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Newsletter #43 September - November, 1998


[PBO means paperback original]

Tad Williams' Mirror World (3 short stories, none written by Tad Williams, based on a comic book series he did write) $23.00
Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference (from Writer's Digest, intro. by Terry Brooks) $18.99
Adams, Scott Journey to Cubeville (collection of Dilbert comic strips) $12.95
Anderson, Kevin J./Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Afterimage Aftershock (contemporary fantasy about a serial killer) $18.00
Appleton, Victor Tom Swift & His Airship (facsimile hardcover edition of 1910 book) $12.95
Athans, Philip--ed. Realms of Mystery (Forgotten Realms anthology) $5.99
Banks, Iain The Wasp Factory (reprint; "powerful, perverse & engrossing tale of rural family's secret") $11.00
Banks, Iain M. Inversions (British import hc of newest in series) $39.95
Baum, L. Frank Lost Princess of Oz (facsimile hardcover edition of 1917 book) $24.00
Bleiler, Everett F. Science Fiction: The Gernsback Years (covers Amazing, Astounding, and Wonder Stories 1926-36, includes plot description of every story, info about artists, history of the magazines) $65.00
Boyett, Steven R. Treks Not Taken (parody; what if Stephen King, Anne Rice, Kurt Vonnegut, Dr. Seuss, etc., had written Star Trek episodes) $10.00
Brin, David The Transparent Society (non-fiction on effect of technology on privacy & freedom) $25.00
Burkett, William R., Jr. Blood Lines (sequel to Bloodsport ; ritual duel on an alien world will result in death for one) $5.99
Chilson, Rob Black as Blood (tongue-in-cheek horror) $5.99
Cornwell, Bernard Arthurian Trilogy 3:Excalibur (associational; Arthur's beset on all sides__ Saxon forces allied with Lancelot, betrayed by Guinevere, Merlin in pact with Mordred to raise power of gods) $24.95
Cox, Greg Star Trek Next Generation Qspace; Qzone; Qstrike (Q Continuim books 1, 2, 3 of 3) $6.50 each
Cunningham, Elaine Thornhold (Forgotten Realms: Harpers 16) $5.99
Dalkey, Kara The Heavenward Path (sequel to Little Sister ; fantasy set in ancient Japan) $17
Delacorte, Peter Time on My Hands (travel guide writer offered trip through time if he'll go back to pre-WWII & prevent Reagan from aiming for the White House) $14.00
Drake, David/Flint, Eric In the Heart of Darkness (alternate history; 6th century India conquered with gunpowder weapons) $6.99
Elrod, P. N. I, Stroud: The War Against Azalin (Ravenloft novel) $5.99
Forstchen, William R. Article 23 (Mars and the outer colonies want more freedom from Earth, just as very unfriendly contact is made with extraterrestrials) $5.99
Gabrielle, Bard of Poteindaia (as translated by Josepha Sherman) Zena: All I Need to Know I Learned From the Warrior Princess (media tie-in) $12.00
Garcia Y Robertson, G. The Moon Maid & Other Fantastic Adventures (collection of sf & fantasy short stories) $22.95
Golden, Christie Seven of Nine (Star Trek Voyager 16) $6.50
Golden, Christopher/Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blooded (media tie-in) $4.50
Gunn, James The Road to Science Fiction Vol. 6: Around the World (a look at SF not written in English) $14.99
Hambly, Barbara/Greenberg, MH_eds Sisters of the Night (anthology of stories of female vampires from Niven, Lee, Hambly, Yolen, Hoffman, Cadigan, more) $6.99
Hand, Elizabeth Last Summer at Mars Hill (short story collection includes World Fantasy_ & Nebula Award_winning novella; "incantatory beauty") $13.00
Hand, Elizabeth X-Files: Fight the Future (movie novelization) $5.99
Hatch, Richard/Golden, Christopher Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon (new novel begins 18 years after the start of the TV series) $6.99
Hatch, Richard/Golden, Christopher Battlestar Galactica: Warhawk (2nd of new series of media tie-in novels) $19.95
Jurasik, Peter/Keith, William H. Diplomatic Act (TV actor who plays an ET is kidnaped by real aliens, who have learned all about humans from watching TV --but they don't understand the concept of fiction) $22.00
Kagan, Janet Hellspark (reprint of a much sought-after science fiction novel) $12.00
Keyes, J Gregory Babylon 5: Dark Genesis 1: The Birth of the Psi Corps (media tie_in; based on Straczynski outline; traces discovery of telepaths, creation of laws & Psi Corps to identify & regulate them; PBO) $5.99
Killough, Lee Bloodwalk (2-in-1 reprint of Blood Hunt and Bloodlinks ,; policeman-turned- vampire Mikaelian; a pair of non-horror vampire novels) $14.00
Lumley, Brian A Coven of Vampires (collection of his vampire short stories) $27.00
McCaffrey, Anne/Ball, Margaret Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (little girl with tiny horn growing from her forehead found in escape pod among the asteroids, taken to a bandit planet) $6.50
McIntyre, Vonda N, The Moon and the Sun (Nebula Award winner for best novel of last year; alternate history in 17th century France) $6.99
Niven, Larry--creator Choosing Names (Man-Kzin Wars VIII; shared-world anthology series) $6.99
Odom, Mel Blade (movie novelization) $5.99
Parkinson, Dan Timecop:Viper's Spawn (movie & comic book tie_in, 1st in series;PBO) $5.99
Peel, John Secret of Dragonhome (young adult fantasy) $4.99
Perry, S.D. Virus (movie novelization) $5.99
Perry, Steve/Braunbeck, Gary Isaac Asimov's I-Bots: Time Was (new novel in Asimov's universe) $23.00
Pierson, Chris Spirit of the Wind (Dragonlance: Bridges of Time#1) $5.99
Powers, Richard Galatea 2.2 (attempt to model the huamn brain by feeding literary classics into a computer leads to unexpected results) $13.00
Resnick, Mike Kirinyaga (22nd century Kenyans try to recreate their version of Utopia on a terraformed planetoid) $25.00
Rice, Anne Violin (Russian aristocrat'e demonic ghost uses magic violin to dominate Triana & drive her mad, but she understands music's power better & fights back) $14.00
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (young adult fantasy) $16.95
Saberhagen, Fred A Question of Time (reprint; detective hired to find sculptor's missing niece calls on Lord of the Vampires, Dr Strangeways, when he realizes client is nosferatu) $5.99
Sansweet, Stephen J Star Wars Encyclopedia (media reference; info from films, radio, novels, stories, games, etc, covering science, tech, history, geography, culture, ecology, personalalities, more) $49.95
Savage, Felicity Ever #3: A Trickster in the Ashes (daemons can pass through our world with ease, until captured by a handler; once imprisoned, one can power entire cities with their rage) $14.00
Scott, Melissa Conceiving the Heavens: Creating the Science Fiction Novel (writing handbook) $16.95
Silverberg, Robert The Alien Years (aliens invade Earth, take what they want, and completely ignore the humans except to retaliate massively to any attacks) $24.00
Silverberg, Robert__ed Legends (11 new short novels in fantasy series, includes King's Dark Tower, Jordan's Wheel of Time, Goodkind's Sword of Truth, McCaffery's Pern,Feist's Riftwar) $27.95
Silverberg, Robert Sorcerers of Majipoor ( 1000 years before Lord Valentine's Castle ) $6.99
Spencer, William Browning Irrational Fears (a cult believes that alcoholism is an ancient alien curse & DTs are related to other-dimensional demons--and then they start kidnaping alcoholics) $19.99
Taylor, Jeri Pathways (Star Trek Voyager) $23.00
Tomorrow, Tom Penguin Soup for the Soul (collection of satiric cartoons) $9.95
Turtledove, Harry--ed Alternate Generals (anthology of alternate history stories) $5.99
Wallace, Daniel Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Planets & Moons (media tie_in/reference; "definitive guide" to locations of Star Wars universe, incl Tatooine, Hoth, Dagobah, Kashyyyk, Bespin, Coruscant, more; PBO) $18.95
Weinberg, Robert War in Heaven (Horizon War #3; gaming tie-in novel) $5.99
Williamson, Chet The Crow: Clash by Night (latest in series of novels that tie-in with comic book series) $13.00
Williams, Walter Jon Frankensteins and Foreign Devils (collection of 10 short stories, 2 never before in print, from NESFA Press) $23.00
Wilson, Robert Anton Everything Is Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-Ups (reference guide) $15.00


Andersson, C Dean I Am Dracula (horror reprint) $4.99
Anthony, Piers Faun & Games (Forrest Faun's quest takes him to tiny planet hidden at heart of Xanth, where he finds magic & marvels) $6.99
Briery, Traci The Vampire Journals (horror reprint) $4.99
Burroughs, E R/Kaluta, MW ER Burroughs' Minidoka: 937th Earl of 1 Mile Series M (graphic novel version of Edgar Rice Burrough's 1st story__whimsical fantasy in tradition of Swift & Carroll) $14.95
Chester, Deborah Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles 2: The Crimson Claw (Star Wars tie_in; series leads to source of Force; master reptilian race's civilization crumbles as its slaves struggle for freedom; PBO) $5.99
Clarke, Arthur C Earthlight; Reach for Tomorrow; Tales From the White Hart; Expedition to Earth (trade paperback reprints) $10.00 each
Cochran, Molly/Murphy, Warren The Broken Sword (when Excalibur's shattered, King Arthur & the knights are tossed into 20th century & must work even harder to restore the Round Table & Camelot) $6.99
Czerneda, Julie E Beholder's Eye (youngest of energy_based, shapeshifter species is sent to explore world, but capture threatens her, but all her people w/extinction; PBO) $5.99
Dann, Joshua Timeshare 2: Second Time Around (security head of time travel agency travels to Roaring '20s US to find famous filmmaker; PBO) $5.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Throws His Weight Around (33rd comic strip collection) $6.95
DeCandido, Keith RA/Nieto, Jose R Spider_Man: Venom's Wrath (media tie_in; PBO) $6.99
Dickson, Gordon R Tactics of Mistake (Dorsai reprint; scholarly strategist/tactician Cletus Graeme learns realities of war from the Dorsai as they learn from him) $5.99
Dietz, William C/Williams, Dean Star Wars:Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire (media tie_in/illustrated; Imperial soldier's disillusionment & grief leads him to Rebel Alliance & mission to steal Death Star plans) $14.95
Evans, Quinn Taylor Merlin's Legacy: Dawn of Camelot (romance crossover; Merlin's sister, sorceress Meg, takes human form in midst of ancient Britain torn by war & meets warrior Connor of Lyonnesse; PBO) $5.50
Golden, Christopher The Shadow Saga 1: Of Saints & Shadows (reprint; secret society vows to destroy vampires) $5.99
Greenberg, MH/Segriff, Larry_eds Battle Magic (anthology of stories of magic used in battle, by DeChancie, Sherman, Edghill, Lindskold, Reichert, Czerneda, more; PBO) $5.99
Haldeman, Joe Forever Peace ('98 Hugo Winner/thematic sequel to Forever War ; as war rages in mid_21c, soldier & scientist discover too_tempting way to revert universe to day 1) $6.50
Hanna, Lynn The Starry Child (linguist able to communicate in ancient Gaelic w/troubled girl learns of her claim to Scottish nobility & stolen family crown; PBO) $5.99
Harrison, Harry Stars & Stripes Forever (epic alternate history tale supposes that Great Britain launched full_scale attack on US at height of Civil War) $24.95
Hegland, Jean Into the Forest (as technology & society collapse around them, 2 sisters struggle to survive) $12.95
Kerr, Katharine Deverry 9: The Dragon Mage 1: The Red Wyvern (magically gifted Lillorigga trains her wild power under dweomermaster Nevyn & comes to crossroads of choice between clan & true king) $6.50
Kihn, Greg Shade of Pale (NY psychiatrist's search for sister & abusive boyfriend leads to Irish terrorist, patient's death, delusions of Banshee pursuit_or are they delusions?) $5.99
Kilpatrick, Nancy/Roche, Thomas_eds In the Shadow of the Gargoyle (horror anthology about gargoyles includes Ellison, Gaiman, Kurtz, Lumley, Yolen, Grant, Holder, Clayton, Hodge, Levinthal, Tem, more) $12.00
Lackey, Mercedes/Dixon, Larry Owlflight (when parents vanish in forest, wilful Darian's apprenticed to wizard, but massacre of village forces him to forest, too, & encounter with the Tayledras) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes/Dixon, Larry Owlsight ("Owlflight" sequel; about to leave area of devastated village with Tayledras to continue magical apprenticeship, Darian learns parents are alive in Empire) $22.95
Lee, Stan/David, Peter_eds The Ultimate Hulk (media tie_in; collection of new stories spanning hero's career, with illustrations) $14.00
Lovecraft, HP, & Others Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (anthology of stories paying tribute to master of modern horror, includes King, Bloch, Campbell, Farmer & more, plus original Lovecraft tales) $12.00
McCaffrey, Anne If Wishes Were Horses (young twins aid mother/village healer & learn about hope when father is called to war&village is overrun w/refugees;"gift book") $13.95
McConnell, Ashley Stargate SG_1 (media tie_in; hostile aliens invade Earth & Col Jack O'Neill goes back through Stargate, rejoins Egyptologist Daniel Jackson to find source planet;PBO) $5.99
Michaels, Melisa Sister to the Rain (PI Rosie Lavine 2, wrestles w/disaster of last case, but agreeing to find mischief_maker in artists' colony only brings more magic & trouble; PBO) $5.99
Osborne, Cary Darkloom ( Deathweave sequel; elite imperial guard Arden must use both combat & psychic abilities to protect her charge, Empress Jessa; PBO) $5.99
Peterman, Mindy Quantum Leap 17: Song & Dance (TV tie_in; 1978 dancer's dream may lead to danger for Quantum Leap project; PBO) $6.99
Pohl, Frederik The Siege of Eternity (aliens among us may be saviors or destroyers & kidnap/alter/clone/implant of gov't agent, astronomer may be key in race to unravel reasons for wave of attacks) $6.99
Resnick, Mike The Widowmaker Unleashed (bounty hunter Jefferson Nighthawk is unfrozen for final time to retire, but previous clones have made him enemies who refuse to let him go; PBO) $5.99
Rovin, Jeff Return of the Wolf Man (media tie_in; new heir comes to castle & discovers resident werewolf; PBO) $6.99
Sarabande, William The First Americans: Time Beyond Beginning (as Ice Age ends, coastal tribe struggles to adapt; PBO) $6.50
Shelley, Rick Lieutenant ( Officer_Cadet sequel; Mercenary Corps Lt Lon Nolan is about to learn about command responsibility in midst of battle; PBO) $5.99
Smedman, Lisa Shadowrun 33: Psychotrope (gaming tie_in; hackers trapped in virtual landscape realize key to trap may be earlier brush withdeath, but both their minds & lives are on the line;PBO) $5.99
Smith, L Neil Bretta Martyn (pirate Henry Martyn's daughter's captured by his enemy, rescued by gang of escaped slaves that she trains as fighting force for justice, freedom, vengeance) $6.99
Sutcliffe,K/Shayne,M/Longford,L/Ray Moonglow (anthology of 4 stories of romantic suspense; PBO) $5.99
Taylor, Karen E The Vampire Legacy: 1_Blood Secrets; 2_Bitter Blood; 3_Blood Ties (horror reprint) $4.99 each
Vande Velde, Vivian Curses, Inc: And Other Stories (young reader; collection of 10 stories of mayhem & magic) $4.50
Varley, John Golden Globe (Shakespearean actor/wanted con man Sparky Valentine plies trade throughout galaxy, edging closer to home, justice,truth of strange, prolonged life) $22.95
Whitman, John Star Wars:Galaxy of Fear 12: The Hunger (young adult; PBO) $4.50
Wrede, Patricia C Magician's Ward (ex_street waif Kim 2, discovers learning to be lady & magician is harder than expected, but when disaster strikes guardian/magician, solution's up to her) $5.99
Wrede, Patricia C Mairelon the Magician (reprint; street waif Kim/noble magician Richard Merrill #1) $5.99
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars:Hand of Thrawn 1: Specter of the Past (media tie_in; efforts toward an Imperial/New Republic peace treaty are threatened by group of warlords with supposedly_dead Admiral Thrawn at their head) $5.99
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars:Hand of Thrawn 2: Vision of the Future (media tie_in; Luke, Leia & Han must prove Bothans innocent of monstrous crimes to preserve the integrity of the New Republic) $23.95
Zebrowski, George Brute Orbits (conservative earth gov't shifts asteroid penal colonies into long_term orbits, with "brutal, surprising & unforgettable" results) $23.00


Ames, Lee J/Estrada, Ric Draw 50 Aliens (how to draw ETs, monsters, SF machines, more) $8.95
Anthony, Piers Zombie Lover (ruler of Xanthe's zombies is attracted to young girl who must prove her innocence to avoid becoming Queen of the Undead) $23.95
Banks, Lynne Reid The Key to the Indian (young reader; Omri & father realize Little Bear, Iroquois friend from past, is in danger, but getting back in time to help him doesn't work too well) $16.00
Barton, William/Capobianco, Michael White Light (as colony search fails, 2 families flee poisoned near_future Earth to enter heart of alien culture that's created a god; PBO) $13.00
Bradbury, Ray Driving Blind (collection of all new stories of worlds seen through windshield) $6.50
Cadigan, Pat Tea From an Empty Cup (cyberpunk; a woman searching for lost lover & a hardened cop must enter a deadly virtual reality affected by ancient Japanese gods) $22.95
Card, Orson Scott__ed Future on Ice (anthology of 1980's works by Bear, Benford, Butler, Crowley, Fowler, Kress, Martin, etc.) $24.95
Coe, David B The Outlanders (sequel to Children of Amarid; hoping to avert another invasion, young mage journeys to territory of enemy, where technology rather than magic is used) $26.95
Daniel, Tony Earthling (reissue; intelligent drilling machine discovers subsurface life force, transforming life on the surface) $13.95
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds Black Swan, White Raven (anthology of stories retelling classic fairy tales from adult perspective incl Crowley, Oates, Yolen, more) $13.00
David, Peter Star Trek Next Gen: Imzadi II: Triangle (media tie_in; the so_far untold story of Deanna Troi's trouble romance w/Worf; audio tape $18) $23.00
David, Peter Star Trek: The Captain's Table 5: Once Burned (media tie_in; at space/time/dimension_spanning bar, Christopher Pike tells tales of his greatest adventures; PBO) $6.50
Davidson, Avram Avram Davidson Treasury (best of collection, afterwords by Ellison and Bradbury) $26.95
DiFilippo, Paul Ribofunk (a visit to genetically altered future where partially_human creatures serve, renegades are hunted & viral, mental, virtual, toxic threats abound) $3.99
Dickson, Gordon R. The Dragon in Lyonesse (Dragon Knight series; Jim Eckert & friends must stop melevalent forces threatening Lyonesse, home of King Arthur and his court) $25.95
Duncan, Dave The Great Game 3: Future Indefinite (Edward Exeter accepts mantle & responsibilities of Liberator in power_ridden Nextdoor, gaining enemies & friends & playing the Game to its conclusion) $6.50
Eddings, David & Leigh The Rivan Codex ("ancient texts of The Belgariad & The Malloreon" provide background materials for fantasy epic) $27.50
Fellows, Oscar L Operation: Damocles (secret mission to destroy super_weapon & its use against US people touches spy, reporter, scientists, retired CIA agent, president, vice president; PBO) $5.99
Froud, Brian/Windling, Terri_ed Good Faeries/Bad Faeries (illustrations & text explore nature of faeries, processes of imagination that make communication possible) $30.00
Gardner, Martin Visitors from Oz (new tale for 100th anniversary follows wild adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman in US, combines mathematical riddles with tech pyrotechnics, suspense) $21.95
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael_eds Hot Blood X (erotic horror anthology; PBO) $6.99
Golden, Christopher/Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer 6: Child of the Hunt (TV tie_in; Buffy & Angel take on a horde of tiny creatures called the Great Hunt who're wreaking havoc in Sunnyvale; PBO) $5.99
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki The Silent Strength of Stones (reprint; prying teen Nick begins to realize lakeside neighbors, including girl & too_smart dog/wolf, have secrets tied to mom's disappearance, his talents) $5.99
Holder, Nancy Gambler's Star 1: The Six Families (Moonbase Vegas' controlling families view new casino owner as threat, send Deuce McNamara to be his agent/their spy, but he learns stakes are higher yet;PBO) $5.99
Kaye, Marilyn Last on Earth 1: The Vanishing (young adult; 25 HS seniors leave geometry class only to find they're the only humans left on Earth; PBO) $4.99
Norton, Andre Scent of Magic (Willadene's sense of smell gets her out of scullery & apprenticed to herbmistress, but winds up on quest into realm of abomination; PBO) $23.00
O'Leary, Patrick The Gift (reissue; magic gifts exact difficult price from recipients; 2 people must rid their land of perverted magic) $13.95
Oduka, Michael &Denise/Mirek,Debbie Star Trek Encyclopedia: Updated & Expanded Edition (media tie_in/reference; covers main & supporting characters, illos, aliens, uniform chart, phaser evolution, weapons, tools, medicine, jokes, etc) $50.00
Oltion, Jerry Star Trek: The Captain's Table 6: Where Sea Meets Sky (media tie_in; at space/time/dimension_spanning bar, Mackenzie Calhoun discusses his most traumatic experience & its effect on his command style; PBO) $6.50
Perry, SD Resident Evil: Caliban Cove (gaming tie_in/horror; STARS survivors attempt to warn the world about the bioweapons conspiracy they uncovered; PBO) $6.50
Perry, SD Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy (gaming tie_in/horror; Special Tactics & Rescue Squad (STARS) investigates murders in remote community, find genetic research & conspiracy; PBO) $6.50
Sheffield, Charles Convergent Series (revised omnibus reprint of "Summertide" & "Divergence"; troubleshooter Hans Rebka intends to penetrate galaxy's most mysterious alien artifact, Paradox) $6.99
Simon Necronomicon Spellbook (clear_&_simple_language version of instructions & diagrams from the original version) $5.99
Weber, David Honor Harrington 7: In Enemy Hands (Honor's orders take her & crew directly into ambush by revitalized Peep military, is captured & imprisoned on prison planet, sentenced to execution) $6.99
Weber, David Honor Harrington 8: Echoes of Honor (overextended Manitcoran Alliance views newscast of Honor's execution & faces revitalized Peep force, unaware that Honor & fellows are trapped on Hell) $24.00
White, James Mind Changer (Sector General hospital staff faces difficult transition when Chief Psychologist O'Mara becomes head of hospital) $22.95
Wilhelm, Kate Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (reissue of Hugo Award winner; post_holocaust community of clones work to preserve civilization) $13.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Blood Roses (Count Saint_Germain in 14th century France.) $24.95


Amend, Bill Camp Foxtrot (comic strip collection; PBO) $12.95
Crumb, R R Crumb Coffee Table Art Book (retrospective collection of underground artist) $20.00
Kreski, Chris Life Lessons from Xena, warrior Princess (TV tie_in; tongue_in_cheek guide to philosophy of "Happiness, Success & Body Armor"; PBO) $9.95
Martinson, Harry Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem (reprint/1st complete English version; vast luxury spaceship carrying refugees from ruined Earth is knocked off course into deep space) $14.95
McPherson, John Striking Close to Home (comic strip collection; PBO) $8.95
Van Amerongen, Jerry Ballard Street ("The Neighborhood" comic strip collection; PBO) $8.95


Blaylock, James P Winter Tides (rescuer of a twin is harrassed by ghost of drowned sister) $6.50
Block, Francesca Lia I Was a Teenage Fairy (model Barbie dreams of being photographer, androgynous Griffin hides his pain & fairy Mab teaches them both) $14.95
Britain, Kristen The Green Rider (AWOL from school after fight, Karigan meets dying Green Rider__magical King's messenger__but agreeing to deliver his message makes her assassins' target) $23.95
Carter, Chris_created by Art of the X_Files (media tie_in/art; homage to The X_Files by 75 artists in form of photos, paintings, graphic designs & alternate media) $35.00
Cavelos, Jeanne Science of the X_Files (reference; examination of scientific theories & research shedding light on episode encounters) $12.00
Clute, John The Book of End Times (art/associational; collection of art inspired by millennial themes__poetry, lyrics, woodcuts, photos, paintings, more) $29.95
Cox, Greg Battle On! An Unauthorized, Irreverent Look at Xena (media reference; "irreverent & affectionate look" at fan reactions, interactions, episode commentaries, comparison of actual history with show, more; PBO) $11.95
Daley, Brian GammaLAW 3: The Broken Country (military sf; "combines high_tech, high_tension action w/the sort of characters real adventure requires"; PBO) $6.99
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds Sirens & Other Daemon Lovers (anthology of erotic dark fantasy stories from Oates, Lee, Yolen, Gaiman, Murphy, Swanwick, more) $14.00
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal & W Michael 1st North Americans 9: People of the Mist (American prehistory adventure) $6.99
Gemmell, David Druss the Legend (Drenai milieu; when settled_down warrior finds village slaughtered & wife taken by slavers, he pursues them with heirloom axe; PBO) $12
Golden, Christie Invasion America 2: On the Run (media tie_in; Tyrusian Prince Cael's desire for peace makes enemy of his people, sends him on run with Earthwoman he loves & their child; PBO) $5.99
Golden, Christopher The Shadow Saga 2: Angel Souls & Devil Hearts (reprint; vampires prepare for battle with humans & each other) $5.99
Gould, Steven/Mixon, Laura J Greenwar (supposedly 'green' energy company is targeted by enviro extremist group that vows to destroy ocean research station) $6.99
Green, Roland Conan & the Gods of the Mountain (sword_&_sorcery reprint) $5.99
Green, Simon R Deathstalker Honor (#4 in saga; rebel Owen Deathstalker's defeat of Empress was simple compared to politicking that follows, threatens the honor he's willing to kill for; PBO) $6.99
Greeno, Gayle Ghattens' Gambit 1: Sunderlies Seeking (Doyce & Jenret's teen twins are thrilled to join parents on trip to exotic Sunderlies with newly_Bonded ghattens, but disasters ensue; PBO) $6.99
Haining, Peter_ed The Flying Sorcerors (humorous anthology of flying sorcerors from Anthony, Carter, Clarke, Dahl, Lewis, Pratchett, Vonnegut, Wodehouse, more) $5.99
Hamilton, Laurell K Blue Moon (vampire hunter Anita Blake 8, must prove her werewolf ex_fiance is not a rapist; "vampires, werewolves & attitude") $6.99
Jacq, Christian Ramses IV: The Lady of Abu Simbel (Ramses' efforts to negotiate treaty with Hittites, build temples to Nefertari run into trouble even her magic may not help, as boyhood friend Moses returns) $14.99
Jeter, KW Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Wars 2: Slave Ship (media tie_in; Boba Fett battles conspiracy, Bossk advances plan to rule over other bounty hunters & Kuat counters Prince Xizor's maneuvers; PBO) $5.99
Jones, Terry Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic (gaming tie_in; outrageous antics ensue when fabulous, vanished interstellar cruise liner reappears stuck to Dan & Lucy Gibson's house) $12.00
King, Stephen Dark Tower 4: Wizard & Glass (horror; Roland the Gunslinger & companions' quest for mysterious Dark Tower leads into Roland's past of friendship, war, loyalty, betrayal, loss) $7.99
Lee, Tanith Red Unicorn (sister of empress engaged to her love, Tanaquil's problems only multiply when follows red unicorn to another world where mirror self plots sister's death) $4.99
Lisle, Holly The Secret Texts 1: Diplomacy of Wolves (diplomat Kait's peace mission uncovers plot against 1 of 2 rival Houses & only weapons are Mirror of Dead & her own cursed, outlawed power) $12.99
Llywelyn, Morgan The Wind from Hastings (reprint; Edyth, wife of King of Wales, then King Harold of England, disappeared forever with Welsh, English heirs on day of Battle of Hastings/Halley's Comet) $5.99
Lynn, Elizabeth A The Chronicles of Tornor (omnibus reprint; 3_in_1 edition of World Fantasy_winning trilogy Watchtower, The Dancers of Arun, Northern Girl ) $15.00
McCarthy, Wil Murder in the Solid State (one man battles to save live, career & country in 21c America, when nanotech offers unparalleled freedom & inescapable totalitarianism) $5.99
Miller, Rand/Wingrove, David Myst 3: The Book of D'Ni (gaming tie_in;Catherine & Atrus return to devastated D'Ni civilization to search worlds for survivors & find clues to hidden book & ancient secret) $6.99
Mosley, Walter Blue Light (audio tape) $17.98
O'Barr, J/Kramer, Ed_eds The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams (media tie_in horror anthology; includes stories by ADFoster, RCampbell, Gene Wolfe, Rex Miller, Andrew Vachss, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop) $24.00
Parkinson, Dan Timecop: The Scavenger (media tie_in/time_travel adventure; PBO) $5.99
Powers, Tim Earthquake Weather (Fisher King of West's dead, too_young next King's wounded, but one/both must be restored before ghosts, earthquake, fire, flood & riot destroy land) $6.99
Quinn, Daniel My Ishmael (reprint; telepathic gorilla accepts 12_year_old girl as student learning to save the world) $13.95
Rice, Anne Servant of the Bones (centuries_old ghost/demon/angel Azriel quests through time to stop world_threatening conspiracy) $7.99
Salvatore, RA Echoes of the Fourth Magic ("retooled" reprint of early, unfinished fantasy; follow_up to DemonWars series) $6.99
Sawyer, Robert J Frameshift (Human Genome Project scientist finds insurance co is taking genetic samples & profiting hugely as at_risk clients die) $6.99
Sheffield, Charles Putting Up Roots ('Jupiter' series 3; vastly wealthy young man's stranded on mining ship far from earth & must learn to survive) $5.99
Sky, Kathleen Star Trek: Vulcan! (media tie_in/reprint; Vulcan_hating Dr Katalya Tremaine is stranded alone w/Spock on planet of deadly insectoid natives) $5.50
Stackpole, Michael A Battletech 41:Warrior Trilogy 3:Warrior Coupe' (gaming tie_in) $6.99
Thomsen, Brian/Greenberg, MH_eds Mob Magic (anthology; stories feature mobsters, crimefighters & magic by Elrod, Reichert, MACollins, Resnick, Nye, Hawke, more; PBO) $5.99
Turtledove, Harry The Time of Troubles 4: Videssos Besieged (Emperor Maniakes brings war to hated despot in enemy capitol, but his nemesis is missing; PBO) $6.99
Wells, Angus Guardian (when Chaldor falls, spoiled princess Ellyn, guard commander Gailard & sorceress Shara must escape to safety & return to retake kingdom; PBO) $6.50
Wurts, Janny Wars of Light & Shadow 5: Grand Conspiracy (brother_princes continue curse_driven battle, hold nations & world's magic balanced on their feud) $24.00
York, J Steven Generation X 2:Crossroads (comic book tie_in; vacation turns dangerous as GenX young mutants are caught up in anti_mutant talk show &terrorist;PBO) $6.50


Anderson, Poul Starfarers (when SETI astronomers discover distant life, expedition of scientists undertake 120,000 lightyear journey of exploration) $25.95
Anderson, Poul/Dickson, Gordon R Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! (omnibus reprint of Earthman's Burden & Hoka ; alien teddy bears adopt Terran culture, including war) $5.99
Baker, Kage In the Garden of Iden (near_immortal orphan Mendoza's sent by 24c Company to 16c England for plant samples, but finds people, ideas that arouse mission_ threatening questions) $5.99
Beauchamp, Monte Life & Times of R Crumb: Comments from Contemporaries (non_fiction; memoirs of controversial underground comix artist by Gilliam, Groening, Ebert, Eisner, more; includes Crumb illos) $17.95
Benford, Gegory Against Infinity ( man & boy hunt an alien artifact on Ganymede that is powerful, unknowable & dangerous) $5.99
Bova, Ben Moonwar ( Moonrise sequel; as Moonbase thrives under Doug Stavenger, the nanotechnology it depends on is declared illegal by Earth, leading to war) $6.99
Brust, Steven Dragon (Vlad Taltos finds himself in real war between rival Dragonlords) $22.95
Carey, Diane Star Trek DS_9: The Dominion War, Book 2 (media tie_in; Capt Sisko & the DS_9 crew must close down the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant before the Dominion_Cardassian fleet can arrive; PBO) $6.50
Donnelly, Marcos Prophets for the End of Time (countdown to Apocalypse requires major re_org of Heaven & 2 dubiously unsuitable human prophets with their own intrigues;PBO) $5.99
Dozois, Gardner_ed The Good Old Stuff (anthology of best sf adventure stories of 1940_70 includes Aldiss, Brackett, de Camp, LeGuin, van Vogt, more) $15.95
Drake, David Butcher's Bill (Col Hammer's tank crews take on enemy invisible among civilians; hostile, unexplored jungle; life during unimaginable peacetime; PBO) $6.99
Duncan, Dave A Tale of the King's Blades 1: The Gilded Chain (after years of training, elite warrior bodyguard Durandel's bonded to noble fop rather than king, but Destiny has plans beyond Durandel's chagrin) $23.00
Feist, Raymond E Riftwar Legacy 1: Krondor the Betrayal (Midkemia's invaded by troll army & renegade humans under dark elves & evil magical cabal, but traitor elf joins those his people targeted for destruction) $24.00
Gaiman, Neil Neverwhere (London businessman Richard Mayhew helps strange girl, finds himself in alternate world in sewer canals & Tube stations below the city) $6.99
Gaiman, Neil Smoke & Mirrors (collection of short stories that "combine rare mythic power with profound human insight"; local author) $24.00
Golden, Christopher/Holder, Nancy Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Watcher's Guide (media tie_in/reference; official companion to show incl interviews, photos, a_day_on_the_set journal, more; PBO) $12.00
Hayden, Patrick Nielsen--ed Starlight 2 (original anthology; includes Friesner, Kushner, Langford, Lethem, others) $24.95
Horwood, William The Willows & Beyond (2nd illustrated sequel to Wind in the Willows ; animal friends prepare to hand over River Bank to next generation, but first must rally against threat) $19.95
Horwood, William Toad Triumphant (illustrated sequel to Wind in the Willows follows further adventures of Mole, Water Rat, Badger & Toad) $10.95
Johnson, Kim "Howard" The First 28x0 Years of Monty Python (media reference; revised companion to satiric troupe, incl the original material, interviews, photos, episode guide, more) $21.95
Jordan, Robert The Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time #8; Rand must again repel Seanchan invasion force; signed leather_bound edition $200) $27.95
Kramer, Edward/Linaweaver, Brad__ed Free Space (reissue; original stories set in a libertarian galactic federation) $16.95
Piziks, Steven In the Company of Mind (billionaire's son flees dad's medical experiments that've given him unknown personalities in his mind & a seemingly outside voice claiming to be AI;PBO) $6.99
Reeves_Stevens, Judith & Garfield Star Trek Next Gen: The Continuing Mission (media tie_in/reference; 10th anniversary tribute incl illos & photos, covers writers, artists, actors & special effects experts) $18.00
Vornholt, John Star Trek Next Gen: The Dominion War, Book 1 (media tie_in; Enterprise_E patrols Cardassian border watching for Dominion_Cardassian offensive & encounters ex_crewmate/friend/enemy Ro Laren; PBO) $6.50
Wilson, Gahan The Cleft and Other Odd Tales (24 horror & macabre stories with illustrations) $23.95
Yolen, Jane One_Armed Queen (enemies attempt to change line of succession among White Jenna's heirs) $23.95
Zettel, Sarah Playing God (when the Dedelphi hire Lynn Nussbaumer's firm to clean up planet after using bio weapon, factions try to use her to continue war, leading to showdown) $22.00
Zimmerman, H/Sternbach, R/Drexler,D Star Trek DS_9: Technical Manual (media tie_in/reference; incl diagrams & illos of ships, technology, weapons, species, more) $24.00


Cox, Stephen The Addams Chronicles, 2nd Edition (media reference; revised & expanded 'altogether ooky' look at TV's oddest, but well_loved, family; PBO) $18.95
Dietz, William C Star Wars:Dark Forces 3:Jedi Knight (media tie_in; only ex_Imperial/ fledgling Jedi Kyle Katarn & partner Jan Ors can stop Dark Jedi Jerec from tapping the power of the Valley of the Jedi) $24.95
Dunnett, Dorothy King Hereafter (reprint; tale of wild, half_pagan Scotland of 11c & earl called Macbeth's rise to power) $16.00
Golden, Christopher X_Men: Codename Wolverine (comic book tie_in) $23.95
Hughes, Monica_ed What If...? (young reader anthology of speculative fiction from Wynne_Jones, de Lint, more) $6.95
Rice, Anne The Vampire Armand (horror; "life" story of Armand, from the Kiev Rus ruled by Mongols to slavery, to gift of blood from Vampire Marius, to 19c Paris, today's New Orleans) $26.95
Sant, Montse/Cabral, Ciruelo Book of the Dragon (illustrations & test exploring dragon history, physical & psychological traits, social organization, manifestations in art & lit through centuries) $24.95
Trudeau, GB The Bundled Doonsbury (comic strip collection & "Doonesbury Flashbacks CD covering 25 years of "all things Doonsebury"__strips, contemporary news headlines, biblio, etc; PBO) $19.95


Adams, Scott The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21c (humor; collection of essays & cartoons) $12.95
Anderson, Kevin J/Moesta, Rebecca Star Wars:Young Jedi Knights: Crisis at Crystal Reef (young adult; while hoping to help friend addicted to spice, Jacen & Jaina Solo discover a sinister plot; PBO) $5.99
Anthony, Mark The Last Rune 1: Beyond the pale (drifter & physician find themselves transported to another world where they must repel attack of an ancient evil awakening from millenia_long sleep;PBO) $14.95
Asaro, Catherine The Last Hawk (Skolian saga 3; Skolian imperial scion Kelric crashes on off_limits planet, is taken captive by planet's matriarchy to hide their advances) $6.99
Baxter, Stephen Moonseed (bitter ex_NASA researcher recalled to battle obscure moon rock's biotic force that's devastating Earth's crust) $24.00
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner_eds Nanotech (anthology of 11 stories on molecule_sized machines from Bear, Egan, Kress, Goonan, Baxter, more; PBO) $5.99
Frakes, Jonathan/Smith, Dean Wesley The Abductors: Conspiracy ("powerful saga of alien conspiracy & heroic human resistance") $5.99
Golden, Christopher The Shadow Saga 3: Of Masques & Martyrs ("benign" & malevolent vampires vie for power; PBO) $5.99
Haggard, H Rider King Solomon's Mines (reprint; "complete & unabridged") $3.99
Isabella, Tony/Ingersoll, Bob Captain America: Liberty's Torch (comic book tie_in; PBO) $6.50
Jensen, Jane Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (gaming tie_in; shadow_hunter Gabriel Knight gets no rest at ancestral home in Germany when girl's murder leads to suspicions of loose werewolf; PBO) $6.99
Jeter, KW Noir (retired information cop searches for powerful exec's murderer in high_tech LA where wealthy users search for forbidden thrills using simulated bodies) $23.95
Johnson, Oliver The Lightbringer Trilogy 2: The Nations of Night (champions of the God of Light are motley trio of survivors searching for ancient artifacts to help overthrow God of Darkness' High Priest; PBO) $16.95
Jones, Diana Wynne The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (tour guide parody including A_Z advice, insight on burning questions such as evil of High Priests, filthy tempers of Cooks, finding magic swords, etc; PBO) $5.99
Kennealy_Morrison, Patricia Keltiad: The Deer's Cry (the story of how the Kelts of Dark Age Ireland colonized a distant world) $24.00
Little, Denise_ed Alien Pets (anthology of sf "pet" stories from Rusch, Haldeman, Scarborough, Bischoff, Duane, more; PBO) $5.99
McKinley, Robin Rose Daughter (return to story of "Beauty & the Beast" w/fresh perspective; "compelling, richly imagined & haunting"; PBO?) $5.99
Navarro, Yvonne Red Shadows ( Final Impact sequel; after apocalypse stops Earth's rotation, plague sweeps world & people of isolated zones must reach out to each other; PBO) $6.50
Piper, H Beam The Complete Fuzzy (omnibus reprint;3_in_1 edition of classic sf novels of aliens, ecology/overdevelopment issues_- Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Sapiens, Fuzzies & Other People ) $14
Pratchett, Terry Discworld: Hogfather (Dicsworld's Santa Claus counterpart (or maybe not) disappears, leaving Death to take his place) $23.00
Reichert, Michey Z/Wingert,Jennifer Spirit Fox (in magic land, war & peace of god, goddess are echoed among mortals, but thwarting of Kiarda's destined spirit_link brings madness, war of different sort) $23.95
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn The Fey 4:Victory (conclusion; Blue Islanders' resistance to Fey army may hinge on religious artifacts,King Nicholas' alliance w/man who killed his wife;PBO) $6.50
Saberhagen, Fred Berserker Fury (race of machines intend to destroy organic life create android_ seeming units that threaten Spacer Sebatian Gift & crew from within ranks) $5.99
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Lady in the Loch (Edinburgh sheriff/author Walter Scott shocked by body parts in frozen loch, but when live women vanish, investigates gypsy woman's tales of dark magic) $19.95
Stackpole, M/Tolson/Nadeau/Ensign Star Wars:X_Wing Rogue Squadron: The Warrior Princess (graphic novel/media tie_in) $12.95
Stackpole, Michael A Battletech 42: Twilight of the Clans 7: Prince of Havoc (gaming tie_in; PBO) $6.99
Stoddard, James The High House (Carter returns to the mystical dwelling his father maintains to keep world safe from evil, but the House's enemies have invaded & his father vanished) $6.50
Watt_Evans, Lawrence Touched by the Gods (young smith Malledd scoffs at oracles naming him Empire's Champion, but when dark mage leads undead army against Empire, he faces crucial choice) $6.99
Wood, N Lee Faraday's Orphans (in post_holocaust America, helicopter pilot stranded outside protective dome meets young girl & discovers new freedom) $5.99
Wrede, Patricia C The Raven Ring (Lyra milieu; daughter of warrior tribe's soldier must retrieve mother's Raven Ring, learns that it's much more than family heirloom) $5.99


Asaro, Catherine The Radiant Seas (sequel to Primary Inversion ; young leader of empire involved in interstellar war must rescue his wife from his own empire) $26.95
Barnes, John Apostrophes & Apocalypses (short story collection, some new) $24.95
Bertin, Joanne The Last Dragonlord (death of a queen of dragons, capture of the last dragonlord may spell end of the shapeshifting dragons) $25.95
Bova, Ben Sam Gunn Forever (further misadventures of the incorrigible "pint_sized hero without peer__or scruples", Sam Gunn; PBO) $5.99
Bradbury, Ray/Lane, Chris_illus Ahmed & the Oblivion Machines (when caravan leader's son Ahmed is lost in desert, he wakes ancient god who shows him the world; PBO) $14.00
Carey, Diane Star Trek DS_9: The Dominion War, Book 4 (media tie_in; novelization of 6th season cliffhanger; PBO) $6.50
Dillard, JM Star Trek IX (movie novelization; Capt Picard & the Enterprise face the Borg's return) $22.00
Erdmann, Terry J Star Trek: Action! (media tie_in/reference; documents every step necessary to making 2 minutes of final film, using sequences from DS_9, Voyager & new Next Gen movie) $40
Erdmann, Terry J The Secrets of Star Trek IX (media tie_in/reference; chronicle of making 9th Star Trek movie, from concept to design & construction) $18.00
Erdmann, Terry J The Talking Tribble; The Tribble Handbook (media tie_in; squeaking plush toy ($9.99) & manual "filled w/tons of fun facts") $5.00
Fulton, Roger/Betancourt, John The Sci_Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction (media reference; guide to virtually every sf series of last 50 years w/episode listings, plot lines, reviews, background stories, cast lists, credits, trivia) $15.99
Gardner, Craig Shaw Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Return to Chaos (TV tie_in/adult series; Buffy faces Druids intent on returning the world to the Old Ways; PBO) $5.99
Grant, Richard In the Land of Winter (when daughter's taken into custody & she's claimed unfit, modern witch Pippa Rede retreats to forest to unlock magic, strength to restore what's right) $6.99
Heinlein, Robert A Glory Road (reprint) $6.99
Kaye, Marilyn Last on Earth 2: The Convergence (the last 25 teens on Earth split into a militaristic Community & rebels who set off to reconnect with humanity & find a new, more advanced reality; PBO) $4.99
Lackey, Mercedes Bardic Voices 4: Four & Twenty Blackbirds (Alanda's Constable Tal Rufen's convinced there's more__magical?__to murders of low_class women by churchmen who suicide immediately) $6.99
Lapine, Warren/Pagel, Steve__ed Absolute Magnitude (reissue; best of Absolute Magnitude magazine, includes Clement, Kagan, Lewitt, Longyear, others) $16.95
Laumer, Keith_cr Dangerous Vegetables ("vicious vegetable villains vs mankind" w/intro by Ben Bova; "zany humor & puns"; PBO) $5.99
Laumer, Keith_cr/Keith, Wm H Jr Bolo Rising (when the enemy attacks & defeats human colony & suborns its Bolo to become guard over the now_slave humans, Maj Jaime Graham determines to revolt; PBO) $6.99
Lindskold, Jane Changer: A Novel of the Athanor (wild, unpredictable, immortal New Mexico vagabond's quest for revenge leads to unwitting involvement with enemies destroying King Arthur's realm; PBO) $5.99
Lumley, Brian The Source (vampire fiction; reprint of 3rd in Necroscope series) $26.95
McAuley, Paul J The Invisible Country (collection of stories exploring "wonders & dangers of biotechnology & its creations" from distant alternate past to far future; PBO) $13.50
McHugh, Maureen F Mission Child (young woman sets out to rediscover self & world devastated & remade by advent of ancestor_Earthers & alien artifacts) $20.00
Moon, Elizabeth Rules of Engagement ( Once a Hero sequel;rivals Esmay Suiza & Brun Meager's almost_friendship is threatened when Brun's captured by religious militia & Esmay's blamed) $22.00
Moorcock, Michael The War Amongst the Angels (Rose von Bek adventures on alternate Earth & in 2nd Ether, joined by Sam Oakenhurst, Colinda Dovero & Jack Karaquazian in fight against evil, stagnation) $12.50
Payne, Michael H. The Blood Panther (animal fantasy; a fisher, a skink and a bobcat must stop a blood jaguar from destroying the world) $22.95
Rosenberg, Joel Keepers of the Hidden Ways 3: The Crimson Sky (3 college friends seek 3rd magical jewel as ruling houses push for war in alternate world, while evil visits their "real" world; PBO) $5.99
Vornholt, John Star Trek IX (young adult/movie novelization; Capt Picard & the Enterprise face the Borg's return; includes photos) $4.50
Vornholt, John Star Trek Next Gen: The Dominion War, Book 3 (media tie_in; Enterprise_E & Capt Picard must beat the odds or the Federation faces total defeat; PBO) $6.50
Wells, HG The First Men in the Moon (audio tape) $18.00
Williamson, Chet The Searchers 2: Empire of Dust (deep_cover government operatives Laika, Tony & Joseph search for The Prisoner, but find corpse in SW desert, violent fanatics & vastly powerful forces; PBO) $5.99


Byatt, AS The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye (collection of fairy tales for grown_ups revolves around extravagantly intelligent, storyteller heroine, being living in bottle found in Istanbul bazaar) $12.00
Calvino, Italo_ed Fantastic Tales: Visionary & Everyday (anthology of fantastic literature of 19c includes Balzac, Bierce, Gogol, Hoffmann, James, Poe, Stevenson, Wells) $15
Childress, David H/Shaver, Richard Lost Continents & The Hollow Earth (bibliography/ mythology; examination of Shaver's "hollow Earth" books, 'Amazing Stories' world of Ray Palmer & America's fascination with such tales;PBO) $16.95
Newman, Kim Dracula Cha Cha Cha (1959 Rome: exiled Vampire King's wedding stirs jet_setters & conspirators as undead British agent battles SMERSH & creature older than Dracula wakes) $22.95
Ransmayr, Christoph The Dog King (after war, victors turn town where prisoners were killed into penal colony, including machine_repair boy Bering, scavenger Lily & ruler Ambras, the Dog King) $14
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