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Newsletter #44 December, 1998 - February, 1999


[PBO means Paperback Original]

Dr. Who: The Janus Conjunction $5.95
Dr. Who: Matrix $5.95
Dr. Who Handbook: The Seventh Doctor $7.95
New Adventures: Beige Planet Mars $5.95
Xena:Warrior Princess: Postcard Book (media tie_in; postcards with pictures from series) $9.99
Xena:Warrior Princess: The Xena Scrolls (media tie_in; repro of ancient papyrus in poster_sized, fold_out map format w/sidebars, episode stills) $13.00
Abbey, Lynn Planeswalker (Magic the Gathering, Artifacts Cycle Book II) $5.99
Alvarez, Walter T. Rex & the Crater of Doom (non_fiction/science; exploration of what must have happened on the day of the meteor crash that led to dinosaur extinction) $13
Ambrose, David Superstition (psychologist Sam Towne's convinced humans can psychically create ghosts, forms team to make attempt, but when they succeed, group members start to die) $24.00
Andreadis, Athena, PhD To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek (science reference/ media tie_in; explores concepts of biology, physiology, psychology, sociology used in Star Trek plots, their likelihod in reality, more) $21.00
Baker, Linda/Berberick, NancyVarian Dragonlance: The Chaos War: Tears of the Night Sky (as priestess Crysania finds her faith dimming, mysterious stone leads her on quest to Temple at Neraka & transformation of world; PBO) $5.99
Baker, Richard Forgotten Realms: The Shadow Stone (when Aeron's accusers pursue him into Maerchwood, he winds up Storm Walker's apprentice in magic, but must face Shadow Stone's threat to all magic;PBO) $5.99
Barron, TA Fires of Merlin (young Merlin must use new, untested magic to confront wakened dragon, mysterious Wheel & sorceress, discover source of his power) $19.99
Baxter, Stephen Titan (when signs suggesting organic life are found on Saturn's moon, visionary group devotes decade to reaching Titan;what they find is beyond expectation) $6.99
Beagle, Peter S/Berliner, Janet_eds Peter S Beagle's Immortal Unicorn (anthology of unicorn tales by Beagle, Shetterly, Cacek, Bryant, Shwartz, Mason, Lustbader, Tarr, more) $6.50
Beard, Henry/Boswell, John Bill Gates' Personal Super Secret Private Laptop (parody, lots of fun) $13.95
Bridge Publications Writers of the Future, Volume XIV (anthology of stories by newly_discovered writers & essays on writing by old hands; illustrated; PBO) $6.99
Brown, Simon Cannibals of the Fine Light (Australian short story collection) $13.95
Butler, Octavia Parable of the Talents ( Parable of Sower sequel; in near future, Lauren Olamina's daughter tells story of separation from mother, war, religious crusades, thriving humanity) $24.95
Cady, Jack The Night We Buried Road Dog (collection stories of "love & friendship, cars & obsession, of ghosts on the open road") $27.00
Cannon, Peter_ed Lovecraft Remembered (Arkham House edition; compilation of reminiscences of the horror master by friends & admirers, plus selection of early criticism) $29.95
Collins, Nancy A Angels on Fire ("a romantic dark fantasy" by writer known for "the punk vampire thing"; PBO) $11.99
Constantine, Storm Three Heralds of the Storm (chapbook, 3 short stories) $5.00
Denning, Troy Forgotten Realms: Lost Empires: Faces of Deception (Atreus' mask of a face hides him from family's enemies, but when goddess of beauty sends him on mission, he must face truth of deception; PBO) $5.99
Desjardin, Marie For the Time Being (group of brilliant misfits is captured by aliens who claim they've promised to save the alien race from extinction 5000 years ago; PBO) $15.95
Dixon, Douglas After Man (reprint of 1981 art book of zoology of the future) $15.95
Duane, Diane Star Drive: Harbinger Trilogy 1: Starrise at Corrivale (after expulsion from Concord Marines & exile, Gabriel Connor gets 1 more chance__but it means risking his life; PBO) $5.99
Gardner, Craig Shaw Spider_Man: Wanted: Dead or Alive (media tie_in; stopping bank robbery gets Spidey blamed for bystander's shooting & target of mob_controlled mayoral candidate) $23.95
Goingback, Owl Crota (Bram Stoker award winner; great beast of Native American legend wakes & ravages Sheriff Skip Harding's territory) $6.50
Grant, Charles Millennium Quartet 3: Chariot ( as Plague sweeps already famine_ridden world, the Horseman searches for Travis & his unusual abilities, but others are searching, too) $25.95
Griffith, Nicola/Pagel, Stephen_eds Bending the Landscape: Original Gay & Lesbian Writing: SF (anthology of sf tales with gay & lesbian themes by Hartman, Klages, Ore, Steele, Lewitt, Sheffield, Richerson, Kress, Baxter, Duchamp, Vonarburg, more) $26.95
Halperin, James L The First Immortal (multigeneration saga of family that becomes pivotal in cryo_ & nanotechnology & cloning when their family head has body frozen for later revival) $6.99
Herbert, Mary H Dragonlance: Bridges of Time: Legacy of Steel (Sara Dunstan & blue dragon Cobalt travel to evil city of Neraka, then Tomb of Last Heroes to learn truth of Knights of Takhisis gathering; PBO) $5.99
Hood, Robert Day_Dreaming on Company Time (short story collection from Australian small press) $11.95
Jensen, Jane Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (gaming tie_in; shadow_hunter Gabriel Knight gets no rest at ancestral home in Germany when girl's murder leads to suspicions of loose werewolf; PBO) $6.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Dark Lord of Derkhholm (young adult; when offworld tourists' devastate world, Oracles decree Wizard Derk to become Dark Lord, son to be Wizard Guide, but things only get wors) $16.00
Kay, Jeremy The Secret Laboratory Journals of Dr Victor Frankenstei (the story of Dr Frankenstein's journey into obsession & madness, through experimentation obstacles, accusations, notes, illustrations & diary entries) $17.95
Kiernan, Caitlan R. Candles for Elizabeth (chapbook, 3 short stories) $5.00
Kilworth, Garry Highlander (original movie novelization; centuries after he discovers he's immortal, MacLeod faces the Kurgan, must defeat him or lose his head; PBO) $5.99
Kilworth, Garry Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands (collection of surreal fantasy short stories) $9.00
Koja, Kathe Extremities (collection of short stories about people pushed to limits of physical, emotional endurance & their experiences in that extreme state of being) $20.00
Kress, Nancy Stinger (FBI Agent Robert Cavanaugh views new posting a step down, until deaths tied to sickle_cell anemia indicate bioengineered race_war conspiracy) $24.95
Lawhead, Stephen R The Celtic Crusades 1: The Iron Lance (Scots lawyer's search for his father leads to medieval Constantinople, the Holy Land & Saracen swords, ultimately to the Iron Lance that pierced Jesus) $24.00
Lawrence, Louise Dream_Weaver (young adult; Eth's dreams of alien boy lead to trained as Dream_Weaver, but when Earth colonists arrive, including Troy, can Weaving save her planet?) $6.95
Lumley, Brian A Coven of Vampires (horror; collection of vampire tales from throughout Lumley's 30_year career) $27.00
Matheson, Richard What Dreams May Come (reprint/movie tie_in; Chris Nielsen defys both Heaven & Hell when death separates him from wife) $6.99
Means, Howard CSA__Confederate States of America (in alternate_history, racially separated US, white Pres & black VP face dissent from interracial group & murders threatening delicate balance of power) $24.00
Moorcock, Michael Elric: The Stealer of Souls (omnibus edition of Sleeping Sorceress,Revenge of Rose,Stealer of Souls,Kings in Darkness, Caravan of Forgotten Dreams, Stormbringer, plus reader's guide) $22.99
Newman, Kim Judgment of Tears: Anno Dracula 1959 (title change; listed in last newsletter as "Dracula Cha Cha Cha") $22.95
Nix, Garth Shade's Children (young adult; man/machine Shade saves children from Overlord harvest, sends them to find secret of power__but gets more ruthless as they get closer) $5.95
Noon, Jeff Nymphomation (in near_future Manchester, Company_controlled lottery game entrances city, but when math students look too close, they find sinister reality) $16.95
Parker, Lara Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent (media tie_in; tale of the eternal bond of love & hate between vampire Barnabas Collins & dark sorceress Angelique; PBO) $6.99
Pelton, Fred L. A Guide to the Cthulhu Cult (reference book from gaming publisher) $9.95
Pinkwater, Daniel The Education of Robert Nifkin (humor; Robert Nifkin's college application essay describes bizarreness of his high school experiences from horror to carnival) $16.00
Pratchett, Terry Discworld: Maskerade (Ankh_Morpork's opera diva/witch wannabe Perdita X aims to flush out ghost of opera house, but it's not that simple) $6.50
Pullman, Philip Count Karlstein (young reader; when the Demon Huntsman comes to call, Lucy & Charlotte must outwit their evil uncle the Count before he can turn them over to the Demon) $17.00
Quale, Thomas The Feaster in the Fudge Room (16 page chapbook, limited to 100 copies, story of Willy Wonka meets the Chthulhu Mythos) $5.00
Resnick, Mike_ed Girls for the Slime God (anthology of tales from "the days when pulp was king, men were men & women were naked") $15.00
Robinson, DH 1999: Apocalypse Maybe (when history prof Harper's drawn to occult & haunted by visions, she, rationalistic magician/husband & physicist friend race to solve Nostradamus' pzl) $12.95
Rupp, Rebecca Dragon of Lonely Island (young reader; Hannah, Zachary & Sarah Emily visit aunt, discover 20,000_year_old dragon & travel time through his stories) $16.99
Salvatore, R.A. Dark Elf Trilogy (hardcover reprint of the Forgotten Realms trilogy) $24.99
San Souci, Robert D. Young Guinevere (young reader, beautifully illustrated by Jamichael Henterly) $6.99
San Souci, Robert D. Young Lancelot (young reader, beautifully illustrated by Jamichael Henterly) $6.99
Schmitz, Anthony Darkest Desire: The Wolf's Own Tale (unhappy, solitary Wolf meets Brothers Grimm, but should he follow their proposed cure for his runaway desires or pursue his individual expression?) $19.00
Schnakenberg, Robert The Encyclopedia of Shatnerica (media tie_in/biography; A_Z entries on multiple topics relating to William Shatner's life & career; PBO) $14.95
Shargel, Lee Chulosian Chronicles 1: Voice in the Mirror (scientist Hank Stanton & astronaut Libby Morales discover fraud, then radiation pulse that may destroy Earth, but will aliens' blueprints work?) $23.95
Silverberg, Robert_ed Legends: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, Vol 1 (audio anthology of new stories from 2 famous fantasy worlds/sagas: Dark Tower_Stephen King; Majipoor_Robert Silverberg) $25.00
Silverberg, Robert_ed Legends: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, Vol 2 (audio anthology of new stories from 3 famous fantasy worlds/sagas: Wheel of Time_Robert Jordan; Discworld_Terry Pratchett; Alvin Maker_Orson Scott Card) $25.00
Soukup, Martha The Arbitrary Placement of Walls (collection by Hugo/Campbell/Nebula nominee, Nebula winner; "full of sexual tension & righteous anger that belies the simplicity of...narrative") $25.00
Spencer, William Browning Irrational Fears (ex_prof Jack Lowry enters detox, falls in love, & when she's kidnapped by cult believing alcoholism's ancient alien curse, he & friends must stop them) $19.99
Tracy, Kathleen The Girl's Got Bite:The Unofficial Guide to Buffy'sWrld (media tie_in/reference; companion to '92 movie & TV series incl interviews, cast bios, episode summaries, trivia, more; PBO) $14.95
Utley, Steven/Waldrop, Howard Custer's Last Jump (chapbook from Australia of 2 Texan writers) $8.95
Waugh, Sylvia Mennyms Alone (young reader; the family of life_size rag dolls faces up to family patriarch's premonition that their hidden life is about to end) $4.50
Webb, Wendy/Grant, Charles_eds Gothic Ghosts (anthology of ghost stories by Hautala, Holder, Costello, Friesner, Stableford, more) $14.95
Weis, Margaret/Baldwin, David Dragon's Disciple 1: Dark Heart (Dragon's immortal servant Justin Sterling's bound to eliminate police lieutenant Sandra McCormick & she to stop him, but their hearts have another agenda) $23.00
Westall, Robert The Watch House (reprint/young adult; teenage girl on holiday visits neglected lighthouse, but receives message from dead man that threatens her sanity & life) $4.95
Wieck, Stewart/Branscome, Anna_eds The Quintessential World of Darkness (horror; anthology of stories by Murphy, Bridges, van Belkom, Hautala, Nye; PBO) $15.99
Wood, Mackay Wolf's Cub (when young scholar_prince is forced to take the throne, he faces attacks from overseas barbarians, ancient mages, years of war & ravages country; PBO) $14.95
Yolen, Jane Commander Toad and the Voyage Home (young reader) $4.99
Yolen, Jane Here There be Ghosts (young reader; collection of poems & stories of ghosts, specters, the dead & undead, with author intros, illustrations by David Wilgus) $19
Yolen, Jane Passager (young reader; Young Merlin Trilogy #1) $3.50
Yolen, Jane Hobby (Young Merlin Trilogy #2) $3.50
Yolen, Jane Merlin (Young Merlin Trilogy #3) $3.50


Allston, Aaron Star Wars: X_Wing 7: Solo Command (media tie_in; Rogue & Wraith Squadrons join under Wedge's command to hunt for Warlord Zsinj & defeat his Super Star Destroyer; PBO) $5.99
Askegren, Pierce The Avengers & The Thunderbolts (media tie_in; "good guys join w/former bad guys to become even better guys to take on the even worse guys"; PBO) $6.50
Danvers, Dennis Circuit of Heaven (young man who's refused to abandone body for downloaded, life in cyber utopia meets perfect woman who doesn't exist outside) $5.99
DeAndrea, William L & Matthew The Pizza That Time Forgot (alien Twisters return & Gemma, Jon & Michael are in another time warp-now a twister's eating their pizza, destroying the town & they're in 1899; PBO) $3.99
Fitch, Marina The Border Book (after family crosses border to US, Rosa's cared for by spirit Luz, but Rosa's injured & Luz crosses border to Rosa's body, changing family forever; PBO) $5.99
Grant, Charles Millennium Quartet 2: In the Mood (in world of dying crops & animals, family members heading for reunion leave death in wake, now Joey's father learns Joey & mom are on their way) $5.99
Green, Roland On the Verge (Star Drive gaming tie-in; team of Galaxines liberate a Seshayan colony from the corrupt VoidCorp) $5.99
Greenwood, Ed Elminster in Myth Drannor (Forgotten Realms; on his way to Cormanthyr, young Elminster stops to try to learn Elvin magic and ways despite xenophobic attitude of the elves) $5.99
Greenwood, Ed The Temptation of Elminster (Forgotten Realms; Elminster emerges from the rubble of Cormanthyr to serve new, human masters) $21.95
Hambly, Barbara Darwath 5: Icefalcon's Quest (Icefalcon tracks enemy wizard & kidnapped Prince of Dare through storm_filled mountains, but even he may not prevail against magically_cloned warriors) $5.99
Kanaly, Michael Thoughts of God (tale of child_killer & vigilante who hunts him, struggles for life & death across future, past, distant galaxies, into God's notebook) $5.99
Kerr, Katharine Dragon Mage 2: The Black Raven (Deverry setting; current incarnation of ancient sorceress works to overcome a curse & eliminate factional strife) $13.95
Krauss, Lawrence M Beyond Star Trek (non_fiction/media tie_in;theoretical physicist explores how laws of physics relate to icons of sf media, incl Independence Day, Star Wars, X_Files, more) $12.00
Kress, Nancy Maximum Light (worldwide infertility from pollution, disease, leads to intrigue & biotech manipulation that traps man, girl & elderly doctor in deadly web) $5.99
Matheson, Richard Somewhere in Time (reprint; modern man drawn by love into past, meeting his soul mate in 1896 San Diego) $13.95
Matthews, Susan R Hour of Judgement (as Fleet Ship CMO, Andrej Kosciousko (3) walks deadly line as healer & Inquisitor/torturor, but attack on slave woman on planet awaiting gov'r may destroy him; PBO) $5.99
McArthur, Nancy The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Goes to Hollywood (young reader; Norman & Michael hope for extras parts when favorite stars come to town to make movie, but it's their sock_eating plants that're cast; PBO) $3.99
McCaffrey, Anne The Masterharper of Pern (young, gifted Robinton must lead his people to cope with the return of wilfully_long_forgotten Thread) $6.99
Modesitt, LE Jr Spellsong Cycle 2: The Spellsong War ("resplendent feminist fantasy with an inventive & expertly handled scenario, life_sized characters & flawless plotting" -Kirkus) $6.99
Moscoe, Mike The First Casualty (4 soldiers-2 green draftees for Society of Humanity, 2 career soldiers for United Colonies-learn true motives for war, face decision to risk lives; PBO) $5.99
Navarro, Yvonne Babylon 5: The River of Souls (movie novelization; tomb raiders with unearthed, deadly Vessel of Souls & armed armada of Soul Catchers converge on the station; PBO) $5.99
Romkey, Michael Vampire Hunter (when treasure hunters wake vampire trapped in Titanic, he struggles with devastating, pent_up hunger & regaining humanity through psychoanalysis; PBO) $5.99
Sands, Marella Sky Knife (ancient Mayan novice priest Sky Knife must use the magic that clings to him to find key to freeing his people from death & destruction) $5.99
Sargent, Pamela Climb the Wind (alternate history tale of 2 Native American warriors who lead united tribes against whites after Civil War & win) $20.00
Sawyer, Robert J Illegal Alien (Earth welcomes the 7 Tosok who arrive on disabled ship, but when scientist's murder leads to trial of alien in human court that may have more at stake) $5.99
Sheffield, Charles The Cyborg from Earth (military dynasty's disappointing heir, Jeff Kopal realizes something's off when navy sends him to deal w/rebel deep_space cyborgs after he blew exams) $5.99
Stackpole, Michael A Eyes of Silver (Wolf_priest Malachy Kidd lost eyes, ability for god's combat magic & faith years ago, but need to protect land's legendary leader may restore him; PBO) $5.99
Stasheff, Christopher The Rogue Wizard 5: A Wizard in Chaos (renegade psychic wizard Magnus (Gar Pike) D'Armand hopes to use discovery of lost learning to foment rebellion on colony world controlld by war, greed) $5.99
Sterling, Bruce Distraction (dystopian, near_future US is controlled by non_government organizations, but 3 people may turn it all upside down) $23.95
Telep, Peter Descent (gaming tie_in; Benjamin St John's mission to rescue computer scientist stranded at moon's core may be only hope against alien force corrupting machines; PBO) $5.99
Whyte, Jack The Camulod Chronicles 4: The Saxon Shore (when Uther's death shatters the Colony of Camulod, baby Arthur's adopted by cousin Caius Merlyn, who must prepare him to for threats from Saxon Shore) $6.99
Willis, Connie To Say Nothing of the Dog (Ned Henry shuttles between his time & 1940s researching Coventry Cathedral, but time continuum disruptions lead to scramble to set things right; PBO) $6.50


Star Trek Next Gen: The Q Chronicles: The Q Scripts (TV tie_in; all scripts of episodes featuring Q, plus photos; PBO?) $18.00
Star Trek Voyager: Being Human: The 7 of 9 Scripts (TV tie_in; scripts of 8 episodes featuring 7 of 9, plus photos; PBO?) $16.00
Star Trek Voyager: A Place Among the Stars: Women of Voyager (TV tie_in; postcards) $8.00
Star Trek: These Are the Voyages, 1966_1996 (TV tie_in; 3_D pop_up book/album provides visual history of ships & crews) $10.00
Allan, Margaret Sister of the Sky (prehistoric adventure; Olmec girl is kidnapped, sold to aristocrat of capitol city, learns treachery of Dark God worshippers threatens city; PBO) $6.99
Anthony, Piers/Brady, Julie Dream a Little Dream (when 2 girls w/magic ability to turn dreams into reality begin to lose abilities, winged unicorn & prince travel to mundane world to save their world) $23.95
Bond, Jonathan E/Koke, Jak Shadowrun 34: The Terminus Experiment (Rachel Meyers calls in shadowrunners when Seattle conspiracy to spread vampirism threatens boyfriend, but they find plot goes deeper yet; PBO) $5.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer The Shadow Matrix (Margaret Alton returns to Darkover, planet of birth, finds she has the Alton gift & her feelings for Regent of Elhalyn Domain threatens balance of power) $6.99
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Traitor's Sun (when Darkover Regent dies, heir_designate Mikhail & wife Margaret Alton face violent takeover by Terran Station Chief with only their combined laran) $24.95
Bunch, Chris The Demon King ( The Seer King sequel; when Gen Damastes tries to stop wizard_king Tenedos from using massive army to start war, he learns horrifying secrets) $6.99
De Lint, Charles Moonlight & Vines (3rd collection of Newford stories, set in same environment as Memory & Dream ; "tales that blur the lines between the mundane world & magical reality") $24.95
Dozois, Gardner_ed The Good New Stuff: Adventure SF in the Grand Tradition (anthology of sf adventures from 1970 on, by Varley, Sterling, Vinge, Martin, McAuley, more; PBO) $16.95
Forstchen, William R The Lost Regiment 7: A Band of Brothers (ex_Civil War Cmdr Keane's injury takes toll on him, his men & Human Republic, now Bantags offer truce to both halves of Republic that'd destry one; PBO) $5.99
Friedman, Michael Star Trek: Thy Brother's Keeper: Book One (young Capt Kirk faces personal crisis when he must kill best friend from Academy to save Enterprise; PBO) $6.50
Friedman, Michael Star Trek: Thy Brother's Keeper: Book Two (after Gary Mitchell's death, Kirk returns home & remembers him; PBO) $6.50
Grant, Charles Black Oak 2: The Hush of Dark Wings (Black Oak Investigations head Ethan procter follows letter from old friend to Kansas town full of seemingly friendly but sinister female cult; PBO) $5.99
Hamilton, Peter F A Second Chance at Eden (collection of 7 novelettes & short stories) $6.50
Jones, Gwyneth Phoenix Cafe (concludes the "White Queen" trilogy about the Aleutian invasion; "hip, dark, violent...politically engaging & emotionally wrenching") $13.95
Kessel, J/Butner, R/Van Name, ML_ed Intersections (original stories by each member of 1994 Sycamore Hill Writer's Conference, incl Fowler, Jablokov, Kelly, Kessel, Kress, Lethem, McHugh, Roessner, Sterling, more) $15.95
Modesitt, LE Jr Recluce Saga: Colors of Chaos (White Chaos wizard Cerryl rises to power in magician's guild of Fairhaven; direct sequel to The White Order , contemporaneous w/ The Magic Engineer ) $27.95
Saberhagen, Fred The First Swords: The Book of Swords Vol I, II & III (omnibus edition of first Swords Trilogy about Swords of Power created for the amusement of the gods, but possible source of the gods' destruction) $16.95
Sheckley, Robert Godshome (young professor w/spell accessing the realm of the gods brings con_man god & companions to Earth, spreading chaos; humorous) $22.95
Tankersley, Richie Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Angel Chronicles 2 (TV tie_in; 3 stories of early days of Buffy & Angel's romance as true love gets rocky; PBO) $4.50
Weis, Margaret Tales from the Eternal Archives 1: Legends (anthology of fantasy stories from McKiernan, Sherman, Weis, Perrin, Reichert, more; PBO) $6.99
Wolfe, Gene Free Live Free (reprint; 4 people in Chicago search for treasure of Benjamin Free, finding a journey beyond their wildest dreams) $15.95


Edwards, Ted The Unauthorized Star Wars Companion (media reference; encyclopedia of SW universe from 1st rough script to new movies, story behind special effects, guide to over 350 web sites) $18.00


Anderson, Poul The War of Gods (raised by giants after murder of father, King of Denmark, Hadding sets out to reclaim throne but must endure battle, Valkieries & god_war first) $5.99
Anthony, Piers/Pickover, Clifford A Spider Legs (creatures formed by garbage dumped in ocean take their revenge) $5.99
Benford, Gregory Cosm (Dr Alicia Butterworth creates baby univers & now everyone-academia, gov't, church, media-wants a piece of it) $6.99
Benford, Gregory Deep Time: How Humanity Communicates Across Millennia (non_fiction; analysis of human efforts at cultural immortality, messages sent into time/space intentionally & by legacy of environmental degradation) $20.00
Bradbury, Ray Dandelion Wine (hardcover reprint collection) $15.00
Byars, Richard Lee X_Men: Soul Killer (media tie_in; X_Men, Excalibur must stop demon lord Belasco from using Rogue to bring evil Elder Gods to Earth, wind up allying w/Dracula to do it; PBO) $6.99
Cherryh, CJ "Fortress of..." 2: Fortress of Eagles (when his maker dies, wizard_Shaped Tristan learns his life is bound to King Cefwyn, but barons fear their power & plot downfall of their plans) $5.99
Cherryh, CJ "Fortress of..." 3: Fortress of Owls (wizard Shapes Tristan to wield sword of Truth & Illusion, bound to King Cefwyn, but must navigate court intrigues, hide true self in magic_hating land) $24.00
Doherty, Robert Area 51: The Mission (when radical alien_sympathizers threaten world with bioweapon, scientists & soldiers go from pyramids to Great Wall to DC corridors to stop them; PBO) $5.99
Donaldson, Stephen Reave the Just & Other Tales (collection; "8 tales of wonder address the power of words & deeds through mystical adventures") $23.95
Dozois, Gardner/Williams, Sheila_ed Isaac Asimov's Valentines (anthology of sf stories exploring source & workings of love, by Silverberg, Bisson, Willis, more; PBO) $5.99
Eddings, David & Leigh Polgara the Sorceress (Polgara tells her life's story, of twin sister, early romance, and other adventures) $6.99
Foy, George Contraband (cyberthriller; in near_future Manhattan, compulsive smuggler must evade lethal new force, find mythical author-only one able to break curse on humanity) $6.50
Gaiman, Neil Stardust (man crosses ancient wall to fetch fallen star, finds empty meadow truly strange, magic world where dangerous competitors, folding spacetime complicate quest) $22.00
Gould, Steven Helm (colony's heir dares the imprinting of all lost Earth's knowledge without preparation, unaware the price is madness, agony & death) $6.99
Green, Sharon The Blending 4: Betrayals (betrayed & separated, magical adepts Tamrissa, Jovvi, Vallant, Rion & Lorand must refind one another & reform Blending to win throne; PBO) $6.50
Hartmann, William K Mars Underground (retired Mars colony scientist pursues quest for Martian life farther into deserts 'til he disappears;searchers realize he found something) $6.99
Jacobs, AJ_as told by Fractured Fairy Tales (authorized collection of wacky tales from Rocky & Bullwinkle , with "classic art, irony_rich dialogue & atrocious puns") $9.95
Jacques, Brian The Long Patrol (Redwall milieu; young, inexperienced hare Tammo is lead sword for Long Patrol as they're called to draw off Rapscallion army in ferocious battle) $5.99
Kaye, Marilyn Last on Earth 3: The Return (one faction of warring group of teens left alone on Earth heads to CA for source of e_mail & realize they may need to negotiate truce with aliens; PBO) $4.99
Lessing, Doris Mara & Dann (in draught_plagued future, 2 kidnapped children join migration north, through varying peoples, places, hazards & questions) $25.00
McDevitt, Jack Moonfall (near future discovery of comet on collision course w/moon leaves 5 days to intervene) $6.50
Modesitt, LE Jr The Ecologic Envoy (reprint; economist/commando Prof Whaler is Envoy to Accord to settle microchip treaty, but must also take on cabal set to plunge galaxy into catastrope) $5.99
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Cat in the Dark (feline sleuth Joe Grey 4, is on the lam after witnessing murder while trying to cope with his growing humanization, but will killer catch him first?) $22.00
Nasir, Jamil Tower of Dreams (image digger who dreams images & turns them into computer_animated ads sees savage attack in Egypt that torments him, foretells world's disaster; PBO) $5.99
Odom, Mel Rising Tide (Forgotten Realms; evil warlord from the depths of the Trackless Sea rallies the undersea races of Toril in a surprise attack on the Sowrd Coast) $5.99
Park, Severna Hand of Prophecy (slave fights for antidote to the virus that keeps slaves young then kills them, as warships arrive to conquer her planet) $5.99
Paxson, Diana L The Hallowed Isle 1: The Book of the Sword (1st of 4 cultural perspectives of King Arthur's life & legend: Lady of Lake/Druid Priestess's call to Spirit for champion, forging of magic sword; PBO) $10.00
Pineiro, RJ Breakthrough (CEO of tech firm Jake Fischer finds company's new bio_chips at center of deadly international frenzy to control the new technology) $6.99
Rabe, Jean The Silver Stair (Dragonlance; Bridges of Time series; amid the wreckage of the Chaos War, a new kind of magic arises on the world of Krynn) $5.99
Rice, Anne Pandora (vampires; new vampire David Talbot learns the story of 2000_year_old Pandora, who's obsessed with seeing Marius) $6.99
Salvatore, R. A. The Cleric Quintet Collector's Edition (5-in-1 hardcover edition of Forgotten Realms series) $24.99
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Godmothers 3: The Godmother's Web (Native American Godmother "Grandma" weaves unforgettable magic, changes young woman's life forever) $5.99
Sheckley, Robert Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (movie novelization/eries lauch; ex_Shadow_allied Drakh target Earth, drawing Sheridan into teaming w/genocide survivor & facing ultimate war machine; PBO) $5.99
Sherman, Dan/Cragg, Dan Starfist 3: Steel Gauntlet (military sf adventure; when planet's R&D chief turns to blood & Confederation declares war, Confed Marines find their tanks hopelessly outclassed; PBO) $5.99
Turner, Delia Marshall Of Swords & Spells ( Nameless Magery sequel; fencing grad stalked by Enforcers, Malka takes witch ship off planet, begins developing magic when they're forced down, stranded; PBO) $5.99
Weis, Margaret The Soulforge (Dragonlance; the early years of Raistlin, archmage of Krynn) $6.99


Bear, Greg Dinosaur Summer (50 years after Lost World's discovery, all dinosaur circuses are bankrupt & expedition sets out to return abandoned dinosaurs to wild) $6.99
Bowes, Richard Minions of the Moon (the forces of Good & Evil battle for a gay man's soul in 1960s through 1990s NYC; dark fantasy w/themes incl homosexuality, addiction, recovery) $23.95
Bunch, Chris The Warrior King (trilogy conclusion; only jailed & exiled Gen Damastes can build an army able to challenge evil wizard_king Tenedos; PBO) $14.99
Clute, John/Grant, John The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (reference; over 4000 entries covering all aspects of fantasy; "excellent & highly readable source") $29.95
Cook, Paul Engines of Dawn (alien tech enables humans to explore stars on condition engine is secret, but when University ship is stranded,they may have no choice;PBO) $5.99
Elliot, Kate Crown of Stars 2: Prince of Dogs (destinies of Count's heir Alain, past_seeking/treasure_hiding Liath, prisoner Sanglant & army_building Fifth Son continue to intertwine) $6.99
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek: My Brother's Keeper 3: Enterprise (after his best friend Gary's death, Capt Kirk must learn to rely on new first officer, Spock; PBO) $6.50
Golden, Christopher/Holden, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Gatekeeper 1: Out of the Madhouse (TV tie_in; the Slayer has her hands full with the abominations coming through centuries_old portal through space, time to threaten Sunnydale;PBO) $5.99
Hogan, James P Jupiter 6: Outward Bound (young LA juvenile delinquent excapes juvenile labor camp sentence by accepting a mission in outer space) $22.95
Joyce, Graham The Tooth Fairy (after losing his first tooth, Sam Southall acquires a lifelong companion, the Tooth Fairy) $14.95
Killick, Jane Babylon 5: Season by Season #5: The Wheel of Fire (TV reference; guide to 5th season episodes & groundwork for coming offshoot series; PBO) $11.00
Little, Denise_ed A Dangerous Magic (anthology of fantasy_romance stories by Norton, DeChancie, Braunbeck, Crowther, West, more; PBO) $6.99
Lumley, Brian Titus Crow (omnibus edition of The Burrowers Beneath & The Transition of Titus Crow ; adventure & horror as Titus Crow & companion battle forces of darkness) $14.95
Odom, Mel Shadowrun 35: Run Hard, Die Fast (Argent discovers the client meet_turned bloodbath was arranged by ex_lover on the run to leverage his help; PBO) $5.99
Phillips, Ethan/Birnes, William J Star Trek Cookbook (TV tie_in/reference; the author playing Voyager's Neelix describes "interstellar haute cuisine", incl preparation techiques for food & drink) $20.00
Rosenberg, Joel Not Exactly the Three Musketeers (fantasy adventure in Guardians of Flame milieu; sworn to protect renunciate Cullinane household, 3 retainers're ordered by Dowager Empress to investigate errant noblewoman's arrnged marriage) $23.95
Rowley, Christopher Bazil Broketail 7: Dragon Ultimate (dragonboy Relkin may need to put retirement & wedding on hold when the Deceiver's army threatens plague_weakened Empire of the Rose; PBO) $6.99
Sheffield, Charles_ed How to Save the World (anthology; practical solutions to global problems by 14 authors, including Beason, Clough, Hogan, Malzberg, Niven, Pollotta, Pournelle, Sheffield) $14.95
Shimerman, Armin/George, David Star Trek DS9: The 34th Rule (Quark's looking forward to the deal of a lifetime when he lands in midst of major dispute between Bajor & Ferengi Alliance; PBO) $6.50
Vinge, Vernor A Deepness in the Sky (set 30,000 years prior to A Fire Upon the Deep ; Pham Nuwen works to foil the Emergent's sinister plans for the slumbering world of Arachna) $27.95
Whyte, Jack Camulod Chronicles 5: The Fort at River's Bend (after failed assassination attempt on the young Arthur, Merlyn takes him to an abandoned Roman fort for training) $24.95


Jacques, Brian Redwall 11: Marlfox (when evil offspring of Queen Silth steal Abbey treasure, Dipple the shrew & Burble the watervole set off in pursuit as Marlfoxes continue to threaten) $22.99
Sturgeon, Theodore More Than Human (reprint; classic novel of 6 who are separately "talented freaks" but together a single organism, possibly the next human evolutionary step) $11.00
Sturgeon, Theodore To Marry Medusa (reprint; barely_literate drunk Gurlick ingests alien spore, becomes host for hive mind encompassing billion planets' lives, intent on absorbing Earth) $10.00


Supernova (movie tie_in; medical evac ship answers distress call to deep_space mine;finds sole survivor, dying star, secret threatening all civilization; PBO) $5.99
Allen, Roger MacBride 3 Laws of Robotics 3: Isaac Asimov's Utopia (conclusion of trilogy examining the Three Laws & their impact on society) $6.50
Barnes, John Earth Made of Glass ( Million Open Doors sequel; diplomats Giraut & Margaret must work to bring 1000 Cultures to planet with hostile climate & warring cultures) $5.99
Card, Orson Scott Homebody (widower Don Lark sets aside intentions to fix up, resell old mansion & decides to stay__until he finds hidden tunnel & what it's hiding) $6.99
Carroll, Jerry Jay Dog Eat Dog (the corporate raider_turned_dog returns, learns something evil has followed him back to this world & he's going to have to get mean; PBO) $12.00
Castro, Adam_Troy Spider_Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six 1 (media tie_in; mysterious benefactor directs Chameleon to assemble new Sinister Six, butMysterio has own plan which Spidey must stop; 1st of trilogy; PBO) $6.99
Cole, Allan The Timura Trilogy 2: Wolves of the Gods (murder brings wizard Safar Timura out of retreat, leading tyrant_threatened people to fabled land, pursued by evil returned from dead) $6.99
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds Silver Birch, Blood Moon (anthology of "grown_up fairy tales" by Gaiman, McKillip, McKinley, Kress, more; PBO) $13.50
David, Peter Howling Mad (reprint; weird man_wolf descends on NY;"wickedly clever") $5.99
DeLint, Charles Someplace to be Flying (photojournalist Lily searches slums for "animal people", collides with Hank & both stumble into war with the First People for the city's soul) $6.99
Emery, Clayton Star of Cursrah (Forgotten Realms; Lost Empires series; a group of adventurers stumble across a buried city guarded by a powerful undead force) $5.99
Farren, Mick Car Warriors: Back from Hell (futuristic competitors battle with high_ performance cars armed with high_tech weapons, but when outlaw horde enters arena, all bets are off; PBO) $5.99
Gardner, James Alan Vigilant (government monitor Faye's link to planet database reveals conspiracy threatening new plague deadly to 2nd species, alien tech & turns to outcast activist; PBO) $5.99
Hobb, Robin (aka Megan Lindholm) The Liveship Traders 1: Ship of Magic (Althea Vestrit battles to reclaim family's animate, intelligent ship from slaving brother_in_law before pirate captain can capture it & Bingtown) $6.99
Kennedy, Hunter Herculese & the Geek God of Greece (TV tie_in/young reader; Herculese must search for Queen Xumonia's stolen crown w/her nerdy nephew Geekus along-will he be help or hindrance?; PBO) $4.50
Kennedy, Hunter Xena & the Magic Arrow of Myx (TV tie_in; spell has magic arrow following Xena & Gabrielle everywhere that won't relent until it kills Xena; PBO) $4.50
Keyes, J Gregory Babylon 5: Bester Ascendant 2: Deadly Relations (media tie_in/ Straczynski outline; 2nd in "life & times" of dreaded, ruthless PsiCop Bester; PBO) $5.99
Lebow, Jess The Colors of Magic (a Magic: The Gathering short story collection) $5.99
Lee, Adam The Dominions of Irth 2: The Shadow Eater (hero wants to settle w/his love in the magical utopia he helped save, but goddess declares him invader & destroyer of her world) $5.99
Leigh, Stephen Speaking Stones (fragile peace between humans, native species torn by kidnapping of 3rd_gender human child, only hope to prevent disaster is an ancient stones' glyphs; PBO) $5.99
Llywelyn, Morgan 1916 (associational; the Irish Rebellion through the eyes of young Ned, studying at school led by scholar/poet/rebel) $6.99
Marston, Ann The Sword in Exile 1: Cloudbearer's Shadow (youngest & last of Skai lords, Gareth returns from exile to dying father, conquered land & long absence of runeblade, but is it too late?) $5.99
Martin, George RR Thrones 2: A Clash of Kings (Stark family scatters, King's brothers vie for throne & 5 factions bring chaos to land as ancient magic returns, Winter nears & sole survivor of previous ruling family builds force) $25.95
McKillip, Patricia A Riddle_Master (omnibus reprint of Riddle_Master of Hed fantasy trilogy) $16
Morland, Alanna Leopard Lord (Leopard's Gard barony's successor made a deal w/the dark god, now must choose between lives of his people & woman he loves; PBO) $5.99
Niles, Douglas The Puppet King (Dragonlance; Chaos War series) $5.99
Pellegrino, Charles Dust (paleobiologist Richard Sinclair realizes natural events & transformed ecology, including disappearance of insects, are war on humanity) $6.99
Reimann, Katya Tielmaran Chronicles 1: Wind From a Foreign Sky (reprint; hedge witch Gaultry Blas is wrenched from peaceful life when prophecy names her & twin sister their nation's saviors or destructors) $6.99
Reimann, Katya Tielmaran Chronicles 2: A Tremor in the Bitter Earth (witch Gaultry Blas plans to witness rites binding newly_free Tielmark's prince to land & godesses but Bissanty assassins & their magic mean she still has work to do) $6.99
Salvatore, RA The Demon Spirit ( The Demon Awakens sequel; the battle to save Corona from ultimate evil resumes) $6.99
San Souci, Robert D Young Arthur (young reader; retelling of King Arthur's birth, growing up & assumption of destiny) $6.99
Schofield, Sandy Predator: Big Game (outcast Corporal Nakai survives to challenge alien Predator after it chooses his New Mexico military base as hunting ground; PBO) $4.99
Shatner, William Quest for Tomorrow 3?: Step into Chaos (series of near_misses lead Jim Endicott to realization he's caught between Outsider trying to destroy the human_ allied Alban Empire, Albans themselves) $23.00
Shatner, William Tek Net (Jake Cardigan & Sid Gomez suspect a Tek connection when Sid's 2nd wife, a Tek addict, asks for help then disappears) $6.99
Shelley, Rick Dirigent Mercenary Corps 3: Captain (now Captain, Lon Nolan & men are caught between sides of planet's civil war when they discover deception of side that hired them; PBO) $5.99
Silverberg, Robert_ed Legends: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, Vol 3 (audio anthology of new stories from 3 famous fantasy worlds/sagas: Sword of Truth_Terry Goodkind; Earthsea_Ursula LeGuin; Memory, Sorrow & Thorn_Tad Williams) $25.00
Steele, Alan A King of Infinite Space (when spoiled, rich man wakes from crash, it's 100 years later-he must learn new life & reason for his revival from cryogenic sleep before he's killed) $5.99
Thornley, Diann Saga of the Unified Worlds 3: Dominion's Reach (when Unified Worlds Commander Lujan Serege is paralyzed by terrorist bomb during Dominion negotiations, he must find & expose the conspirators) $6.99
Tine, Robert The Astronaut's Wife (movie tie_in; after mysterious 2_minute blackout, astronauts return to Earth, but now one's dead, the other's changed, his pregnant wife's suspicious; PBO) $5.99
Werber, Bernard Empire of the Ants (Jonathan, then others vanish into inherited Paris flat's cellar, while female ant nearby becomes queen of great civilization & discovers secret) $5.99
Williamson, Chet Searchers 3: Siege of Stone (Searchers-psychic CIA operatives-pursue ancient entity the Prisoner who's terrorizing the US, hunting Searchers, intent on enslaving humanity; PBO) $5.99


Stephen King's Storm of the Century (TV tie_in; screenplay for miniseries of small town's struggle for survival against evil during brutal winter storm) $15
Adams, Cecil Triumph of the Straight Dope (non_fiction/humor; compendium of answers to classic conundrums; PBO) $11.95
Ash, Constance_ed Not of Woman Born (anthology; alternate methods of conception, birth, parenting from McDevitt, Hoffman, Silverburg, McKillip, more; PBO) $6.99
Barnes, John Finity (college professor discovers that several friends have grown up in worlds with different histories) $22.95
Beagle, Peter S The Inkeeper's Song (fantasy classic reprint) $14.95
Buchanan, Ginger Highlander 9: White Silence (media tie_in; Immortals Duncan MacLeod, Hugh Fitzcairn & Danny O'Donal head for late 1800s Alaska gold rush, but nature kills them over & over; PBO) $5.99
Cadigan, Pat Patterns (collection of 1980s cyberpunk stories; "hard_bitten but evocative prose"; 1st trade edition) $13.95
Codrescu, Andrei Messiah (Creole orphan Felicity & Serbian refugee Andrea join forces to embody the Messiah & face Armageddon in the "Big Easy") $25.00
Cook, Glen Black Company: Glittering Stone 3: Water Sleeps (survivors of disaster must free fellow warriors held in stasis; concludes the sequence) $24.95
Dedman, Stephen The Art of Arrow Cutting (itinerant photographer flees police, Japanese organized crime & monsters from Japanese mythology) $13.95
Duane, Diane The Book of Night With Moon (NY cats who guard magical gates & protect earth, helped by human wizards, realize greatest threat may come from amongst them rather than from outside) $6.50
Forsyth, Kate The Witches of Eileanan 2: The Pool of Two Moons (outlawed in land where magic is capital offense & separated, Meghan & Isabeau must find allies, cross land to rejoin & defeat evil Queen; PBO) $6.99
Goodkind, Terry The Sword of Truth 5: Soul of the Fire (released by Richard Rahl & Cahlan Amnel to free D'Hara, the Chimes may destroy the entire world, if the pair cannot stop the threat) $27.95
Greenberg, Martin H_ed My Favorite Science Fiction Story (anthology; top sf names present their favorite stories by Sturgeon, Laumer, Sheckley, Moore, Zelazney, more; PBO) $6.99
Jacq, Christian Ramses 5: Under the Western Acacia (aging Ramses attempts miracles to prevent threats to land's hard_won peace & prosperity, but realizes his time is limited) $14.99
Jones, Diana Wynne Deep Secret (as powerful magicians balance positive, negative magic in Multiverse, magician in charge of Earth must recruit successor while holding realm together) $24.95
Jones, JV Sword of Shadows 1: A Cavern of Black Ice ("Baker's Boy" milieu; new prophecy rises to link two from Northern Territories as war & dark magic threaten) $24.00
McCaffrey, Anne Nimisha's Ship (Lady Nimisha rises to control family starship_yards despite outrage, schemes of enemies, but when stranded by experimental ship test, daughter must keep control of company) $25.00
Niven, Larry Rainbow Mars (time traveler from future denuded Earth seeks living species to transplant from past, finds key to destruction of sapient Mars life, possibility of similar fate for Earth) $24.95
Norman, Lisanne Sholan Alliance 5: Dark Nadir (caught in trap on return trip, Kaid must eject injured Carrie & Kusac's life_pods, but sudden rescue turns into more deadly trap with unknown aliens; PBO) $6.99
Radford, Irene Merlin's Descendants 1: Guardian of the Balance (gifted with ancient magic, sworn to preserve Earth's natural balance, Merlin's daughter Wren's must cope with political, religious struggles, confront evil; PBO) $23.95
Roberson, Jennifer Tiger & Del 5: Sword_Born (mis_matched allies Southron sworddancer Tiger/Northern swordsinger Del set sail to find Tiger's homeland, but magic & truth are still greatest challenges) $6.99
Russell, Mary Doria Children of God ( The Sparrow sequel; generation after Jesuit Father Emilio Sandoz' missionary trip to far planet, the repercussions threaten the world and its faith) $12.95
Thurston, Robert Battletech 43:Twilight of the Clans 8: Falcon Rising (gaming tie_in; in race to rebuild, Jade Falcon Clan becomes strongest by adding freeborn, genengineered trueborn to army, but invasion's imminent; PBO) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry Colonization: Second Contact ("Worldwar" milieu; 20 yrs after Allied & Axis forces stopped alien invaders, turmoil of '60s turns to war again when alien's colony fleet arrives) $25.95
Vance, Jack Ports of Call (adventures of an interplanetary freighter) $13.95
Waitman, Katie The Divided (desert wanderer Wepanu holds ancient prophecy joining ruthless Maurheti soldier Sekme & peace_dreaming Tel_Mari rebel Merkus, bringing peace or annihilation; PBO) $12.95


Jones, Stephen_ed The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 9 (horror anthology incl Brite, Matheson, Ligotti, Lamsley, Sinclair, Wilder, Wagner, Constantine, more) $10.95
Lethem, Jonathan Girl in Landscape (teen who emigrates to distant planet becomes envoy between humans, native; "exploration & otherness, loss & sexual awakening") $12.00
Miles, Rosalind Guenevere, Queen of the Summer Country (saga of Camelot as seen through the eyes of wise, strong, resolute Guenevere) $23.00
Smith, Thorne Topper (reprint; mild_mannered 1930s banker buys used car, only to find it inhabited by ghosts of its feckless, frivolous prior owners) $11.95
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