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Newsletter #42 June - August, 1998


Abresch, Peter Bloody Bonsai (widower James Dandy reluctantly goes on New Jersey Elderhostel to bonsai-raising class, but when motel worker's killed with bonsai tree, he & new friend Dodee are suspects & must find real killer $21.95
Auiler, Dan Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic (media reference; covers early script drafts, interviews with participants, archival materials, more) $27.95
Axler, James Deathlands: Freedom Lost (post-apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Baantjer DeKok & Murder in Ecstasy (Amsterdam Detective-Inspector DeKok 16, pursues killer of armored car driver that may mask deeper plot) $9.95
Bayley, John The Red Hat (trio of Vermeer aficionados visiting the Hague are caught up in international terrorist ring & later, a reader of their account sets out to prove it false) $21.95
Bertematti, Richard Project Death (when Tito's friend shows up frantic & is then murdered, Tito joins ex-con pal Alonzo to hunt the killer despite police corruption, drug deals, deception & danger) $22.95
Bowen, Gail A Killing Spring (Canadian prof Joanne Kilbourn contends with rash of campus mayhem, including School of Journalism head's murder, vandalism & missing student) $7.99
Bruen, Ken Her Last Call to Louis Macneice (London noir; repo-man/bank robber finds his easy life smashed when Cassie entered it with her love of guns & money) $11.99
Busch, Frederick Girls (Vietnam vet Jack & wife are devastated by daughter's death & when teen girl in next town disappears, Jack decides that finding her could save them all) $12.00
Caverly, Carol Frogskin & Muttonfat (Western magazine editor aims to interview the "Last of the Old Time Bandits", but is caught up in local tensions & when dead body turns up must fight through storm of greed, murder & revenge) $5.95
Christmas, Joyce Going Out in Style (NY socialite Lady Margaret Priam gets curious when woman w/"perfect" life hints at troubles & then look_alike sister is killed; PBO) $5.99
Cook, Robin Toxin (thriller of bacterial poisoning and corporate malevolence) $24.95
Corpi, Lucha Cactus Blood (psychic Chicana detective Gloria Damasco, looks into death of 3 former activists from the seventies) $18.95
Coulter, Catherine The Maze (romantic suspense involving a couple of FBI agents and a murder in Boston) $7.50
Craig, Philip R. A Shoot on Martha's Vineyard (J.W. Jackson is a suspect, must find the real killer) $22.00
Dean, Elizabeth Murder is a Collector's Item (reprint of 1939 novel; Emma Marsh deals in antiques and solves a murder) $14.00
Dibdin, Michael Dark Specter (cold-blooded murder involves religious cultism) $13.00
Dreyer, Eileen Brain Dead (medical thriller) $6.99
Dunning, John On the Air: Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio (covers 1920s to early 1960s) $55.00
Duktas, Ann In the Time of the Poisoned Queen (Nicholas Segalla time-travel mystery, set in 1558) $22.95
Faherty, Terence Prove the Nameless (Atlantic City newspaperman looks into murder of prominent local family) $4.99
Feldman, Paul H. Jack the Ripper: The Final Chapter (non-fiction; "proves" that the diary of Jack the Ripper was not a fake) $24.95
Foglia, Leonard/Richards, David 1 Ragged Ridge Road (gothic-style mystery) $6.50
Forester, CS Mr Midshipman Hornblower (reprint of 1st in historical naval series; teen Horatio first boards ship during 1793, is given command of captured ship & learns to win battles) $18.95
Gorey, Edward The Doubtful Guest (reprint/art tales) $9.00
Gorey, Edward The Epiplectic Bicycle (reprint/art tale) $10.00
Gough, Laurence Memory Lane (Vancouver police procedural, Willows and Parker) $7.99
Gruenfeld, Lee The Expert (attorney Rebecca Verona tries to defend computer genius on treason charge for selling computer chip, but can't get straight answers) $24.95
Hager, Jean Masked Dancers (Mitch Bushyhead finds killed bald eagle and murdered game warden, suspects high-school principal) $23.00
Hiaasen, Carl Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World (nonfiction; examination of Disney monolith, its ecological, moral impact and media takeover) $8.95
Hinojosa, Rolando Ask A Policeman (police procedural; drugs and murder on the Texas-Mexico border) $12.95
Hoffman, William Tidewater Blood (black sheep of rich Virginia family must find true killer of his family to clear his name) $19.95
Hopler, Jay--ed. The Killing Spirit (anthology of murder for hire) $14.95
Hunter, Jessie One Two Buckle My Shoe (serial killer of little boys grabs a little girl by mistake) $6.50
Hynes, James Publish & Perish: 3 Tales of Tenure & Terror (collection of novellas of satire set in academia) $14.00
Jackson, Jon A. Man With An Ax (hard-boiled murder and jazz in Detroit; Fang Mulheisen searches for clues in Grootka's notebooks) $23.00
Jaco, Charles Dead Air (in summer 1990, TV war correspondent Peter Dees investigates secret sales of chemical, bio weapons to Iraq) $24.00
Johnson, Curt The Wicked City: Chicago from Kenna to Capone (non-fiction, Chicago crime from 1880 to 1931) $15.95
Kaewert, Julie The Avengers (movie novelization; Steed & Peel take on evil aristocrat who intends to control the weather & take over the world; PBO) $5.99
Kienzle, William X. The Greatest Evil (20th Father Koesler mystery) $19.95
Klaber,William/Melanson,P Shadow Play ("Untold Story of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination") $7.99
Landrum, Robert & Graham Garden Club Mystery (Borderville TN DAR ladies return to investigate link between robbery series & murder of horticulturist/society leader) $20.95
Larsen, Michael Uncertainty (suspense novel follows Danish reporter from Copenhagen to Los Angeles, solving girlfriend's murder) $12.00
Lee, Mark The Lost Tribe (relief worker David Mather gathers team of anthropologist, shaman & journalist to find mysterious African nomads he believes are Lost Tribes of Israel) $22.00
Lefkowitz, Bernard Our Guys (non_fiction; group of high school athletes lure a retarded girl into a basement & rape her) $15.00
Little, Constance & Gwenyth The Black Gloves (reprint of 1939 screwball cozy mystery) $14.00

Lovesey, Peter Upon a Dark Night (Peter Diamond 5; British police procedural) $23.00
MacGregor, Roy Terror in Florida (6th in Screech Owls series of young adult mysteries) $4.99
Mailer, Norman Executioner's Song (non_fiction reprint; story of murderer Gary Gilmore) $15
Marshall, Tom The Price of Exit (nonfiction/Vietnam airwar; PBO) $6.99
Maso, Carole Defiance (journal of genius physics professor Bernadette O'Brien, sentenced to death for male students' murders;"matrix of sexuality, violence & class difference") $23.95
Massey, Sujata Zen Attitude (Japanese-American Rei Shimura 2, her antique business in Tokyo leads to murder) $5.99
McAlary, Mike Cop Land (novelization of movie) $11.95
McCulley, Johnston The Mark of Zorro (original Zorro story from 1919) $4.99
Morrell, David Double Image ("an explosive, erotic tale of intrigue, obsession & murder") $25
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenburg, Martin--ed Blowout in Little Man Flats (stories of murder in the West) $9.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenburg, Martin--ed August Is a Good Time for Killing (stories of murder in the East) $9.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue/Greenburg, Martin--ed Never Shake a Family Tree (stories of murder from New England) $9.95
Navratilova, Martina/Nickles, Liz Killer Instinct (tennis star Jordan Myles 3, investigates connection between series of threats, accidents, near_death incidents at sports clinic) $6.99
Penman, Sharon Kay The Queen's Man (medieval mystery, 1193) $12.00
Perry, Thomas The Face_Changers (disappearance expert Jane Whitefield 4, agrees to help hide husband's mentor wanted for murder & learns group's using her name, rep, teachings to destroy lives) $24.00
Perry, Thomas Shadow Woman (Native American Jane Whitefield 3, helps Las Vegas gambling exec vanish, but pro_killer couple keeps them on run, discovers Jane's identity, husband) $6.99
Piccirilli, Tom Shards ("a dark mystery") $5.95
Price, Richard Freedomland (title changed from Darktown ) $25.00
Pronzini, Bill A Wasteland of Strangers (soon after a stranger comes to a small town, a woman is murder; he must find the killer to clear his name; Edgar nominee) $21.95
Rabb, Jonathan Overseer (government agent & political theorist race cabal to find 400_yo, secret manuscript detailing plan for world domination; includes author_created text of manuscript) $25.00
Richman, Phyllis The Butter Did It (restaurant critic investigates death of a chef) $5.99
Robinson, Frank M/Davidson, Lawrence Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines (art/reference; exhaustive compilation of 60 years of illustration, social commentary in proving ground for scores of writers, illustrators) $39.95
Robinson, Patrick Kilo Class (technothriller; Russia sells 10 Kilo Class submarines to China, which plans to use them to keep the US Navy from defending Taiwan: US Navy sends in Black Ops squads) $25.00
Sandford, John Night Crew (video freelancers in L.A. search for crime footage to sell to TV stations, find murder) $7.50
Schumacher, Aileen Engineered For Murder (problems of new stadium lead to structural engineer/ inspector getting death threats; quality control technician murdered) $5.95
Shreve, Anita Eden Close ("compelling tale of edgy, small-town emotions, lingering obsession") $13.00
Tarantino, Quentin Jackie Brown (screenplay based on Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard) $10.95
Trochek, Kathy Hogan Crash Course (senior sleuth Truman Kicklighter 2; used car dealership involved with insurance fraud, drugs, murder) $5.99
Walker, Dale L The Boys of '98:Theodore Roosevelt & the Rough Riders (non_fiction; story of regiment led by TR in Spanish_American war, mix of Easterners/Westerners, training, battles, war background,interviews, more) $22.95
Weber, Ronald The Aluminum Hatch (much-hated campground owner in upper peninsula of Michigan murdered) $19.95
Womack, Steven Murder Manual ("hard_boiled, Southern_fried" Nashville PI Harry Denton 5, hired by famous author's wife to investigate his infidelity, but finds him murdered; PBO $5.99
Woods, Stuart Dead in the Water (NY lawyer/ex-cop Stone Barrington, vacationing in the Caribbean, takes case of wealthy young widow accused of killing her husband on their yacht) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Swimming to Catalina (Stone Barrington searches for missing person in S. California) $25.00
Wright, Nancy Means Mad Season (Vermont farmer/ single mom surrounded by murders--then her ten- year-old son disappears) $4.99
Ybarra, Ricardo Means Brotherhood of Dolphins (police detective on hunt for arsonist of the Los Angeles Public Library) $11.95


Andrews, Sarah Mother Nature (geologist Em Hansen 3, agrees to look into CA senator's environmental_consultant daughter's death, but straightforward case turns confusing, dangerous) $5.99
Beaton, MC Agatha Raisin & the Terrible Tourist ("tough & brassy" Agatha tracks ex_fiance to Cyprus, but when they witness murder, she has a killer to contend with, besides James' resistance to romance) $5.99
Bishop, Claudia Hemlock Falls Inn: A Touch of the Grape (Sarah & Meg Quilliam really need customers, so when members of recycled_art group start dying off, they must put a stop to it; recipe included; PBO) $5.99
Boyle, Gerry Potshot (reporter Jack McMorrow 5, finds story on marijuana legalization leading from harmless hippies to dangerous gangsters) $5.99
Bruno, Anthony Devil's Food (Jump Squad officers Loretta Kovacs & Frank Marvelli set out to track down parole violator & world_class embezzler, get more than bargained for) $5.99
Burditt, Joyce Buck Naked (female PI Dutch O'Brien hired as tech consultant for TV mystery show, but winds up investigating real_life murder on the set) $5.99
Burke, James Lee Sunset Limited (daughter of labor leader whose 40_yo death was never solved returns to New Iberia & racial violence, class warfare, past can no longer be kept at bay) $24.95
Carr, Caleb The Angel of Darkness ( The Alienist sequel; turn_of_century NY doctor tracks a killer; "ripping yarn told w/verve, intensity & a feel for historical detail") $7.99
Chappell, Helen Ghost of a Chance (reporter Hollis Ball & ghostly husband Sam 2, investigate murder involving family secrets, stolen art & prejudice on Maryland's Eastern Shore; PBO) $5.99
Clarkson, Wensley Caged Heat (non_fiction; profiles of female criminals in prison; PBO) $6.50
Dereske, Jo Short Cut (graphologist Ruby Crane 3, agrees to help estranged engineer_sister with lawsuit over collapsed building's design flaw due to maybe_forged blueprints; PBO) $5.99
Emerson, Earl Deception Pass (Seattle PI Thomas Black 10, asked for help by possible eyewitness to 17_year_old murder; "Emerson's hard_boiled riff is... state_of_the_ art") $5.99
English, Brenda Corruption of Power (DC reporter Sutton McPhee 2, looks into Senate aide's murder, but between additional murders & police suspicion, her story may have fatal problems; PBO) $5.99
Estleman, Loren D Aces & Eights (Western crossover reprint; the story of death of Wild Bill Hickock, shot in back while playing poker in Deadwood saloon) $5.99
Evanovich, Janet Three to Get Deadly (bounty hunter Stephanie Plum must bring in Trenton's most popular citizen, but finding him could be deadly for both of them) $6.50
Gilboy, Peter Operation: Fantasy Plan (suddenly fired, CIA agent Peter Gaines won't let go when he realizes CIA_operated sex_shop will fulfill any fantasy & innocent woman is threatened) $5.99
Granger, Ann A Touch of Mortality (CI Alan Markby/Meredith Mitchell 9, look into troubles of old friends moved to Oxfordshire__quarrels, goats, letter bombs, murder) $5.99
Griffith, Nicola The Blue Place (ex_Police Lt Aud Torvingen's encounter with Julia Lyons_Bennet leads to deadly international game of drugs, murder, passion & the blissful blue center of violence) $23.00
Hall, James W Red Sky at Night (paralyzed from beating, Thorn checks into pain clinic but finds suspect experiments linked to missing DEA agent) $6.99
Hambly, Barbara A Free Man of Color (1830s New Orleans, Benjamin January is caught in murder, betrayal & struggles to clear his name, #1) $5.99
Hart, Ellen Robber's Wine (Mpls restaurateur Jane Lawless/theater director Cordelia Thorne 7, visit friend in north MN woods, only to find one of them vanished, family shattering) $5.99
Harvey, Clay A Whisper of Black (Tyler Vance 2, returns to peaceful family life, but when he stumbles on & breaks up big gun deal, he finds past won't let go) $6.99
Harvey, James Neal Dead Game (NYPD Det Ben Tolliver realizes not only does he know victim of psychopathic killer, but he may know killer, who's framed him for murder) $6.99
Hewlett, Martinez Divine Blood ("stunning new thriller of genetic engineering & religious heresy") $5.99
Higgins, Jack The President's Daughter (British op Sean Dillon/FBI Blake Johnson must find woman kidnaped by terrorists__president's only child, secret offspring of decades_ago Vietnam affair) $6.99
Hinze, Vicki Shades of Gray (Special Ops Maj Jake Logan & retired AF communications specialist Laura Taylor collaborate for sake of Jake's son, but operative's murder points to Laura as target) $5.99
Jones, Matthew F Blind Pursuit (couple's rigidly ordered life is overturned when daughter disappears, but when witness implicates church_going neighbors it threatens to shatter) $11.95
Kelly, Daniel E Seawolves: First Choice (military/nonfiction; Navy's crack helicoptor squadron in Vietnam; PBO) $6.99
Lindsay, Paul Freedom to Kill (FBI agent Mike Devlin 3) $6.99
Lippman, Laura Butchers Hill (Baltimore PI Tess Monaghan 3, hired to find witnesses to vigilante ex_con's crime for reparations, but everyone she finds dies; PBO) $5.99
Maracotta, Lindsay The Dead Celeb (animation filmmaker Lucy Freers is forced into the Hollywood shark pool when her producer_husband's whiz_kid director's killed; "dishy & delightful") $5.99
Mathews, Francine Death in a Cold Hard Light (Nantucket Det Merry Folger dreads following leads in young man's death that seem to point to police chief father) $23.95
McGown, Jill Picture of Innocence (DCI Lloyd/DI Judy Hill 9, investigate gruesome murder at secluded farm & wonder why it didn't happen sooner, given victim's history) $22
McGown, Jill Verdict Unsafe (DCI Lloyd/DI Judy Hill 8, struggle to prove again that acquitted man is serial rapist amid accusations of police corruption & threat that Hill's next) $5.99
Miller, Dorothy Reynolds The Clearing (young adult; during summer at cousin's, Amanda, cousin & friend delve into mystery of man accused of killing child 10 yrs ago; Edgar winner) $3.99
Morris, Evan Book Lover's Guide to the Internet (revised & updated edition; guide to finding & using reference tools, news, free classics, self_publishing, more) $12.95
Nava, Michael The Death of Friends (gay lawyer Henry Rios 5, copes with earthquake while investigating scandalous life, mysterious death of close friend;"brave, ambitious & highly impressive") $5.99
O'Connell, Carol Stone Angel (NYPD Det Kathleen Mallory 4, heads south to finally get answers about her origins & her mother's murder) $6.99
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Breach of Promise (Lake Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly represents woman in $200 million palimony suit but when juror winds up dead all bets are off) $23.95
O'Shaughnessy, Perri Obstruction of Justice (Lake Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly must untangle connection between 2 supposed accidents & a clear murder) $6.99
Paige, Robin Death at Bishop's Keep (reprint; US "penny_dreadful" writer Kate Adrleigh 1, arrives in Victorian Essex, teams with Sir Charles Sheridan to investigate body found at archeological dig) $5.99
Phillips, Gary Bad Night is Falling (LA PI Ivan Monk 3, hired by projects' tenants to find out who firebombed Hispanic family, but decades_old layers of racism, corruption may take him down first) $21.95
Scott, Leonard B Duty Bound (FBI agents Ashley Sutton & Eli Tanner 2, are caught in war between ruthless drug lord & ex_commandos out for revenge; PBO) $6.99
Sherman, Beth Dead Man's Float (only ghostwriter Anne Hardaway believes Tigger Mills' death was murder & digs into arch_conservative, religious town's past; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Wilbur Birds of Prey (historical naval adventure; 1667 Sir Francis Courtney & son & ship go after Dutch East India Company ships & their treasure) $7.50
Straley, John Death & the Language of Happiness (Alaskan PI Cecil Younger 3, investigates new mystery that connects to decades_old one, threatening his career & life) $5.99
Sullivan, Mark T The Purification Ceremony (hunting guide Diana Jackson must draw on everything she learned from her Micmac_shaman great uncle when killer begins stalking her party in BC wilderness; Edgar nominee) $6.99
Taylor, Alison G In Guilty Night (DCI Michael McKenna's investigation of abused runaway's murder leads to childcare institution that pawns children to power & greed) $5.99
Whitney, Phyllis A Amethyst Dreams (when vanished friend's wealthy grandfather asks for help, Hallie embarks on search, but begins to worry as much about his safety, her troubled marriage) $6.99
Wilcox, Valerie An Elliot Bay Mystery: Sins of Silence (sailing instructor Kellie Montgomery realizes she has crucial info about murders of luxury yacht owners & decides to follow clues despite warnings; PBO) $5.99
Winslow, Don A Long Walk Up the Waterslide (grad student/PI Neal Carey 4, called on to find & make presentable accuser of family cable network head, but others are after her, too, including hitman) $5.99
Woods, Stuart Chiefs (reprint; 40_year hunt for serial killer exposes hidden passions, deadly secrets of small Georgia town) $6.99


Allen, Garrison Baseball Cat (feline sleuth Mycroft/bookseller Penelope Warren 4, track whoever killed owner of minor league baseball team w/high hopes for championship) $5.99
Allen, Garrison Dinosaur Cat (feline sleuth Mycroft/bookseller Penelope Warren 5, dig into murder of young scientist at excavation site of baby dinosaur fossil) $20.00
Andrews, Sarah Only Flesh & Bones (for job_hunt help, geologist Em Hansen 4, agrees to help unlock memory of ex_boss's daughter/witness to mom's murder, uncover truth of death & secret life) $23.95
Axler, James Deathlands 42: Way of the Wolf (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Beaton, MC Death of a Dentist (an attempt to cure toothache leads Hamish Macbeth to far_away dentist who turns out to be dead, to the delight of many) $6.50
Blum, Bill The Face of Justice (lawyer in midst of custody fight must help track ex_client escaped from prison & kidnapped judge despite confidentiality & connection with wife; PBO) $6.99
Brown, Sandra Fat Tuesday (during Mardi Gras, narcotics cop avenges acquittal of partner's murderer by kidnapping sleazy DA's wife) $7.99
Courrier, Kevin/Green, Susan Law & Order: The Unofficial Companion (TV tie_in; behind_ the_scenes look at gritty show based on real_life cases, incl development, cast bios, episode guides, more) $14.95
DeLillo, Don Underworld (gunshot & baseball from legendary 1951 game overshadow lives of man & woman for next 50 years) $14.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt (feline sleuth Midnight Louie 9, looks into case of body found in pool outside Oasis with ties to both of Temple Barr's beaux__one of whom may be a killer) $23.95
Elliot, James Nowhere to Hide (NY Det Jack Kirby has hands full baby_sitting witness __brilliant, educated model_turned_call girl running from mob__who refuses to stay in hiding) $5.99
Evanovich, Janet Four to Score (Jersey bounty_hunter Stephanie Plum competes with rival to find vengeful waitress, but makes enemy who bombs apartment leading to dangerous move__in with cop Joe Morelli) $23.95
Frey, Stephen The Inner Sanctum (IRS agent's suspicions about her boss' death during senator's campaign finance investigation lead to deadly info damaging senator, military & bank) $6.99
Furutani, Dale Death at the Crossroads (17c Japan; ronin Matsuyama Kaze must fulfill promise made to dying Lord & Lady to find their 9_yo daughter, but finds murder & deception) $24.00
Gilstrap, John At All Costs (audio tape) $17.98
Granger, Ann A Word After Dying (Insp Alan Markby/foreign office official Meredith Mitchell take country cottage, but eccentric, wealthy woman's death & handyman's murder disrupt vacation) $21.95
Harstad, Donald Eleven Days (Iowa Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman called to deserted farmhouse & finds horrible slaughter, but when investigation reveals dirty secrets, his life's on line) $22.95
Hart, Roy A Fox in the Night (Spdt Roper & team realize recent widow drowned in pool, not sea, but 2nd murder widens scope of investigation even more) $4.99
Hays, Tim Severed Relations (non_fiction; story of the cancer researcher caught disposing of body pieces & wife who ordered killing; PBO) $5.99
Healy, Jeremiah The Stalking of Sheilah Quinn (criminal litigator Sheilah Quinn hired to defend wealthy man in murder case, but trial judge's as much enemy as prosecutor, then client begins stalking her) $24.95
Hill, John Spencer Ghirlandaio's Daughter (Det Carlo Arbati 2, visits inspector friend in Lucca hears of visiting American's bizarre death, but then dead man's cousin's murdered with same witness) $4.99
Hobbs, Will Ghost Canoe (19th century Pacific Northwest, 14-year-old boy and Indiean fisherman investigate deadly shipwreck; Edgar Awardfor Best Young Adult) $4.50
Holton, Hugh Red Lightning (Chicago Cmdr Larry Cole 5, teams w/journalist Kate Sandford to shut down scientist's business selling deadly home security booby traps) $23.95
Hornsby, Wendy A Hard Light (filmmaker Maggie MacGowen asked by Vietnam expatriate to find scholar & art fortune vanished at same time, but betrayals may be deadly) $5.99
Jahn, Michael Murder on Fifth Avenue (Det Jim Donovan 6, is drawn into bizarre case of society Manhattanite shot & killed while shopping for jewels on 5th Avenue) $23.95
Jeffers, H Paul Corpus Corpus (NYPD Sgt John Bogdanovic investigates underworld lawyer murdered while in NY for Nero Wolfe fan dinner, after being implicated in Mafia turncoat's death) $21.95
Johnstone, William W Battle of the Mountain Man (Western crossover; Smoke Jensen's efforts to build cattle ranch turns into war with rustlers; PBO) $4.99
Johnstone, William W Valor in the Ashes (reprint; post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Kadow, Jeannine Blue Justice (veteran cop & rookie partner go after NYPD commissioner's daughter, a cop who's killing cops, but each with own agenda; PBO) $6.99
Kalat, David P Homicide: Life on the Streets: The Unofficial Companion (TV tie_in; behind_the_scenes look at acclaimed Baltimore_based police series, includes creation & development, cast bios, episode guides, more) $14.95
Kennedy, Douglas The Big Picture (while pursuing photography hobby, affluent lawyer discovers wife's infidelity, but confrontation leads to disaster) $6.99
Laurence, Janet Canaletto & the Case of the Westminster Bridge (Italian artist Canaletto visits England, where he's attacked & robbed twice, but is rescued, meets Jane Austen & helps find spy) $24.95
Lukas, J Anthony Big Trouble (non_fiction; sensational 1905 small_town murder draws Teddy Roosevelt, Pinkerton detectives, Ethyl Barrymore, Clarence Darrow) $16.00
McBain, Ed Gladly the Cross_Eyed Bear (attorney Matthew Hope defends toy designer accused of killing former employer during lawsuit over toy bear) $6.50
Moody, Skye Kathleen Rain Dance (Fish & Wildlife Agent Venus Diamond is assigned case of timber magnate's murder in small resort town where outsiders are unwelcome) $4.99
Mortman, Doris Out of Nowhere (NYPD forensic photographer Amanda Maxwell must take on enemies of past when only person who knew true identity before Witness Protection Program is killed) $23.95
Oran, Daniel Ulterior Motive ("our favorite paranoias__computers & conspiracies__ tale of microprocessed murder, political power plays & dangerous pursuit") $22.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 235 (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 35: Message to America (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Peters, Elizabeth Seeing a Large Cat (turn_of_century archaeologist Amelia Peabody 9, investigates recent murder revealed in excavation of Egyptian tomb) $6.99
Plaster, John L SOG: The Secret Wars of American Commandos in Vietnam (military/nonfiction) $6.99
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Wall (reprint; Sheriff Russell Shand probes death of aristocratic man's despised ex_wife) $5.99
Rondinone, PJ Digital Hood (collection of stories of South Bronx gang life) $20.00
Rostenberg, Leona/Stern, Madeleine Old Books, Rare Friends (non_fiction; ace book_hunters describe their 50_year partnership, mutual passion for books & greatest discoveries) $11.95
Satterthwait, Walter Masquerade (1923 Pinkerton detectives Phil Beaumont & Jane Turner 2, investigate rich American publisher's death in Paris) $22.95
Shelby, Philip Gatekeeper (DC woman stalked by assassin realizes she can only rely on own instincts, intelligence, determination & cannot depend on police or lover) $24.00
Stevenson, Richard Strachey's Folley (PI Donald Stracey 7, visits DC with partner Timmy to see AIDS quilt with friend, but panel for friend's ex who's not dead, attempt on friend's life indicate deadly secrets) $22.95
Tapply, William G Cutter's Run (on vacation, lawyer Brady Coyne aids mid_age black woman, later gets note asking to see him, but her cabin is vandalized & she's disappeared) $23.95
Tremayne, Peter Shroud for the Archbishop (664CE Celtic nun Sr Fidelma 2, teams with Roman monk Br Eadulf to investigate Canturbury's Archbishop Designate's murder, but find too many motives, bodies) $5.99
Wright, Laurali R Acts of Murder (Canadian Staff Sgt Karl Alberg/wife Cassandra Mitchell realize steadfast older cleaning woman is link in string of small_town murders) $22.00
Zubro, Mark Richard Are You Nuts? (teacher Tom Mason/pitcher Scott Carpenter face PTA takeover attempt by conservatives "worried" about gay teachers but when one's killed & friend's arrested, they have greater worries) $21.95


Bearden, Milt The Black Tulip (ex_CIA officer called in to help Afghan resistance in tandem with KGB counterpart finds more in common than thought; author was CIA officer with Afghan resistance) $24.00
Bechard, Gorman Good Neighbors (Reggie's revenge against neighborhood teen who poisoned dog results in death at hands of friend, neighbor, ex_cop Juke Miller_but is that really what happened?) $24.00
Benson, Raymond The Facts of Death: The New James Bond Adventure (007 tracks "number killings" of fanatical cult based on Pythagoras' teachings & led by brilliant, mad mastermind, from Texas to Greece & Cyprus) $23.95
Berne, Suzanne A Crime in the Neighborhood (woman's suspicions about boy's molestation & murder 25 years ago rock DC suburb; Edgar nominee) $11.00
Block, Lawrence Tanner on Ice (adventurer Evan Tanner's been thawed from the deep freeze he'd been stuck in since '72 & is recruited for cover job destabilizing Burmese government) $23.95
Butler, Jack Dreamers (rival covert CIA factions compete to develop artificial intelligence by making computers dream) $25.00
Carraze, Alain/Putheaud, Jean_Luc The Avengers Companion (media reference; comprehensive guide to '60s TV classic, w/photos, episode lists & synopses, essays, interviews w/stars & producer, bios, more) $24.95
Davis, Patrick A The General (Lt Col Charlie Jensen investigates Air Force Chief of Staff's murder, finds crime chain back to Vietnam War secrets, reaching highest levels of government) $23.95
Fiechter, JJ A Masterpiece of Revenge (expert on paintings of 17c French master Lorrain starts receiving pictures of his son at school__is the art restorer/Lorrain expert to blame?) $21.95
Fraser, George MacDonald Mr American (reprint; Harry Flashman encounters American straight from Wild West in London's West End, intrigued by dark past & current, dangerous schemes) $15.95
Frey, Stephen The Legacy (investment banker shocked to learn of father's death, more so by bequest of videotape of Kennedy assassination proving Oswald was't alone) $24.95
Hewitt, Pat Dead Horses (harness_race trainer Anthony Whiting teams with vet Jessica Phillips when horses start dying from bizarre accidents) $23.00
Hunt, E Howard Sonora (in series prequel, Jack Novak heads to Mexico to investigate deaths of Federal drug officers along border & finds corruption, deception & danger) $24.95
Hutchings, Janet_ed Cutting Edge (anthology of 90s' best, brightest mystery writers includes Block, Mortimer,Dexter,Muller,Lovesey,Rankin,McDermid,Rendell,Vachss,Pickard) $12.95
Janes, J Robert Salamander (the Surete's St_Cyr & the Gestapo's Kohler 4, are sent to Lyon to catch cinema arsonist/murderer whose targets may have been Resistance members) $22
Janes, J Robert Sandman (in occupied Paris, Surete detective St_Cyr & Gestapo agent Kohler must combine forces to stop killer of schoolgirls) $12.00
Kadare, Ismail Pyramid (ancient Eygptian pharaoh Cheops obeys sages' advice to build pyramid to hold power over people, crushing lives, generating conspiracies, purges) $11.00
Kadare, Ismail The Three_Arched Bridge (as 1377 Byzantine empire crumbles & Ottomans advance work crew building bridge, subject of warnings & sabotage, finds suspect walled in its foundation) $15.00
Kijewski, Karen (signed) Stray Kat Waltz (PI Cat Colorado 9, reluctant after cop_friend's murder, takes case of another cop's wife who's sure he's out to kill her, but nothing is what it seems) $22.95
Langton, Jane (signed) The Face on the Wall (Homer Kelly 13, comes to illustrator_niece's rescue when wall she's painting in dream house shows mystery face & tenant's son is found dead beneath) $21.95
Mankell, Henning The White Lioness (Swedish Insp Kurt Wallender 2, returns home to investigate woman's execution_style murder that leads to plot to kill Nelson Mandela) $25.00
McCormack, Mike Getting It in the Head (story collection of "incandescent vision of humankind's folly & propensity for mayhem"; 1996 Rooney prize winner) $23.00
O'Connell, Carol (signed) Judas Child (when 2 girls vanish just before Christmas, cop Rouge Kendall & forensic psychologist Ali Cray see parallels with his twin's murder 15 years ago) $24.95
Pennac, Daniel The Fairy Godmother (Paris publisher's scapegoat Benjamin Malaussene finds himself framed in series of granny murders) $12.00
Pennac, Daniel The Scapegoat (professional scapegoat Benjamin Malaussesn resists taking blame for bomb in Paris department store, only to become the prime suspect) $23.00
Reiken, Frederick The Odd Sea (young boy searches for his vanished older brother finds himself in process) $22.00
Rendell, Ruth (as Barbara Vine) The Chimney Sweeper's Boy (internationally celebrated author's daughter sets out to write his posthumous bio, she's shocked to find he was impostor & his true identity holds key to murder) $24.00
Ross, Kate The Devil in Music (Regency dandy Julian Kestrel 4, drawn into Italian opera & European politics investigating 4_yo marquis/opera benefactor's murder, vanished tenor/spy?; Agatha Best Novel) $6.99
Scoppettone, Sandra Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey (lesbian PI Lauren Laurano & partner Kip are supposedly on vacation, but local "suicide" draws her into real estate battles & murder) $22.95
Thomas, Donald The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes (pastiche; Holmes continues to consult in cases of King George's alleged bigamy, Irish Crown Jewel theft, French Pres Faure's death, 4 notorious murders) $24.00
Thompson, Jim The Golden Gizmo; Roughneck (noir reprints; man w/gift for finding easy money puts him on run from wife's murder & sinister man; author describes wild life & hard times in 30s_40s) $10.00 each
Trolley, Jack La Jolla Spindrift (San Diego Det Sgt Tommy Donahoo 4, contends w/trouble in form of puzzling heiress, Mafia killer, rogue FBI agent, money, kidnaping, crashes & 6 murders) $22.00
Wall, Alan Bless the Thief (artist whose life revolves around family story & notorious 19c illustrator finds they lead to deception, forgery & alcoholism until he confronts truth) $22.00
Woodrell, Daniel Tomato Red (Southern noir: one of life's losers sings the blues; "fast action, a great deal of mayhem & a soupcon of sex...salty dialogue, tough_guy prose") $20.00


Asen, Dennis Root of Deception (forensic dentist Peter Roberts #2, called in to ID plane crash victims, is denied passenger files by FBI & teams w/Dt Daniel Pinchus to find truth;PBO) $5.99
Benson, Raymond James Bond in Zero Minus Ten (Agent 007 is sent to Hong Kong to investigate Triad, but can he unravel 150 year_old revenge plot in the 10 days before China takes over?) $6.99
Bryan, Kate A Record of Death (1875 det Maggie & cousin/partner Grady #2 find vacation with old carny friend turning dangerous when they're trapped on island & the death threats start; PBO) $5.99
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Apaches (cops turn renegade crime fighters) $6.99
Chiu, Tony Positive Match (Vietnamese_American doctor & female financier join forces to investigate health_care corp's dubious practices & dangerous plans) $6.50
Dann, Jack The Silent (young Mundy McDowell comes of age witnessing the brutalities of the Civil War, including his family's deaths) $23.95
DePoy, Phillip Too Easy (Atlanta PI Flap Tucker 2, finds missing person case leading him into killer's path & answers through meditation may not help; PBO) $5.99
Deutermann, PT Sweepers (as Navy Cmdr Karen Lawrence heads investigation of Navy officer who botched mission 20 yrs ago, she realizes SEAL abandoned then is back, taking revenge) $6.99
Deverell, Diana 12 Drummers Drumming (counter_intelligence agent investigates airliner bombing she believes killed lover/partner & uncovers plan for more bombings) $23
Diehl, William Reign in Hell (Attorney Martin Vail 3; battles American terrorists) $6.99
Frazer, Margaret The Maiden's Tale (Sister Frevisse #8, finds visit to cousin turning dangerous as Lady Alice's political machinations w/duc of Orleans & Henry VI result in murder; PBO) $5.99
Furutani, Dale Toyotomi Blades (in Japan, Ken Tanaka (2) finds his garage_sale samurai sword is rare, 17c Toyotomi clan artifact w/mystery past & yakuza are on his trail) $5.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley Case of the Substitute Face (reissue) $4.99
Gregory, Leland H III Presumed Ignorant! (non_fiction; compilation of over 400 cases of "legal looniness, daffy defendants & bloopers from the bench") $9.95
Haddam, Jane Deadly Beloved (Gregor Demarkian investigates wife of man shot in sleep, but seems everyone has motive except her) $5.99
Hambly, Barbara Fever Season (1830s New Orleans physician/musician Benjamin January 2, helps young black woman rendezvous w/her lover, but lands in path of the powerful & murderous) $23.95
Harris, Lee The Labor Day Murder (ex_nun Christine Bennett probes passions of good folk turned bad when Fire Island fire chief's murdered & his house burned; PBO?) $5.99
Henry, Sue Deadfall (Alaska State Trooper Alex Jensen 5, must find who's stalking musher Jessie Arnold & killing her dogs, but it comes down to Jessie & lead dog vs killer) $22.00
Henry, Sue Death Takes Passage (Trooper Alex Jensen/musher Jessie Arnold join cruise commemorating 1897 trip that started AK Gold Rush, but murder intrudes) $5.99
Herman, Richard Against All Enemies (Hank Sutherland finds "slam_dunk" court martial case disintegrating in face of influence by man set on achieving ultimate power) $15.95
Herman, Richard Power Curve (President dies & VP Maddy Turner faces Pacific on edge of war, enemies in Congress, Cabinet & only ally, Gen Bender, who forfeits career, life if he helps) $6.99
Heron, Echo Panic (nurse Adele Monsarrat is in race against time for answers to deadly virus never before seen) $5.99
Hill, Reginald On Beulah Height (Insp Dalziel & Pascoe must reopen 15_year_old nightmare case of 3 missing girls, vanished suspect & flooded village) $22.95
Holton, Hugh Violent Crimes (Chicago Cmdr Larry Cole 4, tracks famous columnist's killer & realizes killer's earlier target, Sr Mary Stallings, holds key) $6.99
Hooper, Kay Finding Laura (woman buys antique mirror at estate sale, but when man who demands she sell it back turns up dead, she's prime suspect) $5.99
Hosier, Sydney The Game's Afoot, Mrs Hudson (Holmes' housekeeper & friend (4) find charming Brighton holiday at haunted inn turns dangerous when fellow guest dies & Mrs H believes it was murder; PBO) $5.99
Huchthausen, P/Kurdin, I/White, RA Hostile Waters (non_fiction; real_life story of events used as basis for "Hunt for Red October"; forward by Clancy) $6.99
Izzi, Eugene A Matter of Honor (hot Chicago summer explodes in violence battled by heroes from varied levels of society who recognize sinister forces behind madness) $6.99
Jance, JA Rattlesnake Crossing (AZ Sheriff Joanna Brady 6, contends w/militia movement & murder threatening town's peace as pursuit of killer takes toll on family, love, responsibility) $23.00
Jance, JA Skeleton Canyon (AZ Sheriff Joanna Brady 5, investigation of teen's murder leads from desert to luxurious family compound, on trail of hatred & deception) $6.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M The Rockford Files: The Green Bottle (media tie_in; after thugs "visit" & woman goes missing, Hollywood PI Jim Rockford realizes antique bottle found for collector might be more than seemed) $5.99
Kearney, Robert Hole in the Water (Hitchcockian thriller about a woman and her mysterious new husband; first novel by local author) $6.99
Lachnit, Carroll Akin to Death (#3, ex_cop/lawyer Hannah Barlow's 1st case at new firm is finalizing adoption, but man's claims he's bio father turn up deceit & danger; PBO) $5.99
Leonard, Elmore Get Shorty; Out of Sight (trade paperback reprints) $9.95
Lipinski, Thomas A Picture of Her Tombstone (PI Carroll Dorsey 2, takes job finding elderly woman's granddaugher, but trail leads to Pittsburgh underworld & nasty family skeletons) $5.99
Ludlum, Robert The Matarese Countdown (CIA case officer Cameron Pryce realizes he hadn't crushed the Matarese dynasty__"deadly cabal of powerbrokers & assassins"__after all & they're back) $7.99
MacGregor, Rob Hawk Moon (young adult; Will Lansa 2, is back in CO, accused of ex_girlfriend's murder, with only computer hacker & Hopi spirit as allies) $4.50
Macintyre, Ben The Napoleon of Crime (non_fiction; biography of Victorian Age's most famous criminal, model for Moriarty, master thief Adam Worth) $12.95
McCloskey, Walter Risking Elizabeth (lawyer Harry Preston returns to New Orleans, falls for socialite & is drawn into world of scandal, corruption & decadence) $6.99
McCrumb, Sharyn Foggy Mountain Breakdown (complete collection of McCrumb's short stories, incl tales of Appalachian locales & themes) $6.99
Monfredo, Miriam Grace/Newman, Sharan Crime Through Time II (anth of historical mysteries includes Barnard, Burke, Coney, Day, Douglas, Foxwell, Hoch, Kress, Linscott, Marston, Perry, Roberts, Rowland, Satterthwait, more; PBO) $6.99
Moseley, Margaret The Fourth Steven (book rep Honey Huckleberry gets call from a Steven she doesn't know confessing to murder, but then the other 3 she does know start dying....; PBO) $5.99
Munger, Katy Out of Time (unlicensed sleuth Casey Jones 2, new case of woman on death row sets her against local cops & makes her chief suspect when bodies start falling; PBO) $5.99
Oliver, Steve Moody Gets the Blues (1970s Seattle cabdriver Scott Moody becomes PI after hallucinating about Bogart but 1st case, finding missing real estate mogul, turns out to be murder) $5.99
Ordine, Bill/Vigoda, Ralph Fatal Match (non_fiction; story of millionaire John du Pont's murder of wrestling champion Dave Schultz; PBO) $6.99
Pelecanos, George P King Suckerman (in 1970s DC, Clay & Karras stumble on drug deal gone bad & stack of cash: dealer starts killing to get at them) $6.50
Saylor, Steven House of the Vestals (collection of tales of ancient Rome's Gordianus the Finder, plus historical notes, extensive chronology of novels & stories in series) $5.99
Smith, Carlton Dying for Daddy (non_fiction; man who may be 1st male known with Muchausen_ by_Proxy disease, leading to deaths of mother, wife & children; PBO) $6.50
Stevenson, Robert Louis III Torchlight (2 expert divers on deadly mission for a billion in gold) $6.99
Thomas, Graham Malice in Cornwall (Erskine Powell 2, investigates possible ghost in seaside town where murdered teen washed ashore 30 years ago; PBO) $5.99
Todd, Charles A Test of Wills (Scotland Yard Insp Ian Rutledge must investigate murder in military in 1919, bringing him face_to_face w/his own WWI deeds & demons) $5.99
Truman, Margaret Murder in the House (Mackensie Smith digs into real truth behind congressman's apparent suicide after harassment allegations) $6.99
West, Christpher Death of a Blue Lantern (Beijing Insp Wang struggles with already_shaky political loyalties when murder points to Triad mobs & the Party; PBO) $5.99
Wheat, Carolyn Sworn to Defend (Brooklyn atty Cass Jameson #6, realizes the man she just got acquitted is guilty of worse: another client's husband threatens her life) $22.95


Abella, Alex Dead of Night (lawyer/PI Charlie Morrell 2, tracks Santeria priest heading cult of ritual human torture, sacrifice, then is hired to prosecute, but own past intrudes) $23.00
Adamson, Lydia Beware the Laughing Gull (Lucy Wayles & fellow bird_watchers were surprised by members' sudden wedding announcement, but are shocked when bride is killed during ceremony; PBO) $5.99
Amato, Angela/Sharkey, Joe Lady Gold (law student/NYPD Det Gerry Conte assigned to protect mob informant; based on author's life) $23.95
Baker, Keith Inheritance (Jack McCallan can't let it go when his father, retired North Irish cop, is killed & leaves him a fortune, but his probing leads him to shocks & danger) $24
Bannister, Jo No Birds Sing (Castlemere Supt Shapiro, Insp Liz Graham & Sgt Cal Donovan take on string of violent crimes, including serial rapist, with shattering consequences) $4.99
Baxter, Mary Lynn Hard Candy (homicide cop investigates murder & falls in love with victim's wife__his prime suspect; PBO) $5.99
Beaton, MC Agatha Raisin & the Wellspring of Death ("curmudgeonly Cotswold sleuth" Agatha Raisin 7, finds dead body at spring & lands in middle of battle with politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, ex_fiance) $22.95
Bosworth, Charles Jr A Killer Among Us (non_fiction; murdered woman's family searches for justice against her husband who retains custody of their 4 kids; PBO) $6.99
Bowden, Susan Say Goodbye to Daddy (mother & son on run from wealthy alcoholic husband are tempted to trust stranger, but he seems to know too much; PBO) $5.99
Bruno, Anthony Double Espresso (parole officers Loretta Kovass & Frank Marvelli must find hit man before he gets mob turncoat in Witness Protection's secret prison) $21.95
Chittenden, Margaret Dead Beat & Deadly (divorcee/country_western club owner Charlie Plato 3, takes on self_defense class & supposed abused_wife classmate's murder) $20.00
Chittenden, Margaret Dead Men Don't Dance (country_western club owner Charlie Plato 2, gets curious when aspiring politician's opponent turns up dead in his car trunk) $5.99
Collins, Max Allan Damned in Paradise (PI Nathan Heller 8, teams up w/attorney Clarence Darrow to help solve 1932 Hawaii's notorious "Massie case" amid racial tension) $5.99
Cooper, Natasha Sour Grapes (British writer Willow King 7, is joined by sidekick Emma to investigate owner of deadly car & machinery of deceit) $22.95
Criswell, Millie Defiant (Misery TX attorney Travis Bodine struggles to defend brother in murder case while sister_in_law hires his attorney_fiance to assist; late 1800s; PBO) $5.99
Curtis, Sandra Zorro Unmasked: The Official History (reference; explores origins of masked avenger from 1919 pulp serial onward to makings of new movie) $14.95
Daly, Conor Outside Agency (ex_lawyer/golf pro Kieran Lenahan 3, wakes beside murdered woman after blow to head on eve of PGA tour) $5.99
Dare, Justine Dangerous Ground (special forces widow asks ex_boyfriend/husband's colleague to find kidnapped son, but learn dangerous secrets about husband's death, special unit; PBO) $5.99
Day, Dianne Emperor Norton's Ghost (2 yrs post_Quake, Fremont Jones (4) opens PI agency with Michael Archer, but friendship with woman obsessed with spiritualism leads to murder, abuse & illicit liaison) $21.95
DeFelice, Jim Kill Grandma For Me (non_fiction; 13_year_old's murder of her grandmother & crime spree with 15_year_old lover; PBO) $5.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Coffin Dancer (quadriplegic NYPD Det Lincoln Rhyme/protege Amelia Sachs must catch tatooed killer with ever_changing appearance in the 48 hours before he kills again) $25.00
Egleton, Clive Blood Money (British SIS op Peter Ashton investigates murder of agents at safe- house amid internal power struggle, conflicting leads & threat to wife op) $26.95
Flannery, Sean Achilles' Heel (military intelligence analyst Bill Lane's threatened by ex_KGB agnt, but as he tracks stolen sub, Lt Cmdr Shipley's kidnaped to use against him) $24.95
Freemantle, Brian Mind/Reader (British profiler Claudine Carter assigned w/pathologist & computer wizard to stop cross_Europe serial killer, but hunt reverses when ID becomes public) $25.95
Graham, Caroline Faithful Unto Death (CI Barnaby investigates village woman's disappearance that turns out to be more complex than even suspicious neighbors imagine) $23.95
Graham, Heather Drop Dead Gorgeous (man acquitted of killing high school girlfriend 15 years ago attends reunion & renews old relationship, but friends tied to old murder are dying; PBO) $6.99
Hart, Ellen Wicked Games (Mpls lesbian resauranteur Jane Lawless 7, wonders about new renter who sayshe's psychic & tells papers he witnessed murder in vision) $24.95
Hunter, Fred Presence of Mind (Chicago Det Jeremy Ransom/septuagenarian Emily Charters 5, dig for connection between murder victims & little theater production) $4.99
Iakovou, Takis & Judy Go Close Against the Enemy (restaurant owners Nick & Julia Lambros 2, search for clues that will clear young woman accused of unpopular, smalltown Georgia preacher's murder) $23.95
John, Katherine By Any Other Name (Dr Elizabeth Santer is abducted by psych patient with traumatic amnesia who's pawn in gov't treachery, political coverup) $22.95
Kellerman, Faye Moon Music (Vegas Det Sgt Romulus Poe assembles team to investigate murder series, sifting through Native mysticism, medieval folk legend, 20c science) $25.50
Kennedy, Douglas The Job (downsized & desperate ad salesman begs job from shady real estate tycoon, then finds out what he's gotten into__blackmail & murder) $23.95
Kennedy, Sarah Charlotte's Friends (solitary, neglected teen decides her friends must stay close to her at all costs & nothing must threaten their circle) $21.95
King, Bob Spooky 8 (non_fiction; 1st_person account of CIA's double_crosses & assassinations of own agents) $23.95
Lehane, Dennis Gone, Baby, Gone (Boston PIs Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro 4, hired to find 6_yo girl vanished a year ago & find plenty to spark suspicion, but then another vanishes...) $24.00
Lewis, Terry Conflict of Interest (attorney Ted Stevens's defense in high_profile reporter's murder case is hampered by his secret relationship with accused__but now someone else knows) $5.99
Lovelace, Merline Call of Duty (fed up with military rigidity, Capt Jennifer Vargas tries resigning, but when she's refused, digs up record discrepancies, exposes illegal training op; PBO) $5.99
Macpherson, Rett A Veiled Antiquity (Missouri genealogist Torie O'Shea 2, gets curious about neighbor who died in fall; "delightfully cozy whodunit") $20.95
Martin, Allana Death of a Healing Woman (trading post owner Texana Jones finds murdered body of local healer & won't accept that she's another drug_smuggling victim) $4.99
Martin, Malachi Windswept House (international alliance sets its sights on global society through Vatican machinery, with embattled pope & American brothers, priest & lawyer, at vortex of struggle) $14.95
Mitchell, Kay A Rage of Innocents (CI Morrissey discovers rash of vicious crimes is linked to baby_stealing ring) $20.95
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 112: Brain Storm (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Newman, Sharan Cursed in the Blood (medieval ex_nun Catherine LeVendeur 5, in Scotland with husband Edgar after his brothers are killed, realizes someone aims to destroy the whole family) $23.95
North, Darian Thief of Souls (husband struggles to cope when wife joins religious cult, but when cult kidnaps daughter, he must infiltrate but resist leader's temptations) $6.99
Palmer, Elizabeth Scarlet Angel (golddigger Camilla Vane marries George Marchant for his money & sets out to control family money & home, igniting death & destruction) $5.99
Pearson, Ridley Beyond Recognition (Seattle Police Sgt Lou Boldt's pursuit of arsonist setting white_hot fires is complicated when taunting, melted, Monopoly houses start to arrive) $6.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 236 (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 61: Blood Feud (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Rotenberg, David Shanghai Murders (Shanghai detective Zhong Fong investigates series of grisly murders; anxiety over actress_wife & frustration with superiors interfere) $22.95
Slade, Michael Primal Scream (Insp Robert DeClercq's Special X Team 6, realizes either serial killer from 11 years before is back or copycat has begun spree; PBO) $6.99
Songer, CJ Bait (Meg Gillis opens security business w/fellow ex_cop, but when he disappears & suspicion falls on her, she can only trust herself; "gritty & biting") $23.00
Van Pelt, Nicholas The Mongoose Man (CIA agent Jake Hipp gets 2nd chance with antiterrorist force Mongoose to bring down man who loves to turn chemicals, diseases into mass murder & gloat) $22.95
Van Wormer, Laura Talk (late_night talk show host Jessica Wright is stalked by someone who knows all her secrets & wants her dead) $21.95
Wilson, F Paul Legacies ("Tomb" sequel; Repairman Jack returns to help Dr Alicia Clayton who wants inherited house destroyed, but everyone who tries is killed) $24.95
Yorke, Margaret Act of Violence (villagers are devastated when 2 schoolboys go on murderous rampage, but mysterious counselor copes disturbingly well) $25.95


Banville, John The Untouchable (elderly British agent/Queen's art expert/Russian spy writes memoirs of Cambridge spies, and double life on every front__cultural, political, personal) $13.00
Child, Lee Die Trying (ex_MP Jack Reacher 2, kidnaped with unknown woman while suburban dentist's bound in his car trunk with woman's stuff, gas & burning match__why?) $23.95
Collins, Max Allan Flying Blind (PI Nate Heller 9, decides to find out what really happened to former client Amelia Earhart decades after her disappearance) $24.95
Combort, B A Pair for the Queen (senior Vermont sleuth Tish McWhinny 5, enlists niece to solve murder of friend's godson & theft of valuable painting at dog show) $22.00
Cornwell, Patricia Point of Origin (VA Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta takes on killer using fire to mask crimes; audio $24.95) $25.95
Dibdin, Michael Cosi' Fan Tutti (Naples Insp Aurelio Zen finds new post involves legal laxity, homicidal garbage collectors, harbor knifings, intrigue among refugee gangsters, prostitutes) $12.00
Dobyns, Stephen Saratoga Strongbox (PI Charlie Bradshaw 10, has to come to recue when Vic Plotz' attempt at $2000 for picking up suitcase in Montreal turns into non_stop trouble) $21.95
Forbes, Leslie Bombay Ice (journalist/TV producer Rosalind Bengal returns to Bombay to help sister discover truth of rumors about husband's 1st wife's death) $23.00
Frase, H Michael The Last Goodbye (when woman met on plane's found dead & he becomes suspect, Josh looks for answers, finds she was killed years ago & someone wants him to pay) $24.00
Gash, Jonathan Different Women Dancing (Dr Clare Burtonall finds crash victim is husband's business contact & suspicions drive her to find truth with help of street_smart male prostitute Bonn) $5.99
Gotti, Victoria I'll be Watching You (novelist with picture_perfect life realizes stalker threatens to expose her past, but her attempts at protection only deepen the threat) $24.00
Griffin, WEB (orig Alec Baldwin) Men at War 2: The Secret Warriors (reprint; in 1942, the OSS under FDR & "Wild Bill" Donovan plunges into covert operations in London, Belgian Congo & in Morocco) $24.95
Hawley, Noah A Conspiracy of Tall Men (conspiracy theory prof's comfortable life collapses when FBI claims his ad_exec wife died in plane crash & he finds her client's linked to government) $23.00
Hiaasen, Carl/Montalbano, Bill A Death in China; Trap Line; Powder Burn (thriller reprints: lies & treachery in China; smuggler's paradise & vengeance in Key West; murder witness & drugland hitmen in Miami) $12.00 each
James, Bill Gospel (DCS Colin Harpur must pull young girlfriend from influence of his informant's criminal society after a death during robbery) $10.00
James, Bill The Lolita Man (Dets Harpur & Iles investigate rape/murder of 5 teen girls, soon friend's daughter is endangered) $10.00
Kertzer, David I The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara (non_fiction; the 1858 event that brought down the Vatican's secular power__Inquisition seizes 6_yo Jewish boy who'd been secretly "baptized") $15.00
Latreille, Stan Perjury (burned_out public defender Jack Brenner must take case of woman who admits perjury in husband's molestation trial, but other parties rouse suspicions) $25.00
Martini, Steve Critical Mass (atty Jocelyn Cole's new, quiet practice overturned when nonproliferation expert tracks missing nukes to business she incorporated for murdered man) $24.95
Pelecanos, George P The Sweet Forever (Marcus Clay/Dimitri Karras 2, are caught in DC's violent cocaine ghetto when car full of drug money crashes in front of Marcus' store) $23.95
Ridley, John Love is a Racket (small_time con man Jeffty Kittridge is failing at everything until he falls in love & conceives of perfect con, but life & love have other ideas) $24
Savage, Tom The Inheritance (young woman suddenly inherits a fortune & East Coast mansion, but those who feel robbed will stop at nothing to recover what they believe is theirs) $23.95
Slim, Iceberg Mama Black Widow (reprint; life of black ghetto drag queen in world of pimpdom & violence; "testament of life lived on the margins of a racist & predatory urban hell") $13.00
Snyder, Keith Coffin's Got the Dead Guy on the Inside (computer/music expert Jason Keltner 2, asked to babysit man w/shady rep, but they guys w/the guns indicate his charge may be murderer) $22.95
Theroux, Paul Kowloon Tong (as colonial rule ends, British woman & son refuse offer for business from mainland Chinese man__then son's girlfriend & employee disappears) $12.00
Truman, Margaret Murder at the Watergate (Mac & Annabel Smith find new apartment at the Watergate lands them in midst of "soft" money, influence peddling & murder) $25
Tully, James Prisoner 1167: The Madman Who Was Jack the Ripper (true crime/history; case for what Ripperologist Tully considers most convincing candidate) $12.95
van de Wetering, Janwillem Robert Van Gulik: His Life, His Work (biography; newly revised edition exploring early life, diplomatic career, metaphysical & scholarly philosopies of Judge Dee mystery author;ltd ed $40) $12.00


Benison, CC Death at Windsor Castle (housemaid Jane Bee sets out to catch a killer when the Castle's art curator's found dead in a peculiar manner; PBO) $5.99
Borthwick, JS The Garden Plot (teacher Sarah Deane 8, heads off on European garden tour with aunt, but garden expert's disappearance sets off transatlantic investigation) $5.99
Bowman, Eric Before I Wake (cop working murder case & writer in need of material decide to team up__but what if the writer's the killer?) $6.99
Case, John The First Horseman (thriller involves deadly virus, North Korea) $25.00
Coel, Margaret The Dream Stalker (Father John O'Malley/Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden 3, tackle brutal crime of greed, false promises, shattered dreams) $5.99
Cooney, Caroline B The Voice on the Radio (young adult; now safe after kidnapping, Janie's separated from college boyfriend, who takes radio job & becomes hit by telling her story) $4.99
Crane, Hamilton Bonjour, Miss Seeton (Miss Seeton (21) travels to France & uncovers an unexploded bomb from WWII) $5.99
Dalton, Joe The Omega Missile (rogue scientist & hired ex_patriots take control of last_ditch nuclear weapon & ex_covert agent Thorpe must infiltrate ops center & stop the clock; PBO) $6.99
Davidson, Diane Mott The Grilling Season (caterer Goldy B Schultz 6, reluctantly steps in to clear her ex of murder charge; includes recipes) $6.50
Dobson, Joanne Quieter Than Sleep: A Modern Mystery of Emily Dickinson (when a colleague falls dead into Prof Karen Pelletier's arms at an Enfield College cocktail party, the Emily Dickinson expert must stop the killer) $5.99
Doss, James D The Shaman's Bones (tribal policeman Charlie Moon & aunt, Ute shaman Daisy Perika (3) team with police chief Scott Parris to uncover truth of ritual murder, politics, power) $5.99
Doss, James D The Shaman's Game (tribal policeman Charlie Moon & aunt, Ute shaman Daisy Perika (4) investigate suspicious deaths of participants in the Sun Dance) $22.00
Emerson, Earl Catfish Cafe (Seattle PI Thomas Black 11, investigates disappearance of waitress from backwater diner) $22.00
Fitzhugh, Bill The Organ Grinder (environmentalist Paul Symon's crusade against polluting industrialist Jerry Landis collides with Landis' secret research in inter_species organ transplants) $20.00
Fitzwater, Judy Dying to Get Published (Jennifer Marsh #1, solves crimes with her writing group; PBO) $5.99
Flannery, Sean Eagles Fly (reprint; Dr Richard Kelsey's patient may hold key to gruesome attacks in Brazil, drawing Kelsey into bizarre political conspiracy) $6.99
Flora, Kate Death at the Wheel (Thea Kozak 3, tries not to get involved in car racer's widow's problems, but when she's arrested for husband's murder, Thea investigates, after all) $5.99
Galdorisi, George The Coronado Conspiracy (CIA agent Rick Holden, undercover SEAL/Naval Intelligence Officer Laura Peters find Navy assault on Central American druglord was sabotaged from within; PBO) $6.99
Gill, Bartholomew The Death of an Irish Tinker (Dublin Chief Supt Peter McGarr & crew believe unknown Tinker's murder is tied to heroin king, must find the Tinker woman who can prove it before she's killed) $5.99
Grant, Anne Underwood Smoke Screen (NC ad agency owner Sydney Teague 2, must find new client's killer before she can start ad campaign for his safe, synthetic nicotine substitute; PBO) $5.99
Griffin, Annie A Very Eligible Corpse (60_ish sisters Hannah & Kiki are complete opposites, but on same side when Kiki's latest boyfriend is murdered & she's suspect; "funny, charming"; PBO) $5.99
Herschlag, Richard The Interceptor (corruption & murder among politicians & power brokers in Manhattan) $5.99
Holtzer, Sarah Black Diamond (U of Michigan 4, Clare Swann finds corpse in dorm room which may be connected to family's history in harsh Michigan lumber camps of last century) $5.99
Hunt, David (aka William Bayer) The Magician's Tale (San Francisco photographer Kay Farrow encounters world of truth, deception, reality, illusion, good, evil) $7.50
Ing, Dean Flying to Pieces (Wade Lovett & his fellow retirees, hottest pilots of WWII, set out to raise money for salvage expedition before other treasure hunters get wise) $6.99
Jensen_Stevenson, Monika Spite House: The Last Secret of the War in Vietnam (non_fiction; story of Marine Intelligence driver Bobby Garwood captured in '65, targeted by marine 'hunter_shooter', & accused of treason upon release) $6.99
Lambdin, Dewey The King's Coat (start of 18th-century naval adventure series starring Alan Lewrie) $5.99
Lescroart, John Guilt (San Francisco Archdiocese's attorney is suspect in wife's murder, but with desired woman at side & best friend's defending him, only truth can harm him) $6.99
MacGregor, Gregory Michael Deadspin (lawsuit over fatally defective airplane could bring down aspiring president or destroy attorney hired to prosecute it) $5.99
Malmont, Valerie S Death Pays the Rose Rent (cat_lover/author Tori Miracle 2, visits PA town during Rose Rent holidays, but when guest of honor is murdered, search for clues makes her next target) $5.99
Martin, David Cul_De_Sac (ex_cop Teddy Camel investigates mystery of mansion where 7_year_old murder, stalking of present owners, high_level cover_up, family secrets converge) $6.99
Maxim, John R Haven (ex_assassin Elizabeth Stride's efforts to escape past are dashed by arrival of ex_lover Martin Kessler, kidnapping of teen girl w/key to terrorist act) $6.99
Mazer, Harry_ed Twelve Shots (young adult; 12 stories about guns, from Walter Dean Myers, Richard Peck, Nancy Springer, Chris Lynch, more) $4.99
McCrumb, Sharyn Malice Domestic 7 (anthology of original, traditional mystery stories by Barron, Coben, Bond, Yorke, Holt, James, more; PBO) $5.99
Perry, Anne The Silent Cry (William Monk 8) $6.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Ape Who Guards the Balance (Edwardian Egyptologist Amelia Peabody & idiosyncratic family must contend again with Master Criminal over discovery of papyrus of the Book of the Dead) $24.00
Pickard, Nancy/Rich,Virginia_creater The Blue Corn Murders (Eugenia Potter's visit to Medicine Wheel Archeological Camp in Colorado turns up trouble when busload of kids goes missing & visitors are murdered) $21.95
Rankin, Ian Let It Bleed (even Edinburgh DI Rebus 8, finds rash of suicides, murders, suspicious deaths startling, especially when they point to top_level political conspiracy) $5.99
Roberts, Lora Murder Crops Up (Liz Sullivan #5, quirky sleuth, northern California) $5.99
Smith, Julie Crescent City Kill (Skip Langdon 7, New Orleans setting) $6.50
Smith, Michael Marshall One of Us (ex_cop/ex_crook Hap Thompson's job having people's dreams for them leads to big bucks proxying memories, but then client vanishes & her memry was murder) $23.95
Solomita, Stephen Trick Me Twice (good_hearted divorcee who visits the elderly forms friendship with one of them & becomes serial killer's next target; PBO) $5.99
Straley, John The Angels Will Not Care (Sitka PI Cecil Younger 5, takes case of unexplained deaths & swirling rumors on 1st_class cruise ship, but becomes suspect in next murder) $22.95
Strong, Tony The Poison Tree (detective fiction doctoral candidate at Oxford, Terry Williams is drawn to murder of student who lived in house earlier, finds university's dark side) $6.50
Vaughan, Robert The Wild, Wild West: The Night of the Death Train (TV tie_in; Treasury Agent Jim West's mission to get girl to NY for operation on record_breaking (87 mph) train is jeopardized by int'l saboteurs; PBO) $5.99
Weinstein, Fannie/Wilson, Melinda Where the Bodies are Buries (non_fiction; stories of Herb Baumeister, thought to be responsible for murdering 21 gay men in Indiana; PBO) $6.50
Wesley, Valerie Wilson No Hiding Place (black Newark PI Tamara Hayle 4, refuses request to look into hood's death, but connection to late policeman brother leads to deadly family secrets) $6.99
West, Richard F As Crime Goes By (ex_jewel thief Peter Benington/Mafia runaway Benny Ashe find quiet retirement home disrupted by gardener's murder & fellow resident's International fraud; PBO) $5.99


Axler, James Outlanders 6: Doomstar Relic (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Bartholomew, Nancy The Miracle Strip (Florida stripper Sierra Lavotini finds herself in midst of trouble when dead mobster in friend's room draws cops, crooks & more; "cozy with an attitude") $21.95
Block, Barbara The Scent of Murder (pet shop owner Robin Light 3, lands in it when dead ex_husbands teen daughter comes to her for help, accused of wealthy stepdad's murder) $5.99
Block, Barbara Vanishing Act (pet shop owner Robin Light 4, searches for missing college student, but learns deadly lesson) $20.00
Block, Lawrence The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep (reprint; Evan Tanner hasn't slept since Korean shrapnel hit, & super_secret intelligence organization decides he's their man) $5.99
Bogner, Norman To Die in Provence (art prof Jennifer Bowen hired to keep wealthy man's daughter in Provence from ex_con boyfriend, but is caught up in their deadly destructive plans) $24.95
Brett, Simon Dead Room Farce (actor Charles Paris lands part in company touring provinces, but when old drinking buddy is murdered & he becomes suspect, must go after killer himslf) $20.95
Callahan, David State of the Union (Gulf War vet's dream assignment to Pentagon sours when he realizes bosses' ruthless, 30_year conspiracy, & must expose it before they stop him) $6.99
Cassutt, Michael Missing Man (rookie astronaut Mark Koskinen finds himself in midst of suspicion, intrigue, deception after surviving mysterious, deadly training flight crash) $24.95
Clarkson, John New Lots (NYPD Det Loyd Shaw takes on war raging in Brooklyn projects between crack gang & ruthless Muslim Security Company) $24.95
Crum, Laura Roped (veterinarian Gail McCarthy 4, must put down prize horse after competition injury, but another injured horse leads to investigation of sabotage) $23.95
Deutermann, PT Zero Option (military investigator David Stafford's assigned to military surplus auction scam, but learns dangerous secret__a missing cache of biochem weapon) $25.95
Doherty, PC Ghostly Murders: The Priest's Tale.... (of Mystery & Murder; medieval pilgrim tells tale of brother priests whose new church, graveyard reveal empty graves, live burials as murders continue) $21.95
Eccles, Marjorie A Species of Revenge (Spdt Gil Mayo/Abigail Moon investigate village deaths, but resistance of residents hides deadly secrets) $20.95
Friedman, Kinky Blast from the Past (how did the Kinkster become a down_&_out, sleazeball detective, hook up with the Village Irregulars__Ratso, Rambam & McGovern, & what about Stephanie?) $23.00
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson Murder & Sullivan (violinist Joan Spencer & Det Fred Lundquist investigate murder of judge during opening night of local Gilbert & Sullivan production) $4.99
Hall, James W Body Language (forensic photographer Alexandra Rafferty sees message of past in gruesome rape/murder series, sending her on run from killer, husband & his connections) $24.95
Hamilton, Steve A Cold Day in Paradise (ex_Detroit cop Alex McKnight moves to small MI town after shooting, but now his shooter seems to be in same town, watching him; PWA/StM Best 1st PI '97) $22.95
Hunter, Fred Ransom for a Killing (Chicago Det Jeremy Ransom/Emily Charters 5, reinvestigate 10_yr_old case when convicted killer is proved innocent & released, & his accuser is killed) $20.95
Johnstone, William W Trapped in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic paramilitary adventure reprint) $5.99
Jones, Melissa Cold in Earth (journal entries of dead woman & her killer chronicle family's descent into madness and murder) $22.95
Katz, Jon Death Row (suburban PI Kit DeLeeuw 5, copes w/daughter's adolescence & mentor's stroke, but suspicions roused by mentor's nursing home lead to threats & murder) $21.95
Kleier, Glenn The Last Day (TV correspondent John Feldman pursues story of mysterious woman who appeared after shocking geological 'event' on New Year's Eve 1999) $7.50
Lasseter, Don Cold Storage (non_fiction; discovery of missing woman in freezer brings other killings to light; PBO) $5.99
Lopez, Steve The Sunday Macaroni club (ADA trying to escape love affair gone bad teams with ex_FBI agent to bring down ex_Senator's political machine) $6.99
Lynch, Patrick Omega (doctor races to track down rumored antibiotic when virulent bacteria resistant to all drugs kills hospital trauma patients & threatens his daughter) $6.99
Meier, Leslie Back to School Murder (small_town mom Lucy Stone 3, decides to get involved when popular teacher is accused of assistant principal's murder) $5.99
Myers, Tamar Eat, Drink, and Be Wary (PA Dutch innkeeper Magdalena Yoder 6, agrees to host bake_off, but when sponsor's killed & her cook's suspect, Magdalena must step in; includes recipes; PBO) $5.99
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne Death Takes Up a Collection (Srs Mary Helen & Eileen 8, interrupt tense, mysterious meeting with the monsignor at St Agatha's & when they learn he was poisoned, decide to dig deeper) $20.95
Padgett, Abigail The Dollmaker's Daughters (manic_depressive social worker Bo Bradley 5, believes teen's catatonic fear is tied to beautiful doll & its maker) $6.50
Parkinson, Dan The Fox & the Faith (reprint/historical naval adventure) $4.99
Paul, Barbara Full Frontal Murder (NY Lt Marian Larch investigates murders stemming from vicious child custody battle, but when killer invades her life, she faces hardest test) $4.99
Pearson, Ridley The Pied Piper (Seattle Lt Lou Boldt/psychologist Daphne Matthews realize child kidnappings're too orchestrated, widespread for 1 person, but FBI poltcs hinder prsuit) $23.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 237 (paramilitary adventure) $3.99
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 36: Stranglehold (paramilitary adventure) $5.99
Powers, Martha Sunflower (single mom Lt Sheila Brady joins small_town WI police, only to land case of brutal child murder series & must uncover town secrets behind facade) $22
Protess, David/Warden, Robert A Promise of Justice (non_fiction; a journalist, professor & 3 students demonstrate the black "Ford Heights 4" innocent of white couple's rape, murder after 18 yrs in jail) $23.95
Rozan, SJ A Bitter Feast (PIs Lydia Chin/Bill Smith 5, find missing_person case leading to complex Chinatown interactions, deadly conflicts between rivals , the Feds & the NYPD) $23.95
Sandstrom, Eve K The Homicide Report (reporter Nell Matthews/cop Mike Svenson 2, investigate death of her copy editor, the mysterious figure he named & memories of her absentee father;PBO) $5.99
Schanker, DR A Criminal Appeal (idealistic law clerk Nora Lumsey must affirm murder conviction of 13_yr_old deaf black boy, but begins to doubt the case, sets out to find real killer) $23.95
Thurlo, Aimee & David Enemy Way (Navajo Police Investigator Ella Clah 4, must sort gang_related murders from rumors of skinwalkers targeting those closest to her) $23.95
Turnbull, Peter The Man With No Face (Glasgow P Division detectives (9) must establish ID of man found with face blown off, but that murder only leads to deeper mystery) $20.95
Wood, William P Quicksand (crime task force head & US Atty wife rivalry over rogue CIA agent's arrest & release obscures real danger__his plan to unleash militia/terrorist army) $22.00
Wright, Eric Buried in Stone (retired Toronto detective Mel Pickett keeps eye on investigation into body found near his cabin, but isn't satisfied with result & sets out to find truth) $4.99


Clancy, Tom Rainbow Six (ex_SEAL/covert operative John Clark faces terrorists so extreme their success would destroy earth) $27.95
Cohen, Patricia Cline The Murder of Helen Jewett (non_fiction; reconstruction of life & death of NY prostitute whose murder made headlines across country in 1836) $27.50
Friedman, Kinky Road Kill (reprint; Willie Nelson's tour bus runs over Indian medicine man; strange things start happening--"another weird, witty, & wickedly funny whodunit") $11.95
Gash, Jonathan Prey Dancing (cardiologist Dr Clare Burtonall/male prostitute Bonn 2, find delivering dying woman's message to her boyfriend makes Clare the target of his revenge) $21.95
James, Bill Roses, Roses (Dets Harpur & Iles 10, investigate stabbing death of Harpur's unfaithful wife in London) $23.00
Ledwidge, Michael S Narrowback (Irish_American from the Bronx selling guns on black market runs afoul of local IRA chapter, then the local Albanian mob & he's on his own) $24.00
Lee, Gus No Physical Evidence (courtroom thriller) $24.95
Mackay, Scott Cold Comfort (political maneuverings reorganizing force disrupt Toronto police investigation of gov't official's stepdaughter's bizarre death & deep secrets) $23.00
Moore, Lucy The Thieves' Opera (non_fiction/history; story of Georgian London's "Thief_Taker General", his confrontation with the petty criminal who defied him, society's reaction to both) $25.00
Patterson, Richard North No Safe Place (presidential candidate in 2000 race faces California, brother's 12_yo murder & secrets from past while abortion activist targets him for "statement") $25.95
Pronzini, Bill Boobytrap ("Nameless" 25, drives Asst DA's wife, son to remote cabin in exchange for use of cabin next_door, but paroled explosives expert is after them for revenge) $23.00
Smith, Julie 82 Desire (New Orleans Det. Skip Langdon looks into corruption, missing husband of councilwoman) $24.00
Wilson, Colin The Mammoth Book of True Crime: New Edition (non_fiction; updated compendium of crimes incl serial killers, computer crime, cannibals, conspiracy theories, more) $10.95

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