Short Story.
        The Afton Historical Society of all places is reprinting two of St. Paul author Mabel Seeley's Doubleday Crime Club novels. Seeley is remembered fondly, especially among women and veteran mystery readers here in Minnesota. Her shortened career included seven enormously popular crime novels spanning 1941 to '52. The Chuckling Fingers is set at a summer estate on the north shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais. It's indeed romantic suspense, and certainly melodramatic, being a classic example of the "had the woman in jeopardy but known" approach. Also reissued is The Beckoning Door set in a mid-Minnesota resort community. While lacking in detection, it also has the kind of happy ending found in all of Seeley's novels. Both titles have 300 pages and are priced at $22. These attractive editions have nice cover art, but their 2,000 copy print run can only be considered modest. Because of their nature both The Chuckling Fingers and The Beckoning Door may also be good bets for young adult readers.
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