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Newsletter #39 September - November, 1997


Random House Book of Fantasy Stories (young adult anthology) $9.99
Random House Book of SF Stories (young adult anthology) $9.99
Ackerman, Forrest J-ed. Ackermanthology (65 rediscovered sf short stories) $12.95
Bisson, Terry The Fifth Element (movie novelization) $5.99
Bujold, Lois McMaster Dreamweaver's Dilemma (short stories and essays) $12.00
Cerasini, Marc Godzilla Returns (novel) $4.99
Cooney, Caroline B. Out of Time (young adult, time travel) $4.50
Dickinson, Peter The Lion Tamer's Daughter (4 stories of the supernatural) $15.95
Donoghue, Emma Kissing the Witch (new twists on old fairy tales) $14.95
Englehart, Steve & Terry DNAgers; DNAger: The Legend of Crossbones Key (young adult, twins can travel back in time to experience lives of ancesters) $3.99 each
Ford, John M. From the End of the Twentieth Century (short stories, poetry, and three essays) $21.00
Green, Roland Tales of the Comet (magic vs. space travelling aliens) $5.99
King, J. Robert Planar Powers (Planetscape: Blood Wars Trilogy #3) $5.99
Ladd, Louise Anywhere Ring #3, #4 (young adult, magic ring can take you anywhere, anywhen) $4.50 each
Leiber, Fritz Lean Times in Lankhmar ( Swords in the Mist & Swords Against Wizardry in single volume) $5.99
Moorcock, Michael Sailing to Utopia (omnibus of The Ice Schooner, The Black Corridor, The Distant Suns, and Flux ) $21.99
Myers, Walter Dean Shadow of the Red Moon (young adult fantasy) $4.50
Novak,Kate/Grubb.Jeff Finder's Bane (Forgotten Realms: Harper #15) $5.99
Peel, John Diadem #1, 2, 3 (young adult; 3kids from 3 worlds must work together to save all the alternate realities) $3.99 each
Price, Robert M.--ed Nyarlathotep Cycle (Chaosium anthology of Cthulhu Mythos stories) $10.95
Pullmam, Philip The Subtle Knife (sequel to The Golden Compass , fantasy) $20.00
Regan, Dian Curtis Princess Nevermore (young adult fantasy) $4.50
Sagan, Carl Contact (reprint because of movie release) $6.99
Steele, Allen A King of Infinite Space (hard science novel) $23.00
Swanwick, Michael Jack Faust (alchemist despairs at ignorance & superstition & remakes world with knowledge given by Mephisopheles, but love for his creations damn him) $23.00
Vande Velde, Vivian A Hidden Magic (young adult fantasy) $5.00
Waldrop, Howard Going Home Again (short story collection, Australian publisher) $21.95
Wandrei, Donald Don't Dream (horror and fantasy short stories, most from 1926-39) $29.00
Yolen, Jane Here There Be Witches (short stories, poetry, illustrated) $10.00
Wolff, Michael Your Personal Netguide (reference) $7.99


Adams, Scott Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook (cartoon tie_in/business; "manifesto so devious, so has the ability to transform normal human beings into paradigm_spewing zombies") $9.95
Anderson, Kevin J/Moesta, R Star Wars:Young Jedi Knights: Jedi Bounty (media tie_in) $5.99
Anthony, Piers Yon Ill Wind (when a hurricane blows into Xanth, the Demon X(A/N)th & Chlorine must join forces with human family to keep Xanth from blowing off the map) $6.99
Archer, Chris Mind Warp 1: Alien Terror (young reader; aliens landed in WI, left offspring who show powers at 13;PBO) $3.99
Archer, Chris Mind Warp 2: Alien Blood (young reader; PBO) $3.99
Asaro, Catherine Skolian Empire 2: Catch the Lightning (the human_pain_dependent traders now have a Skolian to breed with to develop the Empire's ruling family's telepathy for FTL communications) $5.99
Baird, Wilhelmina Chaos Come Again (in future, symiotes have delivered humanity to new phase of telepathic evolution where reality is flexible & chaos the norm) $5.99
Barnes, John Timeline Wars 3: Caesar's Bicycle (Mark Strang sent to ancient Roma to investigate disappearance of fellow time agent & discovers tampering; PBO) $5.99
Barnes, Steven Blood Brothers (white, suburban ex_Green Beret Austin Tucker & black, outlaw computer hacker Derek Waites must come together to defeat ancient, predatory evil) $6.99
Barnes_Svarney, Patricia ST Voyager: Starfleet Academy 3: Quarantine (young reader) $3.99
Bassom, David Creating Babylon 5 (media tie_in/reference; includes plot developments, special effects, interviews with cast & crew, photos, etc) $18.00
Bradbury, Ray From the Dust Returned (1st full_length fantasy novel since Something Wicked is story of vampire family, includes brothers who operate the town mortuary) $23
Bujold, Lois McMaster Memory (Miles is sidelined after his best attempts to hide revivification side effects, but is assigned to investigate Imperial Security Chief Illyan) $6.99
Card, Orson Scott Treasure Box (reclusive millionaire marries sophisticated woman who turns out to be part of ancient sect determined to unleash dominating evil on the world) $6.50
Carey, Diane Star Trek:Next Gen 1st Voyage: Ship of the Line (prequel to First Contact ; when Capt Bateson's Klingon arch_enemy seizes Enterprise & launches attack on Cardassia, Picard must decide on a side) $22.00
Chester, Deborah Ruby Throne 3: Realm of Light (as Dark Lord is set to assume throne, only Caelan & Elandra possess the magic to stop him; PBO) $6.99
Cook, Rick The Wiz Biz (omnibu of Wizard's Bane & Wizardry Compiled ; master hacker Walter Zumwalt brought by wizards of White League to their world to defeat Black League) $6.99
Coville, Bruce Space Brat 5: The Sabertoothed Poodnoobie (young reader) $3.99
Daley, Brian Han Solo's Revenge (reprint/media tie_in) $5.99
Davis, Jim Garfield Thinks Big (cartoon collection) $6.95
Dietz, William C Alien Bounty (reprint; bounty hunter Sam McCade hunts space pirates who've stolen holy relic with cosmic religious powers) $5.99
Elze, Winifred Here, Kitty, Kitty (horror; when a couple & their cat move to edge of Adirondack Forest, they find fantastic, predatory beasts & open door to prehistoric past) $5.99
Faust, Joe Clifford Files of Pembroke Hall 2: Boddekker's Demons (21c Manhattan ad writer Boddekker's mugged by Ferman's Devils gang & makes them a deal he'll regret; "mordantly funny"; PBO) $5.99
Friedman, Michael Jan Star Trek:Day of Honor 3: Her Klingon Soul (3rd of Invasion tetralogy sequel; B'Elanna faces sacred holiday drawing all her Klingon strength, cunning to survive Risatti imprisonment; PBO) $5.99
Gallagher, Diana G Star Trek DS9 #11: Day of Honor:Honor Bound (young reader) $3.99
Gardner, Craig Shaw Dragon Circle 3: Dragon Burning (Nick Blake realizes his destiny as war between the wizards nears its end) $5.99
Haldeman, Joe Forever Peace (in world of Forever War , soldier Julian Class can't take link to "soldierboy" war machine anymore & discovery that could destroy universe is tempting) $21.95
Hegland, Jean Into the Forest (sisters head deep into forest, struggling to make sense of world when near_future society collapses) $21.95
Holland, Tom Slave of My Thirst (Dr John Eliot investigates vampire_linked epidemic, returns to Victorian London & meets Lilah, who insists on unleashing his monstrous drives on city) $23.00
Johnson, Shane Star Wars: Technical Journal (media tie_in/reference reprint; covers spacecraft, locales, histories, w/photos, schematics, art, blueprints, more) $35.00
Jones, JV The Barbed Coil (See review this issue, author signing September 11, audio tape $17) $22.00
Jones, JV The Book of Words 3: Master & Fool (former baker's boy Jack must learn to harness his magic fully in order to confront the evil, power_mad Kylock) $5.99
Jones/Barreto/Williamson/Garzon Star Wars Boxed Set (deluxe, slipcovered collector's set of all 3 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition graphic_novel adaptations) $29.85
Kalogridis, Jeanne Diaries of the Family Dracul 3:Lord of the Vampires (after half_brother & father die at Vlad Tsepesh's hand, Abraham van Helsing faces ultimate battle with evil Lord of the Vampires) $5.99
Kihn, Greg Horror Show (movie magazine reporter's interview with '50s horror flick director uncovers tale of the deadly curse that struck cult classic) $5.99
Koontz, Dean Santa's Twin (young reader; Charlotte & Emily set out to save Santa from his mischievous evil twin) $20.00
Lee, Stan_ed The Ultimate Silver Surfer (anthology of new stories) $6.50
Llywelyn, Morgan Brian Boru: Emperor of the Irish (true story of the man who revolutionized 10th c Ireland & created a peaceful land) $3.99
Lubar, David Psycho Zone: Witch's Monkey & Other Tales (young reader;) $3.99
MacGregor, Rob Spawn (young adult/movie tie_in; government assassin is reincarnated by forces of underworld as weapon for chaos & destruction) $5.99
McQuarrie, R_art/Anderson, KJ_txt The Illustrated Star Wars Universe (media tie_in/art/ reference) $17.95
McReynolds, Glenna Chalice & the Blade (dark magic/passion collide in historical romance) $16
Miller, Walter M Jr A Canticle for Leibowitz (reprint") $11.95
Moore, Ward Bring the Jubilee (reprint; classic alternate history novel of life in squalid, violent US shaped by Confederate Civil War victory) $11.00
Owens, Everett X_Files 7: Control (young adult/TV tie_in) $4.50
Piasecki, Jerry Chocolate Rules & the Starship Meatloaf (young reader) $3.99
Piasecki, Jerry Ketchup Power & the Starship Meatloaf (young reader;) $3.99
Pratchett, Terry Feet of Clay (Cmdr Vimes of the Ankh_Morpork City Guard's attempt to stop assassin leads to golem, vampire dragon, vegetarian werewolf and....) $5.99
Robinson, Spider The Callahan Chronicles (omnibus reprint edition of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon , Time Travelers Strictly Cash & Callahan's Secret ) $9.99
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Star Wars: The New Rebellion (media tie_in; Senate's bombed just before Leia's speech, Han & Chewie discover secret plot & Luke faces foe determined to be next Emperor) $5.99
Russell, Mary Doria The Sparrow (Jesuit Emilio Sandoz leads 1st expedition to extraterrestrial culture, but 20 years later returns as sole survivor, accused of violence, depravity) $12.00
Scott, Deborah Kid Who Got Zapped Through Time (young reader) $14.00
Shea, Michael The Mines of Behemoth (Nifft the Lean & Barnar Hammer_Hand strike deal with Bunt for smuggled ichor from insectile queen's sap mine;PBO) $5.99
Sherman, David/Cragg, D Starfist 1: First to Fight (Marine squad without support, equipment or water faces 2000 aliens wuith sophisticated weaponry in desert on distant planet) $5.99
Smith, DW/Rusch, KK Star Trek:Day of Honor 4: Treaty's Law (4th of Invasion sequel; Capt Kirk & Klingon Cmdr Kor must rely on each other's to survive alien attack in true story of sacred Klingon holiday; PBO) $5.99
Steele, Allen All_American Alien Boy (short story collection; "science as hard or harder... breakneck pacing & gift for characterization reminiscent [of Heinlein]") $5.99
Turtledove, Harry 2nd War Between the States: How Few Remain (Confederacy's annexation of Mexico territory in 1883 rouses defeated North to fight again, this time on Southwest frontier) $25.00
Waitman, Katie The Merro Tree (interplanetary performance master Mikk of Vyzania put on trial for defying ban on Somalite songdance__& the penalty is death; PBO) $5.99
Waugh, Sylvia Mennyms Alive (young reader; conclusion of life_sized rag doll family saga; Soobies' family's life force returns, but to what kind of life?) $16.00
Weis, Margaret/Hickman, Tracy Starshield: The Mantle of Kendis_Dai (Merinda Neskat must find Mantle that embodies knowledge, information & absolute Truth before enemies do or chaos results;hc title Starshield Sentinels ) $6.99
Whitman, John Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 6: Army of Terror (young reader $4.99
Whitman, John Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear 7: The Brain Spiders (young reader $4.99
Willey, Elizabeth Price of Blood & Honor (trilogy conclusion; sorcerer Prospero gives up powers, son, daughter to Emperor_brother Avril in defeat, but Freia has other plans & deeper battles fought) $5.99
Wurts, Janny That Way Lies Camelot (short story collection) $5.50
Wurts, Janny Wars of Light & Shadow:Alliance of Light:Fugitive Prince (when War Host in Vastmark falls Shadow forces, it's learned that the Shadow Master is cipher which is key to Fellowship Sorcerers' return to power) $24.00


Anderson, Poul War of the Gods (historical fantasy; giants raise the orphaned Hadding until the warrior feels he must regain the throne of the Viking King) $22.95
Anthony, Piers Faun & Games (Xanthe/humor/puns; satyr, magical horse & princesses visit planet where everything in Xanthe that was or will be can be found) $23.95
Bethke, Bruce Headcrash (reprint; local author/PKDick Award winner) $10.99
Bolton, Michael Secret of the Lost Kingdom (young reader) $15.95
Caerneda, Julie E A Thousand Words for Stranger (sf; Sira is on the run from the law, her own people & someone else & must regain her memory, identity & telepathic powers to stave off disaster; PBO) $5.99
Clayton, Jo Drums of Chaos 2: Drum Calls (while people on 2 magically_linked worlds search for him, Lyanz hides in save place, acquiring skills & followers) $23.95
Cook, Glen Glittering Stone 2: She is the Darkness (Black Company; magic & sorcery in battle between sorcerors & gods, with Croaker, Lady, One_Eye & the rest in the middle) $23.95
DeVos, Elisabeth The Seraphim Rising (at millennium's end, Angels arrive, claim to be God's heralds with freakshow_producer leader & only man able to reveal truth must battle own unbelief;PBO) $5.99
Goodkind, Terry Sword of Truth 4: Temple of the Winds (to find cure for deadly plague unleashed by Imperial Order, Richard Cypher & Kahlan Amnell must find Temple of Winds, banished to oblivion 3000 year ago) $25.95
Greenberg, Martin H_ed Elf Magic (anthology of stories about elves; PBO) $5.99
Hawke, Simon The Last Wizard ( Wizard of 4th St conclusion; Sebastian Makepeace, Merlin's reincarnation, 3 avatars & the US military take on the evil, necromantic cult of Talon; PBO) $5.99
Lackey, Mercedes Mage Storms 3: Storm Breaking (the task force drawn from every available discipline & ally struggles to permanently stop the storms while the Eastern Empire prepares its assault) $6.99
Lackey, Mercedes Owlflight (Valdemaran orphan Darian apprentices w/wizard after 1st mage storms but when home is destroyed, he heads into Pelagirs to find the Hawk People) $21.95
Lumley, Brian Titus Crow, Vol 3 (combines In the Moons of Borea & Elysia ; heroes join together to defeat the greatest evil, Cthulhu) $24.95
Matheson, Richard I Am Legend (reprint;last living man on Earth hungered for by vampires) $12.95
Matheson, Richard/Mainhardt, R Robert Bloch: Appreciations of the Master (19 Bloch short stories, screenplay excerpt, plus intros & appreciations from 30 renowned authors, filmmakers & actors) $16.95
McCay, Bill Stargate 3: Retribution (media tie_in; Egyptologist Daniel Jackson & Col Jack O'Neil are the only humans who may be able to stop the Goddess Hathor & her spaceship; PBO) $5.99
Mikaelsen, Ben Countdown (young adult; Junior Astronaut Elliot Schroeder's in_space emergency & Maasai herder Vincent Ole Tome's African drought are connected) $5.95
O'Leary, Patrick The Gift (boy & a king on quest to confront users of near_forgotten magic perverted by long misuse) $22.95
Odom, Mel Shadowrun 27: Headhunters (game tie_in; PBO) $5.99
Powers, Tim Earthquake Weather (pulls together Last Call & Expiration Date ; death of Fisher King without successor leaves land prey to disasters & hero must learn ceremonies to replace him) $24.95
Priest, Christopher The Prestige (indiscretion triggers stage magicians' escalating rivalry & to debunk his rival's trick, 1 magician engages Nicola Tesla) $14.95
Proctor, David The Quotable Vampire (reference; compendium of sayings by Dracula, Barnabus Collins, Lestat, Blacula & more) $7.00
Webb, Wendy/Grant, Charles_eds Gothic Ghosts (anthology of original ghost stories) $22.95
Williams, Michael Allamanda ( Arcadia sequel; Solomon, Enymion & Garrick flee Absence_riddled Arcady for Allamanda, but struggles with Absence & family continue) $14.95


DiFate, Vincent Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of SF Art (art/reference; surveys 150 years of visionary artists, including gallery of detailed artistic profiles; Ray Bradbury forward) $40.00
Fleming, Gherbod Blood Curse 1: The Devil's Advocate (Ventrue elder Owain, struggles with mysterious plague felling fellow vampires, as fear & power struggles have the factions at each others' throats) $5.99
Helprin, Mark Veil of Snows (young adult; the Usurper threatens to plunge a kingdom into darkness & queen enlists general to save the day against great odds) $24.00
Moorcock, Michael Elric: Song of the Black Sword (omnibus reprint of Elric of Melnibone , Sailor on the Sea of Fate & The Weird of the White Wolf ) $14.99
Nasaw, Jonathan Shadows (Selene, High Priestess of Wicca, is only woman who can save man from diabolical ex_Romanian secret policeman; vampires, witches, "unbridled eroticism") $24.95
Rice, Anne Violin (story of 3 bound by music as means of rapture/seduction/liberation: aspiring musician Triana,demonic fiddler Stefan,cranky ghost Ludwig van Beethoven) $25.95
Ryan, Alan_ed Penguin Book of Vampire Stories (anthology features Stoker, Leiber, Matheson, Bloch, Grant, Lee, more) $14.95
Sheckley, Robert Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic (vast civilization launches most advanced ship ever but its makers__Architect, Manager, Accountant__fall out, sending sabotaged ship to collide with Earth) $20.00
Stone, Dave Dr Who: The New Adventures: Ship of Fools (TV tie_in) $5.95
Trudeau, GB Planet Doonsbury (Doonsbury comics collection) $12.95
Vonnegut, Kurt Timequake (during cosmic crisis, world is forced to relive 1990s ("tawdriest & most hollow of all decades") while "Kilgore Trout" struggles to write amid dissolving humanity) $23.95
Weinreich, Beatrice Silverman_ed Yiddish Folktales (anthology of 200 Jewish folktales from Eastern Europe, full of "princesses & witches, dybbuks & wonder_working rebbes") $18.00


Anderson, Poul Harvest the Fire (continues universe of Harvest of Stars & Stars are Also Fire ; conflicts between human, machine intelligence threaten utopian human expansion into space) $5.99
Baxter, Stephen Titan (in near future, as NASA funding's cut, desperate scientist recruits astronauts to fly one_way journey to Saturn's moon where life may've been found) $23.00
Baxter, Stephen Voyage (alternate history triller imagines "the lost triumph that might have been America's finest hour"__1986 manned mission to Mars) $6.99
Benford, Gregory_ed New Hugo Winners, Vol IV (anthology of winners of 1992, '93 & '94) $6.99
Bonanno, Margaret Wander Preternatural (struggling sf writer is contacted by the telepathic aliens from her latest book__did she invent them or they her?) $5.99
Bradbury, Ray Driving Blind (short story collection; "fantastic, glorious grand tours through time & memory..with side trips to the disturbing & eerie") $23.00
Bradbury, Ray Golden Apples of the Sun (reprint, with new intro by author) $10.00
Bradbury, Ray Quicker Than the Eye (collection of stories runs gamut from total reality to light fantastic) $5.99
Dietz, William C McCade's Bounty (reprint; bounty hunter Sam McCade must save daughter from pirate Mustapha Pong) $5.99
Doohan, James/Stirling, SM Flight Engineer 1: The Rising (ex_pilot/engineer Peter Raeder's assigned to crack new ship in war against secessionists & their alien allies, if pirates & traitors don't get him first) $6.99
Dozois, Gardner_ed Dying for It (anthology of erotic sf, fantasy & horror; PBO) $13.00
Eddings, David & Leigh Polgara the Sorceress (3000_year_old adversary of the God Torak looks back at her adventures) $25.95
Fein, Eric/Askegren, Pierce Spider_Man & Fantastic Four: Doom's Day 3: Wreckage (media tie_in; Dr Doom & Dr Octopus join forces against Spider _Man & FF; PBO) $6.50
Fullilove, Eric James The Stranger (telepath Jenny Sixa 2, called from retirement by LAPD to solve children's murders before LA boils over with racial, religious strife;"future noir";PBO) $5.99
Garland, Mark Star Trek DS9 #21: Trial by Error (Quark's scheme backfires, drawing the fire of 3 alien races down onto station; PBO) $5.99
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael Hot Blood 9: Crimes of Passion (erotic horror anthology) $5.99
Ghosh, Amitav The Calcutta Chromosome (programmer finds ID of man who vanished in Calcutta, is drawn into alternate medical history of 1995 & 1895 & ongoing experiment in controlled destiny) $23.00
Gier, Scott G Genellan 3: First Victory (space pilot Sharl Buccari leads human, alien cliff_ dweller & kone peoples of Genellan against alien invaders; PBO) $5.99
Golden, Christopher/Holder, Nancy Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 2: Halloween Rain (young adult/media tie_in; PBO) $3.99
Goldman, Jane Official Millennium Companion (media tie_in/reference; inside info, stories, anecdotes, background of characters & Millennium Group, etc) $15.00
Grant, Richard In the Land of Winter (single mom & self_described witch loses custody of daughter must journey into real power to deal with her life) $24.00
Grant, Richard Tex & Molly in the Afterlife (graying hippies' deaths give them chance to commune with forsaken deities, sprites, but corporate threat to woodlands sends them back for one last shot) $6.99
Grundy, Stephan Attila's Treasure (Burgundian prince Hagan sent to be Attila's foster son, but must first prove himself a warrior, discovers passage known only by most powerful magicians) $6.99
Haining, Peter_ed The Wizards of Odd (anthology of quirky, comic sf/fantasy by Adams, Pratchett, Vonnegut, Bradbury, LeGuin, more) $6.50
Harper, Tara K Tales of the Wolves 5: Wolf's Bane (Dion the Wolfwalker realizes dark forces are destroying all she holds dear & must turn to mysterious, deadly beings in sky for help; PBO) $5.99
Heinlein, Robert A Starship Troopers (reprint to tie in with movie) $5.99
Jeter, KW Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night (android_hunter Rick Deckard agrees to consult on movie of his experiences, but when living replicant, Deckard's ex_partner are killed, it turns real) $6.50
Jordan, Robert Wheel of Time 7: A Crown of Swords (Eqwene gathers women to channel, Elayne, Aviendha & Mat close in on bowl, Rand faces Forsaken Sammael) $7.99
Kent, Melanie Quantum Leap 15: Heat Wave (TV tie_in; PBO) $5.99
Kimbriel, Katharine Eliska Kindred Rights ( Night Calls sequel; further adventures of Alfreda as she develops her magic & attracts unwelcome attention in alternate frontier America; PBO) $5.99
Koller, Jackie French Dragonling 5: Dragon Trouble (young reader; PBO) $3.50
Kosko, Bart Nanotime (in 2030, John Grant creates cheap, plentiful energy supply, but it seems everyone's against him & he must defend his invention in disembodied state) $24.00
Kurtz, Katherine/Harris, Deborah Death of an Adept (Sir Adam Sinclair 5, faces murder & a new evil born of "ancient elemental magic & 20c ambition") $6.50
Lee, Stan/Busiek, Kurt_eds Untold Tales of Spider_Man (media tie_in; anthology) $13.00
Marley, Louise Receive the Gift ( Sing the Light sequel; with House of Soren controlled by Cho with fear, The Conservatory turns to Cantrix Sira for help; PBO) $5.99
Martin, Les X_Files 8: The Host (young adult/TV tie_in) $4.50
McCaffrey, Anne/Howe, John A Diversity of Dragons (art; 4_color exploration of "dragomachy, dragocides & dragonbanes" through the ages, from Beowulf to Pratchett) $30.00
Miller, Walter M Jr Saint Leibowitz & the Wild Horse Woman ( Canticle for Leibowitz sequel further chronicles life after WWIII) $23.95
Moore, Sean A Conan & the Grim Grey God (Conan must find sand_buried city & the pearl_carved statue of power it hides before it falls into evil hands) $5.99
Peel, John The Outer Limits 3: The Time Shifter (young reader; 12_year_old Brandon's 92_year_old self steps from mirror to change future by changing past) $3.99
Pike, Christopher The Star Group (young adult; 6 teens transformed into powerful beings fight their faults & desires as evil being emerges among them & must be destroyed; PBO) $3.99
Pratchett, Terry Maskerade (Discworld; aspiring opera singer/witch recruited by Company soon discovers shadowy figure haunting opera house) $22.00
Reeves_Stevens, Judith & Garfield Star Trek Next Gen: The Continuing Mission (non_fiction; 10th Anniversary Tribute includes previously unseen illos & photos, explores those who wrote stories, created art & FX, played roles, etc) $35.00
Russo, Richard paul Carlucci's Heart (mid_21c San Francisco Lt Frank Carlucci 3, investigates disappearance of daughter's friend that leads to secret called "Cancer Cell") $5.99
Saberhagen, Fred Seance for a Vampire (Victorian London seance produces nosferatu, dead spiritualist, missing Sherlock Holmes & Watson who must get help from Holmes' cousin, Prince Dracula) $5.99
Sammon, Paul M Making of Starship Troopers (movie tie_in; behind_the_scenes look) $15
Sargent, Pamela/Zebrowski, George Star Trek 83: Heart of the Sun (Kirk & Spock must find way to save planet from collision with abandoned space habitat full of alien technology without destroying it; PBO) $5.99
Sherman, Josepha/DeCandido, Keith-ed Urban Nightmares (anthology of dark fantasy in contemporary urban settings; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Bill Star Wars: Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology (media tie_in/ reference; data on weaponry & equipment, with illos, schematics; ) $18.00
Sosnowski, David Rapture (people across America are waking up with wings & wave of "Angelism" sweeps nation in this irreverent "cosmic masterpiece") $11.95
Stasheff, Christopher A Wizard in Rhyme 5: My Son, the Wizard (Matt Mantrell conjures himself back to Jersey City to visit parents & bring them back to Merovence, where Moors, genies & evil sorcerers are attacking) $11.95
Sterling, Bruce Holy Fire (93_year-old Mia undergoes metabolic retrofit in 2090s & enters virtual environments & computer networks containing "holy fire" that may transform human race) $6.50
Stewart, Sean The Night Watch (return to world of Resurrection Man ; modern warfare gives rise to magic, which gives rise to horrors) $21.95
Turtledove, Harry/Dreyfuss, Richard The Two Georges (alternate history; painting of 200_year_old peace treaty between G Washington & King G III is stolen by terrorists who want independence from Britain) $6.99
Verne, Jules Paris in the Twentieth Century (long_lost novel written in 1863 envisions cars, electric lights, subways, all_night stores, faxes, computers & more) $11.95
Walker, Lars Erling's Word (noble Erling mistakes Viking slave Ailill for priest & rescues him, but his new life means defeating other_worldly powers; PBO) $5.99
Wrede, Patricia C Shadows Over Lyra (omnibus fantasy reprint of Shadow Magic , Daughter of Witches & Harp of Imach Thyssel , includes appendix on Lyra history) $11.99


Aiken, Joan The Cockatrice Boys (monsters invasion reduces British Isles to ruin, Cockatrice Corps formed for relief mission to Manchester & to discover means of defeating invasion; illos) $11.95
Asaro, Catherine The Last Hawk (Skolian Empire milieu; crash landing on proscribed planet, fighter pilot struggles for years to escape captivity of women who rule the world) $25.95
Dozois, Gardner_ed Modern Classics of Fantasy (anthology; masterpieces from 40s on) $15.95
Freireich, Valerie J Imposter (genetically altered researcher banished to Emirate worlds, but pursuit by those who'd use his gift leads to secret with intergalactic ramifications) $5.99
Greenberg, MH_ed Wizard Fantastic (anthology) $5.99
Hamilton, Peter F A Quantum Murder ( Mindstar Rising sequel; Greg Mandel must discover who murdered researcher) $23.95
Holdstock, Robert Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn (The Mythago Cycle continues as son attempts to find father vanished in wild, ancient world of Ryhope Wood, finds mysterious Celtic warrior holds key) $23.95
Johnson, Kim "Howard" The First 28x Years of Monty Python: Revised Edition (media tie_in; material from show plus coverage of groups careers) $17.95
Jordan, Robert/Patterson, Teresa World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time (reference; 70+ new full_color paintings, maps & stories describing the world & history) $49.95
Kihn, Greg Shade of Pale (Jukes Wahler's search for his sister sends him to her boyfriend's Irish terrorist pal, but the Banshee will not be appeased without cost) $21.95
Kleier, Glenn The Last Day (TV reporter in Jerusalem on NYEve 1999 to report nothing cosmic, is stunned when planet rocks; woman with supernatural powers appears) $24.00
Koke, Jak Shadowrun 28: Dragon Heart Saga 2: Clockwork Asylum $5.99
Lettow, Donna Highlander 6: Zealot (media tie_in) $5.99
Maggin, Elliot S Kingdom Come (in early 21c, without guidance of "old guard"__Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman__young superheroes are ravaging world) $20.00
Miller, Rand/Rusch, Kristine The Art of Myst & Riven (CD game tie_in/art/reference; story of creation of history_making game, its art, character evolution, more) $40.00
Miller, Rand/Wingrove, David Myst 3: The Book of D'Ni (CD game tie_in; Catherine & Atrus return to devastated D'Ni to fulfill destiny, find clues leading to hidden book of ancient masters' secret plan) $23.95
Miller, Rand/Wingrove, David Myst: The Book of Ti'Ana (computer game tie_in; story goes back to generation of Ti'ana, Atrus' grandmother & Veovis, the architect of D'Ni's destruction) $6.99
Newman, Sharan The Chessboard Queen (reprint/ Guinevere sequel; Guinevere discovers her love for Lancelot) $13.95
Pohl, Frederik The Siege of Eternity ( The Other End of Time sequel; aliens' secret network may bring all_out war) $22.95
Reichert, Mickey Zucker Renshai Chronicles 2: Prince of Demons (small band of adventurers aims to free rightful heir to Bearnian throne, defeat elves' plan to destroy humankind before time runs out) $6.99
Salvatore, RA Crimson Shadow 3: The Dragon King (only Luthien Bedwyr & his magic cloak can defeat evil King Greensparrow's unstoppable dragon) $5.99
Scott, Melissa Night Sky Mine (foundling survivor of pirate raid on asteroid mine journeys back to asteroid to discover her true identity) $14.95
Tarr, Judith Avaryan Rising (omnibus reprint: Hall of the Mountain King , Lady of Han_Gilen , Fall of Princes ; young man with the power of the Sun God must unify populace of remote mountain kingdom) $19.95
Watt_Evans, Lawrence Touched by the Gods (marked by the gods at birth as champion of the Empire, Malledd comes to disbelieve his role until invasion of army of undead led by dark magician) $24.95
Wells, Catherine Mother Grimm (woman raised in sterile Biodome goes Outside, but finds virus survivors split into warring factions & secret of her destiny; PBO) $5.99
Wilson, F Paul/Costello, Matthew Mirage (scientist's virtual reality program that takes 3_D, computer tour of mind may be only way to defeat the coma that's killing her twin sister) $6.99
Wrede, Patricia C The Magician's Ward ( Mairelon the Magician sequel; while Kim learns to become magician & lady in high_society London, burglary attempt forces her to use new skills or perish) $22.95
Zubrin, Robert The Case for Mars (non_fiction; subtitled "The Plan to Settle the Red Planet & Why We Must", w/ACClarke intro; updated edition) $13.00


Bester, Alfred Virtual Unrealities (collected short fiction of pioneering sf writer, 1st publication for some; intro by Robert Silverberg) $14.00
Byatt, AS The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye (5 fairy tales for grown_ups; "brilliantly imaginative", illustrated) $19.00
Calvino, Italo_ed Fantastic Tales: Visionary & Everyday (anthology of classic fantastic tales by Balzac, Hawthorne, Gogol, Hoffmann, Poe, Kipling, Wells, more) $27.50
Collins, Nancy A Dozen Black Roses (vampire/vampire hunter Sonja Blue takes on the Kindred of the World of Darkness) $11.99
Duane, Diane X_Men: Empire's End (media tie_in) $22.95
Ellison, Harlan Edgeworks: The Collected Ellison, Vol 4 (classic short stories, includes The Beast Who Shouted Love at the Heart of the World & Love Ain't Nothing but Sex Misspelled ) $21.99
King, Stephen Dark Tower 4: Wizard & Glass (Roland the Gunslinger tells followers of his romance with quixotic woman whose world was torn apart by war) $17.95
Leonard, Paul/Mortimore, Jim Decalog 5: Wonders (sf anthology) $6.95
Miles, Lawrence Dr Who: The New Adventures: Down (TV tie_in) $5.95
Shatner, William Tek Net (Jake Cardigan 9, must find partner's ex_wife whose disappearance is linked to secretive industrialist with mob links who may or may not be dead) $22.95


Alcala, Alfredo Classic Star Wars: Han Solo at Stars' End (graphic novel) $6.95
Betancourt, John Gregory Hercules: The Gates of Hades (quest to rescue Jason's soul from underworld turns into ultimate test of heroism for Hercules; PBO) $4.99
Blaylock, James P All the Bells on Earth (preserved bluebird in jar presents Walt Stebbins with mystery that unfolds into daily_raging battle between good & evil) $6.50
Brin, David New Uplift Trilogy 2: Infinity's Shore (when alliance of planet Jijo's 6 bands of sapients is torn, many take advantage to plunder, carry out grudges & genocide, threatening all) $6.99
Brust, Steven/Bull, Emma Freedom & Necessity (in 1849 England, James Cobham corresponds with cousin to find truth of his "accident" amid intrigue, revolution, magic, swordfights, occult societies, philosophy) $6.99
Date, SV Final Orbit (astronaut's death on recent shuttle flight leads Santy Santich to suspect cover_up, but didn't want to lose his slot__now he's launched with killer; PBO) $5.99
Dozois, Gardner/Williams, Sheila_ed Isaac Asimov's Christmas (anthol. of Christmas Future) $5.99
Drake, David Patriots (corrupt Earth government sends army to remove Greenwood settlers, exploit planet, but doesn't count on rugged individualists banding together) $5.99
Egan, Greg Axiomatic (collection of hard sf stories) $13.00
Farrand, Phil The Nitpicker's Guide for X_Philes (media tie_in/reference; covers 1st 4 seasons, all episodes__faux pas, technical glitches, storyline oddities, geographical gaffes, procedural bloopers) $12.95
Gabaldon, Diana Drums of Autumn (4th in time_travel saga; Jamie & Claire arrive in 1767 Charleston, join exiled Highlanders, but daughter Brianna enters past to find father on eve of war) $7.99
Henderson, Mary Star Wars: The Magic of Myth (media tie_in/reference; Smithsonian exhibition companion illustrates mythical archetypes & historical, cultural events echoed in sf saga; hc 49.95) $24.95
Hood, Ken The Tears of Longdirk 2: Demon Rider (Scottish warrior & his young companion evade capture by the Inquisition & battle demonic evil; PBO) $5.99
Jacobs, AJ Fractured Fairy Tales (irreverent retellings based on segment of cartoon classic, Rocky & Bullwinkle) $19.95
Jordan, Robert (as Reagan O'Neal) The Fallon Pride (2nd in historical adventure series; ship's Captain Robert Fallon caught up in War of 1812 with Andrew Jackson & Jean Lafitte) $6.99
Kerr, Katharine Red Wyvern (the war in Deverry continues as young woman discovers her own magical powers & escapes from her family to the court of the one True King) $12.95
Kilworth, Garry Electric Kid (young adult; kids living on city dump in 2061 survive by wits, unusual talents, are kidnapped to serve mobster, must use abilities to get out) $3.99
Kress, Nancy Beggars Trilogy 3: Beggars Ride (as Sleepless plot to take over world & leave humans powerless, civilization & meaning of "human" hang in balance) $5.99
May, Julian Sky Trillium (of the 3 sisters who embody the World of the 3 Moons' magic, Kadiya's talisman is useless, Anigel is missing, & world faces disaster again) $12.95
McCaffrey, Anne The Unicorn Girl: An Illustrated Novel (young Acorna must return to Kezdet to rescue children left behind in slave labor) $22.00
Moorcock, Michael Fabulous Harbors ( Blood sequel; in possibly magical Sporting Club Square, Begg family patriarch & friends swap memories & dreams of Oakenhurst, von Bek, Cornelius, Eric) $12.00
Moorcock, Michael The War Amongst the Angels ( Blood & Fabulous Harbors sequel; reveals the destinies & true histories of Col Oakenhurst, Dovero, Karaquazian & von Bek) $24
Nye, Jody Lynn Taylor's Ark (reprint; Dr Shona Taylor & very special assistant_menagerie aim to stop strange epidemic that's spreading from colony to colony) $5.99
Peel, John The Outer Limits 4: The Lost (young reader; Stacy's convinced someone or something is brainwashing teens into being "sensible" & sedate) $3.99
Perry, Steve Conan the Freelance (everyone seems to want Conan dead__the Mist Mage, the Queen of the Pili, changeling Kleg & even Cheen; PBO) $5.99
Pini, Wendy & Richard Elfquest 3: Captives of Blue Mountain (giant winged creatures called Bird Spirits carry of 4 members of the Wolfriders__& Cutter wants them back) $5.99
Preston, Douglas Jennie ("journey of discovery into the mind & soul of Mankind's closest relative"__a chimpanzee named Jennie) $6.99
Quinn, Daniel My Ishmael ( Ishmael sequel; story of telepathic ape's other pupil, a 12_year_old girl) $23.95
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn Alien Influences (young man may have to cross into death itself to heal harsh planet's small band of humans devastated when children kill other children) $5.99
Sawyer, Robert J Illegal Alien (disabled starship with incredibly intelligent aliens inspires trust, cooperation that's rocked by murder of human scientist & trial centers on nature of justice) $21.95
Schweighofer, Peter_ed Star Wars: Tales from the Empire (anthology) $5.99
Shatner, William Quest for Tomorrow 1: Delta Search (young Jim Endicott dreams of attending Solis Space Academy, unaware of a secret locked in his DNA) $5.99
Shatner, William Quest for Tomorrow 2: In Alien Hands (man whose DNA is encoded with cybernetic weapon that can tip galactic balance of power, is pursued by 2 alien operatives) $22.00
Shatner, William Tek Kill (Det Jake Cardigan must uncover the truth when his boss is arrested for murder) $6.99
Simonson, W/Weeks, L ER Burroughs' Tarzan vs Predator at the Earth's Core (graphic novel; "pulp legend meets cinematic horror") $12.95
Smith, Dean Wesley X_Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak (media tie_in; PBO) $6.50
Tarr, Judith Pillar of Fire (historical fiction; slave girl Nofret describes defiant Pharaoh Akhenaten, Nefertiti, boy_king Tutankhamon, Hebrew prophet & lawgiver from desert) $6.99
Wilson, F Paul Diagnosis: Terminal ("anthology of medical terror") $5.99
Zahn, Timothy Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn 1: Specter of the Past (media tie_in; set 10 years after Thrawn trilogy (Heir to the Empire),15 years after last movie) $23.95


Burton, LeVar Aftermath (four very different, troubled people are last hope in 2019 US war_torn by depression, earthquake & black President_elect's assassination) $6.50
Daniel, Tony Earthling (as intelligent drilling machine Orf probes Earth's center, social & geological world above changes, forcing Orf to become myth, monster, savior & sage) $22.95
De Lint, Charles Yarrow (reprint; fantasy novelist's ability to enter the Otherworld, & to write, ends when her dreams are stolen, & the Others are coming to find her) $12.95
Duane, Diane The Book of Night With Moon ("ordinary" NYC cat Rhiow & partners collaborate with human wizards, maintain magic gates, protect world from dark forces, but secret animal world is in peril) $12.99
Farmer, Philip Jose The World of Tiers, Vol 2 (omnibus reprint of Behind the Walls of Terra , The Lavalite World & More than Fire ; hc avail $25.95) $18.95
Goonan, Kathleen Ann Mississippi ( Queen City Jazz sequel; Verity's journey continues down the river in altered mid_America) $25.95
Jones, Gwyneth North Wind ( White Queen ; possible_alien Bella & human Sidney search ruins of Europe for last vestige of human technology to save civilization) $13.95
Kessel, John The Pure Product (collection of short stories, poems & a play) $23.95
Shwartz, Susan Cross & Crescent ( Shards of Empire milieu; as Imperial Throne is in danger from Turkish armies on East & Europeans on West, Byzantines play dangerous game to save land) $23.95
Stasheff, Christopher Chronicles of the Rogue Wizard 5: A Wizard in Chaos (as Gar Pike, Magnus D'Armand & Dirk DuLaine unify planetful of soldiers, bandits, mercenaries & expatriates, but Dirk wants to settle there) $21.95
Wolfe, Gene Urth of the New Sun (reprint; return to world of Severian, Autarch of Urth, who leaves planet on spaceship of Heirodules to become New Sun or be destroyed) $14.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Mansions of Darkness (vampire Saint_Germain's chronicle continues in 17c Peru, where Incan civilization's fallen to Spaniards & Inquisition is at hand) $15.95
Zelazny, Roger_ed The Williamson Effect (reprint anthology; "Original Stories Inspired by the Dean of Modern SF") $14.95


Cornell, Paul_ed Licence Denied ("definitive collection of Dr Who fan spoofs, critiques & outrageous tHeories ever") $7.95
Howarth, Chris/Lyons, Steve Red Dwarf Programme Guide: 2nd Revised Ed $6.95
Lee, Tanith Secret Books of Paradys 3: The Book of the Dead (reprint; continues saga of dark, decadent alternate world in 8 interlocking short stories of "hedonism, sexuality & death") $13.95
Lee, Tanith Secret Books of Paradys 4: The Book of the Mad (reprint; conclusion of saga unfolds seductive nightmare in 3 parallel versions of city) $13.95
Russell, Gary Dr Who: The New Adventures: Deadfall (TV tie_in) $5.95
Weinberg, Robert The Horizon War Trilogy 2: The Ascension Warrior (after hundreds of years of battles, a figure rises with ties to both the Traditions & the Technocracy, with power & message of peace__of the grave?) $5.99
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