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Newsletter #37 March - May, 1997

Drood Review of Mystery Magazine (#145) $2.50
Mystery Scene Magazine (#56) $5.99
Allyn, Doug Black Water (oil rig diver Michelle "Mitch" Mitchell 2, search of Michigan's Huron Harbor after accident turns up car w/out driver, lot of dangerous questions) $5.99
Barer, Burl The Saint (movie novelization) $5.99
Berman, Susan Spiderweb (Elizabeth refuses to believe in mother's suicide, but finding her alive puts whole family in jeopardy) $5.99
Block, Lawrence Chip Harrison Scores Again (reprint; young & broke, Chip finds discarded bus ticket to South Carolina, but adventure turns to trouble-as usual) $5.99
Browne, Gerald A West 47th (Madison Avenue jeweler Mitch Laughton must recover emeralds stolen from Iranian treasury, but must stay alive to do it) $6.99
Collins, Max Allan Daylight (novelization of Sylvester Stallone movie) $5.99
Crespi, Camilla T. The Trouble With a Bad Fit (Simona Griffo, "high fashion and snappy characters") $4.99
Day, Dianne Fire & Fog (1906 San Francisco earthquake plunges Fremont Jones (2) into mayhem, 2_suitor pursuit, driver's ed, & lethal discovery) $5.50
Doss, James D The Shaman Laughs (Ute tribal policeman Charlie Moon/Anglo cop Scott Parris/shaman Daisy Perika 2, shaken by sacrificial murders, must battle hungry evil's descent on land) $5.99
Dunning, John Deadline (reprint of 1981 novel, NY area investigative reporter) $5.99
Ekman, Kerstin Blackwater (winner of Swedish Crime Academy's Award for best crime novel, thriller set in remote Swedish village) $15.00
Estleman, Loren D Never Street (Detroit PI Amos Walker takes case of missing suburban husband obssessed with 40s noir films, leads to downtown theater where action is live) $23
Estleman, Loren D Stress (black rookie Detroit cop Charlie Battle walks deadly line when he realizes elite undercover squad simply execution squad targeting blacks) $5.99
Finder, Joseph The Zero Hour (FBI counter_terrorist expert Sarah Cahill heads for NY to investigate imminent threat from highly sophisticated operative, turns to desperate chase) $6.99
Fletcher, Jessica/Bain, Donald Murder She Wrote 7: The Highland Fling Murders (TV tie_in; Jessica & friends' visit to haunted castle turns deadly when local girl is killed in same way as legendary witch) $5.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Case of the Golddigger's Purse (reprint) $4.99
Gotti, Victoria The Senator's Daughter (union strongman's murder sets off vast repercussions as Taylor Brooke agreest to defend the black youth accused) $23.95
Green, Tim Outlaws (pro football murder mystery) $5.99
Greenleaf, Stephen False Conception (John Marshall Tanner, "a first class noir series") $5.99
Greenleaf, Stephen Flesh Wounds (John Marshall Tanner plunges into netherworld of sex, flesh, and high-tech sleaze to find missing young woman) $5.99
Grisham, John The Partner (legal thriller; audio $28.95) $26.95
Haddam, Jane And One to Die On (when silent screen star killed at 100th birthday party isolated by storm, Gregor Demarkian's investigation turns up 2nd body, with more to come) $5.99
Hall, Parnell Trial (actor/PI Stanley Hastings 11, hired to investigate ironclad alibi of accused wife slayer in juicy murder case of gore, scandal & blonde bombshell) $5.99
Hall, Parnell Scam (actor/PI Stanley Hastings 12, thought investment firm partner's case would be paying one, but client may be behind setup, murder) $22.00
Hardwick, Mollie Come Away, Death (antiques dealer Dorian Fairweather 7, aims to spice relationship with husband, but cursed pre_Tudor house is more than she bargained for; PBO) $5.50
Hart, Ellen Faint Praise (Mpls lesbian restaurateur Jane Lawless 6, investigates strange doings at high_rise, crossdressed suicide of building's owner) $5.99
Hautman, Pete Drawing Dead ("ex_cop Joe Crow finds himself sucked into the underbelly of Mpls, where card hustlers, con men, comic books & cocaine combine in a crazy comic caper") $5.99
Hayter, Sparkle Nice Girls Finish Last (TV reporter Robin Hudson 2, is sent to investigate link between her gynecologist's murder & sex_club underworld; "witty, irreverent, sometimes bawdy") $5.95
Hill, Reginald The Wood Beyond (Insp Dalziel/Pascoe 6, delve into unjust wartime execution of Pascoe's greatgrandfather & human bones found by animal rights activists at drug co research hq) $5.50
Hoag, Tami A Thin Dark Line (Louisiana Deputy Annie Broussard pursues killer freed on technicality, but price includes alliance with possibly dirty cop, harassment, killer's confidence; audio tape $23.00) $22.95
Isaacs, Susan Lily White (female criminal defense attorney takes case of career con man accused of strangling his latest mark) $6.99
Johnson, Dolores Taken to the Cleaners (Boulder dry cleaner Mandy Dyer, follows trail of slashed, blood_stained suit brought in by bag lady to dead lawyer & missing witness) $5.50
Koontz, Dean Ticktock (horror; Tommy Phan finds rag doll on step, then finds himself hunted in own home by the monster it grows into; US PBO) $7.99
Lanchester, John The Debt to Pleasure ("deliciously sinister tale involving fabulously described food & drink", "a guide through the darker recesses of the psyche") $10.00
Langello, Kip The Clinic (desire for baby brings Laura to famed fertility clinic, but pattern of deadly accidents, babies' strangeness leads to clinic's true aim; PBO) $5.99
Leitz, David Fly Fishing Can be Fatal (VT lodge owner Max Addams 3, agrees to Mob boss' fishing trip, but town politics & Mafia entourage make a deadly mix) $5.99
Linedecker, Clifford L Death of a Model (non_fiction; model disappears & is found dead, photographer suspected) $5.99
MacDonald, John D One Fearful Yellow Eye (PI Travis McGee reprint) $5.99
Marcinko, Richard/Weisman, John Rogue Warrior: Task Force Blue (action adventure) $6.99
Marcinko, Richard/Weisman, John Rogue Warrior: Designation Gold (Rogue Warrior takes on Moscow mobsters, leads to international terrorists) $24.00
McCarry, Charles Shelley's Heart (Washington DC's power plays, privilege, ambition & conspiracy explode during 2000 presidentail race) $6.99
McCrumb, Sharyn The Rosewood Casket (Appalachian folksong series 5; as elderly man lies dying, wise woman Nora Bonesteel brings small box to be buried with him holding dark secret from past) $6.99
McGarrity, Michael Tularosa (retired Santa Fe cop Kevin Kerney's godson disappears, trail leads to military conspiracy twisting from White Sands Range to Mexican border town alley) $6.50
Miano, Mark Flesh and Stone (TV newswriter Michael Carpo 1, investigates murder of art dealer whose carved body was found uder the ice in Central Park's reservior) $18.95
Miles, Keith (aka Edward Marston) Murder in Perspective (Merlin Richards 1, young Welsh architect comes to America to meet Frank Lloyd Wright, becomes suspect in murder) $21.95
Morrell, David Extreme Denial (intelligence op Steve Decker moves to Santa Fe after tragedy, meets beautiful woman, realizes her secrets may make her deadly enemy) $6.99
Morrow, Bradford Giovanni's Gift ("literary" mystery, "explores the mysteries of identity and that elusive place called home") $22.95
Paulsen, Gary The Rifle (young adult; "engagingly written story of one rifle and its fatal impact on one modern boy") $4.50
Pedrazas, Allan The Harry Chonicles ("A PI who packs a punch line"; Edgar Award nominee for best first novel '95) $4.99
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Club Dumas (search for a rare book leads to a secret society of antiquarians and the occult) $23.00
Perry, Anne_ed Malice Domestic 6 (anthology of original cozy mysteries) $5.99
Perry, Thomas Dance for the Dead (Jane Whitefield 2, asked to hide 8_year-old boy whose murdered parents are only tip of vicious, relentless plot) $6.99
Pienciak, Richard T Mama's Boy (non_fiction; story of woman behind the man whose women all were killed) $5.99
Pugh, Dianne Fast Friends (Iris Thorne 3, senior investment counselor/ amateur sleuth) $22
Puzo, Mario The Last Don (movie tie_in; Domenico Clericuzio's determined to see heirs go legit, but war among family & outside enemies combine to threaten plan) $7.99
Safire, William Sleeper Spy (reporter Irving Fein aims to flush out Soviet agent planted in US, activated after making fortune with KGB funds, despite forced partnershp with TV anchorwoman) $6.99
Savarin, Julian Jay MacAllister's Task (military thriller, Bosnia) $5.99
Shelby, Philip Days of Drums (fast-paced Washington thriller) $6.50
Soos, Troy Murder at Wrigley Field (all's going well for 1918 Cubs rookie Mickey Rawlings 3, until best friend & fellow rookie is murdered) $5.50
Sullivan, Winona Dead South (PI Sister Cecile 2, hired by CIA to find one of their missing agents) $5.99
Temple, Lou Jane Revenge of the Barbeque Queens (KC restraurateur Heaven Lee agrees to judge Barbeque World Series, but when champion turns up dead in own sauce, she must stop a competitive murderer) $5.99
Wade, Leigh Tan Phu: Special Forces Team A_23 in Combat (non_fiction/Vietnam; PBO) $5.99
Walker, Mary Willis Zero at the Bone (reprint; Katherine Driscoll's meeting with estranged father/Austin large_cat zookeeper preempted when he's mauled by tiger & she's sure it was murder) $5.99
Walters, Minette The Dark Room (psychological suspense) $6.50
Wambaugh, Joseph Floaters (a woman named Blaze is caught up in scheme to "fix" America's Cup race; "gritty dialogue, funny characters, & brisk, highly_original plotting") $6.99
Wartski, Maureen Runaway (young adult) $4.50
West, Chassie Loss of Innocence (confession to a fifty-year-old murder that seems never to have happened leads to lethal family history) $5.50
Whiteman, Robin/Talbot, Rob Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden (non_fiction/gardening; illustrated companion to medieval plants & uses, history of herbal remedies, monastic herb gardens) $29.95
Wilson, Barbara Jaye Death Brims Over (Greenwich Village milliner Brenda Midnight's outraged when big break crashes-lady in pink steals all her hats at gunpoint & designer friend's murdered) $5.50
Woodrell, Daniel Give Us a Kiss ("a darkly funny ... joyride into the heart of hillbilly weirdness", "joyously vulgar") $5.99
Woodworth, Deborah Death of a Winter Shaker (Shaker Sister Rose Callahan must find answers when dead body turns up in community herb house & face possibilty member is murderer; local author) $5.50
Yaffe, James My Mother, the Detective (the complete "Mom" short stories, $40.00 signed limited hc also available) $15.00
Yorke, Margaret Serious Intent (man finds new wife is depressed, violent alcoholic whose jealosy over his friendship with neighbor turns deadly) $5.99


Ball, Donna Just Before Dawn (parents of missing teen get cryptic phone calls sounding like daughter, find out other parents in FL resort town have same experiences) $5.99
Barnes, Linda Cold Case (Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle 7, pursues source of manuscript seemingly by literary sensation who disappeared 25 yrs ago) $20.95
Barr, Nevada Endangered Species (while stranded on island off coast of Georgia, Law Enforcement Park Ranger Anna Pigeon (5) & fire crew investigate plane crash & shady dealings) $22.95
Bogart, Stephen Humphrey As Time Goes By (threat to stop sequel to famous parents' classic movie makes PI RJ Brooks (2) prime suspect when studio employees start turning up dead) $22.95
Borthwick, JS Garden Plot (Sarah Deane/Andrew McKenzie 8, investigate when expert disappears just before their garden club tour of Europe with abrasive Aunt Julia) $23.95
Boyle, Gerry Potshot (reporter Jack McMorrow investigates disappearance of marijuana activists amid hard_core drug trade in rural Maine) $22.95
Brennan, Matthew_ed Hunter_Killer Squadron (non_fiction reprint; helicopter squadron tells stories of Vietnam in own words) $6.50
Britto, Anthony Tattoo (LA plastic surgeon Gareth Lloyd becomes suspect in deaths of other plastic surgeons; will he be next?) $24.95
Bugliosi, Vincent Outrage (non_fiction; subtitled "The 5 Reasons Why OJSimpson Got Away With Murder") $6.99
Case, John F The Unbegotten (murder of families & arson in DC, scientist's confession so alarming he's refused absolution converge in "lightning_fast pacing, white_knuckle suspense") $24.00
Chafets, Zev The Project (Pres Dewey Goldberg sends journalist Charlie Walker to Israel to find out why Prime Minister backs opponent, discovers secret plan) $24.00
Chandler, Raymond/Lark, Michae_illu Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe: The Little Sister (illustrated reprint of 1949 noir novel) $15.00
Child, Lee Killing Floor (ex_military policeman Jack Reacher is chief suspect in string of killings in rural GA, must uncover true killers & avenge brother's death) $23.95
Cook, Robin Lethal Invasion (medical thriller) $6.99
Conant, Susan Animal Appetite (dog writer Holly Winter researches historical woman's life, but is drawn to 18_year-old murder of publisher while dog watched & killer's not happy with interest) $21.95
DeMille, Nelson Plum Island (NYPD Det John Corey joins case of murdered Long Island couple, finds they may've been stealing, selling genetically_altered viruses) $25.00
DeMille, Nelson The Gold Coast (reprint, ex_Wall Street attorney meets Mafia don, is drawn into mystery & violence in Long Island's North Shore-largest concentration of wealth, power in US) $12.99
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Face Down in the Marrow_Bone Pie (Elizabethan herbalist Lady Susanna Appleton investigates death of steward at Appleton Manor) $20.95
Erdman, Paul The Set_Up (just_retired Federal Reserve Board chair framed for financial mega_fraud-is the offer of help to escape Swiss jail a trap, too?) $24.95
Feddersen, Connie Dead in the Mud (Oklahoma CPA Amanda Hazard 4, finds county commissioner dead in one of the mud roads he refused to repair, opening morass of political corruption; PBO) $5.50
Forrest, Richard The Pied Piper of Death (Lyon & Bea Wentworth 8, investigate murder at party held by munitions manufacturer whose family holds a curse) $21.95
Forster, RA Character Witness (joining legendary uncle's law practice not what Kathleen Cotter expected, til client's case against dead ex_husband's estate blows up in scandal, murder) $5.99
Garfield, Henry Room 13 (teacher Marilou McCormick starts over at S California high school, only to be put in danger by weird events & stranger people) $22.95
Girdner, Jaqueline A Cry for Self_Help (gift designer Kate Jasper 8, watching aquatic wedding from cliff, gives her perfect view when self_help guru plunges onto rocks, lands her in murder investigation) $21.95
Goldberg, Leonard Deadly Care (forensic pathologist investigates mysterious deaths at LA Memorial Hospital, uncovers chilling, far_reaching plot) $6.99
Greenleaf, Stephen Past Tense (San Francisco PI John Marshall Tanner 12, searches for answers when best friend/cop kills man in court who's accused of abusing daughter & killings continue) $22.00
Hall, James W Buzz Cut (Thorn leaves Key Largo for cruise line owner's swirl of extortion, violence that's nearly killed Sugarman as madman takes command of luxury ship) $6.50
Harvey, James Neal Dead Game (NYPD Lt Ben Tolliver 5, set up by released killer as prime suspect in new murder) $24.95
Heller, Jane Infernal Affairs (Barbara's life is falling apart, she asks heaven for help, then realizes someone diabolical was listening; "witty feminist slant to the tug_of_war between good & evil") $5.99
Heller, Jane Princess Charming (PR exec Elaine Zimmerman & friends Jackie & Pat take Caribbean cruise vacation, only to find desparate hit man is shipmate) $22.00
Johnstone, William W Slaughter in the Ashes (reprint; post_apocalyptic adventure) $5.99
Johnstone, William W The 1st Mountain Man: Preacher & the Mountain Caesar (Western crossover reprint; Preacher's faced with fanatic & his army of thugs) $4.99
Joseph, Alison Hour of Our Death (modern_day London's nun_turned_sleuth Sr Agnes Bourdillon 2, investigates odd death of woman at hospital, but cover_ups abound) $22.95
King, Nina/Winks, Robin Crimes of the Scene (reference; traveler's guide to mystery novels with international setting, also regional essays, reviews, discussions of authors, original_language books) $23.95
Laird, Brian Andrew To Bury the Dead (Vietnam vet Gray Napoleon must find lost body of Native American friend & return it to reservation before others find it) $19.95
Land, Jon The Walls of Jericho (Arab_American/Detroit Det Ben Kamal & Israeli security agent must prevent int'l conspiracy from sabotaging MidEast peace talks) $23.95
Laurence, Janet Death at the Table (cookbook writer Darina Lisle joins TV food show, must find answers when deaths occur on camera) $20.95
Linde, Nancy The Orange Cat Bistro (recent divorcee moves in over Greenwich Village bistro to write, finds her heroine is revealing the dark secret from her past) $12.00
Lloyd, MacDonald (aka Don Winslow?) A Winter Spy (aka Isle of Joy?) (ex_CIA/corporate PI must return to spy game to save woman he loves, but that means taking on both CIA & KGB) $5.99
Miller, John A Cutdown (lawyer/ex_paratrooper Claude McCutcheon pursues documents stolen from lumber co that're tied to radical environmental attorney's death, sheriff's obsession, more) $22.00
Mitchell, Kay A Portion for Foxes (Malminster Insp Morrissey 4, investigates murders of homeless men, college student & faculty member) $4.99
Murphy/Sapir Destroyer 107: Feast or Famine (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
O'Nan, Stewart The Speed Queen (woman on death row, with bestselling author, aims to "correct" lover's book about their & her husband's days on speed, dealing, robbing & killing) $22.95
Olsen, Gregg Starvation Heights (non_fiction; wealthy sisters travel to medical institute in early 1900s, are tortured, starved, robbed & 1 is killed) $6.50
Page, Katherine Hall Christie & Company 2: Down East (young adult; middle schoolers on vacation, Christie, Vicki & Maggie find the pranks at the b&b have sinister purpose) $14.00
Parker, Robert B Small Vices (Spencer is nearly killed trying to clear young man of murder, plays dead while he recovers in order to see justice done & avenge himself) $21.95
Pendleton, Don Executioner 220: Tiger Stalk (paramilitary adventure) $3.75
Pendleton, Don SuperBolan 53: Flames of Wrath (paramilitary adventure) $5.50
Robinson, Leah Ruth First Cut (when Dr Evelyn Sutcliffe loses patient, then friend, to serial rapist/murderer stalking NY's University Hospital, she throws herself into hunt for killer) $24.00
Seymour, Gerald The Snake Pit (DEA agent Axel Moen tracks mob kingpin in Sicily, lures don's nanny to resume post, this time as informant & finds more than bargained for) $23
Shaber, Sarah R Simon Said (St Martin's/Malice Domestic Best 1st Traditional winner; Prof Simon Shaw gets to bottom of story when archeological dig on campus turns up body of heiress missing since 1926) $20.95
Sheckley, Robert Soma Blues (PI Hob Draconian 3, searches for source of powerful new narcotic from Paris & London home to Ibiza; "fast_paced, cynical tone...funny twists in plot") $20.95
Shelby, Philip Last Rights (CID Maj Mollie Smith's conviction that black, politically aspirant general's death was assassination leads to her death, protege Rachel must fight for truth) $23.00
Smith, Barbara Burnett Dust Devils of the Purple Sage (Purple Sage, TX radio newscaster/aspiring writer Jolie Wyatt 2, wants more answers when escaped con/local boy is believed to have murdered college kid) $4.99
Soos, Troy Hunting a Detroit Tiger (1920 Tigers infielder Mickey Rawlings 3, finds himself in a squeeze play of union organizing & Red Scare pressure) $18.95
Stiles, TJ_ edited In Their Own Words: Robber Barons & Radicals (non_fiction/history; writings of generals, industrialists, congressmen & others who formed the Gilded Age & Reconstruction) $16.00
Stockley, Grif Illegal Motion (attorney Gideon Page 4, agrees to defend college football star on rape charges) $6.99
Wallace, Rangeley No Defense (LuAnn's return to Alabama hometown in upheaval by case against father in 30_year-old racial killing) $5.99
Walters, Minette The Echo (journalist Michael Deacon investigates homeless man's death in wealthy Amanda Powell's garage; who was he, & what is Amanda covering up?) $23.95
Whitney, Polly Until it Hurts (dueling ex_lovers Ike & Abby 3, investigate stabbing of star athlete at Madison Square Gardens during prep for TV interview, become targets themselves) $22.95
Whitney, Polly Until the End of Time (divorced partners TV news producer Ike/director Abby set to get the story of series of murders of homeless people painted yellow) $4.99
Wings, Mary She Came to the Castro (San Francisco's lesbian PI Emma Victor 4, hired to find blackmailer & the videotape, but murderer beats her to it; "irreverent, fast_paced, & fun") $21.95


The Devil's Own (movie tie_in; PBO) $6.50
Carr, John Dickson (Carter Dickson) The Curse of the Bronze Lamp (reprint; Sir Henry Merrivale solves the case of the curse that seems to befall Lady Helen Loring upon bringing lamp home from Egypt) $4.95
Chisholm, PF A Surfeit of Guns (Dpty Warden of W March Sir Robert Carey 3, investigation of high_quality gun thefts & replacement with explosively bad ones leads to Scottish king's court) $20.95
Hayter, Sparkle Revenge of the Cootie Girls (TV reporter Robin Hudson 3, enlists wacky friends in search of missing intern on wild Halloween girls' night out; "deftly aimed satire & neatly plotted murder mystery") $20.95
Hough, Richard Captain James Cook (biography/history; life of celebrated 18c naval explorer) $15.00
Japrisot, Se'bastien The Sleeping_Car Murders (reprint; other passengers in French train sleeping car where woman's body is found soon meet similar ends-are the deaths related?) $10.95
Karr, Kathleen Spy in the Sky (young reader; Civil War Balloon Corps passing Morse code messages) $3.95
Kennedy, Douglas The Big Picture (man seems to have it all, confronted with wife's affair with man who has 1 thing he truly wants, takes step that leaves him no way out & too_high price) $23.95
Mankell, Henning/Murray, Steven_trn Faceless Killers (Swedish Insp Kurt Wallander 1 of 5, investigates murder of small_town farming couple, possibly by a foreigner, amid life in shambles) $25.00
McCrum, Robert Suspicion (Raymond returns to English village home after expatriate life behind Berlin Wall, suspicions stir, reunion with brother Julian sours, betrayal & murder result) $23.00
Nixon, Joan Lowery Disney Adv Casebusters 12: Bait for a Burglar (young reader; Brian's 1st story as reporter for local news is rash of burglaries based on inside info & Casebusters aim to catch crook & accomplice) $3.95
Rogers, Joel Townsley The Red Right Hand (reprint; Dr Harry Riddle searches for hitchhiker who killed Innis St Erme & for his missing hand, but finds himself implicated) $4.95
Rose, Joel Kill Kill Faster Faster (Joey 's in jail for killing his wife, but he's written a hot play & a producer pulls strings to get him out...but Joey falls for his wife) $22.00
Siegel, Robert Anthony All the Money in the World ("what happens to a criminal defense attorney when his favorite client, a charming drug dealer, rats on him to the feds?") $22.00
Smith, Roland Thunder Cave (young reader; after mother's death, Jacob sets off across Kenya to find zooligist father, joins Masai wise man to end drought, stop elephant poachers) $5.95
Trolle, Karin Smilla's Sense of Snow: The Making of a Film by Bille August (film's screenplay, author/director dialogue, Greenland background, location filming challenges, interviews with stars, photos) $16.00
White, Stephen Remote Control (psychologist Dr Alan Gregory/Lauren Crowder 5, assist daughter of assassinated Surgeon General, but the killing of her stalker lands them in deep trouble) $23.95


Abel, Kenneth The Blue Wall (NYPD Det Dave Moser is caught between Internal Affairs & the bad cops who want him taken out) $5.99
Adams, Jane The Greenway (British psychological suspense; when Cassie Maltham was 10, her cousin Suzie disappeared & 20 years later another girl vanishes at same spot) $5.99
Arnote, Ralph Hong Kong, China (industrialist, investment banker, & intellectual caught in clutches of love, greed, revenge as China retakes control of Hong Kong) $6.99
Barr, Nevada Firestorm (Park Ranger Anna Pigeon 4, & crew are cut off by firestorm on rescue misson & when it passes, they discover one of them has murdered another) $6.50
Brown, Dale Shadows of Steel (Col Patrick McLanahan & surviving crew's new stealth mission against Iran has new Gulf War hanging on outcome) $6.99
Burke, Jan Remember Me, Irene (reporter Irene Kelly meets homeless man once revered instructor & when he goes missing amid charges of blackmail & murder, she sets out to find truth) $5.50
Clark, Mary Higgins Moonlight Becomes You (photographer Maggie Holloway's newly rediscovered stepmother's legacy hinges on visiting old friend, but more deaths in women's circle rouse suspicion) $7.99
Clark, Mary Higgins Pretend You Don't See Her (audio tape; CD avail $20) $18.00
Crombie, Deborah Mourn Not Your Dead (Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James 4, must solve murder of high_ranking British police officer) $5.99
Davis, Bart Midnight Partner (Phillie Liebowitz upset when he realizes screenwriter partner's suicide is murder connected to seamy underside of idyllic Long Island) $5.99
Dunlap, Susan Cop Out (Berkeley cop Jill Smith 10, gets cryptic summons from PI friend, who abruptly disappears, leaving corpses & "tangled web of bureaucracy, city politics & murder") $20.95
Englade, Ken Hot Blood (non_fiction; candy heiress' disappearance leads to swindling gigolo, horse hit man for hire & conspiracies on elite show_horse circuit) $5.99
Feliciano, Hector The Lost Museum (non_fiction; subtitled "The Nazi Conspiracy to Steal the World's Greatest Works of Art") $27.50
Fowler, Earlene Goose in the Pond (quilter/ex_cowgirl Benni Harper 4, investigates murder of library storyteller found facedown in lake) $21.95
Foy, George Contraband (smuggler in decayed Manhattan learns key to breaking code of lethal new force, winning freedom is mythical author of arcane text; "gritty urban sf noir") $12.95
Gleiter, Jan Lie Down With Dogs (businessman, 4_year-old boy, his caretaker & Bernese mountain dog must find, stop child's pursuers & uncover conspiracy; St Martin's/Malice Domestic Best 1st Traditional Winner) $5.99
Harry, Eric L Society of the Mind (psych prof Laura Aldridge join billionaire genius's island project that turns out to be artificially intelligent computer with lethally dangerous neuroses) $6.99
Henry, Sue Sleeping Lady (Alaska State Trooper Alex Jensen 3, investigates identity of corpse in wrecked plane, missing pilot & vicious poaching gang) $5.99
Herman, Richard Jr Iron Gate (Afrikaner Resistance Mvmt controls cold nuclear fusion weapon & Air Force legend Matt Pontowski & team must stop them) $6.99
Herman, Richard Jr Power Curve (1st female President faces crises at home & abroad as China annexes Taiwan & prepares to take Japan) $23.00
Hillerman, Tony The Great Taos Bank Robbery & Other Indian Country Affairs (reprint/non_fiction; 9 true tales of the Southwest that "capture the history & rhythms in New Mexico") $5.99
Holleman, Jane Killer Gorgeous ("action_packed debut of...hard_as_nails female protagonist ...entwines unforgettable characters from different worlds"; PBO) $5.99
Hunter, Stephen Black Light (Bob Swagger returns to search for truth behind long_dead father's murder, becomes both hunter & hunted) $6.99
Hutchings, Janet_ed Murder Most British (anthology of British cozies features Sayers, Gilbert, Rendell, Milne, Barnard, Christie, Lovesey, Chesterton, more) $5.99
Izzi, Eugene A Matter of Honor (2 Chicago brothers are at the center of unrest as racially motivated murder leads to one retribution after another as city falls apart) $24
Jones, Matthew F A Single Shot (man who accidentally shoots teen girl tries to learn who she was & what she was doing in woods, uncovers evil secrets of backwoods town) $11.95
Katz, Jon Fathers' Club (suburban detective Kit Deleeuw 4, investigates dutiful father behind on support payments who turns up dead, finds his club full of betrayal, greed, fraud) $5.99
Katz, Samuel M The Night Raiders: Israel's Naval Cammandos at War (non_fiction; chronicles creation & development of renowned special forces unit; PBO) $6.50
Kemelman, harry The Day the Rabbi Left Town (Rabbi Small's new job as Boston college prof turns deadly when another prof is murdered) $5.99
King, Laurie R With Child (as life partner Lee recovers at distance, Det Kate Martinelli 3, cares for police partner's new stepdaughter, who disappears in heart of serial killer's territory) $5.99
Kingsbury, Kate Ring for Tomb Service (Pennyfoot Hotel 9, is the setting for St Bartholomew's Week, marred only by murder; Edwardian setting; PBO) $5.99
Layton, Jeffrey Warhead (rejected engineer turns terrorist, decides nuclear bomb is preferred weapon & only obstacle is Seattle PI who stumbles on his scheme; PBO) $5.99
Lordon, Randye Father Forgive Me (NY lesbian PI Sydney Sloane 3, looks into heroin OD of political aspirant's son who never used drugs, & finds perfect family has explosive secrets; PBO) $5.99
McGown, Jill A Shred of Evidence (Insp Lloyd/Judy Hill 7, investigation of teen girl's death threatens to run aground as classmates are determined to guard her secrets) $5.99
Meade, Glenn Snow Wolf (in 1953, a US agent, two CIA_hired assassins aimed at Stalin & the KGB's deadliest manhunter clash with WWIII the most likely result) $6.99
Miller, Kenn Six Silent Men: 101st LRP/Ranges, Book 2 (non_fiction/Vietnam) $5.99
Moody, Bill Death of a Tenor Man (jazz pianist Evan Horne 2, helps scholar investigating tenor sax player's death tied to 1950s black jazz club, but the pay_back comes down hard) $5.50
Moore, Miram Ann Last Dance (in late 70s NY, aspiring writer Marti Hirsch pursues killer of friend's fiance from penthouses to dives; PBO) $5.99
Moseley, Margaret Bonita Faye (endearingly witty & off_beat Southern belle tells her story, including how she got away with murder-twice) $4.99
O'Brien, Meg Take My Breath Away (Kate McKenna's Hawaiian vacation confused by stalker who may be romancing her, as nightmare of events put her sanity & life in jeopardy; PBO) $5.99
O'Donnell, Lillian The Raggedy Man (PI Gwenn Ramadge is sure rookie undercover narc was murdered, but trying to prove it makes her target of corrupt cops) $5.99
Ouellette, Pierre The Third Pandemic (superbacteria plague Dr Elaine Wilkes predicted materializes, but her bosses withhold her cure as psychopath prepares finishing blow) $6.99
Partridge, Norman Saguaro Riptide (ex_boxer Jack "Battle_Ax" Baddalach must find millions in cash in sleazy, noir_like motel, before others do; PBO) $5.99
Pearson, Ridley Never Look Back (reprint; agent Andrew Clayton gets one shot at KGB agent who killed his brother, but taking it may mean release of ultimate bioweapon) $6.99
Philpin, John/Sierra, Patricia The Prettiest Feathers (Det Lane Frank struggles to keep case despite FBI involvement & enlists forensic psychiatrist/dad to help stop serial killer bent on vengeance; PBO) $5.50
Ray, Robert J/Remick, Jack The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery (reference; uses exercises, examples for 52 weekend work sessions, w/samples by authors, through character, scene, plotting, drafting, editing, marketing) $11.95
Rey, Rainer Replicator Run (video journalist Devin Parts tries for comeback w/story of devastating new disease infecting children, but uncovers terrorist conspiracy; PBO) $5.99
Ridley, John Stray Dogs (drifter determined to make it to Vegas for revenge is stranded in deserted town full of double_crosses, desperation & murder) $19.95
Robb, JD Ceremony in Death (Lt Eve Dallas 5, takes on dangerous case which brings to question her own beliefs; PBO) $5.99
Robinson, Peter Innocent Graves (Insp Alan Banks/Susan Gay 8, believe person arrested for teen's murder in small village is innocent) $5.99
Rushkoff, Douglas Ecstasy Club (disenfranshised youth explores cyberspace & challenge time at electronic/spiritualist warehouse playground, but mysterious enemies attack from all sides) $17.50
Sawyer, Corinne Holt The Geezer Factory Murders (Angela Benbow/Caledonia Wingate 7, relish transfers from rival retirement community until one is killed) $5.99
Saylor, Steven A Murder on the Appian Way (Pompey assigns Gordianus the Finder to investigate murder of Publius Clodius as 52 BC Rome threatens to dissolve into chaos) $5.99
Scott, Leonard B Solemn Duty (FBI agent Eli Tanner probes unsolved murder at Ft Benning & turns up Cambodian hit men, Chinese mafia & The Agency itself; PBO) $5.99
Smith, Michael Marshall Spares (after war, ex_cop Jack Randall guards Spares, but when he escapes with some, he's targeted for cancellation by their killer_creator-but who, what are they?) $22.95
Straley, John Death & the Language of Happiness (Sitka PI Cecil Younger 's latest case is connection between woman killed in motel & man who died 80 yrs ago, confronting varied ghosts on the way) $21.95
Thornburg, Newton A Man's Game (family man takes matters into own hands when suspect in Seattle rape_murder series starts stalking his daughter) $6.99
Thornton, Beth The Cowboy Rides Away (Arizona's victim aide Chloe Newcomb realizes recent murder victim is ex_lover, sets out to find out why) $5.50
Whatley, Bruce/Smith, Rosie Detective Donut & the Wild Goose Chase (young reader; when statue & Prof Drake disappear, bumbling Det Donut & clever sidekick Mouse must find out if villainous Goose is behind the plot) $14.95
Wilson, Karen Ann Circle of Wolves (vet Samantha Holt 4, becomes involved in "drugs, deception & death" while providing "pet therapy" at retirement community; PBO) $5.99
Wolzien, Valerie Permit for Murder (contractor Josie Pigeon 2, was annoyed to hear of lookalike mistaken for her, but double's murder changes things; PBO) $5.99
Yenne, Bill Hidden Treasure (non_fiction; guide to buried treasure locations throughout US) $5.99


Abramson, Leslie/Flaste, Richard The Defense is Ready:Life in the Trenches of Criminal Law (non_fiction; LA defense atty gives insight on law, courts from formative years, public defender's office, independent practice, famous cases) $25.00
Ayres, EC Night of the Panther (photographer/PI Tony Lowell/Det Lena Bedrosian 3, investigate murder of Fish & Game officer in Big Cypres Swamp) $21.95
Baum, Tom Out of Body (ex_con must use memory lapses/remote viewing episodes to save himself from death sentence) $22.95
Blum, Bill The Last Appeal (defense attorney Peter Harrigan has 1 more chance to save client from gas chamber & to do it must find the real killer) $6.99
Bradberry, James Eakins' Mistress (architect Jamie Ramsgill 3, tries to find disappeared friend only to find himself implicated & a new Eakins painting somehow connected) $19.95
Braun, Lilian Jackson The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts; Knew a Cardinal; Lived High (omnibus reprint of 3 novels) $12.98
Brewer, Steve Shaky Ground (Albuquerque PI Bubba Mabry's hired to find missing professor, but when he turns up dead things go bad to worse & Bubba's wedding is only hours away) $21.95
Brodie, Deborah ed. Writing Changes Everything (non_fiction; collected quotes about writing and writers) $20.95
Burke, Jan Hocus (reporter Irene Kelly faces ultimate test when detective_husband is taken hostage, leads point to horrifying years_old case implicating someone on force) $22
Chapman, Sally Hardwired (computer expert Julie Blake 4, hired to stop hacker into NASA Mission Control, but when astronauts start dying, the stakes skyrocket) $21.95
Christie, Agatha The Harlequin Tea Set & Other Stories (9 previously uncollected stories, including stories featuring Poirot & Mr Quin) $21.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Pretend You Don't See Her (woman assigned to witness protection program realizes she's fallen in love & must reclaim identity despite deadly peril) $25.00
Cooper, Cyntha/Sheppard, Sam Reese Mockery of Justice (non_fiction; the case that inspired The Fugitive -doctor convicted of wife's murder finally proves innocence) $5.99
Corwin, Miles The Killing Season (non_fiction; chronicles a summer inside LAPD Homicide Division covering South Central LA) $23.00
Daly, Conor Buried Lies (golf pro Kieran Lenahan 2, chance at PGA championship marred by arson at his pro shop & caddy's suspicious accident) $5.50
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Flamingo Fedora (Midnight Louie 6, stars in cat food commercials while Temple helps conceptual artist dabble in flamingos, but trouble-& murder-are never far away) $24.95
Edwards, Grace If I Should Die (ex_cop Mali Anderson steps in when friend, Harlem's Children's Chorus conductor is killed preventing boy's kidnapping, but each lead brings more mayhem) $21.95
Fischer, Tibor The Thought Gang (philosophy lecturer & ex_con partner pull bank heists across France, each inspired by great philosophical works) $12.00
Frey, Stephen W The Vulture Fund (Wall St investment banker discovers real estate investment fund covers int'l terrorism & Washington politics, & he's caught in middle) $6.99
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson Murder & Sullivan (Joan Spencer 3, caught up in family murders, Gilbert & Sullivan production & Indiana tornado) $21.95
Goldstone, Lawrence & Nancy Used and Rare (non_fiction; tale of couple's adventures collecting rare books in New England) $20.95
Griffin, WEB Badge of Honor: The Witness; Assassin; Murderers (omnibus reprint of 3 novels) $12.98
Gross, Ken The Talk Show Defense (Manhattan Det Maggie Van Zandt investigates when TV talk show celebrities & guests begin to vanish, stalked by unhinged ex_husband) $20.95
Hager, Jean The Fire Carrier (OK Police Chief Mitch Bushyhead 4, realizes body in woods, outbreak of town violence & calls reporting Cherokee Fire Carrier sightings are connected) $5.99
Hager, Jean The Spirit Caller (Cherokee Nation major crimes inv Molly Bearpaw 4, seeks truth behind woman killed while trying to communicate w/dead, which hits too close to home) $22.00
Hammond, Gerald Sink or Swim (post_heart attack Wallace James is supposed to take life easy, but overheard conversation with bearing on landowner's death is too much to resist) $19.95
Handler, David The Man Who Loved Women to Death (ghostwriter "Hoagy" Hoag 8, latest job is collaboration w/NY serial killer, while cops, press want info & suspicion grows that killer is old friend) $23.95
Harper, Andrew Bad Karma (psychiatrist Trey Campbell takes family on much_needed vacation, but his most brilliant & brutal psychopathic patient has other ideas) $22.00
Harvey, Clay A Whisper of Black (retired Special Operative Tyler Vance 2, must recover money lost in broken_up gun deal) $23.95
Hunter, Evan (aka Ed McBain) Privileged Conversation (psychiatrist David Chapman's chance meeting w/dancer leads to erotic adventure, suspense & danger) $6.99
Hunter, Fred Government Gay (Alex Reynolds' visit to gay bar leads to encounter w/men wanting some mysterious thing, death outside the bar, an FBI agent on his doorstep & now he's being followed) $20.95
Hunter, Jessie One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (madman's fastidiously ritualized abductions of small boys confounded when he nabs 9_year-old girl by mistake) $23.00
Johnstone, William W The 1st Mountian Man 7: Blackfoot Messiah (Western crossover; prophet promises Blackfoot warriors victory, but Preacher's on his trail; PBO) $4.99
Kaminsky, Stuart Dancing in the Dark (1940s Hollywood PI Toby Peters hired to disentangle Fred Astaire from mobster's girlfriend's aspirations without triggering mobster's deadly wrath) $5.99
Kaminsky, Stuart M A Fatal Glass of Beer (40s Hollywood PI Toby Peters hired to find thief who stole WC Fields' bank books to accounts in towns across US, but someone else is after them both) $22.00
Kennedy, William Siren's Lullaby (husband's yacht race accident leaves wife with bankrupt company and hints of foul play) $22.95
Kennett, Shirley Gray Matter (psychologist/single mom PJ Gray develops virtual reality program to recreate crime, now must use it to stop serial killer) $5.99
Klaber, William/Melanson, Philip Shadow Play (non_fiction; reveals many flaws in investigation of Robert F Kennedy's death and Sirhan's defense) $20.95
Law, Janice Cross_Check (PI Anna Peters 9, agrees to help Florida hockey star charged w/teammate's murder, but secrecy & no cooperation are only the beginning of her obstacles) $20.95
McBain, Ed Nocturne (during wee hours, 87th Pct Detective's Carella & Hawes deal w/murder of long_lost concert pianist, while 88th Pct Det Weeks trails prep schoolers & crack dealer) $24.00
McClellan, Tierney Two_Story Frame (KY realtor Schuyler Ridgway 4, faces distasteful task of proving ex_husband innocent of his fiancee's murder) $5.99
McKevett, GA Bitter Sweets (PI Savannah Reid 2, hired by real estate broker to find long_lost sister, but when she's found & murder follows, case turns into clearing her own name) $5.50
McKevett, GA Killer Calories (PI Savannah Reid 3, gets anonymous note & payment promise to look into "accidental" death of club owner) $18.95
Mezrich, Ben Threshold (man driven by childhood trauma to save others, Jeremy Ross has 72 hours to defuse plot to genetically rewire human race) $6.99
Moody, Susan Doubled in Spades (bridge pro Cassandra Swann 4, sets out to find who's been stalking her-& why-while she hunts for friend Naomi's killer) $22.00
Patterson, James See How They Run (reprint of The Jericho Commandment ; David Strauss's search for truth of family's murders takes him across Europe, to Moscow Olympics, Nazi concentration camp) $6.99
Peters, CJ/Olshaker, Mark Virus Hunter: 30 Years of Battling Hot Viruses (non_fiction; commander of Army virology unit/Chief of Special Pathogens at CDC chronicles battle against disease, also battles of bureacratic turf war) $23.95
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln Reliquary ( The Relic sequel; bodies found in mud off Manhattan shoreline initiate investigation which involves Natural History Museum curator Margo Green) $24.95
Ramos, Manuel Blues for the Buffalo (Denver attorney Luis Montez 4, takes vacation from misadventures, but disappearance of woman met on beach follows him & brings along bullets & firebombs) $21.95
Rhodes, Richard Deadly Feasts (Cannibal plague reveals connections between human and animal "stealth" diseases spreading worldwide) $22.50
Riddle, Lyn Ashes to Ashes (non_fiction; mother's diary & family interviews tell story behind man's murder of parents, sisters & brother_in_law; PBO) $5.99
Roosevelt, Elliott Murder at Midnight (Eleanor Roosevelt 17, must solve a murder in the White House to save a black housekeeper) $20.95
Rusch, Kristine Hitler's Angel (40 yrs later, German detective recounts investigation of suspicious death of Hitler's niece to American) $20.95
Sandford, John The Night Crew (LA video freelancer Anna Hatory & crew tape a jumper's suicide that soon leads to one of their own being murdered; audio tape $24.95) $23.95
Spillane, Mickey/Collins, Max Allan_ed Vengeance is Hers (anthology of revenge tales by women, incl Hess, McCrumb, Pickard, Maron, Meyers, more) $5.99
Stokes, Naomi M The Listening Ones (tribal sheriff Jordan Tidewater 2, suspects one of her people is responsible for young boy's murder & delves into buried past for truth) $25.95
Toolis, Kevin Rebel Hearts (history, map and guide to the psychological underworld to the IRA through eyes of individual IRA men) $14.95
White, Randy Wayne North of Havana (marine biologist Doc Ford summoned to help old friend whose boat wandered into Cuban waters and "murder, revenge, & revolution" ensue) $22.95


Arjouni, Jakob One Death to Die (Frankfurt's Turkish PI Kemal Kayankaya 2, searches for Thai girl smuggled in for city's sex trade; "crackling with intelligence & blistering wit") $21.95
Bateman, Colin Cycle of Violence (Belfast's cycling journalist Miller on assignment in "post_terrorist ghetto where the preferred response to bone_chilling murder is a hilarious one_liner") $12.95
Bateman, Colin Of Wee Sweetie Mice & men (Ireland's champion boxer's on his way to hopeless bout w/Tyson, along w/journalist Starkey, but their arrival in NY sets of racial & political mayhem) $21.95
Doctorow, EL The Waterworks (reprint; newspaperman recounts search for critic who went missing in 1871 New York) $11.95
Edwards, Louis N (black New Orleans journalist Aimee DuBois investigates teen shooting & underground drug trade & is forced to question herself & community) $22.95
Ford, GM The Bum's Rush (Seattle PI Leo Waterman 3 & eccentric band of "irregulars" try to untangle rock star's death & unlikely heirs' competing claims) $22.95
Franzen, Jonathan The Twenty_Seventh City (reprint; 80s St Louis caught in pervasive political conspiracy w/its new, female, Indian police chief & premier businessman at center) $14.00
Goldberg, Leonard Deadly Harvest (Dr Joanna Blalock 4, encounters sinister organ donor company attempting to save sister's life & becomes target for murder) $23.95
Gorman, Ed/Greenberg, MH_eds Love Kills (anthology about murders arising form love by Muller, Block, Rendell, Westlake, Hunter, Pickard, Pronzini, Lutz, Gores, more) $12.95
Hall, Matthew The Art of Breaking Glass (psychiatric nurse inadvertently helps man escape from Bellevue who has explosive plan to save poor from developers) $23.95
Higgins, George V Sandra Nichols Found Dead (Jerry Kennedy returns to probe murder of woman w/checkered past & prosecutor's case against chief suspect; "thinking person's John Grisham") $12.00
Hunt, E Howard Dragon Teeth (retired CIA officer Mark Brand must return to duty to save son missing in China & stop impending confrontation there w/US military) $24.95
Ignatius, David A Firing Offense (DC reporter Eric Truell's story on secret power networks in France leads him to France/China/US trade war, his paper's role & a possible spy on staff) $23.00
Littell, Robert Walking Back the Cat (Gulf War vet Finn must stop reactivated KGB agent in New Mexico w/assassination orders who's led to an Apache casino) $22.95
Mills, Deanie Francis Ordeal (Wren Cameron & son are kidnapped by ex_militia leader who forces her to take part in Texas office building bombing; "Mary Higgins Clark with an edge") $22.95
Moore, Brian The Statement (fictional account of the hunt for French war criminal Pierre Brossard, despite cover_up by court & Catholic Church) $11.95
Pronzini, Bill A Wasteland of Strangers (John Faith's arrival in Pomo arouses questions that begin to tear town apart & when woman is murdered he becomes prime suspect) $21.95
Reed, Barry The Deception (attorney Dan Sheridan's called in by hospital's owner, Boston Archdiocese, when tennis star on experimental meds jumps, but they don't like what he finds) $24.00
Richelson, Jeffrey T A Century of Spies (non_fiction; inside history of spying in 20th c, incl US, British, Russian, Chinese, Israeli, German, French, technology, secret groups, covert ops, murder) $16.95
Riley, Judith Merkle The Serpent Garden (painter Susanna Dallet is placed in entourage of Henry VIII's sister on marriage trip to France & becomes embroiled in plots & intrigue) $12.95
Robinson, Lynda S Eater of Souls (1st of trilogy; Lord Meren 4, investigates Queen Nefertiti's death, but connections to court intrigues & series of Devourer killings pose problems) $21.94
Slovo, Gillian Every Secret Thing: My Family, My Country (daughter of South African Communist Party heads copes w/exclusion from parents' secret lives, returns to find truth behind mother's assassination) $24.95
Stout, Rex The Great Legend (associational, 1st time in book form; story of Trojan warrior who's led by emotion is manipulated by reason wielded by the women he pursues) $5.95
Trevor, William Miss Gomez & the Brethren (Miss Gomez predicts a sex crime will happen in Crow Street, but no one believes until child goes missing; 1st US edition) $11.95


Smith, Martin Cruz Rose (adventurer seaches for a missing man in 1872 industrial England and finds love) $12.00
Baker, Mark Bad Guys (non_fiction; "America's Most Wanted in Their Own Words" from childhoods to victim choice to prison survival) $5.99
Benson, Ann The Plague Tales (14th century physician and 21st century archaeologist fight the bubonic plague in both times) $23.95
Cannell, Stephen J Final Victim (renegade customs agent, forensic psychologist & master hacker join forces to track brutal serial killer) $6.99
Cercone, Karen Rose Steel Ashes (in 1905 Pittsburgh, a detective & social worker team up to solve arson deaths of 2 poor immigrants despite city's corrupt politics; PBO) $5.99
Clancy, Tom Airborne: A Guided Tour (non_fiction; examination of Airborne Task Force covers weapons, life w/Alert Brigade, interview, 2 mini_novels of real_world scenarios) $16.00
Clark, Mary Higgins Weep No More My Lady (suspense reprint) $11.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Home Again, Home Again (romance writer EJ Pugh 3, must hone investigative skills when her husband disappears & is suspected of murder; PBO) $5.50
Craig, Philip R Death on a Vineyard Beach (mayhem interrupts honeymoon when Jeff & Zee Jackson 6, stop attempt on mob boss' life at symphony & follows them back to Martha's Vineyard) $5.50
Cullen, Robert Dispatch From a Cold Country (thriller set in Moscow) $6.99
Douglass, Keith Carrier 9: Arctic Fire (military adventure; Russian invaders must be stopped in Arctic Ocean; PBO) $5.99
Emerson, Earl Rainy City (reprint of 1st novel of Seattle PI Thomas Black) $5.99
Fairstein, Linda Final Jeopardy (asst Manhattan DA Alexandra Cooper probes Sex Crimes Unit records & more when woman staying at her summer home is murdered) $5.99
Gardner, Erle Stanley Case of the Lazy Lover (Perry Mason reprint) $4.99
George, Anne Murder Runs in the Family (sisters Patricia Anne & Mary Alice dig into death of geneologist they're sure was murdered to cover up some family's secret; PBO) $5.99
George, Elizabeth In the Presence of the Enemy (kidnapping, blackmail, British politics, Scotland Yard, forensic scientist Simon St. James) $6.99
Grimes, Martha Hotel Paradise (when 12-year-old girl investigates mysterious drowning of girl her age 40 years ago, she comes face to face with present day murder) $6.99
Hall, Karen Dark Debts (Southern family tormented by an unspeakable curse, "soon to be a major motion picture") $6.99
Harvey, Gareth The Holtzmann plague (Colombian drug lord & Russian scientist team to produce deadly virus & only military hero Tom Kane can stop them) $5.99
Higgins, Jack Drink With the Devil (adversaries hunt hijacked gold in deadly quest w/worldwide fallout) $6.99
Holden, Craig The Last Sanctuary (thriller tracks young man on the run from cultists, militias, the ATF & his own soul through Pacific Northwest & Alaska) $6.50
Lescroart, John Guilt (wife_cheating attorney for the Catholic Church has everything his way, until his wife is murdered) $24.95
Limon, Martin Slicky Boys (two US Army cops must survive the Korean underworld to solve the murder that has them framed) $21.95
Maas, Peter Serpico (reprint; chronicle of NY cop who risked everything in late 60s to expose NYPD's corruption) $5.99
Mason, Sarah J Seeing is Deceiving (Trewely & Stone must find kidnapped optician wo was a robbery witness; PBO) $5.99
Matera, Lia Last Chants (attorney Willa Jansson attempts to help old friend brandishing gun, but winds up on run w/him in murder case tied to cyber_shaman software designers, more) $5.99
McGown, Jill Verdict Unsafe (DI Judy Hill sets out to prove guilt of serial rapist who's free on technicality & named her his next target) $22.00
Mercer, Judy Fast Forward (Ariel Gold is determined to reclaim her past, but her quest takes her into killer's path) $6.50
Mosley, Walter A Red Death (Easy Rawlins 2, reprint, promotional price) $3.99
O'Callaghan, Maxine Only in the Ashes (child psychologist probes the tragic life & death of a little girl; PBO) $5.99
Outland, Orland Death Wore a Smart Little Outfit (San Francisco drag queen Doan McCandler solves murder in the "tradition" of Armistead Maupin & The Birdcage ; PBO) $5.50
Paretsky, Sara_ed & intro Women on the Case (anthology by best US & int'l contemporary female crime writers, incl Barr, Cody, Cross, Matera, Davis, Fraser, George, Muller, Benaboura, Anderle, more) $6.99
Prowell, Sandra West When Wallflowers Die (Montana PI Phoebe Siegel 3, follows trail to 27_year_old murder of gubernatorial candidate's wife & finds family connections) $5.99
Quinn, Elizabeth Killer Whale (Alaska wildlife inv Dr Lauren Maxwell 4, is on Prince of Wales island to prevent capture of wild orcas, but friend's murder turns attention; PBO) $5.99
Reed, Philip Bird Dog (hard_luck_case Harold Dodge agrees to help woman out of jam w/car dealership but lands in "scam so rotten the FBI's in on it") $22.00
Richman, Phyllis The Butter Did It (DC restaurant critic Chas Wheatley's convinced to French chef was murdered, enlists detective/gourmand Homer Jones to solve fiendish crime; incl recipes) $23.00
Roberts, Lillian M The Hand That Feeds You (second in female veterinarian sleuth series, PBO) $5.50
Robinson, Patrick Nimitz Class (Navy Intelligence Lt Cmdr Bill Baldridge suspects mysterious rogue sub of unknown command is behind vaporizing of nuclear carrier) $25.00
Rowland, Laura Joh Bundori (in 1689 Edo, samurai detective Sano Ichiro 2, tracks serial killer whose bundori-severed head nailed to plank, publically displayed-are multiplying) $5.99
Rucka, Greg Keeper (Atticus Kodiak hired to protect women's health clinic head, amid of war of nerves & violence that sets him against madman, but for justice or revenge?) $5.99
Saenz, Benjamin Alire The House of Forgetting (Gloria's abducted at 7, kept in basement for 23 years, molded by writer/academic captor, then she begins to realize unacceptability of situation) $24.00
Scoppettone, Sandra Let's Face the Music and Die (lesbian PI Lauren Laurano 4) $5.99
Shoemaker, Bill Dark Horse (third in racetrack series) $6.99
Simmons, Larry Silent Option (Cmdr Derek Evans & his Navy SEAL team take on renegate Soviet vets selling nuclear, biological & chemical weapons; PBO) $6.50
Smith, Cynthia Impolite Society ("private resolver" Emma Rhodes 2, discretely investigates death of minister that may lead to her own circle of friends; PBO) $5.99
Stabenow, Dana Blood Will Tell (Alaska PI Kate Shugak 6, thrown into tribal politics while solving death of Native Association member; "blend of modern morality tale & ageless legend") $5.99
Stein, Harry Hoopla (reporter Luther Pond exposes 1919 Chicago White Sox player_thrown World Series & player George Weaver is caught up in the scandal) $6.50
Sullivan, Mark T The Purification Ceremony (female descendant of a woodland shaman must track killer during British Columbia hunting trek & resurrect long_dormant skills) $24.00
Tesler, Nancy Pink Balloons & Other Deadly Things (single mother/bio_feedback therapist Carrie Carlin already had enough to juggle-then ex_husband's fiance is murdered & she's prime suspect; PBO) $5.50
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan Heart Trouble (Atlanta cleaning lady/PI Callahan Garrity 5, investigates murder of boozy socialite killed during community service during pre_Olympic frenzy) $5.50
VanOosting, James The Last Payback (young adult; when Dorothea's twin, Dale, dies in accidentaly shooting, she's determined to even the score) $14.95
Warner, Penny Dead Body Language (deaf journalist Connor Westphal aims to start paper in CA mining_turned_tourist town, but must first track down murderer of 1st Lady of Flat Skunk; PBO) $5.50
Watson, Larry White Crosses (Sheriff Jack Nevelsen's investigation of deaths of principal & recent grad in car with luggage may change everything for him & town) $23.00
Web, Mike/Colleary, Michael Face_Off (movie tie_in; LAPD supercop Jon Archer has plan to find & disarm bomb under city by taking on terrorist's identity, who is not amused) $5.99
Wesley, Valerie Wilson Where Evil Sleeps (black, NY PI Tamara Hayle 3, finds Jamaica vacation a nightmare when she's implicated in murder & all her money & ID are stolen) $6.50
West, Morris Vanishing Point (Carl chooses artist's life over family business, but when brother_in_law vanishes he returns to track down the mentally unstable, dangerous man) $5.99


Adamson, Lydia Beware the Butcher Bird (birdwatcher Lucy Wayles & friends (2) horrified when famous field guide dives from hotel before dinner honoring him) $5.99
Barrett Jr, Neal Bad Eye Blues (insect illustrator Wiley Moss 2, taken to Idaho by mobster for portraits of his Spudettes, but lands in midst of someone's murderous war on the hoods) $21.95
Barrett Jr, Neal Dead Dog Blues (constable of Pharaoh TX after long absence, Jack Track copes with deaths plaguing local millionaire, starting with the dog) $5.50
Bean, Gregory A Death in Victory (WY Sheriff Starbranch 3, investigates murder w/aim of clearing best friend, tangles w/Indian reservation, SF's Chinese gangs & mob boss' killer) $23.95
Benson, Raymond Zero Minus Ten (James "007" Bond is sent to Hong Kong to investigate terrorist bombings as sovereignty is given back to China) $22.95
Brown, Sandra Fat Tuesday (New Orleans narcotics cop Burke Basile aims to use cover of Mardi Gras to avenge acquittal of partner's murderer by kidnapping defense attorney's wife) $24.00
Campbell, Marilyn Come Into My Parlor (gambler's death sets frees his wife from abuse, but now she's main suspect-unless real killer hits again; PBO) $5.99
Campbell, Robert The Lion's Share (Chicago committeman Jimmy Flannery 10, comes to the aid of ex_Congressman up on corruption charges who's framed for prostitute's murder) $5.99
Cannell, Stephen J King Con (con artist Beanto Bates runs afoul of mob boss, enlists aid of female DA for series of scams across the country; "in the spirit of The Sting ") $24.00
Chafets, Zev Hang Time (promotional trip to Israel lands NBA star Tyrone Holliman & NCAA coach Digger Dawkins in midst of terrorist abduction threatening MidEast war) $6.99
Craft, Michael Flight Dreams (socialite's fortune goes to Archdiocese if she's declared dead, but journalist Mark Manning aims to prove otherwise & search turns up personal truths) $19.95
Crais, Robert Sunset Express (LA's wisecracking PI Elvis Cole 6, hired to find proof that cops tampered w/evidence in murder case against WASP entrepreneur) $5.99
Cronley, Jay Shoot (unhappily married couple hire killers targeting each other to pay off debts) $20.95
Dickey, Christopher Innocent Blood (ex_US army ranger goes to Bosnia, finds new life and faith and is recruited to fight against his native America) $22.50
Dunham, Roger Spy Sub: Top_Secret Mission to the Bottom of the Pacifi (non_fiction; 1968 race between US & Soviet forces to reach downed Soviet nuclear sub w/complete Russian code books) $5.99
Egleton, Clive Warning Shot (Agent Ashton 5, is called to hunt Islamic terrorists across Europe and the US before next attack) $22.95
Elliott, James Nowhere to Hide (NYC cop succumbs to an off_limits affair with the call girl/Mob witness he's assigned to protect) $22.50
Fairstein, Linda Likely to Die (Alexandra Cooper's Manhattan DA sex_crimes unit's investigation of attack on neurosurgeon hindered by former offenders, vast complex, heavy caseload; audio tape $18.00) $24.00
Ferriss, Lucy The Misconceiver (woman performs illegal abortions until suicide and betrayal force her to defend her moral choice) $21.50
Gores, Joe Contract Null & Void (San Francisco's DKA Agency already beset w/rash of personal & business problems when cases tip into murder & indicate sabotage) $6.50
Hess, Joan Closely Akin to Murder (bookseller Claire Malloy gets call from prestigious scientist/cousin wanting help w/blackmail, but bodies are a problem, too) $5.99
Higgins, Jack The President's Daughter (security specialist Sean Dillon & FBI Agent Blake Johnson are enlisted to find Presiden't kidnapped, illegitimate daughter in Paris) $24.95
Hynes, James Publish & Perish: 3 Tales of Tenure & Terror (satiric novellas set in academia tell of revenge, mystery, greed) $24.00
Korelitz, Jean Hanff A Jury of Her Peers (Legal Aid attorney's impossible case defending homeless man in girl's attack turns worse as discoveries lead up NY legal system & put her life on line) $5.99
Lutz, John The Ex (David & Molly Jones are terrorized by his ex_wife whose will to get David back is equalled by Molly's to keep him) $5.50
Marshall, William Nightmare Syndrome (Hong Kong DCI Harry Feiffer & DSI O'Yee confront 2 utterly bizarre murder cases during final weeks of British rule) $22.00
Matera, Lia Star Witness (attorney Willa Jansson asked by psychiatrist to defend patient in hit_&_run case who claims alien abduction, but soon finds strangeness truly going on) $22.00
Meade, Glenn Brandenburg (European security man investigates worldwide deaths using links unearthed by dead journalist) $24.95
Mobeley, CW Pilots Die Faster (NCIS agent finds pilot's muder on supercarrier is linked to cat_and_mouse actions with Russian sub) $21.95
Moriarty, Michael The Voyeur (psychiatrists tangle w/murder when his client-black, basketball_player husband-is accused of killing her client-his white, cheating wife) $21.00
Muller, Marcia The Broken Promise Land (PI Sharon McCone takes country singer/brother_in_law's case investigating threats & "accidents, uncovers vicious business, betrayal) $6.50
Offutt, Chris The Good Brother (a Kentucky man finds refuge and love in Montana, but his brother's unavenged death catches up to him) $22.50
Pence, Irene A Clue From the Grave (non_fiction; murdered woman's family hires profile to bring her husband to justice; PBO) $5.99
Peters, Elizabeth The Hippopotamus Pool (Victorian Egyptologists Amelia & Emerson's dig at undisturbed Royal Tomb interrupted by thieves, looters, press & devilishly resourceful villain) $6.99
Rendell, Ruth as Barbara Vine The Brimstone Wedding (superstitious caregiver confides in elderly patient & is given key to cottage that leads her to secrets from past & frightening turn of love to threat) $5.99
Ressler, Robert/Shachtman, Tom I Have Lived in the Monster (non_fiction; premier criminologist and pyschological profiler explores spread of sociopathic murder worldwide) $22.95
Rossi, Mitchell Sam The Hong Kong Sanction (CIA informant's death brings ex_agent Lindsay Chase back to game on verge of Hong Kong takeover; PBO) $5.99
Westlake, Donald E The Ax (suddenly downsized manager of paper company decides to find those who could take job he believes is his & kills them) $23.00


Albert, Neil Tangled June (PI Dave Garrett 6, takes on background investigation of most elusive quarry-himself-that proves to be ultimate test) $20.95
Allingham, Margery Death of A Ghost (reprint; Albert Campion must solve 2 murders at the scene of a 3rd-his own) $4.95
Ashley, Mike_ed Classical Whodunnits (anthology of mysteries set in ancient Greece & Rome by Davis, Saylor, Hoch, Karr, Stableford, Tremayne, more) $9.95
Bills, Greg Fearful Symmetry (Chaz & Muriel draw Peter into intense, passionate relationship-then he finds out just how dark their desires really are) $12.95
Callahan, David State of the Union (Special Forces Lt Zach Turzin realizes Pentagon boss is right_wing zealot w/plot to assassinate President, depose gov't by bombing State of Union address) $23.95
Crais, Robert Indigo Slam (PI Elvis Cole 7, hired by teen & siblings to find their angelic father, but find mover in criminal underworld on verge of grand scheme-same guy?) $22.95
Gash, Jonathan Different Women Dancing (Dr Clare Burtonall investigates fatal traffic "accident" & enlists aid of male escort who introduces her to dark side of this unnamed city) $21.95
Hailey, Arthur Detective (ex_priest/Det Sgt Malcolm Ainslie gets confession from murderer before execution that sends him on investigation of all levels of department & Miami gov't) $24.00
Hancock, Graham/Bauval, Robert The Message of the Sphinx (archaeology; investigation of building & meaning of Giza's monuments) $16.00
Janes, J Robert Stonekiller (in occupied France, Surete's Jean_Louis St_Cyr & Gestapo's Hermann Kohler forge uneasy alliance to find murderer of woman who found prehistoric art) $22.00
Jones, John Bernard When Divas Get Ready (black, gay, Chicago detectives William Prescott/Ronald Marquette investigate murder of young black gay man near nightclub through bustling community's dark side) $21.95
Kerr, Philip Esau (climber finds Himalayan ice cave w/remains of alternate hominid line & scientific, political, human tensions threaten to explodel; audio tape $24.00) $22.50
Laurie, Hugh The Gun Seller (ex_Scots Guard Thomas Lang refuses murder contract but finds himself embroiled in hilariously high_adrenaline caper; "literary equivalent of Get Smart ") $24.00
Macintyre, Ben The Napoleon of Crime (non_fiction; biography of Victorian_era master criminal Adam Worth, model for Moriarty) $24.00
Matthews, Greg Far From Heaven (1940s screenwriter Keith Moody discovers a Hollywood full of blackmail, murder, greed, desire, as his script brings scandal, murder) $20.95
McGivern, William P The Big Heat (reprint; witness to police brutality finds family murdered & himself on the run) $4.95
Perry, Thomas Shadow Woman (Native American Jane Whitefield 3, hired to hide Vegas casino exec who knows too much, but her skill & cunning turn his pursuers' attentions to herself) $22.00
Piccirilli, Tom The Dead Past (wheelchair-bound Anna Kendricks and husband Jonathon deal with murder and dark secrets in small town Felicity Grove) $21/95
Pronzini, Bill/Adrian, Jack_eds Hardboiled: An Anthology of American Crime Stories (covers Black Mask of 20s, 50s "tough digests", to today, incl Ellroy, Hammett, Gorman, Hunter, Cain, Thompson, Nielsen, Maron, Vachss, Block, Kellerman) $15.95
Rubino, Jane Fruitcake (journalist Cat Austen recovering from gunshot wound from Death of a DJ finds second mystery) $24.95
Shubin, Seymour Fury's Children (young woman violently avenges downsizing by executives, and only reporter can stop her) $23.95
Smith, Rosamond (aka Joyce Carol Oates) Double Delight (privileged juror Terence Green becomes entangled w/bizarre female plaintiff & her family; adultery & suspense ensue) $23.95
Thomas, Herbert The Superlative Man (Superman crossed w/Hammett/Chandler: cub reporter w/grudge assigned story on people saved by soaring rescuer but stumbles on conspiracy against hero) $22.00
Wilson, Jonathan The Hiding Room (in 1941Cairo, female Jewish refugee meets UK intelligence officer-is she a terrorist? is holocaust being covered up?) $11.95

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