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Newsletter #40 December, 1997 - February, 1998

RECENTLY RECEIVED AND FORTHCOMING MYSTERIES Brother Cadfael Audio Tapes III (includes The Raven in the Foregate, The Rose Rent, A Morbid Taste For Bones ) $59.85
Crime Movie Posters (100s of full color posters, silent films to present) $20
Pulp Art (original cover paintings from 1930s & 1940s, plus lots of text) $19.99
Alcorn, Alfred Murder in the Museum of Man (hilarious take on academic life) $23.95
Alexander, David Switchback (movie novelization) $5.99
Allen, Steve Die Laughing (during funeral for elderly vaudeville/radio/stage/screen star, Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows discover murdered slapstick king in mausoleum) $21.00
Allen, Steve Wake Up to Murder (Steve Allen & wife Jayne Meadows must sort through an abundance of suspects to discover murderer of sound man on set of Steve's new morning talk show) $5.99
Amos, Beth Eyes of the Night (title change from Dark Night Dreams ) $6.50
Arnold, Catherine Imperfect Justice (criminal atty Karen Perry_Mondori's hired by crime boss who claims drug charge is a set_up, leading to conspiracy involving upper_level govt; PBO) $5.99
Ashley, Mike_ed Shakespearean Whodunnits (cases solved by Shakespearean characters, written by Lockley, Reed, Saylor, Hoch, Crowther, Newman, more) $10.95
Baker, Mark Bad Guys (true crime--criminals in their own words) $5.99
Barrett, Neal Jr Pink Vodka Blues (Russell Murray 2, looses a weekend to booze, wakes in cheap hotel wanted by cops for murder & by mob for his briefcase__why? "sharp, irreverent humor") $5.99
Barrow, Adam (aka Tom Kakonis) Blind Spot (when 3_year_old disappears, parents are plunged into nightmare, but when father discovers truth, he realizes what he'll do to get his son back) $5.99
Beale, Elaine Murder in the Castro (right-wing violence against gays in San Francisco) $10.95
Bernhardt, William Naked Justice (attorney Ben Kincaid 6, copes with echoes of "the trial of the century") $6.99
Beyer, Marcel Karnau Tapes (perspectives of sound engineer involved in gruesome Nazi project & Goebbels' 8_year_old daughter as the Reich disintegrates;trans from German) $23
Blincoe, Nicholas Jello Salad (British noir, restaurant funded by money ripped off from gangster, with a pervert cook and drug-fried Maitre D) $12.99
Buffa, D. W. The Defense (legal thriller) $20.00
Calloway, Kate 3rd Degree (Cassidy James 3, lesbian mystery) $11.95
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Politika (novelized computer game) $7.50
Clarkson, Wensley Death at Every Stop (true crime--Cunanan) $5.99
Compton, David Executive Sanction (idealistic, betrayed campaign manager recruited by CIA for national security operation finds self key suspect in explosive murder case) $6.99
Coonts, Stephen War in the Air (non_fiction/military history; collection of tales of aerial warfare by the US, British, German, Japanese & other pilots) $14.00
Cordingly, David Under the Black Flag (non-fiction; reality of life among pirates) $13.00
Cussler, Clive/Dirgo, Craig The Sea Hunters (true adventures with famous shipwrecks) $7.99
DeLillo, Don Underworld (literary work spanning 1950s and 1960s) $27.50
DeLoach, Nora Mama Saves a Victim and Mama Stands Accused (mother-daughter amateur detective team) $10.95 each
Dunning, John The Holland Suggestions (mysterious photo leads Jim Ryan through Pandora's Box of memories to truth about daughter's mother, self & experiments, betrayal, murder; 1st time in pb in 1975) $6.50
Eichler, Selma Murder Can Spook Your Cat (Manhattan's "queen_sized" PI Desiree Shapiro 5, almost stumped by death of eccentric author, witnessed only by cat; PBO) $5.99
Everett, Gabriel A Story of Scorpions (Rev Pierce comes to prison cell of man who killed his wife & child__to forgive or get revenge?) $5.99
Friedman, JF Key Witness (legal thriller) $23.95
Gilbert, Michael The Man Who Hated Banks (18 previously uncollected stories featuring 4 different sleuths) $16.00
Gordon, Dan The Assignment (movie novelization, hunt for Carlos the Jackal) $5.99
Gough, Laurence Memory Lane (Willows and Parker 9, Vancouver police detectives) $26.99
Grafton, Sue M is for Malice (PI Kinsey Milhone 13, latest case involves missing heir, millions of dollars & murder) $7.50
Grape, J/James, D/Nehr, E_eds Deadly Women: The Female Mystery Writer (reference; includes photos, stories, interviews, recommended lists, articles by & about Michaels, Cornwell, George, Hart, Maron, Jance, Muller, King, more) $19.95
Gunning, Sally Muddy Water (Peter Bartholomew 8, investigates when friend's fiance is murdered on wedding day; PBO) $5.99
Hager, Jean The Last Noel (Ozark's Iris House B&B 4: hiring out_of_towner to direct Christmas pageant wasn't popular, but unpopular enough to murder the man? PBO) $5.50
Harper, Brian Mortal Pursuit (female rookie cop answers burglary call & stumbles on vicious killers holding wealthy family hostage; PBO) $5.99
Harris, Lee The New Year's Eve Murder (ex_nun/investigator Christine Bennett 9, searches for young woman who disappeared on New Year's & discovers someone no one knew; PBO) $5.99
Hart, Ellen Murder in the Air (Sophie Greenway & Bram Baldric #4, are drawn into solving decades_old unsolved murder that haunts Twin Cities radio station each Christmas; local author; PBO) $5.99
Helgeland,Brian/Hanson, Curtis L.A. Confidential (screenplay) $12.99
Hess, J/Gorman, E/Greenberg, M_eds The Year's 25 Finest Crime & Mystery Stories (anthology includes Paretsky, Rendell, Muller, Pickard, Lutz, Pronzini, Perry, more) $24.00
Hoch, Edward D. The Ripper of Storyville & Other Ben Snow Tales (14 stories of nineteenth century gunman Ben Snow solving strange mysteries) $16.00
Holt, Hazel Mrs Malory: Death of a Dean (Sheila Malory's companion becomes suspect when the elderly nanny who was preventing the sale of the family mansion dies & his brother's poisoned) $5.99
Hynd, Noel Rage of Spirits (in 2003, the VP sends press secretary William Cochrane on mission from Secret Service files to psychic while the President lies is a coma) $5.99
Janes, J. Robert Sandman (Paris, 1943, French policeman and Gestapo officer teamed to investigate murder of 12 year old school girl) $22.00
Katz, Samuel M. Anytime, Anywhere! (non-fiction, NYPD Emergency Services Unit) $6.50
Kellerman, Jonathan Survival of the Fittest (Dr. Alex Delaware, sequel to The Clinic ; audio $24.95) $24.95
Kelner, Toni LP Country Comes to Town (snowbound by Boston storm, Laura Fleming (2) finds herself implicated in the death of the old college boyfriend she'd turned away earlier) $5.99
Koontz, Dean Sole Survivor (reporter Joe Carpenter searches for truth behind the unexplained plane crash that killed his wife & children) $7.99
Koster, Elaine/Pittman, Joesph-ed The Best of the Best (18 new stories by leading authors, includes S. King, McCrumb, Fielding, Block, McBain, Hess, Hornsby, Deaver, others) $22.95
laFavor, Carole Evil Dead Center (Renee LaRoche 2, tackles a pornography ring preying on reservation children; Ojibwa lesbian mystery) $11.95
Larsen, Jodie Deadly Silence (young attorney & pr specialist are placed on prestigious law firm's important case, but their research uncovers firm's link to child abductions; PBO) $5.99
Leslie, John Love for Sale (Key West PI Gideon Lowry finds connections between escort's murder, family secrets & offshore treasure_salvage operation) $5.99
Maas, Peter Underboss (non-fiction, Sammy the Bull Gravano's life in the mafia) $6.99
Maiman, Jaye Baby, It's Cold (Robin Miller 5, lesbian mystery) $19.95
Maiman, Jaye Old Black Magic (Robin Miller 6) $11.95
Mann, Paul The Burning Ghats (India attorney George Sansi 3, suspects wealthy magnate is behind release of lethal chemical into city's river) $5.99
Marias, Javier Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me (metaphysical thriller, translated from Spanish) $24.00
Marryat, Capt. Frederick Frank Mildmay or The Naval Officer (nautical novel, first published in 1829) $13.95
Marryat, Capt. Frederick Mr. Midshipman Easy (nautical novel, first published 1836) $13.95
Matthews, Greg Far From Heaven (Hollywood during WW II) $22.95
McKay, Claudia Twist of Lime (Lynn Evans 2, lesbian mystery, drugs and murder at Mayan archaeological dig) $10.95
Mosiman, Billie Sue Wireman (serial killer with wire garrote) $4.50
Murphy, Warren/Sapir, Richard Destroyer #109: American Obsession $5.50
Neiderman, Andrew The Dark (psychiatrist's wife must battle husband's patient who claims to be "master manipulator of evil & death"; PBO) $5.99
O'Donnell, Lillian The Goddess Affair (PI Gwen Ramadge's ocean cruise turns deadly) $5.99
Page, Jake A Certain Malice (blind sculptor Mo Bowdre 5, solves another Southwestern mystery; PBO) $5.99
Parker, Barbara Criminal Justice (hotshot Miami prosecutor loses everything through judgement error, but when girlfriend's found murdered in his apartment, he has nowhere to turn) $6.99
Patchett, Ann The Magician's Assistant (long-time assistant and recent bride of magician looks into his past after his death) $23.00
Pomidor, Bill Ten Little Medicine Men (Drs Cal & Plato Marley 4, find promotions to hospital Chief aren't so great when cutbacks are announced & other Chiefs have fatal "accidents"; PBO) $5.99
Preston, Richard Cobra Event (novel of biological terrorism by author of The Hot Zone ) $25.95
Raynor, Richard Murder Book (disillusioned LA homicide detective offered $1,000,000 by top crack dealer to solve murder of his mother) $25.00
Ridley, John Stray Dogs (filmed as U- Turn; drifter/gambler must John Stewart reach Vegas to pay debt or his life's forfeit,but is stranded in isolated town & lured into double_crosses, murder) $10.95
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Bat (reprint of 1926 classic) $5.99
Sepu'lveda, Luis The Name of a Bullfighter (ex_South American Marxist guerilla in Hamburg joins forces with elderly group of WWII thieves trying to retrieve thier stash; transl from Spanish) $12.00
Shelton, Connie Partnerships Can Kill (Charlie Parker 3, helps friend look into death of partner in new restuarant) $21.95
Smith, Mitchell Sacrifice (ex_criminal father of the Sweetwater Killer's latest victim vows revenge & calls on all the underground resources at his disposal) $6.99
Sova, Dawn B, PhD Agatha Christie A to Z ("Essential Reference to Her Life & Writings") $48.00
Springer, Patricia Flesh & Blood (non_fiction; mother accused of killing sons; PBO) $5.99
Stuewe, Paul This Dark Embrace ("Action, mystery, sex, tough guys and sultry sirens in Los Angeles in the Thirties") $15.95
Sullivan, Winona Death's a Beach (PI Sister Cecile 3; PBO) $5.99
Walker, Dale L Legends & Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West (non_fiction; presents dozen enigmatic deaths, includes Meriwether Lewis, Sacajawea, Davy Crockett, Crazy Horse, Black Bart, more) $22.95
Wilson, F Paul-ed Diagnosis Terminal (medical thriller anthology) $5.99
Wilson, F Paul/Costello, Matthew Mirage (medical thriller) $6.99
Woodward, Margaret No Place Called Home (drug dealer wants to use 7-year-old to keep mother from turning state's evidence) $5.99
Woods, Sherryl Twilight (ex_PI Dana Miller sets out to find her husband's killer; PBO) $5.50
Yorke, Margaret A Question of Belief (man falsely accused of rape, though acquitted, becomes pariah & tries to disappear, only to be manipulated yet again; "haunting tale of dangerous obsession") $23.00
Zettler, Steve Double Identity (ex_Secret Service agent Joe Bradlee 2, assigned to go undercover for FBI as key witness in embezzling case, but finds he can't even trust the FBI; PBO) $5.99


Naked Came the Manatee (round_robin FL mystery by Hiaasen, Leonard, Barry, Hall, Buchanan, Standiford, Levine, Antoni, Due, Dufresne, Hendricks, Hospital, Mayerson) $11.95
Adler, Elizabeth No Regrets (half_brother abandoned 20 yrs earlier returns to CA for revenge against family members who sent him away) $22.95
Allen, Irene Quaker Testimony (widow/Quaker meeting Clerk Elizabeth Elliot 3, discovers war tax_protestor murdered & finds herself suspect as one Quaker's pitted against another) $5.99
Armistead, John A Homecoming for Murder (Mississippi Sheriff Grover Bramlett 2, hunts killer who's chilled high school homecoming with teacher's murder & is now targeting Bramlett's grandson) $5.99
Baldacci, David The Winner (10 years after woman was forced into crooked lottery scheme by murder frame, FBI's investigating the murder & man from her past wants to kill her) $25.00
Benjamin, Carol Lea This Dog For Hire (NY PI Rachel Alexander & pit bull Dash search for canine witness to artist's murder, only to attract killer's attention to themselves; Shamus Best 1st Novel) $5.99
Bode, Janet/Mack, Stan Hard Time: A Real Life Look at Juvenile Crime & Violence (young adult/non_fiction; portraites of teens imprisoned for crimes, & teen victims of crime) $4.99
Carroll, Jonathan Kissing the Beehive (desperate for inspiration, author Sam Bayer visits hometown & immerses in unsolved murder case from his teen years) $22.95
Clark, Leigh Shock Radio ("verbal terrorist" DJ Sunset Scott rules LA radio, but makes big mistake when he hangs up on serial killer) $6.99
Couch, Dick Rising Wind (SEAL team commander, modern_day samurai join forces to stop Japanese terrorists from releasing toxic chemicals from US facility on captured island) $6.99
Coughlin, William J The Stalking Man (reprint; serial killer crosses country spelling out his name in cities in which he stalks his prey) $6.99
Cross, Amanda The Collected Stories (collection of short mysteries, some of which feature professor Kate Fansler) $11.00
Cross, Amanda The Puzzled Heart (professor Kate Fansler 12, struggles to find true enemy when husband Reed is kidnapped) $21.00
Davis, Rankin Abuse of Process (courtroom sketch artist is convinced the truck driver being tried for London serial killings is innocent) $6.99
Davis, Val Track of the Scorpion (archaeologist Nicolette Scott's work w/famous father on Anasazi indian site uncovers downed, bullet_riddled WWII bomber w/mummified crew remains) $5.50
Ekman, Kerstin Under the Snow (Swedish Police Constable Torsson reopens case of man killed in brawl when unusual clues surface,discrepancies in witness' stories arise) $22.95
Ferrigno, Robert Dead Silent (when Nick's wife & best friend are found naked & dead in Nick's hot tub, cops are divided on whether he or someone close to him is the killer) $6.99
Flood, John Bag Men (young DA delves into ghosts of past & powerful institutions to solve 1965 murder of priest bringing Pope_blessed hosts for 1st English mass) $11.95
Flora, Kate Death at the Wheel (atty Thea Kozak 3, reluctantly gets involved when the young widow she's helping after husband's death in race track accident is arrested for murder) $6.99
Garcia_Aguilera, Caroline Bloody Shame (Cuban_born Miami PI Lupe Solano 2, investigates the car accident that killed her closest childhood friend) $6.50
Gardner, Lisa The Perfect Husband (woman who puts her husband behind bars is his next target when he gets out & must learn to fight back to save her life; PBO) $6.50
Haywood, Gar Anthony It's Not a Pretty Sight (black PI Aaron Gunner 4, goes after his ex_lover Nina's killer; "smash_mouth action, fascinating characters") $5.99
Hearst, Patricia/Biddle, Cordelia F Murder at San Simeon (past & present entwine in investigation of actual murder in Roaring Twenties Hollywood) $6.50
Holleman, Jane Hell's Belle (woman's suspicions about sister's death leads Dallas Det Rachel Collazo into deadly cat_&_mouse game with ruthless nurse; PBO) $5.99
Hosier, Sydney Most Baffling, Mrs Hudson (Holmes' housekeeper, Mrs Hudson 3, & sidekick Vi Warner asked to help Scotland Yard solve murder at society party while guests were hypnotized; PBO) $5.50
Jackson, Shirley Just an Ordinary Day (new collection of "lost" stories) $12.95
Kehret, Peg Deadly Stranger (young adult/reprint; when Katie's friend Shannon disappears & she's hit by car, Katie realizes she can ID Shannon's kidnapper & vice versa) $3.99
Kingsbury, Kate Death With Reservations (Pennyfoot Hotel 10; when guest dies from poison, Cecily sets out to disprove doctor's contention that hotel food was to blame; Edwardian England; PBO) $5.99
Lawrence, Martha C The Cold Heart of Capricorn (parapsychologist/PI Elizabeth Chase 2, asked to help catch serial rapist, but her interpretations of interviews under hypnosis have devastating results) $5.99
MacDougal, Bonnie Breach of Trust (lawyer & assistant give in to passion for each other, only to find betrayal, fraud, murder put them on opposing sides in courtroom) $6.50
McDonald, Gregory Skylar in Yankeeland (TN good_ole_boy Skylar Whitfield's visiting snooty Boston relatives when jewels are stolen, woman is murdered & he's the one they all want to be guilty) $5.99
McGovern, Jimmy/Mortimore, Jim Cracker: The Mad Woman in the Attic (Manchester police bring in Dr Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald in to untangle twisted mind of serial killer they've caught, but Fitz suspects he's innocent; PBO) $5.99
Medawar, Mardi Oakley Death at Rainy Mountain (1866 Kiowa healer Tay_bodal 1, must discover truth behind charges that the Cheyenne Robber murdered a fellow tribesman, & heal divisions in Kiowa Nation) $5.99
Meyer, Peter Blind Love (non_fiction; military cadet couple kills fellow teen; PBO) $5.99
Meyers, Maan The Lucifer Contract (Tonneman family saga 6, newsman Pete Tonneman uncovers Confederate plot to burn down NY during Civil War) $23.95
Moreau, CX Distant Valor (Beirut is proving ground for "peacetime" Marines, leading to Sgt Griffin's court_martial for engaging enemy without orders) $6.99
Morehouse, David Psychic Warriors (non_fiction; veteran of military intelligence program of psychic spies tells his story) $6.99
Poyer, David Down to a Sunless Sea (ex_SEAL diver Tiller Galloway 4, comes to dangerous Florida cave diving territory to find why old friend died, finds conspiracy) $5.99
Richardson, Doug Dark Horse (TX lawyer finds his rival for Congress will kill to be elected) $6.99
Robertson, David Booth (in 1916, John Surratt's invited by DWGriffith to read his Civil War diary in movie, leading him to revisit his role helping Booth assassinate Lincoln) $23.95
Rudman, Anne Beane/Dennis, Charles Given the Crime (Susan Given's work in Manhattan DA's Asset Forfeiture Divison gives her connection between gang killing, CIA snitch, dead prostitute & turns into true noir) $22.00
Rule, Ann In the Name of Love & Other True Cases (non_fiction/ Rule's True Crime Files Vol 4 ; self_made millionaire disappears & wife wants answers, among other cases; PBO) $6.99
Shute, Jenefer Sex Crimes (well_educated attorney is accused of terrible crimes following unstable series of sexual encounters & a loosening grip on reality) $10.95
Siegel, Barry The Perfect Witness (small_town lawyer Greg Monarch agrees to defend ex_partner on murder charge, but winning means turning prosecution's star witness into defense's asset) $24.00
Squire, Elizabeth Daniels Is There a Dead Man in the House (Peaches Dann #6, helps dad & his new wife renovate her Tennessee family home, but then bones are discovered & the new wife takes a fall; PBO) $5.99
Stein, Harry Infinity's Child (bio_tech researchers find key to longevity in the genes of one couple who're about to have a baby that could be worth billions of dollars) $6.99
Sultan, Faye/Kennedy, Teresa Over the Line (forensic psychologist Portia McTeague called in to evaluate mental state of delivery boy accused of gruesome murder/mutilations) $21.95
Thomson, Maynard F Breaking Faith (Boston PI Nason Nichols 2, investigates Roxbury student's death & uncovers conspiracy that could bring down politicians-& himself) $5.99
Tsouras, Peter G_ed Fighting in Hell: The German Ordeal on the Eastern Front (non_fiction/war memoirs) $6.99
Wager, Walter The Spirit Team (elite team sent on suicide mission to recover deadly & highly contagious microorganism from North African dictator threatening US) $6.99
Walker, Robert Extreme Instinct (FBI pathologist Jessica Coran 7, faces murderer on Satanic mission, "cleansing" with fire; PBO) $6.99
Warner, Penny Sign of Foul Play (deaf reporter Connor Westphal 2, investigates "accidental" death of soil engineer turns small mining_turned_tourist town upside down in scandal; PBO) $5.50
Westermann, John The Honor Farm (Long Island cop goes undercover to investigate suicide at prison for dirty cops, but after another death finds himself under too deep) $6.50
Williams, Stephen Invisible Darkness (non_fiction; case of Paul & Karla Bernardo, who kidnapped, imprisoned & murdered teen girls) $6.50
Wilson, Barbara Jaye Accessory to Murder (Greenwich Village milliner Brenda Midnight 2, borrows talent agent Lemmy's car to drop dead body off at morgue, but then Lemmy's arrested for murder; PBO) $5.50


Aarons, Mark/Loftus, John Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, the Nazis, & Soviet Intelligence (non_fiction; explores links between Catholic Church, Swiss banks, Nazi gold, Gestapo leaders, more) $16.95
Alexie, Sherman Indian Killer (Seattle serial killer who scalps white men sparks turmoil in Native community & retailiatory hate crimes, w/John Smith, white_raised Indian, in middle) $13.99
Ashford, Jeffrey The Price of Failure (Det Constable Carr investigates kidnapping that appears to have gone awry) $20.95
Barnett, Colleen A. Mystery Women Vol. 1 1860-1979 (reference, biographies of leading female characters, both detectives and villains, from 100s of mysteries) $19.99
Black, Veronica A Vow of Adoration (Sister Joan 9, risks her own life while investigating 2 murders near convent) $20.95
Brett, Simon Mrs Pargeter's Plot (feisty widow Melita Pargeter 5, finds plans for dream house foiled by corpse in wine cellar & builder's arrest for murder) $21.00
Crews, Harry A Feast of Snakes (ex_all_American runningback, makes bid for attention at snake hunters gathering; "macabre, hilarious & irresistble", reprint) $11.00
Davis, Lindsey A Dying Light in Corduba (Marcus Didius Falco investigates attack on Emperor Vespasian's chief of spies & winds up in midst of lucrative, deadly competitive olive oil business) $23.00
Davis, Lindsey Time to Depart (ancient Rome's PI Marcus Didius Falco 7, copes w/crime wave when convicted gangster heads for exile but hovers in wings as others scramble for his turf) $6.50
Dee, Ed Little Boy Blue (NYPD Det Joe Gregory aims to find out who killed ex_partner's son during multi_millionaire robbery at airport, despite evidence of mob involvement; audio tape $12.98) $6.99
Genberg, Ira Reckless Homicide (when airline legal counsel clears his pilot brother to fly after positive drug test & plane crashes, he must find real reason for crash) $23.95
Harrington, Williaim Columbo: The Hoover Files (TV detective investigates when tell_all biographer runs afoul of retired FBI agent who'll stop at nothing-even murder-to protect J Edgar's memory) $21.95
Harrison, Jamie An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence (Blue Deer MT Sheriff Jules Clement 3, contends w/reelection campaign, weddings, family & growing, increasingly bizarre body count) $22.95
Harrod_Eagles, Cynthia Killing Time (Insp Bill Slider 6, tries to link exotic dancer's death to that of community cop, while recovering from head injury & coping w/ex_wife & jealous lover) $21.00
Heising, Willetta L. Detecting Men (reader's guide & checklist for mystery series written by men) $29.95
Hynd, Noel The Prodigy (virtuoso pianist Rolf Geiger is haunted by the vengeful spirit of the man who discovered him as teen, then turned against him in jealousy) $23.00
Jeffries, Roderic A Maze of Murders (Mallorcan Insp Alvarez 21, travels to mainland Spain to find missing British tourist) $19.95
Johnstone, William W Honor of the Mountain Man (Western crossover; Smoke Jensen helps outlaw Joe Wales take on band of vaqueros who attacked his wife; PBO) $4.99
Johnstone, William W Wind in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic adventure reprint) $5.99
Kaye, Marvin_ed Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Holmesian anthology; 15 new stories by Slesar, Hoch, Gardner, Hodgell & others) $23.95
Kelner, Toni LP Tight as a Tick (Laura Fleming 3, investigates murder of collectible_knife dealer at flea market swarming with greed, envy & cutthroat competition) $18.95
King, Laurie R The Moor (Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes 4, visit great Devonshire moor to unravel centuries_old family curse) $23.95
Martin, Allana Death of a Saint Maker (while touring Mexican town, trading post owner Texana Jones 2, discovers local "saint maker"'s body & becomes embroiled in investigation) $22.95
McGovern, Jimmy_cr/Holliday, Liz_adapt Cracker: One Day a Lemming Will Fly (3rd TV tie_in; psychologist/police consultant Fitz discovers that not all is as it seems when teacher is accused of young boy's murder) $22.95
Merriam, Joan Little Girl Lost (non_fiction; teen girls confess to killing elderly woman) $5.99
Mickelbury, Penny One Must Wait (black attorney Carol Ann Gibson wants answers when her corporate lawyer/husband resigns after client meeting & then turns up dead) $22
Randisi, Robert J In the Shadow of the Arch (transplanted Det Joe Keough 2, acclimates self to St Louis & is given 2 cases that lead to abduction & murder) $23.95
Rule, Ann Bitter Harvest (non_fiction; investigators suspect Kansas doctor of killing her children in fire & poisoning husband) $23.00
Sheckley, Robert Draconian New York (PI Hob Draconian 2, takes what should be easy escort job, but winds up the target, racing for his life; "engagingly madcap") $12.95
Sheckley, Robert Soma Blues (Ibiza PI Hob Draconian 3, must track & stop syndicate that's cropped up to deal powerful new drug; "droll humor & needle_pointed wit") $12.95
Sloan, Susan An Isolated Incident (new resident of Northwest island community who's opposite politically, ethnically & culturally comes under suspicion for teen's murder) $24.00
Smith, Michael A Jeremiah: Terrorist Prophet (FBI Steve Wallace, news anchor Laura Delaney caught in cat_&_mouse battle w/man who believes God's annointed him to bring vengeance on evils of US) $24.95
Warfield, Gallatin Raising Cain (prosecutor Gardner Lawson 3, aims to defeat defense of Sgt Joe Brown, who's convinced his father's death was foul play & whose prime suspect is killed) $6.99
Wecht, MD, JD, Cyril Grave Secrets (non_fiction; forensic pathologist takes tour through sensational cases, including OJ, Vincent Foster & "aliens") $5.99
Wilson, John Disappearance of Lyndsey Barratt (investigative reporter Julie Adams seeks tie between 3 elusive women & murders of ex_prep school sports team who gang_raped vanished teen years ago) $24.00
Yglesias, Rafael Dr Neruda's Cure for Evil (psychotherapist who overcame childhood trauma finds himself obsessed w/nature of evil when patient he'd thought successfully treated turns to murder) $15.99


Amis, Martin Night Train (homicide detective Michaela Hoolihan asked by top_police_brass father of supposed suicide to investigate, finds disturbing questions) $20.00
Ashley, Mike_ed Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (anthology approved by late Dame JeanConan Doyle; incl Andrews, Boucher, Carr, Copper, Derleth, de la Torre, Greenwood, Harrison, Hoch, Lovesey, Tremayne, etc) $10.95
Bowman, David Bunny Modern (in future w/o electricity or fertility, ninja nanny connects with charming baby, while investigator looks for ties to lost electricity) $21.95
Carlon, Patricia Running Woman (when woman's seen running from bridge & girl's body is later discovered, suspicion falls on local widow & efforts to prove innocence only makes it worse) $21.00
Carlon, Patricia The Whispering Wall (reprint; "Australian psychodrama is..excruciatingly exact study in terror") $12.00
Glass, Joseph Eyes (psychiatrist Dr Susan Shader is asked by Chicago police to use her ESP to help stop serial killer, but the hunters become the hunted) $23.00
Hecht, Daniel Skull Session (man w/Tourette's, his tough girlfriend & ruthless police investigator pursue link between wealthy aunt's ravaged house, series of disappearances, deaths) $23.95
Herbert, Rosemary_ed Twelve American Crime Stories (anthology incl Futrelle, Greene, Chandler, Stagg, more) $9.95
Hutchings, Janet_ed Simply the Best Mysteries (anthology of Edgar_Award winners & front_runners incl James, Highsmith, Rendell, Treat, Ellin, Westlake, Bierce, Gores, Hansen, more) $12.95
Krist, Gary Bad Chemistry (when wealthy importer disappears, his ex_cop wife sets out to learn whether he's the drug trafficker & murderer the police suspect) $23.00
Kung, Dinah Lee Left in the Care Of (foreign correspondent/new mother Claire Raymond urgently investigates deaths of small white boys during Hong Kong's last Christmas as British colony) $23.00
Little, Eddie Another Day in Paradise (14_year_old heroin junkie apprentices himself to professional crook & addict on violent crime odyssey) $22.95
Marcus, Laura Twelve Women's Detective Stories (anthology incl Hume, Eustace, Orczy, Christy, more) $9.95
Parker, Barbara Suspicion of Deceit (attorney Gail Connor 3, must investigate when fiance Anthony Quintana's implicated in deaths of people w/ties to Cuba) $23.95
Racina, Thom Hidden Agenda (reporter picked by start_up channel to be thier star is assigned to series of sensational events that her husband & producer suspect are being set up) $23.95
Scott, Willard/Crider, Bill Murder Under Blue Skies (retired weatherman Stanley Waters opens B&B, but when guest drops dead at opening, he & cats must investigate) $23.95
Shapiro, Fred/Garry, Jane_ed Trial & Error: Oxford Anthology of Legal Stories (anthology incl Dickens, Stevenson, Gordimer, Oates, Melville, Roth, more) $30.00
Shreve, Anita Weight of Water (photographer researching century_old crime suspects husband of having affair & jealousy leads her to verge of horrific action) $13.95
Staford, David Churchill & the Secret Service (non_fiction; interrelations of Churchill, intelligence networks, clandestine operations, counterterrorism, subversion) $35
Woolrich, Cornell The Cornell Woolrich Omnibus (omnibus reprint of noir classics Waltz Into Darkness , I Married a Dead Man , Rear Window & other stories) $16.95


Adams Round Table_eds Murder on the Run (anthology; stories of criminals on the run incl Block, MHClark, Cohen, DSDavis, MFriedman, JHarrington, Kelman, Murphy, Scott, Straub, Streiber) $21.95
Anderson, Kent Night Dogs (reprint; Vietnam_vet cop carries the war with him) $22.95
Balan, Bruce Cyber.Kdz 5: In Pursuit of Picasso (young adult) $3.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane & the Wandering Eye (Jane Austen 3, bored w/1804 Christmas in Bath, accepts commission to shadow Lord Harold Trowbridge's niece fleeing unsavoury Earl, but murder results) $22.95
Belsky, RG Loverboy (serial killer who NY tabloid reporter Lucy Shannon made a household name is back after 10 years & wants more) $6.50
Bernhardt, William Extreme Justice (disillusioned lawyer Ben Kincaid 5, plays piano at friend's jazz club but legendary singer's dead body crashes ceiling & friend's suspected of murder) $22.50
Bland, Eleanor Taylor Keep Still (black Det Marti MacAlister 5, realizes old woman's deadly fall & ex_teacher's drowning connect to abused child's disappearance 7 years ago) $5.99
Block, Lawrence Even the Wicked (PI Matt Scudder 13, tries to stop vigilante serial killer whose next target is noted lawyer) $6.99
Bryan, Kate Murder at Bent Elbow (ex_Pinkerton Maggie Maguire opens own agency in 1875 San Francisco, gets job tracking ex_Indian captive/heiress from saloon to saloon throughout Nevada; PBO) $5.99
Clarkson, Wensley In the Name of Satan (non_fiction; 3 boys accused of killing 15_yr_old girl as sacrifice to Satan; PBO) $6.50
Coleman, Michael Internet Detectives 4: Cyber Feud (young adult) $3.99
Conant, Susan Animal Appetite (dog writer Holly Winter & malamutes 9, have 2 cases on their hands-a suspicious suicide & a 300_year_old mystery) $5.99
Daheim, Mary Wed & Buried (B&B owner Judith McMonigle Flynn 12, investigates when she sees woman thrown off hotel roof day before son's rehearsal dinner; PBO) $5.99
Forster, Suzanne Husband Lover Stranger (5 years after Sophie's husband disappeared w/o a trace, he reappears, seeming different & possibly deadly; PBO) $5.99
Franklet, Duane Bad Memory (troubleshooter takes on hacker laying siege to huge computer company, but escalating assaults & counters may be more than he can take) $6.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley TCOT Counterfeit Eye (Perry Mason reprint) $4.99
Gorman, Ed Hawk Moon (criminal psychologist Robert Payne is in Cedar Rapids to investigate mutilation_murder of Indian woman, finds it mirrors another from turn of century) $5.99
Grant, Anne Underwood Multiple Listing (Charlotte, NC, real estate agency owner Sydney Teague realizes murder of friend & fellow realtor is part of real estate crime spree; PBO) $5.99
Greene, Graham The Tenth Man (French lawyer held prisoner by Germans in WWII is chosen to die, but makes trade for life that follows him into "freedom") $10.00
Greenleaf, Stephen Past Tense (San Francisco PI John Marshall Tanner 12, must uncover the repressed memories that're driving Lt Charlie Sleet's sudden violence) $6.50
Grisham, John The Partner (young partner in prominent Southern firm stages death & flees w/fortune stolen from firm's offshore account, but not far or fast enough) $7.99
Hamill, Denis House on Fire (NY firefighter's life disintegrates when wife & daughter leave, but brother's search for them turns up sinister secret) $6.99
Hamill, Denis Three Quarters (NY cop Bobby Emmet struggles to prove accusations he killed his wife are a frame, but doing so means exposing secrets people will kill for) $23
Harris, Thomas Red Dragon (reprint) $11.95
Harrison, Jamie Going Local (MT Sheriff Jules Clement 2, copes w/July 4 rodeo "festivities", murder of enviro lawyer, shady land deal & British film director as body count rises) $5.99
Heller, Jean Handyman (police have made no headway in catching Tampa serial killer, who's decided it's time to let next victim know he's coming) $6.99
Holman, Sheri A Stolen Tongue (Father Fabri's 1483 pilgrimage to shrines of St Katherine of Alexandria through Greece & Palestine is marred by systematic thefts of relics) $12
Johansen, Iris And Then You Die... (photojournalist Bess Grady's Mexico vacation turns to horror when she encounters town of dead, decontamination_suited soldiers & terrorist experiments) $22.95
Kelly, Thomas Payback (Irish brothers working construction in New York get caught up w/Irish mob during 80s building boom; author was NYCwater_tunnel worker) $6.99
King, Laurie R A Letter of Mary (Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes 3, are send an archaeologist's stunning discovery from the Holy Land just before her murder) $5.99
Krich, Rochelle Fertile Ground (Dr Lisa Brockman must investigate alone in web of greed, deceit, cover_ups when her fertility clinic is accused of egg_switching, murder) $22.00
Leonard, Elmore Cuba Libre (one man takes crooked path to straight & narrow during Spanish_ American War in Cuba; "high adventure, history, romance, &...nefarious undertakings") $23.95
Lieberman, Herbert The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes (NY Met curator takes on terrorist who slashes art, uses victim parts in "exhibits", whose sights are on Botticelli show & artist's model's descendent) $6.99
Luber, Philip Pray for Us Sinners (psychiatrist Harry Kline 3, investigates 20_year_old murder of lover's mother; PBO) $5.99
McEwan, Ian Enduring Love (attempt to rescue child in runaway balloon goes awry, man is killed & begins nightmare of suspicion, obsession & assassination) $23.95
Mobley, CA Rites of War (USS Rampage commander realizes hidden agenda behind torpedoing of N Korean sub & US command ship, takes on U_boat commander; PBO) $6.99
Moody, Bill The Sound of the Trumpet (jazz pianist/PI Evan Horne 3, hired to authenticate recordings believed to be of trumpet legend, but murder interrupts his listening session) $5.99
Mosley, Walter Gone Fishin' (young Easy Rawlins & Mouse Alexander find themselves & friendship tested by voodoo, sex, revenge & death in 1939 Louisiana) $6.50
Murray, Donna Huston No Bones About It (Main Line sleuth Ginger Barnes 4, helps old school chum whose dog is accused of killing her husband,a Philadelphia diet doctor; PBO) $5.99
Nance, John J The Last Hostage (pilot takes 737 hostage over Rockies, demands killer be caught & indicted w/in 20 hrs & FBI hostage negotiator Kat Bronsky begins to shift sides) $23.95
Newton, Michael Waste Land (non_fiction; covers 1958 murder spree of Charles Starkweather & his 14_year_old girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate; PBO) $6.99
O'Reilly, Victor The Devil's Footprint (Hugo Fitzduane 3, must face his nemesis the Hangman's vegeful lover in full_scale assault on American soil) $6.99
Obler, Dr Martin/Clavin, Thomas Fatal Analysis (non_fiction; psychologist's perspective of suspecting client is serial killer & is stalking him) $5.99
Paige, Robin (Susan W/Bill Albert) Death at Devil's Bridge (Victorian newlyweds Charles & Kate Sheridan host auto exhibition for investors & inventors, but the explosive competition turns deadly; PBO) $5.99
Palmer, Michael Critical Judgment (doctor's forbidden investigation of mysterious illness "manages to scare the socks off the reader") $6.99
Parry, Richard The Winter Wolf (historical crossover; young Nathan Blaylock won't get his mom's $20,000 legacy unless he tracks his father, Wyatt Earp, to Alaska & kills him) $6.99
Partridge, Norman Ten_Ounce Siesta (Jack Baddalach 2, takes on machine_gunning women in black leather, an asthmatic chihuahua & a rattlesnake_handling preacher; PBO) $5.99
Peters, Ralph The Devil's Garden (Lt Col Evan Burton searches for senator's daughter disappeared in lawless Eurasian mountain country, a bargaining chip in global game) $15.95
Pineiro, RJ Exposure (Prof Pamela Sasser finds dangerous bug in chip in nearly all computer, military systems,pres cand/chip mfg co chair will do anything to keep secret) $6.99
Ripley, Ann Mulch (gardner Louise Eldridge 1, tries to root out a killer; revised & expanded with gardening essays not in original hc) $5.99
Sasser, Michael & Charles Fire Cops (non_fiction; look at work of top arson investigators; PBO) $6.50
Schutze, Jim Bully: True Story of High School Revenge (non_fiction; after years of abuse, 7 victims lure their tormentor into Everglades to kill him) $5.99
Shankman, Sarah Digging Up Momma (Samantha Adams gets a message from her mother that seems genuine, but mom died in plane crash 30 years ago-right?) $22.00
Shannon, John Concrete River (the only thing Jack Liffey has left is his ability to track missing children, but his latest case sends hime down the Concrete River of LA) $5.99
Sikes, Gini 8 Ball Chicks:A Year in the Violent World of Girl Gangs (non_fiction; profiles of female gangs & their leaders in South Central LA, San Antonio, Milwaukee) $14.00
Taylor, Kathleen Funeral Food (waitress Tory Bauer 3, lets curiosity get the better of her when Mormon missionary's murder points to buried, small_town secrets; PBO) $5.99
Tippette, Giles Heaven's Gold (historical crossover; retired bank robber Wilson Young decides to "detour" Federal Reserve gold shipment, send gov't a message to keep out of 1916 war) $5.99
Wallace, Marilyn Current Danger (NY general contractor Claudia Miller realizes deaths of colleagues' relatives are connected to threats to family & her stalker-but who & why?) $22.95
White, Ruth Belle Prater's Boy (ya; when Woodrow moves in w/Appalachian grandparents after his mother disappears, his cousin Gypsy becomes his best friend, despite secrets both hide) $4.99
Wings, Mary She Came to the Castro (lesbian PI Emma Victor 4, is after San Francisco mayoral candidate's blackmailer, but then the culprit turns up dead & she's running for her life) $5.99
Wolfe, Linda Love Me to Death (non_fiction; profile of confessed serial killer Ricardo Caputo & the 5 women he killed, including author's friend) $24.00
Woodward, Ann Of Death & Black Rivers (11c Japan Imperial Court's Lady Aoi helps another elope w/victorious northern general, but when defiant ministers start to die, she investigates; PBO) $5.50


Adamson, Lydia Dr Nightingale Races the Outlaw Colt (vet Dr Dierdre Nightingale steps in when police officer's gunned down & runaway colt is connected; PBO) $5.99
Allen, Irene Quaker Indictment (Quaker Elizabeth Elliot 4, visits close friend in Seattle who's brutal murder endangers both herself & local investigating doctor) $21.95
Andreae, Christine A Small Target (prof/trail cook Lee Squires 3, hired for ecofriendly trip into MT high country,but conflict between developer, enviro activist leads to murder) $4.99
Bland, Eleanor Taylor See No Evil (Illinois Det Marti MacAlister 6, investigates cliff_falling death of woman whose criminal ties endanger homeless man & Marti's own family) $22.95
Block, Lawrence Hit Man (4 inter_connected, rewritten stories about professional killer) $22.00
Brown, Dan Digital Fortress (Nat'l Security Agency ex_programmer vows to release formula that'll make its illegal supercomputer obsolete unless company admits computer's existence) $24.95
Buggé, Carole The Star of India (Sherlock Holmes must match wits again w/the nemesis he thought dead when those dear to him are threatened) $21.95
Butler, Gwendoline A Dark Coffin (London's Cmdr John Coffin's investigation of couple's "suicide" at theater reveals calculated illusions, "twin faces of good & evil, love & hate") $5.50
Cooke, John Peyton The Rape of Ganymede (gay NY PI Greg Quaintance hired to stop extortion of music star accused of sex w/teen boy, but accuser's killed & kid runs & case turns into minefield) $24.00
Curzon, Clare All Unwary (Mike Yeadings & Thames Valley Police search for missing daughter of wealthy Japanese magnate whose business partner's been murdered) $21.95
Douglas, John/Olshaker, Mark Obsession (non_fiction; subtitled "FBI...profiler probes the psyches of killers, rapists, stalkers & their victims & tells how to fight back") $26.00
Dukthas, Ann In the Time of the Poisoned Queen (time traveler Nicholas Segalla must uncover plot to poison tyrannical Queen "Bloody Mary" in 1558 London) $22.95
Finder, Joseph High Crimes (attorney tries to defend husband on atrocity charges when govt operative, but trial is top_secret Pentagon court martial & all evidence is classified) $24.00
Fisher, Nancy Code Red (virologist joins organization bringing medicine to 3rd world, but finds secrets, lies & deadly conspiracy turning world into nightmare; PBO) $5.99
Foxwell, Elizabeth/Greenberg, MH_ed Murder, They Wrote II (TV tie_in; anthology of Jessica Fletcher stories by Perry, Maron, Dunlap, Pickard, Dentinger, Kingsbury, more; PBO) $6.99
Goliszek, Andrew World Order (NASA crash site investigator realizes latest case is piece of Pentagon plot to use biochemical weapon against 3rd World industry) $24.95
Greer, Robert The Devil's Backbone (black Denver bondsman/bounty hunter CJ Floyd 3, helps employee find out who murdered oldest friend, pro_rodeo star w/connection to barren mountain peaks) $22.00
Greer, Robert The Devil's Red Nickel (black Denver PI CJ Floyd 2, investigates death of DJ Daddy Doo_Wop from his youth, but turns out nostalgia's no way to cope w/dark side of music biz) $5.99
Hall, Parnell Suspense (NY PI Stanley Hastings 13, hired to find out who's making threatening calls to author's wife, but case turns deadly & suspects are many & unlikely) $23.00
Hammond, Gerald Bloodlines (Scottish kennel owner John Cunningham becomes suspect when local official who'd tricked him into business is nearly killed) $20.95
Harper, Andrew Bad Karma (psychiatrist takes family on vacation from hospital for criminally insane, but inmate obsessed with him has other ideas) $5.99
Iles, Greg Mortal Fear (erotic online service's systems operator must take on the madman who's broken the network's security & murdered celebrity clients) $6.99
Johnstone, William W Ambush in the Ashes (post_apocalyptic adventure #24) $5.99
Jones, Bruce Maximum Velocity (Chris Nelson meets man claiming to be him & realizes he's pawn in plot between CIA & professional assassin & may have to become assassin himself) $5.99
Kelly, Lelia Presumption of Guilt (ambitious attorney realizes one thing stands between her & career_making victory in police corruption/cover_up case: the truth) $22.95
Kennealy, Jerry The Suspect (when famed art collector's kidnapped, her husband is prime suspect & must clear his name, find wife & uncover lethal conspiracy of revenge;PBO) $5.99
Koontz, Dean Fear Nothing (Christopher Snow's disease is vulnerability to light, but when he witnesses murder in the dark must confront "many_layered strangeness of Moonlight Bay") $26.95
Latt, Mimi Pursuit of Justice (young attorney Rebecca Morland's perfect life is shattered when husband disappears from yacht & aspects of his past come to surface) $23.00
Lutz, John Ooops! (St Louis PI Alo Nudger 9, teams up w/wild female sidekick to investigate woman's "accidental" death that leads to more) $22.95
MacPherson, Malcolm Deadlock (during trial of Chinese immigrant for woman's murder, Judge Daniel Barr receives anonymous tip that real killer is on the jury) $23.00
Mahoney, Dan Once In, Never Out (NYPD Det Brian McKenna tracks bomber who's already killed 2 in Iceland, before NY's St Patrick's Day Parade becomes next target) $24.95
Muller, Eddie Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir (movie reference; recreates seedy_chic world of classic crime drama & slippery moral terrain from famed classics to lost gems) $22.95
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 110: Never Say Die (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Parker, T Jefferson The Triggerman's Dance (FBI agent Joshua Weinstein turns to murdered fiance's lover to track killers to right_wing fascist organization, but are they really on the same side?) $6.99
Parker, T Jefferson Where Serpents Lie (Orange County Crimes Against Youth head Terry Naughton tracks man who kidnapps children & releases them in period clothes w/snakeskin memento) $23.95
Pence, Irene Triangle (non_fiction; millionaire finance's young woman's education, but triangle of man & 2 women degenerates into greed, sex, drugs, murder; PBO) $5.99
Pendleton, Don Executioner 230 (paramilitary adventure) $3.75
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 58: Rage for Justice (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Rinehart, Mary Roberts Miss Pinkerton (reprint of 1932 classic) $5.99
Satterthwait, Walter Accustomed to the Dark (Santa Fe PI Joshua Croft 5, pursues psychopath who shot partner Rita Mondragon 6 yrs ago & again recently) $4.99
Sayers, Dorothy L/Walsh, Jill Paton Thrones, Dominations (unfinished novel of Harriet Vane & Lord Peter Wimsey set during Edward VIII's reign, finished by Walsh) $23.95
Shaw, Simon The Company of Knaves (actor, schemer, murderer Philip Fletcher wants to be knighted in the worst way-and that means blackmail & more; "bitingly funny") $20.95
Simpson, Dorothy Once Too Often (Insp Luke Thanet 14, investigates death of local journalist whom many wanted dead, including her husband) $21.00
Skinner, Robert Cat_Eyed Trouble (1938 New Orleans nightclub owner Wesley Farrell 2, investigates when his ex_lover, now girlfriend of ex_cop framed for murder, is killed) $19.95
Skinner, Robert Skin Deep, Blood Red (1930s New Orleans club owner Wesley Farrell debuts in "evocative, gritty tale of corruption, deception & murder") $5.99
Spillane, Mickey/Collins, MaxAllan_eds Private Eyes (original stories by Spillane, Collins, Pronzini, Kaminsky, Hoch, D'Amato, DeAndrea, Miller, Healey, Meyers, Randisi, more) $6.50
Spindler, Erica Shocking Pink (15 years ago, 3 girls' obsession w/spying on lovers led to witnessing murder & now someone's watching them) $5.99
Tey, Josephine A Shilling for Candles (reprint; Insp Alan Grant's investigation of movie actress' drowning death becomes nightmare of clues; intro by Robert Barnard) $9.00
Walker, David J Applaud the Hollow Ghost (Chicago PI Mal Foley 3, investigates childhood classmate accused of assaulting teen girl) $22.95
Weaver, Michael The Lie (when president's kidnapped at human rights conference, Secret Svc agent Paul Walters joins lover Kate Dinneson to stop fanatics' plans) $6.50


Banbury, Jen Like a Hole in the Head (bookseller's 1st edition profit turns sour when "outlandish cast of psychopaths, sleazy..dealers & minor_league Hollywood moguls start sniffng around") $21.95
Braton, William The Turnaround (non_fiction; ex_NYC police commissioner's description of historic crime reduction) $25.00
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Jim Qwilleran & cats 20, investigate elderly woman's arson death, as well as art center break_in; audio $17.95) $22.95
Carey, Peter Jack Maggs (foundling thief deported to Australia returns to 1830s London, becomes entangled w/author interested in mesmerism & fascinated w/criminal mind) $24.00
Cobb, James H Sea Strike (Commander Amanda Lee Garrett 2, & destroyer crew are caught in middle of Chinese civil war at sea) $24.95
Cook, Robin Toxin (divorced surgeon investigates food_poisoning death of son at fast food restaurant that leads to cover_ups & violence; audio $24.95) $24.95
Dibdin, Michael Dark Specter (Seattle detective investigating multiple murder & St Paul teacher mourning murdered wife & son converge w/eerie prophet whose followers kill for him) $13.00
Dunbar, Tony Shelter From the Storm (New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet 4, intercepts group of bank robbers amid stormy Mardi Gras) $23.95
Farnsworth, Clyde Shadow Wars (Russian physicist who can make artificial gold defects to Israel & US recruits discover he's controlled by cadre of Mossad officers w/CIA connections) $24.95
Glass, Leslie Judging Time (NYC Police Sgt April Woo 4, wants to look deeper when pressure's on to accuse ex_football star of wife's murder in Times Square while w/male companion) $23.95
Griffin, WEB Badge of Honor: The Investigators (Special Ops Det Matt Payne & colleagues investigate a squad of bad cops & a group of urban terrorists) $24.95
Haywood, Gar Anthony When Last Seen Alive (black LA PI Aaron Gunner 5, hired to find acquaintance who never returned from Million Man March & may have been caught up in extremist group) $22.95
Himes, Chester Yesterday Will Make You Cry (restoration of original version of Cast the First Stone ; autobiographical story of young man's passage through prison system) $25
Klavan, Andrew The Uncanny (movie producer looks for evidence that old ghost stories he uses for material are true, discovers more danger than he bargained for) $25.00
Lewis, Jim Why the Tree Loves the Ax (young woman flees failed marriage, becomes involved in policeman's death during riot) $22.00
Lira, Gonzalo Counterparts (FBI Margaret Chisholm paired w/CIA Nicholas Denton to stop int'l assassin who's targeted nun_w/_a_past Sister Marianne) $24.95
Lovett, Sarah A Desperate Silence (Santa Fe forensic psychiatrist Sylvia Strange 3, encounters mute child who's apparently target of drug lord's hit man-but why?) $24.00
Stone, Michael A Long Reach (Denver PI Streeter 2, reluctantly agrees to help ex_fiancee who's being threatened by client, but he's in for even more trouble than he thought) $5.95
Stone, Michael Token of Remorse (Denver PI Streeter 3, hired by waterbed millionaire to find sex shop proceeds swiped by airhead nephew/showbiz mistress into Mexico) $21.95
Summers, EW This Never Happened (after sister's midnight call admitting to husband's murder, Richard's forced to face what really happened in family's past & his own role therein) $22.00
Westlake, Donald_ed Murderous Schemes: An Anthology of Classic Detective Stories (incl Poe, Collins, Doyle, Chesterton, Chandler, Sayers, Himes, Block, more) $15.95
Willocks, Tim Bloodstained Kings (son pursues father, mother pursues daughter, more pursue money & power, all through obsession, betrayal, revenge in New Orleans & rural South) $23.00


Arostegui, Martin C Twilight Warriors: Inside the World's Special Forces (non_fiction; training, battles, weapons, secrets around world; incl new chapter not in hc) $6.99
Bell, Nancy Biggie & the Mangled Mortician (East TX grande dame Biggie Weatherford 2, takes it personally when new mortician is killed before "HMS Pinafore" rehearsal she's directing, starring in) $5.99
Boyle, Gerry Borderline (journalist Jack McMorrow 4, knows there's a story in man's disappearance from tour bus in tiny Maine town) $22.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Tailed a Thief (reporter Jim Qwilleran/cats Koko & Yum Yum investigates banker's suspicious death, all the tantalizingly suspicious clues, projects, people left behind) $6.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs Jeffries Reveals Her Art (Victorian housekeeper Mrs Jeffries & Insp Witherspoon search for a missing artist's model, but stumble onto even more of a mystery; PBO) $5.99
Cercone, Karen Rose Blood Tracks (1905 Pittsburgh social worker Helen Sorby/Det Milo Kachigan 2, investigate murder of engineer for Westinghouse amid mistrust, corruption & unrest; PBO) $5.99
Cleary, Melissa And Your Little Dog Too (Jackie Walsh/German shepherd Jake 10, follow stray terrier to body of homeless woman & are compelled to investigate; PBO) $5.99
Conant, Susan The Barker Street Regulars (dog writer Holly Winter & malamutes 11, visit Holmes fans at nursing home, but murder & animal_psychic victimization prompt them to emulate their idol) $21.95
Connelly, Michael Trunk Music (Det Harry Bosch 5, trails money from LA to Vegas in movie producer's Mafia_style murder, but risking love while making enemies could be a problem) $6.99
Cooper, Susan Rogers There Was a Little Girl (romance writer EJ Pugh 4, saves suicidal teen, but gets caught up in her dysfunctional family & their murders; PBO) $5.50
Crichton, Michael Eaters of the Dead (movie tie_in reprint; Viking warriors journey to meet most dreaded enemy) $7.99
Douglass, Keith Carrier: Arsenal (action thriller, expanded edition; Adm Magruder leads Carrier Battle Group in politics_driven attack on insurgents who've taken over Cuba) $6.99
Dunlap, Susan Cop Out (Berkeley Det Jill Smith 10, juggles cases of missing friend, counter_culture PI & murder of flamboyant civil peacekeeper shot in the PI's office) $5.99
Ferrell, Keith Passing Judgement (one man battle's a whole town's prejudice to uncover a fundamentalist killer; "subtle, delicately crafted") $6.99
Fitzhugh, Bill Pest Control (exterminator Bob Dillon's mistaken for assassin by murder_for_hire broker, now he's running from "competition"-motley collection of eccentric killers) $5.99
Ford, GM Slow Burn (Seattle PI Leo Waterman 4, tracks food critic's killer from international food festival through ritzy & gritty streets while pursuing Black Angus bull for BBQ) $20.00
Ford, GM The Bum's Rush (Seattle PI Leo Waterman investigates homeless woman's claim she's dead rock idol's mother & gets himself & "the Boys" into quite a dangerous mess) $5.99
Fowler, Earlene Goose in the Pond (quilter/folk art expert Benni Harper 4, finds costumed dead woman from Storyteller's Guild who'd been telling more dangerous secrets than fairy tales) $6.50
Grisham, John (untitled as yet) (legal thriller; audio avail $27.95) $27.95
Hamilton, Lyn The Maltese Goddess (antiquities dealer Lara Mcclintoch 2, gets job furnishing Malta home of Toronto architect, but he's killed must unearth secrets of his home, life; PBO) $5.99
Handler, David The Man Who Loved Women to Death (ghostwriter Stewart "Hoagy" Hoag's latest job is writing celebrity serial killer's memoirs, but will he survive the assignment?) $5.50
Hartzmark, Gini Fatal Reaction (attorney Kate Mullholland 4, finds billion_dollar pharmaceutical deal no different from street_level drug buy-murderous; PBO) $6.50
Kanon, Joseph Los Alamos (thriller, love & espionage in N. Mex. near end of WWII) $6.99
Kiecolt_Glase, Janice Unconscious Truths (psychologist Haley McAlister 2, must investigate dead patient's assertion of remembering surgeons discuss harming her during last surgery; PBO) $5.99
Kienzle, William X The Man Who Loved God (Father Koesler's (19) vacation fill_in, Father Zachary Tully, drawn into investigating bank robbery_murder w/never_before_met half_brother, Lt Zoo Tully) $6.99
Knief, Charles Diamond Head (retired Navy officer/PI asked to solve vice admiral's daughter's murder, but finds connections to Hawaii snuff industry, political scandal) $5.99
Lambdin, Dewey A King's Commander (historical naval adventures; hero Alan Lewrie's 7th adventure) $5.99
Lankford, Terrill Shooters (one thing threatens fashion photographer Nick Gardner's hold on the Malibu high_life-a 10_year_old murder) $6.99
Logue, John A Rain of Death (golf writer John Morris aims to get the whole story when tycoon drops dead in the Lodge during 1974 Bing Crosby Pro_Am tour; PBO) $5.99
Lyon, Kathryn Witch Hunt:True Story of Social Hysteria&Abused Justice (non_ficton; exploration of how hysteria fueled power misuses & miscarried justice in small_town child abuse scandal; PBO) $5.99
MacGregor, Rob Prophecy Rock (young adult; Will Lansa spends summer w/father, Hopi tribal police chief, but murder of man near sacred place leads him to ancient prophecies, danger) $4.50
Miles, Margaret A Wicked Way to Burn (Colonial Bracebridge farmer Charlotte Willett gets curious when merchant disappears, prompting witchcraft talk, bringing visit from the King's Man; PBO) $5.50
Monfredo, Miriam Grace The Stalking Horse (librarian Glynis Tryon 5, heads for secessionist Alabama when Pinkerton Detective niece's fellow agents killed in anti_gov't plot; based on actual event) $21.95
Neville, Katherine The Magic Circle (when toxic_materials expert Ariel Behn's cousin is killed, she inherits manuscripts going back to Tiberius,Jesus &ancient puzzle of power) $25.95
Parker, Robert B Small Vices (Boston PI Spenser hired to prove young man didn't kill college student, but then bullet puts Spenser in coma) $6.99
Petit, Chris The Psalm Killer (British cop pursues serial killer through battle_torn Northern Ireland) $6.99
Reich, Christopher Numbered Account (man with everything sets it all aside to take job w/United Swiss Bank to find truth behind his father's murder) $24.95
Ressler, Robert K/Shachtman, Tom I Have Lived in the Monster (non_fiction; ex_FBI serial_killer hunter describes famous cases he's worked) $6.50
Roberts, Gillian Bluest Blood (teacher Amanda Pepper 7, finds prep_school library benefit gala a fascinating intro to ultra_rich Main Line society-until murder intrudes) $22
Robinson, Lynda S Eater of Souls (King Tut's sleuth Lord Meren 4, investigates Queen Nefertiti's mysterious death & tracks a serial killer) $5.99
Rogers, Chris Bitch Factor (TX bounty hunter Dixie Flannigan calls on every hard edge she's honed to bring in accused child killer through ND blizzard despite protests of innocence) $22.95
Shuman, Malcolm Burial Ground (Louisiana archeologist Dr Alan Graham hired to look for Indian burials on wealthy man's plantation, but then owner dies & tenant goes missing; PBO) $5.50
Silva, Daniel Unlikely Spy (reclusive, fumbling history don heads WWII counterintelligence, must stop aristocratic, model war widow/deep_cover Nazi spy from escaping w/D_Day info) $6.99
Simpson, Thomas William The Caretaker (Samantha Henderson's husband gets dream job offer, incl estate w/cook, caretaker, driver, but finds all this sets them up for psychopath's terrorizing) $22.95
Smith, Michael Marshall Spares (at Spares Farm, human contraband is kept-but who are they & what are they for?) $6.50
Spruill, Steven Rulers of Darkness (Dr Katherine O'Keefe/Det Merrick Chapman discover DC serial killer is hemophage, as is Merrick & search for killer may only reveal more horrible truth) $6.99
Thomas, Graham Malice in the Highlands (1st in new series set in Scottish Highlands; "delightfully funny"; PBO) $5.50
Tine, Robert JAG: The Novel (TV tie_in; Lt Cmdr Harmon Rabb investigates Naval crimes for Office of the Judge Advocate General; PBO) $5.99
Title, Elise Romeo ("psychosexual thriller" about man who preys on San Francisco's most beautiful & talented women, & none survive) $6.50
Watson, Peter Capo ("a dynamite novel (based on fact) about the man who brought the Mafia to America"; PBO) $6.99
Wilson, F Paul Deep as the Marrow (president decides to back pot legalization & organized crime decides he must die & they'll force his best friend & doctor to kill him) $6.99
Winslow, Don Way Down on the High Lonely (grad student/PI Neal Carey 3, directed by benefactors to track kidnapped child from Hollywood to Nevada, must tangle w/deadly white supremacist group) $5.99


Auiler, Dan Vertigo:Making of a Hitchcock Classic (film/reference; in_depth recreation of making of the thriller, w/early script drafts, interviews, visual material) $27.95
Axler, James Outlanders 4: Omega Path (post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.50
Ball, Donna Dark Angel (freak accident survivor finds her name, town, street gone, but dreams of serial killer victims point to evil emerging from past; PBO) $5.99
Barker, Rodney And the Waters Turned to Blood: The Ultimate Biological Threat (non_fiction; account of the search for deadly microorganism that threatens fish & humans in North Carolina) $13.00
Bedell, Geraldine Party Tricks (war correspondent Helen Clare is aiming to change specialties to political coverage, but finding Labor Party member dead wasn't in the plan) $22.95
Bonansinga, Jay Head Case (injured, amnesiac man escapes kidnapping attempt, but police continue pursuit & PI Jessie Bales discovers that he may actually be killer) $23.00
Coleman, Evelyn What A Woman's Gotta Do (when Patricia Conley's fiance leaves her w/cash, jewel, then dies or is killed, her search for answers leads to genetic research, covert ops, conspiracy) $23.00
Constantine, KC Brush Back (acting police chief 'Rugs' Carlucci investigates baseball_bat murder of Rocksburg's 1950s athelete star whose past provides plenty of suspects) $22.00
Constantine, KC Family Values (Rocksburg 13, Mario Balzic looks into 17_year_old murder case, finds small_town police chief who controlled town w/looting, rape & murder) $5.99
D'Amato, Barbara Good Cop, Bad Cop (Chicago beat cop Aldo Bertolucci gets chance to ruin brother's superintendent career w/hidden info of illegal, deadly 1969 raid on Black Panther house) $22.95
Delbanco, Nicholas In the Name of Mercy (doctor finds calling running hospice to help the critically ill die,but unexplained deaths may mean he's passed on to murder) $12.99
Doherty, PC The Devil's Hunt (Hugh Corbet 10, complies w/royal request to solve murder of Oxford's Regent in 1303) $21.95
Forster, RA Mentor (LA atty Lauren Kingsley's prosecution of militia terrorist in bombing lands her in conspiracy, corruption, judicial secrets when her mentor's shot; PBO) $5.99
Freeling, Nicolas One More River (British novelist living in France faces fact that someone's trying to kill him & will pursue him across Europe to do it) $22.00
Gorman, Ed Harlot's Moon (psychological profiler Robert Payne goes to help priest friend, finds another priest murdered who may be connected to more murders) $21.95
Hart, Roy Seascape with Dead Figures (DS Roper is troubled by anomalies in the death of small town's prominent man w/complex, sadistic life) $4.99
Heller, Jane Crystal Clear (Crystal's trip to New Age resort to put cosmic order in life leads to reunion w/ex_husband, disappearance of heiress friend & danger) $23.00
Heller, Jane Princess Charming (3 divorced women's annual vacation together is Caribbean cruise this year, but a hit man is aboard & one of them may be the target) $5.99
Henderson, Bruce Trace Evidence (non_fiction; details the hunt for West Coast sex strangler Roger Kibbe) $24.00
Jorgensen, Christine T Curl Up & Die (Stella the Stargazer 3, takes a closer look when famous hairstylist_ &_love_god is electrocuted in salon & Stella's friend is prime suspect) $4.99
Kaminsky, Stuart The Rockford Files 2: Devil on My Doorstep (classic TV detective gets a new case) $22.95
Law, Janice Time Lapse (investigator Anna Peters 3, hired to look into drowning death of film star on set & finds a life like a movie script-ambiguity, danger, suspense) $4.99
Lovejoy, William H Dark Morning (cult fanatics intent on fomenting Mid East war poison Israeli settlement's water supply w/viral toxin; PBO) $5.99
Marcantel, Pamela An Army of Angels (novel of Joan of Arc, French peasant girl who led army against England & burned at stake before age 20) $15.95
McBain, Ed The Last Best Hope (FL attorney Matthew Hope hired by woman to find the missing husband she wants to divorce, but the man's dead-or is he?) $24.00
McGaughey, Neil A Corpse by Any Other Name (author Kyle Malachi 4, kills off pseudonymous alter_ego Stokes Moran in fake obit, but becomes suspect when corpse turns up w/same name) $22.00
Miano, Mark Flesh & Stone (NY TV reporter Michael Carpo 1, thinks art dealer entombed in reservoir ice has deeper roots than thrill_kill) $5.99
Miano, Mark The Street Where She Lived (NY TV reporter Michael Carpo 2, investigates serial killer & his latest victim, Carpo's neighbor) $20.00
Michaels, Grant Dead as a Doornail (newly_wealthy gay ex_hairdresser Stan Kraychick 6, renovates Boston brownstone, finds body of contractor who resembles him) $22.95
Myers, Tamar Between a Wok & a Hard Place (Pennsylvania Dutch inn owner Magdalena Yoder 5, trail of Asian tourist's murder leads to local Amish community;PBO) $5.99
Nadelson, Reggie Red Hot Blues (NY cop investigates assassination that leads him 1st to Brighton Beach mafia, then to Moscow, where he must face his won past) $22.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 231 (paramilitary adventure) $3.75
Pendleton, Don Stony Man 33: Punitive Measures (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Shames, Laurence Mangrove Squeeze (Aaron Katz finds easy life in Key West not so when ad saleswoman disappears & playboy who'd been pursuing her is murdered) $22.95
Shames, Laurence Virgin Heat (incarcerated godfather's daughter heads for Florida to find man she loves, who's in hiding after betraying her father, & the don is on to them all) $5.99
Smith, Frank Stone Dead (Shropshire DCI Neil Paget/Sgt John Tregalles 2, investigate case of unidentified corpse found at bottom of stone well) $20.95
Sullivan, Thomas The Martyring (when young Kurt joins Hauptmann family stained glass business w/Middle Ages roots, he stumbles onto evidence of long_ago murders) $21.95
Todd, Charles Wings of Fire (Insp Ian Rutledge 2, investigates sudden deaths of 3 family members in 1920 Cornwall) $23.95
Weir, Charlene Murder Take Two (Kansas Police Chief Susan Wren 4, investigates death of stuntwoman during filming among the cornfields) $23.95
White, Stephen Remote Control (psychologist Alan Gregory attempts to help both daughter of assassinated gov't official & his wife, arrested for murder, & disovers deadly conspiracy) $6.99
Wilhelm, Kate The Good Children (tragedy soon strikes Oregon family after moving into dream home & 4 kids discover how far they'll go to keep family together) $22.95
Wilson, Tom Desert Fury (war vet takes job w/private foundation & 1st assignment is hunting rogue FBI agent turned by Russians; PBO) $6.99


Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity Digs In (Lori Shepherd/Reginald Rabbit 3, try to settle local feud over archaeology dig, find document as Dimity's magic notebook gives key to buried secrets) $21.95
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity's Good Deed (Lori Shepherd 3, agrees to take father_in_law along on trip, but when he disappears leaving mysterious note, she turns to ghostly Aunt Dimity) $5.95
Berlow, Alan Dead Season (non_fiction; murders of Philippine landowner, peasant & soldier shortly after Marcos' fall connect to shredding social/political fabric) $14.00
Connelly, Michael Blood Work (ex_FBI agent Terril McCaleb shocked to learn his transplanted heart came from murdered woman, more so when he discovers truth) $23.95
Engel, Howard Getting Away with Murder (PI Benny Cooperman 9, dragged out of bed by thugs to meet crime boss, wants Benny to investigate attempts on his life) $22.95
Fry, Stephen Making History (earnest history grad & aging German physicist set out to interfere w/Hitler's birth & launch world that has to be better-right?) $23.00
Garcia_Aguilera, Carolina Bloody Secrets (Miami PI Lupe Solano 3, takes case of Cuban refugee accusing prominent couple of robbing family & arranging his murder) $23.95
Garrett, George The King of Babylon Shall Not Come Against You (25 years after small Florida town's week of crime that coincided w/Martin Luther King Jr's assassination, investigative reporter finds unexpected answers) $13.00
Lott, Bret The Hunt Club (SC teen Huger Dillard works as guide for blind uncle's hunting outfit, but discovery of dead, mutilated body threatens everything) $23.00
MacDonald, Ross The Moving Target; The Wycherly Woman; The Zebra_Striped Hearse (PI Lew Archer reprints) $11.00 each
Mortimer, John The Third Rumpole Omnibus (omnibus reprint of Rumpole a la Carte , Rumpole on Trial , Rumpole & the Angel of Death ) $16.95
Pharr, Robert Deane S.R.O. (reprint; waiter/writer Sid Bailey adapts to ways of Harlem welfare hotel, full of addicts, pushers, prostitutes, winos, & others) $13.00
Smith, Vern E The Jones Men (reprint; Vietnam vet/mid_level heroin dealer Lonnie Jack aims to take place of drug kingpin in subculture of addicts, dealers & corrupt cops) $12
Stout, Rex Target Practice (collection of all Stout's short fiction written for All_Story Magazine , includes some previously unavailable material; PBO) $5.95
White, Stephen Critical Conditions (Denver psychologist Alan Gregory 6, called in to help mute, suicidal teen, learns HMO policy may kill her sister, she may be involved in exec's death) $23.95
Wood, Barbara Perfect Harmony (Charlotte Lee targeted by Internet stalker, maybe connected to tampering of her biotech firm's ancient Chinese herb remedy, but answers may lie in past) $23.95

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