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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #125 March May, 2019



Fantasy & Science Fiction January / February 2019 (New fiction, reviews, more) $8.99
Locus #695 December 2018 (Interviews with Kim Stanley Robinson and Becky Chambers; forthcoming books; industry news, reviews, and more) $7.50
Locus #696 January 2019 (A look at sf and fantasy art; industry news, reviews, and more) $7.50
Locus #697 February 2019 (2018 year in review; industry news, reviews, and more) $7.50
Atkinson/Tucker Tardis Type 40 Instruction Manual (Doctor Who: Full operational guidelines, including all regenerative updates, for the ship that can take you anywhere in time and space, plus explanations of what to do if things go wrong. Full color illustrations throughout) $19.99
Cole, Steve Combat Magicks (Doctor Who: Features the 13th Doctor and her companions. Gaul, 451 CE: The TARDIS arrives in Gaul on the eve of battle between the forces of Attila the Hun and those of the crumbling Roman Empire. The Doctor soon finds that both sides are being helped by sinister supernatural creatures) $10.99
Dawson, Juno The Good Doctor (Doctor Who: Features the 13th Doctor and her companions. On a return trip to the planet Lobos, the TARDIS slips hundreds of years into the future, only to find the Loba are now slaves, serving human zealots who worship a figure known as The Good Doctor) $10.99
Furuness, Bryan (ed) My Name Was Never Frankenstein (In these stories, writers use classic adventure tales as jumping-off points for prequels, spin-offs, alternate universes, and total reboots) $18.00
Hooker, Sam The Winter Riddle (The Winter Witch of the North Pole must team up with a Viking warrior Santa Claus in order to prevent Ragnarok) $14.99
Kiernan, Caitlin R. The Dinosaur Tourist (Tales of the unexpected and the uncanny explore that treacherous gulf between what we suppose the world to be and what might actually be) $40.00
Koboldt, Dan (ed) Putting the Science in Fiction (PBO; Expert advice from various scientists for writing with authenticity in sf, fantasy, and other genres) $18.99
Lovecraft, H.P. The Gothic Stories of H.P. Lovecraft (A career-spanning retrospective of his Gothic horror tales) $19.95
McCormack, Una The Molten Heart (Doctor Who: Features the 13th Doctor and her companions. The Doctor and her friends arrive on the planet Adamantine, where they find the seas shrinking, the magma cooling, and mysterious, lethal Seething Pools spreading fast) $10.99
McGuire, Seanan In an Absent Dream (Wayward Children #4: Novella. Lundy is a very serious girl who would rather study and dream than become a respectable housewife. When she finds a doorway to a world founded on logic and reason, riddles and lies, she thinks she has found her paradise. Alas, everything costs at the goblin market, and when her time there is drawing to a close, she makes the kind of bargain that never plays out well) $17.99
Shelton, Gilbert (ed) Radical America Komiks (PBO; Adults only. Black & white. A slim collection of underground comix with radical political themes, originally published in 1969) $14.95
Tan, Shaun Cicada (YA; Full color picture book. Cicada tell story. Story good. Story simple. Story even human can understand. Tok Tok Tok!) $19.99
Temple, William F. Four-Sided Triangle (Reissue; A new replication process can reproduce any matter - even a human being - and a scientist believes it might offer the solution to an excruciating love triangle) $14.95
VanderMeer/Robertson None of This Is Normal (PBO; Robertson takes a look at how VanderMeer creates fictions that directly address our Anthropocene epoch) $19.95
Whedon, Joss et al Firefly Legacy Edition Book Two (Reissue; Full color. Omnibus reprint of graphic stories extending the storyline of the short-lived TV series) $29.99
Where's the Unicorn Now? (The seven unicorns of Rainbow Valley are on a world tour! See if you can spot them!) $9.95


Andreadis, Athena (ed) To Shape the Dark (Anthology. These sf stories feature women heroes doing science) $22.95
Andreasen, Michael The Sea Beast Takes a Lover (Collection. Stories that explore hope, love, and loss through surreal landscapes and wild metamorphoses) $17.00
Asher, Neal The Skinner (Spatterjay #1: Three travelers arrive on the planet Spatterjay: Janer, acting as the eyes of the hornet Hive mind; Erlin, searching for the ancient sea captain Ambel; and Sable Keech, searching for legendary renegade Spatterjay Hoop, who committed hideous crimes centuries ago during the Prador Wars) $7.99
Bannister, Andrew Creation Machine (Spin #1: In the Spin, a vast artificial galaxy, a rebellion has been crushed. But Fleare Hass has had time to plan her next move from exile. The planets and stars of the Spin have been the only testament to the engineers that created them - but now, beneath the surface of a ruined planet, one of their machines has been found) $16.99
Bardugo, Leigh Warbringer (Wonder Woman: YA; The coming-of-age story of Diana, Princess of the Amazons) $10.99
Bear, Elizabeth Ancestral Night (Halmey and Connla are salvage operators, scraping out a living searching for the relics of lost human and alien vessels. What they discover about an alien species long thought dead could be the thing that tips humanity's perilous peace into full-out war) $25.99
Bickle, Laura Phoenix Falling (Petra Dee #5: Petra can't fathom the wildfires suddenly engulfing Yellowstone National Park, but the answers could lie in the past - a dreadful night in 1862 when the townsfolk of Temperance tried to eliminate the evil in their town in a trial by fire) $7.99
Bishop, Anne Wild Country (Others #7: The Others of Bennett try to remake their lives, but face obstacles from profiteering humans and outlaw Clans) $27.00
Britain, Kristen Firebrand (Green Rider #6: Green Rider Karigan is assigned to seek out the legendary p'ehdrosian in the northern wilds to renew an old alliance. Each step on the journey northward grows more perilous) $8.99
Brooks, Terry The Skaar Invasion (Shannara: Fall of Shannara #2: What looked like a formidable invading forces proves to be only the forefront of a much vaster army marching against the Four Lands) $8.99
Cherryh, C.J. Regenesis (Alliance / Union Foundation #3: Ariane Emory PR, the genetic clone of scientist Ariane Emory, searches for her progenitor's murderer, and struggles to avoid the same fate) $22.00
Coates, Ta-Nehisi et al Winter in America (Captain America #1: YA; Full color. Reprints issues 1-6 of the comic book plus 2 bonus stories. Distrusted by a nation that seems to have lost faith in him, where can an unsanctioned Captain America turn for aid and assistance in stemming the rise of the Power Elite?) $17.99
Coe, David B. The Infinite Deep (Knightfall: Novel based on the History Channel series) $7.99
Cox, Greg The Librarians and the Pot of Gold (Novel based on the TV series) $9.99
Davidson, Andy In the Valley of the Sun (A Texas Ranger is hunting a cowboy turned vampire for his past misdeeds, but what he finds will lead him to a revelation far more monstrous. He'll have to decide how far into the darkness he'll go for the sake of justice) $16.99
Dawson, D/Hearne, K Kill the Farm Boy (Tales of Pell #1: Gustave the Talking Goat, Fia the Unusually Tall, Argabella the Ensorcelled Bard, and Grinda the Sand Witch are on a mission to stop the king's chamberlain, who lusts after the throne. Along the way, they are joined by Toby the Hedge Wizard and Poltro the Clumsy Rogue - who have their own evil agendas - as all of them try to figure out the conundrum of the Chosen One) $16.00
Dickson, G/Anderson, P Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! (Reissue; Interbeing League agent Alexander Jones has been assigned to make sense out of the Hokas, fuzzy bear-like aliens who love to adopt Terran culture, but don't distinguish between fact and fiction) $16.00
DiLouie, Craig One of Us (1980s Georgia: Abandoned at birth, Enoch and his friends are different. People whisper that they are monsters. The orphanage is a brutal home, but Enoch dreams of growing up to live among normals as a respected man. He believes in a less cruel world where he can be loved. When he and his friends share a campfire with normal kids, fears subside, friendships form, and living together doesn't seem so out of reach. Then a body is found. It may be the spark that ignites revolution) $15.99
Dixon, John The Point (Scarlett Winter has been recruited by a secret West Point unit for cadets with superhuman powers, but even there she feels like a misfit. When a threat from the school's past endangers her fellow students, duty calls) $16.00
Dozois, Gardner (ed) The Very Best of the Best (Anthology. The very finest short sf fiction, selected from the 35 annual editions he edited) $23.99
Dunn, Georgia Lupin Leaps In (Breaking Cat News: The feline news crew is back, reporting everything that matters to cats) $9.99
Flint/Gannon 1636: The Vatican Sanction (Ring of Fire: Most of the Roman Catholic Church's senior leaders have converged in Burgundy, where renegade Pope Urban plans to offer an ecumenical olive branch to other Christian denominations. Fortunately, he has up-time help to fend off assassination attempts) $7.99
Glass, Jenna The Women's War (In a world where a spell has given women the ability to control their fertility, two women discover powers that might just tear down what is left of patriarchal society) $28.00
Hernandez, Carlos Sal and Gabi Break the Universe (Sal & Gabi #1: Kids; Sal's sleight of hand tricks are actually the power to conjure objects, such as putting a raw chicken in his classmate's locker. Unfortunately, this manipulation of space and time could put the entire universe at risk) $16.99
Hieber, Leanna Renee Miss Violet and the Great War (Strangely Beautiful: Violet has been endowed with the ability to see and hear ghosts, and with terrible visions of a great conflict. When the Great War erupts, she takes up her life's mission: using her abilities to attempt to shorten the war and to save lives) $18.99
Hunter, Faith Circle of the Moon (Soulwood #4: Nell's team searches for the magic user behind a series of attacks on panther shifters) $7.99
Jacobs, John Hornor Foreign Devils (Incorruptibles #2: Mercenaries Fisk and Shoe must deliver a very important message, and find a very dangerous man. The stakes are higher than they like. And the Emperor has decreed that Livia Cornelius must travel to the lands of the Autumn Lords. Her diplomatic mission will uncover a shocking truth) $13.99
Johnson, Les Mission to Methone (2065: Chris Holt discovers one of the asteroids he's surveying is in fact a derelict alien spaceship) $7.99
Johnston, E.K. Queen's Shadow (Star Wars: YA; After stepping down from being Queen, Padme Amidala becomes Naboo's representative in the Galactic Senate, and must figure out how to navigate the treacherous waters of politics) $17.99
Jones, Stephen (ed) The Mammoth Book of Nightmare Stories (Some of the top names in modern horror fiction select their favorite underappreciated creepy tales) $14.99
Kiernan, Caitlin R. The Very Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan (A retrospective volume of her finest short fiction) $18.95
Lawhead, Stephen R. In the Land of the Everliving (Eirlandia #2: Conor and his sword companions must leave the safety of the faery kingdom when the barbarian Scalda threaten to overrun Eirlandia) $26.99
Lawrence, Mark Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor #2: Before she leaves the Convent of Sweet Mercy, Nona Grey must choose which order to dedicate herself to - a life of prayer and service, or one of blade and fist. Standing between her and these choices are the pride of a thwarted assassin, the designs of a would-be empress, and the vengeance of a wealthy lord) $7.99
Lebbon, Tim The Folded Land (Relics #2: Fleeing back to the US, Angela Gough discovers that the Kin are everywhere - and that they are tired of being prey) $7.99
Leckie, Ann The Raven Tower (For centuries, the kingdom of Iraden has been protected by the god known as the Raven. His will is enacted through the Raven's Lease, a human ruler chosen by the god himself. His magic is sustained via the blood sacrifice that every Lease must offer. And under the Raven's watch, the city flourishes. But the power of the Raven is weakening. A usurper has claimed the throne. The kingdom borders are tested by invaders who have made alliances with other gods. Into this unrest the warrior Eolo - aide to Mawat, the true Lease - arrives, seeking to help Mawat reclaim his city) $26.00
Lorenz, Theo Nicole The Robot's Guide to Love: A Coloring Book of Romantic Advice (Robot friends! Did your sentience come with a longing for love? Do your love interests flee from your laser eyes? Does your programming lack a flirtation protocol? These 22 coloring pages feature advice sure to help any robot find a robot, human, or toaster to love) $8.99
Lorenz, Theo Nicole Why Cat Why: A Coloring Book Explaining Cats (Why do cats do the weird things they do? Why do we let these pointy, inconvenient creatures and their buttholes into our homes? 26 coloring pages explain cats (and why we love them)) $8.99
MacAlister, Katie Memoirs of a Dragon Hunter (Dragon Hunter #1: After her sister's death, a math teacher must take up her family's sword and claim her destiny as a dragon hunter. With no clue what she's doing, she turns to hot dragon hunter Ian for help) $7.99
MacAlister, Katie Day of the Dragon (Dragon Hunter #2: Plus bonus novel Wolf's Mate by Celia Kyle. When she is asked to translate an ancient text, a skeptical scholar becomes entangled in a war between a sexy dragon shifter and his twin brother) $7.99
Mascarenhas, Kate The Psychology of Time Travel (When Ruby's Granny Bee, one of the forgotten pioneers of time-travel, receives a newspaper clipping from the future reporting the murder of an unidentified woman, Ruby becomes obsessed. Could the victim be Bee? Who would want her dead? Can her murder be stopped?) $26.99
McGuire, Seanan That Ain't Witchcraft (InCryptid #8: James Smith's best friend disappeared while trying to make a contract with the crossroads, and he's plotting revenge. Now the crossroads want him dead, and they want Annie Price to do the dirty deed. And then Leonard Cunningham, aka 'the next leader of the Covenant' shows up) $7.99
Meding, Kelly Stray Moon (Strays #2: The death of her boss has thrust Para-Marshal Shiloh Harrison into a leadership role she isn't prepared for, and now she's got a bunch of abducted werewolves to find) $6.99
Mehrotra, Rati Mahimata (Asiana #2: When the man who slaughtered her family wages war on the Orders of Asiana, Kyra rides into battle, aided by her new companions: the wyr-wolves, who are so much more than they seem) $16.99
Moore, Scotto Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You (A music blogger investigates a band whose songs have a strange effect on their fans, and discovers that the band's lead singer is hiding an incredible secret) $14.99
Morden, S.J. (Simon) No Way (Frank Kitteridge #2: The greedy and murderous corporate architects of humanity's first Mars base made a costly mistake when they left Frank Kitteredge alive. He'll use all his skill and wits to find a way back home) $15.99
Murray/Wearmouth Awakened (A new subway line disturbs an ancient evil lurking beneath New York City) $9.99
Myer, Ilana C. Fire Dance (Trained in otherworldly enchantment, Lin is sent to aid her homeland's allies against savage magical attacks by the Fire Dancers. Her mission forces her to step into a dangerous waltz of tradition, treachery, and palace secrets) $18.99
Neuvel, Sylvain The Test (Novella. Britain, the not too distant future: Idir is sitting the British Citizenship Test. He wants his family to belong. 25 questions to determine their fate, 25 chances to impress. When the test takes an unexpected turn, Idir is handed the power of life and death. How do you value a life when all you have is multiple choice?) $11.99
Nix, Garth Frogkisser! (Kids; When her throne is usurped by her wicked stepmother's evil new husband, Princess Anya finds herself on the run, aided by a loyal talking dog, a boy trapped in the body of the newt, and some very mischievous wizards) $10.99
Nye, J/Taylor, T Moon Tracks (Bright Sparks #2: YA; While Dr. Bright is seeking out rare minerals beneath a crater on the far side of the moon, the Sparks are competing in the first ever race to completely circle the moon. When disaster strikes the mining expedition, the Sparks might be the only ones close enough to help) $24.00
O'Reilly, Jane Blue Shift (Second Species #1: After a job gone wrong, bounty hunter Jinn Blue is stranded on a prison ship with a ruthless criminal who may turn out to be the only person she can trust) $13.99
Oates, Joyce Carol Hazards of Time Travel (An idealistic girl tests the limits of her oppressively controlled world, and is punished by being sent to Wisconsin 80 years in the past) $26.99
Pelevin, Victor S.N.U.F.F. (Karpov lives in a sky city, and works as a drone pilot, either using the drone's camera to record the events unfolding in the land below, or using the drone's weapons to create a newsworthy event for his employers at Big Byz Media) $13.99
Quinn, Seabury Black Moon (Complete Jules de Grandin #5: Fifth of five volumes collecting the stories of the supernatural detective) $34.99
Ratcliffe, Amy Women of the Galaxy (Star Wars: Profiles 75 female characters from that galaxy far, far away. Illustrated throughout) $29.95
Ringo, J/Poole, G (ed) Voices of the Fall (Black Tide Rising: Original stories set in Ringo's zombie apocalypse universe) $26.00
Royer, Amber Pure Chocolate (Chocoverse #2: When Bo Bonitez discovers that Earth is exporting tainted chocolate to the galaxy to get aliens hooked, she must decide whether to go public, or just smile for the cameras and make it home alive) $12.99
Sage, Angie Rise of the Dragons (Kids; Sirin is the first child to bond with a dragon since they were banished long ago. But not all dragons have good intentions, and Sirin finds herself at the center of a battle between the dragons who want to protect humans and the ones who want to destroy humans) $17.99
Schrieve, Hal Out of Salem (YA; After a strange murder sparks hostilities to the local 'monster' population, genderqueer teenage zombie Z teams up with their other paranormal classmates to survive a society that is unforgiving of differences) $19.95
Scott, Melissa Finders (Firstborn, Lastborn #1: When pirates attack her team's salvage claim, Cassilde receives the rarest of the Ancestors' Gifts: a change to her biochemistry that confers near-instant healing. The change drags her into an underworld where Gifts are traded in blood, and powerful Gifts bring equally powerful enemies) $20.95
Shannon, Samantha The Priory of the Orange Tree (A queen and her loyal lady-in-waiting struggle to preserve the kingdom's fragile peace as dragons encroach on their lands and an age-old force stirs that no mandate can keep at bay) $32.00
Shoemaker, Martin L. Today I Am Carey (Mildred has Alzheimer's. Carey is an android who takes care of Mildred, but its true mission is to become a copy of her, from the inside out. After Mildred dies, Carey finds new purpose with Mildred's family. There Carey must learn to live, to grow, to be) $16.00
Smith, Gavin The Bastard Legion (Bastard Legion #1: Hacker Miska Corbin steals a prison ship and, using the virtual reality software that was intended for their rehabilitation, trains the inhabitants to be her own private army) $13.99
Smith, Gavin Friendly Fire (Bastard Legion #2: Miska's prison ship turned private army is hired to pull off a daring powered-armor heist of proprietary tech. Getting the tech will be hard. Getting off the planet will be deadly) $13.99
Sugar, Rebecca et al Just Right (Steven Universe: Kids; Full color. Join Steven on a series of one-on-one adventures with your favorite Beach City characters) $14.99
Tolkien/Day The Dark Powers of Tolkien (A compendium of villains from Middle-earth, including battle timelines, genealogy charts, and illustrations) $15.99
Weekes, Patrick Feeder (YA; Lori Fisher hunts monsters with her toothy sidekick Handler. It's a living, until a job for the Lake Foundation goes wrong, and she discovers a group of captive mutant teens. Now the Foundation is hunting Lori. There's only one thing to do: strike first) $11.99
Williams, Tad The Witchwood Crown (Last King of Osten Ard #1: Thirty years ago, the Storm King was destroyed and his armies scattered. Osten Ard has been at peace, ruled by King Simon and Queen Miriamele. Now, in the frozen north, the Norn Queen wakes, and tells her followers she will sleep no more. Humanity must be destroyed. Her sorcerers will bring a demon back from death, her warriors will search for living dragon's blood, and finally, the Witchwood Crown will be hers) $8.99
Zahn, Timothy Cobra Traitor (Cobra Rebellion #3: The alien Troft are planning to annihilate the Cobras. To survive, the Cobras may have to align themselves with the hated Dominion of Man) $7.99
Zahn, Timothy Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars: Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader ally against a threat to the empire) $9.99
Knights of the Empire (Warhammer Chronicles: Stories of knights, who are the very embodiment of warfare in the Old World) $21.00


Barnhill, Kelly Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories (Collection. Short fiction teeming with uncanny characters whose stories unfold in worlds at once strikingly human and eerily original. Includes the World Fantasy Award-winning novella 'The Unlicensed Magician') $15.95
Beaulieu, Bradley P. A Veil of Spears (Shattered Sands #3: The kings have been hounding the Moonless Host, and many have been forced to flee the city, including Ceda. But the once-unified front of the kings is crumbling as they vie against one another. Ceda hopes to use that to her advantage, but whom to trust?) $18.00
Burke, Sue Semiosis (Colonists from Earth wanted the perfect home, but they'll have to survive on the one they found. They don't realize that another life form watches and waits) $18.99
Cho, Zen The True Queen (Sorcerer Royal #2: Sisters Muna and Sakti have been cursed by an unknown enchanter, and their only hope lies in distant Britain, where the Sorceress Royal has established an academy to train women in magic) $15.00
Chokshi, Roshani Aru Shah and the End of Time (Pandava #1: Kids; When her classmates don't believe Aru Shah's claim that the Lamp of Bharata is cursed, and dare her to prove it, she lights it, and unwittingly frees a demon whose duty is to awaken the God of Destruction. To stop the demon, Aru must find the reincarnations of the five legendary Pandava brothers, and journey through the Kingdom of Death. How is one girl in Spider-Man pajamas supposed to do all that?) $7.99
Dalglish, David Soulkeeper (Keepers #1: When ancient magic suddenly returns to his land, a warrior priest must answer the call to protect his world from monsters out of legend) $15.99
Doctorow, Cory Radicalized (Luna #3: Four sf novellas connected by social, technological, and economic visions of today and of what the US could be in the very near future) $26.99
Doore, K.A. The Perfect Assassin (Ghadid #1: Assassins are being murdered. Even worse, the restless spirits of the murdered are roaming the streets, seeking any body to possess. Ordered to solve the murders, Amastan must find this perfect assassin, or become the next target) $17.99
Durst, Sarah Beth The Deepest Blue (Mayara's life is upended when she reveals her ability to control spirits. If she survives the Island of Testing, she will be declared an heir to the queen, but win or lose, the life she dreamed of is gone) $21.99
Edwards, Patrick Ruin's Wake (In a not-so-distant totalitarian future, an old soldier sets out to find his dying son, an young woman in an abusive marriage finds hope in an illicit love, and mysterious technology reveals to a scientist that her world is more fragile than she believed) $14.95
French, Jonathan The Grey Bastards (Lot Lands #1: Jackal is a proud member of a sworn brotherhood of half-orcs, who eke out a hard life in the desolate Lots, protecting frail and ungrateful human civilization from invading bands of full-blooded orcs. But a dark secret lies at the heart of the brotherhood - a horrifying truth behind the tenuous human-orc peace) $16.00
Fried, Seth The Municipalists (A neurotic human bureaucrat and a quirky AI join forces to save the futuristic city of Metropolis from a terrorist plot) $16.00
Gloss, Molly The Dazzle of Day (Reissue; A group of Quakers band together to abandon an ailing Earth and travel to settle a new world) $15.99
Golden, C/Lebbon, T Blood of the Four (In Quandis, everyone is a slave, some to the gods, and the rest to everyone else. Princess Phela's ambition will disrupt the realm's order, setting events in motion that will end with her becoming a goddess in her own right - or with the utter destruction of Quandis and its inhabitants) $16.99
Habershaw, Auston The Far Far Better Thing (Saga of the Redeemed #4: Tyvian has feigned death and tried to run from the war fought in his name, but the forces carrying his banner fight on without him. With those he holds dear in danger, the ring drags Tyvian to return and set things right. But how can one man fix a broken world?) $8.99
Hill, M.T. Zero Bomb (In near-future London, Remi is drawn into the web of a dangerous radical whose 1970s sf novel is now a manifesto for direct action against automation, technology, and England) $14.95
Hurley, Kameron The Light Brigade (Soldiers are broken down into light to transport them into battle against Mars. Infantry recruit Dietz begins to experience combat drops that don't sync up with the platoon's. And those bad drops tell a story of the war that's not at all what the brass want soldiers to think is going on) $26.99
Lebbon, Tim The Edge (Relics #3: When a woman is struck by lightning and vanishes, the search for her leads to a place folded away from reality and ruled by an immortal fairy) $14.95
Loonstra, A/Scholten, E Crazy Cat Lady (A celebration of the quirky, relatable, and instantly recognizable habits of devoted feline fans. Full color illustrations throughout) $12.95
Lovegrove, James The Magnificent Nine (Firefly: Serenity's crew helps one of Jayne's old flames defend her hardscrabble desert home from outlaw gangs) $24.95
Martin, George R.R. et al Starport (Full color. Martin's TV pilot script adapted as a graphic novel. Inside Chicago's newly opened Starport, visitors are governed by intergalactic treaty. Outside, it's up to the Chicago PD to maintain law & order) $28.00
McDonald, Ian Moon Rising (Luna #3: A hundred years in the future, a war rages between the Five Dragons. Through political manipulation and sheer force of will, Lucas Cortas has risen from the ashes of corporate defeat to seize control of the Moon. The only person who can stop him is a brilliant Lunar lawyer: his sister Ariel) $29.99
Moren, Dan The Bayern Agenda (Galactic Cold War #1: Simon Kovalic, top intelligence operative for the Commonwealth of Independent Systems, finds himself on the front line of a burgeoning cold war with the aggressive Illyrican Empire) $12.99
Morrow, Bethany C. MEM (In an alternate 1920s, a scientist has discovered a way to extract a particular memory from a person's mind, and implant it in a Mem, a mirror image of their source destined to experience that single memory over and over until they expire. And then there is Dolores Extract #1, the first Mem capable of creating her own memories, allowed to create her own existence until the day she is summoned back to the Vault where the other Mems are kept) $15.99
Motter, Dean Shattered Visage (Prisoner: Reissue; Full color graphic novel. The official sequel to the cult classic TV series, set 20 years after the events of the show) $24.99
North, Ryan et al Life Is Too Short, Squirrel (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #10: Kids; Full color. Reprints issues 37-42 of the comic book. Squirrel Girl attends a funeral - her own! So who is in the coffin? Could it have anything to do with all those Skrulls that recently surfaced?) $15.99
Olson, Melissa F. Boundary Broken (Lex Luther #4: While searching for a pair of missing werewolves in the Colorado sand dunes, boundary witch Lex Luther discovers that an old enemy has returned to destroy the supernatural community's hard-won peace) $14.95
Pearson, L/Parkin, L AHistory: An Unauthorized History of the Doctor Who Universe Volume 3 (4th edition) (Doctor Who: Revised and expanded (by about 40%) fourth edition, incorporating all Doctor Who materials into a single timeline. Volume 3 includes the universe's Future section, from 2018 to its final spluttering heat death. Includes TV episodes, audio, books, short fiction, comics, spinoff series, the whole works) $29.95
Pon, Cindy Want (Jason Zhou #1: YA; Norton finalist. Jason Zhou lives in a divided Taipei, where the wealthy protect themselves from the pollution and diseases afflicting the city, while others suffer illness and early death. Frustrated by the city's corruption, Jason is determined to change things at any cost) $11.99
Pon, Cindy Ruse (Jason Zhou #2: YA; Jason Zhou, reunited with his friends, play a treacherous cat and mouse game in the streets of Shanghai, determined to take back the tech Jin has stolen) $18.99
Reynolds, Josh Shadespire: The Mirrored City (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Shadespire was once a glittering metropolis in the underworld, a bold testament to mortal enterprise. Now it is a place of damnation. While Sigmar's heroes seek to unsnarl this nightmare, hordes of Chaos revel in its madness) $16.00
Rothfuss, Patrick et al Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons (Full color. Rick and Morty get roped into a D&D game that soon escalates beyond the table top) $19.99
Rucker, Rudy Saucer Wisdom (Reissue; A UFO abductee relates his adventures through space and time, describing the future of humanity to author Rudy Rucker) $14.99
Rucker, Rudy White Light (Reissue; A young professor's dreams send him headfirst into a transfinite universe that looks a lot like the afterworld, complete with angels, demons, the restless souls of the dead, and a giant talking beetle) $14.99
Schwab, V.E. (Victoria) The Near Witch (The Near Witch is only an old story. If the wind calls at night, you must not listen. There are no strangers in the town of Near. These are the truths Lexi has heard all her life. But now she knows at least one of these sayings is no longer true) $19.99
Shawl, Nisi (ed) New Suns (Original tales of speculative fiction by writers of color) $15.99
Speakman, Shawn (ed) Unfettered III (Fantasy and sf authors donated their stories to this anthology, which is raising money to combat medical debt for sff authors and artists) $30.00
Stout, Dan Titanshade (Carter is a homicide cop in the gritty metropolis of Titanshade - and the city's future may depend on him solving the murder of an alien diplomat) $26.00
Thompson, Tade The Rosewater Insurrection (Wormwood #2: All is quiet in Rosewater; those who know the truth of the invasion keep the secret. Government agent Aminat is at the forefront of the cold, silent conflict, tasked with capturing a woman who is key to humanity's survival. But Aminat finds herself stymied by the machinations of Rosewater's Mayor, and by the emergence of an old enemy of Wormwood) $15.99
Wilson, G. Willow The Bird King (Hassan, mapmaker in the royal court of Granada, the last emirate of Muslim Spain, has a secret: he can draw maps of places he's never seen and bend the shape of reality. When the Spanish monarchy sees his gift as sorcery, Hassan and his friend Fatima seek safety, traversing Spain with the help of a clever jinn) $26.00
Wolf, Deborah A. The Forbidden City (Dragon's Legacy #2: Jian begins a brutal climb in the ranks of the Daechen; Sulema finds that her father's city is built on terrible secrets; Hafsa Azeina treks down strange, dangerous paths; and the Zeeranim must face both enemies without and treachery within) $14.95


UFO Cow Abduction (Beam up your bovine with this 3-inch diameter spaceship equipped with a hinged cockpit complete with curious alien. Miniature cow and faux grass mound included, plus a transparent display stand and 32-page illustrated booklet 'The Cow Abduction Chronicles') $12.95
Maledictions (Warhammer Horror: Stories exploring the sinister side of Warhammer, featuring psychological torment, visceral horrors, and harrowing tales of the supernatural) $16.00
Akers, Tim The Iron Hound (Hallowed War #2: Hatreds erupt into war, and creatures long kept confined rise from below, spreading destruction on an unimaginable scale. While Malcolm seeks to end the war, his son Ian searches for huntress Gwendolyn Adair) $9.99
Asher, Neal The Voyage of the Sable Keech (Spatterjay #2: Fresh trouble, in a variety of forms, has arrived on Spatterjay. And after ten long years, something dormant in the ocean deeps is breaking free. Warden Sniper has a brand-new drone shell, with powerful engines, lethal weapons, and thicker armor. He'll need them) $7.99
Atwood, Margaret The Handmaid's Tale graphic novel (Full color graphic adaptation of the novel. In the patriarchal dystopia of Gilead, Offred is valued only for her fertility. But she remembers the years before Gilead, when she was an independent woman. Now her memories and her will to survive are acts of rebellion) $22.95
Camp, Bryan The City of Lost Fortunes (In post-Katrina New Orleans, Jude is hiding from his magical ability to find lost things, his former divine employer, and a debt he owes to the Fortune god. When the Fortune god is murdered, Jude is drawn back into the world he tried to leave behind - a world of magic, monsters, and miracles) $14.99
Campbell, J (Hemry, J) Ascendant (Genesis Fleet #2: To safeguard a diplomatic mission, Rob Geary and Mele Darcy take the destroyer Saber to a nearby star that is fighting a growing threat from 'rebels' who are actually soldiers from aggressive colonies) $7.99
Capetta, A/McCarthy, C Once & Future (YA; As a fugitive in Mercer Corporation territory, I've always had to hide who I am. Until I found Excalibur. I'm done hiding. My name is Ari Helix. I have a magic sword, a cranky wizard, and a revolution to start) $18.99
Carroll, Michael Rico Dredd (A spin-off of the Judge Dredd movies and comics, featuring Joe Dredd's big brother, the one who went bad) $11.99
Chadwick, Frank Chain of Command (With tensions between the Earth coalition and the alien Varoki on the rise, Lt. Sam Bitka is called back to active duty. He wants nothing more than to serve out his time and get back to civilian life, but a surprise attack puts him suddenly in command of a deep space destroyer. Time for Sam to step up) $7.99
Corey, James S.A. Tiamat's Wrath (Expanse #8: In the dead systems where gates lead to stranger things than alien planets, Elvi Okoye investigates a genocide that happened before humans existed. At the heart of the empire, Teresa Duarte prepares to take on the burden of her father's ambition. And throughout the human empire, the scattered crew of the Rocinante battles Duarte's authoritarian regime.; Signed copies expected) $30.00
Croshaw, Yahtzee Differently Morphous (After centuries in the shadows, events have forced England's Ministry of Occultism out in the open, where they must face a brave new world of social media, government scrutiny, and public relations while hunting for a magical serial killer) $12.99
Dickson, Gordon R. Time Storm (Reissue; After most of the Earth is devastated by a time storm, a man, a woman, and a leopard set out to discover its cause, and find a way to reverse the effects) $16.00
Donaldson, Stephen R. The War Within (Great God's War #2: As King Bifalt and Queen Estle struggle to unite their kingdoms, an ancient enemy is massing to attack and seize the magical knowledge the Last Repository holds) $28.00
Duckett, Katharine Miranda in Milan (Novella. After leaving the island, Miranda finds herself in her father's castle in Milan, with the city once again contorting around Prospero's dark arts. With only her lover Dorothea to aid her, Miranda must find the truth about her father, her mother, and herself) $14.99
Flint, Eric 1637: The Polish Maelstrom (Ring of Fire: After seizing control of Lower Silesia, Gretchen Richter's small army is approached about forming an alliance with the Polish revolutionaries in control of Galicia. And the Bohemians send an army, ostensibly to aid the revolutionaries, but also to expand their king's growing empire. Poland is coming to a boil) $25.00
Foster, Alan Dean Relic (A smart virus has wiped out every human in the universe, except Ruslan. Rescued by the Myssari, he spends his days as something between a research subject and a zoo attraction. In exchange for his cooperation with their attempts to resurrect humans, they will do everything in their considerable power to find his species' lost homeworld - Earth - and perhaps another living human) $7.99
Golding, Dan Star Wars after Lucas (A look at the Disney-engineered Star Wars renaissance, focusing on The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and the TV series Rebels) $21.95
Gratton, Tessa The Queens of Innis Lear (The king's erratic decisions have drained Innis Lear of magic, leading to barren crops and despondent subjects. His three daughters want to crown a new sovereign. But their father will not choose an heir until the longest night of the year, when prophecies align. Refusing to leave their future in the hands of blind faith, the daughters of Innis Lear prepare for war) $17.99
Groening, Matt Bart Simpson Breaks Out (Full color. Reprints issues of the comic book) $16.99
Harris, Clare Winger The Artificial Man and Other Stories (A collection of her sf stories from the early 20th century pulps) $14.95
Henson, Jim et al Beneath the Dark Crystal Volume 1 (Full color. After saving their worlds, Kensho and Thurma have to figure out how to rule, and how to heal their respective homelands) $24.99
Hunder, Logan J. Astro-Nuts (When the crew of a transport ship investigates a derelict, they unwittingly find themselves in the midst of an interplanetary squabble, leading to a mad scramble across the solar system to avoid murder or prison. Then maybe they'll have time to deal with that biological weapon in their fridge) $14.99
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Death Doesn't Bargain (Deadman's Cross #2: Kaldur Dupree sacrificed himself to save his crew; Hellchaser Cameron Jack is determined to free him from captivity) $8.99
Kyme, N/Goulding, L (ed) Heralds of the Siege (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy: In these stories, a galaxy burns and brother turns on brother as the conflict brought about by a beloved son's betrayal reaches its fateful end) $18.00
Lee, Sharon/Miller, Steve Neogenesis (Liaden: Among those with a stake in the freedom of Independent Logics is Theo Waitley. Theo's brother Val Con yos'Phelium presides over a household employing an AI butler, and recently approved the 'birth' of the butler's child. Then there's Uncle, the shadowy mastermind from the Old Universe. And the puppet-masters at the Lyre Institute. All have an interest in the newly awakening Self-Aware Logic that is rumored to have the power to destroy universes. The question is: Who will get to it first?) $7.99
Maresca, Marshall Ryan A Parliament of Bodies (Maradaine Constabulary #3: Satrine and Minox chase down a murderer who uses clockwork devices to claim his victims) $7.99
Martine, Arkady A Memory Called Empire (Ambassador Mahit Dzmare investigates her predecessor's death, and looks for a way to save her fiercely independent mining station from the ceaseless expansion of the Teixcalaanli Empire) $25.99
Matthews, Susan R. Fleet Insurgent (Under Jurisdiction: Collects all the short fiction set in the Jurisdiction universe) $7.99
Moore, Christopher Noir (A zany noir set on the mean streets of post-World War II San Francisco, featuring a hapless bartender, his Chinese sidekick, a dame with sharp angles and dangerous curves, an Air Force general, a wisecracking waif, Petey the black mamba, and more) $16.99
Moore, Stuart Thanos: Death Sentence (Stripped of his powers and his old skin, Thanos embarks on a cosmic walkabout to reassert his power over himself and the Multiverse. Haunted by family - or the semblance of it - he may become something else entirely) $9.99
Morris, Cass From Unseen Fire (Aven Cycle #1: The Dictator is dead; long live the Republic! But whose Republic will it be? Senators, generals, and elemental mages vie for power to shape the future of the city of Aven) $7.99
Neuvel, Sylvain Only Human (Themis Files #3: After nearly ten years on another world, Rose returns to Earth to find her old alliances forfeit and the planet in shambles. She must pick up the pieces of the Earth Defense Corps as her friends turn against each other) $17.00
Palmer, Suzanne Finder (Repo man Fergus Ferguson gets more than he bargained for when a simple mission to find a spacecraft lands him in the middle of a civil war) $26.00
Price, Kalayna Grave Destiny (Alex Craft #6: When a paranormal war threatens, Alex's unique abilities might be the only thing that can stop the world from being changed forever) $7.99
Prineas, Sarah Dragonfell (Kids; When a stranger accuses Rafi of being 'dragon-touched', he sets off to discover the truth about dragons, and about himself) $16.99
Reynolds/Annandale/Kelly The Wicked and the Damned (Warhammer Horror: On a misty cemetery world, strange circumstances draw three strangers together. Each has a tale to tell of a narrow escape from death, but whose story can be trusted?) $16.00
Riordan, Rick The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase #3: Kids; Loki is free from his chains, and readying the Ship of the Dead to sail against the Asgardian gods and begin Ragnarok. It's up to Magnus and his friends to thwart Loki's plans) $9.99
Scalzi, John Head On (Hilketa players attack each other with swords and hammers, but the players are all robot-like bodies controlled by people with Haden's Syndrome, so no one gets hurt. But the brutality is real, and crowds love it - until a star athlete drops dead on the field. Accident, or murder? Chris Shane and Leslie Vann are called in to uncover the truth) $9.99
Simmons, Wm. Mark A Witch in Time (Halflife Chronicles #5: Awakened in a world he doesn't quite recognize, half-vampire Christopher Csejthe learns that Interpol is interested in some of his associations with Dracula, and that a trio of witches from Greek myth want him dead - for good this time. But what's worse is that the IRS is looking into his tax returns) $25.00
Smith, E.E. 'Doc' Galactic Patrol (Lensman #3: Reissue; The Boskonian base is invulnerable to outside attack, but a single infiltrator might penetrate the defenses - and Lensman Kim Kinnison has guts enough to take the chance) $14.99
Starling, Caitlin The Luminous Dead (Gyre lies her way onto a mining expedition, but gets far more than she bargained for. Lost and alone in the dark, Gyre must overcome the dangerous terrain and the ghosts in her own head if she wants to make it out alive) $16.99
Stevenson, Noelle et al Time After Crime (Lumberjanes Volume 11: Kids; Full color. When she made a deal with a mysterious Voice in the woods, Molly just wanted more time to spend with her friends at camp. She wasn't expecting time to skip, freeze, and make campers' ages jump back and forth. It's up to Roanoke Cabin to set time right again) $14.99
Sullivan, Trisha Dreaming in Smoke (Reissue; Kalypso rides the interface between AI Ganesh and human scientists who solve problems through cyber-assisted Dreams. Then a Dream implodes, taking Kalypso with it and driving the scientist who was having it insane. Now Ganesh is crashing, imperiling the colonists' existence. To save the colony, Kalypso must persuade the scientist to finish the Dream that is destroying Ganesh) $15.99
Williams, Drew The Stars Now Unclaimed (Universe After #1: Jane's mission is to recruit children with miraculous gifts, in the hope that they can prevent the Pulse from once again sending countless worlds back to the dark ages. Hot on her trail are the fascist zealots of the Pax, who believe they are the rightful rulers of the galaxy. Now Jane, a handful of comrades from her past, and telekinetic Esa must fight their way through a galaxy of dangerous conflicts) $16.99


Anderson, M.T. Landscape with Invisible Hand (YA; When the alien vuvv land on Earth, Adam's parents find their jobs replaced by alien tech, and Adam must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice to give the vuvv what they want) $7.99
Annandale, David Ruinstorm (Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy: Terra has not fallen, though it remains inaccessible. The primarchs of the Triumvirate must reach it at all costs, seeking to defend the Emperor and atone for their sins. They will stop at nothing to overcome the Ruinstorm that hides the throneworld from them) $9.99
Banker, Ashok K. Upon a Burning Throne (Two princes have been declared heirs to the Burnt Empire, but there is another with a claim: a girl from an outlying kingdom whose father is a powerful demonlord) $26.00
Beagle, P/Weisman, J (ed) The Unicorn Anthology (Short stories about unicorns) $15.95
Blackmoore, Stephen Fire Season (Eric Carter #4: Mages are being murdered, and necromancer Eric Carter is being framed for it. To Carter, everything points to Quetzalcoatl coming after him, but things aren't adding up. Is something more going on?) $7.99
Caine, Rachel Smoke and Iron (Great Library #4: YA; Jess Brightwell has put himself in peril, with only his wits and skill to aid him in a game of cat and mouse with the Archivist Magister. With the world catching fire - and words printed on paper sparking rebellion - it falls to smugglers, thieves, and scholars to save a library thousands of years in the making) $9.99
Clare, C/Chu, W The Red Scrolls of Magic (Shadowhunters: Eldest Curses #1: YA; Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood find their romantic getaway interrupted by news of a demon-worshipping cult that is bent on causing chaos around the world. A cult that, it seems, Magnus started years ago as a joke) $24.99
Coles, Bennett R. Winds of Marque (In a dense star cluster, the star sailing ship HMSS Daring has a letter of marque to capture illegal trading vessels, and is tasked with finding the pirates' base, but their mission faces threats from within their own ranks) $16.99
Donnelly, Lara Elena Amnesty (Amberlough Dossier #3: The revolution has come and gone, with the city striving to rebuild. Now a rising politician is determined to bring traitors to justice, including double agent Cyril DePaul. But his old flame and his sister don't want to see him suffer for his crimes, and become entangled in a web of politics, crime, and deceit) $18.99
Giancola, Donato Middle-earth: Journeys in Myth and Legend (A comprehensive collection of Giancola's Middle-earth paintings and drawings) $39.99
Goss, Theodora European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman (Athena Club #2: When Lucinda Van Helsing is kidnapped, Mary Jekyll and her friends travel to the Austro-Hungarian Empire to rescue yet another young woman who has been subjected to horrific experimentation. Where is Lucinda, and what has Professor Van Helsing been doing to his daughter?) $16.99
Grant, Mira Echo (Alien: YA; Olivia and Viola have been dragged around the universe by their xenobiologist parents. Just settled on a new colony world, they discover an alien threat unlike anything they've ever seen. Olivia's knowledge of xenobiology and determination to protect her sister are her only weapons as the colony collapses into chaos) $18.99
Grant, R/Marshall, A The Quanderhorn Xperimentations (England, 1952: A time of peace, regeneration, and hope. Unfortunately, it's been 1952 for the last 65 years. Assisted by his ragtag crew, maverick scientific genius Professor Quanderhorn is determined to save the world. Even if he has to destroy it in the process) $24.99
Gray, Claudia Master & Apprentice (Star Wars: Young Obi-Wan Kenobi is apprenticed to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn) $28.99
Haley, G/Guymer, D Warlords of Karak Eight Peaks (Warhammer Chronicles: Omnibus reprint of novels and short fiction charting three bleak episodes in the history of the dwarf lords of Eight Peaks) $21.00
Hatt, Emilie Demant (ed) By the Fire (Sami folktales from Scandinavia, tales of magic animals, ghosts, plucky women who outfox their attackers, and more. This is the first English-language publication of stories originally collected between 1907 and 1916 by Hatt, a Danish artist and ethnographer. Includes her field notes and commentary) $22.95
Hearne, K/Dawson, D No Country for Old Gnomes (Tales of Pell #2: War is coming. On one side are the gnomes: small, cheerful, possessing tidy cardigans and no taste for cruelty. On the other side are the halflings, astride their war alpacas and hungry for a fight - and pretty much anything else) $28.00
Hunter, Erin Lost Stars (Warriors: Broken Code #1: Kids; While all five Clans are settling into their homes around the lake, a darkness begins to spread that threatens the cats, their ancestors in StarClan, and the warrior code itself) $17.99
Hunter, Erin Path of a Warrior (Warriors: Kids; Collects novellas 'Redtail's Debt', 'Tawnypelt's Clan', and 'Shadowstar's Life') $7.99
Hunter, Erin River of Fire (Warriors: Vision of Shadows #5: Kids; StarClan's prophecy has been fulfilled, and the long-lost SkyClan has returned to its rightful place. Many cats believe the danger is past, but after moons of division and strife, ShadowClan is in danger of falling apart forever) $7.99
Kenyon, Kay Nest of the Monarch (Dark Talents #3: 1936: Kim Tavistock is sent undercover to Berlin, where she discovers that the Nazis are creating a company of enforcers with augmented Talents and strange appetites) $24.99
Kittredge, Caitlin Dreaming Darkly (YA; Sent to Darkhaven to live with an uncle she didn't know existed, Ivy is forced to reckon with her manipulative mother's past, and with long-held family secrets. Have whatever demons her mother battled come to roost in Ivy's mind?) $17.99
Lawrence, Mark Holy Sister (Book of the Ancestor #3: As the emperor moves to destroy the last bastion that stands against him, Nona Grey will stand as the convent's fiercest protector) $27.00
Moreci, Michael We Are Mayhem (Black Star Renegades #2: The Renegades have discovered the Rokura, the most powerful weapon ever known. They could use it to win the battle for galactic freedom - if Cade Sura ever figures out how to use it) $29.99
Newman, Emma Atlas Alone (Planetfall #4: A gamer on a ship fleeing a destroyed Earth investigates the real-life death of a man who bears a startling resemblance to one she killed in a game - and discovers he was one of those responsible for Earth's destruction. Coincidence?) $16.00
Parker, K.J. Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City (A siege is approaching the City. Their only chance rests with an engineer: a despised outsider, a genius with the wrong color skin. But no one wants to take orders from a jumped-up Milkface. Saving the City from itself might be more difficult than surviving the siege) $15.99
Peters, Sam From Distant Stars (Keon #2: Inspector Keon has questions. Who got past the defenses at a high-security hospital? Why did they kill a comatose military officer? And why did the scanners pick up the deceased man on the other side of the planet the next day, apparently alive and well?) $15.99
Quantick, David All My Colors (A darkly comic novel about a man who remembers a book that may not exist, with dire consequences) $14.95
Resnick, Mike The Master of Dreams (Eddie Raven must travel between realities to outrun the dark force pursuing him) $26.00
Strahan, Jonathan (ed) The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume 13 (Some of the best stories published in 2018) $19.99
Sykes, Sam Seven Blades in Black (Grave of Empires #1: Her magic was stolen. She was left for dead. All Sal the Cacophony has left is her name, her story, and her weapon. She is headed to the Scar, where rogue magicians go to disappear, with a blade, a gun, and a list of seven names. Revenge will be its own reward) $17.99
Ward, Dayton Available Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Captain Picard and crew find a massive spaceship housing a civilization that has spent generations searching for a new world) $16.00
Wilson, G. Willow et al Time and Again (Ms. Marvel #10: Full color. Reprints issues 31-36 of the comic book. Kamala Khan continues to mix super-heroic adventure with fun and friendship. This time it's a slumber party! But if calamity strikes Jersey City while Kamala is having a sleepover with Nakia, Zoe and Mike, how can Ms. Marvel save the day without bailing on her best friends?) $19.99
Yeovil, Jack Drachenfels (Warhammer Horror: Reissue; A playwright has declared his next production will be a recreation of the end of great enchanter Constant Drachenfels, staged at the very site of the man's death. But the castle's dark walls still hide a terrible and deadly secret) $16.00
Zahn, Timothy Knight (Sibyl's War #2: Aliens abducted Nicole from the streets of Philadelphia. Now she's a Sibyl, with the ability to communicate with the aliens and their ship, and no one is happy - competing factions control different parts of the ship, with the Sibyls caught in the middle. But Nicole is done being bullied - she has a plan to seize control of the ship) $24.99


Alien Archive (Star Wars: Kids; Full color. An illustrated guide to the various aliens and creatures of the Star Wars universe) $24.99
Akers, W.M. Westside (1921: A fence splits Manhattan, separating the prosperous Eastside from the wasteland of the Westside, home to those too poor or desperate to leave. PI Gilda Carr calls the Westside home, but it's a job for a Eastside housewife that brings Gilda face to face with a darkness that threatens to destroy her city) $22.99
Asher, Neal The Warship (Polity: Rise of the Jain #2: The haiman Orlandine, charged with safeguarding Jain tech swirling inside an accretion disc, has weaponized a black hole to eliminate the threat. But others suspect her motives, and both the Polity AIs and the Prador leaders dispatch fleets in anticipation of conflict) $26.99
Asher, Neal Orbus (Spatterjay #3: The Prador Vrell has seized control of a dreadnought, slaughtered its entire crew, and is now out to seek vengeance on those who tried to have him killed. On the Graveyard, the border realm lying between the Polity and the Prador kingdom, Vrell and Orbus will soon cross paths) $7.99
Beahm, George The Military Science of Star Wars (An in-depth analysis of the tactics and equipment used in the Star Wars universe) $8.99
Bear, Elizabeth The Stone in the Skull (Eternal Sky: Lotus Kingdoms #1: The Gage is a mercenary, an automaton created by a wizard around the core of a human. He carries a message from Messaline's most powerful sorcerer to the Rajni of the Lotus Kingdom. With him is the Dead Man, a bitter survivor of the deposed Uthman Caliphate's bodyguard. They are friends, of a peculiar sort. They are walking into a dynastic war between the rulers of the shattered bits of a once great Empire) $18.99
Bennis, Robyn By Fire Above (Signal Airship #2: Airship captain Josette Dupre's hometown has been occupied by the enemy, and her mother is a POW. Before she can set things right, Josette must maneuver through the nest of overstuffed vipers that make up the nation's military and royal leadership) $18.99
Benson, Michael Space Odyssey (An extensively researched history of the classic Kubrick film, from its genesis to its legacy. Black & white images throughout with a center section in color) $20.00
Berry, T.J. Five Unicorn Flush (Reason #2: Without unicorn-powered FTL travel, humans are starving and isolated across the stars. Cowboy Jim has the sole surviving FTL drive, and he and his Reason soldiers are determined to re-enslave the Bala. On their new planet, the Bala are on the brink of civil war. It's up to Captain Jenny, with her new elfin parasite, to restore peace in the galaxy) $12.99
Bowen, Lila Treason of Hawks (Shadow #4: Rhett Walker is looking for peace, and now the Shadow tugs him back to where his journey began. With the lawless Rangers on his heels and monster attacks surging, he's surrounded on all sides. To save the Durango territory, he must accept the Shadow's call and fulfill his destiny) $15.99
Briggs, Patricia Storm Cursed (Mercy Thompson #11: While her mate is involved with security for a meeting between the government and the fae, Mercy is left to handle reports of a strange witch in town) $27.00
Brown, Jeffrey Jedi Academy (Star Wars: Jedi Academy #1: Kids; Roan planned to be a pilot, but instead finds himself invited to attend Jedi Academy, a school he never applied to. In his first year there, he learns important things, like how to fence with a lightsaber and how to make a baking soda volcano) $6.99
Brown, Jeffrey Return of the Padawan (Star Wars: Jedi Academy #2: Kids; In his second year at Jedi Academy, Roan faces alien poetry tests, menacing robots, food fights, flight simulation class, online bullies, lightsaber duels, and, worst of all, a girl who is mad at him) $6.99
Caruso, Melissa The Unbound Empire (Swords & Fire #3: To stand a chance of defeating the Witch Lord Ruven, Amalia and Zaira must face their worst nightmares, expose their deepest secrets, and unleash Zaira's most devastating fire) $15.99
Chokshi, Roshani Aru Shah and the Song of Death (Pandava #2: Kids; The god of love's bow and arrow have gone missing, and are being used to turn people into heartless fighting machines. If Aru doesn't find the arrow by the next full moon, she'll be kicked out of the Otherworld for good) $16.99
Clark, Andy Blacktalon: First Mark (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: A powerful Tzeenchian wizard grows in disciples and in might as his maledictions leech all that is good from the land. It is Neave Blacktalon, first of Sigmar's Knights Zephyros, who must vanquish this foe) $16.00
Correia, L/Ezell, K (ed) Noir Fatale (Original noir sf and fantasy stories, each featuring the femme fatale archetype) $25.00
Doescher, Ian William Shakespeare's Get Thee Back to the Future! (The humorous time-travel adventure film retold in classic Shakespearean style) $12.99
Drake, David Though Hell Should Bar the Way (RCN #12: Roy Olfetrie planned to be an officer, but when his father is disgraced, he has to take whatever he can get. Which turns out to be a chance to accompany Captain Daniel Leary and Lady Adele Mundy as they go off to start a war) $7.99
Elison, Meg The Book of Flora (Road to Nowhere #3: Fleeing a post-apocalyptic society where women are treated as a commodity valued only for reproduction, Flora and her friends seek refuge aboard a ship where gender is fluid, the dynamic is uneasy, and rumors abound of a bold new reproductive strategy) $14.95
Findlay, Daniel Year of the Orphan (The Orphan carries secrets about the destruction that brought the world to its knees. Given an impossible choice, will she save the brutal settlement where she struggles to survive, or see it returned to dust? Both paths lead to blood, but whose will be spilled?) $24.99
Fletcher, C.A. A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World (My parents told me how crowded the world used to be, but we were never lonely on our remote island. We had each other, and our dogs. Then the thief came. There may be no law left, but if you steal my dog, you should expect me to come after you) $26.00
Gaiman, Neil et al My Ainsel (American Gods GN #2: Full color. Second volume of a three-volume adaptation of the novel) $29.99
Guran, Paula (ed) Mythic Journeys (Reprint anthology of classic myths and legends as retold by top fantasy writers) $15.99
Haley, Guy Dark Imperium: Plague War (Warhammer 40,000: Returned primarch Roboute Guilliman proceeds with his war to drive Mortarion and the Death Guard Traitor Legion from the domain of the Ultramarines) $16.00
Hickman/Garriott The Sword of Midras (Shroud of the Avatar #1: Prequel to the video game) $8.99
Hill, Joe NOS4A2 (TV tie-in edition) (Charles Manx likes to take kids for rides. With his old car, he can slip right out of the everyday world, and onto the hidden roads that transport them to an astonishing - and terrifying - playground. Now Vic, the only kid ever to escape from Manx, is grown up and desperate to forget. But Manx never stopped thinking about her. He's on the road again, and he's picked up a new passenger: Vic's son) $9.99
Hodgell, P.C. By Demons Possessed (Kencyrath #9: Something is preying on the gods of Tai-tastigon, and the new Pantheon is falling. Jame reluctantly returns, and finds the city in turmoil. It seems many in Lower Town have lost their shadows - not funny when you realize that a shadow is cast by a soul; a dead god that eats a human soul becomes a demon; Signing at Uncle Hugo’s Saturday May 11, 1-2 pm) $16.00
Hotston, Stewart Tangle's Game (Amanda's life is perfect until her untrustworthy ex sends her a package. He's revolutionizing the foundation of the world's economy, and the package holds the key to destabilizing Europe - or revolutionizing the world) $11.99
Konrath, J.A. Endurance (One year ago, a woman checked into a small B&B and was never seen again. Now the B&B will host four new guests who bear striking similarities to the vanished woman. And like her, they will come face to face with terror. But this time, the women will fight back) $7.99
Kuang, R.F. The Poppy War (It was a shock to everyone when Rin aced an Empire-wide test to enter an elite military school. Targeted by her classmates due to her skin color, background, and gender, Rin discovers she has a lethal, unearthly power, and that mastering that power could mean more than just surviving school. Because the gods long thought dead are very much alive) $15.99
Lafferty, Mur Solo expanded edition (Star Wars: Through a series of daring escapades in the criminal underworld, young Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and notorious gambler Lando Calrissian) $9.99
Lake, Nick Satellite (YA; Three teens raised on a space station make their first journey to Earth, but find living there more treacherous than they imagined) $10.99
Lawrence, Mark One Word Kill (Nick Harris #1: 1986: Nick and his D&D group are used to living in their imaginations. But when a new player joins the group and reality becomes weirder than the fantasy world they visit in their weekly games, none of them are prepared for what happens next) $14.95
Mannelly, Katrinka Section 130 (Stories based on section 130 of the Dewey Decimal System, which deals with the supernatural - everything from witches to mermaids, gnomes to poltergeists) $16.00
Martin, George R.R. (ed) Jokertown Shuffle (Wild Cards #9: Reissue; Boy governor Bloat wanted to make Ellis Island a safe haven for Jokers, and decided to recruit the Jumpers, superpowered teen outcasts who can steal a person's body in the blink of an eye. But the Jumpers grow more vicious and uncontrollable every day, becoming the greatest threats the Wild Cards have ever faced) $18.99
McDevitt, Jack Octavia Gone (Alex Benedict #8: When a seemingly alien artifact goes missing from Gabe's old collection, Gabe, Alex, and Chase dive into solving the mystery of its origins) $27.99
McEwan, IanOut of Salem Machines Like Me (In an alternate 1980s London, where Alan Turing has achieved an AI breakthrough, an aimless young man and a bright young woman with a terrible secret find themselves in a love triangle with a synthetic human they co-designed) $26.95
McGuire, Seanan Middlegame (Meet Roger, skilled with words, understanding the world through the power of story. Meet his twin Dodger, who understands the world through the power of math. They aren't exactly human, though they don't realize it. They aren't exactly gods either. Not yet. Meet Reed, skilled in the alchemical arts. He created them, and plans to raise the twins to the highest power. To ascend with them and claim their authority as his own. Godhood is attainable. Pray it isn't attained) $29.99
North, Ryan et al Midas (YA; Full color. A quirky team of spacefarers discover a gold-covered Earth, caused by some ancient dead guy. Now they have to keep King Midas' body from being dropped on planets across the universe while they figure out exactly what to do with him) $14.99
O'Reilly, Jane Deep Blue (Second Species #2: Jinn's plan to expose the horrific truth behind the government's Second Species program has failed, and now she's being turned into a weapon by her worst enemy - her mother. And at the other end of the galaxy, Caspian Dax is being forced to fight in the arena on Sittan) $13.99
Okorafor, Nnedi et al Shuri: The Search for Black Panther (Kids; Full color. Reprints issues 1-5 of the comic book. The Black Panther has disappeared, lost on a mission in space. Shuri would rather stay in her lab, but she may have to choose between Wakanda's welfare and her own) $15.99
Older, Daniel Jose Dactyl Hill Squad (Dactyl Hill #1: Kids; 1863: Dinosaurs roam the streets of New York as the Civil War rages between raptor-mounted armies. Magdalys and her friends from the Colored Orphan Asylum are on a field trip when the Draft Riots break out, and some of them are kidnapped by evil magistrate Richard Riker. The orphans flee to Brooklyn, where black and brown New Yorkers have set up a safe haven. Together with the Vigilance Committee, they train to fly on dactylback, and plot to take down Riker and rescue their friends) $6.99
Qiufan, Chen Waste Tide (Located off the coast of China, Silicon Isle is the global capital for electronic waste recycling. When a virus is unleashed there, war erupts between the rich and the poor, between Chinese tradition and US ambition, between humanity's past and its future) $26.99
Roanhorse, Rebecca Storm of Locusts (Sixth World #2: News that Kai Arviso and Caleb Goodacre have fallen in with a mysterious cult puts monster hunter Maggie Hoskie on the trail of the cult's leader, a figure out of legend called the White Locust; $27.99 hardcover also available) $16.99
Roberts, Adam By the Pricking of Her Thumb (One of the world's four richest people may be dead - but nobody is sure which one. PI Alma is hired to discover the truth behind the increasingly bizarre behavior of the ultra-rich) $24.99
Robinson, Ben The Kelvin Timeline (Star Trek: Designing Starships #3: YA; Explores the design process behind the creation of the ships featured in the most recent films) $29.95
Rucker, Rudy Million Mile Road Trip (When a trumpet solo somehow opens a portal to a parallel universe, three teens are taken on a million mile road trip across the strange landscape. Their goal? Stop carnivorous flying saucers from invading Earth) $14.99
Smith, E.E. 'Doc' Grey Lensman (Lensman #4: Reissue; It's up to Lensman Kim Kinnison to use his fantastic powers to find the location of the Boskonians' Grand Base and smash it forever. But he doesn't know that the power of Boskone reaches into the Galactic Patrol itself) $14.99
Smith, Gavin War Criminals (Bastard Legion #3: The Bastards are hired to protect a bunch of colonists whose moon has become a war zone as megacorp-backed mercenaries fight a brutal proxy war) $15.99
Suarez, Daniel Delta-v (Recruited to launch the first mining operation in space, a team of adventurers finds that the hostile environment of outer space may be the least of their worries) $27.00
Sugar, Rebecca et al Camp Pining Play (Steven Universe: Kids; Full color. When Peridot and Lapis discover Camp Pining Play fanfiction, they fall in love with Lars' secret story and decide to put on a live performance for Beach City) $14.99
Waggoner, Tim Children of Anubis (Supernatural: Novel inspired by the hit TV series) $7.99
Wheaton, M.G. Emily Eternal (When the sun begins to die 5 billion years earlier than expected, AI Emily discovers an answer that could save humanity. After her lab is attacked and her servers taken hostage, Emily and two human companions race against time to save humanity) $27.00
Whedon, Joss et al Firefly Volume 1 (Full color. The secret history of the Unification War is revealed at last! With the fabled Traitor of Serenity Valley in his sights, Mal's quest for revenge will put him at odds with his crew, forcing him to make a choice: fix the past, or fight for the future) $19.99
White, S/Gannon, C Oblivion (Starfire #8: The Arduans have come to call humanity their allies - except for their warrior caste, which refuses to accept defeat, and is waging a war of extermination against the the pan-Sentient Union) $7.99
Williams, Drew A Chain Across the Dawn (Universe After #2: Esa and Jane learn that the Justified are not the only ones seeking gifted children, and must travel halfway across the galaxy in search of answers) $27.99
Wood, Tat About Time 9: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who 2008, Series 4 (Doctor Who: A detailed look at each storyline, plus analysis, and essays on related topics. Also includes the 2009 Specials that finished out David Tennant's era) $29.95


Inferno! Volume 3 (Anthology. Short stories spanning Games Workshop's many universes) $16.00
Alexander, William A Festival of Ghosts (Rosa Diaz #2: Kids; Since Rosa unleashed them, ghosts are everywhere in the small town of Ingot. The town's living residents are either learning to cope, or trying unsuccessfully to banish them. Meanwhile, at school, something supernatural is stealing kids' voices, and it's Rosa's job to solve the mystery) $7.99
Anderson, Taylor River of Bones (Destroyermen #13: With his ship out of commission, Reddy takes a different one to join a desperate battle to block the Grik swarm. Meanwhile, the humans and their allies face a deadly second front in the Republic to the south) $8.99
Andrews, Ilona Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels #10: Kate's father Roland has started testing her defenses again, and she knows that a confrontation is inevitable. The Witch Oracle is seeing visions of blood, fire, and human bones. And when a threat of war arrives from the ancient enemy who nearly destroyed her family, she sees no choice but to combine forces with the unlikeliest of allies) $9.99
Azad, Nafiza The Candle and the Flame (YA; In a city once ravaged by chaotic djinn and now protected by the benevolent Ifrit, musician Fatima is drawn into the the intrigues of the maharajah and the dangers of a magical battlefield) $18.99
Bell, Alex Jasmyn (While dealing with the grief from losing her husband, Jasmyn starts to notice strange discrepancies in his life, and follows the mysteries into fairy tale castles and lost legends) $15.99
Bennett, Robert Jackson Foundryside (Founders #1: Tevanne has grown rich thanks to the magical technology of scriving - inscribing sigils on an item to imbue it with aspects of sentience. More precisely, the four merchant Houses with the scriving monopoly have grown rich. For those living without House protection, Tevanne isn't much fun. Sancia, a former slave, steals from the Houses that Gregor is sworn to protect. When they clash over a stolen artifact, the fallout brings them up against a plot by Tevanne's masters to develop a devastating weapon) $16.00
Brogden, James The Plague Stones (After moving to an isolated village, a London family accidentally interferes with a centuries-old ritual for keeping a deadly plague at bay. There are consequences) $14.95
Burgess, Anthony A Clockwork Orange (Reissue; The classic frightening fable of good and evil and the meaning of human freedom. This edition includes the controversial final chapter not published in the first edition, plus an introduction by the author) $15.95
Campbell, Jack Triumphant (Genesis Fleet #3: After helping its neighboring colony fend off an invasion, Glenlyon becomes the target of an attack from enemy star systems) $27.00
Carey, Jacqueline Starless (Destined to serve as the princess Zariya's protector, Khai is trained in the arts of killing and stealth. The dark god Miasmus is rising, intent on wholesale destruction. If Khai is to keep Zariya alive, their only hope lies with a crew of prophecy-seekers on a journey that will take them farther than anyone can imagine) $19.99
Chiang, Ted Exhalation (His second collection of fantastical and elegant sf and fantasy stories) $25.95
de Castell, Sebastien Queenslayer (Spellslinger #5: An accidental act of treason brings outlaw spellslinger Kellen Argos face to face with Daroman's young queen. If he can defeat her at a game of cards, he'll go free. But what begins as a game reveals a conspiracy against the queen's life, and Kellen is now playing for the future of an empire) $15.99
Durst, Sarah Beth Spark (Kids; Mina and her lightning beast companion have discovered that the magic that controls the country's weather comes at a terrible price. Can they find a way to speak out against it?) $17.99
Durst, Sarah Beth The Stone Girl's Story (Kids; Mayka and her stone family were brought to life by the stories etched into their bodies. As the marks fade, can Mayka find a trustworthy stonemason to renew them?) $7.99
Faizal, Hafsah We Hunt the Flame (YA; Zafira sets out to find an artifact that can restore magic. The king sends Nasir to seize the artifact and kill Zafira. But an ancient evil is stirring, and the prize they seek poses a greater threat than they know) $18.99
Fenn, Jaine Broken Shadow (Shadowlands #2: Something is happening to the mysterious artifact that shields her people from the sun's lethal light; scientist Rhia Harlyn must venture into the dangerous skylands to find answers) $12.99
Fink, J/Cranor, J The Buying of Lot 37 (Night Vale Episodes #3: A guide to the third year of episodes of the podcast, set in a fictional town in the American Southwest where ghosts, angels, aliens, and government conspiracies are all commonplace parts of day-to-day life) $17.99
Fink, J/Cranor, J Who's a Good Boy? (Night Vale Episodes #4: A guide to the fourth year of episodes of the podcast, set in a fictional town in the American Southwest where ghosts, angels, aliens, and government conspiracies are all commonplace parts of day-to-day life) $17.99
Flanagan, John The Red Fox Clan (Ranger's Apprentice: Royal Ranger #2: Kids; After passing her third-year assessment, Maddie is called home to Castle Araluen, where she must keep her ranger training a secret. But the kingdom faces a new threat: a group of anarchists in fox masks have threatened the castle, and question the princesses' succession to the throne. Will the Red Fox Clan take the throne for themselves?) $8.99
Gaiman, N/Pratchett, T The Quite Nice & Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book (Gaiman's original scripts for the TV series, based on the classic humorous fantasy novel he and Terry Pratchett wrote) $21.99
Gallant, Craig Rise of the Alchemist (After the American Revolution failed, Benedict Arnold carved out the kingdom of Albion and broke free of England. Now, in 1880, an alchemist sets out from Albion across the New World in search of the keys of magic) $17.00
Gamble, Benjamin Dragons Suck (Lazy peasant Harkness is peer-pressured into finding a way to save his betrothed, who has been kidnapped by a dragon) $15.99
Gear, W. Michael Pariah (Donovan #3: Talina and Kylee have taken refuge in the ruins of Mundo Base, but the quetzals are playing a deadly game that forces them to flee further into the wilderness. And in Port Authority, Dan Wirth discovers he's not the meanest man on the planet: corporate assassin Tamarland Benteen is making a move for control) $26.00
George, Jessica Day The Rose Legacy (Kids; Anthea is shocked to learn that her uncle breeds horses, forbidden in the kingdom for centuries. More alarming is her ability to sense the horses' thoughts and feelings - until she meets Florian, a horse who has been waiting years for her to return. When danger threatens, Anthea must embrace her ability and the future it will bring her) $7.99
Glass, Cate An Illusion of Thieves (The Shadow Lord is a revolutionary noble who brings laws and comforts once reserved for the wealthy to all. When a plot to overthrow him is uncovered, Romy must rely on newfound allies to stop it. And they'll need the very thing that could condemn them all: magic) $16.99
Henson, Jim et al Labyrinth: Coronation Volume 2 (Full color. As the clock ticks ever closer to the thirteenth hour, and Maria and her peculiar companions struggle through the canals, Maria begins to uncover the secrets of the Labyrinth and her own power within its walls) $24.99
Hinks, Darius Blackstone Fortress (Warhammer Quest: Granted power by an ancient charter, the scoundrels, entrepreneurs, and adventurers of the Rogue Traders roam the galaxy in search of fortune and glory - and none is more hungry for these twin rewards than Janus Draik) $16.00
Huddleston, Tom Lair of the Skaven (Warhammer Adventures: YA; When their master Vertigan is kidnapped, young Elio and his friends are determined to try to rescue him) $8.99
Jackson, D.B. Time's Demon (Islevale #2: Tobias and Mara must find a way to undo the timeline which orphaned Princess Sofya and destroyed their future) $12.99
Johansen, K.V. The Last Road (A new god proclaimed as the All-Holy has arisen in the west, and leads an army eastward, and even the great city of Marakand seems powerless to resist) $17.00
Kaftan, Vylar Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water (Novella. Imprisoned without her memories on an alien world because of her psychic powers, Bee struggles to recall the truth of her self. Desperate, she uses her powers to reach out to the wife who betrayed her, only to learn that all is not as it seems) $11.99
Kashina, Anna Shadowblade (17 years ago, Dal Gassan witnessed the massacre of Challimar's court, and rescued a baby girl. Now he plans to thrust a blade into the machinations of imperial succession, and recruits Naia, a young sword prodigy, to impersonate the princess. She must challenge the imperial family, and win) $12.99
Kay, Guy Gavriel A Brightness Long Ago (Fantasy 15th century Europe: In a chamber overlooking the nighttime waterways of a maritime city, a man looks back on his youth and the people who shaped his life) $27.00
Kotler, Steven Last Tango in Cyberspace (When a routine job leads to the discovery of a gruesome murder, empathy tracker Lion Zorn finds himself neck-deep in a world of eco-assassins, soul hackers, and consciousness terrorists) $27.99
L'Engle, Madeleine Intergalactic P.S. 3 (Kids; Illustrated edition. The story of Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace on Charles Wallace's first day of school - in another galaxy) $6.99
Lee, Tanith Electric Forest (When a scientist offers Magdala a beautiful artificial body, she seizes the opportunity for a new life, only to discover that her new body was crafted to resemble a rival scientist. Now Magdala must impersonate the woman to infiltrate high society and decide whose side she is on) $7.99
Lo, Malinda Ash 10th anniversary edition (YA; Norton, Mythopoeic, Lambda Award finalist. When Ash is pushed into servitude to pay off her dead father's debts, her only hope is that someday a fairy might steal her away - until she meets Kaisa, the Royal Huntress, who reawakens her desire to live, and to love) $10.99
Major, Tim Snakeskins (When her first shedding ceremony goes awry and produces a clone, Caitlin must decide whether she wants the newcomer dead or alive. She finds herself drawn into the struggle to prevent the Great British Prosperity Party from establishing a corrupt new world order) $14.95
McCormack, Una The Undefeated (Novella. As a journalist she exposed corruption across the Interstellar Commonwealth. Now retired, she moves back to her home planet to avoid humanity's newest - and self-created - enemy, the jenjer) $11.99
McGuire, Seanan et al Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider Volume 1 (Full color. Reprints issues 1-4 of the comic book. Finding herself trapped in a parallel dimension as her friends and fellow spiders are dying, with her teleporter watch destroyed, what can Gwen do to stop the Inheritors from wreaking havoc across the entire Web of Life and Destiny?) $15.99
McIntosh, Will Watchdog (Kids; Twins Vick and Tara must go to great lengths to protect their robotic watchdog Daisy from a local crime boss who is building a robot army) $7.99
Novik, Naomi Spinning Silver (Miryem's father lends freely and collects reluctantly, leaving his family on the edge of poverty. Hardening her heart, Miryem sets out to retrieve what is owed, and soon gains a reputation. When an ill-advised boast brings her to the attention of the cold creatures who haunt the wood, nothing will be the same again) $17.00
Older, Daniel Jose Freedom Fire (Dactyl Hill #2: Kids; 1863: Magdalys and the squad are flying south on pteroback. South to rescue her brother. South to the civil war. They link up with the dino-mounted troops of the Louisiana Native Guard, an all-black Union regiment fighting to free their people. And Magadalys' burgeoning powers might be the Union's last hope) $16.99
Perkowitz/Von Mueller (ed) Frankenstein: How a Monster Became an Icon (A history of Shelley's groundbreaking sf novel, its adaptations, and its effect on popular culture. Black & white photographs throughout) $16.95
Pierce, Tamora Tempests and Slaughter (Numair #1: YA; The youngest student at the Imperial University of Carthak, Arram Draper has a Gift with unlimited potential for greatness - and for attracting trouble. At his side are Varice, a clever girl with an often-overlooked talent, and Ozorne, a 'leftover prince' with secret ambitions. They forge a bond that will one day shape kingdoms) $11.99
Reid, Christopher Old Toffer's Book of Consequential Dogs (Kids; A canine counterpart to T.S. Eliot's classic Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, featuring poems about dogs) $19.95
Reynolds, Josh Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Lord-Celestant Gardus Steel Sol leads his Hallowed Knights into darkest Shyish, hoping to gain a foothold for the forces of Azyr) $16.00
Robinson, Ben The Klingon Fleet (Star Trek: Shipyards: YA; A guide to the ships the Klingon fleet) $29.95
Romano-Lax, Andromeda Plum Rains (Tokyo, 2029: Sayoko has acquired a robot with a preternatural ability to uncover the buried secrets of the humans around it. Sayoko is too old to want to keep her secrets any more. What she reveals is a hundred-year tale of forbidden love, hidden identities, and the horrific legacy of World War II and Japanese colonialism) $16.00
Rucker, Rudy The Big Aha (Reissue; An artist in a wild biotech future confronts aliens from another dimension - and finds a new way to get high) $14.99
Russell, Karen Orange World and Other Stories (In these stories, a young man falls in love with a centuries-old girl he's extracted from a peat bog, a woman visiting Joshua Tree National Park is accidentally infected with the spirit of a giant tree, and more) $25.95
Ryan, Anthony The Empire of Ashes (Draconis Memoria #3: A drake of unimaginable powers has risen, and commands an army of beasts and men. Claydon Torcreek, Lizanne Lethridge, and Corrick Hillemore must rely upon the new powers and knowledge they have gained to halt its forces, or face the end of all they know) $18.00
Scott, Cavan Claws of the Genestealer (Warhammer Adventures: YA; After crashlanding on a remote ice planet, young Zelia Lor and her friends must do whatever they can to survive) $8.99
Smith, E.E. 'Doc' Second-Stage Lensmen (Lensman #5: Reissue; Kim Kinnison is tasked with infiltrating the inner circle of Boskone) $14.99
Stevens, Francis The Heads of Cerberus (Reissue; Three friends discover a mysterious powder that transports them from 1918 Philadelphia to the city in 2118, where the supreme authority oversees annual competitions to the death to determine who rules alongside her) $15.00
Stirling, S.M. Theater of Spies (Black Chamber #2: The discovery of a diabolical new weapon that could give the Germans command of the North Sea sends Luz O'Malley and Ciara Whelan deep undercover in Berlin to ferret out the project's secrets) $16.00
Tchaikovsky, Adrian Children of Ruin (Humanity and its new spider allies follow fragmentary radio signals to a planet terraformed by the old empire, where something better left undisturbed has awoken) $15.99
Thorpe, Gav Knights of Caliban: Dark Angels Omnibus (Warhammer 40,000: Omnibus reprint of 3 novels) $21.00
Tomlinson, Patrick S. Starship Repo (Firstname Lastname - an unfortunate clerical error, that - is a nobody with nowhere to go, until she sneaks aboard a spaceship and joins a crew of repo men (they are definitely not pirates). Now she's traveling the galaxy 'recovering' ships. What could go wrong?) $18.99
Weber, D/Holo, J The Gordian Protocol (A stranger tells Dr. Benjamin Schroder that his psychotic episodes are actually visions of alternate timelines. If that's true, Schroder is about to become a mass murderer, because whether he acts or refuses to act, he is the one man who will decide which universes will live and which will die) $27.00
Whyman, Matt The Nice and Accurate Good Omens TV Companion (The official companion to the TV series) $40.00
Williams, Tad Empire of Grass (Last King of Osten Ard #2: As the countries and peoples of the High Ward bicker among themselves, battle, bloodshed, and dark magics threaten to pull them to pieces. The mystery of the Witchwood Crown is a deadly puzzle that Simon, Miriamele, and their allies must solve if they wish to survive) $30.00
Yoshinaga, Fumi Ooku: The Inner Chambers Volume 15 (Black & white manga. Taneatsu's shogun has died, but he has been denied the refuge of Buddhist vows. Stuck in the Inner Chambers, he has supported new shogun Iemochi, but salacious rumors about their relationship and the arrival of Iemochi's consort threaten to make a mockery of Taneatsu's noble intentions) $12.99

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