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Newsletter #42 June - August, 1998


[PBO stands for paperback original]

Achilli, Justin/Hatch, Robert Dark Tyrants (a Vampire: The Dark Ages anthology) $12.99
Alexander, Lloyd First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha (young adult fantasy) $4.99
Anderson, Gerald Sons of Disobedience (a Bible Prophecy science fiction novel, with a prophecy computer disk included with the book) $16.99
Anderson, Kevin J. X- Files: Antibodies (media tie-in novel) $6.50
Andreassi, K. Robert Gargantua (media tie-in novel) $5.99
Attanasio, A.A. Eagle and the Sword (Arthorian fantasy #2) $6.50
Attanasio, A.A. The Wolf and the Crown (Arthorian fantasy #3) $14.00
Barker, Clive Galilee (rich American dynasty with dark secrets) $26.00
Bloch, Robert Flowers from the Moon and Other Lunacies (Arkham House collection of his early pulp writings) $22.95
Boyd, Donna The Passion (murder prompts Alexander Devoncroix, retired head of the pack, to reveal secrets--the triangle of 2 werewolves & a human, the power & passion of the pack) $15.95
Clark, Margaret--ed A Treasury of Dragon Stories (young adult collection) $6.95
Conners, William/Bebris, Carrie Ravenloft: Shadowborn (gaming tie-in novel) $5.99
Cook, David/Archer, Peter Uneasy Alliance (#7 of Forgotten Realms mini-books) $2.99
Cornwell, Bernard Arthurian Trilogy 3: Excalibur (Arthur's beset on all sides__Saxon forces allied with Lancelot, betrayed by Guinevere, Merlin in pact with Mordred to raise power of gods) $24.95
Cunningham, Elaine Evermeet: Island of Elves (Forgotten Realms novel) $21.95
Cunningham, Elaine Tangled Webs (Forgotten Realms novel) $5.99
Dalkey, Kara Little Sister (young adult fantasy set in medieval Japan) $4.99
Dann, Jack--ed. Nebula Awards 32 $13.00
Denning, Troy Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad (Forgotten Realms, sequel to Prince of Lies ) $5.99
Desjardin, Marie For the Time Being (10 graduate-level MENSA-types are captured by aliens; they decide to escape by building a time machine, which is what the aliens wanted in the first place--the students had promised the aliens 5000 years before to save them from extinction by building the time machine) $15.95
Due, Tananarive My Soul to Keep (African-American journalist and vampire fall in love) $14
Fleming, Gherbod The Winnowing (#2 of Trilogy of the Blood Curse, gaming tie-in) $5.99
Garner, Alan Weirdstone of Brisingamen (classic young adult fantasy) $6.00
Gemmell, David In the Realm of the Wolf (5th Drenai Saga, fantasy) $6.99
Greenwood, Ed/ Grubb, Jeff Cormyr (Forgotten Realms novel) $6.99
Grubb, Jeff The Brothers' War (Magic the Gathering, Artifacts Cycle #1) $6.99
Gunn, James Road to SF Vol. 5: The British Way (look at British SF from 1871) $14.99
Hartwell, David G. Year's Best SF 3 (anthology) $6.50
Hood, Ken Demon Knight (Years of Longdirk #3) $5.99
Kiernan, Sean Roar: The Cauldron (TV tie-in novel) $5.99
King, Gabirel The Wild Road (British Watership-Down -like fantasy with cats) $24.95
King, J. Robert Conspiracy (#6 of Forgotten Realms mini-books) $2.99
Koenig, Walter Warped Factors: A Neurotic's Guide to the Universe (autobiography) $22.95
Kramer, Edward E.--ed Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula (horror anthology) $5.99
Kruger, Bob/Tynes, John--ed, Alien Intelligence ("Cthulhu Mythos Stories of Modern Horror and Conspiracy") $11.95
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve The Naming of Kinzel (signed chapbook, fantasy) $9.00
Leiber, Fritz Return to Lankhmar ( Swords of Lankhmar and Swords and Ice Magic ) $5.99
Matas, Carol/Nodelman, Perry Of Two Minds (young adult fantasy #1) $4.50
Matas, Carol/Nodelman, Perry More Minds (young adult fantasy #2) $4.50
McDevitt, Jack Moonfall (disaster thriller--early next century the world has 5 days warning that a comet is about to hit the moon, with bad results for earth) $24.00
Moorcock, Michael Dancers at the End of Time (Omnibus of The Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands, The End of All Songs ) $22.95
Odom, Mel The Lost Library of Cormanthyr (Forgotten Realms Lost Empires) $5.99
Pattou, Edith Hero's Song (young adult fantasy infused with Irish myth) $6.00
Pierce, Meredith Ann The Darkangel (#1 of Darkangel Trilogy, young adult fantasy) $6.00
Pratchett, Terry Jingo (Discworld novel) $23.00
Pullman, Philip The Subtle Knife (fantasy, sequel to The Golden Compass ) $5.99
Rabe, Jean Eye of the Maelstrom (Dragonlance Fifth Age novel) $5.99
Sawyer, Robert J Factoring Humanity (after years of reception, space signal stops, but scientist finds it contains instructions for machine allowing mind to travel into human collective subconscious--Author Signing at Uncle Hugo's June 25th) $23.95
Sinclair, Alison Blueheart (an ocean world is scheduled to be terraformed, but some colonists would rather create a new aquatic human subspecies) $6.50
Spencer, William Browning Return of Count Electric (short story collection) $5.99
Turner, Alice.--ed. Playboy Book of SF (45 years of stories from Playboy magazine) $25.00
Turner, Megan Whalen Instead of Three Wishes (young adult fantasy short stories) $4.99
Turtledove, Harry How Few Remain (second War Between the States--the South won the first one with help from England and France) $7.99
Turtledove, Harry The Great War: American Front (sequel to How Few Remain --when WW 1 breaks out, the North is allied to Germany, the South and Canada to England & France, so the war spreads to North America) $25.00
Vande Velde, Vivian A Well-Timed Enchantment (slapstick young adult fantasy) $6.00
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Nightsword (Starshield #2, starships and magic swords) $24.95
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy--ed. Relics and Omens (Dragonlance fifth Age anthology) $5.99
Weis, Margaret/Perrin, Don The Doom Brigade (Dragonlance Chaos War Series #1) $6.99
Weis, Margaret The Soulforge (Dragonlance novel) $23.95
Wilson, Robert Charles Darwinia (1912 miracle removes Europe, replaces with Darwinia-land of nightmarish jungle, monsters-so man leaves religious_fundamentalist_ruled US to discover new land--Author Signing at Uncle Hugo's June 25th) $22.95


Anderson,Kevin/Beason,Doug Lethal Exposure (FBI investigates when Nobel candidate gets radiation dose at Fermilab that'll kill in days-before he can tell what he knows?; PBO) $5.99
Anthony, Patricia God's Fires (Portugese Inquisition encounters ship fallen to Earth & the creatures inside-angels? devils?) $6.50
Brin, David New Uplift Trilogy 3: Heaven's Reach (pilgrims & adventurers flee galactic backwater for inhabited universe & must guard ancient secret that threatens course of civilization) $24.95
Brooks, Terry Running With the Demon (beginning with new fantasy series) $6.99
Callander, Don Marbleheart (Marbleheart Sea Otter's has plenty of adventures fighting witches, installing emperor, but now he's bored & ready for new Quest; PBO) $5.99
Carroll, Jerry Jay Inhuman Beings (San Francisco ex_cop/PI Goodwin Armstrong's encountering more & more weird stuff that all seems to be focused on him-but why?) $12.00
Clayton, Jo Drums of Chaos: Drum Calls (as 2 worlds cross magically, their sorcerers plot, while Hero's ability to save worlds is threatened by danger to allies, student Cymel & slave Breith) $6.99
Cook, Glen Glittering Stone 2: She is the Darkness (annalist Murgen tells tale of Black Company's treacherous hire by Taglians against sorcerous alliance including powerful, 4_year_old child) $6.99
Dann, Jack/Dozois, Gardner_eds Immortals (anthology includes stories by Disch, Egan, Vance, Aldiss, Knight, Silverberge, more; PBO) $5.99
Delrio, Martin Prince Valiant (comic tie_in; Princess Ilene escapes arranged marriage disguised as page & meets young Valiant on quest of discovery as King of Vikings' son) $5.99
Dickinson, Peter Lion Tamer's Daughter & Other Stories (young adult; 4 stories of kindred souls reaching across time, space & magical barriers to transform each other) $4.99
Dozois, Gardner/Schmidt, Stanley_ed Roads Not Taken: Tales of Alternate History (anthology includes Turtledove, Silverberg, Resnick, Benford, Resnick, Attanasio, Costikyan, Flynn, de Camp, Wolfe, McAllister; PBO) $6.99
Ghosh, Amitav The Calcutta Chromosome (near_future programmer finds ID of man vanished in Calcutta, who discovered unseen society controlling destiny in 100_year-old mosquito/maleria research) $6.99
Godwin, Parke Lord of Sunset (associational; historical novel of England's King Harold leading up to Norman invasion by his old friend, Duke William) $13.00
Harpman, Jacqueline I Who Have Never Known Men (young girl & older women held prisoner underground for years are suddenly released into devastated, empty post_apocalyptic world) $3.99
Heller, Carol Shunlar Chronicles 2: The Sands of Kalaven (half_dragon, half_human Shunlar's frightening dreams lead the warrior & her strange new powers to the Kalaven desert & her destiny; PBO) $5.99
Jeter, KW Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Wars 1: The Mandalorian Armor (tales of bounty hunters in war for control of underworld; PBO) $5.99
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Reliquary ( Relic sequel; deformed skeletons are found off NY shoreline & curator Margo Green teams again w/Lt D'Agosta & FBI Pendergast to solve nightmare) $7.99
Rosenberg, Joel Keepers of the Hidden Ways 2: The Silver Stone (duelist Ian Silverstein must again cross portal from North Dakota to magical Tir Na Nogoto to serve as peacemaker, save future & life of ailing god) $5.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn The Fey 4: The Resistance (Black King gathers Fey forces for final strike against Islanders as heroes begin to discover secret of their resistance; PBO) $6.50
Sheffield, Charles Jupiter 2:Billion Dollar Boy (rich young Shelby takes intergalactic cruise on whim, but when stranded on mining colony must learn to survive on his own) $5.99
Tarr, Judith King & Goddess (when ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut is granted regency for child after husband's death, she decides to rule in her own name as King) $6.99
Turner, Delia Marshall Nameless Magery (young girl studying magic must marshall all her talent & learning to save world from invasion; PBO) $5.99
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Legacy of the Darksword (trilogy sequel; dark force tries to reintroduce magic to world as alien race threatens inhabited planets & only hope is finding newly forged Darksword) $6.50
Wells, Martha The Death of the Necromancer (Ile_Rien's greatest thief, ex_nobleman Nicolas Valiarde's latest job lands him in midst of ancient legend's waking as dead rise, gargoyles wake) $23.00
White, James Sector General: Final Diagnosis (staff at Galactic Rim's hospital space station cope w/patient who hates aliens, while they battle first virus able to pass between species) $5.99
Whitman, John Star Wars:Galaxy of Fear 11: Clones (young reader; PBO) $4.50
Woodring/Wetherell/Sheldon Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt (graphic novel) $9.95


Anthony, Piers/Goolsby, JR/Riggs, A Quest for the Fallen Star (when Dark One threatens Realm, High Bishop trusts mightiest weapon, made of Tree of Life, to travelling band to bring it safely to Holy City) $25.95
Besher, Alexander Mir (in 2032, Cold War between rival virtual reality operating systems heats up w/creation of intelligent, living virus loosed on world in living tattoos) $23.00
Clark, Jan Earth Herald ( Prodigy sequel; Commonwealth Capt Rieka Degahv's chosen to speak on 2nd_class Earth's behalf to alien "allies" who prefer status quo; PBO) $5.99
Datlow, Ellen/Windling, Terri_eds The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: 11th Annual Collection (anthology includes annual summations & Edward Bryant's survey of films) $17.95
Dubowski, Cathy Armageddon (movie novelization; world faces destruction as asteroid on collision course nears Earth; incl photos) $4.99
Farland, David (aka Dave Wolverton) Runelords (young prince spots foreign assassins in tavern, rushes to alert king of danger, which threatens all human life; 1st in series) $25.95
Forsyth, Kate The Witches of Eileanan, Book I (young Isabeau grows & trains for last_hope quest w/elderly witch deep in mountains of Celtic land ruled by evil, where witchcraft is death sentence; PBO) $6.99
Harris, Anne Accidental Creatures (bio_tech firm creates intelligent humanoid "tetras" live in biopolymer vats, but the corporate_politics victims learn aggression, changing their lives, the world) $22.95
Hopkinson, Nalo Brown Girl in the Ring (in collapsing 21c Toronto, young woman must use Afro_Caribbean magic to solve tragic family mystery; WarnerAspect 1st Novel winner) $12.99
LaPlante, Richard Mind Kill (convicted murderer who travels through dreams, turning them into nightmares, vows revenge on those who arrested & convicted him) $23.95
Norton, Andre/McConchie, Lyn Witch World: Ciara's Song (in Karsten, the young Ciara is rescued from Witch_hunting edict, as adult is threatened by evil sorcerer) $6.50
Philip, Neil_ed/McCurdy, Michael_il American Fairy Tales (anthology shows adaptation of European fairy tale to American context) $12.95
Rutledge, Leigh Would I Lie to You? (humor; compendium of "famous fibs, farces, deceptions, distortions, & bare_faced lies") $10.95
Schimel, Lawrence/Greenberg, MH_eds Camelot Fantastic (anthology of Arthurian tales includes Kerr, Stableford, Huff, Edghill, Sagara West, McDowell, Patton, more; PBO) $5.99
Snyder, Midori The Innamorati (4 companions travel across Renaissance Italy to Maze in heart of city of Labirinto, where those suffering cursed lives flock to lose their curse in maze) $23.95
Stackpole, Michael A Shadowrun 32: Wolf & Raven (gaming tie_in; PBO) $5.99
Swiniarski, SA The Flesh, the Blood, and the Fire (despite Elliot Ness' devastating failure to find the Torso Killer in 1934_44 Cleveland, one cop follows trail to community of vampires; PBO) $5.99
Williams, Tad Otherland 2: River of Blue Fire (virtual world's unlikely heroes meet, only to be thrown to separate worlds, distanced by mistrust, stalked by serial killer Dread & mysterious Nemesis) $24.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Writ in Blood (reprint; vampire Count Saint_Germain accepts top_secret assignment from Czar Nicholas to deliver peace proposal w/Europe on verge of WWI) $15.95


Ashley, Mike_ed Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy (anthology includes Adams, Pratchett, Holt, Gaiman, Swift, Carroll, Wodehouse, Thurber, deCamp, Harrison, more) $10.95
Eggleton, Bob_il/Suckling,Nigel_txt The Book of Sea Monsters (art; depictions & descriptions of mythic creatures from Midgard serpent, Leviathan, kraken, to Nessie & explores scientific documentation, fiction; PBO) $22.95
Ingpen, Robert/Page, Michael Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were (illustrated reference to creatures, places & people from myths, literature & folk tales worldwide) $22.95
Jones, Stephen/Newman, Kim_ed Horror: The 100 Best Books (reference) $11.95
Shatner, William The Law of War (Mars Prime Minister Benton Hawkes (2) finds road to peaceful, free society threatened by assassination attempts that provoke full military confrontation) $23.95


Allston, Aaron Star Wars: X_Wing 6: Iron Fist (media tie_in; PBO) $5.99
Anderson, Kevin J/Moesta, Rebecca Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights 13: Trouble on Cloud City (young adult; PBO) $5.99
Bergstrom, Elaine The Door Thru Washington Square (Dierdre MacCallum finds settling great_grandmum's estate includes door into past, connection with Crowley that'll destroy family if it's not set right; PBO) $6.99
Bova, Ben Twice Seven (short story collection, includes author's intro to each with thoughts on creative process; PBO) $6.50
Christian, Deborah Kar Kalim (sorceress Inya is taken prisoner & stripped of abilities by ruthless wizard she created) $5.99
David, James F Fragments (psychologist team's plan to gather 5 savants to create 6th, composite intelligence with cybertech runs into secret from past that wants revenge) $6.99
David, Peter Babylon 5: Thirdspace (media tie-in; million-year-old alien artifact opens a gateway to terror) $5.99
DeFalco, Tom/Castro, Adam_Troy X_Men & Spider_Man: Time's Arrow 2: The Present $6.99
Dietz, William C Steelheart (on planet Zuul in 2176, android must unite humans, aliens & androids, lead battle against race that believes all technology evil; PBO) $5.99
Dozois, Gardner/Williams, Sheila_eds Isaac Asimov's Detectives (anthology of mystery crossovers from IASF magazine includes Egan, Goldstein, Asimov, Varley, Wilhelm; PBO) $5.99
Drake, David Lord of the Isles (as magic wellsprings rise to 1000_year peak, female sorceror is sent 1000 years into future to island backwater where she must face The Hooded One) $6.99
Dunn, JR Full Tide of Night (century after Julia Amalfi escaped Earth & mind_plague to reestablish humanity, she faces rebels & arrival of Earth representatives of entities she'd escaped) $14.00
Farmer, Philip Jose' To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Riverworld series #1) $12.95
Ford, Jeffrey The Physiognomy (in the Well_Built City, Physiognomist 1st Class Cley studies body shape to learn character, secrets, future, but learns arrogance, corruption & truth) $3.99
Grundy, Stephan Gilgamesh (both god & human, King Gilgamesh of Erech neglects kingly duties & gods send his equal, Enkidu, who becomes best friend & destroyer) $13.00
Jennings, Gary Aztec Autumn (young Aztec Tenamaxtli refuses to bow to Spanish conquerors & leads rebellion against the invaders) $6.99
Kaufman, Lloyd/Gunn, James All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From the Toxic Avenger (movie reference; story of maverick, demented founder of Troma Studios) $14.00
Marco, John Tyrants & Kings 1: The Jackal of Nar (Gen Vantran's success in stopping religious faction's revolt wins Imperial favor & wife, but he's fallen for a faction members & changes sides; PBO) $5.99
Preuss, Paul Secret Passages (when a woman with a past & her physicist husband attend physics conference in Greece, they collide with ancient civilization & agenda of older scientist) $6.99
Rennie/parente/Strnad/Edwards/Jones Starship Troopers (graphic novel; novel & movie adaptation, plus 2 prequel stories) $16.95
Robinson, Kim Stanley Antarctica (story of passionate struggle to survive war against the elements in harsh, alien, deadly, beautiful land) $24.95
Sherman, David/ Cragg, Dan School of Fire (Starfist #2; Marine squad on interstellar mission) $5.99
Siegel, Scott--ed. Tales from Tethedril (short stories related to a story by Salvatore) $6.99
Simmons, Dan The Rise of Endymion (Hyperion series conclusion reveals fates of teen messiah Aenea, her lover Raul Endymion & their protector, the Shrike; Hugo Award nominee) $6.50
Starhawk Walking to Mercury (story of the young life of Maya, the elderly priestess from "5th Sacred Thing") $13.95
Stewart, Sean Mockingbird (Toni & Candy think their mother's dead means a new life free of magic, but her last gift was the Mockingbird Cordial...) $21.95
Stith, John E Reckoning Infinity (early in new millenia, humanity has expanded through solar system, but now something fast_moving has entered the system....) $5.99
Tepper, Sheri S Six Moon Dance (Council of Worlds' Questioner arrives on Newholme to investigate eruptions from planet's core & consequences of colonist's injustices in claiming planet) $23.00
Vonnegut, Kurt Timequake (everyone must relive Feb 17, 1991_Feb 17, 2001 over again, with no changes, & only Kilgore Trout knows why__it was his idea) $13.00
Williamson, Chet The Searchers 1: City of Iron (3 psychic CIA agents expose frauds endangering nat'l security & psyche, but artist's disappearance & Adirondack massacre lead to millennia_old conspiracy;PBO) $5.99
Willis, Connie/Felice, Cynthia Promised Land (Delanna Milleflores returns to Keramos to settle mother's estate, but finds mother's death married her to owner of adjoining land) $5.99
Wingrove, David Chung Kuo VII: Days of Bitter Strength (Emily Ascher gives family to war_orphan boys in "China on the Rhine" as android army puppet_master DeVore plans final destruction) $6.99
Zelazny, Roger/Lindskold, Jane Donnerjack (computer_generated universe Virtu's creator & his lady of Virtu realize its bizarre religion is threatening to destroy Verite & their son is only hope) $6.99


Bacon_Smith, Camille Eyes of the Empress (demon PI firm of Bradley, Ryan & David (3) tracks thief of centuries_old Chinese crystal balls but thief may have powers greater than theirs; PBO) $5.99
Bester, Alfred/Zelazny, Roger Psychoshop (in the ancient Black Place of Soul_Changing, one can be rid of any personal aspect if it's exchanged for another & all transactions are final) $15
Borchardt, Alice Silver Wolf (both royal & shapeshifter, Regeane is focus of power struggle between kings Charlemagne, Deserderous and Church in Rome entering Dark Ages) $24.95
Bradshaw, Gillian Island of Ghosts (associational; Roman conquerors sweep across 2nd century Europe) $22.95
Card, Orson Scott Tales of Alvin Maker 5: Heartfire (Alvin's wife Peggy, sensitive to future, travels to exiled English king's court to avert war as Alvin heads to Salem to confront fear of all knacks) $24.95
Cherryh, CJ Finity's End (oldest Merchanter ship returns to trade routes, but loss of entire generation, with youngest crew bred & trained for war, makes peaceful trade a battle) $6.50
DeLint, Charles Greenmantle (reprint; in ancient wood, mystery in shape of horned man with cloak of leaves can be summoned by music of pipes or fire of bones on a Midsummer's evening) $14.95
Drake, David Queen of Demons ( Lord of the Isles sequel; same characters travel across world to confront contending forces of evil as cosmic forces of magic reach millennial peak) $25.95
Greenberg, MH/Urban, SH_eds The Conspiracy Files (anthology; PBO) $5.99
Gressman, Thomas S BattleTech 39: Twilight of the Clans V: Sword & Fire (PBO) $6.99
Hartwell, David/Grant, Glenn_eds Northern Stars (reprint; anthology of Canadian writers includes Gibson, de Lint, van Vogt, Vonarburg, Gotlieb, S Robinson, RC Wilson,more) $15.95
Kress, Nancy Beaker's Dozen (collection; Kress' best short stories of decade, incl many award nominees, plus Hugo & Nebula_winning novella "Beggars in Spain") $23.95
Resnick, Laura In Legend Born (fate, prophecy connect 5 who may hold key to free land after 1000 years of foreign rule if they help traditional enemies without exposing any weakness) $25.95
Russell, Sean River Into Darkness 1: Beneath the Vaulted Hills (Erasmus Flattery, drawn into coflict between mage_following Tellerites & magic_destroying mage Lord Eldrich, must find 1st Mages' secret at earth's center) $6.99
Russell, Sean River Into Darkness 2: The Compass of the Soul (Erasmus Flattery's torn by mage Lord Eldrich's instructions to destroy Tellarite leader Anna & his loyalty to her, but what he learns reshapes reality) $24.95
Sherman, Josepha Highlander 8: The Captive Soul (media tie_in; PBO) $5.99
Shetterly, Will Dogland (Yankee family opens FL tourist attraction in 1959; son's view of man trying to live as chooses, ignoring prejudice, racial hatred around him) $14.95
Turteltaub, HN (Harry Turtledove) Justinian (historical; story of Byzantium's ruler who was overthrown, mutilated & exiled & his return to power) $26.95
Weis, Margaret/Perrin, Don Mag Force 7: Hung Out (Xris battles false charges & imprisonment when his years_ago investigation of crime organization Hung comes back to haunt him; PBO) $6.99
Westerfeld, Scott Fine Prey (top student & child of wealthy, Fine Hunt family is drawn to seedier Claw Hunt & discovers Earth_controlling aliens' true agenda; PBO) $5.99
Windling, Terri/Sherman, Delia_eds The Essential Borderland (oft_postponed new story anthology of Borderland, where human & fairy realms intersect, includes Brust, de Lint, Kushner, McKillip, Sherman, Stevermer, more) $24.95


Anthony, Patricia Eating Memories (collection of 10 years of author's best short stories; "edgy...poignant & unsettling") $6.50
Barton, William/Capobianco, Michael Alpha Centauri (Earth's last hope is 23c colony mission to AC, but terrorist plague on board & relic of earlier race on planet may signal end of everything human) $6.99
Bova, Dr Ben Immortality: How Science is Extending Your Lifespan (non_fiction; guide through world of biochem research into aging & death processes, with thoughts on societal consequences) $24.00
Bradbury, Ray Green Shadows, White Whale (writer summoned to 1953 Ireland for Moby Dick screenplay discovers mysteries of country as great as those of novel) $10.00
Brooks, Terry Knight of the Word (sequel to Running With the Demon ) $25.95
Callander, Don Dragon Tempest (Iowa librarian Tom & magic dragon (3) must save beautiful princess from evil kidnapper Byron Boldface as seas churn with storms, monsters & savages; PBO) $5.99
DeFalco, Tom/shahar, eluki bes X_Men & Spider_Man: Time's Arrow 3: The Future $6.99
Dickson, Gordon R Necromancer (reprint) $5.99
Duane, Diane X_Men: Empire's End $6.99
Farmer, Philip Jose' The Fabulous Riverboat, The Dark Design , The Magic Labyrinth, The Gods of Riverworld (Riverworld series 2, 3, 4, 5) $12.95 each
Farren, Mick Time of Feasting (as vampire colony beneath NY approaches Time of Feasting, their Master Renquist is challenged from within & by outside enemies) $6.99
Foster, Alan Dean Parallelities (outrageous adventures of a hapless reporter pinballing through a maze of parallel universes) $6.99
Foxe, Jocelin The Wild Hunt: Vengeance Moon (immortal corps of 13 cursed men form the Wild Hunt are called to avenge aristocrat's wrongful death by destroying royal family; PBO) $3.99
Golden, Christopher Choose Your Own Star Wars Adv 2:The Empire Strikes Back (young reader; PBO) $4.50
Golden, Christopher Choose Your Own Star Wars Adv 3: Return of the Jedi (young reader; PBO) $4.50
Goodkind, Terry Sword of Truth 4: Temple of the Winds (Richard Rahl & Kahlan Amnell seek source of deadly plague in temple sealed for millenia, but prophecy sends betrayal & Richard must pay wind's price) $7.99
Greenberg, Martin H_ed Lord of the Fantastic:Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny (anthology includes Gaiman, Norton, Benford, Varley, Silverberg, Williams, more; PBO) $14.00
Hendrix, Howard V Standing Wave (in near future, immeasurably vast, alien intelligence is on its way to encounter with humanity; PBO) $6.50
Jablokov, Alexander Deepdrive (arrival of aliens with self_destructing FTL drives stymies humans until 1 crashes on Venus, is taken in "protective custody" & mercenaries go after him;PBO) $14.00
Kosko, Bart Nanotime (in near future, John Grant's oil_substitute discovery draws attention of Sufi mystic/terrorist who aims to implant his brain in Grant's with computer chip) $6.99
May, Julian Sky Trillium (sequel to Black Trillium and Blood Trillium ) $6.99
McCaffrey, Anne Black Horses for the King (King Arthur legend) $6.99
McCarthy, Wil Bloom (hard sf; man-made micro-organisms take over Earth, humans flee to asteroid belt and Jupiter's moon, plan to fight back) $24.95
McKillip, Patricia A Song for the Basilisk (child rediscovers family's past & his forgotten destiny) $22.95
Modesitt, LE Jr The Ecolitan Enigma (agent with license to kill, Nathaniel Whaler discovers backwater planet sparking 1st interstellar war, but how many can he ethically kill to stop it?) $6.99
Nagata, Linda Vast (cult leader, companions set out to find mythic race that nearly wiped out galaxy's sentient life millennia ago, but are unprepared for what awaits;PBO) $5.99
Norton, Andre/Smith, Sherwood A Mind for Trade (Solar Queen's easy mining stop unravels when electromagnetic monsoons strike, lifeform attacks, sister ship's abandoned crew wants off & pirates await) $5.99
Perry, SD Aliens: Berserker (media tie_in; PBO) $4.99
Rice, Anne Violin (magic violin used by ghost to dominate woman with dreams of being great musician) $14.00
Sarti, Ron Chronicles of Scar 3: The Lanterns of God (ex_beggar/bastard prince Arn must again act for kingdom, future as treachery undermines Codes preventing reoccurence of cataclysm that destroyed America;PBO) $5.99
Scott, Deborah The California Kid Fights Back (young reader; Flattop Kincaid (2) finds himself zapped back to 12th century England, but his stand for justice lands him in the dungeon; PBO) $3.99
Scott, Deborah The Kid Who Got Zapped Through Time (young reader; Flattop Kincaid (1) hits his computer's "wizard" key & lands in medieval England, is found by peasants & horrified by the way they live) $3.99
Sheffield, Charles Aftermath (light from Alpha Centauri supernova reaches Earth in 2024, unleashing chaos, devastation & bitter factionalism, with worse to come; PBO) $13.95
Stewart, Sean The Night Watch ( Resurrection Man sequel; what happens when magic returns to world devastated by horrors of modern war, technology?) $6.50
Stover, Matthew Woodring Heroes Die (fantasy/sf thriller, reviewed by Don this issue) $12.95
Swanwick, Michael Jack Faust (malevolent, unseen race offers secrets of cosmos to man who ushers in glorious Age before its time, but brutality & greed pervert love & genius; Hugo Award nominee) $12.50
Volsky, Paula The White Tribunal (young man who's lost his family to the Tribunal that singles out "sorcerors" for torture & death wants revenge, but the sorceror's price is his soul) $6.50
Wallace, Daniel Star Wars: Essential Guide to Planets & Moons (reference) $18.95
Waugh, Sylvia Mennyms Alone (young reader; family of life_size rag dolls copes with family patriarch's premonition that their world is about to end) $4.50


Banks, Iain A Song of Stone (in alternate war_torn Europe, guerrilla band descends on lord, lady in rural castle with physical, sexual, political tensions of revolution's aftermath) $23.00
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Gravelight (ne'er_do_well Wycherly Musgrave fears actions in drunken blackout, meets psychic actress who fears loss of self in characters) $14.95
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Heartlight (occult hero Colin MacLaren returns from WWII to changed US & spends next 50 years battling the forces of Darkness) $25.95
Cholfin, Bryan_ed The Best of Crank! (anthology of stories from iconoclastic magazine, incl LeGuin, Wolfe, Bishop, Lethem, Attanasio, Tuttle, Fowler, Lafferty, more) $23.95
Friedman, CS This Alien Shore (lab_raised woman finds herself at center of conflict involving the FTL_drive mutated race controlling trade, monopoly breakers & rogue computer virus) $23.95
Grant, Charles/Webb, Wendy_eds Gothic Ghosts (anthology of tales of fear & the supernatural by Hautala, Holder, Costello, Friesner, Stableford, more) $13.95
Greenberg, MH/Thomsen, Brian_eds The Reel Stuff (anthology of original stories used as basis for movies, includes Barker, Dick, Gibson, Martin, Wollheim, Silverberg, more; PBO) $5.99
Gressman, Thomas S BattleTech 40: Twilight of the Clans VI: Shadows of War $5.99
King, Stephen Bag of Bones (horror; Maine novelist is still grieving for dead wife, but nightmares lead him to lake town with manipulative millionaire & ghostly visitations) $28.00
Mackey, Mary The Fires of Spring (in prehistoric Europe, warriors led by 2 women set out to find their queen's kidnapped son, kidnapped by nomadic diviner; PBO) $5.99
McKiernan, Dennis L Hel's Crucible 1: Into the Forge (wanderers Tipperton & Beau struggle through war in East between Black Mage & free folk to deliver mysterious coin & a warning) $6.99
McKiernan, Dennis L Hel's Crucible 2: Into the Fire (wanderers Tipperton & Beau lead King Agron's army into the enemy lands of the Black Mage w/ancient prophecy of victory) $23.95
Mixon, Laura J Proxies (secret project's advanced biotech, brain_machine interfaces create faraway pilot "proxies", but who's controlling them & why?) $24.95
Modesitt, LE Jr The Ghost of the Revelator ( Of Tangible Ghosts milieu; ex_secret agent & wife find danger, intrigue in Deseret invitation & only physical nature of ghosts may save them) $23.95
Reed, Robert Beneath the Gated Sky ( Beyond the Veil of Stars sequel; Porsche & Cornell return to Earth from infiltrating alien world, only to discover conspiracy threatens lives, trust) $15.95
Ruff, Matt Sewer, Gas & Electric (in 2023, submarine eco_terrorist, billionaire, mutant shark & Ayn Rand's reanimated soul are caught in conspiracy with Disney, Hoover & homicidal robots) $6.99
Russell, Maureen Highlander: The Complete Watcher's Guide (media tie_in/reference; episode guide, photos, designs, actors, interviews, special effects, more) $13.99
Ryman, Geoff 253: The Print Remix (a page of 253 words for each of the 252 passengers & driver of London tube train__their histories, thoughts, stories__including 1 who's a mystery) $14.95
Saberhagen, Fred Berserker Series: Shiva in Steel (one of the intelligent machines devoted to exterminating organic life develops previously unknown strategy based on its namesake) $23.95
Scott, Melissa Dreaming Metal ( Dreamships setting; on planet torn by class struggle, economic & political unrest, illusionist Celinde's efforts to improve act form possible computer life) $13.95
Slonscewski, Joan The Children Star ( Door Into Ocean universe; orphan colony on planet requiring genetic alteration for survival is threatened by corp's terraform plan, but planet has more secrets) $23.95
Stableford, Brian Inherit the Earth (son of formative figure in 22c New Utopia finds himself targeted by terrorist who threaten to expose deadly truths behind "achievement" of paradise) $23.95
West, Michelle The Sun Sword 2: The Uncrowned King (after the slaughter of Clan Leonne, the sole surviving heir must prove his worthiness as the murderers & their demon allies continue to plot; PBO) $6.99
Wilhelm, Kate Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (reprint; classic story of isolated, post_holocaust community of clones determined to preserve civilization) $13.95


Killick, Jane Babylon 5 Season by Season #4: No Surrender, No Retreat $11.00
Norman, Howard_ed Northern Tales: Traditional Stories of Eskimo & Indian Peoples (anthology; over 100 folk tales of northern peoples from Greenland to Siberia, Alaska to Japan) $16.00
Rose, Carol Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, & Goblins (reference/mythology; encyclopedia of over 2000 supernatural beings from around the world) $15.95
Springer, Nancy I Am Mordred: A Tale From Camelot (torn by fated patricide, love, loathing & adoration, King Arthur's young, unacknowleged son's determined to have peace, even at the cost of his soul) $16.99
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