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Newsletter #117 March May, 2017



Mystery Scene #147 (Lee Child; Ed Gorman obituary; great gifts for mystery lovers; reviews; more) $7.50
Mystery Scene #148 (Belinda Bauer; Ian Rankin; legal thrillers; reviews; more) $7.50
Abbott, Patricia Shot in Detroit (PBO; When a photo she took, of a young black man in his coffin, is an artistic success, Violet Hart strikes a deal with a gallery to provide a dozen similar photos on a short deadline. As time runs out, will she come up with enough subjects without losing her soul or her life?) $15.00
Berry, Flynn Under the Harrow (Nora expects to find her sister waiting at the train station. Instead she finds Rachel has been murdered. Nora is unable to trust the police to find the killer. As she unravels secrets, her fear turns to obsession, and she becomes as unrecognizable as the sister her investigation reveals) $16.00
Cameron, Christian Salamis (Long War #5: 400 BCE: As an experienced sea captain - his enemies might say pirate - Arimnestos has a part to play in the final confrontation between the Greeks and Persians) $12.99
Dickinson, David Death Comes to the Ballets Russes (Lord Powerscourt #13: London, 1912: Lord Powerscourt is summoned to investigate when a member of the Russian ballet troupe is found stabbed through the heart during a performance at the Royal Opera House) $13.99
Ellis, Kate A High Mortality of Doves (1919: Inspector Albert Lincoln travels to a Derbyshire village to investigate the murders of three women. Suspicion falls on the family and staff at Tarnhey Court, where one of the victims worked as a volunteer nurse during the war) $29.99
Ellis, Kate The House of Eyes (Wesley Peterson #20: A young woman's disappearance is followed by a pair of murders at the castle-turned-luxury-hotel where she worked. As DI Peterson investigates, his archeologist friend Neil Watson makes a disturbing discovery near the castle) $13.99
Flint, Shamini A Frightfully English Execution (Inspector Singh #7: Inspectory Singh has been ordered to attend a policing conference in London, and his wife is determined to come along to shop for souvenirs and visit relatives. It isn't long before the cold case he's assigned turns hot - now Singh must outwit Scotland Yard, his wife, and London's finest criminals to prevent more deaths) $12.99
Grant, Maxwell The Blur / Blue Face (Shadow #109: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The House on the Ledge / League of Death (Shadow #110: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Radium Murders / The Crystal Skull (Shadow #111: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The Black Master / The Shadow's Shadow / The Death Giver (Shadow Annual #2: Pulp reprints) $19.95
Gregory, Susanna A Poisonous Plot (Matthew Bartholomew #21: 1358 CE: Tensions between scholars and townsfolk threaten to break into violence when a well-known tradesman is found dead in one of the colleges. Torn between loyalties to his kin and his college, Matthew Bartholomew must identify the poison and find the killer) $11.99
Gregory, Susanna A Grave Concern (Matthew Bartholomew #22: 1360 CE: The Chancellor of the University has been murdered. As physician Matthew Bartholomew searches for the killer, a number of contenders put themselves forward for the Chancellorship - and more suspicious deaths follow) $27.99
Gregory, Susanna The Chelsea Strangler (Thomas Chaloner #11: 1665: London is in the grips of the plague, and anyone with sufficient means has fled the city. Minor members of the court are staying in rural Chelsea; when a strangler begins stalking the neighborhood, Thomas Chaloner is sent to investigate) $13.99
Harrison, Cora A Fatal Inheritance (Mara #13: In life, Clodagh had been a disgrace to her clan. When her body is discovered strangled and bound to an ancient stone god, the locals believe the god killed her. Mara, Brehon of the Burren, takes up the task of solving the murder and bringing a mortal killer to justice) $17.95
James, Bill First Fix Your Alibi (Harpur & Iles #33: When a major drug dealer seeks vengeance for the murder of his wife and son, policemen Harpur and Iles must do all they can to prevent a bloodbath) $17.95
Johnson, Carrie H. Hot Flash (Muriel Mabley #1: PBO; Muriel sweats every detail as a forensic firearms specialist. When her sister in witness protection receives a terrifying warning, Muriel's long-time partner Laughton reveals he knows more than he should about her and Muriel's past. And when Laughton's ex-wife and her new husband turn up dead, his own secrets send Muriel down a twisted trail of disappeared witnesses and wrenching betrayal) $15.00
Jones, G. Wayman The Black Bat's Triumph / Markets of Treason (Black Bat #5: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Lepore, J/Davis, C The Bone Keepers (Tolkien & Fleming #3: PBO; 1943: The Nazis have discovered that the bones of Christ are hidden in an Italian cave. Hitler hopes to find them and use them to turn the war in his favor. MI6 agent Ian Fleming and scholar J.R.R. Tolkien spearhead a hastily assembled team tasked with locating the bones before the Nazis do) $13.95
Marston, Edward Dance of Death (Home Front Detective #5: London, 1916: Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy investigate the murder of a man who was stabbed to death while British fighters thwarted a Zeppelin attack) $12.95
McCallin, Luke The Divided City (Gregor Reinhardt #3: PBO; A year after Germany's defeat, Reinhardt has been hired for Berlin's police force. A serial killer is on the loose, and matters escalate when it's discovered that one of the victims was the brother of a Nazi scientist) $16.00
McCrery, Nigel The Thirteenth Coffin (Mark Lapslie #4: In an old Cold War bunker, DCI Lapslie discovers miniature wooden coffins containing little dolls, each dressed differently. One is dressed as a bride - is there a connection to a recently murdered bride? And if so, who do the other dolls represent?) $11.99
Millett, Larry Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma (1920: Dogged by depression, doubt, and - as this trip to the Mayo Clinic has revealed - emphysema, Sherlock Holmes is preparing to return to England when a note is slipped under his hotel room door, from a vicious killer he'd nearly captured in Munich in 1892, announcing that he has relocated to a tiny village near the clinic. Two residents have died there recently under suspicious circumstances, and Holmes finds himself drawn into the town's dark history, and into the strange tunnels under the old flour mill, where answers and danger wait; Signed copies) $25.95
Nadel, Barbara On the Bone (Cetin Ikmen #18: A man's autopsy shows he died of natural causes - but his last meal was human flesh. The investigation leads Ikmen and Suleyman to Turkey's old secular elite, to a community of squatters, and to a new gastronomy scene that is breaking every boundary. But where does the truth lie?) $12.99
Nadel, Barbara Poisoned Ground (Hakim & Arnold #3: Lee Arnold and Mumtaz Hakim run a detective agency in London's East End. Salwa, an Egyptian woman whose husband is in prison on terrorism charges, convinces Mumtaz of his innocence, and persuades her to go undercover to prove it. But Salwa is not what she seems) $12.99
Nadel, Barbara Enough Rope (Hakim & Arnold #4: When Superintendent Paul Venus' son is kidnapped and ransom demands arrive from an address in the East End, he turns to Lee and Mumtaz for help) $13.99
O'Donnell, P/Romero, E The Murder Frame: The Murder Frame / Fraser's Story / Tribute of the Pharaohs / The Special Orders (Modesty Blaise: PBO; Reprints classic black & white comic strips featuring four adventures of detective Modesty Blaise and her trusty henchman Willie Garvin) $19.95
Stockbridge, Grant The Cholera King / The Spider and the Deathless One (Spider #10: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Yocum, Robin A Brilliant Death (PBO; Edgar finalist. Amanda Baron died in an accident in 1953. Or did she? Travis was a baby when his mother disappeared, and his father removed all evidence she ever existed. In high school, Travis' search for the truth about her leads him to a former detective, whose information is indisputable - and dangerous. Now that Travis knows how she died, and why, what will he do with the information?) $15.95


Anderson, Frederick The Purple Flame and Other Detective Stories (Collection. Lost Classics Volume 38. Mystery stories, many set in 1920s and 1930s NYC. Detectives in the stories include manhunter Deputy Parr, and 'extinct author' Oliver Armiston, who stopped writing ingenious crime stories because criminals were copying his gimmicks) $19.00
Archer, Winnie Kneaded to Death (Bread Shop #1: PBO; When photographer Ivy Culpepper takes a bread-making class at the local bakery, she winds up looking for a killer after a student is murdered) $7.99
Bain, D/Fletcher, J Design for Murder (Murder, She Wrote #45: Jessica is invited to New York Fashion week to see a Cabot Cove designer's show, and winds up investigating when two models are murdered) $7.99
Baldacci, David The Last Mile (Amos Decker #2: Melvin Mars is facing execution for killing his parents 20 years ago. When another man confesses to the crime, Mars may become a free man. Who wants Mars out of prison, and why now? Amos Decker and his FBI special task force investigate) $9.99
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Nurse (Hamish Macbeth #32: Hamish must find out who killed a beautiful private nurse) $7.99
Blake, Bethany Death by Chocolate Lab (Lucky Paws #1: PBO; When the controversial owner of the Blue Ribbon K-9 Academy is murdered, pet sitter Daphne Templeton turns sleuth to clear her sister's name) $7.99
Bond, Larry Fatal Thunder (Jerry Mitchell #5: India and Pakistan are stalemated in a war. And now a powerful group of Indian officers has decided to strike at China, Pakistan's backer. To stop them, Girish Samant turns to the only person he can trust: skipper Jerry Mitchell) $9.99
Bradford, Laura The Silence of the Flans (Emergency Dessert Squad #2: PBO; When her protege's first dessert delivery poisons a student journalist, the publicity threatens to burn Winnie's business to a crisp. Can Winnie uncover the culprit?) $7.99
Brennan, Allison Make Them Pay (Lucy Kincaid #12: PBO; Two weeks before Sean and Lucy's wedding, Sean's estranged sister Eden shows up. She says she's in town for the wedding, but Lucy is suspicious - and it quickly becomes clear that Eden has a more dangerous reason for visiting her brother) $7.99
Cahoon, Lynn Fatality by Firelight (Cat Latimer #2: PBO; Cat and Seth escort a group of aspiring writers to the local ski resort; one of the writers winds up a murder suspect when a local ski bum is found dead) $7.99
Childs, Laura Devonshire Scream (Tea Shop #17: Theo is catering a trunk show at Heart's Desire Jewelry when the party is crashed by masked thieves who leave a dead body in their wake. The FBI suspect an international gang of jewel thieves, but Theo is convinced the answer is much closer to home) $7.99
Childs, Laura Pekoe Most Poison (Tea Shop #18: At a party thrown by Doreen Briggs, one of Charleston's most prominent hostesses, a fire starts at one of the tables and Doreen's husband drops dead. As Theo reviews the guest list for suspects, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse) $26.00
Downing, David Lenin's Roller Coaster (Jack McColl #3: 1917: As a generation of Europe's young men perish on the Eastern and Western Fronts, British spy Jack McColl is assigned a sabotage mission deep in Central Asia, where German influence is strong) $27.95
Estleman, Loren D. The Lioness Is the Hunter (Amos Walker #26: When one of Walker's clients, a Detroit entrepreneur, is murdered, Walker discovers that the man may have been working for an international fugitive Walker knows only too well: Madam Sing) $25.99
Evanovich, J/Goldberg, L The Pursuit (Kate O'Hare #5: Nick Fox has been kidnapped, and FBI special agent Kate O'Hare is in hot pursuit of the crook who stole her con man) $8.99
Fluke, Joanne Banana Cream Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen #23: When her mother's neighbor is murdered in the condo downstairs, Hannah sets out to solve the crime) $26.00
Furst, Alan A Hero of France (France, 1941: Ordinary men and women, determined to take down the occupying Nazis, must outmaneuver collaborators, informers, blackmailers and spies, risking everything to fulfill perilous missions. Mathieu leads a group that helps downed British flyers escape back to England. Now the group faces a new threat dispatched by the Reich to destroy them all) $16.00
Gordon, Alexia Murder in G Major (Gethsemane Brown #1: Conductor Gethsemane Brown takes a job turning rowdy Irish schoolboys into an award-winning orchestra. She gets to stay in a lovely cottage - haunted by the ghost of the former owner. Falsely accused of killing his wife and himself, he begs Gethsemane to clear his name so he can rest in peace) $15.95
Harris, C.S. When Falcons Fall (Sebastian St. Cyr #11: 1813: Sebastian and Hero head to a Shropshire village to honor a slain friend. When the body of a young widow is found on the riverbank, the village's inexperienced young magistrate turns to them for help) $15.00
Hart, Rob South Village (Ash McKenna #3: Ash is holed up on a commune in the Georgia woods, waiting for his passport to arrive so he can flee the country and the nightmares that have followed him. A not-so-accidental death leads him to the discovery that the community includes a rogue faction planning a horrific act of violence) $14.95
Haseldine, Jane The Last Time She Saw Him (Julia Gooden #1: Julia remembers nothing about the worst night of her life, when her brother Ben was abducted from the room they shared. Thirty years later, she still worries that whoever took him will come back - a fear that is realized when her young son Will is snatched on the anniversary of Ben's disappearance) $9.99
Jackson, Lisa Expecting to Die (Montana #7: In Grizzly Falls, someone lurks in the night shadows, watching the local teens, waiting for the right moment, the right victim. When a reality TV show arrives in town, the chaos only makes it harder for Pescoli and Alvarez to distinguish rumor from truth) $9.99
Janik, Erika Pistols and Petticoats (Nonfiction. A lively exploration of the struggles faced by women in law enforcement and mystery fiction for the past 175 years) $18.00
Kappes, Tonya A Ghostly Mortality (Emma Lee Raines #6: PBO; After a doozy of an argument with her sister, Emma Lee is relieved to see Charlotte Rae back home to make nice - until she realizes her sister is now a ghost, with no idea who murdered her, or why) $7.99
Kellerman, Faye Bone Box (Decker & Lazarus #24: Decker and his partner McAdams investigate when human remains, buried deep years ago, surface in the woods. It's most likely a missing student from the nearby Five Colleges of Upstate - and the discovery of more remains suggests it's not a one-off murder) $27.99
Kerr, Philip The Other Side of Silence (Bernie Gunther #11: Historical Dagger finalist. French Riviera, 1956: W. Somerset Maugham is being blackmailed. Is it because of his unorthodox lifestyle, or does it hark back to his time with the British Secret Service? He turns to Bernie Gunther for professional advice) $16.00
Lancet, Barry Pacific Burn (Jim Brodie #3: When a sniper attack sends Japanese artist Ken Nobuki to the hospital just a week after his oldest son died in suspicious circumstances, Jim Brodie suspects someone is targeting his friend's family) $16.00
Lane, Kelly Cold Pressed Murder (Olive Grove #2: PBO; Scandal erupts at the annual Farm Family Fair when a celebrity chef turns up murdered. When Daphne Knox becomes prime suspect, can Eva, Pep, and Precious track down the real killer?) $7.99
Logan, Kylie Gone with the Twins (Literary Ladies #5: PBO; Chandra is on the suspect list when a local realtor is murdered; the Literary Ladies rally to her defense) $7.99
Lotz, Sarah Day Four (There's plenty of relaxation and fun on a Caribbean cruise ship, until day four, when the ship stops, electricity and communications are cut off, and smoke pours out of the engine room. Supplies run low, the toilets stop working, and a virus plagues the ship - and then a woman is found murdered) $7.99
MacBride, Stuart In the Cold Dark Ground (Logan McRae #10: When DS McRae's missing persons investigation turns up a dead body in the woods, DCI Steel's Major Investigation team charges up from Aberdeen. And, as usual, she wants him to do her job for her) $15.99
Marsh, Ngaio Light Thickens (Roderick Alleyn #32: Reissue; The Dolphin Theatre is putting on a magnificent production of the Scottish play - until the night the claymore swings and the dummy's head is more than real: there's been a murder behind the scenes. Luckily, Chief Superintendent Roderick Alleyn is in the audience) $14.95
McConnon, Maggie Bel of the Brawl (Bel McGrath #2: PBO; When Bel was in high school, her best friend went missing after a party on the river, and was never found. Now Bel's new life is turned upside down when the investigation is reopened) $7.99
McKinty, Adrian Police at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly (Troubles #6: Belfast, 1988: A man has been killed with a crossbow, but it's no hunting accident. Uncovering who is responsible will take detective Sean Duffy down his most dangerous road yet) $15.95
Miske, Karim Arab Jazz (International Dagger shortlist. Ahmed is a French Arab, non-observant, unable to reconcile his conflicting identities, and troubled by the past. When a neighbor is murdered, with a joint of pork placed near her body, he finds himself first among many suspects. As the detectives work to untangle the events leading up to the woman's death, Ahmed assists them, determined to clear his name) $16.99
Ould, Chris The Killing Bay (Faroes #2: Activists have come to the islands, intending to stop the traditional whale hunts. Then a woman is murdered. As English DI Jan Reyna and local detective Hjalti Hentze investigate, it becomes clear that crucial evidence is being hidden) $14.95
Patrick, Renee Design for Dying (Frost & Head #1: Agatha Award finalist. Los Angeles, 1937: Lilian Frost is a suspect in the murder of her former roommate, who died wearing a gown stolen from Edith Head's wardrobe department. To clear Lillian's name and save Edith's career, the two women join forces) $15.99
Pegau, Cathy Murder on Location (Charlotte Brody #3: PBO; When a local Native group grows angry at how they're being portrayed in a motion picture, fights break out. Then the inebriated director ends up in a crevasse and dies of exposure. Coroner Michael Brody suspects that nature was not responsible for the man's death, and Charlotte's report on the filming turns into a crime story) $15.00
Petrie, Nicholas The Drifter (Peter Ash #1: Edgar finalist. When a friend from the Marines commits suicide, traumatized veteran Peter Ash helps the man's widow with some home repairs. Under her porch, he finds the ugliest, meanest dog he's ever encountered - and a suitcase stuffed with cash and explosives) $8.99
Pronzini, Bill The Violated (Suspicion falls on the friends and relatives of recent rape victims when a registered sex offender's mutilated corpse is found in a small California town. The police face increasing pressure from the public in a case that has no easy solution) $26.00
Quentin, Patrick The Puzzles of Peter Duluth (Collection. Lost Classics Volume 37. 2 previously uncollected novellas plus 2 short stories featuring detective Peter Duluth, who finds himself in perilous situations from which he can only extricate himself (and his actress wife Iris) by solving the crime) $19.00
Robotham, Michael Close Your Eyes (O'Loughlin & Ruiz #10: When one of his former students jeopardizes the police investigation of a mother-daughter slaying, Joe O'Loughlin has no choice but to step in to hunt down a ruthless killer) $15.99
Ronka, Matti A Man with a Killer's Face (Viktor served lethally in the Soviet Special Forces, but now lives quietly in Helskinki, and helps ethnic Finns emigrating from Russia adjust to their new surroundings. When he is persuaded to search for a missing woman, the trail leads into the criminal underworld) $14.99
Rosett, Sara Marriage, Monsters-in-Law, and Murder (Ellie Avery #9: After agreeing to help plan a wedding on a Georgia barrier island, organizer Ellie Avery investigates when a member of the wedding party is murdered) $7.99
Ryan, Robert The Sign of Fear (John Watson #4: 1917: Watson's friend Sir Gilbert Hardy has been kidnapped; the ransom demand declares Sir Gilbert and four others will face terrible mutilation unless the demands are met. Help comes in the form of an unlikely partnership with enemy spy Miss Pillbody) $16.00
Schutt, Bill/Finch, JR Hell's Gate (1944: As war rages, US Army intel discovers a Japanese sub marooned and empty in the Brazilian interior. A team of Army Rangers sent to investigate has gone missing, so the military sends Captain R.J. MacCready to learn why the Japanese are there) $9.99
Silva, Daniel The Black Widow (Gabriel Allon #16: Gabriel Allon - art restorer, spy, and assassin - is poised to become the chief of Israel's secret intelligence service. But on the eve of his promotion, events conspire to lure him into the field for one final operation) $9.99
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the Old Lady (Maigret #33: The inexplicable murder of Valentine Besson's maid leads the wealthy woman to believe that she herself was the intended target. Inspector Maigret investigates) $12.00
Spillane, M/Collins, M Murder Never Knocks (Mike Hammer: After a surviving an attempt on his life, Hammer takes a job providing security for a Hollywood producer's party. But violence follows him and Velda into the swankiest of crime scenes) $7.99
Svensson, Anton The Father (Made in Sweden #1: First in a trilogy of novels based on the true story of 3 brothers who committed 10 audacious bank robberies in Sweden) $16.99
Thomas, G/Lewis, G Shadow Warriors of World War II (Nonfiction. The history of the courageous women who volunteered to work behind enemy lines, sent into Nazi-occupied Europe by the OSS and SOE to help establish resistance groups across the continent) $26.99
Vargas, Fred A Climate of Fear (Adamsberg #8: When a woman is found dead in her bathtub, her murder made to look like suicide, and a strange symbol drawn near her body, Commissaire Adamsberg and his team are on the case) $16.00
Webb, Debra No Darker Place (Shades of Death #1: PBO; Detective Bobbie Gentry has one objective: to stop the serial killer who robbed her of her husband and her child. Nick Shade understands her pain and desire for vengeance - he's on a mission of his own, to stop the same killer) $9.99
White, Randy Wayne Deep Blue (Doc Ford #23: Half-eaten dolphins are washing ashore on Sanibel Island. Doc has a theory about that, but he hopes he's wrong. If not, there's a predator out there, but not what anyone supposes - it's a human, and very determined) $9.99
Wiken, Linda Roux the Day (Dinner Club #2: PBO; A cruise ship casino night screeches to a halt when a celebrity guest is found dead on the main deck. Now event planner J.J. Tanner has to crack the case to keep herself out of hot water) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Dishonorable Intentions (Stone Barrington #38: Stone's latest lady friend has some unfinished business with a temperamental man who believes Stone is an intolerable obstacle. Can Stone and his friend stay one step ahead in a cat-and-mouse game?) $9.99
Ziegler, Philip Between the Wars (Nonfiction. Ziegler examines the major international turning points - cultural and social as well as political and military - that led the world from the Great War to WWII) $22.99


Bauer, Belinda Finders Keepers (Exmoor #3: Children are disappearing, the abductor leaving behind accusatory notes. No explanations, no ransom demands. Jonas Holly faces a precarious journey into the warped mind of the kidnapper if he's to stand any chance of catching him. Is he up to it?) $16.00
Box, C.J. Off the Grid (Joe Pickett #16: Nate Romanowski is off the grid, recuperating from wounds and trying to deal with past crimes, when a special ops group approaches him. If he'll help them destroy a domestic terror cell, they'll make his criminal record disappear. But Joe Pickett discovers they're not what they seem, and they have a much different plan in mind) $9.99
Box, C.J. Vicious Circle (Joe Pickett #17: Joe knows the Cates family are coming after him and his family now. He has his friend Nate by his side, but will that be enough this time? All he can do is prepare, and wait) $27.00
Bude, John The Cheltenham Square Murder (William Meredith #3: Reissue; Originally published in 1937. Superintendent Meredith investigates a sudden and unusual death - an arrow to the head, shot through an open window) $12.95
DiBiase, Diane D. (ed) Bound by Mystery (Anthology. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Poisoned Pen Press has commissioned original short stories from 35 of their authors past and present) $18.95
Dobyns, Stephen Saratoga Payback (Charlie Bradshaw #11: Ever since the cops revoked his PI license, Charlie has been adjusting to life as a regular senior citizen. Then he discovers the corpse of Saratoga Spring's biggest nuisance sprawled on his sidewalk) $27.00
Evans, Mary Anna Burials (Faye Longchamp #10: Faye has hired on to consult at the reopening of a site that was closed down decades earlier when the archeologist disappeared. No one expected the dig to turn up the archeologist's bones - and she was killed by a blow to the head) $15.95
Fantaskey, Beth Isabel Feeney, Star Reporter (Kids; 1920s Chicago: Obsessed with becoming a reporter, 10-year-old Isabel Feeney can't believe her luck when she stumbles on a real-life murder scene, with her hero, journalist Maude Collier, standing over the body. When Maude is accused of the crime, Isabel is determined to clear her name) $7.99
Faye, Lyndsay Jane Steele (Edgar finalist. Jane Steele suffered at the hands of her spiteful aunt and predatory cousin, then at a grim school where she fought for her life before escaping, leaving the corpses of her tormentors behind. Years later, when she learns her childhood home has a new master, she takes a position there as governess. As she falls in love with the gruffly tragic Mr. Thornfield, she faces a dilemma: can she possess him, body, soul, and secrets, without revealing her murderous past?) $16.00
Faye, Lyndsay The Whole Art of Detection (Collection. Collects her best tales of Sherlock Holmes, from self-taught young upstart to publicly lauded detective) $25.00
Fesperman, Dan The Letter Writer (1942: When a body is found floating in the Hudson River, NYPD cop Woodrow Cain investigates with the help of Danzinger, a man who writes letters for illiterate immigrants and seems to have boundless knowledge of the city and its denizens. The case leads them into a web of corruption and possibly treasonous activity) $16.00
Gregory, Susanna The Executioner of St. Paul's (Thomas Chaloner #12: 1665 CE: St. Paul's Cathedral is crumbling from neglect. Repair or demolish? Both sides have fanatical adherents. Large sums of money have disappeared, and major players have vanished mysteriously. When a skeleton is found, Chaloner reluctantly returns to London to investigate) $29.99
Hallinan, Timothy King Maybe (Junior Bender #5: LA's most talented burglar is in the middle of stealing one of the world's rarest stamps from a professional killer when his luck turns sour. An unexpected assist gets him out alive, but Junior's escape sets off a chain reaction of blackmail, strong-arming, and escalating crime) $15.95
Iles, Greg Mississippi Blood (Penn Cage #6: Dr. Tom Cage is about to be tried for murder. Worst of all, he has frozen Penn out of the trial preparations, preferring to risk dying in prison to revealing the truth of the crime to his son) $28.99
Jance, J.A. Man Overboard (Ali Reynolds #12: When a brilliant software engineer falls to his death on a cruise, it's declared a suicide; his aunt asks Ali Reynolds to look into the case) $25.99
Lansdale, Joe R. Blood and Lemonade (Hap & Leonard: As a liberal young man in East Texas, Hap Collins is discovering his passion for two-fisted justice in a redneck world. Leonard Pine - black, gay, and the ultimate outsider - is already fighting his own battles against racists and bullies. When Hap sees Leonard demolishing an angry mob with his fists (and taunts), it's immediately clear that these two young men have a lot in common) $15.95
Lawton, John The Unfortunate Englishman (Joe Wilderness #2: 1965: Joe is back Berlin, for what should be a straightforward prisoner exchange, an MI6 agent for a KBG operative, swapped on Berlin's bridge of spies. But, as ever, Joe has lined up something on the side, just to make it interesting and profitable. What could possibly go wrong?) $16.00
Leon, Donna Friends in High Places (Guido Brunetti #9: Reissue; Silver Dagger winner. Commissario Brunetti's investigations take him into unfamiliar areas of Venetian life - drug abuse and loan sharking - and point again to corruption in high places) $16.00
Leon, Donna Suffer the Little Children (Guido Brunetti #16: Reissue; When a pediatrician is brutally attacked and his 18-month-old son is kidnapped, Commissario Brunetti investigates, and a story of infertility, desperation, and illegal dealings begins to unfold) $16.00
Leon, Donna The Waters of Eternal Youth (Guido Brunetti #25: At the request of his mother-in-law's best friend, Commissario Brunetti looks into a 15-year-old incident, involving a young woman who nearly drowned in a canal. Did she fall in, or was she pushed?) $16.00
Masterman, Becky A Twist of the Knife (Brigid Quinn #3: Brigid heads to Florida to help a former FBI partner, who is volunteering for a legal group determined to prove the innocence of a man on Death Row) $25.99
Mayne, Andrew Black Fall (Jessica Blackwood #3: Jessica's routine surveillance operation becomes a fight for survival when a disturbed young woman with a baby shows up at the stake-out location and threatens to kill her child) $15.99
Mina, Denise Blood, Salt, Water (Alex Morrow #5: Gold Dagger shortlist. A wealthy businesswoman disappears from her Glasgow home, leaving her husband and children panicked but strangely resistant to questioning. Tracing the woman's cell phone leads detective Alex Morrow to a sleepy seaside town, and a dead body in a nearby lake) $15.99
Pattison, Eliot Blood of the Oak (Duncan McCallum #4: 1765: Duncan McCallum investigates ritualistic murders that are strangely connected to both the theft of an Iroquois artifact and a series of murders and kidnappings in the network of runners supporting the recently formed Committees of Correspondence) $15.95
Pattison, Eliot Skeleton God (Shan Tao Yun #9: Shan Tao Yun, now the reluctant constable of a remote Tibetan town, has learned to expect the impossible at the roof of the world, but nothing has prepared him for what he discovers when he investigates a report that a nun has been savagely assaulted by ghosts) $25.99
Perry, Anne Murder on the Serpentine (Thomas Pitt #32: When the body of one of Queen Victoria's closest confidantes is found in the Serpentine, Thomas Pitt faces his most daunting and dangerous investigation yet) $28.00
Ribchester, Lucy The Hourglass Factory (1912: When a famous trapeze artist disappears in the middle of her act, Fleet Street reporter Frances George teams up with Inspector Frederick Primrose to investigate. The trail leads to a secret society with ties to both London's glittering socialites and its criminal underworld) $15.95
Rossell, Judith Withering-by-Sea (Kids; In a Victorian town, young Stella lives a miserable life with her three dreadful aunts, and dreams of adventure. One night she sees something she shouldn't have, and finds herself on the run. But can a girl hope to outwit an evil professor, and rescue his mistreated assistant? With the help of a mysterious maestro, his musical cats, and a girl named Gert, Stella sets out to do the impossible) $7.99
Spillane, M/Collins, M The Will to Kill (Mike Hammer: Mike Hammer finds the body of a butler who worked for a millionaire - also now deceased - and his notoriously privileged children. Were both master and servant murdered? Captain Pat Chambers thinks so) $22.99
Stout, R/Goldsborough, R Murder, Stage Left (Nero Wolfe: Sensing something amiss with his latest production, a theatrical director turns to Nero Wolfe for help. Wolfe sends Archie to impersonate a journalist and gather backstage gossip - a plan that backfires when murder ensues and Archie winds up prime suspect) $14.99
White, Randy Wayne Mangrove Lightning (Doc Ford #24: As Doc and Tomlinson investigate a series of bizarre attacks, they suffer a series of near-fatal mishaps. The solution lies in cracking a 1925 murder case) $27.00
Winspear, Jacqueline In This Grave Hour (Maisie Dobbs #13: 1939: Maisie is back home in England, where Britain has just declared war on Germany. When Maisie stumbles on the deaths of a group of refugees, she suspects the enemy may be closer than anyone knows; Signed copies expected) $27.99


Albert, Susan Wittig Blood Orange (China Bayles #24: When nurse Kelly Kaufman uncovers suspicious practices at the local hospice, and suspects a patient was murdered, she turns to China for guidance. When Kelly is critically injured, it's up to China to figure out who's behind it all. Includes recipes) $7.99
Albert, Susan Wittig The Last Chance Olive Ranch (China Bayles #25: China tries to help Maddie Haskell hang onto the ranch and olive oil business she inherited. Meanwhile, a killer McQuaid put away years ago is on the loose, and may be headed for Pecan Springs) $27.00
Allan, Barbara Antiques Fate (Trash 'n' Treasures #10: Vivian's one-woman Macbeth becomes a dramatic disaster when two unscripted deaths occur) $7.99
Cameron, W. Bruce Repo Madness (Ruddy McCann #2: Ruddy finds himself missing the one thing he thought he would be happy to be rid of - the voice of Alan Lottner, dead realtor. He starts to investigate the disappearances of women in the area, and Alan's voice returns. Can they stop the killer before he strikes again?) $8.99
Campbell, Rick Ice Station Nautilus (US surveillance of a Russian sub leads to an underwater collision that sends both vessels to the bottom. The US immediately sets up a rescue mission. The Russians also send a team - to ensure the US doesn't get any intel, and leave no survivors) $9.99
Cherry, Alison The Classy Crooks Club (Kids; AJ doesn't want to spend an entire month with her strict Grandma Jo; her summer takes an exciting turn when she discovers her grandmother's 'bridge group' is actually a band of thieves) $7.99
Chisholm, P.F. A Clash of Spheres (Sir Robert Carey #8: 1592: Sir Robert Carey is posted on the Borders at Carlisle, at last confirmed as Deputy Warden. Sir Robert Cecil warns of a new challenge: the King of Spain's intentions in Scotland. Will Cecil be sending a pursuivant to suss out whatever plots are in progress against England? Events come to a head at King James' court in Edinburgh) $15.95
Clancy, T/Blackwood, G Duty and Honor (Jack Ryan Jr.: After being ousted from his position at the Campus, Jack Ryan Jr. is targeted by a hitman. Using clues found on his would-be killer, Jack launches his own campaign to uncover the brutal truth about a long-running false-flag war of terror) $9.99
Day, Maddie When the Grits Hit the Fan (Country Store #3: PBO; To clear a friend's name, Robbie investigates the murder of a hot-tempered sociology professor) $7.99
Donlea, Charlie Summit Lake (When a law student is murdered near a beautiful lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the savagery of the crime, and the efforts to keep it quiet, hint at something more sinister than a random attack. Reporter Kelsey Castle investigates) $9.99
Ellis, Kate The Mermaid's Scream (Wesley Peterson #21: When a young writer, who was working on a biography of a reclusive author, is murdered, DI Peterson finds links to the poisoning deaths of a middle-aged couple - and the recluse appears to be the connection. As he delves into the case, he suspects a sinister puppet show may provide the solution) $30.00
Gregory, Lena Occult and Battery (Bay Island Psychic #2: PBO; Cass is hosting a murder mystery weekend, complete with seance, in a supposedly haunted mansion. After a blizzard blows in, one of the guests is found dead, and it's up to Cass to divine who did the deed) $7.99
Griffiths, Elly The Woman in Blue (Galloway & Nelson #8: Archaeologist Ruth Galloway, her Druid friend Cathbad, and DCI Harry Nelson team up to solve a series of crimes in Little Walsingham, a town famous for religious apparations) $14.95
Haines, Carolyn Rock-a-bye Bones (Sarah Booth Delaney #16: One cold night, Sarah Booth answers her front door to find a newborn baby in a basket on the porch in a pool of blood. Luckily, the baby is fine. Now it's up to the Delaney Detective Agency to do everything they can to find the mother) $7.99
Hammer, Joshua The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu (Nonfiction. Abdel Kader Haidara, an archivist and historian, spent decades tracking down and salvaging ancient Islamic and secular manuscripts. In 2012, when Al Qaeda militants seized control of Timbuktu and threatened to destroy them, Haidara organized a dangerous operation to smuggle all 350,000 volumes out of the city to safety in southern Mali) $16.00
Hannah, Sophie The Wrong Mother (UK title: The Point of Rescue) (Waterhouse & Zailer #3: Last year Sally treated herself to a brief affair with Mark. But now, she hears on the news that Mark's wife and daughter are dead - putting the safety of Sally's family in doubt) $9.99
Harris, C.S. Where the Dead Lie (Sebastian St. Cyr #12: London, 1813: One of the city's homeless children has been abducted, tortured, and killed - and his younger sister is still missing. Few in authority care about a street urchin's fate, but Sebastian refuses to let this killer go unpunished) $26.00
Haywood, B.B. Town in a Maple Madness (Candy Holliday #8: PBO; Things start to get sticky during Maple Madness Weekend when a local landscaper is found dead in the river) $7.99
Hesse, Monica Girl in the Blue Coat (YA; Edgar finalist. Amsterdam, 1943: Hanneke secures black market goods for paying customers. When Mrs. Janssen asks her to search for a Jewish teen, who vanished from the secret room where Mrs. Janssen was hiding her, Hanneke is drawn into a web of mysteries) $9.99
Hodgson, Antonia The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins (Tom Hawkins #2: London, 1728: Tom Hawkins is headed to the gallows, accused of murder. He may not be much of a gentleman, but he is innocent. He's just adept at finding his way into a spot of bad luck. Now he must scramble to save his life and protect those he loves) $14.99
Jance, J.A. Downfall (Joanna Brady #17: Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady investigates when two women fall to their deaths from a small nearby peak. What's their connection? Is this murder/suicide, or double homicide?) $9.99
Kerr, Philip Prussian Blue (Bernie Gunther #12: 1956: Evading Friedrich Korsch, an old Kripo comrade now working for Stasi, Bernie bolts for the German border. Traveling by night and hiding by day, he has plenty of time to reflect on the last case he worked with Korsch, a 1939 investigation into the murder of a low-level bureaucrat at Hitler's mountaintop retreat in Obersalzberg) $27.00
King, Laurie R. The Murder of Mary Russell (Marry Russell #14: Mary Russell is used to her own dark secrets, and those of her partner Sherlock Holmes. But she is shocked when Samuel Hudson arrives, claiming to be Mrs. Hudson's son. The story he tells cannot possibly be true, yet Mary believes him as surely as she believes the threat of the gun in his hand) $16.00
Koryta, Michael Last Words (Mark Novak #1: A girl's body has been pulled from the perilous cave system beneath southern Indiana. When the man who found the girl winds up suspected of killing her, he begs PI Mark Novak to uncover the truth) $7.99
Lagercrantz, David Fall of Man in Wilmslow (1954: With a witch-hunt for homosexuals raging across Britain, no one is surprised when mathematician Alan Turing is found dead. It's widely assumed he committed suicide, but DS Leonard Corell, who dreamed of a career in higher mathematics, suspects greater forces are involved) $16.00
Latham, Mark A. A Betrayal in Blood (Sherlock Holmes: Holmes has acquired the famous 'Dracula Papers'. Why did five men really pursue an innocent Transylvanian nobleman to the ends of the earth? Who was really behind the murders? Holmes will have the truth, though he must overcome the genius of Abraham Van Helsing to get it) $14.95
Leather, Stephen Black Ops (Spider Shepherd #12: As an MI5 agent, Spider is used to going undercover, but when he's asked to assume the identity of the contract killer hired to take out President Vladimir Putin, he knows he'll become a wanted man) $13.99
Leeson, Gayle Silence of the Jams (Down South Cafe #2: PBO; When a local who's been trying to buy the cafe collapses while eating there, the autopsy turns up poison. Amy must prove it wasn't her food that killed him) $7.99
Leon, Donna Earthly Remains (Guido Brunetti #26: Needing a break from his work, Brunetti goes to a villa on one of the islands in the lagoon. The recuperative stay goes according to plan until the villa's caretaker goes missing after a storm. Brunetti feels compelled to investigate, to understand what happened to the man who had become his friend; Signed copies expected) $25.00
Longworth, M.L. The Curse of La Fontaine (Verlaque & Bonnet #6: PBO; A chef's plan to expand his restaurant's seating into a historic courtyard leads to problems, first with the local historical society, and then when a skeleton is unearthed from a shallow grave in the garden. Can newlyweds Verlaque and Bonnet solve the mystery?) $15.00
May, Peter Blacklight Blue (Enzo Files #3: Reissue; Enzo MacLeod, a Scot teaching forensics in France, is trying to close seven cold cases when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness and someone tries to pin a murder on him) $14.99
McDermott, Andy The Midas Legacy (Wilde & Chase #12: Nina and Eddie become embroiled in a case in which a woman has apparently been turned to gold. Can it be related to the legend of Midas?) $9.99
McKevett, G.A. Killer Reunion (Savannah Reid #21: At her reunion, Savannah finally gets the better of her mean-girl high school nemesis - only to wind up a suspect when the woman's dead body turns up in the swamp) $7.99
McKinlay, Jenn Caramel Crush (Cupcake Bakery #9: PBO; Mel and Angie have to track down a killer when an old friend is suspected of killing the man she just jilted) $7.99
Morton, Mandy The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency (Hettie Bagshot #1: Hettie, founder of the No. 2 Feline Detective Agency, and her sidekick Tilly tackle their first case at Furcross, a home for slightly older cats) $25.99
Muir, T. Frank The Meating Room (Andy Gilchrist #5: Wealthy property developer Thomas Magner is under investigation for decades-old rapes, but his accusers are beginning to withdraw their complaints. When one of the remaining accusers is murdered, DCI Andy Gilchrist is convinced Magner is responsible) $14.99
Reilly, Linda A Frying Shame (Deep Fried #3: PBO; When the winner of the summer festival cooking contest winds up murdered, it's up to Talia to catch the killer) $7.99
Rickman, Phil All of a Winter's Night (Merrily Watkins #14: It begins with a bleak village funeral. In the early hours of the following morning, Merrily and her daughter Jane are made aware that Aidan Lloyd will not be resting in peace: a rural tradition is displaying its sinister side as an old feud reignites) $27.95
Rolls, Anthony Scarweather (Reissue; Originally published in 1934. In 1913, John Farringdale and his cousin Eric Foster visit a famous archeologist at his home on the coast. Eric is attracted to the man's much younger wife, and matters soon take a dangerous turn. 15 years later, the final scene of the drama is enacted) $12.95
Sandford, John Extreme Prey (Lucas Davenport #26: The governor is cranking up a presidential campaign, and invites Lucas to join his campaign staff. It's kind of fun, until they find they have a shadow - an armed man intent on killing the governor and anyone who gets in the way) $9.99
Simenon, Georges Madame Maigret's Friend (alternate titles Madame Maigret's Own Case / The Friend of Madame Maigret) (Maigret #34: An anonymous note reports that a body has been burnt in a bookbinder's furnace. Preliminary investigations turn up suspicious details, and two human teeth. Meanwhile, Madame Maigret has had a strange experience while waiting for her dentist appointment. It seems these two events might be related in ways no one could have predicted) $12.00
Smith, Alexander McCall My Italian Bulldozer (Writer Paul Stewart heads to an Italian town to finish his overdue cookbook - but on his arrival, his hired car is nowhere to be found. It appears he will be stuck at the airport, until an enterprising stranger offers him a bulldozer. With no other options, Paul accepts, and so begins a series of laugh-out-loud adventures as he trundles through Tuscany) $25.95
Staub, Wendy Corsi Bone White (Mundy's Landing #3: PBO; Spurred by a cryptic phrase in an old letter, Emerson Mundy heads to her ancestral hometown to trace her past. She finds long-lost relatives - and a closet full of skeletons going back centuries) $7.99
Tanenbaum, Robert K. Infamy (Butch Karp #28: An Army veteran has killed a colonel, claiming he had to do it because he was being used in mind control experiments. His lawyer, who has ties to the White House, claims his client suffers from PTSD. As Butch Karp prepares the murder case, he finds himself up against corruption in very high places) $9.99
Turnage, Sheila The Odds of Getting Even (Mo & Dale #3: Kids; Mo and Dale head to court as star witnesses against Macon Johnson. Mo looks forward to a slam-dunk conviction, but nothing goes as expected. Now Macon's on the run, Tupelo Landing's in lockdown, and Lavender's life hangs in the balance) $8.99
Ventrella/Maberry (ed) Baker Street Irregulars (Anthology. Sherlock Holmes stories, many with sf and fantasy elements) $16.99
Wait, Lea Tightening the Threads (Mainely Needlepoint #5: PBO; When antiques dealer Sarah Byrne's long-lost half brother is poisoned, everyone assumes Sarah is guilty. It's up to Angie to help Sarah track down the real killer) $7.99
Wees, Frances Shelley The Keys of My Prison (Reissue; 1950s Toronto: After a horrendous car crash, Rafe emerges from the hospital a different man - coarse, intolerant, and prone to drink - and doesn't seem to remember his wife Julie. Tension grows in their mansion when it turns out Rafe wasn't alone in the car. Did Julie never truly know her husband? Or is it that this man isn't Rafe at all?) $11.95
Winspear, Jacqueline Journey to Munich audiobook (Maisie Dobbs #12: 1938: When the German government agrees to release a British citizen from Dachau, the British Secret Service sends Maisie to collect the man. In the heart of Nazi Germany, she encounters unexpected dangers) $19.99
Young, Heather The Lost Girls (In 1935, little Emily vanished from her family's vacation home on a remote Minnesota lake. Sixty years later, Justine inherits the lake house, and moves there with her daughters. Trouble arrives soon after. Justine must overcome her family's tragic legacy if she hopes to save herself and her girls) $14.99


Baldacci, David The Fix (Amos Decker #3: A man shoots a woman execution-style outside FBI Headquarters, then turns the gun on himself. Decker's team can't find a connection between the two, or a trace of motive. But the DIA believes solving the case is a matter of urgent national security) $29.00
Bauer, Belinda The Facts of Life and Death (In North Devon, lone women have become victims. But a madman on the loose feels very far from young Ruby's home. Instead she lives in constant fear of school bullies, the dark forest, and the threat of her parents' divorce. Helping her father catch the killer seems like the only way to keep him close - as long as the killer doesn't catch her first) $16.00
Boylan, Jennifer Finney Long Black Veil (Judith's past is dredged up when the body of a college friend is discovered 20 years after her disappearance. Judith is the only one who can testify to another friend's innocence - the only problem is that, on that fateful night, Judith was a very different person from the woman she is today) $25.00
Camilleri, Andrea The Revolution of the Moon (Novel based on a true story. Sicily, 1677 CE: When her husband dies, Donna Eleanora de Moura takes over rule in Palermo, applying her political acumen to alleviate the poverty and misery that have been producing frequent uprisings in the city. Her progressive measures are considered seditious by the conservative city fathers and the Catholic Church, who immediately seek to have her recalled to Spain) $16.00
Clark, Mary Higgins As Time Goes By (TV journalist Delaney Wright is covering the murder trial of Betsy Grant, widow of a wealthy doctor who has suffered from Alzheimer's for eight years. As the evidence against Betsy piles up, Delaney becomes convinced she's not guilty, and tries to prove her innocence) $7.99
Cleeves, Ann Cold Earth (Shetland #7: A torrential winter rain triggers a landslide. Jimmy Perez watches the flood of mud and water smash a house in its path. Everyone thinks it is uninhabited, but in the wreckage he finds a woman's body, and becomes obsessed with tracing her identity) $25.99
Copperman, E.J. Written Off (Mysterious Detective #1: Rachel Goldman writes mysteries in which Duffy Madison helps find missing persons. She's busy finishing up her next book when a man calls asking for help in a missing persons case. The caller's name? Duffy Madison) $15.99
Deaver, Jeffery The Burial Hour (Lincoln Rhyme #13: Forensic experts Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs investigate a pair of bizarre cases in NYC and Naples) $28.00
Duncan, Elizabeth J. Murder Is for Keeps (Penny Brannigan #8: Penny is delighted to hear that a dilapidated country house is going to be restored, but it isn't long before disagreements over the restoration turn deadly) $26.99
Durham, David Anthony The Risen (A novel about the superb gladiator Spartacus and the vast slave revolt he led that came very close to bringing Rome and its supposedly invincible legions to their knees) $16.95
Hamilton, Steve The Second Life of Nick Mason (Nick Mason #1: Nick Mason makes a deal with a criminal mastermind. Nick will be released from his prison term, but in return, when his cell phone rings, Nick must answer and follow whatever order he's given. Forced to commit increasingly dangerous crimes, hunted by the relentless detective who put him behind bars, and desperate to go straight, Nick will have to risk everything to break free) $16.00
Harper, Karen Falling Darkness (South Shores #3: PBO; A plane crash en route to their witness-protection placement leaves seven people stranded far from safety) $7.99
Hillerman, Anne Song of the Lion (Manuelito & Chee #3: When a car bomb kills a young man at Shiprock High, Bernie discovers that the intended victim was a mediator for a huge development planned at the Grand Canyon. Bernie and Jim uncover a scheme to disrupt the negotiations; as the investigation unfolds, Joe Leaphorn suspects there might be a link to a cold case he handled years ago) $27.99
Hockensmith, S/Falco, L Give the Devil His Due (Tarot #3: PBO; Someone from her past tries to drag Alanis back into a life of crime. Then a new suitor puts a hitch in her relationship with Victor Castellanos. And then there's the little matter of the client who gets an ominous tarot reading from Alanis - and is promptly murdered. There's danger in the cards, and Alanis will need all her skill at reading people and reading tarot to survive) $14.99
King, Wesley OCDaniel (Kids; Daniel spends most of his time hoping no one at school notices his strange habits. He hopes no one notices he's crazy. Then he gets a note: 'I need your help'. And suddenly Daniel is swept up in a mystery that might change everything for him) $7.99
Leon, Donna The Girl of His Dreams (Guido Brunetti #17: Reissue; A 10-year-old Romani girl is found dead in a Venetian canal; Commissario Brunetti uncovers a world of prejudice and malefaction surrounding the immigrant Romani communities) $16.00
Mackay, Malcolm Every Night I Dream of Hell (With many of its most powerful members dead or behind bars, things are changing in Glasgow's Jamieson crime organization. When Nate Colgan, long-time muscle on the fringes of the business, is reluctantly appointed its new 'security consultant', he has no idea how things are about to unravel) $26.00
Malliet, G.M. Devil's Breath (Max Tudor #6: Max is now working for MI5 on an as-needed basis, and is called in to assist a former colleague when the body of a glamorous film star washes ashore) $25.99
Mathews, Francine Death in a Mood Indigo (Merry Folger #3: Rewritten from the 1997 edition. A grisly discovery on Sconset beach brings detective Merry Folger a perplexing case. The crime lab can only tell her that the skeletal remains belong to a woman who was strangled to death between 2 and 10 years ago) $15.95
Maxwell, Edith Called to Justice (Quaker Midwife #2: PBO; 1888: When a Quaker mill girl is found shot to death, a former slave and fellow Quaker is accused of the crime. Convinced of the man's innocence, Rose decides to investigate) $14.99
Neuhaus, Nele I Am Your Judge (von Bodenstein & Kirchhoff #7: First an elderly woman is shot while walking her dog. Next a woman is shot through her kitchen window with the same weapon. Then two more murders follow. There's no apparent connection between the victims, and the pressure is on police detectives Pia Kirchoff and Oliver von Bodenstein to find the killer) $16.99
Paretsky, Sara Fallout (V.I. Warshawski #18: The search for a vanished film student and a faded Hollywood star leads V.I. to Kansas, where she and her dog track the pair through a university town, across fields dotted with Cold War missile silos, and into a past, riven by long-simmering racial tensions, that holds the key to the mysteries of the present; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Rader-Day, Lori The Day I Died (PBO; Anna knows people better than they know themselves with only a glance at their handwriting. She likes to keep the mess of other people's lives at arm's length and on paper. But when she's asked to use her expertise on a ransom note found at a murder scene in her small town, she can't help getting involved) $14.99
Slaughter, Karin The Kept Woman (Grant County #12 / Will Trent #8: The investigation of a murder at an abandoned construction site - owned by a wealthy, powerful, and politically connected athlete that Will has tried and failed to put away for rape - becomes much more dangerous when the dead man is identified as an ex-cop) $9.99
Smith, Lachlan Panther's Prey (Leo Maxwell #4: Leo is now working as a public defender in San Francisco. After a client's acquittal, Leo and his co-counsel Jordan get involved. When she's found raped and murdered, Leo is a suspect. The case takes a bizarre turn when their recently acquitted client walks into the police station and offers to confess to Jordan's murder) $16.00
Thompson/Muller (ed) Oakland Noir (Anthology. Original stories set in Oakland, CA) $15.95
Weiss, Kirsten Pressed to Death (Maddie Kosloski #2: PBO; Maddie thinks she has the perfect paranormal exhibit for the harvest festival: a haunted grape press. Then she's accused of stealing the antique press. When her accuser is found murdered, all eyes turn to Maddie) $14.99
Wells, Marcia Doom at Grant's Tomb (Eddie Red #3: Kids; Is Eddie the target of elusive art thief Lars Heinrich, whose last robbery he ruined? If so, why won't the NYPD let Eddie help on the case? What are they hiding?) $6.99
Woods, Stuart Fast and Loose (Stone Barrington #41: Stone Barrington's newest foe has a short fuse - and it's just been lit) $28.00
Wortman, Marc 1941: Fighting the Shadow War (Nonfiction. The history of clandestine US involvement in WWII prior to Pearl Harbor, as FDR used all the powers at his disposal to battle Hitler from the shadows while working to gain public support for US entry into the war) $18.00


Abbott, Megan You Will Know Me (When a violent death rocks her daughter Devon's elite gymnastics community, Katie Knox finds herself drawn to the crime. What she uncovers makes her wonder if there's any price she wouldn't pay to achieve Devon's dream) $15.99
Adams, Ellery Killer Characters (Books by the Bay #8: PBO; Olivia and Millay race against the clock to clear Laurel's name after she is arrested for the murder of her husband's mistress) $7.99
Andrews, Donna Die Like an Eagle (Meg Langslow #20: When the lookalike brother of petty, vindictive Biff Brown is found murdered, Meg suspects Biff might have been the intended victim) $7.99
Barclay, Linwood The Twenty-Three (Promise Falls #3: Contaminated water has sent hundreds to the hospital, and dozens have died. Who would benefit from poisoning this town? Meanwhile, a college student has been murdered, and detective Barry Duckworth has seen the killer's handiwork before) $9.99
Bertman, Jennifer The Unbreakable Code (Book Scavenger #2: Kids; Mr. Quisling is definitely up to something, and Emily and James are on high alert. As the sleuthing friends dig deeper, they discover Mr. Quisling has been hunting a legendary historical puzzle: the Unbreakable Code) $16.99
Black, Cara Murder on the Quai (Aimee Leduc Prequel: Paris, 1989: Aimee helps out at the detective agency while her father is away in Berlin, and discovers she has a taste for investigating as she works a murder case linked to a long-lost truckload of Nazi gold) $15.95
Bridge, Kathleen Ghostal Living (Hamptons Home & Garden #3: PBO; A manuscript authenticator has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff, and rare books are disappearing from the B&B. Can Meg catch a killer and thief?) $7.99
Brightwell, Emily Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong (Mrs. Jeffries #35: PBO; Inspector Witherspoon and his staff have a lengthy list of suspects when a murder victim turns out to be less of an amiable businessman and more of a duplicitous con man) $16.00
Brown, Rita&Sneaky Pie Tall Tail (Mrs. Murphy #24: Harry's investigation into a woman's suspicious death leads back to 1784 and the hunt for a brutal slaveholder's murderer. Now it's up to Harry and her furry cohorts to expose the bitter truth and corner a callous killer) $7.99
Bryan, Mollie Cox No Charm Intended (Cora Crafts #2: PBO; Cora and Jane investigate when a beloved local nanny goes missing) $7.99
Buckley, Julia Death in Dark Blue (Writer's Apprentice #2: PBO; When a blogger is found dead behind Sam's house, Lena must dodge paparazzi as she unravels the mystery) $7.99
Bush, Nancy Dangerous Behavior (PBO; Just one look, and it's clear they're perfect together. They share the same interests. The same twisted passions. They do everything together. Even kill) $7.99
Carlisle, Kate Books of a Feather (Bibliophile #10: At a gala party, Brooklyn is approached about repairing two rare books. Then her new client is found dead in the library) $7.99
Cattrell, Bailey Nightshade for Warning (Enchanted Garden #2: PBO; A journalist has come to Poppyville to writer a feature on Ellie's tiny house and the Enchanted Garden. It could put the town on the map - but not in a good way, after the man is found dead in his hotel room) $7.99
Child, Lee Night School (Jack Reacher Prequel: 1996: Reacher is in the army, but as of tonight he's off the grid, working with an FBI agent, a CIA analyst, and Sgt. Frances Neagley. Their mission: identify and track down a US citizen who is conspiring with a Jihadist sleeper cell and the Saudis to perpetrate a horrific act of terrorism; unabridged audiobook $19.99) $9.99
Cleverly, Barbara Diana's Altar (Joe Sandilands #13: Cambridge, 1933: When a man dies inside the old All Hallows Church on All Hallows' Eve, Scotland Yard sends Sandilands to investigate. Thrown into a deadly ring of cloak and dagger politics and high society hedonism, he must uncover the truth before the Hellfire Club topples institutions and harms the people he has sworn to protect) $15.95
Cochran, Peg Dead and Berried (Cranberry Cove #3: PBO; When the local beekeeper is suspected of murdering his assistant, Monica is determined to clear her friend's name) $7.99
Coes, Ben First Strike (Dewey Andreas #6: Elite operative Dewey Andreas is sent to Syria to retrieve details about the source of ISIS' funding - until his cover is blown and chaos erupts in the streets) $9.99
Cussler, C/Morrison, B The Emperor's Revenge (Oregon Files #11: Juan Cabrillo and his crew face their toughest challenge yet, retrieving money from a violent bank heist) $9.99
Dennison, Hannah A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall (Honeychurch Hall #3: Kat's excitement at finding a hidden room in an abandoned wing of the Hall turns to horror when she finds a dead woman's body lying on the cold stone floor) $15.99
Dickinson, David Death Comes to Lynchester Close (Lord Powerscourt #14: Powerscourt investigates deaths tied to a very desirable rental property in Lynchester Cathedral Close) $29.99
Doiron, Paul Widowmaker (Mike Bowditch #7: Amber Langstrom is beautiful and damaged. She claims her son was wrongfully convicted and has vanished from a brutal work camp. She also claims her son is Mike's half-brother. Mike's need to know the truth takes him on a dangerous search for answers) $9.99
Dufresne, John I Don't Like Where This Is Going (Wylie Coyote #2: Troubled by the cover-up after a woman falls to her death outside the Luxor Hotel, Wylie sets out to find answers with the help of an old friend) $15.95
Estleman, Loren D. Nearly Nero (Claudius Lyon is a fanatical admirer of Nero Wolfe. He has retrofitted himself and his townhouse after Wolfe's, and hired Arnie Woodbine to be his Archie Goodwin. But Lyon is naive, and Woodbine is larcenous, which puts them in more danger than Archie and Nero ever faced) $24.99
Freeman, Brian Marathon (Jonathan Stride #8: A bomb goes off at the Duluth marathon, bringing the FBI to town. Was it terrorism, or something more personal?) $26.99
Grabenstein, Chris Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics (Mr. Lemoncello #2: Kids; World-famous game maker Luigi Lemoncello has invited teams from across the US to compete in the first-ever Library Olympics. Kyle and his teammates are back, but something suspicious is going on. Books are missing from the library. Is someone trying to censor what the kids are reading?) $7.99
Harman, Chris A People's History of the World (Nonfiction. A new edition of the comprehensive radical history of the planet) $19.95
Harris, Sherry A Good Day to Buy (Sarah Winston #4: PBO; Sarah's estranged brother shows up, tells her that he's undercover investigating a story, then disappears. When she rummages through his things for clues, she realizes that to find him, she'll have to figure out who killed a local Vietnam veteran) $7.99
Hart, Carolyn Walking on My Grave (Death on Demand #26: Annie and Max investigate when a wealthy friend's life is threatened and one of her prospective beneficiaries is found floating in the harbor) $26.00
Hiaasen, Carl Razor Girl (When Lane Coolman's car is bashed from behind on the road to the Florida keys, what appears to be an accident is anything but. Behind the wheel of the other car is Merry Mansfield, and the crash scam is only the beginning of events that spiral wildly out of control) $15.95
Hilton, James Search and Destroy (Gunn Brothers #1: Brothers Danny and Clay Gunn were brought up an ocean apart. Both served in the military. They become targets, stalked by a paramilitary team, when they save a journalist's life. Why is this woman the object of a search and destroy order?) $7.99
Hoag, Tami The Bitter Season (Kovac & Liska #5: Detective Nikki Liska is investigating the decades-old murder of a Minneapolis detective. Her old partner Sam Kovac is saddled with a green partner and a brutal double homicide. When the trails of the two crimes twist and cross, Kovac and Liska must find answers before a killer strikes again) $9.99
Krueger, William Kent Manitou Canyon (Cork O'Connor #15: When a man camping in the Boundary Waters goes missing in November, Cork agrees to continue looking for him after the official search ends, and heads into the wilderness alone. As the days pass, Cork's family awaits his return. When they mount a search, they don't find Cork, just his campsite - and a lot of blood) $16.00
Levine, Laura Murder Has Nine Lives (Jaine Austen #14: Jaine's cat Prozac is starring in a Skinny Kitty commercial when the product's inventor drops dead on the set. Now everyone is a suspect - including Jaine) $7.99
Maxwell, Edith Murder Most Fowl (Local Foods #4: When a local chicken farmer is murdered, Cam's sleuthing turns up scandal, blackmail, and cover-ups) $7.99
McCrumb, Sharyn Prayers the Devil Answers (1936: Ellie Robbins has long proven she can handle herself, but when she is appointed to serve out her late husband's term as sheriff of a Tennessee town, the demands are challenging. When dark secrets come to light, she must struggle with small town superstitions and the tenuous ties she shares with a condemned killer as she carves out a place for herself) $16.00
McFate, Sean Shadow War (Tom Locke #1: Tapped for a top-secret black op in Ukraine, Locke has a week to rescue an oligarch's family and pull off a spectacular assault. What he doesn't know is that his ambitious boss is engaged in a high-stakes geopolitical chess game with powerbrokers around the globe) $9.99
Mosley, Walter Charcoal Joe (Easy Rawlins #14: 1960s LA: Easy's new detective agency investigates when a black student at Stanford is accused of murder) $15.00
Parker, R/Atkins, A Slow Burn (Spenser #45: Hired to look into a deadly apartment building fire, Spenser learns that, not only was it arson, but it might be tied to similar fires plaguing one of Boston's oldest neighborhoods. He follows the trail through a mire of corruption and greed) $9.99
Parker, R/Atkins, A Little White Lies (Spenser #46: Spenser's latest client puts him on the trail of a handsome con man who has left behind a trail of angry investors, duped cops, and a team of paramilitary contractors looking for revenge) $27.00
Pearson, Ridley The Initiation (Lock & Key #1: Kids; Sent to boarding school at Baskerville Academy, young James Moriarty finds himself with an unexpected roommate: Sherlock Holmes. When the school's heirloom Bible disappears, the two decide to work together to solve the mystery) $9.99
Penny, Louise A Great Reckoning (Armand Gamache #12: Agatha Award finalist. A strange old map found in the walls of the bistro in Three Pines eventually leads Armand Gamache to shattering secrets, and to places even he is afraid to go. And there he finds four cadets in the Quebec police academy, and a dead professor; $16.99 trade pb also available) $9.99
Perry, Marta Echo of Danger (Echo Falls #1: PBO; Jase Glassman's job is straightforward: befriend widow Deidre Morris, gather incriminating evidence, and allow her intimidating father-in-law to take custody of her son. He's definitely not supposed to fall for her honest charm. When a murder rocks the quiet community, Jase's only instinct is to protect her and her boy) $7.99
Petrie, Nick Burning Bright (Peter Ash #2: On a trip to Northern California, veteran Peter Ash stumbles across investigative journalist June Cassidy, who is on the run from men who tried to kidnap her. She needs time to figure out what they're after, and help from someone with Peter's skills) $16.00
Ponti, James Framed! (Kids; You're only half done with your homework, but the Director of the FBI keeps texting you for help. Do you save your grade, or your country? If you're Florian Bates, you figure out a way to do both) $7.99
Preston, D/Child, L The Obsidian Chamber (Pendergast #16: After an otherworldly confrontation, Pendergast is missing, presumed dead. His ward Constance retreats to her chambers beneath the family mansion only to be taken captive by a shadowy figure from the past. Pendergast's longtime bodyguard Proctor pursues Constance's captor through cities, across oceans, and into wastelands unknown, but by the time he discovers the truth, a terrifying engine has stirred, and it may already be too late) $9.99
Quinn, Spencer Arf (Bowser & Birdie #2: Kids; Bowser has questions. Why is Birdie looking worried? Who broke into their house? Why is the new girl in town digging into the mystery of what happened to Birdie's dad, a policeman killed in the line of duty? Bowser better keep his ears perked and his paws ready, because a cold case is heating up) $6.99
Reilly, Matthew The Four Legendary Kingdoms (Jack West Jr. #4: Jack is kidnapped, and awakens in an underground cell with an armed attacker charging at him. It seems he's been chosen, along with other elite soldiers, to compete in a series of deadly challenges designed to fulfill an ancient ritual) $26.00
Riggs, Cynthia Trumpet of Death (Martha's Vineyard #13: Dead bodies are cropping up on Martha's Vineyard. The police have questions about the killer's identity, and turn to 92-year-old poet / sleuth Victoria Turnbull, who knows the island and its inhabitants intimately. Will she be able to find the truth and clear the name of someone close to her? $25.99
Rolls, Anthony Family Matters (Reissue; Originally published in 1933. Robert is an eccentric failure of a man, hunting for Roman artifacts and devoting himself to bizarre mystical beliefs. Robert's wife Bertha thinks he is dreadful. Everything is wrong, and with the entrance of a bohemian bachelor from London who catches Bertha's eye, they take a turn for the worse) $12.95
Sandford, John Golden Prey (Lucas Davenport #27: Davenport's first case as a US marshal involves a rash of audacious robberies that remind him of a criminal he chased several years ago, the leader of a gang that focused on big money crimes and didn't mind leaving bodies behind) $29.00
Simenon, Georges Maigret's Memoirs (Maigret #35: In this make-believe memoir, Maigret recounts a meeting with the author himself. The account starts with the arrival of Georges Sim at the Paris Police Judiciaire to soak up atmosphere for his crime novels by dogging the footsteps of Inspector Maigret) $12.00
Stewart, Amy Lady Cop Makes Trouble (Constance Kopp #2: Constance is working as a deputy sheriff, until a con man escapes from custody on her watch. Now, to clear her name and restore Sheriff Heath's reputation, she's going to do everything she can to track down the criminal and get him back behind bars) $14.99
Storey, Erik Nothing Short of Dying (Clyde Barr #1: Clyde Barr is a drifter with lethal skills, back home in Colorado after roaming three continents. When a frantic call for help from his sister is suddenly disconnected, all he knows is that nothing short of dying will stop him from rescuing her) $9.99
Thompson, James M. Dust to Dust (PBO; A neurologist and a biochemist believe they have made a major breakthrough in the science of aging. When they seek more funding, they discover everyone wants their drug. And some will kill for it) $7.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder in Morningside Heights (Gaslight #19: Agatha Award finalist. Abigail Northrup had joined the ranks of the New Women, planning for a life without a husband and working as an instructor at a women's college. When the police declare her death an accident, her parents turn to private detective Frank Malloy. Difficulties arise when Frank and Sarah learn that Miss Northrup lived in a world of secrets and lies) $7.99
Thompson, Victoria Murder in the Bowery (Gaslight #20: NYC, 1890s: When the search for a missing person turns into a murder inquiry, Frank and Sarah Malloy must unearth the dark secrets of the wealthy Longacre family) $26.00
Todd, Charles The Shattered Tree (Bess Crawford #8: 1918: When a wounded and traumatized French officer shouts at her in German, Bess Crawford's superiors have a ready explanation: the man is from Alsace-Lorraine, where the French-German border has shifted many times. But is he really Alsatian? And if he is, where do his sympathies lie?) $14.99
Viets, Elaine The Art of Murder (Dead-End Job #15: Helen and her friend Margery observe a painting class at a mansion turned museum, and note an up-and-coming artist. When they later see her deadly end, Helen is hired to go undercover and scope out the crime scene) $7.99
Walker, Martin Fatal Pursuit (UK title: The Dying Season) (Bruno #9: When a road rally and classic-car parade bring rivals in pursuit of a long-lost vintage car to St. Denis, murder soon follows) $16.00
Wiebe, Sam Invisible Dead (Wakeland #1: Dave Wakeland is a talented PI drawn to cases that are usually impossible to solve and frequently don't pay. He's hired by a dying woman to find her child, who disappeared as an adult years ago. With nothing but his wit and his empathy for the disenfranchised, Wakeland is on the case) $16.99
Wilde, Darcie A Purely Private Matter (Rosalind Thorne #2: PBO; Margaretta Seymore is with child, and her husband is receiving poison pen letters saying an actor is responsible. Rosalind is asked to find out who is behind the letters, but before she can make any progress, the actor is stabbed to death. To clear her client's husband of suspicion, Rosalind teams up with Bow Street runner Adam Harkness) $15.00
Woods, S/Hall, P Smooth Operator (Teddy Fay #1: Teddy Fay - ex-CIA, master of disguise, and a man not overly bothered by legal niceties - is just the man President Kate Lee needs to handle an urgent matter) $9.99


Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure (Aunt Dimity #21: Decades ago, an unsuccessful suitor gave Dimity a gold and garnet bracelet. When it turns up in the attic, Aunt Dimity tasks Lori with returning it to that long-ago beau) $14.00
Cartmel, Andrew The Run-Out Groove (Vinyl Detective #2: PBO; The discovery of a mint copy of a rare 1960s rock album leads to the Vinyl Detective learning the true fate of the band's singer. Along the way, he finds himself marked for death, at the wrong end of a shotgun, and more. And then there's the grave robbing. But he does find out what happened to the singer's missing child, and it wasn't what anyone expected - or wanted - to hear) $14.95
Child, Lincoln Full Wolf Moon (Jeremy Logan #5: A hiker's severely mauled body is found in the Adirondacks. Logan discovers no shortage of suspects capable of the attack - and no shortage of locals willing to point the finger and spread incredible rumors, including one even the local forest ranger believes: werewolves) $26.95
Connelly, Michael The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Harry Bosch #21: Newly minted PI Harry Bosch is hired by a billionaire mogul to find the Mexican girl he loved when he was young, who disappeared soon after becoming pregnant. Did she have the baby? And if so, what happened to it?) $15.99
Connolly, John A Time of Torment (Charlie Parker #14: Jerome Burnel, a man destroyed by his own heroism, tells his story to PI Charlie Parker. Now Parker is ready to wage war on the men who use intimidation and murder to rule an isolated community in the name of the being they serve - the Dead King) $16.00
Davis, Lindsey The Graveyard of the Hesperides (Flavia Albia #4: Rome, 1st century CE: Flavia Albia investigates when her lover Faustus' renovation of a rundown tavern turns up human remains buried in the yard) $16.99
DiMaio, V/Franscell, R Morgue: A Life in Death (Nonfiction. Edgar Award finalist. Beginning with DiMaio's street-smart origins in Brooklyn, the book spans 40 years of work and thousands of autopsies, including cases that made him famous) $17.00
Hart, John Redemption Road (A boy with a gun waits for the man who killed his mother. A detective confronts her past in the aftermath of a shooting. After years in prison, a good cop walks free. But for how long? And in the forest, on the altar of an abandoned church, the unthinkable has just happened) $16.99
Hunter, Stephen G-Man (Bob Lee Swagger #9: A trove of memorabilia from 1934 - a corroded FBI badge, a .45 automatic, a gun clip, and a cryptic diagram - sends Bob Lee Swagger looking for the truth about the grandfather he never knew: Charles Swagger) $27.00
Johnson, Craig The Highwayman (Walt Longmire: Novella. When Rosey Wayman is transferred to the Wind River Canyon, an area notorious for a lack of radio communication, she starts receiving 'officer needs assistance' calls - coming from Bobby Womack, a legendary Arapaho patrolman who met a fiery death in the canyon decades ago. With an investigation that spans this world and the next, Sheriff Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear take on a case that pits them against a legend: The Highwayman) $13.00
Lehane, Dennis Since We Fell (After a painful past, Rachel has found happiness. But that is threatened when she sees something she shouldn't - or thinks she does. She's pulled into a plot that will test the limits of her damaged psyche and force her to find a strength she never knew she had; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Lovelace/Antoni (ed) Trinidad Noir: The Classics (Anthology. Classic crime stories set in Trinidad) $15.95
Mathews, Francine Death in a Cold Hard Light (Merry Folger #4: Rewritten from the 1998 edition. Jay Santorski should never have drowned in the frigid Nantucket waters. What was he doing out alone in the storm-churned bay? Merry's investigation is all false leads and dead ends - and her police chief father is behind too many of these roadblocks) $15.95
Millar, Margaret Dawn of Domestic Suspense: Fire Will Freeze / Experiment in Spring Time / The Cannibal Heart / Do Evil in Return / Rose's Last Summer (Collected Millar: Omnibus. 5 novels from the 1940s and 1950s) $17.99
Nesbo, Jo The Thirst (Harry Hole #11: Harry is drawn back into the Oslo police force when a serial murderer begins targeting Tinder daters - a murderer whose MO reignites Harry's hunt for a nemesis from his past) $26.95
Robb, Candace The Service of the Dead (Kate Clifford #1: 1399 CE: Determined to be independent after her husband's death, Kate Clifford opens a guest house in York, and also rents bedchambers where wealthy men can discreetly entertain their mistresses. When a guest is murdered and his female companion disappears, can Kate discover those responsible before the scandal ruins her business?) $15.95
Robb, Candace A Twisted Vengeance (Kate Clifford #2: 1399 CE: Kate's mother has returned to York under suspicious circumstances, and settled next door to establish a house of beguines. When one of the women is set upon in the night, Kate know that for the safety of her young wards she must investigate) $25.95
Runcie, James Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love (Grantchester #6: Collection. 1970s: Archdeacon Sidney Chambers investigates a man's murder, a missing religious text, art-world corruption, and his nephew's disappearance) $17.00
Turow, Scott Testimony (Bill ten Boom is tapped to investigate the disappearance of an entire Romani refugee camp during the chaos after the Bosnian War. Suspects range from Serb paramilitaries to organized crime gangs to the US government) $28.00
Vinogradova, Lyuba Avenging Angels (Nonfiction. In 1942, Stalin's Red Army began drafting thousands of young women to defend against the Nazi invasion. Drawing on interviews, diaries, and archival material, Vinogradova brings to life the realities and hardships of the female snipers' lives during and after the war) $26.99

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